Online educational tools that are helpful for students and teachers

Online education is not just a trend but a need. A lot of students are unable to attend school on regular basis and ever since the breakout of Covid-19, everything has shifted online.

It is not just a pressure on the students but on the teachers as well.

This article will help you understand different tools that teachers and students can use to help in online education.

Here is a list of online educational tools to help you study better and to help teachers take some burden off their shoulders.

Plagiarism Checker (

Check plagiarism is an online tool that helps you check the plagiarism in your content. For every student, it is important to check their essay or their assignment if it has any plagiarism in it.

With the increasing amount of written content in the world, it is most likely that your ideas or lines might start matching with someone else’s.

It can be purely incidental but there is no way you will be able to prove it in front of your teachers. Plagiarism is not just going to cost you some deductions in mark but the consequences can be severe.

There are chances you might get expelled from school or not get accepted in a good program afterwards.

It is going to be on your permanent record and Check-plagiarism helps you escape all such problems.

You can just upload your text on their platform and the text will automatically be checked for any plagiarism.

It does a deep and thorough search including the offline sources as well to help you get the best results.

If your teacher requires a proof of no plagiarism in your content, you can simply download their pdf file of your result and attach it with your assignment.


This tool is the ideal for all the teachers. It is not easy going through all the assignments and checking whether students have copied from each other.

As the technology is evolving, students are getting crafty and have start copying from the internet instead.

It is not possible for you to check all the websites to find the plagiarism for all the students.

With millions of websites on the web, you will not be able to get through a single assignment in years.

This tool helps you find plagiarism in the content of your students and highlights all the websites that they have copied from. Do not work hard, work smart.

Paraphrasing tool (

It is hard to get out of plagiarism but not by using this paraphrasing tool.

This tool helps you paraphrase a line, a paragraph or a whole document and change the wordings.

It does not only help you get out of the plagiarism problems but provides you a fresh content as well.

It is the must have for every college student as they can copy from the internet or from their friend now and still get good grades.

The changes made in the text are then highlighted once it has been paraphrased and you can go through it manually.

If you want to edit it more or make some manual changes you can and copy paste the whole text in your word file. Ready to send the document right away.

The solution to all your problems related to plagiarism is just one click away now.

Text to speech (

This platform is for both, teachers and students. While it helps students read through the text to speech ability, it is also helping teachers save time on doing the same for their students.

When this technology arrived in the market initially, it was seen as cheating to all the other students who had to read the text themselves.

This tool is now gaining popularity in the market as the best tool for text to speech for students who are unable to read the text themselves.

The disability has been found in different students who struggle to even read the common text.

While their brains function fine and they are able to perform every other function perfectly, they lack the ability to red.

This platform allows you to upload your files or whole documents that you want to read or just type or copy paste some text in it.

It will then start reading out loud whatever is written on the screen and will highlight different words while reading them out. It is a free online tool that anyone can use at any time.

Animoto video slideshow (

It is an online tool for students and teachers. It helps you create videos, edit them online and download them.

You just have to figure out the pictures that you want to add to your videos, the clips that you want to add to your final video and finalize them.

You can get as creative with this free online tool as you want to. Not only can you make your whole class more interested in your lectures by adding graphics to it, but you can add text, music and can adjust colors.

You can also get your students involved in this and ask them to present their presentations through this.

There is no need to make videos and integrate everything all the time, except, just use this platform and get started on your project.

These videos can be used to deliver lectures, give news or to collect presentations from the students and get virtual projects.

This tool requires a registration but it is completely free and uses your account to hold your data in it.


If you are working online and keep wondering all the time how your work can be made easier, these tools will help you through.

We have enlisted 4 tools which are perfect in their own means. The top tools were selected which have the best results and are free.

Teachers and students can use them to get efficient with their work and reach maximum results. They are fun, easy and free for everyone.

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