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Leonard M.


"I am a multifaceted diverse tutor. I have studied many subjects and have had the chance to adapt to different subjects to find the best ways of studying them. For instance, in Chemistry I have had experience tutoring at the college level. I have answered thousands of questions in General Chemistry while teaching college chemistry. I have had time to develop the smartest and most efficient way to solve problems in Chemistry. I know how Chemists think. I have tested my techniques by taking the SAT" 


fee: $40 (for 60 min)
travel distance: 20 miles
member for: 1 year and 12 months


email: on file

Reno, NV 89512

Subjects Tutored

ACT Math - Algebra 1 - Algebra 2 - Biochemistry - Biostatistics - Calculus - Chemistry - Differential Equations - Discrete Math - Electrical Engineering - ESL/ESOL - Geometry - Linear Algebra - Organic Chemistry - Physics - Probability - SAT Math - SAT Reading - SAT Writing - Statistics - Trigonometry