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Tanner M.

Bachelor in Physical Fitness Program · 18 or younger years old male

"34 North is a community in Santa Monica established to be a conduit for people to find purpose, reconnect to their primal-self and unlock their superhuman potential through movement, nutrition, and lifestyle optimization." 


years of tutoring: 3-5
travel distance: 0 miles
tutoring method: in-person (not online)
member for: 1 year and 5 months
rating: Green Apple
references: 2621 Pico Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90405


email: on file
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Education and Qualifications

school: Santa Monica, CA
certified: Tanner Marrty is a certified tutor

Physical Fitness Program, Personal Trainer

Santa Monica, CA 90405
full address is on file

Subjects Tutored

Body BuildingFitness Training
Personal Trainer