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Andrew M.

specializes in Game Programming · 18-21 years old male

"Education is inherently fun... when it's about you and not some statistical entry stored in a mainframe miles away..." 


fee: $10 (for 60 min), negotiable
years of tutoring: 1-3
students tutored: 1-10
travel distance: 30 miles
tutoring method: in-person and online
member for: 12 months
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Education and Qualifications

school: Shepherd University, Self-taught

Philosophy and background: I began seriously computer programming at the end of my high school career. Before high school I had no firm grasp of mathematics or computer science, despite my intense love of video games. Due to constant reminders of the unfair stigma around video games within the context of formal education, a severe lack of administrative care and resources to include computer science as a viable option in any school curriculum, and general educational inadequacies present in our area in particular, I found myself rather uninterested in school during the later years of my "education". During my senior year I was informed of a programming course at my school (sadly, which I hear is no longer offered). It was a match meant to be as suddenly everything which I had failed to grasp in former years simply 'clicked'! From then on, learning new things became considerably easier. It's moments like those which I believe is what education is all about, not arbitrary tests and busy-work. Education should be viewed as an extension of a student's (or more appropriately, a *person*'s!) growth, not simply a 'means to an end' as it is considered by countless youths, especially in this area! What I'm up to: I attended Shepherd University for a few semesters and am currently taking a break to work on global illumination research for a grant I was awarded. I'm also working on a few other endeavors as part of my goal to develop video games independently. Expertise: {Languages} *qbasic (limited to what I can remember as this was while back) *decorate (still learning) *ACS (still learning) *C / C++ (quite familiar) *Java (most experienced) {Topics} *pointers / addressing *pointer arithmetic and other "trickery" regarding pointers *memory management *io *data types and Objects *data structures (this includes compound structures such as arrays, lists and permutations on those like stacks, queues, and trees as well as their potential applications) *syntax vs semantics *common operators (+,-,%,!,==, etc.) *control structures (if(), switch(), loops) {Special Topics} *optimization! *iteration vs recursion! *exceptions! *byte manipulation (,|,&,~,^, etc.; bitwise operations, their applications)! *simple math trickery (such as the wonder and versatility of modulus!)! *fractals! *graphics! *Video game engines (in particular those of yesteryear)! {Some of my projects to date (which can be found on my LinkedIn and Youtube)} *Javox3D v1 (a true 3D, explicit voxel renderer written in Java) *Javox3D v2 (Javox 1 but with new features such as culling, curved surfaces and wave visualization) *miscellaneous experiments with implementing simple physics from scratch *multithreaded 2D "chunk" based side scrolling engine *LL3D engine (a pseudo 3D ray casting engine) *various small projects in modding the game "DOOM" Thanks.

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