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Lsat, Pasadena, CA

I am scheduled to take the LSAT this coming Feb 9 and I to work on the linear games and maybe on Type 1M Logical Reasoning.

Sent by Gil on 1/31/13

Spanish, Carpentersville, IL

Hello my name is B. and I am a adult student at UIC and was wondering if you had openings for a student in the evinings after 5 pm.

Sent by Bryan on 1/31/13

Math, Trenton, OH

Hi, I am in need of a tutor. My daughter is a freshman and is in need of some extra help. We would like to meet with you. Feel free to call,tx, or e-mail. Kindly T.

Sent by Tammie on 1/31/13

Biochemistry, Charlotte, NC

I desperately need help in biochemistry. I am pretty comfortable with biology aspects of the course, but not at all with the chemistry. Is that a course you know well?

Sent by Megan on 1/31/13

Microsoft Word, Fresno, CA

Hi, I'm trying to create a reference list with two columns. Anyway, the words in the first column don't line up with the words in the second column.

Sent by Isaac on 1/31/13

Math, West Jefferson, NC

my step daughter isnt doing to well in school. think it might be personaly (url available after purchase) the less we need a tutor for her. mainly math and reading.

Sent by Marvin on 1/31/13

Sat, Des Moines, IA

Hi, I was wondering about your tutoring services.

Sent by Tina on 1/31/13

Math, Whittier, CA 90604

Hello I'm in the 7th grade I need help with direct variation

Sent by Veronica on 1/31/13

College Math, Newark, DE

Hi Diane, I am currently a college student enrolled in a math 101 class and we are reviewing and learning concepts involving algebra and equations.

Sent by Gigi on 1/31/13

English, Haymarket, VA

Hello I have a brother and needs help on English reading and writing. Can you help. Sorry but he is 54 yrs old and just came from over seas.

Sent by Russell on 1/31/13

Computer Training, Fort Wayne, IN

Would like to contract your services to instruct a small group of parents .Please call me at 748-4171 J.

Sent by Joyce on 1/31/13

Computer, Austin, TX 78759

Hi Paula! My name is S., my friend and I are trying to learn how to work Adobe Illustrator. We are lost! I have zero computer background and my friend is not much...

Sent by Stacy on 1/31/13

SAT, La Jolla, CA 92093

Hi, I am looking for a SAT tutor for my Sophomore Daughter. She currently holds a 4.25 GPA. Her scores on the PSAT were lower then expected.

Sent by Theresa on 1/31/13

Math, Mahopac, NY

Hi, I'm looking for a math tutor for my son. If you available and interested please contact me. Thank you.

Sent by Mariola on 1/31/13

Homework And Elementery Subjects, Sugar Land, TX

Hi Ana, I have an 8 year old son who is in 3rd grade. I was wondering if you are available to help with his homework and tutoring.

Sent by Rubina on 1/31/13

Fcat, Orlando, FL

Good afternoon, I am contacting you with regards to my daughter, Julianne. She is in the 10th grade and needs tutoring for FCAT Reading.

Sent by Dina on 1/31/13

Nclex Rn, Grosse Pointe, MI

I have failed the NCLEX-RN 3 times now...Can you help

Sent by Marc on 1/31/13

Sql, Miami, FL

Hello Angel, I am intrested in your services, please contact me at (phone number available after purchase). Thank you

Sent by Jose on 1/31/13

Geometry, Basking Ridge, NJ

Hello. I have a son in 8th grade who's taking Geometry and needs help asap. Could you contact me via email? Thanks.

Sent by June on 1/31/13

Math Writing, Warrington, PA

Hi Nicki, I need a tutor for my two kids they are in 6th and 3rd grade.I need a turor for math and (url available after purchase) are doing Kumon math right now but...

Sent by Monica on 1/31/13

College Calculus And Physics, Englishtown, NJ

Looking for a tutor for my son for college level calc 2

Sent by Bea on 1/31/13

Physics, Asheville, NC 28801

I need help with Physics I live in Asheville. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Adam on 1/31/13

Java, Sea Cliff, NY

Hi my 14 year old son is very interested in learning coding (java). We live in Sea Cliff and are looking for someone to come to us.

Sent by Paul on 1/31/13

Spelling, Brentwood, CA

Hello elizabeth, Our 10 year old daughter needs some assistance in spelling and math. We would like to speak with you about assisting her.

Sent by Crystal on 1/31/13

Statistics, Struthers, OH

I need a tutor for basic statistics. My class is online through the University of Findlay. I live at 481 6th st in Struthers. I am 48 years old this is my first...

Sent by Lisa on 1/31/13

Business, Camp Hill, PA

My (url available after purchase) is N. (url available after purchase) I A.m A. (url available after purchase) student A.t Shippensburg university My (url available...

Sent by Najd on 1/31/13

Accounting, Nutley, NJ

Hello Linda, My name is L. I am a student at Bergen Community College. I am a Business Marketing Major, i am taking managerial accounting.

Sent by Laura on 1/30/13

Chemistry, Colleyville, TX

I need a tutor for help with high school chemistry.Prefer tomorrow evening Jan 31st, would you be available?

Sent by Nancy on 1/30/13

Geometry, Highland, CA

Hi I live in highland and not sure if that is to far for you to travel. I am in search of a tutor for my child in tenth grade. Subjects are geometry...

Sent by Detra on 1/30/13

Labview, College Station, TX 77840

Hello Rodrigo, I am Masters student here at Texas A&M in the department of Mechanical Engineering. I have very little experience using Labview, however I need...

Sent by Jorgeramos on 1/30/13

Tutor Needed, Vancleave, MS

Hello Tutor, I am wringing to inquire if your profile and i am sure that you will a perfect tutor for my son. I need a tutor who will take him on any subject...

Sent by Wallace on 1/30/13

Accounting, Antioch, IL

Sent by Glenn on 1/30/13

Math, Canandaigua, NY

Hi I am looking for a math tutor for my 5th grader, he is having great difficulty this year and we need extra help badly. We live in canandaigua. are you available ?

Sent by Lori on 1/30/13

Essay Writing, Acton, CA

Hi Cindy My 14 yr d daughter needs. Help writing book reports essays etc. we had her in sylvan but all they did is take our money with zero results.

Sent by Espie on 1/30/13

Math, Stone Mountain, GA

Greetings, I have a 5th. daughter who is in need of a tutor. I saw your profile and I would like to know what you charge per hour for tutoring math?

Sent by Sutanna on 1/30/13

Math, Cambridge, MA 02139

Matt, My daughter is having difficulty keeping up in freshman hs honors math (algebra II/geometry). She is also a track athlete, which places demands on her time.

Sent by Laurie on 1/30/13

Spanish, San Diego, CA 92117

Need help with span 201 course at sdsu

Sent by Elena on 1/30/13

Elementary, Gaffney, SC

Hi Mary, My Wife and I home school are 3 kids ages 7, 9 and 10! Are youngest is in 1st grade and is having difficulties in some of her classes, alot of it is...

Sent by Ryan on 1/30/13

Elementary Reading, Splendora, TX

my son is in the second grade and struggles with reading. He is adhd/ocd. Im a full time worker as a nurse and i dont have a lot of time or patience with reading.

Sent by Brandy on 1/30/13

Nclex Rn, Clifton, NJ

Hi, I would lile to know if you prefer teach in your home or travel? Thanks P.C.

Sent by Pavlo on 1/30/13

Computer Programming, Ventura, CA

I'm interested in some online tutoring. I am an adult student and am in need of computer programming tutoring. I struggling and hope that a tutor will help.

Sent by Casey on 1/30/13

Reading, Philadelphia, PA

Hello I have an 8yr daugther who's having trouble in reading and Math and i would like some help Thank You

Sent by Rah on 1/30/13

Math / Science, Senoia, GA

I'm inquiring for my future step-daughter. She was recently dx with ADD, is on a low dose med, but, often is like a rollercoaster on her studies.

Sent by Cindy on 1/30/13

C, Edmond, OK

Hello. I am an international student I have class in C++ Ii have test in Friday SO, i need Tutor For Tomorrow WED and THER 1/30/2013 - 1/31/2013 I live...

Sent by Zainab on 1/29/13

Physics, New City, NY

I'm looking for a tutor for my little sister who is taking AP physics. She is having a little bit of a hard time. Also, she might have a couple questions about her...

Sent by Zeba on 1/29/13

C#, Colorado Springs, CO

Hello Dan, Your profile sounds great, and I'm hoping that you have some time in your schedule. I am currently taking a C# class at Pikes Peak Community College.

Sent by Rainy on 1/29/13

Chemistry, Rockaway, NJ

Student seeking extra edge

Sent by Dawn on 1/29/13

Statistics, Lawrence, KS

Chris, My daughter is a Freshman at KU. In Stats 365 with a foreign teacher she is already having issues understanding with the language barrier..

Sent by Mary on 1/29/13

Math, DE Witt, IA

Hello, my name is L. and I am looking for a tutor in some basic algebra and arithmetic reasoning. I am in the army national guard and have to take a test...

Sent by Larry on 1/29/13

Home Work, New Hyde Park, NY

Hi Jacqueline, I need homework help. Please call me please. (phone number available after purchase). Thank you, G.

Sent by Gloria on 1/29/13

Chem, Rockaway NJ

Hi Rebecca, We live in Rockaway NJ and would like to have a chem tutor for my daughter. She is a sophomore taking Honors Chem. she is doing well but would like...

Sent by Dawn on 1/29/13

Esl, San Bernardino, CA

Hi Shannon, can we schedule a private class this Sunday Feb 3rd? My goal is to reduce my accent, thanks :)

Sent by Cici on 1/29/13

A.c.t., Geneva, IL

My son John will be taking the ACT in April,

Sent by Joellen on 1/29/13

Spanish, North Ridgeville, OH

Ana, you look close and I live between 83 and Jaycox road in N. Ridgeville. Need help for my son. Looking for weekday evenings and/or weekends.

Sent by Doug on 1/29/13

Chemistry, San Bernardino, CA

Hello, Im looking for someone to help my brother in chemistry. He is a Junior in High School. Please provide more info. Thank you

Sent by David on 1/29/13

Tutor Needed, Hollywood, FL 33020

Hello, how are you doing today ? i am writing to inquire if you would be able to take my son during his free period, please do get back to for more discussion.

Sent by Wallace on 1/29/13

Math, Trinity, NC

Hi Dawn, I would like to discuss your availability to tutor my 10 year old daughter. Who is currently in the 4th and grade and it struggling with Math and Reading.

Sent by Bernita on 1/29/13

Stats, Denton, TX 76201

Hello TJ, my name is Z. H.. I am currently taking stats at unt. It is essential that I make an A in the class. Would you be able to help me?

Sent by Zac on 1/29/13

Trigonometry, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

hello, i was looking for tutoring in trigonometry. Please contact me asap. (phone number available after purchase) or by e-mail (email available after purchase)

Sent by Michelle on 1/29/13

English, Bensenville, IL

Hi - I am looking for a open minded helpful person to assist my niece,15 years ,1st year at Immaculate Conception in (url available after purchase) was diagnosed ADD...

Sent by Shirley on 1/29/13

Spanish, Beachwood, OH

I am looking for an After School Spanish teacher - mondays and wednesdays from 3-4 in Beachwood for 12 weeks beginning 2/4

Sent by Gladys on 1/29/13

Special Education, Akron, OH

Grade school math/ 3rd grade

Sent by Tammy on 1/29/13

Spanish, Lake Jackson, TX

josh, i have a son that needs help with spanish in the lake jackson area. i'm interested in getting him a tutor?

Sent by Tom on 1/29/13

Algebra, Oglesby, IL

Rebekah, I am looking for someone to assist my daughter with Algebra I - she ia a freshman at St. Bede and struggles with the concept.

Sent by Connie on 1/29/13

Nclex Rn, West Palm Beach, FL 33407

Hello Mrs.Vernette, I was asking if you tutor for the nclex rn and when is your next class? I'm located in B.oynton (url available after purchase) Fl.

Sent by Sybil on 1/29/13

Excercise Physiology, Atlanta, GA

Have an exam monday for my graduate program. Only on 4 chapters. Seem simple but need a little clarity. I am looking to schedule really really soon. Thank you

Sent by Jeronica on 1/29/13

Public Speaking, Malvern, PA 19355

Hi Alyson, I'm interested in help with public speaking. I'm writing a book and developing a sales training platform but need to learn how to speak to a group.

Sent by Brian on 1/29/13

Aspergers, Austin, TX

Hello, My son is 11 years old and has aspergers. He needs help in writing and english. Hope to hear from you.

Sent by John on 1/29/13

Excel, Columbus, OH

I am looking for help in writing a macro, (Excel for Mac 2011), to print out copies of a template, (Form Letter), I use.

Sent by Les on 1/29/13

Software Engineering, Washington, DC

Hi Larry, I am in desperate need of a tutor who know software engineering and how to construct SRS, SDD, STS, and SDP documents. I am an online UMUC adult student.

Sent by Marshall on 1/29/13

English, Monroe Township, NJ

Hi My name is M. P. , I was looking for a tutor for my 7 year old , please respond to the above email adress with your phone number so that we can talk .Thx.

Sent by Mrudula on 1/29/13

SAT Test Prep Tutor, Croton On Hudson, NY

Seeking an SAT tutor for middle-school child in Croton

Sent by Jason on 1/29/13

Java, Orange, CA

My name is A. G.. I am a college student in the city of Orange currently taking a Java course, and need some assistance completing my homework assignments.

Sent by Anish on 1/29/13

C++, Arlington Heights, IL

Hello! I am looking for C++ tutor. Please let me know if you up to the challenge. :) thank you!

Sent by Vlad on 1/29/13

Algebra, Hope Mills, NC

I am a college student at Ashford University Online and I am currently taking a class in Introduction in Algebra and Im have a hard time.

Sent by Cameron on 1/29/13

Math 5th Grade, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I am looking for a tutor for my 10 year old in 5th grade. He is struggling, near failing. He is a bright kid, but is not grasping times tables, division...

Sent by Andrew on 1/29/13

Math, Rockville, MD

Sent by Matthew on 1/29/13

Reading, Anderson, SC

We are looking for a tutor for our 1st grade son. He is struggling with reading and test taking skills.

Sent by Valerie on 1/29/13

Writing, Justin, TX

Hi, I live in the Justin area. I am looking for someone to work with my 10yo on writing skills and possibly keyboarding.

Sent by Julie on 1/29/13

Special Education, Neshanic Station, NJ

Hi dianne, our son is 15 and on the autistic spectrum. I'd call him medium to high functioning. My greatest hope for him is that at very least, he learns to read.

Sent by Wanda on 1/28/13

Tutor Needed, Aurora, CO

We have a 7th grade boy who struggles with organization, completing quality work, and turning it in. He's bright and tests well, but his grades are poor.

Sent by Leann on 1/28/13

Philosophy, New York, NY

Hi, I am looking for a tutor for Symbolic Logic. Please email me if you are interested. Thank you very much!

Sent by Sarah on 1/28/13

Adobe Flash, Orlando, FL

I am an UCF student Looking for flash tutor urgently.

Sent by Arda on 1/28/13

Statistics, Corcoran, CA

Hi my name is A. and I need a tutor for elementary statistics. I am taking it online through West Hills. I live in Corcoran. If you could please contact me...

Sent by Anthony on 1/28/13

USMLE Step 2 Ck, Brooklyn, NY 11238

I live in NY, but do you do tutoring via skype? I had a really hard time passing step 1 and now I took step 2 and i failed that :( I think I am horrible...

Sent by Caudia on 1/28/13

Geometry, Bremerton, WA

I am looking for a Geometry tutor for my 14 year old son. He attends Central Kitsap Junior High. If you are interested please send me an email.

Sent by Theresa on 1/28/13

Adhd Tutoring, Richlands, NC

Do you have experience with ADHD students specifically girls? My daughter is falling behind because her school has added so many specials trying to become...

Sent by Christina on 1/28/13

Kindergarten, Chipley, FL

Hi Bree, My name is M. and I need tutoring for my 5 year old son. He is in Kindergarten and needs help with his sounds, words and math. Can you help?

Sent by Morgan on 1/28/13

Public Speaking, Mobile, AL

saw you at dogwood trail pageant but so crowded couldnt get over to say hello

Sent by Jane on 1/28/13

Financial Management, Hillside, NJ

need help in processing financial management course assignments. need to prepare for midterm. Can you help me?

Sent by Dorothy on 1/28/13

Physics 152, Reno, NV

I am currently enrolled in Phys 152. Are you available to meet this week? B.

Sent by Brandon on 1/28/13

Public Speaking Presentation, Minnetonka, MN

I am considering hiring some professional help to help us with some of our upcoming presentations to the city council. If this is of interest to you and you think...

Sent by Curt on 1/28/13

Adhd, Mandeville, LA

Hi Rebekah, My son Grant is in the 3rd grade and struggling due to his ADHD. He has 504 accomodations. He has difficulty in reading and spelling.

Sent by Pamela on 1/28/13

Statistics, Salt Lake City, UT

My son is taking an online business statistics class through BYU Idaho. He has little familiarity with this subject and initially would like to work with...

Sent by William on 1/28/13

Accounting, Bangor, MI

need help with accounting please email to seek if you can assist

Sent by Kay on 1/28/13

Nursing Teacher, MI

Hello Judith. Would you be willing to travel to Northville, MI. I am looking for a Good Operating Room Tutor for my Best Friend. She has 6 more weeks in this OR...

Sent by Shamica on 1/28/13

French, Miami, FL

Hi, I'm interested in your services

Sent by Carlints on 1/28/13

Writing, Berkeley, CA 94701

Dear Fabia, My son is a freshman at UC Berkeley (just started last week). He could use some help with his writing projects. He has wonderful, fresh...

Sent by Neela on 1/28/13

Reading, Hamilton, OH

Hi I'm looking for some one to help my granddaughter in reading. Shes already in intervention at school, but shes still having trouble. I would appreciate some help.

Sent by Karen on 1/28/13

Reading, Muskegon, MI

my son is a second grader and he has reading comprehension problems.

Sent by Deshuna on 1/28/13

Pre-algebra, Portland, TX

I have a 12 year old son that is very smart, has always been an A/B student but has found school to be challenging since moving to Texas.

Sent by Jennifer on 1/28/13

Precalculus, Murphy, TX

Looking for a tutor for pre-calculus for my son. Preferably for a couple times before Thursday (test) and then on a regular basis. We live in Murphy. Thank you, M.

Sent by Madeleine on 1/28/13

Algebra, Saint Augustine, FL

Interested in tutoring for a 9th grader Algebra. Please call at (phone number available after purchase) before 9am or after 5pm.

Sent by Johnita on 1/28/13

Physics, Tallahassee, FL

Hi, I am looking for a tutor for physics. I am currently enrolled in physics honors at Leon high school and in need of a tutor.

Sent by Galen on 1/28/13

Algebra, Carbondale, IL

Looking for a tutor for my college freshman son -- He is struggling with algebra

Sent by Debbie on 1/28/13

Java Tutor, Bloomington, IN

Hello and good afternoon, i am looking for a Java tutor. To start from the basics. I want to become extremely well at programming.

Sent by Fadi on 1/27/13

English, Murray, KY

i need tutors in English and statistic

Sent by Abdullah on 1/27/13

Test Prep, Midlothian, TX

Hello Andria. I'm looking for a tutor for both of my boys on order to help them improve their chances at passing the STAAR and EOC's this year.

Sent by Wanda on 1/27/13

Statistics, Egg Harbor Township, NJ

I am in advanced placement statistics and am in need of tutoring. Please email me asap if you are available.

Sent by Samantha on 1/27/13

Trigonometry, Fresno, CA

Looking for high school math Tudor specializing in trigonometry

Sent by Daniel on 1/27/13

Math, Porter Ranch, CA

I need help in tutoring Algebra 2 to my son. Please let me know your availability. We live in Porter Ranch.

Sent by Venkat on 1/27/13

Reading, Boyds, MD

Hey Kristin This is F.. I am a private tutor just like you do you know how I can be a certified tutor or teacher ?

Sent by Fojan on 1/27/13

Accounting, Titusville, FL

Hi Jeff I have recently started an account class on Mondays and Wednesdays and would like to talk with you more about using you as a tutor. Thanks for your time. B.

Sent by Brandon on 1/27/13

Algebra, Muscle Shoals, AL

Hi ive got a freshman that attends Muscle Shoals high,shes struggleing with Algerba B.Needs a tutor for mayb an hour an half twice a (url available after purchase)...

Sent by Millicent on 1/27/13

After School Tutor?, Wexford, PA

Hi - we are looking for an after school tutor for our 7 and 6 year old. We live in Wexford, PA. Thanks, G..

Sent by Giao on 1/27/13

Algebra, Terryville, CT

I am looking for a tutur for middle school algebra I for my daughter. Feel free to email or call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Clairissa on 1/27/13

Ielts, Jersey City, NJ

Hello! My name is D.. I'm an exchange student from Kazakhstan. Now i live in Jersey City. I'm taking IELTS test in March 9. And I really need help.

Sent by Diana on 1/27/13

Physics, Fort Myers, FL 33901

My Son needs tutoring in Physics. He is a Junior in High School. I am hoping that you could help. Thank you.

Sent by Anita on 1/27/13

Accounting, Port Saint Lucie, FL

would like some extra help in financial accounting

Sent by Everton on 1/27/13

Middle School, Northridge, CA

Hi,My son is in the 8th grade. He is strong in math & science but needs help with english & history. I'm looking for evening or weekend tutoring. Thanks!

Sent by Nicole on 1/27/13

Mechanical Engineering, Columbus, OH

Hi I need to do some exercise On Applied Strength of Materials (5th Edition) If you free today call or text me any time at 6144417663 A. Thanks

Sent by Ali on 1/27/13

Honors Geometry, Laguna Niguel, CA

Hi Whitney - I just sent an inquiry at Wyzant Tutoring and saw that it could 48 hours before you respond. Found this listing on Tutorz so I hope you don't mind me...

Sent by David on 1/27/13

Javascript, Cincinnati, OH

Mr. CStevens, Would you please contact me in regard to tutoring. Are available for 2-3 times a week?

Sent by Roger on 1/26/13

French, Zion, IL 60099

Hello Meaghann, I am a physician that works periodically in Zion. I have recently started studying french and was interested in tutoring sessions when I am in Zion.

Sent by Richard on 1/26/13

Tutor, Wallingford, CT

Contact me hema1218 at gmail

Sent by Tina on 1/26/13

Algebra, Smithfield, NC

Hello Todd, My name is C. J., I am 42 years old, decided to leave EMS after 17 years and make a career change. I am enrolled @ Lenoir CC in their Aviation...

Sent by Chris on 1/26/13

Physiology, San Diego, CA

Hi I'm currently taking an online pathophysiology class and I'm looking for a tutor to help me navigate through the class. Please let me know if you're interested T.

Sent by Temi on 1/26/13

Accounting, Marina Del Rey, CA

I am currently enrolled at the Art Institute of California- Los Angeles. I am getting my Bachelor's in Culinary Management. I have an accounting class I...

Sent by Liana on 1/26/13

Computer Animation, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I need to ask you some questions pls call me at 954 9400909 thx N.

Sent by Natalia on 1/26/13

Writing, Temperance, MI

Hello, We are looking for a tutor for my 8 year old son. He is in 2nd grade and needs a little extra attention with his writing skills.

Sent by Wendee on 1/26/13

Microbiology, Gainesville, FL 32603

Hi James, I am currently in my last semester at UF before acquiring my Bachelors in Health Science degree. I am enrolled in MCB3020 and I am having a really hard...

Sent by Jennifer on 1/26/13

Spanish, Somerset, KY

I am a minister desiring to reach Spanish speakers with the Gospel. I also just returned from Honduras on a mission trip and feel a real desire to communicate better.

Sent by Richard on 1/26/13

Elementary, Big Lake, MN

I have a 7 year old daughter who goes to first grade at liberty elementary in big lake. she has comprehension isS.s and is doing poorly in school.

Sent by Sue on 1/26/13

Accounting, Lexington, SC

I am in need of assistance in my accounting class. I am taking accounting online and am having trouble creating a balance sheet using the annual report.

Sent by Ron on 1/26/13

Reading, Rocky Mount, NC

Hello Melissa! My name is S. and I'm looking for a tutor to assist my son, Christian with his reading comprehension. He's always struggled in that area.

Sent by Shawna on 1/26/13

Geometry, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I am interested in a tutor for my daughter. She is in 8th grade, taking high school Geometry. She earned a B, the first term and a 67 the second term.

Sent by Mylena on 1/26/13

Statistics, Venice, FL

Hi Linsea, I am looking for a statistics tutor for 1 day a week preferably on Thursday afternoons for a couple of hours. I am currently taking an Intro...

Sent by Jeanne on 1/26/13

Cpa, Tulsa, OK

I am looking into hiring a tutor for the CPA exam. I live in Oklahoma, but am willing to try tutoring online.

Sent by Cory on 1/25/13

Ged, Augusta, GA

Hello I'm interested in tutoring. I have a learning disability. I want to pass my Ged

Sent by Chinita on 1/25/13

ALL, Northridge, CA

please give me a call at 8184310029 abt. tutoring

Sent by Suzy on 1/25/13

Reading, Sugar Grove, OH

Need a reading tutor for my 8 yr. old daughter read slow, and not steady, also has little prob. With vocabulary and sight words, spelling, she is I second grade.

Sent by Elizabeth on 1/25/13

Japanese, Mobile, AL

Hello, I am looking for somebody to teach me to speak Japanese. I am looking to expand into an international position within my company based out if Osaka, Japan.

Sent by Katie on 1/25/13

Algebra 1, Gray, ME

Hello Danielle, I am searching for a tutor for my 8th grade daughter. She needs about 60 to 90 minutes a week of one on one time in Algebra 1. We live...

Sent by Emily on 1/25/13

Test Prep Tutor, Strongsville, OH

My son needs help specifically learning on how to study for tests and quizzes. He is in 10th grade.

Sent by Cheryl on 1/25/13

Spanish, Westborough, MA 01581

Hello,I live in westborough and am interested in learning medical spanish. can you help me. My contant number is eight six zero, four zero two, one two six one.

Sent by Mary on 1/25/13

Biophysics, Houston, TX

Hello. I am an undergraduate student for Biochemistry. I am currently taking biophysics at UH. I was wondering if you are able to tutor that subject?

Sent by Esmeralda on 1/25/13

Test Prep, Jonesboro, GA

i am a grandmother who needs help, i am going back to school after many years and need help with test prep.

Sent by Vivian on 1/25/13

Physics, Vero Beach, FL

Dear Jonathan: I am searching for a weekly physics tutor for my 15 year old (9th grade) granddaughter who is struggling terribly with this subject.

Sent by Adele on 1/25/13

Final Cut Pro, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Sherwood, I'm writing to see if you tutor people on Final Cut X. I know it's a newer program, but we're looking for someone to give one of our employees...

Sent by Ashley on 1/25/13

Elementary, Cupertino, CA

please email me so that we can talk further

Sent by Sharma on 1/25/13

Spanish, Ashtabula, OH

Are you located in Ashtabula? We are looking for a Spanish 2 tutor for our high school sophomore. Can we receive further information?

Sent by Paul on 1/25/13

Biology, Flagler Beach, FL

I like to invite you to teach my kids . They are currently in 2 nd and 4 th grade . Call me if you can at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Amita on 1/25/13

Organic Chemistry, Waco, TX

desparately need a organic chemistry tutor. student at baylor

Sent by Laura on 1/25/13

AG/Testing, Etc Try #2, Cary, NC 27513

2nd attempt - I prev sent a message, if you did not receive it, let me know; and I will re-send.

Sent by Richard on 1/25/13

Economics, Hollywood, FL

Hi Ann: I live in miramar, do you teach international economics ??

Sent by Paula on 1/25/13

Accounting, Auburn, AL

Mayra, I am looking for an accounting tutor for my son. Please let me know if you are available and I will have him contact you.

Sent by Kim on 1/24/13

Math, Schertz, TX

My son Scotty is in 5th grade and needs help in math. Teacher says he is at 3rd and 4th grade level and may have a learning disorder.

Sent by Yuly on 1/24/13

NE And ME 320, State College, PA

My son has been trying to message you about tutoring for Nuclear classes and a ME 320 fluid flow. Do you have time to tutor him? Please let me know because if...

Sent by Greg on 1/24/13

Math, Cooper City, FL

Hello, My daughter needs help with 8th grade math. We live in Cooper City. Please reply with your availability and hourly rate. I was thinking about an hour once...

Sent by Jon on 1/24/13

Math, Fernley, NV

please contact me 575-5045.. my son needs math for the asvab

Sent by Michelle on 1/24/13

Business Management, Alhambra, CA

hi, im taking mgmt 497 capstone class at csula. I have 3 cases study about google, Gap, skywest airlines. I need to be able to answer some business questions about...

Sent by Mohsen on 1/24/13

Algebra 1, Cape Coral, FL

mom son is a freshman having hard time with algebra looking for a tutor

Sent by Mindy on 1/24/13

Geometry, Reynoldsburg, OH

I have a 16yr old son that needs help with Geometry. He lives with his grandmother and she is unable to help him. Please contact me ASAP.

Sent by Steven on 1/24/13

Math, Fort Gratiot, MI

Hi, I have a daughter who is in the 5th grade and has been struggling in math. I am looking to get her some extra help if you are interested.

Sent by Beth on 1/24/13

Reading, Gonzales, LA

I need help in reading for my 8 year old son. He has lost his abmbition to even try to read harder and comprehend. Can you help. (phone number available after...

Sent by Ladonna on 1/24/13

Adhd, Cumming, GA

Hi Carrie, My grandson's teacher has just told his parents that she thinks he has ADHD. He is in the first grade. I am curious as to what your recommendations would...

Sent by Susan on 1/24/13

Autocad, Beverly Hills, CA

I need a few hours to learn the basics of Autocad 2013 for Mac. I pick up quick, I know Illustrator and Photoshop in and out but need to get a quick start up on CAD.

Sent by Oliver on 1/24/13

Algebra Tutor, Wilson, NC

Hi, my son Jaylend is having a tough time in pre algebra and needs some help. He just started the new semester and needs to finish strong.

Sent by Markeis on 1/24/13

Englis Geometry, Pharr, TX

I am a parent of a sophmore in a private school, and i need my son to pass geometry, and english. he needs a tutor asap. we live in pharr.

Sent by Maribel on 1/24/13

Excel, Memphis, TN

Hi Tandameshia. I am looking for help with Microsoft Excel. I am looking for a tutor that can help and prepare me for the next level in my career.

Sent by Terika on 1/24/13

Reading, Lancaster, TX

I am looking for a tutor to help my seven yeard old daughter with reading.

Sent by Lakia on 1/24/13

All, Santa Maria, CA

Hi Lucia, My name is N. G., and i have 7 1/2 year old, she is in 2nd grade. And of corse she is very smart she just needs help finding an easy way of remembering...

Sent by Nadeene on 1/24/13

Software Engineering, Boston, MA

Hello, Graham I need help urgently in software engineering and operating systems. This is my senior year and I need you for this whole semester.

Sent by Levy on 1/24/13

Study Skills, Howell, MI

Hi Krystle, I am contacting you in regards to my college age son who needs help learning study skills

Sent by Lisa on 1/24/13

Math Mathcounts, Avondale Estates, GA

We are looking for a MathCounts tutor clsoe to 30002.

Sent by Maria on 1/24/13

Math, Texarkana, TX

I need to pass a college class in static and it is all math

Sent by Josephine on 1/24/13

Reading For Dyslexic Student, Weaverville, NC 28787

Hi John, I would like to talk to you about tutoring my 14 year old son who has struggled all his life. You seem just like the type of tutor he could respond to.

Sent by Staci on 1/24/13

Reading, O Fallon, IL

Hello I am currently looking for a private tutor for my son who is 13 years old and had been diagnosed with ADD. The subjects he really struggles in is reading...

Sent by Melissa on 1/23/13

Science, New York, NY

Please can u help my daughter she really need help

Sent by Tracey on 1/23/13

Act, Woodstock, GA

Hello..we are looking for a tutor for my son to prepare for the ACT

Sent by Dawn on 1/23/13

Organic Chemistry, Milwaukee, WI

Hi Laurent, I am a nursing student at Mount Mary college and I struggle with chemistry. I am taking Organic and Biochemistry this semester and I need helppp!

Sent by Tara on 1/23/13

Nclex Rn, Columbus, OH

Hello Gail, My name is J.. I have failed my NCLEX-RN twice and have taken some time off from studying. I know I can't give up on my passion, but I now don't even...

Sent by Jamie on 1/23/13

Revit, Laguna Hills, CA

I would like to find out about hiring a tutor. I am taking the second semester clas at Saddleback College which begins tonight but would like to have more...

Sent by Lori on 1/23/13

Wilson Reading, Hudson, OH

I am looking for a Wilsontrained tutor for my 12 yr old son. He is in special education at Hudson schools. Please contact me if you are interested, thanks!

Sent by Diane on 1/23/13

Math, Antioch, CA

I (url available after purchase) a 10 ur in 5 tH. gradeneeds matH. tutor

Sent by Erika on 1/23/13

Essay Writing, Corpus Christi, TX

Hi there, I'm currently working on my GED program, and I need Tutoring on my writing skills. Can you help me out with that?

Sent by Rosendo on 1/23/13

Spanish, Leesville, LA

Hello Jen, a while back i contacted you about tutoring my children (Spanish). I never signed up and paid my fee, but before i do all that i wanted to see if you'd be...

Sent by Lacey on 1/23/13

Spanish, Fairfax, VA 22031

Dear Sir, My daughter Michelle is seeking a tutor for Spanish. She is a freshman at Robinson HS and is in Spanish I (regular). Native language English.

Sent by Dean on 1/23/13

Math, Woodstock, GA

my daughter has asbergers disorder attends carmel elemantary great student just needs help in some areas of math and reading (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Odetta on 1/23/13

Finance, Austin, TX

Hi Jeffrey, I am looking for a Finance Professional that is well versed in Excel. I need a tutor on Monday and Wednesday afternoons to start immediately.

Sent by Lacy on 1/23/13

Accounting, Boynton Beach, FL

I am looking for an accounting tutor for a college course that I am currently enrolled in.

Sent by Latasha on 1/23/13

Final Cut Pro, Long Beach, CA

Good Morning Ben, I am looking for hands on, one on one tutoring in Final Cut pro fro my husband. As soon as is possible. We live in Long Beach.

Sent by Heather on 1/23/13

Nursing, Tucson, AZ

Hi Judy, I'm currently in my second semester at Pima CC in nursing. Currently studying med/surg. Interested in an experienced tutor to help shapen my skills for lab...

Sent by Terry on 1/23/13

"apple Logic", Telford, PA

Looking for someone to help me be a power-user of Apple Logic software. Can't learn from web videos! Let me know if you think you can help.

Sent by Russ on 1/23/13

Geometry, Wilton, CA

Have opportunity for one hour per week geometry tutoring on Barrell Racer Court in Wilton - for 16 weeks. Avail to schedule any day, M-F, between 3 and 8pm.

Sent by Janice on 1/23/13

Sat, Petrolia, PA

I need a SAT tutor for a student to start asap who is in the 11th grade.

Sent by Hope on 1/23/13

Algebra, Carbondale, IL

Looking for a tutor to work with my son -- college freshman at John A in algebra. We live in Murphysboro.

Sent by Debbie on 1/23/13

Esl, Mason, OH

Dear Nicole, I've just moveed to Mason from Japan for my husband's job. I need a ESL teacher to communicate to others. And I have a 14years old daughter...

Sent by Mami on 1/23/13

Math, Trussville, AL

Hi Landon I'm C. G. and I have a 16 yr old that is really struggling with math this year. I think all she has on her mind is friends & boys!

Sent by Cindy on 1/23/13

Sas, Columbus, OH 43231

Hello Olajide A. I am taking an econometrics class for an MFE degree. We are working with SAS and I find the written explanations lacking.

Sent by Trudi on 1/23/13

Fcat, Orlando, FL

FCAT tutoring for my 10 year old daughter- 4th grade

Sent by Eva on 1/23/13

Mechanical Engineering, New York, NY

Looking for a tutor for my son, a current college student in New York. He is a mechanical engineering major at Columbia University. Need about 3hr a week.

Sent by Eugenia on 1/23/13

Tutor For Jacob, Berwick, ME

Hi, I am the father of a 13 year old son, attending Noble Schools. He is currently in the 8th grade and having some problems. He seems to forget his home work...

Sent by Matt on 1/23/13

Engineering Economy, Morgantown, WV 26505

Hi Andrew~ I need your help with one of my courses which is Engineering Economy. I am a student at WVU. Thanks.

Sent by Abdulsalam on 1/23/13

Essay Writing, Indianapolis, IN

Hi Annamarie, I'm international student at IUPUI and I am taking a communication course and i need some help to wright Critical Reading Analyses.

Sent by Heba on 1/22/13

Act, Oak Brook, IL

Hi Im looking for a tutor for ACT and SAT. Please call or text me at 6302172061

Sent by Osmaan on 1/22/13

Algebra 1, Roseville, CA

Hi Ryan, I'm looking for someone to provide daily tutoring, 5-7 pm, for a 7th grader in Roseville. If you're interested and available, please contact me...

Sent by Deborah on 1/22/13

Calculus, Wallingford, CT

I am looking for an AP Calculus tutor for a twelfth grader in Wallingford,CT. Student has no transportationand can therefore only meet you on his school campus.

Sent by Sala on 1/22/13

Violin, Jamison, PA

Hi Grace I wanted to check if you take violin lessons or just math. if you also take violin lessons can I get some references. Thanks R. L.

Sent by Ravi on 1/22/13

Usmle, Vestal, NY 13850

Hi Ramayee, I need a tutor for USMLE Step 1. I'm in the Vestal area. Can you help me. Thank you,

Sent by Ali on 1/22/13

Business, Saint Louis, MO

HELLO , I am pursing CPM AND NEED YOU TO prepare me for the exam CALL ME please (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Mohammad on 1/22/13

Reading, Redding, CA

My daughters need help with reading

Sent by Valeie on 1/22/13

Math, Imperial, MO 63052

M. Ortega, We are looking for a soft-spoken, kind individual to tutor our granddaughter who has been diagnosed w/ADD. Abriel is 9 yrs.

Sent by Mrs. on 1/22/13

Algebra 2, Spring Hill, FL

Hi, My daughter goes to Spring stead high School and needs help, with algebra II. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase) to discuss hours...

Sent by Said on 1/22/13

History, Paso Robles, CA

Hello Amy, I have a daughter in 10th grade and he does ok in history but in her opinion, she struggles in that class. She plans on going to medical school and needs...

Sent by Traci on 1/22/13

Spanish, Glendale, AZ

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for my 15 year old son. I am on 51st ave and Olive are you close? You can reach me at 6232250557

Sent by Kim on 1/22/13

Algebra, Stafford, VA

My son, Issac, is a sophomore at Brooke Point HS. He struggled in algebra his freshman year and is really struggling again this year.

Sent by Erika on 1/22/13

Graphic Design, Los Angeles, CA

I am interested in mastering graphic design.

Sent by Victor on 1/22/13

Math, Kingsland, GA

I work at Camden pharmacy I have an 11 year old struggling with math and study habitats can you help. And is that your final price com on help a sister out lol...

Sent by Kisha on 1/22/13

Algebra, Summerville, SC 29483

Hi I am attending CSU and are taking Algebra 099. I live in Summerville. I am a VA Voc-Rehab student at CSU. I am looking for a one-on-one tutor.

Sent by Chad on 1/22/13

Microsoft Access, Toledo, OH

Looking to have someone come into our office to train 6 to 8 people from beginner to intermediate on Access database. Need the basics, but also have several urgent...

Sent by James on 1/22/13

Act, Plymouth, MI 48170

I am looking for a tutor to prepare me for a better ACT score. I noticed that you mainly handle the english portion. Do you also know anyone tat tutors math?

Sent by Kelsey on 1/22/13

English, Los Banos, CA

Dear Tutor; Earlier I sent U an email through Wyzant website.I'm the mother of a 7th grade student. Before we start lessons, I need some educational consultation...

Sent by Aziza on 1/22/13

Chemistry (general), Plymouth, MA

Hi Charlene, My daughter is a junior in honors chemistry and is really struggling. looking for someone right away. Plymouth,flexible time and place.

Sent by Barbara on 1/22/13

Mathematics, Santa Monica, CA

My son ( 13) needs help with math and understanding concepts in algebra and geometry

Sent by Richard on 1/22/13

Organic Chemistry, Warwick, NY

I am currently enrolled at Mount Saint Mary and looking for a tutor to come to my house in Warwick at least once a week to help me with Chem II which is Organic...

Sent by Megan on 1/22/13

Violin, Scott Afb, IL

Hello Erica, I am currently looking for a violin teacher for my 8 year old son. He has been learning violin since the beginning of this year and has been taught on...

Sent by Yuka on 1/22/13

Writing, Stanford, CA 94305

Hello, I'm looking for a tutor who can help my 11 year old son improve his writing and spelling skills. Are you available this Thursday (1/24) at 3...

Sent by Bridget on 1/22/13

Excel/Catia V5, Ayden, NC 28513

Hi, I may be a little off base here, but I am trying to learn Excel and Catia V5. Can you point me in the right direction if you know anyone that could help me out?

Sent by Marvin on 1/22/13

Geometry, Floyds Knobs, IN

Melissa, I have a 16 year old daughter that attends Floyd Central who carries a 3.4 gpa but struggles with Geometry. Please contact me at 8129877469...

Sent by Shane on 1/22/13

Numerical Methods And C++, Austin, TX

Hi Kevin, I'm in my 4th year studying math at UT. I'm currently taking a Numerical Methods course, which requires programming complicated math problems in C++.

Sent by Cassie on 1/22/13

Proofreading, Palmdale, CA

Hey Daniel! I was interested in having you proofread my AVC foundation scholarship personal statement. I actually need it done tomorrow if its possible.

Sent by Andy on 1/22/13

Writing, Greenwood, SC

May need help with writing papers, will be attending Piedmont in February. Will you be available for tutoring?

Sent by Teresa on 1/22/13

Esl, Driftwood, TX

Dear Natalia, I would like to discuss about ESL for myself and my daughter Diana ( 4th grade). We moved to Texas 6 moth ago from Kazakhstan...

Sent by Zhanna on 1/22/13

Advanced Pharmacology, Beaumont, CA

advanced pharmacology,prepare for exams,done every two weeks

Sent by Ellen on 1/21/13

Spanish 2, Redlands, CA

Hi! I'm a student at Redlands High School ¤tly struggling in Spanish 2. If you can contact me back soon, it'd be a great help !

Sent by Cristina on 1/21/13

Statistics Tutor, Longwood, FL

Taking nursing research course .. Need help with spss and statistics in general

Sent by Belsy on 1/21/13

Act, Pewaukee, WI

I am looking for a tutor for my sophmore daughter who attends Arrowhead High School. We are looking for ACT prep and general tutoring for advanced algebra...

Sent by Kendra on 1/21/13

Essay Writing, NY

I and my friend preparing for GED essay writing test. So for that we looking for tutor to help us to improve our essay skill. Pls provide us your contact so that we...

Sent by Tse on 1/21/13

Chemistry, Monroe, NY 10926

Hi Wes, I wanted to get caught up.

Sent by Wayne on 1/21/13

GED, San Diego, California

Seeking a tutor for the GED prep. You can call me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Melissa on 1/21/13

Organic Chemistry, Terre Haute, IN

Matthew, our son; Chris is struggling with Organic Chen II at Rose Hulman. can you help him pass?

Sent by Tom on 1/21/13

Algebra 1, Los Banos, CA

hi i a not doing so well in school A. i in the 9th grade i need help in ath really bad i need help in algebra 1 and we dont have really any oney at all i desperate...

Sent by Adrian on 1/21/13

Usmle Step 3, Santa Barbara, CA

I need to arrange step 3 tutoring. Could you call me at your convenience to discuss this- (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Saida on 1/21/13

Math, Amesbury, MA

Hi Diana, I am considering hiring a tutor to help my 2nd grade daughter in the area of math. We live in Amesbury. Are you currently tutoring? Thanks so much, P.

Sent by Paula on 1/21/13

English, Eastchester, Ny

please email me as soon as possible. thank you.

Sent by Chris on 1/21/13

Anatomy And Physiolgy, Toledo, OH

Hi Logan, I am looking for help for my boyfriend. He just started Toledo practical of nursing and is having a very hard time with anatomy and physiology.

Sent by Nicole on 1/21/13

Math, Orange Park, FL

Looking for a math and language arts tutor for my 16 year old daughter. She was recently tested at sylvan so I have a baseline of where she is at.

Sent by Melissa on 1/21/13

Cpa, Los Angeles, CA

Hi (url available after purchase) I need CPA preparation

Sent by Mansour on 1/21/13

Piano, Hopewell Junction, NY

Hi Marisol, I am looking for a piano teacher for my girls. I am also interested in Spanish lessons. Please email me if you are interested in discussing further.

Sent by Natasha on 1/21/13

Reading / Writing, Kingston, MI 48741

Laura please contact me at (phone number available after purchase). I am looking for someone to tutor my daughter. From your profile I think you would work well...

Sent by Jenny on 1/21/13

Tutor,5th. Grade, Elmira, NY

Sent by Victoria on 1/21/13

Reading, Burbank, CA

My name is S. and I homeschool my 1st grade son Bryce. He is struggling with progressing in his reading ability and I would like to consider a tutor for him.

Sent by Shawna on 1/21/13

English Fifth Grade Adhd, Massapequa, NY

Hi, My soon Daniel is in 5th grade and needs help in English, spelling, phonics. He has ADHD and is hearing impaired. It appears from the map that you live around...

Sent by Joanne on 1/21/13

Spanish, New Orleans, LA

Sent by Valeria on 1/21/13

Sat I, Monrovia, CA

I need someone to work through the Sat test prep book with my 10th grade daughter in our home in Monrovia. We live right off the 210 between Buena Vista and Mountain...

Sent by Kim on 1/21/13

Reading (dyslexia), Randleman, NC

I have a daughter age 10 with dyslexia that we home school. I would be interested in talking with you about your services.

Sent by Joseph on 1/21/13

Pharmacy, Chicago, IL

Hello, my name is R., of chicago, I am a pharmacy technician, I lost my job because i am not certifed, I took the exam twice and fail the first time i got a 592...

Sent by Rochelle on 1/21/13

Nclex LPN, Weymouth, MA 02188

Hi Joe, I'm looking for a tutor to help me pass my LPN nclex exam please if you would contact me ASAP Thank you E.

Sent by Elena on 1/20/13

Nclex Rn, Beltsville MD

hello, my name is F. S. I have just completed nursing school am looking for a tutor to help me with my remediation questions and to prepare me for the nclex exam.

Sent by Fatu on 1/20/13

Anatomy And Physiology, Graham, NC

Hi, I'm in need of a tutor for myself. I need some information on how to get started and if your available as soon as possible. I'm taking a Anatomy and Physiology...

Sent by Dorice on 1/20/13

Nclex Pn, Deptford, NJ

Really looking for a good tutor to help me refresh my memory and carry out my dream. Please email me back

Sent by Tyquaire on 1/20/13

General:1st Grade, Natick, MA

I am looking for a tutor for my 6 1/2 yr old daughter. 2-3 times a week after school. We live in Natick. Please let me know if this is something you can help us...

Sent by Irina on 1/20/13

Physics, Deerfield, IL

Hi James! I go to Deerfield High School and live very close to Highland Park. This is kind of last minute so I understand if you can't, but I have my physics final...

Sent by Hallie on 1/20/13

Accounting, Lubbock, TX

hello, i got to texas tech i need tutoring for my accounting 2300 class!

Sent by Cecily on 1/20/13

Algebra (Computer Science), Bohemia, NY

Hey Prof Bam., Just wondering how negotiable your rates are? I am in need of a computer science tutor. Totally lost in an Intro To Computer Science class...

Sent by Jason on 1/20/13

Sat, Glendale, CA

We are considering a SAT tutor for an 11th grade student. Please contact us ASAP We live close to Caltech/JPL/Glendale Thanks K.

Sent by Ken on 1/20/13

Geology, Los Angeles, CA

Interest in your tutoring services please give me a call at 2138222106. I really need help as soon as possible in this class.

Sent by Kel on 1/20/13

French, Stillwater, MN

I am looking for a French tutor. I am in 9th grade and in French 2. I am struggling and would like to get some help catching up and understanding more.

Sent by Adara on 1/20/13

Adobe Illustrator, Thousand Oaks, CA

Hi mike, I am a designer who needs personal help with my adobe illustrator skills. Already good with photoshop. Mac proficient. Can we talk?

Sent by Dick on 1/20/13

Toefl, Birmingham, MI

Hi I'm an international student, looking for TOEFl tutoring. Let me know if you are interested in. Thank you.

Sent by Jack on 1/20/13

Tablet Training, Strongsville, OH

Hello! I am searching for a tutor for my husband to help him make better use of his Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1 (Android Version 4.1.1 operating system).

Sent by C. on 1/20/13

Spanish, East Longmeadow, MA

Hi Sean, I'm looking for a Spanish teacher for elementary aged kids. It would be for mid afternoon or early morning. Is this something that you'd be interested in?

Sent by Kate on 1/20/13

Excel, Troy

ey I need a tutor for excel preferably for simulation in excel, data table and functions for excel. please let me know if you can help me with those. thanks.

Sent by Bern on 1/20/13

Cell Biology, Hartford, CT

My daughter, Tess, is a senior at Trinity College and a psychology major. She did very poorly in biology in the fall and needs to take cellular biology in order...

Sent by Deborah on 1/20/13

French, Meridian, MS

Felix, I am in Laurel and looking for a French tutor. Any chance you could travel this far (for a travel fee.) Where are you from? S.

Sent by Susan on 1/20/13

Organic Chemistry, Colorado Springs, CO

Hey I am looking for an organic chemistry teacher starting this week through may.

Sent by Nicole on 1/20/13

Calculus, Princeton, NJ 08540

Interested in pre-cal and calculus

Sent by Wadhwa on 1/20/13

Greek, Salem, OR

Hello there. I am not sure if your post is current or not, but I am interested in learning classical Greek and Latin (probably one at a time :-)). I live in Salem.

Sent by Ken on 1/20/13

Afterschool Homework Help, Naugatuck, CT 06770

Hi, I'm looking for someone to help my son with his homework afterschool. Please give me a call at (phone number available after purchase) or email me...

Sent by Lisa on 1/20/13

Algebra / Physics, Port Monmouth, NJ 07758

Miss Adrita, good afternoon. I would like to know if you are willing to tutor via skype, and what is your hourly rate. We need physics and algebra. Thank you!

Sent by Claudia on 1/20/13

Autocad, Cincinnati, OH

Hi Rita, I have an interior design and floral design business. Many designers can show their clients their virtual redesign. I can't (yet), but have great interest...

Sent by Tim on 1/20/13

Math, Milton, FL

Hi Susan, My daughter is in the 4th grade and is struggling in math and reading. I am looking for in-home tutoring 2-3 times a week.

Sent by Penny on 1/20/13

Bio, Painesville, OH

Hi, I am taking human bio at Lakeland and I desperately need help with the times homework assignments.

Sent by Cathy on 1/20/13

English, Peachtree City, GA

Hello, I'd like to get some english classes to improve, I'd interested in conversational english mainly. I'm S. and I'm 22 Y.O, I live in Peachtree city.

Sent by Silvana on 1/20/13

Ged, Fairfax, VA 22033

Mr/ Benjamin, I am currently looking for a tutor to help me for the GED. I wish to take the GED as soon as possible. Therefore, i want to know how soon...

Sent by Shahrazad on 1/19/13

Algebra, Fuquay Varina, NC

Our son is a junior at FVHS. He could use tutoring for algebra II and us history till the end of the semester in May. My cell number is (phone number available after...

Sent by Mike on 1/19/13

Math, Bensalem, PA

Hello Ms. Kay. My name is C.. I live in bensalem and I am currently taking a college algebra course at Jefferson and in desperate need of help!

Sent by Christina on 1/19/13

Calculus, San Jose, CA

Looking Tutor for my Son He need help in Calculus -1

Sent by Sran on 1/19/13

Calculus, Camarillo, CA 93010

Hi Bonnie, I am currently taking AP Calculus AB and I was wondering if you could tutor me early this week. Thank you, D.

Sent by Diana on 1/19/13

Math, Cookeville, TN

Hello Morgan my daughter is a senior at CHS she needs help in math, calculus is what she is doing right now .Which she needs help with her home work for Tuesday.

Sent by Marcia on 1/19/13

Math, Dublin, Ohio

Our son is in the 4th grade but is in advanced math (5th grade). We need a tutor (in home). We reside in Dublin, OH. My wife will be present during the tutoring...

Sent by Timothy on 1/19/13

Fcat, Orlando, FL

need 10th grade fcat prep

Sent by Jennifer on 1/19/13

Calculus II, Lubbock, TX

Hi, I am a student at Texas Tech and I was needing a Calculus II tutor to meet probably once a week or so. If you will have time this semester, please let me know.

Sent by Mitch on 1/19/13

Math, Eureka, CA

im in math 120 and i dont know what the heck i am doing. please call me or text. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Deanna on 1/19/13

Sat Reading, Plano, TX 75025

Hey Julie, I found your profile by google search and you're well qualified for teaching. My son is going to take SAT this year and needs help on SAT reading...

Sent by Harry on 1/19/13

Reading, Yulee, FL

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for my son. He is in fourth grade at Yulee elementary. We just moved he a found out that he has to pass the FCAT or he my be retained.

Sent by Candace on 1/19/13

Test Prep, Villa Rica, GA

I have a test call hobet its the Health Occupation Basic Entrance Test i was wondering if you could tutor me

Sent by Mackenson on 1/19/13

Cpa, Long Island, NY

Hi , my name is Y. I recently started online college in accounting , I'm a very quick learner , but there are some stuff that I just need to be taught to me because...

Sent by Yasmeen on 1/19/13

Cpa, 91006

Hi Dean, First of all, Go Bruins! I am looking for a tutor for my sister. All the focus will be her passing the CPA exam. Let's do a phone interview first...

Sent by Jimmy on 1/19/13

Organic Chemistry, Colorado Springs, CO

Hi, I am looking to be tutored twice a week in organic chemistry. I look forward to hearing back from you,

Sent by Nicole on 1/19/13

English Esl, Saint Louis, MO

HI My name is P. I am from Brazil. I have been living in USA and in Kirkwood for a few years. I am looking for tutoring-teacher to help me to improve my...

Sent by Paula on 1/19/13

Algebra Tutor, Roseville, CA

Lewis, I appreciate your experience as an AVID tutor and your excellent SAT scores are amazing! I have a 7th grade student who needs intensive tutoring...

Sent by Deborah on 1/18/13

Adobe Photoshop, Scranton, PA

Hello very interested in learning photoshop cs6 I know you said travel 25 miles I'm a lot further than that. I live in south Gibson 18842.

Sent by Eliseo on 1/18/13

Elementary Subjects, Mount Laurel, NJ

please contact by phone

Sent by Charlika on 1/18/13

Speed Reading, Ann Arbor, MI

I am a studying for my Masters in Military History, There is a lot of reading and I'm having difficulty getting the reading completed with good comprehension.

Sent by Clayton on 1/18/13

Geometry, Cedar Hill, TX

Hi, I was thinking about getting tutoring for my daughter. She is struggling in geometry and needs all the help she can.

Sent by Natalie on 1/18/13

Statistics, Rochester, MN

Hi I am a student at Saint mary's University here in Rochester. I need some help with my business statistics class. So I was wondering if you might be able...

Sent by Muna on 1/18/13

Esl, Kansas City, MO

Hi Jeff. I work in Training and Development at a firm in Kansas City. I am looking for an individual who can coach an employee of ESL.

Sent by Tricia on 1/18/13

Physics, Denville, NJ

Hello, I am seeking a physics tutor for my Daughter. She is a junior, taking honors physics and struggling significantly. Her instructor is not much help.

Sent by Bob on 1/18/13

Math, West Orange NJ

Your credentials are great. Do you ever lower your math tutoring fee for middle school students?

Sent by Rae on 1/18/13

Math, Shallotte, NC

I am intrested in a tutor for my two boys (9 and 10) they are in 4th and 5th grade. Twice a week although not together. The 9 year is behind on basic math and reading.

Sent by Diana on 1/18/13

Piano, Bellflower, CA 90706

Hi I'm looking for piano lessons for my 8 year old son. Please email me how much is your 1/2 hour rate. Thank you

Sent by Ina on 1/18/13

C#, East Brunswick, NJ

Sent by John on 1/18/13

Chemical engineering, Houston, TX

Hi i am a current engineering student at University of houston and am taking chemical process right now & was wondering if you are familiar or Able to tutor for that...

Sent by Jeanette on 1/18/13

Math, Montgomery, TX

i need a good and patient high school math teacher for my son

Sent by Tracy on 1/18/13

Statistics, Rockford, IL

Do you tutor for psychology statistics? Such as ANOVA summary tables, z and t scores, etc?

Sent by Kami on 1/18/13

Math, Ozone Park, NY 11417

I'm taking the pharmacy tech class next month and need a tutor to help me with the math and the material to pass. It's short notice but if I have someone helping me...

Sent by Natalie on 1/18/13

Tutor Needed, Stockbridge, GA

I am looking for a tutor for my son, Adam. He is in 6th grade. We live in Stockbridge, Rockdale County, near Ray Davis middle school.

Sent by Jennifer on 1/17/13

Nclex Rn, Augusta, GA 30907

looking for a tutor for nclex

Sent by Carleen on 1/17/13

Usmle Step 1, New York, NY

i am looking for a tutor for usmle step 1 please reply thank you

Sent by Carolina on 1/17/13

All, Douglasville, GA

I have a 1st grader that needs assistance

Sent by Hope on 1/17/13

Science, Fairhope, AL

I need help with a basic astrology 101 class. Please contact me if you can help. Call me at (phone number available after purchase) if you are interested

Sent by Max on 1/17/13

Spanish, La Canada Flintridge, CA 91011

I am looking for someone to tutor my children, especially my daughter, in Spanish.

Sent by Kamala on 1/17/13

Accounting, Paw Paw, MI

need help with accounting for masters program please email me -looking to meet saturday morning at mcdonalds or library

Sent by Kay on 1/17/13

Fcat Writing 4th Grade, Viera, Florida

Looking for help preparing for upcoming FCAT writing exams for my son. He is a Principal Honor Roll student, but writing is an area he could do with some help...

Sent by Alison on 1/17/13

Math And Study Skills, New Braunfels, TX

I am looking for a tutor for my 6th grader here at New Braunfels Middle School.

Sent by Alicia on 1/17/13

Algebra, Williamstown, NJ

I need a tutor to help me in Algebra 1 please reply i really need help in this subject area

Sent by Daniel on 1/17/13

Reading, Adairsville, GA

My second grade daughter is very bright, but is struggling with much of her school work. She is very strong willed and when my husband and I try to work with her...

Sent by Melissa on 1/17/13

Calculus Iii, Omaha, NE

Hi, My son is taking Calculus III at UNO. Do you tutor college level calculus? Is fee negotiable?

Sent by Rohan on 1/17/13

Indesign, Elk Grove Village, IL

i would like to get in touch with you about learning indesign, i am looking for the basics up to being able to do my own simple project, mainly manuals

Sent by Joe on 1/17/13

Precalculus, Huntington Beach, CA

Hi, I am looking for a pre-calculus tutor for a high school student. Are you seeking any tutoring jobs at this time? We live very nearby. - J.

Sent by Joe on 1/17/13

Accounting, Bakersfield, CA

Dear Alex, I saw your ad on the computer for tutoring for accounting and was wondering if you were still available. im struggling a bit with accounting and need...

Sent by Anish on 1/17/13

Reading, Saint Charles, IL

Hi, I have a daughter at East who is not doing well, she does homework, doesn't turn it in or doesn't do it at all, I am would like to have her go the public library...

Sent by Tracey on 1/17/13

Ged, Portland, OR 97206

Need GED support for 17 year old daughter...we are in the Hawthorne area.

Sent by Wendi on 1/17/13

Chemistry, Southfield, MI

Hi! My name is C. and I'm seeking a great tutor to help me this semester in chemistry. I'm 19 and in my 2nd year at oakland community college.. The orchard ridge campus.

Sent by Chanel on 1/17/13

Organic Chemistry, Middletown, CT 06457

Hi Prasanna, I am looking for a tutor for my daughter in organic chemistry who is a student at Weslean. I would appreciate if you can call me at (phone number...

Sent by Deva on 1/17/13

Elementary Math, Mcdonough, GA

I have an eleven year old son that is really struggling with math. His mother and I are divorced so I only have him every other weekend and every other Monday night.

Sent by Joel on 1/17/13

Needed Tutor, Huntley, IL

I am half japanese and speak/understand some japanese. my mother and step father are from japan. i am looking to speak and understand japanese better.

Sent by Jennifer on 1/17/13

Algebra 1, Roseville, CA

Patrick, are you available to work with a 7th grade boy in an intensive program? He lives in Roseville and needs 5-7pm daily (M-Th or M-F).

Sent by Deborah on 1/17/13

English, Lagrange, GA

Hi. My name is S.. I'm looking for an English tutor. I came from S. Korea a few years ago but still hard to conversation with someone at work.

Sent by Sean on 1/16/13

Reading & Math, Kingsland, GA

My first grader was left back last yr, still struggles. Please email me or call me @ (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Starr on 1/16/13

Italian, Birmingham, AL 35213

I am going to Italy in June and would like to learn some Italian -- I have some prior exposure to Italian

Sent by Tony on 1/16/13

Chemistry, Redmond, WA

Hi Annapurna, I am looking for tutoring Honors and AP Chemistry to 10th grader. Are you available? Thanks, K.

Sent by Kartiki on 1/16/13

Law, New York, NY 10001

Hello Do you tutor law school student.If yes please contact me (email available after purchase) Thank you A.

Sent by Alisa on 1/16/13

Math, Thomaston, GA

i have a 7year old who struggles in math (addition and subtraction). i would like for you to tutor him an hour 2 days a week.

Sent by Kristen on 1/16/13

Nclex Rn, Cornwall On Hudson, NY

Hi. I graduated from nursing school in May of 2012, and have been unsuccessful on the NCLEX exam twice since then. I am just looking for a different approach...

Sent by Jessica on 1/16/13

Reading, Hockley, TX

Hi. I live off of 290 and badtke and have a 7 yr old daughter that could use some tutoring, primarily in reading. Can you help?

Sent by Kaysha on 1/16/13

Asvab, Monroe, MI

My son K. needs 2 pass a Asvab test 2 join the army. And he needs 2 get a higher score in math. Please contact us if u can tutor him. Tthank you

Sent by Kyle on 1/16/13

Computers, Miami Beach, FL

I need a tutor rather quickly to work on computer basics and social networking. Please call me so we can discuss. Thank you K.

Sent by Karen on 1/16/13

Math, Ponchatoula, LA

I am looking for an individual to provide tutoring services to my son. He is in geometry in the 10th grade at PHS. If you are still tutoring or know of someone in...

Sent by Bonnie on 1/16/13

Please Help Us, Roxboro, NC 27573

Hello Cindy, I have a five year old daughter who is struggling in Kindergarden. I am in need of help!!

Sent by Kia on 1/16/13

Sociology, Waterloo, IA

i really need help in my social problems class.

Sent by Savannah on 1/16/13

Math Reading, Pinson, AL 35126

I have an 13 year old who needs help in every subject . We live in Pinson .

Sent by Thelma on 1/16/13

Econ, Floyds Knobs, IN

Needed. In home tutor & help w/h homework. Minimum 3 days per week. Currently, doing Mon/Tue/Thurs. Anytime from 3pm to 5:30pm for 1 to 1/2 hrs. (Sched. Negotiable.

Sent by Sandra on 1/16/13

Lsat, Memphis, TN

I'm taking the LSAT next month and am looking for a little help in logic games. Thanks

Sent by Josh on 1/16/13

Reading, New Smyrna Beach, FL

I am seeking services for my 5th grader that is struggling with his reading and math.

Sent by Joyce on 1/16/13

Quicken, New York, NY

Hello, I have a small decorative painting studio where I hire freelance artists to assist me on projects. I need help setting up Quicken for the past year of 2012...

Sent by Anne on 1/16/13

Usmle, Quincy, MA 02170

Hello! I would be interested in some USMLE Step 2 CK tutoring and was wondering if I could get some more information on how you work. Thanks! F.

Sent by Florian on 1/16/13

Accounting, Johnstown, PA

Hi, I am currently taking an online accounting class and wanted some extra help with homework assignments. I live in Johnstown. Please call and leave me...

Sent by Cecelia on 1/16/13

Math, Phoenix, AZ

Hi Katie I originally contacted you through a different service regarding my daughter and her need for a math tutor but am much more comfortable with this one.

Sent by Candace on 1/16/13

Math, Apple Valley, CA

looking for a tutor for my son in math can reach me @ (phone number available after purchase) thank you

Sent by Rocky on 1/16/13

Reading, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor for my cousin Nicholas. He's 6 and needs helps in reading, he's in the first grade. I can only afford about $10-15 an hr and would need...

Sent by Cynthia on 1/16/13

Spanish, Mentor, OH

I have a son who is taking spanish in high school. He is currently getting a D and is very anxious to pass the class and learn the language. He asked for a tutor.

Sent by Lisa on 1/16/13

Italian, Glendale, CA 91208

Hi Paola! Please call me to discuss Italian lessons for my daughter and myself. My number is (phone number available after purchase). Thank you very much!

Sent by Melina on 1/15/13

Religious Studies, Tampa, FL

I have one class left to get my BA in Rel. Studies. My class is a seminar on the Mahabharata. Can you help me in this are?

Sent by Jason on 1/15/13

Usmle, San Jose, CA 95129

I am looking for a online tutor for my son who is about to take UCMLE step 2. Call me to discuss. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ashok on 1/15/13

6 Grade Tutor, Sunrise, FL

My daughter needs some help with all subjects and study skills as well.

Sent by Eric on 1/15/13

7th Grade Math, Science, Study Skills, Raeford, NC

Hi Sandi, I am looking for a tutor for my 12 y/o son. He's in 7th grade and has always struggled with math. This year has been a bit more difficult for him...

Sent by Paula on 1/15/13

Geometry, World Literature II, Macon, GA

My Brother is in need of a tutor for Geometry, and a little extra help in English. He is in the 11th grade and is attending a online public school.

Sent by Katie on 1/15/13

Portuguese, Dana Point, CA

Hi Val - I see that you tutor Brazilian Portuguese. I am interested in starting my studies again as I spent time a few years ago learning a little bit about...

Sent by Christine on 1/15/13

Algebra, Elgin, IL

looking for an algebra/statistics tutor ASAP

Sent by Yolanda on 1/15/13

Quickbooks, Pacoima, CA

We've been in business 2 years. We've just upgraded to Enterprise Solutions 2013. I need someone to come in and check some of my work and teach me the tools that we...

Sent by Ginny on 1/15/13

Excel Tutoring, Raleigh, NC

Hi Barry, I am taking Brief Calculus at the main campus of Wake Tech and we use excel everyday. Please contact me with information (phone number available after...

Sent by Lauren on 1/15/13

Mandarin, Chicago, IL

I-Wen, Are you still tutoring Mandarin? I don't know how current this site is. I am a beginner and would like to learn conversational Chinese.

Sent by Peter on 1/15/13

Reading, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

I am looking for someone to tutor my nine year old daughtor in reading. She has been failing this subject and she needs major help.

Sent by Crystal on 1/15/13

Accent Reduction, Dallas, TX

Hi, I am looking for accent reduction classes. Thanks S.

Sent by Shashi on 1/15/13

Nuc E Tutor, State College, PA

What time would you be able to meet on Thursdays?

Sent by Gregory on 1/15/13

Final Cut Pro, New York, NY

Hi, I am new to Final Cut Pro and have a small project that would like to have an expert by the side. Can you help? Thanks, A.

Sent by Adam on 1/15/13

Math, Chesapeake, VA

Arthur, is this your profile as well ?

Sent by Rob on 1/15/13

Korean, Little Rock, AR 72206

Hello, I am a mother who homeschools my 13 year old son. He would like to learn Korean. We live in Arkansas, so we would need to skype.

Sent by Felicia on 1/15/13

Adobe Photoshop, Naples, FL

I am a new user to Lightroom 4.3 and have been successfully importing files but the Catalog Setting for All Photographs is the entire Lightroom folder structure. Help!

Sent by Maurice on 1/15/13

Sat Ii, Silver Spring, MD

Are you available for SAT Tutoring, all subjects. My child is scheduled to take the March SAT. It will be her first and she is a very strong student but we are...

Sent by Linda on 1/15/13

Nclex Rn, Hayward, CA 94545

Hello! Just wonder if you still don't tutor online for NCLEX-RN? I live in texas and i can't find anyone who can tutor me. I am struggling to pass the NCLEX-RN.

Sent by Emilia on 1/15/13

Math, English, New Berlin, WI

My Daughter is 8 and in second grade. She has struggled a great deal this year in most subjects and is not progressing. She is easily distracted and we have begun...

Sent by Jennifer on 1/15/13

Essay Writing, San Antonio, TX

Hello my name is C. L., I'm currently enrolled in an online highschool. In order to graduate I need to compose an 8-page essay on Theodore Roosevelt.

Sent by Carlos on 1/15/13

Adhd, Huntingtown, MD

My son is in 4th grade, adhd, and he has a hard time making good grades. Can you help?

Sent by Connie on 1/15/13

Dyslexia, Farmington, NH

I was looking for some help for my 9 year old whom I believe is dyslexic. Do u specialize in helping children learn to read with this learning disability.

Sent by Christine on 1/15/13

Help Needed For 10y/o Son School Work, Summerville, SC 29485

I am a full time home hospice nurse and my husband works shift as electrician at Alcoa. My 10 y/o son needs help developing after school study routine.

Sent by Michelle on 1/15/13

Reading, Atlanta, GA 30342

Hi, I have a son diagnosed with a reading disability. Some say dyslexia some say other things but the bottom line is he really struggles with reading.

Sent by David on 1/15/13

Looking To Tutors, Murray, KY

im looking to tutor in Eng 228 and also Che 105. if you want to be my tutor with any one juest let me know by sent email or call my (phone number available after...

Sent by Abood on 1/14/13

Math, Aubrey, TX 76227

Mary - My grandson goes to Brockett Elem and is having a few issues with math. Me and/or his mother would be interested in speaking with you regarding your services.

Sent by Barbara on 1/14/13

Ged, Riverside, CA

I need a tutor for math I passed all my other subjects on my GED test except the math i really need this is this something your interested in thank you

Sent by Melissa on 1/14/13

Elementary, Dolgeville, NY

Please contact me, I am looking for a tutor for my grand-daughter. Her name is Alexa and she is in 1st grade. She is struggling in all areas.

Sent by Stella on 1/14/13

Reading, Sheffield, AL

My husband and I are looking to hire a tutor twice a week after school for our 5 year old who is struggling in reading and writing.

Sent by Whitney on 1/14/13

Algebra, Johnstown, PA

Hi, My name is B. B. and my son is a freshmen in High School. He is doing very poorly in Physical Science and Algebra. My son has ADHD and he has some help at school...

Sent by Betty on 1/14/13

Mandarin, Franksville, WI

We are in the process of looking for Mandarin teachers (phone number available after purchase) call me - thanks

Sent by Auden on 1/14/13

Computer Programming, Bowling Green, OH

Do you know Assebly language because I am a graduate student in computer science and I need help. thanks

Sent by Tofa on 1/14/13

Biology, Raritan, NJ

Would like to know your availability and feasibility to tutor Biology to my daughter who is a freshman and taking Honors Biology. M.

Sent by Malathi on 1/14/13

Java Tutor, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi, can you tutor me in Java? I want to learn about Constructors and using them in developing a swing/awt based program, and I want to learn to use events.

Sent by Michael on 1/14/13

Math, Davis, CA

Hi, I am looking for a math tutor for my son who is a 7th grader at junior high school. He is working on geometry in advance. Thanks.

Sent by Hyunsook on 1/14/13

6th Grade Pre Algebra, Atlanta, GA

hey i need help with all the subject im in middle school and home schooled really hope u can help me with my needs

Sent by Saliou on 1/14/13

Chemistry, Stafford, VA

I have a senior at Colonial Forge HS in Stafford who is taking Honors Chemistry. He has fallen behind in his work and is in need of a tuT..

Sent by Tor on 1/14/13

Pre Algebra, Braselton, GA

Can u help me with my pre algebra work I'm home school and I need a tutor

Sent by Saliou on 1/14/13

Spanish, Mount Laurel, NJ

Hello Andrew, my daugther is a junior over at Lenape. She is in honors Spanish and she's struggling. We are considering getting her tutoring help.

Sent by Carl on 1/14/13

Language Arts, Perris, CA

My 2nd grade son needs help in math/language arts.

Sent by Rebeca on 1/14/13

Mcat, Champaign, IL

Hi Gregory. I might have already contacted you through another site, but I am very interested in hiring you as a tutor for the MCAT.

Sent by Elisabeth on 1/14/13

Sound, Mansfield, MA

HI Laurie, how are you? I really like the sound of your background. I am wondering if you teach the Wilson Program? I have an 11 year old son, Middle School...

Sent by Shelley on 1/14/13

Everything, Lansdale, PA

Hi Nicki, I live in lansdale and I'm looking for a tudor for my 5th grader. We need general studying help. I'm looking for someone to work with her 1-2 times a week...

Sent by Michele on 1/14/13

Math, Spring, Tx

Sent by Sarita on 1/14/13

Trig, Valparaiso, FL

Hi Derek, My son is attempting trig for the second time at NWFS in Niceville. I'd like to employ a tutor for him to help him pass the class.

Sent by D. on 1/14/13

Algebra 3 Trigonometry, Macungie, PA

Hi Kristen, I need help with my daughter who is studying for her alg 3 trigonometry midterm. She would like to meet with someone tomorrow if possible.

Sent by Eileen on 1/14/13

Geometry, Lafayette, LA

Hello Trasima. My daughter is needing private tutoring for 10th Geometry. I am interested in talking with you to see if you can help and if you are available.

Sent by Kim on 1/14/13

Algebra, Ponte Vedra, FL

I am looking for an algE.bra math tutor for my daughtE.r.

Sent by Marsha on 1/14/13

Logic, East Bradenton, FL

Hi there I live in East Bradenton and I am in need of some logic help ASAP. My phone number is 941--(phone number available after purchase). Thanks

Sent by Jose on 1/14/13

English Etc, Palm Harbor, FL 34684

need help for my ib high school who attend palm harbor in 11 grade. plz call (phone number available after purchase) ty

Sent by Andrea on 1/14/13

C#, Tampa, FL

Hi Darrin, I am an USF student currently taking a C# using visual studio 2010 professional... I will have to do some graded homework that I will need help with...

Sent by Diego on 1/14/13

Science, Glen Allen, VA

Hello, I have an 12 year old son that attends Hungry Creek middle school ( 6th grade). I am looking for a tutor in all subjects(i.e. Science, Social Studies, Reading).

Sent by Felicia on 1/14/13

Writing, Reading, Atlanta, GA 30342

Hello, My daughter, 11, was recently diagnosed with a writing and reading deficiency. It was recommended that the Orton-Gilingham approach would be beneficial to her.

Sent by Gina on 1/14/13

Computer, Pittsburgh, PA 15227

I have illustrator cs5, 15.0.0 Ii would like learn how to use it to prepare illustration/design, live tracing,type. etc. I live in sewickley,pa.

Sent by Franics on 1/14/13

Algebra, Bala Cynwyd, PA

looking for a tutor thro the summer for my 16 yr old son. SAT prep, algebra 11, precalculus. We live in narberth. My son is student at CFS.

Sent by Hazel on 1/14/13

Geometry Tutor, New Baltimore, MI

Hello Derek, I am looking for a Geometry tutor for my son. He is 14 and attends Anchor Bay H.S. He has been struggling with this year with geometry.

Sent by Katherine on 1/14/13

Mba Tutor, San Gabriel, CA

Brian, Need help Accounting & Fin. Call me (phone number available after purchase) I'm a student at USC EMBA

Sent by Gabriel on 1/14/13

Computer, Rockford, IL

Hello Michelle how are you doing today, the reason I am email you is, I have a quick question to ask, in your personal statement, you said you also have a degree...

Sent by Chris on 1/13/13

Writing, Chino, CA

Hello Eva, I am looking for a writing tutor for my 8-year old son, a 3rd grader. We live at Chino, the College Park community.

Sent by Stella on 1/13/13

Statistics, New Boston, TX

Good evening, I am looking for a statistics tutor? Are you able to teach this subject?

Sent by Walter on 1/13/13

Mechanical Engineering, Salt Lake City, UT

Hello my name is M.. Im studyng mechanical engneering. I m facng some hardness in Strength and statics. Are you tutoring this feild too?

Sent by Mohammed on 1/13/13

Chemistry, Huntsville, AL

Hey, my name is A. S. and I am working towards a interdisciplinary degree in chemistry, mathematics, and physics at Oakwood University.

Sent by Anthony on 1/13/13

Algebra Tutor, Bothell, WA

Hi Alex, I need a math tutor ASAP. I am taking Math 105 at WSU online, and I have not taken a math class in 20 years. I learn fast, and I know the basics.

Sent by Eddie on 1/13/13

All Areas, Palm Harbor, FL

plz call have a hs ib student need help ty plz call (phone number available after purchase)0

Sent by Andrea on 1/13/13

Piano, Irvine, CA

Looking for a tutor for 11 year old boy in Irvine. Can you split 1/2 hour helping with piano (CM level 5) and 1/2 hour helping to teach/improve algebra skills for...

Sent by Bonnie on 1/13/13

Behavioral Therapy, McDonough, GA 30252

Hi Brittany, do you service the McDonough area?

Sent by Robin on 1/13/13

English, Marcus Hook, PA

I am looking for a tutor who can help with comprehension and writing skills for a second grade boy. If this is something you can help with please let us know your...

Sent by Baisali on 1/13/13

Nursing, North Charleston, SC 29418

I really need help with my NCLEX.

Sent by Ashley on 1/13/13

Math, Salt Lake City, UT

I'm looking for a tutor for my under-achieving high school sophomore daughter. She needs help in math and chemistry, but more importantly has programs staying...

Sent by Marjorie on 1/13/13

Math, Big Rock, IL

Hi, I have a first grader who is having trouble with math. Can you help us? How and where do you run your tutoring sessions? Thanks!

Sent by Meg on 1/13/13

Reading, Rolla, MO

I am looking for a reading teacher to help my 7 year old son. He has ADHD. He requires support of his current skills, as well as a way to continue improving.

Sent by Katie on 1/13/13

Gmat, Redmond, WA 98052

Please help me. Need help for GMAT to get into BYU

Sent by Bryson on 1/13/13

Statistics Tutor, Huntsville, AL

I took class " Design and analysis of Experiments " at UAH and I would someone who can tutor me. If you able to teach this class please call me on my cell...

Sent by Amerdamady@yahoo.com on 1/12/13

Study Skills, Medford, MA 02155

Hi Debra. My 16 y.o. (11th grade) daughter could use some help with general study skills, writing research papers, and helping her focus on assignments.

Sent by Brenda on 1/12/13

Life Coach, Baltimore, MD

Hello there I was looking for someone to guide my son and help him to be better organized... He plays basketball at Mount Saint Joe... Trying to prepare him for college.

Sent by Danielle on 1/12/13

Nclex Rn, DC

Hello My name is M. P. . I'm writing because I already took the Nclex RN 6 time and I failed. I'm deseperated I don't know what to do.

Sent by Maria on 1/12/13

Hello!, Kasson, MN

Hey, Rosanna: How are you? I was trying to find your university contact information but found this one. Please email me if you can see this message.

Sent by Zonda on 1/12/13

English, Nampa, ID

Hi, I have a freshman girl who deperately needs help in English, Math and Science. I would love to find a tutor that could work with her in all three subjects!

Sent by Shiloh on 1/12/13

Esl For 3rd Grade, San Antonio, TX

Send me price for my Kid ESL less on for 3 grade. we live in 9939 fredericksburd rd. Reach me @ (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ashok on 1/12/13

Help With 9th Grade Son, Batavia, IL

Hi Carrie, my son jacob is struggling in 9th grade. he is challenged with organization both mentally and physically and has ADD. He is very smart and just need help...

Sent by Angela on 1/12/13

Algebra Tutor, West Chester, OH

hello, kimberly. i need an algebra tutor for my 8th grade daughter (ridge junior school in lakota school district). please contact me at (phone number available...

Sent by Keith on 1/12/13

Physics, Stony Brook, NY 11790

Hi Jessica, My daughter is a junior at Sachem East taking AP Physics. She is looking for a tutor and I was wondering if you were interested. Thank you, S.

Sent by Sharon on 1/12/13

Asvab, Lansing, IL

Hi, im really in need for help for the ASVAB Test. I dnt have any money i really want to get into he Navy but i hace to pass and i do not have any one to help me at all.

Sent by Kiearra on 1/12/13

Algebra, Morehead City, NC

I was looking for someone to help my son with his review for his final foundations of algebra exam on 1/14/13. I was hoping he could be tutored on 1/13/13.

Sent by Jennifer on 1/12/13

Chemistry, Amherst, MA

Hi Caroline, My names J. L. a sophomore at UMass Amherst. I'm looking for a tutor to help with intro to chemistry 2.Ideally for 2 hours each week. Thanks

Sent by Jenny on 1/12/13

Finite Math, Long Island, NY

Hi John how's it going. I'm looking for someone to help me out on a take home test i have. The subject is finite math. Please call me back at (phone number available...

Sent by Marino on 1/12/13

Intergrated Math, Snellville, GA

I was like to interview you to teach my daughters. Please contact me ASAP. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Rachael on 1/12/13

Act, Orlando, FL

My daughter needs ACT help. Please let me know if you can help.

Sent by Samina on 1/12/13

Reading, Chardon, OH

Please contact me regarding tutoring in reading for my 1st grader. We live in Chardon. Thanks. D.

Sent by Diana on 1/12/13

Us History, 90720

I need help in my US history class. We will be doing this thrue online lessons(skype) Contact me as soon as possible.

Sent by Amin on 1/12/13

French, Austell, GA

Hi... Helen my name is L. I have a 16 year old son who has failed his French class he has taken French before and so have I but my French is not good enough to help him.

Sent by Lerner on 1/12/13

Chemistry, Newton, MA 02460

My son is at a high school in 10 grade.Shoud you tutoring him chemistry on Saturday or Sunday?We come from china.Thank you!

Sent by Shengping on 1/11/13

Apple, Atlanta, GA

, HELP.. I'm computer illiterate. For Christmas I got an Imac, Ipad, Ipad mini,and Apple TV, in addition to my MacBook Pro. Apple store is cool, but at 30 minutes...

Sent by John on 1/11/13

Math, Gulf Breeze, FL 32563

Hi Courtney, I live in the Gulf Breeze area and am looking for a math tutor for my 12 yr old daughter. Please email me if your available. Thanks, T. P.

Sent by Tonya on 1/11/13

Math, Virginia Beach, VA

Hello Mr. Rey how can i contact you for my son 8th grade tutor in math, how much in one hour and your availability, im filipina my son Kevin grown up here...

Sent by Anna on 1/11/13

Reading, Hephzibah GA

I need help with my son reading

Sent by Khalishah on 1/11/13

Algebra, Oxnard, CA

My daughter is in 11th grade, she needs tutoring for her Algebra class. My number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ben on 1/11/13

Reading, Burtonsville, MD

Hi, I have a son who is in the 6th grade. And I feel that he needs help in reading, writing, and science. Along with organizational skills and note taking.

Sent by Karra on 1/11/13

Math, West Friendship, MD

Looking for a math tutor for my GT 4 th grader and 9th grader regular math. Live in west friendship

Sent by Ejemeh on 1/11/13

Calculus, Prince George, VA

Hi Mr. John, I have changed majors from English Lit to Computer Engineering at Virginia State University. I am currently taking Calculus 1 and need help.

Sent by Tim. on 1/11/13

Geometry Tutor, Bensalem, PA

Hello Ellina i am looking for someone to tutor my daughter in geometry. i am located in Bensalem pa.

Sent by Robert on 1/11/13

Science/Mandarin, Franksville, WI

I want a science tutor for my kids. I live in Franksville Wisconsin. call my cell (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Auden on 1/11/13

Math Praxis, Richmond, VA

I am looking for a tutor for the Math Praxis I test for my daughter.... she is really having difficulties getting past this test and we need to move beyond online...

Sent by Barbara on 1/11/13

Apple Computer Filemaker, Chicago, IL

Hi do you know filemaker? I'm a mac person, need to set up some templates

Sent by Karen on 1/11/13

Lpn Tutor, West New York, Nj 07093

Please advise if you have openings to tutor for LPN board exam. Thank u

Sent by Amneris on 1/11/13

Statistics, San Carlos, CA

Hello, I am looking for a statistics tutor this semester, from january 20th to May 14th about twice a week. I am flexible, but need someone to help with...

Sent by Sofia on 1/11/13

Reading And Phonics, Statesboro, GA

I have a repeat kindergaden that still is having trouble in statesboro goes to boys and girls club

Sent by Mary on 1/11/13

Math, Edinburg, TX

My daughter is in the 5th grade, and is struggling with math. We live off of Freddy Gonzalez and Jackson, in Edinburg.

Sent by Jaynie on 1/11/13

French, Round Lake, IL 60073

hello Ms.Patricia, We are looking for a private French tutor for our 11 year old daughter. We live in Lake Villa, please reach out to us if you are available.

Sent by Souju on 1/11/13

Japanese Translating, Philadelphia PA

Hello You don't have to leave home to help me. I want to ship vintage motorcycles to a friend in Japan so all communications will be by email which you can...

Sent by Mike on 1/11/13

Chemistry (general), Lafayette, CA

Hi Patrick, Looking for a chem tutor for my acalanes junior. Thanks, M. M. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Mary on 1/11/13

Act, Clearwater, FL 33761

Linda...my daughtet has 4.5 (url available after purchase) low act reading need help asap for feb 9 test. T.

Sent by Tina on 1/10/13

Capstone Research Paper, Manassas, VA

Sent by Talaya on 1/10/13

English, Clearwater, FL

My hs daugher is in ib at ph need help with English and to improve overall subjects area plz call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Andrea on 1/10/13

Computer Science, Charleston, SC

do you teach Applied Systems and Probability and Statistics courses in Computer Science?

Sent by Cindy on 1/10/13

Writing, Suisun City, CA

Hi Taylor, im looking for a writing tutor for my son. He is in 6th grade and struggling with essay writing. Please let me know if you are available and the best times.

Sent by Alison on 1/10/13

Algebra 2, Sterling, VA

Hi, I'm in 11th grade. I'm struggling with algebra 2 and was wondering if you can tutor me?

Sent by Marissa on 1/10/13

Toefl, San Antonio, TX

Hello, my name is K. and I need with the TOEFL test. It is only the speaking section that I struggling with. So I would like to know if you would be able...

Sent by Kalida on 1/10/13

Mandarin, Seattle, WA

Hi Junyuan, I am a young professional and I hoping to find a weekly tutor for Mandarin. I am fluent in Cantonese but would like to pick-up Mandarin to hopefully work...

Sent by Phillip on 1/10/13

Pharmacology, Omaha, NE 68124

are you currently teaching at the university level and where do you have references from people you have tutored

Sent by Joan on 1/10/13

Statistics, Holbrook, NY

Hi, Are you familiar with SPSS?

Sent by Jen on 1/10/13

Spanish, Austin, TX 78733

Hi Luann, I work for a private school in Austin and we are in need of a Spanish teacher 2xs a week. Would you be interested? Thank you for your time. ~Sincerely, S.

Sent by Sharla on 1/10/13

Science, Bearsville, NY

Hi Miquel, I'm looking for a enthusiastic, hands-on science teacher to offer science classes to home schooled kids, age ranges from 8-12, in a spacious bright...

Sent by Monique on 1/10/13

Math, Hudson, FL

Hello, I am looking for someone to help with a third grade student having problems with math and a first grader struggleing with reading and writing.

Sent by Dave on 1/10/13

Gre, Macon, GA

I need help with the GRE! Horrible at test in general.

Sent by Leauna on 1/10/13

Essay Writing, New York, NY

you forgot me? where r u now?

Sent by Bipin on 1/10/13

Math & Reading, Fort Oglethorpe

Frances, I have seen your profile and looks like you are what we need. I have a granddaughter entering kindergarten at Chattanooga Christian next year.

Sent by Ronnie on 1/10/13

Spanish, Sudbury, MA

Hi, My daughter is in 10th grade and struggling with Spanish. She has midterms next week and I'm looking for a great upbeat Spanish tutor to help her prepare for...

Sent by Jodi on 1/10/13

Economics, Minneapolis, MN

Principles of Microeconomics University of Minnesota: ECON 1101 Hello. I am looking for someone for a brief tutor and review session before I take a final this...

Sent by Eric on 1/10/13

Reading, Waldorf, MD

I need a tutor for my daughter. She is in 2nd grade and below grade level in reading and math. She especially needs help in reading (phonics and comprehension).

Sent by Sherri on 1/10/13

Math And Reading, Geismar, LA

I am interested in getting my 4th grade daughter some help in Reading and Math. Please let me know if you are interested and available in the Dutchtown area.

Sent by Courtney on 1/10/13

French, Glen Rock, PA

Hi Shannon, My daughter Rachel is a Freshman at Susquehannock High School and is taking French I. I would like to speak with you about French tutoring...

Sent by Sheana on 1/10/13

Math, Berrien Springs, MI

Hi Jeremi, I'm a 28 yr old female with a fear of math. :) I've been trying to find ways to get over this fear and think that 1-on-1 tutoring may be helpful.

Sent by Jill on 1/10/13

Geometry, Palm Bay, FL

Hi I am looking for geometry tutor for my daughter she's 16, we live in Palm bay and it would have to be on weekends. my cell (phone number available after...

Sent by Luis on 1/10/13

Math, Chatsworth, CA

My daughter is taking math analysis and needs help. Please let me know if you can help 3 to 4 times a week. My number is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Padma on 1/10/13

Addiction Study, Sun City, CA 92585

I need help with learning how to pass caadac exam have taken twice second time test score was lower than first I study and study some more and nothing seem to work

Sent by Donn on 1/9/13

Chemistry, Antioch, CA

My daughter Tia is in the 10th grade at Dozier Lobby med HS. She's struggling in chemistry & geometry. Could u help? (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Kim on 1/9/13

Geometry, Decatur, GA

I have twins in the 10th grade that need help with geometry. they can be tutored together or individually.

Sent by Belinda on 1/9/13

Civil Engineering, Sacramento, CA

Ben, I need help understanding wind design calculations, can you help?

Sent by Alex on 1/9/13

Geometry Tutor, Woodbridge, VA

My daughter needs help with geometry she is a 9th grader in Garfield HS. I live in Woodbridge

Sent by Dora on 1/9/13

Help, Anderson, Sc 29625

I would like to talk to you about tutoring my 6 yr old who is in the first grade please. Thks A.

Sent by Airon on 1/9/13

Writing, Clover, SC 29710

Hi LaVonne. My 3rd grader is having trouble with prompt writing and needs guidance. Is this something that you can help us with?

Sent by Sonya on 1/9/13

Russian, Brooklyn, NY

Hi Brianna, looking for the Russian language teacher for my 9 year old son in Brooklyn,Sheepsheadbay area, please let me know if interested, or you know someone...

Sent by Tamara on 1/9/13

Anatomy, Fremont, CA

need help with 11th grade son in Anatomy & AP Psyc

Sent by Sukhi on 1/9/13

Geometry, Albany, CA

I have immediate need for one hour per week geometry in Albany, CA. Schedule open. Please call 1-(phone number available after purchase) asap if interested.

Sent by Janice on 1/9/13

Algebra 1, Hollywood, FL 33025

Need help for my son in Algerba 1. He is 15

Sent by Rosa on 1/9/13

Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Elements, Daytona Beach, FL

I have elements 7 and have self taught myself a lot but I want to learn how to put a photo or part of one on top of a background.

Sent by Peter on 1/9/13

Ged, Oklahoma City, OK

I am interested in getting my GED. I have been out of school for over 18 years, and need help preparing. Is this something you can help with?

Sent by Amy on 1/9/13

French, San Diego, CA

Hello Lorena, We are looking for a French tutor for our daughter who is studying French III. She is enrolled in Connections Academy, an online school.

Sent by Amanda on 1/9/13

Writing Composition, Miami, FL

i would like to get in contact with you, I restarted taking classes at college and I need to refresh some things on my writing and essays

Sent by Josbel on 1/9/13

Physics, Plano, TX

Hello, I am looking for a Physics tutor for my 12th grade daughter. We live in Plano. Please contact me if you're available.

Sent by Juanna on 1/9/13

Trig Tutoring, Orlando, FL

Hi, my daughter is struggling in her Precal Honors class. She is in the 10th grade and needs help with Trig. I am looking for assistance ASAP.

Sent by Yolande on 1/9/13

ADD, Cary, NC

Dear Howard, My son is a student at Pitt Bradford. He has been diagnosed with ADD and has serious problem with organization and staying on track.

Sent by Hana on 1/9/13

Ged, Rockford, IL

Hi. my name is T. i live in rockford and i am looking for someone to help me pass my ged test for the second time around... please email me back if you are interested .

Sent by Tiffany on 1/9/13

Math, Alegbra, Fort Washington, MD

Hi Martin, Want to know if you can tutor my daughter in algebra and science so she can retake the GED? Thanks, J.

Sent by Julie on 1/9/13

Algebra, Greensburg, PA

Hello Laura, I have a daughter in 9th grade that is having a hard time in Algebra. Please contact me if your available. Thank you L.

Sent by Lisa on 1/9/13

Krater, Ivory Guy, Keyport, NJ

Sent by Billy on 1/9/13

Housekeeping Help :), Bloomfield Hills, MI

Hello, I was wanting to contact you on care.com (not this site) for housekeeping but couldn't see your contact info so I googled you and came to this site.

Sent by Michelle on 1/9/13

Writing, Solon, OH

I live in Solon. My daughter needs help with writing.

Sent by Joannacha on 1/9/13

Spanish, Lake Jackson, TX

(phone number available after purchase) I'm 57. I speak some Spanish but I would like to do a lot better. I don't need this for anything. I just want to do it.

Sent by John on 1/8/13

Gmat, Lincoln, NE 68506

Hi Mandy, Recently I graduated from the University of Nebraska, and am now in the process of applying for graduate schools. I am looking for a tutor to help me...

Sent by Justin on 1/8/13

Immunology, Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Hello Josh, I am very interested in obtaining your services in regards to Immunology. Please call me as soon as you can - (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Ben on 1/8/13

English, Irving, TX

need help on English grammer

Sent by Mark on 1/8/13

Calculus, Exeter, RI

Hi my name is Dee and my daughter Victoria is taking honors calculus at La Salle Academy. She has midterms next week and is struggling.

Sent by Deborah on 1/8/13

Accounting, Marrero, LA

Hi i am taking accounting 205 this spring semester at delgado. I wanted to know where you are located and how much do you charge by the hour?

Sent by Whitley on 1/8/13

Microbiology, Knoxville, TN

Please Help ME!!!! Am a senior at UTK and have 16hrs this semester all in (phone number available after purchase)level microbiology upper division course...

Sent by Constance on 1/8/13

Adhd, Kellogg, ID

Looking for a tutor for my 10 year old son with ADHD

Sent by Christy on 1/8/13

Math, Croton On Hudson, NY

I am looking for a tutor for my son who is in 8th grade at PVC. He would benefit from support in all areas, but Math has been particularly challenging this year!

Sent by Ayelese on 1/8/13

Algebra 2, Aurora, CO

Hi Leila, I am currently looking for a short term math tutor to help my two daughters prepare for finals in their algebra 2 class.

Sent by Sue on 1/8/13

Toefl, Anaheim, CA

Hello, Clement! My name is V.. Can I get an English lessons TOEFL preparation?

Sent by Victoria on 1/8/13

Usmle, New York, NY

Hey, I'm a 3rd year medical student currently on a research year in NYC. Would like to get started studying for Step II. Mostly just want to do UWorld questions...

Sent by Andrew on 1/8/13

Japanese, Bethesda, MD 20814

Hello: I will be going to Japan at the end of M.h. I have enrolled in a Japanese language instruction course (which commences in a week), and I am interested...

Sent by Marc on 1/8/13

Dissertation, Pleasantville, NY

Sheryl, I see that you provide dissertation writing assistance. I would like to learn more about what you offer.

Sent by Nancy on 1/8/13

Study Skills/highschool, Pataskala, OH

Hi Roy, I am looking for someone to tutor my son who is a 9th grader. He is a smart boy, but has very poor study skills, a negative attitude and does no work towards...

Sent by Melissa on 1/8/13

Chemistry And Geometry, Beacon, NY

Hi, My daughter is a Junior in high school. She is struggling with Chemistry and Geometry. Please contact my email address if you are interested in helping us out.

Sent by Carmen on 1/8/13

English, Kamuela, HI

I have two daughters 11 and 15 being home schooled. I am looking for a tutor in english/history combined. I live on the dry side of Waimea.

Sent by Gordon on 1/8/13

Writing, Washington, NC

I have a son that is 7 that is having problems with reading/writing skills. we were going to start him in sylvan until someone told me about local tutors.

Sent by Julie on 1/8/13

Garden City La, Rio Rancho, NM 87144

Hi, Aaron. I am trying to get personal classes with Michele Zukovsky. Just wondering if you happen to have her phone number. I would really appreciate it. Thank You.

Sent by Maria on 1/8/13

Geometry, Redding, CA 96003

Hi Simona -- Just contacted you thru WyzAnt but would prefer to deal directly w/ you. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) Thanks! A.

Sent by Alan on 1/8/13

Violin, Springfield Gardens, NY

Hi Nicole, I have a soon to be 7 year old daughter who would like to take violin lessons. Thank you for your time.

Sent by Leiman on 1/8/13

AG/Testing, Etc, Clayton, NC 27520

Hello: I saw you profile on Tutorz. Since this is the internet, may I ask are you still tutoring? Also, we are outside of Clayton, but near the Wake Co line.

Sent by Richard on 1/8/13

Math, Enterprise, AL

HELLO, I found you on line. I would like to talk with you. My husband needs one class to finish his degree(math). He needs a tutor bad. Can you email me back.

Sent by Cindy on 1/8/13

Math, Ashland, KY

I homeschool and 11 yr old daughter, and run our office and she needs help w/6th grade math and english.

Sent by Tammy on 1/8/13

Information Technology, Fords, NJ 08863

Hello, I'm attending an online university for infomation technology and I need help with networking...ID, subnet mask, IP address, etc.

Sent by Tim on 1/8/13

Algebra 1, Elgin, IL

I need a tutor for college algebra and statistics starting jan 25 th

Sent by Yolanda on 1/8/13

Tutor, Vine Grove, Kentucky 40175

Hi my name is R. and I am looking for a tutor for my son. He is in 9th grade at Meade country high. (phone number available after purchase) After2:30pm

Sent by Rhonda on 1/8/13

Algebra, Ft.lauderdale, Fl 33308

Hey, I was wondering what you rates were? I know basics of algebra, I need to get more into algebra 2 closer to college algebra. I'm taking the pert placement test soon.

Sent by Jonathan on 1/8/13

Maths And English Tutor, Rockaway Park, NY

my daughter is 11yrs and need help in maths and englis

Sent by Charmaine on 1/8/13

Quicken, Austin, TX

I have been using an old version of Quicken, I would like to update to the new quicken, but need help to set it up for electronic banking and taxes.

Sent by Charles on 1/8/13

Imac, Garland, TX

I would like help with my iMac computer I have been lost since ICloud came around Are you familiar with Apple?

Sent by Martha on 1/8/13

English, Scarsdale, NY

Tutor for my 11 yr old daughter in English and possibly Spanish. Please contact with ur information/qualifications

Sent by Mythily on 1/8/13

Spanish, Gilroy, CA

Hello, My name is M. A.. My son is a 3rd grader in the DI program at Las Animas Elementary School. I'm looking for a Spanish tutor to help him with his homework 1...

Sent by Michael on 1/8/13

Information Technology, Atlanta, GA

Hi. I saw your posting that you have Knowledge of information technology. I wanted to see if you can help me in my assignments for classes such as technology...

Sent by Jay on 1/8/13

Pharmacology, Tulsa, OK

Hi I really need help with pharmacology.

Sent by Trina on 1/8/13

Algebra 2, Jacksonville, FL

I need an algebra 2 tutor for my child in 32258. Please tell me more about your availability etc. my child struggles with math, more of an English and history student.

Sent by Carolyn on 1/7/13

ESL, Modesto, CA 95355

I'm interested in ESL clases. Please contact me. Thank you,

Sent by Tomo on 1/7/13

Norwegian, Saint Louis, Missouri 63146

Hi Cassio! My name is A., I'm a 19 year old student in Saint Louis County. I'm interested in learning Norwegian. I can see on your post here that you specialize...

Sent by Abby on 1/7/13

Window Seat, Winnetka, IL 60093

Hi. I am looking for someone to make a cushion for a very large window seat. Is this something you can do? Thanks.

Sent by Maddy on 1/7/13

Algebra, Portland, OR

Hi - I'm looking for a math and science tutor for my son, who's currently a freshman at Sunset High School. Please let me know how we can move forward with...

Sent by Nic on 1/7/13

Study Skills, Loveland, CO

Looking for support with my 9th grader in study skills, organization and writing

Sent by Brianna on 1/7/13

Harp, Vallejo, CA 94590

Hi Erica, I contacted you through wyzant but you haven't responded yet. I am interested taking harp lessons. I live on Mare island. Dio you travel there to teach?

Sent by Anthony on 1/7/13

Physics, Knoxville, TN

Hi, I am looking for someone to help me with physics. I am currently taking an online algebra-based physics class and will also be taking the second physics soon as...

Sent by Daina on 1/7/13

Math, Murrieta, CA

Hi Annie! I am a senior in high school and have one last chance to take the SAT. I have applied to college, but they said I need to take the SAT again and have...

Sent by Lacey on 1/7/13

Nclex, Harlingen, TX

want to start as soon as possible (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jj on 1/7/13

English, Jonesboro, AR

Hello, Hi I am looking for a tutor for my two boys, primarily for english and math. If you can please contact me as I am looking for someone ASAP that would be great.

Sent by Tanika on 1/7/13

Math, Boerne, TX

Hi Jose, I am in need of a Math tutor for my son who is in 7th grade at Summit Christian Academy in Boerne. It would be 6th-7th grade math 3 days a week Monday...

Sent by Carol on 1/7/13

Reading, Casa Grande, AZ

Hi! im new to the Casa Grande area & looking for someone to help me with the reading portion of the SAT exam. Also need help with the wriing portion as well. THX!!!!!

Sent by Lucio on 1/7/13

Science, Los Angeles, CA

Hi, I am interested in finding a tutor for our 13 year old son who is in 8th grade. We live in Eagle Rock, CA. Are you available starting this week? L. E.

Sent by Lydia on 1/7/13

Computer, Albany, GA 31705

I need someone to tutor my son with key boarding and computers

Sent by Peggy on 1/7/13

Reading, Berryville, VA

Hi- I'm trying to find a reading tutor for my husband. He had tutors in Fairfax Co. but since we moved to Berryville he hasn't had one.

Sent by Judy on 1/7/13

French, Huntsville, AL 35802

Hello, my name is P. and my new year promise to myself is to learn French. Im looking for someone interested in teaching myself. I came across your your profile...

Sent by Paul on 1/7/13

Math, Rogers, AR

This would be for my 18 yr old daughter

Sent by Nicole on 1/7/13

Reading, Owensboro, KY

I have a 6th grader having a hard time in both reading and English. I was wondering if you would be interested in tutoring her. My number is (phone number available...

Sent by Jennifer on 1/7/13

Spanish, Portland, OR

I am looking for Spanish tutor for my daughter who is in high school. Do you tutor in Spanish?

Sent by Kim on 1/7/13

Nclex Rn, Columbus, OH

Hi I have taken the nclex twice and have not passed. I am curious as to what your tips/ sessions would be like? Any info would be appreciated! Thanks, lakeb

Sent by Laken on 1/6/13

SAT, North Wales, PA

Hi Mr. Levine, I am thinking of hiring an SAT tutor for my son, an 11th grader at North Penn who took the October 2012 SAT exam with mixed results...

Sent by Richard on 1/6/13

Math And Writing Tutor, Menlo Park, CA

Hi, I am looking for someone to help my son with math and writing. He's in 8th grade and we live in Menlo Park. -D.

Sent by David on 1/6/13

Organic Chemistry, Duanesburg, NY 12056

Hi. I am looking for a tutor in organic chemistry for my son who is a senior in Duanesburg H.S.

Sent by Jay on 1/6/13

German, Irvine, CA

Sent by Rick on 1/6/13

Italian, Smithtown, NY

I would love to talk about a possibility of meeting to discuss tutoring services. I am an art teacher in Patchogue Medford High School.

Sent by Ellen on 1/6/13

Act Prep, LA Feria, TX

MY daughter need tutoring for her act TEST. MY phonenumber is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Lupe on 1/6/13

Study Skills, Livingston, NJ

Kevin, We are interested in speaking to you about tutoring our son who is a sophmore at Livingston High School. Our short term focus is preparing him for his...

Sent by Dan on 1/6/13

Business Administration, Santa Maria, CA

Hi, My name is M., I'm looking for a tutor to help me at my studies for business admin, if you are still available please contact me on my email.

Sent by Maylyn on 1/6/13

Reading, Dickinson, TX

My daughter is in the second grade and having trouble reading. I need help with her.

Sent by Monica on 1/6/13

Math, Medford, MA

Hi my looking for someone to tutor my step daugher for me after school she's really bad at math please email me or call me with more details.

Sent by Valerie on 1/6/13

Act, Patterson, NY

Hi my 16 year old daughter is taking the SAT in May and probably the ACT and I would like her to get tutored starting February

Sent by John on 1/6/13

Adhd, Madison, WI 53719

Our son had mild ADHD and is in 1st grade. He does ok at home with math but is struggling in school. We want to build up is confidence and get him "up to speed"...

Sent by Stacey on 1/6/13

Reading Help, Hurst, TX 76053

My son has ADHD and currently attends Harrison Lane. He is behind in school when we came from Lake Worth I had to hold him back because HEB was so far ahead.

Sent by Michelle on 1/6/13

English Tutor, Boulder, CO

I am from Saudi Arabia I am going to start at the CU in spring and I need to improve my pronunciation.

Sent by Badr on 1/6/13

Gmat, Las Vegas, NV

Hello Nilarde, GMAT Math or verbal. If you can help, please contact me. Thanks, G.

Sent by Greg on 1/6/13

Sculpture Art, Brooklyn, NY

Hi Olga, My daughter, Daniela, needs assistance with her 5th grade multi-level, art project involving a 'national park cavern' within the US. Can you help?

Sent by Roxanne on 1/5/13

All, Houston, TX 77401

please call me - re: 8th grade daughter/ Thanks B. Z. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Brad on 1/5/13

Chemistry, Bristow, VA

Sandra, I attempted to set up a payment system with wyzant, but their website is broke and they have issues with their certificates.

Sent by Jerry on 1/5/13

Math, Mansfield, MA

Hello Sam, I am interested in Math tutoring for my 6th grade son. We live in Mansfield and would prefer Friday afternoon sessions.

Sent by Liz on 1/5/13

Reading, Randallstown, MD

My child is 5 years old struggling with word reconition. she knows the sounds but cant put the words together and also with reading.

Sent by Tiffany on 1/5/13

Spanish, Mentor, OH

My son is a Freshman at Mentor. He is basically at a C level and he needs a tutor. I am not sure if you can help him out. Please let us know. M. D

Sent by Mike on 1/5/13

Physics, Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Hi. My son takes AP physics and needs some help with homework and studying for tests. We live in Cold Spring Harbor/Huntington.

Sent by Michael on 1/5/13

Neuroanatomy, Los Angeles, CA

Neurosurgery boarD.s In 2 months NeeD. someone to quiz me anD. push me. I have lots of resources but also a bit AD.HD.. Thx

Sent by D on 1/5/13

ACT Tutor For My Daughter, Massillon, OH

Megan, Hi! I think the other email took my phone number out that I sent you. Here is my phone number: (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Mecca on 1/5/13

Math, Newburgh, IN

I am not sure if this is the right Christine are you on care.com

Sent by Cathy on 1/5/13

Powerpoint And Outlook, Providence, RI

Hello Karen, I've started school at MTTI and I am taking Medical Billing/Coding Office Administration. I have missed school a total of 8 days due to illness.

Sent by Jonna on 1/4/13

Physics Honour, Princeton Junction, NJ

MY daughter wants guidence and conceptual clarity in physics honours .

Sent by Hina on 1/4/13

Writing, Fairfax, VA

Hi, My name is E. P.. I am a 28 year old Korean female studying Fine Art in GMU. I want to improve my writing skills and want to be more fluent English speaker.

Sent by Elly on 1/4/13

An Hour Of Turkish, Fort Worth, TX 75228

Hey Elena! My name is C. R.. This might be a weird request, but bear with me. I'm a student writer-director in pre-production for a short film.

Sent by Cara on 1/4/13

Computer Tutoring, Tucson, AZ 85742

Please contact me via cell phone (phone number available after purchase). I will probably need two sessions. Thanks Lorraine.

Sent by Bettina on 1/4/13

Business Analyst, Aliso Viejo, CA

Need some help on passing business analyst certification test. CBAP. Can you help plz? Thanks. A.

Sent by Attasy on 1/4/13

Microsoft 2010 EXcel, Saugus, CA

I would like a tutor to teach 7 adults the intermediate to advanced skill in the 2010 Microsoft Excel program. I envision this to be a 4 hour class .

Sent by Charlene on 1/4/13

Math Dat, NJ

I need a math tutor for the DAT dental admissions test. I will be taking it again in august and need a regular tutor.

Sent by Shoubhik on 1/4/13

Praxis, Baton Rouge LA 70802

Hi im studyinh to become a teacher an need help on the praxis one

Sent by Cynthia on 1/4/13

Reading Elementary Level, Moultonborough, NH

Hello, I am looking for a reading tutor for my daughter over the summer. She is currently in 2nd grade, sees a reading specialist in school during the school year...

Sent by Jen on 1/4/13

Economics, Hollywood, FL

i need a tutor for my onlinne class asap!!!

Sent by Gabriela on 1/4/13

Music, Butler, NJ 07405

Hello Ellen, my name is B. F. and I live in nearby Bloomingdale. I am going back to school at night at Cladwell College for Music.

Sent by Billy on 1/4/13

Russian, Nyack, NY

Hi, I am looking for russian teacher for 5 kids( ages 3 to 6). We live in Nyack, NY 10960 and I was wondering if you will travel to us for a lessons.

Sent by Francesca on 1/4/13

Statistics, Lambertville, NJ

hey i go to DVC. i need to test out of my stats for science class in the next few weeks to aid in my graduation date in may 2013.

Sent by Lori on 1/4/13

Algebra, Ambler, PA

Would you be able to tutor our son in Algebra II/Trig this weekend? Specifically, he is having difficulties with a homework packet. We are located in Springhouse, PA.

Sent by Fred on 1/4/13

Earth Science, Levittown, NY

My daughter is taking honors earth science in the eighth grade. She is a bright girl who doesn't usually have trouble in school but earth science has been difficult...

Sent by Maryann on 1/4/13

Elementary And Speech, Tallahassee, FL

contact ASAP if interested that you add for ttutor. Need to hire by some tutor next weeek....

Sent by Frank on 1/4/13

Interpreter Services Needed, Beaufort, SC 29906

Hi Tracey. I am looking for someone to help a student with some classes. Would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you. Thanks.

Sent by Rodney on 1/4/13

Writing/LA, Wilmore, KY

I am seeking a Language Arts tutor for my 10 yr. old homeschooled son. He is generally on the 5th grade level in most subjects and is a strong reader...

Sent by Kim on 1/4/13

Geometry, Warren, OH

My name is B. Gantz and need assistance for Geometry for my niece to get through High School. When I went through Kent Trumbull. I had free tutoring from...

Sent by Bill on 1/3/13

Special Education, Dayton, OH

Hi. We live in Huber Heights and I'm looking for a lead autism tutor. Are you familiar with ABA techniques? Are you interested in working with a 14 yr old boy...

Sent by Amy on 1/3/13

Math, Rocklin, CA

Hi Blanca, I'm in need of a math tutor in Rocklin, my daughter Paige is in pre-Algebra at Granite Oaks Middle School. Do you do Math Tutoring? Thanks, M.

Sent by Michelle on 1/3/13

Reading, Kernersville, NC

Hello, I am looking for a reading tutor for my 5 year old son. He is currently in Kindergarten and is struggling with combining word sounds and letter sounds.

Sent by Dylana on 1/3/13

Calculus, Grand Island, NY

Looking for a pre calculus tutor asap (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Renee on 1/3/13

English, League City, TX

Hi Kathy-- I need a tutor to teach english. I live in Bayview,the people that need tutoring live in San Leon. I will be paying for it.

Sent by Sam on 1/3/13

Tutoring, Simpsonville, SC

Hi, We are looking for a tutor for my 8th grade daughter. We are in the k12 program and are having trouble with linear eqations. Would you be able to help us?

Sent by Valerie on 1/3/13

Guitar, Lake Oswego, OR

My boy, almost 7 yrs. old, received a guitar for Christmas. We are interested in finding a tutor to teach him to play. He is starting from zero.

Sent by Donald on 1/3/13

English Tutor, Fremont, CA

Would you mind give me a call (phone number available after purchase)? Thank you. R.

Sent by Rose on 1/3/13

Chinese, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Alice, I'm interested in learning basic conversational Mandarin only and don't need any lesson plans. I just want someone to talk to and ask grammatical...

Sent by Jeff on 1/3/13

Ged Math, Cincinnati, OH

need help with math ged i live in lockland please call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jackie on 1/3/13

Calculus, Wexford, PA

Please call me so we can discuss tutoring in calculus basics for masters level courses online. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Rachel on 1/3/13

Geometry, Winchester, MA 01890

Hello Ping, I am looking for a strong tutor to work with my daughter, Emma. Emma is 14 years old and a freshman at Arlington High School.

Sent by Kate on 1/3/13

Algebra 2, Saint Charles, IL

Hi Sara, My daughter, Emma, is home for college this month and needs HELP with her Algebra 2 class. We're looking for someone who can meet with her at least twice...

Sent by Glori on 1/3/13

Matlab, Washington, DC 20002

Hi Kirt, I am interested in getting some tutoring for matlab. I am taking an introductory matlab course and on spring, I will be taking another course that involves...

Sent by J. on 1/3/13

German, Berkeley, CA

I am interested in an hour/wk. I will be going to Germany in May for two weeks on a vacation. I can speak a little and read signs but can't write.

Sent by Don on 1/2/13

Test Prep Tutor, Jefferson City, MO

Melissa, Seeking a tutor to help prepare me to sit for AAB MT test. I live in Jefferson City, Mo and plan to (retake) the test in April 2013.

Sent by Victoria on 1/2/13

Math, Webster, MA

Hello, I am looking for a tutor in math for my daughter Ashley who is 15 and in the 9th grade. She has struggled with math for quite awhile and it is really catching...

Sent by Christine on 1/2/13

Mcat, Bethesda, MD

Hi Harish, I am looking for help with the MCAT. It would be great to talk with you if you are available. Thanks J. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jaime on 1/2/13

Special Education, Auburn, CA

Hi Lauren, I am looking for a special ed teacher for a homeschooled hs junior in Auburn. If your posted availability is accurate, it won't work, as he needs M-Th...

Sent by Deborah on 1/2/13

Tutor In Geography, Rice Lake, WI 54868

I am a non traditional student with a degree in computer science. I would like to get an advanced degree in meteorology/climate change through the geography...

Sent by Terril on 1/2/13

Orton Gillingham, Monroe, NY

I live in Monroe NY, I am not sure if that falls within your travel criteria but am desperately seeking a tutor 3 times a week for my 5th grade son.

Sent by Wendy on 1/2/13

Sat, Parkland, FL

Hi, Mrs. Heather: Your tutoring experience caught my attention. I am looking for a EngL.sh tutor who can guide my daughter in 9th grade through 12th grade.

Sent by Jeff on 1/2/13

Calculus II, Physics I, Gainesville, FL

Christopher, I am the parent of a freshman engineering studen at UF. A. is a bright and motivated student, but is distractable and disorganized...

Sent by Anthony on 1/2/13

CPA, Huntington, Ny

Hello, Im currently studying for the CPA, FAR in particular. Do you do CPA tutoring?

Sent by Adam on 1/2/13

Excel, Birmingham, AL

Holly, Happy New Year-- I am a graduate of John Carroll(my wife is also -1977) - One of my New Year's resolutions was to become reasonably proficient in Excel for...

Sent by Greg on 1/2/13

Math Tutor, Pine Plains, NY

I am trying to find a tutor for my son. We live in Pine Plains, he's a senior @ Stissing Mt. HS. Needs help or will not graduate. Thanks K.

Sent by Kim on 1/2/13

Art, Aubrey, TX

my daughter loves to draw and i need to hone this talent. please call me on (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Angie on 1/2/13

Law, West Chester, PA 19382

Hi K., I am contacting you not for lessons (sorry about that!) but to connect with you about how you have successfully developed your business tutoring in law and...

Sent by Karen on 1/2/13

Chinese, Ridgewood, NJ

Hi Allison, I would be interested in speaking with you on tutoring my kids in Chinese. Thank you, Ben

Sent by Benjamin on 1/2/13

Physics, Stafford, TX

My daughter needs tutoring in Physics.

Sent by Sadeea on 1/2/13

Python, Fairfax, VA

I am looking for some help for my daughter who is doing python programming .She is a freshman at Thomas Jefferson HS. It would be a great help if you can help her.

Sent by Gowri on 1/2/13

Geometry, Deland, FL

Hello. I am looking for someone to tutor my daughter in Geometry. She is taking the first semester online and is having a difficult time.

Sent by Penny on 1/2/13

Algebra 1, Cameron Park Ca

I have a high school Jr. Who is retaking Algebra 1 for a better grade. She struggles with Math and has found grasping the Algebra concepts frustratingly difficult.

Sent by Kathy on 1/2/13

English, Bellevue, WA 98005

Hi, Marlene, My name is H. and I am living in Mecer island. I am finding English tutor for my wife and son. Could you let me know you can teach my boy...

Sent by Hongjung on 1/2/13

English, Woodside, NY 11377

hi Claire.this is M..first happy new year.secund.i wanna apologize.because i might ,ve been a little harsh &disrespectful..i understand you are a very busy person.

Sent by Moises on 1/1/13

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Mcat, Raleigh, NC

My daughter is a Junior at NC State (Chem Eng/PCC major) and planning on taking MCAT in May. She took the Princeton Review 6 Week course this summer at NC State...

Sent by Gary on 1/1/13

Nclex Lp, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I need help with my lpn sturdy.

Sent by Maggie on 1/1/13

Pharmacy, San Jose, CA

Hi my name is T. I'm currently on online school for pharmacy tech. I need help on tutoring for calculations can you please help? My phone # (phone number available...

Sent by Tim on 1/1/13

Russian, Stillwater, MN

Looking for a Russian tutor for my 16year old son to learn Russian asap.

Sent by Kristine on 1/1/13

Math, Martinsburg, WV

Hello, I am a student at shepherd university and I am trying to pass Math 101 part B which is about Linear Equations. I need to pass this class can you help me?

Sent by Sarah on 1/1/13

Essay Writing, New York, NY

hi teresa im looking for a tutor to help me with an assignment of child observation. my minor is early childhood education and i need to do a paper

Sent by Netty on 1/1/13

Chemistry, Los Alamos, NM

I have a 16 year old Junior at Los Alamos High School. He has been diagnosed with ADD. Your statement appealed to me because if he was able to assimilate...

Sent by Sheryl on 1/1/13

Esl, Hattiesburg, MS

Hello. I am currently looking at tutoring options for the 11 yr. old we are adopting who speaks Russian. Do you have any experience with that language?

Sent by Mischa on 1/1/13

Nclex Rn, Ballwin, MO 63011

Looking for a tutor for the RN exam.

Sent by April on 1/1/13

Algebra 1, Monrovia, CA

I have a high school daughter who needs help w/algebra. Are you still tutoring? We live in Monrovia.

Sent by Kim on 1/1/13

Ap Statistics Tutor, Kingston, MA

hello-Do you have experience with AP Statistics? (specifically this level?) Please contact me if you are qualified in this area. Thanks

Sent by Maria on 1/1/13

Stock Market, Memphis, TN

hi i want to learn about to make money with the stock market thanks

Sent by Cesar on 1/1/13

Reading, Manhasset, NY

Hi Jackie; I have twins sons in Kindergarten at Shelter Rock. I think they need a little help with reading. Let's talk. Happy New Year. M.

Sent by Michael on 1/1/13

Information Systems, Omaha, NE 68157

hey Jermiah, I have class is Management information systems Online. Can you help me out on it. thanks

Sent by Khaled on 1/1/13