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Reading, Newark, OH

1st grader needing assistance with reading

Sent by Jason on 4/30/13

Toefl, Elmwood Park, NJ

hii do u've a special way to succed in the toefel with high grade especially in speaking(26/30)& reading(21/30) thxxx

Sent by Dona on 4/30/13

Chemistry, Maplewood, NJ

Hi Tze Ming, I am looking for a tutor who can help my daughter who is taking 9th grader taking Chemistry Honor. I'd love to talk with you to see if you can help her.

Sent by Jing on 4/30/13

Act, Mobile, AL

Hey Owen my daughger is in the 11th grade at McGill Toolen. She is looking to improve her math and science score. She does well in both. She has a 3.29 gpa.

Sent by Janet on 4/30/13

Latin, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Please advise if you tutor latin. I see more subjects in math and science. thanks.

Sent by Jane on 4/30/13

Houma La 6, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Hi Erin, I have a 14 year old son struggling with algebra. He's a 9th grader at Village Glen. HFA. Was fully included at Mar Vista Elementary.

Sent by Lynne on 4/30/13

Quantitative Methods, San Diego, CA

Hi Sonal, I am in my MBA program and start Quantitative Methods this coming week. I was wondering if I could get some help, since one of my weaknesses is Stats.

Sent by Jay on 4/30/13

Dyslexia, Arlington, TX

Hello Mary Do you have experience in Dyslexia?

Sent by Nancy on 4/30/13

Special Education, Richmond Hill, GA

Hi Lauren, I am looking for a tutor for my 12 year old son. He is going into the sixth grade, and he has an IEP. He really struggles with Math and comprehension.

Sent by Stephanie on 4/30/13

Geometry, Capitol Heights, MD

Hello Lani, My name is K. Ford and I have a 15 year old daughter who is in the 10th grade. Math is a weak subject for her and now that she is in high school...

Sent by Kisha on 4/30/13

Nclex Rn, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Esther, My name is E. and I currently looking in passing my nclex. I have taken the nclex five times and have failed each time.

Sent by Elaine on 4/30/13

Accounting, Miami, FL

I need help as soon as possible! Today :(.

Sent by Jatniel on 4/30/13

Pre-algrebra, Rocky Mount, NC

My son Joshua is 15 and in the 9th grade. He is failing pre-algrebra and needs help quick.

Sent by Gina on 4/30/13

Spanish, Richmond, VA

I am trying to learn Spanish but it is difficult. I need some one to one tutoring. Tengo setenta anos.

Sent by Norm on 4/30/13

Numerical Analysis, New Rochelle Ny 10801

I need help with my numerical analysis homework. Thank you.

Sent by Liz on 4/30/13

Tutor Request, Alpharetta, GA

Hi - We're looking to change Tutors for our kids - they have been seeing the same tutor for 2+ years and may need to make a change to keep things fresh.

Sent by Rob on 4/30/13

Nclex Lpn, West Palm Beach, FL

Please call me in regards to prep test nclex thanks C. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Craig on 4/30/13

Philosophy, Dayton, OH

Hello , i have a final exam at Wensday and all i need is an hour or two i just need to understand an essay by Jeff McMahan's "Killing Embryos for Stem Cell Research".

Sent by Mohammed on 4/29/13

Molecular Biology, Corvallis, OR

hi perry, my name is B. , i have defficulty in molecular biology cours level 556 , its all about Membranes,Protein Sorting & Targeting,Nucleus & Nucleo-Cytoplasmic...

Sent by Badria on 4/29/13

All, Laredo, TX

Hi Lizzete, I am looking for a tutor that would be available in the mornings and the sessions would be held in Los Presidentes if convenient for you.

Sent by Peter on 4/29/13

Web Design, Baton Rouge, LA

I have on my computer I have all Adode CS 6 products. I noticed you have web design knowledge.I would like to hear from you. My number is (phone number available...

Sent by Noel on 4/29/13

English As A Second Language, Lakeland, FL 33811

hi. I need your contact number to talk to you. I have few questions to ask . thanks.F.

Sent by Farheen on 4/29/13

Geometry, North Wales, PA

I'm in 9th grade. I need tutoring in Geometry this summer to be able to take additional courses next year. I need you to tutor me for 36 hours atleast, this summer.

Sent by Mana on 4/29/13

Accounting, Warner Robins, GA

Hello. I need help. I am taking an online class and need help in understanding. Please contact me if you are available to help me. Please.

Sent by Tanikka on 4/29/13

Asvab, Dahlonega, GA 30533

IM a ranger instructor here in dahlonega. IM starting to prepare for asvab improvement test that I need to take for my special forces selection packet.

Sent by Cody on 4/29/13

Esl English 2nd Language, Irving, TX

I am looking for a tutor for my son in 2nd grade. Pleae contact me @ (phone number available after purchase). I live in Irving, TX (Valley ranch area).

Sent by Ravi on 4/29/13

All, Dawsonville, GA

Hi Charlotte my name is J. H. and I am looking for a tutor for my 9 year old son. He is having a hard time in school and needs extra attention.

Sent by Jolene on 4/29/13

Operations Research, Baltimore, MD

HELP!! College student with one semester before graduation. Operations research and statistics for engineering foundations /concepts. However, I'm in Baltimore

Sent by Ken on 4/29/13

Reading, Princeton, WV

I am looking for someone to tudor my 7yr old daughter over the summer with Reading. Please contact me thru email to discuss further. Thank you!

Sent by April on 4/29/13

Math, Frankfort, KY

Looking for a tutor for my 13 year old to raise her scores in math in preparation for the ACT

Sent by Kalan on 4/29/13

Math, Charleston, SC

Hi mary, I have a 9 year old son that I am interested in findng tutoring for. He is struggling with math and reading, mainly because of absences due to illness.

Sent by Angela on 4/29/13

English, Trenton, NJ

Hi I live in Robbinsville NJ and looking for a instructor twice a week (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Priska on 4/29/13

Math, Westwood, NJ

Hi I'm looking help in matt for my daughter ,she is in 8 th grade.please feel free to call me (phone number available after purchase) Thank You!

Sent by Neida on 4/29/13

Writing, LA Vernia, TX

Hello Gilberto,my name is M. and I am in serious need of a writing tutor to pass the last test for my ged! If you or you know someone that can help me please contact...

Sent by Mark on 4/29/13

Adobe Illustrator, Jackson,LA

Hi ! Am in need of a person that can help me with a label designed with illustrator. Would you be interested? I would love to learn adobe illustrator but right now...

Sent by Cindi on 4/29/13

Reading, Fairhope, AL

Hi, I a looking for a tutor for my son he is in second grade and he is having a hard time with reading, and spelling

Sent by Ambria on 4/29/13

Statistics, Verona, NJ

Need help preparing for finale exam in statistics. College level

Sent by Bill on 4/29/13

Economics, Orange, CA

I am an employee benefits attorney who is an expert witness in a wrongful termination case. My task is to quantify the benefits losses when our client moved from...

Sent by Susan on 4/28/13

Python, Los Angeles, CA

Hi, Do you offer classes for Python Programming? If you do, can you please let me know, I need help tomorrow or this Tuesday, Thank you (email available after...

Sent by Frank on 4/28/13

Industrial Engineering, Phoenix, AZ

Would you be able to tutor the Solidworks program with my design and engineering classes at ASU?

Sent by Bill on 4/28/13

Phonics, Baker, LA

I am interested in possibly having a tutor for my 9yr old son. He will be staying with his uncle in Baker for the summer. He needs help with phonics and reading.

Sent by Regina on 4/28/13

German, Perry, MI

Hello! I'd like to ask you about your tutoring lessons in German. What do they consist of? Do I need to provide material? Thanks!

Sent by Amelia on 4/28/13

Trigonometry, Melbourne, FL

My son needs help with Trigonometry tonight if at all possible. He is a student at Brevard Community College and we live in Melbourne. Are you available?

Sent by Ashley on 4/28/13

Calculus, Orinda, CA

Hi Hediye, I am a student at Miramonte High School and I am interested in being tutored in Calculus. I was wondering what days you are available to meet. Thanks!

Sent by Ariel on 4/28/13

English, Saint Helena, CA

Dear Danielle, we are spending an vacation in St Helena from Mai 20 till Mai 31. For this period we are locking for our two kids Philipp (15) and Sophie (13) some...

Sent by Susan on 4/28/13

Accounting, Chester, PA

I have final exam in accounting. I need help!!!

Sent by Charles on 4/28/13

Tutoring, Edison, NJ

Hi my name is M. and I am interested in tutoring for STEP2CK. I plan to take my exam this coming July/August 2013. I just wanted to know how the tutoring works...

Sent by Michael on 4/28/13

Statistics And Sas, Boulder, CO

Anna, I am looking for help working through, generally, logistic regression and cluster analysis. I am a professional and also a student in the MS Predictive...

Sent by William on 4/28/13

Math, Yonkers, NY

If you can help me to prepare for the College Mathematics CLEP exam please contact me

Sent by Brea on 4/28/13

Six Sigma, Houston, Tx 77093

Im taking this six sigma green belt class online and need someone to meet me online and take my 100 question multiple choice test for me. Would you be willing to do it?

Sent by Josh on 4/28/13

Pre Algebra, Knoxville, TN

Hello. My name is A. and I am currently in search of a tutor for my 8th grade daughter. I am interested in someone who might sit with her 3 to 4 days a week...

Sent by Amanda on 4/28/13

Adobe Illustrator, Brooklyn, NY

Hi there I need some help with a few projects that I have. Are you interested in helping me?

Sent by Milo on 4/28/13

Accounting 210, Los Angeles, CA

I need a tutor for Accounting 210, I would like to contact you by phone if possible. Thankful, B., (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Bader on 4/27/13

Real Estate, Commerce City, CO

Hi! I'm desperatley looking for a tutor for my Real Estate Broker exam and my biggest problem are the math questions. If you have anyone early this week that would...

Sent by Marlena on 4/27/13

Algebra, Milton, PA

Hello Elizabeth. My grandson is in 8 th grade at Milton Middle School. He is struggling in Algebra and Science. I am looking for someone to tutor him through...

Sent by Debra on 4/27/13

Geometry, Clinton, IA

son having trouble in geometry

Sent by Lisa on 4/27/13

Economics, San Antonio, TX

Hi, I need tutoring for Microeconomics

Sent by Sarah on 4/27/13

Math, Trussville, AL

Deanne, we are looking for a math tutor to work with our daughter a couple of times a week. She is in the 6th grade. We live in Trussville.

Sent by Cindy on 4/27/13

Request, Mount Pocono, PA

Hello, I am looking for a Learning Coach for my two cyber schooled children currently in grades 3 & 5. I am looking for someone who can come to my home...

Sent by Lillie on 4/27/13

Teas, Chester, VA

Sent by Shade' on 4/27/13

SAT, Westborough, MA

Looking for SAT Classes. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ravi on 4/27/13

Adobe Photoshop Cs5, Denver, CO

Went from CS to CS5, struggling with textiles that involve manipulating multiple layers independently and can't unlock layers, online demos have the lock in...

Sent by Nancy on 4/27/13

Lsat, Akron, OH

Hey Gail, My name is A. K. and I am a Junior at Emory University. I return to Akron on May 9th, and am hoping to get some intense tutoring to prepare for...

Sent by Audry on 4/27/13

Computer Science, Rockford, IL

I have been using pcs. I purchased an Imac and would like some instruction in how to use it.

Sent by Clark on 4/27/13

Statistics, Holly, MI

Albert, I am PhD at Walden University. I need tutoring in Research Design, and Statistics. I do not have but 3 weeks to bring my grades up Please contact me...

Sent by Vivian on 4/27/13

Armenian, Glendale, CA 91204

Hi Lilit, I was wondering if you teach Eastern Armenian, reading, writing and speaking? I know this page indicates you teach english in Armenian...

Sent by Robert on 4/27/13

Usmle, Locust Valley, NY

Hello Dr. Flora, My name is M. and i am planning on taking my Step 1 exam by the middle of June, and i am in need of some extra help.

Sent by Michelle on 4/27/13

C#, Phoenix, AZ

Hey Keith, My name is M. and I'm working on this project for my C# class and just need some help understanding a few concepts. It's due Tuesday so please contact...

Sent by Mike on 4/26/13

Algebra, Daphne, AL

Debbie, I have recently moved to the Mobile area and am helping my 9th grader finish up his school work homeschooling for the rest of the year.

Sent by Mary on 4/26/13

Asvab, LA Verne, CA

Hi I believe i have sent you a request on another website, i am still interested in your assistance for a tutor for ASVAB if you have the availability.

Sent by Tina on 4/26/13

Pre Algebra, Hopkinsville, KY

Hi Crystal, I'm considering tutoring for my daughter over the summer to prepare her for high school. Just wondering will you be tutoring during the summer...

Sent by Natasha on 4/26/13

Statistics, Corpus Christi, TX

I need tutoring in statistics and wanted to know if we could meet for tutoring Sat. 4/27/13 or Sun. 4/28/13. please contact me as soon as you can. thank you.

Sent by Elexis on 4/26/13

French, Duluth, GA 30096

I would like to get some information your French tutoring program. Also, what level of French do you tutor?

Sent by Andy on 4/26/13

Web Design, San Jose, CA

We are a group of 4 hardware designers that would like to get some tutoring in web site design and architecture. Please let me know if you are interested and what...

Sent by Ihab on 4/26/13

Math, Piqua, OH

hi my name is B. i seen your add for tutoring, i might be interested if we can work a agreement out. i will be attending college soon for Electronic Engineering...

Sent by Billy on 4/26/13

German, Longmeadow, MA

Interested in having my daughter tutored in German

Sent by Liz on 4/26/13

Armenian, Los Angeles, CA

Hello, I am interested in a tutor for the Armenian language. Both my parents were fluent, and I understand a little. I would like to increase my Armenian language...

Sent by Jane on 4/26/13

Reading, Gaffney, SC

I have a 16 year old who has a hard time reading. Make it hard on here at school. if you send me an email if you think u may be able to help

Sent by Regina on 4/26/13

Real Estate, San Jose, CA

Hello. I'm looking for a tutor to help me pass my real estate exam. My cell number is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Juan on 4/26/13

Outlook, Novato, CA

2 of our staff need beginners course in Outlook to better organize their daily activities. Best days/times: M/W/F 8-9 AM Please email rates, your familiarity...

Sent by Jeffrey on 4/26/13

Biomaterial Engineering, Las Vegas, NV

Hi Shaun, you can google my name. but my point being I currently live here in las vegas via san diego, where i started a medical device comepany dealing with...

Sent by Rodney on 4/26/13

Spanish, Simsbury, CT

We have three students in need of Spanish tutoring at Westminster. Do you have references?

Sent by Bill on 4/26/13

Nutritional Biochem, Lubbock, TX

Hi I am currently struggling in my nutritional biochem class and could use help studying for the final on May 10th. If you have any available time I would really...

Sent by Christine on 4/26/13

All, Portland, TX

Hi Ashley, My name is S. and I am looking for a tutor for my 10 year old son. He is currently in the 4th grade and struggling very badly.

Sent by Stephanie on 4/26/13

Ap Latin, Princeton Junction, NJ

My daughter needs help with her AP Latin test that is due this May.

Sent by Rinni on 4/26/13

Reading, Stafford, VA

I'm looking for a tutor for my 1 st grader. He is reading at a "f" level and he could use a little extra help. Thanks

Sent by Tiffany on 4/26/13

Writing, Crofton, MD

I live in Odenton (Waugh Chapel Road) and looking for a tutor for my 13 year old son in Writing. If interested pleasw contact me at (phone number available after...

Sent by Tiffany on 4/26/13

Algebra, LA Canada Flintridge, CA

looking for a professional for sophomore in algebra 2 and trig. also in chemistry

Sent by Karen on 4/25/13

Spanish, Little Rock, AR

Hi Holly My name is A.. I am a physician at UAMS. I would like to learn spanish just to learn another language. 2-3 hours weekly. I know nothing about spanish though.

Sent by Ahmed on 4/25/13

Python, Plano, TX

I need help with Python and I need to know your availability and how much you will charge.

Sent by Alisha on 4/25/13

Excel, Washington, DC

I am in desperate need of someone to help me understand Excel and modeling. I am in college and on the honor roll but this course is something I have never worked...

Sent by Karla on 4/25/13

Statistics, Rancho Mirage, CA

I am 66. I am studying for an MA in Education at CSUSB. I am having a devil of a time understanding research methods, confounding variables for example.

Sent by Rupert on 4/25/13

Autocad, Santa Clara, CA

Josh, I think you're the man to help me get up and running with AdvanceSteel. I can do some basics but need help with simple beams, columns, etc.

Sent by John on 4/25/13

Geometry, Victorville, CA

Sent by Rowena on 4/25/13

Computer, Centreville, VA

Hi Greg T, I am interested in very basic security class which involves a lot of terminology. I was wondering if you can be of any assistance.

Sent by Hayat on 4/25/13

Spanish, Bristow, VA

Our daughter, Jillian, recently has been struggling with first year Spanish. She is an 8th grader at Marsteller Middle School. Her Spanish teacher was out for...

Sent by Sheila on 4/25/13

Honors Geometry, Lakewood, CO

Chelsea, Are you still tutoring? I am looking for a geometry tutor for my daughter to help with honors geometry. Kindly let me know if you are interested...

Sent by Merle on 4/25/13

Math 140, Murray, KY

I need your help please call me today at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Faisal on 4/25/13

Math, Fairfield, CA

HI Taylor my daughter Tayler is in the 6th grade and having trouble with math i need help she is not understanding the letters as is pertaing to the problems ...

Sent by Heath on 4/25/13

Discrete Math, Greensboro, NC

I am looking for a tutor in discrete math to help me review for my discrete math final on May 7th. Can you help me?

Sent by Anna on 4/25/13

Chemistry, El Dorado Hills, CA

My daughter is a Jr. at Oak Ridge HS and is taking Chem A from Mrs. Power. We met with the teacher and Taylor is going to after school help on Tues & Thur each week...

Sent by Debbie on 4/25/13

Sat I English Biology, Lexington, KY

Hi Jennifer, I have corresponded with you through Wyzant and was happy with your info but not so much with Wyzant policy. Please let me know if you are able...

Sent by Rubina on 4/25/13

Reading, Davenport, FL

I have a son who is in the 3rd grade who needs help in reading.

Sent by Kelly on 4/25/13

Asvab, Memphis, TN 38135

Hello, I need tutor help starting in September for the asvab test I'm trying to get a high score so I can join the navy in the career choice I want..

Sent by Elisha on 4/25/13

Ged, Fowler, CA

Hey Chris I realy want get my GED this year Im 45 old

Sent by Armando on 4/25/13

Unix, New York, NY

Hello! I would need help with managing some data in unix files and ive been getting lots of error messages that got me nowhere.

Sent by Andra on 4/25/13

Usmle, Quincy, MA 02170

I would like a tutor to help me study for the USMLE step 1. Hope you can help me!

Sent by Sarah on 4/24/13

Algebra, Linda, CA

Please call rather than email since we don't have internet and rely on wifi. 1-(phone number available after purchase) Thanks and God Bless

Sent by Kimberly on 4/24/13

Spanish, Poway, CA

Hello, I am looking far a tutor for higher level Spanish (grammar-imperfect subjunctive, past tense, irregular verbs, etc.) to help my kid ( senior from PUSD)...

Sent by Mamta on 4/24/13

Accounting, Tyler, TX

i need help on accounting asap

Sent by Alberto on 4/24/13

Finance Tutor, Springfield, VA

Hello! I am going to take an international finance class and i really need help in the subject so when are your available dates?

Sent by Rizvan on 4/24/13

Reading, Eaton, OH

I need a tutor for my 5 year old for reading and spelling. give me a call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Tiffany on 4/24/13

Political Science, Northridge, CA

Hello Sara, I am taken a political science class and I need some help with it. This class is hard for me because I am an international student and this is my first...

Sent by Meshari on 4/24/13

Graphic Design, Milwaukee, WI

Hell Matt. My name is A. F., and I'm interested in hiring for your tutoring services. I'm currently at Milwaukee Area Technical College for Graphic Design.

Sent by Antonio on 4/24/13

Math, Corning, NY

My daughter, Tonja, did learn differently than most of her classmates; especially math. She is interested in becoming a CNA but it requires an entrance test.

Sent by Nedra on 4/24/13

Algebra 2, Brunswick, OH

Looking for a tutor for my 11th grader in Algebra 2 and possibly Chemistry. We live in Brunswick. Need to start as soon as possible. Thank you

Sent by Sherrie on 4/24/13

English, Fort Rucker, AL

Hello , I'm in fort rucker and looking for someone can help my wife to speak english at home , she is 21 years old she knows a lot of english words but needs...

Sent by Nasser on 4/24/13

Statistics Tutor, 92530

Pls contact me, I need statistics help urgently. PLs call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Damani on 4/24/13

Sas, Ashland, KY 41101

I have a SAS problem. I'm really in a hurry, could you help me?

Sent by Yong on 4/24/13

Web, Atlanta, GA

Sent by Pat on 4/24/13

Spanish, Arcadia, CA

Hi Shirley, My name is M. and I'm googling around for a Spanish tutor. I'm 26, not currently taking any Spanish classes - but do want to learn another language.

Sent by Mike on 4/24/13

Reading, Cincinnati, OH

im looking for a a little help with my 1st grader he is a repeater he will be going to 2nd grade this coming fall and is still struggling in reading please contact...

Sent by Kristina on 4/24/13

Gis, Fort Collins, CO

Hi Ivey, I am a grad student in Geoscience department and trying to built a SWAT model in order to estimate sediment yield to a reservoir in arcgis.

Sent by Umit on 4/24/13

Nclex Rn, Goldens Bridge, NY 10526

I NEED HELP IN passing my nclex can you help can you call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jacqueline on 4/24/13

Project Management, Raleigh, NC

Hello Monica, I need some assistance with Microsoft Project in creating custom reports dealing with my Resource Pool. Is this something that you may be able...

Sent by Joyce on 4/24/13

Home Schooling, Valley Stream, NY

I am interested in tutoring for my 11 year old son.

Sent by Renee on 4/24/13

Vicki A, Cedar Park, TX

Hi, My daughter is in 5th grade and has never passed her TAKS/STAAR tests in both reading and math. We are looking for someone who can help diagnose her weaknesses...

Sent by Leslea on 4/24/13

Cpa, Kuwait

Hi i need help with cpa audit part . I tried to solve test bank but i found trouble st some questions. I need help and explanation regarding those questions please

Sent by Eiman on 4/24/13

Math, Temple, TX

Hello Lauren my name is J.. I'm currently working on my G.E.D and I'm not so good at math or algebra. I'm a mother of 3 and im trying my hardest to accomplish...

Sent by Jasmine on 4/24/13

Reading, Eudora, KS

My twin boys are 8. They are getting better with reading but still find it a little hard. Would you like to teach them once or twice a week during the summer?

Sent by Sarah on 4/23/13

English, Murrieta, CA 92563

Looking for an English tutor for my 16 year old daughter to help with grammar and comprehension. English is her second language an Japanese is her first language.

Sent by Camden on 4/23/13

Gre, Milford, DE

Good evening, I am looking for a tutor to help me increase my GRE score. Is that an area that you are familiar with?

Sent by Kita on 4/23/13

Spanish, Clackamas, OR

Need a Spanish tutor for my son who is a junior in high school. We live in the Clackamas area. You can call me on my cell phone at (phone number available after...

Sent by Sandy on 4/23/13

Algebra, Lake Worth, FL

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter in Algebra 1. She is currently in 8th grade and needs help prepping for EOC. We live off of Hypoloxo and Jog Road.

Sent by Kathy on 4/23/13

Microsoft Excel, Pensacola, FL

Hi! Im looking for help for me and possibly a few of my co workers. We're in need of basic knowlege in MSExcel and Power Point

Sent by Fielding on 4/23/13

Act Prep, Mokena, IL

My son took the ACT and although we don't have the results back, he is not feeling very good about it and would like to take it again.

Sent by Dottie on 4/23/13

French, Wilmington, NC

Dear Zoya, I am looking for a professional french teacher to give private lessons from the beginning of April until the end of August.

Sent by Maria on 4/23/13

Physics, Morrisville, PA

I need a tutor for my sister in physics 12th grade. Please contact ASAP (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Imran on 4/23/13

Help With 4yr Old, Grain Valley, MO

Hi. I'm interested in finding someone to talk to about aspbergers and who can help me teach my son social skills. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jennifer on 4/23/13

Algebra, Houston, TX 77065

I need a private Ged tutor.

Sent by Rodney on 4/23/13

Math, Midland, TX

Hello. I am need to a tutor to help understand a scientific calculator for a new job. I need to pass a math test before I get sent to the school, and I was told that...

Sent by Brent on 4/23/13

Health History Essay, Fairmont, WV

I need help with my project. it is 4-6 pages assignement

Sent by Mike on 4/23/13

Microsoft Projects, Indianapolis, IN

Hello Will - I am looking for a tutor in Microsoft Projects 2010 version which I will need for my new position starting on May 6th.

Sent by Victoria on 4/23/13

Series 7, Levittown, NY

I am currently looking for a tutor for my series 7 exam. Please contact me when your available. (phone number available after purchase). Thank you

Sent by James on 4/23/13

Thermodynamics, Redmond, WA 98053

Hi Ramsey, I am looking for tutoring in thermodynamics. As early as this weekend would be great if you are available. I need about 4 hours and my weekend is pretty open.

Sent by Andy on 4/23/13

Math, Macedonia, OH

Hi Katie, I have a daughter entering 2nd grade & want tutoring over the summer.

Sent by Iyona on 4/23/13

Italian, Morristown, NJ

Hi i am in italian 2 in college and need help with my italian homework online. I was wondering if you are interested in helping me

Sent by Nicole on 4/22/13

Spanish, Wainscott, NY 11975

Hi Tania, I see you also teach Spanish. I'm looking for elementary level Spanish instruction for travel thru Central America. Thanks, T.

Sent by Tom on 4/22/13

Python, Waban, MA

do you tutor computer science python ? college student lives in newton

Sent by Pat on 4/22/13

Reading, Clermont, FL

Hi David my name is Chris and I'm texting u today because I want to better my reading I'm 22 years old just looking for somebody to help me better my reading

Sent by Christopher on 4/22/13

Math, Pittsburg, CA

Hi how Can I contact u! My son needs help on his prealgebra

Sent by Luella on 4/22/13

Italian, Woodmere Ny 11598

My cel (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by John on 4/22/13

Python, New York, NY 10016

We are looking for a tutor to teach our son python and ultimately to help him develop some app ideas for the iPhone. He will take java and c++ this summer...

Sent by Katherine on 4/22/13

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Algebra, Los Angeles, CA

hello ! we need math support for an academic hardworking 10th grader. Algebra 1. Do you have availability??? Please let me know asap (phone number available...

Sent by Angie on 4/22/13

Assembly, Houston, TX 77025

Hello, I am taking Assembly Language for x86 Processors. I need a tutor to help me ace my final.

Sent by Chris on 4/22/13

ACT/PreCalc/Physics, Chester, NH

Dear Robert: I am very impressed with your credentials and rave reviews. I am looking for a tutor for my son for both ACT prep and, for next year, Honors...

Sent by Jennifer on 4/22/13

Petroleum, Houston, TX

Hello Ken , My name is A. and I live in Houston . I have a degree in Geophysics and a 4-years experience as log analyst with different service companies .

Sent by Ahmed on 4/22/13

Adobe Illustrator, Austin, TX

Hey, Paula I'm looking for some help learning Illustrator and Indesign and also with some school related projects in those two programs.

Sent by Emily on 4/22/13

Geometry, Doylestown, PA

I live in Doylestown also and i have questions about becoming a tutor. If you would call me to discuss I would really appreciate it.

Sent by Nancy on 4/22/13

Reading, Fort Pierce, FL

My son is 7 and is having a hard time with reading. He knows his phonics and can read his sight words off a list from school but if I write them on a different paper...

Sent by Jessica on 4/22/13

Quicken, San Diego, CA

Hi, I'm looking for some assistance with Quicken and some small business management help in regards to record keeping. Let me know if you're interested. E.

Sent by Eddie on 4/22/13

Nursing, New York, NY 10018

Hi Mr Charles In need help with NLN Nursing Exam , My Dream is to become a Nurse and i need help to prepare throughly for it , i hope you can help me acheive this...

Sent by Annemarie on 4/22/13

C#, Houston, TX 77002

Hi Brandon, I'm looking for a tutor for C#. However, I don't live in your area, but it would have to be a via phone or Skype or Google + or something type tutoring...

Sent by Alicia on 4/22/13

Chess, San Jose, CA

Hi I'm looking for a private chess teacher for my daughter. we are living in Almaden valley in san jose. Are you available for teaching private chess class?

Sent by Wang on 4/22/13

Diction And Articulation, Wilmette, IL 60091

Dear Evangeline: This is J. and I have a son by the name of Arthur who is going to college next year. I would very much like if you help him with his diction...

Sent by Jp on 4/21/13

Algebra 1, Elmont, NY

Hi Sadia, My name is Sainah & I'm looking for a morning tutor for my Algebra 1 class. Are you available in the mornings between 9 and noon?

Sent by Rose on 4/21/13

Sat I, Holly Springs, NC

My son is a junior at Holly Springs HS. He has taken the SAT once and will be taking it again on June 1. I am interested is finding someone to help prepare him with...

Sent by Gina on 4/21/13

Elementary, Arlington, TX

Hi Jenniger, I am seeking help for my Daughter " Hanna " she is a 5th grader at Wood Elementry and really needs help with reading, writing, math.

Sent by Dana on 4/21/13

English Teacher, El Paso, TX

Hello, I wanted to register on the Wyzant but I didn't find your profile. I found this site and right side of the site there is a little map.

Sent by Gergo on 4/21/13

Java Gridworld, Los Angeles, CA

Hello..do you do teach java gridworld? If so please email me.thanks.

Sent by Gloria on 4/21/13

Adobe Illustrator, Titusville, FL

George, My boss has asked me to learn Adobe InDesign CS6. He thinks watching the videos will help me. I watched all weekend & I have no clue where to start.

Sent by Mike on 4/21/13

Math, Littleton, MA

Hi, I'm looking for someone to come to my home to help my 16 y/o daughter with Math (algebra). She is taking the SAT on May 4. It would be great if she could get...

Sent by Sharyn on 4/21/13

Algebra, Colleyville, TX

My son is struggling in algebra... Urgent!! Need help ASAP.

Sent by Brian on 4/21/13

Chinese, Jupiter, FL

Hi Wendy, Please let me know your fee for teaching Y. kids ages 3 and 5 years old. We live in Jupiter. Thank you F. Y. You can call me if you would like to at...

Sent by Flavia on 4/21/13

French, New Brunswick, NJ

I am looking for someone to help me write my final paper for intermediate French 1 at rutgers. I live in New Brunswick and would be willing to pay cash for two hours.

Sent by Eric on 4/21/13

CPA, Wayne, NJ

Hi Linda, I am currently studying for my CPA exam (FAR) and would like additional help in certain areas. Please contact me ASAP as my exam is May 7th.

Sent by Patricia on 4/21/13

ACT Preparation, Athens, AL

Exactly where is your location.

Sent by Konquilla on 4/21/13

Reading - 7 Y/o Son, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi Mrs. Heather: My 7 year old son is having a tough time with reading and in general focusing on school. I live in Plantation, FL and would like to get him help...

Sent by Kimberly on 4/21/13

French, Elk Grove, CA

Hello, I am looking for the French Tutor for my 13 years old daughter. I would like to know your hourly rate and if you are available to teach in weekends.

Sent by Ella on 4/21/13

Algebra 1, San Jose, CA

Hi Sowmya, I am looking a tuitor for my 8th grade daughter She's taking Algebra 1. Please let me know if you'r interested? Thanks S.

Sent by Syed on 4/21/13

Portuguese, Arnold, MD

Hello, could you contact me on my cell (phone number available after purchase)? Thanks. J. Arnold, MD

Sent by Jack on 4/20/13

Act, Bainbridge Island, WA

I am interested in ACT tutoring for my high school junior son for the June ACT. We live on Bainbridge Island.

Sent by Vivienne on 4/20/13

After Effects/Final Cut Pro, Seattle, WA

Would like your assistance with two beginner projects, one in After Affects (layering, mask, and rendering). The other project in Final Cut 7 a beginner video...

Sent by Ana on 4/20/13

Math, Costa Mesa, CA

Hi, Lyndsey. I own a dog daycare in costa mesa. One of my managers has been unable to get her aa degree from occ because of math.

Sent by Diane on 4/20/13

Marketing, Halifax,Ns

Hi Meghan, how are you doing ? i have final exam for Principle of Marketing on 24th Apr. and i have some questions and im just wondering if you can do it...

Sent by Nayef on 4/20/13

Excel, San Diego, CA

i do need to complete a final exam by next week, please let me know. text me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Gilberto on 4/20/13

Mba Business Economics, NM

This is my repeating Business Economics Course. I'm repeating it, because of, I have last time only 'D'. I need 'A' bring up to 3.00 GPA to conferred my degree.

Sent by Mohammad on 4/20/13

Thermodynamics, College Station Tx

can you help my assignment on Hybrid engine stuff?

Sent by Bohyung on 4/20/13

Special Education High School, Mountain Lakes, NJ

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor who could supervise my now-9th-grade daughter, who is very bright but has a lot of executive function (ADD-ish) difficulties (which...

Sent by Lisa on 4/20/13

Piano, Suwanee, GA 30024

Hi Nicole, Do you teach piano to adults? I'm 41 and I have started taking private lessons in composition. My instructor is letting me know the value of being...

Sent by Allan on 4/20/13

Algebra, Tyler, TX 75701

I am looking for a Algebra tutor to help prepare for my next test. Do you have any free time?

Sent by Sabrina on 4/20/13

English, Fremont, CA 94536

Hi Angela, I am looking for some help in English for my son who will be going to grade 8 in Sept. Can you please let me know if you work with junior high kids?

Sent by Atul on 4/20/13

Java, Charlotte, NC

Hi Jennifer, My name is T. S. and I am a student at UNCC. I am currently working on a java prototype project and need help in bringing everything together.

Sent by Toshia on 4/20/13

Act, Hendersonville, TN

Lauren, we are looking for a tutor ASAP for our 11th grade daughter for ACT. Please contact me as soon as you can. We are trying to find right fit for her...

Sent by Kathy on 4/20/13

Nursing, Gainesville, FL 32607

I need help in MED SURG nursing ASAP. Can you call me today? (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ben on 4/20/13

Information Systems, Los Angeles, CA 90001

how much do you charge per hour? I have a project it is on VBA, Solver, what if, and siquel. I need some help with that. I was thinking to send it to you over...

Sent by Maria on 4/20/13

Geometry, Wesley Chapel, FL

Good morning, My 15 year old daughter who is a student at Wiregrass Ranch HS would like some help with her Geometry. Pleas contact her or I at (phone number...

Sent by Anthony on 4/20/13

Series 7 Series 52, Denver, CO

Can you tell me if you can tutor for the Series 52.

Sent by Dee on 4/20/13

Biomedical, Denver, CO

Hi Top Notch, How you doing guys? My name is S., I am a mechanical engineering student at university of colorado Denver. I'm taking a class called "material...

Sent by Saleh on 4/19/13

Accounting, Shreveport, LA

Currently working on a practice set for my accounting 1010 class. Struggling. Need help. How soon are I available?

Sent by Debrandeon on 4/19/13

Java, Englewood, CO 80110

Sent by Dalia on 4/19/13

Volleyball, Haltom City, TX

I need tutoring for volleyball . I want to try out for volleyball for the first time.

Sent by Alexis on 4/19/13

Spelling, Schererville, IN

(phone number available after purchase) my son is kindergarten student,I looking for tutor - spelling - vocabulary - writing

Sent by Tatjana on 4/19/13

Pre-calculus & Chemistry, Sanford, NC 27330

I need help in Pre-Calculus and Chemistry

Sent by Joe on 4/19/13

Algebra And Geometry, Peachtree City, GA

Hi Mrs.Peggy Thomas, Could I have you phone number to contact because I woul to have a tutor like and do you come to the students home or do we come to u? Thanks

Sent by Zabeena on 4/19/13

Reading, Elk Grove, CA

Hi Leanne, It sounds like you have a lot of great elementary experience! I'm looking for a teacher to help a 5th grade homeschooled girl in math.

Sent by Deborah on 4/19/13

Reading, Bedminster, NJ

I am looking for tutor for 2 15 year old boys in at my home during summer/early June. Speed Reading, SAT prep are subjects I'd like to explore.

Sent by Thai on 4/19/13

Finance Tutor, Grayslake, IL 60030

Hi, I need some help with my finance course, please contact me soon thank you.

Sent by Michael on 4/19/13

Reading, Humble, TX

I have a 7 year old son that is struggling with his reading/writing skills. Please let me know if this is something you are interested in! thanks

Sent by Ana on 4/19/13

Elementary, Chesapeake, VA

Hi I'm looking for a tutor to come to our home and teach my son his kindergarten curriculum this fall.... Just for a few hours mon-thur

Sent by Candace on 4/19/13

Math, Salisbury, NC

Hello Pam, My daughter needs help in math so that she can graduate. Her other academic scores are all college level. She has about an 8th grade level understanding...

Sent by Janet on 4/19/13

Business, Chula Vista, CA

Working on a Marketing Plan Project. In need of tutor today

Sent by Astria on 4/19/13

Math, Simpsonville, SC

Hi there! I am trying to get some information as I would like to find a tutor for my fourth grade son with Math.

Sent by Tyshia on 4/19/13

Microsoft Access, Denton, TX

My name is D. and I need some help with Access. Everything I know about Access is self-taught. I specifically need help with some queries.

Sent by Dave on 4/19/13

Statistics, Indianapolis, IN

I am in need of a stats tutor starting May 7, 2013. I will be taking undergraduate stats. My name is B. F. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Brandi on 4/19/13

Biology, Spring Hill, FL

My son goes to PHCC and needs help with homework today or this weekend-he can drive to you if needed. Thank you S. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Sharyn on 4/19/13

Reading, Cypress, CA

Breanna, my son is in 6th grade and is having a hard time in the language arts,reading area. I am looking in to tutors can you give me information about tutoring...

Sent by Michelle on 4/18/13

Pharmacology, Oshodi, Lagos

I would like you to lecture me on pharmacology

Sent by Jatto on 4/18/13

German, Loma Linda, CA

Hi Sabrina, I am currently enrolled in an online German class and need help. I have no background in German and need this language course to fulfill my Bachelors...

Sent by Dominique on 4/18/13

Math, Fresno, TX

My daughter is having problems with 4th/5th grade math. I am needing someone to tutor her to keep her on track. My cell number is (phone number available after...

Sent by Kim on 4/18/13

Adobe Photoshop 11, Dallas, TX

Lindsey, I need help learning Adobe Photoshop 11, organizing my photos , tuning them up and making a photo book or uploading to another site.

Sent by Jim on 4/18/13

Statistics, West Palm Beach, FL

Hi, I am currently in an MBA program and I am in need of some help in a statistics class that I'm taking.

Sent by Tandebie on 4/18/13

Oil Painting, Sunnyside, NY 11104

hello, i have photo and i would really like you to help me painting it with oil painting very well, plase if you have free time in the weekend contact me.

Sent by Ziyad on 4/18/13

Math, Indianapolis, IN

Hello Sandra, My name is S. and I have an eleven year old son struggle with six grade math. I really need to start him in a tutoring program asap.

Sent by Stephanie on 4/18/13

Tutor, Lincolnton, NC

Hi, my name is A.. I have a child who is 8 years old, an is in 3rd gread. Shes having lots of problems now that its the end of the school year.

Sent by Angel on 4/18/13

Database, Greensboro, NC

Need help writing Adavanced SQL statements for DBA-110-WA.

Sent by Elaine on 4/18/13

Advice, Brightwood, OR

I would like to speak with you about helping me to organize my PC files and getting your advice about possibly upgrading or replacing my current system.

Sent by Sandra on 4/18/13

Adobe Indesign, Acton, MA 01720

Hi Marina I'm looking for a local person to create an illustration for a client. Do you do this sort of thing or know someone local that does?

Sent by Steve on 4/18/13

Math, Greensburg, PA

Hi Debra, I am looking for a tutor for my son Skyler he just turned 7 and is in 1st grade. He is having a rough time grasping on to math.

Sent by Sara on 4/18/13

Finance, Buffalo Grove, IL

Hi Joe, My daughter needs finance tutor, please contact me asap. Thank you

Sent by Carlyn on 4/18/13

Microsoft Word, Wichita, KS

Martha, I need help with some formatics in my MS Word document. I am an author and I have a personalized version of my latest book and a non-personalized version.

Sent by Charlie on 4/18/13

Optical Engineering, Tucson, Az 85705

Hi, I have an optical engineering 400 level class. I have an assignment which I need help with. Let me know

Sent by Meshal on 4/18/13

Cognitive Psychology, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

I need serious help in Cognitive Psychology.

Sent by Mamaesa on 4/18/13

Perl, Dallas, TX

I have a Perl, C and MySQL program that needs evaluation, assessment. It would be interesting to see the result from basically a one hour consultation since I am not...

Sent by Jack on 4/17/13

Algebra, West Chester, OH

Hi Kimberly, I'm looking for a tutor for my 9th grade daughter. She is an A student, but started struggling with math last quarter and is still having problems.

Sent by Teresa on 4/17/13

Elementary, Birmingham, AL

Please call me I have 3 children grades 3,5 and 7.

Sent by Mrs on 4/17/13

Theology, Ladera Ranch, CA 92694

Can you pls contact me I have to do some papers 4 to 6 pages long and I have difficulty putting them together

Sent by Aaron on 4/17/13

Landscape, San Diego, CA

Hi, I'm looking for some help with Quicken and some business accounting. I'm self employed, I do Landscape design and maintenance.

Sent by Eddie on 4/17/13

Finance, Aurora, CO

Hi Geoff, I am currently attending the University of Phoenix and I have a finance management class that I have no clue what I am doing and need help on...

Sent by Laura on 4/17/13

Praxis Math, Washington, DC

Hello Neza, I am currently studying for the praxis II math content 0061 exam. I am pursuing a certification as a non-traditional teacher.

Sent by Ashley on 4/17/13

Math, Carson, CA

Hi Daisy, I'm looking for someone to help my daughter with homework for English and Math. She currently failing both subjects. Are you available? Thank you, A.

Sent by Alejandra on 4/17/13

English, Concord, NC

I am looking for someone to help my son with college level English along with other classes to come

Sent by Gillian on 4/17/13

Calculus, Goldsboro, NC

I am interested in Calculus teacher for my son who is a senior at HS. His textbook is Calculus for a single variable. Please let me know ASAP

Sent by Gioconda on 4/17/13

Excel, Long Island, NY

Hi, I am hoping to get a job which I should find out by Friday. The job requires that I be proficient in Excel, which I am not. If I'm hired, I want to get some...

Sent by Paul on 4/17/13

Executive Functioning, Medina, WA

Hello, we ar e looking for a tutor to help with executive functioning skills for our 16 year old son. is this something you could assist with or have experience with?

Sent by Darla on 4/17/13

Pre Calculus, Omaha, NE

Hi Michael, I emailed you a few days ago through another tutoring site but now that site isn't working. I am sending another one incase you didn't get my first message.

Sent by Misty on 4/17/13

Html, Orlando, FL 32807

Hi Luniece, I'm studying Web Development@ TECO: http://www.teco.(url available after purchase)%20Development.aspx Quite behind and having a bit of a hard time at it.

Sent by Lawrence on 4/17/13

Reading/Spelling, West Chester, OH

Hi, We really could use some help with our 7 year old. He is struggling in 1st grade. If your interested please contact me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Gus on 4/17/13

Statistics 543, Portland, OR

good morning .. my name is A. , I'm an international student just started in PSU and need some help in weekly statistics HWs to be sure of solving them correct...

Sent by Ahmed on 4/17/13

Cpa, New York, NY 10001

i need one chapter in CPA AUD

Sent by Eiman on 4/17/13

French, Newbury Park, CA

Melanie, We'd like to book you directly for an hour with our kids. Do you have time today, Wednesday about 3:30? Or tomorrow Thursday?

Sent by Dan on 4/17/13

French, Northvale, NJ

Hello Judith, I am looking for a tutor who can help the President of my company with French as she frequently travels to France for business and needs to understand...

Sent by Kathy on 4/17/13

Economics, Tallahassee, FL

I need help with applied microeconomic analysis homework as well as studying for my final in two weeks. My homework is due tomorrow morning so please get back...

Sent by Sam on 4/17/13

Sign Language, Minneapolis, MN

Hi Megan, my name is B.. I work as a x-ray Technician for Fairview Health Services and wanted to start learning sign language to help me communicate with patients...

Sent by Bob on 4/17/13

Math Algebra, Greenwood, AR

Hello! I am searching for a math tutor for my 13 yr old son. I was going to sign him up in Ft. Smith today,but am not thrilled with the program.

Sent by Patty on 4/17/13

Korean, Oak Ridge, TN

I have four Korean families in my apartment complex. There are six people who are interested in being tutored.

Sent by Myungsook on 4/17/13

Adobe Photoshop, Trenton, NJ

please call me @(phone number available after purchase) i need hep with adobe photshop. thanks P.

Sent by Pavan on 4/16/13

Math, Cocoa Beach, FL

Hi, Kate I was contacting you for math services. I reccieved two points below the average passing score on the Act, and before retaking any test I considered...

Sent by Cindy on 4/16/13

Finance, Aurora, CO

Hi Jennifer, I am currently attending the University of Phoenix. I have four classes left and one of my classes that starts next tuesday is a Finance/accounting...

Sent by Laura on 4/16/13

Elementary Reading And Math, Hiram, GA

Is it possible for us to talk to you before we decide? It's important for us to be comfortable before our children meet you.

Sent by Dylan on 4/16/13

Java, Deer Park, NY

Hi my name is Steve and I'm interested in being tutored for Java, I am currently going to Suffolk community college and taking an advanced Java course and...

Sent by Stephen on 4/16/13

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Spanish, Saratoga Springs, NY

Hi Colleen, My name is A.. I'm interested in learning Spanish to help me in my career. I have my bachelors in criminal justice, so I have little to no Spanish...

Sent by Abby on 4/16/13

Management, Denver, CO

hello Barbara i wanna some help with Management assignment ..

Sent by Ahmd on 4/16/13

Math, Conroe, TX

Hi Leslie! My name is E.. My younger brother is in need of some math tutoring. My number is (phone number available after purchase) Please contact me if your...

Sent by Edgar on 4/16/13

English, Frankfort, IL

Hello, I have a daughter (13yrs) in 8th grade. She is struggling in her english lit class as well as science. I was wondering if this is something you could help us...

Sent by Maria on 4/16/13

Nclex Rn, Raleigh, NC

iam looking for atutor who will help me with my nclex rn review

Sent by Sainabou on 4/16/13

Spss, Boston, MA

Sent by Daniela on 4/16/13

Powerpoint, Huntington Beach, CA

My son has created a PPT with one song and one video - When he transfers it to a flashdrive the music and vidoe sound do not go withg it - also the download from...

Sent by Kim on 4/16/13

Spanish, Ossining, NY 10562

I live in yorktown and have a 10th grader for whom I am looking for help in spanish.

Sent by Sushant on 4/16/13

Adobe Illustrator, Portland, OR

Hi David, I'm developing a poster project using PS CS4 (on an Apple) and have the need for one layer involving vector art. As I'm on a tight deadline...

Sent by Alice on 4/16/13

Math, Plainsboro, NJ

Looking for math tutor for my son, goes to Grover middle school, please let me know if you are available for tutoring, as per your flexibility, Thanks, R.

Sent by Ritu on 4/16/13

C++, Gwynn Oak, MD

I have one week to prepare for a functions quiz that could potentially cause me a lower grade in the course. The course is moving faster than I am retaining information.

Sent by Austin on 4/16/13

Biology, Buffalo, NY

Sent by Tija on 4/16/13

Finance Tutor, Washington, DC

Hi Jason, I 'm in dying need of a business finance tutor. I'm a student at university of Maryland and I 'm taking an upper level finance class which I 'm failing so bad.

Sent by Florence on 4/16/13

Education, Watkinsville, GA

My son just moved from a Christain school education to Public school. He is struggling badly bc he has not been exposed to a lot of the thngs they are learing...

Sent by Beth on 4/16/13

Usmle, St. Lucia

greetings Dr. Jenny Williams my name is H., I am a student at spartan health and science. I am finishing my second year of medical school and in the top ten...

Sent by Hilda on 4/16/13

Molecular Biology, Austin, Texas

I need help with my molecular biology class, is this something that you could tutor?

Sent by Chandler on 4/15/13

Tutor HPU, Honolulu, HI

Hi Kole! My son is a freshman at HPU. He needs some help with his classes! You sound like a perfect tutor for him. He lives in an apartment in Park Place near campus.

Sent by Paige on 4/15/13

Algebra, Menlo Park, CA

(phone number available after purchase) Thank you, M. C.

Sent by Michael on 4/15/13

Engllish Writing, Rochester, MI

I want to find a English writing tutor for my son,Jerry. He is in middle school at 7th. Please let me know if you are available' My phone is (phone number...

Sent by Joy on 4/15/13

Real Estate, Athens, GA 30605

Hey Michael, I'm currently a Sophomore at UGA and need help in Real estate 4000, specifically investment analysis. If you could help that would be great. Thanks, V.

Sent by Vance on 4/15/13

Algebra 1, Spring Hill, TN

We have an 8th grade son who has only recently started to struggle with Algebra. He thinks the atmosphere with the school's tutor is too busy.

Sent by Tony on 4/15/13

Spanish, Tyler, TX

I am need a tutor to assist my daughter with Spanish II and Spanish III over the summer. She is in need of immediate help to for the next 5 weeks.

Sent by Ferl on 4/15/13

Adhd, Westerville, OH

Hi I'm looking into a tutor for the summer for my 3rd grade son. He has ADHD and needs some help with reading and math

Sent by Rocky on 4/15/13

Math, San Pedro, CA

I need help in math I need to learn I need to TAKE the ged

Sent by Liseth on 4/15/13

Reading, Denham Springs, LA

please contact me about possibly tutoring my 1st grade son who is struggling wirh reading and spelling. (phone number available after purchase). Thanks

Sent by Christine on 4/15/13

Mandarin, Portland, OR

I have an interest in Chinese culture and would like to travel to China later this year or next year. I would like to be able to speak and understand at least basic...

Sent by Ray on 4/15/13

Math, Albany, NY

Hey Bridget I'm writing because I need some help in math. I'm currently trying to get intot the electrician apprentice program and I took the test a month ago...

Sent by Josh on 4/15/13

Math, Littleton, CO

Hello Tim, I am looking for a pre-calc/trig tutor for my so who is a junior at Columbine High School. Please let me know if you have availability...

Sent by Dane on 4/15/13

Algebra, Laguna Hills, CA

Algebra 1 Help it's for my daughter

Sent by Mayra on 4/15/13

Calculus Tutor, Temecula, CA

My son needs a tutor for AP Calculus A. He missed school due to illness and is behind and needs to catch up. Thanks Cell: (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Mary on 4/15/13

Visual Basic, Salt Lake City, UT

Hi, I see that you tutor Matlab, have u worked with visual basics in excel??

Sent by Yanira on 4/15/13

Home Schooling, Columbus, OH

Hello, my name is S.. I am the mother of a sixth grader. My son ran into some issues. He currently needs to tutor to help him prepare for the OAA test as well as...

Sent by Shannon on 4/15/13

Statistics, Indianapolis, IN

My name is B. F.. I am a graduate nursing student. I will be enrolled in undergraduate stats in May 2013 for the summer. I struggle with Math and would like...

Sent by Brandi on 4/15/13

Python, Columbia, SC

I need a tutoring in python

Sent by Dawit on 4/15/13

Math, Dawsonville, GA

I am looking for a tutor for my 9th grade daughter currently taking Accelerated Math III. She missed four weeks of class and needs assistance catching up...

Sent by Trinia on 4/15/13

Esl, Athens, OH

Hi Jorge, how are You? My name is K. and I'm from Brazil. I'll be in Athens on next August 25-31. I would like to know if is possible get ESL lessons with You.

Sent by on 4/15/13

Biology, Palatka, FL

Good Morning, I am looking for a tutor for my 10th grade son, to help with Alg.1/Biology, that he needs to take online during the summers.

Sent by Shanda on 4/15/13

Calculus Tutor, Wilton, CT

Hello, I am looking for a AP calculus BC tutor for my son. Can you let me know what your fee is? S.

Sent by Sara on 4/14/13

Nclex Rn, Jersey City, NJ 07305

Hi, my name is L., I had nclex rn test last weekand I failed, I need help. Please contact me my email (email available after purchase) phone number (phone number...

Sent by Lali on 4/14/13

Spss, Kent, OH

I have data for my study. I would analysis them with SPSS - ANOVA. I have to compete my analysis through ten days.

Sent by Abdulrahman on 4/14/13

Marketing, Long Island, NY

My son is a freshman and is taking a marketing course. He has a term paper and needs a fair amount of help. I am in the 11598 area code.

Sent by Steve on 4/14/13

Biology, Elkhart, IN

My daughter is a junior in high school. She is in need of a tutor for Biology and some Math as well. Are you currently available?

Sent by Shayne on 4/14/13

Act, Jacksonville, FL

Hi Suzanne my name is K. S. i am a junior in high school. I see that you teach ACT but not all subjects, math is not my weak subject but i still need work.

Sent by Klinti on 4/14/13

Calculus, Montebello, CA

Miss Irene, I urgently need assistance with calculus 2 homework, and preparation for tests. I'm taking calculus 2 at Mt. SAC. My calculus instructor seems...

Sent by Franciscom on 4/14/13

Quicken, Menifee, CA 92584

Need help with posting Quicken investments and A/R using Home & Business program. I am near French Valley Airport off of Leon & Briggs

Sent by Lou on 4/14/13

Physics Tutor, Tampa, FL

My daughter needs help in honors physicS

Sent by Stephanie on 4/14/13

Science, Lake Oswego, OR

Hi Jessica, We are looking for a tutor for our daughter, Isabel. She is very interest in science and we would like build on this.

Sent by Mary on 4/14/13

Physics, Iowa City, IA

My high school son needs help with his AP physics.

Sent by Lisabrooks on 4/14/13

Math, Bridgton, ME

Please contact me about tutoring my daughter. She is very good at math but seems to be having issues with her AP calculus at this time.

Sent by Sandy on 4/14/13

Chinese, Arlington, VA

HI, My sons, who are 10 and 6, have had one year of Mandarin at the Northern Virgimia Chinese School. I would like for them to keep working on it weekly over...

Sent by Anna on 4/14/13

Act, Kenner, LA

i am looking for an ACT tutor. i take the next ACT exam on june 11 but would really like to score high on it but i am struggling. Please contact me asap,

Sent by Natalie on 4/14/13

Tutor For SAT/ACT, Warrington, PA

Mason, I have a son in 10th grade at CB South and a daughter in 8th grade at Unami Middle School. Both are straight-A students.

Sent by Roger on 4/14/13

Calculus, Linthicum Heights, MD

Hi, I N.eed help with my calculus. Please email me. ThaN.k you, A.

Sent by Ann on 4/14/13

Biblical Greek, Stafford, VA

Hello, I need assistance in biblical Greek vocabulary translations, and Parsing. Please contact me at my email address.

Sent by Henry on 4/13/13

Spanish, Lakewood, OH

Hi Kate, I am looking for help for my 8th grader with his last quarter of Spanish (first year of Spanish).

Sent by Meg on 4/13/13

Algebra 2 And Physics, Edina, MN

My son Dominic has been ill and out of school since 2/21. He need assistance with Algebra 2 and physics for 10th grade. I'm looking for someone to ensure he grasps...

Sent by Tiffany on 4/13/13

Taxes, Chicago, IL

I need to do my assignment which is due soon. I hope I you can guide me to finish my assignment. Thank you

Sent by Ardi on 4/13/13

Sat Prep, Tarrytown, NY 10591

Hi Trevor, I am writing about my son Louis. He is a sophomore at Clarkstown North HS. He took the PSAT this year and will likely take it again.

Sent by Marlene on 4/13/13

Math, Fort Lauderdale, FL

whats your phone number please

Sent by Sonia on 4/13/13

Physics, Brooklyn, NY

Do you know fortran? I need help with a homework asap.

Sent by Julie on 4/13/13

Reading, Burke, VA 22015

Hi, my son is looking for help with SAT prep specifically for reading. He is in 11th grade, scored in the 1800 range on first test.

Sent by Jeff on 4/13/13

Reading, Jensen Beach, FL

I need a reading tutor for my 11 years daughter.

Sent by Nelsi on 4/13/13

Adobe Photoshop, Wichita, KS

Needing your help with photoshop project as soon as possible. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Stacy on 4/13/13

Biology, Santa Clara, CA 95051

My son is in 9th grade and we are interested in your tutoring services. Ph # (phone number available after purchase). Email: (email available after purchase) ...

Sent by Madhavi on 4/13/13

Biology, Bridgewater, NJ

I am interested in a tutor for my daughter who is in 9tj grade for biology and physical sciences . Please let me know if you are available for tutoring

Sent by Janaki on 4/13/13

Web Design, Akron, OH

Hi Amy, I am taking a Web design and development course at Stark State. I am not doing very well and I need to get an A on my next few labs and my final.

Sent by Charo on 4/13/13

Nursing, Hayward, CA 94545

I'm in a nursing program & would like to schedule a tutoring session next Friday afternoon if possible. Thank you.

Sent by Giselle on 4/12/13

Microsoft Excel, Sunnyvale, CA

Hi Bizess I'm looking for basic excel help. Would you have any time over the weekend or during the evenings next week?

Sent by Julie on 4/12/13

Geometry Tutor, Long Beach, CA

My daughter is a freshman in high school struggling in advanced Geometry. We live in the 90807 area. Prefer a female instructor who specializes in diff methods of...

Sent by Demetria on 4/12/13

Biomedical Engineering, Portland, OR

I am looking for 123 level digital tutoring I am pcc student taking biomedical engineering technology thanks I like to contact you as soon as you can via e-mail...

Sent by Semere on 4/12/13

Chemistry, Burbank, CA 91504

Hi Nilsa, I have a daughter who is in 10th Grade & is taking Honors Chemistry & needs some help. I was wondering what your availability is. Thanks, S.

Sent by Susan on 4/12/13

Proofreading, Montgomery, AL

Hi, Kimberly. i am starting a Teen TV Talk Show. And i need a secretary. I need someone to proofread, but mostly write for me. like brochures, booklet,summary,flyers...

Sent by Mattie on 4/12/13

Lsat, Long Island, NY

I live in Merrick NY and am interested in a tutor for the June LSAT. I have extreme difficulty with logic games. Please let me know about this.

Sent by Holly on 4/12/13

Cpa, Mesa, AZ 85203

looking for a CPA for taxes and laws

Sent by Alicia on 4/12/13

Dyslexia, Livermore, CA

I am looking for a tutor for my son that has dyslexia. We live in Livermore. Can we chat?

Sent by Carolyn on 4/12/13

Elementary, Bowling Green, KY

I would like to talk to you about tutoring my 7 & 9 year old children. You may call me at (phone number available after purchase) J..

Sent by Joyce on 4/12/13

Seo, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Hello Nico, I am currently unemployed web producer and I need to learn SEO. Please let me know if you can help me with it. Thank you O.

Sent by Olga on 4/12/13

Anthropology, Wichita, KS

Hi! I am looking for a tutor for biological anthropology. If you are interested, please email me back as soon as possible to schedule an interview. Thanks

Sent by Sonam on 4/12/13

C#, New York, NY

I need a tutor for C#. I am having a tough time with some of the syntax and could use someone with experience to help instruct me.

Sent by Chris on 4/12/13

Statistics, Phoenix, AZ

Interested in your tutoring services. However, I need someone who understands the statistical program called Minitab.

Sent by Kerry on 4/12/13

Chemistry (general), Chatsworth, CA

We are looking for a Chemistry tutor in the Chatsworth, CA. area. It is for 2 hours of tutoring per week. If you are interested, please contact me. Thank you, C.

Sent by Charlotte on 4/12/13

Pre- Algebra, Fresno, TX

I would like a tutor for my son Lance. Give me a call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Arnetta on 4/12/13

Math, Morrisville, NC

Hi Lisa, My daughter is in 6th grade,I need help with Math. May I know if you are available on Wednesday 6-7 pm ? Would like to start ASAP . Thanks N.

Sent by Noorin on 4/12/13

Logic, Detroit, MI

I need your services , if u could please call or email me :) thank u (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Theola on 4/12/13

Math Santa Monica College, Van Nuys Ca 91405

Hello Stuart, I am taking an algebra class at Santa Monica College and I feel lost. I just need help understanding and doing the problems.

Sent by Claudia on 4/11/13

Calculus, Houston, TX

Hi, I would like help with calculus bc, on the ap test and in class.

Sent by Kayla on 4/11/13

Nclex Rn, Raleigh, NC 27609

I i need atutor to help with my nclex rn exam you can call me on (phone number available after purchase) i live in raleigh nc 27609

Sent by Sainabou on 4/11/13

Reading (dyslexia), Drexel Hill, PA

Hi I am looking for a reading tutor for my 1st grade daughter. The school psychologist evaluated her for a learning disability and her results came back as having...

Sent by Jacquelyn on 4/11/13

Excel, Huntington Beach, CA

I would like tutoring in EXCEL to attain certification.

Sent by M. on 4/11/13

Organic Chemistry, Scranton, PA

Hello I'm graduate student. I need help with Mechanistic Organic Chemistry. It is very advanced class. These are the materials of my course: -Structural Effects...

Sent by Reem on 4/11/13

Independent Study, Fullerton, CA

16 year old Sophmore is scheduled to begin independent studies next week and would need guidance on organization and study skills. When are you available?

Sent by Ann on 4/11/13

Accounting, Hartford, CT

email in response, or call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by K. on 4/11/13

Algebra Tutor, Oak Park, IL

My wife is have trouble with algebra 2 needs help when are you available ? And can you meet at the Starbucks on Harlem off lake to study?

Sent by Shane on 4/10/13

Tutor For My 7 Year Old Daughter, Redding, CA

Hi. I am looking for a tutor for my 7 year old daughter at the beginning of summer. I live in Southern California but she will be going to visit her mother in Redding.

Sent by Reese on 4/10/13

Biology, Sacramento, CA

Hello I'm a first year at CSUS and I'm a Family and Consumer Science Major, I'm having a lot of trouble in my Bio 10 course and I was wondering if you were able to help.

Sent by Eboni on 4/10/13

Math, Portland, TX

My granddaughter is in the 6th grade and is doing poorly in math. She really needs help.

Sent by Rachel on 4/10/13

Calculus, Glen Cove, NY

Hi Sadia, my name is S.. I am currently taking AP calculus AB. Its a little bit difficult for me and I wanted to get a tutor for once a week to prepare me for my AP...

Sent by Stephanie on 4/10/13

Math, Huntersville, NC

Michael, I have the ASTB test coming up this month. Stressed out about the math section. Really could use some help. Seen on your profile you do the ASVAB.

Sent by Tyrone on 4/10/13

Adobe Illustrator, Portland, OR

Brandi, I'm looking for someone that can work 30 hrs a week, knows Illustrator, and would be a sales assistant to one of our female sales people. Must be achiever.

Sent by Jim on 4/10/13

Math, Yucca Valley, CA 92284

I have math 40 n I'm not doing good I need help plixz. My number 17606738567 my name is M.

Sent by Mireya on 4/10/13

Writing, Phonics And Math, Andover, KS

I have three girls ages 7, 9 and 11 who are in first, fourth and fifth grades respectively. I'd like to find a tutor who can combine the two oldest girls for writing...

Sent by Kimberly on 4/10/13

Mcat, Uniondale, NY

Hi, I am interested in MCAT tutoring. Please give me a number I can reach you at. Thank you, J.

Sent by Jeff on 4/10/13

Illustrator, Northbrook, IL

Dear Mike, I am with a medium sized development and construction company based in Northbrook (just off the Tollway). A few of us are interested in learning Illustrator.

Sent by Brian on 4/10/13

Anthropology, Conyers, GA

I am in Cultural Anthropology and I need help with my research paper that is 20% of my grade and my teacher won't even accept my outline.

Sent by Brittany on 4/10/13

Reading, Newport, RI

Good day, I am looking for a certified reading specialist to assist me with my daughter's reading. I see your academic background and experience maybe what im...

Sent by Linda on 4/10/13

Math And English (1st Grade), Casper, WY

I am looking for a math and writing tutor for my 7 1/2 year old son. He is in the mid to bottom of his first grade class but very eager to learn.

Sent by Kerry on 4/10/13

Computer, Chicago, IL

technically challenged senior citizen .Need help in running windows 8 on the new computer I bought would like tutor "Kaitlin K"

Sent by Dolores on 4/10/13

Biology, Murfreesboro, TN 37130

I am considering hiring a tutor to teach biology to my homeschool 8th grade son next year. We live very close to MTSU. I have a text, teacher text, video and workbook.

Sent by Liz on 4/10/13

English, Rowland Heights, CA

Dear Susanna J My name is E. L.. I am interesting taking lessons with you to improve my EngL.sh communications an writing skills.

Sent by Emily on 4/10/13

Elementary, Wylie, TX

Hello Clay i want to see if you would be availble for tutoring my son thats in the second grade please contact me Thanks

Sent by Shannan on 4/10/13

Math, Ravenna, OH

Hi I have worked with you back in MArch and was hoping you were available for tomorrow 4/11 around 1:30 pm for 2 hours

Sent by Jaime on 4/10/13

Reading, Middletown, NY

Looking for a tutor for my son, Brandon, age 22, for a re-take of reading for the GED. Looking for someone with a special education back ground.

Sent by Patricia on 4/10/13

Usmle, Chicago, IL

i need a tutor for usmle step 1

Sent by Sabiha on 4/10/13

Digital Photography, Bel Air, MD

Hi Sarah, I am very interested in finding someone to teach me about digital photography. I own a Nikon D3100 and want to be able to shoot manually.

Sent by Carrie on 4/10/13

Hindi, Menlo Park, CA

Do you teach hindi? We live in Menlo Park. Are you willing to travel to our place. Please email me at S._S. (url available after purchase)

Sent by Sangheeta on 4/9/13

4th Grade Math, English, Harlingen, TX

i am interested in tutoring for my son. Thanks

Sent by Hola on 4/9/13

Pharmacology, Houston, TX

Hi Emily, I'm taking pharmacology right now and I am doing awful. I have one more month before nursing school starts or else I fail.

Sent by Mary on 4/9/13

Accounting Tutor, Shreveport, LA

I'm taK. online classes with UOP. LooK. for accounting tutor

Sent by Ricky on 4/9/13

Chemical Tutor, NewHaven,06515

help with Transport operatin

Sent by Abdul on 4/9/13

Statistics, Flagstaff, AZ

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for a Statistics in Behavioral Science class. Please let me know if you are interested and available to begin ASAP. Thank you.

Sent by Amber on 4/9/13

Cpa, New Orleans, LA

I'm looking for a CPA exam tutor, specifically for BEC simulations. Please let me know if you have anyone available.

Sent by Claire on 4/9/13

Ashton E Durham, Durham, NC 27707

HI ashton, I have A daughter who will be taking the ap world history exam in may. I WOULD LIKE TO TALK ABOUT potential tutoring oppurtunities with you. thanks, C.

Sent by Cathy on 4/9/13

Speech, Westbury, NY

hi,Jackie..i have a 10 yr old son who's in a special ed right now coz of speech deficiency..i really need someone like you to help him with reading and comprehension..

Sent by Noemi on 4/9/13

Math, Prescott, AZ

Hi I would like to know if u r available today. My son is in 10 th grade and need some help with homework . Thanks

Sent by Ada on 4/9/13

Calculus, Oxford, MS

My son is a freshman at Ole Miss and needs help with Business Calculus I. I emailed you yesterday, but haven't had a response yet.

Sent by Chip on 4/9/13

Math, Pine Bluff, AR

I have 13 yr old 7grader need help in getting caught up to his grade level in math,reading, general courses etc. give me a call at (phone number available after...

Sent by Eric on 4/9/13

Nclex Rn, Dallas, TX

Need Help passing the HESI ATI NCLEX RN

Sent by Esther on 4/9/13

English, Wilmington, MA

Hi Tianna, My name is M. P. and I am the HR Manager at KMS in Wilmington Ma. We want to offer ESL to our production operators.

Sent by Marc on 4/9/13

Cst, Anaheim, CA

Hello Daniel, I would like to speak to you regarding teaching my middle school child how to better prep and achieve high CST scores.

Sent by May on 4/9/13

Algorithms, Washington, DC

can you help me in solving algorithm question?

Sent by May on 4/9/13

Algebra 1, Rowland Heights, CA

hi my name is K. R. and i need a tutor for algebra 1 in class I learned how to factor and things like that but after a while i fell behind i dont really remember...

Sent by Kiran on 4/8/13

Fcat, Pensacola, FL

Hi kiarra, I am looking for a tutor that can help my brother who is a senior pass the FCAT reading test he keeps missing it by a few points do you have any...

Sent by Sontoria on 4/8/13

English As 2nd Language, Iowa City, IA

Dear Professor Alex. I am Brazilian and I would like improve my English. I tried many times to learn in Brazil and had no success.

Sent by Nelson on 4/8/13

Chemistry, Feeding Hills, MA

Hi,I am looking for AP chemistry tutor ASAP for my son Matt.Love your profile. 2 HRS A WEEK,Let me know if there is a way to get discount,can't afford $ 60.00.

Sent by Danuta on 4/8/13

Statistics, Gettysburg, PA

looking for stat tutor for son who is at gettysburg college .

Sent by Lisa on 4/8/13

Math, Glendale, CA

Hi My name is M. I need a math tutor for elementary basic algebra for Collage please contact to me if you can I really need this tutoring. Thank you

Sent by Mariam on 4/8/13

Adobe Illustrator, New York, NY

Hello Paige, Im looking for some help in illustration and photoshop. Im familiar with those programs but I need to be an expert.Because I have to do my portfolio.

Sent by Vicky on 4/8/13

Writing Composition, Clarksville, TN

Hi Jordan I am currently enrolled in Freshman English at APSU. I am having problems with creating a strong thesis and writing in present tense.

Sent by Antoinette on 4/8/13

Usmle, Plano, TX

Got a suboptimal score on Step 1 and I need a significant improvement on Step 2- also want to do well on NBME for IMED.

Sent by Srijna on 4/8/13

Excel, Austin, TX

Jeanette - Need help working on some excel spreadsheets for a business project. Are you available? I am in Austin Westlake area. Short timeline on finishing some...

Sent by Frank on 4/8/13

Pre-calculus, Mcallen, TX

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter attending college at UTPA. She is having difficulty with college pre-calculus. What is your availability? Thank you

Sent by Rosanna on 4/8/13

Algorithms, San Jose, CA

Interested in learning about: Knapsack problems, Traveling Salesman Problems, A*, Dijkstra and NP-complete problems.

Sent by Randall on 4/8/13

Gmat, Hattiesburg, MS

I am looking for someone to tutor me in preparation to take the GMAT. I have bought the GMAT preparation book on my kindle and really just need someone to go over...

Sent by Noelle on 4/8/13

Algebra 1, Hollywood, FL

My son is 14 need help in completing algebra 1 virtual school Tuesday & Thursday @ 5:00 pm perfect...

Sent by Mike on 4/8/13

Hesi Prep Exam, Hyde Park, MA

My name is J. and I can be reached @ (phone number available after purchase). I need hesi prep for nursing entrance test. Thank you very much. J.

Sent by Janet on 4/8/13

Video Editing, Dallas, TX

hello, I was looking to get tutoring on video editing. I went to a broadcasting school where I learned to edit on avid and final cut.

Sent by Lakeisha on 4/8/13

Reading, Horseshoe Bay, TX

My Grandson is 61/2 and needs assistance in learning to read. I would like someone to work with him on a daily basis for at least 30 mins. to an hour.

Sent by Angie on 4/8/13

C#, Streetsboro, OH

Hello, i have recently started up my own game company and am interested in learning C#, i have completed (url available after purchase)'s fundamentals of programing...

Sent by Matt on 4/8/13

Algebra, San Pedro, CA

My granddaughter nds algebra help.Pls call as I hav questions. (phone number available after purchase). Thank you , J. M.

Sent by Jim on 4/8/13

Reading, Humble, TX

my daughter is in the 1st grade and is stuggle in reading and we really need help ASAP.

Sent by Shalonda on 4/8/13

Math, Deland, FL

Hi amy my name is T. R. i am in need of some tutoring for my son whom is in the 2nd grade whom is attending boston ave. Charter he is not doing to well in math...

Sent by Trinity on 4/8/13

Pharmacology, Philadelphia,PA

I want to learn more about pharmacy and practice for my test.If you could help me that would great,thank you

Sent by Marquita on 4/8/13

Astronomy, San Jose, CA

Hello, I was wondering if you could help me with astronomy. I got a D on my last test and I'm really worried I won't pass my class.

Sent by Samiya on 4/7/13

Algebra, Heber City, UT 84032

Hi! I've been looking around for a tutor and your ad came yup. I'm very interested,and hoping that you can tutor me in Algebra 1

Sent by Jose on 4/7/13

Nuclear Engineering, Chattanooga, TN

I need help with a NE course ASAP. It includes solving an equation with Fortran

Sent by Julie on 4/7/13

Usmle, Farmingdale, NY

Hello Andrei, I came across your site and it really intrigued me! I am in my last semester of didactic studies and starting to study for my USMLE Step 1....

Sent by Wazhma on 4/7/13

Biology, Goshen, NY

hello my name is E. and i need a bio tutor to help me prepare for the bios regents june 11

Sent by Erin on 4/7/13

Spanish, Old Westbury, NY 11568

I want my girl to improve spanish. She is 6th grade.

Sent by Rosie on 4/7/13

Social Studies, Aurora, CO

Dear Miss Sutton, I need help with my course concerns social research methods.

Sent by Tariq on 4/7/13

Math, Rigby, ID

Interested in having you tutor my son in math once a week. I live in Rigby. My son is in 4th grade and is 10 years old. he is struggling and gets further...

Sent by Sally on 4/7/13

Biology/English, Saint Louis, MO

Hello-- I was looking through your profile and you seem to be the most qualified candidate for what I am looking for. My brother is in need a of Biology and/or...

Sent by Sapna on 4/7/13

Physics, Terre Haute, IN

Looking for physics 3 and statics 1 help

Sent by Alex on 4/7/13

Calculus, Lawrenceburg In 47025

Sent by Greg on 4/7/13

Chemistry, Tolland, CT

looking for a chemistry tutor for my 10th grader

Sent by Eileen on 4/7/13

Geology, Newport News, VA

I need help wit geology today Call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Tj on 4/7/13

Reading, Savannah, GA

I read your personal statement. I am very interested to meet with you. I am looking for someone trained in Orton gillingham to work with my two boys. Please contact me.

Sent by Tammy on 4/7/13

Anatomy, Tampa, FL

good afternoon, i was looking for a tutor for my anatomy. and was wondering if you can help me

Sent by Will on 4/7/13

SAT, Pompano Beach, FL

Hi, I am looing for a tutor for my 6 year old, for the sat coming up. please let me know thanks.

Sent by Caronlee on 4/7/13

English, Ho Ho Kus, NJ

Hello instructor, Good day to you, I need a tutor for my Son,and i really want my Son to be taught by you after going through your profile.

Sent by Roben on 4/7/13

College Algebra, Charlotte, NC

(phone number available after purchase) please call me as soon as possible thanks

Sent by Louis on 4/6/13

Algebra, New Orleans, LA 70129

BS in Psychology. need tutor in Algebra. Need to prepare for praxis test

Sent by Donald on 4/6/13

Sociology/History/English 224, Marysville, WA

Good Evening, My name is A. and I am looking a tutor for my daughter. She's in 11th grade at Lakewood High School, currently attending running start at Community...

Sent by Anita on 4/6/13

Algebra, Pueblo, CO 81003

I need some help on solving systems by simple elimination.

Sent by Octavio on 4/6/13

Pharmacology, Chicago, IL

I really need a pharmacology tutor I'm in a nursing program and am currently taking this class!

Sent by Brittany on 4/6/13

SAT, Ellicott City, MD 21042

I am looking for a SAT tutor for my son Michael. Mostly in the critical reading and writing sections. Could also use some general test taking strategies.

Sent by Dimitrios on 4/6/13

Chinese, Colleyville, TX 76034

Shih Lu, I tried to email you through different sites, hope you will receive my mail. Look for you during past 3 yrs with no sucess. S.

Sent by Siwen on 4/6/13

English As 2nd Language, San Diego, CA

I would like to contact yo. I need English conversational skills.

Sent by Enrique on 4/6/13

Reading (dyslexia), Green Bay, WI 54311

Hi Shawn, my son is interested in learning to read, he has never been tested for dyslexia. He is 23 and does not read. Could you please contact me as soon as its...

Sent by Wendy on 4/6/13

Adhd, Boone, NC

My son has ADHD and doesn't focus on school. I would love to have a person to reach out to in the area to help him in some areas. Would like to discuss more.

Sent by Tesa on 4/6/13

Vector Calculus, Chicago, IL

Im need help in calculus, whats your phone number?

Sent by Behar on 4/5/13

Mcat, Sunnyvale, CA 95051

Hi, My name is A. S.. I'm a recent graduate from UCLA applying for medical school this year. I'm currently studying for mcat and having some trouble with...

Sent by Aswin on 4/5/13

Algebra, Decatur, IL

Hello Anna, My daughter Addison is in 8th grade at St. Pats and is struggling with Algebra. She wants to eventually go into the medical field.

Sent by Kerry on 4/5/13

Russian, Las Vegas, NV

I married into a Russian family and would like to learn the language.

Sent by Frank on 4/5/13

Math, Titusville, FL

Hey Jim my name is S.. I took the g.e.d test a few years back and passed everything but math. I've always struggled in math and I'm currently trying to get my g.e.d...

Sent by Shawn on 4/5/13

Proofreading, Texarkana, TX

Hello, I have a paper due next week. I am in dire need of immediate assistance. I need proofreading and assistance with APA style citation.

Sent by Veronica on 4/5/13

High School Geometry, Lancaster, CA

Do you tutor HS geometry? Plz call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Cynthia on 4/5/13

Stats, Irving, TX 75063

I am a business professional looking to get thru a stats assignment for CI at work. Assignment includes: Anova, expected variation, chi square, doe, scatter chart...

Sent by James on 4/5/13

Biology, Ambler, PA

I am looking for a biology and potentially math tutor for my daughter who is in 9th grade. Please send me an email. Thanks.

Sent by Minsun on 4/5/13

Calculus, Odenton, MD

Hello, I need calculus help. Please email me Thank you, A.

Sent by Ann on 4/5/13

Information Technology, San Jose, CA

Hi Amir, Taking this IM/IT class that is actually not technical. It is a management course. I would like to inquire about your services.

Sent by Keith on 4/5/13

Spelling, Harvey, LA

Looking for a spelling/reading tutor for my husband.

Sent by Chrissy on 4/5/13

Cst, Los Angeles, CA

my daughter has just informed me that she wants a tutor this weekend for her CST that starts next week. are you available this sunday, april7?

Sent by Lisa on 4/5/13

Personal Statement Essay Writing, San Francisco, CA

Hi Shideh, I am writing on behalf of my husband. He is preparing his application for the Fordham executive MBA program, due June 1. He is required to write...

Sent by Tara on 4/4/13

Asvab, Waco, TX

We are looking for a tutor for our 17 year old son specific for the ASVAB test. He is a smart kid with good grades and 7 hours college credit so far but wants...

Sent by Kevin on 4/4/13

Algebra, Lake Saint Louis, MO

Hi Jennifer! We are in need of an Algebra 1 Tutor for our Ninth Grade son. I was wondering if you are available to discuss how you may be able to help him grasp...

Sent by Staci on 4/4/13

Computer Animation, Miami, FL

Hi Juan! My son just recently enter into AI majoring in Computer Animation. We need a tutor. Are you available? We are in zip 33131

Sent by Alma on 4/4/13

Cancer Biology, Newark, NJ

Hello, I need help with my assignment its on biology of cancer I feel i it is very complicated if you can help with it please replay

Sent by Lora on 4/4/13

Statistics, Graham, NC

T Hi I am an online student - 56 years old and started stat last week - already lost!!!! Tempted to quit -but want to see if I can make it.

Sent by Cindy on 4/4/13

Spanish, Spring Hill, TN

My daughter is in 7th grade at Spring Station middle and is needing a Spanish tutor. Please let me know when you have availability. Thank you.

Sent by Cynthia on 4/4/13

Nursing, Dallas, TX

Hi my name is P. and I am looking for someone to help me get through med-surg. I am having a hard time taking the concept and actually applying it.

Sent by Phellon on 4/4/13

Esl, Mount Prospect, IL

hello i need help for ESL and improve speaking my goal is to not getting into ESL class when i go to college. please let me know ur rate for hours thank u

Sent by Jeungsoo on 4/4/13

Algebra, Opa Locka, FL

Hi Barbara, Please call me! Or how can I call you. I need your help with Algebra 1. Thank you. L.

Sent by Lila on 4/4/13

Heat Transfer, San Jose, CA 95120

Hello Dr, Mirz, I am a Mechanical Engineering student at San Jose State University, and I've been having a tough time in my heat transfer class..

Sent by Daniel on 4/4/13

Math, Rancho Cordova, CA

Are you available to work with a 5th grade girl in math, behind grade level, has trouble retaining. Location 3000 block of Capital Center Drive in Rancho Cordova.

Sent by Janice on 4/4/13

Spanish, Mobile, AL

Please let me know if you are still offering spanish lessons. call me (phone number available after purchase). thanks so much

Sent by Katie on 4/4/13

Sony Vegas HD 11 Video, Oceanside, CA 92056

Need Sony Vegas HD 11 video editing lesson

Sent by Bernard on 4/4/13

Elementary, Colchester, CT

Hi there- We are looking for a summer tutor for your 6 year old going into 2nd grade at CES. He is at Castle and we spoke with them and they do allow tutors...

Sent by Christine on 4/4/13

Math Reading Spelling, Moultonborough, NH

Hi Sharon, I am looking for a summer math/reading/spelling tutor for my 2nd grade daughter. 3-4 days a week. We live in moultonborough.

Sent by Jennifer on 4/4/13

Real Estate, New Orleans, LA

I'm looking for some help to prepare for the national and sate mortgage loan originator tests.

Sent by Porter on 4/4/13

Autocad, Long Island, NY

Hi Gary, My name is Y. dean I am an Second Year Interior design student at NCC looking to transfer to FIT or NYSID. I need help in mastering the program autocad...

Sent by Yasmeen on 4/4/13

Microsoft Access, Pittsburgh, PA

I need help in Microsoft access before the upcoming exam which will be on tuesday 9th of april.

Sent by Khaled on 4/4/13

Nclex Pn, Grand Prairie, TX

Do you tutor for LVNs? It's no tutors in my area.

Sent by Chrystal on 4/4/13

Praxis, Streetsboro, OH

I have taken the Praxis exam several times. Each time I I failed by 7 points.

Sent by Remon on 4/4/13

Statistics Tutor, Palmdale, CA

Hello: I'm looking for a tutor for my 17yr old daughter in AP statistics. She needs extra help in order to pass the AP exam. We are in E. Palmdale.

Sent by Meghan on 4/4/13

Calcules, Fort Lauderdale, FL

my son is taking calculas in nova we need to get him prepared for his finals

Sent by Sonny on 4/4/13

Microsoft Access 2010, Rome, GA

I need to learn to transfer data from excel to an existing access table. Would like to talk with you and explain and see if you can help me with this.

Sent by Jack on 4/4/13

Calculus, North Fort Myers, FL

Jeff, i am taking a dosage calc on line program. I need help with IV calculations and study for my final as soon as possible. Can you help?

Sent by Denise on 4/4/13

Reading,writing,math, Wyckoff, NJ

Hi Andrea- We live in Wyckoff, NJ and are interested in learning more about your tutoring services for our two elementary school children.

Sent by Laura on 4/4/13

Esl, Cincinnati, OH

Hi, I am a young Egyptian academic writer (33 years) looking for somebody who could teach me ESL in advanced level (about 15 hours every week).

Sent by Ahmad on 4/4/13

Algebra 2, San Ramon, CA

(phone number available after purchase) we live in san ramon - algebra 2

Sent by Helena on 4/4/13

Statistics, Indianapolis, IN

i need tutoring help on 4/5 in stats

Sent by Veronica on 4/4/13

English, Brownsville, TX

Hi Linda I would like to take english turotials clases

Sent by Carlos on 4/3/13

Accounting, Salt Lake City, UT

I need help for an accounting class. Especially Project I am working on. And I also need help for final exam.

Sent by Brian on 4/3/13

Access 10, Memphis, TN

hi, i need to know if you could help with my access 10 class i need someone who really knows access since i contact too many people who has access in their...

Sent by Sara on 4/3/13

Aspergers, Yorba Linda, CA

Hi there, Two questions: What do you charge per hour and will you travel to Yorba Linda?

Sent by Jane on 4/3/13

Computer Programming, Westwood, NJ

Hi, I'm a senior citizen who needs help with putting my pictures in order plus more.

Sent by Wencke on 4/3/13

Writing, Bryan, TX 77807

I looking for some help in writing and spelling

Sent by Ersha on 4/3/13

Writing, Beaufort, SC

I am looking for some help with writing/ simple spelling for my son. He is in the 9th grade and I am quite sure he has dysgraphia.

Sent by Erica on 4/3/13

Information Technology, Las Vegas Nv 89119

Hello can you please contact me by email and leave your phone number so I can get a hold of you I may need some tutoring 2 hour a day for the next 4 weeks.

Sent by Edward on 4/3/13

Reading, Savannah, GA

I am interested in your services for my 2 boys in second grade. What is your background and availability. Do you have experience with. Orton gillingham? Thank you

Sent by Tammy on 4/3/13

Earth Science, Bradfordwoods, PA

Hi, Alexis, My 8th-grade daughter is frustrated with Earth and Space science. She's getting good grades, but isn't understanding the concepts and has trouble...

Sent by Inger on 4/3/13

Essay Writing, Decatur, IL

Hi there I am a freshmen at Millikin University. Latly Ive been having some trouble writing pappers in a college orginized fashion.

Sent by Casey on 4/3/13

Math, Wadsworth, OH

I'm currently preparing to take a Civil Service exam, during my test preparation I have come to realize I have forgotten ALL math I learned in Elementary School.

Sent by Jason on 4/3/13

Math, Chesapeake, OH

Hello. We are trying to find someone to help our son who is in the 5th grade We feel helpless because he has beat himself up so much being frustrated in not...

Sent by Sheila on 4/3/13

Ruby On Rails, San Francisco, CA 94115

I'm looking for a Ruby on Rails tutor to teach me once a week. Thanks!

Sent by Jeff on 4/3/13

Esl, Oak Lawn, IL

Hi, I'm from South Korea, and want to learn English while I'm here. I stay at Oak lawn area.

Sent by Sunghyun on 4/3/13

Thermodynamics, Toronto, Ontario, M2M 4B1

Hi Omar, I am a 2nd year chemical engineering student, and I need help with Thermodynamics || urgently. Can you please help me? sincerely, R.

Sent by Reza on 4/2/13

Ky History, Lexington, KY

Need help in Ky. history

Sent by Christian on 4/2/13

Assembly Language, San Diego, CA

Hello, I'm currently a computer engineering student at SDSU taking a course where we are currently studying assembly language (IA 32, homework projects done with...

Sent by Vince on 4/2/13

Geometry, Menifee, CA

geometry tutoring needed ASAP

Sent by Kristie on 4/2/13

Spanish, Little Rock, AR

Hi Im Q. but you can call me Q. I would like to learn Spanish and become fluent in it. If you are able I am willing to learn. Hope to hear back from you. Thanks Q.

Sent by Quincy on 4/2/13

Dyslexia, Coconut Creek, FL

My six year old daughter has recently been diagnosed with dyslexia. Please contact me via email to let me know if you have any availability to tutor 2-3 times a week.

Sent by Jenniffer on 4/2/13

Chemistry Honors, Diamond Bar, CA

We saw your ad on tutorz. Perhaps you can tutor Daniel again at Tutorz's rate since Wyzant's rate has jumped to $40/hr. Please let me know if you're available...

Sent by Rose on 4/2/13

English, Harbor City, CA

I need help on english part of the asvab test.

Sent by Tiesha on 4/2/13

Math, Hesperia, CA

Please call me need a math tutor (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Janel on 4/2/13

Algebra, Edmond, OK

Our son Skyler is 15 year old Freshman at Deer Creek, he has missed 4 weeks of school due to a sports back injury, then became sick.

Sent by Rick on 4/2/13

Religion, Gainesville, FL 32608

Hi Bernabe, I am currently taking an introduction to the New Testament class at UF and could really use your help studying for the final.

Sent by Ashley on 4/2/13

Statistics, Ridgewood, NJ

need help in AP Statistics for my 17 yr old son

Sent by Pat on 4/2/13

Finance, Spokane, WA

Hi Amanda, I need tutoring in how to solve finance problems on excel and on the financal calculator as well. Also, I need help in doing the HW.

Sent by Saleh on 4/2/13

Algorithms, Albany NY

Sent by Andrew on 4/2/13

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Sat, Downingtown, PA

Dear Club Z My name is M. M. and my mother and I are on a search for an SAT tutor. We live here in Downingtown. I really am in need of a math tutor for...

Sent by Mckayla on 4/2/13

Kindergarten, Orlando, FL

Hi Candice. I have a kindergartner who needs some help with his handwriting and some help in reading. I would love to talk to you about helping him improve...

Sent by Brie on 4/2/13

Statistics, Houston, TX 77092

Hi Ken, my son Ian, 10th grade, is at Stratford HS, SBISD taking AP Statistics. He is failing this semester. Ian's also taking Chemistry 1, PreAP GT and doing poorly.

Sent by Elizabeth on 4/2/13

Tabe Test, Gulf Breeze, FL

Hi,Im trying to pass my TABE test and i needed help to prepare.

Sent by Maria on 4/2/13

Final Cut Pro, San Francisco, CA

Hi David: I'm a Bay Area writer and producer, quite a bit of experience, but I'm being asked to edit and shoot my own stuff now. Would like to learn Final Cut...

Sent by Cynthia on 4/2/13

Statistics, Park Forest, IL 60466

I am taking an online program to obtain my Masters degree and I have statistics now. I have an online program through hawkes learning and I am struggling.

Sent by Michelle on 4/2/13

Psychology, Normal, IL

Our daughter is a Freshman at ISU and would like to raise her grade in Fundamentals of Psychology. She does not have transportation and we were wondering if...

Sent by Dennis on 4/2/13

Reading Math, Kankakee, IL

Hi Nancy. I have two children that are in need of a tutor. One is in third grade. She has just been diagnosed with a learning disability and is currently at...

Sent by Cori on 4/2/13

Internet, LA Jolla, CA

Sent by Kayla on 4/1/13

Global History, Rego Park, NY

needs tutor global history

Sent by Mike on 4/1/13

.., Granada Hills, CA

please call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Hussein on 4/1/13

Finance, Chicago, IL

Hi, David. I'm taking FINA 607 (Financial Analysis) in my MBA program at NIU. I've been struggling mightily all semester and have been to 3 tutors already (long story).

Sent by Keisha on 4/1/13

Geometry, Coppell, TX

Looking for Geometry tutor 2 days a week during the day. Student attends online school, K-12. Has learning differences and ADHD. Low confidence in school.

Sent by Jonna on 4/1/13

Writing, Columbus, GA

Hello, I am looking for a long term tutor. I have started writing and have realized that my grammar is terrible. I also want to improve on my decriptive writing for...

Sent by Crystal on 4/1/13

Finance Tutor, Hampton,VA13697

Finish up course.,finish up online course and finish up paper on exxon Mobil and papersWants ti pay for help on exercists and homework help in Corporate...

Sent by T, on 4/1/13

English, History, Test Taking Studying, Troy, OH

Hello I'm looking for help for my 9th grade son. He is in need of some extra help in his studies mainly English and history and some test taking and studying.

Sent by Jessica on 4/1/13

Singing Teacher / Song Writer, Marina Del Rey, Ca

I need help finding my song voice and train it, (if I have one) as I need to sing a song for charity (record it) and have never done it before I do not have...

Sent by Tino on 4/1/13


Financial modeling technique with exel and assist with a paper I'm writing onExxon Model.

Sent by Teresadale on 4/1/13

Sat Critical Reading/Writing, Millstone Township, NJ

Hi Rachel, I am interested in hiring an SAT Critical Reading/Writing tutor for my son, Luke.. Latest SAT scores - (M) 740, (CR) 540 (W) 530/8.

Sent by Tom on 4/1/13

Algebra, Grass Valley, CA

Need an Algebra tutor for grandson

Sent by Harriett on 4/1/13

Writing, Rocky Mount, NC

Tutor 5 year old for writing, numbers, ABCs

Sent by P on 4/1/13

Algorithms, San Francisco, CA

Hi Abhinav, I'm looking for a tutor to help me with algorithms - specifically divide and conquer and peak finding algorithms. WHat is your experience in this area.

Sent by Erica on 4/1/13

Special Education, New Orleans, LA

Looking for an experienced, reliable tutor for my 8 year old daughter asap. Please call (phone number available after purchase) W.

Sent by Wendy on 4/1/13

Science, Palestine, TX

Hi - I have a niece who lives near Cayuga who needs help with high school level science studies to pass TAKS test. She is ~20 years old.

Sent by Steve on 4/1/13

Math, Seattle, WA 98105

Hi I'm wondering if you could help me with math

Sent by Murtadha on 4/1/13

Physics, Wilton, CT 06897

Dear Sherman, I am wondering if you can tutor my son with his AP Physics. He is a senior in Wilton HIgh School. Thank you for your response in advance. -S.

Sent by Sun on 4/1/13

Physics, Birmingham, AL

Good Morning Kevin, I need a tutor to assist with Praxis II physics/physical science portion of the General Science Test. Please give me a call at (phone number...

Sent by Bryan on 4/1/13

Ged, Los Angeles, CA

Hi I need someone to help with GED prep I've already done some but my weakness is math along with a few others if you could help please let me know thanks

Sent by Alex on 4/1/13

ESL, Thousand Oaks, CA, USA

Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) tomorrow.

Sent by Joel on 4/1/13