11 Ways to Honor a Veteran

Veterans Day is coming, an annual opportunity for communities and families to honor former U.S. service members! If you want to thank our soldiers and veterans for their service you can do it in different ways.


Here are just a small list of what you can do to honor people who have served and protected our country:

-Say “thank you”! It’s such a small and, let’s admit, simple gesture that takes just a moment, but soldiers really do appreciate it.

-If you are a teacher get children involved in the day. You can ask them to make “thank you” posters and put them up around town.

-Publish a post on Facebook thanking our veterans.

-Wear red, white and blue today to support our soldiers and veterans.

-Buy some groceries or bake some sugar free cookies and bring them to a veterans home.

-Lay flags and flowers on the graves of veterans to give honor to the dead.

-Visit a local retirement home and have a chat with some aged veterans who will love to share their stories with you (I cannot listen to them without tears filling my eyes).

-If you have a business, offer a special Veteran’s Day discount.

-Take a veteran for lunch or pay for his meal if you saw him at a restaurant.

-When you spot a soldier, just give him a wink, smile, or thumbs up. Let him you highly appreciate their sacrifice.

-Remember to honor American heroes all year long- not just on Veterans Day!

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God Bless you all & God Bless America!

Maya Kacharava

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6 Responses to 11 Ways to Honor a Veteran

  1. Adelina says:

    It’s really important to remember to honor American heroes all year long – not just on Veterans Day!

  2. Anna Liodina says:

    Thank you, soldiers and veterans, for your daring!

  3. May Kacharava says:

    Saluting our veterans this day – and always. Thank you for your service!

  4. Dan Onorato says:

    I am for bringing our troops home! Avoid the pain to our veterans.

  5. Can you tell us more about this? I’d love to find out more details.

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