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Mr. Mitchell H.

Masters in Electrical & Computer Eng · specializes in Matlab, Embedded System · 31-35 years old male

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"I love working engineering software. matlab, Pspice, Multisim, ETAP, Power World Simulator, PSCAD, PSS/E, LabVIEW, Keil uVision, C,C++,python,Java.

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fee: $35 (for 60 min)
students tutored: 100 and more
travel distance: 10 miles
meeting type: either in-person or online
member for: 6 months
award: apple
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email: on file

Education and Qualifications

school: Iowa state university
certified: Mitchell Hayes is a certified tutor

with five years of professional I'm here to help you with electrical engineering courses. ELEC0390 Energy Tomorrow

ELEC1111 Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering

ELEC1112 Electrical Circuits

ELEC2117 Electrical Systems Design

ELEC2133 Analogue Electronics

ELEC2134 Circuits and Signals

ELEC2141 Digital Circuit Design

ELEC2142 Embedded Systems Design

ELEC2145 Real Time Instrumentation

ELEC2146 Electrical Engineering Modelling and Simulation

ELEC3104 Digital Signal Processing

ELEC3105 Electrical Energy

ELEC3106 Electronics

ELEC3111 Distributed Energy Generation

ELEC3114 Control Systems Analyssis

ELEC3115 Electromagnetic Engineering

ELEC3117 Electrical Engineering Design

ELEC3145 Real Time Instrumentation

ELEC4122 Strategic Leadership & Ethics

ELEC4123 Electrical Design Proficiency

ELEC4445 Entrepreneurial Engineering

ELEC4601 Digital and Embedded Systems Design

ELEC4602 Microelectronic Design and Technology

ELEC4603 Solid State Electronics

ELEC4604 RF Electronics

ELEC4611 Power System Equipment

ELEC4612 Power System Analyssis

ELEC4613 Electrical Drive Systems

ELEC4614 Power Electronics

ELEC4617 Power System Protection

ELEC4621 Advanced Digital Signal Processing

ELEC4622 Multimedia Signal Processing

ELEC4623 Biomedical Instrumentation, Measurement and Design

ELEC4631 Continuous - Time Control System Design

ELEC4632 Computer Control Systems

ELEC4633 Real - Time Engineering

ELEC8350 Optical Fibres (Distance Learning)

ELEC8355 Optical Communication Systems

ELEC8505 Microsystems Technology

ELEC9123 Design Proficiency

ELEC9350 Optical Fibres

ELEC9355 Optical Communications Systems

ELEC9701 Mixed Signal Microelectronic Design

ELEC9702 Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design

ELEC9703 Microsystems Design and Technology

ELEC9704 VLSI Technology Analyssis

ELEC9705 Quantum Devices

ELEC9711 Power Electronics for Renewable & Distr Generation

ELEC9712 High Voltage Systems

ELEC9713 Industrial and Commercial Power Systems

ELEC9714 Electricity Industry Planning and Economics

ELEC9715 Electricity Industry Operation and Control

ELEC9716 Electrical Safety

ELEC9721 Digital Signal Processing Theory and Applications

ELEC9722 Digital Image Processing

ELEC9723 Speech Processing

ELEC9724 Audio and Electroacoustics

ELEC9725 Satellite Navigation: Systems, Signals & Receivers

ELEC9731 Robust and Linear Control Systems

ELEC9732 Analysis and Design of Non-linear Control

ELEC9733 Real Computing and Control

ELEC9734 Biomedical Instrumentation and Informatics

ELEC9762 Space Mission Development

ELEC9764 The Ground Segment and Space Operations

BIOM1010 Engineering in Medicine and Biology

MTRN2500 Computing for Mechatronic Engineers

MTRN3020 Modelling and Control of Mechatronic Systems

MTRN3100 Robot Design

MTRN3200 Elements of Mechatronic Systems

MTRN3500 Computing Applications in Mechatronics Systems

MTRN4010 Advanced Autonomous Systems

MTRN4030 Optimisation Methods for Engineering Systems

MTRN4110 Robot Design

MTRN4230 Robotics

MTRN9211 Modelling and Control of Mechatronic Systems 1

MTRN9221 Industrial Robotics

MTRN9222 Artificially Intelligent Machines

Iowa City, IA 52243

Subjects Tutored

Computer & Internet
C++Computer Engineering
Computer ProgrammingInformation Systems
Information TechnologyJAVA
Microsoft AccessMicrosoft Excel
Microsoft FoxPro
Electrical CircuitsElectrical Engineering
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