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Miss Fatima

Bachelor in Finance · specializes in Math and Science · 18-21 years old female

"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think" 


years of tutoring: 3-5
students tutored: 10-50
tutoring method: online only
member for: 1 month
award: apple
references: Valley Stream South Ms. Dar Ms. Nosheen


email: on file

Education and Qualifications

school: Queens College and Central High School

Awards National Honor Society Membership based on Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. (Chapter of the National Honor Society). National Society of High School Scholars Scholastic and Academic Achievement. National Junior Honor Society (The Starfish Chapter) Membership based on Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Character, and Citizenship. Star Student Excellence in Mathematics. Certificate of Recognition “Outstanding contribution to the 26th annual nysata Legislative Student Art Exhibit.” Irish Cultural Society of the Urban City Certificate of Merit Achievement in Writing. Art Honor Society Membership Certificate Membership based on Art, Character, and Service. Overall Performance Writing and delivering of an original group play. Certificate of Participation “Stop World Hunger” Essay. Leadership Positions Title of Office/Position National Honor Society Secretary Class Council Treasurer Project Green Treasurer Life Skills Adviser/Instructor helping in the Special Education department. Pal-tutor Program Tutor Babysitter Supervisor Clubs Supervisor National Honor Society Mrs. Antonelli Language Honor Society Mrs. Riviezzo History Honor Society Mr. Mastrota/Mrs. Campbell-Dowe Math Honor Society Mrs. Anglin Science Honor Society Mrs. Garces Art Honor Society Mrs. Valetti Occupational Education Honor Society Mrs. Ali National Junior Honor Society Mrs. Madigan Character Action Mrs. Ali Project Green Mrs. Azzaretto Class Council Mrs. Evola Southern Bell Dr. Fritz Art Club Mrs. Valetti Students Against Destructive Driving (SADD) Mrs. Guzowski Volunteering/Community Service/Activities Activity Supervisor Recycling 9,10,11,12 3-4 hours (in all) Recycling in the school building during lunch/free periods, after school, and when needed. Mrs. Garces Spaghetti Night 3-4 hours Serving dinner for families at South. Mrs. Henry Planting- Project Green and Class Council 2-3 hours (in all) Planting flowers in the front/ courtyard of South High School and plating vegetables for my garden. Mrs. Farkash/ Mrs. Azzaretto Carnival 1-2 hours Fundraising for South High School. Mrs. Valetti Back to School Night 1 hour Aiding parents in following their child's schedule. Mrs. Antonelli Orientation Tour Guide 9 hours (in all) South High School Tour Guide of the 7th Grade Orientation. Mrs. Madigan/ Mrs. Petikas Hillside Islamic Center 16 hours Youth Group. Zaineb Ahmed Relay for Life 10 hours (in all) Fundraising for Cancer Relief. Mrs. Garces Falcon 5k Race 4 hours Help to fundraise by making and distributing food and drinks for runners in the race. Mrs. Valetti Computer Coding volunteer at South High School 1 hour Coding Helper. Mrs. Garces Carnival Fundraiser 1 hour Fundraising for Hurricane Relief. Mrs. Garces Volunteer for the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) 5 hours Distributing gifts, coupons, and game boards. Mrs. Antonelli Family Math Night Volunteer 3 hours Setting up, demonstrating and aiding families with math-related games. Mrs. Anglin Work Experience Supervisor Math/ELA Tutor 2016-present Robia Homework Helper/Mentor 2016-present Nosheen Distributing sales (paper products) 2015-present Muneer

Hewlett, NY 11557

Subjects Tutored

Elementary & Junior High School
Elementary MathElementary Science
General Ed
FinanceFinancial Markets
FINRA Series 6