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Sat, Scranton, PA

Hello. My name is N. .. I am looking for a SAT math tutor for my 18:yr daughter.. Her sat is in oct11.. She did not do as good as she needs to get into marywwood...

Sent by Nancy on 8/31/14

Mech-eng-anaylsis, Las Cruces, NM

Please I need your help in Mech-engineering analysis. Are you available? Thanks

Sent by Mike on 8/31/14

C++, Irvine, CA

Hi, I need help with a project that is due tmr at midnight. Is there anyway you could help me out with it? The project is for a C++ class, where we need to implement...

Sent by Jenny on 8/31/14

Calculus, Dayton, OH

Hello Pat, my brother and me are willing to take 4 hours a week for tutoring for calc 1 and physics. we are studying the same material.

Sent by Abdulelah on 8/31/14

Adobe Photoshop, Saint Paul, MN

Hi Dean My name is J.. I am a realestate photographer looking to improve my skills in 3ds max. I need help with compositing virtual furniture and lighting with...

Sent by John on 8/31/14

Electrical Systems, Tampa FL

My son is attending USF in Tampa for computer engineering. He has 2 electrical classes this semester, of which he is requesting tutoring.

Sent by Linda on 8/31/14

Math, Allen, TX

Fawad, We are thinking to get some tutoring help for our 8th grader in Math. We are in Lovejoy ISD. Are you available? Please call me (phone number available...

Sent by Farooq on 8/31/14

From Chicago, Chicago, Il 60612

Hi Cynthia, I do master degree in public administration and I need help with my assignments, reports, and the entire course work for one of my classes (Public...

Sent by Khawla on 8/31/14

Spanish, Keller, TX

I own two daycares and I am looking for somebody to come in and do Spanish for three and four year olds. This would be twice per week.

Sent by Bill on 8/31/14

Algebra, Springfield, OH

Looking for Algebra I help two days a week in my house for 9th grader.

Sent by Michele on 8/31/14

Grammar, Deerfield, IL

I would be interested in hiring you for your expertise in mainly grammar and a little bit of English. I will taking the police exam in the near future and would...

Sent by Mark on 8/31/14

Accounting, Dallas, TX

Hi. I am a senior at SMU and am a markets and culture major. For this major I must take accounting, which I have already took and ended up withdrawing once.

Sent by Enrique on 8/31/14

SAT, McKinney, TX 75051

Hi Simeon, I got your contact information from Andrew DeNome. I am trying to graduate high school in three years, so this is my junior year, but I will be...

Sent by Anne on 8/30/14

Computer Engineering, Las Vegas, NV

Hello, My name is H., I am taking a class called Modern Software Engineering. Is this something you can help me with? Please call me anytime.

Sent by Hazem on 8/30/14

Cpa, Oak Park, CA

Hello Lilith: My name is K. Tamiyasu and I am currently attempting to study for my first CPA exam, the FAR section to be exact.

Sent by Kiel on 8/30/14

Special Education, Redding, CA

Hi Samantha could i set up an apt. With you for my son? He has LD and we need help with math and reading. Thanks looking forward to hearing from you. :-)

Sent by Aimee on 8/30/14

Needed Tutor Japanese, Georgetown, CA

hi Eric My son has been taking Japanese in high school but has changed schools and it is no longer an option, so he needs to self study.

Sent by Ruth on 8/30/14

Spanish, Ormond Beach, FL

Hi, I am looking for a spanish tutor. If you are interested send me your phone number. Thanks, D.

Sent by Dena on 8/30/14

French, Holiday, FL

Hello i'm currently in french 2 at st pete college. I could use help with the class, please let me know if you're available

Sent by Drew on 8/30/14

Precalculus, Minneapolis, MN

Hi, Looking for a tutor for my son, who will be taking precalculus at UMN this fall. Never strong in math, he tried it last fall on his own and did not pass...

Sent by Aaron on 8/30/14

Java, Concord, CA

Hi, I'm looking for a Java tutor. I will be taking an Algorithms course. I took Java programming and intro to Data Structures but that was 5 years ago and I'm rusty.

Sent by Mark on 8/30/14

Creative Writing, Pasadena, CA

Hello Wren, We, PasaD.na resiD.nts, are looking for a tutor to help our 10 year-old son in creative writing. The best day that works for him would be a Sat or Sun.

Sent by De on 8/30/14

Calculus, Flagstaff, AZ

Hi Calre! I want you for the calculus as soon as possible.

Sent by Lama on 8/30/14

Statistics, Washington, DC

I need some tutoring in SPSS for my current quantitative course. I live in Clinton MD 20735

Sent by Ferdinand on 8/30/14

Math, Myrtle Beach, SC

hello, my grandson is in the 6th grade and is having a very difficult time with fractions and everything else...i would like to have him tudored after school for 2...

Sent by Rosemary on 8/30/14

Word Processing, Kansas City, KS

I need someone to help me format a manuscript of a childrens book. It is only 4 pages long but I need assistance with Word 2010 , I am looking for someone to come...

Sent by Julia on 8/30/14

Nursing, Evans, GA

How well are you at tutoring in med/calculations?

Sent by Brooke on 8/29/14

Math English, Charlottesville, VA

Hello, I was wondering if u could tutor me in math and English I want to take my ged test and I need help

Sent by James on 8/29/14

Statistics, Menifee, CA

Hi Suchi, I just started my statistics class online and I need help with the sections that we have started. I do need someone before next sunday (9/7).

Sent by Katet on 8/29/14

Martial Arts, Carbondale, IL

Hello, Carrie. My name is S. M. K.. I used to be very talented in tumbling; I'm 27 yrs. old and 5 foot tall. In 2005, I was in a horrific car accident.

Sent by Sharla on 8/29/14

C++, Knoxville, TN

Hello Jonathan, I am taking a Computer Science course at UTK. The majority of the class I can do by myself since it does not involve coding, however...

Sent by Brendan on 8/29/14

Geometry, Sacramento, CA 95841

We are looking for a tutor to help our son with Geometry. Thank you.

Sent by Anthony on 8/29/14

Act, Concord, NC

hi my name is J. I want to know if help me with act test

Sent by Jennifer on 8/29/14

Find A Tutor For High School Student, Big Bear Lake, CA

Hi Diana, Can you contact me to tutor the high school student at Big Bear. Thank you. L. WilL.ams (phone number available after purchase) (email available...

Sent by Li on 8/29/14

Statistics, State College, PA

I'm looking for 2-4 hours a week of tutoring for my courses: Stat 416, 461, 462, 463, and 464. Please let me know if you are available or knowledgeable in these courses.

Sent by Shanna on 8/29/14

Math, Bluff Dale, TX

Need tutoring help for 6th and 8th grade students primarily in math and reading. The kids are originally from Haiti and in the Tolar public schools.

Sent by Ric on 8/29/14

Algebra, Carmel, CA

Prof Surinder, I have a daughter who is in Algebra II Honors in the 9th grade. I am very keen someone who is dominant in maths and provides Algebra tuition with...

Sent by Warrang on 8/29/14

Computer Skills, Baytown, TX

I have started an on-line class w/ Kaplan University. I'm very confused w/ all the directions on how to use the computer. I need basic training on browsing...

Sent by Sheryl on 8/29/14

Geometry, El Dorado Hills, CA

Hi Keri, My son is at Vista High. Plays 4 sports and is in his sophomore year. He's having some issues with Geometry. Interested in a tutor. My wife is Tallifer.

Sent by Abnthony on 8/29/14

Ged, Fort Pierce, FL

I need a tutor for GED primarily math for my daughter who lives in fort pierce on Sunrise hwy. at least twice a week

Sent by Larry on 8/29/14

Spelling- Writing, Needham, MA 02492

Hello- We live in Needham and are looking for a spelling/writing tutor for my 8 year old daughter. She is entering 3rd grade at St. Joes.

Sent by Ellen on 8/29/14

Phonics, Springfield, IL

My 7 yr old son Parker is in 2nd grade and is having difficulty reading. He also has a lazy eye which is a hindrance. I am looking for someone to work with my son...

Sent by Christy on 8/29/14

Physics, Fishkill, NY

Hello. My name is M.-Hwan K., physicist, working at Columbia Univ. as a researcher. I am preparing for applications of faculty position.

Sent by Myoung on 8/29/14

Accounting, Amarillo, TX

help with my HW (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Hamdan on 8/29/14

Algebra Tutor, Pompano Beach, FL

Hello My name is E.. My twin sister and I are in 8th grade and are both taking algebra 1 honors. We are both extremely confused and would like to have someone help...

Sent by Emil on 8/28/14

Physics, Austin, TX

I need a Physics AP tutor for my kid who is currently taking Physics AP at Westlake high school..

Sent by Paul on 8/28/14

Chem, Watsonville, CA

Hi Ethel, My daughter is a junior in high school and would benefit from a chem tutor. School has just begun and I would like to get started sooner than later.

Sent by Wendy on 8/28/14

All, Kingsport, TN

I am requesting help to tutor my daughter. She has ADAH and a learning disability that she is not able to learn in regular schools system where she is trying for...

Sent by Jessica on 8/28/14

Powerpoint, Seattle, WA 98107

Hello I'm interested in improving my Powerpoint skills, which are basic at present. I'd like to be able to design flow charts, relatively complex graphics...

Sent by Jeffrey on 8/28/14

Special Education, Kirkland, WA

Hello Mary, I am looking for a high quality reading tutor for my daughter who will be starting Kindergarten. She has learning disabilities such as speech...

Sent by Daisyann on 8/28/14

Geometry, Folsom, CA

Hi, I live in Folsom. I have 2 boys. One 17, a senior who needs help in Geometry and my youngest, 10, a 5th grader, who needs help with his daily math homework.

Sent by Angelique on 8/28/14

Physics, Durham, NH

Hi Will, My son is a junior in high school and is looking for some help in Physics and Pre-Calculus. Are you interested and available to meet? Thanks, K.

Sent by Kate on 8/28/14

Math, Frankfort, IL

Hello Carrie, I need a math tutor for my daughter Gemma. She is a freshman at Lincoln Way East here in Frankfort. Please call asap (phone number available after...

Sent by Joseph on 8/28/14

Science, Ambler, PA

My son is a 10th grader at Upper Dublin High school. He needs tutoring in science and math

Sent by Angelic on 8/28/14

Polish / French, Bartlett, IL

If you are still in River Forest, I would be interested in learning both polish and french (one hour each) once per week. My best times would be Thur evening or Sat am.

Sent by George on 8/28/14

Reading / ELA, Olathe, KS

Hello Ashley. I am looking for a tutor for my 6th grader. I would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about your tutoring service. Thank you.

Sent by Jon on 8/28/14

French, Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Becca - My 8 year old daughter Elizabeth has just started at the SR French charter in grade 3. She has never taken french and is in need of some extra help...

Sent by Patricia on 8/28/14

Robotics, Inglewood, CA

Hello, Let me introduce myself: My name is J. Herrera, I am very interested on learning the fundamental of robotics. I live in Inglewood.

Sent by Juan on 8/28/14

Math, Loxley, AL

Please contact me for tutoring. Phone (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Carol on 8/28/14

French, Santa Monica, CA

looking for someone who can help me improve my french speaking skills in brentwood westwood area.

Sent by Andy on 8/28/14

Oboe, Austin, TX

Hi Anastasia, I am looking for an oboe tutor for my daughter who is in 6th grade at O.Henry Middle School. I would love to talk to you if you still have room...

Sent by Sheryl on 8/28/14

CPA Exam Tutoring, San Francisco, CA 94112

Hi Raymond, Can I meet with you? I live in San Francisco as well. This is very last minute, but would you happen to be available for an hour today?

Sent by Ashley on 8/28/14

Chemistry (general), Las Cruces, NM

David, I'm seeking Gen. Chem II tutoring services for my daughter, who is a 4th year Wildlife Mgmt major at NMSU in Las Cruces. She passed Chem I (barely)...

Sent by Craig on 8/28/14

Act Prep, Oceanside, CA

Are you experienced with ACT prep for high school seniors

Sent by Anthony on 8/28/14

Computer Science, Medford, New York

Hi ! To make a long story short, I spilled water on my Dell computer, and was forced to buy another computer ! Windows 8, yeah, real great !

Sent by Tommy on 8/28/14

Computer, Jacksonville, FL

Hi Stephen, I'm looking for a tutor for my brother. He's working FT and going to school PT at Florida State community college in Jacksonville.

Sent by Melissa on 8/28/14

Spanish (native Speaker), Macedonia, OH

Hi, I'm writing to see about your interest/availability to begin teaching basic spanish to a 5.5 year old girl and my 4 year old son.

Sent by Jacsun on 8/28/14

Tutoring, Leavenworth, KS

I have a daughter that is now a Junior in High School for the last ten years she has suffered from intractable epilepsy. She is now seizure free for the past 5...

Sent by Tracy on 8/28/14

Chemistry, Buffalo, NY

My daughter attends UB N campus and is looking for a chemistry / calculus tutor. Are you available. thank you, (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Debbie on 8/28/14

Time Management, Saratoga Springs, NY

Daughter attends Skidmore College. She has some learning differences and needs help with time management. I Will be in saratoga springs Friday aug 29...

Sent by Patsy on 8/28/14

Microsoft Excel, Ridgewood, NY

Need tutoring in Word and Excel at my home in Glendale

Sent by Maureen on 8/28/14

Toefl, Tempe, AZ

Hi Donna I have my 19 years old son in Tempe currently attending ASU English institute as part of his enrollment program into the University.

Sent by Ali on 8/28/14

Math English, Long Beach, CA

Hello Nathan, I am a parent looking for a tutor for my 13 year old son, who will be in the 8th grade this year. He needs help with his homework.

Sent by Yvonne on 8/27/14

English, North Brunswick, NJ

I need tutoring help for my son. Please call (phone number available after purchase) or email me at (email available after purchase)

Sent by Suresh on 8/27/14

Reading, Fort Stewart, GA

I am interested in speaking with you about tutoring my son. Please email me if you are interested. Thank you

Sent by Mrs on 8/27/14

Clep, New York, Ny

Hi, I need a tutor for the clep exams. I need 6 credits for English and 3 credits for Math. Do you tutor in Manhattan? thanks

Sent by Julia on 8/27/14

First Grade, Alloway, NJ

Lindsay, I am interested in finding a tutor to work with my first grade daughter, Annabelle. Annabelle has been diagnosed with a reading and mathematics disability...

Sent by Sara on 8/27/14

English, Kaysville, UT

I'd like information regarding in home English tutoring for an adult. I'd like to begin sessions as soon as possible. My cell is: (phone number available after...

Sent by Tamara on 8/27/14

Civil Engineering, Philadelphia, PA

Hi I'm taking some courses in civil engineering and might need help in this semester. 1-Structural Analysis II 2-Concrete design 3-Fluid mechanics 4-Soil...

Sent by Fahd on 8/27/14

Reading, Porterville, CA

My 2nd grader is struggling with reading, writing, spelling, etc. The teachers have told me since Kindergarten she was struggling yet the school wont do anything.

Sent by Aprille on 8/27/14

Pre Calculus, West Palm Beach, FL

Hello - I am looking for a pre-calculus tutor for my daughter. We need someone as soon as possible. We are located in West Palm Beach. Are you available ?

Sent by Jennifer on 8/27/14

Adobe Creative Suite, San Francisco, CA 94131

Hi David, Do you have tutoring hours available this week? I am based in SF and interviewing for a job where I need to take a test for the Adobe Creative Suite.

Sent by Jenny on 8/27/14

Chemistry, Charlotte, NC

Hi Tristanna, My daughter is in the 11th grade at Harding University with goals to become a Pharmacist. Based on your background, and you will be a great tutor.

Sent by Valentine on 8/27/14

Ged, Red Bank, NJ

Hello ! I want to pass my ged test and i want some help for english

Sent by Mouna on 8/27/14

Asvab, East Islip, NY

hi I'm Joe a 35 y/o from East Islip. my entire life I've been trying to get into the military but always struggled with the asvab. here is my number.

Sent by Joseph on 8/27/14

Spanish 2, Litchfield Park, AZ

Hello, I have a 16 year old that is currently in Spanish 2. He is really having a hard time and we've tried after school help with his teach but they just aren't...

Sent by Sarah on 8/27/14

Tabe Test, Crystal River, FL

Hey how are you? I wanted to know if you tutor for tabes testing to get into WTI, please call me asap at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Mario on 8/27/14

AP Classes English, Great Barrington, MA

looking for a very organized person to help my advanced 11th grader with staying on top of her school work and with organization and helping her find resources when...

Sent by Susan on 8/27/14

Flute, Concord, NH

Hi, I am seeking a tutor for my nephew, Leo. He has played flute for a few years and was in the band. He also plays alto sax. The best thing for Leo would be...

Sent by Rachel on 8/27/14

Act, Centereach, NY

Please call me about tutor my senior to retake the ACT. Thank you J. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by John on 8/27/14

Python, Bellevue, WA

Hi Joshua, I see that you tutor python and Java. I would like to get in touch and speak with you about this. B.

Sent by Bruce on 8/27/14

Reading, Salisbury, NC

Hi Kacey, My 8 yr.old is much problems reading. She has been homeschooled for the past 2 yrs. Taught her Abeca, All About Spelling, and now teaching BJU Press.

Sent by Nita on 8/27/14

Hydraulic Engineering, Raleigh, NC

Hi Don, I just want to see how you felt about tutoring fluid mechanics as well as solid mechanics? If you are comfortable with these subjects what is your availability?

Sent by Dustin on 8/27/14

Economics, Fort Collins, CO

hey how are you this is M. and i need help with economics H.W . so please let me know if you are free. thanks.

Sent by Mana on 8/26/14

Excel, Austin, TX

I am seeking help in using excel to do stastical analysis. I have very little experience but this is project over which I have control so I am under no external time...

Sent by James on 8/26/14

Biology, Pacoima, CA

Looking for a a/p biology and pre calculus tutor in city of pacoima please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Alma on 8/26/14

Sat, Crofton, MD

Hello, My name is A. Conwell and I'm contacting you for SAT Prep for my daughter Asya Proctor. She's scheduled to take the SAT Oct 11, 2014 and I would like...

Sent by Amin on 8/26/14

Sat, Gates Mills, OH

Hello, I am an independent college counselor looking for a SAT tutor for my client who is a senior at Gilmour Academy. Please reply ASAP (phone number available...

Sent by Xuan on 8/26/14

Reading - Homework Help, Hinckley, Oh

Hi Lisa, We are interested to interview you as a tutor for our son, 10 and our daughter, 12. Our son is in 5th grade and our daughter is in 7th grade.

Sent by Denise on 8/26/14

ACT/SAT/College Algebra, Union, MO

Hi Mr. Charles, my name is H., and I am currently a senior in high school. I am in need of a tutor and am very interested in you!

Sent by Hannah on 8/26/14

Mcat, Denver, CO

Sent by Ashley on 8/26/14

Accounting, Fort Benning, GA

need help with intermediate accounting. weekends would be best for me at any time and mondays from 5-anytime. thanks

Sent by George on 8/26/14

`tutor, Brentwood, TN

Am looking for a tutor for 3 8th graders in my home. 2 hours every afternoon

Sent by Debby on 8/26/14

Math, Baytown, TX

Hi Ashley I am looking for a tutor for my brother he is in 12th grade now and is having trouble passing the star test in math i am looking for some one to help him...

Sent by Olivia on 8/26/14

Algebra 1, Hickory, NC

Hi Erin. I am looking for someone to tutor my daughter in Algebra 1. She is homeschooled and is using the Math u see curriculum. Could you give me a call...

Sent by Ashley on 8/26/14

Mechanical Engineering, Dallas, TX

Hi Naveed. I am a mechanical engineering PhD student. My background is different from mechanical engineering so I am having difficulties with some classes.

Sent by Ben on 8/26/14

Russian, Santa Monica, CA

Are you a Russian native?

Sent by Eric on 8/26/14

Act Reading, Tallahassee, FL

I have a son who needs one-on-one ACT prep tutoring for Reading. He is SLD but not a behavior issue - he is just a kid who falls through the cracks.

Sent by Eileen on 8/26/14

Nclex Rn, Buffalo, NY 14226

I've been out of school for years.I want to try something different than kaplan

Sent by Sonja on 8/26/14

Act, Acton, MA

I am looking for some one who could fill the needs of my son for ACT/SAT.

Sent by Sandeep on 8/26/14

File Maker Software, Flowery Branch, GA

Are you proficient with File Maker Software for Windows.

Sent by Richard on 8/26/14

Swimming, Hewitt, NJ

I want to learn how to swim, I live in Hewitt New Jersey and live on Greenwood Lake I I have been taking lessons at Butler New York Sports Club I have 8 hours in...

Sent by Howie on 8/26/14

English, Duncansville, PA

Hello, I am a college student taking a grammar class this semester . English is one of my weaknesses , i was wondering if you would be able to help me .

Sent by Natalie on 8/26/14

Math, Rome, GA

Hello, I have a neice that is currently needing help in third grade math/writing. She currently goes to north heights elementary in Rome and she seems...

Sent by Parminder on 8/26/14

Ukrainian, Brunswick, Ohio 44212

Hello! My family is from Ukraine but my grandpa is forgetting the language. He came over to the statest when he was 5. I want to get involved with my family language.

Sent by Billie on 8/26/14

Special Needs, Manchester, MD

Hi Alexis, Saw you on the Wyzant site & lost you. Found you on another site. Looking to see if you are still tutoring special needs high school students.

Sent by Myra on 8/26/14

Ssat, San Francisco, CA

We are looking for a SSAT 1-on-1 tutor for our daughter who is in the 8th grade and will be applying to HS this year. Please let us know how we can get...

Sent by Thomas on 8/26/14

Math, Watertown, NY

Looking for help for my 12 year old daughter who struggles with math. Sackets harbor area.

Sent by Todd on 8/26/14

Economics, Denver, CO

I am an MBA Student at University of Phoenix. I am in an ECO/561 class and having difficulty. I am not just trying to pass the class, I want to understand...

Sent by Fred on 8/26/14

Reading, Tallahassee, FL

Hello April, I was wondering if you have any availability for Wednesday every week around 6 pm to tutor my daughter who is in third grade in reading/writing.

Sent by Kinjal on 8/26/14

Writing, Centerville, OH

Hello, I am looking for a writing tutor for my son once a week. My son is in the 9th grade at CHS and is a good student who got all A in the 8th grade.

Sent by Anne on 8/26/14

Life, Reading, PA

Please, please contact; need "life" coach; must talk.

Sent by Car on 8/26/14

Math, Austin, TX

Hi Caroline, Love your resume. My wife and I live near Barton Creek Elementary with our three daughters in the 8th, 7th and 5th grades.

Sent by John on 8/26/14

French, Berwyn, PA

Hi Penny, I would like to have a French tutor for my two girls, 5 and 7 years old. I would like to have it on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 5-6.

Sent by Lotus on 8/26/14

Reading, Madison, MS

My daughter freshman at Rosa Scott, Madison, Need tutor in Eng/Reading, study skills, writing. I also signed her up for PSAT in Oct, 2014.

Sent by Lisa on 8/26/14

Java, Dayton, OH

Dear I am a student at Wright State University in Computer Scenic Major. I am looking for someone who can help in teaching in Data Structures and Abstractions...

Sent by Fahad on 8/26/14

Act Tutoring, Platte City, MO

I'm looking for a tutor for my son Luke who is taking the ACT on Sept 13th. He needs tutoring in english and reading along with helpful hints for taking the test.

Sent by Jeff on 8/26/14

Blog Writing, Boston, MA

My name is A. and I am looking for a tutor to help me improve my writing skills. My primary goal is to be able to write articles on my blog.

Sent by Albert on 8/26/14

Reading, Tallahassee, FL

We are looking for a tutor to help my 8 year old daughter with reading and writing. We live in the bucklake area off pedrick rd. Wednesday evening around 5 or 6 is...

Sent by Harin on 8/26/14

Mcat, Howard Beach, NY

Need tutoring for MCAT exam

Sent by Bianca on 8/26/14

Psat, Durham, NH

Hi Pranav, I am a 10th grade student at ORHS in Durham NH, I need your help for PSAT prep. If you are willing to help me ,please contact me and send me a brief CV.

Sent by Yinan on 8/26/14

Chemistry, Albuquerque, NM

Hi, interested in your tutoring services for chemistry. I am a female 29yrs old who is attending Dental Hygiene at Pima Medical Institute.

Sent by Arlynda on 8/25/14

Elementary, Pickerington, OH

Hi Jillian, I am currently looking for a math/reading tutor for my 7 year old daughter (2nd grade). I would like to find someone asap since it is the beginning of...

Sent by Debbie on 8/25/14

Accounting, Montville, NJ

Hi Louis I am looking for a tutor who can help me with my online course in Accounting. I am a student at Arizona State University.

Sent by Samir on 8/25/14

English, Barboursville, WV

Hi, my name is K.. I am looking for English tutor for my 9 year old son.

Sent by Konie on 8/25/14

Physics, Omaha, NE

Hi my daughter is taking physics in high school and it does not seam to be clicking for her. I was wondering if we could set up a tutoring session with you.

Sent by Patti on 8/25/14

Romanian, Jacksonville, FL

I am looking for Romanian lessons and tutoring I live in the Jacksonville area

Sent by James on 8/25/14

Reading, Savannah, GA

Hi my name is E. and I have a son who is struggling with reading he is in third grade and im looking for a good affordable tutor to work with him three to four times...

Sent by Ebony on 8/25/14

Algebra 2, Ringgold, GA

Need algebra 2 tutoring during the weekdays for a hour except Fridays

Sent by Alexis on 8/25/14

Javascript, Chicago, IL

Hello Kwame, I'm looking for someone to help me out with Javascript. I work in the loop and get off of work at 5pm and was wondering if you were available...

Sent by Cassie on 8/25/14

Esl, Chino Hills, CA

looking for an esl tutor for my 5th grade son

Sent by Xuehui on 8/25/14

Calculus, Jackson, MS

can you tutor calculus? Im back in school after 22 years and taking classes online basically requires you to teach yourself...Im struggling teaching myself calculus.

Sent by Jimmy on 8/25/14

Special Education, Las Vegas, NV

Need help for my 4th grader

Sent by Michelle on 8/25/14

Biology, Washington, NC

HI Angela, You sound absolutely perfect for what I need!! I am a pre nursing (ADN) student at BCCC. I have been in the RN program before, but I was only 19...

Sent by Ashleigh on 8/25/14

Nclex Rn, Port Jefferson, NY

I'm interested in getting information for NCLEX tutoring. I live in Port Jefferson

Sent by Paige on 8/25/14

Study Skills, Oviedo, FL

Need tutor for my junior high school daughter for study skills and organization. She has ADD and anxiety.

Sent by Sue on 8/25/14

Math, Reading, Newburgh, NY

Looking for a tutor 3-4x weekly

Sent by Carol on 8/25/14

Math, French,, Pound Ridge, NY

Please call me at around 4pm to discuss my tutoring needs. You sound perfect. the number is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Donna on 8/25/14

Geography, Brentwood, CA

I have a 9th grade student who is struggling in AP- Human Geography and need help, also in English and biology, please contact me to set an appointment...

Sent by Heba on 8/25/14

Sat Math, Phoenix, MD

I'm looking for a tutor for my daughter. She scored well on the verbal section of the SAT but poorly on the math section. I'm hoping you can help.

Sent by Diane on 8/25/14

Act, Montgomery, AL

Hi, do you still tutor for math section of ACT? If so, please email me. My son will be taking test in Sept and Oct and needs some help. Thanks, A.

Sent by Amy on 8/25/14

Kent Oh, Kent, OH 44240

I am looking for a French tutor for the fall semester.

Sent by Geoffrey on 8/25/14

Statistics Geomatry, Swansboro, NC

Hi, I am currently in a Math class which I need help in preparing for an exam I missed due to an absence. I have to take the exam by this Friday, could...

Sent by Kerry on 8/25/14

Special Education, Austin, TX

Hi Jenn, My name is M. and I have an 11 yoa daughter that we have decided to homeschool this year. She is three grades behind due to dyslexia and sensory issues.

Sent by Marylou on 8/25/14

Adobe Photoshop, Raleigh, NC

My son is attending Wake Tech, and he is taking an photoshop class online. He needs help with editing pictures, etc. etc. He has never taken a photoshop class before.

Sent by Phyllis on 8/25/14

Math And English, Long Beach, NY

Hi Dan, I am hoping you could help my husband. He is taking a state exam for a new job and would like to brush up on his basic Math and English skills.

Sent by Jaclyn on 8/25/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Math, Amityville, NY

Looking for help with math for the asvab exam

Sent by Guillermo on 8/25/14

Physics, Colorado Springs, CO

Hello sir, My name is R.. I work for the USAF Space Command and am currently taking Space Studies with AMU. I am desperately trying to get through the Space 305...

Sent by Rafael on 8/25/14

Organic Chemistry, Okc, Ok 73162

Hello, I am looking for an Organic Chemistry tutor that can meet with me 2-3 times per week. Are you available for something of that nature?

Sent by Michael on 8/24/14

Finra Series 6, Germantown, MD

Hello, Ben. I am seeking help in passing the FINRA Series 6 exam. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase). Thanks, and I look forward to hearing...

Sent by Manuel on 8/24/14

Economics, Durham, NC

Hi Jenny I am e-mailing on behalf of my daughter, Johanna. She asked me to help her by finding a great tutor for Economics 101 at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Sent by Jane on 8/24/14

Spanish, Glenside, PA

Hello, I am practicing for the Spanish Content Knowledge exam for November 1. Let me know if you can help me with maybe one hour a week. Thanks.

Sent by Brittney on 8/24/14

Special Education, Germantown, TN

I'm interested in having you tutor in Germantown,TN 2-3 days a week. He is on the spectrum of Autism. Please let me know if you're interested. Thanks!

Sent by Joy on 8/24/14

Teaching Computer Programming, Bellevue, WA

Hi Namrata, I noticed that you have Computer Engineering and teaching background. That is awesome. I am contacting you to see if you would be interested in...

Sent by Kristi on 8/24/14

Reading And Writting Elementary, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hello Julia, We have a First and a Second grader that need some tutoring on reading and writing. They speak 3 languages (English, Greek and Spanish) so they need...

Sent by Christos on 8/24/14

Proofreading, Ann Arbor, MI

Hi Elizabeth, I wonder if you are available early this week for proofreading tutoring. Sorry for the short notice, but I do have a short paper due soon.

Sent by Alex on 8/24/14

Sat English, Bellevue, WA

I would like to find an English tutor for my son (12th grader) and my daughter (11th grader) to prepare for the SAT test and their course work.

Sent by Charles on 8/24/14

Spanish, Long Branch, NJ

Very Interested in learning Spanish and possibly Teaching you a new way of teachig it. i figured a way to make possible to learn any lnguage in 6 months.

Sent by Kodie on 8/23/14

Math, Chicago, IL

Would like information for tutorinr old.

Sent by Bob on 8/23/14

Reading, Reseda, CA

Hello I have a 10th grader with 6th grade (or less) reading level

Sent by Lorraine on 8/23/14

Maths Science English, Roseville, CA

I have two kids one in grade 5th and the other in grade 2nd I am looking for private tuition for homework on 4 days a week Mon till Thursday if possible please...

Sent by Saeed on 8/23/14

Geometry, Schaumburg, IL

Hi, my son Nadim needs tutoring in geometry. He's in 10th grade at j b Conant high school. We live in Schaumburg, IL. Please get back to me ASAP so he can start...

Sent by Rina on 8/23/14

Windows WPF, Sterling Heights, MI 48313

Kevin, I need help understanding databinding in wpf. Can you help over teamviewer and Skype or phone?

Sent by Denys on 8/22/14

Math, Newnan, GA

What days are you available and what time? My boyfriend's sister needs help in math. She is a junior in high school. Her mother doesn't care about her grades but...

Sent by Brooke on 8/22/14

Spanish, Goldsboro, NC

hello James, first I will say that I am located in Goldsboro North Carolina. Spanish has been something that I've always wanted to learn and I have finally decided...

Sent by Ricky on 8/22/14

English Language Arts, Kamuela, HI

Hi Maureen - We are looking for someone to tutor our daughter in reading/writing for World History & World Lit. on Sunday afternoons, 3-5 pm.

Sent by Yvonne on 8/22/14

Adobe Illustrator, Jacksonville, FL

Hi, I have purchased Illustrator CC and I need help getting started. Your name came up under Illustrator, but I did not see it within the subjects you have tutored.

Sent by Mark on 8/22/14

Molecular Biology, Palmdale, CA

need help with biology for 11th grader AP-IBM student in Palmdale up tp 3-4 hrs a week

Sent by Sim on 8/22/14

Excel, Long Island, NY

Hi ashley my daughter is a senior at Yale and believe it or not has no training on excel. we live in Manhasset. i am looking for some options for some intro...

Sent by Elliot on 8/22/14

Math, Wilson, NC

I have a college student that is struggling with math, especially the probability section.This is the new Common Core and she has a documented learning disability...

Sent by Nina on 8/22/14

English, Reno, NV

If you are avaiable for helping my 9th grader in his english portion of his SAT preparation and for future needs, please let me know asap. He is writing his SAT soon.

Sent by Kishora on 8/22/14

Science, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Hi, I'm looking for a science tutor for my child in Hoboken. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) for more information and to schedule a meeting.

Sent by Anna on 8/22/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Usmle 2, Dallas, TX

plese i live in the dallas area would like a one on one tutor.

Sent by Esther on 8/22/14

Computer, Sarasota, FL

I am looking for someone to help me with my MacBook. Are you still working here or did you go back to school?

Sent by Kim on 8/22/14

Mechanical Engineering, Sacramento, CA

Hi. I'm looking for a ME tutor, specifically, for Properties of Materials, Electrical Circuits and Devices, and Engineering Graphics classes.

Sent by Samuel on 8/22/14

Algebra Tutor, Jacksonville, FL

I need a 9th grader tutored in Algebra 1. Would like weekly tutoring. We live in the Sheffield Oaks subdivisio off of New Berlin.

Sent by Amy on 8/22/14

Math, Orlando, FL

I was interested in tutoring for my third grade daughter in math. We live in lake Buena vista 32821. Can you provide me with an hourly rate if possible

Sent by Dee on 8/22/14

Algebra 2, Santa Monica, CA

Interested to see if you could tutor my son, a freshman at Samohi starting Algebra 2 and biology.

Sent by Greg on 8/21/14

Math, Sugar Land, TX

We are interested in hiring a tutor for our 8th grade son and 6th grade daughter for math and science.

Sent by James on 8/21/14

Russian, Fremont, CA

Hello David, my inquiry is for my five year old son. My son Abraham has just begun kindergarten and I am looking for more than what the public school sector can offer.

Sent by Daniel on 8/21/14

Math, Jupiter, FL

We have a 6th grade girl who needs math help in Jupiter. Please call (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by David on 8/21/14

Physics B, Jupiter, FL

Hi Mr.Abhinav, I am living in Jupiter, my daughter attends Suncoast High School as a sophomre and she's seeking help in Physics B, we would like to find...

Sent by Cailin on 8/21/14

Accounting, Daly City, CA

Hello Raymond. It's me H. I have contacted before and you helped me with my accounting problems I am in Daly City. We met at the Daly City library.

Sent by Hisham on 8/21/14

Organization, Westfield, MA

I am looking for a tutor with organizational and time management and study skills to work with my son, George who will be attending Westfield state college as...

Sent by Noreen on 8/21/14

Geometry, Anaheim, CA

Need someone to tutor my granddaughter in Geometry

Sent by Trudi on 8/21/14

Computer Basics, Roseville, CA

Hi Bruce, As you may have guessed by my AOL address I'm not the most tech savvy cat that ever drew a breath. I need to get my skills up to speed.

Sent by John on 8/21/14

Usmle, Lorton, VA

Hello Dr. Amin F, My name is K., and I am interested in tutoring for Step 1. Can you give me some information as to whether your tutoring is done in person...

Sent by Karthik on 8/21/14

Mandarin, San Mateo, CA

My son Colin, a junior at Hillsdale High is in 2nd year Chinese. I know that you specialize in younger students but wonder if you would be interested in tutoring him...

Sent by Ray on 8/21/14

Spanish, Peachtree City, GA

Hi Frank My name is K. and I am looking for a Spanish Tutor. I live in Peachtree City and looking for a tutor locally. Please let me know your availability...

Sent by Kishore on 8/21/14

Cbest, Apple Valley, CA

I have to take the CBEST math test September 6, 2014 and I need help.

Sent by Alicia on 8/21/14

Biology, Richmond Hill, GA

I need someone to tutor my son in AP Biology.

Sent by Dee on 8/21/14

Spanish, Macon, GA

Hello Kylie Im looking for a spanish tutor.

Sent by Alvin on 8/21/14

Romanian Lessons, Saint Augustine, FL

Buna, Raluca. Ce mai faceti? My name is N. Hanekom, and I am interested in practicing my Romanian. I am originally from Ukraine, Moldovan by nationality...

Sent by Neolla on 8/21/14

Ielts, Yonkers, NY 10701

Hi Jeff, I am looking for somebody who can tutor me in getting a band 7 and higher in IELTS general. Thanks, R.

Sent by Raj on 8/21/14

Special Education, Fort Collins, CO

interested in tutoring services please call (phone number available after purchase) thank u

Sent by Jessica on 8/21/14

Nursing, Queens, NY

Hi, I would like to know if you are interested in tutoring me for the NCLEX-RN? Regards, N.

Sent by Nazreen on 8/21/14

Fractions, Rotonda West, FL

Amy, My daughter is 13 and has difficulty with fractions. Would you be able to spend some time with her until she can understand fractions? We live in Rotonda.

Sent by Jill on 8/21/14

Reading,Math, Dublin, GA

I'm needing help with my son who is in 5th grade.Language Arts/reading and Math seem to be his weakest. although he picks up math easier than others.

Sent by Alicia on 8/21/14

Computers Pc, Old Saybrook, CT

Hi Megan i recently moved to os from nj and i need a computer tutor as my husband used to help me and he passed away 2 years ago.

Sent by Linda on 8/21/14

Praxis, Baltimore, MD

Good morning, Ms. Tedra, I am in need of a person to help me accomplish my goal of passing the Praxis1. I am looking to me with you Monday, Friday and hopefully one...

Sent by Ricardo on 8/21/14

Act, Midland, TX

My daughter need an ACT and SAT tutor, and also my second daughter need a tutor for PSAT, I hope you will be able to take them. Thanks expecting your reply

Sent by Modupe on 8/21/14

C++, San Diego, CA

Hi Matt, I am JUST starting school for the first time in 5 years, just got out of the Marines. I am struggling hard in my basic C++ class and my teachers accent is...

Sent by Dylan on 8/21/14

CPA, San Francisco, CA

Hi Jordan, I'm A.. I've been studying for the CPA exam with Becker Review for the past month, and I want to make sure I pass the first time.

Sent by Ashley on 8/20/14

Writing & ADHD, Montgomery, IL

My son Kade is in the 4th grade this year and has ADHD. While his math skills can use some attention, his biggest challenge is writing and has significant fears of...

Sent by Aaron on 8/20/14

Math, Titusville, FL

My daughter is in high school (AHS) and we are in need of a math tutor for her. She is taking Advanced Topics (math) this year after making a D in Algebra last year.

Sent by Pam on 8/20/14

Guitar, Hebron, MD

Hi James I live in HebR.,Md, I really want to learn to play the guitar, I do have an acoustic guitar it's a Zager, I do know the basic chords I need to learn songs...

Sent by Ron on 8/20/14

Electrical Engineering, Columbia, MO

Hi Michael. I am a 40 year old student studying to become a traffic signal technician. Without giving you a long story here I am sort of on my own at this...

Sent by Stephen on 8/20/14

Algebra, North Port, FL

Hello I have a HS junior that nearly failed Algebra I and is now in Algebra 2 and needs help. My phone # is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Peggy on 8/20/14

Math, Hampton, GA

Hi Wendy I am preparing to take a college assessment exam I really need tutoring on the math give me a call at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Rebecca on 8/20/14

Writing, Roseville, CA

We are looking for a tutor for our daughter- creative writing.... wanted to see if you are available. :-)

Sent by Michelle on 8/20/14

Microsoft Project, Columbia Md.

Daron, I need help ! I have a new position with a company in Columbia, and I need to catch up quick with MS Project. In addition I have a critical schedule...

Sent by Joseph on 8/20/14

Reading Tutor, North Attleboro, MA

Looking for a tutor for my 6 year old kindergartener to help with reading and provide work during the week for parents to work with. We live in North Attleboro, MA

Sent by Monique on 8/20/14

Social Studies, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hello! I need help in preparing to re take the ftce social studies exam. I would like to pass the test when I take it the next time around.

Sent by Brian on 8/20/14

Math, Carencro, LA

hello I have a 9 year old daughter who is dealing with epilepsy and iam in search for a tutor. She is still enrolled in school and Iam trying to get all the help...

Sent by Errin on 8/20/14

Methods In Operations Research, Roslyn Heights, NY

My name is J.. I will be taking an Operations Research Math class at Farmingdale this fall and am looking for some help. Are you familiar at all with this subject?

Sent by Jeremy on 8/20/14

Us History, Oakland, CA

My son is an 11th grader and taking Honors US History. He needs help. It can be in-home or outside. Thank you.

Sent by Steve on 8/19/14

Reading, Murrieta, CA

Hi - I'm looking for a tutor. I have twins that are in 2nd grade. They need help with reading and math. Please let me know if you are available to work with them ...

Sent by Katie on 8/19/14

Grade 6 Math, Visalia, CA

Hi Samantha, we are looking for someone to tutor our 11 year old granddaughter in Math. She is in Grade 6 and attends Valley Life Charter School.

Sent by Mary on 8/19/14

Writing, Athens, GA

Need help writing secondary essay for Medical College of Georgia. would this be something you would help with?

Sent by Janet on 8/19/14

English, Findlay, OH

I would like to get a personal tutor to master english. My cell is (phone number available after purchase)I am looking forward to hear from you.

Sent by Jingjing on 8/19/14

Math, Chandler, AZ

Need math tutor and other subject for my don he is a freshman . Please call or text me @ (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Anthony on 8/19/14

Act, Oxford, MI

Hi Kate, I am looking for a tutor for my son Chad, to help him score better on the ACT. He took the test last year and scored a 27.

Sent by Lisa on 8/19/14

Nclex Rn, Buffalo, NY 14226

Hi I was wondering if you were starting tutoring again. I am taking my nclex at the end of September and I just need some extra help. Please let me know thank you.

Sent by Lauren on 8/19/14

Praxis, Blackwood, NJ 08012

I am getting ready to re take the math portion of the multiple subjects elementary ed praxis. I only missed passing by 3 points but I really want the help...

Sent by Emily on 8/19/14

Spanish, Mayaguez, Pr

Hello Cesar, I recently moved to Mayaguez from the States and need a Spanish tutor for my 13 yr old son and myself. I know some basic Spanish and need to be able...

Sent by Kerri on 8/19/14

Nursing, Buffalo, NY 14226

Hi I'm a nursing student at D'Youville I just need help with some med calculations I have a quiz on monday

Sent by Ashley on 8/19/14

Math Tutor, Hephzibah, GA

Looking for a skilled math tutor

Sent by Barbara on 8/19/14

Usmle, Medford, Ma

can you help me with usmle step 1. are you updated with test's requirement?

Sent by Bachar on 8/19/14

Math, Spartanburg, SC

Nathan please call me at (phone number available after purchase) I live in Boiling Springs thanks H. C.

Sent by Harry on 8/19/14

High School, Sandy, UT

Hi Doug, I am looking for a tutor/life coach for my 14 yr old son who needs help managing his homework. He needs to learn study skills as he will be a freshman...

Sent by Heidi on 8/19/14

English Tutor, Rochester, MN

Hey I want to practice with pronunciation and speaking please contact me (email available after purchase)

Sent by Charles on 8/19/14

Greek, Holmdel, NJ 07733

Hi Maria, We are a Greek family from holmdel and we would love to find someone to teach our children conversational greek. If you are interested, please contact me.

Sent by Erica on 8/19/14

Human Anatomy, Rochester, NY

Hey Jessica my name is K. W. I am looking for a tutor for the up and coming semester for human anatomy. Just wanted to see if your willing to help. Thanks

Sent by Konesha on 8/18/14

Algebra 1, Mililani, HI 96789

Hi Kathleen, We would like to meet with you after school sometime during the week. We are usually avail. By 3:30 pm on Mon., Tues., & Thurs.

Sent by Wendy on 8/18/14

Statistics Tutor, Methuen Ma

Hi I am looking for a statistics tutor starting around sep 3, I am looking for 2-4 hours a week. I work 3-11. I have my schedule 4 weeks ahead of time so I...

Sent by Laurene on 8/18/14

College Algebra, Irwin, PA

Hi, I found you on (url available after purchase) I am taking a college algebra course this semester in school and I had some problems with the prerequisite...

Sent by Vincent on 8/18/14

Writing, Grand Island, NY

Hi, Karen: My son is going to be in 11th grade and I would like him to get prepared for NY regent English test (writing part). We live in grand island.

Sent by Lisa on 8/18/14

Java, Norcross,ga

Tutor for overview. -core java -jdbc -hibernate -jsp -servlet I have been studying but I need someones basic understanding of it

Sent by Nazmul on 8/18/14

Pre-calculus, Granite Bay, CA

Hello, I am looking for a tutor to help my two teenagers with Pre-Calculus and Algebra 2. This will probably be two or three 1 hour visits per week.

Sent by Sara on 8/18/14

Italian, Cedar Grove, NJ

My son is a student at msu needs italian 1 and 2 to graduate taking on line summer class now ital 1 looking for help asap If youre avail please call me (phone...

Sent by Maryschumacher on 8/18/14

Mcat, Tampa, FL

hello. I am taking the mcat in October and need a tutor.

Sent by Michael on 8/18/14

Chemistry, New York, NY

Hi Shefali.my name is M..i am looking for a tutor immefiately to help with my daughters chemestry package that she needs to have completed when she goes back...

Sent by Mike on 8/18/14

Accounting, Fairhope, AL

Need help with FSCC Accounting 1

Sent by Beau on 8/18/14

Elementary, Farmington, MI

please call for tutoring math

Sent by Manju on 8/18/14

Autism, Mesa, AZ

Hi Amy, I love your introduction in the fact that you have assisted and know of add/ADHD. My son Andrew is amazing, however, struggles with homework.

Sent by Rachel on 8/18/14

Adhd, Jacksonville, FL

My daughter Nyla has ADHD and use extra help in Math and Reading. I am looking for someone that is able to see her twice a week on Tuesday and Thursdays...

Sent by Kizzy on 8/18/14

Nclex Rn, Utica, NY

I have failed the nclex twice!! I have a great RN job waiting for me I need to pass!!! I'm in the saratoga springs area, willing to travel or open to recommendations...

Sent by Carrie on 8/18/14

Needed Tutor, Gulfport, MS

Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Laquanta on 8/18/14

Add Adhd, West Palm Beach, FL

I need help with my dissertation.n Need feedback and editing. Do you provide this type of. Service. Thanks, R.t

Sent by Ryan on 8/18/14

Writing, Sugar Land, TX 77479

Denise: We are interested in hiring you to tutor our son in 8th grade and our daughter in 6th grade in the area of writing and study skills. J. and Kimberly

Sent by James on 8/17/14

Vietnamese, Houston, TX 77077

Hi I need a Vietnamese and Arabic teacher plz text me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Tish on 8/17/14

Usmle, Bayonne, NJ 07002

please let know if you teach all the subjects for Usmle step1. Tel (phone number available after purchase), FL

Sent by Esnel on 8/17/14

Usmle Step 3, RIchmond. Va 23220

hi my name is A.. I am an old graduate and taking my sept 3. please replay let us talk. I live in richmond. va. thanks

Sent by Angelli on 8/17/14

C#, Buffalo, NY

I need to learn c#/.net in an sql server environment. Can you help with that.

Sent by Susan on 8/17/14

Chemistry (general), Folsom, CA

my daughter is a junior at vista. She is taking Chem 1. Do you tutor in Chemistry? We live in Folsom and are interested in 1-2 hours on Sat or Sunday afternoon

Sent by Michelle on 8/17/14

Algebra 2, Portales, NM

Daughter needs help with algebra 2.

Sent by Wendi on 8/17/14

North Dartmouth Ma, North Dartmouth, MA

Hi I need tutoring for my son who is bright and intelligent Who gets good grades But he need to get good score in sat/ act He is in 9 grade

Sent by Samina on 8/17/14

Sat, Ceres,CA

Hello Anu, I am a Ceres High School senior and I am looking for a personal tutor to help me study SAT reading, writing, and mathematics.

Sent by Josh on 8/17/14

Nclex Rn, Flushing, NY

Hi, my wife is in need for an NCLEX tutor after not passing her exam last week. I'm hoping you can help.

Sent by Jason on 8/17/14

Math, North Tonawanda, NY

Heather, My son I looking for a tutor to start him of on the right track in high school. He get high 90 grades in all subjects except math.

Sent by Mary on 8/17/14

Algebra 2, Jefferson City, MO

I'm having trouble with algebra 2 & need help

Sent by Shawn on 8/17/14

Writing, Sweeny, TX

Need help writing a resume for a job. My no, is (phone number available after purchase) can you help me.

Sent by Mary on 8/16/14

Statistics Tutor, Brookhaven, PA 19015

I need to consult about Anova and confidence interval computation. If u r available pls contact me through my email address. Ty.

Sent by Joy on 8/16/14

Web Page Design, Louisville, KY

Hello! I'm interested in learning web development. I would really like to become knowledgeable in "WordPress". I need personal instruction to expedite the learning...

Sent by Dave on 8/16/14

Project, Brooklyn, NY

Hi, I am interested in covering advanced topics in scheduling, reporting and resource allocations using Microsoft project. As well as best practices using the tool .

Sent by Jill on 8/16/14

Web Design, Phoenix, AZ

Hello, Brian, how are you? I want to learn web design including html5 and CSS layout. If you can tutor me please contact (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Om on 8/16/14

Statistics Tutor, Richland, WA

Hi Carol, I am taking a statistics class online through CBC, I have my final coming up and in need of tutoring before that. would you be available this next week?

Sent by Carly on 8/16/14

Math, Conroe, TX

Hi J.C., I'm going to start homeschooling for this coming year, which will be my seventh grade yeaR. I have been considering a few different math tutors...

Sent by Rebecca on 8/16/14

Turkish, Clifton, NJ 07011

I am interested in learning Turkish. I have a basic beginner foundation and would like to continue. I am in Clifton, NJ. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sent by Richard on 8/16/14

Physics, Atlanta, GA

I am a pre-vet student and I am starting my pre-reqs this Monday at GPC. I haven't been in school since 2003 and I am starting Physics this Monday.

Sent by Michele on 8/16/14

Praxis, Saint Louis, MO

Hi Holly! My daughter is struggling to pass her Praxis exam and needs some help! She is going to be a senior at LU this Fall, with the hopes of student teaching...

Sent by Julie on 8/16/14

Music Theory, Denver, CO

Hi..looking for a music theory tutor for my son from August 22 - August 26. Thanks for any help, S.

Sent by Susan on 8/15/14

English, Casa Grande, AZ

I need a tutor for my student in Casa Grande for Honors English.

Sent by Bill on 8/15/14

Law, Sacramento, CA

Hi Mario, I am about to begin my 1L year of law school and I would love your help along the way. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase) so...

Sent by Nia on 8/15/14

Ielts, Houston, TX

Hi Denise, I am looking for a tutor for IELTS exam preparation. Mainly I am looking to improve my score in Writing, Reading and Speaking.

Sent by Ganesh on 8/15/14

Math, Spring Hill, FL

I am interested in receiving Math tutoring for my son. He is going into 7th grade at Challenger in Spring Hill. He is a very respectful boy.

Sent by Mary on 8/15/14

Military History, Fort Benning, GA

Need help in Military History & writing essay answers

Sent by Brown on 8/15/14

Excel, Knoxville, TN

Hello Joyce, I'm very interested in becoming proficient in Microsoft Excel. I only know very basic functions. Let me know if you are available for private...

Sent by Christopher on 8/15/14

Spanish, Cumming, GA

Hello I'm a 10th grade student in the area, I was wondering if you were available for Spanish tutoring for my classmate and I? We are both taking a Spanish 3/4...

Sent by Bianca on 8/15/14

Spanish, Menifee, CA

Hey roxana, I'm looking to learn Spanish, and get started right away. I live in menifee and was seeing how this all works. Please message me back.

Sent by John on 8/15/14

Romanian, Edgewater, NJ

I am going to Romania with my boyfriend in October, he was born there and speaks it well. I would love to be able to hold a conversation while I am over there.

Sent by Tara on 8/15/14

Algebra 1 And 3, Jackson, NJ

Hi, I live in Jackson and looking for someone help my 16 year old son with Algebra he's taking algebra two this year and does not have a good understanding.

Sent by Christine on 8/15/14

Sewing, Harrisburg, PA

Hello joyce, my name is S.. I'm very interested in sewing lessons. I don't no where to begin. I have a little experience but I love wearing skirts but everyone i...

Sent by Selena on 8/15/14

First Grade Help, Easley, SC

We have a 6 year girl starting first grade. She's behind, not where she needs to be. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Jennifer on 8/15/14

Fcat, West Palm Beach, FL

My son is a new 9th grader who needs to improve his FCAT scores to move out of remediate classes. Let me know if you are available at least 2 days a week. Thanks

Sent by Catalina on 8/15/14

Act, Schaumburg, IL

We are interested to have you as my sons ACT/physics tutor. Please contact us as soon as possible.

Sent by Sally on 8/14/14

Math, Flagstaff, AZ

hi my name isC. call mi (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Columba on 8/14/14

Piano, Lake Zurich, IL

Hello Lawrence. Are you teaching jazz piano? I..

Sent by Iryna on 8/14/14

Gre, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hello, I am looking for a GRE tutor. I'm scheduled to test on oct. 9th. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase) or send me an email with...

Sent by Tiffany on 8/14/14

Computer Programming, Duncannon Pa

I am looking for someone to help me learn how to use word press in order to blog for my committee's electronic newsletter. Is this something you can teach?

Sent by Joann on 8/14/14

Esl, Knoxville, TN

Hi, I'm H.h, I'm 45 years old. I'll stay in the U.S for few months and I need to learn some English.

Sent by Hessa on 8/14/14

Asvab, Bowie, MD

Good afternoon Maureen, I am interested in joining the military and would like to score well in the asvab. I would surely need your help.

Sent by Al on 8/14/14

Algebra, Fuquay Varina, NC

I am looking for someone to help my daughter finish approximately 10 assignments in her home school Algebra 2 class. I W.ould like her to be finished before...

Sent by Bonnie on 8/14/14

Adobe Photoshop, Miami Beach, FL

Can you teach two people in South Beach at special price? We are beginners and we will just need to learn the basics. Telephone number is (phone number available...

Sent by Maurizio on 8/14/14

Math, LA Porte, IN

Hello, I am looking for a 3-4th grade math tutor for my son. If you are interested, please contact me. Thank you, D. G.

Sent by Dana on 8/14/14

Reading, Bloomfield, CT

Good Morning Christina, I am currentyl looking for a tutor for my 5 year old to assist with reading and Math, if you are interested, please give me a call...

Sent by Christine on 8/14/14

Business Health, Bronx, NY

(phone number available after purchase) business health

Sent by Jacqueline on 8/13/14

Sql, Washington, DC 20022

Sent by Jovany on 8/13/14

Math, West Newton, MA

Hi, we're interested in hiring a tutor to help our daughter with her math homework. She is going into 9th grade in the fall. We'd like to hire someone who can work...

Sent by Susan on 8/13/14

Microsoft Project 2010, San Jose, CA

Hello Mr, Shahid, I'm looking specifically at Microsoft Project 2010. Do you have any experience? Regards, F.

Sent by Freddie on 8/13/14

Reading, Hopewell Junction, NY

Hi, my son will be starting 1st grade in September. I am looking to get him some help in reading and blending sounds.

Sent by Tracy on 8/13/14

Act, Akron, OH

Hi Ken, we are interested in your ACT tutoring service for a senior at Revere High School. M. has taken the test twice and got a 24. He wants to get his score to a 28.

Sent by Matt on 8/13/14

Autism Tutoring, Glendale, AZ

Hi Linda, I am looking for a tutor for my slightly autistic 9 year old daughter. She had an IEP for many years through DVUSD. We feel her needs are no longer being...

Sent by Tamara on 8/13/14

Nanny, Aurora, CO 80016

Hi Rachael, My name is K.. I work as a nanny for a family here in Aurora who are looking for a tutor to come to their house a couple times a week to work with...

Sent by Kristy on 8/13/14

Dyslexia, Troy, NC

Where exactly are you located? We are located in Troy, NC. Your profile shows candor. Please call my wife AF (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Janet on 8/13/14

Biochemistry, New Orleans, LA

Will yo be able to tutor my daughter in biochemistry at Xavier university library this fall

Sent by Simeon on 8/13/14

English , Maths, 08753

Certified tutor

Sent by Stella on 8/13/14

Elementary, Chattanooga, TN

For my 3rd grader. She needs help with her homework

Sent by Towanda on 8/12/14

Finance Tutor, North Hollywood, CA 91601

Real Estate investment fundamentals for a college class.

Sent by Eli on 8/12/14

Toefl, Seattle, WA

Hello miss Munya, I'm English language student as a second language. And i'm interested to take TOEFL lessons. Please let me know if you're available.

Sent by Osamh on 8/12/14

Pre Calculus, 95747

I need tutoring for my son in Precal and help study US History. Can you connect (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Amy on 8/12/14

Swahili, New York, NY

Hello Mr. Chetan, I am interested in continuing my Swahili language learning. I have taken an introductory course and have a textbook.

Sent by Melissa on 8/12/14

Differantial Equations, San Antonio, TX

Hi I have a final on friday and was hoping for some tutoring in differantial equations. I took 3 tests. Every test has 7 questions I would like to study those...

Sent by Nahar on 8/12/14

Latin, Austin, TX

Hi, Do you tutor Latin. My son has been taking a first year Lstin course through BYU snd has to prepare for a final at his school and needs some help.

Sent by Katrina on 8/12/14

Microsoft Word, Massapequa, NY

Hi Ashley. I am an adult looking for someone to teach me how to use Windows8, Word and Excel. Let me know if you have time to teach me. Thanks. L.

Sent by Lori on 8/12/14

Math, Manteca, CA

My son needs help with his 8th garage math course, will you be willing to drive to Manteca ?

Sent by Gina on 8/12/14

Computer Games, Cumming, GA

Looking for a tutor for the my 14 year old son that wants to learn more about computer programming and gaming

Sent by Scott on 8/12/14

Reading, Biloxi, MS

Hi Lindy I need help with my 5 and 8 yr olds in reading,math and writing If your interested in helping please call me @ (phone number available after purchase) so we...

Sent by Cindy on 8/12/14

Pharmacy, North Chicago, IL

Hi. My daughter needs help for pharmacy exam. Thanks. Please contact me.

Sent by Mike on 8/12/14

Asvab, Philadelphia, PA

Hi Sarah, My daughter needs a tutor for the ASVAB are you available?

Sent by Regina on 8/12/14

Finance, Cincinnati, OH

Hi Melissa, I am a graduating college senior finishing up a financial derivatives course. I am struggling with the course and need help this week (Aug 11-16th).

Sent by Josie on 8/12/14

Statistics, Scranton, PA

my son is a student at Univ of Scranton and needs tutoring once a week. he is taking statistics along with computer classes and other electives.

Sent by Marie on 8/12/14

Act, Painesville, OH

Hi Sara, I am looking for private ACT tutoring for my daughter. Do you teach all 4 subjects of the ACT? If so, please call me so we may discuss. Thanks

Sent by Melissa on 8/12/14

Pharmacology, Skokie, IL

Hello Alan I'm a dental student studying for nbde part 2 and I need help in pharmacology Would u be able to help

Sent by Yvonne on 8/11/14

Algebra 1, Mililani, HI

Hi Kathleen, My name is W. and I am in the process of looking for a math tutor for my daughter Nicolle who will be entering the 8th grade at Hanalani School...

Sent by Wendy on 8/11/14

Math, Los Altos, CA

Hi there, looking for a math tutor for my son who will start 8th grade next week at Egan Jr High School. Pls let me know if you have interest. Thank you.

Sent by Laura on 8/11/14

French, Glen Allen, VA

Hello Jeanine. I am a 9th grader and am trying to work on improving my French for the upcoming school year. Please contact me asap as I am eager to get started.

Sent by Mohamed on 8/11/14

General Ed, Santa Monica, CA

Hi! Looking for a general academic and ACT prep tutor for our 11th grader. Found you completely serendipitously (meant to be? or I could be crazy..

Sent by Laurie on 8/11/14

Python, Sunnyvale, CA

Hi John, I work as an IT generalist and have always wanted to learn Python but I gave up every time I tried to learn on my own.

Sent by Sy on 8/11/14

Microsoft Office, Clearwater Beach, FL

Hi, I am looking for an excellent Microsoft Office instructor for my 3 adult kids. They use Office 2007 and 2010, but would be willing to learn 2013 as well.

Sent by Bonita on 8/11/14

Accounting, Fresno, CA

I'm looking for a tutor for ACCT 120A at Fresno State. Preferably someone who received an A in the course. Would like tutoring at Fresno State's library.

Sent by James on 8/11/14

Adobe Indesign, Woodland Hills, CA

Looking for someone who can teach Adobe Indesign

Sent by Tony on 8/11/14

English, Folsom, CA

would like tutoring help for my son for English reading

Sent by Abeer on 8/11/14

Usmle, Cypress, CA

Dear Mr. Ravi P, How are you doing? I would like to know if you would tutor for step 1 and step 2? Would you do one on one tutoring if we meet up.

Sent by Russel on 8/11/14

Business Calculus, Fort Walton Beach, FL

Hi Bianca, I am 37 yrs old and have decided to go back to college after a 16 yr hiatus. I barely passed College Algebra 16 yrs ago and my current degree is calling...

Sent by Laurie on 8/11/14

Gmat, Minneapolis, MN

Dear Dr. Sener, I hope you are well! We are a test prep and admissions company and we are currently looking for a GMAT tutor for a private 1-on-1 tutoring...

Sent by Rachel on 8/11/14

Public Speaking, Oklahoma City, OK

John, I am interested in your services around public speaking. Please give me a call. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Brandon.brown@cox.net on 8/11/14

Writing, Bryn Mawr, PA

Hi Jonathan -- I'm interested in finding a tutor who can help my 13 year old son on the reading and writing front. He is entering the 8th grade this fall.

Sent by Renee on 8/11/14

Photography, Fallbrook, CA

Hi, I purchased a Sony NEX-5N and need some help just to master how to use the camera. I do much better hands than reading a book. Is this something you can do?

Sent by Bonnie on 8/10/14

Sat Math, Stone Ridge, NY

I am looking for an SAT math tutor for my son Eli, who will be a senior at Rondout Valley high school this year.

Sent by Amy on 8/10/14

Texas Holdem Poker, Seattle, WA 98119

Hello Mr. Marr, I am contacting you in hopes for some direction or tutoring in math, or to be more specific, statistics, probability, logic, psychology as they...

Sent by Robert on 8/10/14

Math, Woodland Hills, CA

Hello, I'm L.. I am looking for a tutor for all subjects. I have some questions and need more info on what I should do first. If you can help me that would be great.

Sent by Laynee on 8/10/14

Final Cut Pro, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Hi! Looking for a finalcut pro7 teacher to help me gain more knowledge for my new job. I would love a lesson this week on tues and or Wednesday.

Sent by Jacqui on 8/10/14

Reading, Bowie, MD

I am looking for a reading tutor for my 9 year old son. He has ADHD. Physicians have said dyslexia might be an issue as well but were not sure at the time...

Sent by Kathleen on 8/10/14

Video, Willis, TX

I am looking for someone to help me with doing video using the Canon 5D Mark III camera.

Sent by Pam on 8/9/14

Programming, Las Vegas, NV

I need help with my computer programming course.

Sent by Mark on 8/9/14

Accounting/Business, Asheville, NC

Need help navigating through college level mgmt science course with heavy statistics concepts. Took Stat two years - would be for the entirety of the course...

Sent by Robert on 8/9/14

Engineering, Clifton, NJ 07011

my name is A. alzaabi i need help in dynamics please email me or call me at (phone number available after purchase) or (email available after purchase)

Sent by Ali on 8/9/14

Spanish, Hamburg, NY

My son is going into 8 th grade. He failed 7 the grade Spanish and to be able to take 8 the grade Spanish he has a packet to complete over the next month.

Sent by Stacy on 8/9/14

Study Skillls, Batavia, IL

My son is entering his sophomore year at Batavia High School. He has struggled this past year with organizational and study skills.

Sent by Mary on 8/9/14

Cpa, Chicago, IL 60605

I have been studying for the CPA exam for quite some time and I am having issues passing the REG section. I have scored 70 72 72 74 on it and I just cannot seem...

Sent by Cj on 8/9/14

Quicken, Cleveland, OH 44114

Hi, I live in NYC but need help with some quicken set up A.d input into turbo tax, could we do this over google hA.gout?

Sent by Nhu on 8/9/14

Mandarin, Oldsmar, FL

I am looking for a mandarin tutor for my 3 year old son. He came to us from shanghai in March 2014. He has had a tutor/ playtime with a mandarin teacher weekly...

Sent by Allene on 8/9/14

Asvab, Fort Myers, FL

I'm. Interested the asvab examination my number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Hi on 8/9/14

Math, Framingham, MA

Hi Justin, My name is B. M. and I have a small tutoring company in the Metrowest area. I am in need of a math tutor, as I specialize in English;

Sent by Brett on 8/8/14

Physics, Northridge, CA

Hello, I have a Physics test on Monday and I was hoping you can help me study. I am located in Northridge. Please let me know. Thanks

Sent by Mohammad on 8/8/14

Accounting, Gilroy, CA

do you teach quick books accounting

Sent by James on 8/8/14

Nclex Rn, Houston, TX

Hello can you please contact me regarding nclex tutoring v thanks

Sent by Adrianna on 8/7/14

English, Tyler, TX

Am A. Cornelio and I was looking forward to talk you to see if I can get any help passing my Staart test for English 1&2 ..

Sent by Abdiel on 8/7/14

Math, Mcdonough, GA

Hello, I am in need of a Math (Algebra 1) tutor for my daughter. Math is a huge challenge for her and she is entering 9th grade this school term.

Sent by Rashunda on 8/7/14

Tutor For My 7 Yr Old, Hattiesburg, MS

Hi Cheryl im looking for someone to work one on one with my 7 yr old daughter her name is Jaidence she was held back a year due to lack of comprehension.

Sent by Latoya on 8/7/14

Math, Lacey, WA

Hi Varaia, I'm interested in setting up a time where we can meet and get more information. My 12 year old daughter is interested in getting math tutoring.

Sent by Janice on 8/7/14

Geometry, Menomonie, WI 54751

Our son would need some tutoring in Geometry and possibly biology if that would be a possibility. Sincerely, D. hackbarht (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Danette on 8/7/14

Algebra 1, Granada Hills, CA

we are in need of a Algebra 1 tutor A.S.A.P.

Sent by Tanya on 8/7/14

Nclex Rn, Chicago, IL

Hi, I am desperate need of a tutor for the NCLEX exam. I have taken the text once and did not pass and need help. Please email me back at (email available after...

Sent by Paige on 8/7/14

Elementary, Jamul, CA

Hi Juan, looking for tutor for my 1st grade boy for 3 times a week. He goes to school twice a week and homeschooled 3. He is super smart.

Sent by Aundra on 8/7/14

Geophysics, Valley Center, KS 67147

Hi, I am Very much looking for some emergency tutoring/help As i have an exam in 3 days and am discovering I cannot do the questions and have no examples to work with.

Sent by Christy on 8/7/14

Organic Chemistry, Little Rock, AR

Looking for a tutor to help my daughter in General Chemistry II and Organic Chemistry at UALR.

Sent by Scott on 8/7/14

Calculus Tutor, Hopkins, MN

Hello Mason, i like to know more about your one on one teaching method and if you have any references. Thanks

Sent by Laurent on 8/7/14

English, Northridge, CA

Hello,, I just need to improve my writing skills, can we start tomorrow or friday ? thank you

Sent by Mohammad on 8/7/14

Cosmetology, MI

Mickey, I am looking for someone to help me pass my cosmetology state boards. I graduated almost three years ago from Michigan College of Beauty.

Sent by Marlana on 8/6/14

Elementary Math, Powell, OH

Hi Coralie, I am looking for a math tutor for my 4th grade daughter. She needs help getting her math facts down and to build her confidence in math.

Sent by Anna on 8/6/14

Essay Writing, Colorado Springs, CO

My daughter is needing help with a College Resume and Application Essay. We live in your same area.

Sent by Dayra on 8/6/14

Algebra, Phoenix, AZ

Hi Bimika, We are looking for Algebra 1 tutoring for our son Prem. we live in north Phoenix, close to desert ridge area. Please let us know if you are available for...

Sent by Mahendra on 8/6/14

Philosophy, Irvine, CA

and i also live in irvine woodbury

Sent by Ashley on 8/6/14

Accounting, Oviedo, FL

I am starting an online financial and accounting class with Saint Leo. Is this something you can tutor? (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Lisa on 8/6/14

Math, Nederland, TX

Need a tutor this week please contact me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Greg on 8/6/14

Asvab, Denver, CO

Hi Maggie My 18 yo son Ryan is joining the army and needs help preparing for the asvab. Ryan has terrible study habits and has been labeled as "mild aspergers" Your...

Sent by Brian on 8/6/14

Math And Reading 1st Grade, Clifton Heights, PA

Hi Jessica my name is A., I have a 6 year old daughter going into 1st grade and I really feel like she needs some extra help. Please give me a call (phone number...

Sent by Amanda on 8/6/14

Needed Tutor, Lowell, MA

Hello Brenden. My name is S. and I would like to begin my tutoring for September LSATS. I'm available on Saturdays and Sundays.

Sent by Staisy on 8/6/14

Microsoft Access, Tucson, AZ

I'm not a student, but I need help learning how to program using Access VBA. Can you help? Thank you.

Sent by Sheila on 8/6/14

Mechanical Engineering, Chicago, IL

Need help in Dynamics duration exam , could you

Sent by Abdull on 8/6/14

Microsoft Project, Pittsburgh, PA

Michael, I work for a corporation and would like to quickly learn to complete power point presentations with and without charts and graphs.

Sent by Mary on 8/6/14

Math, Winston Salem, NC

I have a learning disability in math and i need help with it because I want get my ged

Sent by Erica on 8/6/14

Stats, Fort Leonard Wood, MO

Sent by Sharon on 8/5/14

Powerpoint, Cary, NC

I need help with adding and editing music in a Power Point presentation. Is this something you would be experienced in or can you refer me to someone? I am in Cary.

Sent by Gail on 8/5/14

Statistics, Harrisburg, PA

Hello, I'm needing help with my political science paper.

Sent by Dakota on 8/5/14

Algebra 2, Watertown, NY

Any chance you have experience with financial accounting? One of my former students (I tutored her) asked me to check around to see if I knew anyone with this...

Sent by Sheila on 8/5/14

Geometry, Fairburn, GA

my daughter is going to the 10th grade, she needs help in math.. I live in the 30213 area

Sent by David on 8/5/14

Organic Chemistry 2, Chevy Chase, MD

Hello, I'm headed into my final week of Organic Chem 2 at Montgomery College. Ii know it's last minute, but next week I have a regular exam, Lab Final exam...

Sent by Greg on 8/5/14

Powerpoint, Lafayette, LA

Hi Erin, I need help learning powerpoint for presentations in my graduate courses at UL. Can you help me? Thanks, L. A.

Sent by Lynn on 8/5/14

REG, Chicago, IL 60605

I am interested in using your services to help me pass the REG exam.

Sent by Tc on 8/5/14

Java, Oxnard, CA

Hello, I am in the middle of a school project. I have the majority of the program written. However, I just need some guidance working my way through the rest of it.

Sent by Stephen on 8/5/14

Dat, San Jose, CA

Hi Apoorva! My name is R. and I am studying for the DAT this summer. I am struggling with the PAT, particularly the TFE portion, and would like to receive tutoring...

Sent by Rebecca on 8/5/14

Asvab, Redding, CA

I'm trying to get a higher score on my asvab. So I can go to meps within the next month. How long would one session be

Sent by Amber on 8/5/14

Accounting, Miami, FL

Hello Shaun, I'm S.. I'm in need of a tutor like today. Can you help?

Sent by Shay on 8/5/14

C#, Oviedo, Florida

Sent by Rebecca on 8/5/14

Nclex Rn, Marshfield, MA 02050

Hello. I'm looking for a tutor for my niece who needs to retake the nclex-rn test. She is in the Taunton area. I'm wondering where you taught prep classes. Many thanks.

Sent by Cynthia on 8/5/14

Powerpoint, Solana Beach, CA

I am an adult and with a basic knowledge of ppt. I would like to learn more about graphs, tables and org charts. I work in SD but live in OC, so meeting somewhere...

Sent by Paul on 8/5/14

Cpa, Munster, IN

Good Morning Mark, I don't see it on the list but thought I should at least ask. Do you offer CPA Prep tutoring?

Sent by Linda on 8/5/14

Adobe Illustator, Harrison Township, MI

Hello, I am interested in learning adobe illustrator. I have no experience with it. Right now I'm in the dental field and always wanted to do something creative.

Sent by Raquel on 8/5/14

Accounting, Ferndale, MI

I need your help like tomorrow, I'm currently enrolled at Kaplan online. I'm in my second Accounting class, I need help with my homework assignments.

Sent by Crystal on 8/5/14

Organic Chemistry, Buffalo, NY

Hi I am looking for a tutor for my wife. She will have her final exam in chemistry 112 in buffalo state college by the end of Aug I will be in the states by Aug...

Sent by Hamad on 8/5/14

French, Unionville, CT 06085

Hi Ms. A, My name is S. and I will be a high school junior in the fall. I am self studying French IV Honors over the summer so I can skip that course and move...

Sent by Sahiti on 8/4/14

Math, Woburn, MA

Hello Natsuko, I am very interested in math tutoring, would be very happy if we can work something out. I am trying to enter a college and cannot pass the math part.

Sent by Keren on 8/4/14

Calculus, Charleston, SC

I have a calculus exam on Thursday and I need help:)

Sent by Daniel on 8/4/14

Study Skills, Hollywood, FL 33019

I have two sons. One is a freshman and needs help with study skills, English and writing. The second is a sophomore who needs assistance with SAT/ACT test prep...

Sent by Steve on 8/4/14

All Subjects, Jackson, TN

I need a tutor was wondering how much

Sent by Tej on 8/4/14

Biology, Basking Ridge, NJ

Hello I am looking for a biology tutor In college level please contact me thank you

Sent by Dariusz on 8/4/14

Weston Ma, Weston, MA 02493

Hello, I would like to know if you could tutor math to my daughters ... they are entering 8th grade & 5th grade this fall. We live in Wellesley, MA.

Sent by Sonoyo on 8/4/14

K - 6th, Lorena, TX

I'm a homeschool mom of 4, ages 5,6,10 and 11. I've fallen behind, and have tried unsuccessfully to get caught up. I have everything needed to succeed - except help...

Sent by Lisa on 8/4/14

English For 8th Grade, Santa Fe Springs, CA

Good morning, My son is going to be here in Santa Fe springs for three weeks, we need him to learn English as soon as possible. Actually he will be in 8th grade.

Sent by Angelica on 8/4/14

FoxPro programming, New York, NY 10128

I NEED YOUR HELP CALL AT (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Russil on 8/4/14

Algebra, Fort Dix, NJ

I am starting a compressed 8 week college algebra course to finish my Community College of the Air Force degree as a promotion requirement.

Sent by Joseph on 8/4/14

Hebrew, Los Angeles, CA

Interested in Hebrew language and Torah study

Sent by Audrey on 8/4/14

Microsoft Office, Fresno, CA

Need help with MS Access, please email...Thanks

Sent by Roger on 8/3/14

Dyslexia, Beaumont, TX

Looking for tutor in beaumont for 8 year old already doing neuhaus program for homework etc Starting 3rd grade Thank you

Sent by Odile on 8/3/14

Reading, Manchester Township, NJ

> I am looking tutor for my > child please call me > (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Donna on 8/3/14

Botany, Boston, MA

Hi Nathan, I have a couple small leaf schefflera plants which I can easily propagate (and keep under control) by snipping off the stems and putting them in water...

Sent by Cynthia on 8/3/14

Sat, Carmichael, CA

Hi Anna, I am currently a high school student who is looking for SAT math tutor, so I am wondering what was your grade on the math test when you took it?

Sent by Rania on 8/3/14

Physics, Baltimore, MD

Please contact me as soon as you can (phone number available after purchase)!!! I need help

Sent by Jemina on 8/3/14

Toefl, Provo, UT

Hi John, I need help with managerial accounting. I am talking an accounting 2 course in San Antonio college. I need help ASAP. Thank you, F.

Sent by Faisal on 8/3/14

Excel, Redding, CA

Mr. Landon, I am completely self taught on excel. I have micro 2013. I have written quite a few spreadsheets with some being quite extensive.

Sent by Rick on 8/3/14

Algebra 2, Chula Vista, CA

hello. am very interested! pls let me know how we can make this work. we live in the otay ranch area.

Sent by Ethel on 8/3/14

Chemistry, Hackettstown, NJ

Hi Jennifer, I am looking for a AP Chemistry tutor for my daughter. I liked to start as soon as possible so please let me know when you are available to tutor her.

Sent by Nitiksha on 8/3/14

Turkish, Boston, MA

Hello! I'm looking to learn Turkish. Do you have time today? Thanks! C. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Chris on 8/3/14

Math, Topsham, ME

Hello Rick, Would you be interested in tutoring a fifth grader - Basic Math skills? Thanks, B.

Sent by Bridgette on 8/3/14

Electronics, Redwood City, CA

Hello, I am an engineering technician with a desire to broaden my knowledge of electronics. I am passionite about this discipline and would like to have...

Sent by Jon on 8/3/14

Accounting, Saint Charles, MO

Hi, I will be taking Managerial Accounting at the St. Charles Community College. I would like you to help me learn managerial accounting. Thanks

Sent by Yazeed on 8/2/14

Javascript, Chino Hills, CA

Hi, I'm looking for a programming tutor for Javascript/CSS/HTML (and hopefully, node JS), who has experience working with those technologies outside of academia.

Sent by Adam on 8/2/14

English, Provo, UT

Hi can I call you please because I want ask you

Sent by Joy on 8/2/14

Algebra 2, Overland Park, KS

I am looking for an Algebra 2 tutor for my son who will be a sophomore this year. Please contact me at your convenience. My phone number is (phone number available...

Sent by Kim on 8/2/14

Algebra, Shingle Springs, CA

Hi, My names A., I am 25 and recently decided to go back to school to finish the A.A. I started back in 2006! I intend to take the math competency test required...

Sent by Amanda on 8/2/14

Math, West End , N.c. 27376

Hi K.. I have a 9 year old daughter that needs tutoring for math and reading. She is ADHD. I live in West End N.C. And If you are interested in talking with me...

Sent by Kimberly on 8/2/14

Coaching, Land O Lakes, FL

Please contact me regarding coaching a gifted student who struggles with executive functioning skills -academically strong but organizationally weak.

Sent by Andrea on 8/2/14

English, Saint Paul, MN

Hello, I'm interested in possibly having you work with my son. He will be going into 8th grade in September. I would be looking for help in both math and...

Sent by Glenda on 8/1/14

Usmle, New Haven, CT 06510

I am interested in getting some help with my usmle preparation. I have already taken it once and did not pass. I need help preparing for the test a long with test...

Sent by Visar on 8/1/14

Math, Wexford, PA

Hi Cathy, I am looking for some additional help with her math. We live in Wexford. Are u willing to come to our house once a week? Thanks B.

Sent by Beena on 8/1/14

Gre Esl, Ocoee, FL

Hello Sherri, I am looking for GRE tutoring as non-native English speaker I have a lot of problems with English grammar, writing, RC, well I need a lot of help

Sent by Dina on 8/1/14

Calculus, Southampton, NY

Would you be interested in tutoring my son who is having difficulty in a calculus course and is also diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. We are in Southampton.

Sent by Roberto on 8/1/14

Typing, Simi Valley, CA

Hi Erin: This is R..I'am looking for teacher who could help my daughter improve her typing skills. Would you be availabe in Aug.

Sent by Rajesh on 8/1/14

Spanish, Annapolis, MD

Hello, My name is C. S.. I came across your profile on TuTorz. I am looking for a Spanish tutor to help me 'remember' the language.

Sent by Carmen on 8/1/14

Essay Writing, Reading, Etc, Detroit, MI

My 15 year nephew is struggling with reading and writing. Please contact me at your earliest opportunity. Thanks. We are Christians as well.

Sent by Angela.calloway on 8/1/14

Asvab, Tucson, AZ

Hi Amanda . I am in desperate need to do well on the asvab. I graduated from high school in 08 and I guess it was too long ago to have any knowledge stick with me.

Sent by Connie on 8/1/14

Gmat, Concord, MA

Hello, I'm interested in your help in preparing for the GMAT. I'm in Concord, MA.

Sent by Johannes on 8/1/14

Elementary Algebra, LA Quinta, CA

Hello Teriann, I'm enrolled in an online advanced medical class. The first semester which started one week ago has Elementary Algebra for College Students.

Sent by Hal on 8/1/14

General Tutoring, Scranton, PA

Hi Joseph My son Michael is a student at Univ of Scranton. We had a wonderful tutor last year who met with him once a week; however, she has now moved.

Sent by Marie on 8/1/14

Math Science, Morrisville, NC

Hi, I am looking for a person who can help my son in his school study like homework & some advance study

Sent by Dj on 8/1/14