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English, Saint Cloud, MN

Our son will be a 10th grader. He had a negative experience in 8th grade english and has been struggling since then. We are looking for someone to work with him...

Sent by Dan on 7/31/13

Accounting, Chicago, IL

HI, Im a student at DePaul and am needing help in my accounting 102 class I was wondering if you were available. Thank You and I hope to hear from you soon.

Sent by Shiraz on 7/31/13

Algebra, Port Charlotte, FL

I am in desperate need of some Algebra 1 assistance. If you could please contact me I would greatly appreciate it! Email or Text (phone number available after...

Sent by Norina on 7/31/13

Algebra, Randolph, NJ

Please contact me for tutoring our 8th grade son in Algebra for September start. Thank you.

Sent by Aj on 7/31/13

Esl, Westford, MA

Hi, We are looking for ESL tutor for my wife. Please call me back to discuss further @ (phone number available after purchase). Thanks.

Sent by Munif on 7/31/13

Esl, Lawrence, KS

Hi Karen, my name is J. C.. You may call me JT. I am looking for an English tutor who can help me prepare the upcoming SPEAK test held by the University of Kansas.

Sent by Jiatian on 7/31/13

Excel And Powerpoint, Astoria, NY

I need help with Excel and Powerpoint. Please contact me if you are good with them. Thanks

Sent by Pheobe on 7/31/13

Psychology, Boston, MA

Hi Andrea, My name is V.. I am a psychologist student in Madrid and I've been having problems with psychometrics. I am currently in Boston (till the end of...

Sent by Valeria on 7/31/13

Web Design, Saint Louis, MO

I Angelia, my name is K. P.. I am a student at maryville and struggling with a web design class. The main aspects of the class have been navigating together...

Sent by Kyle on 7/30/13

Real Estate, Wilmington, NC

Hi i'm in real estate school and i'm have a little trouble passing quizzes and preparing for the license test was wondering if you could help?

Sent by Dorrell on 7/30/13

Act Test Prep, Pikeville, KY

Hello, We are interested in ACT tutoring for our daughter. Please contact me @ (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Carolyn on 7/30/13

Praxis, Philadelphia, PA

Hello Bernadette my name is S.. I am looking for a tutor to help me with the Math and Writing portions of the Praxis.

Sent by Stephanie on 7/30/13

English Tutor, San Jose, CA

I need your help to improve my english

Sent by Ronnie on 7/30/13

Powerpoint, Norwalk, CT

C., I am putting a 50 page power point presentation together. Can I use your expertise and pay for your time. My phone # with texting ability is (phone number...

Sent by Chris on 7/30/13

Math, Lincolnton, NC

My grandson is entering the 8th grade, but failed 7th grade math.

Sent by Catherine on 7/30/13

Ged Math, Panama City Beach, FL

I am looking for a tutor to help me prepare for the math portion of the GED. I have already passed all other areas. I am having difficulty with fractions, algebra...

Sent by Trenton on 7/30/13

Organic Chemistry, Washington, DC

she want to start today if possible please call or email to me

Sent by Richa on 7/30/13

Spanish, Cabo Rojo, Pr

Hello Hollie, I'm 27 years old and like your self, i moved to Cabo Rojo to be with my parents and sick grandfather. I've lived in the states my hole life and i need...

Sent by Jaime on 7/30/13

Algebra 1, Fitchburg, MA

I am looking for a tutor for my 15 year old son. He is currently having a hard time with algebra 1 part AB. He is doing online summer school and needs more help than...

Sent by Joshua on 7/29/13

Volleyball, New York, NY

Hello, I have very little experience playing volleyball biu I would like to ty out for ny high school's JV volleyball team. Are you currently coaching beginners ?

Sent by Nacala on 7/29/13

Texarkana Tx, Ashdown, Ar 71822

Sent by Sonja on 7/29/13

Typing, Westminster, CA

Hello Mary, My father is interested in learning typing. Can you please tell us your availability and cost for tutoring lessons Thanks

Sent by Manisha on 7/29/13

Math, Carmel, CA

I am looking for a math tutor for my 9 year old son. My number is (phone number available after purchase) we live in Carmel By The Sea. Thank you L.

Sent by Lisa on 7/29/13

Geometry, Sacramento, CA

Please call us, (phone number available after purchase), we need teacher 4 days/week, 3 hrs day, geometry + home school help. 95823 zip.

Sent by Janice on 7/29/13

English, Los Angeles, CA

I like learn English & English slang

Sent by Mb on 7/29/13

Statistics, Columbia, SC

Working on my dissertation and need some help understanding SPSS and analysis output.

Sent by Julie on 7/29/13

French, Clinton Township, MI

Hello! My name is T. Moynihan. I am currently studying French in college and I am hoping to further my knowledge of the French language.

Sent by Thomas on 7/29/13

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA 90007

Testing skills and strategies for the usmle step 3 exam, Also to memorize review notes and apply information to the test

Sent by Angelina on 7/29/13

Excel, Dallas, TX

Looking for someone to conduct training on Excel Graphs. Can you help?

Sent by Bill on 7/28/13

Nclex Rn, Windsor, CO

I am interested in a tutor for the NCLEX-RN. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.

Sent by Emily on 7/28/13

Economics, Minneapolis, MN

hello I am taking Managerial economics and I have some problem I need help with to understand, is it possible you can help me understand the questions if so...

Sent by Tesfaye on 7/28/13

Accounting 101, Woodmere, NY

Good Morning, I understand the short notice and I apologize in advance. Would you be available today for tutoring?

Sent by Pete on 7/28/13

Usmle Step 1, Tarzana, Ca 91335

Dr Khan, I need help in retaining study material for step 1 and an easy and practical method for this. Please send me an email or contact me at (phone number...

Sent by Sri on 7/27/13

Math, Bethlehem, PA

Jennifer, I am a clinical psychologist who does psych testing and I recently evaluated a young man (18yo) who attends Lehigh University.

Sent by Dr. on 7/27/13

Java, Austin, TX

Hi Adam, I'm really interested in picking up Java to write mobile apps on the side. I've taken Java in college (but just enough to get my CIS degree awhile back).

Sent by Mike on 7/27/13

Drawing Sketching, Santa Monica, CA

Hi, Miss Yaira, I found ur information online. Wondering if you teach sketching for adults. Since I am interested in that course.

Sent by Sissi on 7/27/13

Mandarin, Chicago, IL

I'm interested in Mandarin lessons and would like to start this week if possilbe. Please give me more information.

Sent by Scott on 7/27/13

Mandarin, Charlotte, NC

Hello Mrs. Xin, I am an executive that that has been doing business in China for more than 20 years. To date, I have relied on my staff and partner to communicate.

Sent by William on 7/27/13

Term Paper, Winston Salem, NC

I am in the process of applying to graduate school. I have completed my goal statement but, I need assistance with the structure of my paper and future tutoring...

Sent by Ronda on 7/27/13

Reading, Plymouth, MA

Need a summer tutor for my 9 year old boy going into 4th grade

Sent by Brad on 7/26/13

Photoshop, Harrisburg, PA 17112

Hi, I saw your ad on Tutorz. I'm looking for a tutor in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I'm familiar with the basics of both programs but would like...

Sent by Dennis on 7/26/13

College Algebra, Oldsmar, FL

hello Margaret, please let me know if you can tutor my daughter the next 2 weeks with College Algebra please let me know soon,thanks!

Sent by Elena on 7/26/13

Math, Kalispell, MT

Hello. I am looking for someone to assist with my stepdaughter in math. She just came to live with us this past April. She came from a troubled home so suspected...

Sent by Maureen on 7/26/13

Stats, Jackson, TN

I am currently enrolled in an online business stats course. I am struggling and need help. If you think you could help me please contact me asap. Thanks for your time.

Sent by Jake on 7/26/13

Reading, West Roxbury, MA

I am looking for a Reading tutor for my 7 year-old daughter entering Grade 1. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) if you provide services...

Sent by Peter on 7/26/13

Cognitive Psychology, Thousand Oaks, CA

Hello Michael, I am looking for assistance in psychology. I live in Tarzana, if you are available please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Margeaux on 7/26/13

Microsoft Word, Santa Monica, CA

Hello Shruthi I live in Beverly Hills adjacent and I am a legal secretary in Los Angeles. I use Word 10 w/o a problem but in some areas I am weak and need...

Sent by Renee on 7/26/13

Speech, Lexington, KY

Need help ASAP. Phone is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by June on 7/26/13

Math, Newton, MA 02466

Hi Angelo, i am currently studying industrial design in the uk, and have just finished my second year there. i have 3 summer projects that i need help with.

Sent by Kitron on 7/26/13

Ged, Long Island, NY

Hello Evan, How are you? Well I'm currently studying for my GED and having a difficult time with the mathematics part of it. I'm in a Grasp program which allow me...

Sent by Gloria on 7/26/13

Gre, Sarasota, FL 34233

Greetings Larry, my daughter Jacqueline needs GRE tutoring, and I feel sure that you can help her in this regard. This is her email address, (email available after...

Sent by Chazette on 7/26/13

Math, Charlotte, NC 28227

I am trying to join the air force sometime next month and I really need help bringing my math sections my cell number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Corey on 7/26/13

Sign Language, Irwin, PA

I am seeking a private in home teacher for my one year old daughter. I want her to learn shapes, sounds, picture recognition, words, sign language etc.

Sent by Ashley on 7/25/13

Russian, Seattle, WA

I am interested in finding a tutor for my adopted son. He is a native russian/Ukrainian speaker but needs to keep his skills up in an English environment.

Sent by Bethany on 7/25/13

Sql, Dallas, TX

Hello Sir, We are looking for teachers to train our student to get entry level SQL jobs. Would you be interested?

Sent by Mohsin on 7/25/13

Microsoft Excel, Tulsa, OK

I am wanting to obtain some marketable skills like Micro- soft Word, Excel, etc... I am 57 and have been unem- ployed for a long time.

Sent by Paul on 7/25/13

Economics, Columbus, OH

looking for a tutor for 5000 level college courses tutor this weekend.

Sent by Weijung on 7/25/13

Gre, Lansdale, PA

My son needs assistance in GRE prep. He has 1 semester left to get his BS in Physical Therapy. Wants to enter a doctoral PT program in Sept 2014.

Sent by Jim on 7/25/13

Information Technology, San Antonio, TX

Hi Mrs. Terri I am need tutoring with technology. I am student education at Texas a&m. I have some assignments with prezi, and liveBinder.

Sent by Juana on 7/25/13

English, Williamsport, PA

hi i need a someone to help wto get ready to retake my placement takes on aug 7 with English and prealgebra im on a fix income and i have disablities i cant start...

Sent by Mistymarie on 7/25/13

Reading, Indian Trail, NC

Hi Mrs. Darci, I believe you taught my daughter Noelle back in 2005-2006 at Sardis. I am looking for a tutor for her in basic reading, writing and Math...

Sent by Yamini on 7/25/13

Nursing, Spring Hill, FL

I really need a tutor. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jermicia on 7/25/13

Networking, Philadelphia, PA

Sir I need some help with Networking. Please contact me as quickly as possible if you are available.

Sent by Noble on 7/25/13

Chinese, South Hampton, NY

Hi, I will be in South Hampton, NY from August 16-September 6th and need someone to practice speaking Chinese..would you be available?

Sent by Nina on 7/24/13

Act, Duluth, GA

Can you email me back for ACT Tutoring ?

Sent by Ketan on 7/24/13

Final Cut Pro, Holmdel, NJ

Hi! Teacher my son has a lot of interest in editing video footage and stuff. He would like to learn how to use Final Cut Pro and a little bid of 3D modeling...

Sent by Jane on 7/24/13

Biology, Oneonta, NY

Hello there I will be a senior next month, and I am taking BIO 180 at SUCO this summer. I signed up for a summer science class to get the gen ed out of...

Sent by Kaitlin on 7/24/13

Final Cut Pro, Matawan, NJ

One of my friend would like to find a tutor fot Final Cut Pro. How can I contact you?

Sent by D. on 7/24/13

Accounting, San Diego, CA

I am looking for an excellent accounting and Information Systems tutor for my son who is a student at USD. If you are interested, please email me your contact info...

Sent by Bonita on 7/24/13

Algebra, North Richland Hills, TX

Hi Jon, Looking for a math and chemistry tutor for my son. He will be in eleventh grade.

Sent by Glenna on 7/24/13

Philosophy, Chicago, IL

Dear Anne I have a nine page research paper on Marxism and globalization that ill need help with.........so please let me know if your interested. Gratefully A.

Sent by Ahmad on 7/24/13

Web Design, Saint Louis, MO

I have an emergency. I am attempting to create a 5 page website using notepad. My assignment was originally due yesterday but I'm lost linking my pages...

Sent by Michael on 7/24/13

Writing, Jersey City, NJ

Hi Caroline, I would like tutoring in writing/grammer for my 12 year old son. I live in downtown JC at 77 Hudson St. His skills are below where they should be for...

Sent by Garvin on 7/24/13

Writing, Boston, MA

Hi, My son needs help with a project for his internship - it's a social media project and involves writing. Are you also good with technology? as in Facebook/Linked In?

Sent by Dina on 7/24/13

Anatomy, Grayslake, IL

Pam, My name is J. S. and I am currently enrolled in an Anatomy & Physiology class online through the University of Iowa. I am struggling in the course...

Sent by Jenny on 7/24/13

Adobe Photoshop, Pensacola, FL

Hello, Kiarra. My name is M. My son Christopher is at PSC trying to complete a graphics Art AA. He is 27 yrs old. Apparently he is stumped with THE program-Photoshop.

Sent by Mark on 7/24/13

Teas, Los Angeles, CA

I need help to pass the TEAS. I have had no good luck on my own. I am available in the evenings. Thanks

Sent by Elizabeth on 7/23/13

Managerial Accounting, Plano, TX

Would like to know if you are able to meet with me for tutoring within the next 2 days? Do you assist with Managerial Accounting?

Sent by Melissa on 7/23/13

Usmle, Rochester, MN

I failed step 2 ck interested In a tutor

Sent by Ryan on 7/23/13

Reading, Eureka, CA 95501

Hello, I have a 14year old in need of tutoring. Areas she needs most help with are reading, spelling and grammar. If you could contact me with your number so we can...

Sent by Sara on 7/23/13

German, Boise, ID 83704

Hi. My name is A. B.. I'm college age. I took German in high school and my last level was German 201. I am interested in getting tutoring.

Sent by Allaina on 7/23/13

Reading, Sedalia, MO

Needing help for my son with reading he is going to be in second grade and testing at an early first grade level

Sent by Cj on 7/23/13

Revit, Atlanta, GA 30312

kyle, I am an architectural designer, work with autocad 2013, I took fundamentals of revit few years ago and never practiced. I need to get back in track and learn...

Sent by Carolina on 7/23/13

Grammar, Eagle River, AK

I'm interested in Enlish (grammar, oral fluency) . Please let me know if you are available. thank you

Sent by Maria on 7/23/13

Algebra 1, Victorville, CA

Hi, my daughter needs help with Algebra 1. I can only afford 2 hours per week. Does this sound like something you'd be interested in?

Sent by Shelley on 7/23/13

Statistics, Nashville, TN

Hi Satie, I am really stuck taking Statistics two during a summer term in college. I actually need to do 100 problems ranging from hypothesis testing, ANOVA...

Sent by Maria on 7/23/13

English Tutor, Alpharetta, GA

Hi Christy, My son is in 3rd grade. He need to be tutored in mily english-vocabulory,writting,reading and assist him in school english home work.

Sent by Bhavana on 7/23/13

Speed Reading, Lafayette, CO

Michelle my son is almost 15 years old. He will be in 9th grade this school year. He reads well, just really slowly. I want to hire a tutor who can work with him...

Sent by Nicole on 7/23/13

Act, Fayetteville, AR

My daughter did well on the math portion of the act 27, did ok on the others, 21,21 22 in English. We need to bring this up to a 25.

Sent by David on 7/23/13

Physiology, Long Island, NY

I need a tutor for the muscles of the body can u help me what that thank u

Sent by Maria on 7/23/13

Swimming, Des Moines, IA

Hi Somebody recommended you to me via CL. Do you still teach swimming class. I'm 30 and no experiences with swimming at all

Sent by Daniels on 7/23/13

Chemical Engineering, Sugar Land, TX 77479

Dr. Bharat, My daughter needs some support in Chemical engg. Can you provide solutions to past papers in Separation process fundamentals, and combined paper...

Sent by Shaik on 7/23/13

Swimming, Dover, NJ

Hi Joan! I am interested in taking swimming lessons. Do you have access to a pool to teach in?

Sent by Jeff on 7/23/13

Trigonometry, Port Charlotte, FL

are you available for asap Tutoring Trig. ? S.

Sent by Stacy on 7/23/13

Spanish, Sag Harbor, NY

Hi, Lauren: I am looking for a Spanish tutor for my 7th grade daughter, weekly or bi-weekly sessions between Aug 5-Sept 5. We live in Sag Harbor and will pay your...

Sent by Nelle on 7/23/13

Reading Comprehension, Philadelphia, PA

Hi Dana, my daughter has dyslexia and needs help with reading comprehension. Can you help? We live in the city. C.

Sent by Cheryle on 7/23/13

Spanish, Anchorage, AK 99508

My daughter, 13 year old wants to study Spanish right now. Can you e-mail me, please. Thank you.

Sent by Wook on 7/23/13

History, Raleigh, NC

Hi, my name is R., and I am a student at Millbrook high school. I am part of the IB programme, and have to read ''The Long Fuse'' by Lorraine.

Sent by Robin on 7/23/13

Rn, Houston, TX

Can you help me pass my TEAS part anatomy?

Sent by Deborah on 7/23/13

Praxis, Raleigh, NC

Hi there Melanie, I am taking the Fundamentals Content Knowledge and Curriculum and Instruction praxis ii exams on August 14th. I am in desperate need for some help!

Sent by Katie on 7/22/13

Calculus III, Orlando, FL

My son is a sophomore at UCF and needs help in calculus iii. Can you teach him. You can call me at (phone number available after purchase). Thanks.

Sent by Babuji on 7/22/13

Biology, Mission, TX

I need a tutor got my daughter you may contact via phone if you like (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Robert on 7/22/13

Spanish, Corvallis, OR

I work in sales in the food service industry, as you are probably aware Spanish is spoken in most kitchens. Being able to communicate better would improve relations...

Sent by Colin on 7/22/13

Act, Hendersonville, TN

Hello... I would love to speak with you about ACT prep in Math. My daughter struggled with her Math portion. She only scored a 21.

Sent by Lisa on 7/22/13

Cpa, Long Island, NY

Looking for CPA exam prep tutor. I have the becker materials, I need structure & explanation

Sent by Kara on 7/22/13

Spanish Tutoring, Saratoga Springs, NY

Hi Rula, I'm a 22 year old student from Brooklyn, but will be staying with my parents in Malta until August 20 recovering from hip surgery and was wondering if...

Sent by Amanda on 7/22/13

Isee, Seabrook, TX

We live in the Clear Lake area. We are currently homeschooling but will apply to Duchense Academy. They require the ISEE exam. I'd like to help my daughters (14...

Sent by Eileen on 7/22/13

Reading, Wyckoff, NJ

I am interested in finding a tutor to help my son increase his reading SAT score. He will be entering 11th grade with a rigorous schedule so decided to take the SAT...

Sent by Linda on 7/22/13

Physics, Media, PA

I am taking physics and need help, please contact me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Janay on 7/22/13

Math, Fort Benning, GA

I am a soldier in the u.s. Army and I will be getting out soon and going to school . It has been over 9 years since I have been in school and I need some help with...

Sent by Haley on 7/22/13

Thai, Chesterfield, MO

Hi Sarah, I am a 17 year old highschool student interested in learning how to speak and read Thai. I have done a lot of research and finding a class on Thai in St.

Sent by Cullen on 7/22/13

Math, English, Plainsboro, NJ

I need a tutor for my son, my phone number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Marjorie on 7/21/13

Mechanical Engineering, Houston, TX

I'm looking for tutoring in Mechanical Engineering course; can you please give me a call at (phone number available after purchase) or an email ASAP

Sent by Enye on 7/21/13

Math, Manitowoc, WI

We are in need of a tutor for our 9 year old daughter who will be entering 4th grade. She needs help in math.

Sent by Jenny on 7/21/13

Act, Auburndale, FL

Hi Theresa my son just graduate from high school half way he needs to pass the Act Reading he has taking the Act test 4 times and has not passed yet are aon has...

Sent by Vickey on 7/21/13

Chemistry, Santa Ana, CA

Hi, my girlfriend needs a chemistry tutor today in Santa Ana, please contact if you can help, thanks

Sent by Jonathan on 7/21/13

Table Tennis, Chicago, IL 60630

how much for lessons in table tennis & where do you play. Are you on north side?

Sent by Jim on 7/21/13

Accounting, Northridge, CA

Hi, My name is F.. I'm a CSUN student, and I need help with my 230 Accounting class. Can you help me out? Thanks.

Sent by Fahad on 7/21/13

Asvab, Philadelphia, PA

How are you doing? I was just browsing and came across your name for tutoring. I'm in need help with passing the asvab, my main problems are math problems.

Sent by Brett on 7/21/13

Usmle, Pasadena, CA

I failed USMLE Step1:( I need help to find my problem , solve it , recap and set for the exam as soon as possible

Sent by Hanan on 7/21/13

Math, Suwanee, GA

We need tutoring for math

Sent by Sam on 7/20/13

3D Computer Graphics, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Andrew, do you have any experience with Blender? It's an open source program similar to Maya. Is there a website/portfolio of your work I can see?

Sent by Sarah on 7/20/13

Nclex, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

I was wondering if you are still tutoring for the NCLEX. I just graduated in May 2013 and took my state boards July 15th and failed. I feel pretty devastated right now.

Sent by Carmen on 7/20/13

Algebra, Tallahassee, FL

Abbey, my email doesn't work,I can be reached only by telephone, so please call me, at any time, in (phone number available after purchase);

Sent by Maria on 7/20/13

C++, Sacramento, CA

Hello Ali! I am in dire need of a computer programming c++ tutor. I need you on monday for two hours, and then afterwards once a week for two hours as well.

Sent by Morgan on 7/20/13

Math, Newnan, GA

Hello I am scored a 28 on my math compass test and need to score a 37. Will be retesting on June 30th and would like to know if you have any experience in...

Sent by Brian on 7/20/13

Sat I, Georgetown, TX

Hi Kelly, You were referred to us by Vicki Ross. We are interested in learning more about your services. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Email is best.

Sent by Constance on 7/20/13

Accounting, Avon, IN

Hello Bill, I'm working on my MBA in Human Resources and I'm halfway through my 4 week accounting course through National University online.

Sent by Crystal on 7/20/13

Nclex Rn, Vancouver, WA 98662

Hi Melissa. My daughter has failed the NCLEX-RN exam twice and needs help. She just took the exam [2nd time] last Wednesday and the test stopped in 122 questions.

Sent by Mitch on 7/20/13

Arabic, Winnetka, CA

Hi, I need a tutor for my 12 year old sister. She needs to be tutored in math and arabic. She would like to start as soon as possible.

Sent by Ishmael on 7/20/13

Needed Tutor, Lake Mary, FL

Looking for Geometry tutor

Sent by Carmen on 7/20/13

Math, Elmira, NY

Hi Kimberlee, I am looking for a tutor for the summer and possibly throughout the school year for my 10 year old son. He struggles in math and reading.

Sent by Danielle on 7/20/13

Spelling, Reading, Vocabulary, Englewood, CO

Hi Daniel, Your profile looks very interesting. Would you be available to teach a 4th grader on spelling, vocabulary, and reading comprehension?

Sent by Sue on 7/20/13

Act, Duluth, GA

Hello I need help for my son for tutoring ACT all subjects. How much experience you had for ACT preps ? When can my son Start in your class for ACT ?

Sent by Ketan on 7/20/13

Cpa Exam, NJ

Located in Bergen County seeking tutor for CPS Exam Auditing. Will you Tutor via Skype?

Sent by Ira on 7/20/13

Nclex Rn, Homer Glen, IL

Do you do tutoring when to comes to help with taking the nclex-rn exam?

Sent by Katie on 7/19/13

Actuarial Science, Columbus, OH

I am a senior student at Ohio State majoring in Actuarial Science. I have basic communication skills, but I am looking to expand my vocabulary and systematically...

Sent by Tia on 7/19/13

Microsoft Excel, Pompano Beach, FL

Hi Giovanna, we wre trying to set an schedule for me for Micrsoft Excel from the other web site (url available after purchase) and i couldnt find you profile.

Sent by Mariana on 7/19/13

Stock Market, Hartford, CT

Hi. I am interested in learning how to trade stocks online.

Sent by Clarence on 7/19/13

Usmle, Quincy, MA 02169

Hi Doc, I am an IMG from Sydney, Australia trying to prepare for step 2. I am in need of desperate help with one on one tutoring and going via online questions...

Sent by Raj on 7/19/13

Adobe Photoshop, Baltimore, MD

I am interested in a one on one tutor to upgrade my photo skills as well as learning to use Photoshop. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks.

Sent by Rony on 7/19/13

Math Tutor, Huntsville, AL

I am taking Advance Engineering Mathematic need tutor. Do you tutor at this level.

Sent by Marcus on 7/19/13

Asvab, Dayton, OH 45431

I took he asvab and needed a 50 well i got a 49. I mostly need help on arithmetic and just the general stuff. I think i got a 47 in general and need a 57 for the job...

Sent by Rebecca on 7/19/13

Algebra, Wylie, TX

Hi Erin, I am in need of a tutor to help me learn algebra in order to take math 0310 this fall semester so that I can take science classes at Collin College.

Sent by Lori on 7/19/13

Nclex Rn, CT

Hello, My name is S.. I just recently took my NCLEX and was unsuccessful. What is your tutoring style? Have you worked with students before who have issues with...

Sent by Stephanie on 7/19/13

German, Saginaw, MI 48604

German tutor needed in Siginaw Michigan for next week. 30 hours or so.

Sent by Irina on 7/19/13

Math, Brentwood, CA

Hi Julie. This is B.- You tutored me while I was in a continuation school, helped tutor your son in martial arts. I recently decided to finally jump into law...

Sent by Brian on 7/19/13

Cpa, Indianapolis, IN 46250

I would like a tutor that can help me pass the FAR section of the CPA exam

Sent by Quaneshia on 7/18/13

Spanish, Akron, PA

Hi Mrs. Daniele M. - I am I am an adult looking for a Spanish tutor to help me get better with my language skills. I would say I am a high beginner student that...

Sent by Tonya on 7/18/13

Excel, Miami, FL

Sent by David on 7/18/13

Lsat, Wichita, KS

I am interested in LSAT tutoring and law school preparation. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Adam on 7/18/13

Latin, Givatym, Israel

Sent by Ori on 7/18/13

Physics, Saint Petersburg, FL

Hi, I'm a college student taking a print-based physics course over the summer and I would like some help going over the concepts and working on some problems.

Sent by Mirella on 7/18/13

Act, Russellville, AR

I'm looking for a tutor for my daughter to help her do better on her ACT. Would you be able to help? You can call me at (phone number available after purchase) ...

Sent by Michelle on 7/18/13

Nclex Rn, Goldens Bridge, NY 10526

Looking for help with my Nclex exam.

Sent by Michelle on 7/18/13

Biology, Columbus, OH

Hello Allison, I am interested in biology tutoring? How much do you charge? Thank you, F.

Sent by Fallon on 7/17/13

Statistics Tutor, San Diego, CA

hey i was wondering if i could get some tutoring for my stats class online. i go to cal state san bernardino and this is the second time a take this class but cant...

Sent by Dennise on 7/17/13

Nclex Rn, Commack, NY

I need help to pass the NCLEX Exam with one on one tutoring. I am very motivated to pass.

Sent by Ilene on 7/17/13

Science, Prairieville, LA

I need help in my college level science class.. It is earth science I am halfway through and I have made a D on both tests... I need help desperately

Sent by Jade on 7/17/13

Mcat, FL

Hi, I am currently searching for tutor to help me on the verbal section of the mcat. I see you tutor literature and the mcat, which is ideal.

Sent by Karla on 7/17/13

Finance, Kingwood, TX

I need help with Corporate Finance. Please let me know if this is a subject you can help with, and your availability Thanks

Sent by Carlos on 7/17/13

Calculus 2, Tyler, TX

Need help with Calculus 2. Currently taking it at TJC this summer session.

Sent by Diane on 7/17/13

Adhd, Littleton, CO

I am looking for a tutor for my 10 year old son with ADHD. Interested in summer tutoring as well as school year, focusing on improving motivation and study...

Sent by Tienne on 7/17/13

Adobe Illustrator, Delray Beach, FL

Need help with BASIC illustrator functions to cR.te line drawings... my cell is (phone number available after purchase) T. R.

Sent by Tripp on 7/17/13

Nursing Student, Overland Park, KS

Hi, Veronica. My daughter will be a Soph. at KU (Lawrence) this fall. She is a pre-nursing major. Gearing up to take Anatomy & lab with Professor McLeod.

Sent by Mary on 7/17/13

Spanish, Austin, TX 78738

spanish tutor for two kids

Sent by Christine on 7/17/13

CLEP Introductory Psychology, Buffalo, NY

Hi Erica, I liked what I saw in your profile. I am looking for a one-on-one lesson to help me on my CLEP exam for Introductory Psychology.

Sent by Mike on 7/17/13

Economics, Phoenix, AZ

I am looking for someone to help tutor me and prepare me for a managerial economics final I have coming up. I have practice tests, I just need someone to explain...

Sent by Daniel on 7/16/13

Algebra Functions Measurements In Geometry And Algebra1, Selma, CA

I need help with algebra functions measurement in geometry algebra 1 , I was not able to walk with my graduation class at Buchannan high school because...

Sent by Betsy on 7/16/13

Nclex Rn, Atlanta, GA

Hello I am looking for tutoring for nclex-rn me and group of my peers have all failed the exam the first time and looking to set up group sessions.

Sent by Ebony on 7/16/13

Geometry, Dublin, CA

Need Summer School and later HS math tutor for my son.

Sent by Bill on 7/16/13

Education, Greensboro, NC

Hello Mrs.Smith, I was intrigued by your profile. I wanted to see if you are interested in tutoring my children. I have a 8 year old who is going into the 3rd grade...

Sent by Zaneta on 7/16/13

Chemistry, South Windsor, CT 06074

Mrs. Foley, I am looking for a chemistry tutor for my son who will be taking AP Chemistry next year. We live in South Windsor CT.

Sent by Nagee on 7/16/13

Elementary Alegebra/college Math, Universal City, TX

Hi! am looking for a tutor for my granddaughter who ives in universal city,tx. she is starting San Antonio college next month and needs help with her elementary...

Sent by Connie on 7/16/13

Italian, Honolulu, HI 96830

Hello, my name is M. and I am an Italian manager. I'll be in the islands hawaii August 8 to 25. What my program? Improve my understanding of the English language...

Sent by Marco on 7/16/13

General Chemistry, Northampton, MA

Hi Sara my name is M. and I am looking into getting my daughter a tutor to help her complete two courses she is having to do to get credits for the classes...

Sent by Marie on 7/16/13

Statistics, Mount Pleasant, PA

Hello Julie I was wondering if you are available tomorrow for a session. I have a statistics test Thursday and I desperately need some help!

Sent by Jenna on 7/16/13

Spanish, Isabela, Pr

Hello, Wanted to know your availability during school calendar year. I will be moving to Isabella and will need a Spanish tutor for my three boys, 6, 8...

Sent by Frances on 7/16/13

Teas, Anaheim, CA

Hi, I need help in studying for the TEAS and would like to know if you could help me and how much it will cost. Thank you.

Sent by Kobby on 7/16/13

Software Engineering, Seattle, WA 98121

hi i request u to send me history of softoware engineering starting 168 up to know

Sent by Mohamed on 7/16/13

Nclex Rn, Chicago, IL

Do you teach NCLEX testing? My son failed the test TWICE.

Sent by Donald on 7/15/13

Mechanics Of Deformable Solids, Phoenix, AZ

Hello I was wondering if you tutor students taking Deformable Solids at ASU? Please email me as soon as you could! Thank you!

Sent by Ahmed on 7/15/13

Anatomy And Physiology, Hackettstown, NJ

We are looking for a tutor skilled in teaching our sophomore at RVCC anatomy and physiology. You listed anatomy as one of the subjects you teach, but your rate is...

Sent by Rosie on 7/15/13

Nclex Rn, Buffalo, NY

Hi I graduated 6 months ago and I feel I would do better with some help can u email please thanks

Sent by Sanika on 7/15/13

Grammar, Snellville, GA

Hello, my name is A. M. and I have two sons 12 and 13 years old. I need a dependable tutor that will assist me with teaching them.

Sent by Alicia on 7/15/13

Praxis, Dunmore PA

I emailed before my daughter needs a tutor for the praxis in social studies please email or call (phone number available after purchase) thank you

Sent by Roseann on 7/15/13

Calculus 3, Northport, NY

Hello Doctor I need help in colleG.e Calc 3 - multivariable. It is a summer session, only one month lonG. and the material proG.resses too quickly.

Sent by Robert on 7/15/13

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Physics, Davis, CA

Looking for a physics tutor in Classical Physic 9A, you are available right away. Please contact me.

Sent by Rosa on 7/15/13

Statistics, Park Ridge, IL

Hello Brian. I need some help with a mock statistics take home exam next week for my MBA. Can u help me?

Sent by Kostas on 7/15/13

Speech, Webster, NY

Hello! I'm new to the area. My son is going into the second grade at Webster Plank North and is in need of a Speech/Reading Tutor.

Sent by Toy on 7/15/13

Reading Act Test Prep, Cocoa Beach, FL

We live in cocoa beach. My son needs test prep in reading act for the test in September. Are you available?

Sent by Noelle on 7/15/13

College Algebra, Oxnard, CA

Hi, I need some serious math help. I have a test tuesday and I missed multiple lessons. please reply asap. I have classes 11-2 and 5-7 tomorrow.

Sent by Ismael on 7/15/13

Dance, Knoxville, TN

We are looking for help with jumps/stretching for my 11 year old daughter. Thanks!

Sent by Amy on 7/15/13

Differential Equations, Houston, TX

want to prepare for Defferntial equation.

Sent by Abdul on 7/15/13

Anatomy, Phoenix, AZ

Hi, I am a college student and taking an online human anatomy course. I was interested in going over some lab materials before I submit it. I live in 36st and Van buren.

Sent by Ikram on 7/14/13

History (world), Fayetteville, GA

hi, i am interested in tutoring for my daughter in ap world history summer work.if u can help her, please email me with your fee and availability. thanks

Sent by Rukhsana on 7/14/13

Real Estate, Scottsdale, AZ

I am looking for a long term tutor to guide me through Real Estate school and exam

Sent by Lena on 7/14/13

College, Papillion, NE

I am currently attending UNL and majoring in elementary education. I have been selected to be in the teaching program but along with that I have to take...

Sent by Taylor on 7/14/13

Histology, Raleigh, NC

Hi, I am taking a histology course online for summer school. I was wondering if you would be willing to tutor me? Thank you, N.

Sent by Nick on 7/14/13

Statistics, Terre Haute, IN 47803

I need you to help me for Business statistics class with homework and quizzes. Can you help me to do it?

Sent by Salahhhobi on 7/14/13

Romanian, Saint Louis, MO 63124

I need to learn Romanian quickly for military purposes. :)

Sent by Sean on 7/14/13

Pre Calculus, Atlanta, GA

Hi, I am getting ready to take Precalcus and I have no background in Trigonometry which is what the topic suggests. I need to get ahead for the fall semester.

Sent by Marcos on 7/14/13

Microsoft Project, Wilmington, DE

Hi James! My son, Justin, is 16 years old and homeschooled. We are currently using teaching text book Algebra 2. I have no issue with the subject matter...

Sent by Joyce on 7/14/13

Japanese, Mobile, AL

Looking for a Japanese tutor.

Sent by April on 7/13/13

Nclex Rn, Middle Village, NY

Hi I need help passing my nclex exam. Unfortunately I have taken it 3 times and still haven't passed I really need your help

Sent by Nicole on 7/13/13

Earth Science, Cortlandt Manor, NY

Please call me (phone number available after purchase) Thanks.

Sent by Shari on 7/13/13

Reading, Southampton, NY

I am interested in contacting Nicole L as a reading tutor for my almost 8yo son. We will be in Southampton for the month of August.

Sent by Sydney on 7/13/13

Lsat, Miami, FL

I was wondering if you could call me to discuss possible LSAT tutoring. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ernie on 7/13/13

Adobe Photoshop, Atlanta, GA

Help! I need a tutorial assistance for an end of the term project. A composite and cinema graph using Adobe Photoshop. I need someone right away.

Sent by Jean on 7/13/13

1st Grade, Gainesville, GA

Hi Rachel I'm looking for a tutor to help my six yrs old son before he starts first grade just to freshen him up

Sent by Angie on 7/13/13

Tax, Fort Lee, NJ

Hi Steve, I'm also in school taking a class in taxation and need help on a case concerning the "Net Operating Loss." Thank you, and are you available this weekend...

Sent by Jane on 7/12/13

Geometry, Springfield, VA

I am bad at geometry, so I need help. What's your fees.

Sent by Bisma on 7/12/13

Algebra, Irving, TX

Hello Llewellyn, I am looking for a tutor for Math 1302 which I will be taking at UTA beginning 8/19. I am also looking for someone who can help my daughter with...

Sent by Amy on 7/12/13

Essay, Marion, MA

I am in the process of looking for a tutor whom could help me write a summer essay. This is a history essay for an AP 11th grade history class.

Sent by Mia on 7/12/13

Adobe Illustator, Portland, OR 97211

Hi. I'm looking for a tutor for my daughter to learn Adobe Illustrator so she can do web design. Do you travel to downtown Portland?

Sent by Lori on 7/12/13

Pathophysiology, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Sharis, If you are familiar with pathophysiology, please let me know. Thanks. S.

Sent by Sasha on 7/12/13

Java, Carlsbad, CA

I need help with my Java class. Are you available immediately?

Sent by Carol on 7/12/13

Powerpoint, Charlotte, NC

Hi Terri: My wife is doing a PowerPoint presentation (with music) as a friend's memorial and is having trouble. We live in Myers Park.

Sent by Lee on 7/12/13

Speed Reading, Shrewsbury, MA

I am looking for a tutor who could help my 16 years old daughter increasing her reading speed. She is entering her 10th grade of home school programs by the coming fall.

Sent by Linda on 7/12/13

Romanian, CO

I want to learn how to speak Romanian. I want to be able to hold a steady conversation by this time next year!

Sent by Elise on 7/12/13

Comptia A+, Cockeysville MD, 21030

Hi, I am trying to get my CompTia A+ Certification. I have taken classes for it and studied on my own yet I seemed to fail the exam, are you able to mentor or A+?

Sent by William on 7/12/13

Esl, Bronx, NY

Good Afternoon, Our company is interested in sponsoring ESL classes for one of our team members. The schedule could be discussed between you and the student...

Sent by Yasmin on 7/12/13

Spanish, Moreno Valley, CA

I am looking for a tutor for my 3 year old son who will be 4 in September please call If interested (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Raashaud on 7/12/13

Statistics, Menifee, CA

Hi, Where are you located at? I need a Statistics tutor I am in Menifee, are you willing to travel? Thanks

Sent by Sandra on 7/12/13

Algebra Tutor, Malvern, PA

dop you have any review program for Algebra 1- my duaghter took algebra 1 but did not do well. she is taking algebra 2 in september would like a review course for...

Sent by Elizabeth on 7/12/13

Reading, Saint Francisville, LA

I need a tutor to help an 8th grade student with reading and writing. Thank you, A.

Sent by Alyssa on 7/12/13

Public Speaking, Columbus, OH

Hello, I am looking for someone to help my 14 year old son get comfortable speaking to strangers about his racing career. He needs to be able to represent himself in...

Sent by Greyson on 7/12/13

Basketball, Saint Louis, MO

Hello. I am looking for someone to teach my son how to play basketball. Please, let me know if you are available. Thank you. E. M. (phone number available after...

Sent by Eden on 7/11/13

PhD In Business - Structural Equation Modeling, El Paso, TX

Hi Chris, I'm finishing up my dissertation at Rutgers, but live here in El Paso. Can you help with structural equation modeling (SEM)?

Sent by Sean on 7/11/13

Calculus, Durham, NC 27713

I am trying to find the right tutor for my daughter for Calculus class. If you have time and interest, please let me know and we can discuss in details. Thanks, V..

Sent by Vedha on 7/11/13

Praxis, Caldwell, ID, 83607

How good would you be at making me pass the praxis 2 for elementary?

Sent by Leah on 7/11/13

Accounting, Tallahassee, FL

Hello, I am taking financial accounting and reporting 2(ACG3111) this summer. If you are able to tutor in that subject please let me know.

Sent by Farhan on 7/11/13

Digital Arts, Miami, FL

Dear Mr. Alvarado, I am a student in Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, I study Computer Animation but I have no digital skills therefore I need...

Sent by Marianna on 7/11/13

Computer Tutor, New York, NY 10001

Do you teach dreamweaver?

Sent by Victor on 7/11/13

Statistics, Spring, TX

Im currently in need of immediate help with Probabillity and Statistics. Please inform me if you are available. Thank you for your time.

Sent by Carolina on 7/11/13

Usmle Step 1, Elmhurst, NY 11373

Hi I am in need of a step 1 tutor. If you are available please let me know. Thanks

Sent by Raj on 7/11/13

Molecular Biology, Cranston, RI

I need some help with my molecular homework. I can meet you at any coffee shop near you.

Sent by Ahmad on 7/11/13

Javascript, Blacksburg, VA

I would like to learn how to design and create an aesthetically pleasing web site using HTML5, javascript, PHP, and Jquery, and integrate these elements.

Sent by Michael on 7/11/13

Asvab, Boise, ID

Bill, please contact me right away. My son needs some help with ASVABs. He is taking the test July 23. He can meet, evenings and weekends. I am 09. R. C.

Sent by Robin on 7/11/13

Elem. Homework, Los Fresnos, TX

Hello, i am looking around for a tutor to help at my child care center M-F for 1 hour. 3-4 in los fresnos Just to help the kids complete there homework after school.

Sent by Nadia on 7/11/13

Biochemistry, Royal Oak, MI

Hi Veronica, My son is a first year dental student who unfortunately has to repeat the year because of biochemistry! After an incredibly exhausting year this is...

Sent by Jeanne on 7/11/13

Spanish, Breckenridge, CO

Good morning: I will be in Breck for about 3 weeks from 5th July. My son is 15 and usually at school in the UK. He is studying for his GCSE in Spanish...

Sent by Donna on 7/11/13

Bio, Philadelphia, PA

I will be taking Bio 101 at Penn next semester cellular, genetics, meiosis, plant etc you can look it up on the Penn webb. I work very hard, but I need quite...

Sent by Danielle on 7/11/13

Heat Transfer, Sugar Land, TX 77479

Hello Dr. Bharat, My daughter needs some support in Heat transfer and Thermodynamics for her first year Chemical engg course. She is doing it from Nottingham uni...

Sent by Shaik on 7/11/13

Mandarin, Novato, CA

Hi Sunny I am interested in having my 7 and 12 year old sons to learn Mandrian. I live in Novato,ca. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by David on 7/11/13

English Tutor Mullica Hill Nj 08062, Mullica Hill, NJ

My name is Maxwell and I have a daughter named R. who is 11 years old and wants help in English reading and writing

Sent by Ruwa on 7/10/13

Nclex Rn, Tracy Ca

I need for nclex rn tutour. can you help me. thx

Sent by Taran on 7/10/13

Precalculus, Succasunna, NJ

Hi Peter, I am currently taking Precalculus at CCM and did not think I would need a trainer until now, with two weeks remaining.

Sent by Amanda on 7/10/13

English, Orlando, FL

Hello, I can't see your phone number. The study time is about 1 and half an hour for 2 kids and The tutoring day will be Mon, Wen, Fri between 3:00 pm and 4:30 pm.

Sent by Hyanglim on 7/10/13

English, Lufkin, TX

Hi Bruce I am looking for an English tutor for my husband who is a software professional with grammar, vocabulary and accent reduction.

Sent by Naaz on 7/10/13

Trigonometry, Waxahachie, TX

Hello, I enrolled in a summer semester Trig class and think I might have gotten in a little over my head. I took College Algebra in the spring but I def need help.

Sent by Tyler on 7/10/13

Maths, Clinton, MS 39056

Hey Rebekah! Hope you are doing fine. If you can contact me regarding tutoring maths. I am looking for help. My number is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Mohsen on 7/10/13

English, West Hills, 91304

Hi Karen, I need an English tutor to improve my speaking and correct my pronunciation. How can I call you?

Sent by Soudabeh on 7/10/13

Geometry, East Meadow, NY

I currently need a math tutor for my 14y/o daughter who is entering 10th grade at Holy trinity HS, in the fall september.

Sent by Paul on 7/10/13

Spanish, Warrenville, IL

I am looking for a teacher who will teach one 30 minute Spanish session/wk at our preschool to a group of up to 8 2-5 year-olds. Please contact me if you are interested.

Sent by Jennifer on 7/10/13

All, Fernandina Beach, FL

hi my name is F. i have a 6year old boy i need help with if u can give me a call thank you (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Fred on 7/10/13

Anatomy, Park Ridge, IL

Hey Jennifer, I am looking for a tutor for Anatomy&Physiology (one class) for the fall semester. I have taken this class twice before and not passed and I need...

Sent by Kara on 7/10/13

Organic Chemistry, Houston, TX

Hello, I am looking for someone to help tutor me in organic chem 1. I am a premedical student trying to do well for my upcoming class in the fall.

Sent by Jesse on 7/10/13

English, Racine, WI

Dear Christine, I am in need for an experienced business english teacher in Racine WI for my company. Please send me your resume. Thank you.

Sent by Andriana on 7/10/13

Clep, Atlanta, GA

My son is nearing his orientation date at West GA and has an opportunity to take advantage of CLEP. I would like to schedule a call with if you have time this wk.

Sent by Felton on 7/9/13

Tutoring For Itles, Duluth, GA

I am a saudi student preparing to take the itles exam, and would like tutoring for the next 3 weeks if possible, I'm living in Duluth now, and i attend mercer...

Sent by Othman on 7/9/13

Human Resources, Bronx, NY

I am looking for a tutor in Human Resources in the Bronx area.

Sent by Jacqueline on 7/9/13

Math, Chandler, AZ 85224

My daughter needs tutoring in math. She is entering her junior year in high school. Please let me know your availability. 5:00PM on Mondays would work.

Sent by John on 7/9/13

Asvab, Canoga Park, CA

Hello, I would like to meet you in person to get it know you better and also the other way around. I am wanting a tutor for the ASVAB mainly needing help...

Sent by Toni on 7/9/13

Revit LT Tutor, Los Angeles, CA 90010

I am interested in Revit LT for our small firm which focus on commercial space planning and as-built work. Looking for tutor for my partner, Linda...

Sent by Gary on 7/9/13

Violin, Pearland, TX

I need violin lesson for a 10 year old and a 6 years old in Shadow Creek Ranch/Pearland. They are beginners. Please give me a call at (phone number available after...

Sent by Minh on 7/9/13

Quicken, Cedarhurst, NY

B"H Hello My wife and I use quicken We need help with using some of the features, etc. Do you know of someone local to us or would you be willing to come...

Sent by Monte on 7/9/13

Immunology, El Cerrito, CA 94530

I have 4 completed immunology assignments. I need someone who can go through my completed assignments to see if they are correct.

Sent by Luxhman on 7/9/13

Statistics, Healdsburg, CA

Hi: I am a Library Media online graduate student. I need help with statistics and live in Healdsburg, CA. My email is: (email available after purchase) My...

Sent by Katy on 7/9/13

Nclex Rn, Indianapolis, IN

I need a tutor to prepare for the nclex-rn exam. Thanks.

Sent by Shannon on 7/9/13

Accounting, 19406

Hello dear tutor Are you available to teach a student (college year 3, Zip code: 19406) the basics of Accounting? This student needs help to understand...

Sent by Kw on 7/9/13

Apple Computer, Melville, NY

I want to give my partner 3 lessons private in our home (Melville) on the use of Safari and improving skills in email w/optimum. We are retired and would prefer...

Sent by Frank on 7/8/13

Statistics, Long Island, NY

Hi Jen I am in desperate need of a tutor to help with SPSS data analysis in my doctoral statistics class. I only have 3 weeks left of the class but the last few...

Sent by Laura on 7/8/13

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Spss, Gainesville, FL

Call me ASAP (phone number available after purchase) will pay a lot need spss help aap

Sent by Anna on 7/8/13

Information Systems, High Point, NC

Hi Interested in finding someone to help my UNC W student with an online Information System business class. Would you be able to help with this type of study?

Sent by Cindy on 7/8/13

English & Math, Columbia, SC

I am looking for a tutor for my 9 yr old son in the areas of English and Math. He will be going into 4th grade in the fall. My phone number is (phone number...

Sent by Gina on 7/8/13

Algebra, Menifee, CA

I am looking for a Algebra tutor for my son asap to help him get through summer school. Please let me know your best rates and availibitly.

Sent by Lisa on 7/8/13

Praxis, Lexington, KY

my daughter is taking the praxis1 and has passed all but math section , she has taken it several times her score is just not going past a 170 .

Sent by Stephanie on 7/8/13

Act Tutor, Brooklyn NY

Hi, I need help with english reading questions. I'm in grade 11. I would like to do it online.

Sent by Jessie on 7/8/13

Nclex Rn, San Leandro, CA

I want to study the book n for all nclex prep . I want to start as soon .

Sent by Navjot on 7/8/13

Sas, Ashland, KY 41101

Hi, I am using SAS OnDemand for a multivariate statistiC.s C.ourse. I am not able to write the programs in SAS to do my homework.

Sent by Kelley on 7/8/13

Physics, Farmingville, NY

hello. looking for a regents physics tutor for my son starting in sept. what is your availability?

Sent by Suzanne on 7/8/13

Organic Chemistry, Saint Louis, MO

Hi, can you please reply me if you are interested to totor my sophmore pre-med daughter at home. Thank you

Sent by Radha on 7/8/13

Russian, Slidell, LA

I am a Captain with the New Orleans Police Department and part of an International Association of Police. Two years ago, I met a woman from Volgograd, Russia.

Sent by Eric on 7/8/13

Gmat, Hackensack, NJ

I live in Hackensack NJ and plan to take the GMAT in the upcoming months. Given my schedule, I would like one-on-one tutoring and would like to know your rate...

Sent by Joanita on 7/8/13

Spanish, Reno, NV

Hey! I'm looking for a spanish tutor/teacher for my daughter. Text me if you know of someone who is available during the week for 4+ hours..

Sent by Molly on 7/8/13

Nclex Rn, Sacramento, CA

Hi, actually I failed nclex rn three times I don't know where I start to prepare again.I really want to pass this test . I need your help let me know when...

Sent by Satinder on 7/8/13

Chinese Brush Painting And Water Color, Chesterfield Mo 63017

Chinese Brush Painting and water color are my passion. Are you close to Chesterfield, MO for classes (phone number available after purchase) M. H. Thank you

Sent by Marcy on 7/7/13

Calculus, Folsom, CA

I would like to have Calculus-1 Tutoring for my son. Please email me your contact information,

Sent by Mona on 7/7/13

Biochemistry, Sioux Falls, SD

My Name is M.. Going school for nursing at SDSU Please let me know what days your available. I tried to study Biochemistry 108 on my own. Never get it!

Sent by Missy on 7/7/13

Mechanical Engineering, Portland, OR

hello abdullah I need help in correcting my exam for engineering statics couse. so if you can help me in that subject please let me know. Thanks, A.

Sent by Ali on 7/7/13

Algebra 2, Laurinburg, NC

My daughter is taking algebra 2 online and we need some help. Would you please call us as soon as possible (phone number available after purchase). Thank you

Sent by Patricia on 7/7/13

Chemistry, Cleveland, OH

Please call me at (phone number available after purchase). Do you tutor CHEM 106 for Case Western Reserve Students? Thanks. S.

Sent by Sue on 7/7/13

Autocad, Weston, FL

hello, please contact me asap i need help with autocad, i just started using the program and i have an assignment due tuesday at 6pm (phone number available after...

Sent by Andrea on 7/7/13

Nclex Rn, Sacramento, CA

Hi,actually i took nclex rn three time .but i could not clear.i really want to pass this test .Let me know what is the cost of this test and what time you are...

Sent by Satinder on 7/7/13

Home Schooling, San Antonio, TX

Hello Chelsea, our family lives in the Dominican Republic and we will be visiting the children's grandparents in San Antonio during July 10 thru 31.

Sent by Hugo on 7/7/13

Usmle, Minneapolis, MN

Hi Dr. Mohan, I am interested in getting more information regarding tutoring for the USLME. I am an American currently in medical school in Spain and have scheduled...

Sent by Sara on 7/7/13

Hindi, Port Monmouth, NJ 07758

Hi / Namaste, I wonder Do you learn / teach Hindi too ? Look forward to hearing from you. Have a nice time, tc, bye, M. C.

Sent by Mukund on 7/6/13

Elementary, Spelling, Falmouth, MA

Hi Karen, I am looking for an elementary tutor to work on spelling with my 8 year old daughter, especially applying it in her writing. Thank you, R.

Sent by Rachel on 7/6/13

Adobe Photoshop, Boston, MA

Hi Sandra, I am interested in an intermediate photoshop tutoring session. I live in the back bay and would appreciate it if you would contact me. Thanks very much.

Sent by Ferguson on 7/6/13

Math, Henrietta, NY

I would like to get math tutoring for Payton my granddaughter, who is 8 years old and going in the 4th grade. She is here for the summer.

Sent by Valerie on 7/6/13

Physics, Chapel Hill, NC

Are you available the next two weeks to tutor HS physics? Thank you.

Sent by Diane on 7/6/13

ACT, Austin, TX 78731

Received your name from Hank Ewert. Looking for an ACT/SAT tutor for my son. Do you have any availability? Thanks.

Sent by Lisa on 7/6/13

Preschool Tutor At Home, Provo, UT

Hi, I am wondering if you could help my 2 grandchildren 31/2 and 41/2 yrs. old to learn to read.

Sent by Hellen on 7/6/13

Physics, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Hi Peter I dont live in US, but will be in CA for 6-8 weeks. I never took physics or trig in school and now my career requires that I understand most basics.

Sent by on 7/6/13

Project Management, Tampa, FL

Please contact me regarding your tutoring services in Microsoft Project and Advanced Word and Excel. I can be reached at (phone number available after purchase). C.

Sent by Clemmie on 7/6/13

Computer, Shallotte, NC

I have some knowledge of computer skills, however I need tutoring on how set up presentations using power point. I also have Microsoft word on my computer so if...

Sent by Ella on 7/6/13

Physics, Denver, CO 80215

Hello My husband and I need help. we need Physics in the court room August 5th at 1:00 p.m. Last Friday, in slow moving traffic, on Dry creek and Willow...

Sent by Felicia on 7/6/13

Algebra, Ridgefield, WA

My wife and I are looking for a tutor for our son who is talking a summer credit recovery class. 1st semester advanced algebra. He needs someone to bounce questions...

Sent by Alfredo on 7/6/13

Chemistry, Lexington, KY

I am looking for a general chemistry tutor.

Sent by Stefanie on 7/5/13

Math Models, Flower Mound, TX

Personal high school math Models A & B tutoring for 17 yr old boy. Is taking online class and needs help with home work. He is finishing section A and soon will move...

Sent by Virginia on 7/5/13

Asp.net, Visalia, CA

I'm looking for someone who can sit with me and show how to develop a mobile app using (url available after purchase) mvc jquery json kendo ui (and maybe mustache.js).

Sent by John on 7/5/13

Accounting, Oxnard, CA

Sir, I need tutoring for my class of managerial accounting that is being held at Devry this semester. Can you please help me with that!

Sent by Misael on 7/5/13

Speech Voice, Blue Ridge, GA

My voice seems to have always been somewhat "shrill"- if that is a proper word- and I am getting worse as I age. I do not want to sing, I need help such as that...

Sent by Ruby on 7/5/13

Reading, Thibodaux, LA

I live in vacherie and have two girls.I would like to start getting them ready for school in August by getting you as a reading tutor. Let me kno if you can help.

Sent by Holly on 7/5/13

Praxis, Paramus, NJ

Hello, I am interested in getting tutored for the Praxis II Middle School Math exam that is coming up soon. I know the Praxis is not a subject you tutor...

Sent by Vicky on 7/5/13

Spanish, Vienna, VA

I am a middle-aged fund manager with investments in Latin America. I speak French and can read moderately well business Spanish but need conversational ability and...

Sent by Brad on 7/5/13

Math, Firestone, CO

Hi Heather- My name is A. and I am looking to brush on math for the accuplacer test at Frcc. I am preparing to take it in August, I also have the guidelines...

Sent by Amy on 7/5/13

Math, Racine, WI 53405

hi, i need help with algebra 2 questions. I would like to do it online.

Sent by Jessie on 7/5/13

Microsoft Outlook, Culver City, CA

hi, I just need help to learn word, access, outlook, basic, pls call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Lady on 7/4/13

Algebra 1, Corfu, NY

Looking for an algebra tutor to prepare my daughter for algebra 1 regents mid Aug. Are you avail? We live in Corfu. Thanks.

Sent by Jo on 7/4/13

French, Bridgewater, NJ

i daughter in going to 10th grade this september,can you do online tutoring for her?please let me know how much you would chrge???

Sent by Chitra on 7/4/13

Computer, Whippany, NJ

I want to give a gift of computer instruction to my elderly, lucid and intellectual cousin living in Whippany, NJ. -- about twice a week -- until he can navigate...

Sent by Lynne on 7/4/13

Algebra, Tempe, AZ

Just E-mail me! interested n algebra , etc...

Sent by Juan on 7/4/13

Organic Chemistry, Tampa, FL

Good afternoon Sherrie, I am looking for a tutor for organic and anatomy as well.

Sent by Wilkens on 7/4/13

Microsoft Outlook, OR

I am looking for help with Outlook for Mac 2011. Do you do this?

Sent by Lola on 7/4/13

Education, Peoria, AZ

Hi Janet, I am looking for a tutor. My husband is 26 but has only several years of tutoring (no formal education) and needs to improve his reading, writing and spelling.

Sent by Jennifer on 7/3/13

Math, Walpole, MA

Looking for someone to help my two boys in Walpole ages 8 and 10 with math, reading and spelling. Please let me know if you can or can not help.

Sent by Robin on 7/3/13

Economics, Tallahassee, FL

Looking for some help with managerial Economics

Sent by Kelvin on 7/3/13

Java Tutor, Buffalo, NY

Hello was wondering if you have any experience in Java programming? Thank you sir. Please call me at 4440703.

Sent by Frank on 7/3/13

Add Adhd, Cincinnati, OH

Need LF certified tutor for several hours a week .

Sent by Mary on 7/3/13

Apple Computer, Greenville, SC

Hello Lynn, Do you offer tutoring help with Apple computers? I'm starting a new job soon that only uses Apple. Thank you.

Sent by Jason on 7/3/13

Korean, Chicago, IL

Hi there, are you still tutoring? You never know how old some of these website entries are so figured I'd check. If you are, I'm starting from scratch and live...

Sent by Bryan on 7/3/13

Ged, Raleigh, NC

Hey looking for someone to help me with GED testing extra prep. You can contact me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Courtney on 7/3/13

Finance, Silver Spring, MD

i need a tutor in finance for an upcoming comprehensive exam

Sent by Fumilayo on 7/3/13

Statistics, Oconomowoc, WI

Hello I am trying to find a tutor for statistics for next week. I am visiting family in Wisconsin and need help since I will be missing class.

Sent by Karissa on 7/3/13

Essay, Lees Summit, MO

Hi, I need for college exploratory essay for Eng 102. plz call me at (phone number available after purchase) or (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Mohsina on 7/3/13

Esl English 2nd Language, Kendall Park, NJ 08824

(url available after purchase) Hello Marcy L., I'm Emailing you in order to tell you that I'm looking for online real English (ESL) tutor (Via Skype)for my 11...

Sent by Khalid on 7/3/13

Algorithms, Thousand Oaks, CA

Hello Mr.Mike. I am student at CLU thousand oaks and I am taking an algorithm class this term.Since I started the class 4 weeks ago, I have been struggling with...

Sent by Yousef on 7/3/13

Reading Tutor, Trinity, NC 27370

Hi Mis Kim. My son Kaden needs halp in reading comp. I see that that is your major!! I had him tested at Sylvan, which is where I was going to have him go...

Sent by Miranda on 7/2/13

Adobe Dreamweaver, Santa Cruz, CA

Hi Debbie - I need some help with Dreamweaver CS6 and file management. I think we could accomplish this over the phone. thanks - S. (email available after purchase)

Sent by Stacy on 7/2/13

Powerpoint, Seattle, WA

Hi Whitney, I have done some power point before but it has always been a struggle. I have a project coming up and I need to be sure i can make it happen.

Sent by Wendy on 7/2/13

Math, Daytona Beach, FL

I'm trying to pass the math section of the FTCE test.. Can u help?

Sent by Marilyn on 7/2/13

Spanish, Haverhill, MA

Hi Carmen! I am currently taking Spanish 1 at UMass. I assumed this would be a beginner class, but I am falling more and more behind and need help.

Sent by Krystle on 7/2/13

Reading, Saint Louis, MO

I am looking for a tutor for my son entering his freshman year at chaminade. His struggles with reading and has poor standard test.

Sent by Mimi on 7/2/13

Hebrew, Albuquerque, NM 87192

I am attempting to learn the Hebrew language with Rosetta Stone. I'm looking for a local tutor that can help me periodically. Would you be interestE.?

Sent by Ed on 7/2/13

Math, Enfield, CT

My 10 year old daughter needs help with 5th grade math summer packet. Can you help with that? We live in Enfield.

Sent by Frances on 7/2/13

Ruby On Rails, New York, NY 10024

looking for help with Ruby.

Sent by Eric on 7/2/13

Special Education, East Brunswick, NJ

Hi Gillian, I have an 8 year-old non-verbal autistic son. We live in East Brunswick NJ. Are you willing to teach him speech and communication skills in weekends?

Sent by Shirley on 7/2/13

Swahili, Chicago, IL

Hi Thomas, I am potentially interested in tutoring in Swahili. I saw your rate for math tutoring was $40. I wondered if you would negotiate on that for...

Sent by Adam on 7/2/13

Mandarin, San Marino, CA

Hi Alice, We are looking for a mandarin tutor for our daughter to come once a week for an hour. If this works for you please email me so we can set up a time...

Sent by Carol on 7/2/13

Elementary Tutoring Basic Math, Bethlehem, GA

Hi Dana, I am looking for someone to tutor my son in Math. He will be entering the 6th grade & attends a private Christian school.

Sent by Kelly on 7/2/13

Mcat, Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Hi Leah, I'm looking for an MCAT tutor that can meet near Huntington , NY and can start ASAP. I took an MCAT on May 18th, but i did not do too well.

Sent by Taylor on 7/2/13

Anatomy, Philadelphia, PA

I'm a science major. I plan on attending nursing school, however I'm struggling in anatomy.. I have attempted this course more than two times..

Sent by Tiarah on 7/2/13

Italian, Wainscott, NY 11975

Looking for an Italian teach for my 9 yr old

Sent by Diana on 7/2/13

Reading, Levittown, PA

My son is five years old and getting ready to go into kindergarden. He has trouble with the letters of the alph. I also have noticed him reading numbers on...

Sent by Cori on 7/2/13

Accounting Tutor, Old Saybrook, CT

Hi Meghan I am looking for an accounting tutor for my son. He is taking a Financial Accounting at Uconn. Thanks K.

Sent by Ken on 7/1/13

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Statistics, New Orleans, LA

Hi Elizabeth, I am taking an online Introduction to Statistics course through a MOOC, and I am having a lot of difficulty comprehending (in particular...

Sent by Emily on 7/1/13

Accounting, Hartford, CT 06105

Hello Sharon! I'm taking a financial accounting class at Uconn, I'm a bit behind right now, wanted to see if I could get some help. I also go to BC!

Sent by Alex on 7/1/13

Finance, Gastonia, NC

need help with a summer finance class (5 weeks). My 1st time taking this class (1st series). 2-3 times a week

Sent by Nathan on 7/1/13

Math, Kennesaw, GA

hello my name is K. K. my little brother jay needs help for math sat prep we are located in kennesaw, georgia please contact me asap thank you for your time

Sent by Kevin on 7/1/13

Biology, Bakersfield, CA

I need you to help me answer some biology question. However, I need it in 2 hours. If you are able, callme. Six six one 9 one two- eight nine four nine. ASAP

Sent by Abdul on 7/1/13

Math, Medford, MA

tutor for 9th grade son and 12 grade son

Sent by Yonten on 7/1/13

Cpa, New York, NY 10021

I am a 2nd year auditor working for a big 4. Currently i have not passed any parts of the CPA, and have been unsuccessful in my attempts.

Sent by Jared on 7/1/13

Act Tutor, Lexington, KY

Hello Jason, I am looking for someone to tutor my daughter for the math and science portion of the ACT's. She is retaking on September. 21.

Sent by Jennifer on 7/1/13

Math Tutor, Salt Lake City, UT

Mamta, I have a 13 year old daughter who is very creative and VERY unfocused. She will be attending the Reid School for 8th grade. She is a year behind in math skills.

Sent by Jane on 7/1/13