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Adobe Photoshop, Long Beach, CA

Hi I'm a graphic design student at CSULB and I am looking for a personal tutor to help me refine my skills in photoshop. I know the basics but since my area of study...

Sent by Danielle on 2/28/14

French, Saratoga Springs, NY

I recently moved here for a new job that has me traveling to Montreal regularly for business. I am using Rosetta Stone but not progressing as fast as I would like.

Sent by Andrew on 2/28/14

Microsoft Project, Northridge, CA

I'm looking to get up to speed in MS Project as quickly as possible. Hoping to be able to arrange a session.

Sent by Scott on 2/28/14

Algebra, Saint Charles, MO

Hi Jane, I need to place into college algebra on the accuplacer test in order to start my nursing classes in August. Do you think you can help me with that ?

Sent by Ashli on 2/28/14

Computer And Java, Santa Barbara, CA

Hello Maurice, I'm looking for a college level student to help my 11th grader with AP Computer Science. They are learning Java and he's struggling. Are you available?

Sent by Rose on 2/28/14

English, Pocatello, ID

hello, i want help for english 1101 with my essay if you can help me.

Sent by Ali on 2/28/14

Algebra Tutor, DE Pere, WI

My freshman daughter is having problems with Algebra 1, and needs some 'emergency tutoring'. Plz call me at (phone number available after purchase) (K.

Sent by Kelly on 2/28/14

C++, Irvine, CA

Hi there, I'm looking for a tutor who can help me on a C++ project this weekend. Would you be available sunday morning or early afternoon? Thanks, J.

Sent by Jenny on 2/28/14

Writing, Boyds, MD

I'm looking for a tutor for my 10 yrs old daughter. We live in Boyds, md.

Sent by Kay on 2/28/14

Algebra, Orlando, FL

My son needs help in intermediate Algebra please get back with us ASAP! (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Mercedes on 2/28/14

Math, Eagle, ID

Hi Elizabeth. I have a 14 year old daughter that is failing 8th Grade math and science. She needs help. She wants to learn, but she struggles in understanding...

Sent by Steve on 2/28/14

Geometry, San Marcos, CA

My son is in 9th grade and is struggling in geometry. We are looking for a tutor to help him. We live in San Marcos, about 1/2 mile east of the lake.

Sent by Mike on 2/28/14

Algebra, Spring Hill, TN

My 9th grade daughter needs help with her Algebra 1. She is a student at Summit High in Spring Hill

Sent by Rob on 2/28/14

Math, Tracy, CA

Hello, My son is 5th grader who is struggling in Math. Do you tutor in the evenings or weekends?

Sent by Josie on 2/28/14

Algebra Nursing, Tehachapi, CA

Hello Olga, I am an older student who has decided to make a career change and get my Registered Nursing Degree. The only subject I have issues with is math!

Sent by Angie on 2/28/14

Drawing Sketching, Charlotte, NC

Hi, I have a 9 years old son who is interested in drawing and sketching. I want to have proper lesson for him. I live in 28211 area.

Sent by Sarika on 2/28/14

Math, Redmond, OR

Hi Erica, My name is N.. I have a daughter in the 4th grade that I would like tutored primarily in math. My number is (phone number available after purchase) if...

Sent by Nicole on 2/28/14

Needed Tutor, Walker, LA

Hi Regina, I will be taking a test for my job (civil service) If you are interested, please contact me. Thanks

Sent by Annette on 2/28/14

Pharmacology, Birmingham, AL

Hi, I'm a nursing student looking for a tutor to help with dosage calculations. Can you help?

Sent by Tamekka on 2/28/14

English As 2nd Language, Kansas City, MO

Hello Rebecca, I'm a Brazilian living in the US for about 10 years now and recently I've decided to take some classes and work on a business certificate.

Sent by Eduardo on 2/28/14

Biology, Owasso, OK

My daughter - a freshman in owasso high school - is having trouble in her a.p. biology class. i'd like to find someone to help her with comprehending some of the topics.

Sent by Rob on 2/28/14

Probability, Atlanta, GA

Need help with my probability class. Since you are in California and Im in Georgia, online tutoring might be the only way. Let me know. Thanks

Sent by Matthew on 2/28/14

Trigonometry, Gilbert, AZ

I believe you tutored my daughter Peyton last year for math if I'm not mistaken. You were located at Warner & Val Vista area if I correct.

Sent by Lara on 2/28/14

Reading Writing Vocabulary, Banning, CA

Hello Carl, my son needs enunciation lessons, reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing skills. I'm looking for a male tutor. I live in Banning CA.

Sent by Dolores on 2/28/14

Math, Los Angeles, CA

Hi, Im looking for a weekly tutor for math-Calculus Basic stuff. I am a college student. Also someone who can organize my school work. I can pay $15 per hour.

Sent by Jessica on 2/28/14

Math, Pasco, WA

I'm interested in your tutoring services I'm currently @ CBC math 98 Need help passing the final Please contact me ASAP Thankyou (phone number available...

Sent by Lily on 2/28/14

Biochemistry, Boise, ID

Looking for tutoring with college level biochemistry. Would like to start as soon as possible.

Sent by Sharon on 2/27/14

French, Spring, TX

I'm needing a French tutor for my 13 yr old daughter. Needing someone to start ASAP. I live in the Spring area off Kuykendahl. Thanks!

Sent by Brandie on 2/27/14

Cobol, Scottdale, PA 15683

Hey would you be able to help me with a cobol assignment? I did everything but the procedure division. I even did an input file. Cant seem to figure it out.

Sent by Ryan on 2/27/14

Statistics, Park Hills, KY 41011

Hi my name is B.. I am interested in a tutor with advanced statistics background. Some of the topics I am currently involved with are Distributions (Normal(Z), T...

Sent by Bogdan on 2/27/14

Act, Punta Gorda, FL

I'm currently searching for someone to help my son study for the ACT. He's a senior in HS and has taken the ACT THREE times!! He's currently has a 19.75 score.

Sent by Jennifer on 2/27/14

Adobe Photoshop, Carlsbad, CA

Hello Jeffrey, I noticed that you have some experience with working with Photoshop. My boss & I are looking for someone to show us how to learn the program all...

Sent by Holly on 2/27/14

7th grade, Miami, FL

I have a 7th grade student who does online school. She is really struggling, She really needs help with note taking, understanding what is important and...

Sent by Linda on 2/27/14

Act, Baldwin, WI

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter who takes her ACT in April

Sent by Nancy on 2/27/14

Microsoft Access, West Palm Beach, FL

need help developing ms access db

Sent by Richard on 2/27/14

4th Grade Writing, Plainsboro, NJ

Looking for tutoring my 4th grader who needs some help with English reading/Writing. we live in plainsboro, nj pls contact me @ (phone number available after...

Sent by Narahari on 2/27/14

Math, Gainesville, VA

Good afternoon, I am currently looking for a turtor for my Son who is in 6th grade and is having a very hard time in math. Would you be able to help?

Sent by Lissette on 2/27/14

Dyslexia, Ruston, LA

I am looking for a tutor for my boss' son. He is a freshman at LA Tech. He has some dyslexia and ADHD. Needs someone to help him especially for tests.

Sent by Sheryl on 2/27/14

Adobe Illustrator, Tampa, FL

my son is a student at the University of Tampa and needs assistance in Adobe Illustrator. Please email me to discuss

Sent by Wayne on 2/27/14

Chemistry (general), Livonia, MI

Hi, looking for general chemistry tutor for high school student. We are in livonia Thank you

Sent by Kelly on 2/27/14

Reading, Raleigh, NC

I am looking for assistance for my Kindergarten daughter for reading and writing. She is struggling at the A level and want to help her at least to the C level by...

Sent by Jenell on 2/27/14

Sas, Marietta, GA

Are you certified in SAS?

Sent by Paul on 2/27/14

Statistics, Louisville, KY

I need help with statistics, please email me back.l I need turoring.

Sent by Deborah on 2/27/14

Math, Mansfield, OH

do you tutor math for middle school

Sent by Shari on 2/27/14

Nursing, Youngstown, OH

I am currently a Lpn to RN student at Eastern Gateway. We are in the subject of medical surgical nursing. The respiratory system was our first test and I failed with...

Sent by Dannielle on 2/27/14

Accounting 222, Oxford, OH

Hello Gregory, Junior at Miami university, Farmer School of Business, needs tutor for Accounting 222 in Oxford Ohio. Are you available? Thank you

Sent by Mr. on 2/27/14

Esl Psychology, Huron, OH 44839

Hello, I am taking a remote psychology courses. I am from India and have some difficulty answering a set of psychology questions after watching a video.

Sent by Sheela on 2/27/14

Math, New Brunswick, NJ

Hello Katrina, I'm looking for a tutor for my 5th grader daughter at Math. We live in North Brunswick and our days would be pretty flexible.

Sent by Adrienn on 2/27/14

Dyslexia, Savannah, GA

Hello, I hae come across various profiles on multiple sites. I have been desperately searching for a tutor for my 7yr old for quite some time.

Sent by Sindy on 2/27/14

Home schooling, New Port Richey, FL

Looking for a tutor for a fourth grader in all areas

Sent by Janine on 2/27/14

Elementary Math, Stonington, CT

Hi Andrew! We were in touch via email a few months ago and we were trying to find some time that worked for us! I'm not sure you remember.

Sent by Michelle on 2/27/14

Chemistry, Crystal Lake, IL

Hi Jae, I am looking for a tutor for my sophomore daughter who is struggling with her Honors Chemistry class. Evenings and weekends work best.

Sent by Anne on 2/27/14

Act Adhd, Valley Stream, NY

Hi David, Seeking ACT tutoring for my 11th grade son (has ADD). Looking to take text in April and June. Plse feel free to contact me if you are available.

Sent by Judy on 2/27/14

Numerical Analysis, Boston, MA

Hello! I found you when googling for tutors in Numerical Analysis in Boston. Let me first tell you about my situation. I got a BA in business in 2008 and now I'm...

Sent by Svetlana on 2/27/14

Econ, Durham, NH

Hello, I am looking for an Econ tutor for my daughter. She Is a freshman at The Business School at UNH, Durham, NH. I understand your fee is $30 per hour.

Sent by Maria on 2/27/14

Civil Engineering, Hollywood, FL 33029

can i have a tutor on structure

Sent by Osman on 2/26/14

Spanish, Champaign, IL

Matt, My son is in 11th Grade and needs help with Spanish. Are you attending the University of Illinois?

Sent by Michelle on 2/26/14

Reading, Sumter, SC

Ms.Hazel, I am looking for someone to help my grandson with his reading. He is in the second grade and can hardly read. He has a learning disability they say he has...

Sent by Carolyn on 2/26/14

Toefl, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Hi Jeff, I'm searching for a TOEFL tutors. I gotta get a 79 score, I took the test months ago and my score was 54 something. I willing to know if you have any...

Sent by on 2/26/14

Accounting, New York, NY

Hi, I am in Accounting 101 at CUNY New York City College of Technology. I am male, 36, and am a full time computer tech. I think I may benefit from a tutor and...

Sent by John on 2/26/14

Chemistry, Flat Rock, NC

I am stuggling in Chemistry Honors. I go to Hendersonville High School. Is there anyway you can call me tonight. I have a big test tomorrow.

Sent by Kathryn on 2/26/14

Reading, Doylestown, OH

Dear sir. My name is J. G.. My son Justin will be entering the 9th grade in the fall. He has always struggled a little with reading comprehension but has been able...

Sent by Jaime on 2/26/14

Geometry, Mountain Top, PA

hi jennifer iam looking for a tutor for my daughter abby who is 15 and a sophomore at crestwood . she needs assistance with geometry

Sent by Carolyn on 2/26/14

Elementary, Tuckahoe, NJ

Hi there, Heather... My daughter Carli is in Upper Twps 5th grade Elementary School and has been struggling with study skills in general, with particular trouble...

Sent by Tammy on 2/26/14

Probability, Bridgewater, NJ

Hello Kirpa I am interested in lessons on probability for my high school daughter. Please let me know if you can tutor her. Thank you so much

Sent by Mrs. on 2/26/14

Pharmacology, Durham, NC

Hi Erica! I am looking for a pharmacology tutor. I am currently a ABSN student at Duke, and need some immediate help in nursing Pharm. If you can help please email me.

Sent by Courtney on 2/26/14

Biology, Frisco, TX

Hi I need biology tutoring for my son who is in 9th grade.

Sent by Alia on 2/26/14

Nursing, Buffalo, NY

I am a nursing student at D'Youville, and I would like some help.

Sent by Emma on 2/26/14

Math, Glen Mills, PA

Sent by Victoria on 2/26/14

Math And Reading, Winnsboro, TX

my son is in 6th grade and we looking for tutor in math and reading i live in winnsboro tx

Sent by Kevin on 2/26/14

Mcat, Lansing, MI

Hi Denis, I was just wondE.g if you tutor students for the MCAT? I took the MCAT and did very poorly on the exam. I have never been good at standardized exams...

Sent by Erin on 2/26/14

Geology, San Antonio, TX

I need help with an easy homework.

Sent by Ahmad on 2/26/14

Elementary Reading, Houston, TX

Hi Kristina, I have a 10 year old son who needs help in reading, writing and science. Would like to know if you would be interested in coming to my home...

Sent by Nancy on 2/26/14

Proofreading, Stamford, CT

Hi Emily: My son is a senior in high school . He can use some help in writing college essays. Thanks, R..

Sent by Renee on 2/26/14

Ballroom Dance, Lincoln, NE

Do you teach ballroom dancing?

Sent by Jim on 2/26/14

Algebra Tutor, Wilmington, CA

please contact me in regards to tuturing my son in 8th grade algebra.

Sent by Tami on 2/26/14

Pre-algebra, Saint Augustine, FL

Looking for tutor for pre-Algebra for 8th grader. Also needs help with study skills as has ADHD.

Sent by Terrie on 2/26/14

Algebra, Birmingham, AL 35244

Hi Erika, I am in college algebra 100 and need help to pass this core class. If you can find time in your schedule to fit me in and be my tutor so that...

Sent by Michael on 2/26/14

Teas, New Port Richey, FL

Hi Jennifer, I really need help with my TEAS test. I only have maximum of 3 weeks to prepare with 62% and above score. Do you think you can assist me with this exam?

Sent by Esther on 2/26/14

Programming, Birmingham, AL

need a tutor now. are you available today/this evening to help me with an intro to computer science class and do you know javascript

Sent by Allison on 2/26/14

Cpa, Reading, MA

Hello! I'm currently studying for the FAR section of the CPA exam. I have already taken it 3 times with no success. My first attempt I scored a 68 and on...

Sent by Christine on 2/26/14

Algebra And Chemistry, Opelousas, LA

Hi Ms. Judy, We have an 11th grade daughter in dire need of assistance In Algebra and Chemistry. Please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Sent by Sonja on 2/26/14

My Kindergartener, Rocky Mount, NC

Hi my daughter is in Kindergarten this year...She's not doing so well she's not comprehending what the teacher is teaching. I try working with her but her mind is...

Sent by Tequila on 2/26/14

Ged, Topeka, KS

Hi, my name is D.. I would love it if you can help me get my math donw packed,, please need you help call or texts me @ (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Diego on 2/26/14

Spanish, Chapel Hill, NC

I am a full time student at Durham Tech Community College. I am looking for a Spanish tutor that can help me with my reading and writing in Spanish.

Sent by Jesse on 2/26/14

Organic Chemistry, Baltimore, MD

Hi. We live in Harbor East. My daughter needs help with chemistry. K. W.

Sent by Kim on 2/26/14

Algebra, East Stroudsburg, PA

Hi Connie, I'm looking for a tutor for my 10th grader. He is is doing Algebra 2 and I wonder if you can help me, to help him. He's a great kid, I don't want him...

Sent by Lizandra on 2/26/14

Math, Jacksonville, NC

Looking for a tutor for my nine year old son who is the fourth grade. He is struggling with math and I am seeking someone who can come to my home on either Friday's...

Sent by Dwrena on 2/26/14

Home Schooling, Ellenville, NY

Hi Jessica, I am looking to possibly get some help for my son, Tyler. He is currently in 10th grade. He has always been a good student, but recently his grades have...

Sent by Sarah on 2/26/14

Spanish, Sioux Falls, SD

Looking for a tutor for my 8 year old granddaughter - she goes to rosa parks in sioux falls, 2nd grade,struggling with it, she needs assistance with reading and math...

Sent by Barbara on 2/26/14

Algebra, Prairieville, LA

Hi Lauren - I am looking for a tutor for my son, he is 17 and struggles with Algebra - last year he struggled with Algebra I and this year Algebra II -- he also...

Sent by Becky on 2/26/14

Reading, Wylie, TX

Good morning, We are looking for a tutor for our daughter to come to our home and help her with reading. She is currently several grade levels behind so...

Sent by Shannon on 2/26/14

Math, Manahawkin, NJ

Hello, I would like to speak with you to discuss tutoring services for my two daughters ages 10 and 6. I have been homeschooling for 4 years now and needs some...

Sent by Dana on 2/26/14

Math, Cleveland, OH

Hello I hope your doing well this morning. I need math tutoring for a take home test. I need to solve my problems and I need help ASAP. Preferably today before noon.

Sent by Mansour on 2/26/14

Algebra, Talladega, AL

Hi. I have a daughter in 9th grade who has always been a great student but began having problems with algebra this year. Now she is so frustrated that all of her...

Sent by Angela on 2/26/14

Geometry, Granite Bay, CA

Hello Mr./Mrs. Vishnupriya. My son is having difficulty with Geometry and is going to be starting an algebra (night class) to be able to graduate in May.

Sent by Stacia on 2/26/14

C++, Irvine, CA

Hey Fereidoun, This is kind of short notice but I'm working on creating a hashmap in C++ using an ArrayList of linked lists and the program is due this Friday.

Sent by Jonathan on 2/26/14

Math, Stuart, FL

Ms. Melissa, I have high school student that is struggling in algebra. She is also in track and wt lifting. Looking forward to hearing from you, C. P.

Sent by Carolyn on 2/25/14

Hydraulic Engineering, Tucson, AZ

hello, i am looking for a help with hydraulic engineering since i am taking the course this semester. what i need more is helping with homeworks and explaining...

Sent by Laila on 2/25/14

Java, Rosemead, CA

Hi Vivek, I need help with my Java project and it's due Thursday evening. Do you have anytime before that? Thank you, J.

Sent by Justin on 2/25/14

Vector Calculus, Austin, TX

Hey Brent, I'm C.. I'm currently taking M 427L (v cal) with Bart Goddard and was hoping you could help. We just had our first exam and I was surprised at how poorly...

Sent by Cody on 2/25/14

Act, Chattanooga, TN

I AM interested in you tutoring my son hays for the act test

Sent by Richard on 2/25/14

Financial Modeling, Brooklyn, NY

Hi: I need help with financial modeling using Excel's Go Seek and Solver; I'm a senior at Brooklyn College. If you can help, email me. J.

Sent by James on 2/25/14

Organic Chemistry, Long Island, NY

I am a struggling Organic Chemistry major. Not pre med. I need someone to break it down slowly. I am a dietetics major, the professor I have goes way too fast.

Sent by Melissa on 2/25/14

Algebra, New Smyrna Beach, FL

Hi, I have a 15 year old son who attends NSBHS. He is already in a Algebra 1A class, and failed first sememster and is retaking it in odessey to recover his credit.

Sent by Lisa on 2/25/14

Law, Virginia Beach, VA

Hi, I am looking trademark tutor. Can you do it. Regards

Sent by Mohammed on 2/25/14

Asvab, Sneads Ferry, NC

Hello, Do you tutor for the asvab test? if so please email me back as i'm interested in some math classes. thank you in advance

Sent by Jose on 2/25/14

Sat I, Locust Grove, GA

Ashley, I have a 16 year old daughter that could use some SAT tutoring over a few Saturdays. How many hours do you typically recommend for this type of tutoring?

Sent by Ernie on 2/25/14

Pre Calculus, Trabuco Canyon, CA

My daughter is a junior at Tesoro High School, she needs help in pre calculus and Spanish 3. Are you available and how soon? We live near Tesoro high school.

Sent by Dawn on 2/25/14

Math, Watertown, CT

I am looking for a math tutor for two of my high school daughters. One is preparing for the SAT-Math and the other is currently in Algebra 2. We live in Watertown. J.

Sent by Johanna on 2/25/14

Add Adhd, Tuscaloosa, AL

I have a kindergarten son that is adhd and he need help on his reading and math.only about 2hours a day and 2days a week

Sent by Jamierlyn on 2/25/14

Computer Science C++, Murfreesboro, TN

Contact me at (phone number available after purchase). I need tutoring in CS. Thanks

Sent by Sachin on 2/25/14

Algebra 2, Beachwood, OH

Are you avail tonight to tutor HS junior in Algebra 2? Way behind....

Sent by Marilyn on 2/25/14

Voice, Clovis, CA

Hi I am interested in vocal lessons!my number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Vlad on 2/25/14

Spanish, Warren, MI

Hello, my name is R. and I am hoping to major in Spanish. However, I took some time off from the language and now I'm struggling and would really like some help for...

Sent by Renee on 2/25/14

Statistics, Nashville, TN

I am a Nursing student and need serious help with Statitics. I JUST not getting it

Sent by Roger on 2/25/14

Gmat, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Hey Doug, I am taking the GMAT on March 28 and really need a lot of help in my Quant section with strategy and converting word problems to equations.

Sent by Pat on 2/25/14

English Math And English, Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Good afternoon, I am inquiring about your tutoring. My son has ADD & ADHD. He is currently in 8th grade and struggles with English/comprehension, and math.

Sent by Maryann on 2/25/14

Algebra, Little Elm, TX

Hi Mary, I have a 5th grader who needs help in Math and a 9th grader who needs help in Algebra. Are you available to tutor both? Thanks.

Sent by Angela on 2/25/14

Mac Computer, Everett, WA

Looking for a MAC and gen computer tutor, ongoing. For fun loving member with autiS.m. PlS. let me know how beS.t to diS.cuS.S.. Tutoring would be in Everett or can diS.

Sent by Barb on 2/25/14

Visual Basic, Horseheads, NY

Patrick, I need help in having my VBA macro be able to read and excel worksheet and copy data over to a word template using bookmarks.

Sent by Nicholas on 2/25/14

Organic Chemistry, Floral Park, NY

Hi my name is A. i am adult student in nassau community college .i am taking organic chemistry i am finding diffcult to remeber .

Sent by Anita on 2/25/14

Accounting, Murrieta, CA

I am in a Managerial Accounting class for my Bachelors in Business Administration and I really need someone who can help me through the class. I live in Murrieta.

Sent by John on 2/25/14

Numerical Analysis, Baltimore, MD

Hi Darrin I'm a grad student , I need help in numerical analysis The text book is ( numerical analysis by Kincaid and Cheney )

Sent by Afnan on 2/25/14

Math, Parker, CO 80138

Hi Victoria, I'm looking for help for my son. He is suffering terribly academically and I'm worried about his confidence and self esteem.

Sent by Brian on 2/25/14

Css Style Sheet, Raleigh, NC

I need a tutor for my college age daughter who is struggling with the Chicago Style Writng Format.

Sent by Margaret on 2/25/14

Adobe Photoshop, Santa Monica, CA

Hi Ron, I am looking for a photo shop web design teacher for my 14 year old son. He attends New Roads high school in Santa monica. This is where the class will be held.

Sent by Arlene on 2/25/14

4th NYS Test Prep, Bayside, NY

Hi Kathleen, Im looking for a tutor for my 4th grader to help him prepare for the upcoming NYS test. We live in bayside, please contact me at (phone number available...

Sent by Juan on 2/25/14

Math/ CRCT Prep, Lithonia, GA

Hello, I am in need of a tutor for my 5th grader who is in desperate need of help with Math to prepare her for the CRCT.

Sent by Reka on 2/25/14

Esl, Thousand Oaks, CA

I am looking for a tutor for advanced ESL classes, and communication skills, please respond with ur contact# ASAP

Sent by Kavitha on 2/24/14

Algebra, Flagstaff, AZ

My daughter is a senior at Primavera Online high school. She is in an Algebra 2B concepts class and needs a tutor. She would need someone a couple days a week...

Sent by Jane on 2/24/14

Pre-algebra, Meridian, MS

Dear mrs. Amber, my parent told me that they were going to get me a tutor and the didn't. I need one because I am the starting pitcher for the clarkdale bulldogs.

Sent by Ethan on 2/24/14

Chemistry (general), Athens, GA

Hey Megan, I am looking for a tutor for the rest of the semester for chemistry 2 and I hope we can work something out. I would really appreciate it. Thanks

Sent by Bhargav on 2/24/14

Math, Bellevue, WA

Hi, I'm B.. please give me your email. thanks.

Sent by Bill on 2/24/14

Math, Antioch, CA

Hi Janice,I'm looking for a math tutor for (3) of my children,obviously at different times.12th grader,9th grader and 6th grader we are flexible on the time.

Sent by Lisa on 2/24/14

Powerpoint, Thousand Oaks, CA

Hello William I am looking to develop skills with both microsoft powerpoint and excel. Need to first learn powerpoint. I live in Oak Park off Lindero Canyon Rd.

Sent by Rich on 2/24/14

Autism, Dallas, TX

I have a son in the 9th grade with Aspergers, that needs help in Algerbra. He is just not getting it. I need to find help for him if you can e-mail me or call me...

Sent by Anthony on 2/24/14

Business Accounting, Columbia, SC

Hi, my name is D. and I am a business student at USC and am having difficulty with management science 291 and accounting 226 and am looking for a tutor.

Sent by Danielle on 2/24/14

Chemistry, Western Springs, IL

Hi David, I'm looking for a tutor for my high school junior who is taking honors chemistry at Benet Academy. We live in western Springs.

Sent by Ann on 2/24/14

Series 65 Help, Philadelphia, PA 19109

Mike, Just missed passing the 65 with a 69%. Tough test. Wanted to see your availability to review material with me and maybe get a better game plan. Thanks

Sent by Tom on 2/24/14

English, San Juan, Pr

I need help with my 8th son with the 3rd book Fire thief Fights Back As soon as possible he is an excellent student with some English difficulties

Sent by Madelyn on 2/24/14

EMCH 210 Tutoring, State College, PA

Hello Erik, did you take Emch210 at psu? Statics and strength of materials. if yes, plz text me at (phone number available after purchase). thanks

Sent by Abdullah on 2/24/14

Algebra, Cranberry Township, PA

Hi Courtney! I am looking for an Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 tutor for my 16 yr old daughter and 14 yr old son. I would like someone who is willing to come to my home...

Sent by Wendy on 2/24/14

Quicken, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Hi. I have the basics of Quicken down; what I'm really after is some trouble shooting such as why Q won't download 3 of 4 accounts from my bank, and Q says also one...

Sent by Ed on 2/24/14

Adobe Photoshop, Santa Rosa, CA

I am taking beginning Digital Photography at S.R.J.C. I love photography not comfortable with the computer. Would like to have someone walk me thru with my projects.

Sent by Kira on 2/24/14

Need Tutor, Eaton, OH

hi sarah we r looking a tutor for my nephew who is in first grade in east elementry school in eaton would u be able to help him he is having trouble in school is s...

Sent by Paul on 2/24/14

English, Denham Springs, LA

Looking for my son a tutor. Hes in 6 grade. He struggles in english and reading. Im located in watson/ denham area. Call me if interested (phone number available...

Sent by Dale on 2/24/14

Algebra, Grant, MI

My son needs help with pre algebra

Sent by Dave on 2/24/14

Accounting And Financial Math, Lynchburg, VA

Someone sent me your info from craigslist. Im looking for a tutor with help in accounting and financial math. I would like to meet once a week at home if possible.

Sent by Kevin on 2/24/14

microeconomics, Hanover, NH

Erica, Do you tutor Dartmouth students in Microeconomics? I am looking for a tutor for our daughter Kendall and she is struggling in Microeconomics. Microeconomics

Sent by Susan on 2/24/14

Swahili, New York, NY

Hi Omare, I am interested in being tutored in Swahili. Are you completely fluent? I have a lot going on in the next couple of weeks but would likely start...

Sent by Alex on 2/24/14

Multivariable Multivariate Calculus Tutor, Poway, CA

Are you available to help my son with multivariable calculus (Calc III)? He has gotten himself behind and needs help to catch up.

Sent by Tom on 2/24/14

All, Winter Haven, FL

Hello - We live in eloise point estates and I'd like to get a couple hours per week tutoring for my freshman (HS). (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jim on 2/24/14

Geometry, Albany, GA

My son is a student at Lee County High. He is presently taking analytical geometry. Is this something you could help him with?

Sent by Amy on 2/24/14

Real Estate, Boca Raton, FL

please call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Joni on 2/24/14

Reading Tutor, North Port, FL

Hello Janette. I am interested in getting some tutoring services for my 3 granddaughters that live with me. They all mainly need reading and math.

Sent by Tina on 2/24/14

Math, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Hi Terri, I am contacting you for my daughter, Nicole. She has her undergraduate and graduate degree in Phys, Ed, Helath and Special Ed.

Sent by Teresa on 2/24/14

Kindergarten, Roanoke, TX

My son needs early learning tutoring

Sent by Simon on 2/24/14

Microsoft Word, Ann Arbor, MI

I live by Liberty and Zeeb. Need help with formatting and blending revisions into one novel. Microsoft word and Acrobat. Need two hours of instruction.

Sent by Al on 2/24/14

College Algebra, Mcdonough, GA

I attend Southern Crescent and taking College Algebra online. I need Help!

Sent by Kathryn on 2/24/14

Reading, Gaithersburg, MD

Reading and comprehension for my daughter. Thank you

Sent by Valerie on 2/24/14

College Algebra, Milledgeville, GA

Hello, I am currently taking college algebra online and I really need a tutor. If you can help me please let me know asap. Thanks

Sent by Valisha on 2/24/14

Nclex Rn, Seattle, WA

Hi Jenny! I'm curious to see if you are still doing NCLEX-RN tutoring? Also curious to how many NCLEX students you have tutored? Thank you! R. B.

Sent by Renae on 2/23/14

Math, Miami, FL

Hi,I was wondering if you could tutor me in math. I am trying to pass the math portion of the FTCE. Please if you could help me that would be great.

Sent by Patricia on 2/23/14

Statistics, Las Cruces, NM

Dear Monica, My name is M. and I am a freshman at NMSU. I am taking Statistics for Business and the Behavioral Sciences (STAT 251) and am struggling to understand...

Sent by Miguel on 2/23/14

Cpa, Chicago, IL

Hi Vipra, I hope you're doing well. My name is V. and I came across your profile interested in your help. I am currently studying for the CPA Exam...

Sent by Vishal on 2/23/14

Geometry, Redmond, WA

My 9th grade daughter needs immediate help in Geometry at least once per week, though twice would be ideal. We live by Grasslawn Park.

Sent by Krista on 2/23/14

Essay Writing, Midland.TX

Good afternoon Mr.Bryan,We are looking for an Enlesh teacher who can help my child who is taking AP English and is in 11 th grade.Thank you.

Sent by Juliet on 2/23/14

Adobe Photoshop, Lubbock, TX

Karen, I am needing to be tutored in photoshop. I was wondering if you were free tomorrow?

Sent by Lindsey on 2/23/14

Physics, Stamford, CT 06905

Hi Zaki, my Calculus Based Physics II professor just poset a take home assigment due on tuesday. I believe it is extra credit since on tuesday is our first exam.

Sent by Juan on 2/23/14

Geometry, Los Angeles, CA 90034

Carrie, My son is a freshman honors student. He is in honors geometry and really struggling with this class. We have used tutors to help him to no avail...

Sent by Howard on 2/23/14

Elementary, Fort Walton Beach, FL

hello!!! im looking for someone to help my 7 years old.. because shes on possibility of retention.. (email available after purchase)

Sent by Joseph on 2/23/14

C# online, Nashville,TN 37208

Charles, I am working on a project and am stumped. I have a c# project that has checkboxlists I am having trouble populating. If I send you a copy of the .

Sent by Cie on 2/22/14

Statistics, Dulles, VA 20101

Hi Neha I have a statistics problem which I need your help. I am alright with the fees. Just email me and we can conserve via email.

Sent by Mike on 2/22/14

Dmv Exam, San Jose, CA

Hi Karen, My Mom needs help studying for a written DMV exam. We would be interested in possibly 3x's / wk for an hour each session. Please advise when you could start.

Sent by Lesley on 2/22/14

Nclex Rn, Richmond, VA

Hi Hannah! I previously graduated from nursing school in May 2013. I have taken the NCLEX-RN three times unsuccessfully and I could really use some help...

Sent by Ariel on 2/22/14

Chemistry, Orlando, FL

Hello I currently go to Valencia and need help with my chemistry class. My phone number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Denise on 2/22/14

Biophysics, Baltimore, MD

Hi Amanda, I was wondering if you are available soon. I also wanted to know if you tutor long distance (via Skype or phone). I can pay via paypal.

Sent by Peter on 2/22/14

Science, Grand Prairie, TX

my daughter is failing science and would like to find her a tutor. I have a 3/2 schedule. one wk I'm off Mon./Tue./Fri. and the other wk I'm off Wed./Thur.

Sent by Robert on 2/22/14

Chemistry, Akron, OH

Hi, i am lookinG. for a tutor to help my dauG.hter with her chemistry. We would like help tomorrow if possible. The unit she needs help on is G.as laws.

Sent by Wendy on 2/22/14

Math, Prescott Valley, AZ

I NEED A TUTOR FOR MY daughter in math mostly

Sent by Amanda on 2/22/14

Algebra, Huntsville, TX

I am looking for a tutor for Algebra I. I am a student at SHSU and need someone who can make it easy to understand. I failed my first exam also.

Sent by Natalie on 2/22/14

Computer Programming, Fresno, CA

Hi. I am looking for a tutor for my daughter. She is taking a class at FCC ...C++ and needs some help. My number is (phone number available after purchase) Thank you

Sent by Connie on 2/22/14

Information Technology, Springfield, VA

Hello Sameer, I am a college student and i am taking a software testing class. I got a paper due next week about test case/senario documentation.

Sent by Mohannad on 2/22/14

Economics, Sacramento, CA

Hi, looking for economics tutoring for my son who is a freshman at University Nevada Reno. Tutoring would be the week of March 17-21 when he is home on spring break.

Sent by Joe on 2/22/14

English, Lubbock, TX

I am a visiting assistant Professor at TTU, and originally from Spain. I need help to develop and improve my speaking and writing abilities.

Sent by Maria on 2/22/14

Economics, Atlanta, GA

Enrolled in Graduate Economics program online, from Georgia Southern University. Struggling with some of the math in my Micro Economics class as it has been some...

Sent by Paul on 2/22/14

Essay Writing, Dayton, OH

Hello katherine i do have an assignment to write an essay for a philosophy class so can you do it for me?

Sent by Jumanah on 2/22/14

Economics, Provo, UT 84606

Looking for an Economics tutor that can come to my home twice a week. $18 (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Claudia on 2/22/14

Praxis, Duluth, GA

What about the praxis 2 physics are you doing tutoring for that? If so please call me @ (phone number available after purchase) I'm a 59 year young gal...

Sent by Pam on 2/22/14

Act Prep Class, Westchester, IL

Hi Margaret, My daughter is a junior at Trinity High School and we are looking for a private tutor to get her ready for the next ACT test in April.

Sent by Martina on 2/22/14

Violin, Edgewater, NJ

Hi Tessa, We are looking for someone to help our son (age 7) with violin practice. He goes to lessons twice a week and he needs a tutor to help him practice on...

Sent by Giovanni on 2/22/14

Elementary, Glen Burnie, MD

Hello! my name is C. and i am interested in a tutor for my 7 year old son who attends 1st grade at Glen Burnie Park he is having trouble reading and writing!

Sent by Christian on 2/22/14

Japanese, Ridgecrest, CA

I would be interested to speak to you more about your experience in japan because I am look for a language tutor in Japanese. I can be reached at this email.

Sent by Paul on 2/22/14

Japanese, Ridgecrest, CA

I would like to know how much of the Japanese language you learned.

Sent by Mikey on 2/22/14

English, Canton, MI

I am looking for an English teacher for my daughter who is in sixth grade. Please contact me if you are interested.

Sent by Anjali on 2/21/14

Information Systems, Reynoldsburg, OH

Hello Bernard- My name is A.. I was impressed with your multifaceted array of skill-set that you have listed. I would like to ask you if you were here in Columbus...

Sent by Autrey on 2/21/14

English, Madison Heights, MI

greetings, I am an international student. I am taking English as a second language classes. I need a tutore for 2 hours daily even during the weekend.

Sent by Abdul on 2/21/14

Test Prep Tutor, Massapequa, NY 11780

i need help!! i have to take my teas test next sat and i am having trouble with the math portion the most!

Sent by Michelle on 2/21/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Algebra 2, Winter Park, Fl

Elana my two boys need your help. They're both high school students and can be a bit lazy but just needs that extra help. We live in Winter Park please let me know...

Sent by Obassi on 2/21/14

Nursing, Plainview, NY

I am a senior nursing student at Molloy College. I am looking for a tutor in critical care which is known as NUR 409. I live in Plainview.

Sent by Scott on 2/21/14

Math, Channahon, IL

I am looking for someone to help me child with Math, science, social studies and reading. He is in 6th grade. Always made honor roll and this year is failing everything.

Sent by Kristy on 2/21/14

Geometry, Covington LA

I saw that you are a geometry tutor. I live in alabama but visiting my mom in covington this weekend. My 16 year old daughter needs help with her geometry this...

Sent by Jody on 2/21/14

Anatomy And Physiology, Maryville, TN

I have a daughter who is first year student at Pellissippi St who is really struggling with Biology 1 Anat & Phys. Would like to talk with you about tutoring.

Sent by Wes on 2/21/14

Accounting, Grand Forks, ND

I need tutoring in managerial accounting. And I need assistance asap. I have an assignment due Sunday, and thought I could lean on coworkers in finance but they were...

Sent by Rosalyn on 2/21/14

Anatomy, Indianapolis, IN

HI, I am a freshman in college and I need help with anatomy ASAP. My location is IUPUI housing. Call me for more information.

Sent by Shenia on 2/21/14

Math, Folsom, CA

i will pay 23$ because the distance is 16 miles r u ok with that?

Sent by Ravneet on 2/21/14

Asvab, Mesa, AZ

Hi Stephanie, my son has taken the ASVAB 3 times and failed it. He has 6 months before he can retake it and we need to get him some help!

Sent by Tammy on 2/21/14

Algebra, Spring Hill, TN

My daughter is a freshman in high school. She has been diagnosed previously with ADHD and she struggles terribly in Algebra 1. We live in Spring Hill and are not...

Sent by Krista on 2/21/14

History, Saint George, UT

Freshman at Dixie state - History - American Civilization

Sent by Carla on 2/21/14

Home Schooling, Miami, FL

Dear Dr. Robers, if possible, i would like to meet/tA.k to you about Econometric tutoring. I am A.so interested in learning from your experience in Investment.

Sent by Al on 2/21/14

Neuroscience, Pasadena, CA

Sharis, Hi! I'm a senior at USC taking a basic level neuroscience class. Thus far we've covered neuron structure/function and synapses.

Sent by Leonard on 2/21/14

Spanish, North Hollywood, CA 91605

Hi Caitlin. I am seeking a tutor for my 10th gr son for Spanish 2, anD. test/stuD.y skills. We are in N. HwD. also.

Sent by Barbara on 2/21/14

Algebra, Mount Holly, NJ

Hello M., Currently a student going to Camden County College and I need tutoring in Elementary Algebra. Please contact me if available. Thank you!

Sent by Melissa on 2/21/14

Usmle Step 2 CK, Chicago, IL 60618

Hello Dr. Kassam I am contacting you regarding the USMLE Step 2 CK examination. I will be taking in a few months time and am looking for some help in attaining...

Sent by Jon on 2/21/14

Math, Knoxville, TN

Hi Robert My son needs a tutor for Pre-algebra. He is an 8th grader at a local private school. Thanks L. D.

Sent by Lisa on 2/21/14

Math, Hood River, OR

Hi Caitlin, I am looking for some Math tutoring. Specifically I want to test out of Math 65 at the college here. I am at the Math 20 level right now and have simply...

Sent by Lara on 2/21/14

Powerpoint, Troy, MO

Looking to learn PowerPoint. Office (phone number available after purchase) Mary is my wife who will answer or my cell (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Tim on 2/21/14

C#, Garner, NC

Hi I'm looking for a tutor in c# or c++. Can you please call me at (phone number available after purchase) or email me at M.knepley@gmail.

Sent by Meka on 2/21/14

Economics Econometrics, Easton, PA

My son Ryan is an economics major at Lafayette College in Easton, Pa. He is looking for a tutor/advisor especially for econometrics.

Sent by Birgit on 2/21/14

Spanish (basics), Tomball, TX

My son has Spanish 2 online classes

Sent by Carmen on 2/21/14

Adobe Photoshop, Daytona Beach, FL

Hello. I have been searching for someone to help me one on one with many of the aspects of photo/image capture, editing, and printing.

Sent by Phoebe on 2/21/14

Calculus Chemistry Physics, Savannah, GA

I need help. I am behind. I have tests in chemistry and physic online that I have to take by Saturday night. I need someone to work thru the test with me.

Sent by Thomas on 2/21/14

Geometry, Claremore, OK

We need a tutor for 10th grade Geometry. Son attends Claremore High School.

Sent by Sherri on 2/21/14

Computer Science, Encinitas, CA

Hey Cody, my name is A. R. and am enrolled in Computer Science A at my high school, La Costa Canyon. I'm looking for help in Java and was wondering if you could...

Sent by Alec on 2/21/14

Dyslexia, Lexington, KY

Looking for a dyslexia/reading teacher/tutor for my 4th grade. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Julianna on 2/20/14

Trig, Wichita Falls, TX

Hi don't understand the other site. I figured I would pay in cash. I'm only here for 3 more weeks. Email (email available after purchase) Phone (phone number...

Sent by Anthony on 2/20/14

Asvab, Salt Lake City, UT

Hello William - My son, Braedon, is in need of a tutor to help him pass he ASVAB. Specifically, he struggles with the math portion of the test.

Sent by Jennifer on 2/20/14

Algebra 1, Palm Coast, FL

I am looking for a tutor for my son in ALgerbra 1. Please contact me for more information. Thank you C.

Sent by Carie on 2/20/14

Calculus, Charlotte, NC 28214

Hello Miss Kendra, I am impressed by your qualifications and would like to ask you a few questions in order to determine whether we would be a good fit. 1.

Sent by Mak on 2/20/14

Algebra Tutor, Stafford, TX

Dear Mr. Alk, I need some help in algebra 1. I go to a Harmony Public schools. I was wondering if you can help me with some algebra. I live next to Present street.

Sent by Joel on 2/20/14

Algebra 1, Mcdonough, GA

I am looking for a tutor to assist me with an online class - Intermediate Algebra.

Sent by Patricia on 2/20/14

Act, Hahnville, LA

Hello, I am interested in being tutored for the ACT test.

Sent by Talaysha on 2/20/14

Business Management, Kingston, NY

I'm working on completing my MBA at California Coast University. I'm (3) classes away from graduation but need help. The book I'm working on presently id Strategic...

Sent by Nidia on 2/20/14

Earth Science, South Windsor, CT

Hi Mrs. Foley, Do you have any expertise in 9th Grade Earth Science? (SWHS curriculum) My son needs to make up midterms and try to keep up on content...

Sent by Carole on 2/20/14

Psychology, Los Angeles, CA

I have a Psychology Research Paper that wants to check for grammar and content ASAP.

Sent by Kendrew on 2/20/14

Algebra 2, Saint Johns, FL

Hello(: I need someone to help my daughter with her algebra 2 course ASAP. Please call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Deborah on 2/20/14

Css, Elma, NY

Hello there, I am a senior in Graphic Design at Villa Maria College, and I am sooo lost in my advanced web design class, I can't seem to understand CSS at all.

Sent by Julee on 2/20/14

Cpa, Chicago, IL

I am preparing for CPA exam and right now i am preparing Financial accounting so i am looking for a tutor for whole course.

Sent by Anupreet on 2/20/14

Spanish, Gainesville, VA

My daughter is in 9th grade and is struggling with Spanish. She has a C for her 1st semester. Please contact me. Thank you.

Sent by Joyce on 2/20/14

Calculus, Oxford, MS

i need help with calculus

Sent by Taylor on 2/20/14

Geometry, Valdosta, GA

I need help on eoct geometry asap my test will be on march 3 so ill pay u in advance if your willing to help just email me and ya im trying to get a 85 on it

Sent by Roshni on 2/20/14

Drawing, Brooklyn, NY

I'm looking for someone to teach my daughter drawing. Please reply me back. Thanks Y.

Sent by Yan on 2/20/14

Autism, Dallas, TX

Hello Miss Rian, my son is home schooled he is 13 years old with Autism if you can work with him please contact me I live in Richardson area. Thanks Y.

Sent by Yobi on 2/20/14

Elementary Math, Schererville, IN

Good Morning Kay, I'm looking for a tutor than can help my 10 yr old daughter with problem solving, critical thinking and overall study skills.

Sent by Erin on 2/20/14

Calculus, Oxford, OH 45011

Looking for a tutor for a college student taking calculus. Please let me know if you are available for a call. The student is in Oxford at Miami U.

Sent by Sharon on 2/20/14

Ap Calculus, Fairfax, VA

Hi Eddy, Our home system experienced issues and I lost all of my contacts. I was reaching out to see if you had any availability on Tuesday, 2/25 to further help...

Sent by Elizabeth on 2/20/14

Mandarin, Wilmette, IL

Hello Quinhui! My son is in his second year of Mandarin here in Wilmette at Highcrest Middle School. He and I are going to China this summer and need...

Sent by Beth on 2/20/14

English, Smithville, MO

Susan, My son is in 10th grade and is requesting help. He is great at writing and literature. He is struggling with grammar worksheets and is required...

Sent by Diana on 2/20/14

Elementary, Tyler, TX

Hello, I'm possibly looking for a tutor for my daughter. She is in first grade and is doing ok, but I feel she should be doing better.

Sent by Jason on 2/20/14

Accounting, Queens, NY

hi please contact me (phone number available after purchase) iam looking for accounting advice asap

Sent by Esmeralda on 2/20/14

Chemistry, Lancaster, CA

Hi, I am currently looking for a tutor to help my high schooler in chemistry. Please let me know if you are available

Sent by Jackson on 2/20/14

Linux, San Antonio, TX

What experience do you have with linux?

Sent by Jason on 2/19/14

Algebra, Rocklin, CA

I am interested in having daughter get up to speed on Algebra 2. She behind due to moving to Rocklin 2 weeks ago. She excellence student and does very in all classes.

Sent by Terri on 2/19/14

Algebra, Kailua, HI

Hi! Looking for someone to help my almost 14 year old daughter with Algebra I. Would like to be at our house. Let me know if you think you can help us. Thank you!

Sent by Leila on 2/19/14

Geology, Washington, DC

Hi Elizabeth! I am a student at George Washington University and I am in need of a geology tutor ASAP! Please contact me if you are interested! Thank you!

Sent by Laura on 2/19/14

Act Tutor, Valley Stream, NY

Seeking tutor for my son to prep for ACT. 17 yr old Junior w/ADD

Sent by Judy on 2/19/14

Geometry, Visalia, CA

I was looking for someone to get my daughter ready for S.A.T

Sent by Shamaka on 2/19/14

Algebra 1, Windermere, FL

hi my son needs toutoring in algebra 1 honors.... can you contact me with info on when you can tutor

Sent by Louise on 2/19/14

Spanish And Math, Eau Claire, WI

We have 2 middle school children who we would like tutored.

Sent by Brian on 2/19/14

Finance Tutor With Excel, Alameda, CA 94501

I am taking finance classes in an mba program, I am looking for a tutor that can work on line to help with selected home work assignments, such as weighted cost of...

Sent by Lucienne on 2/19/14

Math, Lithia Springs, GA

Need a math tutor for my son who is in the 6th grade.

Sent by Cynthia on 2/19/14

Algebra, Missouri City, TX

I really need help in College Algebra. I am completely lost , it is still technically the beginning of the semester. Also negotiable hourly rate. I can afford 25-30$.

Sent by Sesarena on 2/19/14

Math 2nd Grade, Spring Lake, NC

My son is having problem with math, he is in 2 nd grade. I would like to know if you can help him. we live in spring lake. Thanks. K.

Sent by Karen on 2/19/14

Algebra 2, Buckeye, AZ

Looking for some help for my daughter who is struggling with algebra 2. She has Tuesday, Thursday open after school. Would like to see if you are abvailable for consult.

Sent by Rafael on 2/19/14

Algebra, Denver, CO

Hi Jennifer, Looking for a tutor for my daughter. She needs some help in algebra(8th grade). If your still tutoring please let me know! Thank you C.

Sent by Chanin on 2/19/14

Algebra, Beckley, WV

I am in need of a tutor to assist my 15 year old daughter in Algebra 2. She is having some difficulty understanding it and is currently in failing the class.

Sent by Robert on 2/19/14

English, Spartanburg, SC

Hello! I see that you are specialize in English conposition, I would like to get some help in improving my writing. Please contact me back , thanks

Sent by Stephanie on 2/19/14

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Hi, Ravindra Can you ,please give me a little bit more information about your tutoring strategy and how is each session look like? Thanks

Sent by Natasha on 2/19/14

Macintosh Software, Napa

Looking to get tutor for my mom just for her iPhone 5 and loading audiobooks/apps through iTunes, using waze app, google maps, gmail as well.

Sent by Ehren on 2/19/14

Microsoft Excel, Santa Cruz, CA

I am taking ms excel class at Cabrillo - took intro to excel last semester and this semester I am taking excel and finding the teacher ineffective and I want to take...

Sent by Sharol on 2/19/14

Public Speaking, Los Angeles, CA

Hello, Interested to hire you for a communication business class, Public speaking. Please email me back. I live in Glendale, CA. Thank you

Sent by Zeiad on 2/19/14

Algebra, Little Elm, TX

Hi Michael, I am looking for a tutor for my 9th and 5th grader in Algebra and elementary math. We live in Little Elm off of 380 and Navo. Thanks.

Sent by Angela on 2/19/14

Writing, Hattiesburg, MS

need help now please call

Sent by Louise on 2/19/14

Finance, New York, NY 10013

Hi Alex, I am looking for a Finance tutor for my daughter who is based in Manhattan. She is taking Foundations in Finance and needs help with the course.

Sent by Judy on 2/19/14

Statistics, Fort Bragg, NC

Please help me in statistics!

Sent by Andres on 2/19/14

Algebra, Northridge, CA

HELLO, IM S. AND I HAVE BEEN OUT OF school for about 12 DAYS DUE TO AN intolerable headache. I NEED HELP WITH algebra 1. I LIVE IN northridge by nordhoff and petit.

Sent by Sarah on 2/19/14

Math-Other, Tomball, TX

Hi I am looking for a tutor for my son in various subject, mostly math and test prep... he has stars test any day now and I was hoping to get his started with...

Sent by Janel on 2/19/14

Oat, Long Island, NY

I am looking for a tutor for my son. He is taking the OAT (admission into Optometry school in May. Can you tutor for this test. Mostly Physics and Organic Chemistry...

Sent by Emily on 2/19/14

Precalculus, New Cumberland, PA

My son is struggling in precalculus and has fallen quite behind. Senior in HS, likes the sciences but his difficulties with math concepts has robbed him of...

Sent by Ana on 2/19/14

Physics, Morrisville, PA

Hi, I am looking for a physics tutor for my daughter. She is a junior in high school.

Sent by Mehmood on 2/19/14

Algebra, Westminster, MD

Hi Alec-are you still interested in tutoring? My son is in Algebra 1 and is having problems understanding it We could come to you or you could come here (phone...

Sent by Melanie on 2/19/14

English, Tampa, FL

Hi Joanna, I am looking for some one to help my son prepare for AP English Literature. I cannot afford 30.00 dollars an hour is your price negotiable.

Sent by Syeda on 2/19/14

Reading, Dinwiddie, VA

Hi, hope your doing well, we have son in kindergarten , he goes to st Joseph's in pet,va ,my husband and I work late shifts so it's hard to get reading...

Sent by Carla on 2/19/14

Accounting, Cookeville, TN

Hello, I am a student at TTU . My major is finance and I have class that talks about fundamental of management financial but I do not understand from my teacher...

Sent by Abdullah on 2/19/14

Writing, Victorville, CA

Hello I am looking for a writing tutor. I am taking courses and University if La Verne in Victorville. I just need help assebling this final paper and assembling it...

Sent by Brian on 2/19/14

Economics, Gainesville, FL

Hi my name is M. D. and i need help with macro economics i was wondering if you are able to tutor for test and quizzes

Sent by Marissa on 2/18/14

Asvab, Queens, NY

Hello Mr Marc my name is Y. and i am looking for an asvab tutor if you are interested please email me back at (email available after purchase) Thank you

Sent by Yana on 2/18/14

Linux, San Antonio, TX

Hi there, I need help with UNIX & LINUX computing. please see the kind of exercises that i need help with and let me know please if your welling to help.

Sent by Salem on 2/18/14

Piano, Albuquerque, NM

I am working with a family with 2 special needs kids - ages 5 and 6. The would like to have piano lessons and Spanish lessons. The live in Rio Rancho.

Sent by Rebecca on 2/18/14

C++, Sun Valley, CA

wanted to see if you can tutor me on the basics of C++.

Sent by Mario on 2/18/14

Numerical Analysis, New York, NY

Hello Scott, My name is J. and I am seeking some assistance in MTH 625 which is the second course in a two semester graduate course in Numerical Analysis.

Sent by Jay on 2/18/14

Thermodynamics, New Haven, CT

I am a clinical endocrinologist interested in quantum vs classical behavior of energy signal transduction and equilibrium thermodynamics.

Sent by Dr.brian.fertig on 2/18/14

Algebra, Ontario, CA

looking for tutor for freshman student Algebra I.. please contact me at (phone number available after purchase). is my cell

Sent by Maricela on 2/18/14

Chemistry, Oxford, OH

Hello, I would like to see if you can tutor my son at Miami University. The course he is having problems with is CHEM 141. o you have experience in this area...

Sent by Janine on 2/18/14

Finance Tutor, Forest Park, IL

I need business finance help I'm a college student...looking for help for the semester and need to start ASAP today/tomorrow/etc.

Sent by Nicolette on 2/18/14

Asvab, Suffolk, VA

U really need tutoring with my asvab math contact my email asap

Sent by Shakira on 2/18/14

SAT Test, Los Alamos, NM 87544

Hello, I am currently a junior at Los Alamos High School. I do well in school and I get good grades. However, I struggle with taking the SAT.

Sent by Alice on 2/18/14

English Grammar, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

I need tutor to improve my commutation skill, can I get your number so I can reach you to get more information about you.

Sent by Ronnie on 2/18/14

Algorithm Analysis, Port Hueneme, CA 93041

Hallo Dirk, I am a student from a German University. I am very much interested in taking classes in Algorithm Theory. I am having doubts in some of the topics.

Sent by Vasu on 2/18/14

Computer Science, La Crescenta, CA

Hi, need some help in my computer science undergrad program. Areas I'm struggling with at the moment include PHP/MySQL and C/Linux OS system calls.

Sent by Joe on 2/17/14

Sat, Elkins Park, PA

Hi Simon My daughter dolly is a junior at Penn Charter. She had very disappointing SAT results from the Jan, 25 ..first time but she had taken a group SAT prep...

Sent by Jane on 2/17/14

Education, Manhattan, KS

hi I'm an international student and I'm studying education I have one subject that I struggling with because of the language. Please reply ASAP

Sent by Nana on 2/17/14

Algebra, Loveland, CO

I have a 15 yr old daughter who is failing algebra 1. I'm not sure how to help her as when I ask she doesn't really say anything.

Sent by Kandis on 2/17/14

Public Speaking, Northridge, CA

Hello Julia, I was wondering if you could tutor me starting tomorrow (the 18th of feb) or if you can today(17th). My speech is on Wednesday.

Sent by Majid on 2/17/14

Cobol, Lees Summit, MO 64086

Hello Mike, I am undergraduate university Student and need help with Cobol Programming I class, This is my first COBOL class and I hate it already.

Sent by Dolly on 2/17/14

Calculus, Visalia, CA

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for Calculus for one to two hours a week in the evening. Would you be able to do that?

Sent by Jessica on 2/17/14

French, Marina, CA

I'd like a French accented (sounding) speaker to do my business voice message/greeting. Here's my cell number, please call ASAP! (phone number available after...

Sent by Dean on 2/17/14

SAT Prep, Macedon, NY

Hello Terri, I'm looking for a tutuor for son for SAT prep. Please let me know if you are interested

Sent by Jenny on 2/17/14

Statistics Tutor, Boulder, CO

Trevor, I am looking for a tutor to help me in a statistics class. I have an exam next week so i need help right away. i am in boulder.

Sent by John on 2/17/14

Home Schooling, Cranston, RI

Hi, I'm looking for someone to help my nephew (in 6th grade) with his homework after school 2-3 days a week. What is your availability?

Sent by Aimee on 2/17/14

Algebra 2, Jacksonville Beach, FL

Hello, I'm looking for an Algebra 2 tutor for my daughter. Please contact me if you are available to tutor this subject.

Sent by Melissa on 2/17/14

Physics, Glen Ellyn, IL

Looking for Physics tutor for my high school daughter, she attends Glenbard West High School in Glen Ellyn, IL.

Sent by Mary on 2/17/14

Trigonometry, Honolulu, HI 96815

My daughter, Serena, is in 11th grade & is "home schooling" (Laurel Springs School), and struggling to complete 11th grade Trig. I'm not capable of helping her...

Sent by Terry on 2/17/14

Math, Belmont, CA

Hi Brooke, I am looking for a math tutor for my homeschooled 7th grade daughter who is currently doing pre-algebra via an online course.

Sent by Corey on 2/17/14

Essay Writing, Round Lake, IL

Need help writing a high school essay asap.

Sent by Patty on 2/17/14

Biology, Fairfield, CA

Hi Alex, I'm wondering if you teach college Intro to Biology? My daughter is really struggling with this and I'm trying to get her some help. Thanks, A.

Sent by Andrea on 2/17/14

Precalculus, Fremont, CA

Hi My daughter is in MSJHS honor precalc class, she would like some private tutoring, wondering if you would be able to help her. Thanks.

Sent by Ting on 2/17/14

Geometry, Grayslake, IL

Hello, My sister is looking for a tutor for her geometry honors class and we're in grayslake. I wonder what times you are available? Thank you

Sent by Lydia on 2/17/14

Chemistry, Pensacola, FL

Hi, I'm looking for some help in chemistry 1 at uwf, please email me

Sent by Anthony on 2/17/14

Nj Ask Science Grade 8, Princeton, NJ

Please contact us for more details. we would like to find out if you can help our child for nj ask science grade 8 and writting / reading as well D.

Sent by Dhaval on 2/17/14

Vector Calculus, Rosharon, TX

Hi, I am looking for an AP Calculus AB help for my 16 yr old son. Please send me your contact information so that we can go over the details. thanks, P.

Sent by Padma on 2/17/14

Geophysics, Winter Park, CO 80482

Sent by Alfa on 2/17/14

Speech, Indiana, PA

Read your ad and am interested in finding someone to work with my first grade son. He is struggling with decoding which is making it difficult for him across the board.

Sent by Patty on 2/17/14

Java, State College, PA

Hi Christina, my name is Bill and I live by the Texas Road House. I think my wife emailed you for me already so I am sorry if this is a double.

Sent by Billy on 2/17/14

Math, Owasso, OK

I have a 12yr old high function autistic son struggling in his 6th grade math in Owasso. Is this something you may be able to work with in tutoring? Thank you.

Sent by Heather on 2/17/14

Chemistry, Stillwater, OK

I need tutoring for chemistry.

Sent by Jaci on 2/17/14

Mcat, Minneapolis, MN

Hi Mohan, My name is S., and I'm a student at St. Catherine University in St. Paul. I am currently preparing to take the MCAT on May 8th by using a Kaplan course...

Sent by Sophie on 2/17/14

Math, Bay Village, OH

My son is 12 and struggling in Math. Do you have evening time and possible weekend time available?

Sent by Samantha on 2/17/14

Chemistry, Indio, CA

The tutoring will be for my 17 yr old daughter

Sent by Jaime on 2/17/14

Android, New York, NY

I'm looking to find a local tutor to teach me Android. I would like to build Ann app but instead of hiring a developer I would like to learn how to o do it under...

Sent by Joe on 2/17/14

Reading Tutor Needed Asap, Salisbury, NC

Hello we are looking for a tutor for a seventh grade student with ADD. Please email if interested, thank you.

Sent by Darla on 2/17/14

Korean, Saint Louis, MO 63112

Hello, I am seeking someone to teach me basic Korean language. I have a trip planned to Seoul in April 2015, and would love to be able to communicate with locals.

Sent by Rebecca on 2/17/14

Math, Diamondhead MS

I have an eight year old with a learning disability that needs help in math. We are in Diamondhead, also. Please contact me if you would be interested. Thanks J. H.

Sent by Jj on 2/16/14

Math, Rialto, CA

My daughter is having trouble understanding her math work...i am located in bloomington/ rialto area. Cedar ave would be your exit..

Sent by Oscar on 2/16/14

Math & Science, Petaluma, CA

Hi Austin, My partner and I have a 14 year old son who goes to Petaluma High and in need of tutoring. We prefer twice a week in the afternoon or evening here...

Sent by Ben on 2/16/14

Adobe Photoshop, San Diego, CA

Hi Breanna, we're looking for a tutor to help our daughter complete an introduction to Graphic Design: Photoshop->Illustrator->? using (url available after purchase)...

Sent by Tom on 2/16/14

Proofreading, Athens, GA

I have written a screenplay that I need proofread before I send off to competitions. I see you have experience in playwriting and film.

Sent by Georgia on 2/16/14

Communication Skills, Richmond, VA

Hello Mark, I would like to know if you are available today and through the next to weeks and weekends to help with presenting /oral communication ...

Sent by Maryann on 2/16/14

Statistics, Buena Park, CA

Hello, I'm a college student struggling in statistics. I was wondering of how early you can start your tutoring process. I have a test this Thursday 2/20.

Sent by Bianca on 2/16/14

Revit, Vienna, VA

Hello, My name is H., I'm doing my MA-interior design at Corcoran. I would like some tutoring in Revit and Sketchup. Thank you, H.

Sent by Hessa on 2/16/14

Math, Waterloo, IA

i need help with a formula and conversion ASAP!! I live in waterloo and need help today! (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jyll on 2/16/14

Algebra, Merchantville, NJ

Hello, I am an adult (34yrs old). Currently enrolled in an online Algebraic concepts course through CCC and I need help! I work in Cinnaminson and live...

Sent by Mike on 2/16/14

Chemistry (general), North Palm Beach, FL

Hello, I am looking for a general chemistry (first year university) tutor ASAP! Please let me know your availability and if you are able to come to my home.

Sent by Madison on 2/16/14

Biology, Greenville, NC

I am looking for a biology tutor for my son who is attending ECU.

Sent by Ann on 2/16/14

Pharmacology (Nursing), Johnson Creek, WI

Hi Tanya! I am a nursing student at MATC and am really struggling with Nursing Pharm. I was hoping I could meet with you perhaps this week, I have a big test Friday...

Sent by Jenny on 2/16/14

Bar Exam, Norwalk, CT

Hi Megan, I'm taking the Feb '14 Bar CT Bar, live in Westport and am looking for a little extra help in Property and Evidence before the bar. Thanks!

Sent by Amanda on 2/16/14

Teas, Anaheim, CA

I need help with the teas nursing exam test, can u help ?

Sent by Ana on 2/16/14

Computer, Cheney, WA

hi jess I need a tutor in MISC 1- Business Applications Program Design- by php 2- systems analysis and design if you are able to tutor them text me anytime...

Sent by Abdul on 2/16/14

Math English, Lubbock, TX

I'm trying to find a tutor for my 8 year old daughter, Madison. she's struggling this year with her math, i try to help her learn how i learned , because...

Sent by Kris on 2/15/14

Spanish, Waxahachie, TX

I would like to discuss scheduling some spanish tutoring sessions for my two young daughters.

Sent by Sabrina on 2/15/14

Psychology, Columbus, OH

Hi, I am enrolled in a intro to psychology and i am really lost i don't know how to study what to study or how to get ready for text nor exams i need major help I...

Sent by B.wool on 2/15/14

Organic Chemistry, Tulsa, OK

can you explain midpoint redox potential, how to calculate them and then how to use them to calculate changes in free energy?

Sent by Victoria on 2/15/14

Statistics, Woodbridge, VA

what is your hourly rate to tutor college statistics and what is your availability?

Sent by Christina on 2/15/14

Praxis, Harrisburg, PA

Joanna, My daughter is a Senior, mid level education major. she is having difficulty passing the language arts/social studies praxis as her areas of concentration...

Sent by Diane on 2/15/14

Chemistry, Felton, CA

We looking for someone to help our 16 year old daughter w/chemistry & math, particularly concepts such as stoichiometry.

Sent by Martha on 2/15/14

Geometry, Decatur, TX

I am looking for someone to tutor my 16 year granddaughter in geometry. We come to Denton every Saturday for drum lessons. Please let me know if thus would work into...

Sent by Angela on 2/15/14

Finance, Houston, TX

Hi, I was wanting to know if you have experience using financial calculators? Mainly to calculate future values, payments, interest paid, etc..

Sent by Jordan on 2/15/14

English, Saint George, UT

Sent by Fio on 2/15/14

Computer Science, Flagstaff, AZ

hello , how are you ? i want some classes in computer and i am looking for someone who is able to help me . i want someone to teach me two days in the week .

Sent by Meshal on 2/15/14

Math, Bowling Green, OH

Hi Maggie, I need a tutor for college algebra. How soon can you tutor ? Thanks, I.

Sent by Iyonna on 2/15/14

Nclex Rn, Plymouth, IN 46563

Hello need a tutor for lpn program my math test was low thank you.

Sent by Pandora on 2/15/14

Physics, Spring Hill, FL

Please let us know if you can tutor this weekend, college physics...thanks

Sent by Terri on 2/15/14

Guitar/Ukulele, San Bruno, CA

Hello Aaron, I'm interested in learning to play the ukulele. I have no previous experience (no guitar or anything), and I could really use some help :) Thanks!

Sent by Emma on 2/14/14

Physics Iii, Jackson, MS

Hello, I would like to know if you can tutor college physics III? If so, what are the times that you would be available ?

Sent by Salar on 2/14/14

8th Grade Early American History, Ottawa Hills, Oh

I have twin boys in the 8th grade at Ottawa Hills. They are both have a difficult time in both science and Early American History.

Sent by Yasmin on 2/14/14

Biology, Falmouth, MA

David, I am looking for a tutor for my son Jared who is a Junior at Falmouth High School. He is taking an AP Biology class and needs some help.

Sent by Pam on 2/14/14

English, Peoria, IL

Student is currently passing all classes and is an avid reader! Took preACT test and projected score currently is 14-17, English score W.as dismal.

Sent by Dana on 2/14/14

Statistics, Elmira, NY

I am looking for a tutor for my niece. She is currently enrolled in AP Stats and Trig and is having difficulty with both.

Sent by Kyle on 2/14/14

Elementary Math Reading And Writing, Spokane, WA

Hello Jessica I have a 9 year old Daughter named Nadia she is struggling in math, reading and writing I do as much as i can do at home with her but being...

Sent by Latasha on 2/14/14

Electronics Circuits, Atlanta, GA

help with JFET and BJT circuits

Sent by Ulysess on 2/14/14

Math, Bonaire, GA

My son is an 8th grader at Bonaire elementary and is currently failing Math, We are looking for a tutor to help him hopefully pass.

Sent by Maria on 2/14/14

Vocal, Dallas, TX

vocal tutoring: voice tired at the my presentation.

Sent by Linda on 2/14/14

Adobe Photoshop, Fairview, TN

Hi Heather! I just recently downloaded Adobe Photoshop with Creative Cloud to play around with some pictures of my little boys and overwhelmed is an understatement!

Sent by Lauren on 2/14/14

Statistics, Cleveland, OH

Hi Leigh, I'm a nurse returning for BSN and enrolled online statistics class now in week 3. Need help with excel or ti83 and computing more quickly - I have been...

Sent by Pam on 2/14/14

Math Tutoring, Hacienda Heights, CA

i have a 6th grade daughter going to St. Mark's. She is having a difficult time with math and english. You can email or call me at (phone number available after...

Sent by Larry on 2/14/14

SAT, Hinesville, GA

My Son needs help with all aspects of the SAT. He can meet you at any time he has his own car to travel if need be. He will be taking it in March so your Tutoring...

Sent by Kevin on 2/14/14

Information Technology, Normal, IL 61761

Just started my Introductin into Information Technology and I am in need of help.

Sent by Glenn on 2/14/14

Statistics, O Fallon, IL

I am looking for a statistics tutor. Any availability this weekend?

Sent by Sarah on 2/13/14

Photography, Burbank, CA

I want someone to teach me Photography

Sent by Sultan on 2/13/14

Special Needs, San Rafael, CA 94903

I am a special needs student, I'd love to talk to you and see if your a good fit, I am in college and need extra help

Sent by Marshel on 2/13/14

Algebra, Tracy, CA

Hi Anicia, I have a 15 year old daughter who is a freshman at kimball high school in Tracy.She is struggling with algebra and my wife and I are looking for an...

Sent by Bret on 2/13/14

Engineering, Indianapolis, IN

Hi i'm student at IUPUI . I have statics exame. And I would like study for it . Actually I do not understand statics as well plz contact me if you have time for...

Sent by Abdullah on 2/13/14

English, Rochester, MN

Hi Im looking for teacher can help to speak English well That what I need Thank you

Sent by Tareg on 2/13/14

Chemistry, Toledo, OH

I have a daughter who is a Junior at TSA. She his having an awful time with Chemistry. I don't have a lot of money so I'm not sure how many sessions I could afford.

Sent by Beth on 2/13/14

Nursing, Glendale, Az

Hello Jarred, I am a new student in the bsn program at GCU, i lack the computor skills to do online schooling if you think you can help please call me at (phone...

Sent by Anne on 2/13/14

Finance, Tampa, FL

urgent! Hi I have an assignment due for tonight 11pm. Can you help me? Thanks

Sent by Paola on 2/13/14

Math, Houma, LA

Hi, I have a 17 year old son who needs tutoring in Advance Math 1 course he is taking at Vandebilt. He is a senior. Are you tutoring in Thibodaux or Gonzales only?

Sent by Cindy on 2/13/14

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, FL

I recently signed up for Lightroom and Photoshop for a monthly fee with Adobe. After trying to work with this software I discovered a need to acquire basic knowledge...

Sent by Roy on 2/13/14

Algebra, Quincy, IL

My son Jake is a freshman and is having trouble with Algebra. I would like to talk to you about tutoring?

Sent by Brian on 2/13/14

Accounting, Philadelphia, PA

I am T.. I need a tutor in accounting lesson. Please give me your phone number. I will contact you.

Sent by Thuy on 2/13/14

English, Crowley, TX

Ann, I work at Catholic Charities Fort Worth, in the International Foster Care program. I have a client who lives in Crowley and I'm looking for a tutor...

Sent by Laura on 2/13/14

Accounting, Tulsa, OK

Hi, My name is A. McElhaney. I'm an adult student at Oklahoma Wesleyan. I'm really struggling with my accounting class and am trying to find a tutor.

Sent by Amanda on 2/13/14

Music Theory, Flower Mound, TX

I am looking for a tutor to help my college son. He is in Music Theory IV. He needs guidance with analyzing a piece of music (Brahms Intermezzo Opus 118 No.

Sent by Kim on 2/13/14

Adobe Illustrator, West Palm Beach, FL

Greetings Joan, I am the worship and Media Pastor at my church and would like to have a crash course in Adobe Illustrator. I do have the Adobe CS Cloud Package.

Sent by Carl on 2/13/14

Math, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Hello, my name is R., and I am interested for math tutoring starting at algebraic level. I hope to hear back from you soon and have a wonderful day!

Sent by Rebekah on 2/13/14

Law And Policy, Lexington, KY

Hello I'm noticed you said education policy, and I was wondering if that was insurance policy? I am studying for a insurance certification and need to learn...

Sent by William on 2/13/14

7th Grade Math & ELA, Stone Mountain, GA

I need a tutor for my daughter who is in the 7th grade and homeschooled via online through Georgia Cyber Academy. I would like at least once a week at 2hrs of...

Sent by Christina on 2/12/14

Sas, Atlanta, GA

Hi Shacara, I contacted you a couple of weeks ago about SAS tutoring and now I am ready to proceed. Please contact me at my email or (phone number available...

Sent by Derric on 2/12/14

FN, Morehead, KY

can you help me with FIN in need help

Sent by Aziz on 2/12/14

English, LA Crosse, WI

Hi I am student at UWL I'm still in the english language if you are a tutor could you help me. I need help in writing and grammar. Thank you

Sent by Abdul on 2/12/14

Math, Lemoyne, PA

I am very interested in using you for my daughter. She is in 1st grade and having struggles with mat, basic adding and subtracting.

Sent by Jeanette on 2/12/14

English, Dayton, NJ

Hi Christy, I am reaching out to request you to teach English language(speaking) for my wife. Please let me know how it works? Thanks S..

Sent by Srinivas on 2/12/14

Algebra 1, Rosenberg, TX

Hi..mom son in 9th needs Help...algebra1....can yoy mail me bk deatail.on how mayb you can help..please

Sent by Daisy on 2/12/14

English, Smithville, MO

Lauren, My son is a in 10th grade. He is having difficulty with diagramming grammar. Do you think you could help? D.

Sent by Diana on 2/12/14

Genetics, Long Island, NY

Hi I am taking a undergraduate genetics course and I am looking for a tutor. My name is J. C.. I am an RN just taking some other courses to satisfy my core HS...

Sent by Jason on 2/12/14

Statistics Tutor, Northridge, CA

Hi Mr. Stuart I am a current student at CSUN. I am taking an intro stats class (math 140) which i am having difficulty understanding.

Sent by Angelica on 2/12/14

Algorithms, Denver, CO

I am talking Data Structure course which is mainly focused on C++, so if you are comfortable with the subject please let me know to set up a meeting

Sent by Ahmed on 2/12/14

Statistics, Lubbock, TX

I need help with statistics for engineers and scientist. probably 2 hrs.

Sent by David on 2/12/14

Looking For A Deaf Tutor For My Younger Brother, Los Angeles, CA

Hello, I am looking for a deaf tutor who is fluent in ASL for my younger brother, Benjamin. Ben is currently a student at Pasadena City College...

Sent by Estella on 2/12/14

Nclex Rn, Maineville, OH

Need help with NCLEX RN exam prep. I hope to hear from you.

Sent by Sheila on 2/12/14

Math, Merced, CA

Hello, I am looking for a math tutor for my son. He is a jr at Merced High, he currently is in Alg2/Trig. He is in AP classes for English & History.

Sent by Kristine on 2/12/14

Dat, Atlanta, GA

Are you currently taking on new students to tutor? I have taken the DATS before and my average is a 16. I need to improve my chemistry and organic chem sections.

Sent by Kajal on 2/12/14

Unix OpenBSD, Escondido, CA 92025

Sent by Che on 2/12/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Geography, Chico, CA

Hi Kenneth, I am in need of some help with my masters thesis, Geography Dept. I have tons of research and an introduction, I mostly need help compiling...

Sent by Rebecca on 2/12/14

Java, West Linn, OR

I am looking for a JAVA (some aspect of it that I can't remember) tutor for my sophomore son. Also could use help in other subjects.

Sent by Amy on 2/12/14

Act, Midland, MI

I am looking for an ACT tutor for my child ASAP! We live in the Bullock Creek area. Please let me know if you'd be available to tutor Feb. 17-28.

Sent by Renee on 2/12/14

Math, Lyndhurst, NJ

Hi Kelly I had originally seen you on the other site about turtoring my 9 year old son in math. We live in Nutley. I had sent you my phone number in a response.

Sent by Kristen on 2/12/14

Neuroscience, Brooklyn, NY

Hi Nick, I am looking for a neuroscience tutor. I am in graduate school for occupational therapy and am taking an advanced neuroscience course.

Sent by Maya on 2/12/14

Pre Calc /Physics, Marshfield, MA 02050

1x or 2x a week after 4 P.M. in home

Sent by Dominic on 2/12/14

GED, Sugar Land, TX

I'm lookign to take my GED test before the end of this month. I really need it for work and to save my job. I really need help in all subjects but preferably Math...

Sent by Kenosha on 2/12/14

Nursing, Hartford, CT

Hi Kate, I am a senior nursing student from CCSU in New Britain, CT. I am having trouble with test anxiety and want to be 100% prepared for my exit exam coming...

Sent by Christine on 2/12/14

Adobe Illustrator, Richmond, VA

I am interested in Lightroom tutoring!

Sent by Jessica on 2/12/14

Accounting, Lexington Park, MD

Rebecca, I'm currently station at Lexington Park Naval Base. I have this Principle of Accounting class that I have left to complete my degree and I'm having...

Sent by Rodney on 2/12/14

Computer Programming, Southboro MA

Hi- I am looking for a tutor for my son for an intro to computer programming class. Thank you.

Sent by Alicia on 2/12/14

Usmle Step 1, New York, NY

Hi, I live in long island,ny, and I am interested in getting tutored for step 1. Please let me know if you're free to tutor me. Thanks

Sent by Philippe on 2/12/14

Mechanical Engineering, Northridge, CA

hi I have CE638 in advanced concrete design in CSUN and I'm struggling as in the beginning of the class . can you help

Sent by Ahmed on 2/12/14

Spanish, Sunnyvale, CA

Hi, I am looking for a Spanish tutor for my daughter who is in 8th grade. Thanks J.

Sent by Jo on 2/12/14

Calculus, Mount Pleasant, SC

Hi, My name is D. B.. I am not your average student. I work full time for the Mt. Pleasant Police Department and I am working on finishing my degree.

Sent by David on 2/11/14

Algebra, Olathe, KS

My son is 6-G . he need a math tutor. Is it possible? Thanks.

Sent by Jeoung on 2/11/14

Chemistry, Palm Harbor, FL

I am seeking a tutor for my son who is a sophomore at PHUHS. He is generally an A's and B's student but is struggling with chemistry.

Sent by Stephen on 2/11/14

Math Lanuage Art, Statesboro, GA

Yes I'm looking for someone to tutoring my k1 and 2nd grade. If u would will u please contact me and I will discuss more with you.

Sent by Stephanie on 2/11/14

English 6 Th Grade, Lexington, MA

I will like you to tutor my son who has missed so much work from school. He is in 6th grade we live in Lexington

Sent by Edith on 2/11/14

Math, Bowling Green, KY

need someone to do my math home work for me will pay. it base on a computer so no teacher around. if willing email me

Sent by Michelle on 2/11/14

Spanish, Mansfield, OH

Looking for a Spanish tutor for my high school freshman. We live in Bucyrus. Please let me know if you're available. Thx!

Sent by Karen on 2/11/14

Math Tutoring, Princeton, NJ

We need a math tutor for our ten year old son in Middle school. Please contact me if interested.

Sent by Swati on 2/11/14

General Chemistry, Spokane, WA

Hello! I was wondering if you had any time to tutor me in General Chem I attend EWU. Please let me know.

Sent by Erandy on 2/11/14

Math, Brooksville, FL

Hi I am looking for help for my daughter in 4 grade please call (phone number available after purchase) I live in Brooksville by Papa joes res.

Sent by Rhonda on 2/11/14

Math, Brunswick, Ga

My Daughter needs help in math she is in 5th grade.

Sent by Shon on 2/11/14

Mcat, Columbia, SC

Dear Quinteria, I hope to take the M CAT Summer or Fall 2015 respond if you think you can assist me. Thanks, K.

Sent by Kenn on 2/11/14

Accounting, Irvine, CA

Can u teach me in accounting 1A if u can just give me a call

Sent by Mashary on 2/11/14

Calculus Tutor, Forsyth, GA

In need of a college level calculus tutor in Forsyth, GA

Sent by Beverly on 2/11/14

Calculus Tutor, Forsyth, GA

In need of a college level calculus tutor in Forsyth, GA

Sent by Beverly on 2/11/14

Algebra 1, Whitehouse Station, NJ

Hi Catherine, I am looking for a tutor for my daughter, Sofia. She's a freshman at Hunterdon Central and is having trouble in her college prep Algebra 1 class.

Sent by Pat on 2/11/14

Intermedia Accounting II, East Elmhurst NY 11369

Hi aim student from Intermedia Accounting II Queens college i need help with my homework, Please contact me

Sent by Esmeralda on 2/11/14

Kindergarten, Vandalia, OH

Hi Rachel! My name is Tami. I have 3 children ages 14, 9 and 6. My 9 and 6 year old boys have severe ADHD. My 6 year old is who is needing a tutor.

Sent by Tamra on 2/11/14

Middle School Tutor, Benicia, CA

Hi We am looking for someone to tutor our 2 children (6th and 8thgraders) in our home in Benicia. (Two days a week, two hours a day)

Sent by Michelle on 2/11/14

Biology Tutor, Rosemead, CA

Hi, I'm looking for biology tutor to help my brother who is in 9th grade. If you have time, please call me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Suong on 2/11/14

Math, Central City, NE

I have a 9 year old girl who needs help with her homework. Her weak points are penmanship, math, social studies and she needs help with comprehension.

Sent by Desiree on 2/11/14

Spanish, Oxford, MS

Hey I'm in Spanish 201 and I'm looking for a weekly tutor to go over the homework and main objectives for the week.

Sent by Zack on 2/11/14

ESL, Saint Augustine, FL 32080

Hi Lisa, I contacted you earlier with the wyzAnt site but I wasn't comfortable leaving my credit card info with them. TutorZ seems to be more reliable.

Sent by Alina on 2/11/14

Statistics, Gainesville, FL

HELP! haha It is really difficult for me to comprehend the statistics I'm learning as it is online

Sent by Atticus on 2/11/14

French, VT

Hello, Looking for a French Language Tutor for 7th grade daughter.thankyou, J.

Sent by Jim on 2/11/14

English, San Francisco, CA 94105

Do you tutor AP English? I have a student who needs tutoring.

Sent by Landy on 2/11/14

Writing, San Luis Obispo, CA

Do you tutor cal poly students? My daughter needs a writing tutor.

Sent by Margie on 2/10/14

Visual Basic, Hillsboro, OR

Hey, I am currently enrolled at PSU and taking Computer Fundamentals 2 (VBA). I was hoping to have you tutor me on programming VBA until I have a decent grasp of...

Sent by Michael on 2/10/14

Cooking, Austin, TX

Do you do macrobiotic cooking? See my add on Craigslist.

Sent by Mila on 2/10/14

Algebra, Humble, TX

Hello I'm in need of a tutor for my college algebra class

Sent by Donisha on 2/10/14

Spanish Tutor, Fort Morgan, CO

Needing a tutor for my Freshman daughter. She struggles especially with writing in Spanish.

Sent by Julie on 2/10/14

Accounting, Phoenix, AZ

I have an up coming project in my accounting class and would like to know if you have time 2-11 or 2-12 if you are willing to help.

Sent by Tanya on 2/10/14

American History, Elizabeth, CO

Hi Diana, I'm looking for help for my son. He is suffering terribly academically and I'm worried about his confidence and self esteem. My best, B.

Sent by Brian on 2/10/14

Earth Science, San Antonio, TX

hi Melissa, this is my phone number (phone number available after purchase). If you could text me to discuss the tutoring.thanks

Sent by Eileen on 2/10/14

Chemistry, Ranchos De Taos

My daughter is a sophomore and needs help with chemistry and algebra. Please call me 770-4981 Thanks D.

Sent by Debbie on 2/10/14

Biology, Algebra, History, English, Tuscaloosa, AL 35404

Hey Sarah, my name is mrs. Woods. My son F. needs a tutor. He is a 9th grade student at America Christian academy. He needs help in a couple of classes.

Sent by Frenando on 2/10/14

Nclex Rn, Midlothian, VA

Hi Hannah, My name is K. and I'm looking for a tutor for the NCLEX-RN. Are you available now or when would you be available? I appreciate your help and...

Sent by Kim on 2/10/14

Logic, Greensboro, NC

Hi. I am looking for a tutor for Intermediate Logic. My daughter Cara moved up from 7th to 8th grade in Classical Conversations homeschooling (challenge b)...

Sent by Sharon on 2/10/14

Spanish, Rocky Hill, CT

We Are looking for a Spanish tutor to teach our son in 7th grade. We live in rocky hill and would like to know if you would drive down on weekends.

Sent by Akash on 2/10/14

Geometry, Murrieta, CA

Hi Deepshikha, I am looking for geometry math toutar for my son. He is 11th grade. please let me know via phone number (phone number available after purchase) if...

Sent by Asin on 2/10/14

Management Information System, Houston, TX

I have homework and some case steady , I want som one help me for this Thank you so much

Sent by Hana on 2/10/14

Electrical Engineering, Irvine, CA

I need help in digital signal processing /communications on matlab assignments.

Sent by Winston on 2/10/14

Accounting, Marysville, WA

Having some trouble with business accounting. Need some help

Sent by Anna on 2/10/14

Computer Science, Irvine, CA

I am looking for a tutor who cab teach me data structures Please contact me if you can teach me

Sent by Rabab on 2/10/14

Accounting, Fairfax, VA

I am looking a an accounting tutor is that something you do ?

Sent by Nouran on 2/10/14

Geometry Tutor, Sugar Grove, IL

I am interested in a tutor for my high school student. I live in Sugar Grove and my son attends Kaneland High School. He is currently in both algebra and geometry as...

Sent by Rose on 2/10/14

Reading, Troy, NC

I am looking for a tutor for my 7 year old daughter. She has a hearing issue where she was unable to hear directions. Her teacher was able to identify the problem...

Sent by Christy on 2/10/14

Adobe Photoshop, Virginia Beach, VA

I need tuitoring in Adobe photoshop.

Sent by Rubye on 2/10/14

Math, Madison, NY

I am from Madison NY and I am looking for a tutor for my daughter who is in 8th grade. this will be for math.

Sent by Karri on 2/10/14

Act, Saint Paul, MN

I am looking for help with ACT prep

Sent by Anmol on 2/10/14

Geometry, Wexford, PA

In need someone to help my son in 9th grade with geometry, (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Nico on 2/10/14

ADD, Tewksbury, MA 01876

Hi Lianne! Do you have experience working with NLD? Thx! L.

Sent by Lisa on 2/10/14

CPA, Chicago, IL

Hi Jenna, I am struggling with a few topics in the FAR section. I need help asap. Preferably meet in a library. Thanks, N. K.

Sent by Nabil on 2/10/14

Spanish, Bay Village, OH

Brittany, I am seeking an individual who can encourage and assist my son Lucas in meeting his goal of completing his Spanish assignments. The need is ASAP.

Sent by Sonia on 2/10/14

Applied Statistics, Cordova, TN

Hello Zahir, I am working on my PhD and have used several statistical analyses. I am just wondering if you have any practical experience with the SPSS so as...

Sent by Abdullah on 2/10/14

Elementary Math, Wakefield, RI

Hi Jenna, We have 7yo twins and would love to start math tutoring once per week for elementary math. We can start asap and were interested in either Wednesday...

Sent by Dena on 2/10/14

Trigonometry, Geneva, IL

Hi Jessica, My daughter is a sophmore at Geneva High School. We are interested in having her tutored in Trigonometry. Where do you tutor out of? Thank you, R.

Sent by Ruth on 2/10/14

Statistics, Gainesville, FL

Hey William, my name is A.. I'm a student at the University of Florida and I need help with STA3024(Stats 2). I would like to know if and when you're available.

Sent by Amanda on 2/9/14

German, Mason, OH

Hi Mario I am looking for German tutoring for my child she is a senior and is finding she needs extra help this year. I am hoping to find someone to start working...

Sent by Ruby on 2/9/14

Algebra, Southlake, TX

Son 15 Conner freshman needs tutoring with Algebra please contact asap.

Sent by Donna on 2/9/14

Physics, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Kenneth- My husband and I are looking for a tutor for our 15 year old son Henry. Specifically, he has a physics exam on Tuesday of this week and doesn't really...

Sent by Melanie on 2/9/14

Finance, Baton Rouge, LA

Hey Joshua! Me and two friends are in need of a tutor for finance! We are currently taking business finance at LSU. Some problems are confusing to us and our...

Sent by Allie on 2/9/14

Applied Math College, Leesville, LA

Sir, can you tutor college level applied math for non-math majors?

Sent by Renee on 2/9/14

Geometry, Brentwood, CA

I need a Geometry tutor for my son. I live in Brentwood.

Sent by Myrian on 2/9/14

Math, Lawton, OK

Hi, I am looking for my son now in 9th grade, for math and biology tutoring. He is in Pre AP classes and keeps A grade. We just want him to get help with keeping up.

Sent by Parimala on 2/9/14

Reading, Yelm, WA

I need a reading tutor for my 5 year old granddaughter. Due to traumatic circumstances she has missed about a half year of school..

Sent by Teresa on 2/9/14

Research Methods, Fort Collins, CO

I am an international student here at CSU and looking for a tutor especialy research methods. Thanks

Sent by Yousef on 2/9/14

Act, New London, CT

Hi! My son is at Mitchell College and is looking to transfer, but he needs to take his ACT in April. We need a tutor to help him with the math for the ACT...

Sent by Robin on 2/9/14

Computer Science, Hattiesburg, MS

Hello my name is T. G.. I am taking a Internet mapping class at USM. I was wondering if you know anything about writing code for Internet websites.

Sent by Todd on 2/9/14

Electrical Engineering, Oakland, CA

Hello Jose Please contact me as soon as possible. I am in the middle of my session and almost failing class. Please contact me at (phone number available after...

Sent by Eddie on 2/8/14

Sql, Orlando, FL

Hello, I am interested in learning SQL. Please feel free to contact me at this e-mail address or at (phone number available after purchase). Thank you. C. W.

Sent by Christian on 2/8/14

Algebra 1, Andover, NJ

I like what I read about you on line and would like to retain your service for my son . He is currently a freshman at Pope John High School.

Sent by Iseult on 2/8/14

Esl English 2nd Language, Atlanta, GA

Dear Ms. Megan, Hello, Hope you doing fine. Recently, I am looking for tutor to teach me grammar and fluency if you interning;

Sent by Sultan on 2/8/14

French, Conroe, TX

Need a French tutor. Took a first semester on line and did'nt learn much now I am struggling in 2nd semester. Have a test Monday and needed help sometime this weekend.

Sent by Kindall on 2/8/14

Word, Chicago, IL

Hello. I need help with formatting graphs and putting in page numbers in Microsoft Word. Please contact me ASAP

Sent by Trevor on 2/8/14

Public Speaking, FL

Hi. I am an appellate attorney, so my practice depends more on my writing skills than my public speaking skills. However, I must infrequently give oral argument in...

Sent by Adam on 2/8/14

Writing And Reading, Malvern, PA

I am looking for a long term writing tutor for my 6 years old daughter. We are living in Malvern Wayne area, if you are interested in it, please let me know. Thank you.

Sent by Yu on 2/8/14

Geometry, Beaumont, CA

Hi Krystal, I have a son in AP Geometry- Freshman in High School. I am looking for a tutor for him 2-3 times a week for an hour.

Sent by Rachael on 2/8/14

Global, East Elmhurst, NY

tutoring for global regents?

Sent by Cecelia on 2/8/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Reading, Summerfield, FL

I have a 6yr old grandson who is a 1st grader and is need of help with reading and spelling and writting

Sent by Karen on 2/8/14

Math, Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Hello Miss Laura, We are seeking additonal help for my son, he is 13 and attends the middle school here in EHT 8th grade, math, history etc... Thanks.

Sent by Jaimee on 2/8/14

Cpa, OH

Hi Seth, I have completed almost 12 credit hours of accounting and planning to complete rest for CPA eligibility by June. Then start preparing for CPA.

Sent by Raj on 2/8/14

English, Lufkin, TX

I am French speaking . I am interested to improve English writing. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you D. M.

Sent by Driss on 2/8/14

Excel, Boston, MA

Hi, Need help preparing a Pivot Table. Its just three slides. Deadline is Wed 2/12 COB, need to send doc early Thurs am. Not experienced in Xcel or Powerpoint.

Sent by Jane on 2/8/14

Gre, East Freetown, MA

I am a freshman in college, and I am in an accelerated program, so I will need to take the GRE my sophomore year. To stay in my program and continue on...

Sent by Madison on 2/8/14

Finra Series 6, Arnold, MD

Daron, Do you specialize in tutoring for the series 6 exam? Your name came up when I searched for tutors. Thanks, Matt

Sent by Matthew on 2/8/14

Management Information Systems, Stone Mountain, Ga

Hello, Mr. David, I am a MIS student at the liberty university online program. I am looking for a tutor who will tutor me in every one of my classes with...

Sent by Osagie on 2/8/14

Math, Cumming, GA

Looking for a math tutor for my 5th grade homeschooled daughter. She has mild dyslexia and is struggling with retention of math facts (multiplication/division).

Sent by Karen on 2/7/14

Algebra 2, Anderson, SC

hey , i am currently in online school and i graduate may the 20 and i need help to get out my algebra 2 sesmter . I was wondering can you help me with test and quizes ?

Sent by Queenishia on 2/7/14

Thermodynamcis, Bloomingdale,MI

I am struggling with the concepts of thermodynamics. I am taking a non calculus based course, but there seems to be some calc involved.

Sent by Scott on 2/7/14

Geometry, Apache Junction, AZ

Hello, I am searching for a geometry tutor for my daughter who is a sophomore in high school. She is available usually after 6 PM on weeknights and some weekends.

Sent by Wendy on 2/7/14

English, Reno, NV

Hi Carl I need help with english for Eases and on math if you can please text me or call me. +18573505266 Thank you looking forward to her from you. O. A.

Sent by Omar on 2/7/14

Esl, Thicket, TX

I need urgent tutory for a 4th grade student please contact me to give you more information. Thank you

Sent by Susana on 2/7/14

Algebra II, Niceville, FL

I am looking for a tutor for my son who is a sr in high school and needs help with Alegebr II.

Sent by Sue on 2/7/14

Math, Saugerties, NY

My daughter is in 4th grade and she is having great difficulty in Math, Science, & reading comprehention. This year they have introduced "The Common Core" at Cahill...

Sent by Edith on 2/7/14

Foreign Language, Culpeper, VA

Hello Zahra, My daughter is eight years old and has expressed learning a foreign language. She is an above average reader/writer an should have no problem...

Sent by Amy on 2/7/14

Adobe Indesign CS6, Cartersville, GA

Hi Julia, I live in Cartersville and am looking at becoming more efficient at using InDesign CS6. I have several years experience (self taught) and work as...

Sent by Teresa on 2/7/14

Photoshop, San Francisco, CA

Greetings, I am a CCSF student who is looking for a tutor in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to assist me in completing weekly class assignments.

Sent by Marcelino on 2/7/14

Reading, Sanford, NC

Would like to speak to you about my 10 year old daughter. She is currently in 5th grade @ Jr. Ingram in Sanford. We need some help with Reading comprehension.

Sent by James on 2/7/14

Molecular Biology, Irvine, CA

I am looking for some help for my daughter in UCI for microbiology labs. Would you be able to help? Thanks

Sent by Urmil on 2/7/14

Tutor Needed, Rochester, MN

Hi, I am interested in learning more about your tutoring strengths. I have a six year old daughter who is struggling with reading, math, and handwriting.

Sent by Amanda on 2/7/14

Accounting, Corning, NY

do you tutor for cost accounting, i am in need for a tutor in this subject

Sent by Stephanie on 2/7/14

Writing And Math, North Pole, AK

Hello Anika, I have an 8th grader who needs help in math, science and writing.

Sent by Felicia on 2/7/14

C++, Reno, NV

I would like help with C++. I am taking a class on data structures and am really struggling. Specifically I am having trouble with linked lists and linked queues.

Sent by Jay on 2/7/14

English, Goliad, TX

Hey!! I'm a student at uhv i am taking english 1301 and i was looking for someone to look over my essay.

Sent by Micaella on 2/7/14

French, Bend, OR

Hi--leave for St.Barts on the 19th of March. Took 3 years of college French but that was 30 years ago! Need some fundamental phrases etc.

Sent by Gabrielle on 2/7/14

Algebra, Marshfield, MA

I an looking for an algebra tutor for my nephew who attends Massasoit CC. His name is Shamus OToole and he lives in Marshfield. If you are interested would...

Sent by Maryellen on 2/7/14

Chemistry, Woodbridge, VA

Hello Megan, I am seeking a tudor for an 11th grade high school student taking advanced science classes. We live in the Woodbridge area.

Sent by Latarice on 2/7/14

Math, Chula Vista, CA

Looking for a tutor - please contact me via email.

Sent by Yanni on 2/7/14

English, Merced, CA

I'd like to speak English well. So I need tutor. I want to learn about speaking, listening, reading. Pls check let me know.

Sent by Tj on 2/7/14

Biology Tutor, Irvine, Ca

I'm in a molecular lab class and i need help with some class material and lab reports. please let me know if you can help.

Sent by Sonam on 2/7/14

Esl, Sacramento, CA

Hi Lisa, I am looking for an ESL tutor who can help my dad to improve his English speaking and listening skills. Please email me if you are interested. -Snow

Sent by Sally on 2/6/14

Public Speaking, Norfolk, VA

I need assistance in public speaking this weekend. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jose on 2/6/14

Calculus, Physics, Earlysville, VA

Hello! My name is A. and I am a pre-med student at Sweet Briar College. I am taking calculus based physics and I am at a slight disadvantage because I took calc one...

Sent by Alexia on 2/6/14

Computational Neuroscience, Pittsburgh, PA

Shanna, have you had Dr. George Carvell's class before? If so, let me know...(phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Sarah on 2/6/14

Math, Eagle River, AK

My Freshman son needs help with Math. He has struggled in math for years. He is in Pre-Algebra at this time and fights me over homework daily. I need help!

Sent by Vallan on 2/6/14

Asvab, Providence, RI

Hello, my name is A.; I need help with the ASVAB. I have always wanted to join the armed force, the only thing holding me back is the ASVAB. thank you.

Sent by Aristido on 2/6/14

Cheerleading, Morehead City, NC 28557

Please help me I don't have any money now but I will pay!!

Sent by Autumn on 2/6/14

Photoshop, Wilmington, DE

Interested in L.earning photoshop

Sent by L on 2/6/14

Chemistry Ib, Winter Springs, FL

Hi looking for a tutor for my daughter she has pre ib chemistry.Are u able to tutor that?

Sent by Rosie on 2/6/14

English, Del Mar, CA

Hi my daughter is taking English honors she is good but i just need somebody to polish her writing skills and help with literature comprehension.

Sent by Sadia on 2/6/14

Odenton Tutor, Odenton, MD

Hello- I am interested in your availability schedule. What days and times are you currently available? I have a daughter in the 8th grade that is in need of help...

Sent by Tyra on 2/6/14

Sat, Toms River, NJ

Hello Intrested in SAT tutoring in tomsriver nj ASAP in preperation for June SAT Cell:(phone number available after purchase) Email: (email available after...

Sent by Nick on 2/6/14

Act, Farmington, MO

My son is a senior and needs to get at least an 18 on the act . He has a 3.3 gpa and the highest score on the act has been a 16 , he has signed a letter of intent...

Sent by Tammy on 2/6/14

Math/Reading, Northridge, CA

i am looking for someone to work on fundamentals and mastery of math and reading comprehension. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Engrid on 2/6/14

Act, Frankfort, IL

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter who will take the ACT.

Sent by Chip on 2/6/14

Thermodynamics, Boston, MA

Hello Corey, I am a chemical engineer major at Northeastern University. I am struggling quite a bit in my thermodynamics 1 class and am looking for someone...

Sent by Robert on 2/6/14

Reading, Palatka, FL

please contact me about my fourth grader. I am interested in areading tutor

Sent by Angela on 2/6/14

Math, Spring Lake, NJ

Hi Annette, I live in NYC during the week and come out to Spring Lake most weekends. I need a tutor for my second grader. Do you know Singapore Math? Thanks.

Sent by Nellie on 2/6/14

English, Franklin, MA

need help with writing essays

Sent by Gloria on 2/6/14

Statistics, Naples, FL

Hey Jean. I need some help in statistics. Can you help?

Sent by Keith on 2/6/14

Reading, Mansfield, OH

Good morning, I am a concerned parent. My son is 9 years old in 2nd grade. He attends Richland academy. He is ADD and have dyslelxia.

Sent by Aishea on 2/6/14

Nclex Rn, Yonkers, NY

Dear Courtney, I need help with the N-Clex. I have failed it once.Please send me an e-mail if you are interested.

Sent by Diane on 2/6/14

SLP Tutor, The Colony, TX

My husband has Aphasia and Apraxia - we are at the TWU Dallas center for language and I am considering a tutor/SLP for the home. He is 50 and an executive.

Sent by Laura on 2/6/14

Compute Engineering, Boston, MA

I am working on a c# and SQL project and I could use some assistance. Please contact me. I would need to work online. Thank you,

Sent by Marie on 2/6/14

Heat Transfer, Clifton, NJ 07011

Hi.. Do you give any heat transfer tutoring?

Sent by Turki on 2/6/14

Cpa, Scarsdale, NY

Have spent thousands of hours studying for CPA, need help getting through other 3 parts, time of essence. -Failed REG (62,62,58,64) AUD(42,46,46) FAR (23) -Passed...

Sent by Tom on 2/5/14

Econometric, Brooklyn, NY

Hi Lori This is F.. I am an international graduate student and the English is my second language. I need help with econometrics subject.

Sent by Fowzia on 2/5/14

Spanish (native Speaker), Deerfield, IL

Hi Megan- I used to work for Rotary so I know all about the scholarship-good for you! My son is 3 1/2 and is currently taking Spanish classes.

Sent by Maureen on 2/5/14

College Writing (English II), Houston, TX

I need help with 4-5 English II papers spanning over the next 6wks. Would you be interested?

Sent by Lauren on 2/5/14

Esl, Port Charlotte, FL

Hi Mayra. I have a friend who's a chef at our restaurant and wants to learn better English speaking. He is Mexican and has been living in the U.S. for 25 years so he...

Sent by Ben on 2/5/14

Math, Seneca, IL

I have an 14yr old, 8th grade boy struggling/failing in math. recently his English is suffering as well. I live in Seneca IL. Need help!

Sent by Christopher on 2/5/14

Cell Biology, Portland, OR

Hello Steven, my name is M. K. I am a student at Portland State University. I am majoring in Molecular Biology in the hopes of becoming a doctor.

Sent by Mark on 2/5/14

Asvab, San Antonio, TX

I am currently trying to enlist in the navy. I currently just took my asvab and didn't score well primarily on the math sections.

Sent by Andrew on 2/5/14

Bio Chemistry, Wilkes Barre, PA

Hello, I'm looking for a tutor in Bio Chemistry. I'm currently taking this course through the University of New England online, and am finding it difficult...

Sent by Levi on 2/5/14

Chemistry (general), Lake Oswego, OR

Hi Richard I am just trying to figure out this on-line tutor thing so not sure if you received my previous message. I am looking for a tutor for chemistry...

Sent by Meg on 2/5/14

Math, Hendersonville, TN

My name is C. G.,and I am currently studying for my HESI exam. I took my exam for the first time ever in December, but i failed it by 9 points.

Sent by Claudia on 2/5/14

Photoshop, Richmond, VA

I really need a little help learning the basics of photoshop if you can help me with this i would greatly appreciate it . thanks

Sent by Carvon on 2/5/14

Statistics, Grapevine, TX

I am needing a tutor for a college statistics course. Please email me if you are available with immediate openings. thanks

Sent by Ginger on 2/5/14

Personal Apple Trainer, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Cathlene: My boss and his wife are looking for someone to come to their Brentwood home around 7 pm -8 pm for personal basic Mac training.

Sent by Jong on 2/5/14

Reading, Port Richey, FL

Ph.#(phone number available after purchase) My son attends Chasco Elementary. We are looking for a professional like yourself to help twice a week.

Sent by Mr. on 2/5/14

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA 90033

I am interested in tutoring for the USMLE step 1 exam. Please let me know if you are available.

Sent by Samantha on 2/5/14

English And Reading, Texarkana, TX

My name is C.. I have a son name isaiah. He is in the 4th grade and attend school at Liberty Eylau. Right now he is struggling in english and reading.

Sent by Courtney on 2/5/14

Photoshop, Media, PA

I am a glass artist and have a studio in Media PA. I create my own schedules, so I am flexible. I have Adobe CS2 and can barely use it. I'm not good at tutorials online.

Sent by Kathy on 2/5/14

Statistics, SPSS And ANOVA, Vienna, VA

Hi Elena, Im a PhD student and having problims with statistics ans SPSS and ANOVA.

Sent by Sami on 2/5/14

Elementary, Weatherford, TX

I am looking for a tutor for my son in kindergarten in the Weatherford area. I'd be interested in hearing about your past experiences and how you might be...

Sent by Angela on 2/5/14

Algebra, Navarre, FL

Hello Justin. I'm almost finished with my Bachelor's degree, but I just cannot seem to grasp Algebra and keep up with the class. I really need a tutor so...

Sent by Tim on 2/5/14

Math, Detroit, MI

I wantvto go back to school but I have problems in math

Sent by Jennifer on 2/5/14

Computer Science, Long Beach, CA

hi I am an international and graduate students. my major is computer since I want helping in operating system' laps ASAP if you are available?.

Sent by Mashel on 2/5/14

Reading, Larchmont, NY 10538

Hi Carrie, I live in Glen Oaks Ny. I don't know how far that is from you. My 3rd grade daughter has been struggling with reading.

Sent by Tatisha on 2/5/14

Web Design, Gastonia, NC

hello;my name is W. C. I am interested in learn web design,I live in belmont nc, I wonder if you teach on saturdays. thanks

Sent by Wilton on 2/4/14

Biology, Frisco, TX

I would like biology tutoring fo my son who is in 9th grade.

Sent by Alia on 2/4/14

Chinese, San Mateo, CA

I am looking for a chinese tutor to practice and learn conversational mandarin. I need to obtain a good level of fluency as I wish to converse with my fiance's...

Sent by A.k on 2/4/14

Math, Yuma, AZ

Hello. I am looking for a tutor for my 3rd grader in math. If you can help, please contact me.

Sent by Courtney on 2/4/14

Computer Science, Salem, OR

Hello, I am a current grad student taking a programming languages class and would like to know more about your computer science background and if you would be...

Sent by Kristin on 2/4/14

Italian, Steamboat Springs, CO

Hi Alex My son and I are in Steamboat for another 2 months. During this time he requires an Italian tutor to assist him with yr 8 Italian.

Sent by Sandra on 2/4/14

Finance, Morgantown, WV

Hi Jonathan, My name is B. Helgoe. I am a Finance student at WVU. I have a test tomorrow that and I do not feel confident in my ability to pass.

Sent by Bjorn on 2/4/14

C#, Boston MA

Hey Garry, I am interested in taking c# classes, i would want to take classes 2-3 times per week for 2-3 hours per lesson. I look forward to be proficient...

Sent by Tommy on 2/4/14

Discrete Math, Charlotte, NC

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for my discrete mathematical structures class at uncc. You look like a good fit to help me in the subject.

Sent by Max on 2/4/14

Tutoring Help, Morrisville, NC

(phone number available after purchase) - I have 2 students in 9th and 11th grade.

Sent by Dharmesh on 2/4/14

Math and Science, Sterling, VA

Hi Neha, I am looking for a tutor who can help my 8th grade daughter in math, science and civics (but she should be able to explain better her weak areas)

Sent by Vinaya on 2/4/14

Nursing, Atlanta, GA

Hi. I am a nursing student at chamberlain college of nursing. I am currently taking health assessment 1 and am struggling with the test formats (nclex style...

Sent by Ashley on 2/4/14

Accounting, Boise, ID

Hi I am accounting student and I need some help I hope you can help me. Regards,

Sent by Abdulaziz on 2/4/14

Sign Language, Charlotte, NC

Hi Karen, We need a sign language tutor for an adult student in the Charlotte area. Will you please call us at (phone number available after purchase) or email us...

Sent by Kimberly on 2/4/14

Theatre, Binghamton, NY

Hi Talia, I'm interested in your tutoring services, please send me an email. Thanks! R.

Sent by Rebecca on 2/4/14

Home Schooling, Wadsworth, IL

Hi Corry, We are seeking in home assistance with home schooling for our 10 year old son. He has been very successful in this program for the last 2 years.

Sent by Lauren on 2/4/14

Algebra, Van Alstyne, TX

I am currently enrolled in College Algebra and I am really struggling.

Sent by Erin on 2/4/14

English, Auburn, CA

Please call us regarding English tutoring. (phone number available after purchase). Thank you!

Sent by Sheli on 2/4/14

Writing, Savannah, GA

Antoinette, I have a gifted 4th grader who does well in Reading and Math (above proficient) but struggles with Writing. I would like to learn more about your...

Sent by Sherrie on 2/4/14

Chemistry, Oklahoma City, OK

Hello Adam, I am looking for a Chemistry II tutor for my son, who is a 2nd year Sophomore at OU this Semester. Would you be available to tutor Tuesday, Feb.

Sent by Daniel on 2/4/14

Statistics, Palm Desert, CA

Hello, I'm wondering how comfortable you are with statistics? I'm taking an online course. Please let me know if you can help. Thank

Sent by Erika on 2/4/14

Ap Statistics, Bellingham, WA

Hi Billy. My name is I. and I am currently a senior at Bellingham high school. I am taking AP statistics and barely passed 1st semester:/ I am in some serious need...

Sent by Izzi on 2/4/14

Needed Tutor, Arlington, VA

Hi Mariyam, I am looking for a tutor for my son in 5th grade to keep him on track. We live in Arlington.

Sent by Bigue on 2/3/14

Algebra, Queen Creek, AZ

Hi I liked your profile My name is L. and I'm taking Algebra 120 for the 3rd time. I failed my 1st math test today of the semester and I am very discouraged.

Sent by Lisa on 2/3/14

Business, Moriches, NY 11955

Are you familiar with Capsim?

Sent by Jay on 2/3/14

Vocal Tutoring, Dallas, TX 75218

Interested in vocal tutoring.

Sent by Linda on 2/3/14

Math, Bryan, TX

I have a 12 year old sixth grader who is struggfling somewhat in math. Looking for a patient person who can help her become more confident and proficient in math

Sent by Rev. on 2/3/14

SAT, Midlothian, TX

Looking for someone to help my son with his SAT score. We live in Midlothian, call me at (phone number available after purchase). Thanks, C. W.

Sent by Connie on 2/3/14

Reading, Clinton, NC

I NEED reading tutor for my son he is 6.

Sent by Glenn on 2/3/14

Dyslexia, Orlando, FL

Hi Ann, My name is S. M.. I have an almost 6 year old daughter who currently attends Park Maitland. She has been recently diagnosed with a learning dissability that...

Sent by Stacey on 2/3/14

Act, Farmington, AR

Hi Ashley, My daughter is a junior in High School and wants to improve her ACT score. She is going to be taking the test in April.

Sent by Belinda on 2/3/14

English, Binghamton, NY

Hello I want to get tutor from you for improve my english. I am from Turkey and I will be in Binghamton for 3 months. I want to lesson from you twice in a week...

Sent by Mustafa on 2/3/14

FAR CPA, New York, Ny

I failed FAR 3 times (66,70,69). This is my last exam. I need to pass my december. Simulations and JE's are my weaknesses. I used Becker but now want to buy...

Sent by Melissa on 2/3/14

Nursing, Cicero, IL

Hello Jackie, I am currently in nursing school. Right now I am taking Medical Surgical nursing and i must say it is the hardest nursing class I have taken thus far!

Sent by Jacqueline on 2/3/14

Accounting, New Orleans, LA

I am seeking a tutor for MBA accounting online. I have two tutors online but I need instructions in person as well. i have never taken an Accounting course because...

Sent by Tonika on 2/3/14

French, Cumberland, MD 21502

We are looking for a french tutor for a homeschooling family. Please contact us if this is something you would be able to do. Thankyou

Sent by Jolene's on 2/3/14

English, West Windsor,nj 08550

My son is doing 9th grade needs help in LA honors. His grades need to be improved. Also, we want you to focus on his SAT reading and writing.

Sent by Nirmala on 2/3/14

College Allgebra, Springtown, TX

My daughter is a freshman at weatherfore college and is having hard time in college algebra. Was hoping you would b available to tudor her.

Sent by Christine on 2/3/14

Algebra, Canoga Park, CA

8th grade son struggling in algebra

Sent by Rich on 2/3/14

Spanish + Geometry, El Dorado Hills, CA

I need a tutor for my 16 year old son. I'm looking for someone that can tutor geometry and Spanish 2. I need that person to come on wed afternoon or eve.

Sent by Emy on 2/3/14

Adobe Illustrator, Eugene, OR

I am learning Adobe Illustrator in an online course and need a personal tutor to help me set up and explain a few things for a relatively simple project I am working...

Sent by Demetra on 2/3/14

Finance, Durham, NC

My son attends Duke University and is taking Intermediate Finance. Do you think you are qualified to teach this course?

Sent by Neil on 2/3/14

Spanish, Stockbridge, GA

Good afternoon, My daughter who is 14 wants to learn to speak Mandarin, do you teach youth?

Sent by Shirlrettha on 2/3/14

Philosophy, Dayton, OH

Hi, I'm looking for a Philosophy tutor at college level(Freshmen). I need to meet at UD or Home . Let me know how much is the hourly fees.

Sent by Haith on 2/3/14

English, Winter Haven, FL

I wanted to know more information regarding my son who is in 3rd grade. Please email me back or call me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Dais on 2/3/14

Speech, Lexington Park, MD

Hi Jenny I am looking for a tutor for my 6 year old with delays in speech, reading, writing. please email me.

Sent by Latoya on 2/3/14

Math, Northridge, CA

my son needs some math help. he is in 5th grade now. Thanks!

Sent by Michael on 2/3/14

Physics, Savannah, GA

Looking for a tutor in physics for my son who is a freshman at Savannah Country Day. We are located in Pooler. Please email to talk about things.

Sent by Tracy on 2/3/14

Dyslexia, San Antonio, TX

I live near by your map and need some help for my 7 yr old son who is undergoing dyslexic testing. My husband and I both work for NEISD, but we have 5 children...

Sent by Marla on 2/3/14

Act Reading, Deland, FL

Looking for an ACT Reading tutor for my daughter. She's taken the test before and was 1 point away from passing. Need someone experienced that can get her to pass.

Sent by Joanna on 2/3/14

Sql, Issaquah, WA

Hi Glenn, I am struggling with a SQL Server class and need help a.s.a.p.!

Sent by Linda on 2/3/14

Algebra, Springfield, PA

Hi Michael. My daughter is in 8th grade and is struggling in algebra. I was wondering if you're available to tutor her? We live in Springfield. Thanks so much. D.

Sent by Debbi on 2/3/14

Reading, Elementary Math & Language, Lawrenceville, GA

I need help for my sons. One is in the 4th grade and the other is in Kindergarten.

Sent by I. on 2/3/14

Genetics, Starkville, MS

Hi. My name is B.. I am a student at Mississippi State. I'm wanting to find out if you offer tutoring for college level human genetics? Thanks for your time, B.

Sent by Brittany on 2/2/14

Thermodynamics, Dayton, Ohio

Hi, Do you help in thermodynamics assignment?

Sent by Ali on 2/2/14

Algebra 1, Killeen, TX

Hello, I am interested in an algebra1 tutor for my daughter Niah who is studying for the Staar test. I can be reached at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Tenisha on 2/2/14

Algebra 2, West Roxbury, MA

Hi, I am looking for an algebra 2 tutor for my daughter. Please let me know your availability. Thanks, T.

Sent by Thuy on 2/2/14

Spanish, Richmond Hill, GA

Hi Professor Johnetta, I'm a full time student at Columbia College. Currently I'm enrolled in "Introduction to Spanish" and it's not going as well as expected.

Sent by Oluranti on 2/2/14

Math, Macon, GA

(phone number available after purchase) I have a 3rd grader he's 9 years old and having problem with math he attend Vineville Academy we stay in macon I would really...

Sent by Peronica on 2/2/14

Asvab, Omaha, NE

Hi I might need to refresh my test techniques. Im 38 and will need refresher coarse to take the asvab.

Sent by Scott on 2/2/14

Public Speaking, Savannah, GA

I would be interested in doing some speech training while in savannah a few weeks in feb. i am downtown on E gaston st. please let me know if this is possible. S.

Sent by Susan on 2/2/14

Algebra, Pflugerville, TX

Do you tutor in pflugerville? I have an 8th grade daughter that is needing help with algebra 1.

Sent by Shamrock on 2/2/14

Calculus 2, Philadelphia, PA

need help with Calculus2 class took calculus 1 12 years ago Please call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Anthony on 2/2/14

Anatomy, Indianapolis, IN

Hello, My name is A. W., and I am trying to find a tutor for Anatomy and Physiology. I am having a tough time retaining the information for the course.

Sent by Ariane on 2/2/14

Elementary, Batavia, IL

Hello Sarah, I am interested in tutoring for my 5 year old Kindergartener. We currently live in Batavia. Are you able to travel? or is there a place that you tutor...

Sent by Marketa on 2/2/14

Statistics, Seattle, WA

Hi I am international PHD student at SPU . I have statistic class . I need tutor to help me on my home quiz ..

Sent by Afrah on 2/2/14

Algebra, Southern Pines, NC

Hi Tessa...quick snapshot. I am an adult student who needs Algebra 1 and 2 to complete BA in PR. Dedicated creative non-fiction writer accepted for MFA at Fairfield...

Sent by Glenn on 2/1/14

Math 097, Milton, MA 02186

Hi my name's R. C.. I'm looking for a math tutor. Can you please contact me via my email.

Sent by Roodlyne on 2/1/14

Statistics, Danville, PA

I am in college at Penn Tech and need a statistics tutor.

Sent by Michael on 2/1/14

Computer Science Java, Seattle, WA

Hi Benjamin, i'm taking a intro to object oriented programming class in java and need help with basic concepts and trouble-shooting problems on my homework...

Sent by Chris on 2/1/14

Microsoft Windows, Pensacola, FL

(phone number available after purchase) have data that must be compiled by monday on excell can you help me please....M.cell-450-4509

Sent by Mike on 2/1/14

Calculus 3, Carrollton, GA

Hi. I am a sophomore at West Georgia looking for a tutor of Calculus 3.

Sent by Ryan on 2/1/14

Heat Transfer, Dayton, OH

I need tutoring sessions online (skype,...) in Heat transfer. if you can do that please contact me.

Sent by Fahad on 2/1/14

Act, Warren, OH

I am interested in your tutoring for my son who will be taking the ACT test in April. He is a sophomore in high school. I can be reached at (phone number available...

Sent by Diana on 2/1/14

tutor, San Angelo, TX

Alcia, Have you had any experience in dealing with Comprehension Learning disabilities? I have 15 year old twins that have struggled since Kindergarten. Thanks

Sent by Julia on 2/1/14

Algebra, Stuart, FL

HI kaitlyn, I'M looking to have my niece tutored in 10TH GRADE algebra thank you D.

Sent by Diane on 2/1/14

Spanish, Atherton, CA

Hi Marnie, I'm looking for a tutor to work with me and my three children (ages 7, 10, 11) on learning Spanish. I studied Spanish in school years ago...

Sent by Pamela on 2/1/14