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Adobe Illustrator, San Diego, CA

I am a disabled veteran taking classes at Continuing Education in Illustrator right now. I would like to hire you. I live right off of I_5 at Garnet Exit.

Sent by Michael on 10/31/13

Saxophone, Provo, UT 84604

I'm an adult looking for beginning lessons on Tenor Sax.

Sent by Carl on 10/31/13

Mathematics, Sidney, OH

I need a tutor to help my daughter with 3rd grade mathematics,she I'd having problems with rounding and estimating,thank you My phone # is (phone number available...

Sent by Raymond on 10/31/13

Usmle, Elmhurst, NY 11373

please call me at (phone number available after purchase) need help with step 3 ccs part[day 2]

Sent by Sheila on 10/31/13

Asvab, Greensboro, NC

I need tutoring for my daughter Haliyah. She is going to take the ASVAB again Dec 1. She scored 33 previously.

Sent by Angela on 10/31/13

Math 230, State College, PA

Hi, I am a Sophomore student at Penn State. I am looking for help in Match 230. Could you please let me know your availability and also if you can also tell me if...

Sent by Rohan on 10/31/13

English Tutor, Los Angeles, CA

Hello, I like to find a tutor for my mom who is new in this country and like to learn English. She lives in LA downtown, and I am looking somebody who can come...

Sent by Asif on 10/31/13

Statistics, Seattle, WA

I am grad student at SPU. I am taking research methods statistics class and I am struggling with it. I have midterm exam on Nov 04, if you can help me.

Sent by Sultan on 10/31/13

Adobe Illustrator, Pittsburgh, PA

design eyewear with illustrator

Sent by Morris on 10/31/13

Chinese, Anaheim, CA

I am looking for a Chinese tutor to teach a 9th grader currently taking Chinese at Canyon High in Anaheim Hills. Pls contact me if you are interested. J.

Sent by Jae on 10/31/13

Math, Murrieta, CA

I have always struggled in math, Need help learning algebra 1 for the ASVAB to get into Army Law enforcement I did a practice test and the only points that were...

Sent by Chandler on 10/31/13

French Clep, Austin, TX

Hey Monique, I am a college senior that desires to CLEP out of French. I've studied French for 3 years and grasp the concept but I desire to be fluent.

Sent by Ari on 10/31/13

Algebra, Huntersville, NC

My nephew attends Pine Lake school and needs tutoring in algebra II. Please contact me. We live in Huntersville but are willing to travel.

Sent by Doug on 10/31/13

Physics, Peekskill, NY

Hello, I have 2 children struggling in physics and algebra. I would like to schedule time with you to discuss your tutoring methods, etc.

Sent by Robin on 10/31/13

Real Estate, Gilbert, AZ

I am interested in knowing if you tutor for Real Estate and your cost/hr.

Sent by Rebecca on 10/30/13

Algebra, Batavia, IL

Hi! My name is L. and I attend Batavia High School. I am looking for a tutor to help me in Advanced AlgebrA. If you are available please send me a note. Thanks!

Sent by Lauren on 10/30/13

School, Broken Arrow, OK

I have at 14 yr old boy in 9th grade that simply needs to be kept on track. He needs to learn how to productively utilize his time and keep track of assignments...

Sent by on 10/30/13

Irmo Sc, 29063

I have a 7th grader who attends Dutch fork middle school that is in need of math and ELA tutoring. Can you please email me if you are still availaB.le. Thank you.

Sent by Joyce on 10/30/13

English, Chester, VA

Hello Lindsay, I have just moved to US from Brazil with all my family and I need some help with our english. My english is intermediate and I use it at work.

Sent by Americo on 10/30/13

Computer Basics, Fayetteville, NC

Hi- I'm looking for someone to tutor my mom in basic computer skills and navigating around the net... She's around 77 and gets frustrated!

Sent by Doug on 10/30/13

Math, Lagrange, GA

16 yr old son need tutor 3-days week one hour session after 5 p.m. Live a few blocks from LHS. professional references please.

Sent by Jackie on 10/30/13

Web Page Design, Atlanta, GA

Your name came up when I did a search forma web design tutor. I'm 59 years old and recently unemployed and trying to learn web design skills.

Sent by Odette on 10/30/13

ESL, Algonquin, IL 60102

Hello Daniel, I am C. (Woodstock), and I found your contact in this site. I think that the rules of this website allows me to give you my email ((email available...

Sent by Cristina on 10/30/13

Calculus, Murrieta, CA

Hi I'm currently struggling with calculus and it's essential I pass this class. With that said , please contact me at your earliest convininece to discuss your fees .

Sent by Noemy on 10/30/13

Nursing, Hickory, NC

Hi Eileen i am looking for a tutor for my girlfriend she is 17 and in nursing school at CVCC if you can help her that would be great. Email or call me back asap.

Sent by Dean on 10/30/13

Statistics, Cypress, CA

Carolyn, I would like to inquire about your tutoring services. My 12th grade daughter is having problems with basic statistics. We live in Cypress.

Sent by Jeff on 10/30/13

Math, Fairfield, CA 94533

my grandson needs help in math hes in the 4th and5th grade class

Sent by Diane on 10/30/13

English, Morgan Hill, CA

Cara-I would like to get a tutor for my son in 7th grade for English.

Sent by Ashley on 10/30/13

Nursing, Apopka, FL 32703

Hi Mr. J.T.S., I am preparing TEAS and NCLEX-RN. Please text me at (phone number available after purchase). Thx a lot! H.

Sent by Helen on 10/30/13

Statistics, Knoxville, TN

I am taking my 2nd stats class for a psych degree. All my classes are online and my tests are open book/notes. I am needing help with spss homework and my tests.

Sent by Jaclyn on 10/30/13

English, Charleston, SC

To teach middle school students online. Pay:$60/hour. Regular hours at night, lasting a semester.

Sent by Joe on 10/30/13

Algebra, Burnet, TX 78611

Hello Guadalupe, I have a 12 years old son he is in 7 grade. We are homeschooling him so far he is doing good, but I feel he need someone that could reinforce...

Sent by Sandra on 10/30/13

Electrical Engineering, Arnold, MD

Hi My son at USNA needs help with his EE courses are you available? He can travel to meet with you. Thanks!

Sent by Ginny on 10/30/13

Proofreading, Pittsburgh, PA

Hello Heidi, I am an Arabic student, and I am looking for pursuing master's degree in English. As you know, many universities in US ask students to send writing...

Sent by Alwaled on 10/30/13

Writing, Cumming, GA

Hi I am looking for a tutor for my daughter. she is in 4th grade and she needs help in writing. would like to see your availablity. thanks K. K.

Sent by Kiran on 10/29/13

Chemistry (general), Menlo Park, CA

Hi Ari what is your hourly rate?

Sent by Kevin on 10/29/13

Elementary Tutor, Murrieta, CA

Hi, My daughter Emma is in kindergarten and is struggling in almost all academic areas. She has a speech delay and I'm looking for someone to work with her one...

Sent by Claudia on 10/29/13

Mcat, Miami, FL

necesito su ayuda para el mcat, mi numero es (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Junior on 10/29/13

Computer Programming, Athens, GA

Would you be able to help me with a programming project I have. It is in c and I'm struggling with it

Sent by Mason on 10/29/13

Computer Programming, Minneapolis, MN

Hi Simon, I want you to be my tutor of JAVA Course. I need immediate help with a homework which is due by tomorrow at 5 pm. I am availabe to meet tomorrow morning...

Sent by Abdi on 10/29/13

Pharmacology, Westland, MI

I am a sophomore in Nursing in UM, Ann Arbor. I need help in Pharmacology.

Sent by Jennifer on 10/29/13

Accounting, Knoxville, TN

Hello. I am a student at UTK and I was needing help in accounting 200. I would need a tutor tomorrow (10/30) after 7pm for 2-3 hours probably in Hodges library...

Sent by Andrew on 10/29/13

Statistics, Daytona Beach, FL

Hi I leave in.Daytona . I need help in stastistic Thanks

Sent by Hinesha on 10/29/13

Statistics, Berkeley, CA

Research Methods and Statistics - upper division class at UC Berkeley. I am available anytime monday/wednesday/friday and anytime during the weekend.

Sent by Mackenzie on 10/29/13

Computer Science, Fort Collins, CO

Hi, I need help with CS 160 in (Discrete Mathamatics) anytime tonight or tomorrow before 9 am. Please let me if you can help. My number is (phone number available...

Sent by Salman on 10/29/13

Chemistry, Youngstown, OH

Hello, my name is B. and I am a current student at Kent Salem. I am in need of a tutor for General Chemistry 1 as soon as possible.

Sent by Brooke on 10/29/13

Ap European, Port Washington, NY

My son needs help in his AP European subject. We also live in port Washington. Please contact me at my cell (phone number available after purchase) or email me...

Sent by Lee on 10/29/13

Economics, Irvine, CA

hello Stephen how are you doing? i have a sample exam for Econ 1 micro economics and i would like to have some help with that today, please contact me as soon as...

Sent by Ali on 10/29/13

Graphic Design, Charlotte, NC 28262

Hey Miss Nelil, I'm at a student at University of Miami and i was looking for a private tutor who could help with illustrator and photoshop as soon as possible?

Sent by Vivian on 10/29/13

English, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Tim, I would like tutoring lessons in English and a few different sciences. I liV.e in the Los Angeles Wilshire area. My schedule is pretty open and flexible.

Sent by Josh on 10/29/13

Statistics, Macon, GA

I am seeking a tutor for applied business research and statistics.

Sent by Ken on 10/29/13

3rd Grade. Ela Test, Jackson Heights, NY

I need help for 3rd grade ELA test.Pls let me know. Thanks

Sent by Heru on 10/29/13

Nln Nursing, New York, NY

Dear Courtney, How comfortable are you tutoring the NLN Pax? Do you have information on your student success rate? Are you available on Saturdays?

Sent by Jesse on 10/29/13

English Language Arts, Rhome, TX

I live in Aurora Vista. I've written a who-done-it. It's been edited, I'm doing a re-write. I could use someone unbiased (family don't like to hurt my feelings)...

Sent by Berry on 10/29/13

Japanese, Mobile, AL

Hi J., I am interested in taking my study of Japanese to the next level. I have been self-studying Japanese off and on for about 3 years now.

Sent by Jeremy on 10/29/13

Algebra, League City, TX

Sarah, I read your reviews on another website I would really like to visit with you about working with my son James He is struggling with algebra My cell is...

Sent by Suzanne on 10/29/13

Adhd, Arlington, TN

I have a 5th grade daughter with ADHD and medications have proven ineffective. She has been tested and has a high IQ but struggles with completing assignments...

Sent by Tammy on 10/29/13

Act, Medfield, MA

Hi Kathryn, I am currently looking for an ACT tutor for my daughter who is a junior and is planning on taking the ACT in December.

Sent by Marie on 10/29/13

Reading, Summit, NJ

Bridget, Would like to speak with you about performing a Reading assessment? Thanks L.

Sent by Laura on 10/29/13

Elementary Algebra, Powell, OH

I am a college student at Columbus State taking Elementary Algebra. I have been doing OK, but now could use some help. Do you have time to work with me tomorrow for...

Sent by Alex on 10/29/13

Algebra, League City, TX

Hi, I am interested having tutoring for my son after school in Algebra I two days per week. We live off 518 near SS Blvd. Please let me know if you are...

Sent by Suzanne on 10/29/13

Algebra, Duncanville, TX

I'm looking for a private tutor formy frehsman son. He is having a hard time with algebra. If possible I have other questios I would like to address.

Sent by Flor on 10/29/13

Algebra, Ocklawaha, FL

high school student needs help with fundamentals of algebra. please call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Todd on 10/29/13

Italian Translation, Blacksburg, VA

Ms. Joan, Hope all is well. I need to have a 1 page document translated from English to Italian. It is an official correspondence, but I do NOT need a sworn...

Sent by Victor on 10/29/13

Differential Equations, Moscow, ID

hi. this is M. A... i am doing bio systems engineering at uofi and i am in my second year. i am taking a differntial equation course this semester and i need some...

Sent by Mazen on 10/29/13

Software Engineering, Chicago, IL

I am taking a software engineering class and need help with a homework assignment. I can meet tomorrow during the day and anytime on Thursday.

Sent by Pamela on 10/29/13

Word Processing, Fresno, CA

I'm a writer and am spending far too much time trying to figure out Word. I recently changed to Word 2013 and am really lost. I'll pay extra but you have to come...

Sent by Denniscaeton@gmail.com on 10/29/13

English, Cupertino, CA

Hi Sophia, Please let me know if you are still available for tutoring. I am looking for a tutor for high school child. Thanks, A.

Sent by Amrit on 10/28/13

Norwegian, Los Angeles, CA

Sent by Marc on 10/28/13

Molecular Biology, New York, NY

Hey Svelana! I'm a Hunter student right now taking molecular biology and am really struggling. The professor is teaching with the assumption that we have all this...

Sent by Liza on 10/28/13

C, College Station, TX

Blinn student intro to c++

Sent by Kasie on 10/28/13

French, Bradenton, FL 34203

Hello my name is M. A. and I need a tutor for my son who is in the 9th grade in Branden high school . This is his first year taking French .

Sent by Maria on 10/28/13

Statistics, Seattle, WA

Hi, I need help with statistics. I'm located in shoreline.. Do you have availability and how much do you charge? Thanks, B.

Sent by Ben on 10/28/13

Reading, Melbourne Beach, FL

Hello, I was wondering if you would be interested in tutoring a kindergartner for a few days a week. We live on Melbourne Beach as well.

Sent by Heather on 10/28/13

Algebra, Taylor, PA

I need a high school math tutor.

Sent by Kristen on 10/28/13

Pre Calculus, El Dorado Hills, CA

Hi! My name is M. B. and both my sister Celeste and I are in dire need of a pre-calculus tutor. We are both seniors at Oak Ridge High School and soon basketball will...

Sent by Michelle on 10/28/13

Biology, Orlando, FL

Hi, I am looking for Biology tutor for my daughter. She is in 9th grade. Please let me know your availability. Thanks, H. S. (phone number available after...

Sent by Hetal on 10/28/13

Philosophy, Eugene, OR

Looking to be tutored for a 200-level Philosophy course. Struggling to understand truth-functional arguments. I need to get tutored on truth tables...

Sent by Greg on 10/28/13

Algebra, Shrewsbury, PA

My daughter Julia did not pass the Keystone exam for Algebra. She is retaking it in Dec. She is in 8th grade. I would like her to have a tutor.

Sent by Michelle on 10/28/13

Physics, Columbia, SC

Hi, my name is J., I'm a sophomore at University of South Carolina. I'm struggling in PHYS 211 and I was wondering if you tutor at that level? Thank you!

Sent by Jess on 10/28/13

Tutoring, Portland, OR 97201

Hi are you available to tutor my son in digital electronics he is a jr in high school.

Sent by Lisa on 10/28/13

Taxes, Tampa, FL

I need to teach me (federal tax accounting I ) class , I live in downtown tampa .

Sent by Hammad on 10/28/13

English, Long Island, NY

Hi Barbara, I am taking a creative writing english class working towards my bachelors degree and am looking for a tutor. Are you available and interested?

Sent by Richard on 10/28/13

Molecular Biology, Durham, NC

Hi Jenny, I am trying to help my daughter find a tutor for Molecular Biology. She is a sophomore at North Carolina Central University in Durham.

Sent by Jocelyn on 10/28/13

Powerpoint, Las Vegas, NV

My office is at 2385 N. Decatur blvd. I am interested in being tutored in Power Point so that I can create effective presentations with audio to share ideas that...

Sent by Brent on 10/28/13

Industrial Engineering, Tempe, AZ 85281

Hey i need help with an industrial engineering class..IEE 456/556(Intro to systems engineering) . I am an industrial engineering undergrad at ASU..

Sent by Anhad on 10/28/13

Information Systems, Granada Hills, CA

Hi I am undergraduate student at csun, and my major is Information System. I need help with an assignment with database design class.

Sent by Muhammad on 10/28/13

Reading, Grants Pass, OR

my son is a 4 grader at riverside elem and struggles in reading and math. He has adhd, anxiety and recently diagnosis of aspbergers.

Sent by Tashia on 10/28/13

Human Culture, San Marcos, TX

I'm am attending online university, but I only have these 2 wks to bring my grade up or I will be on financial probation. I have 2 classes that I don't even know...

Sent by Mary on 10/28/13

Math -Reading, Chico, CA

Hi Kathryn, I have a 4th grade son who is severely dyslexic. He is needing extra help with his math and reading. My son has three brothers in a busy household...

Sent by Joy on 10/28/13

Algebra, 90630

my son a freshman in high school needs help in algebra 1 perferably weekends to review previous lessons and quizzes

Sent by Veronica on 10/28/13

Algebra 2, Avon, OH

Hi I go to Elyria Catholic HighSchool I am a senior and am taking algebra 2 please contact me.. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ashley on 10/28/13

Essay Writing, Clermont, FL

Hi, I am in the process of writing my college applications. Would you have time to proof read them for me. I live in Clermont. Thanks

Sent by Billy on 10/28/13

Spelling, Smyrna, GA

I have a kindergarten daugther ,she is 6 years old,and she is having a hard time learning,,I Live in smyrna 30080 please let me know if you could help us!! Thank you.

Sent by Damaris on 10/28/13

Gre Tutor, Moscow

Hello Jen! I am L. from Russia, I am a Fullbright program semifinalist, I need to pass GRE soon. Can we have online lessons please?

Sent by Liana on 10/28/13

English Language, Miami Beach, FL

Hi, I am Italian, I'll stay in Miami Beach( Ocean Dr) from 14 January to 4 February 2014. I'd like English lesson, two hours a day. Could you teach me? Regards. L.

Sent by Leonardo on 10/28/13

Hydraulic Engineering, Norway, Grimstad

Hei Jon I need some help with a hydraulic/PLC assignment. It is a project mainly about moving hydr actuators using PLC programing.

Sent by Badr on 10/28/13

Abacus Math, Newbury Park, CA

I need 1-2hrs/wk of tutoring in math.

Sent by Jason on 10/27/13

Math, Broken Arrow, OK

Hi Alicia, I have a son who is in 7th grade and is struggling in math class and doesn't seem to understand his teacher. I'm looking for someone to meet with him once...

Sent by Kimberly on 10/27/13

Spanish/Math, Longview, TX

Is spanish the only subject you are tutoring?

Sent by Christie on 10/27/13

Calculus, Oakley, CA

I am a senior at Freedom High School, I need Calculus AB tutoring Tuesdays around 3 to 6.

Sent by Heather on 10/27/13

Calculus, Morgantown, WV

Hi, my name is Jessie :) I am a freshman at FSU struggling in Calc 1. Any help would be appreciated, I have been getting help on Tuesdays and Thursdays but I...

Sent by Jessica on 10/27/13

C# Image Processing, Rochester, Ny 14623

I'm looking for help learning how to display a 10bit monochrome image tiff file in a picturebox in c#. The image pixels are saved as 16 bit words.

Sent by Bill on 10/27/13

College Level Economics Tutor Needed, Atlanta, GA

I am currently in the UGA Executive MBA program. I am taking economics and analytics for Decision Making. Would you be able to tutor me through these courses.

Sent by Janet on 10/27/13

Geometry, Powell, TN

My 11th grade grandson has fallen behind in Geometry. I am looking for a tutor to go through his back log of W.ork to get him caught up.

Sent by Gloria on 10/27/13

English And Math, Bellmore, NY

Homework help for my kids

Sent by Iram on 10/27/13

Usmle, Newark Nj

Hello dr I hope this find you will I'm IMG from Saudi Arabia I m now attending my live lecture in kaplan center Newark nj Really need a toutar to well...

Sent by Abdul on 10/27/13

Computer, Morrisville, PA

Would you be interested/qualified to tutor a complete novice on how to use a computer foe e-mail and web surfing? It would be at their location in Morrisville?

Sent by Bob on 10/27/13

Math, Libertyville, IL

Hello, Could you please call me regarding tutoring math in Libertyville? Thank you. D. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Dawn on 10/27/13

Reading, Marengo, IL

I have an 8 yoa who is struggling in reading/spelling and I am looking for someone to work with him starting out for 30 min twice a week possibly working up to more.

Sent by Victoria on 10/27/13

Accounting, Granada Hills, CA

I'm looking for help understanding how to adjust/move figures from a trail balance sheet to a classic balance sheet. Also need help understanding how to create...

Sent by Cindy on 10/27/13

Math, Brunswick, ME

Hi. I am interested in starting tutoring for my third grade son who is struggling with his basic math skills and is currently not making progress with Title 1 in math.

Sent by Danielle on 10/27/13

Mechanical Engineering, NV

do you travel to las vegas at all? i am looking for somebody to work on a profitable project for me. no tutoring involved. it is not a theoritical project.

Sent by Justin on 10/27/13

Trigonometry, Florida, NY

Need a tutor for trig for my 16 yr old daughter

Sent by Zahira on 10/27/13

Organic Chemistry, Saint Paul, MN

Hi Ryan, I'm trying to help my daughter Morgan find an organic chem tutor. She is a sophomore at the university of st Thomas. Let me know if you are interested.

Sent by Cate on 10/27/13

Differential Equations, Phoenix, AZ

I just started an online course in differential equations. I would like to meet with a tutor for a few hours each week.

Sent by Tammy on 10/27/13

Pre Calculus, Mountlake Terrace, WA

hi, my name is A. and im a junior taking Pre Cal honors. I would like to meet you and work on Pre Cal. I need help studying as well and building studying skills.

Sent by Ali on 10/27/13

Geometry, San Pedro, CA

inquiry about tutoring for my 16 yr old daughter in geometry possibly biology and english. Saturdays, do you charge 20 per subject or per hour and do you tutor...

Sent by Karen on 10/26/13

Statistics, Lemoore, CA

Hey, need a statistics, tutor. I was wondering if u can help. My final is tomorrow

Sent by Tasha on 10/26/13

Adobe Photoshop, Norwalk, CT

Hello. I dont need a tutor, but a photoshopped picture for an ad in my daughter's high school yearbook. would pay you your rate, provide pic and text and specs, etc.

Sent by Jon on 10/26/13

Reading Comprehension, New Braunfels, TX

my daughter is in the 5th grade she is struggling in Reading Looking for tutor for her on Saturdays

Sent by Rachael on 10/26/13

Physics, Scarsdale, NY

Hi Svetlana - we live in Scarsdale, NY about 8-10 miles north of the Bronx and want a tutor for our son who is a High School senior for Math and Physics.

Sent by Ravi on 10/26/13

Algebra Tutor, Springfield, OH

Hi Arena, I am looking for someone to tutor my Kenton Ridge High School freshman in Algebra 1. My house or yours 2 hours a week. Thank You.

Sent by Connie on 10/26/13

Math, Science,, Frisco, TX

My name is S. We r looking tutor for my daughter, We leave in Little Elm, Please contact by phone, email or text. Thank you S.

Sent by Suresh on 10/26/13

Chemistry (general), El Dorado Hills, CA

Hi Anireeta- We are in immediate need of a chemistry tutor for our sophomore daughter. Are you available to come to El Dorado Hills on Monday or Tuesday evening?

Sent by Kim on 10/26/13

Computer, Naples, FL

need help with windows 8 and taking filies from laptop to desktop

Sent by Robert on 10/26/13

Ged, Newburgh, NY

Hi Shipra, I am a woman in my 50's and I am taking my GED in November I basically need a refresher course in algebra and fractions please let me know if...

Sent by Daniela on 10/25/13

Real Estate Exam, Phoenix, AZ

Hello Doctor Tracy, I am trying to pass the state portion of the real estate sales exam and need someone to explain some of the material?

Sent by Vincent on 10/25/13

Electrical Circuits, Portland, OR 97201

Hey i am working on a project in which an actuator will mimic the motion (using potentiometer), can you help me with that? i will pay u hourly!

Sent by Muhammad on 10/25/13

Chemistry, Waialua, HI 96791

hello, we too live in waialua. our 17 year old granddaughter is a good student but needs help in chemistry and math. she home schools via K12 international private...

Sent by Randi on 10/25/13

French, Natick, MA

Hi, I am looking for a tutor to help me in French. I am currently taking French as a 9th grader in Natick. Pleas email me back. Thank you

Sent by Mina on 10/25/13

Reading, Anchorage, AK

Hi I have a 9 year old I would like to get a tutor for in reading. Could you give me a call and I could explain more to you. My number is 575 1438. Thank you J.

Sent by Jenny on 10/25/13

Physics, Dublin, OH

I need to help me to nuderstand my homework and solve the question because i must submission on sunday

Sent by Eman on 10/25/13

Math - Algebra II, Norfolk, MA

I am hoping you would be able to tutor my daughter Sydnie who is Sophmore at KP. The is in Honors Algebra II and is having some challenges. We need help for her ASAP.

Sent by David on 10/25/13

Step 1, Stanford, CA

Hi, I am an IMG from Europe, I am interested in having some guidance through my effort of preparing for the board exams and the steps.

Sent by Vasiliki on 10/25/13

Pharmacology, Charlotte, NC

I am completing my nurse practitioner certificate and need to get thru advanced pharmacology class-would you be able to help with this?

Sent by Linda on 10/25/13

Math, Kirkland, WA

do you really charge 199/hr? I was thinking it's a typo. I have a 10 grader who has been tutored in math and we need a new tutor. Ours has found a job in her field.

Sent by Cheryle on 10/25/13

Calculus, College Park, MD

Last year, I was a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, but decided to transfer to be closer to home. I will be attending the University of Maryland next...

Sent by Shaina on 10/25/13

Algebra Geometry English, Rocky Point, NY

Hi Kevin, I wonder if you can help my son to be prepared for SAT tests. Where can we meet for classes? My phone # (phone number available after purchase) Thank...

Sent by Svitlana on 10/25/13

Statistics, Chester 19013

i need help with my stats class

Sent by Charles on 10/25/13

Microbiology, Dekalb, IL

Hi Nick, Can you tutor me sat or sun of this week for microbiology? I live in Cortland.

Sent by Quitzia on 10/25/13

Ftce 5 9 Social Science, Brandon, FL

Quick question do you help in preparing for the ftce social science exam 5-9?

Sent by Christopher on 10/25/13

Algebra Tutor, Suffern, NY

My daughter loves science and is spatially gifted, but Algebra-Trig has her struggling. Her As are gone and she has a C. It's not just the grades, but how important...

Sent by Karen on 10/25/13

Physics, Fayetteville, NC

Hello, I am looking for a math and physics tutor for my 17 year old child who attends private school in the Fayetteville, NC area.

Sent by Rhonda on 10/25/13

Chem, Kennett Square, PA

I have a third exam coming up Nov 8th that I need help with. This is my first semester in college. Taking General Chem. Doing well on quizzes and labs but...

Sent by Shaz on 10/25/13

Portuguese, Glendale, CA

Hello, I am looking for someone to teach Portuguese in the Glendale, CA area. Is this something you help me with or point me toward someone who knows perhaps?

Sent by Jen on 10/25/13

Comedy, San Diego, CA

HI, My son has a project where he is to produce a comedy skit for an ethnic studies class. I was wondering if you would be free to help him work on this?

Sent by Bonita on 10/25/13

Java, Arlington, TX

I'm taking an Online Intro to Programming course. I know nothing about programming. I am computer literate. I'll need help with my class assignments and...

Sent by Jameelah on 10/25/13

"material Science", Flagstaff, AZ

hi, do you have any background in material science for engineering ?

Sent by Wahab on 10/25/13

Economics, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Ana, Would you be able to tutor masters level Economics? I am taking Managerial Economics as part of my MBA from University of St. Mary online.

Sent by Mj on 10/25/13

Calculus Tutor, Knoxville, TN

Hi, My name is A. S. and I am a student at the university of Tennessee. I have a Calculus II Exam on Tuesday and I am really really stuck and in need for help as...

Sent by Adam on 10/25/13

Usmle Step 2 CK, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Hello, I'd like to know if you tutor step 2 CK via Skype. Thank you.

Sent by Kevin on 10/24/13

Typing, Plano, TX

I have a 14 and 10 year old I'd like have to learn how to type without "hunting and pecking". Is this something you can help with? We are in Plano.

Sent by Greg on 10/24/13

Reading, Ludlow, MA

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter who is in 1st grade and is behind in reading. She has been receiving extra help at school since middle of last year but is...

Sent by Jennifer on 10/24/13

C++, Chico, CA

I'm looking for tutoring teaching me C++ .. Pleases contact me as soon as possible at this number

Sent by Haider on 10/24/13

Praxis, Memphis, TN

I would like more information on this company. I am looking for help with the Mathematics praxis content knowledge.

Sent by Shamika on 10/24/13

Spanish, Savannah, GA

I am interested in obtaining tutorial services for high school spanish II. Please contact me asap. Thanks

Sent by V. on 10/24/13

Math, Lexington Park, MD

Hello my name is N. nolan I need a tutor for math. Im currently trying 2 take college course 2 get my degree in nursing. But I need 2 past the ged test...

Sent by Natnika on 10/24/13

Geometry, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hey Shem Im in the 9 grade really need a geometry totour ASAP here is my number (phone number available after purchase) call me for more information thank you.

Sent by Ashley on 10/24/13

Statistics, Gresham, OR

Hi my name is J. I'm interested to make an appointment to talk to you I have a son who is at Reynolds high school he need. Help with algebra 2 please please respond...

Sent by Jaime on 10/24/13

Math, DE

Good evening David, My granddaughter is in the 8th grade and is testing below standards on DCAS reading and math tests. On other tests she is testing within...

Sent by Kathleen on 10/24/13

Javascript, Moline, Il 61265

Wondering if you can help with javascript assignments? I have broken my wrist and fallen behind.

Sent by Laura on 10/24/13

Pre Calculus, Pearland, TX

Neem pre calc tutor for a high school student.

Sent by Dianne on 10/24/13

Information Technology, Atlanta, GA

My name is A. .. I need tutoring because i have many assignments to do .. Thank you ..

Sent by Anas on 10/24/13

Chemistry (general), Elon, NC

Nina, I am searching for a proper tutor for my daughter at Elon University in Inorganic Chemistry through the end of this semester. She lives in Burlington.

Sent by Paul on 10/24/13

Interior Design, Boca Raton, FL

Hi , my name is R. , I'm a student in the Art institute of fort Lauder dale , English is my second language , I want a toutar help me in my classes ...

Sent by Rana on 10/24/13

Genetics, Miami, FL

Buenas tardes, Caridad, me gustaria resivir sus servicios para Genetics. Por favor podria contactarme lo mas pronto posible al telefono: (phone number available...

Sent by Haydee on 10/24/13

Asp.net, Raleigh, NC

Hello, I'm in deperate need of a (url available after purchase) tutor with the knowledge of Web Services, AJaxToolKit, precompiling sites and SQL. Can you help?

Sent by Suzanne on 10/24/13

Spanish, Yorktown, VA

Hi Viviana, I am looking for a spanish tutor for my son (7th grade, beginner level). Please let me know if you are available. thanks. W. L.

Sent by Weiwei on 10/24/13

Accounting, Odessa, TX

Hello, I am not sure if you can help me but i am stuck in my classes. Please e-mail me back. Even if you van't help me I would like a response.

Sent by Terry on 10/24/13

Research Paper (literature Review), Lexington, KY

would like help with research paper that includes literature review and synthesis--APA....thanks

Sent by Charlette on 10/24/13

Home Schooling, Orlando, FL

Hello Charlotte I am a 43 year old mother of three children. I need some help with basic math/ pre algebra. I am hoping to go to remedial classes at Valencia...

Sent by Heidi on 10/24/13

Programming C#, College Station, TX

Hi I'm in desperate need of assistance. I'm taking a Management Info Sys. class at SHSU. When are you available? My professor doesn't teach the info very well.

Sent by Stephanie on 10/24/13

Math, Beaumont, TX

I'm studying cal 1 now at Lamar. Actually, I'm good at math but I need some help. thank you

Sent by Wahab on 10/24/13

Essay, Glenview, IL

My kid needs help with college essay writing. What is your availability?

Sent by Nata on 10/24/13

Algebra 2, Temperance, MI

Looking for immediate tutoring for my daughter who is a junior thru k-12. She is currently taking Algebra II & Chemistry and I can no longer help her.

Sent by Karyn on 10/24/13

Real Estate Finance, New York, NY

Hi Eddie, I needed assistance with my online real estate finance exam tomorrow morning. Is there any way of helping me out? If so, please contact me...

Sent by Nazanin on 10/24/13

Act Test Prep, Stafford, VA

I am seeking a tutor to assist my 12th grade daughter, Brooke Point HS, Stafford, VA improve her ACT test score for college entrance.

Sent by Karen on 10/24/13

Chemistry, Nashville, TN

Please contact me to discuss possible Chem tutoring. (phone number available after purchase) or (phone number available after purchase) J.

Sent by Joan on 10/24/13

Algebra, Sherman, TX

Heather - I am looking for a tutor in Algebra I for my 14 year old daughter. We live in Bells, 15 miles from Sherman. Please either email me or you can reach me...

Sent by Nikki on 10/24/13

Math, Gainesville, FL

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter.

Sent by Natalie on 10/24/13

Essay, Northbrook, IL

Hi, My daughter needs help with essays for college admission. Please let me know if we can discuss. Thank you, D.

Sent by Dmitriy on 10/24/13

Psychology, West Palm Beach, FL

hy Kelly I need assistance in psychology I have test that I need to compete please help

Sent by Joane on 10/24/13

Real Estate, West Palm Beach, FL

Hi Debbie, My name is B. and I am currently enrolled in pre license real estate course. My class test is coming up very quickly and I am having trouble...

Sent by Brooke on 10/23/13

Gre Tutor, Tuscaloosa, AL

Hi Stephanie, Are you available for tutoring for the GRE at UA? I am looking for help 2-3 times a week until Nov. 15th. Thanks!

Sent by Crystal on 10/23/13

Chemistry, Van Nuys, CA

Hi i want to know if you're available for four hours thurday-sunday with a flat rate of $80.00 a day for general chemistry. please let me know asap

Sent by Mare on 10/23/13

Act, Wilmette, IL

I am looking for a tutor to assist my son preparing for the act I believe he needs more assistance in english and verbal sections?

Sent by Michael on 10/23/13

Autism, Fort Lauderdale, FL

looking for a reading tutor for my son

Sent by Richard on 10/23/13

Java, Princeton Junction, NJ

I am looking for Java Training for a 9th Grader Call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Andy on 10/23/13

Spanish (basics), Spokane, WA

my wife and i would like to learn conversational spanish to converse with our friends.

Sent by Jack on 10/23/13

Kindergarten, Waterloo, IA

I have a kindergarten student that needs extra help with counting and shapes. Is this something you help with

Sent by Kathie on 10/23/13

Chemistry, South Windsor, CT

Hello. I am 45 years old, and last took a chemistry class in 1982, SWHS! I am a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, wanting to pursue Nursing school.

Sent by Cheryl on 10/23/13

All, Jeannette, PA

hello,i currently have maxwell in huntington i really don't know if the prices are to much or not,but i think i can afford the too of you until max decides himself.

Sent by Marion on 10/23/13

Calculus, Arroyo Grande, CA

I have a 17 year old son who is taking AP calculus and is having difficulty understanding the maT.al. I am not sure what C++ Calculus is, but he is taking...

Sent by Teri on 10/23/13

Research Papers Book Reviews, Northbrook, IL

I am just getting back to college after a looong break! I am required to write research papers, book reviews and review textbook chapters. I need help! Thanks, L.

Sent by Laurie on 10/23/13

Nursing, Dayton, OH.

I'm in my second year of nursing school working on a Associate as an RN and I have to past my last two test in med surge to keep from failing.

Sent by Matt on 10/23/13

Teas, San Diego, CA

hello, i will be taking my TEAS test for Nursing school on Nov, 19... I need a refresher on Math & science. let me know if your interested.

Sent by Erika on 10/23/13

Sas, New York, NY

Hi Caroline, I have been looking for someone to teach me SAS. Are you still available for tutoring in NY. Thanks!

Sent by Ajay on 10/23/13

Biomedical Engineering, Philadelphia, PA

Hello, I am currently a graduate student of Drexel University in Biomedical engineering. Would you know any of that material. I am taking Biosimulation...

Sent by Jonathan on 10/23/13

ACT Test, Lake Ozark, MO

Would like a ACT tutor for my grandson who lives in Camdenton, Missouri. He is a senior at Camdenton High School.

Sent by Lynn on 10/23/13

Geometry, Hercules, CA

I looking for a Geometry for my 11th grade. I live in Hercules and need someone ASAP. Please contact me. Thanks

Sent by Pamila on 10/23/13

Writing, Princeton Junction, NJ

My son a 5th grader needs help in reading/reading comprehension and writing. He performs very well in Math but needs help in language.

Sent by Nick on 10/23/13

Classical Greek, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Ashleigh, I am studying Classical Greek though a long distance post graduate program at the Univeristy of Wales. and this semester I am enrolled in...

Sent by Nicholette on 10/23/13

English, Baldwinsville, NY

Hello, I'm looking for a teacher to assist my new wife make the leap to speaking English. She currently speaks fluent Portuguese and Spanish.

Sent by Aaron on 10/23/13

Physics Tutor, Cheney, WA

Hi Elsa, Looking for a tutor for my 11th grader who attends CheneyHS. She needs help in LA this year particulary with MLA writing and written essays.

Sent by Theresa on 10/23/13

Physics, Bellefonte, PA

My daughter is in 11th grade and is having a hard time relating with her physics teacher. She is currnetly holding a 72% in this class.

Sent by Jill on 10/23/13

Biology, Center Valley, PA

My daughter is a first year student at DeSales University and is having a hard time in Biology and Chem. The semester is over Dec 21 and she needs to bring her...

Sent by Mary on 10/23/13

Accounting, Ventura, CA

Hi, I would like to meet & discuss your tutor services & my needs for Accounting tutor, subject is college accounting. Thanks, Vince

Sent by Vincent on 10/23/13

Physics, Brooklyn, NY

Hi My name is J., and I am actually looking for a physics tutor for my boyfriend. He is actually taking physic 101 at BMCC. Is there a way we can set...

Sent by Janet on 10/23/13

Applied Math, Omaha, NE

My daughter is a senior at Millard West. She needs a pre-calculus tutor. I live near 156th and Giles.

Sent by Lydia on 10/23/13

Geology, Baltimore, MD 21229

Hello, Im contacting you on behalf of my son, Evan C., who is a senior geology major at UMBC. He is struggling quite a bit in his linear algebra class...

Sent by Denise on 10/23/13

Physiology, Prairie View, TX 77446

Request a tutor for a Prairie View College Student in Anatomu, Physiology and Physical Chemistry

Sent by Sheilla on 10/23/13

English Reading Kindergarten, Wake Forest, NC

Hello Donna, I'm looking for a tutor for my 6years old attending Ravenscroft in K level and we feel he's behind a little bit on writing and reading.

Sent by Nathalie on 10/23/13

Cbest, Ceres, CA

Hi Ted, preparing for CBEST; have Spanish, BA. in 2005, preparing to Subsitute Teach, but need help brushing up on basics.

Sent by Yolanda on 10/23/13

Statistics, Albuquerque, NM

Hello..i am currently taking my first mba class and it requires business stats...i need someone to verify my answeres before submition..prob an hour every few weeks..

Sent by Jeff on 10/22/13

Statistics, Statesboro, GA

Hi Jessica! My name is F. and I think I'm going to need help in my statistics class. I am an Education major and this is required.

Sent by Fran on 10/22/13

Pre Calculus, Porter Ranch, CA

Hello Mr. Keith, My daughter is a junior and a good student with high gpa at a private college prep high school. She is now needing help with her honors...

Sent by Tere on 10/22/13

Chemistry, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I need a chemistry tutor for my niece who is going to Nova

Sent by Mercedes on 10/22/13

Norwegian, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Hi, With the Norwegian tutoring services you offer, my client wants to ask if: You are not with a language school? Are you a native to Norway?

Sent by Leif on 10/22/13

Physics, Milpitas, CA

Greetings, My son needs help with Physics B and want to start immediately. If you are available over the weekend my son, Ashwin who is a senior at Bellarmine would...

Sent by Chitra on 10/22/13

Nursing, Worcester, MA

Hello, I am looking for someone who could possibly tutor me in my health assessment/physical examination nursing class? I live right in worcester.

Sent by Cara on 10/22/13

Calculus, Tempe, AZ

Looking for tutoring in calculus at ASU. 2-3 times per week. Barrett Honors College.

Sent by Alex on 10/22/13

Economics, Auburn, AL

I am looking for a macro economics tutor for my son who is a sophomore at Auburn. He may need tutoring twice a week. Are you available to begin asap? Thank you

Sent by Karen on 10/22/13

Calculus 3, Columbia, MD 21044

Hi Eric, I am taking Calculus 3 and I need somebody to help me catch up with material. Are you still tutoring?

Sent by Thomas on 10/22/13

Algebra 2, New Smyrna Beach, FL

susan- I am looking for a tutor for my daughter Olivia. Olivia is a junior at NSB high and needs help with algebra. thank you- C.

Sent by Catherine on 10/22/13

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA

Need tutor in USMLE step 3 are you available.

Sent by Dee on 10/22/13

Marine Biology, Lincoln, NE

My son Jake is current taking an online high school ocean biology course, he is about 1/2 done abd currently has 57%. He needs to paas this class. Hopefully u can help.

Sent by Roxann on 10/22/13

Differential Equations, Eugene, OR

I am looking for a differential equations tutor for my son. Please email me your experience and availability. Thank you!

Sent by Barbara on 10/22/13

Essay, Modesto, CA 95355

Hey peter, I need help with improving my essay writing. I have test coming up in January which I really have to pass

Sent by Harpreet on 10/22/13

Statistics, Ellicott City, MD

Hello Yolande, My daughter needs some statistics help with a "Tests and Measurement" class at Towson U. Do have room for a new student?

Sent by Harvey on 10/22/13

Writing, Livingston, CA

Hey, I need help improving my writing so I can write good essays.

Sent by Harpreet on 10/22/13

Math, Titusville, FL

Hello Alex, I I'm looking for a math tutor for my 9 year old daughter who is in 4th grade. We recently moved to titusville from new York and the school she is...

Sent by Melanie on 10/22/13

Gre, Missouri City, TX

Hi Shannon, I am interesting to get a Tutor for GRE. I am a mother of 2 children and trying to go back to school next year for MS.

Sent by Sung on 10/22/13

Biology, Kings Mills, OH

I am looking for a tutor to help my son with AP Biology. Please let me know whether you could help him out.

Sent by Asha on 10/22/13

Physics, Excelsior, MN

Hi I am looking for some help in my physics class, I am a senior at minnetonka high school. Can't wait to here for you!

Sent by Francesca on 10/22/13

Reading, Elmer, NJ

Hello. I am looking for a tutor to help my 9 year old sister with in reading comphrension. She is struggling in her basic skills class in language arts and...

Sent by Jessica on 10/22/13

Adobe Photoshop, Huntington Beach, CA

Hi Ashley... well, I'm not a kid; in fact, I am a senior. I selected you because of your art background. I am a wildlife artist myself.

Sent by Keith on 10/22/13

Algebra II, Miami, FL

Hi Jared, Have a 15 yr old 10th grader who is having difficulties with Honors Algebra II and in need of some help. Live in Doral, 33172.

Sent by Orlando on 10/22/13

Ged, Seattle, WA

Hi there, Wanted to talk with regarding tutoring ASAP for math for my GED. I am an adult female and am not really good at math. please

Sent by Angelina on 10/22/13

Elementary Math Reading, Brecksville, OH

Hi Donna, I have a 3rd grader who needs a little help with math and reading comprehension. I was hoping we could talk to see if you might be able to help her.

Sent by Rebecca on 10/22/13

Honors Algebra II, Antelope, CA

Hello Anireeta, My daughter is a junior at Center High School. She is in Honors Algebra II. She needs assistance as soon as possible.

Sent by Taryn on 10/22/13

Mcat, 75080

Hi I am seeking an innovative and effective way to help my daughter crack her MCAT exams. She has maintained an A grade from High School into the current 3rd...

Sent by Nik on 10/22/13

Cpa, Chicago, IL

Minaz- My fiance is studying for the CPA and taking the Becker prep class. She could use private tutoring to get through successfully the massive amount of homework.

Sent by Peter on 10/22/13

Gmat, Kansas City, MO 64113

Hi Mr. Spencer, I need some help with the GMAT, could we set up a time to talk about this? Regards, N.

Sent by Nic on 10/22/13

Java, Long Island, NY

Hello John, We are looking for a tutor to assist in beginning Java. This will hopefully take place on Sundays or onsite at NCC on Monday and Wednes mornings.

Sent by Luis on 10/22/13

Algebra 2, North Hollywood, CA

I need tutoring with algebra 2 how soon are you available ?

Sent by Rebeca on 10/22/13

Nclex Rn, LA

Hi I graduated rn in dec 2012 and am having difficulty passing my nclex I have taking the hurst review

Sent by Laura on 10/21/13

Algebra, Ojai, CA

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor my 8th grade son who is struggling in advance algebra.. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you

Sent by Cheserae on 10/21/13

Harlingen Tx, Harlingen, TX

Needing a tutor for my daughter who is taking pre-calculus.

Sent by Anamarie on 10/21/13

Statistics, Winter Haven, FL

Hi Im looking for a statistics tutor for my daughter. She is a sophomore at florida gulf coast university. She is only available on friday mornings.

Sent by Claire on 10/21/13

English, Wayne, NJ

Hi , I live in Wayne and looking for someone who can help my son who is freshman in high school this year . He was in English honor for all middle school but not...

Sent by Parul on 10/21/13

Zoology, Canton, MI

Hello, My son is in 12th grade and I am interested to get him tutoring from you. He needs tutoring help in honors zoology. He is in Canton Plymouth high schools

Sent by Jithendra on 10/21/13

Physics, North Potomac, MD

Hello, I'm interested in getting tutored for Physics and would like to know if we could work out a schedule. Thanks!

Sent by Diana on 10/21/13

Reading Tutor4, Pleasant Hill, CA

Hi Linda, Do you tutor 4th graders? I have a son who's in the 4th grade. He can read just fine. He is having problems understanding what he's reading.

Sent by Tee on 10/21/13

Legal, Van Nuys, CA 91406

I need a legal tutor. Can you help me.

Sent by Erika on 10/21/13

Reading, Eaton, OH

Need a tutor for my 8 year old son for reading. Please let me know thank you

Sent by Whitney on 10/21/13

Pre-algebra, Daytona Beach, FL

Hello Briana, My name is Y..I am located in the Daytona Beach area. I have a son who is in 8th. grade. I have read your profile and I would like to speak to...

Sent by Yolanda on 10/21/13

Philosophy, San Marcos, TX

Trying to assist my daughter in finding tutor for 1st year philosophy at tx state. Please call or text (phone number available after purchase) if you are interested...

Sent by Donna on 10/21/13

Public Speaking, Manchester, NH

Hello, my name is A.. I am looking for a tutor who can help me brush up my public speaking skills. I am looking to take place in a few speaking competitions and...

Sent by Alexander on 10/21/13

Math, Leesburg, VA

Hi: we are looking for a tutor to help our 6th grader regain his confidence in his accelerated math class, and we hope, develop an independent work style that will...

Sent by Bill on 10/21/13

English, Farmington, CT

Hello, I was wondering if you would be interested in teaching a 2nd grader in English reading,writing and spellings in farmington.

Sent by Neelima on 10/21/13

Math, Lafayette, IN

Hi Brigit- I am looking for a 8th grade Math Tutor for my daughter. She has been struggling already this year and we need to get it in check before she gets too far...

Sent by Robin on 10/21/13

Elementary Enrichment, Palos Heights, IL

Hi Christopher, I'm looking specifically for an enrichment tutor for my seven year old daughter, Brynna. She has just recently started at the public school...

Sent by Richelle on 10/21/13

Spanish, Bakersfield, CA

Please call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Tracey on 10/21/13

Algebra 1, Slidell, LA

Hi Latash- My son is in 9th grade and needs help with Algebra 1. Please call me (phone number available after purchase). Thanks, L.

Sent by Lisa on 10/21/13

Algebra Tutor, Valley Park, MO

my daughter Barbie is 50 years old and taking Algebra 160 at Meremac College. She needs help through this quarter to complete her associates degree;

Sent by Barbara on 10/21/13

Chemistry, Congers, NY

Hi my wife needs help with chemistry she's taking the D-cat exam are available to help her with it. She's more then likely to use your services more then once.

Sent by Ahmad on 10/21/13

Vocabulary, Washington, DC

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter who is almost 9 years old. She needs help with math and reading. We live near Capitol Hill.

Sent by Tony on 10/21/13

Personal Trainer, Atlanta, GA

Peace, I'm a 39 year old man with poor study skills but I need to accomplish my certifcation as a personal trainer. Not only do I need to be well prepared for my...

Sent by Alfonso on 10/21/13

Toefl/GRE, Brooklyn, NY

Prof.Thomas, I'm looking for an TOEFL tutor. I'm a student, I work and have only Wed.,Thu. or Fri to meet with you. Can you please call me asap if you are available...

Sent by Anton on 10/21/13

Microsoft Windows 8, Garden City, NY

Need help with new laptop with Windows 8 and my remote set up to my office desktop, among other things. We can work at my law office in Garden City. Thank you

Sent by Dianna on 10/21/13

Accounting, Lafayette, LA

I need tutoring in accounting ASAP please call if you are available (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Danielle on 10/21/13

History, Rincon, GA

Hey, I just seen you on here..and I'm looking for someone to tutor me in history!!

Sent by Alani on 10/21/13

Statistics, Newark, NJ

Hello, I'm looking for a statistics and probability tutor I'm a student at essex county college please email me or call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Dani on 10/21/13

6th Grade Math, Farmingdale, NY

Hi, I am very interested in getting my 6th gr son a good Math tutor. We are in Farmingdale and would like for you to tutor 2x, I hr each time, per week.

Sent by Linda on 10/21/13

Asvab, West Palm Beach, FL

I am requesting tutoring for my son

Sent by Carl on 10/21/13

Mba Finance Tutor, Elmhurst, NY

Hi Eddie, I'm looking for a private tutor for my Applying Financial Theory for Strategic Decision Making class. It's Corporate Finance stuffs.

Sent by Sandy on 10/21/13

Mechanical Engineering, Portland, OR

Hello Gina, I hope you are doing well. I am taking intro. to mech.eng class. I am struggling with my HW. can you help me?.I live in Portland ,but I can drive.

Sent by Bassam on 10/21/13

Sat, Santa Rosa, CA

I'm looking for a tutor for my son who is a high school student to prepare him for his SAT test. His test date is Dec. 7.

Sent by Kim on 10/21/13

Geometry Biology, Winnetka, CA

I'm looking for help for my son with his Geometry class..3 sessions a week.

Sent by Jose on 10/21/13

English, Sparta, TN

I am currently attending Colorado Tech University online. I have run into snags on my learning I have physical disabilities that restrict me from attending...

Sent by James on 10/21/13

Biology, Raleigh, NC

Hi Anna. My daughter is a freshman in high school and could use some help in biology. She is an A student but having some difficulty getting the hang of bio.

Sent by Travis on 10/20/13

Electrical Engineering, Lubbock, TX

I would like to talk to you about tutoring in Engineering classes. H. W.

Sent by Heidi on 10/20/13

Algebra, Portsmouth, VA

hii am looking for a tutor is someone can come in to our house it will be great

Sent by Anysa on 10/20/13

Physics, West Bloomfield, MI

I am looking for a physics tutor for my 16 year old daughter. She will need at least two hours a week of tutoring. Please let me know if you can help.

Sent by Kris on 10/20/13

Architecture, Boulder, CO

I am taking construction 1 class and I have midterm today can you help me with that

Sent by Mohammed on 10/20/13

Math, Ithaca, MI

3rd grade math tutor .. failling

Sent by Robert on 10/20/13

Molecular Biology, Alamo, CA

Hi Dr. Khan, I am a master's student at Cal State East Bay and I have a presentation on a paper for a cell and molecular seminar.

Sent by Sara on 10/20/13

Spanish, Conroe, TX

Can you please give me a call at (phone number available after purchase). So we may talk.

Sent by Catherine on 10/20/13

English, Blacksburg, VA

Hello Stacy, I will visit my Grandfather from the october 23 till the november 2. I am an 14 year old student living in Germany but I am born in Blacksburg so my...

Sent by Sophie on 10/20/13

Applied Math, Bay City, MI 48706

I need help with applied math problems. We can communicate via emails. Please let me know if you are available. Thanks!

Sent by Anna on 10/20/13

Spss, Mobile, AL

I need help with spss usage and functions. I sort of need it right away. Can you help. Please call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Lauren on 10/19/13

Finance, Seattle, WA

Need a finance tutor AS.AP to explain anS.werS. from a previouS. exam. TopicS. include: arbitrage, financing, riS.kS., and dividend policieS.

Sent by Albert on 10/19/13

Far Reg Cpa Prep, Brooklyn, NY

Hello Mr. Sharma, I am a CPA candidate, and have so far passed AUD and BEC and I'm stuck with FAR, I have taken it 4 times already and came close to passing it...

Sent by Dmitry on 10/19/13

Physics, Sarasota, FL

Hi Randy, I am a current second year student at New College of Florida studying to earn a degree in Biochemistry. I am struggling this year with physics...

Sent by Austin on 10/19/13

Sas, Staten Island, NY

I am a graduate student in an Enterprise Risk Management evening program and need help with SAS for one of my classes. I live in Eltingville but usually do my...

Sent by James on 10/19/13

Cissp, Odenton, Md. 21113

I need to take a Security+ exam and I feel I need extra help with this test. Would you please provide me with fees and times for your services if available to tutor me.

Sent by Mark on 10/19/13

Reading, Saint Simons Island, GA

Hi Connie! I'm looking for a tutor for my 7 year old son, a 1st grader at St. Simons Elementary. He's not reading on his grade level, but rather on a beginning...

Sent by Laura on 10/19/13

Math, Anchorage, AK

I am currently looking for Math tutoring. I have also enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering program as a pre-major so any advice or information on that program...

Sent by Chris on 10/19/13

Chemistry, Inglewood, CA

My son needs an immediate tutor in Chemistry. He is taking Honor Chemistry Class at Loyola High School. Thanks

Sent by Tsehay on 10/19/13

Calculus, Coppell, TX

Hi Omar, I need help with my calculus Math1325 (I am taking is as a part for me pre-business foundation in CCCC) and I would like to talk to you about it.

Sent by Anna on 10/19/13

Piano, Troutville, VA

Hello I was trying to find piano lessons for my kids .. I have 3 , Andres 10 , Arianna 9 and Abram 6

Sent by Elizabeth on 10/19/13

Adult Tutoring, Lady Lake, FL

April, I am looking for a tutoring arrangment for my wife, who is Alzheimer affected (you would not know it if you met her). Mostly just a somewhat structured...

Sent by Dave on 10/19/13

Finance, Porter Ranch, CA

Hi Mohammed, I would like to get some help in my Financial Management class. Please let me know if you can help me in it. Regards,

Sent by Abdull on 10/19/13

Esl, Chandler, AZ 85226

Sent by Stephan on 10/18/13

Photography, Ormond Beach, FL

I live in Ormond Beach off US1 and I95 . I would like to know how much do you charge for basic photography ..learn how to get out of Auto mode!

Sent by Jean on 10/18/13

Springfield Va, Alexandria, VA 22312

I need a tutor for algebra 2. I am in 11th grade.

Sent by Bisma on 10/18/13

Physics, Silver Spring, MD

Hello, I live in the downtown Silver Spring AR.a and am looking for a physics tutor my son, a 9th grader at Blair. Can you contact me?

Sent by Margaret on 10/18/13

Math, Cupertino, CA

Hi Deepa I emailed you regarding math tutoring for my child . please call me at (phone number available after purchase). Thanks, A.

Sent by Amrit on 10/18/13

Communications, Duluth, MN

Hello, I have sent the first draft of my exit project to my professor and he wrote me some comments which I need you to work on it.

Sent by Saud on 10/18/13

Algebra, San Diego, CA 92122

Hello my son is a jr at Rancho Bernardo high school he is having trouble in Algebra 3/4. we would like in-person tutoring

Sent by Heather on 10/18/13

Statistics, New Braunfels, TX

Good Afternoon, I contacted the Math Tutoring department and they gave me your email address. My daughter is a High school student and is taking an AP Statistics...

Sent by Lindsey on 10/18/13

Writing, Ravenna, OH

My 6th grade son Ricky is struggling with his grades. He needs help with language arts, note taking/organization skills and the fine motor movement of hand writing.

Sent by Jaime on 10/18/13

Mechanical Engineering, College Station, TX 77840

Hello, I am a freshman mechanical engineering major and I need help with Labview. I was wondering where you tutor and what times you would be available. Thanks, T.

Sent by Tyler on 10/18/13

Microsoft Project, Phoenix, AZ

Hello I'm currently enrolled at the University of Phx and taking a project management course with 2 wks left. I need a couple of hours to go over this wknd's homework.

Sent by Cristina on 10/18/13

Math, Fairfield, CA

my grandson is in the 4th grade he needs help in math last year he went to math tutor the parents did not follow inst for summer he start to fall behind again hes shy

Sent by Diane on 10/18/13

Excel, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I am looking for a Excel programer to create an applicationmaking some financial comparison

Sent by Osvaldo on 10/18/13

Reading, Gainesville, VA

I'm looking for someone who can help my son to get better in reading and writing. He is 11 years old and he's in 5th grade.

Sent by Kim on 10/18/13

Physics, State College, PA

Hello, I need assistance with my Physics (251) class at Penn State. M. R.

Sent by Morgan on 10/18/13

High Schoool Ap Chemistry, Birmingham, AL

HI, I have an 11th grader who is having problems in Algebra 2 and AP Chemistry. He is transitioning from a school where there were hardly any books or homework to...

Sent by Pamela on 10/17/13

Hebrew, Montgomery, AL 36109

I am interested learning hebrew could you teach me

Sent by Dilip on 10/17/13

Excel, Cleveland, OH

I would like you to show me how to make a legal size copy of my lesson plan. I do it once and can't get in to do again.

Sent by Kim on 10/17/13

Geometry, Tulare, CA

Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Luisa on 10/17/13

Chemistry, Brooklyn, NY

I need help for my daughter in geometry at my home in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn on Saturdays in the AM

Sent by Javaid on 10/17/13

Physics, Middle Grove, NY

My daughter Kelsey is a Senior in high school and needs tutoring in Physics. We live in Middle Grove, NY. Kelsey is a hard worker and heading for college.

Sent by Teresa on 10/17/13

Calculus Tutor, Brunswick, OH

Hi, need a tutor for my daughter who is taking calc I at Tri-C as a post secondary student. We live in Brunswick and wondered if you would travel that far.

Sent by Merrie on 10/17/13

Sat Prep, Ponte Vedra, FL

Need help for my granddaughter who is a junior at PonteVedra

Sent by Sandy on 10/17/13

Gre Writing, Upland, CA

Hi, I need help to improve my GRE test score in the writing section. Could you help? Thanks, R.

Sent by Reham on 10/17/13

Gre, Provo, UT

Looking for a GRE tutor, you can reach me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jennifer on 10/17/13

Numerical Analysis, San Diego, CA

I aM. taking nuM.erical analysis at ucsd and aM. terrible at writing code. It is M.y last class before I graduate, hence I really need to pass.

Sent by Anna on 10/17/13

Elementary Math, Tampa, FL

Dear Donna, our 9 year old daughter, Kim, has been struggling with Math for the past few years. She was diagnoised with ADHD without the H in December 2011.

Sent by Char on 10/17/13

Spss, Raleigh, NC

I am a doctoral student working on my dissertation at NCSU. I live in Littleton, NC near Lake Gaston. I have finished my research online using Survey Monkey and...

Sent by Joe on 10/17/13

Math, Sumter, SC

Please help me !!!!!!! My son is a 9th grader and needs help badly in algerbra pls contact me ASAP (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Lisa on 10/17/13

Chemistry(quantitative), Slidell, LA

Hi, Kimberly I have a daughter that is a junior at North Shore High school in Slidell, LA in need of assistance in Chemistry and would like to know if you are available?

Sent by Shawn on 10/17/13

Lsat Tutor, Van Nuys, CA

Hi Donald: I am in need of an LSAT tutor. Do you have extensive LSAT tutor experience? I am specifically looking for a tutor specializing in Logic Games...

Sent by Madelaine on 10/17/13

Dyslexia, Queens, NY

Hi..I'm looking for a tutor for my ten years who has dyslexia. we reside in Woodhaven, queens

Sent by Denise on 10/17/13

Cpa, Hayward, CA

Hello Charleen, I am currently an MBA graduate who has been working as an accounting manager for about 14 years. However, I have never taken the CPA exam and want...

Sent by Kendra on 10/17/13

Clep, Cypress, TX

Hello my name is T. M.. I am 19 years old and a sophomore at Houston Baptist University. I need tutoring in multiple Clep Test. Thank you :) (phone number...

Sent by Tamera on 10/17/13

Algebra 2, Murrieta, CA

My son is a strong student, but is becoming overwhelmed in Advanced Algebra II/Trig due to it being a 7th period class and him having to leave frequently...

Sent by Lisa on 10/17/13

Calculus Tutor, Milledgeville, GA

Hey Peggy, My name is R. M. I am a teacher at Sinclair Christian Academy. I am in need of a tutor for Pre-Cal, Trig, and Physics.

Sent by Ryan on 10/17/13

Adobe, Brownstown, MI

Hey! I'm looking for some help with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I live downriver in Brownstown. Interested?

Sent by Kaelen on 10/17/13

Reading And Writing, Las Vegas, NV

I am interested in getting a tutor for my 5 year old son. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Lam on 10/17/13

Civil Engineering, Queens, NY

I am contacting you to see if you can tutor my brother. He is a freshman at NYU Poly for civil engineering and is having trouble with calculus and chemistry.

Sent by Fernando on 10/17/13

Math, Tomball, TX

Hi, My son Joseph is having a rough time in math. He has never had any problems before. so, this really surprised me. trying to catch this problem early.

Sent by Meheatha on 10/17/13

Algebra, Clementon, NJ

My daughter is a sophomore at Highland HS. She is an honors student with a 4.3 GPA but this year she is struggling with her honors algebra class.

Sent by Teresa on 10/17/13

Chemistry, Malibu, CA

Hi Professor Tim "Maestro" Antone, I'm currently a sophomore at Peppperdine and I'm taking General Chemistry. It builds on the foundation that it's set since...

Sent by Stefanie on 10/16/13

Elementary, Fresh Meadows, NY

Hi, my 6 year old son, who is in 1st grade,is having a hard time in learning how to read. I'm interested in getting a tutor for him.

Sent by Amanda on 10/16/13

Algebra Tutor, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Hello I am an adult I'm trying to get my GED but I am having a problem with the math I need extra time with algebra maybe a couple times per week.

Sent by Isabel on 10/16/13

Math, Poway, CA

My son is a JR at Rancho Bernardo high school and needs help in algebra 3/4.

Sent by Matt on 10/16/13

C++, Arlington, TX

Need help with a project with C++. Please call (phone number available after purchase) will give yoU. detail... -Thanks.

Sent by George on 10/16/13

Math, Sherman, TX

Hi my name is C. and I have a daughter that is having a hard time with math so I was wondering if u could email me

Sent by Christine on 10/16/13

All, El Centro, CA

Hi Lanette Was just inquiring as to how you work your tutoring schedule? I am inquiring on behalf of my son, Cameron. He is currently at Holbrook Continuation...

Sent by Annette on 10/16/13

Statistics, Macon, GA

Hello, please contact me asap I need tutoring lessons on thursday October 17, 2013 please reach me on my phone: (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Paul on 10/16/13

Geophysics, Houston, TX

need help with geophysics lab.i can email the questions

Sent by Donna on 10/16/13

Math Reading Help, Marshall, TX

My grandson lives in Marshall and I was interested in you tutoring him. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Sandra on 10/16/13

Microsoft Visual Basic 2012, Arlington Heights, IL

Do you tutor VB 2012? In serious need - just tanked a midterm exam - must build effective KB quickly and work inland from there. Can you be of assistance?

Sent by Grenee, on 10/16/13

Statistics, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

My daughter, Cassandra is a senior in high school and is presently having issues with statistics.

Sent by Larry on 10/16/13

Real Estate, Phoenix, AZ

Hi I'm trying to pass my Az real estate exam and need a little extra help to do so. Wondering if you offer that

Sent by Stephanie on 10/16/13

Ap Statistics, Plainsboro, NJ

I am looking for AP Statistics tutor for my daughter, who is Junior High school.

Sent by Anju on 10/16/13

History Of Western Art, Miami, FL

I felt my first test of History of Western Art Online. I need someone who helps me do them, study and understand the topics. even i don't like the class...

Sent by Odra on 10/16/13

Math, Yucca Valley, CA

My 15 needs help in math

Sent by Monica on 10/16/13

Genetics, Madison, WI

Dear Travis, Hi. My name is B., and I'm a senior at UW taking genetics 466 with professor Engels. We are currently in the pop gen unit, and I'm struggling with some...

Sent by Beth on 10/16/13

Philosophy, Seattle, WA

Hi, I really need to have a tutor in philosophy class. I am studying Hurssel right now. Do you think you could help me? I would really like to hear back.

Sent by Hindmans@seattleu.edu on 10/16/13

Financial Management, Houston, TX

hi how are you I have a financial management case due Monday and i do not how to do it i need some help contact me if you are able to help please my...

Sent by Areej on 10/16/13

Biology/Physics, Oxford, MS

I am in need of a tutor for two of my classes right now. I am a junior here at Ole Miss and I am a Biochemistry major. I am looK.

Sent by Kyle on 10/16/13

Nursing, Westbury, NY

Looking for a tutor to help my sister with her Nursing School courses. What's your background?

Sent by Ricardy on 10/16/13

Accounting, Woodland Hills, CA

Hi Kathleen! I am currently taking Accounting Fundamentals, Corporate Finance, and Financial Statement Analysis. I must get at least an A- in each of these subjects.

Sent by Matin on 10/16/13

Algebra, Doylestown, PA

K. goes to BCCC and is in need of a tutor for Algebra. She is struggling immensely. Can you help? Home phone#: (phone number available after purchase) Kim...

Sent by Katie on 10/16/13

Act Test, Mentor, OH

Hi, I am enquiring for my son. He is a senior at Mentor High school. He has taken the ACT test twice and scored low both times.

Sent by Erica on 10/16/13

8th Grade, Lafayette , LA

Interested in a tutor for my 8th grade son. F's in Soci Studies, Science, Language. Can you help?

Sent by Angel on 10/16/13

Organic Chemistry, Gainesville, FL

Do you tutor in organic chemistry..

Sent by Jennifer on 10/16/13

2nd Grade Reading Help, Lancaster, NY

Looking to get my son some extra reading help. He is currently in 2nd grade but is below grade level in reading. Not sure how long it will take to get him up to speed.

Sent by Tony on 10/16/13

Biology, Corning, NY

Hello, I'm looking for a biology tutor for my 8th grade student. Currently our schedule would allow any day of the week at 4. Thank You, A. F.

Sent by Amber on 10/16/13

Spanish, Steamboat Springs, CO

Are you available to tutor a high school sophomore in Spanish 2?

Sent by Barbara on 10/16/13

Python, Ny. Ny 10017

Taking really basic python. I am an "older" student and need homework help now. You can probably do this stuff in your sleep.I live in mid-town.

Sent by Daryl on 10/16/13

Usmle, Chicago, IL 60659

Hi Kaasam! I just took the step 1 and I'm pretty sure that I failed. I live in Chicago (Lake View) and I'd love to get tutoring for a couple of hours a day.

Sent by Anna on 10/16/13

Microsoft Access, Portsmouth, NH

Hello, I am interested in some one-on-one access tutoring on existing database. Please call (phone number available after purchase) thank you L.

Sent by Lana on 10/16/13

Music, Madison, WI

Hi Chris, I am a student at UW Madison majoring in business. I am currently in an online music theory class. Some of the topics we have been covering- intervals...

Sent by Ingrid on 10/15/13

Algebra 2, Park Ridge, IL

My son is 14 years old and attends main south high school as a freshman taking accelerated algebra 2. Although he is is excellent in math for some reason he is now...

Sent by Radusa on 10/15/13

Algebra 2, Inglewood, CA

Im looking for a tutor for math how much do you pay to tutor private I need help in algebra 2 nd I want help fast thank you

Sent by Maya on 10/15/13

Reading, Zachary, LA

We are interested in reading comprehension tutoring for our twin sons who are currently in 4th grade. They have auditory processing disorder and have speech IEPs.

Sent by Jennifer on 10/15/13

Chemical Engineering, Philadelphia, PA

Hello, I am a Chemical Engineering Student at Drexel University and I need tutoring in Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics. Please let me know if you are able...

Sent by Nahdir on 10/15/13

Computer, Hollywood, FL

My aunt needs someone to show her how to use the computer she has in her home and fill out some online paperwork. Her name is Elsy, she lives in hollywood...

Sent by Jim on 10/15/13

Adobe Photoshop, Portland, OR

Hi Evangeline, I'm a textile designer and am looking for some help with PhotoShop, specifically with brushes. I have a decent level of experience with PS but I'm...

Sent by Nicole on 10/15/13

Excel, Denver, CO

Dear Geoff, I am currently a freshman at the University of Denver and have my microsoft certification test coming up. Unfortunately, I've missed a couple labs and...

Sent by Case on 10/15/13

Math, Colonial Heights, VA

Sir, I have a 5th grader that doing well in other subjects. But not doing well in math im in 23834 and I do not wnt him to fail . Thanks

Sent by Michael on 10/15/13

Chemistry (organic), Yorba Linda, CA

Hi Lauren, I'm looking for a tutor for (elementary organic) chemistry. I'd like to know your availability. Thank you!

Sent by Melissa on 10/15/13

Anthropology, Flagstaff, AZ

Hi I have my anthropology final due tomorrow. I attend school on a scholarship and I can't afford to fail this class. I am need of assistance. Thank you.

Sent by Anthony on 10/15/13

Esl Tutor, Duluth, GA

Hi, I'm seeking for an adult ESL tutor for my boyfriend and a friend of his. We are in Duluth, and we prefer you to come to our place 2-3 times a week...

Sent by Khloe on 10/15/13

Biology, Youngwood, PA

Can you please contact my cell phone regarding undergraduate biology I tutoring...(phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Gale on 10/15/13

Swahili, Olathe, KS 66062

Hello! My name is M. M. and I am a master's student in Spanish for Spanish. My boyfriend is from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and is a native speaker of Swahili.

Sent by Morgan on 10/15/13

Geometry, Great Neck, NY

Looking for affordable at home tutor (geometry) for 10th grader. Please contact me if interested

Sent by Alma on 10/15/13

Spelling And Math Tutor, Tracy, CA

Hi Abigail, I have a dauther that has so much Trouble in spelling and math.she is in 3er grade. So if you can give me more information about the days and hours that...

Sent by Angeles on 10/15/13

Chemical Engineering, Baton Rouge, LA

Hi Rupal, I am Studying Che in LSU. I need you help me VBA coding of Excel. Please contact me if you can help. Text me if I am in class.

Sent by Kristy on 10/15/13

Accounting, Statesboro, GA

My son is a sophomore at GSU and is interested in a tutor for his 1st accounting class....possibly 2 hrs/week or so. Please let me know your availability

Sent by Mike on 10/15/13

Essay Writing, Thousand Oaks, CA

My son is 9th grade student and he got his first C on the most recent essay. Could you please help? We live in Thousand Oaks.

Sent by Joanne on 10/15/13

Microsoft Access, Buffalo, NY

Good afternoon, I am in need of training/tutoring in Excel pivot tables. I am a recent college graduate now working in the banking industry.

Sent by Matthew on 10/15/13

Kindergarten, Youngstown, OH

Hi. I have a kindergarten student who is struggling right now. I happen to be the school nurse and the last two days the kindergarten teacher has approached me about...

Sent by Lori on 10/15/13

Spanish, West Linn Oregon

How proficient are you in Spanish? I need a tutor to help my 17 year old son complete a Spanish 3 semester 2 online course within 30 days.

Sent by Tracey on 10/15/13

Microsoft Outlook, Augusta, GA

My elderly sister has a new computer and needs help with Outlook. You can reach me at (phone number available after purchase). Thanks

Sent by Lois on 10/15/13

French, Guilford, CT

Hi Reggie, I am looking for a French tutor for my 15 year old son. He is a sophmore at Guilford High School and seems to be having trouble with his French class...

Sent by Anne on 10/15/13

Grammar, Dover, NJ

Hi Lama... My name is I.... I have a 11 years old daugther... She needs some help with grammar reading math, she is in 5grade. We live in Dover..

Sent by Isabel on 10/15/13

Biology, Laredo, TX

Hi i am looking for a tutor in my biology 1407 class at LCC and was wondering if you'd be able to help me out

Sent by Daniela on 10/14/13

Biology, Northridge, CA

hello, do you tutor biology ?

Sent by Sam on 10/14/13

Mechanical Engineering, Columbia, MO

can you tutor strengths and materials and Mae 2100 (matlab)

Sent by Justin on 10/14/13

Spanish (basics), Northville, MI

Hi Jason - I have a NHS student who needs some basic spanish tutoring. Would you be interested in discussing whether this could be a potential tutoring fit?

Sent by Sharon on 10/14/13

Adobe Photoshop, Rocklin, CA

Looking for someone to help my 9th grade son with his graphic arts class. Need an expert in photoshop. He has 2 projects due this week that he needs assistance so...

Sent by Chantal on 10/14/13

Statistics, Post Falls, ID

Hi Jennifer, I am in need of a statistics tutor.

Sent by Mirna on 10/14/13

Study Skills, Bensalem, PA

My son needs study skills and help with reading comprehension. He is in 7th grade st st. Marks in Bristol. I hope to hear from you soon

Sent by Lisa on 10/14/13

Algebra 1, Crosby, TX

I am looking for a tutor for my freshman that is struggling with geometry. HIs teacher says that he needs help with his algebra skills.

Sent by Angela on 10/14/13

Biology, Bridgewater, NJ

pl let me known if you teach biology to us kids online at our time 7 p.m us in eastern time new jersey any day

Sent by Mythily on 10/14/13

Chemical Engineering, 33763

I need answer for reactive mass balance problem

Sent by Sybill on 10/14/13

Needed Tutor, Union, NJ

I need a tutor for algebra 2 and chemistry please call me immediately to late me know (phone number available after purchase). Am better contacted by phone than email.

Sent by Manuella on 10/14/13

Business English, West Palm Beach, FL

Hello, My name is G.. I'm not sure if you work with adults. I want to improve my English and looking for tutor (speaking and writing) preferably in business area.

Sent by Gintare on 10/14/13

English, Tyler, TX

Hello, We're looking for a tutor for our 6th grade son in English/Reading as well as SAT/ACT prep for DUKE TIP program.

Sent by Hassan on 10/14/13

Adobe Photoshop, Irvine, CA

Hello Sarah, I just upgraded from Photoshop Elements 9 to 12. I have been using PE9 for several years but I have never mastered the whole layering aspect of...

Sent by Carolyn on 10/14/13

Geometry, Morrisville, PA

My daughter needs a tutor for honors geometry. Are you available? We are in 19067 zip code.

Sent by Jennifer on 10/14/13

Photoshop, Chino Hills, CA

hello i need to learn some photoshop editing techniques

Sent by John on 10/14/13

12th Grade Math, Murrieta, CA

my granddaughter needs help understanding caysee (sp?) math in preparation for a test in one month. She's in 11th grade

Sent by Sandra on 10/14/13

Statistics, Fruit Cove, FL

Hi Peggy, I live in Fruit Cove and found you on this website. I have been desperately trying to find a tutor today. I am military and attended my first statistics...

Sent by Melissa on 10/14/13

Writing Tutor, North Miami Beach, FL

My son needs help with AP English and AP history. Will you be able to help? He needs to start ASAP.

Sent by Natasha on 10/14/13

Statistics, Tallahassee, FL

I Need Stats Help ASAP. Have some make up work that's due on the 20th of october! Please call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Malcolm on 10/14/13

Adobe Photoshop, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi Kathleen, Hope this e-mail finds you well. I work for Living Color Aquariums and am interested in getting private tutoring for Adobe Photoshop.

Sent by Shulu on 10/14/13

Physics, Baton Rouge, LA

I am a junior geology major struggling a bit with physics. I am looking for someone who is good at explaining!

Sent by Ruari on 10/14/13

Praxis, Warwick, RI

Hi Alicia, I am looking for help with the Praxis II Elementary Ed. Multiple Subjects test. I need to pass Science, Reading and Math in order to start student...

Sent by Eric on 10/14/13

Physics, Topeka, KS

Need help with AP Physics in junior year of high school.

Sent by Wendy on 10/14/13

Chemistry, Lawrence, KS

I am looking for a Chemistry tutor for my High School Senior. She did OK in Chemistry but is really struggling in AP Chemistry.

Sent by Stacey on 10/14/13

Math, Yorba Linda, CA

My 11th grade daughter need help on her academy. We are in yorba linda. Contact with me at my phone number (phone number available after purchase). Thanks you.

Sent by Ying on 10/14/13

Math, Tyler, TX

Interested in having you tutor my 8th grader. She is struggling bad. I need your help to help her! (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Shelly on 10/14/13

Business Management, New York, NY

Hello, I am a senior (second B.A.) in college and taking two Qant classes back to back. Production and Operation Management and Management Science are...

Sent by Anthony on 10/14/13

Geometry, Bristolville, OH

10th grader needs help in geometry

Sent by Josh on 10/14/13

Statistics, Escondido, CA

do you teach biostatistics thanks. pls call me if u are at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Brenda on 10/14/13

Algebra 2, Mobile, AL

My son has a Algebra 2 exam on Thursday and needs tutoring this week. Are you available? We live in West Mobile.

Sent by Ontee on 10/14/13

High School Honors Algebra 2, Cary, NC

Our son, jimmy a student at Panther Creek/10th grader needs help ASAP for an honors algebra 2 class. Please contact if available for evening tutoring. J.

Sent by Juli on 10/14/13

Physics, Daytona Beach, FL

Hi Blake - My son Nigel attends Embry-Riddle and needs help with Physics III. Are you up to the task ? I'd like to make this a steady hour per week. Thanks.

Sent by Jimi on 10/14/13

C++, Fulshear TX

Hey Abdullah, I am interested in somebody teaching C++ to my son. I live in Katy. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks P.

Sent by Prasad on 10/14/13

Statistics, Bellevue, WA

Hi Taylor, I was wondering what your hourly rate is, and if you feel comfortable tutoring stats?

Sent by Osha on 10/14/13

Sql, Los Angeles, CA

Hello.. I have been teaching myself ASP.net4 using a course designed by the Wrox company.. Using my computer on the local server everything works out just fine...

Sent by Dion on 10/14/13

Spanish Tutor, Northridge, CA

Hi Daniel, I have taken Spanish classes in the past and i want to be able to speak in Spanish better. Thanks, E.

Sent by Erin on 10/14/13

Spanish Tutor, Austin, TX

Hello Kimberly, We are looking for a tutor to teach our son Spanish 1A and 1B potentially. He is currently in 5th grade and can start immediately.

Sent by Antonia on 10/13/13

English Language Art, Lakeland, FL

Hello Jennifer, My daughter is 12 years old, and she needs an English/language arts tutor. She has been out of this country for 2 and half years.

Sent by Sabrina on 10/13/13

Abacus Math, Valencia, CA

We are interested in enroling our kid for Abacus. Please advice if you take abacus classes and if so whats ur availability?

Sent by Anishvib on 10/13/13

Usmle Step 2 Ck, New York, NY

Hello Dr. Snow, I'm T. Varghese and I live in Brooklyn, New York. Due to health reasons I have been on a leave of absence for more than a year, after completing my...

Sent by Travina on 10/13/13

Reading, writing, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Hey Nicole I am an international student and I need to improve my skills in speaking, reading, and writing. I would like to start today.

Sent by Faisal on 10/13/13

Calculus, Acworth, GA 30101

I am looking for a calculus tutor for my daughter. Please call at (phone number available after purchase). Thank you. C.

Sent by Cindy on 10/13/13

English, Charleston, SC

Hi Dan, I am in need of an English tutor for my 9th grader. He needs help with comprehension, writing papers and general organization.

Sent by Ginger on 10/13/13

Calculus, Abilene, TX

I am currently struggling with a few sections of calculus and could use the help as soon as possible for an upcoming test

Sent by Jim on 10/13/13

Lsat, Asheville, NC

Hello, This is M. S. I am seeking LSAT tutoring. Please contact me using my email or feel free to call (phone number available after purchase) Thanks, M.

Sent by Matthew on 10/13/13

Computer Programming, Las Vegas, NV

Can you teach computer programming to a 11 year old boy?

Sent by Thomas on 10/13/13

Calculus, Spring Hill, TN

I need some help in calculus. I was wondering if you are interested in assisting me.

Sent by Houston on 10/13/13

Economics, Northport, AL

Mr. Ryan, I am struggle with AP macroeconomics. I am not grasping the core concepts and I really need help as soon as possible.

Sent by Madison on 10/13/13

Computer Engineering, New York, NY

Sent by Joe on 10/13/13

Dat, Atlanta, GA 30319

I have taken the DAT twice and spent so much money on materials to get ready for it! I really need help to bring up my score.

Sent by Jigesh on 10/13/13

Nclex Rn, Roswell, GA 30076

I have failed the NCLEX 2 times and need help passing. I went to a sub par nursing school and most students are failing the exam.

Sent by Jenny on 10/13/13

Math, Gonzales, LA

Hi, Lauren my name is A.. My son name is Melvin he's currently in 6th grade at St. Amant middle. I'm looking for somebody who can really help him understand Math...

Sent by Asia on 10/13/13

Math, Portland, OR

Hello, We're interested in a tutor for our daughter in middle school Algebra 1. We live close to the Tigard Beaverton boundary.

Sent by Robert on 10/13/13

Math, Physics, Dallas, TX 75206

Sent by Brion on 10/13/13

Public Speaking, Basking Ridge, NJ

Dear Mr. Tony, I'm looking for a public speaking specialist to help my 5th grade girl and 7th grader boy. I found you from website and not sure if you're...

Sent by Jenny on 10/13/13

Writing, College Station, TX

I am looking English tutor for my son Billy, he is 10 years old , and he just came from China 2 years ago, we live in College Station , Texas

Sent by Ida on 10/13/13

German, LA Canada Flintridge, CA

Looking for a German tutor for our son, a sophomore at LCHS. Looking for Wednesdays after 5:00. I also contacted you through another company, but haven't heard back...

Sent by Constance on 10/12/13

Precalculus, El Dorado Hills, CA

Hello! I need tutoring in precalculus I am a junior at Oak Ridge High School.

Sent by Kylie on 10/12/13

Biotechnology, Oceanside, CA

Hi Vinita, I am currently enrolled in a biotechnology course (BTEC 203) at Miracosta College (Oceanside,CA). I have lots of questions about primers...

Sent by Josh on 10/12/13

Praxis, Baltimore, MD

Hello I am trying to pass the Praxis 1 test. I need tutoring in all three subject ares, reading, writing, and math. Do you provide Praxis 1 tutoring?

Sent by Leonard on 10/12/13

Applied Math, Portland, OR

Hello, are you available as as algebra I tutor for my daughter, on Sat/Sun every other weekend (for an hour each)? Are you willing to come to our house in Tigard?

Sent by Jade on 10/12/13

Anatomy, Raleigh, NC

I am a Radiography tech. student needing help with A+P involving imaging. Can you please help me?

Sent by Caroline on 10/12/13

Philosophy, Winston Salem, NC

Antonio, I am in need of a Philosophy tutor for my Intro to formal logic class. I could really use your help! Thanks Z.

Sent by Zach on 10/12/13

Nursing, South Amboy, NJ

Hi AJ, I just started my LPN classes. However, I have no medical experience what's so ever and I'm having trouble on understanding my A&P class.

Sent by Blanca on 10/12/13

Java Tutor, Kennesaw, GA

Hi Eduardo, My son Alex is a student at KSU taking his first CS course (Java). Are you available for a 2 hour tutoring session this weekend to help him prepare...

Sent by Matt on 10/12/13

Chinese, Baltimore, MD

We are looking for a tutor for a child that has 5 yrs of Chinese schooling as we just relocated back to Baltimore from China and Singapore.

Sent by Teresa on 10/12/13

Art, Oklahoma City, OK

Hello, I want to get lessons for my daughter, seening since her school got destroyed last year. She is a good artist and I hate to see her slip, and her school...

Sent by Dale on 10/12/13

Act, Champlin, MN

Looking for ACT tutor help for my son. Avaiable October 13 after 3?

Sent by Deb on 10/12/13

Math, New York, NY

Hi, how can I call you for tutoring for my child?

Sent by Pierre on 10/12/13

C#, Houston, TX

I need help with a C# program today, if possible.

Sent by David on 10/12/13

Usmle, Melbourne, FL 32940

Hello there, I'm yoga from Medical intern working in a government hospital in Malaysia. I need a private home tutor here in Malaysia.

Sent by Yogamalar on 10/12/13

Statistics, Gainesville, FL

Hey, I currently attend Santa Fe and I have a statistics test this Monday. Would you be available Saturday and Sunday?

Sent by Garrett on 10/12/13

Pharmacology, Alexandria, IN 46001

hi i need help in pharmacology.

Sent by Ahmed on 10/12/13

Entrepreneurship, Los Angeles, CA

I have an exam in monday for entrepreneurship class i need help to study for exam please let me know.

Sent by Mesfer on 10/11/13

Statistics, Skokie, IL

Hi Dan, I'm looking for someone to help me with an undergrad Stats class, but I need someone who is able to give concepts visual context and use real world...

Sent by Mindy on 10/11/13

Chemistry, Ruston, LA

Hello Gordon-Victor, My daughter is attending GSU as a first-semester freshman. She is pursuing a degree in pharmacy. However, she is having a hard time...

Sent by Ms. on 10/11/13

Act English, Des Moines, IA

mother and son going dmacc college need help in home work.

Sent by Barbara on 10/11/13

Writing, Hillsborough, NJ

Hi.My daughter Victoria is a 7th grader a Hillsborough Middle school. She is dyslexic and is in resource Literacy and Math. She is mainstream classes for all otehr...

Sent by Christina on 10/11/13

Math Tutor High School Level, Troy, MI

Son is in 10th grade and struggling with algebra. Needs 4 math credits to graduate and lost his math credit in 9th grade.

Sent by Melissa on 10/11/13

Adult Age, Saint Charles, IL

Dear Sara I have returned to school, cosmetology. Need assistance completing work book and studying for tests. Go to school in the evenings looking for tutoring...

Sent by Maureen on 10/11/13

Calculus, Absecon, NJ 08205

I am interested in a tutor for my calculus for life science class. Can you help me out?

Sent by Garrett on 10/11/13

Accounting, Tallahassee, FL

Hi Onassis my names A. A. im taking financial accounting at TCC and I have a test this tuesday and I am in need of some tutoring.

Sent by Anthony on 10/11/13

Essay Writing, Chicago, IL

I would like help writing an argumentative essay paper for my senior class in college. Do you have experience with college writing papers?

Sent by Angie on 10/11/13

Tutor Para Mejorar Mi Ingles, Miami, FL 33145

Hola Aurelio te envie un mensaje porque me gustaria contar con tus servicios para mejorar me englis esto en miami lakes , tengo telefono pero esta descargado ya que...

Sent by Leonora on 10/11/13

Gre, Provo, UT

Hi David, I am looking for a gre tutor, can you call me at (phone number available after purchase)? Thanks, J.

Sent by Jennifer on 10/11/13

Asvab, Charlotte, NC 28215

Need help passing the asvab

Sent by Ramon on 10/11/13

Susan, Irvine, CA

I am interested for my daughter's math tutoring, please call me at (phone number available after purchase) to discuss more...Thanks!

Sent by Navin on 10/11/13

Statistics, Lake Forest, CA

Hey I'm looking for a tutor who can make me understand statistics...it seems impossible as of now but I did get an A in calculus so I still have hope.

Sent by Kelly on 10/11/13

Math, Duncanville, TX

Hi Shelbee, My child is in 3rd grade and needs help in math. Please call me @ (phone number available after purchase). Thank you, S.

Sent by Shuntae on 10/11/13

Illustrator, Mill Valley, CA

I'm a graphic designer looking to strengthen my skills in Illustrator, Photoshop, Word and possibly PowerPoint. I'd like to speak with you on the phone for more...

Sent by Marc on 10/11/13

Asvab, Savannah, GA

Hi, I need help with math on the asvab

Sent by Jomo on 10/11/13

Calculus, Chatsworth, CA

my daughter is in 11th grade. She needs help w/precalculus immediately and SAT prep in the near future. one hour per week after school. Is your fee negotiable?

Sent by Naena on 10/11/13

Economics, Gainesville, FL

Hey Kristee, I'm J.. I'm a student in Intermrdiate Micro-Economics and I need a lot of help in the subject. I'm completely lost right now honestly...

Sent by Jimmy on 10/11/13

Programming, Winston Salem, NC

I am interested in learning Flash/Flex, specifically .air. I am not an experienced in programming although I did learn programming on the as/400 15 years ago.

Sent by Suse on 10/11/13

Biochemistry, Binghamton, NY

Good Afternoon, This is A. A.. I am currently taking Biochemistry and I am struggling with the class. The class is very fast paced and I need some help.

Sent by Alexis on 10/11/13

Biology, Chico, CA

Looking for Biology and Math tutor for my 14 years old son. He is at Chico High. Are you available for 2 to 3 hours a week after 3pm?

Sent by Mary on 10/11/13

Anthropology, Ogden, UT

I am a senior at Weber State University, I aam a Criminal Justice major and a Anthropology minor. I am taking a Anthropology Theory class and I am in way over my head.

Sent by Jessie on 10/11/13

Physics, Wilmington, NC

Have a daughter in Wilmington struggling in Physics. Need many hours of help. Please respond! She is really struggling!

Sent by Heidi on 10/11/13

Elementary, Plantation, FL

Hi, my name is I. and I`m for a tutor for my sons (5&11 y.o.) for 3 hours 5-6 times a week 5p.m.- 8p.m. Can you offer me a lower price? We live in Plantation, 33325

Sent by Inna on 10/11/13

Spanish, Oakland Gardens, NY

I am trying to find a tutor for my son. He is in 7th grade and needs help in ELA and spanish. Do you tutor in Queens?

Sent by Maura on 10/11/13

Statistics, Wappingers Falls, NY

how are you Kyle?My name is N. and I really need help in business statistics. My school is not providing me help in that field,so Im hoping you can help me with this...

Sent by Nusha on 10/11/13

Chemistry, Rocklin, CA 95765

Hello, our son is in 11th grade at Whitney High in Rocklin. He is home for 4 weeks for home hospital. We need a tutor after 3pm for Alg.II and chemistry?

Sent by Melinda on 10/10/13

Math Tutor, Duluth, GA

Hi! My son is on 8 grade in Duluth Middle School and needs help with Math. We live in Duluth, close to Buford Hwy. Please let me know if you are available.

Sent by Indhira on 10/10/13

Algebra 2, Austin, TX

Hello. I am looking for a tutor for my son. He is a senior this year and he is struggling big time with Algebra 2. I live near IH 35 and Slaughter Lane.

Sent by Angel on 10/10/13

Math, Petaluma, CA

Hi Austin I emailed you a month or so ago about tutoring my son in math. Checking to see if you have any free time now? Thanks L. S.

Sent by Liz on 10/10/13

Accounting, Saint Marys, GA

Im in a college managerial accounting class and it's the only class I need to graduate with a bachelors. The tutoring they offer at school is not helping...

Sent by Elizabeth on 10/10/13

Precalculus, Scttsdale Az

need tutoring for precalculus

Sent by Sudha on 10/10/13

CPA, Westwood, NJ

Hi, I am currently studying for the CPA exam and am taking FAR first. I'm really struggling with this exam, and was wondering if you could help me.

Sent by Toshi on 10/10/13

Nclex Rn, Birmingham, AL

Hey I need tutoring for nclex rn boards. How long have you been tutoring in this subject ?

Sent by Lisa on 10/10/13

Ap Calculus, Peachtree City, GA

Need Help with AP Calculus for 12th grader

Sent by Yasmin on 10/10/13

Nursing, Panama City, FL

Hi Stephen, I have a friend in Panama City, FL looking for a tutor to help pass NCLEX exam. Does this fit under your expertise?

Sent by Denise on 10/10/13

Shirley In, Baldwin Park, CA 91706

Hi Shirley, my name is M.. I am looking for a tutor for my 15 year old daughter. She is very smart and capable, but is needing help with 10th grade homework...

Sent by Michele on 10/10/13

Cpa, Chicago, IL

I am looking for someone who can help me with my Becker's CPA Program. Also interested in developing my accounting skills and terminology. Thank you.

Sent by Martin on 10/10/13

Asian Studies, Shreveport, LA

Looking for a proven tutor to help boost my student ACT scores. My student is a hard worker and has great grades, but did not do well on her ACT.

Sent by Kay on 10/10/13

Math Tutor, Boulder, CO

Hi Hillary. I would be interested in talking with you regarding my 6th grader needing help in math. We live in Gunbarrel and M or W are best between 4-6 pm.

Sent by Nancy on 10/10/13

Writing, Lakewood, CA

My Son is a senior in highschool and needs help with improving his ACT writing score - retaking test in Dec for 3rd time. He is applying to USC Viterbi school of...

Sent by Shelly on 10/10/13

Finance Tutor, College Station, TX

I really need help in finance 409. I can meet tonight after 7 and Monday and Tuesday. It is really for last minute help.

Sent by Dominic on 10/10/13

Statistics, Brooklyn, NY

i need help taking sociology of statistics very difficult

Sent by Stephanie on 10/10/13

Add Adhd, Alpharetta, GA

I have a 6T.h grade boy who is behind on reading. He has ADHD w/LD. I am looking for a T.uT.or. How does your T.uT.oring work? Do you have a program you follow?

Sent by T on 10/10/13

English, Tempe, AZ

Hello, Deborah, I'm looking for a tutor to improve my speaking and writing. If you are available now, could you send me your information? Thanks, H.

Sent by Hyewon on 10/10/13

Genetics, Tulsa, OK

Genetics tutoring for college

Sent by Clara on 10/10/13

Physics, Wilmette, IL

Hi Michael! My name is A. abbasi and im a junior in highschool! I am really struggling with physics and would really like it if you could tutor me maybe once a week...

Sent by Ayesha on 10/9/13

Economics, Tampa, FL

Need help my homework assignment. Can we meet in-person...I live in New Tampa...

Sent by Ghanshyam on 10/9/13

Algebra, Murrieta, CA

I have a freshman in high school, who needs lots of help in algebra 1. Math has not been a strong point for her. We are looking for a tutor to come to our house...

Sent by Denise on 10/9/13

Cpa, Chicago, IL

I am looking for a tutor for the CPA - Auditing Exam. I would like to talk to you in order to discuss this further. Would you be able to call me tomorrow (Thursday)...

Sent by Janis on 10/9/13

Needed Tutor, Round Lake, IL

Hello, I am looking to have my 16 year old daughter tutored. We reside in the round lake beach area. Please feel free to call/ text me at (phone number...

Sent by Christine on 10/9/13

7th Grader In Need Of Help, Granite Bay, CA

Hello, I have a 7th grader at Olympus junior high in Granite Bay. He was had an I.E.P. for 3 years, this year they took him out if it and he is really struggling.

Sent by Michelle on 10/9/13

Psat, New Paltz, NY

We need PSAT administered tomorrow. We have test. Please call 256-0802

Sent by Doug on 10/9/13

Algebra II, Hickory, NC

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for my 16yr old daughter for Algebra II for after school hours at the local library is possible? Thanks!

Sent by Monique on 10/9/13

Math, Milledgeville, GA

Hello I have a son who is currently enrolled at Blandy Hills Elm. He is struggling in all subjects especially math. I would like to know if you tutor kids at...

Sent by Shameia on 10/9/13

Geology/geography, Dallas, TX

Hello! I am a college student home for fall break. I am taking an intro to geology course. I have a packet of problems for introduction to geology.

Sent by Christianne on 10/9/13

Elementary Tutoring, Chicago, IL

Hi, I needed tutor for 2 or 3 days a week for 2 hour for my son 4rd Grader Reading and homework We live in Chicago zip 60634 Oak Park-Addison Please...

Sent by Iwona&chris on 10/9/13

Chemistry, Fresno, CA

Hi AmaB.e, I am looking for a tutor for my daughter. She is in 10th grade at Clovis East High school and is having a hard time in Honors Chemistry.

Sent by Pilar on 10/9/13

Physics, Lexington, KY

Hi! I am a college senior and I am pre-med. I am in calculus based physics 1 and I would like to find a tutor I could meet with 1-2 times a week.

Sent by Rebecca on 10/9/13

Algebra 2, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Hi, I'm interested in tutoring services for my daughter, a HS honors student. She needs help in Algebra 2 and Physics - please let me know if you would be interested...

Sent by Tiffany on 10/9/13

Reading, Pilot Point, TX

Hi, my name is J. G. and I live in Pilot Point. I have a 7 year old son in second grade who is having a very hard time with reading.

Sent by Joy on 10/9/13

Interviewing Skills, Avon, IN

Hi Marianna. I am I.. I live in Avon, your price 35 for 60 min-its correct? I would like to take your lessons. but 16 mil. from me.Where do you spend your lessons?

Sent by Irina on 10/9/13

Math, Westlake Village, CA

Daughter needs tutoring she is in 7th grade homeschooled and is having trouble with math.

Sent by Susan on 10/9/13

Mcat, Hollywood, FL

Need mcat tutor-need to improve mcat score.

Sent by Melanie on 10/9/13

Math, Leander, TX

Hi John, I enjoyed reading your comments and feel you might fit the needs of my husband, since he has recently returned to school to finish his engineering degree.

Sent by Kimberly on 10/9/13

Fitness Trainer, Ventura, CA

Hello I was looking to getting tutored in personal training. I have the ISSA personal training book and workstudy book but i can't seem to stay focused.

Sent by Fernando on 10/9/13

Physics, Philadelphia, PA

I'm taking a calculus based physics course at Community College of Philadelphia. We are using the book "Fundamentals Of Physics" 9th edition, Halliday & Resnick.

Sent by Sharif on 10/9/13

Biology Tutor, New Braunfels, TX

Hello I am a student at Texas State and I am struggling in Biology and I was wondering do you tutor biology for college students.

Sent by Colton on 10/9/13

Electrical Engineering, Villanova, PA

Hi Dr. Yuri, My name is M. S., I am a senior in Electrical Engineering an have been struggling in Signal Processing would you be available to tutor me starting...

Sent by Max on 10/9/13

Physics, Coatesville, PA

My son needs a tutor in physics and anatomy but mostly physics. Can you help? I'm in the coatesville area.

Sent by Monique on 10/9/13

Spanish Tutor, Oakville, CT

Need a tutor for my son in high school Spanish. I can be reached at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Christopher on 10/9/13

Teas, Baltimore, MD

Good morning Dr. Harish, I am looking for a TEAS tutor for my daughter. Please email and let her know as soon as possible if you're available. Thanks Mrs.Ross

Sent by Danielle on 10/9/13

Reading Writing, Laredo, TX

We are looking for a reading and writing for his 3rd grader son. Problem school is doing testing, we help out with homework but we can do academic testing.

Sent by Victor on 10/9/13

Arabic, Provo, UT

I am looking for an Arabic tutor for myslef and my son. This would most likely need to be on Saturdays as we would have to drive in from Grantsville.

Sent by Bill on 10/9/13

Microeconomics, Montclair, NJ

Hi I'm a student at Montclair State University and am looking for a tutor in Microeconomics

Sent by Justin on 10/9/13

Math And Reading, Tulare, CA

I'm looking for a tutor for my daughter she struggles in 2nd math and reading.

Sent by Kristy on 10/8/13

Geometry, West Covina, CA

Hola Carlos, me gustaria que por favor te pongas en contacto ya que me gustaria saber mas detalles de las clases que ofreces. Mi hijo tiene progblemas con Geometria.

Sent by Henry on 10/8/13

Physics, Crown Point, IN

I need help with physics. I need to make sure I can get at least a C in the class. I currently have an F and I'm hoping that you can teach better than my actual...

Sent by Ivy on 10/8/13

Geophysics, Katy, TX 77449

Wondering if you could help me in global geophysics lab

Sent by Donna on 10/8/13

Calculus Tutor, Holmdel, NJ

Need immediate tutor for multi variable calc/calc 3. Text is AP Calculus, ninth edition, Larson and Edwards.

Sent by Judi on 10/8/13

Act, Redmond, WA

Hi Evan, My daughter is in junior year High School. Her recent ACT composite sc ore is 23. I really want her to bring it up to 30 or above. Her reading score is 17.

Sent by Buna on 10/8/13

Act Tutor, Brunswick, GA

I have a senior at Glynn Academy who has taken the act 3 times and she can't seem to score above 19 composite. She needs a score of 20 in English and 19 in math...

Sent by Gail on 10/8/13

Computer Tutor, Dallas, TX

Am an adult needing help with computer basics.

Sent by Veronica on 10/8/13

Math, Asheville, NC 28806

I am looking for a tutor for my fourth grade daughter. She has learning disabilities, anxiety, possibly ADD. She is really struggling in school with math and writing.

Sent by Kristi on 10/8/13

Mechanical Engineering, Budd Lake, NJ

Hey Mohamed, Im looking for an all around mechanical engineer tutor to help me with all if not most of the courses I am currently taking.

Sent by Tamir on 10/8/13

Project Management, Arlington, VA

I need tutoring in some concepts of a basic intro to project management course

Sent by Lubna on 10/8/13

Act Sat, Tallahassee, FL

Hello Leonala, I was wondering how much you would charge per hour for ACT/SAT tutoring if I get multiple hours of tutoring? Thanks, M.

Sent by Mona on 10/8/13

Algebra 2, Anderson, SC


Sent by Queenishiamcdonald on 10/8/13

Online Algorithms, Denver, CO

do you have a strong background in: All pairs for shortest path: war-shall algorithm Johnson algorithm ?

Sent by Ahamed on 10/8/13

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Nclex Rn, Bristol, PA

Hello Jean. I graduated from Harcum College in May, with an Associates Deree in Nursing. I have taken the NCLEX-RN twice with no success.

Sent by Dora on 10/8/13

Tutoring/Babysitter, Hollister, CA

Noelle, we happened upon you on the sitter city website as well and really liked your profile. Please contact us for an interview. Thank you!

Sent by Cesar on 10/8/13

Tutoring In Math & Reading, Knightdale, NC

I need tutoring for two elementary school aged children in math, reading and writing. Please email me back if you are able to help. Thank you.

Sent by Crystal on 10/8/13

College Chemistry, Smithtown, NY

My son is a high senior taking college chem and needs tutoring Looking for ASAP help

Sent by Angela on 10/8/13

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Math Ucla, Beverly Hills, CA

Good Morning, I have a child who is in third grade but is behind in Math. I need two times someone two times a week to do math tutoring at our home.

Sent by Nina on 10/8/13

C#, Houston, TX

Started C# six weeks ago-attending HCC. I cant seem to grasp the language of C#. My number is (phone number available after purchase) and I live in the Galleria area.

Sent by Tree on 10/8/13

Spanish, Whittier, CA

Hello. My daughter Cristina needs a Spanish tutor. She is 16 yrs old and attends Rosary High School in Fullerton. She lives in Whittier near First and Imperial.

Sent by Rosalie on 10/8/13

Spss, Ann Arbor, MI

I am looking for SPSS to analyze my research descriptive study

Sent by Hamad on 10/8/13

Rowing, Birmingham, AL

We have started a rowing club in Bham. I am on of the coaches. I was on US Natl team 1975, 1976, and 1977. Stroke of bronze W8+ Olympics 76.

Sent by J on 10/8/13

Anatomy, Fort Myers, FL

Hi Cara! My son wants to become an RN. He is enrolled at FGCU but will be transferring to Edison in January. He is struggling with Anatomy and needs a tutor as he...

Sent by Michelle on 10/8/13

Algebra, Greenfield, MA

Hi! I am currently taking Intermediate Algebra and having trouble keeping up with the professor's style of learning. I am a visual learning and have been out of...

Sent by Bounphone on 10/8/13

Physics Tutor, Spokane, WA

Hi David, My Daughter is in high school struggling with physics. Looking for a tutor and came across you. Please contact me on the email above. Thanks!

Sent by Shaazia on 10/8/13

Act, Monticello, MN

Hi Jenna we are in need for an all around ACT tutor. My daughter Alyssa scored a 16 the first time around and we need to raise it to a 18.

Sent by Troy on 10/7/13

Electronic Engineering, Las Vegas, NV

Hello, do you know anything about metal detectors?

Sent by Smith on 10/7/13

Chemistry, Pensacola, FL

I'm looking for a chemistry tutor for my daughter at uwf this is chemistry 101 or basic chemistry. Do you tutor on campus?

Sent by Jennifer on 10/7/13

Economics, Eastchester, NY

Zack: I'm an MBA student in need of tutoring assistance ASAP for my microeconomics class. I'd like to have someone of your expertise to meet with weekly...

Sent by Pete on 10/7/13

Statistics, Los Angeles, CA 90001

kindly SEND YOUR assignment / contact details at (email available after purchase) or call at (phone number available after purchase) I will help

Sent by Chandra on 10/7/13

Reading, Galion, OH

Interested in tutoring help for my 7 year old daughter in reading. We are in Marion on Thursdays.

Sent by Brandi on 10/7/13

Pharmacy Technician Certification, Mequon, WI

Hi Tanya, I was wondering if you tutor a course to receive a Pharmacy Technician certification? I am a freshman in college in the pre-pharmacy program and...

Sent by Abby on 10/7/13

Excel, Madison, WI

Hi I am an honors psychology major and am im a research lab for Christopher Coe, looking at human data. Mostly doing regressions through spss and working with excel.

Sent by Shelby on 10/7/13

Physics, Fair Oaks, CA

Looking for a physics and calculus tutor for my sophomore high school daughter. She is a straight A student and looking to keep it that way.

Sent by Michelle on 10/7/13

Writing, Costa Mesa, CA

Hello Ms.Elizabeth, I am looking for a tutor for my son (6th grade). If you can contact us back for more info we will be appreciated. Thank you :)

Sent by Ayumi on 10/7/13

C-c++, Auburn University, AL

Hey! I am a student at Auburn University and I'm looking for a tutor for my C Programming class. I just need help with my last 4 assignments that are due throughout...

Sent by Hayden on 10/7/13

Statistics, Carson, CA

Hi, I want to email you my assignment and get a quote. You can email me back or text/call me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Gaby on 10/7/13

Physics Tutor, Frisco, TX

I am looking for a tutor for my son. He is a Junior in high school taking geometry and physics. He needs help in both classes.

Sent by Sue on 10/7/13

Elementary Tutoring, Huntington Beach, CA

Hello.. we are looking into tutoring ...AGAIN...for our oldest who is now 10 yrs. She has had struggles with school keeping up staying focused since kinder.

Sent by Tacey on 10/7/13

Pre Calculus, Blacksburg, VA

I am looking for a pre calculus tutor for my Blacksburg HS daughter. She has a test on Friday and looking for a tutor for this Thursday 10/10/2013 and possibly AP...

Sent by Anne on 10/7/13

AP Chemistry, Prince Frederick, MD

I am an AP Chemistry student at Calvert High School. I am looking for help in topics that include net ionic equations, equilibrium, Organic chemistry...

Sent by Justin on 10/7/13

Personal Trainer, Los Angeles, CA

Hello Joe, i looking for someone to go through the Ace book and tutor me so I can become a personal trainer. Wanted to know what your rates are and if this is...

Sent by Monica on 10/7/13

Revit Services, Phoenix, AZ 85029

Hello, I am interior designer and graduated before my school started teaching Revit to design students. I would like to learn it and get familiar with it enough...

Sent by Jelena on 10/7/13

Allgebra, Huntington, NY

Hi Jenise, hope you are well, im hoping to hire you to help my 13 girl in Allgebra. she typically pretty good but currently struggling a bit.

Sent by Kathy on 10/7/13

Reading, Hilliard, OH

Hi. This is S. Wu. I am looking a tutor to help my daughter's reading and writing. She is 6th grader of Hilliard Stations middle school. She loves read and write.

Sent by Sophia on 10/7/13

Spanish&History, Greensburg, PA

Hi. My daughter is struggling with several subjects on school and is in need of help. I read your profile and you seen like you can relate to her needs.

Sent by Becky on 10/7/13

Algebra, Brownsville, TX

Hello, I'm looking for someone to help my son with algebra. He is in 10th grade. Do you have experience tutoring algebra?

Sent by Ester on 10/7/13

Sat Writing, Whitehouse Station, NJ

Hi Mallory, I'm looking for someone to tutor my daughter for the SAT's. Kindly let me know if you are available. Thank you, R.

Sent by Rich on 10/7/13

Physics, Mobile,alabama

I am taking honors Physics and I nedd Help

Sent by Vishal on 10/7/13

Microsoft Outlook, Buffalo, NY

Hello, I am in need of a Tito for excel with spreadsheets made for an interview this Friday.

Sent by Candace on 10/7/13

Calculus, Plano, TX

I am in calculus at UTD and I need help with study concepts.

Sent by Ashley on 10/7/13

Writing, Goleta, CA

Hi, My name is O., and I go to UCSB. i have been here for 5 years now, and can speak English well. However, when it comes down to writing, I often make...

Sent by Owen on 10/7/13

Algebra, Houston, TX

need tutoring in pre algebra

Sent by Shettara on 10/7/13

Chemistry (general), Irvine, CA

Hi there, I am looking for a tutoring help in General Chemistry and was wondering what your availability is for later tonight or tomorrow morning?

Sent by John on 10/7/13

Act/Pre-Cal, Pensacola, FL

My daughter is a Junior at Tate High and is in Pre-Cal Honors. She is struggling and needs one-on-one help. Please let me know what your availability is.

Sent by Carmen on 10/7/13

Geometry, Missouri City, TX

i am interested for Geometry tutoring for my 9th grade son.

Sent by Hong on 10/7/13

Lsat, Columbia, SC

Hi Raia My son Spencer is a senior at USC and is taking the LSAT in Dec. He took the summer prep course there but has need for a private tutor as well. Can we chat?

Sent by Francie on 10/7/13

Algebra 2, Cranberry Township, PA

I live in New Sewickley Township. I am looking for a tutor for my son who is in Algebra 2 honors. He is in 10th grade at Freedom High School.

Sent by Christine on 10/7/13

Statistics, Wellington, OH

Good Afternoon Brittney, I was curious if you are still actively tutoring as I am in need of a statistics tutor. I am currently enrolled in the Masters program for...

Sent by Jenny on 10/7/13

Algebra Tutor, Fairfax, VA

I have a child in the 9th grade. He needs help in Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. We live in south of Reston, VA. if you could help us, please email or call me...

Sent by Philip on 10/7/13

Spanish, Dorado, Pr

Sent by Marina on 10/7/13

Punjabi, Sacramento, Ca

I have been looking for a Punjabi tutor for a very long time. I would be really happy to finally find someone to help me :)

Sent by Charlene on 10/7/13

Microsoft Access, Manchester, NH

Hello, I am interested in hiring a tutor to help me make some changes to an MS Access database that I use for my business. If this is something that you can help me...

Sent by Diane on 10/7/13

Math, Winston Salem, NC

Hi Nicole I have a 9 year old who loves acting and theater. She is struggling with math in the 4th grade. Would like someone on Wednesday and Friday or 2 days...

Sent by Donna on 10/7/13

Mandarin, Orlando, FL

Hello! I am wondering if you have availability for private tutoring in Mandarin? I am a native, english speaking US citizen, with no real background in Mandarin.

Sent by Joe on 10/7/13

Act, Rhome, TX

Please let me know if you have the time to tutor twin senior girls for the next ACT test. They've taken them three times and the best are a 23 & 24.

Sent by Lori on 10/7/13

Biology, Algabra 1, Econ, Vail, AZ

Hi Lisa, We are looking for a tutor for our daughter who is a freshman this year in high school. Please give us a call or email, (phone number available after...

Sent by Howard on 10/7/13

French, Covina, CA

I am interested in having a tutor for my daughter taking French 2, please get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you.

Sent by Julissa on 10/6/13

Gov/Econ, Granite Bay, CA

Hello! Not sure if you have any availability this week but my son has ADHD, Auditory & Multi-Sensory processing disorders and struggled in school.

Sent by Coleen on 10/6/13

Physics, Petaluma, CA

Austin, I am trying to set up physics tutoring for my son tomorrow and Tuesday. Please call if it is more convenient (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Brett on 10/6/13

Econometrics, Union City, CA

Hello, My name is N. I'm a MA ''Economics'' student. I need help in my Econometrics class please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you so much N.

Sent by Nora on 10/6/13

Logic, Lexington, KY

Hey Alexander, I am taking a Symbolic Logic class at UK and am looking for a tutor. Are you available to help me out?

Sent by Dakota on 10/6/13

Esl English 2nd Language, Louisville, TN

Hi, Trudy I'm an English student and i came to U.S to study English my English level is beginning . i'm looking for English tutor (ESL) to teach me for 1 hour ...

Sent by Aminah on 10/6/13

Nclex RN, Chicago,IL

Need Nclex RN tutoring I have taken the exam twice and failed with 265 questions.

Sent by Jessica on 10/6/13

Algebra 2, Corona Del Mar, CA

Need a tutor for my nephew.

Sent by Steve on 10/6/13

Biology, Northridge, CA

Hi, Im CSUN student, please call me at (phone number available after purchase) ASAP, Thanks

Sent by Waleed on 10/6/13

Accounting, Lubbock, TX

I am a CPA in Corpus Christi and my son is taking financial accounting at Texas Tech. He needs help! My phone # is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Debbie on 10/6/13

Asvab, Indio, CA

Seeking tutor for 17 year old senior at LQHS to achieve better score on ASVAB for Navy entrance.

Sent by Yvonne on 10/6/13

Gymnastics, San Diego, CA

Hello Emily! My name is J.. I am I 9 year old girl and I would like a gymnastics tutor. Right now I am stuck on my front-walkovers. Hope you can help! Bye! ;)

Sent by Julianna on 10/6/13

Reading And Math, Lima, OH

My daugher is in third grade and is getting a D- in both reading and math. She has always struggled in math. This is just the beginning of the year and...

Sent by Kristy on 10/6/13

Accounting, Long Island, NY

I am looking for an accounting tutor but I am located at exit 65 off the LIE. I am curious if you are ever out this way or if you have ever used other forms of...

Sent by Daniel on 10/6/13

Calculus, Plainsboro, NJ

need help pre- calculus hons

Sent by Mita on 10/6/13

Lsat, Indianapolis, IN

Hi, I am looking for LSAT tutoring in downtown Indy. Please email me if you think you can help. Thanks - A.

Sent by Aarti on 10/6/13

English, Chardon, OH

Hi Brandi: I have a 17 year old son who is struggling with english, writing essays and grammar. Can you help him with this? Please contact me at your earliest...

Sent by Becky on 10/6/13

Computer Networks, Hackensack, NJ

Hey, I looked at yr ad in here..do u have any idea about Computer Networks, I'm taking this class in school and I'm looking for someone to help me in the exams and HW.

Sent by Alwaleedy on 10/6/13

Math English Science Reading Spelling Vocabulary, Key West, FL

My son is in 4th grade is average was a B average now is average is a D average in less than a month he's falling back. So I know he needs extra help.

Sent by Jada on 10/6/13

Writing, PSYCHOLOGY, Fairfax, Va 22030

Sent by Kholoud on 10/6/13

Computer Programming, Honolulu, HI

Hi Leo. I need tutor for my c programming class.

Sent by Herbert on 10/6/13

Statistics, Tucson, AZ

am taking a biostatistics class and i need help with it.

Sent by Hadel on 10/6/13

Math, Arroyo Grande, CA

My 7th grade daughter needs help with math. What days are you available?

Sent by Portia on 10/6/13

Nuclear Engineering, Lynchburg, VA 24502

Hello Thomas I am nuclear engineering student at UOIT Canada and I need some help with my courses.Could you please help me out thanks

Sent by Turki on 10/5/13

Operations Research, Los Angeles, CA

I am looking for an operations research tutor. I am taking an an on-line class for my MBA program and need remedial help. It has been 35 years since I've taken...

Sent by Marsha on 10/5/13

Heat Transfer, Lewisville, TX

Hi, I need some help with my heat transfer class and i was wondering if you can help me out. Specifically in : Transient conduction " finite-difference method -...

Sent by Mustafa on 10/5/13

Real Estate, Portland, OR

Hi Brian, I am looking for a tutor to prepare for the Real Estate State exam. Is this a subject you would be able to assist in?

Sent by Amanda on 10/5/13

Accounting, Visalia, CA

I need help in my principles of accounting class. ASAP please thank you

Sent by Ney on 10/5/13

SAS, Ashland, KY 41101

Hello Mr. Swaroop: I am looking for Statistical modeling and SAS programming help through on line tutoring for my daughter immediately.

Sent by Raju on 10/5/13

English, Murrieta, CA

Sent by Zuzana on 10/5/13

Computer, Casper, WY

I need help with my computer for my job

Sent by Jon on 10/5/13

Nursing, Redding, CA

I am a nursing student at Simpson univ. Do u tutor in statistics? I need help i don't even know how to square root! Would u take less money per hour? thanks

Sent by Susan on 10/5/13

Anthropology, Oakland, CA

Hello Charlie, My name is J. F. and I'm taking a anthropology 14 (linguistic anthro) at my local junior college. I have a paper on brain studies in language coming...

Sent by Jackson on 10/5/13

Ib Chemistry, Winter Springs, FL

Hi my name is R. my daughter to Seminole h's and taking ob chemistry she is failing and we need help.We would like to try 2x a week like Monday and Tuesday.

Sent by Rosie on 10/5/13

History, Stafford, VA

Megan, I am interested in finding a tutor for my 15 year old, Sophmore high school student. He is struggling in Honor History. What services do you provide?

Sent by Leslie on 10/5/13

Biology, Kerrville, TX

Hi Larry my name is C. my daughter is having a little trouble and some of her college courses and I was wondering if you could help please give me a call...

Sent by Carl on 10/5/13

Adobe Photoshop, Atlanta, GA

Need help with photoshop CC. please call (phone number available after purchase). will explain my situation

Sent by William on 10/5/13

Final Cut Pro X, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Ben, Can you tutor in final cut X? I'm proficient on Avid and Final Cut Pro 7.

Sent by Steve on 10/5/13

Reading, Pocatello, ID

Hi, I need help in reading English, how to search, summrizing and how can I read. I want to give you cash only. I am Arabic . Thank you .

Sent by Abdullah on 10/4/13

Math, Mililani, HI

Looking for math tutor for my 10 year old son.

Sent by Phyllis on 10/4/13

Chemistry, Denver, CO 80217

hi i need your help on chemistry as soon as possible

Sent by Mohammed on 10/4/13

Statistics, Franklin Park, NJ

Are you of assistance toward MBA level statistics, if so what times are you available, can you travel into Franklin Park, NJ 08823/ and the cost of (3) 1hr sessions...

Sent by Ron on 10/4/13

Math, Montclair, CA

My 11yr old son is failing MATH!!!!! I sincerely want to help my son. As a divorced Mom with 4 kids, I work 3 jobs to support my family.

Sent by Joanna on 10/4/13

Nclex Rn, Fresno,CA 93727

Hello, This is S. K.. I trying to pass the Nclex-RN last 3 year but unable to pass the test. I done my RN from India.I'm happy if you help me out.

Sent by Sukhveer on 10/4/13

Algebra Tutor, Northvale, NJ

Hi I hope you can help. My Daughter Ashley is a Junior at Dominican College NY. She has an IEP in Math otherwise her grades are A's and B's.

Sent by Kathy on 10/4/13

Calculus, Gainesville, VA

I am looking for a AB Calculus tutor for my highschool senior. Can you let me know if you are available? Thank you.

Sent by Kim on 10/4/13

Term Paper, Oakland, CA

Hi Janet, I am recently re-enrolled at UC Berkeley after 10 years of absence and could use some help with writing projects. Let me know if you're available, thanks!

Sent by Lars on 10/4/13

Algebra, Victorville, CA

looking for tutor for my 16 yr old daughter Algebra II

Sent by Sonja on 10/4/13

Math And Reading, Victor, NY

Hello, I'm looking for a tutor that is personable and knowledgable in reading people. My daughter is struggling in school and she really is smart when she tries.

Sent by Jessica on 10/4/13

GED Math, Newnan , Ga

I need help with math , a better understanding of it .

Sent by Kristina on 10/4/13

C#, Houston, TX

I need help in C#. Was wondering if you can help me out.

Sent by Sergio on 10/4/13

6th Grader, Hickory, NC

Hi Trixie, We have a 6th grader that is in need of additional help in the afternoons. He needs instruction in organization and someone to assist with homework...

Sent by April on 10/4/13

Excel, Tacoma, WA

Need someone who I can pay to do spreadsheet stuff.

Sent by Aaron on 10/4/13

Elementary Education, Pearl River, NY

Hello- I am looking for a tutor for reading and math for my grand-daughter (7 years old). She lives in Pearl River. What are your qualifications for working with...

Sent by Reina on 10/4/13

German, Barrington,RI

I wanted a tutor for my boys age 4 and 11 years. Ideally from 5:30 pm to 7 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I would like them to study C.onversation...

Sent by Meena on 10/4/13

Javascript, San Francisco, CA

Hi, I need a javascript tutor/mentor to teach me the basics of JS,Jquery. I am a beginner and know a tutor would help my learning curve.

Sent by Peter on 10/3/13

Math Ucla, Beverly Hills, CA

Hi Miss Sharis, I have an 8th grader that need help in math. Please contact me (phone number available after purchase) Thanks

Sent by Poopack on 10/3/13

Geometry Tutor, Jamestown, NY

Hi Teri. My name is B. and I have a 15 yr. old son struggling with geometry and has asked us to find him someone to help him "get it"!! Can you help?

Sent by Beth on 10/3/13

Ged Prep, Gravette, Ar

Hello Lori, My name is G. G. and I'm 20 years old. I really want to get my GED. I have goals to meet in my life and was hoping I could get some information on how...

Sent by Grant on 10/3/13

Electrical Engineering, Baton Rouge, LA

Hello, my name is J., I need help understand a schematic and how everything works in there, if you can meet me up tonight, it would be great, please call me...

Sent by Jenny on 10/3/13

Time Management, Steamboat Springs, CO

My son attends CMC and we are looking for someone to help him stay on top of his assignments, time management and study skills and overall tutoring in classes he is...

Sent by Danielle on 10/3/13

Math, Wasilla, AK

Hello, I have a child who has always struggled in math. She is a senior now and I worry she will graduate without the skills she needs in math. Can you help?

Sent by Annette on 10/3/13

Adhd, Forney, TX

Hello I am inquiring about your tutoring. My son is ADHD a sophomore at north forney and Is struggling tremendously in school. He refuses to take medication...

Sent by Brandinstephens on 10/3/13

Spanish, Mystic, CT

I am looking to find a spanish tutor for my grade 7 son. Plse reply if interested. Thnx.

Sent by Elaine on 10/3/13

Accounting, Billings, MT

i'm facing difficulties with journal entries and some others

Sent by Khalid on 10/3/13

Writing, Simpsonville, SC 29680

My son Ty is a seventh grader. He need help in his writing / English class. You can contact at 18643130510. Thanks

Sent by Preston on 10/3/13

Math, Fort Polk, LA

Hello Jessica, I live on Fort Polk and I am looking for a tutor for my fifth grader. He is in need of extra help in math and English/Language Arts.

Sent by Ashayla on 10/3/13

Cst Biology, West Hempstead, NY 11552

Hello Ramona, I am in desperate need of a tutor to help me pass my biology CST. I have my masters in secondary education I completed my student teaching...

Sent by Dina on 10/3/13

Pharmacology, Dallas, TX

Hi my name is J. I'm I need help with anp and pharmacology

Sent by Jernesha on 10/3/13

Electrical Engineering, Fort Collins, CO

i have an exam on electrical engineering , ECE 103 and i am looking for someone who can really help me to be able to do good in the course so if you are familiar...

Sent by Abdullah on 10/3/13

Elementary English, Abbeville, LA

Hi! My son is in Kindergarten at Meaux Elementary. He seems to be having a hard time in catching on. I'm looking for someone that can offer him one on one help.

Sent by Ashlee on 10/3/13

Accounting, Winston Salem, NC

I have financial account with strayer is this someting you tutor?

Sent by Montinique on 10/3/13

Asvab, Fort Walton Beach, FL

Hi my name is K. W. I was wondering if you would be interested in tutoring me for a while to improve on my asvab score

Sent by Kisha on 10/3/13

Algebra, Saint Charles, IL

Looking for an Algebra tutor for my 9th grader. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Helen on 10/3/13

Calculus, Lorain, OH

There are two students who could use your help in our household. My step-daughter needs help in senior AP calculus, and her mom needs help with algebra.

Sent by Jim on 10/3/13

Algebra 2, Dublin, OH

Hi Genna, I have a 9th grader daughter who needs help and guidance in Algebra 2. Could you please let me know, if you are available.

Sent by Ranjana on 10/3/13

Algebra Trigonometry, Grand Island, NY

We are contacting you to tutor our daughter in algebra2/trig could you please get back to us as soon as possible at our email? Thank you

Sent by Michelle on 10/3/13

Ap Us History, Collegeville, PA

We need tutoring for my kid in 11th grade for AP US history

Sent by Radha on 10/3/13

Math, Hollywood, FL

Need help for my son who's in 11th grade at Stranahan Magnet pgm in Engineering. Lots of science/math but floundering this year so far.

Sent by Susan on 10/3/13

Algebra Tutor, Portland, OR

My 17 year old is having a terrible time with Algebra 2 and is fearful of not graduating because of not passing her senior year. She attends Rex Putnam...

Sent by Carol on 10/3/13

Chemistry, Miami, FL

Hello, I am currently taking chm 1045 and my teacher doesn't elaborate on anything. I'm in desperate need of a tutor because I need to know everything.

Sent by Trisha on 10/3/13

Geometry, Saint Augustine, FL

I'm looking for a geometry tutor for my daughter at Flagler. Could you please let me know your availability? Thank-you. R.

Sent by Roxanne on 10/3/13

Mechanical Engineering, Seattle, WA

Need help with Heat transfer. Student at UW,

Sent by Kyle on 10/2/13

Algebra 1, Daly City, CA

Hi Mary, Im looking a tutor for my son he 's having a hard time in algebra 1. I want it one and one. Is there anyway you could help me to improve my son in Algebra.

Sent by Girly on 10/2/13

Electrical Engineering, Tulsa, OK

Hi Dr. Aaron, How are you? My name is P., and I am a Tu Student, majoring in EE I was wondering if you could tutor me with my Signals and system class...

Sent by Paulo on 10/2/13

Statistics, Sanford, NC

I'm in statistics (college) and I'm in the need for some serious help....

Sent by Michelle on 10/2/13

Algebra 2, Windsor, CA

Hi, I have a daughter who is a junior at Windsor High and is failing Algebra 2. Can you help her?

Sent by Mary on 10/2/13

Ruby On Rails, New York, NY 10016

Hello RoR Tutor, I need help with RoR and GitHub tasks. I will have specific tasks that I will need resolved. I am a newbie to RoR.

Sent by Kim on 10/2/13

Microsoft Excel, Orlando, FL

Need to pass assessment excel test on 10/08/2013. want to go through some point on 2-3 hours Please respond before 10/04/13 (phone number available after...

Sent by Refat on 10/2/13

Public Speaking, Charleston, SC

Hi Laura, I need a public speaking coach. Would you please email me so that we can work out the details. I live and work downtown which I believe is within your 10...

Sent by Brad on 10/2/13

Geometry Tutor, Cathedral City, CA

I am looking for a geometry tutor for my eleventh grade daughter.

Sent by Sharleen on 10/2/13

Algebra, Beaumont, TX

My daughter needs help with Algebra/Trigonometry class that she is taking in high school. She is struggling with her homework. She has been going to tutorial...

Sent by Michelle on 10/2/13

Math, Moreno Valley, CA

I'm looking for a math tutor to help my 8th grade sin understand prealgebra. I think we would need two hours per week.

Sent by Tammy on 10/2/13

Chemistry Tutor, Bridgewater, VA

Hi Catherine, I currently attend JMU. I am a biology major, but I am having trouble with organic chemistry. I wasn't sure if you tutor in organic chemistry also...

Sent by Abbie on 10/2/13

Praxis II, Warwick, RI

I am interested in tutoring for the Praxis II exam specifically Elementary Education - Multiple Subjects (Math, Reading and Science).

Sent by Eric on 10/2/13

Adhd, Bowling Green, OH

I am looking for a tutor to assist my son who is a freshman at BGSU. He has ADHD and is having trouble getting organized at school.

Sent by Eileen on 10/2/13

Praxis, Memphis, TN

My daughter is in her 3rd year at the University Of Memphis , she needs help with the reading part of her Praxis Test , can you help her

Sent by Ron on 10/2/13

AP Statistics, Albany, CA

Hi William -- I'm looking for a tutor for my daughter, an AP Statistics student at Albany High School. Please contact me when you get a chance. Thanks. M.

Sent by Michael on 10/2/13

Math, Indio, CA

I am interested in your tutoring services for my niece. She needs help with math and chemistry. She's located in Indio, Ca. I'm located in diamond bar.

Sent by Mayra on 10/2/13

French, Charlotte, NC

Hi geena. We spoke through wyzant. I am not comfortable with giving my details of credit cards. Please let me know if we can meet prior to me putting my details up.

Sent by Harshna on 10/2/13

Business Statistics Tutor, Bronx, NY 10473

Hello Dr. John, I am currently enrolled in Lehman college and am taking Business Statistics II and am lost in some of the steps.

Sent by Ivelisse on 10/2/13

Neuroscience, Denver, CO

Hi. My name is S. and I was wondering if you tutor in Neuroscience?

Sent by Shinoah on 10/2/13

Calculus, Foxboro, MA

Hi Nelson, My son, Ethan, is a senior at Oliver Ames HS in Easton. He is having some difficulty in Calculous and has asked for help.

Sent by Tamsin on 10/2/13

Math/Reading, Prairieville, LA

Hi Lauren! My name is C.. I'm seeking tutoring services for my 1st grader in Math and Reading. Please contact me! I'm a very serious inquiry. Have a great day!

Sent by Christy on 10/2/13

Javascript, Plainsboro, NJ

I need help with javascript A.S.A.P. Can you help me. Would appreciate if you can give me a call at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Le on 10/2/13

Math, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Hello, My stepson Chris is having a hard time passing the math portion of the TABE test in order to enroll in the welding program at NWFSC.

Sent by Tami on 10/2/13

Biology/Anatomy/Physiology, Columbia, SC

Hi there, I am a sophomore nursing student at USC and I am in desperate need of help in my biology/anatomy/physiology course. If you would be interested...

Sent by Julia on 10/2/13

French, Seattle, WA

Hi Ruth, I am checking to see if you might be available to tutor my daughter in French. Thanks, R. S.

Sent by Rebecca on 10/2/13

Cosmetology, La Crosse, WI 54601

Hello I need help with passing cosmetlogy exam

Sent by Tomika on 10/2/13

Nclex Rn, Indianapolis, IN

I am looking for a tutor to prepare me for the nclex. I have taken the test two times now and failed. I used kaplan, but it didnt not help me.

Sent by Morgan on 10/2/13

Gre, Colorado Springs, CO

Looking for a tutor to prepare for the GRE, especially needing help in the math area, but also in all areas. Thanks!

Sent by Jennifer on 10/2/13

Special Education, Durham, NC

Hello, I have twins girls age 8 who are struggling in 3rd grade. I am looking for a tutor that knows how to work with kids with learning disablies. This is your area ?

Sent by Staci on 10/2/13

Algebra, Athens, AL

I have recently inrolled at Calhoun CC and need help with Algebra ASAP

Sent by Kip on 10/2/13

Algebra, Fremont, CA

Hello: I am looking for an Algebra tutor. My niece is having issues in 8th grade Algebra. We live in Fremont. Are you available and could you provide your rate?

Sent by Laurie on 10/2/13

Nclex, Minneapolis, MN 55432

Hello ! My name is B. B.. I took the NCLEX twice and can's seem to master it. I was on the deans list in college. I graduated in May from Bethel University with my BS.

Sent by Brooke on 10/2/13

Trigonometry, Oberlin, OH

I'm looking for someone to help my daughter understand HS Trig. Please contact me asap if interested. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ellen on 10/2/13

Pre-calculus, Auburn, AL

I have a son that is a Senior at Auburn High. He needs some help with pre-calculus. Are you available for tutoring in the evenings?

Sent by Heath on 10/2/13

Python, Dallas, TX

I need help with some NumPy and SciPy python homework immediately. Are you available today?

Sent by Jashona on 10/2/13

Pharmacology, Houston, TX

I'm in need help with nursing pharmacology?

Sent by Aline on 10/2/13

Numerical Analysis, Rochester, NY 14607

I need you to help me in numerical analysis assignment. I will send my assignment, but please if you don't know how to answer tell me that.

Sent by Reem on 10/1/13

Interior Design, Rock Hill, SC

Please contact me soon, I need tutor in interior design class I need to contact u as soon as you can I have test and I want someone to explain the lectures for me ...

Sent by Futun on 10/1/13

Biology, Oxford, MS

Hi Taylor, My name's H. and I'm a junior at Ole Miss & I saw you tutor biology! I'm struggling a lot in Bio 102. If we could get in contact, that would be great!

Sent by Hannah on 10/1/13

Web Page Design, Miami, FL

can you tutor adobe Dreamweaver? My son has a web page design class and needs help creating a website

Sent by Carolina on 10/1/13

Biology/ Reading, Oxford, MS

Hi, I am looking for a tutor for my son. He is in the 10th grade at Oxford High. Josh has Ataxia so he has some disabilities that have affected his Reading.

Sent by Tracey on 10/1/13

Environmental Engineering, Newbury Park Ca

Hi I need tutoring in my grad class principles water quality management. can you help?

Sent by Waleed on 10/1/13

Reading, Owings Mills, MD

I'm interested in obtaining a tutor for my kindergartner. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Kristen on 10/1/13

Tutor Needed For 4yr Old, Martinsville, NJ

i am looking for a tutor for my 4 year old son who is in prek looking to just help with general kindergarten skills my phone number is (phone number available...

Sent by Sam on 10/1/13

Algebra 2, Cranberry Township, PA

Hi! I have 2 daughters in 10th grade that need help in Algebra 2. We are thinking of a 2 hour/session per week. We live in Cranberry Township near the YMCA...

Sent by Marlene on 10/1/13

Chemistry, Clinton, MS

I am taking college chemistry it's just general chem and I am struggling with keeping up.

Sent by Tia on 10/1/13

Aspergers, Waxahachie, TX

I would like to discuss having you work with my 9 year old son with aspergers who is in the 4 th grade. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Keith on 10/1/13

Business Administration, Homestead, FL

Good evening Norman, my name is J. and i'm studying for my B.A. in Business Management. The problem i'm having is with one course which is Organization Management...

Sent by Joel on 10/1/13

Spanish Math, Colleyville, TX

Hi, looking for a math and Spanish tutor for my two kids (2nd grade & kinder) here in Colleyville. Please contact me if you are interested.

Sent by Roma on 10/1/13

Esl, Latham, NY

Hello! I'm interested in learning English. I just moved USA 7 month ago. I live near the colonie town library. So I want to study in there.

Sent by Hyounjin on 10/1/13

Reading, Prairieville, LA

Hi I'm looking for a tutor once a week she needs help in reading she's in 2nd grade. What days and hours do u tutor and where?

Sent by Christie on 10/1/13

C++, Laguna Niguel, CA

Hey David, I currently attend CSUFullerton. I live at home in Laguna Niguel. I am having troubles in a beginning C++ course. It's a once a week course and our...

Sent by Cheyenne on 10/1/13

Math, Irvine, CA

I need a tutor for my girls in math. One is in pre algebra and the other in algebra 2. Also some help for my older daughter for honors English.

Sent by Farnaz on 10/1/13

Math And Reading, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

My son is in 4th grade and is struggling with math and reading, I was wondering if you would have time to set up some sessions, and of course if we could meet...

Sent by Jennifer on 10/1/13

Tutor, Joshua Tree

Hello , I'm in need of a tutor for my 2 boys 4th and 8th grade ... Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase) Thank you A.

Sent by Amie on 10/1/13

Computer Networks, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hello Catalina, I need a tutor for a class on Local Area Networks (LANs). I have taken this class several times and have failed it each time.

Sent by Howard on 10/1/13

Algebra, Athens, AL

I have gone back to school Cal. CCollege Its been a while, so I need assistance with Algebra. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks

Sent by Kip on 10/1/13

Cpa, Chicago, IL

Hello, I'm looking for a tutor to help me with passing the CPA. Please let me know if you are available to talk this week. Thank you. M.

Sent by Marty on 10/1/13

Statistics, Clairton, PA 15025

I am interested in getting a tutor for my daughter who is in college and is struggling with Statistical Applications.

Sent by Diane on 10/1/13

Finance, Dallas, TX

I am in need of a tutor for an undergraduate course in Financial Management.

Sent by Carrell on 10/1/13

Algebra 2, Indian Trail, NC

My son, who is Junior at PRHS in honors Algebra 2 is struggling and I have asked for help from his teacher but he needs a different consistent perspective.

Sent by Pamela on 10/1/13

Geometry, Temecula, CA

Hi Brittany, I am in need of a Geometry tutor. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Lexie on 10/1/13

Adobe Illustrator, Austin, TX

Hi, I work for a non profit and need to be able to use/update existing vector files for our collateral. I downloaded tons from Shutterstock in one month.

Sent by Edith on 10/1/13

Essay Writing, Huntington Beach, CA

Hi Tim, I am looking for a tutor. You can reach me on my cell at (phone number available after purchase) Thank You C.

Sent by Cindy on 10/1/13

Accounting, Valley Village, CA

Accountant tutor needed ASAP for exam preparation. Please be in touch as soon as possible. (phone number available after purchase) Thank you

Sent by Rima on 10/1/13

Financial Accounting, Auburn, AL

I need help in Financial Accounting. Are you familiar with Financial Accounting?

Sent by Whitney on 10/1/13

Algebra, Claremore, OK

Hi Nicole, I have a daughter in 9th grade beginning Algebra. She had a tutor last year who moved away. It was very helpful to her.

Sent by Koyla on 10/1/13

Calculus, Peachtree City, GA

I'm looking for a calculus tutor.

Sent by Joe on 10/1/13

English, El Paso, TX

Good Morning, We at J.D. Abrams would like to know if you teach a group of 15 people . Tues. and Wed. 4:30-6:00. From Oct.15 thru Dec 19. And what the charge is.

Sent by Elena on 10/1/13

Statistics, Diamond Bar, CA

Hi Carlos, I am looking for an AP Statistics tutor for my daughter who goes to school in Diamond Bar. Do you tutor AP statistics? Thanks. B.

Sent by Bina on 10/1/13

Math, Southampton, NY

My daughter is 13 and she is on 8th grade. She is seen algebra. Any chanche during this week?

Sent by Pamela on 10/1/13

Math, Morrisville, PA

Hi Mr. Volf K I have someone here who is in 7th grade. She is attending an online school and needs help with math and reading.

Sent by Thuy on 10/1/13

French, Pomona, CA

Hello! I saw your ad on (url available after purchase) You mentioned that you would be interested in doing an exchange - French for piano lessons.

Sent by Meredith on 10/1/13

Algebra 2 Honors, Youngsville, NC

Hello Olga- Hope all is well. My son is taking Algebra II honors this qtr. Since class started, he's having some issues understanding the concepts.

Sent by Lashuane on 10/1/13