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Bryan A.

specializes in Double Bachelor for Math and Computer Science Tutoring · male

"Hi, thanks for looking at my profile! Currently I'm tutoring at a math lab facility as a general math and statistics tutor, I've worked at a few different success centers, working on helping with topics of different fields. A lot of my work revolves around mathematics and computer science, but I often mix in different fields for the topics I work on, such as physics, chemistry, and statistics to make things more fluid among topics. For specifics on methods that I go about tutoring with, I've" 


fee: $39 (for 60 min)
travel distance: 7 miles
tutoring method: in-person (not online)
member for: 1 year and 3 months


email: on file

Canton, MI 48187

Subjects Tutored

ACT Math - ACT Science - algebra 1 - algebra 2 - American history - C# - C++ - calculus - chess - computer programming - computer science - discrete math - elementary math - elementary science - finite math - GED - general computer - geometry - GRE - HTML - Java - JavaScript - linear algebra - logic - Mathematica - MATLAB - Microsoft Excel - Microsoft PowerPoint - Microsoft Windows - Microsoft Word - physics - prealgebra - precalculus - probability - Python - SAT math - trigonometry