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Tutor, Cathedral City, CA

Hello, Sara, can you please give me a call at (phone number available after purchase). I am looking for a 4th grader tutor. Thank you,

Sent by Andrea on 3/31/13

Chemistry, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

Ivan: We are always seeking more good quality chemistry tutors, and now we would like to have one in or near Irvine. If you are interested, we welcome you...

Sent by Director on 3/31/13

Music Theory, Idaho Falls, ID

Sent by Chris on 3/31/13

Statistics, Selma, CA

I need help with statistics. I'm in Selma, CA. please contact me soon.

Sent by Akram on 3/31/13

Excel Training - Kurdistan, Brighton

Excel training, 2 hours per day in Erbil, Kurdistan.

Sent by Britteach on 3/31/13

Algebra, New Braunfels, TX

Our daughter needs some help to improve her grades in NBHS Pre-AP Algebra 2. May not need a full curriculum, but just some focused help that she can't seem to get...

Sent by Jim on 3/31/13

Biostatistics, Concord, NH

Hi Lise! I'm in the process of getting my MPH online through NYMC and I'm currently having some trouble with Biostatistics. I only have about 3-4 weeks left of...

Sent by Rachel on 3/31/13

Biology, North Haven, CT

Pleas contact me at 7049573159thank you.

Sent by Ghali on 3/31/13

Counseling, Tyler, TX

hello my name is M. im a 45 single mom looking to go back to school to get my associates in counseling and i have to re take the math accuplacer test and defiantly...

Sent by Melissa on 3/30/13

Statistics, Nashville, TN

I need one on one help in my entry level statistics class for my BSN.

Sent by Felicia on 3/30/13

Act, Bloomfield Hills, MI

Hi Melissa. My daughter, Julie feels she needs additional preparation for the English section of the ACT. We live in Troy. Please contact me with your available hours.

Sent by Susan on 3/30/13

Algebra 2, Miami Beach, FL

Hello do you tutor to North Bay village area? I need a tutor for algebra/calf/trig/geo. my number is (phone number available after purchase) call anytime to talk

Sent by Steve on 3/30/13

Math, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Jennifer, I have a 3D Educational Math Game with a Pre-Algebra curriculum. You can use the game to increase your tutoring business by using it with the students...

Sent by Kerry on 3/30/13

Sat Math, Richmond Hill, GA

I need help to tutor my daughter about SAT Math and Reading. How long will tutoring will take to prepare her? She is a great student but not so good taking tests.

Sent by Sandra on 3/30/13

Accounting, Bakersfield, CA

Hi joe, I'm in town until Wednesday and I was wondering how much you charge per hour to tutor in accounting? I'm taking an online Financial Accounting 201 class and...

Sent by Alec on 3/30/13

Reading, Killeen, TX 76542

my name is A. Andrews. I have ADD. Can you help me with my reading and writing?

Sent by Andrevian on 3/30/13

Bioinformatics, Newton, MA 02458

Hi I need help for my bioinformatics assignment on line. Regards H.

Sent by Huda on 3/30/13

Latin, Austin, TX

Hi Madison. I was interested in introducing my son, Haydon, to the Latin language. He is in 6th grade and is a straight A student.

Sent by Duane on 3/29/13

Python, Dayton, OHIO

Hello Mr. Robert. I am interested in being a student of a reputable Python tutor. I commend your Masters in Electrical Power Systems but do you believe that...

Sent by Matthew on 3/29/13

Dreamweaver, Centreville, VA

Hey there. I am looking for a tutor to help me with an assignment to create a webpage using Adobe Dreamweaver. I also need to incorporate some Flash and Photoshop.

Sent by Kevin on 3/29/13

Adobe Illustrator, Thousand Oaks, CA

Hi Kerri, I am doing the 30 trial with (url available after purchase) and would like to have a hands-on real tutor to get to the heart of what I need.

Sent by Jennifer on 3/29/13

Accounting, Ogden, UT

i live in ogden and i have an accounting 2020 test tomorrow .. and i need tutoring on three chapters

Sent by Omar on 3/29/13

Aacounting, Twin Falls, ID

Need help with CMA prep. I sent an e-mail yesterday but got no response.

Sent by Omotayo on 3/29/13

Final Cut Pro X, Los Angeles, CA 90094

I am one week away from retirement... have long had a music recording setup in my living room (Logic Pro 9) and am interested putting music to video..

Sent by Richard on 3/29/13

Accounting, Nashville, TN

Patrick, I have already contacted you previously, but let me know what your schedule can accomodate for evenings Wed-Fri or weekends.

Sent by Jason on 3/29/13

Usmle, Hempstead, NY 11550

Caribbean Medical Student with multiple attempts on USMLE Step 1. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Monica on 3/29/13

Math, Minerva, OH

Hi, I have a daughter in Minerva High School. Struggles with math. Let me know your availability?

Sent by David on 3/29/13

Anatomy, Tampa, FL

My niece is struggling in her comparative anatomy class @ USF & is in need of a good tutor. Please let me know if you're interested & can start ASAP. Thank you.

Sent by Tami on 3/29/13

Science Math, Ashtabula, OH

I am looking for someone to help my 14 year old daughter that is in 8th grade with math and science my cell number is (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Tim on 3/29/13

Math, Florence, SC

Hi Amy, my name is B. F. and I am searching for a math tutor for a math class I need to take online. I attend Francis Marion as well, I see you were a math major...

Sent by Brittany on 3/28/13

Physics, College Station, TX

Hi Natacha! I need help in my Blinn physics 2 class - 1402. Essentially, I need to make B's on my next exam (4/4) and final (5/2) in order to make a B in...

Sent by Savannah on 3/28/13

English, Atlantic City, NJ

Hi Monica, I am interested in an english tutor. Please contact me as soon as possible. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Aramilda on 3/28/13

Java Tutor, Jackson, MS 39269

I need some help with three small java programs that I have written but do not run correctly. This can be handled via online

Sent by Milt on 3/28/13

English, Los Angeles, CA

I have recently gone back to school, it is truely hard for me to grasp the concept of things. English was always my worst subject in High School and I need good...

Sent by Rose on 3/28/13

Reading, Bloomington, IL

Hi Rebbecca, My friend's daughter who is in first grade is in need of a reading tutor. She needs a lot of help! If you are available that would be great.

Sent by Janette on 3/28/13

Calculus, Ellicott City, MD

Hi, I N.eed help with calculus. Please email me. ThaN.k you A. N.

Sent by Ann on 3/28/13

Math, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi, I am returning to college and need to do placement testing. I really need help refreshing my maths skills as I haven't seen much mathematics in 20 years! Help!

Sent by Michelle on 3/28/13

8th Grade Algebra 1, Oakdale, CA

I have an 8th grade straight A student (except B in math) who would like to get prepared for the Cst immediately. We are thinking twice a week for the next 3 weeks.

Sent by Casey on 3/28/13

SAT, West Nyack, NY

SAT.....my son is a junior....all honors. A/P classes....grades are in low 90s...but didn't put up big numbers in his first SAT exam last month.

Sent by Marc on 3/28/13

Paramedic Lessons, Roseville, MI 48066

hi Sarah, My name is P. and I am trying to pass the NREMT-P. I failed my first attempt and i do not have anybody here who can help me( i moved in Michigan last...

Sent by Pauline on 3/28/13

French, Cape Coral, FL

My 10th grade daughter needs help to pass french,can you help?

Sent by Melissa on 3/28/13

Chemistry, Northridge, CA

Hello- graduated from UC Berkeley in 90's...going back for pre-ver at pierce college and need tutoring on a reg. cadence i good 'ol chemistry.

Sent by Sean on 3/28/13

Chemistry, Escondido, CA 92027

Hi Bakhtiar, I am looking to test out of chemistry via clep. I like your introduction. Do you have time to meet for a few sessions where I can get rid of...

Sent by Niels on 3/28/13

Cpa, San Mateo, CA

Looking for a tutor for my daughter who is struggling with passing the CPA exams.

Sent by Colleen on 3/27/13

Writing, Olathe, KS 66062

I a junior at KU I need help with writing. I'm 63 years old married and have one daughter 13 can you help me.

Sent by James on 3/27/13

Chemistry, Brooklyn, NY

I need chemistry tutoring.

Sent by Rocky on 3/27/13

Java Tutor, La Jolla, CA 92037

I am looking for a AP Computerscience online tutor who can teach advanced Java concepts. If you are interested, please let me know.

Sent by Madhuri on 3/27/13

Biology, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Are you still practicing as a biology tutor? My daughter is a freshman at SEBs and is in her second semester of biology. She's having a very rough time...

Sent by Linda on 3/27/13

Pre Algebra, Washington, DC

Hi you doing I need help with basic algebra to help me pass this enrollment test for an apprenticeship program

Sent by Jamar on 3/27/13

Philosophy, Temecula, CA

My daughter is struggling with Philosophy 106 and is home for a week of spring break from CSF, I want to see about getting her some tutoring while home on break.

Sent by Stacey on 3/27/13

Algebra, Victorville, CA

I am in intermediate algebra using the aleks system I have 1 week left and need help asap call me @ (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Rita on 3/27/13

Chemical Engineering, Houston, TX

Hi Harry, I am trying to model a packed bed reactor for the oxidation of so2 to so3. However, I am having problems evaluating the overall effectiveness factor.

Sent by Richard on 3/27/13

Court Reporter, Denver, CO

hello was wondering if you can tutor me on the steno machine i need help please willing to pay what ever the cost is thanks (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Shenikadavis on 3/27/13

Special Education, Bellevue, WA

Hi Ellen, My son is 8 1/2 and has a developmental disability somewhat like Autism. He has ADHD and other behavior problems, and is very limited verbally.

Sent by Rachel on 3/27/13

Writing, East Brunswick, NJ

Hi I looking for writing tutor for my son(5th grade) I want sample test befor tutoring please call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Regina on 3/27/13

Economics, Baltimore, MD

Hi Chijioke, I will be taking an economics course very soon. Is it possible to negotiate on the price? Thanks, K.

Sent by Korede on 3/27/13

Java, Lebanon, OH

i need help with developing a path so i can do my java class. if you can send me an email i would appreciate it

Sent by Troy on 3/27/13

Photography, Pittsburgh, PA

Hi Lauren. When my son was born last summer, I bought a Canon EOS T3 camera, with the mindset that I would take quality pictures of him growing up.

Sent by Bill on 3/27/13

Geometry, O Fallon, MO

My name is N. and my daughter is in high school and has been struggling with Geometry all year and has become very distraught with the subject. She really needs help.

Sent by Nicole on 3/27/13

Algebra, Catalina, AZ 85738

I need a tutor for my son in Algebra.

Sent by Deb on 3/27/13

Ap Calc, Henryville, PA

Hello Anna, My daughter is having trouble in ap calc at E. stroudsburg south. I live close by near alpine mt. Please call 469-9860. My name is M.

Sent by Mark on 3/27/13

Multiple Subjects, Pacoima, CA

Im preparing to take the G.E.D. and I am having trouble teaching myself out of the preparation book. I am interested in hiring a personal tutor to help me out.

Sent by Jaime on 3/27/13

Sas, Ashland, KY 41101

Need SAS help (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Rohit on 3/26/13

Speed Reading, Miami, FL

My son has been diagnosed with Dyslexia. He is doing really bad in reading/writing in school He is in 2nd grade. Please let me know if you can help and your rate.

Sent by Yunaimy on 3/26/13

Math, Minneapolis, MN 55428

Hi, I am looking for a Singapore math tutor for. My 8 year old daughter. We have been using it as an enrichment curriculum so far, but I am hoping to step it up a bit.

Sent by Zornitsa on 3/26/13

Geology, Pittsburgh, PA

Im student at point park university downdown of pittsburgh and i need you help 3 hours for 3 weeks

Sent by Mesfer on 3/26/13

Gre Prep, Staten Island, NY

Hi Marc, I live in Staten Island, New York and I am looking for a tutor for the month of April. I have taken my GRE in the past and need to increase my scores as...

Sent by Samantha on 3/26/13

Algebra 2, Highland, CA

Looking for a tutor who is very proficient in High School Algebra 2... my son is taking it Independent Study, available anytime/most days. We live in Lake Arrowhead.

Sent by Paula on 3/26/13

Perl, Brooklyn, NY

Hi Bruce, I need a perl programmer to help me with a project in Brooklyn. Are you available? Thank you, J.

Sent by John on 3/26/13

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Geometry, Boerne, TX

My 17 yr old son in 10 grade needs help in geometry. Can u help? We live near Fair Oaks Ranch. Thanks.

Sent by Ellen on 3/26/13

Finance, Cleveland, OH

I am interested in obtaining a tutor for CSU's Intro to Financial Management. Please contact me with current availability.

Sent by Nakia on 3/26/13

Praxis, Jackson, MS

did you have to take 0014 elem education content knowledge exam

Sent by Alicia on 3/26/13

Ballet, Dallas, TX

Hello im C. soto i wanted to take ballet so long i never get the time but i to partner ballet when the time comes

Sent by Christopher on 3/26/13

Accounting, Chattanooga, TN

Hello, I am attending UTC and taking the first accounting class. I am looking for a tutor to help me through some online work that will be due this Sunday evening...

Sent by Savannah on 3/26/13

Mechanical Engineering, Austin, TX

Hello, This is R. S., studying Mechanical Engineering from UT at Austin. So I was wondering if you teach me the major subject, I have already finished Calculus...

Sent by Raheel on 3/26/13

Usmle, Melbourne, FL 32950

Looking for a tutor for USMLE 3

Sent by Ron on 3/26/13

Accounting, Miami, FL 33033

Hi, Oscar. I'm studying accounting (distance learning) in the U.S. Career Institute I'm almost done, 90% completed, only 2 quizes pending, one of them is a project...

Sent by Lucio on 3/26/13

Theater, Stafford Springs, CT 06076

Hello. I need your help with a multiple choice theater exam tommorrow on 3/27/2013. This is the only exam that I am allowed to seek help with, so I would appreciate...

Sent by Nick on 3/26/13

All, West Melbourne, FL

Marie, I work for the City of West Melbourne Recreation Dept. We would like to start offering tutoring and hoped we could talk about you offering your services...

Sent by Sandra on 3/26/13

Discrete Math, Camarillo, CA

I am interested to take online discrete Math and one/two computer classes online. I want someone to help me with homework, pre quizzes/ preparation test.

Sent by Rita on 3/26/13

Reading, Grants Pass, OR

I have a four year old that I want to get involved in a early reading program. Can you provide this service? Call me @ (phone number available after purchase) when...

Sent by Nick on 3/26/13

Chemistry, Tolland, CT

Hi, my daughter is a sophomore at East Catholic and is in honors chemistry. She is having a hard time understanding the material and the teacher.

Sent by Eileen on 3/26/13

Geology, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Hey I am looking for someone who can answer my chapter homework for remote sensing class. If you're willing to do it. Please email me your rate. Thanks

Sent by Camille on 3/26/13

Usmle, Brooklyn, NY 11204

Hello. I know you don't teach Step 1, but you have amazing credentials and scores and I will pay you double your rate for the Step 1 tutoring.

Sent by Wazhma on 3/25/13

Algebra, Merced, CA

Looking for a tutor for my son for Algebra 2. In the need for some assitance this week if possible for bench marks. please call me at (phone number available after...

Sent by Daniel on 3/25/13

Act, Palm Coast, FL

Looking for a ACT Math, ACT Science and FCAT Reading tutor for my 17 yr. old nephew.

Sent by Cassandra on 3/25/13

Statistics, Lexington, KY

Hi I'm graduate student, I need help in assignment for SPSS about Factorial ANOVA and ancova. can you help?

Sent by Dalal on 3/25/13

C#, New Albany, IN

Hello, I am in the last 5 weeks of Advanced C# and Java. The classes I am taking are on-line and I don't feel like a have a great grasp on the subject.

Sent by Sandy on 3/25/13

English As 2nd Language, Fontana, CA

Hello Catherine, My name is C. and I'm an employee at the Fontana Community Senior Center. We are currently looking for an English as a second language instructor...

Sent by Christina on 3/25/13

Civil Engineering, Sacramento, CA

are you familiar with opensees? and nonlinear structural analysis ?

Sent by Natalia on 3/25/13

Physics, Teaneck, NJ

Hi my name is C. and I am in great need of a tutor in physics. I saw your ad and was immediately interested. I was just wondering if you wouldn't have a problem with...

Sent by Chloe on 3/25/13

Math Tutor, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

my son Noah needs some help with flvs liberal arts math2 asap. He needs to start tomorrow. please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Terry on 3/25/13

ACT Science, Chemistry, Algebra 2, Owensboro, KY

Hello Jasen! I am a current Owensboro High School student, and i am seeking help in the area of science on the ACT and in chemistry and in Algebra 2.

Sent by Manolo on 3/25/13

Math, Wappingers Falls, NY

Hi Amanda, I am interested in talking to you about tutoring my 7th grad daughter in the subject area of Math and ELA. I'm in Wappingers and would like to meet...

Sent by Christina on 3/25/13

Accounting, Lafayette, LA

I am interested in hiring a tutor to help me learn/re-learn basic accounting. I will be transferring to ULL in July as a junior, but it has been 9 years since...

Sent by Lauren on 3/25/13

Thermodynamics, Minneapolis, MN

Hi, I'm currently a sophomore student at the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities) in the Biomedical Engineering program. I was wondring if you would be available...

Sent by Mariam on 3/25/13

Math, Charlotte, NC 28278

Kathy hello, Was curious to know if you are familiar with Supply Chain Management as the formulas consist of textbook equations.

Sent by Justin on 3/25/13

Calculus, Fort George G Meade, MD

Hello,, I N.eed help with calculus. Please email me ThaN.ks, A.

Sent by Ann on 3/25/13

Spanish, Stow, OH. 44224

I need a Spanish tutor. I have a dyslexic 6th grade daughter who wants to take Spanish in high school. It is my hope that I will be able to help her by that time.

Sent by Virginia on 3/25/13

Typing, Washington, DC

Hi Brendan, I am looking for a typing tutor for my kids. My oldest (8th grade) is required to type papers but school has never taught touch typing.

Sent by Elisabeth on 3/25/13

Math, Hillsborough, NC

I am interested in getting a tutor in math for my granddaughter who is in the 3rd grade in Orange County. Me and my daughter want to make sure she is ready for...

Sent by Donna on 3/25/13

Math, Washington, DC

Hi, I am interested in your tutoring services as I need to take a math placement exam at the University of Maryland CP. . The placement exam covers Arithmetic...

Sent by Douglas on 3/25/13

Industrial Engineering, Tempe, Az

Hello Neelesh: Im an industrial engineering student and I have an exam online that will open tomorrow at 7 am and will end at at 7 am on thursday. Its 4 question;

Sent by Sultan on 3/25/13

Physics, Boynton Beach, FL

Currently taking physics at palm beach state and in desperate need of help completely lost doing newtons law, dynamics cir motion, work and energy...

Sent by Erica on 3/25/13

Nclex Pn, Lafayette, LA

Hello Mrs. Tina T, I am inquiring about the tutoring program in reference to the NCLEX_PN. I am a LPN graduate but have been unsuccessful with the Nclex...

Sent by Dee on 3/25/13

Math And Language Arts, Indianapolis, IN

Hi Jessica, Please consider whether you might be interested in providing educational support for my sons - 4th & 5th grades. Emphaiss would be on the basics...

Sent by Janet on 3/25/13

Chemistry, Maplewood, NJ

Hello, My name is M. I attend a local colleG.e. I am takinG. colleG.e level Chemistry. I am failinG. my lectures and I desperately need help. I am wonderinG.

Sent by Marva. on 3/25/13

Spanish, Lafayette, LA 70506

Looking for a local spanish tutor. I travel abroad for business frequently, and this would be a powerful tool. Looking for a long-term program.

Sent by James on 3/25/13

Dyslexia, Oakland, CA

Please call me want to Learn how to read, delixia problems.

Sent by Smiley on 3/25/13

Excel, Lubbock, TX

I am need of some help with excel. I am taking an excel class at Tech and I need to pass it in order to graduate in May and am very lost/behind in the course.

Sent by Hunter on 3/25/13

Ruby On Rails, Port Hueneme, CA 93041

Can you tell more about your tutor with the Ruby on Rails?

Sent by Leandro on 3/24/13

Biology, Grand Forks, ND

My son attends UND 1st year freshman, needs help in Biology and Pychology. Can you help, has mondays and wednesdays to meet and other days maybe, sat and sunday...

Sent by Keith on 3/24/13

English Tutoring, Saratoga Springs, NY

Hello Rachel We are actively look for a tutor for our son Jack - entering 9th grade next year. Would like to discuss your availability for tutoring.

Sent by John on 3/24/13

Reading, Lancaster, OH

I'm looking for a reading tutor for my 7 year old daughter. She is in first grade and really strruggles with reading. Please email me if you think you may be able...

Sent by Tamara on 3/24/13

French, Harrisburg, PA

Hi Amani , I'm looking forward to learning french, I'm a beginner I know Spanish , English and now I'd like to learn french.

Sent by Osbaldo on 3/24/13

Anthropology, Albuquerque, NM

(phone number available after purchase) my girlfriend needs help with a paper

Sent by Derek on 3/24/13

Praxis 2, CT

Hi Shannon, I am having difficulty passing the social studies, science and math components of Praxis 2. Would you be able to help me? Thank You, F.

Sent by Francesca on 3/24/13

Sat Rice, Sugar Land, TX

Hi, My S.on iS. a S.ophomore in Katy. He recently got a 2000 on hiS. S.AT. Looking to get to 2300+ . Main challenge iS. Critical Reading. PleaS.

Sent by S on 3/24/13

Geometry, Mission, TX

Hi jasmine, are you located in mission? Looking for geometry tutor in mission for my daughtet my number (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Elizabeth on 3/24/13

Statistics, San Antonio, TX

Need help in College level Statistics as soon as possible. Are you available to meet. Best way to contact me is by phone( cell phone number is (phone number...

Sent by Bryan on 3/24/13

Nclex Rn, Oakton, VA

Do you tutor for the NCLEX RN? If so, how many sessions do you suggest before a mid May test date? The location for the tutoring is in the Vienna, Va area.

Sent by John on 3/24/13

Microsoft Access, Indianapolis, IN

Please contact me for a Microsoft access project.

Sent by Jenni on 3/24/13

Information Technology, San Francisco, CA

Hello, I am an IT student and I need help with my homework, please respond. Best,

Sent by Asmae on 3/24/13

Public Speaking, Montgomery, AL

Hi Bibb, I have an 11 year old granddaughter with a problem with speaking publically, She has an outgoing personality and is A honor roll at St. James.

Sent by Marie on 3/24/13

Finance Tutor, Houston, TX

I'm trying to do my Finance 4350 test which deals with futures and options. I was wondering if you had any knowledge in the subject and could help me.

Sent by Ross on 3/24/13

English As 2nd Language, Chicago, IL

hi Lauren, i want your help to increase my vocabulary and my writing skills. best regards A.

Sent by Ali on 3/24/13

Adhd, Falmouth, MA

Hi There, My son is 7 years old and has been followed by Children's Hospital in Boston for ADHD. He has some developmental, emotional and fine motor difficulties...

Sent by Robin on 3/24/13

Piano, Marina Del Rey, Ca

I would like to learn to play piano, I always wanted to, I produced music but never learned to play anything, we have a piano here where I live in marina del rey - ...

Sent by Tino on 3/23/13

Logic, Houston, TX

Hi Ming, I need help in symbolic logic, mostly in doing proofs. You can contact me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Yolie on 3/23/13

Math Reading Comp, Slate Hill, NY

Hello my name is J. and I am looking for a tutor for my 4th grade daughter who struggles in math and reading comprehension. If you could please contact me...

Sent by Jessica on 3/23/13

Algebra, Downingtown, PA

I am looking for a tutor for my son in Algebra II, chemistry, and SAT prep. We live in Downingtown off of 113.

Sent by Lauren on 3/23/13

Differential Equations, San Diego, CA

Hello, I need tutoring for differential equations. I have a test on Tuesday, and I want a review. I have a practice exam that I need some help with.

Sent by Sarah on 3/23/13

Business, Junction City, KS

Greetings, I am looking for someone to help me with my online business classes. BuSI 604 (International Business) & BUSI 643 (Workforce planning & employment) This...

Sent by Tempest on 3/23/13

Algebra, Harleysville, PA

Hello Doctor Vijay. I am a student in college algebra from Harleysville, Pa. I moved home to finish my last semester from a community college out of state.

Sent by Cindy on 3/23/13

Final Cut Pro, Portland, OR

Hi there, My name is D. T. and I'm a Communications major at PSU. I just got an internship that will include producing videos on endangered species and such.

Sent by David on 3/23/13

English, Dekalb, IL

Hi joshua I look for tutor English

Sent by Kha on 3/23/13

Biology, Great Falls, MT

Hello, I am actually looking for a tutor for my Daughter, Cameo, who is a 20 year old Elementary Ed student at MSU-Great Falls. She is struggling with her Biology...

Sent by Ryck on 3/23/13

Statistics Tutor, Whitefish, MT

Hi Kellie. I'm looking for an AP Statistics tutor for my daughter, who attends Glacier. I doesn't appear that you tutor Stats, but I thought you might be able...

Sent by Pam on 3/23/13

Linear Algebra, Olympia, WA

I'm a CS professional trying to wrap my mind around graph theory. In order to do this, I believe I require a decent grasp of Linear Algebra. I'm in Oly just north of St.

Sent by Aaron on 3/22/13

Lsat, Portland, OR 97206

I am looking to start right away. The tutoring would be at times convenient to you. I will need a LOT of hours of tutoring hence the need for a discount.

Sent by Seth on 3/22/13

Algebra, Fullerton, CA

I'm looking for a descent hourly rate for intermediate algebra

Sent by Nikolaus on 3/22/13

Math, Bensalem, PA

Hi Miss Grace, my niece Debora is in 7th grade and is having a really tough time with math. Her mom moved to bensalem and is starting a new school on Monday...

Sent by Chuck on 3/22/13

Math, Spring Hill, FL

I need tutoring for my self & my son.

Sent by Rochelle on 3/22/13

Adobe Illustrator, Sound Beach, NY

Hi Jennifer I am starting a fishing clothing and apparel business with my father. I am good at drawing sketches but need help with the functions of scanning...

Sent by Anthony on 3/22/13

Math, Visalia, CA

I have some questions, can you crunch some tutoring to prepare a college student who hasn't taken math for a few years to help him pass the intermediate algebra test...

Sent by Patricia on 3/22/13

Reading, Margate City, NJ

I am interested in weekly tutor for reading and writing for july for son 7th grade. Thanks, C. S.

Sent by Cyndi on 3/22/13

College English, Mansfield, OH

help with college english at ncstate college

Sent by Shane on 3/22/13

Math, Hesperia, CA

NEED TUTOR FOR MY daughter please

Sent by Amy on 3/22/13

Microsoft Project, Raleigh, NC

Joe, I am need a tutor for microsoft project 2010 for course in grad school. It that something you have experience in?

Sent by Vickie on 3/22/13

Math, Oregon City, OR

We are looking for a math tutor for my 9th grade daughter to bring her up to grade level in algebra.

Sent by Heather on 3/22/13

Photoshope, Bristol, RI

I need help with Adobe Ohotoshop? contact me back asap

Sent by Saad on 3/22/13

Nutrition, Gainesville, FL 32607

I needed help badly on human nutrition please call me asap. (phone number available after purchase)...hopefully today.Thank you.

Sent by Michelle on 3/22/13

Reading (dyslexia), Milwaukee, WI

help in reading spelling writing im adult

Sent by Melvin on 3/22/13

Distributed Computing, Palo Alto, CA 94301

i am looking for help in distributed computing i have online class

Sent by Sam on 3/22/13

Astronomy, Arcadia, CA

Hi! I have a student who needs help studying for his college astronomy class. Should be pretty easy material. The only problem is that he wants a tutor that can...

Sent by Veronica on 3/22/13

Mechanical Engineering, Nashua, NH 03060

Sent by Raheel on 3/21/13

Statistics, Jacksonville Beach, FL

I have a HS senior that has had recent knee surgery and is now struggling in AP Statistics. We need urgent help!

Sent by Debbie on 3/21/13

Java, North Palm Beach, FL

hey morgan, my name is M. F. from suncoast (right). and now that im doing my senior project, id like to get some help. If youe a available , i would like...

Sent by Mitchell on 3/21/13

Accounting, San Francisco, CA 94112

Hello would love to have private classes in accounting need t raise my grades as soon as possible Thank you P.

Sent by Paola on 3/21/13

Html/Javascript, GA

Hello Tim, My name is A.. I am 36 years old and work full time as a call center manager. I've been going to school part time to become a web page designer but I...

Sent by Ariel on 3/21/13

English, Westbury, NY

Hello, I am international student. I want to speak English fluently.Can you help me improve English skills? My house is near the Jericho public library.

Sent by Hyunsuk on 3/21/13

Trig, Wheeling, WV 26003

Looking for a tutor for high school trig.

Sent by Anne on 3/21/13

Cisco, Rockaway, NJ

Hi Peter, I am looking for someone to tutor my daughter in CCNA. She is a freshman at Morris County Vo-Tech. What are you rates for phone/online tutoring?

Sent by Stacey on 3/21/13

Elementary Tutor, Methuen, MA

Hi, i looking for assistance for my son in social studies,science, math and english.He is in the 8th grade.

Sent by Michelle on 3/21/13

Math, Springfield, OH

Hello, I am currently looking for a turtor for my son, the subjects are mat and reading. Please contact me at 322-7697

Sent by Wanda on 3/21/13

Pharmacology, Los Angeles California

Hi I was wondering if you could help me some questions I have regarding my neuropharmachology class?

Sent by Kristina on 3/21/13

Toefl, Englewood, CO

Hi, could please send me some more info about ur TOEFL preparation courses and fees. Thank tou

Sent by Natalia on 3/21/13

Pre Calculus, Homer Glen, IL

Hey i neE. a tutor in Pre-Calculus ASAP so email me Please!

Sent by Ed on 3/21/13

Nclex Rn, Morrisville, PA 19067

i need atutor who can help me pass my nclex

Sent by Sainabou on 3/21/13

Japanese, Charlotte, NC

Hi, I have a basic understanding in japanese but my goal is to become fluent. Long way to go from here and thats why I am looking for a tutor.

Sent by Nick on 3/21/13

English, Lithonia, GA

Hi Miranda, I need someone to walk me through doing a research paper. I am 54 years old and the process is very hard. please contact me at (phone number available...

Sent by Marie on 3/21/13

Tutoring, New Holland, PA 17557

Hi - I am looking for a tutor who can help a college freshman get back on track. She goes to Franklin & Marshall. Can you work with college students? Thanks!

Sent by Joanna on 3/21/13

Computer, Erie, PA

hi im looking to put adobe flash player on my computer and learn how to use clickbank=hrs your convenience-only 1 hr per mo-also pick your brain on computer...

Sent by Susan on 3/21/13

English, Deerfield, IL

Hi -- My son is having significant problems in his HS Jnr English class. Additionally, he is taking the ACT shortly. I'd like him to eventually find a respect for...

Sent by Kathleen on 3/21/13

Basic K Work, Gadsden, AL

I am looking for someone that can help with my 5 year old they want to hold her back in k an I don't want that

Sent by Tawona on 3/21/13

Elementary, Victorville, CA

I want to see about getting my 2nd grader some tutoring. Can you call or email me please.(phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Craig on 3/21/13

Adobe Photoshop, Cincinnati, OH

I'm learning the various Adobe software but I have some questions about how to do certain things and need some help

Sent by Bruce on 3/20/13

Math, Mahopac, NY

I'm looking for a math tutor for my son. We live in Mahopac

Sent by Mariola on 3/20/13

Nanny, Baldwin Park, CA

I am looking for someone to drive my son home from school tutor for 2-3 hr a day. He is now in 6th grade I need to prepare him for jr high I am located in Baldwin Park.

Sent by Teresa on 3/20/13

Reading, Oswego, IL

Hi Jen, was wondering your interest/availabilty in tutoring my 5 year old son Morgan? He is in K and is struggling a bit with reading/sight words etc.

Sent by Brandi on 3/20/13

Quicken, New York, NY

I have been using Quicken 2011 Premier for investments, expenditures and financial reports for two years. But there are many features that I am not using...

Sent by Anne on 3/20/13

SAT Prep, Irmo, SC

Hello Mathstar, My name is M. M.. I'm Vice President of Operations for Clear Choice SAT Prep. I'm contacting you because my company is in talks to begin working...

Sent by Matt on 3/20/13

Math, Saint Charles, IL

Hi I need tutoring asap as in tonight if possible! I am very behind in math 101 and have an exam tomorrow. Please get back to me asap!

Sent by Gina on 3/20/13

Pharmacology, Mcdonough, GA

Sent by Jermaine on 3/20/13

Usmle, Brooklyn, NY 11204

Hi Snow, My name is D.. Looking for a tutor for step 3. Many of your available times work well for me. Contact me by email with details as to how to get started.

Sent by Dee on 3/20/13

Writing, Peachtree City, GA

I have a 7th grader who needs help with writing. Send me an email if you are interested. Thanks, A.

Sent by Amy on 3/20/13

Geography, Chevy Chase, MD

I need a tutor to help me with my college geography class!

Sent by Emily on 3/20/13

Abstract Algebra, West Lafayette, Indiana

Hi I'm a sophomore at Purdue University studying nuclear engineering. I'm currently taking an abstract algebra course that's giving me trouble and I could use some help.

Sent by Grant on 3/20/13

Linguistics, Ann Arbor, MI

Hi Lucy- I am a Sophomore here at U of M double majoring in psychology and linguistics. I am having trouble in both my semantics and syntax class and would like...

Sent by Jamie on 3/20/13

Hindi, Santa Maria, CA 93454

Hello Shivanshu, Our organization is in need of a Hindi interpreter to assist on-site during two medical appointments on Saturday, Mar.

Sent by Karely on 3/20/13

Geology, Los Angeles, CA

Hi my name is C. and I am interested in help with geology for my geology lab class. If you have any time this week please let me know.

Sent by Claire on 3/20/13

SAT Prep, Sherman, CT 06784

My daughter, Brooke would like some help preparing for SAT's.

Sent by Ann on 3/20/13

Asl, San Pedro, CA

I live in San Pedro ,Ca. What are your available times? My kids are all in school m/w/f from 9-2. Are you available at all during these times?

Sent by Rachael on 3/20/13

Algebra 1, Kalispell, Montana

I can't understand Algebra one no matter how much I study or even if I think I understand the lesson I still fail the test.

Sent by Hannah on 3/20/13

Microsoft Access, Baltimore, MD

Need help developing a small-meduim database in MS Access for property managment?

Sent by Jason on 3/20/13

Phonics, Bakersfield, CA

My son is in 7th grade and needs tutoring in phonics, comprehension, algebra, and most importantly test taking skills. Please contact me at (email available after...

Sent by Jennifer on 3/20/13

Graphic Design, Crown Point, IN

Hello Fawn I am interested in learning more about your services. I would like to learn Graphic Design. I am a copy writer and I have the Adobe Suite on my computer...

Sent by Nas on 3/20/13

Math, Albuquerque, NM 87120

Good Morning Chuck, My step son needs help with preparation in math to pass the ASVAB. Immediate tutoring needed. Can you help?

Sent by Charles on 3/20/13

Essay Writing, San Jose, CA

Hi Andrew I'm looking for a tutor that can help me with a essay I have for college

Sent by Lapria on 3/20/13

Political Science, Northridge, CA

Hello Murphy, I am taking a political science class and I need some help with it. I am having some difficulties with this class because I am an international...

Sent by Meshari on 3/20/13

Adobe Photoshop, Miami, FL

Hi, Victoria. Do you teach photoshop? Thank you.

Sent by Luisana on 3/20/13

German, Olympia, WA

German - tutor. Native speaker or someone who has lived abroad. Going to Europe in the fall. Fee negotiable based on qualifications. Regular schedule.

Sent by Craig on 3/19/13

Molecular Biology, Newark, NJ

I need a tutor to help me with Molecular biology graduate course. I am in Newark, Nj and can to meet in Nj on Friday. Please response to me ASAP.

Sent by Zainab on 3/19/13

Physics, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

I desperately need a physics tutor for Physics 3B at el camino. What is you availability?

Sent by Alex on 3/19/13

Elementary Math, Hollywood, FL

Hello. I am looking for a math tutor for my 5th grade daughter. She is currently receiveing an additional 2.5 hours of tutoring from the school.

Sent by Elizabeth on 3/19/13

Business, San Francisco, CA

Hi, I have a business midterm due today midnight, can you solve it for me?

Sent by Khaled on 3/19/13

Reading And Math, Mandeville, LA

I am looking for a tutor for my 8yr old. i am currently living in the lacombe area.

Sent by Lisa on 3/19/13

Precalculus, Saugus MA 01906

My daughter is an 11th grade Honors student that needs help with Precalculus. She is a very dedicated student. Would like to hear from you ASAP.

Sent by Liz on 3/19/13

Reading (dyslexia), Northbridge, MA

I need a summer tutoring for my son who is 11. He stuggles with reading comprehension and it is affecting his ability to take test because he does not understand...

Sent by Carolyn on 3/19/13

Philosophy, Tuscaloosa, AL

Sent by Kelley on 3/19/13

Statistics, Winnetka, CA

Hi Mr Stuart, I am interested in retaining your services for tutoring in Statistics. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) or email me ASAP...

Sent by Cheryl on 3/19/13

Math, Goodyear, AZ

Hi Rebecca, I am looking for a tutor 3 days a week for a 8th grader for math reading and social studies after school. Please call me at 6024-135-368 if you can help...

Sent by Consuelo on 3/19/13

Piano, Marina Del Rey, CA

good morning there, I am looking to learn to play piano and perhaps you are the one who can teach me, I too have a degree in history so we would have interesting...

Sent by Tino on 3/19/13

Algebra 1, Saint Augustine, FL

My son Nick is in 8th grade at Pacetti Bay and is studying Algebra 1 - he is really struggling and has failed the last two exams.

Sent by Angela on 3/19/13

Mcat, Tempe, AZ 85281

Hello, I am studying for the MCAT and need some help in the science areas as I have not taken science classes in a while.

Sent by Felipe on 3/19/13

American History, Salisbury, NC

My son is in the 9th grade I am trying to find a tutor for him in american history he is not well in this class

Sent by Kiszey on 3/19/13

Writing, Vail, CO 81658

Hello Allen, I am wrapping up my masters thesis for my MBA in sustainable business. I have completed writing my 130 page project and am looking for a professional...

Sent by Jim on 3/19/13

Accounting, Durham, NC

Hi Mr. Roth, I am a student at UNC-CH looking for a tutor in managerial accounting. I am taking the introduction to accounting class and I am having difficulty with...

Sent by Bryan on 3/19/13

Immunology, CT

I just need some help in my immunology class. I can meet you in any library near you.

Sent by David on 3/19/13

Adobe Phoshop, New Buffalo, MI

I am interested in learning adobe photoshop. I live in New Buffalo, Mi. Would you travel here and if so cost including one hour lessons? Thanks, L.

Sent by Louise on 3/19/13

English, Huntington Woods, MI

My son is in the 9th grade and is not doing well in English or History. I think it may be a reading comprehension problem. I did have him tested at Sylvan...

Sent by Tracy on 3/19/13

Math, Fresno, CA

I need a tutor asap for at least 2 boys 2 hrs a week

Sent by Charles on 3/19/13

Microsoft Access, Baltimore, MD

Hey I am currently in an intro to info systems class and we have an access assignment due T.orrow. I have been attempting with no luck.

Sent by Tom on 3/19/13

Reading, Rolla, MO

My first grader needs help reading very bad. He can put the words togethr but cannot get the concepts and they are thinking about holding him back we only have this...

Sent by Elizabeth on 3/19/13

Poker, Fresno, CA

I need poker tutoring must be at least semi-pro

Sent by Frank on 3/19/13

Geometry, Burlington, WI

Hi, My daughter is a sophmore struggling in honors geometry. I have decided to seek help for her to bring her grade up and to also make sure she learns all concepts...

Sent by April on 3/19/13

Math, Waco, TX

Hello, Adrian! My son is at vanguard he is a Senior He's having trouble and Math!

Sent by Alia on 3/19/13

Geometry Algebra 2, Tampa, FL

Hey Jeni, Am looking for help for my kids,need help ASAP. Geometry and Algebra 2. Please let me know if you can help.

Sent by Janet on 3/19/13

Windows 8, West Palm Beach, FL

my wife is from Peru and we just got a new laptop w/ windows 8..what a nightmare...question: can you come on a Saturday morning ( not too early, don't worry..

Sent by Alan on 3/19/13

Act, Longmont Co 80501

My daughter is taking the ACT in April. In her practice ACT she received a 23 composite. 19 in Math. She is actually a very good student.

Sent by Sue on 3/18/13

Philosophy, Cleveland, OH

Hello. I'm an adult associate degree student at Tri-C. I am currently enrolled in a philosophy course - Introduction to Logic. We are beyond truth tables...

Sent by Christine on 3/18/13

English, Albany, GA

I currently homeschool my two children ages 9 and 7 and I am interested in someone helping once or twice a week with english. If you are interested please e-mail me...

Sent by Amanda on 3/18/13

Reading, Hartwell, GA

Mrs.Joy do you tutor in your home or do you travel? We live in the reed creek area and my 7 year old needs some extra help in reading.

Sent by Brannan on 3/18/13

Sewing, Steubenville, OH

Hello: My name is M. P.. I am a 45 year old man from Mingo Junction, Ohio, trying to learn to sew. I have a sewing machine that I can bring if necessary.

Sent by Mark on 3/18/13

Final Cut Pro, Mobile, AL

Rev - My son is home schooled and seems to have a gift for editing, but he has only utilized the free software that comes on the Mac computer, I believe its called...

Sent by Tim on 3/18/13

Pre Algebra, San Jose, CA

Are you available for a young man who needs help preparing for pre-algebra. Location is Muirfield Ave in San Jose. Looking for 6:30ish appointment on hour per week.

Sent by Janice on 3/18/13

Spanish, McKinney, TX 75070

Please telephone me. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Cynthia on 3/18/13

Math, Evansville, IN

Kellsey, I am looking for someone to help my son Zach with his school work. He is needing some help with Math, Reading, spelling, etc..

Sent by Brian on 3/18/13

French, West Covina, CA

Bonjour! I need to learn French since I'm planning on moving to Paris in the fall to attend Le Cordon Bleu. I also want to attend a language program prior...

Sent by Tess on 3/18/13

Creole, Carrollton, OH

i need help with creole language.

Sent by Paru on 3/18/13

Nursing, Tucson, AZ

I would like Judy to tutor. I am a nursing student. Please contact me by email or send me you number. Thank You S.

Sent by Sharon on 3/18/13

Sas, Ashland, KY 41101

hi I have hw on sas. do you do it? if yes how I can pay for you and how I can send the data and the questions.

Sent by Hali on 3/18/13

Elementary, Redwood City, CA 94061

I would like you to work with my daughter Megan. You worked with her last year. If you can call me at (phone number available after purchase) Thanks, K. S.

Sent by Kj on 3/18/13

Geometry, Sylmar, CA

Hello Daniel, I am looking for a tutor to help my son who is currenty failing 9th grade Geometry. Where would the tutoring take place, my home, library?

Sent by Coila on 3/18/13

Tutoring, North Pole, AK

Hello, I have a 16 year old son, who has never been an academic type. He is a hand on learner. Anyway, he needs help with school.

Sent by Cynthia on 3/18/13

Spelling And Reading, Fenton, MO

I am a single mother of a 13 year old. An she is in the 6 Th grade. that is need of help with spelling ,reading, phonics, She is not passing right now...

Sent by Louisa on 3/18/13

Spanish, Grasonville, MD

My son is struggling with Spanish II. He is in the 10th grade. What is your experience tutoring Spanish?

Sent by Polly on 3/18/13

French, Lodi, NJ

Hi Lama, I am looking for French tutor for me and my wife. I have applied for Canada Quebec Immigration and will be getting an interview soon, so would like...

Sent by Gurbir on 3/18/13

Medical Assistant, Abbeville, LA

I can only afford $40 a session, I'm going to school for medical assistant and am struggling to stay focus so I need help.

Sent by Desiree on 3/18/13

Elementary Tutor, Tampa, FL

Looking for someone to work with my grandson. I can be reached at either my email or at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Gwendolyn on 3/18/13

English Writting, Patchogue, NY

Sent by Julie on 3/18/13

Asvab, Birmingham, AL 35205

Hi, I tried to email you last week. I am looking for a ASVAB tutor for my god-son Darius . Twice a week for 3 or 4 weeks. Are you available?

Sent by Joseph on 3/18/13

Sewing, Chicago, IL

Goodmorning Donna! My name is S., I live in Forest Park with my 8 yr old daughter and work as an esthetician/makeup artist in lincoln park.

Sent by Soraya on 3/18/13

Final Cut Pro, Long Island, NY

Good morning Robert, I was wondering if you teach/tutor final cut pro?

Sent by Julie on 3/18/13

Esl, Mobile, AL

Dear Erin, I am looking for an ESL teacher to give private lessons to one of my corporate customers in Mobile. She's the wife of a businessman and a beginner...

Sent by Mary on 3/18/13

Elementary, Cochran, GA

Would you be interested in tutoring a 2 year old? We live in Cochran and are looking for someone so that she is mor so that she is more prepared for school.

Sent by Albert on 3/18/13

Numerical Analysis, El Paso, TX

Need assistance with my Numerical Analysis homework. Homework can be found here: (url available after purchase) Could really use any help possible...

Sent by Devin on 3/18/13

Computer Programming, New York, NY

Hi John, I'm looking for a someone to help me with JavaScript and HTML, CSS and Ruby on Rails two hours a week. I'm currently taking a webdesign and development...

Sent by Djohny on 3/17/13

Accounting Mandarin, Azusa, CA

Hi. I am looking for an Accounting tutor who speaks Mandarin for a friend of mine who is currently attending Citrus College. Can you help me?

Sent by Veronica on 3/17/13

Chemistry, Gadsden, AL

My son Nate is a soph at Gadsden State and needs some help with chemistry. His number is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Luke on 3/17/13

Nutrition, Durham, NC

Hello Corey, I am a nutrient student in NCCU and I need to have a help for clinical nutrient II class immediately. Please contact me ASAP F. Thank you

Sent by Filiz on 3/17/13

Math, Little Neck, NY

I have three children who attend high schools and JHS. They have come to the U.S. 4 years ago from Korea, and are living in Little Neck, Queens.

Sent by Deokkyoung on 3/17/13

Oracle Database, Thousand Oaks, CA

Hello I would like to have some help in my advance database class we are using oracle but I am facing some difficulties in the theoretical part so far

Sent by Imad on 3/17/13

Risk Management, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Wondering if you can help me with a few questions on my environmental health assignment? Here's a sample question: 1. Go to http://www.

Sent by Ray on 3/17/13

Algebra, Dubuque, IA

looking for a tutor for my child who is enrolled in Connections Academy online public school. We need help in pre algebra and science for the remainder of this...

Sent by Kristine on 3/17/13

Spanish, Princeton Junction, NJ

Do you have an interest in teaching 5yr old Spanish. She knows her numbers 1-10

Sent by Louise on 3/17/13

Chemistry, Orlando, FL 32806

I am looking for tutor for my 10 grade child for chemistry. we live in michigan ave. and orange ave area.please let me know if you are available. Thank you M. Y.

Sent by Maki on 3/17/13

Spanish, Tampa,fl

i would like to find a spanish tutor who lives close to downtown tampa. I Prefer they come to my place. Pls contact me via email. thank you.

Sent by Muthu on 3/17/13

Cma Tutoring, Wayne, NJ 07470

Hi Linda, Your profile is very interesting .. is it possible for you to teach online to our group of CMA students. Could we agree at 20USD for a lecture with...

Sent by Ahmer on 3/17/13

Publisher Microsoft, Los Angeles, CA

do you teach microsoft publisher?

Sent by Ken on 3/16/13

Economics, Irvine, CA

Hello Brent, My name is J. V., and I am a second year at UCI. I am taking a basic economics course, and wanted to review some basic concepts before...

Sent by John on 3/16/13

Accounting, Dallas, TX

Need help with a business plan finacnials.

Sent by Katie on 3/16/13

Writing, Math, Reading, Fredonia, NY

Looking for a tutor for my 1st grader.

Sent by Melissa on 3/16/13

Act, Broken Arrow, OK

Hello, I am interested in finding a one-on-one tutor for my daughter, Kristyn, who is a junior at BAHS. She is scheduled to take her ACT on Sat., April 13th.

Sent by Mary on 3/16/13

Cad, Minneapolis, MN

I am taking ProE1- Intro to Creo Parametric 2.0 at Hennepin Tech and I was wanting to know if you can help me with this or if not do yo have some one who can ?

Sent by Charles on 3/16/13

Chemistry And Pre-Calculus, College Park, GA 30349

Looking for someone who is able to tutor my son immediately in chemistry and pre-calculus.

Sent by Sherri on 3/16/13

Sas, Ashland, KY 41101

Hi, Ihave question in SAS, how can I use infile statement to read the data? I mean when I used it showed the file not existing.

Sent by Amal on 3/16/13

Algebra, Clinton Township, MI

9th grader need help in algebra. He generally struggles in math.

Sent by Gina on 3/16/13

Usmle, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Looking for a USMLE tutor for my son, please contact me asap Thank you

Sent by Shalu on 3/16/13

Cpa, Los Angeles, CA

Hi, I am in need of a tutor for my accounting class, I wanted to know if you were available this Monday or Tuesday (5/18 or 5/19)

Sent by Selena on 3/16/13

Geometry, Palmdale, CA

Hello Miss Stephanie (: Im hoping you can tutor me in geometry . please contact me at: (phone number available after purchase) - cell (phone number available...

Sent by Arlene on 3/15/13

Java Tutor, Phoenix, AZ

Hello David, I also live in the phoenix area and I am in desperate need of some Java tutoring, I am struggling with a program in my 300 level CS class.

Sent by Luke on 3/15/13

Business Analysis, Phoenix, AZ

Hi Royal. After reading your personal statement I believe I have found someone who can help me. I am interested in learning as much as I can about Business Analysis...

Sent by Ressan on 3/15/13

Excel, Saint Louis, MO

Hi, I am in need of intensive excel training. I work at Anheuser-Busch and am looking to 1) Increase my excel speed 2) Learn filters, Vlook-ups (across...

Sent by T.j. on 3/15/13

Biophysics, Redwood City, CA 94061

Hi MIchael, My name is M. and Im in a dental post at SFSU. Im taking biophysics and Im struggling with the material and I tutoring ASAP.

Sent by Melissa on 3/15/13

Math, Lake Mary, FL 32746

Hello Larry, I am taking electricity and Magnetism through (url available after purchase) and the math is above anything I've taken before.

Sent by David on 3/15/13

English, Georgetown, IN

My son is a 9th grader at Floyd Central and is struggling with English. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks for your time!

Sent by Aprile on 3/15/13

Chemistry, Destin, FL

Would you be interested in tutoring for $20 an hr or know of anyone who would be?

Sent by Tony on 3/15/13

English, Woodbury, NY

Hi Ricky, Are you by any chance Mrs. Zani's son? I have been trying to reach your mom for a while but her contact numbers are not in service.

Sent by Nina on 3/15/13

Salsa, Gainesville, FL

Hello, I am looking for private Salsa lessons here in Gainesville and someone referred me to this site.

Sent by Jonathan on 3/15/13

Adobe Photoshop, Phoenix, AZ

Loren, I need a Photoshop CS tutor/mentorfor my 12 year old daughter Samantha. Just want to get her started before tackling Illustrator.

Sent by Bryan on 3/15/13

Quicken, New York, NY 10003

My wife and I are looking for someone to help us set up our home Quicken accounts. Can you help with this? Thank you, I. B.

Sent by Ivan on 3/15/13

Hesi Exam, Denver, CO 80218

Hi Emily, English is my second language. I failed nursing school a couple years ago. I'm planning to go back to nursing school. I need to pass the HESI test.

Sent by Irma on 3/15/13

Pre Calculus, Clarkston, GA 30021

I am looking for a tutor to help my daughter pass her HS Precalculus math class...

Sent by Jeffrey on 3/15/13

Calculus II, Robbins, IL

Do you teach Calcalus II? I'm taking engineering an in need of some help.

Sent by Corey on 3/15/13

Statistics Tutor, Waynesboro, VA

Hello. I am an RN, working on my BSN. Looking for a tutor for statistics. If you are available, I can be in Harrisonburg Sunday, afternoon preferably. Thanks !

Sent by Deb on 3/14/13

Statistics, Thousand Oaks, CA

Hi Brian, Are you still tutoring, and would you feel comfortable tutoring for a Pepperdine college statistics class? Thanks!

Sent by Paula on 3/14/13

Algebra, Titusville, FL

Hello,my name is A.,I'm Struggling in my Algebra class,and i really need help,I asked my mom if she could get me a tutor,but she hasnt had time to look for me...

Sent by Austin on 3/14/13

Physics, Chico, CA

please if you have free time today contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Abdullah on 3/14/13

Ap Statistics, Jacksonville, FL

My daughter needs help completing FLVS online AP Stats class asap. Please contact 472.5234 for more info. Thanks.

Sent by Mia on 3/14/13

Physics, Baltimore, MD

Hello, I am currently enrolled in second semester non-calc based physics at Towson University and am looking for a tutor for conceptual and problem-solving help.

Sent by Shai on 3/14/13

Proofreading & Editing, Austin, TX

I am looking for a proofreader and editor for my journal paper. I am a graduate student in the UT (Electrical and Computer Engineering).

Sent by Lark on 3/14/13

English ACT/SAT, Bronxville, NY 10708

Please give me a call or email as soon as possible about Verbal SAT/ACT tutoring. thank you

Sent by Chris on 3/14/13

Toefl, Irving, TX

Dear Sabina, I am looking for tutor for TOEFL full preparation. Looking forward to hear from you. Rgds, L. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Leena on 3/14/13

Dyslexia, Corpus Christi, TX

Hi Erika my 9 year old daughter Laila is needing help with reading and math. She has dyslexia.. She is needing extra help besides what she gets in school.

Sent by Michelle on 3/14/13

Elementary Reading, Perris, CA

I am looking for a tutor for my 6 yr old son. He is having trouble learning how to read. We live in Perris. Thank You L.

Sent by Lisa on 3/14/13

Chemistry, Opa Locka, FL

Hello ....my daughter is a junior in high school and is having difficulty in her chemistry class. She has a c grade. Would you be able to help her raise her grade?

Sent by Raquel on 3/14/13

Ged, Oxford, NC

My 16 year old son, is enroll at Vance Granville trying to get his GED. Can help you him.

Sent by Cheri on 3/14/13

Study Skills, Yelm, WA

My son is in 9th grade, he is bright but has struggled with not getting his homework in. He usually does well on tests but has gets overwhelmed with homework.

Sent by Jenn on 3/14/13

Mandarin, Green Bay, WI 54311

Yuecui, I am looking for a tutor to teach my son Mandarin Chinese this summer. He is 9 years old. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Marlene on 3/14/13

Adobe Premiere Pro, Hawthorne, CA

Hi Ben, I need some tutorials on Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro if possible this coming weekend. Hope u can be of help. Thank you.

Sent by Frank on 3/14/13

Nursing, Tucson, AZ 85712

I need to review my nursing math: Iv drips etc. Please email me and I can call you or you can call me. Thanks S.

Sent by Sharon on 3/14/13

Programming, Bakersfield, CA 93311

Looking for a tutor in VB/VBA Excel or matlab to teach me at the weekends. I am an engineer who doesnt need coding professionaly but would like to improve my...

Sent by Cenk on 3/14/13

Geometry, Rocklin, CA

My son is a 9th grader,need help for advance geometry,Please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ali on 3/13/13

Psychology, Long Island, NY

Hi Megan, I will not beat around the bush here. I am 2 weeks from my BA in Psychology and I have a 15 multiple choice question coming up that I MUST get right...

Sent by College on 3/13/13

Statistics, Waynesboro, VA

Hello~ I am an RN, working on Bachelor's. Need tutor for one assignment & one project. (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Deb on 3/13/13

Clep, Lompoc, CA

I'm an airmen stationed at vandenberg afb. I'm looking for tutoring to pass the college mathmatics clep.

Sent by Daveion on 3/13/13

Geometry, Ventura, CA 93001

I am almost done with Geometry but struggling. I love math. I just started El Camino and I just need a few one on one sessions, my usual tutor moved to LA.

Sent by Breana on 3/13/13

Teas, Chicago, IL

Hey, I am preparing for the teas exam and I need a tutor and I came across your information.

Sent by Lenita on 3/13/13

Math, Saint Joseph, MI

I am looking for someone to tutor my son (6th grade) in math and maybe reading. I live in the Stevensville area and my son goes to Lakeshore.

Sent by Dawn on 3/13/13

Accounting, North Hollywood, CA

Can u call me please (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Synthia on 3/13/13

Nclex Rn, Boynton Beach, FL

Please give me a call on this number (phone number available after purchase). I am looking for a tutor for RN.

Sent by Claudie on 3/13/13

Spanish, Santa Cruz, CA

Hello I'm a Cabrillo student in Spanish 1. The 45 minute sessions provided from Cabrillo just isn't enough. Your history is impressive.

Sent by Michelle on 3/13/13

Partnership Taxes, Meridian, Idaho

Hi Louis, I'm having trouble finding someone that can help with Partnership tax. I took a partnership tax class a year ago and ended up dropping it but I'm looking...

Sent by Paul on 3/13/13

Algebra, Deerfield, IL

I am looking for an Algebra II tutor for my son who is currently failing his class. Can you let me know your price and if you are available in the evenings? Thanks!

Sent by Kathleen on 3/13/13

History, Compton, CA 90220

are you available for tutoring this weekend?

Sent by Kevin on 3/13/13

Test Hesi, Columbus, OH

My daughter is a senior at OU and is having trouble passing the HESI test can you help her with that

Sent by Shon on 3/13/13

Cosmotology, San Diego, CA

would you be willing to tutor someone for the State board exam in Cosmotology.

Sent by Holland on 3/13/13

Economics, Woodmere, NY

wondering if you could tutor me in macroeconomics

Sent by Jesse on 3/13/13

Math, Indianapolis, IN

Hi Harry, I have a senior in high school who is having a difficult time passing the ECA test. I'm looking for someone that would be willing to work with my child...

Sent by Danielle on 3/13/13

Nursing, Mckinney, TX

I am in 1st semester nursing and I need help bc I cannot process questions

Sent by Ankita on 3/13/13

Act, Mobile, AL

This is my fitst time taking the act and also this will be my last. I need to score atleast a 20 on the act. Therefore I really need to be tolutored and need someone...

Sent by Nia on 3/13/13

Swimming, Humacao, Pr

Hi David, I was wondering if you have access to a pool to teach how to swim? If so can the rate be slightly cheaper for 1hr? I am going to be in PR next month...

Sent by Martine on 3/13/13

Sat Writing, Wilmington, DE

Hi Alyse, Please contact me @ (phone number available after purchase) for tutoring SAT reading and writing in North Wilmington, DE Thanks, R.

Sent by Rajesh on 3/13/13

Spanish, Haverhill, MA 01830

Looking for a Spanish tutor. Please contact me via email. Thank you.

Sent by Kenia on 3/13/13

Statistics, Oldsmar, FL

I am interested in getting tutoring in statistics at the oldsmar libary perhaps a day a week?

Sent by Jen on 3/13/13

Math And Language Arts, Saint Johns, FL

I have a 14 year old son who needs help completing 7th grade 1st semester home school Math and Language Arts. We tried home school the 1st half of the year and...

Sent by Heather on 3/13/13

Writing, Visalia, CA

although I do write extensively in my line of work, I stuggle with my writing. I need help with grammar and proofreading. Look forward to hearing from you.

Sent by Margherita on 3/13/13

Statistics, North Port, FL

I am looking for a tutor to help me with college statistics. Please call or email me if you are interested and available, Thank you, A. (phone number available...

Sent by Amanda on 3/13/13

Bulgarian, Oklahoma City, OK

Hello! I am interested in learning more about the service you offer! I am newly married (to a Bulgarian man) and would love to be able to communicate with friends...

Sent by Julia on 3/13/13

Multiple Subjects, Nashville, TN

Hi, I am looking to hire a part-time tutor for a couple different subjects. Please email me for me details. Flexible schedule!

Sent by Charlotte on 3/13/13

Fcat, Apopka, FL

looking to get Fcat tutoring for my son who is a junior to help him pass the reading portion

Sent by Tamilia on 3/12/13

Chemistry, Nashville, TN

Need chemistry tutor for college student

Sent by Charline on 3/12/13

Cpa, Washington, DC

I have failed several sections of CPA exam by a few points and am looking for tutoring. Do you tutor in CPA material?

Sent by Chad on 3/12/13

Math, Roanoke, TX

Hello- My name is K.. I'm a mother of 4 who has decided to go back to college. I need tutoring to do well on the PAX pre-nursing exam.

Sent by Karla on 3/12/13

Graphic, New Orleans, LA

Hello Deborah, How are you? I came across your add and I decided to email you. I would like to know if you are really good with isometric drawings and orthographic...

Sent by Carlos on 3/12/13

Writing Composition, Warner Robins, GA

Do u have exp to tutor teen?

Sent by George on 3/12/13

Nursing, Dallas, TX

I am in my first semester of nursing and have failed two exams already. I need help with critical thinking questions. I've got three more tests and need major help...

Sent by Shurida on 3/12/13

Writing Tutor, Brooklyn, NY

Hi I need a tutor for my son he's nine years old. He needs help with writing. Please contact me. I would like to start immediately. Thanks

Sent by Sara on 3/12/13

Writing, Mesquite, TX

I'm looking for a tutor for my 6th grade son. He needs help with writing. Please contact me if you would be interested in tutoring him.

Sent by Laurie on 3/12/13

French, Washington, MO

Hi. My name is R.; I'm 29 years old and I live in Washington. I have wanted to learn French for a long time and I've tried on my own but its not the same as a tutor.

Sent by Rachel on 3/12/13

Anatomy, Orlando, FL

Hey mark, I'm a 26 year old college grad and current personal trainer in Orlando currently studying for my cscs too. Having issues some ofthe anatomy aspects as far...

Sent by Cory on 3/12/13

Finance/Valuation, Cary, NC

I'm a current MBA student in need of help w/ my MBA-level Valuation class. If you can help, please send me a message. Thank you!

Sent by Lauron on 3/12/13

Praxis 1, Kingston, RI

I am looking for tutoring for my daughter for the Praxis I Reading portion of the exam. She is currently a soph at URI and needs to gain 5 points in order to pass...

Sent by Gail on 3/12/13

Calculus, Walnut, CA

Hi, pL.ase contact me to discuss potential needs for my son's Calc AB tutoring. We reside in Walnut and my son is a sophomore taking this class. Thank you. S.

Sent by Sasha on 3/12/13

Math, South Brunswick

Looking for certified Math and/or English teachers to provide coaching to kids in grades KG through 8 at supplemental education learning center.

Sent by Dhruti on 3/12/13

CPA Tutor, Boston, MA

Hi Chris, I am looking for a BEC CPA tutor? Is this something you can help with? Thank you, R. Cell: (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Rachal on 3/12/13

Spelling, Raleigh, NC

My daughter is 12 and LD specific only to spelling. Her FSIQ is 124, but her WJ-III NU for written language of 102 due almost entirely to spelling.

Sent by Hope on 3/12/13

Dyslexia, Burlington, NJ 08016

Hello, My daughter is in 3rd grade and was recently diagnossed with dyslexia. We live in Burlington Township but she attends private school in Hamilton, NJ.

Sent by Camille on 3/12/13

Mincrosoft Excel, Minneapolis, MN

Hi Michelle, I have an assigment as a analyst where i need to use MS Excel (Pivot table,vlookup , cross referencing) on one questions.

Sent by Petros on 3/12/13

Usmle, Quincy, MA 02170

Looking for a USMLE I tutor for daughter in school in FLorida but will be up in NY area over next few weeks studying for USMLE I

Sent by Aaron on 3/12/13

Praxis, Streetsboro, OH

Hi Dr. Javier, I am R. and I am needing some assistance with pass the PLT protion of the Praxis exam. Each time I have taken the PLT I have failed by 7 to 5 points.

Sent by Remon on 3/12/13

CPA, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

I have passed 1 section of the CPA exam and now "on the clock." Looking for help prepping for the remaining 3 sections.

Sent by Lara on 3/12/13

Math, Jacksonville, AL

Hi, Noel, My son is in 7th grade at Jacksonville High School and I wnted to see if you have any available dates and what times are good for you.

Sent by Brian on 3/12/13

Algebra 1, Petaluma, CA

I am in need of a tutor for my Freshman son who is having difficulties in a few areas. I am trying to get someone scheduled for a few times during his Spring break...

Sent by Tammy on 3/12/13

Ruby On Rails, New York, NY

Hi John, I have very little if not any coding/programming experience but I am trying to complete the Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl as part of my...

Sent by Eric on 3/12/13

Business Management, Statesboro, GA

James, I am a sophomore business management major at Georgia southern. I am currently having issues understanding survey of calculus (math 1232).

Sent by Amanda on 3/12/13

Math, North Brunswick, NJ

Hi Rachana, I am looking for a math tutor for my daughter 6th grade. interested to help with homework,algebra 2 an geometry pl contact me at (phone number...

Sent by Preethi on 3/12/13

Basketball, St. Louis MO, 63107

I was wondering if you would be to help me train this summer for basketball next year because I'm trying to reach my elite potetnial in being the best I can be.

Sent by Antonio on 3/12/13

Geophysics, Calgary AB Canada

Tutor for my daughter in 2nd year Geology for Geophysiscs. At University of Calgary Alberta Canada.

Sent by Tim on 3/12/13

Not Yet Decided, Alameda, CA

Hi, My son is going to be 12 years old. He's very active but hate to read and write. I don't really have a plan, but with your listed subjects tutored...

Sent by Anna on 3/12/13

Nclex Rn, Saint Louis, MO

Hello DeLois i am a graduate nursing student of may 2011 and i have not been able to pass the nclex RN test 5 times would you be able to help..

Sent by Marilyn on 3/11/13

Math, Middle Village, NY

I nned your help for my son Kevin he is in fifth grade. He needs help in math and english.

Sent by Esther on 3/11/13

Math, Torrance, CA 90502

Hello, I would like to get tutored for my math placement test on Thursday. If I could get contacted ASAP then that would be great! Thanks, A. Miles

Sent by Amanda on 3/11/13

Revit And 3d Max, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Zak, I am a student in interior design and I use AutoCAD, but I want to learn 3D MAX and Revit, i live in los angeles

Sent by Maram on 3/11/13

Reading/English Tutoring For Third Grader, San Jacinto, CA

I need an in-home tutor in reading/english for a third grader. please e-mail if you're interested. Include your hourly rate and availability please. Thank you.

Sent by Donna on 3/11/13

English, Clearwater, FL

Would you be interested in teaching a 30 year old guy Basic english grammar. He will be enrolling in SPC in May for ESL classes. Thank you.

Sent by Chris on 3/11/13

Cognitive Psychology, New York, NY

Greetings; I need a tutor for my Cognitive Psychology graduate class. Love the class and the subject. I have been assigned a midterm, and want to get the best...

Sent by Joao on 3/11/13

Chemistry, Fresno, CA 93704

Looking for a Chemistry tutor for my high school son who is struggling with Chemistry. Could also use tutoring in Algebra 2. We live in NE FResno, near Fort...

Sent by Leon on 3/11/13

Dyslexia, West Palm Beach, FL

To help in areas of reading and phonics and spelling Grade 6

Sent by Maureen on 3/11/13

Algebra 2, Woodbridge, VA

I am looking for an Algebra 2 tutor. My daughter is a high school senior and has an SOL this year. please let me know availablity.

Sent by Kurt on 3/11/13

Reading, Northfield, NJ

My daughter needs help with reading. She may be dyslexic. She is in kindergarten. Please call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Eunice on 3/11/13

Accounting, Evanston, IL

I need a tutor for intermediate accounting, preferably within 10 miles of Skokie. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ken on 3/11/13

Ged, Fort Collins, CO

Hello, My name is R. Fair.I have one more test to take to get my G.E.D and it's been haning over my head for a very long time.I dropped out of school in 8th grade.

Sent by Rosie on 3/11/13

Mechanical Engineering, Statesboro, GA

I am looking for tutoring for in Mechanics of Materials, Thermodynamics, and Dynamics of a rigid body I was wondering if you would be able to help in those classes?

Sent by Gregory on 3/11/13

Physics, Spring Lake, NC

I'm a 34yr old Soldier currently enrolled in Physics1 and I need help. I have taken all other maths leading up to this point, however I have had to teach myself...

Sent by Quedo on 3/11/13

Essay Writing, Scranton, PA

I am interested in applying to John Hopkins University for Masters of Science in Nursing. I have to submit an essay with my application. I need help writing an essay.

Sent by Janaki on 3/11/13

Organic Chemistry, Tuscaloosa, AL

Hi Nneamaka, My daughter is a sophomore at UA and is having a tough time this semester with organic chemistry. Do you have any available time for tutoring?

Sent by Karen on 3/11/13

Reading Math 6th Grade, Homestead, FL

Hi Cassandra,I need hepl my son 6th Grade,can you call me (phone number available after purchase) R.

Sent by Roger on 3/11/13

Tutoring, Twinsburg, OH

My daughter is in the 9th grade and needs a tutor

Sent by Eric on 3/11/13

Math, Danville, IL

Hello, My name is M.. I have a daughter who is failing in math.She is attending northridge middle school..we would love for someone out side of our home to help..

Sent by Michelle on 3/11/13

Elementary Reading, Chester, VA

Looking for a reading tutor for my 2nd grader in Chester. Willing to pay $50 for two 1 hour sessions a week. Would also like a phone conference with sons teacher...

Sent by Stephanie on 3/11/13

Accounting, Northridge, CA

I'm a student at CSUN. I need some help with my Accounting 220 class. Thank you

Sent by Fahad on 3/11/13

Math, Royse City, TX

Jane, my daughter Dominique is having a hard time in math and may deter her graduation. Can you provide help?

Sent by Dominick on 3/11/13

Video Game Design, New York, NY

Hi Richard, My name is A. I'm currently trying to break into the game industry and could use some help in my masters level Maya class.

Sent by Alex on 3/11/13

Accounting, Nashua, NH

Robin - I am trying to help my daughter Jamie find a tutor for her college break. She is taking college Accounting at UNH and having trouble.

Sent by Lynn on 3/10/13

Math, Fort Rucker, AL

Need math tutoring for my daughter. She is in 4th grade.

Sent by Adanna on 3/10/13

Php, Lexington, Kentucky, United States

Hi Mr.JavaJay, I am an international student and I need to make a project in PHP and mySQL, but I do not have much experience so I need you to help me.

Sent by Bassma on 3/10/13

Economics, Richmond, VA

Hi Delaena Iam looking for tutor for macroeconomics (college sophomore) my daughter who will be in Richmond for 5 days march 20 to march 25 .

Sent by Neeti on 3/10/13

English, Arlington, TX

Hello Aaron, I was looking for help/tutoring in this online business assestment class/resume I'm taking. Its not a hard class however requires simple writing...

Sent by Kim on 3/10/13

Cpa, Dover, MA

I'm scheduled to take the CPA exam this summer, starting with the FAR on July 1st. I've been out of school for 20 years and while I graduated with an accounting...

Sent by Rubi on 3/10/13

Adobe Photoshop, Cincinnati, OH

Hi Kristin, I found your post on Tutorz and am interested in knowing everything about Photoshop. I am currently using it for projects at work and need help with...

Sent by Diana on 3/10/13

CPA Exam, Pasadena, CA

Hi Carrie - I have taken and failed the Audit section of the CPA exam 3 times now. Do you think you could help me understand Audit for the CPA exam? Thanks. S.

Sent by Sallie on 3/10/13

Java, Ashburn, VA 20148

Hi Vinaya - This is B. and looking for Java tutoring for my daughter. Right now she is doing her undergraduate in GMU. Please let me know your availability.

Sent by Bhagya on 3/10/13

Hydraulic, Northridge, CA

I have an assignment due soon and i just need your help and if it is possible to meet tomorrow at a coffee shop in northridge. let me know please

Sent by Yami on 3/10/13

Armenian, Los Angeles, CA

Hello Elena, I am very interested in the Caucasus region and have traveled many times there. My goal is to gain a bit of fluency in the Armenian language for future...

Sent by James on 3/10/13

Finance, Ypsilanti, MI

Hello I need help in my finance class it FIN 350 at EMU . the course name is " Principles of Finance " I have an exam in 4 chapters on Thursday, march 19th and...

Sent by Ju on 3/9/13

Computer Graphics, Chowchilla, CA

Hi, so I need online tutoring, so can you help with computer graphics and help with programming assignments and projects for this class?

Sent by Robert on 3/9/13

Spanish Tutor, Sarasota, FL

hello, I need help with Spanish.

Sent by Lisa on 3/9/13

Physics, Steamboat Springs, CO

Hi Jesse, I am taking an online Physics I Algebra Based course right now in order to fulfill a prerequisite to apply to Vet school.

Sent by Meghan on 3/9/13

Math, Ypsilanti, MI

Melody - My son needs your help. He is not doing well in his Algebra II course and Huron. Would you have time to take on a student to tutor?

Sent by Kathy on 3/9/13

Geometry, Willits, CA

Hi I have a 16 year daughter attending Willits high school who is struggling in geometry. We are wondering if you can help her. Please contact me at (phone number...

Sent by Maureen on 3/9/13

Biology, Saint Paul, MN

Hi Hussain, My name is I., I live in Saint Paul. I would really appreciate your assistant with Biology and Introduction to Statistics. Thanks, I.

Sent by Ibrahim on 3/9/13

Physics, Albuquerque, NM

Hi, My name is C. I go to CNM. I need help with physics would you please contact me. My phone number is (phone number available after purchase). Thanks

Sent by Christine on 3/9/13

Math, New Lenox, IL

Hello Kelly, My 12 year old son(Jack) attends liberty Jr high in New Lenox and is really having some problems with math/reading. I am seeking a tutor for some...

Sent by Matthew on 3/9/13

Indesign, Peachtree City, GA

Dear EP: Very nice to meet you. We live here in Peachtree City. I am interested in talking with you about your InDesign skills & experience, and possibly...

Sent by Mike on 3/9/13

Algebra, Port Charlotte, FL

Hello Barb We live in Indiana but own a vacation home in North Port. We have a son age 19, second year college student who is having extreme difficulty in Allgebra...

Sent by Jennifer on 3/9/13

Python, New York, NY 10024

Hey John, I am a freshman from Haverford college home (UES) on break. I am having some trouble with my intro to comp sci class (taught in python) and was wondering...

Sent by Nick on 3/9/13

Coaching For GMATs, San Jose, CA 95113

Hello Harsha, I'm studying for the GMATs and I would like some advice/coaching on how best to approach the study process. I'm not sure whether self-study will be...

Sent by Preethi on 3/8/13

English, Avon, CO

need a tutor!! please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Nadine on 3/8/13

Immunology, Pittsburgh, PA 15232

I just need some help in Immunology. Can we meet online? I

Sent by Ahmed on 3/8/13

Final Cut Pro, Santa Monica, CA

Hi Ben, Looking to learn Final Cut Express (2011) and/or IMovie. I live in Santa Monica. Give me a call: (phone number available after purchase) Thanks, M.

Sent by Melissa on 3/8/13

Pharmacology, Sandy, UT

hey there, i'm in the nursing program and need to get 85% or better on my next 4 exams to pass this class. I definitely need help!

Sent by Kim on 3/8/13

Pre Calculus, Charlestown, IN

My daughter is a senior and needs help in pre cal. She made a C+ on her most recent report card, but has failed her last two tests. Please help!

Sent by Desiree on 3/8/13

Reading, Kernersville, NC

Hello, I have two sons who I'm interested in getting some reading and writing help with. My oldest son is 16 and I believe his reading should be better than it is.

Sent by Shannon on 3/8/13

Microsoft Office, Folsom, CA

I would like to inquire a computer tutoring for my kids 11 and 13 yrs. old. Thanks

Sent by Cristelyn on 3/8/13

English, Torrance, CA

hi , My name is T.. I m from Mongolia also i study in UCLA extension.I need english grammar and speaking tutor. Thank you

Sent by Tsenguun on 3/7/13

Elementary, Manteca, CA

Hi Dorothy, I'm looking for possible tutoring for my 1st grade nephew and my pre school son (who needs to get ready for Kindergarden).

Sent by Ana on 3/7/13

Asvab, Fort Campbell, KY

my brother (20) needs a tutor for the asvab we live right outside ft campbell

Sent by Tiffany on 3/7/13

Cosmetology, Port Washington, NY

Hello! my name is J. i graduated from brittney beauty school i have my temp license but i need to take my state board. .how ever i need to freshen up everything...

Sent by Jennifer on 3/7/13

Final Cut Pro 7, Lake Worth, FL

Hi, I am interested in tutoring in Final Cut Pro 7. Are you available for this? If so, when is the best time? I live in Palm Springs and could do weekends...

Sent by Fefe on 3/7/13

Garageband, Campbell, CA

I am a beginning Drum P. ( got an electronic drum set for last Christmas). I also enjoy keyboard but I play by ear and do not read music well.

Sent by Game on 3/7/13

Maths, Little Elm, TX

Need a tutor for four days starting next week for my 6th grade daughter for Maths, she is struggling at lot in fractions concerpts,multiplication/dividing with...

Sent by Liz on 3/7/13

Reading AND MATH, Lake City, FL

hi, i have a daughter second grade,need help in reading and math, her first language is spanish,if interesting email me

Sent by Leslie on 3/7/13

Nursing, Blacklick, OH

Hello Celia, I have failed my nclex-RN twice nice. Scheduled to take it a 3rd time on march 23rd. Having a hard time motivating myself to study as well as knowing...

Sent by Jamie on 3/7/13

Math Tutor, Kasson, MN

My son is in 3rd grade in Kasson and is struggling in every aspect of Math. He is currently getting extra help in reading through school.

Sent by Jerri on 3/7/13

Tutoria, LA Puente, CA

Estoy interesada en tutoria en matematicas

Sent by Beartriz on 3/7/13

Java Tutor, Cambridge, MA

I am interested in basic-intermediate Java tutoring. What is your rate?

Sent by Evan on 3/7/13

Nursing, East Bridgewater, MA

Hi Susie! I recently just got accepted to Brockton Hosp School of Nursing. At our orientation they did inform all students that there would be a challenge exam...

Sent by Leah on 3/7/13

Accounting, Hollywood, FL

Can you please contact me through my email I really need help in accounting class

Sent by Maleka on 3/7/13

Math, Sanford, NC

need tutoring for my 16 yr old daughter

Sent by Starla on 3/7/13

Neuroscience, Oakland, CA 94609

I am from Buffalo . I have a homework in neuroscience class . The professor ask me to write 2 reports about 2 topics ( summary and design an experiment ) my problems...

Sent by Ahmad on 3/7/13

Physics, New Orleans, LA

Please call me on my cell phone at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Eric on 3/7/13

Lsat, Pensacola, FL

Need assistance on the LSAT

Sent by Sammy on 3/7/13

Human Resources Business, New York, NY

hello, I lookig fora tutor totutormein human business business I currently on a leave ofabense at school but is trrying to prepare before I return can we work...

Sent by Jacqueline on 3/7/13

Numerical Analysis, El Paso, TX

Hello, I need assistance with my Numerical Analysis Homework. The assignment can be found here (url available after purchase) Can you please tell me if...

Sent by Devin on 3/7/13

Math, Brooklyn, NY 11207

Hi I'm currently looking for help in math. Getting ready to take the entrance test for lpn and need major help. Been years since I last saw a classroom and on top of...

Sent by Tina on 3/7/13

Writing, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Hi Juliet my name is L. i have a son who have problem with writing and reading if you can contact me so we can tal about it, i really going to apreciate it! Thank you !

Sent by Luis on 3/7/13

Algebra, Folsom, CA

We are lookiing for a tutor for my freshman dtr for algebra I and study skills. We prefer sat after 1 pm. Thanks, A. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Alice on 3/6/13

Chemistry, Cypress, CA

Hi I am interested in getting my son a tutor for Chemistry high school. He is in the 10th grade. Please call me (phone number available after purchase) A.

Sent by Audrey on 3/6/13

Sat, Lake Forest, CA

Hi I a junior and I need help preparing SAT I. Please contact me if you can tutor me! :)

Sent by Chae on 3/6/13

Praxis, Little Rock, AR

I am currently studing for my Math Proofs Models and Problems Praxis. Are you familiar with this test and would you be available to help?

Sent by Kristn on 3/6/13


I am a R.N., student looking for a R.N., student that already took--Eight edition medical- surgical nursing, with a grade of A or B. If you can help me please call...

Sent by Amanda on 3/6/13

Test Prep Tutor, Westfield, NJ

Hi, Steven, my daughter who is in 11th grade had sat test in Jan. 2200 (770 math, 710 reading, 720 writing). She wants to boost up reading/writing/ She plans to take...

Sent by Dan on 3/6/13

Math, West Palm Beach, FL

Hi, Are you allowed to freelance? A.

Sent by Andy on 3/6/13

Nursing, Milledgeville, GA 31061

Hi, my name is A. D., and I am currently a nursing student. I will be graduating in May 2013 from Georgia College and State University.

Sent by Alyssa on 3/6/13

Usmle, Jamaica, NY 11432

Hello, I was interested in your tutoring services for the usmle step 1. I am an IMG who speaks fluent English. I would like to know I you could help me gage my...

Sent by Marzuq on 3/6/13

Adobe Illustrator, San Diego, CA

Hi Jack, I am a freelance producer/director looking to expand my skills into digital illustration. I have the chops with traditional drafting techniques but want...

Sent by Carlos on 3/6/13

Tutoring, Hesperia, CA

Need tutoring for a 2nd grade do u come to our home

Sent by Rocio on 3/6/13

Usmle Tutoring, CA

Hi, I am interested in your tutoring skills. Could you please tell me how you scored in Step 2 CK ? I am looking for a 250 + score, but I'm stuck at 220s at...

Sent by Sina on 3/6/13

Microsoft Office, Willow Grove, Pa

Hi I am interested in learning microsoft office--particularly word --ive considered taking a course but feel a tutor would be better as there are specifics that...

Sent by David on 3/6/13

Math, Carmel, NY

Good afternoon, I am an adult college student who will be taking Finite math this month. I have not had a math class in many years and need this class to get my BA.

Sent by Tina on 3/6/13

Math, Willimantic, CT

Hi Ms. Heather C., My name is D. and this whole year I have been having trouble in math. I currently take precalculus and I was wondering if you could help me out?

Sent by Dimitrios on 3/6/13

Earth Science, Huntington Beach, CA

I am looking for a tutor to assist my nephew in Earth Science. He attends an independent study high shool.

Sent by Vicki on 3/6/13

Proofreading, San Jose, CA

Need proofread for graduate education application. Three essays total less than 2000 words. Thank you.

Sent by Nima on 3/6/13

Piano, Voluntown, CT

Hi Nina, I'm at (phone number available after purchase) if you can call me about piano lessons in Voluntown. Thank you!

Sent by Paul on 3/6/13

Math, Woodstock, NY

Hi I am looking for orton gilligham trained tutors in the woodstock area. Can you help me? Thank you K.

Sent by Kristin on 3/6/13

English, Covina, CA

Hi Muy L . My name is A. My husband and I need you just to speak with us in an English language 2 hours a day 3 days a week Thanks A.

Sent by Amal on 3/6/13

Algebra 2, Hanover, MD

Hi Chanel I contacted you on another site about tuT.ng. I would still like to have you tutor my daughter but I would like to go through this website if possible...

Sent by Tori on 3/6/13

Usmle, Saint Paul, MN 55127

Hey my name is Lina, I recently finished my 2nd yr of med school and I really want to start preparing for my boards. I would like more information on the tutoring...

Sent by Linaaranchhod on 3/6/13

Adobe Dreamweaver, O Fallon, IL

Hi Linda, Do you work with Adobe Dreamweaver? Thanks T.

Sent by Terri on 3/6/13

Excel, Dallas, TX

I need help creating an Excel interactive spreadsheet and chart that tracks and employee turnover.

Sent by Michael on 3/6/13

Accounting, South Rockwood, MI

Hello, I was wondering if you have time for tutoring in accounting saturday afternoon. I have a my final exam next week and am lost. Thanks T.

Sent by Tina on 3/6/13

Chemistry, Missoula, MT 59803

I am in Chemistry 143 with Crakolice. Would u be able to help with this. Thanks G.

Sent by Gavin on 3/6/13

Economics, Goleta, CA 93117

please contact me. Have a son at ucsb needs help in econ 10A.

Sent by Pat on 3/6/13

Statistics, Naperville, IL 60565

I am contacting you for my son Zachary, he is a college student and is struggling with statistics. He has always struggled with math, (like me) and has had...

Sent by Lisa on 3/6/13

Algebra, Peachtree City, GA

Hi Jennifer, I have a 14 year old 8th grader who is having algebra 1 trouble and would like someone to tutor her so she is able to move on to Geometry starting...

Sent by Annmarie on 3/6/13

Math, Mentor, OH

I am looking for someone to help me understand and become more proficient with some math i have on fire tests. Some of this math includes multiplying and dividing...

Sent by Nick on 3/6/13

Cpa, Hillsborough, NJ

I am looking for a BEC CPA tutor ASAP. Please email or call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Lauren on 3/6/13

Algebra 2 Trig, Rocky Mount, NC

Hi, this is my last semester at Nccu. I am taking college Algbra 2 online. Its mostly trig. I am failing the course. please contact me asap

Sent by Latarya on 3/6/13

Add Adhd, Berkeley Heights, NJ

I am looking for a reading tutor who has experience to work with child has attention issue. Please let me know what is your available days, hours and frequency per week.

Sent by Bei on 3/6/13

Finance, Rockwall, TX

I need help in finance course, explaining and solving problems,

Sent by Ibrahim on 3/6/13

Statistics, League City, TX

Do you tutor for statistics?

Sent by Rachel on 3/5/13

Thermodynamics, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

I need online tutoring in Thermodynamics

Sent by Saud on 3/5/13

Biology, Reading, PA

hi, i am looking for person who is knowledgeable in human biology. the purpose of this is because im writing a book and need to be more educated in human biology...

Sent by Delby on 3/5/13

I LEAP, Slidell, LA

Hello, Looking to have a tutor to help my 11 year olf 7th grader with his I Leap. Please let me know if you can prepare him. Thanks in advance

Sent by Carla on 3/5/13

Math, Kendall Park, NJ 08824

I need math SAT tutoring for my child who mis taking SAT in a few months. I live in kendall park. contact me for details

Sent by Sam on 3/5/13

Accounting, Coram, NY

Hi Jennifer, I am an intermediate accounting 1 student and I'm struggling. I have a hard time understanding the verbiage and remembering the formats for balance...

Sent by Lisa on 3/5/13

Spanish, Richmond, VA

Megan Your credentials are impressive. We are in dire need of a Spanish tutor for my nephew. He is in 8th grade at St Chris and has a major exam on Thurs March 7....

Sent by Grace on 3/5/13

English, Sycamore, IL 60178

My daughter who is a high school senior needs help in English class. She has a few papers due that she cannot finish on her own and needs assistance.

Sent by Jennifer on 3/5/13

General Chemistry, Lincoln, NE

Hello I'm looking for a general chem 110 tutor! I didn't do so great on the last test and really need to do much better on my test next thursday!

Sent by Georgia on 3/5/13

Math Tutor, Mcdonough, GA

I am looking for a math tutor for my 14 year old son who is in 8th grade and not doing well at with his math class. His father and I are both worried about...

Sent by Christy on 3/5/13

Math, Fort Thomas, KY

I am looking for a math tutor for my grandson Gabirle. He is 8 and in the 2nd grade at Woodfill Elem. I am looking fo rsomeone who can come to my home in...

Sent by Rebecca on 3/5/13

Physics, Chatsworth, CA

My grandaughter is in the 11th grade and needs help with Physics. Phone number (phone number available after purchase). She lives in Chatsworth

Sent by Deanna on 3/5/13

Biology (cell), Lebanon, TN

Hello Andrew, I am looking for some help for my daughter. She is attending Cumberland University and is experiencing some difficulty with her Biology.

Sent by Heather on 3/5/13

Nclex, Lubbock, TX

Hi Mandie, I am 22 years old I graduated from SPC lvn program 12-12-12. I took my nclex pn exam 2-5-13. I did not pass. I have really bad test anxiety and...

Sent by Adriana on 3/5/13

Differential Equations, Northridge, CA 91330

I am looking for a tutor in Differential Equations and some Physics. I am a Civil Engineering student at CSUN. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you!

Sent by Andrea on 3/5/13

Spss, New York, NY

Hey Carl, I need help with SPSS assignment. Can you help?

Sent by Nathaniel on 3/5/13

Finance, Los Gatos, CA

I am looking to be tutored in corporate finance and intermediate accounting. I am a junior finance major and will be home next week in Los Gatos I am looking to meet...

Sent by Carina on 3/5/13

French And English, Fort Collins, CO

Hello Heidi, I am in need a French tutor for my daughter who is a freshman at Fossil Ridge High School. Jessica is taking French II this year and is having...

Sent by Dawn on 3/5/13

Dyslexia, Atlanta, GA

Good afternoon: I am the owner of Shreiner Academy and am looking for someone to assist in the opening of a tutoring center for dyslexic students in the Marietta area.

Sent by Todd on 3/5/13

Math Tutor, Saint Marys, GA

Hello, I am the mother of a child who attends CCHS and he is in the 9th grade. My son is struggling with Algebra I. My son maybe a difficult student due to...

Sent by Lisa on 3/5/13

Internal Audit, Dallas, TX

tutor for CIA Exam and internal audit courses

Sent by Jerica on 3/5/13

Biology Tutor, New York, NY 11791

Our son is a sophomore and is struggling terribly in Bio. We are interested in getting him a tutor and would like the opportunity to speak with you. Thanks, A.

Sent by Adele on 3/5/13

Physics, Statesboro, GA

Hi Travis, I am currently in the need of a physics tutor. Thanks B. P.

Sent by Brent on 3/5/13

Math, Athens, OH

I am looking for a tutor for my son. He is a junior at meigs high school. Thank you S. Hill

Sent by Shelly on 3/5/13

German, Frederick, MD

My son Sean is a sophomore in HS and is currently failing German 2. He must pass as it is a HS graduation requirement. He had German 1, but apparently did not retain...

Sent by Kathy on 3/5/13

Neuroscience, Chicago, IL 60612

Hi . Do you mind have class thru Skype and email

Sent by Tiffany on 3/5/13

Math, Bowdoin, ME

I am looking for a tutor who can help my daughter to memorize the basic addition facts. I think it would improve her math skills in a big way instead of her counting...

Sent by Kelly on 3/5/13

Ged, Staten Island, NY

Hi Hilda I'm very intrested in a toutor I just need it in math I took my GED in nj three times and pass every thing the first time but math I need a lot a help...

Sent by Amanda on 3/5/13

Act Prep, Columbia, MO

I am looking for someone to work with my 17 year old daughter a few times to help her prepare for the ACT in April. Please email me. Thank you so much!

Sent by Michele on 3/5/13

Statistics, Amherst, MA

Sent by Deanna on 3/5/13

Cpa, Valley Stream, NY

My son is taking Becker but he seems to need some tutoring to make sure he can solve the problems and pass the test. He is currently preparing for Financial.

Sent by Shelley on 3/5/13

Chemistry, Chico, CA

I need help in chemistry , Thats interesting that you were teaching in Dubai , because I am from there :) .

Sent by Nasser on 3/5/13

Children 3, Denver, CO

Hi Zeina! Me and a friend of mine have one child each. They are both 3 years old and they are going to preschool together. we would like to boost their knowledge...

Sent by Ion on 3/5/13

Math,science, Watkinsville, GA

I am looking for a teacher to work with my daughter with her classes.

Sent by Tandy on 3/4/13

EEC, Portland, OR 97201

need help in digital application and AC circuit

Sent by Joe on 3/4/13

Math, Westwood, NJ

I would like to know if you can prepare for math praxis II ...thank you

Sent by Anna on 3/4/13

Java, Boston, MA

Hello, I was interested in getting some tutoring for Java. how does your service work and how much do you charge?? I have an assignment due on March 19.

Sent by Kumaran on 3/4/13

Spanish, Roy, UT

I am in the military and am going to be moving to Madrid Spain in the summer for several years. I know a little bit of Spanish. If you think you could assist please...

Sent by Heather on 3/4/13

Math, Palo Alto, CA

Our company, Cardinal Education, is currently in need of a tutor who can meet in-home (around Palo Alto) in the afternoons/evenings and can tutor...

Sent by Jordan on 3/4/13

Electrical Engineering, Greenville NC

Are you good with thermodynamics? I need help with Bernoullis equation and Newton's first law etc, I'm taking a fluid mechanics class at ECU and I am lost.

Sent by William on 3/4/13

Geometry, Fresno, TX

hi my son is a sophmore at hightower high and is not passing geometry and I am looking for help.

Sent by Sherita on 3/4/13

Microsoft Word, Tulsa, OK

Hi Trae, I attend VBI and Victory Christian Center. I need help with a Word document ASAP and want to pay for some training to improve my skills.

Sent by Rhonda on 3/4/13

Statistics, San Diego, CA

I am a graduate student working on my MD/Ph.D. and unfortunately statistics is not my strong suit and am looking for assistance with a take home exam and completing...

Sent by Neiman on 3/4/13

Math, Baytown, TX

I need a tutor for my son 9 years old we live in baytown

Sent by Mildred on 3/4/13

Economics, Charleston, SC

Hi Richard My son is looking for some help in college macroeconomics this week? Can you help? K.

Sent by Ken on 3/4/13

Cpa, Boston, MA 02109

Hi Chris, I was wondering, if I were to send you a fake scenario regarding a company (a little less than 2 pages about Lisa and Bart Simpson starting...

Sent by Sheri on 3/4/13

Proofreading, Duxbury, MA

Nicole, My daughter has a research paper due and she needs help with utlizing search engines, paraphrasing, outlines, and proofreading.

Sent by Kathleen on 3/4/13

Nutrition, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Miss Shanna, I would like to tutor with you! Please email me! Thanks

Sent by Lucy on 3/4/13

Physics Tutor, Winter Park, FL

My name is A. S. I am a winter park IB student and I am in need of assistance in conceptual physics and in precalculus the help is due to the fact that I have...

Sent by Arthur on 3/4/13

Reading, Warrenton, VA

Reading and Spanish for my 5 year old

Sent by Gary on 3/4/13

Lee Ld, Cleveland, OH

Dr. Lee, I am a Vocational Rehabilitaton Counselor working for the state of Ohio. I am looking for a tutor for one of my adult consumers who is diagnosised with 2...

Sent by Cathy on 3/4/13

English, Sunnyvale, TX

My son Seth needs immediate and ongoing help in English.Seth is a freshman at Sunnyvale H.S.

Sent by Daniel on 3/4/13

Mathematics, Cygnet, OH

Hello Erin! I am looking for a math tutor for my 17-year old nephew who is a junior at Penta. He has a 504 plan there but needs additional tutoring.

Sent by Heather on 3/4/13

Marketing, Chicago, IL

we re looking for someone to teach us marketing re are a remodeling company please reply

Sent by Agustin on 3/4/13

Statistics, Winston Salem, NC

I am currently taking behavioral sciences stats online and am struggling. I am looking for tutoring once or twice a week.

Sent by Brandi on 3/4/13

Calculus, Liverpool, NY

My son is a senior at Liverpool High School and struggling a bit with OCC Calculus. If you can help, pleas email or call (phone number available after purchase). Thanks.

Sent by Marsha on 3/4/13

Pre Algebra, Miami, FL

Hello ; my daughter is in 7th grade, she is a great student but needs help with Algebra and Pre-Algebra. S. Ortiz (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Stephen on 3/4/13

Reading, Laurel, MD 20708

Plz contact me at ur earliest con. Thanks

Sent by Amanda on 3/4/13

Math, Science, Pleasanton, CA 94588

Hi Ron, Would you be available right after school 330 ish to tutor our 13 year old son in the above subjects?

Sent by Loraine on 3/3/13

Physics, Columbus, OH

Hi, I'm interested in getting tutored for a basic college physics course. I was forced to take it online and need help doing the homework.

Sent by Shaina on 3/3/13

Python, New York, NY

I need tutor for Python for working

Sent by Frank on 3/3/13

Spanish Tutor, Havre DE Grace, MD

hola julia tengo 2 hilas y un hijo quiero tu servision

Sent by Raul on 3/3/13

MATH SAT & Physics, Syosset, NY

Please advise your availability after 4pm for tutoring 11th grade student for math, SAT prep and some physics

Sent by Gayle on 3/3/13

Autism, Simi Valley, CA 93063

I live in Simi Valley and have a 9 yr old son with autism. I am looking for a tutor to work with him

Sent by Jayashree on 3/3/13

Sas, Phoenix, AZ

Hi Yohannes, I spoke to you about a year ago. I'm doing self-study towards SAS base prep now with Ondemand for Professionals. Just starting, and I'm having...

Sent by Nina on 3/3/13

Geometry, Plano, TX

I would like to speak to you about tutoring my daughters (10th grader-Geometry and 7th grader-7th grade math). Thank you. C. C.

Sent by Carla on 3/3/13

Geometry, Florence, AL 35630

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter in geometry as well as helping prepare her for the ACT. She is 16.

Sent by Monique on 3/3/13

Math, Windermere, FL

Hi, we need help with our son Victor (HS junior) and he needs help with improving his Math SAT score and also help improving his grades on IB Math SL.

Sent by Flavio on 3/3/13

English ACT/SAT, Yonkers, NY 10703

Please email me or call as soon as possible about SAT Tutoring! (phone number available after purchase) -C.

Sent by Chris on 3/3/13

Lsat, Portland, OR

Hi, I'm looking for an LSAT tutor probably about once weekly for the next seven months (I plan to take the LSAT in October). Games are my weakest section.

Sent by Emma on 3/3/13

Geometry, Norwalk, CT

Sara my daughter needs help with geometry 9th grade math we live in orwalk CT I can be reached at (phone number available after purchase) thank you

Sent by Freida on 3/3/13

Algebra, Clarksville, MD

I replied to your email through WyZAnt. I do not want to give out my credit card information. Please reply to this email or please call me @ (phone number available...

Sent by Sridhar on 3/3/13

Sat, Houston, TX

Please contact me in regards to SAT tutoring

Sent by Muni on 3/3/13

Geology, Saint George, UT

Hi Colby, My daughter is a high school student taking a college Geology 1010 class with the lab. I am looking for a tutor to help her with this class.

Sent by Cathy on 3/3/13

Finance, 32162

Hi I'm in need of help with health care finance homework, calculating hospital payments.

Sent by Tuwana on 3/3/13

Writing Composition, Solon, OH

My daughter needs help with writing essay. She is in the first year in high school.

Sent by Joanna on 3/3/13

Java, Baldwin Park, CA

I need help in Java. I'm taking Introduction to Programming with Java

Sent by Apolinar on 3/2/13

Java, Ashburn, VA

Are you available to tutor ap computers tomorrow in ashburn,va? (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Anu on 3/2/13

Microsoft Access, Pensacola, FL

I have a spreadsheet that I wanted turned into an Access database and want to watch and learn the process. I am an MCP with a long computer background and usually...

Sent by Beau on 3/2/13

Math, Valdosta, GA

hello..my name is Stacy Daniels..i have a daughter who is in high school and i am looking for someone to tutor her in math..i would love to talk to you concerning...

Sent by Stacydaniels on 3/2/13

Personal Finance And Accounting, Boca Raton, FL 33496

i NEED HELP TUTOR FOR personal finance and acconting starting in april in order to graduate. please contact me asap.

Sent by Layse on 3/2/13

Adhd, Wylie, TX

Hi, I have a 10 yr old boy with ADHD & struggles with comprehension & possibly has CAPD. He is slow in reading & has a hard time telling stories in some instances.

Sent by Melissa on 3/2/13

College Calculus, Martinsburg, WV

Please contact me. My daughter is a student at Shepherd Univ. She is a Computer Eng. major and needs assistance in Calculus and other math courses.

Sent by Lavada on 3/2/13

Microelectronics, Poughkeepsie, NY

I need a tutor for microelectronics please let me know if you are available and provide me with your phone number for more detail.

Sent by Markens on 3/2/13

Biology, Melbourne, FL

Hi, I am master student in biotechnology. now, I am working in my research about plant and how they recognize each other. i have problem in the written part.

Sent by Maysaa on 3/2/13

C#, Houston, TX

Need tutoting in intro to C#. Availalble weekends anytime and after 6:30pm weekdays. cell: (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Mr. on 3/2/13

Statistics, Minneapolis, MN

Hi Ethan, My name is T. and I was working on some project using STATA and I need help to figure out some of the commands. Do u have time this weekend for...

Sent by Tigstu on 3/2/13

Accounting, Gaithersburg, MD 20878

I need a tutor for financial and managerial accounting--MBA course. can you help? Let me know-(phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Chris on 3/2/13

Math, Seattle, WA 98133

need tutoring for my 16 year old son. Fernando is a junior at roosevelt high. Problem with Math and langue arts.

Sent by Roberto on 3/2/13

Algebra 2, Menifee, CA

I was looking for a tutor for my son who is having trouble with Algebra 2. He's a senior at Paloma High School and needs to bring his grade up.

Sent by Mel on 3/2/13

Toefl, Raleigh, NC

Hi Diane, Can you give me an idea about the hours needed to cover the material needed for the TOEFL test? It's regarding a foreigner that has a very good grammer...

Sent by Hamzeh on 3/2/13

Asian Studies, Huntington Beach, CA

Please call us for tutoring (phone number available after purchase) please today if possible

Sent by Patrick on 3/2/13

Anatomy, New Orleans, LA

Good morning. My daughter attends Dillard. Do you think you would be able to tutor her in Anatomy and Physiology II? My cell number is, (phone number available after...

Sent by Gaylen on 3/2/13

Praxis, Horn Lake, MS

Looking for tutoring for praxis test for my husband we live in the Horn Lake Area.

Sent by Jennifer on 3/2/13

Statistics, Fresno, CA

Hi! I am in need of a Stats tutor and was wondering if you were still tutoring. I am a student at Fresno City.

Sent by Karley on 3/2/13

Research, New York, NY

Hello, I wonder if you could help me with a term paper in computer science - cloud computing. Thank you

Sent by Sam on 3/1/13

Praxis 1, Woodbury Heights, NJ

Hi I am looking for a tutor to help me pass the praxis 1 exam. I am only falling short by a few points. I live in West Deptford and am wondering if you would be...

Sent by Lindsey on 3/1/13

Political Science, Birmingham, AL

I am a student at samford university and I am needing In my modern political theory class. Do you tutor fir this subject?

Sent by Drew on 3/1/13

Algebra 1, Winter Garden, FL

My daughter is in 9th grade and she has F for Algebra1. I would to know if you can help us on that please. My contact # (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Agathe on 3/1/13

Far - Cpa, Brooklyn, NY

Hi Sharma I'm studying for the FAR section of the CPA exam and I think I need help with the fundamentals and terminology of the exam.

Sent by Victoria on 3/1/13

Computer, Atlanta, GA

Liv: I need help learning more about how to use my computer (Windows7). Looking for in home training. I live in Brookhaven, about 5 blocks from Oglethorpe Univ... J.

Sent by Joe on 3/1/13

17 Month Old Twins, Key Biscayne, FL

Hello, My twins are 17 month old and I would like before having them in a day care have a private basic education curriculum for them.

Sent by Alexandra on 3/1/13

Usmle, Alleman, IA 50007

USMLE Step 1 prep and speC.ifiC.ally Pathophysiology

Sent by Moitry on 3/1/13

Reading And Math, Uniontown, PA

I'm interested in getting my 8 yr old daughter extra help she is dyslexic.

Sent by Tracy on 3/1/13

Excel, Keller, TX

Unemployed for 3 years but need to get back into job market. Former Controller using MAS 200 and Peachtree but need Quickbooks and Excel.

Sent by Georgette on 3/1/13

Statistics Tutor, Bronx, NY

Sent by Lynn on 3/1/13

Math, Lake Stevens, WA

My daughter needs help passing 3 high school tests My number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Courtney on 3/1/13

Reading, Trenton, MI

Hello Nydia: My daughter is seven and I am seeking tutoring assistance to help her improve in reading. I look forward to speaking with you to discuss this matter...

Sent by Sanja on 3/1/13

All, Scituate, MA

hi Lisa, I need a homework helper for my 15 yr. old son who is super intelligent but has executive function skill deficits and my 13 yr.

Sent by Lynn on 3/1/13

Information Systems, Sunland, CA

I am a student taking information systems and was wondering if you can walk us through our project thats due soon. It consists of developing queries, a report...

Sent by Dmitri on 3/1/13

Writing, LA Mirada, CA

looking for tutor for 11 yrs old son in writing and math

Sent by Mrs. on 3/1/13

Accounting, Baton Rouge, LA

Hello Miss Nikki, I am a student at LSU and I am enrolled in Accounting 2000. I am having a very hard time understanding the concepts and I am afraid of getting behind.

Sent by Bene' on 3/1/13