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SAT Prep, Houston, TX

Need tutor for increase SAT score for my son.

Sent by Yasmin on 6/30/13

Piano, DeKalb, IL 60115

Do you know of anyone in Issaquah Washington state that is a good teacher of piano? Russian?

Sent by Rick on 6/30/13

French, Hickory Hills, IL

Hi Linda, I live in Hickory Hills so not far at all. Do you tutor out of your home in Worth? What days are you available? Is the $45/hr price negotiable.

Sent by Jennifer on 6/30/13

Algebra, Plainsboro, NJ 08536

Hi Bhamati, I am looking for a algebra 2 tutor for my daughter. She is a Class ten student at WWPHS south. We are residing at Plainsboro.

Sent by Alok on 6/30/13

Differential Equation, Austin, TX 78734

i need help with diffi q.. please get back to me asap.. preferably today

Sent by Nina on 6/30/13

German, nc

I want to recite my wedding vows in Deutsch by 3 Aug 2013.

Sent by Erinn on 6/30/13

English, Albany, GA

Hello I am interested in being tutored for the GED exam. The English section is what I want to prepare for. Thanks, Kim

Sent by Kimberly on 6/30/13

Asvab, Circleville, OH

I need help with the Asvab test the math part and little bit of the eniglish part I have a book to go on

Sent by Donnie on 6/30/13

Math, Lake Stevens, WA

Hello, we are looking for a Tudor for my son, he's 18 yrs old and is going to be starting the youth re-engagement program at Everett comm.

Sent by Jay on 6/30/13

Pharmacology, Cleveland, OH

Hi name is G.. I live in the west side suburban Cleveland area. I realize you are in Mason, but I am willing to travel to you weekly because I really would like...

Sent by Gretchen on 6/30/13

Microsoft Project, Hickory, NC

Elizabeth: Good afternoon I am looking to expand my current excel skills and also Microsoft projects. I would be interested in speaking with you on these courses.

Sent by Craig on 6/29/13

Computer, Aliso Viejo, CA

Hi, Are you able to teach beginning programming to a middle school student? His interest is in games. It could even be using free programming like scratch or Alice.

Sent by Joanie on 6/29/13

Biology, Visalia, CA

Hello my name is J. and I just graduated high school and I'm pursuing a BS in biology I am in need of some tutoring to brush up on my biology. Any help is appreciated.

Sent by Jason on 6/29/13

Spss, Memphis, TN

Hi Alena, I'm an ABD at U of M, looking for a co-author for a psychometric article. You advertised your writing skills, that's why I'd like to talk with you.

Sent by Vladimir on 6/29/13

Accounting, Tucson, AZ

Looking for tutor in acct Need appt ASAP Thank you

Sent by Derek on 6/28/13

Statistics, Kailua Kona, HI

Aloha, I need help with my online statistics course im taking this summer. If you could be of assistance please let me know!

Sent by Ryan on 6/28/13

Reading, Peoria, AZ 85381

Hi Janet, my husband needs once a week tutoring in his reading, spelling and writing. Its a long story but he was unable to receive a formal education but was...

Sent by Jennifer on 6/28/13

Numerical Analysis, Irvine, CA

I'm going into my 4th year at UC Davis and I would like to find someone who can prepare me for numerical analysis. The book that I will be using is the 9th edition...

Sent by Sean on 6/28/13

Chemistry (general), Tujunga, CA

Hello 3857 I need help with my calculations for inorganic chemistry 202 (102) lab calculations for iodine clock, and kinetic worksheet-several problems and more.

Sent by Hamlet on 6/28/13

Math, Watertown, NY

I will be taking a tabe test and weak at math I would need some help and the test is july 8th 2013 so I have about a week could you help me or recommened someone...

Sent by Kim on 6/28/13

English, Saint Louis, MO

Hi, this is A. and i would like to get some on my case study that i have to write a paper about. You can email me at (A.) then type this number(1266) then type @(url...

Sent by Anas on 6/28/13

Geometry, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Heidi. I am looking for a geometry tutor for my 15 year old daughter. Are you experienced in geometry? We live in Westwood. Let me know if you are available.

Sent by Michele on 6/28/13

Clep Chemistry, Bronx, NY

Hi I am looking for help in preparing for the chemistry CLEP exam. My knowledge of chemistry is minimal however I need chemistry in order to be able to pursue...

Sent by Tomica on 6/28/13

Writing, Newton, MA

Would like someone to help my daughter in writing her college essay during July/August timeframe.

Sent by Patrice on 6/28/13

Math, Burke, VA

I am interested in having you as a Math Tutor for my daughter who is a rising junior at TJ. Please give us a call at (phone number available after purchase)(HOME)...

Sent by Suma on 6/28/13

Usmle, Brooklyn, NY

Hi Snow. I'm interesting in private in-person tutoring for USMLE Step 2 CK. Please, let me know all details. Thank you.

Sent by Stella on 6/28/13

Esl, Miramar,Fl

Sent by Alvaro on 6/28/13

Biology, Fort Myers, FL

HI Crystal, I need a tutor to help me kick start my studying for the FTCE in biology. I graduated with my Masters in Education but have no biology background.

Sent by Elizabeth on 6/28/13

Algebra, Hollywood, FL

I just started my summer semester of algebra online, and need desperate help if I want to pass this class. Please help!

Sent by Tina on 6/28/13

Drawing, Chicago, IL

Hi Eric, I am looking for drawing tutor for my young kids, If you are interested, pls email me and we live in Hyde Park. Thanks, J.

Sent by Jane on 6/28/13

Dance, Maryville, TN

My wife owns a gym and dance studio. If interested in working for us email me a resume. Thanks

Sent by Robert on 6/28/13

Microsoft Access, Long Island, NY

Hi, i have been using MS Access for 15 years, for business. I am trying to write an Accounts Receivable P.rogram, but have run into a reP.ort grouP. summing P.roblem.

Sent by Fred on 6/27/13

Computer, Atlanta, GA

Marcia: I'm looking for someone to upgrade my pc skills. I live in the Brookhaven area, my schedule is flexible. I want training on my pc.

Sent by Joe on 6/27/13

Math, Hackettstown, NJ

Hi Melissa, I'm looking for a tutor for my daughter Lauren going into her senior year. She needs to be tutored in math in order to pass hspa test.

Sent by Joanne on 6/27/13

Nclex Tutoring, Raleigh, Nc

Hi Leslie, Can you contact me about tutoring for the NCLEX? I am in the Raleigh area. Thank you, K.

Sent by Kate on 6/27/13

Structural Engineering, Seattle, WA

I need assistance with a engineering design project.

Sent by Victor on 6/27/13

Nclex Rn, Katy, TX

I graduated with an assoc RN in 2009 took the kapplan plus another nclex review twice ...I have taken the test 5 times and never passed so i decied to have a family .

Sent by Leah on 6/27/13

Proofreading Phd, Portland, OR

My name is A., and am about to begin my 4th year in my Master's of Divinity Program. I began my Master's Program in Gettysburg, PA, however my wife's work moved us...

Sent by Andrew on 6/27/13

Algebra 2, Bensalem, PA

Hi Adam, I'm looking for algebra 2 tutor in Bensalem,PA area. Please call or email me if you can help, thank you. D.

Sent by Darleen on 6/27/13

Japanese, Trenton, NJ 08648

Hello Holly, We are looking for a Japanese teacher for about 20-30 lessons. Is this something you might be interested in. Thank you.

Sent by Roxanna on 6/27/13

Act, Auburn, AL

Hi Demi, I'm looking for a summer tutor to help my 17 year old daughter prepare for the ACT in September. Please let know if you are available. Thank you!

Sent by Julie on 6/27/13

Nclex, Monroe, CT

Hi, I just recently graduated from nursing school (May). I was scheduled to take my NCLEX in July, and rescheduled it to this Tuesday and just discovered that...

Sent by Jaclyn on 6/27/13

Economics, Fremont, CA

My son is taking MacroEconomics this summer at DeAnza. We'd like to hire tutor to meet with him weekly for about 90 minutes to help with class material.

Sent by Pankaj on 6/26/13

LPN Program - Anatomy, Raynham, MA

Hi Sharon: what is your availability for tutoring my daughter Elizabeth. She is in LPN program for Anatomy and struggling. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jennifer on 6/26/13

Spanish, Cedar Rapids, IA

New to Spanish. Planning a trip to Costa Rica in Feb and would like to be able to understand and speak some. Need rate and availability info.

Sent by Warren on 6/26/13

Act, Altoona, PA

Interested in tutoring for my son for the ACT

Sent by Lonnie on 6/26/13

Lindamood Bell, Chino, CA

Hello Deedre, We are seeking a tudor that has Lindamood-Bell experience/or certified to assist us with our 13 year old daughter's challenge in reading comprehension.

Sent by Carole on 6/26/13

English, Fort Lauderdale, FL

My name is M. I have just come for one week at Fort lauderdale I will stay here few month maybye more I need to speed learning in english My englis level is...

Sent by Maghnia on 6/26/13

Act, Monument, CO

My son neE.s to retake his ACT in the Fall and we would like to get him a tutor to help prepare. He will be a senior at LPHS. Please let me know your availability...

Sent by Ed on 6/26/13

Spanish, Sebastian, FL

My wife and I live on Barber Street. We are interested in learning to speak Spanish. i have very little background in Spanish, and my wife took it in high school...

Sent by Mike on 6/26/13

Organic Chemistry, Akron, OH

Hello, I need help in Basic Organic Chemistry. Please tell me if you can help as I have an exam this Monday. Thank you

Sent by Fahad on 6/26/13

General Chemistry, San Luis Obispo, CA

Please text me at (phone number available after purchase) or email me at (email available after purchase) if you are able to tutor tomorrow!

Sent by Marcus on 6/26/13

Accounting, Riverside, CA

I'm looking for an accounting tutor for my homework in Corporate accounting. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Lindell on 6/26/13

History (world), Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Hi Ms. Thompson, My son is taking World history on FLVS at Suncoast. He needs help. Ca you call me at (phone number available after purchase)? Thanks

Sent by Raj on 6/26/13

Conversions, Lansing, IL

Can you contact me at (phone number available after purchase). I would like to start soon. I need helps with conversions in medicine.

Sent by Michelle on 6/26/13

Reading, Hubert, NC

Hello Sarah, I have an 8 year old that I would like to have tutored in reading throughout the summer. I am thinking 2 sessions per week.

Sent by Nicole on 6/26/13

Cjbat, Hollywood, FL 33021

Hello, I am in need of tutoring for the CJBAT for Law enforcement, I can't seem to get above a 75 percentage on the exam and I am hoping that you can give me some...

Sent by Wayne on 6/26/13

Geometry/Algebra, Bartlett, IL

Hello- My daughter will be a junior and she attends South Elgin High School. She has to retake a semester of Geometry and also a support Algebra class in the fall.

Sent by Carolyn on 6/26/13

Reading, Fuquay Varina, NC

I am interested in learning more about your services. My son Jake is a rising 7th grader and he is dyslexic. Even though he gets great grades he has a hard time with...

Sent by Jerry on 6/26/13

Heat Transfer, Sugar Land, TX 77479

I'm working on a home work problem. I did it but not sure if it is correct.

Sent by Max on 6/26/13

Essay Writing, Anaheim, CA

Hi Aura, Can you come to my house to tutor my daughter 8 yrs for better her writing skill. I live in Anaheim. You can contact me at (email available after...

Sent by Vivian on 6/26/13

Elementary, Baldwinsville, NY

Hi. Iam currently looking for a tutor for my 6 year old for the summer time. We live in baldwinsville. If you are interested could you please give me a call 5150348.

Sent by Bailee on 6/26/13

English As 2nd Language, Methuen, MA

Hi, I am looking for an English tutor to help me with English. Please contact me to see if you can be of assistance. Thank you.

Sent by Berky on 6/26/13

Finance, Fayetteville, AR

Debra, My son, Price, is taking WCOB 2043 (Corporate Finance) this summer at UA. His final is tomorrow and I'm looking for someone to work with him over...

Sent by Steve on 6/26/13

Act, Richmond Hill, GA

Hi Kelly, My daughter will take the ACT in September. Her critical reading score for the SAT was 400. She will also take Math 4 this upcoming year and will need...

Sent by Matthew on 6/26/13

Algebra Tutor, Mansfield, MA

Hi Chris, I am interested in your services for my fifteen year old daughter. She took honors algebra 1 this past year and received a B- average.

Sent by Maxine on 6/26/13

Looking For Photoshop Tutor, Cincinnati, OH

I am looking for a tutor to teach me basics of Adobe Photoshop. I live in Cincinnati. Please contact me at (email available after purchase) to discuss further.

Sent by Rajeev on 6/26/13

Writing, Flagstaff, AZ

HI Cara U i need some help in my writing skill.(essays) thanks

Sent by Faez on 6/26/13

French, Auburn, WA

Hey! I'm not a student or anything - just interested in learning French. Would you be able to help me?

Sent by Halle on 6/25/13

Armenian, Spring Hill, FL 34609

Hi Taylor, I'm looking for someone to help me learn Armenian. Can you? If so, please let me know. Thanks! Here's my email: (email available after purchase)

Sent by Jonathan on 6/25/13

Finance, Tampa, FL

Need for tommorrow if possible financial management class ... Have some problems that are due and need to work thru them if possible

Sent by Anand on 6/25/13

Dmv Exam, New York, NY

Hello, I need help in studying for the DMV test but I am struggling. I am dyslexic & I have trouble reading. I have a AAS & in City College to get my BA but it's...

Sent by Raven on 6/25/13

Math, Writing, Vocab, Casa Grande, AZ

Hi Bonnie, I would love to speak with you regarding some tutoring. I would like to tell you about what we have done last year and see if it is something...

Sent by Kim on 6/25/13

Math, Lake IN The Hills, IL

Hello I am looking for someone to do a math review with my son, Glenn. He is 14 yrs old and will be starting Alegebra 1 at Huntley Highdchool on the fall.

Sent by Lynn on 6/25/13

Cissp, Glen Burnie, MD 21060

Hi Dave helppp....!!!!! lol I need some insite and personal direction. My goal is to tackle the CISSP and I hate just reading....so please advise Thanks

Sent by Henry on 6/25/13

Spanish, Killeen, TX

Hi, We are a homeschooling family of four boys (12, 10, 9, and 3) and are interested in learning Spanish, just for the fun of it.

Sent by Jennifer on 6/25/13

Usmle, New York, NY 10002

please call my father Sam C. (phone number available after purchase) looking for USMLE step !

Sent by Ali on 6/25/13

Asvab, Denver, CO

Hi, I was wondering if you tutor all the main subjects (math, paragraph comprehension, and vocab) for the Asvab test.

Sent by Ariella on 6/25/13

Math, Prince George, VA

I recently came across (url available after purchase) for my son J. who is moving forward to the 7th grade in Prince George, VA. J. needs some 1 on 1 tutoring this...

Sent by Julius on 6/25/13

English, Concord, CA

My daughter will be going into 8th grade next year and is firly a good student scoring 89+ % in all subjects ( Most are A). She is suggesting, she needs some work...

Sent by Sindhu on 6/25/13

Reading, Waterville, ME

I am looking for a summer reading tutor for my 8 year old son. He struggles with reading in general but needs assistance with fluency.

Sent by Sineat on 6/25/13

Spanish, Portland, OR

Dale- I am in need of a Spanish tutor for my daughter who is going into Spanish Immersion 10th grade (Spanish 7/8) which is very heavy in verb tenses.

Sent by Dorothy on 6/24/13

Melissa, Princeton Junction, NJ

Melissa, is there a chance that you can tutor a 16 years old girl english reading and writing twice a week from July 1 to Aug. 10?

Sent by Ling on 6/24/13

Organic Chemistry, Jacksonville, FL

Hi Amanda, I am going to be a Sophomore at Jacksonville University and I am on the pre-med track. I am about to take Organic chemistry and I am worried for what is...

Sent by Mazi on 6/24/13

Reading, Fredonia, NY

Hi Krista-my wife and i are looking for someone to tutor my six year old daughter for the summer here in fredonia. she did great in kindergarden and she is pretty smart.

Sent by Steve on 6/24/13

Adobe Photoshop, San Diego, CA

Do you tutor adults in Ph ?otoshop CS6

Sent by George on 6/24/13

Piano, Redlands, CA 92374

Hello I wanted talk about piano lessons for my 5 year old daughter. Thank you

Sent by Luis on 6/24/13

Esl, Houston, TX

My name is R. G. and I work for TechTrans International. We are in need of an ESL instructor starting the week of July 8. Instruction will be needed for 3 weeks.

Sent by Reinbeaux on 6/24/13

Statistics, Panama City, FL

Hello, I am looking for help in my Statistics class. Are yo able to help? cell: (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Stanislaus on 6/24/13

Information Systems Security, Baltimore, MD

Dave, Hi, I am H. J. a grad student at Webster University. I attend classes at both Ft Belvoir VA and Bolling AFB DC. I am pursing a degree in Business...

Sent by Herman on 6/24/13

Biology, Columbus, OH

Hello Robert, May daughter is taking Biology Summer school class and she needs help.Please let me know if you available twice in a week for tutoring her...

Sent by Tatiana on 6/24/13

Nursing, Philadelphia, PA

Hi! My name's L.. I'm looking for a tutor because its getting close for me to take my Lpn test please I'll like to use you as a tutor.

Sent by Lisa on 6/24/13

Autism Math, Atlanta, GA

My son has aspergers & is 20 at Gwinnett Tech but cannot pass the Compass in math. That has always been his difficult subject. He is very discouraged & thinking of...

Sent by Susanna on 6/24/13

Math, Wentzville, MO

Our 10-year0-old grandson is with us for the summer. He missed his standardized test score minimum in Florida by a single point - math.

Sent by Forrest on 6/24/13

French, Salisbury, NC

Brian, My son is a raising sophomore at Hampden-Sydney college. He did well in everything but French. We are looking for a tutor to help him fight the summer brain...

Sent by Don on 6/24/13

Sas, San Francisco, CA

I'm in a Graduate Stats class that's way over my head and I need some quick help on when to use which statements in SAS.

Sent by Lauren on 6/24/13

C#, MS Visio, Baton Rouge, LA

just brainstorming....., I'm a retired chemical engineer. I used to be involved in process control using proprietary programming languages.

Sent by Fred on 6/24/13

Statistical Quality Design, El Paso, TX

Sir, I am taking statistical quality design and control. It is a masters class for quality control. Do you have experience with this type of statistics? Thanks.

Sent by Jacob on 6/23/13

Dyslexia, Manchester, NH

Hi Mrs McLaughlin, I have a 12 year old boy, homeschooled for the past 3 years, that shows characteristics similar to dyslexia.

Sent by Peggy on 6/23/13

Spanish, Reno, NV

Keri, I may be interested in taking some Spanish lessons over the Summer. I am a few years over 18. I have taken Spanish classes at Tmcc.

Sent by Joe on 6/23/13

Russian, Folcroft, PA

My 14-year-old son has developed an interest in learning Russian the past few years. He is a beginner, he knows the Cyrillic alphabet and can translate a few phrases...

Sent by Dalyse on 6/23/13

Nclex Rn, Rock Hill, SC

Hello Melody, I messaged you a couple weeks ago and I wasn't sure if you got my email or not. I really liked your profile and I am still very interested...

Sent by Paige on 6/23/13

WomenStudies, West Jordan, UT 84088

I have 20 questions I need help with in women studies. Can you assist me ?

Sent by Peter on 6/23/13

Aba Therapy, McDonough, GA 30252

Hello Britney - My name is T. S. and the mom of a three year old daughter diagnosed with PDD, NOS in January of this year. We would like to speak with you about...

Sent by Tara on 6/22/13

Trigonometry, Columbia, SC

I attend Midlands tech 2nd year and I need assistance with my College Trigonometry class. I live near Clemson Road. Can you help?

Sent by Cliff on 6/22/13

Organic Chemistry, Masonic Home, KY

Hi, My name is S. G. and I am currently enrolled in a Summer II term Chemistry 341 class at the University of Louisville. Please reply as soon as you can. THanks.

Sent by Swathi on 6/22/13

Needed Tutor, Liberty, MO

Hi. I have a daughter going into 5th grade in Liberty MO; she missed a good deal of 4th grade math and science last year. She is a competative gymnast...

Sent by David on 6/22/13

English And Math, Upper Marlboro, MD

Need tutoring for my children My number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Amosu on 6/22/13

SAT Math/Reading, Orlando, FL

I am looking for a tutor to help prepare my daughter for the SAT exam. She is going into 11th grade, and would like to start preparing in the summer.

Sent by Karin on 6/22/13

Digital Logic Design, Lake Jackson, TX

Please call me wt this number (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Uwem on 6/22/13

English, Stanford, CA 94305

Hello Waveney, I'm looking for a friendly and experienced English tutor to work with my daughter, an honor eighth grader at a private school in San Jose...

Sent by Mindy on 6/22/13

Trigonometry, Amityville, NY

I am interested in getting a tutor for my daughter for trigonometry. She had a 90 average in her class but received a 58 on the regents.

Sent by Kamyce on 6/22/13

Powerpoint, Columbia, SC

Need help to prepare a presentation to a group in early fall Can you help. Thank you

Sent by Randy on 6/22/13

Usmle, Melbourne, FL 32940

Hi, I need a tutor for step 3 as soon as possible. Please let me know if you can tutor.

Sent by Michele on 6/22/13

Usmle, Melbourne, FL 32940

Hi I am looking for a tutor for step 3. You sound great please e-mail me if you are available, I need a tutor as soon as possible.

Sent by Lynn on 6/22/13

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA 90007

preparing for step 1 need help (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Muddasani on 6/21/13

Spanish, Sykesville, MD

Looking for a teacher bi-weekly for my preschool in Owings Mills class ages 3 to 5 12 kids total . Starting in September 2013. Early am. Basic Spanish

Sent by Dawn on 6/21/13

Algebra, Cleveland, OH

I am a college student looking for tutoring in Intermediate algebra. i currently have a Summer class and experiencing difficulty. I look forward to hearing from you

Sent by Dee on 6/21/13

Accounting, Safety Harbor, FL

Hello. I was wondering if you'd be available for several hours this weekend for college accounting work. Feel free to call (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Brett on 6/21/13

Usmle, Syracuse, NY 13210

Hi, i may need a tutor are you still available

Sent by Lynnette on 6/21/13

Math And Science, Spanaway, Wa

my son is 13 and starting 8th grade. I am looking for a tutor twice a week for an hour each session. I cant afford more than $25 per session.

Sent by Barbara on 6/21/13

Guitar, Chicago, IL 60601

I'm looking for a female Guitar teacher for my 10 year old daughter. She loves to learn Pop, Blues & Rock Music. Will you be able to email me back your information...

Sent by Mary on 6/21/13

Real Estate, Dallas, TX

Looking for a tutor for the Texas State Real Estate Exam. Do you have experience with this or know someone who does. We need someone as soon as possible. Thank you! P.

Sent by Peggy on 6/21/13

Basketball, Salt Lake City, UT

Hi Dallen, I am looking for someone to do some private basketball tutoring for my 10 year old son. He is mildly autistic, but high-functioning and no problem with...

Sent by Gene on 6/21/13

Project Management, Providence, RI

hello . i have a project assignment in project management and i am looking for someone to help me in that.

Sent by Memo on 6/21/13

Gre, Philadelphia, PA

Do you help with GRE prep?

Sent by Samantha on 6/21/13

Angelik, Winston Salem, NC 27110

Hello Angelik, I am looking for a writing tutor for my 16th year old. If you are available to tutor during the summer, please give me a call at (phone number...

Sent by Stephanie on 6/21/13

Basketball, Charlotte, NC

I looking for someone to work with my 14 year old that can take his game to the next level. He's going to his first year of high school and would like a chance...

Sent by Vincent on 6/21/13

Geology, Tempe Arizona

Hello, I would like to know if you could help me with the following topics for my geology class. Desert sands, groundwater, shorelines, geologic time...

Sent by Jordan on 6/21/13

Japanese, Tyrone, GA

Hi Aimee, My daughter Taylor is applying to be a foreign exchange student in Japan.

Sent by Davina on 6/21/13

Humanities, Rialto, CA

I have been out of college for 11 years and currently back in school to finish my degree. I need help on writting my midterm paper.

Sent by Valerie on 6/21/13

Education, Peachtree City, GA

Peggy, Good morning. I am searching for a tutor to work with sons aged 7 & 8. Both boys have some learning struggles. One child is going to be repeating 1'st...

Sent by John on 6/21/13

Sat Math Prep, Indio, CA

I have failed the math portion of the SAT test - I need tutoring so I can pass.

Sent by Jordan on 6/21/13

Public Speaking, Houston, TX

Joan, I am desperately needing some intensive training and hoping to start immediately. I have a new position at my company which will require frequent presentations.

Sent by Susan on 6/21/13

Pre-algebra, Humble, TX 77346

Hi, my name is A. and I need help with pre-algebra immediately,I have a final test on monday. muhh phone number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Angela on 6/21/13

Computers- IPad, Roseburg, OR

Patti, this may be a little outside of the norm, but I am looking for someone in the canyonville area to tutor, teach my grandmother how to use the iPad.

Sent by Mike on 6/21/13

Sewing, Key Biscayne, FL

Hi, I am in desperate need of a sewing tutor! I live in Key Biscayne, can you get there? I haven't learned how to sew so it would be a beginner level course.

Sent by Maria on 6/20/13

Thermodynamics, Houston, TX

Hi, my name is O.. I m an industrial engineering student in university of Houston. I an taking an intro to thermodynamics for a summer class.

Sent by Orapun on 6/20/13

Excel, Boise, ID

hello, I need a PowerPoint level 2 teacher this Tuesday from 9-4:30. Are you interested in subbing? You can contact me at 629-6111

Sent by Codi on 6/20/13

Biomedical Engineering, Richmond, VA

Hi, I need help with biomedical Engineering project. I this something you can help me with?

Sent by Lucy on 6/20/13

8th Grade Subjects, Computer Etc, Granite Bay, CA

Hi We have a 14 yr old son who is going to 8th grade. He is a high functioning autistic boy. He is a bright boy. We live in Granite Bay.

Sent by Vyjayanthi on 6/20/13

Korean, Philadelphia, PA

Hi Grace, I"m a Korean American looking to learn more Korean, I took Korean in Yonsei and Sogang Universities in Korea. I'm pretty flexible during the week but...

Sent by Michael on 6/20/13

Cbest, Parlier, CA

Hello Violet, i was wondering if you would be able to tutor me in writting for the cbest? Please let me know thank you

Sent by Miriam on 6/20/13

Math, Petaluma, CA 94952

Hi Sandra, My 9-yr old has had difficulty with math and reading. In addition, we have moved from a Montessori to a public school, and he is challenged by...

Sent by Jennifer on 6/20/13

Reading/writing, Alpharetta, GA

I am looking for reading/writing tutor

Sent by Snehal on 6/20/13

Math, Alpharetta, Ga

I am looking for math tutor for middle school math

Sent by Sunil on 6/20/13

Spanish, Yucca Valley, CA

I learned Spanish in Spain and I make trips to Mexico every once in a while and wish to improve my Spanish skills. The fee you charge is a bit much but maybe it's...

Sent by Kit on 6/20/13

Finance, Miami, FL

My son needs a business finance tutor college level.

Sent by Julie on 6/20/13

Java Tutor, Jackson, MS 39269

Hi I am a new in java and I would like you to help me for doing java ask user wish service you will you want. One or Tow? The user should choice one of them by...

Sent by Jafar on 6/20/13

Asvab, Redlands, CA

Hi my name is M.. and I just got of high school and would like to go into the navy but is having some problem with math and vocab. Can you help me

Sent by Marcus on 6/20/13

Elementary Tutor, Homestead, FL

I am seeking a general summer tutor for a 9 year old who lives in the 33185 zip code. Please let me know if you have any availability this summer.

Sent by Laura on 6/20/13

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA

Hi there, I will be taking the Step 1 in a year but I figured it would be good to start thinking about the exam and prepping throughout the upcoming school year...

Sent by Natalie on 6/20/13

Computer Training Classes, Massapequa Park, NY

Hi, I want to learn basic computer, microsoft word and excel skills. Have been working with computers but would like more in depth skills.

Sent by Madhu on 6/20/13

French, Jacksonville, NC

Hi Linda, My daughter, Hannah French, is entering her senior year at Dixon High. She's a smart girl (straight A's in AP classes), but a really lousy test taker.

Sent by Cheri on 6/20/13

Nclex Rn, Chicago, IL

Hi i am a nursing graduate back in the Philippines. graduated last March 24. Im planning to take the NCLEX examinations here. Is there any way you can help me...

Sent by Jib on 6/20/13

Reading, Writing, Phonics, Wesley Chapel, FL

Hi, do you have experience using Barton, Orton or Lindamood-Bell programs?

Sent by Jennifer on 6/20/13

Reading, Hollister, CA

i have a CHILD GOING TO 1ST GRADE AND is having problems with lettert, words and reading. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Toney on 6/20/13

Dat, Atlanta, GA

Hello I was interested in getting some tutoring for my DAT exam.

Sent by Adaku on 6/20/13

Math, Stockbridge, GA

I am 30 years old and need help in math, all math! I have 2 children and i am looking to go back to college to become a psychiatrist. Is you fee only 10.00 an hour?

Sent by Amanda on 6/20/13

Seo, Brooklyn, NY

HI Nico, I have contacted you a few months ago, but you didn't respond. Do you teach SEO? Please let me know. Thank you O.

Sent by Olga on 6/20/13

Real Estate, Sugar Land, TX

I AM GOING TO TAKE THE EXAM TO GET MY REAL estate license and I AM looking for A TUTOR

Sent by Kriselda on 6/19/13

Asvab T, Atlanta, GA

Hi, I have reach out tutor and not receive any answer, I will like get in contact with Mr. Gary B either via email are call at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Xiomara on 6/19/13

Computer, Memphis, TN

Hi Jennifer, I need help completing an excel spreadsheet. I am using it for a low tech cash flow analysis solution for me business. I would like to connect asap.

Sent by Charles on 6/19/13

Basic Business Statistics, Denver, CO

Kaitlin - Im currently in a Business Statistics course and am starting to fall behind. Are you familiar with the material and would you be willing to help?

Sent by Aj on 6/19/13

Isee, Austin, TX

dear kelly, i am interested in ISEE test prep for my daughter. She starts 5th grade this fall and I want to have her prepared for the ISEE test this dec/jan.

Sent by Ravi on 6/19/13

Algebra, Vineland, NJ

Hi Kelli, I am looking for a tutor for my daughter she completed her freshman year in high school and struggled with Adv Algebra.

Sent by Courtney on 6/19/13

Usmle, Reseda, CA

i need help in resolving uworld questions on a day to day basis for about 8 weeks

Sent by Sri on 6/19/13

Math Taks, San Antonio, TX

Would like a tutor for grandaughter who has quit school because she is unable to pass math part of the TAKS test.

Sent by Mrs. on 6/19/13

Math, Alameda, CA

Dear Mr. Tapan I have 2 kids that need tutor during the school year. I would like to interview you for a few minutes. I am also conducting a survey of your tutor...

Sent by Ken on 6/19/13

Organic Chemistry, Bakersfield, CA

hi i need turtoring in chemistry and i need it as soon as possible.... please contact me as soon as possible! thank you so much! B.

Sent by Breanna on 6/19/13

Algebra, Cocoa, FL

Inquiry regarding math tutor for summer. Algebra

Sent by Glenn on 6/19/13

Cpa, Chicago, IL

Looking for a tutor for the CPA - BEC exam. Need help immediately

Sent by Cedric on 6/19/13

Chemistry, Richmond, MI

I am looking for a tutor for a home schooled 10th grader in New Baltimore. He will be taking chemistry in the fall and require a tutor for the entire 2013-2014...

Sent by Nicole on 6/19/13

English, East Hampton, NY

Hi Page, I am looking for an English tutor for a 10 years old for the months of July and August. You are welcome to call me at my cell, (phone number available after...

Sent by Aiste on 6/19/13

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Quickbooks, New York, NY

Hello John, my manager and I are looking to have a lesson in Quickbooks. We both have some past experience but need some freshening up so if you can please get back...

Sent by Alessandra on 6/18/13

Spanish, Santa Monica, CA

Can u come to Santa Monica area to tutor Spanish 3?

Sent by Farah on 6/18/13

Microsoft Excel, Staten Island, NY

my name is O., i want to get help in excel. this is my number, (phone number available after purchase). i live on Staten Island.

Sent by Oretha on 6/18/13

Dat, Dallas, TX

Hi Kristin, I will be taking the DAT in late August. How much experience have you had in prepping students for the DAT? Raised test scores?

Sent by Chandler on 6/18/13

Nclex Rn, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Hello Dr. Walli, I am a new graduate nurse and have taken the NCLEX and failed. I am out of state, and was looking for an intense one week tutoring session of about...

Sent by Katherine on 6/18/13

Usmle, Bremerton, WA 98311

Hi, I currently finished my 5th semester at Xavier university in aruba and i'm preparing for step one and I need a tutor. I am thinking about taking step one end of...

Sent by Jennifer on 6/18/13

ACT Tutoring, Otsego, MN 55330

We are interested in tutoring for our daughter for the ACTs. Regards K. R.

Sent by Karen on 6/18/13

Microsoft Office, Columbus, OH

need to learn how to create excel data base of addresses then do a mail merge for letters and labels

Sent by Katherine on 6/18/13

Ruby On Rails, Brooklyn, NY

Good afternoon. My name is Nick I am studying for a dev school. I am using (url available after purchase) to learn Ruby for an exam that I have to take.

Sent by Thierry on 6/18/13

Drive Responsibility Lifeskills Course, Fresno, CA

I need help to fill a book . Book name is new directions driver responsibility lifeskills course

Sent by Roshan on 6/18/13

Math, Richboro, PA 18954

I am looking for a math tutor for my son who is taking Calculus as a summer course in Bucks Community College. I was hoping that you could meet with him tomorrow...

Sent by Robert on 6/18/13

Reading, Birmingham, AL

I have a 7 year old son who needs help with his reading skills.

Sent by Tara on 6/18/13

Algebra, Sugar Grove, IL

Hi, we are looking for a tutor for our incoming sophomore for Algebra. He struggled with the class last semester and we would like to get him secure with Algebra...

Sent by Heather on 6/18/13

Reading And Math, Westchester, IL

Hi Jaime, I have a 7 yr old daughter who has ADHD and needs reading and math tutoring (1st grade level) to help her be able to enter 2nd grade in the fall.

Sent by Kristen on 6/18/13

3rd Grade Dyslexia Student, Spring, TX

Hi, My son is going to 3rd grade this year. He flunked last year & had to repeat 2nd grade. He was tested in school for Dyslexia & he does have it.

Sent by Raquel on 6/17/13

Reading, Biddeford, ME

Hello Courtney, I am looking for someone to tutor my 8 yr old son for one hour a week session. He needs help with his reading and spelling /writing skills.

Sent by Chris on 6/17/13

Math, San Gabriel, CA

My child will be taking math Algebra 1B in summer school. We are looking for someone to make sure he's doing homework correctly and answering questions when they arise..

Sent by Elaine on 6/17/13

C#, New York, NY

Hello. I am looking for a tutor to help teach me c#. I have a basic understanding of programing (took some intro C++ programming classes during undergrad).

Sent by Paul on 6/17/13

Gmat, Richmond, VA 23294

I hope to find a tutor for GMAT (primarily verbal, grammar section). I plan to take the test sometimes in mid September.

Sent by John on 6/17/13

Algebra, Simpsonville, SC

Hi Shawn, Please give me a call ASAP. In need of a tutor several days a week starting Wednesday. High School student. 9th grade algebra online summer school.

Sent by Bridgett on 6/17/13

Math, Milledgeville, GA

Hey Donna, My son is a student a Georgia College having a hard time with math. Hope you can help. H.

Sent by Hank on 6/17/13

Usmle, Silver Spring, MD

Looking for USMLE tutoring , have spoken on phone to you before, please give me a call at (phone number available after purchase) Thank you

Sent by Pammi on 6/17/13

Usmle, Silver Spring, MD

Looking for USMLE tutoring , have spoken on phone to you before, please give me a call at (phone number available after purchase) Thank you

Sent by Rakesh on 6/17/13

Chinese (basics), Longmeadow, MA

My sister and brother in law just adopted a little girl from China (north of Beijing). We are all eager to help her maintain and grow her proficiency in her native...

Sent by Helen on 6/17/13

Pharmacology, Cleveland, OH

Hello I'm in need a a pharmacology tutor in the Cleveland area please contact me if interested. Thanks

Sent by Celita on 6/17/13

Math, Conroe, TX

I am interested in math tutoring for my 8th grade daughter. She has not been diagnosed with a learning disorder, but she has trouble remembering math concepts.

Sent by Tracey on 6/17/13

Tutoring Services, Parkersburg, WV 26104

Hi I'm looking for a tutor for my son. Is this something you are still doing?

Sent by Tammy on 6/17/13

Swahili, Olathe, KS 66062

Mr. Martin, I need to hire a Swahili speaker for 3 days in July to serve as a role player in training exercised near Chicago. Travel, meals and lodging would be...

Sent by Randall on 6/17/13

Math, Augusta, GA

We need help learning pre- algebra/algebra starting he new school year ahead.. We could use your help once per week. My son is home schooled now for 5 yrs and...

Sent by Katherine on 6/17/13

Project Management, Fort Collins, CO

I am also in my Sr year at CSU and having trouble figuring out my Project management class. I am not grasping the network plans. Please contact me at your earliest...

Sent by Lindsay on 6/17/13

Asvab, Ewa Beach, HI

Hi Eryn, my name is J. and I need some help studying for my asvab test for the military. My main struggle is in math but overall everything.

Sent by Jerald on 6/16/13

Statistics, Long Island, NY

I am looking for a tutor to work with me while I take statistics this summer. It's a college level class that ends on 7/22 so I am hoping to get started next week.

Sent by Jennifer on 6/16/13

French, San Luis Obispo, CA

Hi Looking for a tutor for our 9th grade son. Ideally a native French speaker. We are looking for French as well as SSAT prep for the weeks of July 15...

Sent by Brenda on 6/16/13

Ruby On Rails, Palo Alto, CA 94301

Good afternoon, I am currently looking for a tutor to help me learn Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I am in the process of applying to various code schools and would like...

Sent by Scott on 6/16/13

College Algebra, Flagstaff, AZ

need help with checking homework for College Algebra

Sent by Amy on 6/16/13

Organic Chemistry, Fargo, ND

I am looking for a tutor for Organic Chemistry starting immediately. Please let me know if you would have something available.

Sent by Britta on 6/15/13

Usmle, Quincy, MA 02170

I need a tutor 4 times a week for step one

Sent by Jasmeet on 6/15/13

Needed Tutor, West Chicago, IL

hi my name is C. Lee I have a5 year old name is Christian He need help in writing reading math and spelling He going to first grade next school year he have ADD...

Sent by Carol on 6/15/13

Spanish, Madison, CT

Looking for a summer tutor to strengthen my high school daughter's Spanish skills (reinforce Spanish 2) in prep for Spanish 3 honors.

Sent by Rosemary on 6/15/13

Economics, Indio, Ca 92253

Looking for tutoring just today, via Skype, for Managerial Economics. about 10 math questions. Elasticity, Production Function, Cobbs Douglas, etc.

Sent by Beverly on 6/15/13

Nursing, Medford, NJ

Plz call me at (phone number available after purchase), I am in my final year of nursing but I am struggling with med surg 2

Sent by Dorothy on 6/15/13

Nclex Pn, North Bergen, NJ

I'm preparing for nclex exam need a lil help

Sent by Tamara on 6/15/13

English, Newtonville, MA

Hello Maya, We are trying to set up a regular program for our son who will be going into 8th grade at Day Middle School in Newton in September.

Sent by Brian on 6/15/13

Apple, Los Angeles, CA 90049

Hi there - I am looking for a tutor who can teach me the in's and out's of my air book. I also need to learn the basics of Excel and Word.

Sent by Julie on 6/15/13

Teas, Cary, NC 27513

Hello Cristi, I wanted to see about getting help with the teas test. And reading

Sent by Nicole on 6/15/13

Finance, Westlake,OH

I need help with financial modeling for private equity interview.

Sent by Miro on 6/14/13

Fcat, Jacksonville, FL

my son is struggling with fcat reading. This has been a weakness since grade school . we need to pass to graduate hes going to 11th grade at firstcoast high school...

Sent by Bernice on 6/14/13

Reading (dyslexia), Lakemoor IL

My 9 year old son Tyler is going into 4th grade in the fall. He has an IEP for dyslexia and I would like to find a tutor for the summer months

Sent by Liz on 6/14/13

C++, Auburn, AL

Dear Ms. Janay, I am currently teaching myself C++, and would like to meet with a tutor to discuss/go over things that I might otherwise miss.

Sent by Juliana on 6/14/13

Math, Clayton, CA


Sent by Lea on 6/14/13

Accounting, Tulsa, OK

I have completed some accounting homework that is due at midnight, but I would like someone to look over it. If you are available this evening, then please contact me.

Sent by Ron on 6/14/13

Reading, Northbrook, IL

Amanda, nice to meet you. I have a 6 year old boy who needs help in reading. Do you tutor kids this young? I live in Northbrook, IL Please advise. Thanks L.

Sent by Liana on 6/14/13

Visual Basic, New York, NY

Hello Prof. I am in urgent need of learning VBScripting. More specifically, variable, if..conditions, call functions from function library, etc.

Sent by Shakil on 6/14/13

Usmle Step 3, Brooklyn, NY 11204

Dr. Snow, I think I am going to give you a shot. I am looking for a tutor for USMLE Step 3. Please contact me with details of the structure of a sample 1 hour...

Sent by Tamara on 6/14/13

Project Management, Le Roy, IL

I am taking a Project Management course for my Masters at Johns Hopkins and I could use some additional guidance on some aspects of the project management development.

Sent by Michael on 6/14/13

Java, Torrance, CA

Hi Vivek, I am interested in learning more Java and databases particularly with mySQL. I am a non-technical background person who has just begun learning Java...

Sent by Ray on 6/14/13

College Algebra, Ladera Ranch, CA

A quick introduction and brief review of needs: My name is A. and I am back in school getting an additional degree. I live in Ladera Ranch and would prefer...

Sent by Austin on 6/14/13

Korean, Jenkintown, PA

Hi Mrs. Heejae, My husband and I are interesting in learning Korean. I am Korean American and he is Jewish. Please let me know your availability.

Sent by Jennie on 6/13/13

Algebra, Antioch, CA

I need help with algebra 1. Please email me with your fees and availability. Thanks!

Sent by Carl on 6/13/13

Java, Fredericksburg, VA

Hi Will, Checking to see if you are available to tutor my daughter in JAVA at the University of Mary Washington. Please email me - (email available after...

Sent by Michael on 6/13/13

Esl, Stafford, VA

HI I am looking for ESL teacher please contact me as soon as soon as possible

Sent by Nesrin on 6/13/13

English, North Wales, PA 19454

Hello Miss Minh, I am looking for a private teacher, in-pearson only, 1-2 times a week in English language and Literature for my daughter, she is 6. Please contact...

Sent by Irene on 6/13/13

Math, Cockeysville, MD

Need to have some lessons for my 4th grader who is preparing to go to 5th grade needs help in math and reading

Sent by Maria on 6/13/13

Ged, Sumter, SC

Good afternoon Anastasiya. I'm a 26 yr old mom of 1 wonderful baby boy and I'm desperately wanting my GED to be able to support him the way he deserves.

Sent by Samantha on 6/13/13

Calculus, Rochester, MN

We are looking for a Calculus I tutor for our 19-year-old son who is taking an independent study class this summer for UND. He works full-time so evenings would be best.

Sent by Deb on 6/13/13

Act Sat, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) in regards to my duaghter Makayla. Thanks !!!

Sent by Albert on 6/13/13

Reading, Warner Robins, GA

Ma'am, I have my daughter for six weeks this summer and she is in need of a reading tutor. She is 10 years old and going into 4th grade.

Sent by Matt on 6/13/13

Microsoft Access, Punta Gorda, FL

Need assistance with Access

Sent by Sharon on 6/13/13

Java, Tucson, AZ

I am learning java at a University summer course. I'm half way through at this point and feel way over my head. I'm new to Java but this course is going at...

Sent by Rob on 6/13/13

Typing Grammar Writing, Rockford, IL

Hello Cindy I am too busy to enroll in a writing/grammar course so I need your help. please contact me viavemail

Sent by J.sliger on 6/12/13

Reading, Del Rio, TX 78840

Our Granddaughter, Amanda is 14 yrs old. She has a speech impediment and has had this all of her life. She is in 8th grade and may not promote to 9th grade due...

Sent by Dennis on 6/12/13

Algebra, Phoenix, AZ

Hi, I am going to GCU & I never took Algebra in high school. I need a tutor to keep up with the fast-paced summer class. I would like minimum of 3 days/week...

Sent by Kellie on 6/12/13

Adobe Photoshop, Reading, PA

Hi ,I am student at Albright College and I am taking computer graphic online this summer .It is about Photoshop and Flash .I need someone help me to finish it.

Sent by Billy on 6/12/13

Gre, Richmond, VA

Hi Miss A, I am currently studying for the GREs and am looking for some extra help. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested!

Sent by Dana on 6/12/13

Reading (dyslexia), Asbury Park, NJ

Tutoring in home for 5th grader

Sent by Hilary on 6/12/13

Public Speaking, Ann Arbor, MI

Hello, I am in need of learning to become a better public speaker. I have taken a new job where it is to my benefit to learn to be comfortable giving presentations..

Sent by Amy on 6/12/13

Statistics, Baldwin, NY

I'm taking elementary statistic and needs a tutor ASAP please. Thank you

Sent by Cassandre on 6/12/13

Math, Issaquah, WA

looking tutor for 2 students. IB Precal and Geometery once a week.

Sent by Shalini on 6/12/13

Excel, Cincinnati, OH

I need help with Microsoft offce and etc. My job requires it and I have limited knowledge. Please let me know if you can help. I see that we live on the same side of...

Sent by Janet on 6/12/13

Ged, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Ged tutoring to take test

Sent by Janice on 6/12/13

Mechanical Engineering, Cleveland, OH

hi im majoring in civil engineering in cleveland state and I need tutoring in strength of material. Can you please contact me on (phone number available after...

Sent by Ahmad on 6/12/13

Statistics, League City, TX

I have a midterm coming up for statistics but it is acutally only over 4 chapters not the whole first part of the class. I need help mastering these four chapters I...

Sent by Danielle on 6/12/13

Adobe Photoshop, Cincinnati, OH

Jay, need assistance with Adobe Muse and web design.

Sent by Bruce on 6/12/13

Usmle Step 2, Chicago, IL 60659

Hi Kaasam, I am looking for a tutor for step 2 ck. I just finished my step 1. If you're available please let me know. Thanks

Sent by Raj on 6/12/13

Python, New York, Ny

Hi there, I'm new to django and python. Are you taking new student. One to two hours a week? I live in Manhattan. Let me know. Thanks, D.

Sent by Djohny on 6/12/13

Programming, North Miami Beach, FL

Hi, Am interested in learning some programming to be able to build an end result of a dynamic looking ecommerce style site. I have recently studied alot of ins...

Sent by Victoria on 6/12/13

Basketball, Nashua, NH

Hi Anthony: Do you travel to Nashua NH which is at the border of NH and MA? Could you call me at (phone number available after purchase) and we can talk in details?

Sent by Kelsey on 6/12/13

Special Education, Camden, MI

Hello April, I am stuck between a rock and a hard place here, my daughter is seven and requires special education next year, but she's part of Lansing school...

Sent by Jennifer on 6/12/13

Math, Lillington, NC 27546

Dee I am currently enrolled in math 80 at FTCC and unfortunately have missed two vital sessions due to my son and husband having surgery I need help today to be able...

Sent by Barbara on 6/12/13

Online Algorithms, Montgomery, AL 36116

I need to learn algorithms and complexity analysis for my algorithm class? Thanks

Sent by Mona on 6/12/13

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Real Estate, MALIBU, CA

Hi there, I am scheduled to take my RE salesperson exam on July 29 here in CA. I am in need of a tutor to help prepare me for the exam.

Sent by Alexandra on 6/12/13

Reading Specialist, Forest Hill, MD

Hi Teresa. Our going into 5th grade son, Kevin, is struggling with his reading skills. Are you available for tutor anytime after 5 any weekday...maybe 6:00.

Sent by Brian on 6/11/13

Reading, Pickens, SC

I work like to talk to you about tutoring my boy. He is in the 3 rd grade. He passed but the school is trying to retain him so I want to get him some assistance this...

Sent by Amanda on 6/11/13

Deaf Studies, Atlanta, GA

Hi, I'm planning to move to Jonesboro Georgia this fall from NY and I'm looking a college that offers deaf studies. I'm a student now and will need tutoring so I'm...

Sent by Mario on 6/11/13

Cpa - Regulation, New York, NY 10001

Hi Mr. Sharma, I need help for Regulation part of the CPA exam. Can you please give me a call at (phone number available after purchase), if you are available...

Sent by Seniz on 6/11/13

Accounting, Parker, CO

Looking for a tutor for a summer college accounting 1 class ASAP. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Brenda on 6/11/13

Java, New Rochelle, NY

my 14 year old needs to learn basic java by june 22nd. We live in new rochelle. can you help? maybe twice for 2-3 hours?

Sent by Susanne on 6/11/13

Armenian, Brooklyn, NY 11229

Hello, I'm interested in learning to become fluent in Armenian but I'm completely a beginner. Have you ever worked with people who have no experience with...

Sent by Yulia on 6/11/13

Act, Moody, AL

Hello, my son will be a senior this year. He has taken the ACT already and scored a total 20. This was done without any prep. Looking for someone to prep over...

Sent by Carleen on 6/11/13

Teas, Orlando, FL 32807

i need help passing the teas test to get in nursing school please help :-)

Sent by Chastity on 6/11/13

Graphics, Edison, NJ

Hey Renee--are you still available to tutor me in graphics?? I live in the Edison, NJ area. Please respond when you have a moment???

Sent by Charlie on 6/11/13

Spanish (basics), Mableton, GA

I'm taking an online Spanish class and I really need help

Sent by Michael on 6/11/13

Spanish, Jackson, MO

Hi! I'm searching for a Spanish tutor pre-k!

Sent by Gabrielle on 6/11/13

Japanese, Pittsburgh, PA

I am in the East End of Pittsburgh, and am looking for tutoring in Japanese. I would like to be tutored twice a week, during the week (not weekends)...

Sent by Ernest on 6/11/13

English, Auburn,pa

Hi, i am looking for somebody to write a letter for me, to penn dot.?.?.? thanks please reply !!!!

Sent by Charles on 6/11/13

Math, Loomis, CA 95650

My son needs help with math before entering 8th grade. Pre-algebra was a failed experience -

Sent by Judy on 6/11/13

Accounting, Chaska, MN

looking for help with a summer Normandale acctg on-line class - are you available?

Sent by Sharyl on 6/10/13

Geometry, Saint Augustine, FL 32080

Interested in geometry tutoring for my daughter in summer to prepare for 9 th grade Please let me know the time you are available.

Sent by Tripal on 6/10/13

Microsoft Access, Damascus, MD

I need a Microsoft access tutor for this semester. I live in Damascus, Md. and work in Rockville Md. My name is K.. Please call me (phone number available after...

Sent by Kevin on 6/10/13

Astronomy, Mission Hills, CA

Hi Meenakshi, I'm looking for a astronomy tutor for my summer session.

Sent by Lorraine on 6/10/13

Java, El Cajon, CA

Hi I'm new to the programming and i need to learn Java programming and of course start with the introduction to the programming So how many hours i will need...

Sent by Steve on 6/10/13

Pharmacology, Sylmar, CA

hello i need a tutor for pharmacology for my lvn i start next month i wanna get a head start not very good with math so need help if u can please contact me

Sent by Jessicavides on 6/10/13

English As 2nd Language, Miami, FL

Helo Jennifer I am a Brasilian and would like have some English class with american teacher using the skype. If you are interested in this kind of class...

Sent by Paulo on 6/10/13

Statistics, Ashland, MA

Hi Leon, I need somebody to coach me in College statistics. Are you available for this? Thank you, E.

Sent by Edward on 6/10/13

Math English, San Jose, CA

Hello I looking an English tutor for my son please call me (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Harmanveer on 6/10/13

Genetics, Santa Cruz, CA

My daughter is taking genetics and animal physiology in the two summer quarter sessions this summer (2013). please contact me. She needs one-on-one tutoring...

Sent by Steve on 6/10/13

Adobe Photoshop, Pasadena, CA

Hi, Laura. I would like to learn more about how to make full use of Photoshop Elements 10. Particularly organizing photos and creating layers. Can you help me with this?

Sent by Lois on 6/10/13

French, Newtown Square, PA

Sent by Barbara on 6/10/13

Guitar, Fort Pierce, FL

Would like finger picking style lessons. Absolute beginner (70 years old).

Sent by Horace on 6/10/13

Writing, Laredo, TX

Hi Melissa, my son needs a Writing tutor in order to pass STAAR test. Are you actually working/living in Laredo Tx? What experience do you have in tutoring?

Sent by Rosy on 6/10/13

English, Lake Jackson, TX

Looking for a tutor for my 16-year-old son who has to retake his English Reading and Writing STARR EOC exams in July. He has struggled with these two subjects since...

Sent by Veronica on 6/10/13

Biz M, Danbury, CT 06811

Looking for a reading tutor for my daughter (gr 3 in Sept.) and son (6 yrs in August, he is dyslexic) five days a week for four weeks in the summer.

Sent by Louise on 6/10/13

3rd Grade Reading, Elizabethtown, KY

I have an 8 year old stepdaughter that we are interested in tutoring sessions for reading during our summer visitation time. We need tutoring from now until 23 June...

Sent by April on 6/10/13

Math Tutoring, Canton, OH

I am raising my grandchildren and I need help with there studies, I had my grandson at sylvan this past year and it cost an arm and a leg, I'm looking for someone...

Sent by Angela on 6/10/13

Computer, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Hi, Hi, I am taking this class through MIT Open courseware: (url available after purchase) It is a phenomenal resource, however, I am in need of some "office...

Sent by Michael on 6/10/13

Pre Calculus, Miami, FL

Hi Vanessa - I was wondering if you could give me a little more info on tutoring for pre-calculus. Thanks! :)

Sent by Melissa on 6/10/13

Physics, New Paltz, NY

how are you at college physics? taking a 5 week on line course and week one did not go well.

Sent by Beth on 6/10/13

Java, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Looking to learn Java from beginner level all the way through to expert.

Sent by Vicky on 6/10/13

Microsoft Office 1100, Denver, CO

I need help this summer in a college level course. INFS 1100-Microsoft Office Applications and Computer Basics. The course focus on Microsoft office Excel, Word...

Sent by Alex on 6/9/13

Chemistry, Nederland, TX

I need help with chemistry class. If you could help . Email me.

Sent by Manal on 6/9/13

Anatomy, Bakersfield, CA

I need help in anatomy please. Im in medical school but need more one on one teaching. Im tryin to study for ultrasound technician but really need extra help...

Sent by Rochelle on 6/9/13

Nclex Rn, Chicago, IL

Nicole, My Name is A. and I just graduated from Lakeview College of Nursing in Charleston IL with my BSN. I am planning on taking the NCLEX in July.

Sent by Alyssa on 6/9/13

Math, Grants Pass, OR

Hello After reading your statement, I'm confident that you are the best tutor for my daughter. She is about half a grade behind in 3rd grade math and I'm hoping...

Sent by Kinaya on 6/9/13

Writing, Sudbury, MA

Hi Brett, looking for a tutor in English Comp 101. Online Class through SNHU. Please contact, me thanks.

Sent by Ralph on 6/9/13

Arabic, Edmond, OK

Hello I am a student going into my senior year at the university of arkansas. I am living in Edmond for the summer and was wanting to contact you about tutoring...

Sent by Brian on 6/9/13

Calculus, Friendswood, TX

Hi Olga, My name is T.. I am 19 and go to Texas State University in San Marcos but am home in Friendswood for the summer. I am taking business calculus...

Sent by Taylor on 6/9/13

Math & English, Belvedere Tiburon, CA

my son is in 5th grade and needs tutoring in math and english

Sent by Sheila on 6/9/13

French Horn, Richmond, VA 23220

looking for french horn lessons and possibly precalculus tutoring for 14 year old for the summer

Sent by Dana on 6/9/13

Korean, Chandler, As

Hello Jeongeon. My name is K. and I would like to learn Korean. I used to speak it fluently as a child but that has been over twenty years.

Sent by Kristine on 6/9/13

Algebra 2, Neptune, NJ

do you tutor in Neptune nj for alg2 online summerschool?

Sent by Layelle on 6/8/13

Government, Economics, Spartanburg, SC

Hello, my name is F. S.. I am searching for a tutor for this summer to help me out in Government and Economics. I will be having these classes this coming school...

Sent by Fergie on 6/8/13

Nclex, Lubbock, TX

Mandie, I am in need of a tutor for the NCLEX. I have taken twice now. I came close this past time I think but not close enough. Hope to hear back from you soon.

Sent by Bonni on 6/8/13

Physics, Ferndale, NY

Hi Alexis, I'm an engineering student at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, but am living in Ferndale this summer. I'm taking an online physics course through...

Sent by Hannah on 6/8/13

Material Science, Nashua, NH 03060

Hi, I am back in college (part time online) studing polymers/engineering. Sometimes I am challenged with some problems and looking for a qualfied tutor.

Sent by Giorgis on 6/8/13

Excel, Long Island, NY

I am currently taking an online class and need help in the excel homework and test. Can you help me

Sent by Mo on 6/8/13

Ged, Fresno, CA

Hi Chris I am 45 need My GED so bad to start My education welling to drive or here in home

Sent by Armando on 6/8/13

Computer Tutor, New York, NY 10001

I am looking for tutor to teach me about basics of IT to help me manage projects.Can you help?

Sent by Danny on 6/7/13

Math, Hurst, TX

hey im B. im in 8th grade and possible wanting tutoring not sure yet. and am wanting math during the school year can you? also i have adhd

Sent by Bailey on 6/7/13

Piano, California, MD

Hello, Please give me more info regarding piano lesson for my son by my email. Thanks, J.

Sent by Jackie on 6/7/13

Math, Montgomery, TX

Hi, I'm struggling very bad with math it's my 1st year in college and Im taking summer classes. Do u work during the summer. Please call me (phone number available...

Sent by Jeremy on 6/7/13

Physics, Spring, TX

I am a student at A&M but home for the summer in Spring taking Physics 2425 at Lonestar/Tomball. I need a tutor ASAP! Do you tutor Physics 2425?

Sent by Travis on 6/7/13

Reading, Rutherfordton, NC

Hey Mr Carmona, my son was in ur wife's class at LLCA a few yrs ago. I'm looking for someone to tutor my 9yr old going into the 4th grade during the summer.

Sent by Stephanie on 6/7/13

Anthropology, Newport Coast, CA

I am looking for assistance with a cultural anthropology class which begins next week. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Charlene on 6/7/13

Public Speaking, Springfield, MO

Hi Lori, I am a business professional in need of some coaching on public speaking. Is this something you do?

Sent by Carolyn on 6/7/13

Java, Irvine, CA

interested in java programming for a 11 year old. J.

Sent by Jan on 6/7/13

Lsat, Nashville, TN

LSAT I am thinking about taking it in October... How many people have you helped take it? Do I need to take a course or can you help me with what is needed to succeed ?

Sent by Dee on 6/7/13

Hsk, Santa Monica, CA

Hello Jennifer. I'm very interested in your HSK preperation courses. Can you please contact me and we can talk more. Thank you very much! R.

Sent by Riley on 6/7/13

Microsoft Access, Pittsburgh, PA

I am interested in a tutor for Microsoft access 12.

Sent by Patrick on 6/6/13

Dyslexia, Murrieta, CA

My son was just diagnosed with dyslexia and I am looking for a tutor to help him. Which method do you use to assist with dyslexia.

Sent by Bobbie on 6/6/13

Reading, Canyon, TX

I am looking for someone to help my son with reading over the summer. He is 6 yrs old, going into 1st grade. He struggles some with reading and wasn't quite...

Sent by Kari on 6/6/13

Applied Math, Daytona Beach, FL

Hello. I am a college student taking Elementary School Mathematics. If you are familiar with this course and think you can help that would be wonderful.

Sent by Angela on 6/6/13

Math, Port Charlotte, FL

I need a tutor for my 12th grade son. The subject is math. Please contact me by email with detail like hourly rate.

Sent by Mrs. on 6/6/13

Fin 370, El Paso, TX

HELPplz..D. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by David on 6/6/13

Social Statistics, Houston, TX

I am taking a social statistics class for just this month and need some help. Are you familiar with social statistics?

Sent by Linda on 6/6/13

Applied Math, Daytona Beach, FL

Hello. I am taking Elementary School Mathematics in college. I need help. I live in Port Orange. Please contact me asap. Thank you

Sent by Angela on 6/6/13

Organic Chemistry, Dayton, OH

Hello I'm freshman student at UD and im straggling with the Chemistry and i need help. if you are able, please contact me at my phone 720two775zero97

Sent by Naif on 6/6/13

Geometry Tutor, Bristow, VA

My daughter, Hannah, is a senior with ADHD. She has passed geometry (class) but, has failed the SOL several times. She needs to pass the SOL to walk with her class...

Sent by Bill on 6/6/13

Requesting Tutorial Services, Spring Branch, TX

Hi Brittany, I recently withdrew my son from public school. He is now being homeschooled so I'm looking for some assistance with his work over the summer.

Sent by Marcos on 6/6/13

Reading Speed, Sellersburg, IN

Dear Ms. P., I am seeking a person that can teach my son to read faster. He is going into 9th grade and has a reading speE. of 70 words per minute.

Sent by Ed on 6/6/13

Russian, Saint Louis, MO

The Language Training Center, a full service language provider meeting language needs since 1992, is hiring a Russian teacher to teach an intensive Russian class for...

Sent by Ryan on 6/6/13

Actuarial Science, Seattle, WA

Hi Alex, Are you able to tutor me in the actuarial sciences? Mainly the materials in the 3F/MFE exam?

Sent by Kevin on 6/6/13

Autocad, Frederick, MD

Hello. I need some help with Autocad, could you please contact me so we can discuss it further.

Sent by Abdul on 6/6/13

Sat, Norfolk, MA

Looking to meet every two weeks during summer and once a week during September. Need more help with reading/writing than with math. Let me know your availability, P.

Sent by Patrick on 6/6/13

English Tutor, Hinesville, GA

Good morning, I start Engl 101 in July and I am nervous because I can't remember anything about essays. looking for a tutor 3 times a week if possible for 18 weeks.

Sent by Andreya on 6/6/13

Elementary Reading 3-4th Grade, Mary Esther, FL

Looking for a tutor for this summer for my daughter who will be going into 4th grade next year. She struggled with reading/reading comprehension all year and...

Sent by Rick on 6/6/13

Algebra 2, Lake Hopatcong, NJ

Bien, My 11th grader daughther needs help with a recently assigned Compound Intetest Project that is due in her Algebra 2 class in June 11th.

Sent by Dana on 6/5/13

Seo, Santa Rosa, CA 95405

I'm looking to learn SEO skills such as on page optimization and link building. I have very little experience but I'm college educated and excited to learn! Thanks, J.

Sent by Jim on 6/5/13

Quantitative Methods In Psychology, Warren, NJ

Good Evening Alyssa, I am about to be a senior at the University of Rhode Island. Unfortunately I did not pass the class called Quantitative Methods in Psychology.

Sent by Alix on 6/5/13

Pharmacology, Fort Myers Fl, 33913

I am interested in having you tutor me. Please contact me as soon as possible

Sent by Luvny on 6/5/13

Statistics, Southlake, TX 76092

I need some help with a statistics project. I have some knowledge of Statistics but need some tutoring on building a specific model. Can we discuss your availability?

Sent by Amy on 6/5/13

Writing, San Diego, CA 92130

Hi, Louise, My fifth grade son needs help on his writing. We are in Carmel Valley and would like to have someone to work with my son this summer.

Sent by Emily on 6/5/13

Excel, Santa Rosa, CA

I am interested in receiving tutoring in advanced Excel skills. I have specific spreadsheets that I would like to review and work with you on improving...

Sent by Jessica on 6/5/13

Praxis, Memphis, TN

Hello, I am looking for a Praxis 1 tutor for the month of June. I have the test July 5th. Please contact me if you have any availability before 4pm.

Sent by Rayven on 6/5/13

Organic Chemistry, Vienna, VA

Hi Jeff, I need an Organic chemistry tutor for my daughter in NOVA. Are you available and when?

Sent by Maria on 6/5/13

Finance, Missouri City, TX

Hello, I need some help on my summer graduate program in finance management( Online).Please call me at 281 709500 Thanks B. G.

Sent by Boby on 6/5/13

Act English, Slidell, LA

Hello im neise and im looking for a tutor in the area

Sent by Antwoneise on 6/5/13

Arabic, Saratoga Springs, NY

Sent by Rula on 6/5/13

Applied Math, Memphis, TN

taking the dat in a few weeks and applied math problems and geometry and giving me fits. Can you help?

Sent by Mark on 6/5/13

Math, Colorado Springs, CO

I need help with algebra.

Sent by Amanda on 6/5/13

Adobe Photoshop, Los Angeles, CA

I am trying to switch form using Bridge/Adobe Raw to Lightroom for my workflow.... I am having issues with catalogues

Sent by Jeff on 6/5/13

Toefl, New York City, NY

i am looking for tutor i would like to do Toefl for enter to university

Sent by Olga on 6/5/13

Spanish, Wexford, PA

Hi Betty, I am looking a Spanish tutor for my daughter. We live in wexford area. Please contact me through email. Thanks, F.

Sent by Fangzi on 6/5/13

Creole Language, Miami, FL

We are looking to hire a licensed haitian creole language teacher ,to teach adults in the M. C. library.

Sent by Miami-dade on 6/5/13

Romanian, MI

Hi Cristina! I am very interested in learning Romanian because my boyfriend is Romanian and all his family and friends speak the language.

Sent by Emily on 6/5/13

Pelectrical Circuits, Dallas, TX 75252

for electrical engineering course

Sent by Hello on 6/5/13

Adobe Indesign, Milwaukee, WI

Are you approved to teach Adobe Indesign? If so Id really appreciate it if you could contact me through ,y email. thanks

Sent by Antonio on 6/4/13

English, Highland Park, NJ 08904

Hi Elizabeth, do you have time this summer for English tutoring during weekday? -J. Y. email: (email available after purchase) tel: (phone number available...

Sent by John on 6/4/13

Accounting, Raleigh, NC

Need help with accounting

Sent by Andy on 6/4/13

Physics, Morrisville,pa.19067

Hi Artur, I'm hoping that some one on one personal teaching might help my son with a physics class that he is currently taking at BCCC. We live in Morrisville (19067).

Sent by Kathy on 6/4/13

Microsoft Windows, Charlotte, NC

Hi I just got a new HP with Windows 8 and find it baffling! I need help!

Sent by Ginny on 6/4/13

Math, Moody Afb, GA

Hello, my name is S. and I am horrible at math. I desperately need help with my math homework and someone to check my work when it's complete.

Sent by Sharod on 6/4/13

Adobe Illustrator, Long Island, NY

Hello, I have been doing work designing sports apparel with photoshop, but have been told that illustrator is the program of choice for the people who produce...

Sent by Charles on 6/4/13

English, San Francisco, CA

Bonjour Aimee, You possibly are the person I am looking for. I would like to improve both my English and French, especially with grammar, written and verbal abilities.

Sent by on 6/4/13

Adobe Illustrator, Roosevelt, NY

Laura, I would like to get back into the Fashion Industry and would love to learn Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Let me know your availability. G.

Sent by Greg on 6/4/13

Math Tutoring, Houston, TX 77063

Goodday, am captain. H., i work with the U.S military,i really want my daughter sandra to be taught by you, his a beginner and 10 years of age, i will like you...

Sent by Hazlinsky on 6/4/13

Math, Wyoming, MN

Hello, This is Mr M., I want a private lessons for my son (John). John is 15 year old boy and is ready to learn. Please, so I will like to know if you will be...

Sent by Mark on 6/4/13

Industrial Engineering, Tempe, AZ 85281

I am working and do not have the time to visit my teacher. I am taking a graduate level class for operations research and need help.

Sent by John on 6/4/13

Usmle, Boston, MA

Hello Jrjrjr4, I'm a phisycian from Brazil, and I need some help for USMLE step 1. I've read already the whole content, and I'm planning to tabe the test by...

Sent by Jorge on 6/4/13

Reading, Tallahassee, FL

Need tutoring in reading for a 3rd grader as soon as possible

Sent by Kebeh on 6/4/13

Dat, Atlanta, GA 30319

I need a DAT tutor. My test date is June 17. Please help!

Sent by Janna on 6/4/13

Math, Reading, Literature, Jesup, GA

Hey Heather my name is T. K.. I have a soon to be 7 year old name Kiley Bowen she's going into the 1st grade and needs lots of help with her work. We are looK.

Sent by Tonilynn on 6/4/13

Math, Keller, TX

Hi Adohree, I have a son who's an 8th grader in the Keller ISD. He's failed the STAAR math portion twice which he needs to pass to go to the 9th grade.

Sent by Darian on 6/4/13

Stats, Lubbock, TX 79416

Hello, I am an MBA student at Texas Tech, and I am taking Finance (Financial Management) and Stats (Statistical Methods) classes Summer 1 online.

Sent by Chase on 6/4/13

Adobe Flash, Chicago, IL

hey daniel I am also a student at DePaul and I have to finish these 2 basic animations by Wednesday. Is there anyway you would be able to help me out with them tomorrow?

Sent by Erik on 6/4/13

English, Benicia, CA

Hi Pete, My son needs help this summer with English. He is an Aspergers 12th grader who needs help before he goes to DVC. How might you be able to connect quickly...

Sent by Johanna on 6/3/13

Drawing Sketching, Baltimore, MD

do you teach drawing for kids? where do you teach? what is your rate?

Sent by Sruti on 6/3/13

Dutch, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Hello, I came across your profile by searching for Dutch tutors in Minneapolis on Google. Are you tutoring this summer? I am looking to improve my ability...

Sent by Steven on 6/3/13

Reading, New Braunfels, TX

I am looking for a tutor for my 14 year old son. Primarily reading.

Sent by Jayme on 6/3/13

Science, Crossville, TN

Katie, I have a 10th grader that has been in public school for 1 yr, I am looking to homeschool once again, I have a science brain but not a math brain...

Sent by Cyndy on 6/3/13

Pharmacology, Miami, FL

Hello, I am in desperate need for a pharmacology tutor. Are you available this week? I live in the brickell area.

Sent by Nick on 6/3/13

Neuroscience, Boston, MA

Hey, Could you please help me doing an online exercise that related to those subjects: Chapter Six. Topic 6.1 Light enters the eye and reaches the retina.

Sent by Sara on 6/3/13

Spanish, Pearland, TX

My daughter in 10th grade needs extra help with a Spanish tutors. We will need this for the entire summer.

Sent by Diane on 6/3/13

Multi Subject, Decatur, IL

I am currently looking for a homeschool teacher/tutor for a family in Decatur. Please respond (if interested) for more information.

Sent by Mikaela on 6/3/13

Algebra, Bakersfield, CA

My daughter Katie is an incoming freshman at Stockdale High and is taking Algebra in summer school and is overwhelmed. Please help! We live in the Oaks. Thanks!

Sent by Laurie on 6/3/13

Tutor, Waxhaw, NC 28173

I am looking for a certified Orton Gillingham tutor for my rising 8th grader.

Sent by Renee on 6/3/13

Imovie, Nevada City, CA

Am interested in learning IMovie and making utube videos. How well do you know IMovie?

Sent by Asha on 6/3/13

Cpa, Chicago, IL

Hello, I am seeking a tutor for the CPA. I just scheduled my exam today for July 20th. This will be my 3rd attempt at taking Audit. Are you available to assist me?

Sent by Paris on 6/3/13

Adobe Illustrator, Seattle, WA

I have fallen behind in a class using illustrator and photoshop. I need immediate help to catch up. I live in West Seattle however I still have a Oregon number.

Sent by David on 6/3/13

Dyslexia, Savannah, GA 31410

Hi, I have a child in 2nd grade with dyslexia. She is in a private school and not doing well at all. We need intervention now. Can you help us?

Sent by Hanna on 6/3/13

Physics, Myrtle Beach, SC

Hi, I am interested in getting some information about you tutoring Physics. My phone number is (phone number available after purchase). Can you call me? Thanks. S.

Sent by Sue on 6/3/13

Italian, Birmingham, AL

I am interested in conversational italian tutoring can you please contact me for pricing and information and availability? (email available after purchase)

Sent by Jessica on 6/3/13

Pharmacology, Philadelphia, PA

Hey Austin, are you still tutoring in pharmacology? I'm a nursing student at Temple and definitely need extra help. Let me know if you'd be interested! Thanks!

Sent by Alisan on 6/3/13

Managerial Finance, Baldwinsville, NY

Managerial finance assignment

Sent by Shiva on 6/3/13

Adobe Photoshop, Saint Louis, MO

can't get started w/ element 10- downloaded I-photo files to organizer (?) and can't get anything done from there - afraid of losing all of my pictures most of which...

Sent by Roderick on 6/3/13

Real Estate Math, Atlanta, GA

Hi, I need a tutor in real estate calculations. Capitalization, triangle math

Sent by Cheryl on 6/2/13

Numerical Analysis, Miami Fl, 33186

Hello Mr. Rahul I would like to receive tutoring in numerical Analysis. If possible today, or if not at your earliest convenience.

Sent by Brian on 6/2/13

Accounting, Martin, TN

hey Rory I hope you are doing alright This is me A. who is a student in the UTM and I'm taking accounting 201 during this summer, so If you can help me with that.

Sent by Anas on 6/2/13

Spanish, Hampstead, NH

Hi Gabriela, I am interested in a Spanish teacher for my 10 yr old son. He is currently in 4th grade and is going into middle school and very much wants...

Sent by Tanya on 6/2/13

Java, Orlando, FL

Hello, I am looking for a computer programming tutor to help me with Java. I live in southeast Orange county in a town called Pine Castle and attend school...

Sent by Jim on 6/2/13

Home Schooling, Thomasville, NC

We have 4 elementary aged kids K-5 one has ADHD

Sent by Louis on 6/2/13

Organic Chemistry, Hesperia, CA 92345

I have a VERY Difficult take home final for my organic chemistry exam. I need an expert to help me with it. The professor said I could ask an expert for help (anyone...

Sent by Carolyn on 6/2/13

Dyslexia, Verona, NJ

Hi Denise, My 7.5 yr old son is dyslexic and we are looking for a tutor that is trained in Ortan Gillingham. We are in Verona, NJ, is this near you? Thank you, K.

Sent by Karen on 6/1/13

Accounting, Allston, MA 02134

I'm interested in Corporate accounting tutoring for my upcoming exam. What is your availability?

Sent by Mia on 6/1/13

Language Arts ,english, Cypress, CA

Shirley, we are looking for a tutor for our son.He is 11. he is easily distracted and probably ADD, but is easily managed...just easily distracted.

Sent by Stephen on 6/1/13

Italian, Kingston, NY

Good afternoon, I will be in the Rhinebeck area July 15-19 and I am interested in taking Italian lessons on July 15, 16, 18. I already have some knowledge of Italian.

Sent by Merle on 6/1/13

Act, Port Gibson, MS

I need tutoring for the ACT by June 8

Sent by Abigail on 6/1/13

Mandarin, Sugar Land, TX 77479

I am looking for a Mandarin language tutor for 3 girls ages 4-7 (and maybe some time for the adults, too :) for a once/week session during the summer.

Sent by Andy on 6/1/13

Reading, Grayson, GA

hello, i live near grayson and i need a reading tutor for my 7 year old daughter. pls email or call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Nancy on 6/1/13

General College Chemistry, Baltimore, MD

Hi, I am looking for a chemistry tutor for my daughter, who needs help with Chem-131 (General Chemistry) at UMD. We live in Westminster and can travel upto...

Sent by Raman on 6/1/13

Pharmacology, Toronto, ON

Sent by George on 6/1/13

French, The Woodlands, TX

Bonjour Celine, j'ai besoin de quelqu'un pour apprendre le francais a mon enfant de 5 ans. Tu peux me contacter huit trois deux deux sept neuf zero un quatre quatre.

Sent by Julie on 6/1/13