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Chemistry Tutor, Virginia Beach, VA

Sent by Dennis on 4/30/14

Math, Wylie, TX

I need help with math for the TExES exam.

Sent by Jamila on 4/30/14

Excel, San Antonio, TX

I am interested in getting a tutor who knows all the ins and outs of excel and is a patient and dedicated tutor.

Sent by Debbie on 4/30/14

Reading And Math, Waianae, HI

Want to get some help for my great granddaughter with reading and math. We want to get her ready for. Kamehameha testing in september.

Sent by Lurline on 4/30/14

Ruby On Rails, Madison, WI 53714

would you be able to help me do this: The Milage Tracker application is not complete. You will need to modify some existing features and add some new ones.

Sent by Joseph on 4/30/14

Science, Schertz, TX

My daughter is an excellent student but struggling in fourth grade science. All other subjects are As. Thanks

Sent by Cynthia on 4/30/14

Cognitive Psychology, Brooklyn, NY

hello, i need help with a case study i have for my psychology 11 class.. just wanted to know if you can help

Sent by Nikki on 4/30/14

Adhd High School, Warwick, NY

Hello Deborah, I have a 12 year old boy currently in 7th grade. He is ADHD and in Special Ed classes for all subjects. His reading level is about a 5th grade level...

Sent by Donielle on 4/30/14

GMAT Test Prep, Wichita Falls, TX

GMAT prep

Sent by Eric on 4/30/14

English Tutor, Burlington, MA

Hi, Jackson, My name is J. and i am looking for a SAT tutor who can teach SAT reading at Seoul, South Korea during summer vacation(Jun~August).

Sent by John on 4/30/14

ESL Locations, Las Vegas, NV

ESL teaC.ng locations ???

Sent by Chi on 4/30/14

Act, Rockford, IL

Hi Rob, My daughter just received her ACT results. Reading and English are average scores, but math and science were low. She has always struggled with math.

Sent by Julie on 4/30/14

Algorithms, Port Hueneme, CA 93041

i have some questions on algorithms i need u to solve it

Sent by Dema on 4/30/14

Reading Math Science Social Studies, Texarkana, TX

Can you call me (phone number available after purchase) I am trying find a tutor for my kids for next school year.

Sent by Felisha on 4/30/14

Math, Northridge, CA

I have a 9 year old daughter having difficulty with Math, there are some problems i don't understand myself. Please let me know how would this tutoring work how much...

Sent by Celia on 4/30/14

Spanish, Huntington Station, NY

Hi Rachel! I need a Spanish tutor for the summer. I'm in elementary Spanish at stony brook right now and for my major I have to take three more classes of Spanish.

Sent by Jessica on 4/30/14

Desktop Publishing, Beaverton, OR

Hi Tom. Have you worked with PagePlus x6?

Sent by Fr. on 4/30/14

Business Statistics, Waco, TX

James, I am a senior at Tarleton and am needing help as soon as possible with my Statistics course. Can you help me? My Final is Tuesday. Thanks!

Sent by Amy on 4/30/14

Swahili Interpreter Needed, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Good afternoon, We are in need of a Swahili interpreter for a court case in Newark, NJ on May 09. Please contact me if you are interested. T.

Sent by Tiffany on 4/30/14

Act, Grand Blanc, MI

I'm looking for a tutor for my cousin's ACT test. Please let me know where to go from here. :)

Sent by Janette on 4/30/14

Finance, Holbrook, NY

I am looking to get tutoring in Finance as well as Business Statistics. If you are free this weekend that would be great. Thank you for your time!

Sent by Amara on 4/30/14

Stats, Peachtree City, GA

I need help with a stats class. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Johanna on 4/30/14

Looking For A Tutor, Nederland, TX

Hi Adrienne, I'm looking for a tutor to help me in research papers. If you are interested in please contact me 8.3.2-6.8.1_07=26

Sent by Amad on 4/30/14

Elementary, Moline IL.

I would like for you to tutor my 13yr.old daughter in 6th. grade. She is in private school now but I'm thinking about home-schooling her as soon as possible...

Sent by Lori on 4/30/14

Pre Calculus, Lexington, KY

My daughter is in need of a precalculus tutor to help her pass this course. She currently has an F with little time left. Can you help?

Sent by Vicki on 4/29/14

Precalculus, New Orleans, LA

Hello Michelle, I am looking for someone to assist my daughter with precal. Is it possible to meet with us Thursday May 1st at 6:00 pm some where in New Orleans East?

Sent by Bridgette on 4/29/14

Statistics, Tuscaloosa, AL

I need help ASAP if you are available with ST 260. Please call me. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ian on 4/29/14

Gre, Columbus, OH

Hello, My name is S. and I am interested in getting some extra help/advice on what areas to concentrate on for my GRE. hopefully you can help me. thank you.

Sent by Sarah on 4/29/14

Crochet, Memphis, TN 38128

Hi Katherine, I would to like enroll for Saturday class pls let me know your contact details. Regards, N.

Sent by Nazia on 4/29/14

Math, Idaho Falls, ID

Hi. My 7th grader is having a lot of trouble in algebra and needs help catching up. I am wondering if you are available?

Sent by Stephanie on 4/29/14

Chemistry, Homer Glen, IL

Looking for a tutor for my high school junior son who is currently taking AP Chemistry. He is now struggling to keep a C in class and needs help to get his grade...

Sent by Marcia on 4/29/14

Home Schooling, Memphis, TN

Hi, Mary. I need at home tutoring for my 2 sons. One is 9 years of age and the other one is 6. I would prefer Tuesdays and Thursdays every week to get them up to speed.

Sent by Curtis on 4/29/14

Algebra, Folsom, CA

pre-algebra 7th grade daughter 13 yrs needs help to pass mr J.stones class!! please call me, we live in folsom. (phone number available after purchase) J.

Sent by John on 4/29/14

Film, Paramus, NJ 07652

Hello, I am interested in learning after effects. I am a film student a Brooks Institute. If we could set something up that would be great. Thank you, J. L.

Sent by Jessica on 4/29/14

Oat Test Prep, Phoenix, AZ

Hello, can you tutor for OAT test? subjects in physics, Quantitative reasoning, and general chemistry?

Sent by Mary on 4/29/14

Excel, Colorado Springs, CO

Hi, Im working with different excel spread sheets trying to combine important specific data to use as an inventory. I use vlookup a lot and thats how I get data...

Sent by Paul on 4/29/14

Statistics College Level, Kennesaw, GA

Hi Jon, I am wondering how much experience you have in Statistics and for tutoring that area? If you could get back to me as soon as possible, I would greatly...

Sent by Bethany on 4/29/14

Chemistry, Virginia Beach, VA

interested in tutoring for my child. please contact me ASAP!!

Sent by Scottie on 4/29/14

Math, Brevard, NC

Hello Julie, My name is S. C. and my husband and I will be teaching at the Brevard Music Festival this summer. Our 10 year old son Lukas will be with us...

Sent by Susannah on 4/29/14

Taught + Marketing, Carson, CA

Hello... I currently attending Cal State Dominguez Hills. I am enrolled in a marketing class and our final is to write a two and a half page paper analyzing...

Sent by Burton on 4/29/14

Robotics, Miami Florida

i need to solve 2 robotics problems related to position, velocity and momentum

Sent by Manolo on 4/29/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Asvab, Palm Coast, FL

Hello Elizabeth, I am looking for a personal tutor who can study with me at the very least every two weeks. I am in the process of joining the Air Force.

Sent by Kacia on 4/29/14

Personal Trainer, Orlando, FL

Hi Erika, my name is Steven S.f and am studying the NASM personal training course, I will be taking my exam next month and need a tutor to help me prepare for it.

Sent by Stfeven on 4/28/14

Statistics, Fullerton, CA

Hi Andrew, I am studying inferential statistics this year to prepare for using statistics and SPSS for my doctoral research. I can use SPSS pretty well as a beginner.

Sent by Nancy on 4/28/14

Information Systems, Boston, Ma

I am looking for help with an object oriented project

Sent by Kristen on 4/28/14

Esl, Mansfield, MA

Hi, I'm from Egypt. I and my friend interested in taking esl course. We live in Mansfield . How much does it cost per hour for us ?and are you Available for evening

Sent by Fatma on 4/28/14

Computer Networks, Fairfax, VA

Hi there I need help/tutor in computer Networking. I also live in Centreville, VA as well. please call me at (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Hayat on 4/28/14

Accounting, Dayton, OH

Brandon, My son is finishing his sophomore year at WSU. This is finals week and he's looking for a tutor to work with him any time this Wednesday (4/30)reviewing...

Sent by John on 4/28/14

Math, Fuquay Varina, NC

Hi. Are you available immediatly? My 10th grade son needs help in Alg 2 to finish the year. Thank you.

Sent by Julia on 4/28/14

Elementary, Manasquan, NJ 08736

Good night: I am an aspiring teacher for the Elementary School- K-5 Certification in NJ, but my aspiration has been interrupted as I failed the Praxis Math 5033...

Sent by Ivonne on 4/28/14

Nursing, Buffalo, NY 14226

Hi I am a level 1 nursing student at ECC city. I am very good with all the nursing subjects and skill exams but i am having a hard time with Health promotion.

Sent by Chandni on 4/28/14

Reading, Sanford 27332

We would like some help with our 9 year old son. He has a reading disability . He has an IEP but doesn't seem to be advancing in the NC school.

Sent by Craig on 4/28/14

C++, Spokane, WA

i just want to work on some programing problems in c++

Sent by Talal on 4/28/14

Ged, Oakwood, GA

im trying to get my ged im 23 and I just need help in MATH reading

Sent by Brittany on 4/28/14

Science And Math, Melville

My daughter is in 10th grade. She has a learning disability and ADHD. She needs a tutor who can come twice a week for the remainder of the school year to prepare her...

Sent by Jan on 4/28/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Reading, Splendora, TX

I have a 6 year old boy in first grade who needs help in reading . If you are interested please call (phone number available after purchase) or email me back .

Sent by Tammy on 4/28/14

Andrew, Holly Springs, NC 27540

Hey Leslie, We talked last Friday about starting with my son Andrew on Saturday. Was wondering what your address is? Thanks Jess

Sent by Jessica on 4/28/14

Swahili, Bronx, NY

I am planning to travel again to Kenya and would like to have a grasp survival level Swahili. I am using Rosetta Stone but i really want the help of a native speaker...

Sent by Jose on 4/28/14

Statistics, Hallandale, FL

Do you have any availability until wednesday?

Sent by Thai on 4/28/14

Math, Anderson, SC

Hi, I was wondering if you would tutor a 7th grader..? I am looking for a Math tutor for my son in 7th grade. He is struggling with everything--especially algebra...

Sent by Christy on 4/28/14

Act Prep, Summerville, SC

My son scored 30 on his ACT test. We would like to see about a 2 to 3 point increase. What do you think it would take

Sent by Jack on 4/28/14

Adobe Photoshop, Newington, CT

I need to learn how to use photoshop or paint to create banners for ads please call me thanks (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Bill on 4/28/14

Asvab, Dracut, MA

Meeting at the library Dracet libary or any thing. My number is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Leandro on 4/28/14

Ielts, Greenville, SC

HI I would like to teach me how to study ilets

Sent by Amjad on 4/28/14

Pronunciation, Bronx, NY

pronunciation in english / reading-

Sent by Salamata on 4/28/14

Business, Terre Haute, IN

Need your help for Financial Management class

Sent by Hobi on 4/28/14

Python, Cambridge, MA

Hi, I would be very interested in starting python tutoring. Please let me know when you are available. Thanks

Sent by Mischa on 4/28/14

Guitar, Other Subjects For 8th Grader, Ladera Ranch, CA

Do you travel to Ladera Ranch?

Sent by Gilbert on 4/27/14

Math History, North Wales, PA

I am interested in your service to help my son Alex in academic work. He is doing ok but we need him to be better than ok. We are living in Lansdale, PA.

Sent by Wei on 4/27/14

Tutor For 4th Grader, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

My 8 year old grandson will be entering 4th grade next year at Carbondale Community School. I am seeking a tutor to help him through the summer months and avoid...

Sent by Stevie on 4/27/14

Math, Bellerose, NY

Please callme back at (phone number available after purchase) for chemistry and math tutoring

Sent by Yasmeen on 4/27/14

Sat/act, Saint Johns, FL

I was wondering if you had any openings this week and what is your availability. I'm scheduled to take the sat this Saturday and am looking to improve my score.

Sent by Makala on 4/27/14

Math, Bronx, NY

Hi I'm looking tutor for my two kids they need help with math

Sent by Carmen on 4/27/14

Economics, Rockwall, TX

we are looking for a tutor for my daughter for her high school dual credit course in economics. please respond by email. thank you TR

Sent by Tim on 4/27/14

Dat, Great Neck, NY 11021

hi i was looking for a dat tutor. this will be my second time around taking the test. do you only tutor the pat?

Sent by Jessica on 4/27/14

Email Document Management, Burbank, CA 91506

Hello, John - I have not been able to keep up with the number of e-mails (important ones) that my employer gets. There is a backlog of many thousands.

Sent by Carolyn on 4/27/14

Standarized Testing, Gray, GA

Trying to see if you are still tutoring. If you would be interested in tutoring a HS student in the gray area.

Sent by Ernest on 4/27/14

Cobol, Chicago, IL

I need some help with COBOL. I'm having some issues with an assignment and not exactly sure how to structure it. I'm also working full time and taking another...

Sent by William on 4/27/14

Need Excel Tutor Now, Lake Worth, FL 33461

Hello George, I am looking for an Excel tutor that can assist me immediately with a work assignment due Tuesday. In addition, seeking to expand my knowledge of excel...

Sent by Terri on 4/27/14

Math, Orchard Park, NY

Looking for Math and French tutor for son. 13 years old.

Sent by Dawn on 4/27/14

Algebra, Wilmington, MA

Hi. my son is a jr at wilmington high and is struggling with algebra 2. Do you tutor st the students home? Could you tell me what you charge per hour. Thanks

Sent by Deborah on 4/27/14

Reading, Gilmer, TX

Hi. I noticed you are close to Gilmer. My son is in the 5th grade. He just failed his STARR test, and also failing for this 6 weeks.

Sent by Ashley on 4/27/14

Statistics Tutor, Lithonia, GA

I need help with entering the correct info in TI84

Sent by Stephanie on 4/26/14

Accounting, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Studying for the CPA exam and need some tutoring

Sent by Elisabeth on 4/26/14

Economics, Brooklyn, NY

Need tutoring for Sun and Monday, in micro. Please contact me ASAP..thanks!!!

Sent by Avi on 4/26/14

Geometry, Flemington, NJ

Desperate for Geometry tutor for Hunterdon Central 10th grader. Huge test this tuesday, has been struggling from the beginning. Hoping to set up on sunday!

Sent by Jacqui on 4/26/14

Asvab, Seagoville, TX

hi, simone I interested in finding a tutor for my son that is a senior and needing to take the ASVAB test soon. We are located in the Seagoville/Mesquite area

Sent by Annice on 4/26/14

Statistics, Burlington Mass

Much needed help with Elementry Statistics .. can you help this week April 30th all day open for me What is your hourly rate ?? K.

Sent by Kathy on 4/26/14

Math, Plainfield, IL 60586

i need tutoring in some aspects of math to take nurse assessment entrance exam contact me asap thanks.

Sent by Elizabeth on 4/26/14

English, Rochester, MN

Hello. I'm naser from Kuwait I've 27 yrs old and I wanna to develop my English for privet lesson Thanks

Sent by Nasser on 4/26/14

Statistics, Burlington, MA

I am at the end of an online Stats course and have struggled a lot . I am looking for help this week to complete my last assignments .

Sent by Kathy on 4/25/14

Geometry, Pomona, CA

Hello, I am a 9th grader who is in Algebra 1 right now. I will take Geometry next year, but I might want to get a head start over the summer, but I am still not sure...

Sent by Khadija on 4/25/14

Algebra, Northampton, MA

Hi, I am looking for an algebra tutor for my 8th grade daughter. She missed some material due to an overseas trip and needs help catching up. We live in Haydenville.

Sent by Zevey on 4/25/14

Math, East Stroudsburg, PA

Hi, Im looking for a math tutor near stroudsburg that can help me asap. If your available please contact me at (phone number available after purchase). Thank you

Sent by Danica on 4/25/14

Reading, Hillsborough, NJ

Have a 5th grader who's below grade level in reading. I am looking for a tutor to help my 5th grader comprehend and regain confidence in reading.

Sent by Leticia on 4/25/14

Economic, Wylie, TX

Hello, I'm currently in college. I have five weeks left in this semester. All my grades from here on out are critical in economic.Help is needed,asap.

Sent by Dexter on 4/25/14

Sat, San Antonio, TX

Hi, I am looking for a tutor to help me study for the SAT so I can get into Texas state. Please contact me at my e-mail or (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Paula on 4/25/14

Chemistry, Gilroy, CA

Hello, I need help with a chemistry 1A worksheet before next Wednesday. Please contact me if available.

Sent by Kyle on 4/25/14

Microsoft Access, Fort Myers, FL

My name is Bill Y. I would be interested in tutoring for Microsoft access please feel free to contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by William on 4/25/14

Math, Roxboro, NC

Amy, I am interested in a math tutor for my 9 year old daughter. We live in Timberlake, off of 158. I am interested in 1-2 hour sessions. Thank you

Sent by Steve on 4/25/14

Nursing, Granada Hills, CA

Hello! I want to know if you can come to my house for helping with with my exit exam for nursing? I finished the program however I need tutoring and preparing me for...

Sent by Anna on 4/25/14

Spanish, Salem, NH

Hi Barbara, Im looking for a tutor to help me with Spanish. I took a basic course a couple years ago and travel to Central America often for work.

Sent by Derek on 4/25/14

Pre Calculus, Jackson, TN

Am in dire need of an immediate tutor for my 17 year old son in Pre-cal. Major test, he must pass on May 2....long story, but he is really behind.

Sent by Tracy on 4/25/14

Math, Granbury, TX

Good morning. I am looking for a tutor for my son who is in the 5th grade. We got Staar results yesterday (math and reading) and he did not pass.

Sent by Audria on 4/25/14

English, Cleveland, OH

call me at (phone number available after purchase) for my sons

Sent by Hani on 4/24/14

Chemistry (general), Irvine, CA

Hey. Give me a call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Aleena on 4/24/14

Bryan Religion, Libertyville, IL

I want to know about several subjects that you offer. Please let me know.

Sent by Faith on 4/24/14

Geology, Costa Mesa, CA

Hi Weston, I'm taking an introductory Geology course at OCC and having trouble with minerals and volcanic activity. I'm 25 and have been in and out of school for...

Sent by Britten on 4/24/14


Hey Jesse.My name is B..Im college student I'm desperate need of tutour in C# since my final is in 2 weeks.I'm avilable any time ,please let me know your shcedule so...

Sent by Ben on 4/24/14

Statistic, Morgantown, WV

I need tutoring in statistic Master level

Sent by Yahya on 4/24/14

Microbiology, Dekalb, IL

Ineed a microbiology tutor

Sent by Spiro on 4/24/14

Asvab, Spring Hill, FL

Hello Lou. English is not my native language sorry for grammas mistakes.My son he is 17 years old and he speak perfect English.He want to go to navy and looking for...

Sent by Sanela on 4/24/14

Statistics, Topeka, KS

Hi Chris! I am a doctoral student and I have received my data back and tables but need help with technical language to put in my chapter 4. I can come to you.

Sent by Crystal on 4/24/14

Statistics, Rockwall, TX

How much do you charge to tutor college level statistics?

Sent by Kathryn on 4/24/14

Ocean Studies, San Jose, CA

Hi Ariel, I'm looking for a tutor to help me prepare for an exam this weekend. Are you available tomorrow (Friday) or Saturday for a couple hours?

Sent by Vanessa on 4/24/14

Mathematics, Aventura, Fl

i'm interesting in tutoring in math for my son, he is in 1st grade.

Sent by Mari on 4/24/14

Autocad, Cincinnati, OH

I need help with my project can you text me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Hassan on 4/24/14

Calculus, Southold, NY

Hi Gregory, I am a college student and need help with calculus, probability, and financial math. Do you teach that kind of math? Thanks, S.

Sent by Scarlett on 4/24/14

Essay Writing, Saint Louis, MO

Hi Don, I would like to have my petition letter for green card application polished. It has 30 pages (1.5 spacing). Would you please give me quote? Thanks. F.

Sent by Fei on 4/24/14

Spanish, Yorktown, VA

Hello. I am a 43 year old that has been interested in learning Spanish for quite a while. I have no background in the language so all this will be new to me.

Sent by Tricia on 4/24/14

Inspiration For Late Work, Aiea, HI 96701

Son Is bright, junior at Kalaheo. ( 2130 SAT) F in AP Engish, D in Trig. C in AP Bio.....unless some Intervention. Can't focus on 20 missing assignments.

Sent by Jan on 4/24/14

Java, Revere, MA

Hi Do you tutor java data structure and / or C programing

Sent by Josh on 4/24/14

Thermodynamics, Cardiff, AL

Hi , I have Thermodynmics exam and I need your help , I'm waiting you emil . Regards,

Sent by Fahad on 4/24/14

Statistics, Fort Collins, CO

Alexandra, I am currently taking intro to statistics and i have fallen behind. With the end of the semester coming up I am looking to recruit help on working...

Sent by Courtney on 4/23/14

Spanish, Granada Hills, CA

Hello Eric, I am looking for a Spanish tutor for my high school son to help him catch up with his Spanish 3 class. Please let me know if you're available for...

Sent by Jason on 4/23/14

Track And Field, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33328

I need to know how to run a 1500

Sent by Lala on 4/23/14

Nclex Exam, Maricopa, Az

Hello Kay, My name is D. and I live in Maricopa and if it is to far to travel do you know of anyone in who could help me achieve my goal of Passing the RN Exam.

Sent by Della on 4/23/14

Reading, Indian Trail, NC

Hi Penny, I have 2 boys, currently in K and 4th grade respectively. They are both struggling with reading and writing at their respective grade levels.

Sent by Betsy on 4/23/14

Stata, Brooklyn, NY

I need help doing STATA problem sets

Sent by Ayisha on 4/23/14

Spanish, Palmdale, CA

Hi James, I am looking for a Spanish tutor for my son and room mates granddaughter. I was wondering if you would be available to and interested in coming once...

Sent by Leann on 4/23/14

English, Accounting, Spanish, DE Pere, WI

I am looking for someone to help my sophomore son get ready for his high school finals over the next month.

Sent by Becky on 4/23/14

Nursing, New Haven, CT 06515

I need tutoring in IV calculations for Obstetrics, please let me know if you can assist me,

Sent by Cyndy on 4/23/14

Heat Transfer, Columbus, OH 43210

please contact me i need help in heat transfer.

Sent by Mohammad on 4/23/14

Biology, Wake Forest, NC

Hi! My daughter is a freshman at Wake Forest HS and is in Honors Biology. She understands the material at home but is not doing well on the tests.

Sent by Cristi on 4/23/14

Language Art, Orefield, PA

I have a son in 6th grade at Orefield Middle School. He is struggling in language arts and I would like someone to tutor him once a week. Thanks D.

Sent by Darcy on 4/23/14

C++, Charlotte, NC 28269

I am a freshman college student looking for a tutor in C++. I live in Matthews. Please let me know if you are interested and what your availability is.

Sent by Zach on 4/23/14

Math, Gardnerville, NV

My son Matthew just took the Nevada Math Proficiency Exam for the 4th time and failed. He must pass to graduate and is a Senior this year.

Sent by Mary on 4/23/14

Astronomy, Lexington, KY 40504

Hi, I've got an almost 14 year old daughter who is very interested in astronomy. She'd like to study the subject this summer informally and we're hoping...

Sent by Trevor on 4/23/14

Physics, Roy, WA

Hi, I really need help in Physics, are you comfortable in this area? I live in Roy, how would we meet? I mean at one of our residences or some other place?

Sent by Trisha on 4/23/14

Accounting, Litchfield, CT

Hi im an accounting major. im doing well with my classes grade wise, but i really dont feel like i have the basic understanding of what im learnin.

Sent by Danielle on 4/23/14

Physics, Manahawkin, NJ

Hi Maria, My name is K. Alessi, I am 32 yrs old and returning to school for a post bac program this coming August specializing in preparation for the MCAT w...

Sent by Kate on 4/23/14

Accounting, Boston, MA

Dear Nikki, My name is S. A. and I'm a freshman in Bentley University. I'm currently taking managerial accounting and I need help in preparing for my final exam.

Sent by Siba on 4/23/14

Public Speaking, Cary, IL

Hi Melissa, We were interested in talking to you about "public speaking" tutoring for our daughter who is 11 year old. Can you please give me a call or respond...

Sent by Darpan on 4/23/14

Algebra 1, Crofton, MD

Dp you tutor pre-Algebra - - the kind that Crofton Middle School is teaching now? We would be interested in talking to you.

Sent by Diana on 4/23/14

Online Algorithms, New Jersey

Hi John, I need help in my Algorithm homework assignment. I need it on 26th April 2014 before 13:00 hours. Topics: Approximation Algo and Radomization Algo.

Sent by Sangeeta on 4/23/14

Geometry, San Pedro, CA

My daughter is in the 9th grade at POLAR High School...need help in finishing out her year in geometry... We live in San Pedro

Sent by Rosemarie on 4/22/14

Physics, Saint Louis, MO

Hey, Are you available to teach me physics? -K.

Sent by Kam on 4/22/14

Architecture, Tampa, FL 33620

I don't need tutoring I need u to do some maps for me basically some architecture maps if u wanna work something email me back nd i live in channel side

Sent by Ahmed on 4/22/14

Pharmacology, Houston, TX

helloe im preparing for the ptce and i need help.. hope your the last stop..

Sent by Tarshay on 4/22/14

Chemistry (general), Pocatello, ID

Hello my name is A. A. and i need a general chemistry tutor to help me before my final i am willing to meet asap please contact me by e-mail or call me...

Sent by Abdullah on 4/22/14

Act, Springfield, TN

I have a 17 year old son having trouble on his ACT. He scored a 16 on math on his most recent one. He was wanting to take it again in June.

Sent by Kerri on 4/22/14

Finance Tutor, Grosse Ile, MI 48138

HI, i have an final paper of finance. i need help with it.

Sent by Fahad on 4/22/14

Nuclear Engineering, Columbia, MD 21044

hello thomas, I need your help with an assignment i have. Its MCNP Vised assignment.. will you please help me? its very important to me, i will pay however much...

Sent by Sal on 4/22/14

College English, Rocklin, CA

Hi Dizzie, Do you tutor college level English? My son is at Sierra studying Mechatronics but is having difficulties with the English writing assignments.

Sent by Stephanie on 4/22/14

Windows 8, Wantagh, NY

I recently purchased a PC with Windows 8. It is very confusing for me. Are you knowledgeable in this version of Windows?

Sent by Joanne on 4/22/14

All, Holly Springs, NC 27540

I would like to speak with you about teaching my child. He is 11, bright, sweet, has an IEP. My #(phone number available after purchase). Thanks Jess C.

Sent by Jessica on 4/22/14

Accounting, Lake Villa, IL

I am a beginning Accounting student that needs help understanding the process and the basics of Accounting!

Sent by Catherine on 4/22/14

Calculus Tutor, Azle, TX

Hi jeffrey, I am Ben you already helped me in the past. I badly need help in applied calculus for business and Statistic. I had been sick and hospitalized for a month.

Sent by Benjamin on 4/22/14

Public Speaking, Norwalk, CT

Hi Ian I'm A. O. a student at Quinnipiac University. I am doing a project for one of my classes which involves creating a business plan for ex-offenders...

Sent by Alex on 4/22/14

Need A Tutor For My 12 Yr. Old Daughter., Longmeadow, MA

Hi Sara, I have a 12 year old daughter named Faith. She is in the 6th grade at Williams Middle School in Longmeadow. She needs someone to help her improve...

Sent by Dr. on 4/22/14

Law, Tucson, AZ

Hi, I am studying the International Trade Law Class at the UA. I need to prepare for the final and need some help. Please let me know if you are willing to. Thanks

Sent by Ali on 4/22/14

C++, Rochester, MN

My 15 year son is interested in learning C++. He has little experience with Python but no other programming. He would like to begin private lessons as soon as...

Sent by Margaret on 4/22/14

Home Schooling, Greenville, TX

My son needs alot of help in all subjects. He is taking classes online thru a home school. He is behind and needs help getting caught up so he can go back...

Sent by Misty on 4/22/14

Dyslexia, New Braunfels, TX

I am wondering if you work with dyslexic children and if so what program do you use.

Sent by Lisa on 4/22/14

Autism, Redondo Beach, CA

Hello, we live in redondo beach. I was wondering if you travel this way. Your profile fits perfect for my son. He's in 5th grade and has high functioning autism.

Sent by Tanya on 4/22/14

Probability, Orlando, FL

My son Luis is 16 years and Next Sept he will start a Statistic and Probability course in college. I am worry and trying to give him help do he can have...

Sent by Jose on 4/22/14

Cpa, Hartford, CT

Hi Steve, I am studying for the CPA and I was hoping to get a little extra help regarding the Auditing section. I have the Beckers book which includes...

Sent by Kate on 4/22/14

Esl, Cherryville, NC

One of my friends is trying to find an ESL tutor for a co-worker who has limited English vocabulary proficiency. The tutoring would need to be done around...

Sent by Yuri on 4/22/14

C++ And C#, Grants Pass Oregon

Hello I am taking C++ class at local college but having hard time to understand the concept of programming language. Would you please tutor me so I can understand...

Sent by Aamir on 4/22/14

Calculus, Ruston, LA

Hi Mr. Mohamed. I'm D. M. and I'm in need of your services. I'm an engineering student in Calculus II and I'm having a lot of trouble understanding integrals...

Sent by Darius on 4/22/14

Computer Programming, Ogden, UT

Ronda, we are interested in finding a mentor for our 14 year old in computer programming/science . Grace is A very bright girl who wants to pursue her interests...

Sent by Shane on 4/21/14

Reading, Indio, CA

Hello Maggie can you tutor a 8 year old in reading and math?

Sent by Natalie on 4/21/14

Electrical Engineering, Santa Rosa, CA

First course of Electrical engineering offered at SRJC.

Sent by Simran on 4/21/14

Esl, Melbourne, FL

Hello Leslie. What is your fee for two students for 2 weeks in July, from the 7 to the 18, taking about 5 hours per day. They have the same level, more or less a A2

Sent by Fernando on 4/21/14

English, Houston, TX

Hi Sir I am an international dental student, i have a sop written for dental schools, do help in correcting the grammar and format.

Sent by Priya on 4/21/14

Web Page Design, Chico, CA 95928

Hi . How are you ? Can you assist me to do my assignment, it's about web design. Can you make it wirhen today or tomorrow?

Sent by Fahad on 4/21/14

Math, Killeen, TX

I am currently studing social work at ctc and I need a math tutor who is willing to teach me the fundementals of graftinglinear equations .

Sent by Janell on 4/21/14

Adobe Photoshop, Cupertino, CA

I need help with Photoshop ASAP.

Sent by Kiran on 4/21/14

Final Cut Pro, Santa Monica, CA

Hi James, I live on 28th, near Pico/Pearl. I'll be needed Final Cut Pro tutoring in the near future, but it may be into June before I purchase a new Apple--probably...

Sent by Grady on 4/21/14

Math, Pawleys Island, SC

Hi Jeremy, I am not sure how current this website is or if you are still tutoring math students. We are summer residents from Louisville.

Sent by Kendall on 4/21/14

Algebra, Myerstown, PA

Looking for a tutor for the next 10 days to get my daughter ready for a hacc entrance test in algebra. She scored very low and needs to review an take it again

Sent by Rebecca on 4/21/14

Spanish, Winnetka, IL

Hi Olga I am J. and interested in some spanish lessons, I am in northfield.

Sent by James on 4/21/14

Powerpoint, Knoxville, TN

Doreen, my girlfriend, Meghan, needs help with a PowerPoint presentation. Can you help us? Her number is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Dallas on 4/21/14

Economics, Hamburg, NY

Hello Evan, I am interested in your service. I am student at USC studying microeconomics. Hopefully we can connect, I am hoping for 4-5 hours a week.

Sent by Robert on 4/21/14

English, Los Angeles, CA

Hello, I found your profile on (url available after purchase) that states you charge $20-35. Is that the correct price or the $50 listed here?

Sent by Nima on 4/21/14

Computer Programming, Northridge, CA

Hello Morgan, I am looking for a tutor to teach 8 year old (twin boys) and 12 year old girl basic introduction to computer programming this summer.

Sent by Karen on 4/21/14

Computer, Long Island, NY

Hi. I am looking for a smart, patient, trustworthy, individual who can help my older parents through some of the basics with their iphones, ipad, computer technology.

Sent by Matthew on 4/21/14

Elementary, Aldie, VA

hi, I live in Aldie, VA close to Stone ridge library. I'm looking for grade II tutoring for math and English twice a week. Does it work for u $15/hr twice a week.

Sent by Subrat on 4/21/14

Geometry, Fellsmere, FL

need help for my son in Geometry. my cell # (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Roni on 4/21/14

Robotics, New York, NY

I am looking for a robotics coach for an elementary school team I will be starting this summer. Pl email if you can help. R.

Sent by Raj on 4/20/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Pharmacology, Ocean Springs, MS

Hello, Jordan I am looking for someone to help me in the areas of pharmacolgy and microbiology. please let me know if you can. Thanks..

Sent by Shay on 4/20/14

Organic Chemistry, Cobleskill, NY

Hello, I am looking for a tutor to help me with a research paper for organic chemistry. I need help with synthesis of a compound. My compound is Isoxaflutole. Thanks!

Sent by Emily on 4/20/14

Excel, Diamondhead, MS

I need a crash course in Excel. I work away from home and I will only be home for about five more days. I am available day or night while I'm home.

Sent by Kobi on 4/20/14

Finance, Salem, OR

I am interested in tutoring for my finance classes. I am currently taking International Financial Management and Fundamental of Derivitave Securities.

Sent by Darren on 4/20/14

Web Design, Charlotte, NC

I'm working on executing test cases for my task manager web application. We're using play framework with eclipse

Sent by Esra on 4/20/14

Algebra, Belle Mead, NJ

Need tutoring in Algebra 2 & Chem for high school kid

Sent by Ann on 4/20/14

Math, New Hartford, CT

Hello Mrs. A! I was wondering if you have any experience tutoring for the Elementary Education Praxis 2 exam. I have taken it several times and continue to fail.

Sent by Amy on 4/20/14

Nclex Rn, Buffalo, NY 14226

Hi Margaret! My name is N. and I'm about to graduate from UB in May '14. I am currently looking for an NCLEX tutor and guidance as far as how to structure studying...

Sent by Natalie on 4/20/14

Engineering Math, Spring, TX

Hi Eric, I need tuitoring for my engineering math,can you help me out, very urgent, please. Thanks D. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Debjani on 4/20/14

Microsoft Excel, Memphis, TN 38122

Bryan, I am looking for help with advance funtions in Microsoft Excel (vlookup, macros, pivot tables, etc...)

Sent by Maurice on 4/20/14

English, Glenolden, PA

Hi Vanessa, I have a 13 yr old son in the 7th grade at Darby middle school. He is not doing very well at all in reading and English.

Sent by Ranzy on 4/19/14

Thermodynamics, Vienna,VA 22182

hello , this is M. i need some help , please contact me thru my email or phone (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Mohammed on 4/19/14

Reading, Upper Darby, PA

My 6 year old needs some additional phonic help in reading and writing. I am interested in a tutor once a week. Please let me know if you are interested.

Sent by Johanna on 4/19/14

English, San Jose, CA

Hello Eva, How are you? I am looking for an experienced tutor to teach high school student EngL.sh reading and writing. I think you could be a good fit for this job.

Sent by Wyatt on 4/19/14

Praxis, Chattanooga, TN

pl contact (phone number available after purchase) need some classes in calculus

Sent by Seema on 4/19/14

Adobe Photoshop, 33542 Fl

Hi, probably a strange request. I have an 8x10 B&W photo of my wife that I would like colored. Is that something you can do. In the 1957 photo she is 17thanks J.

Sent by Jim on 4/19/14

Accounting, Dallas, TX

Hi, I need an essay written from scratch and it's for accounting ethics course. Please let me know if you can help me. Thanks!

Sent by Shannon on 4/18/14

Spss, Litchfield Park, AZ

Needing help with IBM SPSS version 22 for psychology project that requires this program.

Sent by Martha on 4/18/14

Gifted Education, Kent, OH

Do you have a strong background in gifted education?

Sent by Manar on 4/18/14

Java, Crestview, FL

Patrick, I'm currently struggling in Java II. I'm working on JTables, Collections and other like items. Are you familiar with them? Can you help me with them?

Sent by Joe on 4/18/14

Statistics, Mobile, AL

Are you familiar with Advanced Statistic courses on doctoral degree level?

Sent by Tanya on 4/18/14

Ielts, San Diego, CA

I need tutoring for ielts. ASAP

Sent by Abdull on 4/18/14

Hindi, Saint Paul, MN 55127

I'm interested in learning to read, write and speak Hindi. Have you ever taught anyone this subject? Thank you.

Sent by Brianna on 4/18/14

Lightroom, West Palm Beach, FL

just getting started in lightroom, have installed it, have books, need real live coach....

Sent by Steve on 4/18/14

Computer Science, Boise, ID

Just switched to Apple and need help working with my iMac. In particular I need help with Aperture and iMovie. 631-0953

Sent by Frank on 4/18/14

Film, Winfield, AL

I work for the Winfield school district - just over an hour from Birmingham. I'm looking for some tutoring/mentorship in filming/editing, with emphasis on lighting...

Sent by Josh on 4/18/14

Managerial Accounting, Haslet, TX

hello Vivian, I need some help for my managerial accounting 2302. Please contact me if you are available and will like to help. Thanks, Lumi

Sent by Luminita on 4/18/14

Calculus, Mundelein, IL

My daughter is a senior in Mundelein High School. She has Calculus BC (AP) she is struggling with it. She had Calculus AB (AP) last year and did not had any problem...

Sent by Seema on 4/18/14

Statistics, Olympia, WA

Hi Jane: I am in the 3 week if a 5 week statistics class, and I am not doing well, I have a test Sunday but may be able to talk to the teacher to prolong it a bit.

Sent by Ashley on 4/18/14

Statistics, Valparaiso, IN

Wondering if Statistics is a subject you can help me with? I live in Valpo

Sent by Jeanette on 4/18/14

English 102 College Level, Wilbraham, MA

Hello. I am in need of a English tutor for myself. I'm a sophomore in college. Please help.

Sent by Rhonda on 4/17/14

Elementary Math, Long Beach, CA

Looking for a tutor for my 13 yr old daughter. She is in 8th grade and in geometry and may go back to algebra next year. I would like to get her the help...

Sent by Eli on 4/17/14

Ged, Newberg, OR

I'm 27 with a 10th grade education. I have the aptitude but I can't concentrate w/o pulling my hair out. Wanting to work towards a GED.

Sent by Chris on 4/17/14

English, Carbondale, IL

I need help in english 101 contact me if you willing to do so my number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Omar on 4/17/14

Gre, Sarasota, FL

My son, Ben, needs a tutor for improving his score on the GRE. He graduates from college on May 10 and is available to start tutoring on May 12. Test date is July 30.

Sent by Dan on 4/17/14

Nursing, Salemburg, NC

Hello Susan, i am currently in the Practical nursing program at FTCC second semester. I am having problems grasping med-surg. May you please help me.

Sent by Shunta on 4/17/14

Toefl, Brooklyn, NY

Hi. I need help for preparation in TOEFL. Can we meet for a few days starting tommorow? What is your number, so that i can call you to discuss it?

Sent by Amir on 4/17/14

C#, Los Angeles, CA

hello Kyla my name is J. J. i have alittle in experience in programming and i want to learn how to create game apps for mobile so i was hoping u would be able...

Sent by Jose on 4/17/14

Organic Chemistry, Birmingham, AL

I am looking for a tutor in Organic chemistry. Please contact me .

Sent by Stephanie on 4/17/14

Adobe Photoshop CS6, San Diego, CA

Hi Michael, I have the Photoshop CS6 and I am in need of some instruction to drop one picture into another background. If you would like.

Sent by Pat on 4/17/14

French, Weston, MA

16 yr old h s student in weston. U can also call me at (phone number available after purchase) my cell. Ty

Sent by Hank on 4/17/14

Sas, Manchester, CT

Hi I as wondering if you are familiar with the program language SAS?

Sent by Ashley on 4/17/14

Esl, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

Hey Mike, I'm ESL student at Harcum college. I need help in writing (Argumentative essay). So, Can we start today? Thank you.. Best, M.

Sent by Mohammed on 4/17/14

French, Hinsdale, IL

Hi Alefiyah I minors in French in college 14 years ago and now need to be back conversational for work. I'd love to schedule a session!

Sent by Kerry on 4/17/14

Discrete Math, South Hadley, MA

My daughter is A.. She has been compromised by illness while at Mt. Holyoke. Basically, has been starved from lack of gluten-free food from dining for her Celiac...

Sent by Adrienne on 4/17/14

Java Tutor, Denver, CO

Hello, My name is D. and I am a college student struggling a little with my intro to computer science II class at University of Denver.

Sent by Dylan on 4/17/14

Speech, FL

my son is in second grade in there thinking about retaining him he is having speech and vocabulary issues if you could please call me at (phone number available...

Sent by Heather on 4/17/14

Reading, Shelter Island, NY

I am looking for a summer tutor for my son who is going into 4th grade. He needs reading and writing tutoring three times a week.

Sent by Caroline on 4/17/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Pharmacology, Denton, TX

Dinesh, are you still here in Denton? I need help with pharmacology math. Mostly drug calculations. It might be simple, and I just need someone that knows how...

Sent by Jonathan on 4/17/14

Tutor For Brad McGuinness, Harrisonburg, VA

Hi Erik. I am emailing you in reference to my son Brad, who is a Communication major at JMU. I'm looking for a tutor for him, but not to provide the conventional...

Sent by Susan on 4/17/14

Nclex, Bishopville, MD

Can you help a SU nursing graduate pass her NCLEX?

Sent by Byron on 4/17/14

Harmoniam And Keyboard, Highland, CA

Hi Sohali S., I like to learn Harmoniam and keyboard. I am a beginner. Please let me know fees,learning schedule,and your learning center. my zip code is ca. 92346.

Sent by Prosun on 4/17/14

Statistics, Pensacola, FL

I need help in a statistic project

Sent by Louvenson on 4/17/14

Tutor, Calimesa, CA 92320

Hello Miss Anne, my name is M. im in need of your help. My son is in 7th grade and is having academic problems. Feel free to contact me, we are ready to get started..

Sent by Marco on 4/16/14

Biology, Ottsville, PA

Lauren, My daughter attends Moravian Academy and is struggling with her Biology. we would like to speak with you regarding availability starting next week if possible.

Sent by Dwayne on 4/16/14

Reading, Elkhart, IN

I need help with my son who is in the 3rd grade. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase). Thank you, K. P.

Sent by Kashelia on 4/16/14

Reading, Mustang, OK

Hi Nancy, I am interested in tutoring for my son who is 6. He seems to really be struggling with learning to read. I know that over the summer they can really...

Sent by Randi on 4/16/14

Psat, Aldie, VA

Help woth PSAT verbal and also writing prompt.

Sent by Veena on 4/16/14

Chemistry, Acworth, GA

My son is a high school sophomore that needs help with chemistry. Are you available tonight? Thanks, D.

Sent by Daniel on 4/16/14

Dmv Exam, Berkeley, CA

Hi Nina, I was wondering if you tutor for DMV exams? And when you email me back, can you cc: (email available after purchase)

Sent by Joseph on 4/16/14

Law, Dallas, TX

Dear Thomas, I have an arbitration case and I need your help in writing? Tanks

Sent by Sam on 4/16/14

Sat Math, Mc Lean, VA

Hi, I'm looking for a math tutor for my daughter. She is currently in the 10th grade at McLean High School, and needs a math tutor in preparation for the June 7th...

Sent by Michelle on 4/16/14

Reading, Bel Air, MD

Hello Linda, I am looking for a tutor for my son for reading. He is in Kindergarten. I primarily want to improve his reading skills and also to advance them over...

Sent by Melanie on 4/16/14

Algebra, Avon Lake, OH

Hi, I think you know Tara! I am looking for a tutor to help Matt with the algebra/math section of the ACT. Can you help him with that.

Sent by Heather on 4/16/14

Computer, Newnan, GA

I am looking for a tutor in Newnan or nearby for Microsoft Excel/PowerPoint. Please contact me if you are available or can refer me to someone. Thanks.

Sent by Jacqueline on 4/16/14

Algebra, Tracy, CA

Hi Joan, I am looking for an algebra tutor for my 17 year old daughter. She lives in Tracy. Please call me for more details. Thank you. R.

Sent by Rich on 4/16/14

English, Youngsville, NC

Hi my son is 16 and in high school. He has add and needs tutoring in english and math as well as help with organization and homework.

Sent by Elizabeth on 4/16/14

Statistics, Pensacola, FL

I would like to get some help with my statistics take home homework.

Sent by Feinberg on 4/16/14

English As Second Language, Newtown Square, PA

Hello Diane, I would like my two kids of 4 and 3 years old among with the grandparents to learn English, if that will work for you.

Sent by Marina on 4/16/14

Applied Math, Baton Rouge, LA

Need help in math about to study for tabe test to enter lpn school math is my weakness need help have tabe practice book but need extra help

Sent by Cornelia on 4/16/14

Research Writing, Tyler, TX

Hi Andrea, i need help with writing in APA format for essays and research.

Sent by S. on 4/16/14

Biology, New Canaan, CT 06840

Looking for a tutor for my 9th grade son taking Honors Biology.

Sent by Sean on 4/16/14

Biology, Haslet, TX

My son need help in Biology and Geometry .. He is in the 9 th grade and she said if he doesn't make 80 for the semester he will not pass... I really need help.

Sent by Ernestine on 4/15/14

Spanish, Livingston, NJ

I have a 11 years old girl who wants to learn Spanish. She does not know Spanish. She wants to learn the language in a formal way.

Sent by Jing on 4/15/14

Math, Bentonville, AR

My daughter needs help understanding pre-calc and trig. She is in 11th grade.

Sent by Tina on 4/15/14

Toefl, Dublin, OH

hi. where does this email go?

Sent by Cleo on 4/15/14

Sas, Silver Spring, MD

Hi Demeke, Are you available to tutor me this Saturday for one hour at the Silver Spring library. I only need help with data analytics. No programming. Thanks.

Sent by Anthony on 4/15/14

Praxis, Arlington, TN

Hello, I am looking for someone to tutor my daughter and myself. My daughter has taken the praxis and has failed. I haven't taken it and it has been a while since...

Sent by Tracy on 4/15/14

Ear Training, Philadelphia, PA 19144

I need some help with ear training II at college, please give me a call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jay on 4/15/14

Math, Terre Haute, IN

My son is in the 7th grade needs assistance with his math

Sent by Marcus on 4/15/14

Finance, Los Angeles,CA

Are you open to taking an online timed 3 hour midterm exam in MBA elementary corporate finance? If you are we can negotiate the fee depending on grade.

Sent by Christopher on 4/15/14

Sat, O Fallon, MO

My son is a 10th grade student. Did you tutor SAT reading? Or just math? My phone number is (phone number available after purchase), thanks

Sent by Kit on 4/15/14

Math, Madisonville, LA

My granddaughter is struggling in 6th grade math. We live off of hwy 22. Please contact me if you think you can help us.

Sent by Sandra on 4/15/14

Quicken, Washington, DC

Hi Terry, I am finding a tutor for Quicken Finance on behalf of my boss. What is your experience with tutoring Quicken and what is your availability? Thanks, M.

Sent by Meredith on 4/15/14

Sign Language, Terrell, TX

Hi Matthew, I am a Girl Scout Troop Leader in Terrell and was looking for someone that might be able to come teach my Brownie Girl Scouts (6 girls) how to do...

Sent by Audra on 4/15/14

Reading, Splendora, TX

Lincoln is 6 years old and in first grade . Would like it if he could get help on wednesdays. My office number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Tammy on 4/15/14

Reading, Frankfort, IL

Good Morning! I am looking for a tutor to come to my house once a week, possibly 2 days during the summer, to work with my 3rd grader with Phonics and study skills.

Sent by Stephanie on 4/15/14

Computer, Deerfield Beach, FL

I need help in computer programming/ Adobe Photoshop please feel free to contact me if you are intrested (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Don on 4/15/14

Lsat, Memphis, TN

i need help with the LSAT

Sent by Corsica on 4/15/14

Adobe Illustrator, Deer Park, NY

Hi, I currently am running a sports shirt design company, and was working through photoshop to get things done. I have rather specific needs to jump over...

Sent by Charles on 4/15/14

Thermodynamics, Sugar Land, TX 77479

i have project in thermodynamics i did it but i'm not sure if it is correct or not can you help me in that ?

Sent by Ahmad on 4/15/14

Asvab, Pensacola, FL

I could use a lil help with my asvab test for the army. I'm really seeking some good tutoring..

Sent by Erven on 4/15/14

Chemistry, Cerritos, CA

I am a high school student preparing for the United States National Chemistry Olympiad (USNCO) on the national level. I am seeking a tutor with a thorough...

Sent by Albert on 4/14/14

Photoshop, Pacific Palisades, CA

Hello Fadi-- Iam a 45-yr-old Interior Design student at UCLA Extension. I am in my 3rd week of a required Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop I course in my Interior Design...

Sent by Susan on 4/14/14

Chemistry, Syracuse, NY 13212

Our daughter is taking a Clinical Chemistry course at Upstate. Is this something you tutor a student for and if so, what hours would you be available? Thanks, M.

Sent by Marge on 4/14/14

Toefl, Richmond, VA

Hi!! Can I schedule an interview with you? Thanks

Sent by Evgeny on 4/14/14

Finance, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi there, I am looking for a tutor at the graduate level for Managerial Finance. Are you available this week?

Sent by Eryn on 4/14/14

English, Long Beach, CA

Hello Melanie, I am looking for a private tutor to improve my English. I am available to have a lesson one time a week. Regards, O.

Sent by Onna on 4/14/14

Physics, Vacaville, CA

Good Evening, My son is in 11th grade and needs assistance with physics. Do you tutor physics ? J. C.

Sent by Jessica on 4/14/14

Heat Transfer, Centereach, NY 11720

Hello, quick question about heat transfer. What equation shall I use to find R (Resistance) for a sphere? And is it convection or conduction

Sent by Mutaz on 4/14/14

Nclex Lvn, Tucson, AZ 85712

like to get a NCLEX LVN tutoring help pls let me know if u r available thank you

Sent by Renu on 4/14/14

Physics, Mableton, GA

My daughter needs to pass her physics class to graduate highschool, I'm looking for a determined tutor who can work 4-8 hours a week for next month or so until her...

Sent by Anna on 4/14/14

English Sat, Woodland Hills, CA

Hi Morgan- I'm looking for a tutor for my son to prepare for the SAT in June, focusing on English. Feel free to call me so we can discuss further.

Sent by Keith on 4/14/14

Math, Portland, OR

Hi Sean. Are you available for tutoring over the summer? I know summer schedules can be difficult. My daughter will be entering 7th grade.

Sent by Michelle on 4/14/14

Speech, Portland, OR

Hi there, I'm an international student, and I just got here in portland 3 days ago. I need your help to improve my reading, spelling, and working on my accent.

Sent by Eve on 4/14/14

Accounting, San Diego, CA

Hi Steven I need help in my class , Bookkeeper...any possibility Thank you

Sent by Maria on 4/14/14

Reading, Ponchatoula, LA

I live in Ponchatoula, la and have a seven year old son. this is his 2nd time in first grade. He has ADHD and is developmentally delayed by one year.

Sent by Jenny on 4/14/14

Statistics, Orlando, FL

Hi, I need help with SPSS program. I see you have tutored statistics. Do you think you can help me? Please contact me. Thanks.

Sent by Luis on 4/14/14

Adhd Math, San Diego, CA

I'm interested in math tutoring for my daughter. She struggles with ADHD.

Sent by Lanetta on 4/14/14

Python, Los Angeles, CA

Hello Hello! I have a final project due in a month. I really need an experienced tutor! I am a broke college student but willing to pay. Please help me.

Sent by Taylor on 4/14/14

Math, Houston, TX

Hello Lorraine, my son needs help in math. He is in the 5th grade in cy-fair. Do you have time to tutor during the week?

Sent by Michella on 4/14/14

Qreading (dyslexia), Sedro Woolley, WA

Hello, I was wondering about your dyslexia training, concidering we have also just moved from Texas and appreciated how well the 504 program worked there.

Sent by Sara on 4/14/14

Cpa, Tampa, FL

Hello, I need a tutor for the CPA exam. I just graduated with my masters in accounting. Please give me a call at (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by David on 4/14/14

Chemistry, Jacksonville, FL

Hi A., I am looking for a chemistry tutor for my daughter. She is in middle schools participating in the IB program. I am looking for a tutor immediately.

Sent by Alexandra on 4/14/14

Algebra, Charlotte, NC

I need someone to tutor my grandson in 6 grade algebra.We live off Rte.49 and Caldwell rd. near Harrisburg

Sent by Romus on 4/14/14

Philosophy, Williamstown, MA

Hi, My son is a sophmore at Williams College in Williamstown and is struggling in his Logic and Language Philosphy class. I know Williamstown is farther than 10...

Sent by Joanne on 4/14/14

Computer/finance, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

Dear Anita, I am looking for a tutor to teach me powerpoint, excel among other things. I am currently doing my MBA but my career before this did not require...

Sent by Hayley on 4/14/14

Nclex Rn, Paramus, NJ

good morning I am interested for nclex tutor please email me at (email available after purchase) I am from paramus nj

Sent by Charish on 4/14/14

Statistics, Benicia, CA

Hello Ludmilla, I need a tutor in Statistics. I am a student at DVC studying Elementary Probability and Statistics. I would like an appointment tomorrow.

Sent by Jules on 4/14/14

Writing Composition, Eagle, ID

Hi Daun, I am looking for a writing tutor for my college age daughter. She has two exams in May that involve handwritten timed essays and she freezes up when...

Sent by Micheline on 4/13/14

Algebra, Lumberton, NC

im a online student looking for help with my algebra class can you please email so we can set something up

Sent by Antoinette on 4/13/14

Algebra, Hackensack, NJ 07601

I need you to help my son (8h grade) in Algebra.We live in Beacon Thank you, I.

Sent by Israel on 4/13/14

Chemistry, Pembroke, MA

Hi. I live in Norwell and am hoping to find a chemistry tutor for my son, a sophomore in high school. If you are available, I would love to speak to you. Thank you. A.

Sent by Annemarie on 4/13/14

Math, Corsicana, TX

My daughter is age 12 in 7th grade. Our tutor has moved away out of state and now she is getting behind in math again. My daughter has Aspergers.

Sent by Tracie on 4/13/14

Microsoft Office, Miami, FL

Need assistance with Excel; conducting medical research.

Sent by Marcos on 4/13/14

Algebra Tutor, Warrenton, VA

(phone number available after purchase), Algebra....basic but I don't know it.

Sent by Derek on 4/13/14

Pre-Algebra Or General, Springfield 19064

Hi Jackie! My name is E. and I am seeking a tutor for my three children to get help with homework and understanding lessons. My oldest daughter is in the 7th grade...

Sent by Elaine on 4/13/14

SAS, Sacramento, CA

Hi Mrs. H, My name is K. H. and I am currently working on my Master's in Public Health. I am taking a class called Health Informatics for which we use SAS.

Sent by Kayla on 4/12/14

Essay Writing, Daytona Beach, FL

hi, i need your help with english and technical writing class, thanks, can you text or call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Dat on 4/12/14

For My Daughter, Hinesville, GA

Hello Cindy my name is S. and I am wanting my daughteR. to leaR.n a second language u can contact me by email oR. phone (phone number available after purchase) thank u

Sent by Shaun on 4/12/14

Kids 6 And 8 Years Old, Miami, FL

Sent by Carlos on 4/12/14

Act, Oshkosh, WI

Hello, I am looking for someone to tutor my 16 year old for the ACT with empasis on Math. I live on the west side of oshkosh. Thanks - L.

Sent by Linda on 4/12/14

Act, Yorktown, VA

Looking for a tutor for the ACT.

Sent by Robert on 4/12/14

Algebra Trigonometry, Stafford, VA

I am a senior in Stafford looking for a tutor in Alg II with Trig

Sent by Robert on 4/12/14

Reading, Fishkill, NY

I'm lookinG. for a readinG./writinG. tutor for the summer months. My son is currently in 3rd G.rade. He has dyslexia and is in a closed readinG. classroom usinG.

Sent by Edie on 4/12/14

Apple, Englewood, CO

greenwood village, want to learn photoshop. Are you available any time tuesday or wednesday this week?

Sent by Kathy on 4/12/14

Tax Preparation, Miami, FL

Hello Caridad!! I need your help in preparing tax memo!!! Please!

Sent by Yuliya on 4/12/14

Sewing, Santa Monica, CA

Hi my name is A.. I'm a student at santa Monica college and I'm taking a class on basic sewing and desperately need extra help because I'm falling behind.

Sent by Avalon on 4/11/14

Calculus, Santa Maria, CA

I need help with high school AP calculus, I'm really struggling and failing tests.

Sent by Andrew on 4/11/14

C++, Oxnard, CA

Hi I know this is really late in the day but I wanted to see if you had anytime today or tomorrow for tutoring. I have a test sunday and need a little help with my...

Sent by Jose on 4/11/14

Usmle, Tucker, GA

How are you? Please I need tutoring for usmle step 1. I live at tucker 30084. Hope to hear from you soon.

Sent by Safiya on 4/11/14

Elementary, Mayfield, KY

I need your help for My son. He is a second grader and needs a lot of help. Please contact me A.S.P. (phone number available after purchase) my name is victor

Sent by on 4/11/14

Italian, Syracuse, NY

Hello Giovanni, We are looking for an Italian teacher for our summer school program for OCM Boces. Do you think this is something you would be interested in?

Sent by Doreen on 4/11/14

Math, Petoskey, MI

Need tutor a few times next week to catch daughter up on math, especially "set graphs"? She is in 9th grade and an honor student.

Sent by Deanna on 4/11/14

Adobe Photoshop, San Diego, CA

Hi, Saw you listed here and your rate is a little better than from other site. Don't know how these sites work as far as payment.

Sent by Patrish on 4/11/14

Pre Calculus, Queens, NY

Need a tutor for 2 weeks for precalculus BC

Sent by Anna on 4/11/14

Physics, Long Island, NY

My son is having trouble with college physics n I would like him tutored. Is this an area you can assist in? (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Susan on 4/11/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Reading, Kennesaw, GA

Hi. I am looking for tutor for my son with high functioning autism for reading. He is sweet and seems more like a 6 than 9 year old but is very intelligent.

Sent by Matthew on 4/11/14

Adobe Illustrator, Dallas, TX

Hi Kristine, I am interested in talking to you about graphic design lessons. What times are you available? I live in 75208 near downtown. Thank you, Anne Marie

Sent by Anne-marie on 4/11/14

English, Astoria, NY

Hi, My name is E. F. and i am looking for a tutor for my brother in-law which is Greek and looking to learn English. My phone number is (phone number available...

Sent by Evangelea on 4/11/14

Algebra, Ramona, CA

let me start with this, I am a 37yr army vet leaving in Ramona, I am currently attending Palomar community college. I am really having issues with math 60 algebra.

Sent by Michael on 4/11/14

Genetics, Washington, DC

hi, this is M. a graduate student in biotechnology , I have a seminar in this tuesday , I need touring for understanding the seminar paper , can we meet today ?

Sent by Maryam on 4/11/14

Photoshop, Barrington, IL

Hi there, I am looking to learn Adobe photoshop via tutor (I am a novice). What is your experience level in photoshop specifically?

Sent by Kimberly on 4/11/14

Science, Valrico, FL

I have two children who both need some tutoring. My daughter is in first grade and needs help with reading. My son is in sixth grade and needs help in several...

Sent by Carmen on 4/11/14

Accounting, Winter Park, FL

Hello I am currently in MBA school having a hard time with accounting for managers, I was wondE.g if you are able to tutor at the graduate level?

Sent by Erin on 4/11/14

Electrical Circuits, Denver, CO

hi David, do you teach circuit analysis 2 mostly about laplace

Sent by Ali on 4/11/14

Algebra, Mastic Beach, NY

My 13 yr old son in 8th grade is having difficulty with his algebra class.We are looking for a tutor possibly 1x/weekly.please email me if interested

Sent by Crystal on 4/10/14

Physics, Davis, CA

My son is a junior is Davis High School. He needs help in Physics Honors class. We live in Davis in the Mace Ranch area.

Sent by Prasant on 4/10/14

Writing, Chester Springs, PA

Hello Megan, I am looking for some writing help for mt daughter. Please let me know if you have any availability. A. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Anurag on 4/10/14

Spanish, Poway, CA

David, we are looking for a Spanish tutor for our grandson. He is in high school spanish-4. Wednesday is best, after school hours.

Sent by Lane on 4/10/14

Programming C++, Suffolk, VA

Hi, my name is B... My major is computer science. I'm really struggling and I need a tutor. Do u mind helping me

Sent by Breha on 4/10/14

Act, Brookfield, IL

Hi, my daughter need help with ACT subjects, we live in Brookfield. Please contact me my email is (email available after purchase)

Sent by Milene on 4/10/14

College Math, Lagrange, GA

Leah, I would like to hire you to tutor my daughter, Amy who is a freshman at Lagrange College and currently failing college algebra.

Sent by Jill on 4/10/14

Chemistry, San Mateo, CA

I am looking for tutoring for my son.

Sent by Sunny on 4/10/14

Ableton, Boston, MA

Hey im interested in Ableton tutoring if possible.

Sent by Marc on 4/10/14

Act And Sat, Richmond Hill, GA

Need to tutorial for sat/act trying to improve math and reading scores by 100 points for each area for both trying to get into college for fall 2014 can...

Sent by Zhane on 4/10/14

Algebra, Brooksville, FL

Looking for a tutor for my daughter jessy. She goes to small Christian school and is struggling with algebra. And falling more behind.

Sent by Lori on 4/10/14

Biology, Windermere, FL

Hello my name is A. I was wondering if you could please email me about tutoring for biology in the subject of genetics . could you please contact me to (phone number...

Sent by Anthony on 4/10/14

Algebra 2, Concord, CA

I need to learn how to use my ti-nspire cas. Please let me know if you can help.

Sent by Theresa on 4/10/14

Ged, Gainesville, FL

Hey Ms. Sarah i need help with taking the GED if you can help me and respond back please

Sent by Ralph on 4/10/14

Cpaital Budgeting Project, Tallahassee, FL 32312

hello, I need in completing a real simple capital budgeting problem. I have the excel spreed sheet but need help in where the numbers go .

Sent by Marilyn on 4/10/14

Chemistry, Spring Arbor, MI

My daughter is a junior at Western High School. She is behind in her Chemistry class, says she doesn't get it, and I would like to know if you can help.

Sent by Stacy on 4/10/14

Home School Help, Waterville, ME

Hi Michael, my wife and I are looking for a teacher to help with our sons yearly assessment. Quinton is home schooled and we need a teacher to review his work.

Sent by Bill on 4/10/14

Microsoft Access And Excel, Cincinnati, OH

Hi Benjamin, I am currently enrolled in a business technology class online. Ive struggled throughout the semester on my assignments that pertain to access and excel.

Sent by Katie on 4/10/14

Algebra, Wilmington, NC

I'm looking for someone to help my daughter with Algebra 1. She is disabled and has missed the last 2 weeks of school due to pain.

Sent by Kelly on 4/10/14

Programming, Rochester, MI

Hello, I was wondering if you would be available tutoring for C++ linked lists and input files. It is for a college computer science course. Thank you.

Sent by Samantha on 4/10/14

Statistics, Gainesville, FL

R.norton at the hot place Need Statistics help Pay well

Sent by Rene on 4/10/14

Excel, Wilmington, DE

have a new position - need help with vlookup in excel when comparing 2 tables of data.

Sent by Deb on 4/10/14

Speech, Dallas, TX

Hello Mary, I have a 4 year old son, Tracy, who isnt where I would want him to be as far as talking. He is getting better everyday but I think he needs some elp...

Sent by Shy on 4/10/14

Excel, Long Island, NY

Misha Are you very proficient in excel? I am trying to take data off of multiple websites and convert it into a spreadsheet ? is this something you could teach me ?

Sent by Ed on 4/10/14

Math, Southampton, NY

Hello, I have a 7th grader who needs tutoring in math. I live in Southampton and the phone is (phone number available after purchase). Thank you.

Sent by Linda on 4/10/14

Marketing, Honolulu, HI

Hi Damian.I am wondering if you can tutor me college level marketing. I am currently majoring in marketing at Shidler college of business and I have been struglling...

Sent by Saori on 4/9/14

Asvab, Tucson, AZ 85719

Hi Amanda i was wondering if you had time to tutor me for the asvab. im a few points short and need help with reading comprehension and arithmetic reasoning.

Sent by Derek on 4/9/14

English, Oxnard, CA

Hi, I need a writing/grammar tutor 2x a week for my 8th grade son. We live in N.Oxnard by the golf course. My son currently has an algebra tutor but also needs...

Sent by Eric on 4/9/14

Finance, Queens Village, NY

Looking for a finance tutor college/graduate school level to help with my HW- 5 questions on stock valuation and project valuation. Thanks.

Sent by Nadia on 4/9/14

Calculus, Bloomington, IL

I am struggL.ing with appL.ied (url available after purchase) I need to get some heL.p to successfuL.L.y understand the concepts to compL.ete this course.

Sent by Andrew on 4/9/14

Math, Vermilion, OH

HI Ellen, I am looking for some math and Prealgebra, and Algebra for my Grandson , He is in 9th grade at Vermilion Schools. Please call or email me when you have time.

Sent by Cynthia on 4/9/14

Sat, Baltimore, MD

Hello i am trying to find a tutor for my daughter, she is in the 11th grade and will be taking her sat on May 3rd. she needs most help in math, we live close to...

Sent by Scott on 4/9/14

Sas, Los Angeles, CA

I downloaded SAS and would like tutoring in this software so i can run my regression. Thank you.

Sent by Gabriel on 4/9/14

Mechanical Engineering, Fresno, CA

man i need help your for doing silowork work for M26 class also i am international student at CSU fresno so please contact me at (phone number available after...

Sent by Feras on 4/9/14

Reading, Morrison, CO

Hi Catherine, we are looking for a summer tutor for our 9 year old daughter. She is finishing up 3rd grade, preparing for fourth grade.

Sent by Tamara on 4/9/14

Algebra, Manteca, CA

Hi Andrew, my son is struggling with algebra 1 and I'm interested in getting him a tutor. What questions would you have from me to see if you are able to help him?

Sent by Barbara on 4/9/14

Material Science College, Boise, ID

Hi do you do material science lab

Sent by Asrar on 4/9/14

Math, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

In need of a strong math person for myself. I am in a intro algebra class online! Need help like now!!

Sent by Angela on 4/9/14

Reading, Hammond, LA

My daughter Krislyn is a senior at Loranger High hoping to attend SLU in the Fall. She needs to increase her Reading and English portions of the ACT.

Sent by Ladette on 4/9/14

Dmv Exam, Berkeley, CA

Hi suresha, I would like DMV exam tutoring. When emailing me, can you cc (email available after purchase) as well? And when we meet, can we meet in Berkeley?

Sent by Joseph on 4/9/14

Portuguese, Lewisville, TX

My husB.and and I have a need to learn Portuguese, can we hire you to teach B.oth of us at the same time for the same fee ? Also do you have any learning aids such...

Sent by Sherrie on 4/9/14

Elementary, Southern Pines, NC

Hi Kim we are looking for a tutor for my daughter who is 9 years old and in the 4th grade. We live in Pinehurst and if you are interested, please call me...

Sent by Mike on 4/9/14

Final Cut Pro, Thousand Oaks, CA

My son is 22 years old and a film major at csun...he has gotten 2 internships this summer and needs to know how to operate final cut pro...basic stuff..

Sent by Nancy on 4/9/14

Calculus, Houma, LA

Do you tutor college pre-calculus and if so, are you available immediately? Thanks.

Sent by Hope on 4/9/14

Physics, Bakersfield, CA

Are you available to tutor Dynamics & Solids at college level in June? I will need to find someone I can work on a daily base to make sure I Ace the class. Thank you.

Sent by Henry on 4/9/14

Gre, Richmond, VA

Hello Alexi, I plan to take the GRE again in a couple of months. Last year I took the exam and got a 144 on Quantitative and 154 on Verbal.

Sent by Jelani on 4/9/14

Act, Bloomington, IL

Amreen: My daughter has taken an ACT course through school and is preparing to take the test on April 23. She improved through the course work, but when...

Sent by Thomas on 4/9/14

Reading, Vernon Hills, IL 60061

Dear Ms. Amy, I am looking for a Reading tutor for my daughter who is in 5th grade. Could you please email your contact number and details about your tutoring ?

Sent by Chigurupati on 4/9/14

Excel, Houston, TX

Hello Daniel, I am currently taking computing for engineers at UH and I am having a really hard time with excel. We are working on all the basics of programming...

Sent by Cristina on 4/9/14

Economics, Washington, DC

Hello Sarkis, Can you tutor a student thats struggling in college Micro Economics? I look forward to your response.

Sent by Brooke on 4/9/14

Elementary Tutor, Houston, TX

Dear Amy My grandchild has been diagnosed with dyslexia and we need a tutor who is schooled in this. If you do not tutor dyslexia could please let me know someone...

Sent by June on 4/9/14

History, Savannah, GA

I am seeking help for my 11th grader in U.S. History. She needs help to pass the EOCT test next month. I she have fell behind do to sports.

Sent by Cynthia on 4/9/14

Accounting II, Diamond Bar, CA

I am a college student and need an Accounting II tutor.

Sent by Sean on 4/9/14

Calculus, Santa Ana, CA

I have a daughter in AP Calculus -- 11th grade -- currently struggling. Need help. She goes to Orange County High School of Arts and schedule is nuts due to rehearsals.

Sent by Andrea on 4/9/14

Chemistry, Elk Grove, CA

Hi. My 11th grade son needs a tutor in AP chemistry. Please let me know if you are available asap. Thanks.

Sent by Kevin on 4/8/14

Business Adminstration, Cullowhee, NC

Hey Katy, I am a student at WCU. I have a case study needs to be done in PPT. The subject about BA 133 class. If you are interesting we can meet this weekend.

Sent by Saad on 4/8/14

Environmental Engineering, Buffalo, New York

hey can you help me on college level enviornmental engineering? like home work help?

Sent by Jay on 4/8/14

ADHD, Saint Simons Island, GA

Hi. I found your information from Tutorz. I am looking for someone to work with my son this summer for twice a week for about nine weeks.

Sent by Leigh on 4/8/14

Math Taks, Magnolia, TX

Hello my name is J., i have recently failed the Math TAKS test multiple times. i have to takw it April 21, and i need all the help i can get if you could help please...

Sent by Jordan on 4/8/14

Biology, McLean, VA

Looking for a biology tutor for my daughter.

Sent by Craig on 4/8/14

Information Systems, Irvine, CA

hi David this is my phone number (phone number available after purchase) please contact me as soon as possible.

Sent by Ahmed on 4/8/14

Bio, Aliquippa, PA

Hi I have a 9th grader looking for help in bio. We live in independence twp. Looks like not far from you. Let me know your availability. Thanks D.

Sent by Darryl on 4/8/14

Multivariable Calculus, East Northport, NY

Hi I believe we some in the past. Any how I need help in multivariable calculus. I am available ASAP. Thank you!

Sent by Roberto on 4/8/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Geometry, Berkley, MI

Hi, I am a 10th grader at Berkley High and I am having difficulty with my geometry class. I currently have an E in the class (very disapointing) amd I cannot afford...

Sent by Lizzie on 4/8/14

Reading, Bakersfield, CA

Hi Carol, I am looking to find a tutor during the summer break for my daughter. She is 8 year old. She struggles a lot with her reading.

Sent by Reina on 4/8/14

elementary, Hayward, CA

hi i need tutor for my kids

Sent by Sobhan on 4/8/14

Statistics, New Orleans, LA

need help with Advanced Quantitative Reasoning Analysis RSCH 8250Y I am having trouble with interpreting the results. can you help me? patience required

Sent by Mecca on 4/8/14

Nursing Math, Springfield, VA

Hello I'm an lpn student. I've taking nursing math but I took it first semester and I have a math competency test coming up this Friday and I need a refresher.

Sent by Hebah on 4/8/14

Chemistry, Los Angeles, CA

Hey I am a student at Santa monica college and I am stuggling with Chemistry 10 with a lab its like general chem. I hope to hear back from you i would be available...

Sent by Aide on 4/8/14

Turkish, Seattle, WA

Hello! My name is A. and I want to learn Turkish! I did self study for several months (a technique that has been effective for me in the past) but I can't seem...

Sent by Ariel on 4/8/14

Horse Back Riding, Baltimore, MD

Hi I'm looking for alittle help with a horse I bought her ... Now before we get start I've had horses all life but I taught my daughter to ride we trained...

Sent by Sally(sadie) on 4/8/14

Algebra, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Are you available today anytime after 4pm and Wednesday?? My Son is in Algebra I

Sent by Cristina on 4/8/14

English, Merced, CA

Hi Karen, I'm looking for a tutor who can help me with English writing. I need a person who can answer subtle grammatical questions.

Sent by Sungjin on 4/8/14

Patent And Trademark, Reno, NV

Hello W.iam, Would you be able to coach me through the process of obtaining a patent?

Sent by Will on 4/8/14

Neuroanatomy, San Jose, CA

Hi I am a student at SJSU taking Biol 109 Neuroanatomy, Do you have any knowledge on this subject? If so how much do you charge for tutoring?

Sent by Ani on 4/8/14

English, Cleveland, OH

Hey, how are you doing? I am an international student at CSU.And I need some help with my assignments, such make correction and word choice.

Sent by Saud on 4/8/14

Math, Flagstaff, AZ

Hi. We will be spending the summer in flagstaff and are in need of a tutor to work with our 7 year old on a biweekly basis. Wondering if you might be interested.

Sent by Lea on 4/8/14

Math, Rapid City, SD

8th grade son wanting to test up in Math to go into advanced in High School

Sent by Brenda on 4/7/14

Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, Stamford, CT

I just graduated with a Degree in Interior Design- unfortunately my school never had us use Photoshop/Illustrator and I'm finding photoshop is a standard program...

Sent by Caitlin on 4/7/14

Math, Goodyear, AZ

Hi I'm interested in your help tutoring my niece she is 15 and needs help in Algebra and Spanish2. What evenings are you available?

Sent by Jessica on 4/7/14

Cpa, Long Beach, NY

you are teaching Accounting?

Sent by Badar on 4/7/14

Physics, Levittown Pa 19054

Hey brad I am a senior in high school that is having trouble with physics and was wondering if you could tutor me? Message me back when you can thanks

Sent by Connor on 4/7/14

Math, Kissimmee, FL

I need a tutor for my niece she is in 7 grade and she need help with math and English. Please contact me if you still available

Sent by Ligia on 4/7/14

Process Control, Pearland,TX

hello, I am looking for a tutor for my process control class. I can send files and content that we use in class.

Sent by Omar on 4/7/14

Chemistry, Cortland, NY

I am looking for someone to work with my son who is a junior at Cortland HS. He is struggling with Chemistry but could probably use someone to help with Trig also.

Sent by Denise on 4/7/14

Tutoring, Lake Zurich, IL

What is a best number I can reach? I need tutoring services for my 3 years old daughter.

Sent by Shweta on 4/7/14

Lsat, Minneapolis, MN

I'm looking for an LSAT tutor for the Logic Games section- specifically conditional reasoning (ex: grouping games). How well did you score on this section?

Sent by Chethana on 4/7/14

Math, Purvis, MS

My son is haveing a lot of trouble in math . He is in the 8th grade at Dixie and I would like to know if u can help.

Sent by Steve on 4/7/14

Algebra, Warner Robins, GA

Sent by Shelly on 4/7/14

Chemistry (general), West Chester, PA

Tutor required for 10th grade chemistry. Student at Rustin in West Chester

Sent by Cheryl on 4/7/14

Algebra 1, Elmont, NY

I am in need of obtaining a tutor for my 14 yr old son whose in the 9th grade and will be taking regents in algebra and earth science in June.

Sent by Trina on 4/7/14

Differential Equations, Cypress, TX

I need help to study for a test that is on Wed. on Laplace. The subject is Dif. Equations. I will get my review tonight in class.

Sent by Robert on 4/7/14

Spanish (native Speaker), Vernon Hills, IL

two adults looking for to learn spanish from a native teacher in vernon hills. Please respond incase you would be interested. thanks.

Sent by Sue on 4/7/14

Chess, Tucson, AZ

Need chess tutor for beginner student. Am 66 yrs old, looking to improve game for chess club. Would like to work out a more favorable fee as I would be...

Sent by Douglas on 4/7/14

Excel, Hockley, TX

Hi J.C. I have just accepted a new postion with my company that will require me to know more about making charts, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations ect.

Sent by Terri on 4/7/14

Excel, Bakersfield, CA

Rodney, I am taking a marketing analysis class that is requiring more advanced excel functions that I am skilled in such as multiple regression model can you help J.

Sent by Joan on 4/7/14

Computer Basics, Helena, MT

I am not a student, but a retired person who has used PCs all my life and now needs a tutor to learn all aspects of my mac laptop applications, including...

Sent by Cathy on 4/7/14

Communication Skills, Redondo Beach, CA

Hi Vanita, I am a professional working in the defense industry. I have been very successful with my career as an engineer. As I move into middle management...

Sent by Linh on 4/6/14

Math, Northridge, CA

I am interested in learning statistics

Sent by Gil on 4/6/14

Tutoring, Heath, OH 43056

Hi, I am the grandfather of a first year student going to Licking Valley High School and living in Nashport. I feel that she is not living up to her potential...

Sent by Harry on 4/6/14

Accounting, Indianapolis, IN

I need help prepairing a journal for my calss

Sent by Cheryl on 4/5/14

Information Technology, Fresno, CA 93726

I am taking IT courses at Willow International College. I am needing help on a extra credit project that I really would like to complete after the rest of my group...

Sent by Lauren on 4/5/14

English, Carmel, NY

Hi Mary, I live in mahopac and I am looking for help with basic English grammar and sentence structure for a civil service test.

Sent by Andrea on 4/5/14

Chemistry, Fayetteville, AR

Need help in Chemistry 2 over titrations and Ksp. Today if thats possible.

Sent by Collin on 4/5/14

Java, San Diego, CA

Hi Xiang. My daughter has an assignment due on Wednesday April 9th in her Data Structures class. She is a CS sophomore at SDSU. The assignment is to perform timing...

Sent by Andrew on 4/5/14

Real Estate, Dallas, TX

Hi Vivian I need help for an online real Estate course. I believe you have done a principles of Real estate course? If you can help me, please contact me...

Sent by Sharmistha on 4/5/14

Math And English, Pooler, GA

Tutor needed for my 8th grader for math and english. We're a military family that lives in pooler. Please let me know if you can help..

Sent by Jonathan on 4/5/14

Geometry, Yelm, WA

Hello my daughter is a junior in highschool and she needs to pass geometry this last semester. Please help. I know she can do it with the right person who has...

Sent by Tsi on 4/5/14

Numerical Analysis, Findlay, OH 45840

Hello I have a project in Numerical Analysis class. Can you help me in that. Please email me on alzomia at gmail . Com Thanks

Sent by Anu on 4/5/14

C++, Irvine, CA

Hello, I need help for my C programming homework. Will you be able to do it?

Sent by Sulaiman on 4/5/14

Finance, Baltimore, MD

Hi Hadiyyah,Is it possible you can help me with my quantitative analysis course?.

Sent by Sandra on 4/5/14

Computer, Thousand Oaks, CA

I live in Thousand Oaks and need help with learning to manage my online store at (url available after purchase) Please call (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by David on 4/4/14

Economics, Torrance, CA

Hi, I currently am taking Economics and it is my first year in college. Right now, I'm in an 8 week fast paced Economics class.

Sent by Amanda on 4/4/14

Information Technology, Red Oak, TX

Hello Dawn, I need help with wireframe software called Balsamiq. Additionally, I am using Google Docs for the first time and need a overview on best use.

Sent by Kathy on 4/4/14

Business Calculus, Tallahassee, FL

Hello Volodymyr. I am a student at Tallahassee Community College where I am studying business management and business administration.

Sent by Brittany on 4/4/14

Precalculus, Lafayette, LA

Hello, Laurie. My 11th-grade daughter needs a tutor for Precalculus. We'd like about three 1-hour meetings a week to start, preferably mid-morning (but we are flexible!

Sent by Ailina on 4/4/14

Sat And Math, Eugene, OR

Hello, I want a SAT Math Tutor for my son who is in 9th Grade at South Eugene high. Please send mail if you are free.

Sent by Shafiq on 4/4/14

Physics, Morrisville, PA

I NEED A TUTOR FOR HON. physics? plz. contact.

Sent by Kamran on 4/4/14

Conceptual Physics, Clarkston, MI

Looking for a physics tutor for a high school student

Sent by Fowzia on 4/4/14

Government, Houston, TX

Hi I am looking for tutor for my government class college level. Would u be able to tutor?

Sent by Lida on 4/4/14

Bar Exam, Palos Heights, IL

Hi Nicole! I came across you when I searched for bar exam tutors. I live in the suburbs of Chicago, and I am taking the July 2014 bar exam.

Sent by Olivia on 4/4/14

Teas, New York, NY 10025

Hello I have taken the teas entrance exam two times and failed. Last year when I took it, I failed math and this year I failed the reading section.

Sent by Sharon on 4/4/14

Math, Burgaw, NC

Hello. I am looking to a tutor for a 24 year old male in basic dev math and English in preparation for CFCC this fall. Must begin immediately.

Sent by Cheryl on 4/4/14

Math, Rocky River, OH

hi my name is N. i am looking for someone who can Tutored my 4th great son in Math,Spelling,Writing,Vocabulary,Science ..thanks

Sent by Nazila on 4/4/14

Tax Preparation, Gilbert, AZ

Good evening Lynne, My name is B. Talley and I am a college student in my last class which is tax, and it feels like a foreign language to me.

Sent by Brandon on 4/4/14

Physics, Folsom, CA

I'm looking for a tutor to help me with my physics class I am taking at a community college. If you are willing to help maybe we could meet sometime on the weeks...

Sent by Katherine on 4/3/14

Act, Navarre, FL

I have a 17 yr old at NHS. She made an 18 on her ACT but needs to get it to a 26 if possible. She has taken the PERT test for dual enrollment at PSC twice...

Sent by Melinda on 4/3/14

Biomechanics, Burbank, CA

Studying biomechanics and have about 30 questions

Sent by Troy on 4/3/14

Math, Red Oak, TX

I am in desperate need of a. tutor for my 12 old son. Can you help tutor him in Math?

Sent by Veronica on 4/3/14

Network Security, Glen Burnie, MD

Hello how r u doing.. was wondering if u were still teaching in the field of IT security as i am a cybersecurity major... and was wondering how much u charge per...

Sent by Ali on 4/3/14

Track And Field, Sacramento, CA

Hi Asia, Our 12 year old son just started track and field and he can use some personal one on one to learn how to move better. We are also looking for a math tutor.

Sent by David on 4/3/14

Physics, Toledo, OH

did you teach physics II for the university of toledo ?

Sent by Ali on 4/3/14

5th Grade Math, Mckees Rocks, PA

I have a 12 yr old daughter struggling in math she is very shy, and embarrassed that she doesn't understand math can you please help

Sent by Amanda on 4/3/14

Essay Writing, Hartford, CT

Do you proofread paper, and how much do you charge for that.

Sent by Faaiza on 4/3/14

Romanian, Niles, IL 60714

Hi Tabita! I'm looking for a tutor of the Romanian language. Found your ad online. Is it possible to contact you to find out more information? T.

Sent by Tanya on 4/3/14

Adobe Indesign, New York, NY

Dear Kristina, I am interested in learning Adobe InDesign. Please let me know your availability for tutoring on the Upper West Side. Thank you.

Sent by Joe on 4/3/14

Elementary, Gulf Breeze, FL

Dear Miss Jessica, Hello my name is N. Wise and I have a ten year old boy who went from A's and B's to D's and F's. I am a CNA and RN student and I really need some...

Sent by Nicole on 4/3/14

Unix, Houston, TX

Hi Isaac...I have a UNIX script I need to understand. Are available... Regards C.

Sent by Chidi on 4/3/14

Statistics, Costa Mesa, CA

Hi Ron, I am taking a statistics class at Orange Community College (OCC). I am doing bad with the class and need to catch up. Want to get a B. Can you help me?

Sent by Ryan on 4/3/14

Pronunciation, Brooklyn, NY

Hi Tulip L. I found your name and profile on the Tutorz site. I am a 50year old female who is moving up in my job position . I need to improve my pronunciation...

Sent by Kym on 4/3/14

Biology, Folsom, CA

Hi I'm looking for a tutor for my sons- one is a sophomore and needs help with Bio and geometry, and my 6th grader with math. We live in shingle springs by the HS.

Sent by Hilary on 4/3/14

Teas, Culpeper, VA

My son is preparing for his TEAS test and has had some difficulties with their Math portion even though he has gotten A's in all of his classes.

Sent by Cyndi on 4/3/14

African Studies, San Diego, CA

I need yo help call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Sammi on 4/3/14

Essay Writing, Birmingham, AL

Need help with two paper please call at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Yolanda on 4/3/14

Elementary Reading Writing And Math, Antelope, CA

Hello Sara, I'm looking for someone to tutor my 1st grader. He needs to be tutored in reading, writing, and math . I live in the Antelope area.

Sent by Tanjie on 4/3/14

Russian, Las Vegas, NV

Interested in learning Russian, having a lesson once a week if possible. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Kara on 4/2/14

Eco 203, Willingboro, NJ

Hi I need help with Eco 203 please answer me as soon you can (phone number available after purchase) and (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Mohamed on 4/2/14

Mechanical Engineering, Columbia, SC

i want tutor this weeken please let me know if you (email available after purchase) thank you

Sent by Hussain on 4/2/14

Spanish, Dalton, GA

Am interested in having my 8 yr old daughter begin Spanish lessons- she is Hispanic , speaks English as primary language -knows a little Spanish-could you help?

Sent by Doug on 4/2/14

Ace Fitness Exam, Boulder, CO

can you help me study for my personal trainer exam please. thanks.

Sent by Samuel on 4/2/14

Java, Walnut, CA

Looking for a tutor to assist on assignments in C and VB

Sent by Tony on 4/2/14

Photoshop, Lexington, KY

Dear Shelby, I am interested in learning photoshop I have no prior photoshop experience and would like to feel confortable navigating the program.

Sent by Diane on 4/2/14

Sat, Flourtown, PA

My daughter is a junior at " The Mount 1625 in SATS NEEDS improvement. Are SATS YOUR AREA OF expertise?

Sent by Anthony on 4/2/14

Microsoft Access, Spokane, WA

Hi - I have a basic/beginner understanding of Access 2007/10 but was recently hired to do some complex tasks in the Access database for the IT department at...

Sent by Nicole on 4/2/14

3d Digital Art, Staatsburg, NY

Hi Ray, I am interested in chatting with you about a possible tutor job. I am photographer and aspiring digital artist. I am using Paint Shop Pro and have very...

Sent by Charise on 4/2/14

Algorithms, Centereach, NY

Sent by Eva on 4/2/14

Nursing, Plainsboro, NJ

Hi Richard ,I'm a registered nurse trying to attain a bachelors degree on line I need help with the computer .Thank you

Sent by Grace on 4/2/14

Elementary, Martinsburg, WV

Hi Alexa my name is J. and i have a 7 yr old son who seems to be struggling in reading and language, I have tried discussing my concerns with his teacher but...

Sent by Jessica on 4/2/14

Microsoft Word, San Antonio, TX 78244

Portia, I am the office admin for a general contractor. We use about a dozen different Word Exhibits to create a contract which drives me crazy beacuse they then...

Sent by Teresa on 4/2/14

Test Prep, Rowlett, TX

my daughter Kaitlyn, Junion at Rowlett HS, needs help in precal and test taking skills, please advise if you are able to help, we live in Rowlett, travel dist right...

Sent by Richard on 4/2/14

Regents, Clifton Park, NY

My daughter is currently not in school. She needs to start tutoring ASAP. She will be sitting for regents and will require review. Her biggest weakness is math.

Sent by Kim on 4/2/14

Geometry, Salisbury, NC

Hey..I have a 16 yr old son in geometry who needs help. Pls contact.

Sent by Larry on 4/2/14

Elementary, Valdosta, GA

In search of a tutor for my 5 year old son. Please contact me by leaving a message with your contact information for details.

Sent by Kylie on 4/2/14

Chemistry, Dayton, OH

Hello, I am taking General Chemistry in the summer over UD and it is online class and its going to be online exams, If you can help me with that...

Sent by Rakan on 4/2/14

Calculus, Lawrence, KS

hi Chris, i remember you helping me last semester with statistics. I need your help for a calculus III. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sent by Kossi on 4/1/14

Apple Computer, Walnut Creek, CA

I am looking for someone who is knowledgable about all things apple..and can help me navigate the new'E' world in general .. not a novice but its 'TMI' for...

Sent by Eric on 4/1/14

Geometry, Madisonville, LA

My son needs help in geometry he is a sophomore at Covington high

Sent by Leslie on 4/1/14

Sat Reading, Plainview, NY

Hi Matt, Originally contacted you on Wyzant and then found you on Tutorz. Melissa needs help for SAT Reading Comprehension. We had previously discussed...

Sent by Dorothea on 4/1/14

SAt Tutor, Abington, PA 19001

Hello, I am looking for a SAT tutor for my son. Please let me know if you can help on Sunday mornings. I will also need some references. Thank you,

Sent by Robert on 4/1/14

Usmle, New York

Hi Ravi, are u avaialble for step 3 tutoring? please let me know thanks! it will have to be online

Sent by Anuj on 4/1/14

Sociology, Canal Winchester, OH

I need help in Sociology, I have five weeks left of this semester and I feel like reading and flash cards are not helping.

Sent by Jeff on 4/1/14

Algebra, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33326

I need an Algebra 1 Tutor for my daughter. Please let me know if you can help me. I live in Weston. E.

Sent by Elena on 4/1/14

Fitness Training, Orlando, FL

Hi Miss Erika, I am currently in school to obtain my NASM certification and Associates in Fitness and Exercise Science. I need help with preparing for...

Sent by Rosa on 4/1/14

Sat Reading, Hollister, CA

Dear Ms. G, I am a Junior and really need a tutor for SAT reading. Can you please tell me your available times and meeting places? I need start as soon as I can.

Sent by Kiran on 4/1/14

Electrical Engineering, Nampa Idaho

looking for a tutor to help my husband with his classes at ITT with computer and electrical engineering

Sent by Alicia on 4/1/14

Algebra 1, Valdosta, GA

Just need some help to pass my last couple tests with B's or better .

Sent by Tre on 4/1/14

Organic Chemistry, Baton Rouge, LA 70802

I am an lsu student in organic 2 and struggling and could really use some help as soon as possible and as much as possible!

Sent by Monica on 4/1/14

Math, Lexington Park, MD

Good Afternoon Misty, Im looking for a math tutor for my 4th grade daughter. Please contact me by email or at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Renee on 4/1/14

German, Lynchburg, VA

My wife and I will be going to Germany in June. Do you tutor for a short term and for basic conversation?

Sent by Kevin on 4/1/14

SAT, Lynbrook, NY

Hello David I have a 16 year old son who attends Kellenberg High School. I am looking for a SAT Prep tutor. Please contact me at your earliest convienence.

Sent by Nancy on 4/1/14

ADD/ADHD, Leominster, MA 01453

hi. we're looking for a tutor for my 10 year old grandson. he is PDD NOS, and in the fourth grade, in leominster. he's beginning to struggle with his schoolwork...

Sent by Den on 4/1/14

Test Prep Tutor, New York, NY

Please contact me we need an SAT prep tutor ASAP. Thank you. D. S. cell (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Dawn on 4/1/14

Math, Sandusky, OH

Hi. Interested in math and English help for my 9 year old son. He is in 4th grade. Thanks.

Sent by Any on 4/1/14