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Spanish (basics), High Springs, FL

Hi, I have a 14 y/old daughter that has no computer experience. How much experience do you have with teaching that & what does the "basics" consist of?

Sent by Andrea at 9:34 pm

ASL, Southampton, NY

I would love to arrange tutoring session for my daughter.

Sent by Marni at 5:39 pm

Elementary Reading, Indianapolis, IN

Hi I have a 10 year old daughter that is struggling with reading she has a cognitive delay, I also have a 6 year daughter who is struggling to read! I'

Sent by Niyiara at 3:33 pm

Math, East Greenbush, NY

Hi Courtney. We are looking for a tutor for our son to help him catch up with his math skills. He has missed many days due to illness and cannot catch up.

Sent by Andrew at 2:15 pm

Algebra, Hammond, LA

I'm interested with setting up 1/2 tutoring sessions for my daughter weekly. We would be able to meet at Books A Million at Hammond mall.

Sent by Michelle at 2:09 pm

Calculus, Fresno, TX

I'm looking for some help with Calc1 for engineers. My school is rapid track and I get caught up in math language mistakes a lot.

Sent by Sarah at 2:07 pm

Math, Midland, TX

Need help asap please call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Joshua at 11:37 am

High School English, Waban, MA

Hello, My son is a freshman in high school and he has a very demanding English teacher. He could use someone to look over his work, especially writing assignments...

Sent by Pamela at 10:26 am

Algebra, Zion, IL

Hi Mrs. Silja Iam interested in tutoring in algebra and geometry. Can you reach out to me to discuss if you are available for next @ 4 weeks. Thank you

Sent by Laura at 9:57 am

Astb, Severna Park, MD 21146

I Joe my name is B. Nickerson and I'm interesed in taking the astb because I would like to commission as an Officer in the US Navy. I'

Sent by Borja at 6:01 am

Economics, Saint Louis, MO

Hi. My name is A. and I was wondering if you were able to help me with my first economics quiz/test. The class is called survey economics, but I believe...

Sent by Amy on Sunday

Nuclear Engineering, Newport News, VA 23601

Dear Mr Taylor, I was wondering if you could help. I have to submit an assignment of 3000 words in 10 days relating to nuclear waste management hierarchy...

Sent by Muna on Sunday

Calculus, Fair Lawn, NJ

We are looking for a tutor for our son Gabriel. He is a junior in Fair Lawn HS and needs help with his pre-calculus honors class. Can you help? Thanks.

Sent by Humberto on Sunday

Math, Destin, FL

I am looking for intensive individualized instruction for a 2nd grader in the area of math. Lilly has had tutors for 2 years but is making minimal progress.

Sent by Tresa on Sunday

Geometry, Covington, GA

Hello, I am looking for a math tutor ( geometry ) for my 17 yo son in high school. He has a mild learning disadvantage but he is in a regular classroom.

Sent by Elaine on Sunday

Get Find Ar 6 2 Http 1.1, Portsmouth, VA 23707

You responded to me on Wyzant regarding assistance with AP Chemistry for my daughter. Please respond via my email I have listed not through Wyzant if you are still...

Sent by Linda on Sunday

English, Glendale, CA 91201

I want to learn basic English language face-to-face

Sent by Ashot on Sunday

Engineering Mechanics, Dracut, MA 01826

Hi Dr. Pawan, I need help in Engineering Mechanics. Would you be able to help me tomorrow at 10 am? I see you are available then.

Sent by Brooke on Saturday

Chemistry, Neshanic Station, NJ 08853

Hi , I am looking for online chemistry tutoring for my daughter who is sophomore at Thomas Jefferson High School in VA. I got your reference from a friend.

Sent by And on Saturday

Algebra, Indio, CA

Hello, I am looking for a math tutor for elementary algebra in college. please contact me a soon as possible. thankyou

Sent by Julianne on Saturday

LPN Nursing, NCLEX, Buffalo, NY 14226

Hi Margaret looking for a tutor to assist with my LPN classes and pre pare for NCLEX-Exam

Sent by Barbara on Saturday

Physics 2, Fort Worth, TX

Hello Brittany, I am looking for physics 2 tutoing this semester at TCU. I don't have a car on campus. A.

Sent by Alex on Saturday

Special Education, Sussex, NJ

Looking for a tutor for our son, specializes in English Language and arts.

Sent by Teresa on Saturday

Math, Palm Desert, CA

Hi Nicole, My name is J.. I need help with my math. I am in college, but its the remedial math, can you help?

Sent by Julianne on Saturday

German, Austin, TX

Hi, I am studying German on my own, but I would like help with conversation and grammar. Best, Mike E.

Sent by Michael on Saturday

Usmle, Chicago, IL

Hello I need tutoring for some Subjects in USMLE Step 1

Sent by Hend on Saturday

Ruby On Rails, Austin, TX 78704

Hi Raghavendra, I am brand new to computer programming and want to learn Rails to build a platform idea that I have. I would like an initial tutor session for you...

Sent by David on Saturday

Praxis-Math, West Greenwich, RI

Hello Anya, I am searching for a Praxis-Math only section tutor for my daughter who is a sophomore at RIC. Is this a specialty of yours?

Sent by Lori on Saturday

Apple Imovie, Lagrange, GA

I'd like to talk with you about possibly tutoring me. I am fairly good with computers generally. I am exclusively an Apple product user, and I need...

Sent by Christopher on Friday

Reading, Archer, FL

Hey Natalie I was wonder would you tutor my daughter in reading she in the 1st grade

Sent by Brittny on Friday

Step 2ck, Houston, TX 77025

Hi, I would like to know what is the cost for the hole thing and what is the schedule?

Sent by Lidia on Friday

Afoqt, Richmond, VA

Hello Daniel! I am contacting you to inquire information in regards to AFOQT tutoring. Please contact me at your convenience via email. Thank you so much.

Sent by Michael on Friday

Neuroscience, Philadelphia, PA

How soon can we link. Semester starts this week.

Sent by Keith on Friday

French, Norwalk, CA

Hi, I am interested in learning French. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) I live in zip code 90650.

Sent by Sally on Friday

Series 6, Broadview Heights, OH

Hi Zach, Hope all is well! I am in the process of studying for my Series 6 exam. I noticed on your credentials that you have your Series 7. I know that...

Sent by Kristin on Friday

Interior Design Tutor, Philadelphia, PA

I emailed you the other day but have been contacted by other tutors which I did NOT email. I am only interested in hearing back from you since I think your services...

Sent by Sherry on Friday

Math, Miami, FL

Helio Katherine, my daughter is 7th grade and she need your help. Are you available today?

Sent by Angelo on Friday

Ortin Gillingham, Cornwall, NY

Hi I am looking for a fun, energetic,experienced turtor for a child with Dyslexia. I am looking for help in readinf and in math. I would like the turto...

Sent by Kathleen on Friday

Reading Phonics, Alexandria, VA

Lauren, Our client L. is looking for a tutor for her 7 year old son. The subjects are reading and phonics. The meeting should take place in a library Alexandria...

Sent by Lowan on Friday

Armenian, Pasadena, CA 91104

Hello, I am inquiring about your Armenian tutoring sessions. What is your availability?

Sent by Raul on Friday

Powerpoint, Tucson, AZ

i need help with a project in powerpoint. Can you help me with that? Thanks, Jennifer

Sent by JenniferJovan on Friday

Kent Wa 15, Kent, OH 44240

Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) to contact me S.

Sent by Syed on Thursday

Math, Spring, TX

My son is 10 and in the 4th grade, struggling in math terribly. Unfortunately math was my worst subject and I am no help. He gets pulled 3X week with a specialist as...

Sent by Holly on Thursday

Nursing, Buffalo, NY

Hello Maria I'm looking for a tutor to assist me with my LPN courses I'm at the end of my classes and I need to get my grades up.

Sent by Barbara on Thursday

Dyscalculia, Dallas, TX

Looking for tutor that specializes in helping kids with dyscalculia

Sent by Margaret on Thursday

ASL, Southampton, NY

I was wondering if you will be available this summer for privates with my daughter. She is a 16 yr old interested in learning ASL.

Sent by Marni on Thursday

Emt Classes, Attica, KS

Can you help me with my EMT classes when I need start taking them

Sent by Brooklyn on Thursday

Reading and English, Valdosta, GA

Hello Jennifer, I am looking for a tutor to help me prepare for the ATI TEAS test. I have the most difficulty with Reading comprehension and English.

Sent by Kimberly on Thursday

Usmle, Cleveland, OH

Hi Michael My name is V., I am an IMG who graduated last year from medical school and is now working as a post doc at Case! i am planning to do my step 1...

Sent by Vanessa on Thursday

Writing, Reading, Manchester Township, NJ

my child need help reading computer skills

Sent by Kim on Thursday

Algebra 2, Beaumont, TX

Looking for a Algebra 2 tutor for my daughter

Sent by Stacy on Thursday

Spanish, Butler, NJ

I am looking for a Spanish tutor for my 7th grade son. He is in Spanish 2 and having some trouble. Please email (email available after purchase) if you are interested.

Sent by Darcey on Thursday

Interior Designing, Philadelphia, PA

My daughter, Sarah is a Junior majoring in Interior Design at PhilaU. She currently has been averaging C+ in studio (she transferred from RVCC with and Assoc.

Sent by Sherry on Thursday

Environmental Engineering, Bronx, NY 10469

HI, I need help in doing environmental engineering senior design, can you?

Sent by Shosh on Thursday

Reading, Upper Marlboro, MD

Hi Teresa, I am interested in your tutoring services for my 9 year,old daughter whom I home school and is a struggling reader.

Sent by Latrise on Thursday

Praxis, Louisville, KY

I am in need of a tutor for the Math Praxis please. I have taken in several times and can't seem to pass it.

Sent by Erin on Thursday

Latin, Mansfield Center, CT

My daughter is a high school junior and needs some tutoring in Latin 3. Week nights or on the weekend would be the best time for tutoring lessons.

Sent by Wendy on Thursday

Algebra, Hudson, FL 34667

my Son is in 8th grade , He needs Algebra help. if I can retain your services it would be great We live in Hudson thnx

Sent by James on Thursday

Cognitive Psychology, Green Valley, AZ 85622

Dear Lana, I hope you are well For my MSc Psychology I need to write a 2000-word essay on Amygdala and emotions. I am looking for someone who can help me...

Sent by Kisley on Thursday

USMLE step 3, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Are you available to teach Step 3?

Sent by Kenneth on Thursday

Math, Chantilly, VA

I have a child in 9 grade in Chantilly high school need help in math. I wonder if u can help

Sent by Britney on Wednesday

Algebra 1, Mount Pleasant, SC

I am looking for a tutor for my son in 8th grade at Palmetto Scholars Academy taking Algebra 1.

Sent by Suzanne on Wednesday

Reading, Carrboro, NC 27510

Hello, I'm looking for a tutor for my son to increase his reading comprehension and test taking skills. Jack is in 7th grade (Gravelly Hill Middle School...

Sent by Sandy on Wednesday

Public Speaking, Bardstown, KY

Hello Flora, I am interested in improving my Public Speaking skills. I am actively seeking a tutor that has the ability to help me master the art of Public Speaking.

Sent by Angela on Wednesday

Sinatra, RoR, Corona, NY 11368

Hello, I'm looking for a tutor in Sinatra and RoR. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more. Have a great day.

Sent by Mary on Wednesday

Astb, Severna Park, MD 21146

Joe, Would you be available for ASTB tutoring anytime between January 19th & January 25th. I am currently scheduled to take the exam at 0900 January 26th.

Sent by Zachary on Wednesday

Sinatra, Ruby, New York, NY 10005

Hello Geetika, I'm looking for help in Sinatra. Would you be able to do that? This is an ex. of what I'm working on (url available after purchase)...

Sent by Mary on Wednesday

Calculus, Winchester, CA

Need help with calculus and Laplace transformations for controls engineering course. I have taken Calc I and II but have forgotten most of it!!

Sent by Dan on Wednesday

Usmle, Edison, NJ

Hello Kishan, I am interested in finding a tutor for the USMLE Step 1. I have studied the information but continue to struggle answering questions.

Sent by Ryan on Wednesday

Reading, Brick, NJ

Hi. My son is 5.5 and in Kindergarten. I am looking for a tutor to help him learn to read and build confidence in himself. Please call me at your convenience...

Sent by Tiffany on Wednesday

Ap Statistics, Issaquah, WA

Hi maura, my name is M. and I am currently taking an ap statistics class at my school and was wondering if we would meet up today and go over concepts that I don'

Sent by Makena on Wednesday

Quicken, New York, NY 10020

I have recently installed Quicken 2017 Deluxe - most of my previous files, which were on Quicken 2004, have been lost in the process.

Sent by Alan on Wednesday

Real Estate, Providence, RI

Hi i woukd like to see if u can tutor me on getting my ri realtor state license.? Im started yesterday my classes but i want to make sure i pass.

Sent by Chris on Wednesday

Reading and math, Rialto,CA

My son needs to be up to par in reading and math. He is a 7th grader....

Sent by Javier on Wednesday

Act Math, Kingsport, TN

My daughter Kayla is about to take the ACT test in April, she does well in English and Reading but struggles with Math. Do you travel to Kingsport or how does your...

Sent by Michael on Tuesday

Math, Oregon, WI

Hi! I am a student at UW-Madison trying to make sure I do as well as I can in my math 217 class (Calculus 1). I am looking to meet for a two-hour session every...

Sent by Noah on Tuesday

Usmle, Forest Park, IL 60130

Hello Muhammad, I would like to give my Step 1 exam in Feb, 2017. My last NBME score was 100, I would really appreciate the help in passing my Step 1 Exam please.

Sent by Serena on Tuesday

Geometry, East Meadow, NY

Hi, my son need help with 9 grade geometry . R. K.

Sent by Rajinder on Tuesday

Asvab, Mather, CA

Hi wanted to do good on the asvab test for the army

Sent by Dmitriy on Tuesday

Geometry, Sunnyvale, CA

Hi Tanya, My son needs some help in Geometry. We are looking at either Monday or Tuesday after 4 pm. We live in Sunnyvale 94087. Thanks, J.

Sent by Jennifer on Tuesday

Math, Atlanta, GA

Hi Alicia, I am interested in getting a math tutor to improve my math skills for the GRE. I have a GRE math book already and have signed up for an online GRE...

Sent by Olivia on Tuesday

Math, Cambridge, MA

I am interested in seeing if your available to possibly tutor my son on Sundays, He is a 6th grade student who attends Prospect Hill Academy in Somerville...

Sent by Turquoise on Tuesday

Writing, Tallahassee, FL

I want to improve my writing skill

Sent by Reza on Tuesday

Math, Reading, Memorization, Zachary, LA

Hi Michelle, I have a daughter in Kindergarten at Northwestern and I am interested in talking to you more about your services.

Sent by Stacie on Tuesday

Asvab, North Highlands, CA

Hello I'm interested in having you as a tutor.

Sent by Arnelle on Tuesday

Usmle, Newark, NJ 07104

hi, i see that you offer a tutor session, can you tell me more information about it?? Thanks.

Sent by Marcos on Tuesday

Usmle, Lawrenceville, GA

Hi I am in the final stages of USMLE step 1prep.I would like to take the exam within the next two months but am unable to achieve my desired score on the NBME exams.

Sent by Anjali on Tuesday

Usmle, New York, NY

can you please contact me i m looking for usmle step 1

Sent by Hilda on Tuesday

Math Sat, Victor, NY

Hello! I am interested in finding a tutor for my daughter, Rachel. We live in Victor, and she is currently a junior at the Charles Finney School.

Sent by Michelle on Tuesday

Art, Prescott, AZ

Good morning Denise, My name is C. Mentken and I am the director of Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy. We have a art teacher position available for...

Sent by Charles on Tuesday

Usmle, Newark, NJ

Hi I was interested in online tutoring, someone who can just quiz me every so often with first aid and uworld. I take my exam march 6, and basically my day is...

Sent by Bhanu on Monday

Holdem, Brandon, FL

I would like to sharpen my skills!

Sent by Joseph on Jan 9

Chemistry, Brentwood, CA 94513

Hi Im looking for tutoring my daughter who is in her 10th Grade - Hons Chemistry, She studies at Doughty Valley and we live in San Ramon.

Sent by Sunder on Jan 9

Usmle, Midlothian, IL

Hey Muhammad. I'm looking for a tutor to help me prepare for step 1. My test is on February 6th and I want to see if you'

Sent by Amal on Jan 9

Math, Philadelphia, PA

Hello Miss Indu, what tools are used for your online tutoring? is voice included? I have a 7th grader who needs help with math. He said he is currently working...

Sent by Karen on Jan 9

Chemistry (general), Maplewood, NJ

Good Evening Siddhi, I am seeking a chemistry tutor for my daughter, who is a high school junior. If interested, please respond. Thank you!

Sent by Arnita on Jan 9

Reading, Sparks Glencoe, MD

Hi Elizabeth, I am contacting you regarding my son who is in K. Can you tell me about what you would do for him as far as schedule and structure. Thanks

Sent by Jeff on Jan 9

Reading and Writing tutoring, Eureka, IL

Jessica, I have a son in Kindergarten who is falling behind with reading and hand writing. I am curious if you might be able to help. Thanks!!

Sent by Tony on Jan 9

Nursing, New York, NY

Hi Elizabeth, I know this is short notice but I was wondering if you were available for tutoring tonight. I live in manhattan. I have a med-surg final tomorrow and...

Sent by Brian on Jan 9

Writing, Stafford, VA

Hi I am looking for an in person tutor for my 15 year old to help hi. With his writing skills.

Sent by Lesley on Jan 9

Math and Reading, Longview, WA

I have a 12 year that struggles in math and reading. what are your thoughts on tutoring a young student.

Sent by Rhonda on Jan 9

Writing and English, Stafford, VA

English/writing tutor needed for 15 year old.

Sent by Lesley on Jan 9

Nclex Rn, North Attleboro, MA

I just graduated from CCRI. Looking for some help with NCLEX tutoring. Thank you! A.

Sent by Amanda on Jan 9

Real Estate, Boston, MA

Hi Eleanora I am interest in tutoring ,my goal is to pass the real estate test .I looking forward to talk to you . Best J.

Sent by Jane on Jan 9

Reading and Math tutoring, Sandusky, OH

My 7 year old grandson needs a lot of help with his reading skills and math. We live in Sandusky and any help would be greatly appreciated!

Sent by Laquita on Jan 9

Business, Moriches, NY 11955

Hi, I have 6 business math assignments that I have completed. I want someone to go over them and check for mistakes and send it back with corrections.

Sent by Maurice on Jan 9

Usmle Step 3, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Need help passing step 3

Sent by Sarah on Jan 8

Calculus, Westbury, NY

I need a tutor in calculus for my son. 12th grade. How comfortable are you in providing this tutoring?

Sent by Negash on Jan 8

Chemistry, Spring Hill, TN

Amy, interested in tutori g for my Highschool sophomore student in Chemistry. My number is (phone number available after purchase) and we are in the Spring Hill...

Sent by Cynthia on Jan 8

Writing Middle School, Austin, TX

Hi Emily. My name is J. and my son who is 8th grade needs some help. His writing skills are no were near his math skills. He really needs a teacher that can help him...

Sent by Jayne on Jan 8

Organic Chemistry, New Hyde Park, NY

Hi. I was wondering if you could tutor organic chemistry to me I'm from great neck. And if you could meet in great neck library with me.

Sent by Jasmine on Jan 8

C, Pomona, CA 91767

please contact me for C++

Sent by Sam on Jan 8

Algebra, English, History, Goldsboro, NC

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for my son, he is a freshman in high school. Our main focus would be Algebra 1, but would also like help with his other subjects...

Sent by Susan on Jan 8

Algebra, Delaware, OH

Hello Cynthia, I am interested in hiring a tutor asap for my 16 yr. old daughter. She is homeschooled and needing tutoring for ACT math.

Sent by Tonya on Jan 8

C, Pomona, CA 91767

I would like to learn C++ please contact me.

Sent by Sam on Jan 8

English, Tyler, TX

Hi Megan, I'm international student and I'll start my college soon ,but I still have problem in speaking. I want to improve my English language...

Sent by Omar on Jan 7

English, San Jose, CA

Hi Andrew, I am an adult who want to improve my english speaking including accent and grammar. I am available on weekend.

Sent by Angie on Jan 7

Information Technology, Silver Spring, MD 20904

I am trying to print a spreadsheet i have to print the regular sheet and the formula sheet when i change from the original sheet and press show formulas and want...

Sent by Raeanna on Jan 7

Usmle Step One, North Bergen, NJ

Hello , I am looking for usmle step one tutor to review all courses and do questions.

Sent by Hilda on Jan 7

Algebra 2, Pittsburgh, PA

Hello, I am searching for a tutor for a Chinese student who is in 10th grade. He is a male though.. Do you only tutor females?

Sent by Michael on Jan 7

Math, Paris, TX

Hello,I need help preparing for my Ged test.I have passed all the subjects except math.I have not attempted the math test yet,but I been out of school 30yrs...

Sent by Donald on Jan 7

Python, Albertson, NY

Dear Deborah, I was wondering if you would be able to teach in-person at the zipcode 11507. Best, A.

Sent by Albert on Jan 7

SAT, Litchfield, CT

We live in litchfield. Randi is a 16 yo junior. Looking for SAT tutor. Thanks. My cell is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Debra on Jan 7

Spanish, Oxford, OH

Hi looking for a Spanish 2 tutor to help Junior in high school near Oxford or Hamilton Ohio with online school lessons

Sent by Alayna on Jan 7

Advanced Word Processing and Records Management, Charlotte, NC

Hi there my name is Ben. I am looking for a tutor for my 2 classes Records Management and Advanced Word Processing Ann recommended I choose you because...

Sent by Benjamin on Jan 7

C#, Irving, TX 75063

I need to learn C# to test electronic hardware. I have tried learning by reading books, youtube etc. But able to grasp this language.

Sent by Elias on Jan 7

Math, Daphne, AL

Hello Kittrelle, I'm requesting math tutorial assistance for my daughter. Are you available on Tuesdays?

Sent by Martha on Jan 7

Writing Composition Ssat, Burlington, MA

Hi, Paul I'm looking for a tutor to prepare my daughter for her SSAT in May. Also strength her writing, as she loves to write her own stories:) thanks

Sent by Jennifer on Jan 6

Armenian, Lima, OH 45805

I am interested in learning Armenian and am unable to find someone in Illinois to help. May I please find out if you have anything available online?

Sent by Jeri on Jan 6

Speech, Tracy, CA

Hello I am looking for a tutor to help my 5 years old son with his academics. he is smart but has speech delay so we need some one who can be patient and make...

Sent by Fatima on Jan 6

Math, Brooksville, FL

I have a 3rd grade grandson at Pine Grove. Needs help with math. Was wondering if you would be able to meet him after school, say from 3 to 4 at the school for tutoring.

Sent by Jane on Jan 6

Math, Spencerport, NY

Hi Susan, My son Caleb is in sixth grade. We are looking for a math tutor we could meet at the Ogden library for an hour once a week.

Sent by Sarah on Jan 6

Algebra, Hermitage, PA

My niece is failing Algebra at Sharpsville high school. I need to find a tudor for her. We live in Transfer, PA. Can you help her?

Sent by Tish on Jan 6

Math Reading Comprehension Language Arts, Port Saint Lucie, FL

I'm looking for a tutor that can help my kids with their homework projects and we have a big test for both my boys coming soon

Sent by Fedna on Jan 6

Nclex Rn, Levittown, PA 19057

Hello, What do you charge for NCLEX RN lessons? I have failed 3 times thus far.

Sent by Marc on Jan 6

Reading and Chemistry, Missouri City, TX

need help in reading and chemistry for my daughter high school

Sent by Santi on Jan 6

5ht Grade Math, Yorba Linda, CA

Need assistance with tutoring 5th grade math on 10 year old daughter.

Sent by Maria on Jan 6

Word Processing, Charlotte, NC

Hi Chris I am I need a tutor for my two classes I am taking. Advanced word processing which is the same book. And Records Management.

Sent by Ben on Jan 6

Russian, Salem, MA 01970

I am interested in learning the Russian language. Do you still teach? How hard is it to learn? What can I expect? Thanks!

Sent by Robert on Jan 6

Organic Chemistry, Elizabethtown, PA

Hello: My daughter is attending Elizabethtown College. She will be taking Organic Chemistry I this spring semester and we are looking for a tutor to help her...

Sent by Chris on Jan 6

Computer Science, Albertson, NY

Hi Abhilash, I am wondering if you would be able to compute to the zipcode 11507 for teaching. Best, A.

Sent by Albert on Jan 6

Armenian, Brooklyn, NY 11235

Hi good morning my name is S. and I am interested in learning Armenian I found you on the Internet I was wondering if you would be able to teach me Armenian...

Sent by Samantha on Jan 6

Farsi Persian, Augusta, GA

Hello Zachary, I am interested in having farsi lessons. Will you give me more information about it, are available to teach me during weekdays? Thanks.

Sent by Jorge on Jan 6

All Subjects, Florence, SC

I have to girls grades 1st and 3rd. In need of help with all subjects

Sent by Evonda on Jan 6

Computer Programming, Omaha, NE

I actually only have 1 question right now. I don't quiet grasp the concept of bool. I am self learning c++. I don't understand how;

Sent by Max on Jan 6

Toefl, Georgetown, DE 19947

Hi, I'm in Hanoi, Vietnam Can you teach me Speaking and Writing in TOEFL ? I need Speaking tutor most since I got 18 in Speaking section previous TOEFL test.

Sent by Mai on Jan 6

Esl, Edmonds, WA

Hello, My name is S.. I live in Edmonds, WA. studying English. I'm seeking for ESL Tutor, so if you interested email me back please. I'

Sent by Khalid on Jan 6

Organic Chemistry, Houston, TX

Hi! I am about to start taking organic chemistry this upcoming spring semester and would love a tutor on hand (maybe to even begin next week to be one step ahead)...

Sent by Nour on Jan 6

Algebra 2, Adairsville, GA

My daughter is needing help with Algebra 2 My number is (phone number available after purchase) We live in Adairsville She is in 11th grade

Sent by Jessica on Jan 5

Physics, San Jose, CA

Hello, I am interested in Physics tutoring for my 15 year old daughter. We live near Evergreen College. Please call any day after 1 pm to discuss ((phone number...

Sent by Sandra on Jan 5

Sign Language, Tacoma, WA

Questions regarding asl classes pls call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Sarah on Jan 5

Asvab, Tucson, AZ

I'm trying to pass the asvab test and need help passing the math portion of it.

Sent by Adam on Jan 5

Math, Brunswick, GA

Hi Trenice Im looking for a tutor for my 14 old. Hes a student at Jane Macon and he really needs the help. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Franquita on Jan 5

Excel, Orlando, FL

Need help on excel and also looking someone to tutor pre algebra for my daughter 3 to 4 times a week. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Joe on Jan 5

Nursing, Corpus Christi, TX

Hi Dhara, my name is B. H. I currently attend Texas A&M Corpus Christi and my major is nursing I apply in a couple of weeks but I still need to pass my Hesi. I'

Sent by Bailley on Jan 5

Usmle Step 2 Ck, Houston, TX 77025

Hi, I would like to get your help for my USMLE Step 2 CK preparation. Please contact me to further details.

Sent by Kamran on Jan 5

Engineering Mechanics, Colorado Springs, CO 80905

Hi Adam, my name is B. and I am a cadet at the Air Force Academy. I am in an accelerated engineering mechanics class and need help.

Sent by Brooke on Jan 5

Android, New York, NY 10005

Hello Dr. Geetika, Hello! My name is J. H.. I'm currently a student at Full Sail University, in a Mobile Development program. I'

Sent by John on Jan 5

English, Woodhaven, NY

Hello Oliva, I have a 13 year old son in the 7th grade he is doing pretty good in school but struggling with his writting he understands what he reads but has...

Sent by Lia on Jan 5

Usmle, Staten Island, NY 10309

Looking for a step 1 tutor.

Sent by Antonia on Jan 5

Cpa, New York, NY

I'm an adult studying for the CPA BEC section. I am scheduled for 1/17 to take it. I took it twice in 2011 & 2012 & failed with a 72 each time.

Sent by Antonia on Jan 5

Math, Jefferson, GA

I have two boys who are in 3rd and 5th grade needing math help! We live in Jefferson and are willing to travel to you.

Sent by Wenona on Jan 5

English, Vallejo, CA

hello how do you i start this with you, can it be done online or you will just contact thanks from P.

Sent by Paul on Jan 5

Elementary, Dubuque, IA

Hello - Your experience and profile on Totorz prompted me to contact you. My husband and I have three boys, ages 12, 11 and 9. Our oldest son struggled with...

Sent by Lisa on Jan 4

Math Tutoring, Concord, CA

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for my son who is in 4th grade struggling in math and my daughter who is a freshman struggling in math also.

Sent by Angelica on Jan 4

Ruby Sinatra, New York, NY 10005

Hello, I am currently learning Sinatra and will be slowly moving towards Ruby on Rails. I am looking for a tutor that can meet with me as needed to go over...

Sent by Mary on Jan 4

Reading Comprehension, Riverside, CA

Hi I am looking for a reading comprehension tutor for my 11 th grade son. Are you available. We prefer someone to our home. Could you please contact me...

Sent by Godelive on Jan 4

Reading, El Paso, TX

Hi Kimberly, I'm looking for a reading tutor for my 7yr old daughter. She also has her spelling bee with in a month. She know plenty but needs more help.

Sent by Rosio on Jan 4

Excel and Power Point, Oakland, CA

Hello Saabir, I'm looking for an in person tutor to help me add to my skillset as a graphic designer / web designer. A lot of jobs require Microsoft...

Sent by William on Jan 4

Usmle, Naperville, IL

Hi! I am looking for a tutor in the Chicago area and would like to request a consult with you. I am studying for my step 1 exam. I see conflicting information...

Sent by Jordon on Jan 4

Reading (dyslexia), Longview, TX

Hey Tammy I need a tutor for my 6th grade son, he struggles with reading, I have noticed some dsylexia. I would like to get him tested if you know where...

Sent by Donna on Jan 4

Quickbooks, Chandler, AZ 85224

Hi Jason! I need a few hours of you time to assist me in fixing my business quick books account that I managed to screw up some how.

Sent by Rebeca on Jan 4

Ged, Seguin, TX

I am looking for help in all portions of the GED test. I liV.e in Seguin but if we could meet at a middle point that would be great. do you haV.e aV.

Sent by V on Jan 4

Chemistry, Killeen, TX

Good afternoon, please tell me what days and time are you available to tutor. My son is a junior in high school and is struggling in chemistry. Thanks, G. R.

Sent by Gail on Jan 4

Sat, Doylestown, PA 18901

Hello Miss Anne, my child needs to improve her sat scores. she's a senior and needs a boost and tips. can you help? thank you, J.

Sent by Jane on Jan 4

C#, Charlotte, NC

I saw your profile on (url available after purchase) and I wanted to see if you could help me with my coding/programming skills. I can be reached at (phone number...

Sent by Chris on Jan 4

Uslme Step 1, Glen Oaks, NY

tutoring for daughter comlex-level 1 immediately start

Sent by Madhu on Jan 4

Usmle Level 1, Glen Oaks, NY

need tutor for daughter for comlex-1 immediately

Sent by Madhu on Jan 4

Writing, Lawrence Township, NJ

Hi Mrs. van S., I'm looking for an English writing/comprehension tutor for my daughter who is in middle school. We live in Lawrenceville, NJ and would like...

Sent by Sharon on Jan 4

Usmle, Plainsboro, NJ

Hi Hesham, I am interested in starting my Step 2 CK preparation with a tutor. I am preparing second time now after year and half from the first attempt;

Sent by Sharath on Jan 4

Chemistry, Florence, SC

Looking for a chemistry tutor for my son. He is a sophomore at FMU.

Sent by Debra on Jan 4

Adobe Lightroom, Tucson, AZ

I would like to get some help and advise on transferring, organizing and editing a large number of Raw & Jpeg photos in Lightroom.

Sent by Stuart on Jan 4

Microsoft Access, Fresno, CA

Hi Abhilasha, Do you teach MS access ? Thanks

Sent by Roger on Jan 3

Algorithm For Job Interview, Cary, NC 27511

Hi Kemal P. We are looking for an algorithm tutor Monday through Friday from 6 pm to 8 p.m.We hope you are available. We are flexible with time and days,too.

Sent by Allan on Jan 3

Math, Morrisville, NC

Hi, My son is a 4th grader. He needs help in Math. We live in West cary near Morrisville. Can you please let me know weather you can help him. Thanks, S..

Sent by Shoukat on Jan 3

Quicken, North Billerica, MA 01862

I use Quicken and often lose accounts. Right now I'm trying to do year end stuff and lost one account. No disabilities except I'm dopey. Use Quicken 2015.

Sent by Rod on Jan 3

College Math (pima College) 101, Tucson, AZ

I like your credentials. My son ( age 25) needs a tutor that can assess his needs and help him eventually pass college math 151 needed at Pima to transfer to the UA.

Sent by Alvin on Jan 3

Calculus, Palmdale, CA 93552

Hi Ravinder, Do you still teach Calculus 2?

Sent by Kasthuri on Jan 3

Hesi A2, Rosenberg, TX

Hey Matthew! I am planning on taking my HESI exam in a month or so and I need help.

Sent by Jessica on Jan 3

Social Science Statistics, Killeen, TX

Hello Andrew! I am a current psychology student. I just started taking social science statistics and don't quite understand this.

Sent by Shawun on Jan 3

Pre Calculus, Sterling Heights, MI

Hi Jennifer, I'm a high school senior, located in Sterling Heights. I missed about ten weeks of school this semester and I'

Sent by Gabby on Jan 3

Reading and Writing, Jacksonville, NC

Hi Mary! I would like to get in touch about tutoring my daughter. She is in 7th grade and is homeschooled. Thank you

Sent by Gena on Jan 3

Cpa, Edison, NJ

I would like to step up an appointment to discuss about getting my CPA designation.

Sent by Jovin on Jan 3

Tabe, Brooklyn, NY

Hi there. I need to pass the Tabe Test on Thursday morning. I took it this morning but failed by 9 questions. I know exactly what I need to do to improve can you help?

Sent by Domingo on Jan 3

Adobe Illustrator, Los Angeles, CA

Good Morning! I was interested in adobe illustrator lessons. Please advise with some good times for a quick call. Thanks! L. P.

Sent by Landon on Jan 3

Ftce, Land O Lakes, FL

I am a teacher and need to pass my General Knowledge FTCE exam. I would like to start off with the math section first, then focus on the writing portion.

Sent by Ericka on Jan 3

Sas, Indiana, PA

I need Assistance to write a code in sas project would you be able to help me

Sent by Loice on Jan 3

All, Orlando, FL

2nd grade m-f open after 5:pm

Sent by Mercedez on Jan 2

USMLE Step 3, Arlington, VA 22209

Hello Mrs. Zen, Do you tutor USMLE Step 3? I have taken it twice and am looking for additional help.

Sent by Cathleen on Jan 2

algebra, calculus and physics, Benicia, CA

Need algebra/calculas and physics tutor for 11th grader, and math tutor for 9th grader

Sent by Wahid on Jan 2

Usmle, New York, NY

hi i need help with step one. and strengthen a few concepts in certain areas/subjects.

Sent by Bruce on Jan 2

Esl English 2nd Language, Reading, PA

I need a teacher for my brother

Sent by Tanya on Jan 2

Abacus Math, Newtown, CT

Hi Nikitha, Am trying to find a math tutor who can teach abacus math for my 6 year old daughter. Please let me know if you are willing.

Sent by Neelima on Jan 2

Algebra, Catonsville, MD 21228

My daughter, Riley, is struggling in Algebra 1. She is a freshman at Hereford High.

Sent by Christina on Jan 2

Chemistry, Savannah, GA

Hi. I'm looking for a chemistry and may be history tutor for my very smart but very lazy 16yo son who is in 10th grade at Savannah Christian Prep.

Sent by Reema on Jan 2

Unix, Vienna, VA

Hi, our son is a 7th grader at Kilmer Middle school. He would like to learn computer programing in UNIX environment. Will appreciate if you could help him. Thanks.

Sent by Salim on Jan 2

Algebra 2, Saint Charles, IL

Looking for an Algebra 2 tutor for my son who is in 10th grade. What is your availability?

Sent by Laura on Jan 1

Math, Basking Ridge, NJ

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for my son for Algebra. Would you be able to help?

Sent by Usha on Jan 1

Usmle, Brooklyn, NY 11201

I would like to get your help for Step 2 CK preparation. Please contact me to discuss it further Thanks

Sent by Kamran on Jan 1

Algebra 1, Hampstead, MD

My daughter is a freshman at Herefor High and is struggling with Algebra 1.

Sent by Christina on Jan 1

Reading, Cedar Rapids, IA

Hi Kristine, I am looking for a reading tutor for my grandaughter who is 11 and has just entered 6th grade at Franklin. I took her to Sylvan when she was in the 1st...

Sent by Jeanne on Jan 1

1st Grade Math and Reading, Roxboro, NC

I have two kids one kindergarden,.3rd grade. And they both struggle with math and reading. Would you be able to come twice a week

Sent by Tiffany on Jan 1

Statics, Dracut, MA 01826

Hello, my son B. is taking Engineering Statics and needs a tutor. Do you tutor for this subject? Thanks Pat S.

Sent by Brett on Jan 1

Russian, Las Vegas, NV

I am interested in learning Russian language. I am available after work and would like lessons several times a week. I travel to Russia every month and want to learn...

Sent by Leo on Jan 1

Chemistry, Chattanooga, TN

Dear Joe, I emailed you previously on a different website and I am just making sure you receive my message. Would you be willing to tutor me for my January...

Sent by Shelby on Jan 1

Information Technology, Barstow, CA

Hello, how are you doing my name is T.. I'm on my last year of my I.T degree and I need better understanding of all of this information. I'

Sent by Terrance on Jan 1