I am a Math Tutor!

Hi, I am Clara M. I have graduated from Purdue University, Indiana. I am now working as a private tutor. I would like to share with you my experience as a private tutor.

I have graduated with an BA in Mathematics in 2010. I am a hard worker and learning does not come easy to me. When I started my studies I never thought I would major in Math. But my math teacher Anna made enjoy solving math problems like nobody before. Anne is my role model. She teaches well and I get go in her office for private lectures. Students say Math is very tough subject but, for me, it became easy as well as rewarding. Thus I decided to major in mathematics at Purdue University.

I am now a personal tutor teaching all types of math including Algebra, Statistics, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus and Differential Equations.

I registered myself in tutorz.com, an online private tutoring service. It was about four months back; I got a call early morning. Young mom needs tutoring help for her kid to learn math. She also said that the child got exam next week, and asked to help at any cost. It was like a challenge in my tutoring career and I decided to tutor the child. The place was nearly 20 miles away from my place in Indiana, I went that evening to see the child and started tutoring classes.

Steven, the child was looking smart and energetic. We were given separate study room and agreed to take two hours of classes daily. I was most excited and happy that I’m going to tutor a child for the first time. On first day, I had a general talk with Steven and asked his likes/dislikes, hobbies and other things. The next hour I gradually started to talk about Calculus.

He was so studious and grasped things quickly. We scheduled daily time table for his exams and moved towards reaching that goal. My notes were very helpful to him as well as for me. For every one hour I used to give a break for few minutes. I say inspiring stories to motivate the child during interval time.

I gave daily test and also weekly test to improve his capability. Finally he scored “A” grade in Math exam. Steven’s mom was so surprised on seeing his confidence and brightness. She thanked me a lot for providing such a valuable support in her son’s studies. She gave me nice doll along with my pay.

I really thank tutorz.com to give me such a nice opportunity to portray my teaching skills and also to make my teaching experience most pleasurable.

Clara M.

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