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Calculus, Englewood, FL

Looking for a calculus tutor for 4 hours per week in the englewood area. Please call of text me a (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Christina on 9/30/13

Spanish, North Hills, CA

Kindly provide me with your contact info & availability as we'll. My daughter is in 11th grade & is struggling with her Spanish class. She really needs help.

Sent by Claire on 9/30/13

Material Science, Boise, ID

Hi, Jason I have materials science exam on Thursday and I need some help. The teacher gave us a practice exam and study-guide and two people and I want...

Sent by Ali on 9/30/13

C#, Tuscaloosa, AL

Hello, I am in CS 220 at UA and am an MIS major and was wondering if you tutor in C#? I am having trouble in this course. Thank You.

Sent by Meagan on 9/30/13

Algebra 2, Porter Ranch, CA

I need an algebra 2 tutor for my 9th grade daughter. 1.5 hours 2x a week. We live in northridge. After school. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ben on 9/30/13

Public Speaking, Greensboro, NC

Would you consider traveling to Winston-Salem to coach my family. My father is a pastor in the city and our whole family would like to improve their public speaking...

Sent by Virginia on 9/30/13

High School Math, Monroe Township, NJ

Hi, I want to know if you are available to tutor my two sons 9th and 7th graders. 9th grader is takinh honors geometry and 7th grader is in honors pre algebra.

Sent by Uzma on 9/30/13

Math Tutor, Warren, OH

Hello, I have a 4th grader who really needs assistance with math 1-2 days per week at our local library. We would available to meet at either the warren public...

Sent by Aja on 9/30/13

Math, Hiawassee, GA

Hello We are looking for a tutor for our daughter who is a junior in high schooL. Math is the priority for now. Please contact us when you are available. Thank you.

Sent by Tammy on 9/30/13

Math, Baltimore, MD

I am looking for a tutor for my son who is in the 7 th grade. He is struggling with Math and reading.

Sent by Alana on 9/30/13

Physics, New Orleans, LA

Looking for someone to tutor my son who is a high school senior in advanced math and physics. Need help right away. Are you available?

Sent by Karen on 9/30/13

Asvab, Carthage, NC

I am a 17 year old hoping to get some tutoring forthe ASVAB.

Sent by Tim on 9/30/13

Mechanical Engineering, South Bend,IN

My son is studying mechanical engineering at Purdue in South Bend. Need help in Dynamics and Electrical Engineering. Would be able to tutor on-line?

Sent by Pam on 9/30/13

Statistics, Nanuet, NY

I am currently seeking a tutor who can teach statistics in its simplest form. Please let me know if you will be able to assist me. Thank you.

Sent by Shanika on 9/30/13

Essay Writing, Los Angeles, CA

I'm struggling with time essay writing. If you have a free time write back. thanks

Sent by Freddy on 9/30/13

Biology, Nashville, TN

Hello My daughter is a freshman at Vanderbilt University and she needs a few hours of tutoring this week to help prepare for a Biology 1 test on Monday, Oct 7th.

Sent by Rachel on 9/30/13

Economics, State College, PA

Sent by Turelcan on 9/30/13

Anatomy, Irvine, CA

hi im a senior in high school and i need help in chemisty and anatomy

Sent by Pooja on 9/30/13

Psychology, Springfield, MO

Hi, Please I need help tody with psychology assignment? I'm in Springfield, mo Thanks A.

Sent by Aj on 9/30/13

English Tutor, Oxnard, CA

Hi , I would like to get some information. My daughter need tutor for English. She is 11th grade student. If you please contact me.

Sent by Carmela on 9/30/13

Elementary Reading, Colleyville, TX

Pam, I have a 4th grade daughter who is struggling in reading comprehsion, writing, and math and is scoring below average in the standardized testing.

Sent by Michelle on 9/30/13

Math, Hattiesburg, MS

I'm looking for a tutor for my ten year old son. He is having a hard time with math this year. Can you please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Brittiany on 9/30/13

Math, Greenville, SC

I need your services for my 14 yr old son who has been diagnosed with ADHD and SID. Please contact me ASAP. I need to start him soon. Thanks

Sent by Andrea on 9/30/13

Algebra 1, Taos, NM

Hello, I was wondering if you would be able to help me in my Algebra I class and my Geometry class as well? I'm available when ever you are except between...

Sent by Valerie on 9/30/13

Usmle Step 1, Los Angeles, CA 90033

How much do u charge to teach whole coarse of step 1 usmle and how many days a week do u give ur classes, one on one session thru Skype.

Sent by Sarah on 9/30/13

Finance, Phoenix, AZ 85016

I just transferred to the Finance Dept in a large Bank. I need help with V-Lookup, pick lists and linking spreadsheets. My excel skills are limited.

Sent by Patricia on 9/30/13

Chemistry, Ontario, CA91762

Dear Sirs, We'd like to find a chemistry tutor who can speak Mandarin to teach my son,who is 16 years old in 10th grade,living in CA91762 Ontario,if ok...

Sent by Sunny on 9/30/13

Russian, Jackson, MS

Dear Gabriela, I found your resume on line and would like to see whether you would have any availability to tutor in Russian in the Jackson, MS area.

Sent by Raffaella on 9/30/13

Algebra, Winston Salem, NC

Hi Brooke, I am looking for a algebra tutor for my daughter. She is a sophomore at Mt. Tabor and is having difficulties with the subject.

Sent by Anna on 9/30/13

Microsoft Office Word Excel Outlook, Stony Brook, NY

Hello I am interested in learning Microsoft office (word, outlooK. specifically, maybe excel) I might also need someone to teach outlooK. to my fellow coworK.

Sent by Karen on 9/30/13

Genetics, Huntington, NY

Hello! I am currently having a very hard time with my college genetics course and have been considering the idea of getting a tutor to help me with understanding...

Sent by Lauren on 9/30/13

Spanish, Sycamore, IL

Sent by Alexandra on 9/30/13

Math, North Tonawanda, NY

I am looking for a math tutor for my daughter. She is in 8th grade. Thanks.

Sent by Lisa on 9/30/13

Statistics Spss, Houston, TX

I assistance with SPSS statistics for my program. Thanks.

Sent by John on 9/30/13

Vocabulary, North Port, FL

Hi Janette, I am not really sure how tutoring works (how often, is it always for one hour)? I have a struggling-to-read (word count, fluency, comprehension) second...

Sent by Amy on 9/30/13

Math, Spring Hill, FL

Hello James, I am looking for someone to help my 13 yr old daughter with math. My husband and I try, but we have'nt had to use some of this math in 20 years lol we...

Sent by Krystal on 9/30/13

Nclex Rn, Corona, CA

I'm studying for the NCLEX-RN and need help in OB and PEDS. Can you help? I live in Corona, 21 miles from you.....do you travel that distance?

Sent by Jamie on 9/30/13

Math, Denison, TX

My daughter is in 7th grade in Pottsboro. For the first time ever she is struggling with math. We need help. Please call (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Michelle on 9/30/13

Math, Sealy, TX 77474

Lets see if my number and email address get through to you so we can talk. (phone number available after purchase), (email available after purchase).

Sent by Bud on 9/30/13

Calculus 2, New York, NY

Hi I am a junior in college and need help with calculus 2 and would appreciate it if you can respond asap thanks.

Sent by Munni on 9/30/13

Adhd Coach, Hartford, CT

Dear Shannon, Hi there! My son has ADHD, and needs help with his organizational skills. Please call me at; (phone number available after purchase) Thank you Shannon

Sent by Amy on 9/30/13

Economics, Tampa, FL

Hello I am looking for tutoring help in Economics. I am a student at USF and am looking for immediate help if possible. When would you be available?

Sent by Jacob on 9/30/13

Everything, Union City, TN

will you please contact me 446 3692!! I have a 11yr old that needs tutoring. I was wanting to know if you come to your students house or do we come to you.

Sent by Dana on 9/30/13

Statistics Tutor, Newington, CT 06111

Hi Brian I have an assignment on Quantitative Research. I have some value to be placed on excel spreadsheet or SPSS, with 8 questions Would you be able to help me

Sent by Costin on 9/30/13

Cantonese, Temple City, CA

Hi Peter, My name is K.. I would like a tutor to teach me conversation Cantonese. I can communicate the basics, but struggle expressing feelings and speaking...

Sent by Ken on 9/30/13

Accounting, Lubbock, TX

Hi Gayle, I am in my first semester of my MBA at Tech. My undergrad was not finance related and I am having some problems with my finance course.

Sent by Page on 9/29/13

Electrical Engineering, Las Vegas, NV

Do you do consulting work on projects? I need someone who has the skills to help me modify a metal detector project.

Sent by Name on 9/29/13

Act, Chelsea, MI

I'm looking for a tutor for my daughter, she is a junior at Chelsea High and taking her ACT I think in February. She has been diagnosed with a learning disability...

Sent by Deb on 9/29/13

Tutor Needed, Saint Johns, FL

I'm looking for a tutor and help with homeschool work for at least the balance of this year. Thanks, T.

Sent by Tim on 9/29/13

Volleyball, San Antonio, TX

Daughter and her friend could use a few one on one volleyball lessons before club season starts. Is this something you would be willing to do and if so...

Sent by Sharon on 9/29/13

Statistics, Provo, UT

I could use some help with my economics exam. I am in the PG area. Eight zero one, three four seven, nine seven five five. Thanks! J.

Sent by Jd on 9/29/13

Math, Mcdonough, GA

My 15 yr old needs tutoring in 10th grade math. Please let me know your fees and availability

Sent by Adrienne on 9/29/13

Reading, Beaufort, SC 29906

Trying to find a tutor for my 2nd grader. He needs help in reading/English.

Sent by Tameika on 9/29/13

Geometry Tutor, Glendale, AZ

Hello, looking for a tutor for my 15 yr old son. Are you available on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Sent by Kimberly on 9/29/13

Information Technology, Fords, NJ 08863

i have an assignment which due today the last time for it is 12:00 it's on website called sam can you do that form me please call if you can (phone number...

Sent by Ziyad on 9/29/13

Cosmetology, Pacific Palisades, CA

Do you tutor for cosmetology state board

Sent by Jennifer on 9/29/13

Chemistry, Lawrence, KS

Hello Sean I am a freshman in Chemistry 130 at KU and I was wondering if you could help me with some tutoring. Thanks! R. S.

Sent by Reece on 9/29/13

Chemistry (general), Greenville, NC

Hello Shaivya, I am a Public Health major at East Carolina University and I am really struggling in Chemistry 1150 which is general chem.

Sent by Kendall on 9/29/13

Statistics, Southington, CT

Might you be able to teach statics which is based off of algebra and physics? I'm having problems with sine,cosine,tangent.Im 61 years old and taking this course...

Sent by Dan on 9/29/13

Java, Troy, MI

Hi, Elliott, I email you last night

Sent by Jeri on 9/29/13

Biomaterial Engineering, Washington, DC

Do u know how can u calculate the atoms in Hydroxyapatite structure Volume Density

Sent by Yara on 9/29/13

Statistics Tutor, Chicago, IL

Hello! I'm currently a graduate student in statistics. I need help with my homework, possibly some sort of explanation online.

Sent by Aaron on 9/29/13

Physics, Tulsa, OK

Hi, I want to meet you on this Monday in order to do the homework for physics at 9:00 a.m. What u think ?

Sent by Abdo on 9/29/13

Chemistry, Hickory, NC

Hi Melissa, I am in need off chemistry tutor for my daughter. She is a junior at South Caldwell HS in Granite Falls. She is struggling to understand chemistry...

Sent by Paula on 9/28/13

Chemistry, Brick, NJ

Hi i have been having a difficult time in chemistry and was wondering if u could help if your interested send me an email at (email available after purchase) thanks!

Sent by Nicole on 9/28/13

Math, Lake Charles, LA

Hello my name is J. I am attending mcneese and would like to get a tutor for math specifically math 113 thank you I hope to hear from u soon.

Sent by John on 9/28/13

Time Management, San Antonio, TX

I am an adult looking for tutoring In math, english I'm trying to go back to school, I have dyslexia

Sent by Jawea on 9/28/13

Algebra 2, Lacey, WA

Please give me a call about tutoring a youngster age 18 in algebra 2. In reading you experience, I feel you may do a good job, but want to talk to you.

Sent by Richard on 9/28/13

English, Charlotte, NC

looking for English help for Mom and Son. Mom: In need of ESL writing help for GED Son: In need of English Reading/Writing help for SAT .

Sent by Rani on 9/28/13

English, Fremont, CA

Hi Jerry, My daughter is in 4th grade. She is struggling with English. We speak Urdu at home. Could you help us. We live in Fremont, CA please call two zero nine...

Sent by Syed on 9/28/13

Nclex Rn, Moriches, NY 11955

Classes would be for daughter-in law Jen T.. Has taken boards once. Failed, to nervous. Needs to lean how to dissect questions.

Sent by Tom on 9/28/13

Pre Calculus, Rochester, MA 02770

I live in Rochester next to Middleboro town line. My daughter is in High School and needs a tutor for Pre-Calculus quickly. Is there someone who has qualifications...

Sent by Pamela on 9/28/13

Gre, Philadelphia, PA

Hi Amy, I am looking for a tutor who is familiar with the grading system of the GRE and can grade my GRE-essay. I will take my GRE on October 11th (in two weeks)...

Sent by Jan on 9/28/13

Isee, Charlotte, NC

I am looking for an ISEE tutor for my son who will be entering 8th grade next year, We want to prep him for entrance into a boarding school or private school.

Sent by Anita on 9/28/13

Financial Management, Waldorf, MD

Hello, I live in Waldorf, Maryland. Do you tutor in Financial Management? If so, when can you start? Thank you, P. F.

Sent by Pat on 9/27/13

Accounting, Antelope, CA

Hello, I am a 1st year college student who's struggling in my General Accounting class. I would really appricate some help.

Sent by Tabitha on 9/27/13

Middle School Home Tutoring, Fresh Meadows, NY

My son is a new comer in US, he only speak very little english, he is a 8th grade student, now he need a tutor for his homework and also improve his english every...

Sent by Sam on 9/27/13

Writing, Jacksonville, NC 28540

Hello! I am interested in finding a tutor for my 7 year old daughter. She is currently in second grade and struggling with writing, reading, and spelling.

Sent by Tommie on 9/27/13

Spanish To English, Pflugerville, TX

Can you teach multiple Spanish speaking ppl to speak English?

Sent by Greg on 9/27/13

Accounting, Brentwood, TN 37027

Hi Nicia I am currently trying to finish Account 201 online and needing help. I have until the end of Oct. to finish the class so it is going very quickly.

Sent by Michael on 9/27/13

Math, Bentonville, AR

Looking for math tutor two boys. pre-algebra, and high school math (act prep). I would need a tuesday evening. I'm also preparing for GRE/GMAT.

Sent by Danielle on 9/27/13

Microsoft Access, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hello my name F. and I need a tutor my for my daughter please call at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Felix on 9/27/13

Piano, Stockton, CA 95207

Very interested in learning piano, never played before, I am 30 yrs old, would like more information about you and your services (inc where you are located). Thank You!

Sent by Jennifer on 9/27/13

Biomedical Engineering, Salt Lake City, UT

hi tim:)i would like to help me with bioen2100.so,when are you free?thx

Sent by Turkey on 9/27/13

5th Grade Math, Petaluma, CA

Hi Jeremy; I'm looking for a math tutor for my 10 year old son in 5th grade. Are you still looking for students?

Sent by Angela on 9/27/13

Algebra 2, Kennesaw, GA

Hi, I am looking for a tutor for my 16 year old daughter. She needs tutoring in Algebra 2 and Chemistry.

Sent by Bernard on 9/27/13

Usmle Step 1, Moscow

Dear Dr. Kaasam, Hope you're OK. I'm writing to you about USMLE tutoring. I'm 18 years old, my name is D.. I'm from Moscow.

Sent by Dmitriy on 9/27/13

Accounting, Winston Salem, NC

Julie, I am working toward my MBA and need some extra help in accounting. I would like to speak with you about tutoring me.

Sent by Trey on 9/27/13

Web Page Design, Greensboro, NC

I have a degree in Web Technology but have never gotten the chance to use it. I would like to refresh my skills and ask alot of questions on what I need to study.

Sent by Daune on 9/27/13

Home Schooling, Long Island, NY

Our son is in first grade public school in long beach , ny. He has selective mutism: an axiety disorder in which he Cannot speak in certain social settings;

Sent by Natalie on 9/27/13

Algebra, Monroe, NC

Hello, I have a 15 year old needing help with Algebra/ Geo, he has been out sick and is behind, can you help tomorrow 09/28?

Sent by Libby on 9/27/13

Act Toefl, Durham, NH

Dear Amy.B. I will take ACT and TOEFL test. I am ORHS's student and need your help,.If you are willing to help with my test.Please contact me and send me a brief CV.

Sent by Dongnan on 9/27/13

English Class, Reno, NV

Sent by Kathia on 9/27/13

Pchemistry(quantitative), Euless, TX 76039

I have a college junior majoring in biochemistry who needs help with quantitative analysis. He is out-of-state and I am here in Dallas. Can you help?

Sent by Katina on 9/27/13

Math, Windermere, FL

Do you teach anything like math,history. Or just reading? Please let me know thank you. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Sandra on 9/27/13

Dirk, Port Hueneme, CA 93041

This is a test test test test

Sent by Wagiboy on 9/27/13

Pre-algebra, Conroe, TX 77301

I am searching for a tutor for my 12 year old daughter in pre-algebra.

Sent by Michelle on 9/26/13

Reading, Diamondhead, MS

do you use the orton-gilingham method

Sent by Kandi on 9/26/13

Accounting, Madison, WI

Sent by Craig on 9/26/13

Adobe Photoshop, Paradise, CA

I would like to speak with you about getting some help with Photoshop. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience. Best Regards, E.

Sent by Ed on 9/26/13

Numerical Analysis, Ventura, CA 93004

I need help with Numerical Analysis. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Carl on 9/26/13

Psycobiology, Costa Mesa, CA

I am in Newport Beach (Costa Mesa). Taking Psychobiology and I need a tutor. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Yvonne on 9/26/13

Math, Rumson, NJ

I am struggling in Math 136, I just started the fall semester at Brookdale Community College. Is there any way that we can to Brookdale on Wednesdays to go over...

Sent by Patrick on 9/26/13

Math, Williamstown, NJ

Hi Kylie I'm look for someone who will help my 4 th grade son in his math and language arts home work. Please let me know if you are available to do so.

Sent by Jessica on 9/26/13

English, Monroeville, PA

I need tutoring of english and math lessons for my son.

Sent by Vasu on 9/26/13

Adobe Illustrator, Asheville, NC

Hello William, I am teaching myself to screen print, and am interested in learning illustrator to prepare those file separations.

Sent by Emmy on 9/26/13

Math, Miami, FL

call me (phone number available after purchase) i need a tutor please

Sent by Sugy on 9/26/13

Physics, Blacksburg, VA

Hi Charles - I aM. a junior at Va Tech looking for a tutor for Physics. Are you available? Can you M.eet M.e on caM.pus?

Sent by M on 9/26/13

Math, Jonesboro, GA

Math 98. I need tutoring ASAP!!

Sent by Gregory on 9/26/13

Math, Plymouth, MI

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor for my 5th grade son, he struggles in Math and has for the last year. I had a summer tutor and he did Sylvan for a while and he is still...

Sent by Tina on 9/26/13

Spss, Tampa, FL

Hello, I am a marketing major and I am in My marketing research class and given an assignment involving SPSS and 30 questions to answer and then to go ahead...

Sent by Sara on 9/26/13

Accounting, Delray Beach, FL

My son is taking cost accounting at FAU and is having trouble. Will need someone by Monday Sept 30 for 2 hours to prepare for test.

Sent by Marlena on 9/26/13

Act, Mobile, AL

I am thinking about getting some act tutoring this winter. I would like to just have an email to contact you when the time is right. Thanks F.

Sent by Frank on 9/26/13

French, Lynchburg, VA

Rachel,my son is taking French 1 class in High school. I need tutoring twice a week for him. You may reach me at (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Katherine on 9/26/13

Discrete Math (Calculus), Bethlehem, PA

Hello, my name is D.. I'm currently an Applied Mathematics major at East Stroudsburg University. I was looking to get a tutor for help with my discrete calculus class.

Sent by David on 9/26/13

Psat, Henderson, NV

Hi Angie, I have a son,his name is Conor and he is at 8th grade at Coral Academy of science LV. we live in Henderson area Conor is going to take PSAT first time...

Sent by Sam on 9/26/13

Praxis, Keene, NH

Hello, I am struggling with my praxis 2 exam for NH certification. I have passed two subjects ( English and social studies). The two subjects I am struggling with is...

Sent by Alyssa on 9/26/13

French, Newark, DE

Hello - My son is in the 8th grade and is a 3rd year French student at Caravel Academy. I am looking for tutoring assistance for him possibly once per week.

Sent by Heidi on 9/26/13

Introductory Chemistry, Russellville, AR

My name is C. Y., I live in Atkins, I am in need of a tutor for a Introductory Chemistry class that I am taking online with through University of Phoenix.

Sent by Christine on 9/26/13

Alg 2, Imperial

Please call.me at 4575013

Sent by Ray on 9/26/13

Elementary Math, Keedysville, MD

I am looking for a math tutor for my 5th grade child who is struggling a bit. We want to build her comprehension and confidence in math.

Sent by Alexis on 9/26/13

Math, Science, Reading, Sealy, TX

My name is B. G. and we live in Sealy. My son is failing 3rd Grade and the school year has just started. He needs help in math, science, and reading comprehension.

Sent by Bud on 9/26/13

Java Tutor, Coppell, TX

Need some help with Java, understanding generics, iterables, collections. CS student going back to school, but my last Java class was ~10 years ago.

Sent by Hans on 9/26/13

English, Englewood, FL

I am looking for a tutor to help my 6th grade daughter in advanced language arts class. We live in Rotonda and she attends Ainger.

Sent by Melisa on 9/26/13

Algebra, Dania, FL

Hi Chanda, my 12 year old son has been struggling with his seventh grade math. So far this year it's been algebra and algebra prep, I feel like he is able to grasp...

Sent by Nicole on 9/26/13

Calculus 3, Holmdel, NJ

Need immediate Calculus 3 / multi variable tutor. Can you tutor this and when are you available?

Sent by Judi on 9/26/13

Biochemistry, Houston, TX

I need help for biochemistry lab.

Sent by Jamal on 9/26/13

Calculus, Santa Ana, CA

Calculus help please replyyy soon!!!!!!

Sent by Victoria on 9/26/13

Multiple-choice Qs In Sat Writing Section, Bakersfield, CA

Dear Lora, Are you available for tutoring how to effectively answer multiple-choice questions in SAT Writing section on Weekends? Thanks.

Sent by Jason on 9/26/13

Math, Lehi, UT

Hello Andrew, I need tutoring ASAP for college level math, please call or text (phone number available after purchase). I'm in Lehi.

Sent by Spencer on 9/25/13

Math, Stockbridge, GA

Sent by Golden on 9/25/13

Technical Writing, Carmel, IN

Jeff: I sell high voltage substations to the utility companies and management is encouraging me to get better at technical writing.

Sent by Brett on 9/25/13

Life Coach, Tuscaloosa, AL

Looking for life coaching-study skills coaching for my son, who is a sophomore at UA and can't seem to get the grades despite the effort.

Sent by Chris on 9/25/13

ESL, Toledo, Oh

Hello, my name is A., I would like to contact you

Sent by Alfred on 9/25/13

Usmle Step 2 CK Tutoring, Orlando, FL

Hello Dr. Snow, I'd like to inquire about your USMLE Step 2 CK tutoring. I'd like to know your rates and experience in tutoring online. Thank you.

Sent by Kevin on 9/25/13

Python, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Hi Dani, I need a tutor to help me in a computer science class. Do you know Python 2.75? Please contact me. I'm a sophmore at BC. Thanks.

Sent by Devon on 9/25/13

English, Huntington Beach, CA

I need a English tutor. Could you call me as soon as possible at (phone number available after purchase)! Thanks!

Sent by Nancy on 9/25/13

Information Technology, Dayton, OH

Looking for a tutor formy son at UD in MIS and finance...can you help?

Sent by Pam on 9/25/13

Algebra, Alpharetta, GA

Are you familiar with the current Fulton County curriculum for accelerated algebra? My ninth grade son, Jacob needs help ASAP. THank You, J. B.

Sent by Jamie on 9/25/13

Elementary Tutor, Rialto, CA

Hi Dovie My name is T. I have a daughter that is 7 yrs old in the 2nd grade. She is struggling with her reading and comprehenson.

Sent by Tamara on 9/25/13

Calculus, Englewood FL

Hi Jarrett, I am looking for a Cal 1 tutor near the englewood area. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase). Thanks!

Sent by Christina on 9/25/13

Algebra Help Needed, Alpharetta, GA

Our son is a Freshman at Milton and is struggling with Algebra. My cell is (phone number available after purchase) and we are looking to find him some help.

Sent by Bill on 9/25/13

Speech Therapy, Mesa, AZ

I am looking for a private tutor to work with my daughter with speech. She has been in the Mesa School District Speech program since pre-k and she is now in 3rd grade

Sent by Kathleen on 9/25/13

GOV. And POL., Ridgefield, Ct 06877

Hi; My daughter needs a tutor for an AP Course Gov. and Politics, ASAP. In Ridgefield, CT Thanks

Sent by Martin on 9/25/13

Armenian, Glendale, CA 91206

Hello Edick I need help to feel my GED math book what left. Can you help me with that? My number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Tania on 9/25/13

Nclex Rn, Aurora, CO

I am scheduled to do my NCLEX RN on 10/10/13. I need help to study!

Sent by Lynnette on 9/25/13

Needed Tutor, Springfield Gardens, NY

I have a third grader strugling with math.

Sent by Tilcia on 9/25/13

Computer Engineering, Bridgeview, IL

Hello, I'm trying to find some help with my computer organization class I'm supposed to design an 8 bit CPU where for now it just somewhat finished my ISA and I'm...

Sent by Matt on 9/25/13

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA 90033

I need help for step 2 ck I have been unsuccessful at it, want to take it quickly

Sent by Mitra on 9/25/13

College Algebra, Albany, GA

In need of help. My life is on the line. Can you please respond a.s.a.p.

Sent by Anthony on 9/25/13

Adobe Photoshop, Atlanta, GA

HOw I am needing a litllte help in my photoshop class. I am not grasping alot of it in the 30 minute window my professor is oprovviding.

Sent by Joe on 9/25/13

Algebra 1, Marlboro, NJ

looking for a algebra 1 tutor for a student in Marlboro. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Gamini on 9/25/13

Spanish, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

I need to learn Spanish for work. In addition, I have a 17 year old that needs to learn Spanish and study skills, as well as, prepare for SAT's

Sent by Jeanne on 9/25/13

Arabic, Florissant, MO

Rania what is your background? R u a certified teacher? I have a 13 yr old that I have been tutoring and I need the added support from a tutor..we live in st. Charles

Sent by Sahar on 9/25/13

Electrical Engineering, Alexandria, Virginia

Hi, I am a student at George Mason University studying electrical engineering. I need hep in signals and systems. I was wondering if you tutor that subject?

Sent by Zonara on 9/25/13

Usmle, Atlanta, GA

I am interested in one on one tutoring for the USMLE as soon as possible.

Sent by Darnella on 9/25/13

Reading, New Braunfels, TX

I have an 8yr old daughter in second grade struggling in reading, I would like more information if you are interested.

Sent by Tori on 9/25/13

Accounting, 10022

Hi Michael, I saw your profile and was wondering if you're available this week to help me with accounting, please? Thank you and if you could reply with...

Sent by Jane on 9/25/13

Reading, Fort Lauderdale, FL

hi, how much? because for my grandson to be a better reader he his 7 for he can be a grade or two higher

Sent by Caronlee on 9/25/13

Reading Writing, East Brunswick, NJ

Hi Michael, would you be interested in tutoring a 6th grader boy?

Sent by Larissa on 9/24/13

English As A Second Language, Riverhead, NY

My fiance and her daughter recently moved here from Guatemala. Gabriela, 10 years old, will start school within the next week. Neither she nor her mother speak English.

Sent by Gary on 9/24/13

Statistic, Deland, FL

Hi Can you do HW for the statistic ?

Sent by Al on 9/24/13

Spanish, Lawrence, KS

Hi Rebecca my name is S. B. and am a KU student in desperate needs for a spanish tutor tomorrow. I know this is extremely short notice but if possible i would like...

Sent by Scott on 9/24/13

Programming, Porter Ranch, CA

I'll looking for help with DirectX and c++. I'm taking a DeVry class and I'm having a very hard time. I'm in Northridge and can travel to you

Sent by Eric on 9/24/13

College Algebra, Gainesville, TX

My niece is attending NCTC and is struggling after 4 weeks in school. She can not find a tutor on campus that she relates to. Would like to talk to you and see if...

Sent by Laurel on 9/24/13

Business Accounting, West Palm Beach, FL

Hi Angela, I am taking Accounting 2022 at Palm Beach State College. I travel on business (unfortunately) and have fallen behind.

Sent by Linda on 9/24/13

Elementary, Daphne, AL

Looking for tutor fir elementary school. 2nd grade

Sent by Jennifer on 9/24/13

Adobe Illustrator, San Diego, CA

Hi Jessica! I'm interested in learning how to create a variety of ads for print and Internet use. What is your availability? I'm in PB! Thanks!

Sent by Kari on 9/24/13

Algebra, Bartlesville, OK

Hi Traci- My daughter Tori is in a panic because she doesn't understand Algebra 2. She had A's last year in A.1. Apparently she doesn't "get" her teacher's style...

Sent by Jill on 9/24/13

General, Nanuet, NY

Hi Jeanine, The school year has started and my older son (7th grade) is misplacing papers, forgetting things and not handing in completed homework.

Sent by Venus on 9/24/13

English,algebra11, Traverse City, MI

Hello Rebecca:) I have a senior that has an I.E.P....that needs a English,algebra 11,Geo,anatomy/physiology.He mostly needs help w the math/keeping on track...

Sent by Angela on 9/24/13

Elementary, Farmingdale, NY

Hello..I am a mother of a very bright 3 year old and I am looking for some home schooling style teaching. Currently we live in MD, and she is a very sophisticated...

Sent by Yocana on 9/24/13

Math, Mcdonough, GA

My 10th grade daughter needs tutoring in Math. Please let me know your availability

Sent by Adrienne on 9/24/13

Portuguese, Chadds Ford, PA 19317

Oi corno. Vggsudv gdhtdiug gdhtdiug higiene thevgyf.

Sent by Gig on 9/24/13

Statistics, Bakersfield, CA

J. - Looking for 1-2 hours a week for Business Statistics at CSUB, class has started. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Joe on 9/24/13

Reading, Saint Augustine, FL

reading help for second grader

Sent by Shenita on 9/24/13

Calculus Tutor, Indio, CA

Can we talk about some math help for my daughter Thanks M. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Marilyn on 9/24/13

Elementary Math, Berkeley, CA

I am looking for a tutor in Math for my 5th grade daughter. She struggles, but she wants to learn. It has been very hard for us because she just has a hard time.

Sent by Janine on 9/24/13

Psat, Santa Rosa, CA

My Santa Rosa High Jr. daughter would like a PSAT tutor to help her bump up her score -- she is also traveling to Italy this spring break!

Sent by Michelle on 9/24/13

Needed Tutor, Los Alamitos, CA

Hi, My granddaughter is in 7th grade and will be learning algebra. She failed 6th grade math last year but went to summer school and was tutored as well.

Sent by Cheryle on 9/24/13

Engineering, Lubbock, TX

My son is a freshman engineering student at Tech. We are looking for a tutor to help prepare for an upcoming test. Could you call me to discuss your availability?

Sent by Heidi on 9/24/13

Middle School Math, Loxahatchee, FL

Hello I am interested in meeting with you to discuss the possability of you tutoring my son. He is in 7th grade. We live in Loxahatchee.

Sent by William on 9/24/13

Math, Houston, TX

Looking for a math tutor for my 7th grade son.

Sent by Tonya on 9/24/13

Reading, Menifee, CA

Hi I am looking for a tutor for my son.

Sent by Margie on 9/24/13

Nclex Rn, Orlando, FL

Interested in NCLEX tutoring i highly overestimated the difficulty of the exam.

Sent by Robby on 9/24/13

Math, Reading, Writting, Bothell, WA

I am looking for in home T.uT.oring for 2nd and 3rd grader in BoT.hell for maT.h, reading, wriT.ing and home work help. Please conT.acT. me if you are inT.eresT.

Sent by Dee on 9/24/13

Art, Gainesville, FL

Hi Monique, I am looking for a private art teacher for my soon to be 12-year old daughter. Please let me know if you are still teaching and interested. Thanks.

Sent by Felix on 9/24/13

Chemistry Tutor, Decatur, GA

I need help in chemistry 1 because I have never taken it in high school

Sent by Natasha on 9/24/13

Statistics, Auburn, AL

I need help in Financial Accounting and Statistics. Do you know very much about Financial Accounting?

Sent by Whitney on 9/24/13

Geology, Dallas, TX

I'm in need of a geology tutor and I'm interested in you being my tutor. Please contact me at your earliest convenience, preferably by phone. Thank you.

Sent by Alpha on 9/24/13

Excel, Tampa, FL

Hi. My name is R. and I have a project that needs to be done this week about analytics and Excel. I can send them to you and see if you can help me.

Sent by Richie on 9/24/13

Math, Mount Vernon, NY

Have daughter in 6th grade that need extra help in Math.

Sent by Kimberly on 9/24/13

Physics, Morrisville, PA

My son is currently in AP Physics and Pre-Calc in high school. I am looking for a tutor in these subjects. He is a hard-working student but has hit a place...

Sent by Belinda on 9/24/13

Chemistry, Wilmington, DE

hello, we live near trolley sq. looking for a tutor for my daughter (HS junior at cab Calloway) for chemistry and algebra. please let me know your...

Sent by Jane on 9/24/13

Statistics Tutor, Downey, CA

Alice, I am taking an on-line statistics course (Introduction to the practice of statistics) and I'm not getting much help from my professor. Are you able to help me?

Sent by Rene on 9/24/13

Adobe Illustrator, Long Island, NY

Hi Michael, I recently switched from Adobe CS to the current Adobe Cloud version of Illustrator and Photoshop. Although I have used these programs for about 10...

Sent by Donna on 9/23/13

C#, New York, NY

Hi Brandon, I see that you are a Computer Engineer with a c# background. I need help grasping a C# beginner's course. I would greatly appreciate your help...

Sent by Kevin on 9/23/13

English, San Marino, CA

Hello Sandra, I have two boys in middle school who could benefit from tutoring, especially the 6th grader. He has difficulty following directions in science...

Sent by Anna on 9/23/13

Organic Chemistry, San Francisco, CA

Dear Andrea, My name is N. and I attend college in SF. I need help with understanding organic chemistry concepts specifically, How to identify the...

Sent by Ngoc on 9/23/13

Algebra/Geometry, Sugar Land, TX

Hi - have 1 daughter needs help with Algebra (1 now and maybe 2 next semester). Have another daughter needs help with geometry.

Sent by Brenda on 9/23/13

Chemistry, Downey, CA

Hi I am interested in getting some tutoring for 2 hours a week for college chemistry. I want to be prepared by the time I take an exam and I want to understand...

Sent by Lorena on 9/23/13

Calculus, Auburn, CA

Hello I need tutoring for my daughter for Calculus. She is a student at Placer. Please call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Steve on 9/23/13

Reading, Escalon

My 6 year old 1st grader needs help

Sent by Jenny on 9/23/13

Library Science, Austin, TX 78757

I am taking a library science in cataloging and I need a tutor. If you are available this weekend that would be great! Thanks! L.

Sent by Laura on 9/23/13

Reading And Math, Rialto, CA

I am looking for help with my little girl Jocelyn she is 7 years old but she is struggling with math and reading..

Sent by Jennifer on 9/23/13

Anthropology, Santa Barbara, CA

Hey Jim, I am in an intro Anthropology class at Santa Barbara City College, and was looking for a tutor to help guide me as I took an online test tomorrow night.

Sent by Andrew on 9/23/13

American History, Lake Worth, FL

Heather, My son is looking for help with his American History t0 1865 class at Palm Beach State. Naturally, helping him learn proper study skills.

Sent by Dean on 9/23/13

English, Ellensburg, WA 98926

Hello Richard, I want to have a mounth of private English Class and I am wondering if you are available. I am from Brazil and I need to improve my fluency...

Sent by Willian on 9/23/13

Accounting, Cincinnati, OH

Hi, I'm taking an Accounting II course online, it is a combination of financial & managerial accounting. I have a "pre-test" and I'd like to work with a tutor prior...

Sent by Rachel on 9/23/13

Electrical Engineering, Colorado Springs, CO

Hi my name is K. G. and I am an engineering student at UCCS. I am taking a couple ECE classes and I am really having trouble with new programming languages such as...

Sent by Kelly on 9/23/13

Statistics, Dallas, TX

i am taking a master's level stat class, i need tutoring. I would like to start tomorrow (9/24)

Sent by Lawrence on 9/23/13

Reading, Pittston, PA

I am interested in getting help for my 2nd grade son who is having some difficulty with reading and spelling. I have some questions but wanted to see first if...

Sent by Kathrryn on 9/23/13

Finance Tutor, Scottsdale, AZ

I need help in finance as i ma taking MBA finance class. Thx

Sent by Aida on 9/23/13

Finance, Pearland, TX

Im looking for a business finance tutor quick. Are you familiar with business finance?

Sent by Sydnee on 9/23/13

All Subjects, West Springfield, MA

I need 1 on 1 tutoring for my 11th grade son on all subjects ... please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Neco on 9/23/13

Chemistry, Los Angeles, CA

Hello, I am currently seeking a chemistry tutor for my 16 year old daughter. We are located in West Hollywood and I see that you aren't that far.

Sent by Tara on 9/23/13

Reading, Denver, CO

Hi Jenn! We have a 6 year old in first grade at Bethlehem Lutheran - She is having some trouble with her reading and I wanted to see about a tutor for her.

Sent by Lori on 9/23/13

Act, Bay Shore, NY

Hello! My name is S. and I am looking to increase my ACT Tutor from a 28 to a 31-33 in order to apply to an Ivy League school! Please help!

Sent by Sara on 9/23/13

English, Crystal Lake, IL

Hi Arjun My name is J. B.. My son Sivam is in 8th garde and preparing SAT test to qualify for IMSA. He needs some help in English. I live in Lake In The Hills.

Sent by Jay on 9/23/13

Pre-algebra, Debary, FL

Hello, I used another site, but not sure on reliability... Sorry if this is a duplicate for you. I have an 8th grade daughter that needs tutoring in Pre-Algebra...

Sent by Frank on 9/23/13

Algebra, Geneva, IL

Wanting tutoring for our freshman son at Geneva ,in the 9th grade algebra I .Wed from 6:30 to 7:30. You may call (phone number available after purchase). Thank you

Sent by Kristine on 9/23/13

Psychology, Charlotte, NC

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for AP Psychology. I have an 11grader.

Sent by L. on 9/23/13

Wilton Me, Brookfield, CT 06804

Hi, Jennifer I am looking for someone who can help my daughter in 7th grade for writing. She is on the spectrum , but she is doing well at Middlebrook.

Sent by Eriko on 9/23/13

Reading, Ethel, LA

Hi, I am interested in having my daughter tutored. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) (A.).

Sent by Anita on 9/23/13

Math GED, Bronx New York

Hola buenas tardes necesito ayuda urgente con matematicas mi proximo examen de GED es en diciembre y es mi ultimo chance para pasarlo,estoy muy preocupada...

Sent by Sarah on 9/23/13

Needed Tutor, Fairfax, VA

hello: may you please email me as soon as you can if you are willing to help in teaching american government. thanks

Sent by Sarah on 9/23/13

Math & Physics, Westwood, MA 02453

Hi Danielle, I'd love to speak with you about tutoring my 17 year old daughter in math and physics. Can we set up a time to chat? Thanks, J. M.

Sent by Joan on 9/23/13

Financial Accounting, Wrentham, MA

Hi I need help in financial accounting. I live in wrentham ma. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Karisa on 9/23/13

Chemistry (general), Delray Beach, FL

Hello I was looking for a chemistry (url available after purchase)'s chem 1 so please let me know if you can help.

Sent by Suzette on 9/23/13

2nd Grade Tutor, Miami, FL

Hi, do you tutor 2nd grade level?

Sent by Jeff on 9/23/13

Math, El Centro, CA

looking for math tutor for my wife and myself were taking math 91 at ivc looking to get tutored a min of once a week for 2hrs at my home in el centro.

Sent by Eddie on 9/22/13

Statistics, Ruston, LA

I am a doctoral student at Grambling seeking a tutor for intermediate statistics.

Sent by Brittany on 9/22/13

Series 6, New York, NY

Hey I saw your advert.. I have to take the Series 6 exam for my job and I'm wondering if you tutor for that exam.. I'm looking to get extra help to pass...

Sent by Nevin on 9/22/13

Not Sure, Denver, CO

Hey tim i am trying to find someone that can help me learn and prepare for a test for the service wanna see if we could meet and talk see if you could help me

Sent by Chase on 9/22/13

Math & Reading Assistant, Greenville, SC

Hello, We are hiring part time Math & Reading assistants for our Kumon franchise location in Taylors, SC. If you are interested, please contcat me at (phone number...

Sent by Sri on 9/22/13

Statistics, Jackson Springs, NC

Hi Larry, I am taking a Stats class online and need some help remembering calculus and integrals to derive normal probability distributions etc.

Sent by Toni on 9/22/13

English Paper Help, Roanoke, VA

Hello Monica, I am have finished the English paper. I went to writing center. The content is good but not able to argue well as its a reserach paper.

Sent by Hiral on 9/22/13

Statistics, Boston, MA

Hello, I'm looking for some assistance with a research project I'm working on as part of my master's degree. The project involves conducting factor analysis and...

Sent by Yevgeniy on 9/22/13

Reading, Rahway, NJ

Hello I'm looking for a tutor for my son. He's 6 and in first grade. He's having trouble with reading.

Sent by Jennifer on 9/22/13

Ged, Rochester Ny

I am currently studying for my GED. My goal is to recieve my GED in the very near future. I am in diare need of math help. I do not need any help in any other...

Sent by Monique on 9/22/13

Chemistry, Macomb, MI 48044

I am interested in getting a tutor for my son Greg. He is in his second year at Macomb community college and is really struggling with chemistry.

Sent by Karen on 9/22/13

Computer, Cleveland, OH

Hello I have a class "telecomunication in education". I need someone who help me in doing the assignments. If you can, please tell me how much you take for one hour.

Sent by Fahdah on 9/22/13

Act, Durham, NH

Hi Teacher Saurabh M., I just took Toefl and ACTtest, My Toefl got 82,but not enough. I need your help for my Toefl and act test prep.

Sent by Dongnan on 9/22/13

Organic Chemistry, Waco, TX

Hello I have an organic chem test and super lost with three concepts and need help asap. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Deborah on 9/22/13

Algebra 2, Twinsburg, OH

Hi I am looking for a tutor for my 16 yr old son who attends Twinsburg H.S, although school has just recently began, he is having some difficulty in his Algebra 2 class.

Sent by Wendy on 9/22/13

Math Ged, Rye Brook, Ny

Hi Samuel i need help in math taking my ged test in 2 weeks.please contact me via email so i can give you some more info about me.thanks A.

Sent by Ashi on 9/22/13

Advanced Organic Chemistry, Brooklyn, NY

Need help with advanced granite chemistry. Can you help? (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Yulia on 9/22/13

Genetics, Nashville, TN 37209

Hey Sajid. I am taking a Molecular Genetics course and could use some help. Could you help me?

Sent by Erica on 9/22/13

Accounting, Nashville, TN

I have an assignment I've already completed and I'd just like to have checked out online if possible.

Sent by Shane on 9/22/13

Industrial Engineering, Tempe, AZ 85281

Hello, I need help on my system engineering industrial engineering assignment. Please let me know if u can help. Thanks.

Sent by Sam on 9/22/13

Art, New York, NY

Hi Barbara, Please contact me if you are interested in teaching an art class for a kids birthday party. A.

Sent by April on 9/21/13

Organic Chemistry, Merced, CA

Hi Karen, I am looking for an organic chemistry tutor that I can meet with on a regular basis because I have been struggling with fully understanding the topics.

Sent by Alejandra on 9/21/13

Python, Brooklyn, NY

I am working on a Python project. I am an experienced programmer, but out of the game for some years and new to Python. I would like to quickly get a GUI display of...

Sent by Gene on 9/21/13

Logic, Tucson, Az 85719

Hi Anna, my name is H. and I was looking to get some tutoring help for my phil 110 (logic and critical thinking) class. Please let me know if you would be interested.

Sent by Heather on 9/21/13

Hons English III, Sherman Oaks, CA

Hi April We have moved here from Canada and my 15 year old daughter has gone from public school in Canada to private school in LA.

Sent by Joanne on 9/21/13

Real Estate, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hello Serge, Please contact me. I am looking for a real estate tutor for my Fiance. She has not passed unfortunately 2X. This is her 3rd attempt.

Sent by Faysal on 9/21/13

Nclex Rn, Newport News, VA

I desperately NEED tutoring for NCLEX. It angers me that it doesnt come as easy to me as it does for my classmates. Thank you :)

Sent by Denise on 9/21/13

Accounting, Charleston, SC

I need an accounting tutor, ideally tomorrow but as late as monday. Please email me or call me! (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Dan on 9/21/13

Needed Calculus Tutor, Arlington, TX

My daughter is a tenth grader taken, calculus, physics, spanish 3, world history, english 2, and human geography. Needs tutoral help for her, please and thank...

Sent by Joy on 9/21/13

Writing, Osprey, FL 34229

I am looking for an SAT tutor for my son for the Writing and Critical Reading sections. Can you tell me anything about your background or your availability? Thank you!

Sent by Laura on 9/21/13

Accounting, Indianapolis, IN

Hello I would like to know more about the qualifications/pay rate your tutors hold in the area of accounting. I am a senior accounting major at IUPUI...

Sent by Lola on 9/21/13

Act, Oxford, MS

I am scheduled to do the ACt on the 8th of October and I would like a tutor. My number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Clide on 9/21/13

Czech, Denver, CO 80210

Are you in Denver, CO and do you offer tutor locally in Czech

Sent by Robert on 9/21/13

Sat Writing, Bakersfield, CA 93311

Are you available on weekends for tutoring SAT writing, including grammar and sentence improvement? Thanks.

Sent by Jason on 9/21/13

Psychology And Philosophy, Wayne, NJ

Hello, I am a senior in college and am looking for a tutor who could help me out in my psychology of children's learning with my critique paper and also...

Sent by Bernadette on 9/21/13

Lsat, Cambridge, MA

looking for crash LSAT tutoring in preparation for the October test.

Sent by Imeime on 9/21/13

Physics, Corpus Christi, TX

Hi, I am taking University Physics at Del Mar and I'm in need of a physics tutor to help me study for a test on Tuesday. If you are available, please email me...

Sent by Kristen on 9/21/13

Algebra, Dallas, TX

I go to RHS and I need a tutor for Algebra 1. Please contact me as soon as possible thank you!! For more information

Sent by Marlin on 9/21/13

Gmat, Syosset, NY

Hi I am looking for GMAT tutor! I would like to meet at some point on the weekends because of my class and work schedule! I look forward to hearing from you!

Sent by Marla on 9/21/13

Economics, Conway, SC

Can you help me with Econ 101. (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Michael on 9/21/13

Real Estate, West Palm Beach, FL

Good morning Debbie, your name comes up for being a Real Estate tutor. Is this something that you can help me with? Thank you, D.

Sent by David on 9/21/13

English, Decatur, IL

i need learn english.i am 45.i can pay 15$ per hour.tank you

Sent by Abbas on 9/21/13

Algebra Tutor, West Orange, NJ

My son needs 9th grade algebra help. when could i meet you. Can you sent me an email about when and where we could meet. My phone # is (phone number available after...

Sent by Biju on 9/21/13

Mcat Tutor, Cleveland, OH

Looking for tutoring in MCAT

Sent by Meghna on 9/21/13

Chemistry, Chula Vista, CA

Hi I am K. and am looking for a a chem tutor. Let me know if you can do tutoring.

Sent by Kevin on 9/21/13

Biology, Elizabeth, NJ

Hello Dave, My name is H. and I am a first year college student in Union County College and am interested in being privately tutored for my Biology 111 course.

Sent by Hector on 9/20/13

Spanish, Carrollton, TX

My son is 6 yrs old.i want u to teach him spanish .plz let me know.

Sent by Priya on 9/20/13

5th Grade Math, Meridian, ID

I have a 10 year old that has always struggled with math, and he is again this year. Last year a tutor in Texas brought him from a d to a B+, and we are looking for...

Sent by Tami on 9/20/13

I Would Like Tutoring Please, Foley, AL

Hi i am interested in you to tutor my daughter. She is in ninth grade. If you can call or email as soon as possible. Thank you. Phone-((phone number available...

Sent by Cindy on 9/20/13

Spanish, Palm Coast, FL

My wife and I are retired and would like to learn Spanish. We live in Island estates. Pls respond. B. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Brad on 9/20/13

Chemistry, GA

Need tutor for general chem and organic chem . I live in Marietta plz call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Sadia on 9/20/13

English, Newport Beach, CA

Hello, I am looking for an English 9th grade level tutor. I am located in Newport Beach. I would like to set up an appointment for tutorial to see if you are...

Sent by Giana on 9/20/13

Civil Engineering, Tulsa, OK

Would you be able to help someone study and prepare for the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam?

Sent by Peter on 9/20/13

Physics, Blue Bell, PA

I'm a freshman at Penn State Abington and really need assistance with Physics 211. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Joshua on 9/20/13

Economics, Ladera Ranch, CA

Hey there. Looking for Skype or google hangouts sessions to go through economics practice quiz questions. You do that?

Sent by Kevin on 9/20/13

Reading, Avondale,AZ

I am looking for a tutor for my 8 year old son, Cashmere. He needs extra help with reading and writing. He is currently in the 3rd grade and i am afraid he will not...

Sent by Lourdes on 9/20/13

Mechanical Engineering, League City, TX

I need help with my engineering classes (specifically mechanics of materials) asap. My number is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Daniel on 9/20/13

Swahili, Long Island City, NY

I am looking for someone to tutor me in my college level Swahili III class. Please let me know if you can. Thank you, C.

Sent by Caroline on 9/20/13

Physics, Raleigh, NC

My daughter is a senior. She is a hardworker and very bright. She is taking AP Physics, but is struggling a bit with it. Are you comfortable with teaching AP Physics?

Sent by Joyce on 9/20/13

Italian, Rochester, MN

I am planning a short trip to northern Italy in October. Could I get some help with a crash course for the trip - and if it works out, perhaps for longer study after...

Sent by Jean on 9/20/13

Ruby On Rails, New York, NY 10022

Hello, I'm looking for a session sometime next week. Are you available?

Sent by Christopher on 9/20/13

Trigonometry, Long Island, NY

need a trig tutor for my daughter will travel to a library near you also, is fee negotiable if I pay in cash?

Sent by Rachel on 9/20/13

Thermodynamics, 08876

Hi Dr. Bharath, I'm a chemical engineering student and I'm taking thermodynamics at the moment. I was wondering if you do online tutoring and if you do how does...

Sent by Zeyad on 9/20/13

Java Tutoring Needed, Raleigh, NC

Hello Thomas I am currently taking Java programming @ Wake Tech. I missed the second class which contained valuable basic knowledge of Java.

Sent by Ant on 9/20/13

Java Tutoring Needed, Raleigh, NC

Hello Andre I am currently taking Java programming @ Wake Tech. I missed the second class which contained valuable basic knowledge of Java.

Sent by Ant on 9/20/13

Algebra II, Hallsville, TX

Hello Heather, I have a 16 yr old daughter named Shelby. She has ADHD and is struggling in Algebra II, although she is on medication she just gets confused...

Sent by Priscilla on 9/20/13

North Bergen Nj, North Bergen, NJ

Hello, Looking for a 6th grade math tutor for my daughter. Can you give me more information. Do you tutor at home? Thank you

Sent by Hayuxia on 9/20/13

Research Paper, Sterling Heights, MI

I am currently back in school pursuing a BBA degree and I a have a business law class and I need to write a research paper but I am having some problems since...

Sent by Tiffany on 9/20/13

Usmle, Jersey City, NJ 07306

need tutoring in s3 failed s3 twice

Sent by Belwin on 9/19/13

Math, Zebulon, NC

need help in 7th grade math intergers things like a+b(2-) + 2-4= squared and computer publisher

Sent by Peggy on 9/19/13

AB Calculus, Washington, DC 20009

Hi Ari - I'm looking for a tutor for Calculus. Please contact me if you're available. Thanks, J.

Sent by Jody on 9/19/13

Math, Conroe, TX

Hi Leslie My daughter Victoria is a student at Peet Jr high. She is having a hard time with math. I'm looking for someone to help her a few hours on the weekends.

Sent by Terri on 9/19/13

Calculus, Folsom, PA

Hi, My daughter is taking AP calc as a jr. at Ridley. She is extremely bright, but just isnt understanding many of the concepts.

Sent by Joe on 9/19/13

Astronomy, Silver Spring, MD

Hello, I am currently a student at Montgomery college and I am struggling with my astronomy 101 class. I was wondering what your availability is.

Sent by Xiomara on 9/19/13

Math, Factoryville, PA

I need a tutor in my factoryville home for my 16 year old son jason in math algebra 1&2 I live in factoryville pa .please contact me if your interested

Sent by Rebecca on 9/19/13

Algebra, Enid, OK

Hi Stan, I have a high school sophomore male who just now let us know that he is struggling with his pre-AP algebra. Need help ASAP.

Sent by Deborah on 9/19/13

English, Pocatello, ID

Hi, I need help in English .

Sent by Abdullah on 9/19/13

Cst, Northridge, CA 91325

Hi Bill, I would like a tutor for CST for my 12 year old son. Thank you, E.

Sent by Elva on 9/19/13

Geometry, Suffolk, VA

i need help with Geometry

Sent by Ivory on 9/19/13

Computer Training, Anaheim, CA

Hello, this Company I work for would like to get me some training in Word, Excel,and Outlook... we are located off the 55 and 91 freeways..

Sent by John on 9/19/13

General Chemistry, Lake Mary, FL

Hi, i would like to get tutoring in College General Chemistry. I live in Longwood. Thank you, L.

Sent by Louann on 9/19/13

Project Management, Concord, NH

Hello Jill: I am hopeful you will send your resume for possible collaboration. Warmest Regards, J. K.

Sent by Jennifer on 9/19/13

Quicken, Tucson, AZ 85742

July reconciliation of an acct was zero difference, but Aug. showed a difference of over $2,000. August should also balance to the penny.

Sent by Cliff on 9/19/13

Math, Malverne, NY

My son is 15 years old in the 10 grade and is struggling in math. Can you please reach out to me to set up a time where we can talk about him getting some tutoring.

Sent by April on 9/19/13

Numerical Analysis, North Brunswick, NJ

Hi, I am in desperate need for a tutor in Numerical Analysis. Please let me know your availability and if you are willing to meet.

Sent by Carl on 9/19/13

Sat, Worcester, MA

Hi, my son is taking the SAT in October. I am interested in a one hour review session for him prior to the test, he had taken a review class in the spring.

Sent by Ann on 9/19/13

Photography, Jacksonville, FL

Hello my name is D. and I've been asked to photograph a friends wedding, but I'm fairly new to photography so I'm looking for a professional to help me better...

Sent by Dani on 9/19/13

Chemistry, Lake Mary,fl

Please send me your convenient, I need tutoring for my 9th grade daughter

Sent by Sesh on 9/19/13

Statistics, Chesterfied, MI

Good morning. I am seeking assistance in my college graduate level healthcare statistics course at Grand Valley. I received an A in my undergrad basic statistics...

Sent by Cynthia on 9/19/13

Mechanical Engineering, Virgina Fairfax 22031

i need help in building system and analysis energy water charts energy

Sent by Ghazal on 9/19/13

Chemistry, Marion, MA

I am in a college chemistry class and have been challenged by word problems, setting and applying equitions. May be looking for extra tutoring. what is rate/hr

Sent by Erin on 9/19/13

English, San Diego, CA

hi my name is A. & am 31 years old . am studing english in SD from 30-9 to 30-10 .. am joing CILS at morning at at after noon am free , thats why i need...

Sent by Abdullah on 9/19/13

Ruby On Rails, New York, New York 10011

I need help with RoR environment, errors and understanding ruby code. Can you help me troubleshoot RoR errors?

Sent by Kim on 9/19/13

Vector Calculus, Houston, TX

Hello Mr. Abhishek, I am looking for a math tutor to teach Applied Mathmatics. Vector Calculus more specifically. if you have an experience on this...

Sent by Mohammed on 9/19/13

Usmle, FL

Hi. I am interested in getting tutoring for USMLE Step 1. Specifically, I would like the tutor to help me complete UWorld or the Kaplan qbank.

Sent by Naveen on 9/19/13

Applied Math, Panama City, FL

Hi, My name is L. and I am looking for someone to tutor my 6th grader in Math a couple of times a week. He is a shy kid and is struggling to keep up.

Sent by Ladell on 9/18/13

Geometry, Southern Pines, NC

Hi, I am looking for a tutor for my 9th grade daughter emilie. She is in geometry and is really struggling. I would have taken her out and put her back in algebra...

Sent by Beth on 9/18/13

Geometry, Hurst, TX

I am looking for a Geometry/Chemistry tutor for my son. We live in Hurst TX. I will need a reliable tutor for the school year.

Sent by Ms on 9/18/13

Dyslexia, Destin, FL

Hello Edward We are looking for a tutor for our daughter who is in third grade at NFBA. She has dyslexia and we suspect dysgraphia as well.

Sent by Jennifer on 9/18/13

Calcules, San Diego, CA

hello Brittany, I want tutoring in Calcules, can you help me? txt me please (phone number available after purchase) thnxx

Sent by Bader on 9/18/13

Asvab, Conroe, TX

im tryin to pass a asvab test and need some tutoring in math.

Sent by Tavian on 9/18/13

Reading, Buffalo, NY

hello I am looking for someone to help my second grader to read.

Sent by Sophia on 9/18/13

Chemistry, Lincolnton, NC

I am currently taking intro to chemistry from Cleveland community college. I am pursing an RN-BSN at UNCC. I have waited until the last minute for assistance.

Sent by Amy on 9/18/13

German, Jacksonville, FL

Hi Raluca, I would like to learn German. I have listened to a few CDs for basic German but would like to make it more formal. S.

Sent by Suzzette on 9/18/13

Math, Franklin Park, IL

Ms. Ramos, I'm in need of a Math Tutor for my 5th grade, please contact me: (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Gabriela on 9/18/13

Algebra, Cypress, TX

Our 8th grade son needs help with algebra 1. We live in cypress near spring cypress and grant. Please call me, Wes, at (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Diane on 9/18/13

Armenian, Bronx, NY 10453

Hi I am looking for an Armenian language tutor for my four year old son.

Sent by Greta on 9/18/13

European History, Bangor, ME

Hello Chandler, I am interesting in hiring a tutor for my daughter Julia S.. She is a freshman at UMO and is struggling with a class entitled European history.

Sent by Susan on 9/18/13

Statistics, Charlotte, NC

Do tutor in econometrics ? I need serious help I am really struggling in the class

Sent by James on 9/18/13

High School Reading, Lake Wales, FL

I am in search of a tutor for a young lady who is living with my husband and I. She graduated last year but only with her certificate of completion because...

Sent by Brandy on 9/18/13

Physics, Dallas, TX

I need 2 hour tutoring required in University physics Vectors.Straight line motion and 2-3 directional kinematics.I joined the classes lately and I think I...

Sent by Joshy on 9/18/13

Test Prep Tutor, Broken Arrow, OK

William, My daughter is a Senior at BA High School and needs tutoring for the ACT. She has a good GPA but has scored a 20 twice on the ACT.

Sent by Wendy on 9/18/13

English, Port Saint Lucie, FL

Hello Sandra, I am looking for an English tutor for an hour every week in the morning. I need to improve my English conversation and pronunciation.

Sent by Yara on 9/18/13

German, Baton Rouge, LA

Hi Sam. I need a German language teacher to teach in Prairieville. Are you available? Also, can you please let me know your phone number so we can talk.

Sent by Julie on 9/18/13

Math, Villa Rica, GA

Looking for a tutor for my 4th grader. She is struggling in math. I am also trying to have her test for ADD, she has a very short attention span.

Sent by Courtney on 9/18/13

English As A Second Language, Amelia, OH

English as a Second Language

Sent by Zee on 9/18/13

Elementary, Abingdon, MD

Hello We are loooking to find a great tutor for my 10 year old step son Rodney who is in the fifth grade. He has trouble with Math and would like for someone...

Sent by Jasmin on 9/18/13

5th Grade Math, Saint Johns, FL

Do you travel to the Saint Johns area? How often are sessions scheduled? My grandson is 10 years old and has Aspberger's. He has been an honor roll student...

Sent by Jennifer on 9/18/13

Calculus, Pocatello, ID

I'm taking Calculus 2 and I would like if we could start our lessons asap Thank you

Sent by on 9/18/13

Essay Writing, Cardiff, CA

I'm interested in hiring a tutor to help my 11th grade daughter with in class writing assignments in her AP English/history cohort.

Sent by Sarita on 9/18/13

History, Kalamazoo, Michigan

I am a college student at WMU. I am struggling with a history class and need a tutor ASAP. Please email me at (email available after purchase) or (email available...

Sent by Charisa on 9/17/13

Algebra, West Palm Beach, FL

Hello - I am looking for an Algebra 2 tutor for my daughter. She is a sophomore at Dreyfoos school of the Arts in West Palm Beach.

Sent by Jennifer on 9/17/13

Chemistry, Morris Plains, NJ

Hi Peter, I called and spoke to you once last spring, but ended up not needing your help for my daugher, nearby to you in Mountain Lakes, right then.

Sent by Lisa on 9/17/13

Math, Watertown, MA

I have 8 year old girl/boy twins that have crazy math homework everyday. I am looking for a math tutor for them. Thank you, L.

Sent by Lisa on 9/17/13

Auto Desk Inventor, Tucson, AZ

help in autodesk inventor

Sent by Stephen on 9/17/13

Discrete Math, Columbia, MO 65201

Discrete Mathematics. Specifically Set Theory and relations with emphasis on proofs and counting.

Sent by Alejandro on 9/17/13

Industrial Engineering, Tempe, AZ 85281

hi i have Basics industrial engineering class exam tomorrow can u do it

Sent by Dived on 9/17/13

Math, House Springs, MO

In House Springs, MO need 5th grade math tutor. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Gary on 9/17/13

Chemistry, Los Angeles, CA

Hello, I was looking for a chemistry tutor. I passed out of general chemistry at Santa Monica College and am taking the next course up, only problem is...

Sent by Clayton on 9/17/13

Electrical Engineering, Bronx, NY

I need an EE1 tutor. I live in Throggs Neck. I go to school at the Maritime College. I might also need helps with statics as well.

Sent by Andrew on 9/17/13

Algebra 1, Morehead City, NC

Please call me about tutoring my daughter who is taking algebra 1 in eighth grade. Thanks. K.

Sent by Kate on 9/17/13

Reading, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543

Hi Shannon, My son Logan attends Veterans Elem in Wesley Chapel. He is a bright child but has trouble with reading and comprehension.

Sent by Steve on 9/17/13

Lsat, Oakland, CA

Dear Sanjay, This is my first attempt at reaching out for tutoring assistance ever! I am looking for a patient LSAT tutor, who is truly passionate about...

Sent by Kea on 9/17/13

Dyscalculia, Hawthorne, CA

I have a daughter in the 5th grade who has dycalculia. She is struggling in math, and I am not able to give her proper assistance.

Sent by Ruth on 9/17/13

Asvab, Clarksburg, MD

Hello, im looking into taking the ASVAB, but i am really bad at taking test's. I need a lot of work, I was never into school i just learn on the fly.

Sent by Cj. on 9/17/13

Unix, Livingston, NJ

Hello, I am looking to learn to write scripts that would automate certain tasks. Things that are done on the job, such as trade support role where they use UNIX...

Sent by Armando on 9/17/13

Calculus, Charleston, SC

Hi, I need immediate help with my calculus class. I have to pass with at least a B. Please contact me immediately so we can figure out your availability...

Sent by Erin on 9/17/13

Statistics, Corpus Christi, TX

Hello, I'm looking around for a good tutor in statistics and data analysis. I am currently pursuing an MBA and have been out of school for a long time.

Sent by Mike on 9/17/13

Mandolin, El Paso, TX 79928

Hello, how experienced are you teaching mandolin? Do you own one?

Sent by Thomas on 9/17/13

Math And English, Augusta, GA

please call me, looking for Math and English combo tutoring for my 6th grader.

Sent by Teresa on 9/17/13

Algebra Tutor, Augusta, GA

I have a 9th grader at Evans High having problems with Coordinate Algebra. Would be interested in talking with you.

Sent by Mary on 9/17/13

Math, Mission, TX

Gina i really need help to pass my math TAKS . Contact me please.

Sent by Keylee on 9/17/13

Essay Writing, Savannah, GA

I need help with nursing research paper

Sent by Charmane on 9/17/13

College Physics, Baton Rouge, LA

Dear Kristi, I have a son attending LSU. He has been desperately searching for a physics tutor. He has emailed the only one listed on LSU website for his class - no...

Sent by Teri on 9/17/13

Elementary, Gainesville, FL

We have a daughter in 5th grade. she needs homework help and help developing good study habits. We live in SW Gainesville/Haile Plantation.

Sent by Susan on 9/17/13

Reading, North Brunswick, NJ

my son is in 9th grade. I would be interested in reading and writing English. Divya

Sent by Divyajain on 9/17/13

Computer Application, Spartanburg, SC

Hi !I was wondering could you help me with computer application studies please . if you dont mind could you email me back please. thank you . M. D.

Sent by Ms on 9/17/13

Ib Biology, TIVOLI, NY

my son needs help in IB bio

Sent by Neena on 9/17/13

Physiology, East Lansing, MI

Hi I am a student at MSU, majoring in physiology. I would like tutoring in PSL 450, physiology and disease course which involves reading articles and analyzing them.

Sent by Bhanu on 9/16/13

Math , English, Las Cruces, NM

Hi I am looking for a math and English tutor for my son in second grade. If you are interested please contact me A.S.A.P Thanks.

Sent by Ijay on 9/16/13

Economics, Irvine, CA

hi, i'm a master student at csun, majoring in Engineering management, i need help with engineering economical cost analysis class , i might need more than 2 sessions...

Sent by Gigi on 9/16/13

Geometry Tutor, Houston, TX

Hi robert, Would like help for our freshman in langham high school. He is currently taking all k level classes and is having a hard time grasping geometry.

Sent by Norma on 9/16/13

Algebra Ii Tutor, Auburn, NH

Hi We are looking for a tutor to assist our 15 yr old daughter with Algebra 2A and perhaps some Biology. She is a sophmore at Pinkerton. Thank you for your time.

Sent by Carolyn on 9/16/13

Tutoring, Crestview, FL 32536

My son, Evan, has always struggled in school. He is in the second grade. He has repeated first grade and I am concerned he may repeat second grade.

Sent by Dionne on 9/16/13

Math, Chicago, IL

Hello my son needs help with math he is in 7th grade.

Sent by Jorge on 9/16/13

Series 7, Philadelphia, PA 19109

Hi Michael , I am currently in my second week of study for series 7 and was hoping to sit with tutor and review options. Preference would be this work after...

Sent by Daniel on 9/16/13

Algebra 2, Winchester, CA

My junior 11th grade son needs algebra 2 help asap He was stood up 2 days last week by 2 tutors... so is a bit frustrated... He has soccer Monday and Wednesday ...

Sent by Deanna on 9/16/13

Computer Programming, Brooklyn, NY

Need basic computer science tutoring help for my 9th grade son. Will need help with French, Arabic & Math too. Please contact me ASAP if you are interested.

Sent by Ibrahima on 9/16/13

Mechanical Engineering, Columbus, OH

Looking for a Thermodynamics tutor (ME3501) and maybe an ECE tutor. Can you help?

Sent by Chet on 9/16/13

Physical Science, Monroe ,North Carolina

My name is A. I am a jr at Piedmont High School in unionville and I am having problems understanding Physical Science and I need a tutor only problem is I/My Father...

Sent by Aamari on 9/16/13

Orton Gillingham, Alpharetta, GA

Greetings Rachel, I am in search of an OG trained tutor for my five year old daughter one or two times a week. She currently attends a Montessori school in...

Sent by Joanne on 9/16/13

Hspt, Skippack, PA

Heather: I am interested in a tutor who specializes in the HSPT for our son who is looking into a few Catholic High Schools. Where would the sessions take place?

Sent by Kevin on 9/16/13

Essay, San Mateo, CA 94404

Hi Luke, My child needs help with essay writing and reading. Are you available for October? R.

Sent by Rami on 9/16/13

Economics, Chattanooga, TN

Hi, I am a senior at UTC and I am having a difficult time in 2 of my Economics classes. I have an intermediate micro class and an intermediate macro class and I...

Sent by Carrie on 9/16/13

Physics, 08536

Hi Disha, Appreciate if you can respond. We live in Plainsboro. I would need your help in physics.

Sent by Vijaya on 9/16/13

Electrical Circuits, East Lansing, MI

Good morning, I am sending this email on behalf of my girlfriend. She is currently taking a circuits class (ECE 345) which covers the following topics...

Sent by Antoine on 9/16/13

French, Arlington Heights, IL

Valentina, my daughter is in fifth grade and in need of a French tutor for this academic year. I live in Arlington Heights by Prospect High School. L.

Sent by Lara on 9/16/13

Chemistry, Saint Augustine, FL

My daughter is in pre-IB Chemistry and she is having a hard time. We are looking for someone who is familiar with the pre-IB curriculum.

Sent by Lisa on 9/16/13

Microsoft Access, Greensboro, NC

Sherry, need someone to help me on MS Access, DBA-110, (beginners course). I can do assignments ok, but end of chapter projects are confusing.

Sent by Richard on 9/16/13

Mathematics, West Palm Beach, FL

Hello I'm interested in learning developmental math to get up to par, it's been a while and would like to stArt at intermediate college level algebra where they seem...

Sent by Colleen on 9/16/13

Math, Norcross, GA

Hi James. I have a son that desperately need help in math. Malik is in 3rd grade and if he doesn't get help he won't make it to the 4th. Please contact me.

Sent by Wakeelah on 9/16/13

Algebra 2, North Aurora, IL

Hi Clover, I returned to class at AU and had to take College Algebra and it has been 30 years since doing math. I am struggling and need help.

Sent by Sally on 9/16/13

Biology,MATH, Longview, TX

Hello,myself A., I m looking a tutur for my son he is in 9th grade.he is need help In maths calcus n in biology..we live in Longview..would u be able to teach him?

Sent by Almas on 9/16/13

Sat, San Mateo, CA

My daughter is a jr in high school and needs sat help. Can you pls call me for a quick chat. Thanks (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Tania on 9/15/13

Individual Income Taxation, Houston, TX

Hi, im taking individual income taxation and i need help

Sent by Abdulla on 9/15/13

Math, Salt Lake City, UT

i need help with algebra 1010 hw if u r willing i need the help asap. let me know plz (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Basha on 9/15/13

Calculus, Earlysville, VA

We are looking for a calculus AB tutor for our daughter, who attends Albemarle High School. We live in Earlysville, and would prefer to have someone come to our home.

Sent by Elizabeth on 9/15/13

Sat English, Riverside, CA 92507

Hi Jaclyn, We are a family in Redlands, CA. We are looking for en english teacher for two of our kids (Grade 7, Grade 8). Our plan to work early with our kids...

Sent by Sally on 9/15/13

Statistics, Long Island, NY

Looking for help with my statics class, use of trig functions is the base of the course And I'm looking for help as soon as this Monday please contact ASAP (phone...

Sent by Brandon on 9/15/13

Pharmacology, North Brunswick, NJ

Hello Tina, I am looking for some help with my Pharmacology course for nursing school. I am currently not having trouble with the concepts as much as overwhelmed...

Sent by Tara on 9/15/13

Calculus, Flagstaff, AZ

i need some one help me in calculus call me at (phone number available after purchase) to set up appointment

Sent by Mana on 9/15/13

Calculus, Irvine, CA

Hi, I need a new tutor as mine is leaving for college next week, and was wondering if there was a way to work out a lower rate. I'll be needing a tutor for about 2...

Sent by Liam on 9/15/13

Algebra, Stevens Point, WI

Hi Cassie, We are looking for an Algebra 2 tutor for our daughter who is a junior at SPASH. Please let us know if you are interested. Thank you, K. K.

Sent by Kelly on 9/15/13

Reading (dyslexia), Dickinson, TX

Hello, We are interested in finding a reading tutor for Yulia, grade 4, reading level grade 2.5. She is ADHD and may have other learning disabilities we are not...

Sent by Carolyn on 9/15/13

Organic Chemistry, Harrisonburg, VA

Looking for someone who can help with organic chemistry.

Sent by Evan on 9/15/13

Algebra, Ponchatoula, LA

Our granddaughter, Bailey, is a Junior at Ponchatoula High School and needs help with both Algebra 2 and geometry. Tuesday and/or Thursday afternoons would be best.

Sent by Martha on 9/15/13

Chinese, Georgetown, MA

Hi, I'm looking for Chinese tutoring at the intermediate level. I've taken 2 semesters of Chinese at Ohio State, but I'm off school for an internship right now.

Sent by Colleen on 9/15/13

Physics, Oxford, MS

I need help in Physics 213

Sent by Deaton on 9/15/13

Special Education, San Jose, CA

My son has mild learning disability. He needs help with algebra and literature. Also needs to work on his study skills. We leave in west San Jose.

Sent by Viji on 9/15/13

German, Purcellville, VA

I have a 12 year old boy who I would like to start learning German. We live in round hill, va.

Sent by Charles on 9/15/13

French, Lancaster, SC

hi, looking for help taking an online french intro course, live in richburg 10 m south of rock hill need help soon as I'm not doing well in this class. Thanks, M.

Sent by Marnie on 9/15/13

Python, Brooklyn, NY

My son needs help with Python. Are you available today?

Sent by Lorenzo on 9/15/13

Accounting, Los Angeles, CA

I am a Junior level USC Business major student taking Accounting 285 and need to work with a private tutor twice per week for the next 2 semesters either around USC...

Sent by Aria on 9/15/13

Nursing, Arlington, TX

Hi Monique I also attend UTA and would really like someone to help me with clinical skills. I don't feel confident in that area yet. Do you think you could help?

Sent by Cece on 9/15/13

English As 2nd Language, Miami Beach, FL

Hi Anna ! Do you remember me, we had an email contact during July. Would you have time to have a conversation to improve English skills (which are very law) ?

Sent by Marc on 9/15/13

Praxis, Wilmington, DE

I am currently working as a Teacher Assistant which is known and called as a Para-educator. I am trying to find a good tutor as yourself who strong points are...

Sent by Taina on 9/15/13

Medical Surgical Nursing, St. Louis, MO

I have difficulties with Taking tests, with testing strategies.

Sent by Veola on 9/15/13

Chemistry, Denham Springs, LA

Looking for tutor for my son in chemistry II AP located in denham springs. Please contact me by phone. 235-2224

Sent by Laura on 9/14/13

Nursing, Grand Prairie, TX 75054

I needed help with a practice dosage calculation question? Are you good at that? Can you help? I could pay you by question or by hour?

Sent by Karen on 9/14/13

Eletronic Engineering, Lexington, KY

Logan I am a student at BCTC my major is robotics &automation I am currently taken circuits 1 was wanting to know if you could help me in this subject

Sent by Darren on 9/14/13

Reading Specialist, Goshen, NY

Hello. I am currently looking for a certified reading tutor. What is your training with the Wilson Reading Program? Do you travel to my house and do you have...

Sent by Maria on 9/14/13

Honors Pre Calculus, Auburn, CA

Hello, My daughter is a junior at Placer High and is taking honors pre-cal. She likes math but needs extra help with this. Are you available and when? P.

Sent by Pam on 9/14/13

Accounting, Porter Ranch, CA

Hi Charlie, I'm a college student taking Accounting 1 course and i'm struggling with it and I need your help so please contact me at (phone number available after...

Sent by Majed on 9/14/13

Excel, Tallahassee, FL

Hi I need help with my excel spreadsheets class please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Evan on 9/14/13

Math, Corning, NY

Hello I am looking for a math tutor for an online math class Im taking through RIT. I have been out of school for about 5 years and was not very good at math...

Sent by Rocky on 9/14/13

Mandarin, Wyckoff, NJ

Hello, Allison! I'm looking for a Mandarin tutor for my 3 children. I have 5 year old boy/girl twins and a 3 year old. They begin mandarin classes on Monday...

Sent by Cathleen on 9/14/13

Statistics, Redding, CA

My wife is taking Elementary Statistics, an online Shasta College course and relly needs help. You can call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Frank on 9/14/13

Web Design, Saint Louis, MO

My daughter is a student at WashU. She needs help with a typography course. Can you tutor for that course? Thanks for letting me know.

Sent by Julie on 9/14/13

English, Pocatello, ID

Hey, I am looking for English tutor. can you please contact as soon as you can. Thank you

Sent by Mohammed on 9/14/13

Pre Calculus, Whittier, CA

Hello Lauren, My daughter is currently struggling in her pre-calc math class. We need a tutor ASAP. We live in Whittier. What is your availability?

Sent by Letty on 9/14/13

Algebra, Columbus, GA

Im in 9th grade. I need help in pre algebra and algebra I. Please respond.

Sent by Allie on 9/14/13

Calculus, Kissimmee, FL

I am in need of a tutor for my daughter who is taking Pre-Calculus and will need help getting ready to take SAT. Are you able to tutor her?

Sent by Mrs. on 9/14/13

Electrical Engineering, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Hello Ehsan, I am taking introduction to electrical circuits. Can you give classes on this subject Thank you

Sent by Yousef on 9/14/13

Clep, Millburn, NJ 07041

please call me at (phone number available after purchase) I need to take the college english clep. thank you

Sent by Marjorie on 9/13/13

Fifth Grade Math Tutor, Harlingen, TX

I would like for you to tutor my 5 th grade daughter Nathalie she is having trouble in math can you please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Aida on 9/13/13

Accounting, Ogden, UT

Sent by Devin on 9/13/13

Sat, Portsmouth, VA

Hello, I would like to know are you able to tutor me in my SAT.

Sent by Aundrea on 9/13/13

Math & English, Brockton, MA

I would like to get some tudoring for my daughter who is in the 7th grade. You can reach me by email or direct at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by George on 9/13/13

Math, Bridgewater, NJ

Hi Will, I am looking for a tutor to give my 10 years old daughter math /writing, she is learning 5th grade learning Excelled math.

Sent by Lily on 9/13/13

Math, Bellwood, IL

my 12 year old son is having trouble with math & really need some extra help

Sent by Keshia on 9/13/13

Tutoring, Waldorf, MD

Hello Tiara. My wife and i would like you to tutor our daughter. Please contact us at (phone number available after purchase) to discuss. Thank you.

Sent by Eric on 9/13/13

Algebra, Victorville, CA

Hi Amber, I am in my final semester of completing the associate's program in Paralegal Studies at Everest Online University. I'm carrying four and a half classes...

Sent by Dwight on 9/13/13

Lsat, Syracuse, NY

Are you available to tutor? I need help with my LSAT. If yes, please text or call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Sonia on 9/13/13

Russian, Hartland, WI

Hi! I'm not sure if my email went through to you a few days ago, but I was wondering if you are still interested in tutoring Russian, and if you are...

Sent by Anna on 9/13/13

Physics, Cypress, CA

Hello Miss Erica, my name is S. and I am a sophomore in college. I am currently taking Introductory Physics and I am struggling to keep up with the class.

Sent by Salvador on 9/13/13

English Tutor, Boca Raton, FL

Looking for enhancing english,reading, writing and communication skills for an 8th grader

Sent by Mamta on 9/13/13

Reading, Cypress, TX

MY SON IS 8 YEARS reading

Sent by Selena on 9/13/13

Stats Help, Indianapolis, IN 46208

Hi Timothy, I am a senior at UIndy and am having problems with stat. I play baseball and work full time as well so I have an odd schedule.

Sent by Caleb on 9/13/13

Math, Saint Charles, IL

i would like to make some math with you cause i need for college admission. I live in St Charlesand im 35 years old.I forgot my math cause i finished highschool in 96.

Sent by Florentina on 9/13/13

Ap Chemistry, Waterford, WI

Hi John - I am looking for a tutor to assist my daughter Emily in AP Chemistry. Where do you hold your tutoring sessions?

Sent by Stephanie on 9/13/13

Act, Greensboro, NC

Looking for a tutor very familiar with ACT science. Only need help with this part and need someone very experienced in how the science part is done on ACT. Thanks.

Sent by Sharon on 9/13/13

Math And Reading, Wappingers Falls, NY

My son is having difficulty in math and reading. He is currently receiving help at school, but I am afraid it is not enough. I am interested in hiring a tutor for...

Sent by Kim on 9/13/13

Algebra, Emmaus, PA

I have a son who is a sophmore at emmaus, he is taking algebra 2, last year he took algebra 1. Bottom line he just get the concept,He is farily good in his other...

Sent by Brian on 9/13/13

Dyslexia, Evergreen, CO

I have a 6 year old who is having problems remembering the sounds of her letters and I think may be dyslexic. What program do you use for dyslexia?

Sent by Kim on 9/13/13

Pre K, Fresno, TX

Hello, I am looking for someone. To help my 4 year to learn how to read & write. He has some problems with motor skills. I know he is young but I also feel he is...

Sent by Lawanda on 9/12/13

Math, Jasper, AL

My name is N., I go to Oakman High school, I work at McDonalds, I'm stressed about my classes and need help with my precalculus class.

Sent by Noah on 9/12/13

Sas, Cincinnati, OH

I am looking for SAS tutoring to begin as soon as possible since I am falling behind in class. Could we start this weekend possibly?

Sent by Steve on 9/12/13

Advance Engine, Greenville, SC

Can you teach me the Advance Engine Analysis. and help me in Matlab to solve problems?

Sent by Emad on 9/12/13

Matj, Prairieville, LA

I have a daughter who is a sophomore in algebra2 she is having difficulty understanding her teacher.

Sent by Diana on 9/12/13

Intermediate Accounting II, Cleveland, OH 44115

HI I'm looking for tutoring for intermediate II ( ACCT 532) . Text Kieso, Weygendt and Warfield, Inter. acct. Wiley,14th ed. please contact me on (phone number...

Sent by Ryan on 9/12/13

Physics, San Antonio, TX

Hello RoB.ert, I am looking for a physics 2 Tutor can u please email me. Thanks K.

Sent by Krystal on 9/12/13

Gre, Portland, OR

Hi Nance- I am looking for a GRE prep tutor for about 6 hours per week. I would prefer to meet weekdays in the AM. Are you currently available? Thank You- M.

Sent by Miranda on 9/12/13

Usmle, Macon, GA

Hi Naveen, I'm currently studying to retake Step 1 and have just over 8 weeks to reach my goal before I sit for the exam. I'm interested in leaning more about...

Sent by Lauren on 9/12/13

Psychology, Fresno, CA

Hi Mae, My name is S. and i'm looking for a tutor for my Psychology class. Right now were going over the brain and Neurons and I need more understanding of it.

Sent by Summer on 9/12/13

Asvab, Camarillo, CA

I am looking for a tutor to help me prepare for the ASVAB.

Sent by Chris on 9/12/13

Act, Liberty Twp, OH

My daughter will be taking the ACT test in October. She is a senior at Lakota West. She took the SAT last year and got 910 combined Math and English.

Sent by Tom on 9/12/13

Spelling, Ithaca, NY 14850

Hi Jennifer, I have an 8th grade daughter who is a bright, quick honor roll student. She has always had perfect spelling, grammar, punctuation and an early...

Sent by Carole on 9/12/13

Cpa, Milpitas, California

Hi, I appeared FAR and Auditing twice and i failed both the exams. For auditing i want tutor..Need your help Thanks S.

Sent by Shweta on 9/12/13

Homeschooling, Venice, FL

MY son is 13 and has ADHD as well as mood and anxiety disorders. His anxiety in school is so great that he is no longer attending school.

Sent by Lisa on 9/12/13

French, Solon Ohio

I have a 15 year old daughter who is a 10th grader at Solon high school . She needs a tutor to help her improve her listening and speaking skills ...

Sent by Marla on 9/12/13

Differential Equations, Online

Sent by Marwan on 9/12/13

C#, Los Angeles, CA

I work at a company and they gave me project..!! In brief, the project is about automating a software. It contains all the DLLs and exe files but no source code.

Sent by Navneet on 9/12/13

Chemistry (general), Chandler, AZ

I am looking for a tutor to teach Honors Chemistry and Pre-Calc to my highschool kid. We live on Almaschool and Germann.

Sent by Sangeeta on 9/12/13

Pre K To Kinder, Morocco Indiana

I have a 4 yr old son that needs some extra attention one on one with pre k learning. I have tried but am not having any luck

Sent by Nancy on 9/12/13

Cpa, Teaneck, New Jersey

I have completed 3 out of 4 CPA exams and could not clear FAR (70), I am looking to take it again by the 4th of October and need some fine tuning in areas like...

Sent by Alisha on 9/12/13

Math & Reading, Grants Pass, OR

my daughter is in the 5th grade. She struggles every year, and every year the school considers holding her back. She struggles in Math and reading.

Sent by Jessica on 9/12/13

Math College, Schwenksville, PA

My son is at PSU in Berks. Really struggling with calculus. We live in Harleysville. Can you help? pls call at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Seth on 9/12/13

Powerpoint, Oakland, CA

I am looking for someone very skilled and experienced to give me some training on microsoft power point and exell computer operation.

Sent by Alex on 9/12/13

Physics, Carpinteria, CA

Hi, I have son who is a junior in high school and is taking AP Physics, US History 101(dual enrollment) and Pre-Calculus . I am looking to get him a tutor for some...

Sent by Ana on 9/12/13

Home Schooling, Santa Ana, CA

I need a Tutor for my 5 year old, boy he started in K Grade....? Afternoon hours for him please?

Sent by Anthony on 9/12/13

Hspt, Boca Raton, FL

Hi Paul, My name is S. G. and I'm interested in receiving tutoring for my 13 year old son. Please contact me @ your earliest convenience. Thanks, S.

Sent by Shannon on 9/12/13

Math, Seneca, SC

HI, do you tutor math for 3rd graders?

Sent by Mary on 9/12/13

Math,science, Elmont, NY

hi im looking for tutor for my daughter she is in 9th grade.you can contact me at (phone number available after purchase) thank you.

Sent by Oumou on 9/12/13

Advanced Statistics, Topeka, KS

Hello Chris, We are needing immediate help with an on-line stats class in a master's program through Delta State University. The class uses the SPSS Stats program.

Sent by Pam on 9/12/13

Spanish, Mims, FL

hi want to learn to speak Spanish (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Sagi on 9/12/13

Math And Other, Flagstaff, AZ

Looking for a math tutor and overall tutor for my son at NAU. He is a second semester freshman, needs much help with Math pathways class and overall organizing.

Sent by Deanna on 9/12/13

Information Technology Online, Costa Rica

I need tutoring in Shell Scripting. Can you tell me something about your style of teaching? This would be online tutoring as I live in Costa Rica and am getting a BS...

Sent by Michael on 9/12/13

Elementary, Glenview, IL

Tutoring for my daughter, she's in first grade. Want personalized tutoring in math and reading, (url available after purchase) Would be every other Thursday...

Sent by Emmanuel on 9/12/13

Calculus, Estero, FL

Hi Alexandra, I havea son who is 17 and a senior in Estero FL. Are you available to help with Calculus/ Pre-calc this semester and possibly statistics next semester?

Sent by Theresa on 9/12/13

Special Education, Richmond, VA

Hello Mrs.Elizabeth. I would like to know when is the best time to meet with you. My son jordan is currently having difficulty in the follwoing areas...

Sent by Shemeika on 9/12/13

Home Schooling, Santa Barbara, CA

Hi Graham, My name is M. and my daughter, Nicoletta is 15 and we have just begun online schooling. She is currently enrolled in Laurel Springs Online School...

Sent by Marni on 9/12/13

Algorithms, Chicago, IL

Hi Jean-Benoit. I start a masters level Algorithms course in 2 weeks, and I'm a little worried about it mainly because I have a limited mathematics background...

Sent by Matt on 9/11/13

Music Theory, Abington, PA

Hi Julie. May Name is S.. I am a PSU student enrolled in an Art class as an electiV.e in order to graduate this December. The class requirement is to attend 5...

Sent by Shawn on 9/11/13

Elementary Reading, Marblehead, MA

Hi Kristen, I saw your posting about tutoring and wanted to get more information regarding your services for my daughters. Thanks, J.

Sent by Jen on 9/11/13

Reading, North Miami Beach, FL

I need a tutor 4-times a week for my 10- year old son. He is in the 4th grade and does not meet grade level reading expectations.

Sent by Gissel on 9/11/13

Essay Writing, Flagstaff, AZ

I JUST HAVE A PAPER I want you write summary about it if could

Sent by Ali on 9/11/13

Chemistry, Avon, CT

Hi Laura - My daughter is in need of a chemistry tutor. She is a Junior in honors chemistry. Are you available on weekends? Thanks, K. D.

Sent by Kathleen on 9/11/13

Ms Office Web Applications, Wheeling, IL

I am intersted to learn MS web application. Do you tutorinng also these? M. B.

Sent by Monica on 9/11/13

Algebra, Fort Lauderdale, FL

My daughter is a freshman at Fort Lauderdale High School and needs help in Algebra 1. Her Name is Heather S.. I would like for her to be tutored 2-3 times a week...

Sent by Joe on 9/11/13

Reading (dyslexia), Fremont, CA

Hi Carol, I'm looking for someone to teach homeschooled siblings, 1st & 4th grades, 1-1.5 hours/week in Newark. If you're interested, please call me asap.

Sent by Deborah on 9/11/13

Writing, Warner Robins, GA

5th grader having problem in language arts and writing

Sent by Danny on 9/11/13

Reading, Millburn, NJ

My son just started 2nd grade. Looking for weekly tutor in reading/writing and self organization.

Sent by Shelley on 9/11/13

English And Science, Durham, NH

Dear Dr.James E, I just read your message. I am interested in communicating with you and meantime teaching Chinese to you if needed.

Sent by Yinan on 9/11/13

Tutor 7th Grade, Texas City, TX

DO YOU TUTOR 7TH GRADE subjects? do you go to texas city?

Sent by Stormy on 9/11/13

Sas, Reno, Nv

Hi Sara, My name is D.. I am a student at University of Nevada, Reno studying Epidemiology. I am working on my final project and need some help with SAS.

Sent by David on 9/11/13

Gre, Manchester, NH

Good morning, sir- I am an older learner (60) and am applying for a graduate program. A GRE is required. I would like to ramp up my GRE math..

Sent by Eugene on 9/11/13

Act, Crowley, LA

Hello, my name is C. V. I need a tutor for the ACT test. I am working as a welder an what to go to Mcness for a deferent degree. Im very motivated an would love...

Sent by Coby on 9/11/13

Nclex Rn, Bryan, Tx

I have failed the NCLEX twice now and applying for the 3rd. I live in Bryan, TX and would like to hire a tutor. Please contact me at (email available after purchase)...

Sent by Ashley on 9/11/13

Calculus, Tyler, TX

Hey Leon I'm pretty sure you tutored me this summer but I got a new phone and lost your number, I'm enrolled in calculus and was hoping we could start resuming tutoring.

Sent by Jerad on 9/11/13

Math, Mansfield, OH

Hello Rebekah, I have a 14yr son who has been diagnosed with ADHD and a mild case of Autism. It was determined that he was at an earlt 5th grade level...

Sent by Henry on 9/11/13

English, Valley Village, CA

We are seeking an experienced English teacher to work with our 9th grade son Monday-Thursday from 4:10-5:30 at his school campus, which is a private Orthodox Jewish...

Sent by Laurie on 9/11/13

Spanish, Portland, OR

I am looking for a tutor for my son who is a senior in high school. he finished his IB Spanish 4 and we are looking for a tutor so he can practice his conversation.

Sent by Afsaneh on 9/11/13

CPA, New York, NY 10001

Hi, I doing the REG CPA exam by the end of November and need assistance with understanding the relevant tax regulation in the US.

Sent by Mohamed on 9/11/13

Elementary Tutor, Saint Johns, FL

Hello I was just reviewing your ad. I have a six-year-old that needs help with his writing and reading in the Julington Creek area.

Sent by Christine on 9/10/13

Asvab, Garland Tx 75042

I need help in asvab with math part im Z. Riffe 23 i need to enlist before oct 15 this year please help

Sent by Zach on 9/10/13

Special Education, Dayton, OH

Hello! We're looking for someone to help our son now that he just started Kindergarten. He is on the autism spectrum and is high functioning.

Sent by Diana on 9/10/13

Reading, East Stroudsburg, PA

Hello Susan, I am currently looking for a reading tutor for my 7yr old. Her spelling and writing skills is not were I feel it should be.

Sent by Meata on 9/10/13

Biomedical Engineering, Albuquerque, NM

Hi RD, I'm starting a PhD program at UNM in Biomedical Engineering, but come from a Biology background. I need a little help getting up to speed in my math...

Sent by Jennifer on 9/10/13

Neuroscience Phd, Oakland, CA 94609

Hi Yonas, I am an MSc in cog neuro student & am currently writing my thesis. I am curious to know what is your background in terms of methods?

Sent by Barb on 9/10/13

Math And Writing, Snellville, GA

Hi my name is S. and I'm looking for a tutor for my son. The subjects that he's having trouble with is math and language arts he is in the 9th grade.

Sent by Semone on 9/10/13

Spanish, Valparaiso, IN

In Valparaiso on business until January (Monday through Friday only) and looking for evening lessons in Spanish a couple times per week. Beginner here.

Sent by John on 9/10/13

Calculus Ii, College Park, MD

Hi my name is S. W. and I'm transferring from the University of Wisconsin-Madison to College Park, but due to a complication with my application, I'm taking classes...

Sent by Shaina on 9/10/13

Chinese Tutor For My 2 Kids, Milpitas, CA

Hi, I would like a tutor for my 7 year old son (and possibly my 5 year old daughter). Both already speak (limited) Mandarin. I would like for them to focus...

Sent by Ky on 9/10/13

Math, New Smyrna Beach, FL

Hi briana I had email you before needing a tutor for my children in math, reading, n science. One of my son have a learning disability needs help with homework m-f...

Sent by Sophia on 9/10/13

Physics, Cedar Rapids, IA

Hello Mr.Warren, I am looking for a AP physics B tutor for my daughter who is a junior. She is normally a A student but having trouble with AP Physics class.

Sent by Radhika on 9/10/13

Chinese, Beverly Hills, CA

Interested in Chinese tutoring.

Sent by Rhonda on 9/10/13

Language Art, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi Melanie, My name is C. and my daughter need a 6th grade language arts tutor. please call me at (phone number available after purchase) thank you very much.

Sent by Cheryl on 9/10/13

Act, Urbana, IL

Hi, I'd like to work with on writing skills in graduate level. I've written a review article which is due tomorrow afternoon. Could you please help me with editing.

Sent by Fahad on 9/10/13

Middle School, Houston, TX

We are looking for a tutor for 2 kids. Boy age: 9 - 4th grade + Girl age 12 - 7th. grade. Monday to Friday 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (after school) - Sept 2013...

Sent by Karim on 9/10/13

Calculus, Orange, CA

Are you able to tutor in orange todaY in calculus? (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Lyn on 9/10/13

Calculus Tutor, Granite Bay, CA

I am looking for someone to tutor my son in Honors Pre-Calculus. He is a sophomore at GBHS. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) or email me.

Sent by Sandra on 9/10/13

Linux, Raleigh, NC

I'm taking a few classes at Wake Tech and I have a few questions coming up about Excel, and Linux. Let me know if this is something that you are interested...

Sent by Darius on 9/10/13

Human Resources Business, Bronx, NY

can you give me a call at (phone number available after purchase) need a tutor for business course for college need to talk person ba studies

Sent by Jacqueline on 9/10/13

Lsat, Nashville, TN

Hello Doruk, My name is R. B. and i am extremely interested in LSAT tutoring. I am planning on taking the October 5th LSAT so time is of the essence.

Sent by Rachael on 9/10/13

Statistics, Glendale, CA

I have a statistics final tonight at 7PM in UCLA. i need just one hour of your help to get a good idea of teh study guide to do well on this final.

Sent by Elin on 9/10/13

Writing, Tallahassee, FL

Hi, I am looking for writing tutor for my 5th grade son. He is bright, but struggles with writing. Would you contact me at (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Penny on 9/10/13

Reading, Troy, OH

I'm looking for a tutor for my son in the 6th grade. He has very low reading scores.

Sent by Kellie on 9/10/13

Physics, Mississippi State, MS

Hey Jon I'm looking for some help in physics 1 at MSU. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks so much

Sent by Evan on 9/10/13

Physics, North Royalton, OH

My daughter is a senior in high school and needs help in physics.

Sent by Linda on 9/10/13

Math, Fort Myers, FL

I am looking for a tutor for the math portion of the GRE.

Sent by Dana on 9/10/13

Math Elementary, Lewisville, TX

Shruti, We are considering a math tutor for our 4th grade daughter. She enjoys math and we want to build her confidence as she learns new concepts.

Sent by Anne on 9/10/13

Pharmacology, Olathe , KS

Hallo. I need assistance in pharmacology asap. Thanks.

Sent by Lucy on 9/10/13

Physics, Brooklyn, NY

Hi, I am an undergraduate at Hunter College and was wondering if you can help me with physics I. Please let me know. Thanks!

Sent by Gvantsa on 9/10/13

C# Tutoring, Columbus, OH

I have been told C# is the best language to use for trading applications...market price review, charting, mechanical trading system development and testing.

Sent by Dave on 9/10/13

Health Insurance, Flanders, NJ

Hello Tina, are you also qualified to tutor me about health insurance selection? Thank you J. M.

Sent by Jomer on 9/10/13

Environmental Engineering, Tempe, AZ

dear mr omar, I am currently studying at asu as a civil engineer and I need your help in certain subjects please send me your number so I can contact you

Sent by Fahad on 9/10/13

Algebra, Inglewood, CA

Hi there, I'm a community college student struggling with intermediate algebra. I am looking for tutoring throughout the semester, meeting once or twice weekly...

Sent by Nichelle on 9/9/13

Algorithms, GA

Hello, i was wondering if you provide tutoring for Algorithms class. Thanks,

Sent by Ujval on 9/9/13

English, Northport, NY

Hi. I'm a tenth grader in Northport High School. I'm strong in math but very weak in English, especially writing. I like reading, and also need help in Writing Homework.

Sent by Jonathan on 9/9/13

Reading, Palm Desert, CA

I'm looking for a tutor for my second grade son. He needs help in Reading and Spelling. We live in Talavera. You can email me or call me.

Sent by Brittney on 9/9/13

Reading, Cumming, GA

I am looking for a tutor for my second grade daughter. She struggles in math and reading.

Sent by Tara on 9/9/13

Writing, Lagrange, GA

I am interested in a writing and spelling tutor for my 13 yr old. I can only pay 25 $ once a week. My son is very deficient in these areas if you can help plz call...

Sent by Holly on 9/9/13

Chemistry, Santa Rosa, CA

Hi John, Are you available to tutor an 11th grade boy in Chemistry and some Algebra 2? He is a student at Montgomery High in Bennett Valley, and has some trouble...

Sent by Alina on 9/9/13

Algebra / CAT, Janesville, WI

Hi Melissa... My son J. is taking CAT at Craig this year. He has always struggled with Algebra and we are into the 2nd week of school and it appears he needs help.

Sent by John on 9/9/13

Mechanical Engineering, Baton Rouge, LA

My son is searching for a tutor for his fluid mechanics class. He is a Mechanical Engineering Student at LSUis this a class that you can help with

Sent by Angela on 9/9/13

Geometry, Brooklyn, NY

Hi! I'm interested in a trustworthy person to tutor my niece. She just started her second year of high school. She needs tutoring in geometry.

Sent by Dianna on 9/9/13

Act, Rockford, IL

I have a senior who scored a 17 on his ACT and need help with retaking. Is this something you could help with?

Sent by Valarie on 9/9/13

SAT Math, Carlsbad, CA

Hi, I'm inquiring about private tutoring for my daughter. She is taking the Oct 5? SAT. She's currently enrolled in an online class from Mira Costa...

Sent by Tim on 9/9/13

Math English, Mcdonough, GA

Hi Chris, I am in need of a math and English tutor for my 10th grader, please. Call me at 6781517-1745 so we can communicate pls.

Sent by Patricia on 9/9/13

Writing Tutor, Wellington, OH

Hi Lisa, I am a nontraditional college student currently in my first semester. I am in great need of a writing tutor. I'm looking to get started ASAP.

Sent by Coleen on 9/9/13

Alg.2, Greenwood, SC

Hi,I'm R..I currently in Alg.2 and I honestly need help.I get Alg.2 but there something's that I do not understand how they work.

Sent by Rashada on 9/9/13

Math, Seal Beach, CA

I am studying for the HESI exam and would like to know your schedule. Please email me when you can.

Sent by Claire on 9/9/13

Web Design Tutor, Asheville, NC 28804

I'd like to prepare a new Website to list photos of my remaining furnishings from my former business (now retired). This requires minimum (?

Sent by Alex on 9/9/13

Accounting, Tulsa, OK

Hello Susan, I am needing assistance with intermediate accounting I. I tend to learn better one on one and when I am able talk through the information at hand.

Sent by Melanie on 9/9/13

Nclex Rn, Fairfield, Ca

Hi Linda I NEED help me out on my RN NCLEX,

Sent by Bob on 9/9/13

Chemistry, Lebanon, TN

Looking for a Chemistry tutor for my sophmore daughter that is homeschooled. Need one ASAP.

Sent by Kristina on 9/9/13

Public Speaking, Hillsboro, OR

Can you help me with public speaking? I have to give presentation at work. Thanks

Sent by Tom on 9/9/13

Spanish, Fogelsville, PA

Hello, I have a 7 year old Son who is interested in learning Spanish. I live in Fogelsville. If interested, please contact me at (phone number available after...

Sent by Chris on 9/9/13

Physics, Niles, MI

My daugther, a High School Junior, is needing tutoring with physics. Would you consider meeting her at the Niles District Library, 620 E Main St, Niles...

Sent by Elsa on 9/9/13

Basic Math, Torrance, CA

my 8 yr old daughter is struggling with math and needs help. can you email me about that?

Sent by Ardash on 9/9/13

Algebra 2, Brentwood, CA

I am looking for a Tutor for my daughter in Algebra 2.

Sent by Heather on 9/9/13

Science/math, Petaluma, CA

Looking for a tutor for 7th grade boy, science, Pre- Alg. Hoping you would have space? Thank you L.

Sent by Liz on 9/9/13

Cpa, FL

Hi, Do you tutor for the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) test. Thanks, O.

Sent by Olivia on 9/9/13

Math, Irmo, SC

7th Grader needs help with home work and testing.

Sent by Robertson on 9/9/13

Ruby On Rails, New York, NY 10022

Hello Ken, I have been a freelance web designer for the past 11 years, and have decided to make a bit of a career change, shifting my focus from web design...

Sent by Joe on 9/9/13

Dirk, Port Hueneme, CA 93041

this is atest test test keald

Sent by Wagiboy on 9/9/13

Latin, Austin, TX

Are you interested in tutoring a 10th grader in first year Latin in the Westlake Hills? I look forward to your response. $22 an hour Thank you.

Sent by Christine on 9/9/13

Spanish Geometry, Greenwood, IN

Hello- I have a 15 y/o daughter who is struggling in both Spanish and geometry. Your profile states that you are able to tutor both subjects.

Sent by Mark on 9/9/13

Public Speaking, Winston Salem, NC

I would like to develop my public speaking abilities. I need work on calming nerves and projecting my voice.

Sent by Kimberly on 9/9/13

Math, Fayetteville, NC

NEED HELP quickly with math iv calculations. please contact - (phone number available after purchase). THANK YOU

Sent by Caroline on 9/9/13

Java, Irvine, CA

Hi Greg! I'm currently taking an intro to java class at IVC and need a little extra help. I live in Irvine, close to IVC. I'm available after 3 any day of the week.

Sent by Michelle on 9/9/13

Punjabi, Antelope, CA 95843

I'm looking for someone to help me learn conversational Punjabi. YouTube is hard to talk back to ;) Willing to pay decently.

Sent by Charlene on 9/9/13

Linda Wang, Mission Viejo, CA

Looking to play B. at a location close to you with instruction. Will pay for lessons. Not looking to play with beginners. I am an intermediate P..

Sent by Badminton on 9/9/13

Special Education, Newport Coast, CA

Hi Luajuana, My brother has Autism. He needs someone really patient to play with him. I am currently in college across the country, so there is no way for me...

Sent by Ina on 9/9/13

Writing, Texas City, TX 77590

Please help, I am a professional writing student taking desktop publishing. I am not getting it.

Sent by Ronda on 9/9/13

Physics, Fresno, CA

Hi Carson - I am looking for a physics tutor for my daughter. She is in 10th grade and has always been an A student but she is having some issues with physics.

Sent by Lorraine on 9/9/13

Microsoft Excel, Hammond, IN

I have a Microsoft Excel class and I need sometime help during this term. if you can let me know how this is going to work Thank you

Sent by Ahmed on 9/8/13

Essay Writing, Dayton, OH

Hi, are you going to be able to write an essay for me? I'll pay 5 $/page, please reply when you see my message! thank you

Sent by Saeed on 9/8/13

Statistics, Orange County, CA

Hi Dan... I'm currently enrolled in the business honors program at CSUF. I need tutoring in stats (for management and economics) class and also in finance.

Sent by Amber on 9/8/13

Chemistry (general), Wausau, WI

Looking for chemistry help for high school junior with 4.0 cumulative GPA.

Sent by Christie on 9/8/13

Geometry, Beloit, WI

Hi, I am interested in a tutor for my sons geometry class. Please give me a call @ (phone number available after purchase) if you could help us. Thank you, J. J.

Sent by Jorri on 9/8/13

Mechanical Engineering, Richmond, VA

I need assistance with my studies in Mechanical Engingeering. A swift response would be greatly appreciated, as I am currently having some difficulty.

Sent by Jonathan on 9/8/13

Spanish, Naples, FL

Hello, Loooking for a Spanish teacher for our 12 year old son while on holiday in naples. 60 minutes per day from 19.9-4.10 during mornings.

Sent by Jela on 9/8/13

BC Calculus, Franklin, MA

Looking for tutor for bc calculus

Sent by Monideepa on 9/8/13

English Writing, Arlington, VA

Hi Melody ,my name is R. Sulimani and I am an international student at GWU to get my masters in Educational leadership and administration .

Sent by Roba on 9/8/13

Spelling, Boston, MA

I live in east Boston and I have a 15 year old and she just can not spell. I you can call me and not email, I am never on my computer.

Sent by Cynthia on 9/8/13

Math, Leo, IN

I have a 7th grade boy who is having trouble in math,social studies,and english. Are you an indiviual tutor or are you with a company?

Sent by Bobbi on 9/8/13

Adobe Photoshop, Raleigh, NC

Hi, i have a picture with a name tag (nothing official, just a personal picture of a friend). I need that name badged changed from my name to "Sunny".

Sent by Avik on 9/8/13

Chemistry (general), Los Angeles, CA

Hello, I am currently in a Chemistry 11 at Santa Monica College, its just a general Chemistry class, and I was looking for a tutor. Maybe twice a week.

Sent by Whitney on 9/8/13

Music, Rutherford, NJ

Hi Aly, I am looking for a music tutor/teacher for learning piano and/or music keyboard. I am an absolute beginner and would like to learn.

Sent by Yalin on 9/7/13

Java, Stone Mountain, GA

I am studying building Automation Systems and programming is one of the things that I have to know for loop controls. Therefore I am looking for a personal tutor...

Sent by Alex on 9/7/13

Pre Calculus, Lake Charles, LA

Hi. My name is Kia G. and I am an early graduate at Westlake High School. I am currently doing bad in Pre-Calculus and I need a tutor.

Sent by Torreyan on 9/7/13

Organic Chemistry ,physical Science, Durham, NH

Dear Mr.James E, I am a high school student at ORHS in Durham .I want to go to Phillips Exeter Academy and become future scientist. I need your help.

Sent by Yinan on 9/7/13

Javascript, Wheeling, IL

Looking for C# / JavaScript tutor for my wife and for my 9 yr old son. He is going to 4th grade but I want to start teaching programming to him.

Sent by Gregory on 9/7/13

Certified Internal Auditor Cia, New York, NY 10001

Hello: I am studying for part 3 of the CIA exam and need help understanding some questions. Could you tell me if you are available for tutoring, and how much...

Sent by Nataliya on 9/7/13

Accounting, Encino, CA

Hi Pamela, I'm taking Accounting 2 at Santa Monica College. I live in Encino and wanted to know if you could tutor me in Accounting 2?

Sent by Simara on 9/7/13

High School Biology, Temecula, CA

Hi, we attempting to fing a tutor for our daughter who is currently a sophomore in high school. She could use some assistance with AP Biology at this time.

Sent by Annie on 9/7/13

Middle School Math, Redmond, WA

My son is in 7th grade. I am looking for math tutoring. If you're interested, Please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Lakshmi on 9/7/13

Java, North Hollywood, CA

Sent by Abe on 9/7/13

Calculus, Wake Forest, NC

Hi, We are loooking for some help in AP Calculus-BC for our son,he is a senior at Enloe High.We like in-person.Is there a difference for place( student house...

Sent by Nasrin on 9/7/13

Computer Tutor For Senior Citizen, Pueblo, CO

I need a tutor to help my husband on basic computer input login general he is a car dealer and going to computers and has had no experience

Sent by Ken on 9/7/13

Engineering Numerical Analysis, Albuquerque, NM

greeting M.. I'm taking a numerical analysis course through the ME department and am having a tough time...do you tutor that subject?.....M.

Sent by Mark on 9/7/13

Math, Madison, WI

I have a sophomore at Sun Prairie that needs help with geometry and a senior that needs help with pre-calc.

Sent by Scott on 9/7/13

Accounting, Glenwood, IL

Hello, My name is T. R. and I am in desperate need of an accounting tutor. I am in an online managerial accounting course and I do not understand.

Sent by Tonja on 9/7/13

Computer Tutor, Antioch, CA

Hi David, I need support in Microsoft, Id like to know what your availability is for this weekend & early next week. Thanks, (email available after purchase)

Sent by Tinisha on 9/6/13

Math Tutor, Porter Ranch, CA

Need a tutor for my 3rd grade daughter.

Sent by Suparna on 9/6/13

Electrical Engineering, Bronx, NY

I need a EE I tutor. I live in Throggs Neck, SUNY Maritime College

Sent by Andrew on 9/6/13

Psychology, Greeley, CO

hi i am an international student ,majoring in educational psychology graduate . i need help in my assignment please let me know if you can help thank you

Sent by Awatif on 9/6/13

Excel, Eugene, OR

Hi, I am some what ok with MS excel, I have some assignments due in 3 days and need help with and understanding a little. Can you help.

Sent by John on 9/6/13

Esl, Camillus, NY

Do you provide home tutoring for ESL adult who needs to refine her English? Near Camillus middle school

Sent by Amy on 9/6/13

Math, Euclid, OH

Hello, My name is T.. I am looking to start tutoring one day a week for my 8 year old daughter. She has had baseline assessments, i have copies.

Sent by Tamilia on 9/6/13

Pre-calculus, Sherman Oaks, CA

Hello, I have a 16 year old son in 11 grade who needs a tutor for his Pre-calculus class. Are you available. Please advise

Sent by Michael on 9/6/13

Usmle, Woodland Hills, CA

i need a tutor for usmle call me (phone number available after purchase) so we can talk

Sent by Erick on 9/6/13

Physics, San Antonio, TX

I'm a student in utsa and I need a tutor immedetaly because i have a homework to do and i dont know how to do it. please conract me as soon as possible.

Sent by Khaled on 9/6/13

Adobe Photoshop, San Jose, CA

Hi Amir, I am looking for someone that can teach photoshop on the ipad. I am ready to start today if you are willing and able.

Sent by Melissa on 9/6/13

Calculus, Kennesaw, GA

Calculus II help.....can you assist?

Sent by Barry on 9/6/13

Excel 2010 Visual Basic, Wylie, TX

I am interested to learn Visual basic in excel2010. If you are able to teach me, then please email me. Thanks

Sent by Chandra on 9/6/13

ESL, Katy, TX

I'm looking for experienced, native English speaking ESL tutors in Katy, especially for after school lessons.

Sent by Mary on 9/6/13

Mechanical Engineering, Tempe, AZ

Hey. I need help with my MAE 213 and I want to meet today.

Sent by Fahad on 9/6/13

Law, Lynchburg, VA

Looking for a bar prep tutor Nov-Feb.

Sent by Perkins on 9/6/13

Anatomy, Concord, NH

Hi Wendy- I am currently a student at NHTI and enrolled in Anatomy & Physiology. I'm looking to get a tutor ASAP as I do not want to fall behind in the class.

Sent by Briana on 9/6/13

Gre Tutor, Atlanta , GA

Hi Brad! I am interested in tutoring for the revised GRE. Is that the one you scored so highly in?

Sent by Antja-voy on 9/6/13

Epidemiology, Denver, CO

Hello, My friends and i need an epidemiology tutor. We are 3 persons so, is it okay ith you to tutorus and will be there a discount for 3 students taking same course?

Sent by Anwar on 9/6/13

Algebra, Pittsburg, CA

My daughter needs assistance regarding algebra 2/trigo. She's junior in high school.

Sent by Florentino on 9/6/13

Elementary, Kansas City, MO

My daughter goes to Della Lamb Elementary School my problem is they have her on a second and third grade level. I believe they are holding her back and...

Sent by Asia on 9/6/13

Proofreading, Lincoln, NE

Hello Katherine, I am in need of getting informaiton regarding a proofreading tutor. Could you please contact me at (phone number available after purchase). Thank you.

Sent by Kim on 9/6/13

Java, Glen Burnie, MD

Hi Kirt, My name is D. Topper and I am interested in learning software engineering with an emphasis on Java programming. I work for a company that specializes...

Sent by Dave on 9/6/13

English, Arcadia, CA 91007

Hi, I'm an adult professional interested in getting tutored in English. Wondering if you are available? thanks -J. (email available after purchase)

Sent by Jonathan on 9/6/13

Anatomy, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Hi David, I desperately need your help in Anatomy and Physiology

Sent by Barbie on 9/6/13

Seo, Los Angeles, CA

Hello, I live in Santa Monica and wonder if you are free to do some beginning tutoring in SEO techniques, and if so, what days and times you are free.

Sent by Timi on 9/6/13

Nclex Rn, Hurst, TX

I need to pass NCLEX-RN exam.

Sent by Thaonguyen on 9/6/13

Calculus Tutor, Shawnee, KS

found new passion for math and wish to deepen my understanding. self reviewed trig. discoverd calculus and wish to know more. Thank you

Sent by Sam on 9/5/13

Economics, Elk Grove, CA

Hi Matthew, Would you be available to tutor my 17yr old daughter in Franklin High AP Econ? We live in Laguna West, Elk Grove. She can drive to meet you at...

Sent by Suzie on 9/5/13

Business, Mountain View, CA 94041

You have a very impressive education. I hope you can help me. My "child" wants to apply to Wharton undergraduate program, Needless to say, the why Wharton essay is...

Sent by Joanna on 9/5/13

Math, Murrieta, CA

Hello, I am looking for a math turo for my 10 year old... I noticed you did not liS.t elementary, do you only tutor middle and high S.chool S.tudentS.?

Sent by Letty on 9/5/13

Resume Writing, Dayton, OH

Loking for a part time instructor for resume writing class and one on one instruction for professional and clients with limited work experience.

Sent by Gail on 9/5/13

Applied Math, Phoenix, AZ

Hi Jonathan this Chris I was meeting with you on Saturdays on rural and southern at the library and wanted to know when can you start back tutoring me again?

Sent by Christopher on 9/5/13

Math, Weslaco, TX

need a math tutor for a high school student

Sent by Rebecca on 9/5/13

Spanish Tutor, Porterville, CA

My daughter is a junior at harmony magnet academy and could use extra help with Spanish. We live in porterville

Sent by Michele on 9/5/13

Chemistry (general), Nixa, MO

Hi my name is Debbie Johnson I am thinking about hiring someone to tutor my daughter S. she is a senior this year at Nixa High School and she it taking Chemstry Core...

Sent by Stacia on 9/5/13

Writing, Valdosta, GA

Hi Ms. Traci, My name is C.. I am looking for a tutor that can read over my paper for my graduate program of Environment and Management Policies.

Sent by Courtney on 9/5/13

Math, Eureka, CA

Hey!!! I'm looking for a math tutor for my son. He is 13. In 7th grade, and is WAY below, I do believe he is doing 5th grade math in 7th grade.

Sent by Amanda on 9/5/13

Reading (dyslexia), Fremont, CA

Hi Vanessa. It sounds like you have wonderful qualifications! Would you please contact me at your earliest about tutoring a 4th grade girl in Newark?

Sent by Deborah on 9/5/13

Math, Reseda, CA

Hi Roberto, I am currently taking Business Calculus at Csun and I need a tutor ASAP constantly. If it works with you please get in touch with me as I am lost In...

Sent by Pouria on 9/5/13

Test Prep, Warrington, PA

Interested in Sat/Act prep for upcoming Oct test. Am currently a senior and would like to discuss availability for tutoring instruction.

Sent by Mike on 9/5/13

Excel Data Analysis, Columbus, OH

Hi Denise. I am enrolled in an mba program. I am taking a excel with data analysis class. I would like to work with you on my homework to help understand excel better.

Sent by Patti on 9/5/13

Reading, Math, Comprehension, Test Readiness, Kapolei, HI

I have 3 daughters-10,7,and 2. My 10 year old is currently in 5th grade at Hanalani schools. I'd like to get her ready for the 7th grade test at Kamehameha.

Sent by Amber on 9/5/13

Statistics, Las Vegas, NV

Hello Danielle, I'm looking for a psychology stats tutor, twice a week for an hour, Tuesday/Thursday. I'm currently enrolled in PSY 210.

Sent by Jacqueline on 9/5/13

Act Math And English, Bristol, TN

I am great need for a ACT tutor. I made a 18 on my ACT and I have been struggling to bring it higher. My weakest subject is ACT math and second is ACT English.

Sent by Kimberly on 9/5/13

Education, Fairhope, AL

I have an eleven year old daughter that has recently entered into a traditional education system from eight years in a Montessori environment.

Sent by Daisy on 9/5/13

Sat, Londonderry, NH

I'm looking for a private tutor for my daughter for preparation for SAT scheduled for 10/8/13

Sent by Ellen on 9/5/13

Project Management, Houston, TX

I'm looking for a tutor in project management

Sent by Vershonda on 9/5/13

Act English, Peachtree City, GA

Heh Regina How can you help my duaghter with English ACT prep as she is at 14?

Sent by Carole on 9/5/13

Geometry, Longview, TX

My son is in 9th grade and is in Geometry. he is struggling and needs help with it, do you tutor in Geometry and when are you available?

Sent by Amelia on 9/5/13

Tennis, Northbrook, IL

Hi Steve, We are looking for the tennis partner and coach in one. He wants to play in High School team and he needs more practice.

Sent by Alina on 9/5/13

Chess, Farmington, MI

Our K-4th grade elementary school PTA is seeking an afterschool instructor for a chess enrichment program, likely 1 day/week for 6 weeks.

Sent by June on 9/5/13

C#, West Hills, Ca

Hi I need help in our C# programming class. I need to fill out some codes. I initially have done some work but I still need help.

Sent by Michelle on 9/5/13

Test, Chico, CA

T. T. T. yghfugigiydyfugj ifihhiho ogigigihih oihihi ohigig

Sent by Test on 9/5/13

English Tutor, Pacifica, CA

Hi there: I'm looking for a tutor with experience working with children with learning differences. I have twin boys in 8th grade who need help with writing...

Sent by Silvana on 9/4/13

Introduction Reading, Dillsburg, PA

Do you help with phonics? I need help teaching my six year old twin daughters to read and write. Do you do two kids at once? What would your rate be?

Sent by Shellie on 9/4/13

Economics, Omaha, NE

do you help in Microeconomics class for undergraduate class thank you

Sent by Zainab on 9/4/13

Chinese, Ridgewood, NJ

hello, we are interested in teaching our 4 children the chinese language. they are ages 9, 8, 6, and 5...please contact me if you may be interested.

Sent by Cathy on 9/4/13

Math, Saxonburg, PA

HI Barbara I am intrigued by your experience. One of my children has great difficulty with basic concepts of math. Myself and another Mom are looking for a tutor...

Sent by Gretchen on 9/4/13

Reading, Raleigh, NC 27607

We are interested in tutoring our 9 year old son, focusing on reading and literacy. We would prefer tutoring in our home as we have found public places...

Sent by Erika on 9/4/13

Precalculus, Rincon, GA

This is my son's senior year and has is struggling with precalculus. I was hoping to have someone help him 2/3 times a week in our home. We live in Rincon.

Sent by Diane on 9/4/13

Math, Braselton, GA

I have 2 kids that needs math tutoring. One is in 8th grade and the othe is in r 6th grade. They both are very behind in there knowledge of math.

Sent by Lenora on 9/4/13

Accounting, Silver Spring, MD

Hi Sarah, My son has taken Accounting at UMBC and needs help. Would you be available either in the evening or Friday afternoon to provide him with an hour...

Sent by Valentine on 9/4/13

Asvab, Amarillo, Tx 79109

I need tutoring for math i am going to take the ASVAB.

Sent by Jenny on 9/4/13

Armenian, Claremont, CA

Hi, I was wondering if you were able to tutor Armenian? and if not, do you know anyone who could?

Sent by Emily on 9/4/13

Reading, Orlando, FL

Bryce is 6yrs needs help in reading x2 a week thx you

Sent by Wayne on 9/4/13

Reading, Amory, MS

I would like an opportunity to talk with you regarding my 8 year old son. He is in the second grade, he repeated kindergarten. He has trouble reading...

Sent by Julia on 9/4/13

Accounting, Martinsburg, WV

My daughter is a student at Shepherd University and needs assistance in her Accounting class. We live in Kearneysville. Please contact me at 410-9196-3692

Sent by Lavada on 9/4/13

Statistics, Hornell, NY

Hello I am an adult student and going into my final semester of graduate school at Empire State College. My major is social policy and I have an advanced certificate...

Sent by Judy on 9/4/13

Act, Forney, TX

hi my name is C. quilchez, i am looking for a tutor to help me prepare for my ACT test at the end of this month. i am good at math but i have trouble with english...

Sent by Chandler on 9/4/13

Russian, Santa Monica, CA

Çäðàâñòâóéòå. Ìîåé äî÷êå(12ëåò) íóæåí ðåïåòèòîð ïî ðóññêîìó ÿçûêó è ïðîèçíîøåíèþ. û íàõîäèòåñü â Ëîñ Àíæåëåñå? Íàòàëüÿ (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Natalia on 9/4/13

Fcat, Pensacola, FL

Loking for help for my 11th grade tate student with the FCAT algebra test.

Sent by Lori on 9/4/13

English Tutor, Sugar Land, TX

Hello Whitney, I'm looking for a ELA private tutor for my son 8th grader to prepare him for his SAT & ACT. My son works at his grade level in ELA but I'm looking...

Sent by Rana on 9/4/13

Precal Help, Rowlett, TX

Katerine, we were interested in using you last year for my daughter Kaitlyn, she is needing help with precal now, are you still tutoring? can you still offer $35/hr?

Sent by Richard on 9/4/13

Elementary, Huntington Station, NY

I am seeking a tutor for my newly third grader He will need homework assistance with all subjects. I am looking for someone 4 days a week, I am willing...

Sent by Alicia on 9/4/13

Finance, Madison, WI 53705

I am MBA Finance student I have two classes in finance and I would like some help. Thank you

Sent by Yousef on 9/4/13

Reading, Augusta, GA

Hello I'm V. H.. My daughter is Ashlyn H. she is n 3rd grade and needs help with reading skills. Please contact me and let me know if u are interested.

Sent by Vilynsia on 9/4/13

Physics, Miami, FL

Hello. I am a student of Miami Dade College and I am currently taking PHY1004 or Physics w/ applications. It just started last Wednesday.

Sent by Nury on 9/4/13

Economics, Pocatello, ID

i do have a little brother in 8th grade i want you help him im all his subject including my self in economics im junior student at isu

Sent by Fida on 9/4/13

C#, MN

Hi- My name is J. and I am looking for a tutor to teach me C#. I am a beginner with very little experience. I am looking for someone who assigns homework...

Sent by Jay on 9/3/13

Spanish, Manteca, CA

hi Steve I am looking into to get someone to tutor my Freshman Spanish 2 and need to know what are your hours like. thank you

Sent by Deven on 9/3/13

Excel, Sacramento, CA

Hi Duncan: I live in Elk Grove not sure that is in your travel zone? I would also need to start tutoring this week in Excel. thank you

Sent by Diane on 9/3/13

Java, Fairborn, OH 45324

CS1180 Intro to JAVA Programming at WSU. Need help.

Sent by Andrew on 9/3/13

Ap Statistics, Friendswood, TX

APstatististics for my high school son

Sent by Uzma on 9/3/13

French, New Braunfels, TX

I have a Dougther 9 years old. She wants to learn French. We live in New Braunfels Tx.

Sent by Myriam on 9/3/13

Economics, Waltham, MA 02453

I would like to know if you are available. I live in Methuen and I am willing to meet half way.

Sent by Lourdes on 9/3/13

Statistics, Daytona Beach, FL

I am currently looking for much needed help in statistics. I am going back to college to pursue my degree and just started statistics last week.

Sent by Gevene on 9/3/13

Math, West Wareham, MA

Hi Mr. Benjamin, I am looking for a math tutor to help me feel confident in mathematics. In the hopefully near -Ish future I also hope to go back to school.

Sent by Kristin on 9/3/13

Chemistry, Salisbury, NC

My son neE.s help in HS chemistry he's in 11 grade lost with the equations on how to solve/functions

Sent by Ed on 9/3/13

Geometry, Newman, CA

Are you available for one hour per week split between two students, one taking geometry & one taking algebra? Located in newman, the timing is flexible, M-F.

Sent by Janice on 9/3/13

Adobe Illustator, Los Angeles, CA

Hi I am a painter. I would like to know how to make basic posters with my work. I have Adobe suite cs6. I live near washington blvd and venice. Am looking asap.

Sent by Ruthie on 9/3/13

C#, Anaheim, CA 92801

Please I need it a tutor for programming C# beginner

Sent by Jose on 9/3/13

English, Brandon, SD

Hi, I work at Marmen Energy, Brandon and i would like have informations about english lessons for 3 canadien persons. Please contact me: A.

Sent by Anne on 9/3/13

Access, Seattle, WA

Hello, I saw that you are listed as a Microsoft Access tutor. I'm in need of a tutor. I have extensive experience in Excel but need to build a database in Access.

Sent by Matthew on 9/3/13

Accounting, Florence, SC

Hi, my name is L.. I just started accounting 101, and im having a lot of trouble with it. Im trying to find a tutor I am from the area.

Sent by Lauren on 9/3/13

Nclex Rn, White Lake, MI

Hi Maggie! I'm from Michigan & am looking for a tutor for the RN-NCLEX exam. I have taken the exam & did not pass. Previous to taking the exam I took the Kaplan course.

Sent by Jessica on 9/3/13

1st Grade, Ruskin, FL

call me at (phone number available after purchase) thanks

Sent by Hugh on 9/3/13

Sat, Eagle Rock, VA

Looking for a tutor that can review SAT material for my 17 year old son. He will be testing in November 2013. Please contact me if you are interested.

Sent by Mayra on 9/3/13

Nclex Rn, Buffalo, NY

Good morning. I am looking for a tutor that can help me pass my nys rn boards. I have already taken it twice and was not successful.

Sent by Shantel on 9/3/13

Italian, Plainsboro, NJ

Hello Elizabeth, I am curious to know what what times you would be available to tutor. I know some words but need to learn to pronounce correctly and how...

Sent by Michael on 9/3/13

Statistics, Granada Hills, CA

Hi :) I go to Moorpark College and am in into to statistics. I am absolutely terrible in math, but have to take this class. I need a tutor ASAP.

Sent by Faraah on 9/2/13

Essay Writing, Columbia, SC

Hi Sara, I'm an international student from Kuwait Military and going to school at Fort Jackson AG school. Can you write a 3-4 pages paper on as a battle analysis...

Sent by Meshari on 9/2/13

Math, Santa Clarita, CA

Hi Rebekahuhl, my name is J., i need tutor for my 12yr old daughter Jade for math 7th grade. we are in santa clarita/saugus.

Sent by Josee on 9/2/13

Physics, Chem, Calculus BC, South Windsor, CT

Hi - looking for assistance for our son in the areas of AP calculus BC, AP physics and AP chemistry. We live in South Windsor. We are thinking an hour or so on...

Sent by Paul on 9/2/13

Calculus, Waxahachie, TX

im in college level calculus which i need for my degree, yet im having quite a bit of difficulty with it so i need a tutor that can work with me monday...

Sent by Peyton on 9/2/13

Math Tutor, Essex Junction, VT

Hi I'm interested in finding a tutor for our 8th grade daughter. Are you available and in the Essex Junction area?

Sent by Nick on 9/2/13

Film, New York, NY 10032

I am looking for a online tutor for my daughter for film studies (Spanish class). can you please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Kathi on 9/2/13

Chemistry (Inorganic/Undergraduate), Colorado Springs, CO

Hi, My name is D. L. and I am seeking a tutor 1-2 times a week for an undergraduate inorganic chemistry course. I have a fairly flexible schedule, and am looking for...

Sent by Demi-anna on 9/2/13

Spanish, Wilson, NC

Hi Amanda, My son is taking Spanish 1 online and needs a tutor. We live in Wilson and he goes to Greenfield School. Please contact me at your earliest convenience...

Sent by Georgia on 9/2/13

Biomedical Engineering, Dayton, OH

Hi, DO you tutor Medical Imaging physics or Bioinstrumantation

Sent by Kamal on 9/2/13

Math, Findlay, OH

My fifth grade daughter needs tutoring in math. She is very behind where she needs to be.

Sent by Lisa on 9/2/13

French Prescott Az 7, East Rutherford, NJ

im looking to learn moroccan arabic, we are very close my number is (phone number available after purchase) please give me a call

Sent by Walid on 9/2/13

C++, Rochester, NY

hello Mr. Ben, I hope my email finds you well, I need your help in C++ programming language. I have homework and I need you to help me solving it.

Sent by Mostafa on 9/1/13

Excel, Long Island, NY

I have excel 2007 and need some help with programming macros / visual basic for work. I've recorded macros and edited them but I need to do something a bit more...

Sent by Matthew on 9/1/13

Geometry, Buffalo, NY

I'm a senior now and I need help getting through my geometry exam please contact me back

Sent by Justin on 9/1/13

Algebra 2, Lake Charles, LA

Hi Mary My daughter is a junior in high school and is in need of some tutoring in Algebra II. Can you help? please!!

Sent by Penny on 9/1/13

Algebra Tutor, Tiffin, OH

hello, I am studying at tiffin university. I have problem with algebra, if you could help me I will appreciate it

Sent by Khalid on 9/1/13

English, Tucson, AZ

Hi Michael, I'm interested in getting an English tutor for our son, who is an 8th grader at OV Basis. He does really well in his math & science classes...

Sent by Fred on 9/1/13

Chem, San Marcos, TX 78666

Im taking Chem 1342 and would like your help again please let me know if you are still available thanks

Sent by Holden on 9/1/13

Microsoft Office, Chicago, IL

I am searching for a tutor to help me get a basic knowledge of Microsoft Office --beginning with Word. My number is (phone number available after purchase). Thanks--H.

Sent by Holli on 9/1/13

Spanish, Nellis Afb, NV

I need a Spanish Tutor for once or twice a week instruction. Must be available right after school.

Sent by Karyn on 9/1/13

Business Management, Beaumont, CA

Hi Joanie, My name is P. F.. I am a full-time student at Mt San Jacinto College. I am 50 years old and I have decided to go back to school after 30 years to get...

Sent by Perry on 9/1/13