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Precalc, Algebra, Stats tutor in Skokie IL, Ahmed | TutorZ
Ahmed's picture - Precalc, Algebra, Stats tutor in Skokie IL

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MBA in Business & BSc In Math · specializes in Precalc, Algebra, Stats · 22-30 years old male

red Apple award red apple award - tutoring excellence

"Hi! I'm Ahmed, lovingly known as "America's Most Wanted Tutor" :P Seriously.

I'm blessed to have been able to inspire and guide so many kids to success; in fact, so many of my students tell me I'm the FIRST person they found who can actually make their classes MAKE SENSE to them. I specialize in working with students to help them build a strong mathematical foundation, especially middle more...

"Hi! I'm Ahmed, lovingly known as "America's Most Wanted Tutor" :P Seriously.

I'm blessed to have been able to inspire and guide so many kids to success; in fact, so many of my students tell me I'm the FIRST person they found who can actually make their classes MAKE SENSE to them. I specialize in working with students to help them build a strong mathematical foundation, especially middle schoolers, which is when students first start prealgebra, and high schoolers, who are required to take math subjects like geometry, algebra 1 and 2, precalc, AP stats, AP calc, etc - do any of these names bring feelings of frustration or disappointment? Don't worry, I'm here now.

So let's get this show on the road! Here's more about me: I'm an Applied Math major with a focus on Math Education, near the top of my class, so as you can imagine, I know math up and down. I worked as a Lead Math Instructor at The Mathnasium for 3 years. It's a math teaching center that served mostly 1st to 8th grade children. Over there, I helped build their mathematical foundation and conceptual understanding through fun games and innovative worksheets. This included key ideas like ratios and proportional thinking, word problems, visualization, and counting/doing math operations without fingers. I worked with well over 1000 children in that setting.

I then began "Saverr4Angels LLC" which is my private tutoring company - I started off helping students with their homework and preparing for finals. I am super grateful that I have impacted the lives AND grades of about 2300 students, watching them rise and grow in subjects ranging from prealgebra, precalculus, algebra, stats and probability, calculus, trig, geometry to chemistry, physics, and ACT Math/SAT prep, while myself growing to the point I have students in almost every suburb of Chicagoland and and some have even begun referring to me as #America's Most Wanted Tutor! :P I can't wait to further discuss my qualifications with you. Please give me a call any time between noon and 10 pm so we can see how we can work together - and maybe even schedule up a time to begin getting your child the tutoring help that they need. To our success :)

MY BIO: Ahmed is a charismatic and inspirational young man, committed to impacting lives and making meaningful connections with his students and clients. He specializes in working with elementary school students to help them build a strong mathematical foundation, as well as helping with all levels of math, especially middle schoolers, which is when students first start prealgebra, and high schoolers, who are required to take math subjects like geometry, algebra 1 and 2, precalc, AP stats, AP calc, etc. His tutoring agency, Saverr4Angels LLC, is his third business venture, and it has been an incredible ride thus far! You should probably ask him to tell you more about that! Ahmed has also been the recipient of multiple awards and scholarships, including the Leadership Academy Scholarship for showing outstanding leadership ability. He wants to be a beacon to children all over the world. He is on a mission to empower and impact 1000 students in 2019.

Ahmed began his tutoring career at The Mathnasium, where he worked with over 500 students, from preschoolers to junior high students. He quickly discovered his gift for teaching kids math in a magnetic and intuitive manner that effectively engaged his students. In the past fifteen months, Ahmed has expanded his personal private tutoring business that he named Saverr4Angels into a haven for struggling students in all math subjects, particularly algebra, precalc, AP stats, prealgebra and geometry. He’s especially passionate about having the opportunity to enable his students to conquer their goals. He aims to not only help his students on a specific exam or class but also impact the rest of their academic career by giving them the tools to succeed.

When tutoring, Ahmed explains difficult concepts using analogies and silly examples. “The analogies make the ideas more connected and concrete in the student's brain, which means they will understand it more deeply,” he says. He goes on to explain that these examples often evoke emotion from the students and, “since strong emotions create strong memories, my students are more likely to remember the material we discussed.” Additionally, Ahmed is a firm believer in the importance of developing a strong mathematical foundation to work off of. This year, he’s on a mission to help 723 students accomplish their academic goals in 2019, whether it be to increase their confidence on tests, get an A in their class, or just pass so they can graduate on time.

In his free time, Ahmed likes having fun :P Duh. His favorite hobbies are plentiful & make him super relatable, from performing stand-up comedy, dancing and performing crazy stunts to playing his ukulele, singing karaoke at bars and playing catcher on his baseball team to weightlifting and bodybuilding, swimming freestyle, learning self defense specifically krav-maga and kickboxing. He is currently working on landing a backflip, so definitely ask him to show you.

Ahmed was nicknamed "Lemon" by the children he worked with at his first tutoring job. Since then, it has been his go-to nickname. Lemon would love to help you next! :)

NOTE: Ahmed does offer discounts for sessions that are longer than 2 hours or for students needing multiple sessions a week - because remember, Ahmed's mission on here is to help the students who need it the most, and in no way does he want your child to miss out because of financial reasons. So feel free to reach out to him! He'll help you get the best rate possible :)" less...


fee: $60 (for 60 min, negotiable)
years of tutoring: 5-10
students tutored: 100 and more
travel distance: 30 miles
meeting type: either in-person or online
member for: 1 year and 10 months
award: Red apple
references: Ahmed Lodhika specializes in STEAM subjects. He has received numerous positive reviews from his former (and current!) clients. A few references are listed below. (Please reach out to me for their contact info :D) Jill R. - One Of My Longest Clients, Worked With Her Son Succeed This Whole Year In AP Stats & Currently Tutoring Him In Advanced Algebra ‭‬ & SAT Prep Lauren T. - Private Math Tutor & One Of My Role Models & Future Business Partner :), I tutored her daughter in AP Bio ‭‬ Dorothy C. - One of My Favorite & Oldest Clients, Tutor her daughter in PreCalculus ‭‬ Phil R. - Client Whose Daughter Went From Struggling & Failing Calculus To Ending With a B After Working With Me ‭‬ Jane O. - Tutored Her Son In High School Chemistry & Algebra 2, Helped Increase His Confidence & Grades ‭ ‭‬


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Education and Qualifications

school: Illinois Institute of Technology
certified: Ahmed Lodhika is a certified tutor

I graduated from the prestigious Illinois Institute of Technology where I earned a rigorous math training and a Bachelors degree in Applied Mathematics with a focus in Math Ed.

I am currently finishing up my MBA from Stuart School of Business with a specialization in Entrepreneurship & Marketing.

Lastly, I am an esteemed Leadership Academy Scholarship Recipient, through which I was awarded a $120K scholarship based on my demonstrated leadership abilities - I also got the opportunity to be personally mentored by high reaching Executives and Coaches like Jason Capital who was named Top 100 Entrepreneur by the White House. I recently earned a certification in Leadership & Coaching Studies from this amazing organization.

Skokie, IL 60077
full address is on file

Subjects Tutored

Elementary & Junior High School
Computer BasicsElementary
Elementary MathElementary Reading
Elementary ScienceEnglish Language Arts
GrammarHome Schooling
Language ArtPre-school
ReadingStudy Skills
Special Needs
ADD-ADHDSpecial Needs
General Ed
Common CoreComputer
AlgebraAlgebra 1
Algebra 2Applied Math
CalculusDifferential Equations
Discrete MathGeometry
Linear AlgebraPre-Algebra
Vector Calculus
HindiSpanish (basics)
AccountingActuarial Science
Business AccountingBusiness Administration
Business ManagementBusiness Plan
Communication SkillsCryptocurrency
Financial MarketsFINRA Series 6
Human ResourcesInterviewing Skills
InvestingLogistic Management
Management SkillsMarketing
NetworkingPatent and Trademark
Presentation SkillsProject Management
Public RelationsPublic Speaking
QuickBooksResume Writing
Risk ManagementSpeech
Speed ReadingStart-up Business
Strategic PlanningTaxes
Time ManagementTyping
Computer & Internet
Adobe IllustatorAdobe InDesign
Adobe LightroomApple
Final Cut ProiMac
Microsoft ExcelMicrosoft Office
Microsoft PowerPointMicrosoft Windows
Microsoft WordPhotoshop
Visual BasicWordPress
DanceDigital Arts
MagicSong Writing
Audio RecordingUkulele
Body BuildingBowling
Fitness TrainingFootball
GymnasticsJeet Kune Do
Martial ArtsNutrition
ParkourPersonal Trainer
Pitching Softball
Tae Kwon-DoTumbling
Career PlanningCognitive Psychology
CounselingCreative Writing
EssayEssay Writing
Life CoachProofreading
Test Prep
ACT EnglishACT Math
ACT ReadingACT Science
SAT MathSAT Reading
BuddhismDancing Break-Dancing
Dancing SalsaDancing Zumba
Dog TrainingDriving
Pet CaringWeight Loss
Additional Subjects
Digital Marketing, Ecom

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Rating and Reviews

"smart and friendly"

Very smart and friendly. Great tutor. I highly recomend him.

"Available, Prompt and Reliable"

Ahmed is doing a fabulous job helping my son with 12th grade honor math and physics! His effort is above and beyond. My son gained so much knowledge and self-confidence because of Ahmed help. He is available, prompt and reliable! He is making a difference in my son’s life.


Ahmed is an amazing “MATHAMAGICIAN”! My girlfriend and I recently had the pleasure of being tutored in statistics by Ahmed and he was amazing. Not only were we successful in passing our coursework but we received an exceptional score on our final exams. Thanks to Ahmed we will both be starting nursing school next semester, which we would not have been able to do without passing this course (which we couldn’t have done without Ahmed). Ahmed was quick to respond to our questions and communications, easy and fun to work with and I look forward to contacting him for any future tutoring needs. I highly recommend using him! He is awesome! He made solving math problems look like magic!

"Prompt, Friendly and Patient"

prompt, friendly and patient - Ahmed has been very helpful.