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Bachelor in Psychology Statistics · specializes in Psychology Statistics · 22-30 years old female

"I am a UC Davis graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Statistics and a minor in Education. I have over 350 hours of tutoring experience with over 50 students. My tutoring is entirely based on student's needs and goals. I strive to help all students reach a proficiency in which I am no longer necessary. I accomplish this through example problems, requesting the student to attempt similar problems by his or her self with my supervision, and recommending sample resources to improve the student's performance on their own time." 


fee: $40 (for 60 min), negotiable
years of tutoring: 1-3
students tutored: 50-100
travel distance: 10 miles
tutoring method: in-person and online
member for: 3 years and 9 months
rating: Green Apple
references: Chris Harris Supervisor, Education Unlimited 1700 Shattuck Ave #305 Berkeley, CA 94709 Jean Morgan Volunteer Coordinator 40849 Fremont Blvd Fremont CA, 94538 ext. 804 Naz G Tutoring Employer 4869 Ridgewood Drive Fremont CA, 94555


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Education and Qualifications

school: UC Davis

I graduated from UC Davis in March 2016 with a double major in Psychology and Statistics and a minor in Education. I graduated with honors with a 3.97 GPA, and I was in the top 10 students for each major. Additionally, I scored a 5 on the AP Literature test, AP Calculus AB test, and AP Psychology test, as well as a 800 on the SAT Math II test. I have received an A or A+ in the courses of Elementary Statistics (STA 13), Non-parametric Statistics (STA 104), Regression Analysis (STA 108), Analysis of Variance (STA 106), Brief Mathematical Statistics 1 (STA 130A), Time Series Analysis (STA 137), Categorical Data Analysis (STA 138), Statistical Computing (STA 141), Sampling theory of Surveys (STA 144), Calculus 2 (MAT 21B), Linear Algebra (MAT 22A), Research Methods in Psychology (PSC 41), Cognitive Psychology (PSC 100Y), Statistical Analysis of Psychological Data (PSC 103A), Developmental Psychology (PSC 140), Cognitive Development (PSC 141/HDE 101), Social Psychology (PSC 151), Psychology of Emotion (PSC 154), Personality Psychology (PSC 162), Abnormal Psychology (PSC 168), Current Controversies in Research Methods in Psychology (PSC 190), Longevity (HDE 117), Introduction to Schools (EDU 100) Educational Psychology (EDU 110), Philosophical and Social Foundations of Education (EDU 120), The Spanish Black Legend (EDU 147), and Advanced Composition (UWP 101). I also received an A- for Calculus 3 (MAT 21C), Brief Mathematical Statistics 2 (STA 130B), and Biological Psychology (PSC 101). I have tutoring experience on a volunteer-basis for Math Science Nucleus and Abode Services for homeless and low-income families for children ranging from 3 to 16. Additionally, I was a resident advisor/tutor this past summer for 55 high school students (80% of whom were international students) at the Summer Focus program at UC Berkeley. For six weeks in this position, I led the math and writing portion of a 20-hour SAT class, and I helped the students to succeed in their college classes by creating practice exams, proofreading assignments, and answering their questions about a variety of subjects. I also have paid private tutoring experience for 25 students ranging from ages 8 to 22 on a one-on-one basis. This leads to a total of about 350 hours of tutoring experience.

Berkeley, CA 94704
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