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Alyssa W.

specializes in Math, Science and Computer Science Tutor · female

"I am a recent graduate of University of Michigan with Bachelor's degrees in Chemical Engineering and Computer Science in Engineering. I now work as an engineer at Procter & Gamble. I have been involved in tutoring since high school through the National Honor Society for subjects such as geometry, chemistry and physics, and served as a tutor in college. I was a Chemical Engineering department tutor for the introductory material and energy balances course for a semester. I have also tutored thr" 


fee: $40 (for 60 min)
travel distance: 15 miles
tutoring method: in-person (not online)
member for: 11 months


email: on file

Cincinnati, OH 45231

Subjects Tutored

ACT Math - algebra 1 - algebra 2 - biology - C++ - calculus - chemical engineering - chemistry - computer science - discrete math - French - geometry - organic chemistry - prealgebra - precalculus