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Algebra Tutor, Fort Dodge, IA

I'm looking for a math tutor to Prepare for an test...

Sent by Shaneise on 11/30/13

Vocabulary French, Fort Myers Beach, FL

Interested in a tutor primarily for conversation and increased vocabulary and practice with tenses. Just finished intermediate French at College Boreal - Canada.

Sent by Carolyn on 11/30/13

Adobe Photoshop, San Diego, CA

howdy shamal, i downloaded the 30 day trial for a timely project and after watching a slew of tutorials on youtube there is but one thing i am asyet quite unable...

Sent by Tom on 11/30/13

Algebra Tutor, Plano, TX

I am looking for an Algebra 2 tutor for my son who is a junior in highschool and is struggling with Algebra.

Sent by Marcey on 11/30/13

Ruby On Rails, Canton, GA 30114

Hi Neal, I've been teaching myself RoR for a while now and I'm doing OK, but I'm doing some more complicated stuff and need some help.

Sent by Michael on 11/30/13

Usmle, Jersey City, NJ 07306

Hello! Looking for a med tutor to build up the base for the step1. Thanks

Sent by Anastasia on 11/30/13

English, Lake Katrine, NY 12449

Hi Jennifer, I would like to get some more INFO regarding my daughter who is in 5TH Grade tutoring. thanks.

Sent by Hetal on 11/30/13

Accounting, San Francisco, CA

Hi Ray, I need tutoring Tuesday, December 3 in accounting for my financial accounting 1 class. I live in nob hill and would like to meet either at my studio or...

Sent by Christina on 11/30/13

Statistics, Lancaster, CA

Hello Mrs. Nicole, my name is L.. I'm adult learner @ University of Phoenix @ Lancaster Branch. I'm seeking a tutor in Business Statistics..

Sent by Lyn on 11/30/13

English, Phoenix, AZ

I need help today & tomorrow, and a little through this week. Then starting in January too. Developmental Writing Skills-basic

Sent by Kellie on 11/30/13

Spss Psychology, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Hi Mr.Davids, I have my Final Psychology Paper due in just about 2 weeks from now and need to get started on it. I'm a bit panicked because I have never done this...

Sent by Alfredo on 11/29/13

Math, Carpinteria, CA

Hi Larry! I am studying real estate investment and have a couple of spread sheets I am attempting to work with doing math calculations for purchases.

Sent by Laurie on 11/29/13

Math/English, Croton, NY

croton on hudson

Sent by Caroline on 11/29/13

Information Systems, Fremont, CA

Need help college project sql/er diagram, please call me re availability, (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Joy on 11/29/13

C++, Baton Rouge, LA

Hello, I attend LSU and have a C++ program due Monday night and I am fairly confused. The program is one in which I need to make a Banking System that can...

Sent by Jacob on 11/29/13

Accounting, East Meadow, Ny

Hi, I am currently in acc 102 at ncc. And I have a project, as well as a take home test due Monday and I would like assistance finishing these up.

Sent by Connor on 11/29/13

Writing, Chico, CA

Hello, I need help writing a 4 page research paper today. You can contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jordan on 11/29/13

Calculus, Woodbury, NY

I need urgent help with Calculus.

Sent by Joseph on 11/29/13

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Web Design, Saint Louis, MO

Tim, I am looking for someone to come to my office and help me create a new website for our company. We are located in Clayton. Would you be interested in doing that?

Sent by Lisa on 11/29/13

Algebra, San Pablo, CA

Hi Cory ! I am a grandmother of a 14year old granddaughter who Is struggling in a lot of subjects but algebra is the worst. She needs HELP .

Sent by Fern on 11/29/13

statistics with SAS, Moriches, NY 11955

Hi dear I have homework in experiment stat design by sas

Sent by Abdualrazaq on 11/29/13

Gre Math, Effort, PA

Hi Anna, I would like to know if you can teach GRA math, quantitative reasoning. My weakness has always been in math, but in everything else I am very accomplished.

Sent by Denise on 11/28/13

Industrial Engineering, Tempe, AZ 85281

hi i am wondering if you can help me with my operation research project, actually i do not have an idea , but i prefer minimization problem , i like it...

Sent by Miss on 11/28/13

Math, Bronx, NY 10469

My son kevin is having a hard time with math.we got his report card and his grades are low in math.science and reading.i need to know you schedule to see if works...

Sent by Limber on 11/28/13

Chemistry, Chino Hills, CA

Need tutoring ASAP for 1 Troy High school student in Chino Hills for Chemistry. Prefer Sunday around 3pm. Please get back to me soon. Thank you, S.

Sent by Sue on 11/27/13

English As 2nd Language, Chandler, AZ

My wife is seeking an ESL Tutor who could develop her English skills. She is basic to advanced-basic English level. We live in chandler az.

Sent by Haroon on 11/27/13

Final Cut Pro, Reseda, CA

I would really like to learn Final Cut Pro. You are in Reseda? So am I. Please contact me. (phone number available after purchase) Thanks M.

Sent by Mike on 11/27/13

German, Santa Maria, CA

I am looking for German tutoring for my Grandsons age 11 and 13. We are located in Santa Maria. Please call me at your convenience at (phone number available after...

Sent by Franziska on 11/27/13

Usmle, Jersey City, NJ 07306

Hi, are you tutoring in skype? how many days per week are you available? what is the payment method?

Sent by Natalia on 11/27/13

Reading, Reidsville, NC

Hi Mrs.Judy,I have a 5th grader who is needing help in Reading and Math...He has a learning heart but just don't have good study habits or organizations skills..

Sent by Crystal on 11/27/13

Integration Tests, Port Hueneme, CA 93041

Need help with integration tests.

Sent by Dmitry on 11/27/13

What are your prices for USMLE step 1 tutoring?

Sent by Latonya on 11/26/13

Sql, Pittsburgh, PA

Dear Megan: I hope this message finds you good. I am an undergrad student at DUQ University and studying Data and Information Management.

Sent by Ali on 11/26/13

Geometry Tutor, Buchanan, NY

Need 10 th grade geometry help asap. Need to begin with 2 hr sessions if possible-am very behind!

Sent by David on 11/26/13

Calculus Tutor, West Palm Beach, FL

Hello I am interested in an immediate tutor for AP Calculus for my daughter. Please call me regarding your availability. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Tamm on 11/26/13

Genetics, Burlington, VT

Hi Amy, I am 25 and I'm a student at Johnson State College. I'm doing great in an online biology class, but I am stuck and confused about a lab that is based...

Sent by Brittany on 11/26/13

Microsoft Office, Dyer, IN

Hi. I have microsoft access test due tmrow .neee help Thanks

Sent by Jasjit on 11/26/13

Reading, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I'm looking for a tutor, for my 6 year old son. He is under grade level with this reading skills. Can you please, let me know a little bit more about you...

Sent by Melina on 11/26/13

Hindi, Atlanta, GA

Good morning. I am a nanny for a Indian family, who's father is looking for a private tutor to teach their four year old their native language, Hindi.

Sent by Lorraine on 11/26/13

English, Sebastian, FL

I have a colleague from Brazil visiting our research farm around January 20th 2014 (he will stay about 10-14 days). He was interested in improving his english while...

Sent by Clark on 11/26/13

Physics, Mount Laurel, Nj

I am looking for someone to help my high school junior in physics. Can you reply with a CV and references? Thank you.

Sent by Brian on 11/26/13

Math, Grand Junction, CO

My daughter is a freshman at CMU and having difficuly with Algebra. Looking for a tutor to help her with Algebra.

Sent by Dan on 11/25/13

Cpa, Secaucus, NJ

Hi Tim, I have three out of four sections of the CPA under my belt. FARE is posing a problem, because I am NOT comfortable with fin a/c at all.

Sent by Tom on 11/25/13

Environmntal Engineering, San Jose, CA

Hi Cody: My name is A. M. and I am studying Environmental Engineering online at CSu Fullerton. I am looking for tutors in my Hydraulics and Environmental...

Sent by Andrew on 11/25/13

Cosmetology, Stockton, CA 95204

Dear Lisa, My Daughter Cortney has pasted her practical but has failed her written. She just reapplied for the written and I would like to her some hel.

Sent by Patricia on 11/25/13

Russian, Jacksonville Beach, FL

Hello Vladimir. I'm contacting you on behalf of my 17-year-old son, Maynard, who is very interested in learning the Russian language.

Sent by Trudie on 11/25/13

Structural Analysis, Lacey, WA

hey Evgeny, I am a student at Saint Martin's University in Lacey and I am in need of help in structural analysis as part of my civil engineering degree...

Sent by Hashim on 11/25/13

Chemistry, Naples, FL

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter for 100 level college chemistry. She would be available tues, wed, fri

Sent by Rosella on 11/25/13

Elementary, Easley, SC

Please call me at your earliest convience. My number is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Skip on 11/25/13

Need Help, Ithaca, NY

email me. stressed out need help

Sent by Jb on 11/25/13

Math, Lake City, FL

17 yo daughter needs help in MATH. We really need help Thank you tor your time

Sent by Felicia on 11/25/13

Sat Prep, Glen Mills, PA

Hi Rich, I live in Glen Mills and am looking for tutoring for my son and two of his friends. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss. Thanks.

Sent by Keith on 11/25/13

Reading, Macungie, PA

Hello , I am looking for reading . pre K tutor for my daughter. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase). We live in Nazareth. Appreciate K.

Sent by Kasia on 11/25/13

Sat, Duluth, GA

Liked your background and need someone to prepare my daughter prepare for her SAT.Are you availableWe live south of cumming very close to Alpharetta.

Sent by Alisha on 11/25/13

Algebra, Saint Augustine, FL

I have two boys, one 8th grade, one 9th grade who both need help with math. Advanced Pre Algebra and Algebra. Preferably Mondays after 4:00 in our home in Palencia.

Sent by Melissa on 11/25/13

Math, Carroll, OH

My son is in 9th grade doing poorly in many subject, mainly math and science. Need tutor 2 hours per evening to start. Live in Carroll

Sent by Heather on 11/25/13

Reading And Spelling, Altamonte Springs, FL

If you could please call me (phone number available after purchase) thanks

Sent by Krystal on 11/25/13

Computer Science, Hazlet, NJ

we live in Hazlet nj07730 please call us (phone number available after purchase) or (phone number available after purchase) in the afternoon.

Sent by Nishani on 11/25/13

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Financial Accounting, Easton, PA

Hi, My names J. D. and Im at senior at Lafayette College. I have been taking Financial Accounting over the semester and have been doing poorly.

Sent by Jenna on 11/25/13

Algebra, Passaic, NJ

Hello Kevin. My is David is starting algebra in 7 grade. He need some help. I could be contact at (phone number available after purchase). Thank you

Sent by Karlos on 11/25/13

Math, Northridge, CA

Mr. Stuart I was wondering if you are available to tutor my niece who is in high School. I think she wants to be tutored on Mon-Thursday from 3:30-5:30.

Sent by Rhine on 11/25/13

C#, La Porte, Texas 77571

Hi! My name is T. and I am interested in learning C#!

Sent by Taylor on 11/24/13

Geography, Columbus, OH

I need help in understanding how calculate sun noon angle for upcoming exam on Thursday Nov 28, Please let me know if you can help me.

Sent by Omar on 11/24/13

Cognition, Gardena, CA 90249

Hi Manuel. I would like to know if you could tutor my son via online/skype,etc? If yes, then that would be great. He is a freshman and his text books for class...

Sent by Jonathan on 11/24/13

Math, Rossford, OH

I am looking for a math tutor for my son that is a freshman.

Sent by Lory on 11/24/13

Fluids, Los Angeles, CA

hi, I need a help in Fluid mechanics project assignment. if you can help me, please reply asap. Thank you

Sent by Abdullah on 11/24/13

Writing Essay Spanish, Irvine, CA

Hi Jennifer, I am hispanic, speak English quite well but need help with academic/essay writing. Since you also teach ESL I though you might a good fit.

Sent by Robert on 11/24/13

Esl, Ridgewood, NJ

Hi there, I am looking for a tutor to help me improve my English skills. Please contact me if you have any available time. Thanks M.

Sent by Maria on 11/24/13

Physics, Raynham, MA

Hi Mary, I'm looking for a physics tutor for my son. He's a junior at Bridgewater-Raynham High School. He has always struggled with math, and this year is extra...

Sent by Karen on 11/24/13

Excel, Tallahassee, FL

Hi please contact me if you think you can be of some assistance with an Excel assignment. Thanks.

Sent by Evan on 11/24/13

Statistics, Boston, MA

for my daughter who works at Fidelity and needs to pass stats class at Harvard Ext to get her Wellesley degree. I am a UVa grad as well. Need immediate avail.

Sent by Wayne on 11/24/13

English, San Rafael, CA

Please contact us for the tutoring availability in Marinwood.

Sent by Sunit on 11/24/13

English, Washington, PA

Do you speak Spanish also?

Sent by Tiara on 11/24/13

Nclex Rn, Houston, TX

I'm currently attending the University of Texas Health Science Center School of Nursing. I'm in dying need of a tutor for a final that I need to take in Adult Health...

Sent by Tyfani on 11/24/13

Photoshop, Dekalb, IL

Hi Laura. My name is C.. I am not a student, However I am very interested in learning the photoshop. I have tried watching online videos and reading up on photoshop.

Sent by Chasity on 11/24/13

Sat Math, Pittsburgh, PA

Katherine, I am looking for a tutor for my 18 year old daughter for help with SAT preparation....specifically with Math. She has taken the SAT's before...

Sent by Fred on 11/24/13

Pre-Calculus, Petaluma, CA

Hello, I am inquiring for your rates and availability this December to help me excel in pre-calculus. Thank you. Respectfully, N.

Sent by Nathan on 11/24/13

Writing, Evansville, IN

Hi, I need urgent help in writing research papers. Can we meet tomorrow please. Thanks, M.

Sent by Maha on 11/23/13

Nclex Rn, Hayward, CA

Hi, I have a question, i wanted to get help from you on nclex rn exam. What is the best number to reach you?

Sent by Sandhya on 11/23/13

Geometry, Gulf Breeze, FL

My son is failing geometry. He needs to learn to apply himself and get caught up. Can you help him do this ?He is 16 and attends Gulf Breeze HS.

Sent by Gionni on 11/23/13

Accounting, El Paso, TX

hi i need help with an accounting test which is due sunday night if you can reply as soon as possible thank you please email me back

Sent by Memo on 11/23/13

Statistics, Germantown, TN

Hello I need help on statistics before Monday would you be able to help me

Sent by Sajeda on 11/23/13

Act, Orlando, FL

Hello, My son attends Timber Creek and this is his last year and it was his last chance to take the FCAT. Unfortunately, he did not pass his reading.

Sent by Evelyn on 11/23/13

Pre Algebra, Ahwatukee , AZ

Hi my Name is K., I'm interested in your tutoring services for pre-algebra and possible physics (8th grade level) can you please call me (phone number available...

Sent by Karla on 11/23/13

Pharmacology, Houston Tx

Are you good with pharmacology and can you talk on the phone while reviewing some questions with me. Email me at (email available after purchase) or call me...

Sent by Geralyn on 11/23/13

Statistics, Germantown, TN

Hi, I would like a tutor for help in my statistics, i would like to know how far you would travel. Because I live in Germantown TN.

Sent by Sajeda on 11/22/13

Political Science, Santa Barbara, CA

Would you be available to help my son with a Political Science paper he's writing? Time, unfortunately, is urgent . . . He thought he had some good ideas and...

Sent by Rob on 11/22/13

Asvab, Phelan, CA

Hello! In Phelan, looking for a tutor to help my daughter with ASVAB testing for Navy, She needs help in Math, English..She has a ASVAB study guide.

Sent by Caroline on 11/22/13

English Writing, Clovis, CA

Looking for help with composition and writing. theology.

Sent by Robert on 11/22/13

Calculus, Porter Ranch, CA

Hi Brian- I am interested in tutoring for my daughter, a high school senior struggling with Calculus. We live in Northridge and would like for you to tutor her...

Sent by H. on 11/22/13

Math, Richlands, NC

I have a 8th grade boy that we have been struggling with in school. He has consistently received F grades in core classes. Please call to much to list he is...

Sent by Ryan on 11/22/13

Science, Brevard, NC

hi myra! my name is H. O. ... and I found your add here are you still available ?? I need tutoring for my 14 yr old in middle school and I take care of...

Sent by Holly on 11/22/13

Math, Peachtree City, GA

My daughter math grade isn't good. She needs help. She can't seem to understand what she is being taught in class.

Sent by Kolawole on 11/22/13

Essay Writing, Warwick, NY

Hi Jennifer, I am looking for a tutor to help my 9th grade son with ELA mostly essay and creative writing. Please let me know if you are still available. Thank you.

Sent by Amy on 11/22/13

Philosophy, Pacific Palisades, CA

I am a college student in need of help writing a Philosophy paper. Its on Aristotle and his ethics. Would you be able to help?

Sent by Liz on 11/22/13

Cpa, Clinton, MS 39056

I have been trying to pass the exam for 4 years and need help. I am close and have passed REG. I will lose it in May or April of next year.

Sent by Ben on 11/22/13

Engineering, Tampa, FL

My son is in an engineering program at his high school in Tampa and is struggling with principles of engineering and aerospace engineering.

Sent by Michal on 11/22/13

Finance Tutor, Tampa, FL 33647

Hi Jeni, I read your profile and I think you can help me with getting some basic in finance as I am getting into my new managerial role.

Sent by Maen on 11/22/13

University Physics, New Braunfels, TX

Do you tutor for University Physics II?

Sent by Lisa on 11/22/13

Algebra, Folsom, CA

Hi Sara- My daughter is a freshman at Vista High School taking Algebra 1B - she's struggling right now. I would love for her to have an understanding...

Sent by Emil on 11/22/13

Geometry, Storrs Mansfield, CT

Hi Matt, hmm, I'm thinking about getting a geometry tutor for my son and funny but I think you know him already. Are you Matt Martin and if so, you trained Brian for...

Sent by Crista on 11/22/13

Calculus, Plymouth, MA

Hello Max, Your bio is most impressive :) My son Henry is a senior at Plymouth South HS and is currently having some difficulty in his calculus class.

Sent by Brenda on 11/22/13

Math, Aiea, HI

Hello, my daughter is having difficulty understanding & remembering math concepts. She is in 7th grade math but she is also lacking some of the math skills...

Sent by Salina on 11/22/13

Hello, Augusta, GA

Hello, my name is A. M. and I was looking for someone to care for my 2 children. One will be 3 in Feb and a infant. If you are interested please contact me...

Sent by Amishi on 11/22/13

Teas V, Fort Wayne, IN

Hi Lindsey, I wanted to know if you tutor for the teas v exam? I was a little confused when I read what subjects you tutor in. I did not know if you meant only...

Sent by Keya on 11/21/13

Cpa, Rego Park, NY

Hi, I'm looking for tutor for CPA exam BEC part. Would you recommend a tutor with strong expertise in this area?

Sent by Margarita on 11/21/13

Web Design, Richmond, VA

Hello, Mrs. Chava, I need help in creating my project for my web design class, and so I need to see you, a tutor. My project needs to be worked on a program called...

Sent by Ahmedin on 11/21/13

Writing, Portland, OR

Hi Nicole I live in downtown Portland and am looking for a tutor for my 17 year old son that just started home schooling. He can use help with becoming a better writer.

Sent by Lori on 11/21/13

GT Physics, Pikesville, MD

My daughter is in the 11th grade in GT Physics. She is struggling with rotational motion and we were wondering if you could help. Please let us know. Thanks!

Sent by Ilya on 11/21/13

Vector Calculus, Tucson, AZ

hi i need help with vector calc am taking it at the u of a

Sent by Meera on 11/21/13

Algebra 2, Hillsborough, NC

Hi my name is V. P. I just wanted to know what days and times do you have to tutor common core 3 (algebra 2) thank you

Sent by Victoria on 11/21/13

Needed Tutor, Richardson, TX

Hi, my daughter is in 5th grade, she needs tutoring in math 1-2 times a week. We live in Richardson 75080.

Sent by Tiffany on 11/21/13

Environmental Science, Raleigh, NC

need a tutor to do research paper

Sent by Vickie on 11/21/13

Chemistry, Houston, TX

Hii, I tried to contact you before but you didn't respond , I need someone to help me in the chemistry . Please respond as soon as possible , i have a test...

Sent by Jazyah on 11/21/13

Project Management, Shreveport, LA

I'm looK. for help in a project management class online with the UOP.

Sent by Ricky on 11/21/13

Spanish (basics), Saint George, UT

Hello Robert, I am preparing to go on an LDS Spanish speaking mission and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to learn some basics and verbs in Spanish.

Sent by Kylie on 11/21/13

Math, Auburn, AL

my daughter is a freshman at auburn who needs help with finite math tonight--can you help please/???

Sent by Randie on 11/21/13

Biology, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Charan, My name is J. I am looking for a tutor in the subject of Biology, and Genetics. I am located in the Los Angeles wilshire area and I haV.

Sent by Josh on 11/21/13

Act, Ruston, LA

I would like to speak with you about tutoring my son for the ACT.My number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Sharunda on 11/21/13

Precalculus, Phoenix, AZ

Hi Alexa if you could email me I am have trouble in my pre-calc class. I am a senior in high school.

Sent by Adilene on 11/21/13

Phonics, Chicago, IL

Hi, Ms. Jacqueline. My name is J. W., and I am in need of a tutor. During my younger years of school I made really bad decisions in school, but when called for me...

Sent by Jaron on 11/21/13

Reading, Columbus, GA

my daughter needs help with the reading part of the act she would like a higher score

Sent by Patrice on 11/21/13

Statistics, Boston, MA

I am interested in working with a tutor to help me in the area of statistics for a basic Business Stats course. Are you available over the next several weeks...

Sent by Francis on 11/21/13

Physics, Nashville, TN

Hello Lakeisha, I am the parent of an 11th grade female needing tutoring in Physics; what is your availability?

Sent by Sharon on 11/21/13

Math, Monroe Township, NJ

Looking for math tutoring for a 9th grader. Please email contact infor

Sent by Aparna on 11/21/13

Mandarin, Chicago, IL

Hello, I am an engineer who now has to travel to China for work and am interested in trying to learn some basic Mandarin. I'd like to learn more about you...

Sent by Dugan on 11/21/13

Chemistry, Pembroke, MA

Please contact me asap. I am looking for a tutor for one of my international chinese students ( speak English) for Chemistry. He needs tutoring 2-3 days...

Sent by Shana on 11/21/13

Cognitive, Carson, CA 90745

My son needs a tutor in a Freshmen class called cognition. Is this a subject that you can effectively tutor? thanks

Sent by Jon on 11/20/13

Chemistry (general), Temecula, CA

My son needs help with Chemistry. He is a High School Senior and is struggling in this class. He has been working with a on line tutor but it doesn't seem...

Sent by Carla on 11/20/13

Algebra 1, Davenport, FL

8th grade 'A" student requiring additional tutoring in Algebra 1. Saturday 9 or 10 am.

Sent by Ben on 11/20/13

Environmental Engineering, Los Angeles, CA

I am in need of immediate tutoring for The introductory environmental engineering course at ucla. Please contact me as soon as possible by e-mail or feel free...

Sent by Jesse on 11/20/13

Survey Of Calculus, Fayetteville, AR 72704

Hello Angela! I am currently taking Survey of Calculus through the UofA and lately I have found myself struggling to grasp the concepts.

Sent by Boston on 11/20/13

Math, Hesperia, CA

I am looking for someone to tutor my 12 y/o sister. She needs help with math but could use help in other subjects as well. Thank you.

Sent by Lisa on 11/20/13

Cosmetology, Splendora, TX 77372

I took cosmetology in high school and am now 25 years old. I took my written test recently and passed. I took the practical but failed but I don't know what I did wrong.

Sent by Lacey on 11/20/13

Math, Northridge, CA

My grandson, age 22, is need of a math tutor. His day off is Tuesday....is available some afternoons. Are you available?

Sent by Jeannette on 11/20/13

Statistics, Bay City, MI

Please call, you worked with us before

Sent by Cheryl on 11/20/13

Real Estate Valuation, Portland, OR

I need help with Real Estate class my assignment about discounted cash flow

Sent by Abdulla on 11/20/13

Kindergarten Readiness, Warren, OH

My daughter has started kindergarten this year she is about to turn 6 and they are saying she is not where she needs to be.I need some help

Sent by Andrea on 11/20/13

Word Processing, Boulder, CO

When my Word doc has odd/even headers ON - even page numbers disappear. When my Word doc has odd/even headers OFF - even page numbers appear.

Sent by Stephen on 11/20/13

Finance Tutor, Malden, MA

Hi Hari, I am looking for a tutor for my financial management class. I have a final in roughly 3 weeks that I need to pass. There are about 6 chapters of material...

Sent by Janice on 11/20/13

Final Cut Pro, Philadelphia, PA

Hey Jamie, my name is S., I'm a 28 yearold film producer/maker. I produce and make my own movies, just wraping up my first feature.

Sent by Shaool on 11/20/13

Usmle 1, New York, NY 10002

How much do you charge. I'm an fmg from the carribean took kaplan and am scoring 186 on nbmes. I don't know what else to do to improve my score.

Sent by James on 11/20/13

Series 7 Tutor, Fort Washington, PA

Michael, I am interested in your services for the Series 7. I am scheduled to take the exam on December 12th. I would be interested in your services either next...

Sent by David on 11/20/13

Statistics, Rock Island, IL

I am looking for someone to tutor the son of a friend of mine in Statistics. He is taking Business Statistics at Augustana as a sophomore.

Sent by Dr. on 11/20/13

Math-, Humble, TX

I would like to speak to you in regards to tutoring for my freshman high school daughter

Sent by Ty on 11/20/13

Math, Mt Holly, NC

HI! I have been searching for a tutor for my 15 year old high school daughter. She is barely passing Math11 and needs help. If you are available and interested...

Sent by Amanda on 11/20/13

Reading, Math, Saint Marys,GA

Hello Mary. I'm interested in a qualified tutor for my grand, Hannah. She is a 2nd year 1st grader in need of extra help!!

Sent by Lavonne on 11/20/13

Math, Blackstone, MA

hi ann, I am looking for someone to help my senior with pre calculus

Sent by Doreen on 11/20/13

Oboe, Solana Beach, CA

Hi, I play oboe (and piano and guitar) and I play in a high school band. I would like to move up to Wind Ensemble and eventually play for fun in college.

Sent by Cami on 11/20/13

Pre Calculus, Grass Valley, CA

Looking for a Pre-Calc tutor for my son who attends NU. Would you be interested?

Sent by Gary on 11/20/13

Calculus, Athens, OH

Hello, my daughter Lauren is a senior in high school. She has been accepted to OU for next fall for a double major. She is struggling with calculus right now and...

Sent by Tammy on 11/20/13

Elementary Math, Crofton, MD

I'm looking for a tutor to help my son who's in 4th grade. He's really struggling in math and we're looking for someone who can start working with him immediately.

Sent by Shannon on 11/20/13

Reading, Atlanta, GA 30342

Looking for reading tutor for 9 year daughter,

Sent by Stacy on 11/20/13

Molecular Biology, Burbank, CA

I need help in passing my last 2 Molecular Biology test in college. Can you help? (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Kristine on 11/19/13

Math, East Amherst, NY

Hello, I'm looking for a math tutor for my niece. She is a 9th grader in Williamsville school district. She just relocated at beginning of school year from Wyandanch...

Sent by Sonji on 11/19/13

Information Technology, Concord, NC

David, Hello my name is M. C. and I have foun- myself in need of tutoring. I have vast knowledge of computers and networks but lack real training and "best...

Sent by Mark on 11/19/13

Phonics, West End, NC

Hi Kim my daughter is in third grade and is struggling with phonics and reading comprehension. She is below grade level on reading and the teacher's just keep giving...

Sent by Katie on 11/19/13

Ged, Palmdale, CA

Hello, we have talked before I need help ASAP I only have to more 2 test to complete my GED. My next test is next Monday for the math after that is the English.

Sent by Nancy on 11/19/13

Spelling, Niceville, FL

Hi Lois! My 8 year old daughter, Kaylin is in 2nd grade and struggling with spelling, phonics and reading. I would love to speak with you to find out if...

Sent by Allison on 11/19/13

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA 90033

please email me more about your tutoring, how do you go about and how long it takes to go over everything? thanks!

Sent by Varni on 11/19/13

Schooling, Salisbury, NC

I hope you are the answer to my situation! I have a middle school son who is in desperate need of some help...in everything. Do you have the time? Also, we just moved.

Sent by Katie on 11/19/13

Excel, Alameda, CA

I'm takinG. a class at Laney and lookinG. for an excel tutor. I'm an older student (Veteran) and its been over 20 years since I've done any academic work. I'm takinG.

Sent by Tony on 11/19/13

Math, Lahaina, HI

Would like more information.

Sent by Donna on 11/19/13

English, Haddon Heights, NJ 08035

I need a English teacher to teach one class of middle school student in China through my online teaching platform (url available after purchase)

Sent by Joe on 11/19/13

Pre Calculus, Healdsburg, CA

hi i need a precalculus tutor. please call me back (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Daniel on 11/19/13

Ged, Vineland, NJ

Mercer County Community College is currently looking for a GED/HSPA tutor in Vineland, NJ for a youth program. If interested please contact me at (email available...

Sent by Leah on 11/19/13

Essay Writing, Charlotte, NC

Need help on editing a final essay for an Ethics course. Not a strong writer--need help!

Sent by Courtney on 11/19/13

Pre Algebra, Tehachapi, CA

Dear Fran, My name is M., and I am looking for a pre-algebra tutor for my 14 year old son, in the Tehatchapi area. Please respond to my email with your C.V/Resume...

Sent by Mark on 11/19/13

Organic Chemistry, Albany, NY

For my son Christmas break ..organic chemistry..please let me know

Sent by Rashmi on 11/19/13

Physiology, Long Island, NY

My daughter is in subs and is having a lot of trouble with physiology. She is willing to travel to you

Sent by Eileen on 11/19/13

Chemistry (general), Fort Lauderdale, FL

Need help in gen chem. Struggling

Sent by Gary on 11/19/13

Various, Beaumont, TX

My son has ADD and is attending lamar university. He needs help staying organized and studying for tests. If you can tutor him or know of someone else...

Sent by Sean on 11/18/13

Algebra, San Marcos, TX

Hi Apinya, Can you help me with my college algebra class I'm taking? I just need someone to help me prepare for tests that are coming up. Thanks!

Sent by Jane on 11/18/13

Microsoft Word, Santa Monica, CA

Hi my name is A. and I need to do a small project for my spanish class. I need to use power point, but I have no idea how to do it. Do you teach how to do power point?

Sent by Andreia on 11/18/13

French, Boulder, CO 80302

Hi Brittany, I've studied French on and off for the last few years on my own, but never as seriously or consistently as I want.

Sent by Dylan on 11/18/13

Geometry, Murrieta, CA

Hi there! my daughter, Dannikah, is struggling in her geometry class and has asked for help. I am not a math person and cannot help her.

Sent by Celeste on 11/18/13

Algebra, Howell, MI

Hi Steve, I am interested in immediate tutoring for my son who is junior for algebra. Live in Howell off coon lake road. Are you interested?

Sent by Linda on 11/18/13

Math, Stafford, VA

Hello my name is A. and I'm struggling in Algebra functions and I need some help so i would appreciate it if you could call at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Alexandra on 11/18/13

Adobe Photoshop, Huntington Beach, CA

I am a design student working on a board and am new to photoshop and need some guidance.

Sent by Deina on 11/18/13

Algebra 1, Hesperia, CA

hi im looking for a tutor for my friend's son. he is 16 years old and needs a tutor about two the three times a week, for an hour or two.

Sent by Sara on 11/18/13

Physics, College Station, TX

Hi Todd, My name is C. S. and I need some serious tutoring in Physics 2425. I am taking it at Blinn so at A&M the course would be PHYS 218 I believe.

Sent by Clay on 11/18/13

Geometry Algebra 2, Fayetteville, GA

Our family needs T.uT.ors for boT.h GeomeT.ry and Algebra 2. We are available afT.er school and someT.imes on T.he weekend and have T.o work around sporT.s schedules.

Sent by Joe on 11/18/13

Accounting, Nashville, TN

Hello chis, i am a returning college student to lipscomb university, needing help with managerial and intermediate acct, i am close to the school, work 8-5 M-F...

Sent by Matt on 11/18/13

Math, Rome, GA

Hi Emily, I am looking for someone to help my daughter who is in 3rd grade. She has been failing since school started this year. If I don't get her some help soon I

Sent by Lisa on 11/18/13

Geometry, San Ramon, CA

Phil, need help with my 16 year old daughter in geometry. Here in San Ramon. email A.S.A.P. Has test friday.

Sent by Ronald on 11/18/13

Algebra, Folsom, CA

I am looking for a tutor for my son. He is in 7th grade and he is struggling with Algebra. Our availability is Monday and Thursday after 4. Please let me know if...

Sent by Jennifer on 11/18/13

Tutoring, Keizer, OR

Hi I'm interested in tutoring for my son he is in fourth grade.

Sent by Angelica on 11/18/13

Quicken, San Diego, CA 92110

Hi Mr B - I am in idaho, startinG. a counselinG. practice and want to use quicken for home and biz. Cant make heads or tails out of the business component - would...

Sent by Steve on 11/18/13

Spanish, Houston, TX

hello! i am interested in beginners spanish lessons. i live in richmond, tx. can you describe your method for taking a person from scratch?

Sent by Danica on 11/18/13

Applied Math, Memphis, TN

hi my son attends CBU and its his second time taking applied calculus (math 106) and its not looking good. are you able to tutor in this subject?

Sent by Sherray on 11/18/13

Math, Hightstown, NJ

Live in East Windsor, NJ. Looking for someone to help my 12 year old 6th grader with math concepts, multiplying, dividing fractions, etc..

Sent by Valerie on 11/18/13

Algebra, North Aurora, IL

I have a HS freshman that is struggling a little. Can you help? My cell is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by John on 11/18/13

Accounting, Trenton, NJ

Hello I need help for a project in accounting 310 a.s.a.p. Please let me know how soon you can help, thank you.

Sent by Peter on 11/18/13

Asvab, Houston, TX

need help with asvab test

Sent by Cecilia on 11/18/13

Speech, Port Saint Lucie, FL

My son has speech issues and is currently seeing a therapist but is behind in his vpk class. He has problems with the alphabet both saying and writing

Sent by Rick on 11/18/13

Elementary, Hopkinsville, KY

Hello my name is D. I'm looking for elementary English grammar etc classes but I don't have time during the week I'm home from Saturday 12 til Sunday 10 pm is that...

Sent by David on 11/18/13

Chemistry, Frisco, TX

My daughter who is in 10th grade needs a tutor to help her out with chemistry.Please email if you can help.

Sent by Anjana on 11/18/13

Madison Heights Mi, Madison

Hello Carla this is A. I am student aat uw wisconsin engineering major I am looking for tutor please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Ali on 11/17/13

Language Arts, Mundelein, IL

Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Corry on 11/17/13

Act, Medina, OH

Looking for ACT help for my daughter who is a Senior. Her GPA is 3.3. She has taken the ACT and has a 16. Looking for some help.

Sent by Renee on 11/17/13

Reading Comprehension, Chicago, IL

Hello M. I wanted to ask you what your quote is for tutoring. I have a son that is in 4th grade. He's biggest weakness is reading and comprehension.

Sent by Maria on 11/17/13

Chemistry, Brighton, MA

Hi Jonathan: MY daughter is at 10th grade, she need help to improve her Chemistry. where and when can you tutor her? Thanks

Sent by Lee on 11/17/13

Statistics, Chattanooga, TN

Need help this week with a statistics project! Can you assist? Thanks very much. J.

Sent by Jennifer on 11/17/13

Toefl, Portland, OR

I have a 17 year old student that wants to go US university. I am trying to help him set up a private tutor in portland nov 30-dec 5. He will take the toefl on the 6th.

Sent by Aaron on 11/17/13

Chemical Engineering, Sugar Land, TX 77479

Wanted to see if you could help me in thermodynamics

Sent by James on 11/17/13

Praxis, New Hyde Park, NY 11040

attend Adelphi grad school i want to be prepared for speech praxis

Sent by Christina on 11/17/13

Microsoft Outlook, West Islip, NY

HI, I need to learn outlook asap, can u you please contact me @ (phone number available after purchase). Thank you, D.

Sent by Donna on 11/17/13

General Chemistry, Elon, NC

Kenneth, I need a tutor for my daughter this week for General Chemistry this week (18-23 November) at Elon University. If available, please call P. at (phone number...

Sent by Paul on 11/17/13

Accounting, Chicago, IL 60605

I need help with a audit memo

Sent by Mike on 11/17/13

C#, New York, NY

Hello, I need help with C# for a school project. Thanks.

Sent by Anil on 11/17/13

Algebra 2, Westerly, RI

I have a sophmore at Stonington High School.She is a good student but does need a little extra help.

Sent by Doreen on 11/17/13

Asvab, Alcoa, TN

i need help on taking the asvab test.. I zone out on the math part :0 i need help. I made 19 on the pratice test, so i will love to double that if i can..

Sent by Tereza on 11/17/13

Management Skills, Findlay, OH

hi, i am graduet enviroment in findlay i want to help me for Production/Operations & Auditing class pleas answer to me thank you

Sent by Emi on 11/16/13

Web Page Design, San Jose, CA

currently taking class for web page design, need help with hmtl and dream dreamwever

Sent by Ben on 11/16/13

Nclex Rn, Janesville, Wisconsin

Hi, I am looking for a tutor for my daughter. She graduated from University Madison Nursing School. She has taken the NCLEX twice and not passed.

Sent by Shelly on 11/16/13

Linux, Macon, GA

We are looking for full time programmers to add to our team ((url available after purchase)). If you are interested in talking, please contact me.

Sent by Jimmy on 11/16/13

Ap Physics, Massapequa, NY

My 11th grade son is taking AP physics and struggling. His teacher feels he should continue with the subject. He feels that "he's going to get it".

Sent by Lee on 11/16/13

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Ap Chemistry, Sound Beach, NY

Danielle, I like to know if you are interested in tutoring my daughter Nicole in AP Chemistry. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Jeff on 11/16/13

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Esol, 34229

Hi Mary, I'd like to get intensive ESOL lessons from Dec to Feb. I come to stay near Sarasota as 'snow bird' from Switzerland. I'm retired japanese woman.

Sent by Keiko on 11/16/13

Microsoft Excel, League City, TX

Need tutoring in MS office including excel, project, word, etc

Sent by Jorge on 11/16/13

Armenian, Glendale, CA 91201

Sent by Mike on 11/16/13

Math, Fishkill, NY

I have a six years old daughter in first grade. I needed a math tutor for her to further sharpened and build strong learning skills.

Sent by Theo on 11/16/13

Ap Calculus, Dublin, OH

I have a son who is taking AP Calc online and it is not clicking yet. I wondered if you would be available to work with him. We live in Dublin. Thanks!

Sent by Angie on 11/16/13

Calculus, Rock Springs, WY

Am desperate to get some help for my Calculus final Exam in 3-4 weeks. I have a class average of 77% after my last exam, and only have the Final left to try...

Sent by Amanda on 11/16/13

Calculus, Concord, NC

Hi, my son is a high school senior who is having trouble with his Calculus class. He feels like he understands in class but has scored poorly on most of the tests.

Sent by Susan on 11/16/13

Finance, Philadelphia, PA 19109

Need help in Finance. Must analyze financial statement for real estate property.

Sent by Edward on 11/16/13

Aichata Louzolo, Sidney, OH

hi , i was wondering , do you tutor for r adults .i am 28 and i need help with trying to get my GD, please response as soon as you can .thank you

Sent by Aichata on 11/16/13

Reading, Garden Grove, CA

Sent by Lourdes on 11/16/13

Gre, Royal Oak, MI

Hi, I am taking the GRE Spring of 2014 and I need a tutor for the verbal and math portion of the GRE. The GRE has changed in the last few years and I wanted...

Sent by Viviana on 11/15/13

Geology, Golden, CO

Hi Amanda, I need help with my geology assignments. Would you be able to help with one or two of my geology assignments? They're timed for 30 minutes only...

Sent by Ben on 11/15/13

Public Speaking, Detroit, MI

Hi Rachel, I am interested in working with a private coach to get over my public speaking fear. Please let me know if it's possible to schedule an introductory...

Sent by Stella on 11/15/13

Math, Dallas, GA

I need 1 on 1 tutoring in Math for my 6th grader. Thanks!

Sent by Theresa on 11/15/13

Reading, Front Royal, VA

Hi Barbara if you could please give me a call to set up some classes for my six year old that is having trouble with reading please my number is (phone number...

Sent by Martin on 11/15/13

Gre, Grapevine, TX

Hi Mark, we talked before about tutoring my daughter for the GRE. She took it in November, but would like to improve verbal and quantitative scores - each were 147...

Sent by Linda on 11/15/13

Artist, Covington, GA

Just wondering what the charge would be to sketch draw a regular dish drainer with altercations for a new design to be patented.

Sent by Helen on 11/15/13

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Are you still available for USMLE Tutoring? I am struggling with the CCS portion of the exam. I am located in West LA, my number is (phone number available after...

Sent by Shameer on 11/15/13

Spanish, Copperas Cove, TX

I spoke passable Spanish 40 years ago. I would like help with understanding some more intricate parts. I am studying it just for fun. .

Sent by Larry on 11/15/13

Theology, El Dorado, KS

HI, I live in California but my niece, Nicole, lives in El Dorado. She needs a tutor in both theology & anatomy (human). I may be incorrect but I do think Nicole may...

Sent by Michal on 11/15/13

Chemistry (general), Houston, TX

I need some help in chemistry I have a test on the 26 of November , I need you to help me understand few things. Will you be able to tutor me in the UH Library ?

Sent by Jazyah on 11/15/13

Elementary Reading, Wilson, NC

I have a 9 year old who is having problems with reading and writting. My son lives in Wilson, NC and I was checking what is the max or minium hours you will charge.

Sent by Jeff on 11/15/13

Nursing, West Monroe, LA

I will be starting nursing in the spring 2014 an im looking for a nursing tutor for 2 to 4 hrs a week. I really would like a further understanding outside...

Sent by Shundra on 11/15/13

Microsoft Access, Irvine, CA

I would like coaching in ms access 2010. I am taking an online course from a good instructor at a local cc but feel that a face-to-face training would be much more...

Sent by Lynne on 11/15/13

English, Morgantown, WV

hi, i'm currently taking english 102 in WVU and i'm facing difficulties. if you can help please contact me ASAP. i can pay you. thanks.

Sent by Anas on 11/15/13

Thermodynamics, Boston, MA

Hey how are you ? I need some help covering some parts of thermodynamics with some wind turbines parts ... Can you help out ? I need it as soon as possible.

Sent by Jesus on 11/14/13

Cpa, Berkeley, CA

Hi Jordan, We're looking for a CPA exam tutor to assist our firm's candidates pass the FAR section of the exam. One candidate will sit for the exam in Jan 2014.

Sent by Adele on 11/14/13

Math, Sanford, FL

Hi ms. Nicole, my name is S. O. and I have a 7; year old that goes to midway elem. He's in the 1st grade and is having a hard time with math and reading.

Sent by Shawnda on 11/14/13

Math, ELA, Writing, Ridgewood, NY 11385

Hello, My sons teacher suggested a private tutor, as she feels he needs extensive help with ELA & math. He is in the first grade.

Sent by Michelle on 11/14/13

Act, Wesley Chapel, FL

My son, Christian, got a 17 on the last ACT test with no preparation or study. He is taking it again on December 14th and has to get a 20 to be accepted...

Sent by John on 11/14/13

Sat Prep, Kinston, NC

Hi, I was wondering if you could tutor my son in SAT reading/writing. I live in Kinston, NC. We can meet you half way in a public library.

Sent by Lai on 11/14/13

Reading, Atco, NJ

My son is in 7th grade and attends hammonton middle school and is struggling in reading&comprehension. We are looking for a private tutor for at least once a week.

Sent by Craig on 11/14/13

Math, San Antonio, TX

my daughter needs tutoring in math she attends com arts charter high school next to Taft high school please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Joe on 11/14/13

Microsoft Office, Los Angeles, CA

HI Allison, Please contact me directly to discuss your credentials in teaching microsoft office suite. Thank you, D. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Deborah on 11/14/13

Asvab, Glen Burnie, MD

Hi joe, I recently took the ASVAB exam for the navy and scored in the 68th percentile without any studying or tutoring. I was not sure how to study for it and...

Sent by Hope on 11/14/13

Business Statistics, Plano, TX

Taking Lean Six Sigma certification course, and need business statistics, including anova, regression, etc.

Sent by Cyndi on 11/14/13

English, Folsom, CA

Hello my daughter is 7 years old and In the second grade and she needs help with reading comp and writing.

Sent by Daniel on 11/14/13

Microsoft Frontpage, Atlanta, GA

I designed my website, (url available after purchase), with Microsoft FrontPage. If you'll go to it and click on 'Chapters,' you'll see a map.

Sent by Ginger on 11/14/13

Special Education, Stony Point, NY

My Son in Special education class, he is 10 years old. Can you please contact me when you get this message. Thank you

Sent by Cristina on 11/14/13

Calculus, Fremont, CA

Hi I am looking for a calculus tutor. Please email back if you are interested.

Sent by Val on 11/14/13

Math, Merritt Island, FL

I need a tutor for geometry for my 9th grader. Can you help? Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) Thanks.

Sent by Claudia on 11/14/13

Math Tutor, Huntington Beach, CA

I was wondering if you could tutor my 6th grade daughter. she needs help in math. I live in huntington beach

Sent by Cindy on 11/14/13

French Tutor, Chicago, IL 60607

Hi Jeanette, My name is M.. I am considering using your services and was wondering if you are still available. If so, let me know what is the best time...

Sent by Mesky on 11/14/13

Act, Mobile, AL

Logan, My daughter needs some tutoring sessions to focus on math and science for the upcoming December test. Please let me know if you are available for some...

Sent by Kelli on 11/14/13

Applied Math, Topeka, KS

Am looking for someone to tutor my adult son in applied mathmatics related to taking an ACT exam

Sent by Carita on 11/14/13

Reading, Bolingbrook, IL

Hi! My name is C.. I am looking into hiring a tutor for my kindergartener and second grader. Both children need help in reading/writing.

Sent by Char on 11/14/13

Spanish, Huntsville, AL

Dear Ms. Lariza C, I'd be interested in Spanish lessons one-to-one from January onwards.I'm a beginner and will be spending at least six months in Alabama.

Sent by Adam on 11/14/13

Act, Nashville, TN

My daughter recieved a 19 on the math portion of her ACT. I would like to get her tutoring for either the December or February exam. Please help.

Sent by David on 11/13/13

Nursing, West Orange, NJ

NEED HELP WITH critical care med surge please email me

Sent by Regine on 11/13/13

Statistics, Guilford, CT

Hi, my daughter is a jr at uconn and needs tutoring in statistics starting ASAP. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase) or via w mail. Thank you..

Sent by Pamela on 11/13/13

Sas, Ashland, KY 41101

I need your help using SAS program.

Sent by Melissa on 11/13/13

Texas Holdem Poker, Lake Wales, FL

I would like to learn basic math skills, learn how to calculate pot odds, and fold equity related to playing poker. I understand the concepts but have trouble...

Sent by Brian on 11/13/13

Pharmacology, White Plains, NY

Sent by Michelle on 11/13/13

Math, Sarasota, FL

Hi- my 24 year old daughter, recent graduate of Clemson University, has an urgent need for some help with math for the GRE. She is scheduled to take it in November...

Sent by Debbie on 11/13/13

Adobe Photoshop, Potomac, MD

I have worked with photoshop and indesign for 10+ years in my job as a marketing/graphics tech in a real estate office. I am completely self taught.

Sent by Vicki on 11/13/13

Bar Exam, Miami, FL

Hi Andrew, I recently took the Florida bar exam. Unfortunately, I passed the MBE but not Florida Part A. I am retaking Part A in February and I'm interested...

Sent by Vernon on 11/13/13

Home Schooling, Raleigh, NC

In need of a teacher for my homeschool son who has severe reading problems. Please contact :C. Would love to meet and discuss needs for my son.

Sent by Cathy on 11/13/13

Cryptography / Encryption, Ny, Ny 10022

I am in a graduate program, and in need of help with number theory, algorithms, and algebra in relation to cryptography and encryption.

Sent by Matt on 11/13/13

Tutor Help, Bellerose, NY

Son needs help with study habits, and techniques to effectively complete homework.

Sent by Chris on 11/13/13

Act, Owensboro, KY

need someone to help my son with ACT! Can you help?

Sent by Melissa on 11/13/13

Esl Tutor, Centerport,new York

Im looking for an esl tutor for my twins who are 4 yrs old. If you are interested please inform me, thanks D. K.

Sent by Dani on 11/13/13

C#, Phoenix, AZ

can you charge it less if i drive up to you?

Sent by Abby on 11/13/13

Sat Reading, Denton, TX

Looking for help with my nephew for a dec 7 sat date

Sent by Gwen on 11/13/13

Geometry, Mesa, AZ

Hello Simone. My daughter is in 10th grd at Skyline High School. A great student but struggles in Geometry and somewhat science. We live off of University/Signal...

Sent by Liz on 11/13/13

Reading, Easton, CT

We are looking for a reading tutor for our 1st grader. We are in Easton. Please contact us at (phone number available after purchase). Thank you!

Sent by Dorothy on 11/13/13

English, Princeton, NJ 08550

I am looking for an English tutor for my son ( freshman). I am looking for building solid writing skills (as apposed to learning test-taking-strategies) .

Sent by Gene on 11/13/13

English Writing, Bayside, NY

Hi Iam interested in improving my writing skills ... I need a tutor twice a week starting in the beginning of January .. Please let me know how much you charge ..

Sent by Georgia on 11/13/13

Reading, Asheboro, NC

Yes my son in 4th grade we live in asheboro an he needs help wit reading

Sent by Darryl on 11/13/13

English One To One, Hamilton, OH

Good Morning, I am French. I arrived at liberty township this year in Auguste. I don't speak English very well and I would like to know if you can to be my tutor.

Sent by Valerie on 11/13/13

Photoshop, Brooklyn, NY

Good Day, Ms P I'm interested in learning design programs from the Adobe Suite - ie Photoshops, etc... as well as 2D and 3D programs.

Sent by Jarrod on 11/13/13

Math, Hesperia, CA

Do you tutor adults? I'm taking math 90 at vvc which is intermediate algebra. In desperate need of a tutor

Sent by Sara on 11/12/13

Calculus, Saint Paul, MN

Hi David I'm looking around for a calculus tutor for my 17 y.o. Son he is taking AP calculus online with tutors during the week but they don't have much time...

Sent by Debbie on 11/12/13

English, Morgantown, WV

Hi, my wife looking for how can teach her English. She speaks but not well. We need long course I mean at least for 4 months 3 days per week.

Sent by Fawaz on 11/12/13

Calculus, Nuevo, CA

Hey man, I'm looking for a calculus tutor. I am a Marine Veteran and decided to go back to school. I am struggling with calculus and have decided that I need...

Sent by Justin on 11/12/13

English, Lansing, MI

I am E., I am looking for an English tutor. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) to discuss further. Thanks,

Sent by Etesh on 11/12/13

Linear Programming, Tallahassee, FL

I'm in need of a tutor for my programming classes. As of right now we are working on linear programming which I sure need some guidance for understanding it.

Sent by Earnest on 11/12/13

Math, Cupertino, CA

Need tutoring help for my daughter who is studying Math Analysis at Monta Vista High School. Please contact me to discuss.

Sent by Raj on 11/12/13

Physics, Warwick, NY

Hello, I am interested in finding a tutor a student in Warwick, Please respond if you are available. Thank you.

Sent by Allison on 11/12/13

Essay Writing, Knoxville, TN

hi Pamela. I need help with my admittance essay. I am foreigner and I need help with concordance.

Sent by Tida on 11/12/13

Trigonometry, Chicago, IL

I am a sophomore high school student and I am looking for a bilingual tutor that can help me in trigonometry.

Sent by Sergio on 11/12/13

Algebra, Port Charlotte, FL

My daughter needs tutoring for high school algebra. She is having a lot of trouble with it. Need to take test in December. Please call me (phone number available...

Sent by Una on 11/12/13

Usmle, Chicago, IL 60659

Hi, I received your information from the USMLE forum. I was wondering if you could please help me with my interview preparation for the Residency Match.

Sent by Saumya on 11/12/13

Math, Fort Valley, GA

I wanted to know if you could tutor my son in math and English and if so do u charge

Sent by Ava on 11/12/13

Essay Writing, San Antonio, TX

I need someone to put a 6th edition APA paper together for me this weekend. I will have the paper hand written by Friday 15, 2013.

Sent by Donald on 11/12/13

Asvab, Louisville, KY

Hello my name is T. and there is nothing more that I want then to become a United States Marine however I need help passing the test.

Sent by Tajia on 11/12/13

Algebra, Menomonie, WI 54751

Hi Kelly. I need your help with Algebra and Biology tutoring for my daughter in Menomonie. I just found out that she is failing both subjects and she does not seem...

Sent by Doug on 11/12/13

Elementary, Elk Grove, CA

I have a 2nd grader that is struggling with the new Go Math. Is this something you think you would be able to help with?

Sent by Tracy on 11/12/13

Precalculus, Healdsburg, CA

hi, can you teach precalculus for a high school senior girl? D.

Sent by Daniel on 11/12/13

College Level Finances, Olmsted Falls, OH

Hi Jason, I am helping my daughter to find a tutor that has experience with corporate finance. She works full time and has asked me to help her find someone.

Sent by Stephanie on 11/12/13

Usmle, New York, NY

Are you still available for tutoring? My husband's classes are ending end of this month and his NBME for USMLE1 test is in February.

Sent by Misha on 11/12/13

Usmle Step 2 CK, Marshfield, WI

Sent by Annabelle on 11/12/13

Algebra 2, Moncks Corner, SC

I am looking for a tutor for my 16 year old son in Algebra 2. Preferable tutoring times would be on Saturdays but we are open to meeting different scheduling...

Sent by Tyrchra on 11/12/13

Computer, Colorado Springs, CO

Hi Jonathan, I'm seeking a computer tutor to help me get sharp with my mac! My website is (url available after purchase) and I need social media/marketing support.

Sent by Beth on 11/12/13

Nclex Rn, North Liberty, IA 52317

hi, please help me study for nclex

Sent by Marie on 11/12/13

Math 076, Tempe, AZ

I failed my college Math course and have to take it again in about one week from now. I do not want to get kicked out of Argosy. (phone number available after...

Sent by Michele on 11/12/13

Asvab, Santa Ana, CA

What days are you available?

Sent by Christian on 11/12/13

Math, Carmel, NY

Hi. I am having problem with my assignment. It's about proof. (an isosceles triangle) it's very confusing

Sent by Lucrecia on 11/12/13

Geometry, Fort Worth, TX

Hello, I have a 10th grdr. who needs help in Geometry. We live off Basswood Blvd. Plz call me at (phone number available after purchase) thank you, S.

Sent by Susan on 11/12/13

Calculus, Pittsburgh, PA

Looking for a tutor for business calculus at University of Pittsburgh for son taking Calculus 0120. Please contact me.

Sent by Sharon on 11/12/13

Nclex Rn, Buffalo, NY

Hi Nicolette, I am looking for a tutor ASAP to help me pass the Nclex M.

Sent by Michelle on 11/12/13

Calculus, New Brunswick, NJ

Hello, My daughter needs tutoring in Calculus I, and is at Rutgers, New Brunswick. Please respond if interested to work with her.

Sent by Susan on 11/12/13

Seventh Grade, Middletown, OH

My son is in the 7th grade and failing! He is a bright kid, but becomes easily frustrated and gives up easily. I need help tutoring him in English, Math and Science.

Sent by Nichole on 11/12/13

Usmle, Hayward, CA

Hello, I am wondering if you still tutor for Step 2 CK. thank you.

Sent by Kevin on 11/12/13

Real State Math Tutor, Boston, MA

Hi! I'm very interesting in to passing my real state license and you speak Spanish like me but I only have monday to friday in the morning 9:00 to 1...

Sent by Angela on 11/11/13

Adobe Illustrator, San Diego, CA

Hi Jack, I am an interior designer who is trying to learn Adobe Illustrator with the HotDoor CAD plug in. I have finished about half of a course on Udemy...

Sent by Pia on 11/11/13

Algebra Tutor, Travis Afb, CA

Hello, I am just wondering if you are still available for tutoring. My wife desperately needs help with college algebra.

Sent by Gregory on 11/11/13

English, Bluffton, SC

Looking for help for a friend to learn English. You can also reach me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Steve on 11/11/13

Pre Calculus, Victorville, CA

I need a tutor for my son. he is in High School taking pre calulus. if you can help him on pre cal. I live in victorvill. please contact me. thank you

Sent by Yobi on 11/11/13

Asvab, Providence, RI

Hi andrew I'm interest in preparing myself for the asvab test I will like to get more information on what you do like: do you only teach the math part or...

Sent by Melvin on 11/11/13

Usmle, Brooklyn, NY

Hi there, I need some help with Anatomy/physiology. I live at Brooklyn. I can travel to Chinatown. I would like to find out how much do you charge per hour. Thank you.

Sent by May on 11/11/13

English, Warminster, Pa 1976

I am looking for English and Reading tutor for my 3d grader daughter to improve her recent level. Please contact me to discuss it further. Thank you, I. Uritsky.

Sent by Irina on 11/11/13

Math, Woodland Hills, CA

I have 2 kids of ages 10 & 6. I want to send them for Math class. Please give me a call on (phone number available after purchase) or send me an email with all details.

Sent by Pavan on 11/11/13

Chemistry For Engineers, Tempe, Az

i have a chemistry for engineers class and I nee help with it today. Can you help me?

Sent by Fahad on 11/11/13

Business, Orange, CA

what are your availabilities?

Sent by Mary on 11/11/13

Chemical Engineering, Riverside, CA 92508

Looking for assistance in separations, chemistry of materials, chemical process analysis.

Sent by Jasmine on 11/11/13

Calculus, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33322

Hi Jon-Erik, I'm looking for a Calculus tutor for my daughter who is in AP Calc AB and is having a lot of difficulty with it. We live in Davie.

Sent by Vandana on 11/11/13

Computer Graphics, Maitland, FL

I'm looking for someone to teach my daughter computer graphics programs on her Power Mac. She has a graphic tablet already. She lives in Maitland.

Sent by Carol on 11/11/13

Math, Woodside, NY

8th grader Wood side queens- he needs help!

Sent by Gina on 11/11/13

Tutor / Proctor, Omaha, NE

My daughter has just joined the University of Nebraska High School Program. She needs to complete 5 classes to get her diploma. We are looking for a Proctor in Omaha...

Sent by Ken on 11/11/13

Accounting, Little Rock, AR

I need help with balance sheets

Sent by Donald on 11/11/13

Medical Surgery Nursing, Fairfax, VA

Hi Ed, I was wondering if you provide tutoring available for students studying MedSurg 2. I am inquiring for a 3rd year nursing student.

Sent by Veronica on 11/11/13

Sat 1, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Good day, I`m looking for a tutor who can prepare a boy for SAT 1 exam. The tutor should speak Russian. Please write me your phone number to my e-mail: (I spell it...

Sent by Anna on 11/11/13

Excel, Panama City, FL

Hi Katie, I need to learn Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint as soon as possible. Please call me so that we may discuss setting up tutoring sessions. Thanks

Sent by Tara on 11/11/13

ADHD, Rocky Mount, NC

Hello I am looking for a male tutor for my 13 y/o son who is an eighth grader at Red Oak Middle. He is basically always performed well every year up until this year.

Sent by Stephanie on 11/11/13

Nutrition, Rochester, NY

Dear Colleen, My name is K. W. I am a student at Brockport I am struggling in my Nutrition class for this semester and hopefully I can bring my grade around I need...

Sent by Konesha on 11/11/13

Accounting, San Clemente, CA

I am looking for QuickBooks help, I am a small business owner with somewhat of an accounting background but need help navigating QB Can you help? thanks, JMR

Sent by Jill on 11/11/13

Electrical Engineering, Tampa, FL

I am looking for a tutor who understands Linear Control Systems. Can you tutor in that subject?

Sent by Kyle on 11/11/13

Sat Math, Lake Worth, FL

need sat math tutor for my high school senior daughter do you do this? if so, need ASAP CALL (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Dave on 11/11/13

Home Schooling, Dallas, TX

I am looking for a math and English tutor for my 15 year old son who is home schooled.

Sent by Denise on 11/11/13

Anatomy, Eugene, OR

Hi Brianna, My name is E. and I am a student at the University of Oregon. I am currently taking Anatomy and Physiology for Speech Mechanic and struggling with it.

Sent by Elizabeth on 11/11/13

Powerpoint, Fresno, CA

Hello. Ok we basically need the linked presentation updated with a military theme throughout. (url available after purchase)?v=_868OUppqrg In particular like...

Sent by Terrance on 11/11/13

Math Tutor, Wixom, MI 48393

hello i am grad student taking to pure math courses. i need help in both of my courses. are able to help me with that thanks

Sent by Yehya on 11/10/13

Ruby On Rails, Daly City, CA 94014

Hello Abhinav, I am interested in learn Ruby on Rails, I have a background of PHP language, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. How can you help me? Thanks, L.

Sent by Leandro on 11/10/13

Accounting, Monterey, CA 93940

Hello! I may be a little too far away from you (I'm located in Monterey.) I am looking for a tutor to go over accounting concepts with me before my accounting final...

Sent by Nicholas on 11/10/13

Statistics, Florence, AL

I am needing a tutor for my daughter, She goes to UNA at florence,al and Needs help with Statistics, As soon as possible.She is wanting to be more prepared for her...

Sent by Kristy on 11/10/13

Nursing, Pine Bush, NY

Hi Terrie! Looking for a tutor to help my daughter pass the NLN pre admission exam for nursing. Similar exam to the NCLEX I assume.

Sent by Karla on 11/10/13

Toefl, Minneapolis, MN

Hello, my name is S., I'm interested in taking toefl tutoring. Do you have experience in toefl tutoring?

Sent by Saeed on 11/10/13

Math, South Zanesville, OH

Hi Andrea! I am lookin for a tutor for my second grader. He is struggling with math terribly! If interested please contact me ASAP!

Sent by Monika on 11/10/13

Research Paper, Duarte, CA

Need assistance in proof reading a research paper for grammer and content.

Sent by Juan on 11/10/13

Adobe Photoshop, Norwalk, CT

My husband and I are surveying available tutors for Photoshop finishing. Are you available to come to Norwalk? We have apple computers. How would we begin?

Sent by Jo on 11/10/13

Calculus, Maspeth, Ny 11378

Hi, how are you? I am looking for a calculus tutor. I have been struggling in the course and have an upcoming test on the 19th of November.

Sent by Krystian on 11/10/13

Microsoft Excel, Spartanburg, SC 29303

Need help with bid Microsoft excel Can pay 200 per hr because is very important

Sent by Robert on 11/10/13

Accounting Tutor, Normal, IL

Hello Joe, My son is ISU student, he's struggling with Fin. accounting 131. Actually he got an F, he has an exam in about a week or more. Can you help him. P.

Sent by Nellie on 11/10/13

Guitar, Visalia, CA

Is this the Steve Salazar who use to give guitar and bass lessons at damage inc?

Sent by Elias on 11/10/13

Physics, Takoma Park, MD

Help with physics for hs junior?

Sent by Elli on 11/9/13

Finance, San Diego, CA 92122

Hi Saranya. I'm looking for a finance tutor. I have 5 weeks left in my corporate finance course, and really want to get an A. Please let me know if you are interested.

Sent by Charles on 11/9/13

Economics, Portland, OR

Graham, Please let me know if you are available to pick up another student. My son riley is at Clackamas CC and might need some help with his econ class.

Sent by Lance on 11/9/13

Dat, Burlington, NC

Hi Karl, I'm searching for a great DAT tutor with extensive skills to fit my needs. Also if you are able to help with the PAT section of the test that would be...

Sent by Sasha on 11/9/13

Sign Language, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Hello, I am inquiring about tutoring for my adult son who lives in ft. Collins. We would like to know if your still available to tutor and realisticly how quickly...

Sent by Kristy on 11/9/13

Time Management, Gainesville, FL

I am look for someone to tutor my son in the afternoons in Gainesville. He need help with organization and time management mostly. Thank you, R. N.

Sent by Ron on 11/9/13

Math, Beaumont, TX

I need help!!! I'm a Firefighter/Paramedic here in Beaumont and am taking college math in an online course, and seem to be struggling right now!

Sent by Scott on 11/9/13

Marketing, Ennis, TX

I am working on mba in healthcare management online thru ut tyler. My marketing class professor is marking my writing for " conversational" style, and...

Sent by Jerry on 11/9/13

Geometry, Glen Cove, NY

ive been having trouble with geometry

Sent by Shaina on 11/9/13

Finance Tutor, San Antonio, TX

I need help with finance course as soon as possible.

Sent by Majed on 11/9/13

Environmental Science, San Mateo, CA

Hi SC, Are you familiar with high school level science? If so, please call me at (phone number available after purchase) Thanks

Sent by Tania on 11/9/13

Nursing, CA

Hello Miss Faith, I am a student who needs a mentor for capstone nursing practicum. Thank you.

Sent by Sandra on 11/9/13

German, Orlando, FL 32806

Dear , i want to learn German

Sent by Anisur on 11/9/13

Statistics, Galt, CA

Hello, My name is C.. I am a senior in high school and have been struggling with AP stats. I had a tutor last year but she doesn't do stats so I now find myself...

Sent by Cari on 11/8/13

Java, Gaithersburg, MD

My son 18 could use tution in Java and trigonometry . We live in gaithersburg. Please send me professional references. Thanks S.

Sent by Shalla on 11/8/13

Esl, San Antonio, TX

I need ESL lessons for my husband. Need to see how flexible your schedule can be and other details. Please contact me via email. Thank you.

Sent by Sandy on 11/8/13

Adobe Indesign, Seattle, WA

Hi Haley, I noticed your post and am interested in perhaps picking your brain for some indesign/illustrator/photoshoop basic tools and concepts.

Sent by Rosie on 11/8/13

Dyslexia, Pueblo, CO

Please call me. I'd like to talk to you about tutoring. (phone number available after purchase) or (phone number available after purchase). Thanks, C.

Sent by Crystal on 11/8/13

Math, Asbury Park, NJ

Hi, Jeff, We would like you to be math tutor for our son. thanks (phone number available after purchase) Nj 07712

Sent by Bing on 11/8/13

Math, Grand Island, NY

looking for a tutor for my 8th grade daughter . if you could call me 622-1646

Sent by Joe on 11/8/13

Isee, Austin, TX

Hi Kelly--- We have a 5th grader who will be taking the ISEE test on December 7th. She is bright and gets good grades but I'd like her to get some assistance...

Sent by Leslie on 11/8/13

Nursing, Smithtown, NY

Hi, I am interested in acquiring your services for the NCLEX exam. I took the exam 3 times and have been unsuccessful all times. Please contact me.

Sent by Catherine on 11/8/13

Assembly Language, Moriches, NY 11955

Hi: I need help. I am trying to make a code that reads a file and process the information in assembly language x86. I have been trying but I do not know where in...

Sent by Erika on 11/8/13

Statistics, Apple Valley, CA

I have a stats final in two weeks, and I have to get a c or better to pass. It's an online class, and I simply don't understand it. I love math;

Sent by Rebekah on 11/8/13

Studio Art, Miami, FL

I work at a retirement community, we are currently looking for an art instructor please contact me at three-zero-five-six-nine-two-four-seven-zero-zero. Thanks much.

Sent by Michael on 11/8/13

All, Pineville, LA

Hi Ms. Joyce, I was wondering if you tutor PK? I have a 4 year old, she attends Cabrini. Thanks!

Sent by Deeanne on 11/8/13

Elementary Tutoring, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hello, I am looking for a tutor to help my 9 year old with comprehension and speed. She has a problem with getting things done in a timely manner and understanding.

Sent by Tara on 11/8/13

English, Amarillo, TX

I'M presently looking for A GOOD TUTOR WHO IS willing to tutor with peace and understanding, someone who can tutor my son in any of the listed below subjects +maths...

Sent by Dane on 11/8/13

Statistics, North Myrtle Beach, SC

My son needs College Statistics help. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Nina on 11/8/13

English, Madison, AL

Need your assistance in helping my daughter prepare for ACT that's scheduled in December.

Sent by Dee on 11/8/13

Essay Writing, Tulsa, OK

Hi Nicole M, I have an essay that's due two weeks from now and I really do need your help. pls ma'am I need a help. contact me thanks.

Sent by Jonathan on 11/8/13

Dirk, Port Hueneme, CA 93041

This is a math test test test

Sent by Wagiboy on 11/8/13

Nutrition, Long Beach, CA

I'm an international student. My major is Nutrition. I need some help with my assignments. Please email me back as you receive my massage. Thank you.

Sent by Nada on 11/7/13

Computer Tutor, Lincoln, NE

i am 47years old and need tutoring on my my apple macbook pro and iPad. I need so much help!!My first computer and i need to learn how use them. I am not a student.

Sent by Nancy on 11/7/13

Reading, Baldwin Park, CA 91706

I am Norma Gutierrez, I am looking for a reading tutor for my friend J. D., she is 20 years old and I see you have worked at Sylvan, she has an apt tomorrow at...

Sent by Jasmine on 11/7/13

Algebra, Statesville, NC

Need tutor for my son. He's in 9 the grade Algebra

Sent by Tena on 11/7/13

Microsoft Access, Aldie, VA

Hi, I am looking for a tutor to help me on my Access project. My project is about the sales/collection process of a Hotel. However, I only need to focus on...

Sent by Syed on 11/7/13

English, Fairfax, VA 22030

I need an irgent help in writhing liturature paper please Contact me if you are able to Thank you

Sent by Alice on 11/7/13

Nutrition, Northridge, CA

Hi I am a master student in Nutrition & Dietetics and I will be taking a comprehensive exam in November 18,2013 and I need someone to help me writing the exam.

Sent by Mon on 11/7/13

Accounting, Bakersfield, CA

I am taking Acctg. 301 Bus Mgmt. Degree in Bakersfield Fresno Pacific. Need help converting asses to expense and liability to revenue. Can you help?

Sent by Laura on 11/7/13

Geology, Austin, TX 78705

I am a current geosciences undergraduate at UT Austin and need some assistance in understanding the concepts of Geology better. Any help is welcome.

Sent by Lee on 11/7/13

Chemistry, Florence, SC

Sent by Lauren on 11/7/13

Test Prep Tutor, Colorado Springs, CO

Hi Carol, My name is D. M. and my husband and I are looking for an ACT/SAT test prep tutor for our daughter, Michelle. She is a junior at St.

Sent by Diana on 11/7/13

Geometry, Skokie, Il 60076

Hi Basela, My daughter Linda is a freshman in Niles North High School and she is taking geometry. Right now she has 74% and she is not happy with it.

Sent by Rose on 11/7/13

Usmle, Brooklyn, NY 11204

My second attempt at USMLE step 2 CK will have to come before Dec 20. I am attempting to match for this year. My first attempt was a few months ago...

Sent by Anil on 11/7/13

Math, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hello I'm interested in your services for my 12 year old daughter . She is having some trouble grasping some new math concepts .

Sent by Vanessa on 11/7/13

Algebra, Newburgh, NY

Hello Paul, What is your proficiency at tutoring college level algebra? One of my children is having a very difficult time with this subject at Dutchess County Comm...

Sent by Mike on 11/7/13

Clep, New York, NY

do you tutor offer tutoring for the Analyzing and Interpreting Literature CLEP?

Sent by Nicole on 11/7/13

Math, Frankfort, IL

Good Morning Tkeyah, I have a 15 year old daughter who attends Lincoln-Way North.....she is struggling in geometry, can you help us?

Sent by Angel on 11/7/13

English, Lincolnton, NC

I and my spouse are new here in us, we are searching an English teacher to help us. Please call me (phone number available after purchase) tks

Sent by Fernando on 11/7/13

French, San Gabriel, CA

My 9th grade daughter needs help in both English and French. She likes reading but has difficulty writing and comprehension. She has ADD and short attention span.

Sent by Emily on 11/7/13

Us History, Canyon, TX

Hey Josh, I am needing some help writing a big essay I have due to AC one week from Sunday. I am enrolled in D.C. U.S. History at Canyon High and am a junior...

Sent by Rhett on 11/6/13

Asp.net, Los Angeles, CA

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with my (url available after purchase) MVC programming class. Thanks. cell#(phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ons on 11/6/13

Statistics, Lubbock, TX

Need a tutor for Statistics 2300 sophomore at TTU. Please contact me asap. Thank you

Sent by Melissa on 11/6/13

Reading, Saint Albans, NY

Good evening Chanell. I'm interested in finding a reading/writing tutor for my 9 year old daughter. she is in the 3rd grade and I believe she could be a little...

Sent by Marie on 11/6/13

Latin, Jacksonville, FL

I am looking for a tutor to help my son with Latin. He is a senior in High School. Do you tutor in this subject?

Sent by Rose on 11/6/13

Romanian, Los Angeles, CA

I am a native Romanian native, here since my teen years. I would like my 9 year old daughter to pick up conversational Romanian, if not more.

Sent by Inna on 11/6/13

Ruby On Rails, San Francisco, CA 94109

Hello - I am hoping to learn the basics of ruby on rails, and have someone help me as I work on the basics. Are you able to help?

Sent by Nic on 11/6/13

Finra Series 6, Raleigh, NC

Trevor, sent earlier email. Please let me know you received and please keep in confidence . I can be reached @ (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Mike on 11/6/13

Tutor, East Brunswick Nj 08816

We need a tutor for our 8 years old daughter.

Sent by Ak on 11/6/13

Computer, Morrisville, PA 19067

I am Phyllis DelVento's sister. Her friend, Bob Bartholomew, is contacting you to tutor my sister on the computer. I think you and she will be an excellent match.

Sent by Carol on 11/6/13

Organic Chemistry, Long Island, NY

Hello there! Do you tutor organic chemistry 2?

Sent by Claudia on 11/6/13

Finance, Columbia, MO

Hello, I am a senior at CMU Columbia and I live at the Campus Lodge Apts off of Grindstone. I am falling behind in my Business Finance class and I really need some...

Sent by Tyler on 11/6/13

Math, Superior, CO

Dear Miss Boyer, I am looking for a Math tutor for my daughter Scarlett, age 8, Grade 3. She has been struggling in school for a few years and we recently moved...

Sent by Maria on 11/6/13

Greek, Omaha, NE

Hey Dimitrios my name is R. and I've been trying to learn modern greek on my own and it's pretty difficult especially when you don't know any body else that speaks...

Sent by Robbie on 11/6/13

Bar Exam, Northern, NJ

Hi Marion, Good morning. I am searching for a bar exam tutor for the NJ Bar Exam. I sat for the bar exam in Feb 13 and July, failing both times with a 127.

Sent by Leyla on 11/6/13

Bar Exam, Philadelphia, PA

Hi, Denise: I am retaking the PA and NJ bar exams in February (did not pass in July). Can you please provide some references? Barbri did not work for me--schedule...

Sent by Yelena on 11/6/13

Chemistry, Katy, TX

My daughter is in preap chemistry - 10th grade and needs a tutor. What is your availability? Thank you

Sent by Melissa on 11/6/13

Act Tutor, Akron, OH

Good morning Tom, my daughter is a senior in high school and trying to prepare for ACT, we are in dire need of a tutor.

Sent by Lashelle on 11/6/13

Pharmacology, DeKalb, IL 60115

Tutor /Tele-Tutor required for Pathalogy, Microbiology and Pharmacology MBBS Year 2

Sent by Sushil on 11/6/13

Physics, New York, NY

I need a tutor for an intense review of physics word problems ASAP, preferably starting this week and on (11/7/2013). Be able to meet for ca 2-3 hours if possible...

Sent by Carmen on 11/6/13

Spanish, Northridge, CA

Hello Pedro , please give a call at (phone number available after purchase) , I need a spanish tutor.

Sent by Mohamed on 11/6/13

Math Tutor, Boston, MA

Hi! I'm planing to take the Real State course but I need to review the math to pass my Real State license. I wonder if you still available.

Sent by Angela on 11/6/13

Statistics, Charlotte, NC

I am taking statistics online and need help with homework when are you open?

Sent by Leslie on 11/5/13

Spanish, Charlotte, NC

I'm looking for a Spanish tutor for my HS sophomore. We're located in the University area - he attends North Mecklenburg High School.

Sent by Heather on 11/5/13

Adobe Photoshop, Phoenix, AZ

Hello Sarah, I am looking for some tutoring in Photoshop CS5. I own a business near downtown Phoenix. I have some very specific skills in mind that I wish...

Sent by Loomis on 11/5/13

Algebra, Mount Prospect, IL

Hi. My daughter recently moved into the area, and attends Propsect HS in Mt. Prospect. She moved from a regular algebra class to an Adv.

Sent by Peter on 11/5/13

Chemistry, Flower Mound, TX

Hi Michael, I would like to talk to you in helping my son on chemistry. Please call me if you are interested. Thanks, Young

Sent by Dung on 11/5/13

Tutoring My 10 Son In Reading And Math, Farmville, VA

Need tutoring for my 10 year old son in Reading and Math

Sent by Phinon on 11/5/13

5th Grade Math, Middletown, NY

Hi Mary, I am looking for a great Math tutor for my daughter, who is in 5th Grade. She's always had problems with Math and even more so now with it.

Sent by Sunita on 11/5/13

Lsat, Portland, OR

Hi Michael, I am taking the Dec 7th 2013 LSAT. I have been studying quite a bit on my own but am struggling with logic games. I am looking to meet twice a week for...

Sent by Alescia on 11/5/13

Meteorology, New York, NY 10032

I have a test tomorrow and need help on my review!

Sent by Jaye on 11/5/13

Sat II Physics, Piscataway, NJ

Hello Mr. Yang, My daughter is preparing for SAT Subject test in Physics. She needs immediate help with her preparation. We live in Piscataway.

Sent by Dinesh on 11/5/13

Sociology, Augusta, GA

Hi Cindy...I need a tutor for college 'sociology. Having problems understanding the theories.. I need assistance asap. Thanks

Sent by Denise on 11/5/13

Elementary, Elkton, MD

Hi, I need to find a tutor for my daughter. She is in third grade and needs help in math, spelling, social studies and reading. She is a good kid but she has...

Sent by Rachel on 11/5/13

Algebra, Lake Elsinore, CA

looking for tutor to help my 13 year old son with Algebra 1 in lake elsinore. I can be reached at (phone number available after purchase). Thanks J.

Sent by Joe on 11/5/13

Norwegian, Madison, WI 53703

Hello Nathan, I am looking for tutoring in the Norwegian language. However, I live in Los Angeles, and I see that you don't teach online.

Sent by Marc on 11/5/13

Sat, Ann Arbor, MI

Hi Katherine, I'm a Junior at Pioneer High School who is in need of a tutor. I'd like a tutor who is able to help me on Algebra 2, AP English, ACT prep...

Sent by Paula on 11/5/13

Typing, Philadelphia, PA

I need a Tutor to teach me typing.

Sent by Marcia on 11/5/13

Accounting, Lexington, KY

Hello Chrystal I am currently a University of kentucky student who is struggling in an accounting class. I was hoping you can assist me in the difficult questions...

Sent by Kevin on 11/5/13

Accounting, Monterey, CA

Hello Gail, My name is N. F. and I'm currently taking a Survey of Accounting class at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

Sent by Nicholas on 11/4/13

Biology, Lansing, IL

Hi, I have a daughter who is a freshman in high school. She is failing her honors biology and honors Algebra 1 classes. Can you help in those subjects?

Sent by Stacy on 11/4/13

Differential Equations, Salem, MA

Hi Jay- I'm in desperate need of tutoring in differential equations. I have an exam on Wednesday morning and was wondering if you were available tomorrow evening...

Sent by Laura on 11/4/13

Physics, Fairfield, CT

Hi, live in Fairfield. Currently studying physics of ultrasounds. Sound waves etc. always struggled with math. Can you help. Thanks!

Sent by Stefanie on 11/4/13

Algebra 2, Porter Ranch, CA

I am looking for a tutor for my 15-yr-old daughter for Algebra 2. We would like someone to come to our home in Northridge on Thursday evenings. Are you available?

Sent by Laura on 11/4/13

Sewing, Winfield, IL

Hello, I am a looking for an expert sewer to help me make a super box pleat crib skirt (I have a link to the etsy site I want to copy).

Sent by Andrea on 11/4/13

Statistics, Lodi, CA 95240

Hi Priya, Do you have experience in tutoring AP Statistics to students at Lincoln High from a teacher named Brian Cobb? I am hoping to find help for my daughter...

Sent by Natalie on 11/4/13

Guitar, Healdsburg, CA

Hi Todd, can you teach me how to play guitar? my phone number is (phone number available after purchase). pls call. D.

Sent by Daniel on 11/4/13

Nclex Rn, NJ

Do you travel to westwood nj? i graduated in January of 2013 with my ASN in Science and RN i have taken nclex 2 times and failed.

Sent by Brandi on 11/4/13

Writing, Kalispell, MT

Hi, I have a 3rd grade boy and 7th grader. My 3rd grader can use some help getting organized& understanding what's being asked of him, probably in his writing.

Sent by Sherill on 11/4/13

Math Tutor, Deer Park, WA

I have 5th graders that need help with long division. Let me know if you are available. Thank you!

Sent by Melanie on 11/4/13

Calculus, Sherman Oaks, CA

Hi, What is your rate? My son is in 10th grade and taK.ing Pre-Calculus...he needs helps with polynomial functions. I was looK.ing to find someone for him this weeK.

Sent by Stephanie on 11/4/13

Math, Kingman, AZ

I need help in math that's the last subject I have left to pass if you could tutor me I would really appreciate it.

Sent by Rubby on 11/4/13

Calculus, Cooper City, Fl

I need tutoring for my son in calculus . He is a senior at the hight school.

Sent by Hellen on 11/4/13

Praxis, Richmond, VA

Hello, My name is M. and I am a junior at Virginia Commonwealth University. I am an Elementary Ed major, preparing to take the Praxis 1 next semester.

Sent by Morgan on 11/4/13

Quicken, San Diego, CA

I need help with the new version of Quicken for home use in generating budget reports, etc.

Sent by Karen on 11/4/13

Table Tennis, Chicago, IL

Hi Lukas, Im a 30 year old work professional who lives in South Loop, Chicago. Im interested to take some table tennis lessons once a week.

Sent by Kathy on 11/4/13

Aspergers Child, Hornbeck, LA

We have an Aspergers child who struggles in reading. He is 8 years old and in the second grade and we are looking to try to get him additional help in reading.

Sent by Carrie on 11/4/13

Isee, Memphis, TN

Need information on tutoring for isee test. you can contact me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Al on 11/4/13

Calculus, Conroe, TX

Do you tutor Calculus? My children are coming home at Christmas from UT Austin and will be enrolled at HCC for Calculus online course. They will be needing help.

Sent by Stephanie on 11/4/13

Math, Highland Park, NJ

Could you please send me your resume? Thanks

Sent by Peter on 11/4/13

Biology, Portland, ME

Hi Nicole, We are looking for a biology tutor for our daughter Mackenzie. She is planning to take the biology SAT subject test in December and would like some help...

Sent by Alison on 11/4/13

Lsat, New Braunfels, TX

I have signed up to take the LSAT December 9th and have been study for a month and a half. I have been scoring at tops 140 . I need help

Sent by Kyle on 11/4/13

Any, Texarkana, TX

I need tutoring for a 2nd grader and 3rd grader

Sent by Tillie on 11/4/13

Organic Chemistry, Richmond, VA

Hello! I need help with organic chemistry. Twice a week until the end of the semester. I am available from noon- 2pm any day

Sent by Sasha on 11/4/13

Math, Wappingers Falls, NY

My son needs help with algerbra he is in11th grade

Sent by Lisa on 11/4/13

Geometry, Sunnyvale, CA

Hi Mr.Kumar My son is in 8th grade doing geometry enriched. He is struggling this year and needs help. is this something you can help with? let me know. Thanks M.

Sent by Merlyne on 11/4/13

Computer, Pass Christian, MS

Can you assist me with some computer class in excel, power point

Sent by Tracey on 11/4/13

Nclex Rn, Franklinville NJ

hello Mrs Victoria im looking for help to pass my nclex rn

Sent by Alvyn on 11/4/13

Cognitive Psychology, San Diego, CA

Hi Joel, I need help in psy cognitive neuroscience. Do you think you can help me?

Sent by Olivia on 11/3/13

Statistics, Seattle, WA

Hi, can you tutor stats? Hope to hear from you soon. thanks!

Sent by Osha on 11/3/13

Math, Statesboro, GA

Hello! I need help in Math/ statistics. I would like to meet anytime before Wednesday, because I have a midterm and need to see if Im able to pass it.

Sent by Fran on 11/3/13

Algebra Tutor, Grapevine, TX

I am looking for a tutor for PAP algebra 2 and PAP chemistry for my student.

Sent by Pamela on 11/3/13

Aspen Hysys, Ridgewood, NY 11385

hello i am looking for a tutor to solve aspen problems.

Sent by Sara on 11/3/13

Ap Economics, Brighton, MI

Miss Leigh Ann, I am looking for a tutor for my son who is a junior @ South Lyon East HS and having difficulty with AP economics.

Sent by Debbie on 11/3/13

Aspergers, Providence, RI

Hi Maura, I am interested in a tutor/support person for my son Luke, who is 14 years old, extremely intelligent, very non-social, and borderline Asperger's.

Sent by Michelle on 11/3/13

Chemistry, Keller, TX

My son is a 10th grader taking pre ap chemistry. He is struggling and need some tutoring.

Sent by Diana on 11/3/13

Math, Delray Beach, FL

I am looking for someone to help my daughter with math she on second grade please call me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Francilia on 11/3/13

Electrical Engineering, Tempe, AZ

Hi sir I'm looking for a tutor for my course ( circuit I ) my exam on tuesday

Sent by Ahmed on 11/3/13

Sql, Tampa, FL

Hi Michael, I do have a basic knowledge of the SQL and use few commands like select, from and where command, but I have t learn the SQL in depth bc...

Sent by Bhairav on 11/3/13

Ap Biology, Grass Valley, CA

Hello, I am looking for tutor for my daughter in AP Biology. is this something you can hep with?

Sent by Ashley on 11/3/13

2nd Grade Elementary, Gardena, CA

looking for a tutor for my 7 yr old son in Feb and March. Mon, Weds, Fri. 3 hrs a day.

Sent by Dawn on 11/3/13

Adobe Indesign, Ny, Ny

Hi Paige, I'm a young (female) professional who needs to learn the basics of Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. For someone who is fairly web-saavy...

Sent by Hj on 11/3/13

Act, Wixom, MI

Hello! My name is R. S.. I am a junior in high school and I am in the process of preparing for the ACT I will be taking this year.

Sent by Rhiannon on 11/3/13

Usmle, San Jose, CA

hello, my name is A. ..i need some help to prepare for the USMLE step 1 exams Best regards A. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Aseel on 11/3/13

Reading, Boerne, TX

i am looking for a tutor for my daughter. She recently completed the Princeton review and sat for the SAT. Based on her score she needs help the the reading passage...

Sent by Sheila on 11/3/13

Math, Los Alamitos, CA

Need help tutoring 9th grader in math. Please contact me. Cypress area.

Sent by Wesley on 11/3/13

Asvab, Providence, RI

I need help studying for the asvap I'm not good in math , I'm alright in reading and writing. Please reach out to me

Sent by Kevin on 11/3/13

Chemistry, Bethel Park, PA

I wad interested in a tutor for my son. He is a junior in high school. I do not know if you travel to Bethel Park. It would be once a week. Thanks, F. S.

Sent by Fran on 11/3/13

Arithmetic Algebra Accounting, Harrisburg, PA

I am a freshman at South University, my majors are Business Management and Accounting. I plan to master Taxation then further my education to a Law School.

Sent by Mrs. on 11/3/13

English, Monroe, CT

Dear robert, My brother is a beginner leveled in English and I advised him to have extra lessons in the weekends to support him and prepare him for the IELTS in future.

Sent by Ali on 11/3/13

Ged, California, MD

Hi i am 21 yrs old and look for a tutor for my self to help me prepare to take a GED test please let me no if you can help. Thanks

Sent by Christoper on 11/3/13

Biology (cell), Frisco, TX

Hi Russel, My daughter is currently a freshman in high school and she is enrolled in pre-AP biology. She is getting B+ in the class but does not feel that...

Sent by May on 11/3/13

Adobe Photoshop, Brooklyn, NY

Interested in learning Adobe Illustrator , InDesign and photoshop

Sent by Sabiya on 11/2/13

Math, Mckees Rocks, PA

Hi, I am looking for a math tutor for my daughter. She's really struggling and she is taking Algebra 2 currently. Let me know if you are interested!

Sent by Rebecca on 11/2/13

Maria W, Broomfield, CO

Hi Maria, I received your email and tried to connect on the website link you gave me, but it wouldn't work. I've tried replying to your email and received them back.

Sent by Tammy on 11/2/13

Chemistry, Memphis, TN

Hey,how are you doing, are you still tutoring chemistry or calculus if yes send email back to me

Sent by Husaen on 11/2/13

Nclex Rn, Boston, MA

I need help passing the NCLEX, Please HELP!!!

Sent by Natasha on 11/2/13

Geometry, Alameda, CA

Our daughter desperately needs help with her geometry. We live in Alameda. Can you please email me so that perhaps we could work something out?

Sent by Glenda on 11/2/13

Music, Palm Harbor, FL

Hi Robb, Thought I'd drop you a line in case you might be interested even though the pay rate is less than your fee. The number of students you get might make...

Sent by John on 11/2/13

Chemistry (general), New Paltz, NY

Hi. I am taking general chemistry one at SUNY New Paltz. I have a test this Wednesday but I am in a lot of trouble. Is there any chance you can help me this weekend.

Sent by Kathryn on 11/2/13

Tutor, Saint George, UT

Can I get your contact number so I can call you about tutoring

Sent by Mike on 11/2/13

Calculus, Port Saint Lucie, FL

Hey Rustem! I am looking for tutoring in calculus. However, I have taught myself calculus 1. and will be taking the CLEP exam by the end of this month...

Sent by Danny on 11/2/13

Public Speaking, Waxhaw, NC

I am interested in a tutor or classes that will help my kids with public speaking. They are ages 11 and 14

Sent by Mona on 11/2/13

Pharmacology, Houston, TX

H.i-- I'm struggling in PH.armacology (nursing) and need H.elp. Will you be able to H.elp me? We can meet somewH.ere in H.ouston every Monday. Please let me know. V.

Sent by Vanessa on 11/2/13

Public Speaking, San Diego, CA

Hi Brandon R, I`m Japanese learning English. May I get your class specifications? Thanks, S.

Sent by Shin on 11/2/13

Finance Tutor, Allen Park, MI 48101

I need a tutor for buisness finance class.

Sent by Fide on 11/2/13

Digital Media, Saint Petersburg, FL

Hi, I'm having trouble with my final project (in Adobe Flash movie maker) for this semester.

Sent by Charles on 11/2/13

Math, Neenah, WI

Hi, our daughter is in 7th grade at Shattuck. We are looking for a math tutor for her. What is your procedure for an initial meeting? thanks

Sent by Linda on 11/1/13

Mechanical Engineering, Ohio

Hi, I need help in continuum mechanics. Do you teach this course?

Sent by Ali on 11/1/13

Algebra, Tracy, CA

How dependable are you once you make a commitment? The reason I ask is because we have attempted this type of tutoring before and found the tutors not very dependable.

Sent by Marianne on 11/1/13

Algebra 2, Saint Johns, FL

i need help in geometry and algebra 2 and want to prepare for the sat

Sent by Zach on 11/1/13

Statistics, Monrovia, CA

Hello Ana, my name is P. and I am a 19 year old College student enrolled in a Statistic course at CSUN and I am currently struggling with the course.

Sent by Paola on 11/1/13

Ged, Rome, NY

Hello, My name is J. and I am a 32 year old student who is working on getting my GED in a hurry. I need to get my GED before Jan 2014 which is when they plan...

Sent by Jennifer on 11/1/13

World History, Spokane, WA

hi my daughter is having a little trouble with world history ap class 10th grade.can you help with this?

Sent by Ronnie on 11/1/13

C#, Cincinnati, OH 45245

Hi - I am struggling with a HW assignment due this sunday in C#, using system.windows.media.imaging and system.windows.forms. I am half done but am stuck on the rest.

Sent by Eric on 11/1/13

Statistics, Napa, CA

Hi Kathy, My name is A.. I am a junior in High School at Justin Siena. I was out sick for two weeks a fell behind and I need a tutor to help catch me up.

Sent by Alisyn on 11/1/13

Excel, Houston, TX

I am in need of learning MS Excel/Access, from the beginning to Advance. How much will you charge for this course if me and a friend hired you.

Sent by Jewelean on 11/1/13

Chemistry, San Mateo, CA

Hi, Brooke, I have a 15 year old daughter who is a sophomore. She is struggling with Chemistry. Her teacher suggested a tutor. I hope that you are available.

Sent by Camilla on 11/1/13

Finance, Bronx, NY

I am having difficult with my finance class and I am looking for your help, if you can please help thanks

Sent by Sandra on 11/1/13

Algebra, Portsmouth, VA

hi would like u to tutor my daughter on algebra plz let me know

Sent by Kamrun on 11/1/13

Physics, Sacramento, CA

Hi Geoffrey, we are looking for an AP Physics C tutor for our son who is a HS Senior. He has a test Monday and has fallen behind.

Sent by Sue on 11/1/13

Reading French, Salem, NH

Please call me on my cell. We just returned from France and would like to find a tutor to work with reading. Please call C. @ (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Carolyne on 11/1/13

Orientation And Mobility, Kansas City, MO

I need to locate a teacher or student-teacher with skills in teaching the blind Orientation and Mobility skills. Tutor could be a teacher or advanced student...

Sent by Natalina on 11/1/13

Writing, Tallahassee, FL

Hi, My 5th grade son claims he hates writing! I beL.eve its more of this attitude than his inabiL.ty to write. I need a tutor to "fix" his writing skills...

Sent by Penny on 11/1/13

Writing, Big Rapids, MI 49307

Hi Mrs. Bryoney, My name is M.. I'm from Saudia Arabia. I'm studying English program and my wife is studying also. We have problem with writing ...

Sent by Maytham on 11/1/13