Ryan's picture - Neurofeedback Therapy tutor in Chandler AZ
Ryan F. can currently not be contacted due to prolonged inactivity.

Dr. Ryan F.

specializes in Neurofeedback Therapy · 36-40 years old male


fee: $65 (for 60 min)
years of tutoring: 1-3
students tutored: 10-50
travel distance: 15 miles
tutoring method: in-person (not online)
member for: 5 years and 12 months
award: apple


email: on file
phone: on file

Education and Qualifications

school: Towson University

B.S. in Biology, Towson University D.C. Life Chiropractic College West Certified in Neurofeedback, University of Bridgeport

Chandler, AZ 85248
full address is on file

Subjects Tutored

Elementary & Junior High School
ReadingReading (Dyslexia)
Special Needs
Additional Subjects
Music Therapy