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Algebra 2, Whitehouse, TX

My name is Baron my daughter is struggling with Algebra 2. She is a Jr at Whitehouse High School. I have allowed her to try on her own for the last several semesters...

Sent by Baron on 12/30/11

Psat, Anchorage, AK

Can you handle PSAT or SAT English for a group (four or five) of high school students?

Sent by Chong on 12/30/11

Python, Brooklyn, NY

Hello i am a linux administrator. Currently i am very interested in learning python. I have read a book on the language however i still feel like i dont know enough...

Sent by Jason on 12/30/11

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Math Science, Atlanta, GA

hi my name is jabari. i currently got accepted into georgia gwinnet college and im coming in there with a GED for the upcoming semester.

Sent by Jabari on 12/30/11

Physics, Phoenixville, PA

Need a physics tutor for my daughter. Also, prep for SAT. Would like to start immediately.

Sent by Joyce on 12/29/11

Algebra, Covington, LA

My daughter, who is in 8th grade and being home schooled, needs help with Algebra 1. Please contact me. (phone number is reserved for tutor)

Sent by Greg on 12/29/11

Calculus, Katy, TX

can you call me at (phone number is reserved for tutor) i need help with elementary calculus

Sent by Jeimy on 12/29/11

French, FL

Bon jour. My name is Julian and I am interested in taking french lessons. Please get in touch with me for setting up a lessons if you have some free time.

Sent by Julian on 12/29/11

Mcat, Bellevue, WA 98007

Hello, I have several questions regarding MCAT.

Sent by Kayoung on 12/28/11

Geometry / Trig, West Paterson, NJ

Russell: I need help with the geometry and trig sections of the GMAT. Do you have time to tutor me for 4 weeks to strengthen these areas?

Sent by Barbara on 12/28/11

Algebra, Southampton, PA 18966

Please call me at (phone number is reserved for tutor). My 16 year old.soon is struggling in algebra 2. We live in southampton.

Sent by Cheryl on 12/28/11

Organic Chemistry, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I would like to get tutoring in Chemistry 1032 I am a student at Broward College major Nursing. Please contact me at (phone number is reserved for...

Sent by Kelly on 12/28/11

Chemistry, Bronx, NY

Hi, I wanted to get some more information on rates, location and availability. I need tutoring in chemistry, algebra and biology.

Sent by Keleisa on 12/27/11

Accounting, New Orleans, LA

Hello Nikki, I'am struggling in Accounting II, and need some help.

Sent by Ayana on 12/27/11

Quicken, San Diego, CA

Really need help setting up downloads, etc. for Quicken 2010 on the PC. Any possibility to convert your knowledge from Quickbooks onto Quicken?

Sent by Karen on 12/27/11

Spanish, Rego Park, NY

I have a 10th grade child in need of a Spanish tutor. I am looking for a a 2x week for about 1-2 hours a day. I live in Queens by Forest Hills.

Sent by Andre on 12/26/11

Cpa, Flushing, NY

Hi. I was interested in taking some tuitions for CPA. I am not sure if i have contacted you before. I am not working right now so have a flexible schedule and also...

Sent by Poonam on 12/26/11

Ged, Stone Mountain, GA 30087

Inquiring about services being offered for GED test prep for parent with a disability

Sent by Andrea on 12/26/11

Statistics, Cortland, NY

I am in immediate need of a statistics tutor. I am taking a statistics concepts course and need tutoring to complete this semester.

Sent by Laura on 12/24/11

Spanish, Louisville, KY

if i took a few spanish classes in school, how many sessions till you believe i'll be fluent?

Sent by Phillip on 12/24/11

Cpa, New York, NY

Hi, I was interested in taking CPA tutoring. I need help with some parts. Please let me know how much you charge, your availability and other details relating to it.

Sent by Poonam on 12/23/11

Nursing, Tucson Arizona

hi there. I am looking for help. I am suppose to take this open book test for LPN refresher course and I just want to do it so I can have my license back.

Sent by Chris on 12/22/11

Cpa, Lake Forest, IL

I am assisting my client to find a tutor to help him review for his CPA exams next week. He lives in Lake Forest, IL zip code 60045.

Sent by Marlene on 12/21/11

Calculus, Kinnelon, NJ

My son Rob is a senior at Kinnelon High School. He is taking AP Calculus and needs some help. We would like to schedule an evaluation session with you...

Sent by Pete on 12/20/11

Java Tutor, Moraga, CA

Want to get a Java tutor for my son (freshman). Please call me or email me at (phone number is reserved for tutor) asap. Thanks!

Sent by Christina on 12/20/11

Math, NY

Hi shipra, I am seeking at tutor for my 4th and 8th grade children. I would like someone who can come home home and give individualized tutoring.

Sent by Preet on 12/20/11

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Math-4th Grade, Melbourne, FL

I am interested in your services

Sent by Ryan on 12/19/11

English, New York, NY

Hello Racquel, my name is Dennell Cook. I'm student at LaGuardia Community College, and I'm having some difficulties in writing. Well, exactly soon on Jan 3rd...

Sent by Dennell on 12/17/11

Gre Tutor, Newport News, VA

Hi Mary, My name is Alicia I am currently finishing up my graduate degree and interested in getting into a doctrate program. i am required to Take and get at least...

Sent by Alicia on 12/17/11

Math, Atlanta, GA 30301

hi, i need help in maths. i am doing graduation from LA local college. your class details??

Sent by Jessi on 12/17/11

Statistics, Kissimmee, FL

I am looking for a Statistic tutor for at least 4 hours per week for Valencia Osceola Campus student. This is a long term position.

Sent by Hi on 12/16/11

ESL, Schaumburg, IL 60193

You have openings on Saturdays.

Sent by Gezello on 12/15/11

Statistics, Cambridge, MA

Hi Maria, Do you tutor on the weekends? Are you a full-time student? Thanks, Jake

Sent by Jake on 12/15/11

Accounting, Cincinnati, OH

Hi, My husband's daughter, Erica, is having trouble with Accounting 2 at Cincinnati State. You would have to evaluate her educational needs.

Sent by Diane on 12/14/11

Laguge Arts, Great Neck, NY

im looking for a tutor to help me do well on the asvab its a test to get in the Military. English is my 2 language German is my first hope hope you can help me out

Sent by Ricky on 12/14/11

Geology, Phoenix, AZ

Hi Matthew: I am currently enrolled in the Community College and need help with Geology 101. I didn't pass the course and this time want to get an A. I live...

Sent by Marisol on 12/14/11

Algebra, Warren, MI

Hi Mason, I have a 13 year old in AP math - (8th grade) doing algebra. She's a VERY bright child and this years math teacher isn't doing it for her.

Sent by Karen on 12/14/11

Java, Elmwood Park, IL

Hi, I am looking for a tutor to come in to help my son with Java. Are you available ?

Sent by Barbara on 12/13/11

Political Science, Tempe, AZ 85282

Hi, my name is Faris, from Saudi Arabia and my major is political science in ASU, Please call me on (phone number is reserved for tutor) thx

Sent by Faris on 12/13/11

Math, Visalia, CA

I have a 5th grader with aspbergers and adhd. He needs help in math and english.

Sent by Judy on 12/13/11

4 Grade Math, Ellenwood, GA

I have a daughter who is living with her mother in Ellenwood. She needs attention in math and a couple of other subjects, since you major in math I have choosen...

Sent by Jason on 12/13/11

Geometry, Torrance, CA

Hi, Are you a traveling tutor? We're at Hawthorne and P.C.H.. Geometry help for and independent study student.

Sent by Kelly on 12/13/11

Sharon S, Marine City, MI

Hi Sharon, I am looking for a tutor for my son who is in 3rd grade and struggling. It appears we don't live far from one another could you please contact me...

Sent by Nina on 12/13/11

Physics, Bluffton, SC

Hi Becky, I am interested in your services for my daughter, who is home-schooled and has relocated to Bluffton, SC, recently. She needs to finish the school year...

Sent by Jeanne on 12/13/11

Math, Cincinnati, OH

Hello, this Chris one of your old students a the University of Cincinnati. I was wondering what do you use for online tutor?

Sent by Christopher on 12/13/11

Nursing, Michigan

Would you consider telephone/distance tutoring?

Sent by Kathryn on 12/13/11

Statistics, Hawthorne, CA

Looking for assistance in statistics and economics project that is due

Sent by Louie on 12/12/11

Statistics, Brighton, CO

Hello My name is Kelvin Nicholson and I really need a tutor for SPSS/statistics. My number is (phone number is reserved for tutor) and I would be...

Sent by Kelvin on 12/12/11

Chemistry, Canoga Park

Hi I'm an 11th grader at Taft high school. And I'm struggling in chemistry and my chemistry final is Thursday. Can you help? Thanks

Sent by Crystal on 12/11/11

Math Im In Ftn Hills, Fountain Hills, AZ

I am in fountain hills and have 2 kids Need soon

Sent by Kevin on 12/11/11

SAT, Wellesley, MA 02465

I am interested in a SAT tutor for my son.

Sent by T. on 12/11/11

Math 108, Ridgewood, NY

Hey i need an hr worth of ur help by tuesday night if you can please call.me or email me it would be great i drive so i can meet u where ever thamk you

Sent by Erick on 12/11/11

Greek, Quincy, MA 02169

I am a Greek American adult with an elementary level of Greek and would like to improve my skills. I live on the north shore, work in Malden. Thanks.

Sent by Stephen on 12/11/11

Math, Ocean City, NJ

Hi Laura, Do you have any experience with Everyday Mathematics? My daughter is in a 6th grade advanced math class. She would need someone to review homework with...

Sent by Amy on 12/11/11

Math Praxis, Lancaster, PA

Hi Peter, Iam a non-traditional student at Millersville University.I need help in math for my Praxis. Let me know if you can help me. I live in Millersville. Thanks.

Sent by Greg on 12/10/11

Cpa, Houston, TX

Hi Denis! I am preparing for the CPA exam currently and I needed some tutoring just for aspects that I don't understand while doing review on my own through Becker.

Sent by Rachna on 12/8/11

Linear Algebra, Patchogue, NY

I am attending Stony U and require help with linear algebra. Stacy are you available to assist me? thank you...Svetlana

Sent by Svetlana on 12/8/11

Elementary, Reno, NV

Our 6th grade Hunsberger elementary daughter is struggling in math.. she has a D and needs help. She does pretty good in everything else. We live up Mt.

Sent by Dane on 12/7/11

Asvab, Dayton, OH 45432

Hey I'm looking for a tutor for the asvab test at least twice a month. Just email me please.

Sent by Asia on 12/7/11

Math, 8th Grade, Bloomfield Hills, MI

My daughter is in 8th grade. I would like to know if you would be available on Saturdays. I want her to get prepared for the Admission test for the IA.

Sent by Violetta on 12/7/11

Algebra, Baton Rouge, LA

Good Morning, My name is Alice Davis. My grandson Tyrus Lafleur is a junior at Christian Life Academy. We are looking for someone to tutor Tyrus in Algebra 2...

Sent by Alice on 12/7/11

Organic Chemistry, Goodyear, AZ

Hi John, I am interested in getting tutoring for an online Organic Chemistry class I am currently taking. How much do you charge?

Sent by Angel on 12/7/11

Physics, Deerfield, IL

Currently, my daughter is in AP Calculus BC and AP Physics B. What is your available day and time?

Sent by Sung on 12/6/11

Statistics, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hey michael, I have 6 days to prepare for my final in statistics, id like to schedule 4 appointments, would this be possible? Call me at (phone number is...

Sent by Aarie on 12/6/11

Math, Northridge, CA 91325

Hi Ann, My name is Shawna Kelley. I was wondering if you could help me. I am a Credential student at CSUN. I have completed all of the necessary courses for...

Sent by Shawna on 12/6/11

Math Tutor, El Monte, CA

Hi there, I saw your ad and I believe you are the one that can help me. I have CLEP test in two months and I need someone to re teach me some material in...

Sent by Glenn on 12/6/11

C#, Staten Island, Ny, 10306

Hello, I need to improve my oop skills as well as learn more about interfaces, web services, etc. Please let me know if you are able to help. Thanks

Sent by Igor on 12/6/11

Chemistry, Mashpee, MA

Hello I am a student at Mashpee High in AP Chem and would like to know if you would come to Mashpee? If so, I would love to talk to you about turtoring me...

Sent by Brianna on 12/6/11

Statistics, Long Beach, CA

Hi Raymond would please tutor me in statistics on Wed. My final is on Thursday. Would you please tutor me for six hours I really need to pass this exam.

Sent by Nancy on 12/5/11

Reading, Raleigh, NC

Hi Taryn, I have an 8 yr old daughter who is struggling with Reading Comprhension. I've just started looking at getting her a tutor to help her.

Sent by Mitchell on 12/5/11

Organic Chemistry, Phoenix, AZ

i needed help with organic chemistry if you could, please contact me asap. thanks!

Sent by Abe on 12/5/11

Economics, West Bloomfield, MI

I have a microeconomics final coming up and am looking for a tutor. I live in West Bloomfield.

Sent by Adam on 12/5/11

English, Mentor, OH

Hi Michal, My daughter is currenty taking on line classes through Keystone National High School and is having difficulty with her English Class.

Sent by Lori on 12/5/11

Reading, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Hello Eleanor D. My name is Lan Ly and I would like to take some reading and writing lesson from you. Can you please contact me through my emai or call me...

Sent by Lan on 12/5/11

Accounting 121, Waukegan, IL

Hello my name is Vincent Laino and I'm taking account ting 121 at the college of lake county I've been able to keep my head above water in the class so far but feel...

Sent by Vincent on 12/5/11

Chemistry, West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Good evening Chrissi-Lee, I would like for you to tutor me in Chemistry Honors and a little bit of Algebra 2. My mom prefers the tutor session to be at...

Sent by Kadie on 12/4/11

Math, Lake Mary, FL

Hi There, I am looking for a math tutor for my 9 year old nephew who will be visiting the US for a vacation next week for about 3 weeks.

Sent by Sajjad.daya on 12/4/11

Chemistry, Baton Rouge, LA

I need held in CHEM1201 as soon as possible

Sent by Keressa on 12/4/11

AP Chemistry, Nashville, TN

Peter S. My youngest daughter is a jr at brentwood hs and is a 3.7+ gpa student. She has always taken ap and honors coursework with minimal issues.

Sent by Mark on 12/4/11

Accounting, Woodland Hills, CA

Hi Vince, I need a little help with accounting. I'm currently attending Pierce College, and I'm 3/4 of the way through accounting1.

Sent by Daniel on 12/3/11

Nclex Rn, West Palm Beach, FL

Hello, I graduated with my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing in 2009 and have taken the NCLEX-RN exam 2 times; both times I did not pass.

Sent by Jessica on 12/3/11

Biotechnology, MD

I am currently in grad-school getting a masters in bioinformatics. I am looking for a tutor to help me in my bioinformatics algorithms class.

Sent by Patricia on 12/2/11

Algebra, Dumfries, VA

hello, I'm hoping to get some help on my college algebra class. Please contact me at (phone number is reserved for tutor) to discuss further details.

Sent by Ricky on 12/2/11

Finance, San Antonio, TX

Hi.Mr.Charles I am looking for help in corporate finance for MBA .I will be in San antonio in coming January . Thank you

Sent by Saleh on 12/2/11

Math, New York, NY

Good Morning Sara am here writing to you because my 14 yr old daughter needs alot of help with her math shes an 8th grader that graduates next yr shes in...

Sent by Esther on 12/2/11

Neuroscience, Newport Beach, 92660

Hi! Are you available for Neuroscience tutoring?

Sent by Isabella on 12/1/11

Algebra, anchorige AK

Hello, I am taking intermedia algebra at UA Fairbanks. I would like to have tutoring. I am having difficulty with the algebra class.

Sent by Regina on 12/1/11

Act Prep, Plainfield, IL

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter who will be taking the ACT in April. She needs tutoring in all areas. What is your pricing and availability? Thank you.

Sent by Michelle on 12/1/11

Basketball, Saint Louis, MO

I am looking for a basketball tutor/coach for my 15 year old son. Do you coach basketball?

Sent by Cindy on 12/1/11

Toefl, San Jose, CA

Hello Amanda, I just visited your profile.on tutorz.com . I am looking for Toefl tutor. When are you available ? I am planning to give toefl in march.

Sent by Suman on 12/1/11

Final Cut Pro, New York, NY

Peter, I am looking for some help in final cut pro X. I am in Manhattan on 21st street. I need a few hours of your time right now, possibly more next year...

Sent by Patrick on 12/1/11

Spanish And Math, Tampa, FL

Hello Maria! My name is Jacklyn Cross. I am looking for a tutor that teaches both math and spanish. My daughter Madison is 13 and in the 8th grade.

Sent by Jacklyn on 12/1/11

Python, Brooklyn, NY 11218

Good day - I need to submit a final project on December 18 written in Python that uses Google AppEngine. I am a little familiar with Python but not at all with...

Sent by Kris on 12/1/11

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Geometry Tutor, Pleasantville, NY

Hi, I need a geometry tutor for my 10th grader. He has dyslexia and dysgraphia but is in regular classes. He has currently failed his last two tests and we need help.

Sent by Laura on 12/1/11