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Sat I, Herrin, IL

Hello Lynne D., My daughter is a Carterville HS junior. She needs to prep for her SAT. Thanks

Sent by Ron on 1/31/14

Esl English 2nd Language, Tiffin, OH

Hello, I'm international student and I need some help with home works. It is about making summary.

Sent by Mohammed on 1/31/14

Statistics, King George, VA

Hello, My name is J. T. I am a student at UMW and live in King George. I am a christian-29- and work at King George Church of God with the children at Precious Gems...

Sent by Jeremy on 1/31/14

Computer, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Hello Hamid, basic computer skills and trouble shooting for a senior citizen. Thank you, K.

Sent by Kambiz on 1/31/14

Writing, Cape Coral, FL

Hi Greg I need help with 3 of my pennfoster exams

Sent by Dennis on 1/31/14

Physics, Cortland, NY

Hi Jon: I am a senior taking a Physics 201 course at SUNY Cortland and am already very confused with the material. I am a Speech Pathology major with no physics...

Sent by Tricia on 1/31/14

Algebra 1, Fresno, CA

I'm a Sr at Clovis West and I need some tutoring in Algebra 2. I do well in my 3 AP courses but I'm not doing well in Algebra 2. Would like to see if you could help.

Sent by Lauren on 1/31/14

Statistics, Colorado Springs, CO

I will have to email you two of the assignments that I'm currently struggling with. Are you still available for tutoring?

Sent by Robert on 1/31/14

Cpa, Glendale, CA

Hello Lilith, I am N.. I am trying to pass FAR section of CPA exam. Can you contact me at (phone number available after purchase). Thank you.

Sent by Nelli on 1/31/14

C#, Atlanta, GA

How much experience do you have with C#, Angular, and Backbone? Specifically C#. I just started a new job and really need to get up to speed with C#.

Sent by Sharon on 1/31/14

Esl, Whippany, NJ

Hello Cara ! I am looking for ESL tutor. I need to improve my writing sills and english conversation. Please contact me for further details : (email available after...

Sent by Elena on 1/31/14

Reading/math, Bennington, VT

Hi Lynda, I am looking for a tutor in Bennington for my 17 year old. Is this anything you would be available for (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Carly on 1/31/14

Math, Park Ridge, NJ

Hi, Would you be willing to tutor for the elementary math part of the Praxis?

Sent by Stephanie on 1/31/14

Math 4 Grade, Willowbrook, IL

Hello how are u doing I have a 9 year old boy his name is larry his in 4th grade an he needs a lil more help I'm math .i see your rate is $35 I also stay in...

Sent by Anita on 1/31/14

Microsoft Word, Baltimore, MD

Hi, Caroline, I am wondering if you could help me with a document that I've received from an editor that I'm supposed to go over - 'track changes'?

Sent by Winnie on 1/31/14

Communication Skills, Plainsboro, NJ

Hi Tony, I am lookng for someone who can train me more in american speaking and who can help me to improve my communication skills. Please let me know.

Sent by Srini on 1/31/14

Reading Writing, Southlake, TX

I have kids in 5 grad she needs help in reading&writing .

Sent by Samantha on 1/31/14

C#, New York, NY 10005

I need help tutoring in C# language. when you gonna be available? thank you

Sent by Abdulhadi on 1/31/14

Algebra 2 Trigonometry, Aiea, HI

We live in Aiea and would like to hire a tutor. Would you consider tutoring my 10th grader son for $20 an hour, minimum of 2 hours? Thank you very much.

Sent by Jessie on 1/31/14

Korean, Saint Louis, MO

Hi Sarah, I'd be very interested to have more information about your language school. I'm specifically interested in the Korean, Chinese, and Hindi lessons.

Sent by Madison on 1/30/14

Business 101 Tutoring, Springfield, OR

Hello Kristin, it's the same person from wyztutor, I'm just that desperate for a business tutor, I have a midterm coming up.

Sent by Yousef on 1/30/14

Accounting, Phoenix, AZ

Hello I need a tutor with my accounting hw this weekend are you availible?

Sent by Clifford on 1/30/14

Asvab, Tucson, AZ

Hello my name is A. I been trying to join the military for two years but I can't seem to pass the ASVAB can you help? I mostly need help in the math and Word...

Sent by Alex on 1/30/14

Reading, Newburgh, NY

Hello. My first grader is struggling with his spelling and reading. He trys but gets angry when he is having difficulty. Possible dyslexia. Thank You.

Sent by Jenelle on 1/30/14

Math, Sanford, FL

Hi, I need tutoring for the FCTE math test. Please let me know if you are available. I need this tutoring ASAP. Thanks.

Sent by Maria on 1/30/14

Statistics, Holbrook, NY

Hi, I am a St. Joe's student, enrolled in Statistics, and am looking for a tutor to meet weekly for this semester, which ends mid-May.

Sent by Victoria on 1/30/14

Chinese, Oviedo, FL

My son needs a tutor for speaking/writing Mandarin Chinese. He is in 8th grade at Milwee Middle School and we live in Oviedo. Are you available after 5pm M-F or on...

Sent by Susan on 1/30/14

Reading, Mansfield, TX

Good Evening Ms. Pat, I am in search of a tutor for my 7 yr old son. He is in 2nd grade and currently he is struggling with reading/comprehension.

Sent by Aliyah on 1/30/14

elementary, Tifton, GA

I have two kids who need help with their schooling.

Sent by Vickie on 1/30/14

Math Chemistry, Silver Spring, MD

Dear Mr. Edward, my child is having a time to understand algebra 2, chemistry

Sent by Mailue on 1/30/14

Gre, Baton Rouge, LA

I am preparing for the GRE and am very mathematically impaired. Could use a little help. Thanks!

Sent by Elizabeth on 1/30/14

Biochemistry, Binghamton, NY 13905

Hi Heather. I'm a senior a Binghamton who is anticipating having a lot of trouble with biochemistry. I'm very rusty with my gen chem and haven't taken organic chem...

Sent by Matt on 1/30/14

French, Middletown, CT

Hello, I am looking for someone to tutor my daughter in French. She is in her 3rd year in French and struggling. Would you be available in the near future to meet?

Sent by Mary on 1/30/14

English, Kalamazoo, MI

teach me how can I summeries the important ideas at the stories

Sent by Abdullah on 1/30/14

Math, Burlington, CT

Hi, my son is a freshman at Lewis mills and is having troubles in math, English and science. He has a problem focusing and we don't always have the knowledge...

Sent by Fred on 1/30/14

Microsoft Access, Newport Beach, CA

Mary, I'd like to learn Access for work purposes. I want to create forms that contain complex formatting, pictures, linked objects, embedded objects, check boxes...

Sent by Annie on 1/30/14

Statistics, Bradenton, FL

Hi Bruce, I am a PhD student struggling for the first time. I am hoping that a session or two will fix my block with data analysis. It is the syntax that is getting me.

Sent by Tami on 1/30/14

Pre-algebra, Fairfield, CA

My daughter is in 7th grade in pre-algebra and needs some extra help. Are you available? What methods do you use to ensure that a student is ready and prepared...

Sent by Edyth on 1/30/14

Finance, Madison, WI

Hello I am MBA student and i want help in my finance cources

Sent by Yousef on 1/30/14

Reading Comprehension, Harleysville, PA

I am looking for a tutor for my 15 year-old son. He needs work in reading comprehension, study skills and vocab. He does not enjoy reading or doing homework that...

Sent by Nicole on 1/30/14

After Effects/Nuke, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Moose, I need to learn Nuke. Can you teach me? Thanks, A

Sent by Allan on 1/30/14

Nclex Rn, Tuscaloosa, AL

Hello, I'm currently looking for a tutor for nclex rn review

Sent by Tanika on 1/30/14

Psychology, Fairfax, VA

Hello: I need help please in writing and to structure some answers for practice questions in psychology. Please if you can come to my area kindly email me back.

Sent by Kholoud on 1/30/14

College Agebra And Biology, Universal City, TX

Hi, I was wondering if I could do tutoring as needed? Or would I have to have a certain amount of hours in order for you to help me.

Sent by Devin on 1/30/14

Algebra, Canton, MI 48188

My daughter needs tutoring in algebra 2. She lives in Wayne Michigan. I need her to be tutored at least twice a week. Thanks looking forward to hearing from you.

Sent by Kieana on 1/30/14

Algebra, Chico, CA

Looking for a tutor for my son who is taking intermediate algebra at Butte. has learning disability and math is really challenging.

Sent by Holly on 1/30/14

French, Rockville, MD

We are interested in finding a tutor to boost the reading skills of one of our boys. Andrew is a second grader who currently is enrolled in the Montgomery County...

Sent by Peggy on 1/30/14

Math/Reading, Aiken, SC

I have a first grader who has a 77 average in Math and 77 average in Reading of which I would like to improve and also prepare to be above average in 2nd grade.

Sent by Armanda on 1/30/14

Chemistry, Fayetteville, AR

Jose, I am a student at the University of Arkansas. I am currently taking University Chemistry II and I really need help understanding all the material we are...

Sent by Taylor on 1/30/14

Finance Tutor, Overland Park, KS 66214

Howdy, Do you have any experience with tutoring college-level finance please? Thanks, G.

Sent by Gene on 1/30/14

Elem Math, Wadsworth, OH

11 yr daughter needs help with mult/div decimals, add/sub fractions mixed numbers with unlike denom. Live in Wads...can we meet at Med Library?

Sent by Erica on 1/30/14

Act, Harlingen, TX

I would like for you to tutor me for my ACT test. I would really appreciate it.

Sent by Johnathan on 1/30/14

Finance, Oxnard, CA

Hello, My name is L., I'm taking a Finance class... I am looking for some help.. this weekend if possible. My phone number is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Liz on 1/30/14

Web Design, Memphis, TN

I have a web design class that asks me to design a web and a blog. Can you help me?

Sent by Abdullah on 1/29/14

Java, Miami, FL 33175

Hello my name is K. B., I am in college and my major is IT software development focus. I have a class called Data Structs, which is basically Java...

Sent by Karim on 1/29/14

Astronomy & Geology, Leavenworth, KS

Rachel I am interested in visiting with you regarding two of my online classes;Descriptive Astronomy & Geology. Can you please email me so I can give you the details?

Sent by Rosie on 1/29/14

Statistics, Lake Mary, FL

Sent by Victoria on 1/29/14

Mechanical Engineering, Raleigh, NC

Hi Tim I need help with fluid mechanics, can you help with this subject. Please email me if you can help me. Thanks W.

Sent by William on 1/29/14

Math, Boynton Beach, FL

Hello Xiomara, I would like to talk to you more about math tutoring for my daughter she is in 7th grade and needs help. The number you can reach me is (phone number...

Sent by Jackie on 1/29/14

English, Clarkston, MI

I have a 13 year old daughter who needs help with reading comprehension, note taking, writing skills and vocabulary.

Sent by Neepa on 1/29/14

English, Pleasanton, CA

7th and 9th graders need Language arts help. We live in Pleasanton and they attend public shools. We are looking for 3-4hrs a week.

Sent by Ravi on 1/29/14

Science Math And English, Pinole, CA

Please call (phone number available after purchase) regarding tutoring.

Sent by Kamal on 1/29/14

Physics, Glenarm, IL

Hi i am having some trouble in my AP physics b class. We are moving way too fast and i feel if i don't get help now i will fall behind and fail.

Sent by Matthew on 1/29/14

Spanish, Menifee, CA

Hello, I've seen your profile on other tutor sites and your rates are different. Your method of teaching as listed on another site is what I am most interested...

Sent by Annalyn on 1/29/14

Nclex, Baltimore, MD

Looking for an nclex tutor I failed the first time n think ineed help

Sent by Lizette on 1/29/14

Chemistry, Ellington, CT

I just got out of the navy and i am attending mcc. My first semester is a chemistry class and i can already tell I'm going to have difficulties.

Sent by Rocco on 1/29/14

Chemistry, Brandon, MS 39047

Need help in chemistry ASAP

Sent by Laura on 1/29/14

Organic Chemistry, Billings, MT

Hello Robin, My name is A. S. and I am currently enrolled in MSU-Billings. I am having difficulty in Organic Chemistry and I was just wondering if you would be...

Sent by Alyssa on 1/29/14

Chemistry, Pearl, MS

Taking an online class and Need some help with college chemistry. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Laura on 1/29/14

Organic Chemistry, Savannah, GA

I am looking for someone to tutor my 10th grade daughter in high school chemistry.

Sent by Lisa on 1/29/14

Asvab, Ronkonkoma, NY

Was wondering if u can help with asvab exam

Sent by Joe on 1/29/14

Math, Springboro, OH

Hi! My name is P. and I'm looking for a tutor for my little sister. She is in 6th grade, and struggles with Math. I used to tutor her, but I'm currently in college...

Sent by Patricia on 1/29/14

High School, North Collins, NY

I have a son who needs help with his math work who also has ADHD he is in 10th grade.

Sent by Bryce on 1/29/14

Math, South Amboy, NJ

are you familiar with pharmaceutical math. Ratios, proportions, dilutions and so forth??

Sent by Toni on 1/29/14

Math And Science, Carbondale, IL

I have a son in third grade who needs a help with math and science. Please contact me. Thank you!

Sent by Sath on 1/29/14

Spanish, Rochester, MN

I need a four-week crash course in beginning Spanish. I live in Rochester and am flexible time wise.

Sent by Judith on 1/29/14

Need Help In Massage ., Fayetteville, AZ

need help in massage therapy board exam.

Sent by Shachi on 1/29/14

Algebra, Huntingdon Valley, PA

Hi, I'm really struggling in algebra 2 right now and I'm a sophomore in high school.how much do you charge And would you be able to do like 2 hours a week...

Sent by Alan on 1/29/14

Physics, Chandler, AZ

Hi Denise, My 15 year old daughter is struggling in high school physics. What hours and locations are you available? M.

Sent by Marilyn on 1/29/14

Powerpoint, Manchester, NH

Ryan, I am interested in finding a tutor with the ability to put a powerpoint presentation together. I wanted it on my IPAD using Keynote also.

Sent by Sharon on 1/29/14

Accounting, South Richmond Hill, NY 11419

hello, I just want find a tutor to help me do my homework. pleasa contact me if you can help me.

Sent by Yapeng on 1/29/14

C++, San Antonio, TX

I need help with C++. I have completed 2 courses which are Fundamentals of Programming and Programming Fundamentals II. I passed the courses but it was difficult...

Sent by Judith on 1/29/14

Web Database, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33351

I am 49 and have limited programming experience. I'm developing a database application in Access to be used on the web. I could use help in answering questions that...

Sent by Kent on 1/29/14

Mcat, Lindenhurst, NY

Hello. I'm P., a sophomore at Villanova University currently on medical leave for the semester. Instead of letting my time away from school go to waste...

Sent by Priscilla on 1/29/14

Microsoft Office, Brockport, NY

Hello Karmel I am looking for anyone has a good knowledge in Microsoft Office in the following subject: ( Excel - Access - Integration - Word ) thank you,,

Sent by Nabeel on 1/29/14

English, Bangor, ME

Hi Chandler I would like to know if you could tutor me but , I would like to know if there is a chance that we could do $15 an hour because I am on a fix income and...

Sent by Shannon on 1/29/14

Chemistry, Chula Vista, CA

I am looking for a tutor for my son he is a sophomore and is struggling in chemistry. Not sure where to start .if you are tutoring or can help him please let me know.

Sent by Amanda on 1/28/14

Writing, Portland, OR 97239

Looking to help my son who is in 7th grade with writing, math and grammar. He has ASD and finding hard even with the IEP programs available at his school.

Sent by Shaanika on 1/28/14

Stats, Cincinnati, OH

Do you teach Stats on the college level ?

Sent by Autumn on 1/28/14

C#, Alexandria, IN 46001

Hi, I need help with my C# class and the homeworks and stuff. Do you give lessons online? Thanks, M.

Sent by Majed on 1/28/14

Pharmaceutic, Texas City, TX

my daughter is in pharmacy first year she needs help in pharmaceutical, pathphysiology.

Sent by Sabiha on 1/28/14

Math, Yuma, AZ

I am looking for a math tutor for my son who is 10 yrs. old and in the fourth grade. I would like Tue/Thur. nights for 1-1 1/2 hrs. starting at 6:30 pm.

Sent by Angela on 1/28/14

My Child Needs Help With All Subjects, Bay Minette, AL

Paula, My name is D. C.. I live in the Bay Minette area. I have a child that is having a tough time in school. He is a 3rd grade student.

Sent by Dessa on 1/28/14

Algebra, Bolingbrook, IL

hi.my son's in 8th grade and needs tutoring of advanced algebra for school mathlete competition.can meet 2x/wk.thank you

Sent by Daphne on 1/28/14

Geometry, Wylie, TX

Hi, looking for a tudor for my daughter who is struggling with 10th grade geometry . she has done poorly since fA.l and needs someone to show her a diffferent way...

Sent by Al on 1/28/14

Biology, Trenton, NJ

hi, i need help for biology, chemistry,psychology. please response me as soon as possible. thanks R.

Sent by Rupinder on 1/28/14

Kinesiology, Starkville, MS 39759

I am majoring in kinesiology. I am takinng Individual and Family Nutrition, Anatomical Kinesiology, and Exercise Science.

Sent by Blaine on 1/28/14

Nuclear Engineering, Columbia, MD 21044

I need help with my nuclear engineering home work

Sent by Esther on 1/28/14

Mechanical Engineering, Oklahoma City, OK

I'm helping my son find a tutoR. foR. mechanical engineeR.ing couR.ses including statics, advanced physicals, themo, etc. He's in a pR.ogR.am that's veR.y theoR.

Sent by R on 1/28/14

Physics, Cumming, GA

Hi Deondray, I am in Physics 1111 (non-calculus based) at University of North Georgia. I am having a hard time understanding word problems.

Sent by Amy on 1/28/14

Math, Coeur D Alene, ID

Hello There, My 7th grade son needs some tutoring with math and would like to see if you might be interested. This is my first time using this sight so we will...

Sent by Jessica on 1/28/14

Adobe Photoshop, Seattle, WA

Would you be willing to tutor me in PhotoShop so that I can use it? I hate reading the manuals. I will take notes instead. Is this something that...

Sent by Sharyn on 1/28/14

Chemistry 2, Niceville, FL

Hi Nathan! I am currently taking chemistry 2 at Northwest Florida State college in Niceville. I desperately need help. I have tried a couple of free tutoring...

Sent by Mallie on 1/28/14

Elementary, Rockledge, FL

I am looking for an elementary grade tutor for my S.on who haS. a S.ome developmental delayS.. Would like to have S.omeone AS.AP. We live in Rockledge.

Sent by Claudia on 1/28/14

Math, Hope Mills, NC

I am interested in finding a tutor for my 8 year old son. He is struggling in math and spelling. I have went to other tutoring services but cannot afford...

Sent by Dorothy on 1/28/14

Eoc Civic, Hialeah, FL

Hello: I need a tutor for my son in Science and EOC Civic preparation. He is in 7th grade and does not speak English. Call me after 5pm ((phone number available...

Sent by Maria on 1/28/14

Civil Engineering, Spokane, WA

Hello dear! how are you doing? I'm a student at EWU, and i face hard time with my assignments in construction estimating. Are you able to help me with this subject.

Sent by Ghanim on 1/28/14

Praxis, Scranton, PA

Praxis tudor needed. My son is 27 and has failed 3 times so I thought I would try an in home tudor. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Cathie on 1/28/14

Video, Danville, CA

Hello, I am looking for someone to help me make a 10-minute video as a credential requirement. I have no equipment, nor skill in this area.

Sent by Anne on 1/28/14

Asvab, Apopka, FL

Hi my name is A. and im looking for a great asvab tutor to help be get ready for the test. I've already failed it twice and I will not fail a third time.

Sent by Aushunty on 1/28/14

Act Tutor, Hattiesburg, MS

Hi, after reading your profile would like to chat with you about tutoring me for the ACTs.

Sent by Jalisa on 1/28/14

Fcat, Tampa, FL

please contact me when you get a chance. thank you.

Sent by Tiara on 1/28/14

Algebra 2, Bremerton, WA 98312

Dear Michael, I'm exploring tutors for my daughter who is a freshman for Honors Algebra II. We live in Doylestown, do you come to the home?

Sent by Margurete on 1/28/14

Real Estate, Pompano Beach, FL

I am interested in your services in real estate turoring.

Sent by John on 1/28/14

Elementary Math, Cairo, NY

Hello, I am interested in a tutor for my 8 year old daughter. She is in 3rd grade & needs help with Reading Comprehension and Math.

Sent by Maria on 1/28/14

Computer Science, Gainesville, FL

Hi I wonder you can teach my son about computer science AP? My son is 12th grader now. Thank you. L.

Sent by Hyeongwoo on 1/28/14

Nclex Rn, Montgomery, AL

Need tutoring for NCLEX-RN!!!

Sent by Lisa on 1/28/14

Project Management, Moline, IL

i have course which is project management could you plz help me with it

Sent by Han on 1/28/14

Photoshop, Costa Mesa, CA

Hi, I am looking for a tutor for my son. He is 19, and has his GED. He needs to be tutored in Excel and Photoshop. Please contact me for further details asap.

Sent by Carmen on 1/27/14

College Physics - Physics 114, Seattle, WA

I'm looking for someone to tutor me on college level physics. I am in physics 114 at the University of Washington and having difficulty with the course material.

Sent by Alexandra on 1/27/14

Chemistry (general), Boone, NC

Hello Ryan, are you still available for tutoring? I am in a basic chemistry online class and I am need of a lot of help. I am in Blowing Rock but would gladly meet...

Sent by Brandy on 1/27/14

Electrical Engineering, Lubbock, TX

Hi Harrison, I am currently struggling with ECE3302, basic circuit analysis and was looking for a tutor. I am available Mon, Wed, Th, & F after 2pm.

Sent by Arthur on 1/27/14

Regents, Long Beach, NY

taking chemistry regents on wednes..looking for tutor possibly..tonite and r tomorrow....avail to com to my home r can drive to meet someone..

Sent by Justin on 1/27/14

Microsoft Powerpoint, Albany, NY

Hi Maryanne, I am interested in tutoring in Microsoft Powerpoint and Word, you can contact at the above email or my cell number is (phone number available after...

Sent by Bill on 1/27/14

Algebra, Carbondale, CO

Shane I would like to discuss your tutoring my 17 year old son in Algebra. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) or (phone number available after...

Sent by Lewis on 1/27/14

Math, Canfield, OH

Hello, My son is having a hard time with math and language arts. He is very intelligent but needs help with organization and understanding basic concepts of math.

Sent by Gary on 1/27/14

Geology, Portland, OR

Hi there! I am in need of a tutor for a few sessions in preparation for my Registered Geologist Exam. Is this something you can help with?

Sent by Ben on 1/27/14

Graphic Design, Miami Beach, FL 33139

My group is looking for an italian graphic designer.

Sent by Sir on 1/27/14

Home Schooling, Long Island, NY

Intersested in a homebased tutor for a special needs homeschooler.

Sent by Lori on 1/27/14

Home Schooling, Imperial, CA

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor for my 4th grader, please call me (phone number available after purchase), thank you, K.

Sent by Karla on 1/27/14

C++, Bothell, WA

Need some help with a program change Arduino C/C++ I2C component

Sent by Joe on 1/27/14

Chemistry, Thousand Oaks, CA

Hi Larry, My daughter is a sophomore in high school and is taking honors chemistry. She has a test on Wednesday and we are looking for someone to tutor her...

Sent by Melissa on 1/27/14

Math And Science, Portland, TN

Hello, I am trying to find a math and science tutor for my 7th grader. I am about to take her out of public school and place her in homeschooling.

Sent by Kristin on 1/27/14

Reading, Punta Gorda, FL

My kindergarten son needs help on reading.

Sent by Elizabeth on 1/27/14

Reading, League City, TX

My 9 yr old have some deficiencies on his reading comprehension, writing and fluency. We are an ESL family. We would like to meet with you for evaluation.

Sent by Joel on 1/27/14

Sat Prep, Lake Mary, FL

Hi I need a tutor for my daughter for the ACT & SAT tests. If you have availabilty will you please contact me asap. Thanks!

Sent by Candice on 1/27/14

Industrial Engineering, Moriches, NY 11955

I am looking for an expert tutor who is well versed with Queuing theories and Stochastic modelling. The course is service engineering, a technical elective for...

Sent by Pankaj on 1/27/14

Ftce, Miami, FL 33146

Hello, I want to know if it would be possible for you to tutor me in FTCE Math. I want to be a language arts teacher but I cannot seem to pass the math portion of...

Sent by Patricia on 1/26/14

Dyscalculia Math Tuturing, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

My son struggles in math since first grade. He is now in 6th grade. I believe he has a math learning disability. I need someone with lots of patience and to start...

Sent by Susan on 1/26/14

Reading Writing, Southlake, TX

I need help for reading&writing, you can call me (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Samantha on 1/26/14

Math, Alexander, AR

Hi Elizabeth, I am looking for a math tutor for my Daughter who is in 7th grade at Bryant Middle School. She is in pre AP classes and is struggling as they begin...

Sent by Cecelia on 1/26/14

Test Prep, Humble, TX

I'm in need of a tutor for test prep nurse entrance test. Subjects: math, English and grammar

Sent by Timeka on 1/26/14

Business Accounting / Credit, East Rockaway, NY

Hi Keith, I am interested in connecting with you to discuss business accounting as it relates to credit / lending. A little background - I have worked in...

Sent by Marc on 1/26/14

Laurel Md, Laurel, MD 20708

A Christian family with two kids looking for Tutor lesson in English, Mathematics, French,Spanish. My first daughter is 12(girl); Grade 6 going to grade 7, my son is 10;

Sent by Fola on 1/26/14

Computer, Tampa, FL

tutoring in computer science- college level

Sent by Andy on 1/26/14

Chemistry Tutor North Port Florida, North Port, FL

Hello I am looking for a local Tudor in north port Florida to assist my son who is 11th grade at north port high school and is currently taking chem honors.

Sent by Dana on 1/26/14

English, Springfield, OR

Hi Can I meet you to learn English . please contant with me

Sent by Asma on 1/26/14

Resume Writing, Glendale, CA

Hi Vance..This is E.. I'm inquiring about a research paper that is due. Please contact me at 818-660-583. You can text me too. Thank You

Sent by Edmont on 1/26/14

Java, Orlando, FL

i need help with java please let M.e know if you are free toM.orrow 1.26.14

Sent by Janet on 1/25/14

Essay Writing, Chandler, AZ

Hi Kayla, I was looking for someone who could help me in my writing assignments for my ENG 102 class. Please respond to me so that I can work with you.

Sent by Satya on 1/25/14

Paige, Kensington, MD

Paige, We have a high sC.hool student struggling in math whom we'd like to get help with. Please email us if you have any availability to take on a student.

Sent by Marian on 1/25/14

Algebra, Post Falls, ID

My daughter is currently a senior and is failing algebra. Can you please help us?

Sent by Jeri on 1/25/14

Algebra, Grand Prairie, TX

hi, my name is P. and i am looking for a tutor for algebra 1 im in 9th grade i need help with algebra really bad please contact me as soon as you can thank...

Sent by Paola on 1/25/14

Special Education, Seminole, FL

H.i, interested in speaking witH. you about tutoring my 12 y/o ADD son. H.e is struggling witH. 7tH. grade and I'm looking for a great fit tutor for H.im.

Sent by Lory on 1/25/14

Act, Bossier City, LA

I am looking for a someone to help me prepare to take the ACT Feb 8th. would you be interested?

Sent by Kara on 1/25/14

Java, Yorktown Va

I AM taking B.eginning java

Sent by B on 1/25/14

Finance, Washington, DC 20017

Hello, I am a senior finance student, and i am going to have a comperhansive exam on February 13th. It is one of the graduation requirement.

Sent by Bayan on 1/25/14

Linguistics, Culver City, CA

Hi Rupinderjit. Can you tutor college-level linguistics... i.e. translating to and from IPA? I'm an adult student (age 46) in a ridiculously challenging online class...

Sent by Adam on 1/25/14

Tutor For My Son, St George, UT 84770

Hi Amy, My name is T., I have a 4 year old boy with Autism. He is High functioning and is in multiple therapy classes. I'm looking for someone to help him with...

Sent by Tiffany on 1/25/14

Trigonometry, Long Island, NY

We're interested in a Trig. tutor for our son - freshman at Farmingdale College. Would like to discuss asap. Thanks

Sent by Liz on 1/25/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Homework Coaching - Elementary, Fort Benning, GA

I'm very interested in talking to you about your service if you are still available on Fort Benning, GA. Can you tell me a time you could call me and I'll give...

Sent by Donna on 1/25/14

Sas, Oldsmar, FL

I work as a forecaster and have an MS in math but need to brush up on my statistics. I use SAS for work and would like to implementa new models.

Sent by Crystal on 1/25/14

Masters Criminal Justice, Lutz, FL

Hello, my name is K., i'm a student in Ashworth college' in master of criminal justice program. my English still not strong spatially, in writing skill.

Sent by Kal on 1/25/14

Algebra, Montgomery, TX

Interested in a tutor for my daughter in Algebra.I am looking to interview soon for this.Please contact me at (email available after purchase) or call me...

Sent by Joy on 1/24/14

Chemistry, Charlotte, NC

I am taking UNCC general chemistry for the second time and I NEED to get an A in this class. This is one of the most difficult class at this school and I do not wish...

Sent by Jessica on 1/24/14

Nclex Rn, Brooklyn, NY

Hi,I am so desperate to pass my NCLex and know I need help. I hope you can help. I just got my result this morning, and I am heart broken. My second try and Fail.

Sent by Nadege on 1/24/14

Accounting, Provo, UT

Hi Stephen, my name is M. and I was wondering if you also tutor accounting. I'm looking for someone who has taken junior core classes. Thanks!!

Sent by Mckayla on 1/24/14

C++, San Bernardino, CA

I'm trying to find a c++ tutor as soon as possible . i need 3 hours if you are interested please email me back .. thank

Sent by Hassan on 1/24/14

Accounting, Cambridge, MA

Hi Christina, my name is M., I am 41, and would like to improve and polish my accounting skills. I live in Boston, do you think you can help ?

Sent by Maen on 1/24/14

English, Homewood Il

im in college but i cant get eng 101 my weakness is essays im taking the class online.

Sent by Yolanda on 1/24/14

General, Ashtabula, OH

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter she's in 2nd grade.

Sent by Kristy on 1/24/14

Math, Mattawan, MI

Maria, My daugther is in 8th grade in Mattawan Middle School and would like to have a math tutor help her once a week. Please let me know if you would be interested.

Sent by Sanjay on 1/24/14

Accounting, Tampa, FL 33626

Hi Britney- My name is D. and I am currently in Intermediate Accounting 1. I was wondering if you tutor for this class as well. If so, it would be great of we could...

Sent by Daniel on 1/24/14

Math, Youngstown, OH

My son who is 15 now needs help with math and science. I no it is early but looking for a tutor this summer to get him on track for the following year and may be...

Sent by Zalese on 1/24/14

Math, Erlanger, KY

I am looking for a tutor for my son in 8th grade math. He has some confidence and focus issues.

Sent by Heather on 1/24/14

Algebra 2, Miami, FL

Hi, Deanna: We're interested in possibly having you tutor my 11th grade son in Algebra 2. I would also like to hire you to help with his organizational skills by...

Sent by Tim on 1/24/14

Algebra, Jesup, GA

I need an Algebra 2 tutor like yesterday. Please contact me as soon as possible. My son really needs to pass this class. Thanks. Feel free to call me (phone number...

Sent by Shanay on 1/24/14

Algebra Tutor, San Marcos, TX

I am a student at Texas state university and need to fulfill a tutoring hour for the focus program of college algebra I am a part of.

Sent by Brandon on 1/24/14

English Writing, Waycross, GA

HI, Mrs Catherine my name is H. T. IM having problems with passing the writing part of the post test to be a police officer I've been out of school for 8 years if...

Sent by Henry on 1/24/14

Chemistry, Ithaca, NY

I want a tutor for chemistry

Sent by Bob on 1/24/14

Piano, Miami, FL

Hello Sayeka, I'm interest in your piano lessons. A.

Sent by Antonio on 1/24/14

Adobe Illustator, San Diego, CA

(phone number available after purchase) Hi I want to learn adobe illustrator. I live in Alpine. Can you tell me more about how this works .. Thanks B.

Sent by Bonnie on 1/23/14

Chemistry Tutor, Northridge, CA

Hello Nicole, this is M. Alamoudi from Saudi Arabia, I'm a student at the CSUN. My friend and I are looking for a private tutoring for chem 100 (principles of chem)...

Sent by Mohammed on 1/23/14

Math, Bound Brook, NJ

Hi, I am interested in hire a Math teacher for my son he needs help with algebra my phone number is (phone number available after purchase) Please contact me...

Sent by Sandra on 1/23/14

College Algebra, Pflugerville, TX

I need math tutoring for college algebra, I live in pflugerville and go to ACC college. I don't mind traveling but I'm only avaliable Friday and Saturday according...

Sent by Sabrina on 1/23/14

Math, Pocatello, ID

Trevor, I need tutoring for math pre-calc. Thanks. My number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Immayel_r123@hotmail.com on 1/23/14

Usmle Step 2 CK, San Diego, CA

Hi i recently passed usmle step 1 and was looking for class or tutoring for usmle step 2 ck.

Sent by Alejandra on 1/23/14

Media Law, Columbia, SC

Hey, I'm taking a media law grad class this semester and wondering if you can help me with it?

Sent by Salima on 1/23/14

Taks, El Paso, TX

Hello Mr Bill, I need your help. My daughter who is a senior in high school Ina's failed the math portion Taks test twice. She only has one more time...

Sent by Saconda on 1/23/14

Cosmetology, Elmont, NY

Hello mi name is K. and I need help in cosmetology I have tooling the written exam and failed and I. Really need help because I'm trying to start mi career

Sent by Kahani on 1/23/14

Question, Humble, TX

Hello Joyelle, Please forgive me if i am not a student and contacted you in here. I would like to start tutoring but it has been a while since my last teaching...

Sent by Delaram on 1/23/14

Finance Tutor, Alameda, CA 94501

I need help with my international finance class and few other finance classes

Sent by Fabiola on 1/23/14

Reading, Saint Louis, MO

Hey Cheney I am currently looking for a tutor in my area for my 5 year daughter who is in kindergarten and she is struggling so hard at reading and I really want her...

Sent by Felicia on 1/23/14

Microsoft Word Excell, Huntington Beach, CA

Hello, I am trying to help my daughter find a tutor for my grandson. He is 15 and wants to learn to "code." In school, he needs to know/work with Microsoft word...

Sent by Sylvia on 1/23/14

Algebra 2, Chatsworth, CA

Hi Elaine I am looking for a tutor for my 16 year old daughter. She is struggling with Algebra II she is very sweet but shy.

Sent by Roxanne on 1/23/14

Physics, Haughton, LA

hey I am an undergraduate at lsus and having trouble with trig based physics do you have any experience with this and right now I am just trying to understand...

Sent by Brian on 1/23/14

Accounting, Tampa, FL

I am looking for a tutor in person for my finance for managers class asap. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Samantha on 1/23/14

Act, Carlsbad, CA

Please contact me in regards to ACT preparation for a student at the Army Navy Academy scheduled to take the exam on 2/8/14. Thank you.

Sent by Justine on 1/23/14

Asp.net, Tallahassee, Fl

Hello, how are you doing? I'm looking for an (url available after purchase) tutor, but I am in Tallahassee, Florida. Would I be able to interest you at all in trying...

Sent by Theo on 1/23/14

Geometry, Albany, GA

Antwan, Looking for a tutor for my son who is in 10th grade at Lee County High. He has been struggling in geometry this year. He has stayed after school for...

Sent by Amy on 1/23/14

English Tutor, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Estoy interesado en estudiar ingles.

Sent by Manuel on 1/23/14

Algebra, Ruther Glen, VA

(phone number available after purchase) I am getting ready too retake algebra 1

Sent by John on 1/23/14

Math, Henderson, NV

I am fairly good in math but have not taken algebra in about 12 years. I need to take a college level algebra course and take the placement test at the college.

Sent by Stephen on 1/23/14

Organic Chemistry, Orlando, FL

Hi Michele, do you tutor college level organic chemistry I?

Sent by Lisa on 1/23/14

Statistics, Reno, NV

Iam so lost and dont understand statistics. Iam doing online course at GCU. Can you help me. Please. M. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Melinda on 1/23/14

Electrical Engineering, Nashville, TN

I need help on Electromagnetic Field Theory class (6510)

Sent by Jassas on 1/23/14

Accounting, Salem, OR

I am female MBA student i want to have accounting tutor regards,

Sent by Weaam on 1/23/14

Aspergers, Portland, OR

Hello, I'm searching for a tutor to help my son who is 12 years old, he's in the 7th grade and having a hardship in keeping up with his classes.

Sent by Shaanika on 1/23/14

First Grade Reading, Coleman, MI

Looking for a 2-3 day a week tutor for my 7 year old in reading and spelling

Sent by Jayme on 1/23/14

Math, Hickory,nc

Hi. I'm looking for a tutor for my two daughters. They are in 4th & 5th grades. I am looking for help just once a week with math.

Sent by Mandy on 1/23/14

Math, Highland Park, IL

(phone number available after purchase) We are looking for a tutor for my 12 year old daughter in 7th grade. Her current tutor drove form Chicago and now has no...

Sent by Forest on 1/23/14

Algebra, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Hi Nicole, My Daughter is 17 and a junior at Falcon H.S. She is having a difficult time with Algebra II, currently holding a "D" We have never done this before so...

Sent by Gordon on 1/23/14

Special Education, Scottsdale, AZ

Hi - we're at Scottsdale and Shea, looking for homeschooling help. Any autism experience? Thanks, C.

Sent by Char on 1/23/14

Guitar, Miami, FL

Hi Carlos, I was interested in taking an electric guitar lesson. Please let me know if you are available and how much are the lessons 1/2 hr. vs 1 hr.

Sent by Jorge on 1/23/14

Physics, Baton Rouge, LA

David, I am in physics 2002 at LSU and i want to get ahead before i fall behind. If you are interested in helping me i would appreciate that!

Sent by Dylan on 1/23/14

Visual Basic, Gettysburg, PA

Hi Seth, My husband is one class away from completing his degree. The class is Visual Basic .NET programming. Here is the course description -A hands-on...

Sent by Lindsey on 1/23/14

Algebra, Prospect Heights, IL

Hi. I am taking College Algebra and I am having a very difficult time. I haven't taken a Math class for 5 years. I know hardly anything about Algebra and...

Sent by Josh on 1/23/14

Nclex Rn, Natchez, MS

How far are u from Natchez ms. And do u tutor for the RN-nclex exam

Sent by Olivia on 1/23/14

Praxis, Monroeville, PA

I am looking for a tutor for my son-in-law. He has unsuccessfully tried to pass his praxis (elementary) exam several times. Do you think that you would be able...

Sent by Tonee on 1/23/14

Tutor Children, Lansdowne, PA

Call (phone number available after purchase) for my 2 kindergarden

Sent by Kiesha on 1/23/14

Chemistry, Lawton, OK

How are you sir, I was interested in your services. I'm in general chemisty at Cameron university in Lawton. Can you assist.

Sent by Glenn on 1/23/14

Math, Granite Bay, CA

I am looking for a precalculus tutor on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6;30 - 8:30 pm. Do you service that area? Is there anyway you can contact me at (phone number...

Sent by Lynda on 1/23/14

Cosmetology, TX

I am looking for a good Cosmetology tutor. Thank you, Helay.

Sent by Haley on 1/23/14

English Tutor., Alamogordo, NM

Hi Linda. I need a tutor for my 2nd grader. Could you please e-mail me back your references and full name for a back-ground check.

Sent by Maria on 1/23/14

Chemistry (general), Portsmouth, VA

I am a mother looking for a chemistry tutor for my daughter. she is a tcc student. plz contact me for further discussion

Sent by Mrs on 1/22/14

Statistics, Saratoga Springs, NY

Hi, I desperately need help with statistics ! I'm an RN finishing my BSN and saved this horror class for the end! Tasking it on line which is very difficult for me.

Sent by Dana on 1/22/14

Accounting, Los Angeles, CA

Hi- I am looking for a tutor for my MBA Managerial Accounting class. I was wondering if you were available to help me. Please let me know if you are available...

Sent by Anne on 1/22/14

ALL, Ridgecrest, CA

hello, i just started college after a 16 year break. I'm working on my AA in Associate of Science in General Studies. I need help, i am not a very book smart person...

Sent by Austin on 1/22/14

Saxophone, Buffalo, NY

Im 54 and would like to learn how to play the sax. Nothing crazy formal. Just wanna have fun and play on the street, church etc... J.

Sent by Jamie on 1/22/14

Praxis, Wilkes Barre

my daughter is a kings student. needs help with the praxis

Sent by John on 1/22/14

Reading, Findlay, OH

My child is having a had time with reading. I am looking for a tutor to help her. One to two times a week. Anytime between 4:30-7:00 works.

Sent by April on 1/22/14

7th Grade Math, Sag Harbor, NY

Hello Dawn, My son is having terrible issues with math and we are desperate for a tutor. Please contact me to discuss further. Thank you. M.

Sent by Monica on 1/22/14

English, Raleigh, NC

Hello, my child is in 6th grade now. He needs help to improve writing skills. Due to other activities, he is only available on Sat & Sun afternoon.

Sent by Henry on 1/22/14

Electrical, Greensboro, NC

hello I need help with electrical subject.

Sent by Julien on 1/22/14

Math, Salem, NH

Looking for a tutor for my seven year old son. Looking forward to hearing from you. (phone number available after purchase) M.

Sent by Mark on 1/22/14

Series 7, Philadelphia, PA 19109

I have been studying for the Series 7 for the past 5 weeks. I am required to take it as a part of my hire in my new job. I am re-taking quizzes and doing worse than...

Sent by Penny on 1/22/14

Math, Jefferson City, MO

I'm in need of a math tutor for math 112 (intermediate algebra). Please contact me if you're available.

Sent by Lisa on 1/22/14

Chemistry, Atlanta, GA

I need some help with chemistry and learn best from a female teacher. Need help asap. (phone number available after purchase). Thanks

Sent by Dylan on 1/22/14

Second Grade Math, Summerville, SC

Do u tutor children in second grade and up.

Sent by Deadra on 1/22/14

Public Speaking, Detroit, MI

I HATE public speaking and I know I have to face my fears. How do you deal with students who have a high level of public speaking anxiety?

Sent by Rachel on 1/22/14

Vector Calculus, Tucson, AZ

I was wondering if you tutored in vector calculus and if you would be available to tutor me.

Sent by Jillian on 1/22/14

Cosmetology, Corona, CA

Hello, My daughter is struggling to pass the state board exam for cosmetology. Is this something you can help with. Here 4th test is in 2 weeks.

Sent by Bill on 1/22/14

Teas, San Diego, CA

Hi Jeff I am looking for some help to prepare for the teas exam. Please let me know when you are available either sometime this week or next week.

Sent by Daniel on 1/22/14

Math, Visalia, CA

I'm in need of a math,reading and spellung tutor for my son whom is in first grade.. How much do you charge an hour?

Sent by Gina on 1/22/14

Asvab, Houston, TX

Hey how you doin struggling in math trying to pass asvab test

Sent by Antwan on 1/22/14

Statistics, Putnam, CT

Hi Michelle, I am currently taking an Applied Statistics course via snhu. This is an online course and is an 8 week course. We are currently in week 3. I...

Sent by Tammy on 1/22/14

Elementary Tutor, Cedar Park, TX

My son is in 2nd grade. He attends an after school program off Anderson Mill Road from approximately 3:30-6pm. Would you travel to the facility to tutor?

Sent by Karen on 1/22/14

Spanish, Kingman, AZ

Hello, I am looking for a Spanish tutor for my HS age son. Are you still in the Kingman area? Many thanks, J.

Sent by Jon on 1/22/14

Nursing, New Britain, CT

Hello in dave in new Britain looking for private cert. nurse assist. teacher. (phone number available after purchase) please call

Sent by David on 1/22/14

Reading Tutor, Boca Raton, FL

Hello> i am interesting in reading tutoring for my 6 years old, please contact me at (phone number available after purchase) thank you

Sent by Natalia on 1/22/14

Cosmetology, West Palm Beach, FL

Hi I was interested in your services but wanted to know a little more about it. I went to school 3yrs ago for cosmetology and can't pass my state exam.

Sent by Rebecca on 1/22/14

Math, Pawling, NY

I have a 7th grade son who is struggling in math. We had a tutor for him but when he was beginning to bring back homework with grades in the 70s and low 80s...

Sent by Patricia on 1/22/14

Spanish (basics), Bradenton, FL

Our association is looking for someone to teach some spanish classes for Realtors. Need to find out how many classes it takes and what the fee would be.

Sent by Terry on 1/22/14

Final Cut Pro, Brooklyn, NY

Hi Shannon, I am looking for someone who could teach final cut pro for my computer savvy colleague, who is a photographer. He is looking for one-on-one tutoring.

Sent by Rita on 1/22/14

Math, Coeur D Alene, ID

Hi Toni, my daughter could benefit from some math tutoring. She has a reluctant attitude and we need to try to make her understand the importance of math.

Sent by Joni on 1/22/14

Math, Thomasville, GA

my son is in 6th grade and needs assistance with Math. We live in thomasville. Are you available to help.

Sent by Tracie on 1/22/14

Algebra, Cerritos, CA

Hi my daughter us in 8th grade and need a bit of help in Algebra 1 she is mostly having difficult time with the word problems what i want to know is how much you charge?

Sent by Angela on 1/22/14

Nclex Rn, Houston, TX

Hey I am interested in Nclex tutoring. do you have a contact number?

Sent by Joel on 1/22/14

Calculus, Wexford, PA

Hello, I'm taking Calculus for business and economics course and i would like to be tutored twice a week. So could you tell me how does this work? Regards,

Sent by Fawaz on 1/22/14

ELA And Math, History, Cerritos, CA

Hi Linnie- My daughter is academically advanced for her kimdergarten age. We are lookong for a tutor amd noticed your location is from Long Beach.

Sent by Adrian on 1/22/14

Chemistry (general), Lawton, OK

Sir how are you, Im an active duty service member and Im looking for a tutor to help me with General Chem I. I attend Cameron University and could really use your...

Sent by Glenn on 1/21/14

French, Las Vegas, NV

Sent by Anna-marie on 1/21/14

Physics Tutor, Redmond, WA

Hi Nels! Would you have time tmrw morning at 9:30 to meet at the Redmond library to tutor my husband and help him with his physics problem set?

Sent by Susan on 1/21/14

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA

Hello Ravindra. I would like to talk to you and tell you about my background and a realistic plan to prepare for the USMLE.

Sent by Roberto on 1/21/14

Biology, Flagstaff, AZ

I need tutoring in biology bio 182 NAU

Sent by Fahad on 1/21/14

English, Saint Louis, MO

Hi, I want to teach my wife basic english which includes grammer, writing, reading and vocab. 2 hrs a day five days a week for 4 weeks.

Sent by Saeed on 1/21/14

Genetics, Lincoln, NE

Hi I was wondering if you are still in Lincoln and tutor biochem and genetics ? Thanks

Sent by Shuhrat on 1/21/14

Math, Thompsons Station, TN 37179

I'm looking for math Teacher 8 greet for my son if you think you can help me email me thank you

Sent by Esraa on 1/21/14

Spanish Tutor, Arlington Heights, IL

Hello Olga, My name is A. and I was wondering if you could help me learn Spanish quickly. I live in Arlington Heights and hope to hear from you. A.

Sent by Anna on 1/21/14

Italian, Locust Gap, PA

Hi,i am italian and i need to learn english,can you halp me?

Sent by Giuseppe on 1/21/14

Pre-Algebra, Sycamore, IL

Sara, I live in Sycamore, IL . I am an older student looking for tutoring help for Pre- Algebra. Can you help me?

Sent by Chiquita on 1/21/14

Asvab, Columbus, OH

Hello Amy, My name is L. M., I need help with my math portion of my asvab test. I am looking to take about two month or three to prepare myself for this test.

Sent by Latricia on 1/21/14

Excel, Sacramento, CA

need help on a project for my business please call me (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Jesse on 1/21/14

Needed Tutor, Riverton, UT

I am looking for a math teacher for my daughter in 10th grade who seems to have fallen behind this quarter. she will probably either get and incomplete...

Sent by Vicki on 1/21/14

Thermodynamics, Denver, CO

I need tutoring to help me pass the PE in machanical engineering. I am looK.ing for help with thermo, fluids, statics and dynamics.

Sent by Brooke on 1/21/14

Math, Westmont, IL

HELLO MY daughter lives in westmont il and is needing tutoring in math...but she'sin 8th grade

Sent by Quinnisha on 1/21/14

Engineering, Goleta, CA

My son needs a tutor to help him with Matlab as it applies to his ECE 130B (Signal Analysis & Processing) UCSB homework asap.Please let me know if you can help. Thanks!

Sent by Tina on 1/21/14

Pharmacology, Tampa, FL

Hi Lillian, I'm currently in nursing school and having trouble in my pharmacology class. I was wondering if you could please tutor me on this subject.

Sent by Megan on 1/21/14

Calculus Tutor, Las Cruces, NM

Hello Monica, I am actually looking for Calc III tutor and Mechanics Statistic CE233. Call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Amjad on 1/21/14

Spanish, Rome, GA

please contact me, need a tutor for my son- senior in High School. Thanks, E.

Sent by Eve on 1/21/14

College Algebra - Dyscalculia Concern, Carmel, IN

Hi, Love your approach! My son, Jason, is taking college algebra for the third time. Dyslexia is on both sides of his family.

Sent by Christine on 1/21/14

Dyslexia, San Antonio, TX

I need a tutor for my 7 year old son who is in the process of being evaluated for dyslexia. What is your availability

Sent by Marla on 1/21/14

Algebra, Manchester, NH 03104

hi want to be tutoed are you avalible

Sent by Yoav on 1/21/14

Statistics, Ellensburg, WA

Hello, I am in need of tutoring in statistics, but also need help in just brushing up on algebra. I am a graduate student, for whom math is not a strong suit.

Sent by Patrick on 1/21/14

Math, Hinesville, GA

Hello, I am interested in math tutor for 11 year-old son/6th grade middle school.2-3 times weekly. Please feel free to contact me to discuss details further. Thank you.

Sent by Nikya on 1/21/14

Management Information Systems, Rowland Heights, CA

I need help on my Management Information Systems excel project. I don't know how to start it maybe you can help me?

Sent by Lia on 1/21/14

Numerical Analysis, Santa Barbara, CA

Hey Brian, I am currently taking Math 104a, Numerical Analysis, at UCSB. I thought I'd do fine but after the first homework I think I'm in a bit over my head.

Sent by Alex on 1/21/14

Nursing, Gainesville, FL 32607

Hi, I have a reflection essay 2 pages in nursing. Can you please go over it just to check the grammer and sentence structure?!

Sent by Huda on 1/20/14

Ableton, San Diego, CA 92101

Hi, I am looking for someone to show me how to setup Abelton live and Guitar Rig so I can record amp modulations inside Abelton. I've tried with youtube but just can...

Sent by Steve on 1/20/14

Elementary Math, Garland, TX

Looking for a math tutor for my first grader. She is having difficulties grasping concepts, especially in coin value.

Sent by Angela on 1/20/14

English, Flagstaff, AZ

interested in tutoring, please reply by email

Sent by Michael on 1/20/14

Statistics Spss, Orlando, FL

I NEED HELP WITH SPSS OR logistic regression analysis.

Sent by Lechina on 1/20/14

Act, Elsa, Texas

Hi, my daughter is currently enrolled at STC in Weslaco. She is interested in re-taking the ACT but feels she needs tutoring for it.

Sent by Roxanne on 1/20/14

Statistics, Washington, DC

Hi. I'm a grad student at gwu taking managerial statistics. Pls email me your number if you're available to tutor at my apt (1400 Irving st NW 20010) on top of...

Sent by Hanika on 1/20/14

Math, Lexington, VA

Hi, I am a adult with learning disability in Math, looking to brush up in general math and some algebra, if interested please contact me (phone number available...

Sent by Christina on 1/20/14

Nuclear Engineering, Houston, TX

i need a help with my major please call me at (phone number available after purchase) thanks

Sent by Abdul on 1/20/14

Accounting, Northridge, CA

Hello Miss Lilith C. I am CSUN Business student in my 2nd year. I need tutoring in Accounting 230 (cost accounting) for Spring semester which starts 1/21.

Sent by Eric on 1/20/14

Social Studies, Lubbock, TX

Are you available? I am in need of an ELAR 3rd grade tutor in Lubbock.

Sent by Natalieajones on 1/20/14

Writing, San Diego, CA

I am working on a research paper and need assistance with writing

Sent by Sara on 1/20/14

Algebra 2, Leander, TX

Hi Joseph, I really need help with Algebra 2. Is this something you can help me with? Please call me (phone number available after purchase). Thank you, L.

Sent by Lisa on 1/20/14

Physics Tutor, Hainesport, NJ

Hi John, My daughter (a Junior) is panicking about her Honors Physics final (Thursday this week). Is there any way you could come over and spend a couple of hours...

Sent by Anna on 1/20/14

All Of Her Class, Reynoldsburg, OH

Hello my name is K. and I have a 15 freshman her name is Sidney she is a good student but needs help in all of her class..you may contact me at (phone number...

Sent by Kiesha on 1/20/14

Math, Greensburg, PA

Hello, My name is T., we are seeking a math tutor for my 9 year old daughter, anywhere from 1 to 2 days a week in 4th grade math.

Sent by Tishala on 1/20/14

Chemistry (general), Santa Clara, UT

I am interested in tutoring for my son Brodey. He is a 10th grader and struggles in chemistry. Please contact me if you are interested in helping him. Thank you!

Sent by Danette on 1/20/14

Mandarin Chinese, Naples, FL

I'm looking for someone to work witH. my 4 year old grandson. H.e was working witH. someone, so i would like to continue. Please contact me

Sent by H on 1/20/14

Statistics, Macon, GA

Hello. I need your help in Intro to statistics. I am able to pay your rate. I just need to understand the basics and be able to pass the course.

Sent by Faisal on 1/20/14

Adobe Photoshop, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hello, I am interested in learning Photoshop. I have been learning the basics from a Adobe Digital Classroom Book I purchased but need a little more guidance...

Sent by Kevin on 1/20/14

Praxis, Richmond, VA

Hello I'm interested in receiving tutoring in the math & la subject area for praxis II exam.

Sent by Renee on 1/20/14

English, Hopewell Junction, NY

Hi Laura, I see your are extremely intelligent in English but what about Math for SaT review?? Thank you

Sent by Donna on 1/20/14

French, West Grove, PA

Hi, I am interested in tutoring for my daughter Natalie. She is taking high school French 1. We live in West Grove. I am flexible;

Sent by Gretchen on 1/20/14

Act, Belleview, FL

Hi Jodi, I need help with my son. He's a senior in high school and he needs help passing the ACT. He came back a level 1 on the FCAT so he really needs to pass...

Sent by Rashunda on 1/20/14

Chemistry (general), Athens, GA

Very interested in tutoring session. Available Monday (tomorrow) all day and Tuesday afternoon. Also would be interested in following up bi weekly.

Sent by Racheal on 1/19/14

C#, Denver, CO

Hello, I am currently taking an object-oriented programming class, and I am using C#. I have little experience in programming, and I need help.

Sent by Neil on 1/19/14

Statistics, Westfield, MA

My daughter Tara will be taking statistics for psychology this semester at Westfield State and will be in need of a tutor. Would you be available to tutor? Thank you.

Sent by Trish on 1/19/14

Algebra 1, Woodhaven, NY

Hi my name is M. I'm a high school senior my algerbra regents are next week Thursday and I need them to graduate . I need help ASAP . Please contact me

Sent by Megan on 1/19/14

Nclex Rn, Richmond, VA

Have BS in Health Education and BS in Nursing. Took Nclex multiple times 8 years ago. Need help!

Sent by Natasha on 1/19/14

French, Stafford, VA

Hi Elizabeth, My name is S. C.. I am looking for a tutor for my daughter Kristen. She is a very bright 14 year old who takes advanced classes in all areas of study...

Sent by Susan on 1/19/14

Elementary, Edison, NJ

Hi I am looking for my daughter touter (4th grade) Plz e mail me back

Sent by Mayur on 1/19/14

Math, Houston, TX

I am looking for a one on one tutor for my soon to be 10 yr old son. I am trying to get him prepared for the staar test, he needs help in math and understand reading...

Sent by Tamisha on 1/19/14

Algebra 2, Redlands, CA

Need help In Tutoring for my son please call (phone number available after purchase) thx

Sent by Ravinder on 1/19/14

Audiology, Brooklyn, NY

looking for a tutor that specialize in speech/language pathology .will be currently taking Audilogy class

Sent by Evelyn on 1/19/14

Nclex Rn, Iowa City, IA

Hello, I need some prep regarding nclex exam. Please, let me know your availability and details for it. Thank you

Sent by Gianina on 1/19/14

Acct.201, Shelby, NC

I would like to talk to you about my acct.201 class you can call me at (phone number available after purchase). Thanks

Sent by Renae on 1/19/14

Math, Covington, GA

Hi Chris, I have an 8th grader who is struggling with math. You can please contact me for further information. Thanks

Sent by Hope on 1/19/14

Special Education, Avondale, AZ

We are looking for a special education teacher female therapist for our 6 year old moderately autistic son. We would like her to provide some home based sessions.

Sent by Sonu on 1/19/14

Russian, Clovis, CA

Are you able to teach a person to speak fluent russian and how long on average would it take? 3 months? 6 months a year? Or even more?

Sent by Joshua on 1/18/14

Physiology, Crestview, FL

Hello Caleb, I was wondering if you tutor in anatomy and physiology? Thanks!!

Sent by Sammy on 1/18/14

Mcat, Dallas, TX

Looking for a personal tutor to help study for the MCAT. Interesred in 2hrs sessions every Saturday preferably around noon time. Please let me know if this fits your...

Sent by Rihab on 1/18/14

Sat, Irvine, CA

Hello, I am looking for an SAT tutor for critical reading and writing. I am planning to take the SAT test in March.

Sent by Daniel on 1/18/14

Pharmacology, Brooklyn, NY

Dear Harriette, I am taking pharmacology this coming Friday. I need your help with the basics. Are you available Sunday or Monday?

Sent by Liz on 1/18/14

Calculus, Chadds Ford, PA

I am looking for a calculus tutor. If you could call or email me my phone number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jais on 1/18/14

English, Murray, KY

I have two kids that 4th and 7th grade and they want help them to do homework and improve their English language. Thank you Best S. S..

Sent by Salih on 1/18/14

C#, River Forest, IL 60305

I need help creating a C# app that connects to an API provided by my broker, Interactive Brokers. I'm having difficulty getting started and need help.

Sent by Jay on 1/18/14

Statistics, Kyle, TX

I'm a CIS major at TX State. I live in Kyle and have an open schedule on Friday afternoons and all weekend. I need about 2 hours weekly tutoring on Discovering...

Sent by Sam on 1/18/14

Sat & Act, Huntersville, NC

ACT,SAT and AP math calculus tutoring for my son who s currently in Junior high at pine lake predatory. We live in huntersville at exit 23.

Sent by Babu on 1/18/14

Calculus, Tampa, FL

Hi Brittny, Are you available for Calculus tutoring?

Sent by Sharyn on 1/18/14

Spanish, Greensburg, PA

Hi Harold, My name is D. and I'm currently a student in Greensburg, PA learning at the Spanish 4 level. I'm searching for a tutor not so much to teach me Spanish...

Sent by Davin on 1/18/14

Elementary, Waxhaw, NC

Hello, are you available to tutor a 4 yr old & 7yr old in reading and math?

Sent by Gertrisha on 1/18/14

English, Suwanee, GA

Looking for private tutor to improve business English speaking

Sent by Emily on 1/18/14

Biology, Deerfield, IL

Amanda, We are looking for a biology tutor to spend two hours this weekend with my 16 year old daughter and her best friend to study for their biology final.

Sent by Bill on 1/18/14

Speech, Selden, NY

=========================== I have an 18 month old that is not saying anything. I know I am probably being a worried mom but I wanted to know if this is something...

Sent by Denise on 1/18/14

General Study Skills, Fairhope, AL

My son Jack is struggling in school. He has very poor study habits. He is a 9th grader at Fairhope HS. We are looking for someone who can teach him how to study and...

Sent by John on 1/18/14

Algebra, Satellite Beach, FL

Sarah, our son is a Jr. as Satellite. He needs help with Algebra 2. He does well in he other classes and is dual enrolled at BCC. But he has fallen behind in math.

Sent by Ray on 1/18/14

Geometry, Brecksville, OH

I contacted you on Antz but not sure how that works - I have a Junior that is struggling in Geometry and could use your help. Please call me (phone number available...

Sent by Jen on 1/17/14

Public Speaking, Lubbock, TX

Hey Cerise, I am really needing help dealing with public speaking. More intensely on speaking I front of peers during class.

Sent by Nate on 1/17/14

Chemistry, Spring Hill, TN

My daughter is having a hard time with chemistry and she is at this point failing. I need someone to help her. If you are available please contact me. Thank you

Sent by Anita on 1/17/14

Pre Calculus, Oxnard, CA

Need help with homework for high school pre-calculus Sat Jan 18 or Mon Jan 19 in person.

Sent by Choly on 1/17/14

Pre Algebra, Sycamore, IL

Hello Sara, I am a 56 year old student at Kishwaukee College I live in Sycamore ,il. I have failed Pre-algebra twice I need help to pass this class can you help me.

Sent by Chiquita on 1/17/14

Chemistry, Provo, UT

I am helping my son screen for a tutor for Chem 106. He is available after 5pm most days. Are you available?

Sent by Tyler on 1/17/14

Piano, Lihue, Hawaii

I am looking for a piano tutor in Kauai. Can you help me finding one?

Sent by Nolan on 1/17/14

Asp Programming, Gainesville, FL

Looking for a tutor for my son in computer programming. Please contact me via email or my cell (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Laura on 1/17/14

Usmle 1, FL

Hi! I'm not sure if I contacted you before, but I am highly interested in getting tutoring for the USMLE. Specifically, I am looking for someone who can go through...

Sent by Naveen on 1/17/14

Biomedical Engineering, San Antonio, TX

Hello! I am currently a student as a Biomed equipment technician. I am needing a little help during this course. Is that something you're familiar with?

Sent by Shawnte' on 1/17/14

Elementary, Monrovia, CA

Hello Stephanie, My name is R. T.; I have a seven year old daughter that is in need of a tutor. She is currently a Second Grader, but is currently at...

Sent by Rosa on 1/17/14

Computer Programming, Antioch, CA

Hello sir Andrew. I have a son, he is in his 5th grade under GATE (gifted and talented education). He is interested in computer so I want him to learn programming .

Sent by Doris on 1/17/14

Excel, Raleigh, NC

I am looking for a tutor to help with Excel for professional usage and marketing lists. I need to learn how to identify duplicates in a list using V look up...

Sent by Jennifer on 1/17/14

English, Bothell, WA

We are looking for English teacher for our 3rd grade son, can I get resume if you are interested ?

Sent by Vasu on 1/17/14

Toplogy, Terre Haute, IN

Hello , I want help with topology so if you can help me please contact me thank you,

Sent by Mashale on 1/17/14

Math, Wheeling

I homeschool my son- He is in 9th grade, and has difficulty with anything related to math. He can add and subtract, but cannot grasp the concept of fractions...

Sent by Linda on 1/16/14

English, Pocatello, ID 83209

Hello :) I need tutoring in english Reach me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ibrahim on 1/16/14

Finance, Phoenix, AZ

Hi Greg. Have you tutored MBA level finance? I am looking for a tutor to start working on finance and prepping before I even have the class.

Sent by Maricelle on 1/16/14

German, Tomball, TX

Hello, I am hoping to learn German and to find out more on your tutoring services. G.

Sent by Gary on 1/16/14

Math, Galveston, TX 77551

I'm looking for a tutor for Business Math and Chemistry for my son who is a student at Texas A&M Galveston.

Sent by Paula on 1/16/14

Chemistry, Benicia, CA

My son Timothy M. had been a straight A student at Benicia High school in Benicia. Currently in his junior year, he is struggling with his AP Chemistry...

Sent by Daniel on 1/16/14

Calculus, Flagstaff, AZ

I have a home work math the deadline is in 10 PM tonight i need your help

Sent by Fahad on 1/16/14

Math, Reno, NV

My son is in 8th grade. He is advanced in math for his age. He is competing in Mathcounts. Last year he had placed sixth in the state in Mathcounts (second...

Sent by James on 1/16/14

Sat, Wadsworth, OH

Hello Marcia!Iam a junior student in Wadsworth High school.And I want a tutor to prepare for my sat test.I am weak in reading and writing.so can you email me?

Sent by Scarlett on 1/16/14

Physics, Terre Haute, IN

i need a tutor in my physics course (phone number available after purchase) call me or text me please

Sent by Abdullah on 1/16/14

Spanish, Hermosa Beach, CA

My son is 13 and taking Spanish for the first time and he wants to have tutor to improve his skills. We live in Hermosa

Sent by Peter on 1/16/14

Financial Tutor, Milpitas, CA

Can you tutor on how to perform real world day to day FP&A tasK.? without sharing any organization proprietary details.

Sent by K on 1/16/14

Statistics, Mc Lean, VA

I need tutor in learn more about the statistical test.

Sent by Khawla on 1/16/14

English, Kendall Park, NJ 08824

I am looking for an English tutor for my son in 11th grade. He attends the South Brunswick High School and we reside in Kendall Park, NJ.

Sent by Manisha on 1/16/14

Act, Sioux City, IA 51104

Mary, my daughter Mia is a Junior at Dakota Valley. She has been struggling with the ACT reading section. She has taken it several times since 9th grade...

Sent by Marlene on 1/16/14

Mcat, Port Monmouth, NJ

Hi my name is Khris Live in Middletown NJ. Taking MCAT test in The summer. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Eddie on 1/16/14

Flash, Queens, NY

I need assistance with Flash AS 3.0. Can you help? Are you knowledgeable with the latest version? I would like help linking certain buttons from a menu in a project...

Sent by Harry on 1/16/14

Math, Middleville, MI

Looking for help for 8th grade Math. Need help with graphing and linear equations at this point. Live in Middleville. A family member of ours is a professor that...

Sent by Tom on 1/16/14

Cpa, New York, NY

I am looking for experienced in CPA exam private in-person tutor for upcoming Audit section (and FAR) - NYC location- failed twice. Currently using Becker material.

Sent by Sally on 1/16/14

Math, Fernandina Beach, FL

my son is currently having a hard time with 3rd grade math could you contact me if you are still available to tutor

Sent by Pamelia on 1/16/14

Math, Chester, VA

Hi Brian, I am in dire need of a tutor for my 11 year old struggling in 6th grade math. Our schedule is a little tight but have most evenings availble after 6 p.m....

Sent by Debbie on 1/16/14

Algebra, Cibolo, TX

Good Afternoon Ms. Jennifer, My name is J. and I have a 13 year old that need some help with algebra. Her name is Marisol and she is an 8th grade student.

Sent by Jeannette on 1/16/14

Act, Huntsville, TX

hello can you please give my friend a call his name IS MR champine he need A TUTOR FOR HIS SON FOR THE ACT (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Anthony on 1/16/14

Biology, Fairfield, OH

Good morning, looking for a biology tutor my daughter. She's a sophomore in highschool. She's struggling really bad in this subject.

Sent by Chantelle on 1/16/14

Adhd, Leesburg, FL

DO you have age limitations for tutoring? My son is 17 he has ADHD and has been through several programs and nothing has worked. He was given an IQ test in 2008...

Sent by Allie on 1/16/14

Math, Marshall, TX

I am graduating and the college is not accepting my Business Math. I need College Algebra. I was given 17 problems to complete and study to take for Credit by Exam...

Sent by Janet on 1/16/14

Pharmacology, Toledo, OH

Hello, is there a contact number that I could contact with questions regarding pharmacology tutor?

Sent by Sierra on 1/16/14

Spanish Tutor, Littleton, NC

Hello, Gerson my name is S. S.. I am in need of a tutor for my daughter whom is taking Spanish II on line. If you could get back to me as soon as possible...

Sent by Sandie on 1/16/14

Neuroscience, Washington, DC

Would you be interested in tutoring me in neuroscience?

Sent by Danielle on 1/16/14

Portuguese, Cleveland, OH

Good morning Luciano, I hope this note finds you well. I am reaching out to you today to see if you have any former Portuguese students that are looking for...

Sent by Jessica on 1/16/14

Java Tutor, OK

I want to learn solvin java programmes. please send details of contactin u.

Sent by Kuldeep on 1/16/14

Statistics, Bakersfield, CA

Hello Peter, I'm a 55 yo lady enrolled in an accelerated graduate program. I need to pass fundamental statistics to continue. Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Sent by Elvia on 1/15/14

Spelling, Austin, TX

Hi Joanne I'm around the corner from you on Marchmont Lane. I'm adult and was in special Ed when I was kid. I didn't get the basic education and was looking...

Sent by Craig on 1/15/14

Honors Chemistry, Bakersfield, CA

Please contact us at (phone number available after purchase) regarding private tutoring

Sent by Sahil on 1/15/14

Calculus, Dexter, MI

Hi Zoe, I am writing on behalf of my daughter who is a senior at Dexter High School. She is struggling in an AP calculus class and I suggested getting a tutor.

Sent by Marianne on 1/15/14

Asvab, Wayzata, MN

I am looking for a asvab tutor in the Minneapolis area. Are you around? I need help about 3 to 4 hours per week. Let me know if you are in Minnesota

Sent by Dave on 1/15/14

Physics, Plainfield, IL

My son is a high school junior and needs help in physics. I am not in any way helpful in this subject. We need help. Let me know if you could be the one to help him.

Sent by Vickie on 1/15/14

Spanish, Miami, FL

hi...id like to learn spanish...it may be conversational but i want to learn correct grammar..i live close to your location on the map so its easy to meet

Sent by Nick on 1/15/14

Asvb, Salem, OR 97301

Hi lee. My name is G. R.. I live in west Salem. I am getting ready for the ASVB test. I would like to get help on that an make sure everything thing is right where...

Sent by Gratian on 1/15/14

Nclex Rn, Biloxi MS 39531

Hi Shannon I live in biloxi ms and am interested in your services. I have taken the nclex 5 times and have taken hurst and Kaplan.

Sent by Brooke on 1/15/14

Algebra, Hanover, PA

Hello my name is T. B. looking ro have my two children tutored one in algebra 1 and the other in middle school math.I live in hanover pa but will drive to meet at...

Sent by Theresa on 1/15/14

Reading, Santa Clarita, CA

Hi Melissa, I have a 3rd grade daughter that needs some extra help with reading and math. She is bright, but may have some attentional issues, so I'd like...

Sent by Jill on 1/15/14

Chemistry, Colleyville, TX

My son Peter is a senior at Grapevine high- he failed chemistry in 10th grade not taking the class on line from Texas tech. He took the final today and unfortunately...

Sent by Cynthia on 1/15/14

Algebra Tutor, Brooklyn, NY

My son, Indigo attends Millennium Brooklyn high school, and though he is a decent student in other areas, really struggles in Math.

Sent by Elizabeth on 1/15/14

Anatomy And Physioloy, Austin, TX

are you leaving in DC or here in Austin. 1. do you tutored microbiology?

Sent by Sarah on 1/15/14

Calculus, Smithfield, VA

Im in need of some pre calculus help and i live in carrollton which is right off J. river bridge.

Sent by James on 1/15/14

Math-algebra, Alexandria, VA

Math is like another language and I have a hard time understanding it.I really want to graduate on time therefore seeking a tutor that's willing to help me reach my...

Sent by Rebecca on 1/15/14

Algebra, Southgate, MI

Hi, My son Jordan is in 9th grade taking algebra 1. I'm looking for someone to come to our home to tutor him. He goes to online school during the day but has open...

Sent by Jennifer on 1/15/14

Spanish, Kingwood, TX

My son is in 8th grade at Creekwood MS He is struggling in Spanish 1 and I am considering a tutors assistance. Are you in KW or the area? Thanks

Sent by Judy on 1/15/14

8th Grade Math Algebra, Oxnard, CA

Hi there, we desperately need help tutoring our 8th grade son in math basics and algebra. We live in N.Oxnard and our son is a great kid who just doesn't get math.

Sent by Eric on 1/15/14

Chemistry, Powell, OH

We would like you to do more tutoring with Jared. Please call my wife, Cynthia, at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Fred on 1/15/14

Statistics, Santa Barbara, CA

need u today please text me at (phone number available after purchase) statistics regular high school

Sent by Monica on 1/15/14

Special Education, Fort Smith, AR

I have a 1st grader that is struggling and tested at a pre k level. It has been recommended that he has aggressive intervention. We are looking to have him home...

Sent by Tracy on 1/15/14

Math Tutor, Weirton, WV

Hi, I am looking for a tutor for my daughter who is a jr in high school. She is failing algebra 2. Please email me back if u have the time to tutor her

Sent by Christina on 1/15/14

Spanish, Oxford, MS

Hi Lucy, Jason, my sophomore in high school, needs a Spanish tutor. I'd love to hear from you if you are available. (phone number available after purchase) is cell...

Sent by Laura on 1/15/14

Regents, Brentwood, NY 11717

Good Morning, I have a son attending 12 grade at the Ross Brentwood High and is special ed...needs extra help in passing 3 regents before he graduates..

Sent by Dawn on 1/15/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Algebra Tutor, Ranson, WV

Need a tutor for my 9th grade son in algebra/geometry.

Sent by Carmen on 1/15/14

Accounting, Sarasota, FL

Hi I'm taking managerial accounting and I really need help. I am looking for someone patient who can give me the one on one attention I need.

Sent by Tina on 1/15/14

Pre Calculus, Round Rock, TX

I'm looking for a pre-cal tutor for my son.

Sent by Laura on 1/14/14

Tutor Needed, Nederland, TX

I'm in need of a tutor for my fourth grader in all subjects

Sent by Tammy on 1/14/14

Act, Bedminster, NJ

Dear Emma I need help with ACT prep for my daughter which is in her junior year. We are located in Bedminster, Please let us know if you are available.

Sent by Anila on 1/14/14

Accounting, Indianapolis, IN

I need help with my accounting homework. If you want to meet up, call me on my cell phone (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Tavares on 1/14/14

Reading (dyslexia), Leesville, LA

I have a nephew struggling in reading. Hard to get him to do homework. He has ADD and on meds. Where do you tutor. He lives in DeRidder and is 10 yrs old.

Sent by Ponya on 1/14/14

Math Tutoring, Locust Grove, GA

Hi, I have a daughter that is in 3rd grade and she is currently having trouble in Math this year. I was wondering do you currently tutor elementary students and...

Sent by Roberta on 1/14/14

Illustrator, Petaluma, CA

HI I NEED TO LEARN AI CS6 I LIVE IN petaluma...I know photoshop..I am A designer

Sent by Virginia on 1/14/14

Fcat, Orlando, FL

Hello Olivia, I have a 7th grader and I am trying to prepare her for FCAT. I see that you mentioned reading and science, do u tutor in math as W.ell??

Sent by Keisha on 1/14/14

Math, Trinity, FL

My daughter, Lilliana is a 6th grade student and is struggling with Math. I would like to find someone with knowledge of the sixth grade math curriculum...

Sent by Frank on 1/14/14

Math, Milton, FL

Christina, I have a 7th grader needing help with his math and science , can you help us?

Sent by Cyndi on 1/14/14

Teas Test, San Diego, CA

I am interested in getting tutored for the TEAS test. I am trying to get into National Universities nursing program. I have a 77.3 right now but need atleast a 83.

Sent by Jenna on 1/14/14

Math, Bowling Green, OH

Hi Erin, I am currently looking for a math tutor, for Math 1210 (College Algebra). If i could i would like to make an appointment.

Sent by Iyonna on 1/14/14

Math, Oceanside, NY

Hi Aimee, I also live in oceanside, my daughter currently struggles in math and science....she's in 8th grade..is it something you can help with?

Sent by Billy on 1/14/14

Esl, Humble, TX

English is my 3rd language. I want to improve on my english, grammar and writing skills.

Sent by Richard on 1/14/14

Algebra 2, Tracy, CA

Need tutoring for my son in Algebra 2. He is in 10th grade. Do you travel to Tracy?

Sent by Edward on 1/14/14

Esl, Akron, OH

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for an adult who speaks English as a second language. Primary language is Spanish. We need a tutor that can help with proper...

Sent by Rachel on 1/14/14

Teas, Long Island, NY

Hello Allison I need a tutor for the teas test and i wanted to know if you can help me.

Sent by Alexander on 1/14/14

Basic Apple Ipad, El Cerrito, CA

Im looking for a tutor for better use of my iPad and I phone.. I am - something similar to the apple 1-1..answering questions and helping me better use the iPad...

Sent by Larry on 1/14/14

Accounting, Gurnee, IL

Hi, I am looking to be tutored in my homeschool class for Accounting. I live in Gurnee, IL, about 25mi from Racine. I do have a job so if you can help me...

Sent by Emily on 1/14/14

Photoshop, Boise, ID

just moved to boise and left my tutor behind in tucson. have forgotton almost everything he taught me and I need to continue learning.

Sent by Sharon on 1/14/14

Biology, Waco, TX

My daughter is a freshman at Baylor. I am looking for her a tutor in Biology. Can you please contact me? Thank you, A. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Angela on 1/14/14

Math, Canonsburg, PA

Looking for math tutor for my 9 year old son in grade 4 Please call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Sherry on 1/14/14

Earth Science, Merrick NY

hello, I am looking for an earth science tutor for the 8th grade honors student in my home in merrick. please lmk if you are available and interested thank you

Sent by Wendy on 1/14/14

TOEFL Or Pearson English, Austin, TX 78712

Hi Jen. My wife Masami and I are looking for a tutor who can help her pass either the TOEFL or Pearson English test, so she can get her nursing license here.

Sent by Michael on 1/14/14

High Schooling, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

Hi 9th grade boy struggling in HS. Would love a call from you. 210-8021, this is his Mom K. after 4 is best. Thanks !

Sent by Karen on 1/14/14

Unix, Macon, GA

I need help getting an understanding in UNIX scripting. I have to take a large xml file and split it into 3 smaller ones. Have them run at the same time and cut...

Sent by Marisa on 1/14/14

Microsoft Windows, Baltimore, MD

After 9 yrs w/Windows XP, am being forced to upgrade to Windows 7. Need basics plus emphasis on WORD! Live in Nottingham.ll(phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Edward on 1/14/14

Accounting, Miami, FL

I need some private classes to learn about quicken, can you do this?

Sent by Irene on 1/14/14

Math, Sonoma, CA

Ludmilla , I am looking for a math tutor for my daughter . she is in 11th grade taking Algebra 2 . We live in sonoma . My phone # is (phone number available after...

Sent by Kamal on 1/14/14

Writing, Pittsburg, CA

was looking for high school writing tutoring for son. are you just Jr. High?

Sent by Gary on 1/13/14

Coversion Factors, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have some challenges in this course and I would like to receive some guidances. My phone number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Vlamuros on 1/13/14

Economics, Eugene, OR

Hello, do you know how to do a program called stata? please text me or email me asap. This is time sensitive. my number is (phone number available after purchase) ...

Sent by Sara on 1/13/14

Chemistry, Petaluma, CA

We are looking for someone to help our daughter with her high school chemistry.

Sent by Tom on 1/13/14

English, Kapaa, HI

Aloha i need an English teacher between Jan. 20 and Feb 8 for my son (25) and i (55) 2 hours per day in the morning. If reqested, we can rent a car.

Sent by Michel on 1/13/14

English /Algebra, San Mateo, CA

Hello, My name is B.. i'm a stident at SFSU and graduating may, 24, 2014. I am studying for a entrance exam test for a ABSN (accelerated bachelors in science)...

Sent by Breanna on 1/13/14

Lsat, Portland, OR 97206

Hi Micheal, I'm a student at Pacific University and I'm interested in getting some tutoring before I take the LSAT next month. If possible I would like to meet up someT.

Sent by Tim on 1/13/14

Farsi Persian, Chicago,IL

hi. I am interested in learning farsi, how much you charge per hour? my number is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Guadalupe on 1/13/14

Usmle, Miami, FL

Hi. I am taking the USMLE Step 1 exam and am aiming for 245-250+. So far I have gone through Pathoma and read through all of First Aid.

Sent by Naveen on 1/13/14

Adobe Photoshop, Brandon, FL

Hello John, My name is E.. I just got Photoshop CS4... I now outdated.., but for an amateur like me even that is too overwhelming.

Sent by Ellie on 1/13/14

Alg2, Benicia, CA

Hello, im looking for someone to tutor my daughter who is a senior at BHS. Shes really struggling with Alg2. If interested give me a call, (phone number available...

Sent by Jennifer on 1/13/14

Accounting Microeconomics, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305

I am requesting tutoring in college Microeconomics and Accounting 2. I live in Cooper City. Please let me know if you are available. Thanks

Sent by Sean on 1/13/14

SAT Math, Eastchester, NY

Daniel, I would like to speak to you and gather more info. Please email B.ack or call at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Chris on 1/13/14

Executive Function, South Weymouth, MA

Hi Lauren, Have a 9th grade son, recent dx executive function deficit. Struggling academically looking for a tutor / coach

Sent by Ellen on 1/13/14

Chemistry, Southfield, MI

hi,eryn my son needs a totor in chemistry. he is in the 12th grade and struggling in class. we want to see if you are available .

Sent by Craig on 1/13/14

Math English, Glen Cove, NY

Hi , I need help for my 2 kids 13&16 .asap.

Sent by Patricia on 1/13/14

Secondary Education, Pleasant Valley, NY

Hello, I am writing today to see if you have a moment to speak regarding tutoring needs I find my children are in need of. Please reach out to me via cell (phone...

Sent by Julie on 1/13/14

Ged, Herriman, UT

looking for someone to tutor my 19 son who is trying to get his GED.... He is way behind... he is feeling very low because he never finished school and is super...

Sent by Rebecca on 1/13/14

Reading, Palm Bay, Fla

Hello Marian. I have a 5 yr old in K who need some help with reading, sight words and number (dots) recognition. Please let me know if you have the availability.

Sent by Michelle on 1/13/14

Ogt Tutor, Mentor Ohio 44363

I aM. interested in having you tutor M.y son for his ogt science test. Do you have access to the ogt study M.aterials? He has taken the science portion nuM.

Sent by Norma on 1/13/14

Spanish, Arbyrd, MO

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter who is currently taking an online Spanish 1 course. Weekends would probably be best for us.

Sent by Lynette on 1/13/14

Statistics, Epping, NH

Hello Andrew, My name is Shelly Slitzer and I am taking MBA 501 Math and Statistics for Business Im in week 1 and I am struggling. Can you please help me?

Sent by Shellyslitzer on 1/13/14

Differential Equations, Portland, OR

Hi, I am sinking quickly in Diff Eq. Would like help before things get too ugly. Attend PSU, live in hollywood. Had subpar experiences with tutoring centers.

Sent by Matthew on 1/13/14

Alg2, Kailua, HI

Hi Tanner, My son is a junior at Kalaheo high school and is having difficulty in Alg 2. He says he just does not get it it all. Are you available next week...

Sent by Marisa on 1/12/14

English, Mount Royal, NJ

I need a tutor for my son in 8th grade for English

Sent by Sri on 1/12/14

Physics, Corvallis, OR

Dear Elizabeth, I am looking to get help in my physics course at osu. My countact details; (email available after purchase) (phone number available after...

Sent by Mohammed on 1/12/14

Reading, Johnstown, OH

I have a child in first grade that needs help in reading. He has adhd and has a hard time in school.

Sent by Clarence on 1/12/14

Spanish, Austin, TX

Dear Ms.Rachel B. I am a 13 year old Kealing Magnet student. I currently take Latin, but would like to also learn Spanish. My Parents have told me that I need...

Sent by Sofia on 1/12/14

English, Holland, MI

Hi Taylor. I am not sure if you are the right Taylor Brown but if so I am looking for your mom, Sharon Leasure Brown from Chesterton Indiana.

Sent by Sally on 1/12/14

English, Monroe, GA

NEED HELP IN english..currently in enrolled at brown college of court reporting.

Sent by Angela on 1/12/14

Needed Tutor, Orlando, FL

My daughter needs an algebra mentor. She is quite bright but is not grasping the concept of the process. I am looking for some who loves teaching and has...

Sent by Robert on 1/12/14

Algebra, Brunswick, GA

Hi Cari, I am taking online college classes with Troy University and I am currently taking Algebra and I am having a hard time understanding it. Please email me.

Sent by Cindy on 1/12/14

Geometry, Wesley Chapel, FL

Geometry EOC tutoring Current grade is A Course material is theory but EOC applied Tutoring would be working through Geo EOC prep material

Sent by Diane on 1/12/14

Spanish, Front Royal, VA

Hello I am J., I am interested in some spanish lessons. My father is from mexico and i would like to be able to communicate more with them.

Sent by Jose on 1/12/14

Physics, Goleta, CA

Hey! Have you ever taken Physics 6b? I really need help in this class and would like a tutor. You seem like the best option if you have taken this class and got...

Sent by Andy on 1/12/14

English Tutor, Suwanee, GA

Hello, My 9 years old son is in desparate needs for a language art tutor. He is an extremly bright young man but his grades are showing different.

Sent by Kathleen on 1/12/14

English As 2nd Language, North Miami Beach, FL

I work at a hotel in Sunny Isles and wanted to know if you are available to teach a Spanish child English for a few days while they are in Miami.

Sent by Maya on 1/12/14

Craft Art, Sequim, WA 98382

Hi I ve been hoping/ searching for a tutor or someone whom will be willing to come here to do 1 or 2 hour with a hard of hearing lady she needs few helps like photo...

Sent by Candi on 1/12/14

Statistics, Los Angeles, CA

Hi I'm taking a ucla extention class for statistics and need someone 3-4 times a week. If you could call me my number is (phone number available after purchase) ...

Sent by Tiffany on 1/11/14

Usmle, New York, NY

Interested in getting tutored

Sent by Vishal on 1/11/14

Craft Art, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Hi Jeanne, Do you teach craft work like bag/purse weaving etc to someone who has very little sewing experience? I am interested in knowing about any art/craft work...

Sent by Alagu on 1/11/14

Singapore, Peoria, AZ

I have a daughter leaving Rancho Solano which uses Saxon and starting a new school doing Singapore math. She is in 3rd grade. I need a tutor to catch her up...

Sent by Tabor on 1/11/14

Algebra 2, Folsom, CA

Hi Ranita, My name is C. L. and my 15year old daughter is a sophomore at Folsom HS and needs some help in Algebra 2. Would you be available to help her this week?

Sent by Craig on 1/11/14

Early Morning Tutoring Special Needs 6 Year Old, Englewood

Early morning shift 7:15-8:15 weekdays, 2-3 weekdays a week.Instruction will be in our home near I25 and Orchard Road in the Denver Tech Center.

Sent by Maureen on 1/11/14

English Comp Ii, Cookeville, TN

Hey Brian: I am im in need of help in English Comp II I have taken this class once but I need help pulling up my grade in this class.

Sent by Niraj on 1/11/14

Ftce Math 6-12, Tampa, Fl

I am studying to take the FTCE Math 6-12 exam. I have multiple advanced degrees; however, I have not taken college level math in over 15 years and I'm looking...

Sent by Abby on 1/11/14

Differential Equations, Olympia, WA 98502

I am a college student and plan to take differential equation on line, my degree is in engineering.

Sent by Paimahn on 1/11/14

Math, Springfield, IL

I have a 22 year old son with Asperger Syndrome and Dyslexia. He is ready to learn math. it has been a huge struggle in the past.

Sent by Diana on 1/11/14

Statistics, Forest Hill, MD

I am a returning college student after 20+ years, and about to apply for the nursing program. I am taking statistics in a 3 wk winter semester (now)...

Sent by Joanie on 1/11/14

Math, Monroe, WA

W.hitney- I need help W.ith Math tutoring

Sent by Jenny on 1/10/14

Nclex Rn, Buffalo, NY 14226

Hi, i have taken the rn nclex boards twice and failed. I think my problem is answering the questions and understanding the content. Do you offer a review course?

Sent by Jasmine on 1/10/14

Philosophy, Deerfield, MA

Looking for tutor to assist me with my college philosophy and literature class.

Sent by Annie on 1/10/14

Anatomy, Edwardsville, IL

hello, ive emailed you on another site also, but just in case! I attend SIUE and i want to excell in anatomy and bacteriology. i live in edwardsville but i can...

Sent by Shelby on 1/10/14

Math, Jonesboro, GA

Would u come to Jonesboro? 2 kids...4th and 6th grade.

Sent by Raysa on 1/10/14

Accounting, Alexandria, VA 22303

My son is taking Accounting 241 at American University, Washington DC this Spring and needs tutoring. He has a learning disability and is dyslexic.

Sent by Hyder on 1/10/14

Tutor, Atlanta, GA 30342

Looking for a tutor for 9 yo daughter. What are your rates? Where are you located? Do you currenlty have availability?

Sent by Gina on 1/10/14

Esl, Sugar Land, TX

My parents are looking for help learning English.

Sent by Kristiana on 1/10/14

Elementary, Saugerties, NY

I am having some trouble with my son he is 10 years old in 5th grade at Riccardi Elementary school has ADHD lies about not having homework doesn't do it right etc...

Sent by Ida on 1/10/14

Russian, Winter Garden, FL

Dear Tatiana, I am interesting in learning Russian. I would like to take lessons on Wed at 3pm for one hour per week. Please let me know if you are available.

Sent by David on 1/10/14

Home Schooling, Charlotte, NC

looking for a math and english tutor for my 7th grade homescooler

Sent by Dina on 1/10/14

Quicken, New York, NY

Hello Caroline, I am looking for a tutor for Quicken 2014. I want to change my (easy) bookkeeping over to this program. Please contact me.

Sent by Stefanie on 1/10/14

Math, Chesapeake Beach, MD

Hello, Looking for a tutor in math, going to school for vet assistant need a basic refresher, I dropped out of HS in 9th grade. I'm now 33 years of age.

Sent by Kristy on 1/10/14

Ged Math, Philadelphia, PA

hello Cameron Im having trouble with math like I have learners block and neeed your help if your still tutoring please email me as soon as possible thankyou...

Sent by Tiana on 1/10/14

Adobe Illustrator, New York, NY

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter in Adobe illustrator. She has a masters in design from Pratt and is working for Corcoran Sunshine presenting materials...

Sent by Diane on 1/10/14

Spanish, Wexford, PA

Dear Brittany, Can you tutor my 12 year old son in Spanish twice a week? $35 an hour. Thank you, S. Abbas 412 3707 045

Sent by Sara on 1/10/14

Math/ English, Lancaster, CA

Hello Rachel, my name is J. and i currently in college. I need tutoring for Math or English basically pls. Thanks

Sent by Jade on 1/10/14

Java, Langhorne, PA

Hi I'm a student enrolled in Muhlenbergs IS program. We just had our first java class on Wednesday and I'm very lost and already have to create a program...

Sent by Marc on 1/9/14

Needed Tutor, Winter Haven, FL

I am looking for someone to tutor my 12th grade daughter. Do you have a lot of experience in ACT test prep for Math?? Thanks!!

Sent by Julie on 1/9/14

Economics, Durham, NC

I am a junior at duke, and need a tutor for intermediate econ, part 2 . Are you available? Thank you.

Sent by Ben on 1/9/14

Math Asvab, Saint Michael, MN

Do you have any experience tutoring students to be prepared for ASVAB military testing. My 17 year old Son struggles in math and I wanted him to gt as prepared as...

Sent by Sheila on 1/9/14

MicroBiology, Greensboro, NC

Do you tutor microbiology.

Sent by Danielle on 1/9/14

Spanish, Saint Cloud, FL

Would like to know if you have a lesson plan for adults that will teach them basic, intermediate, and advance spanish.

Sent by Tyrone on 1/9/14

Real Estate Licensing Exam, Torrance, CA 90506

I am taking a final exam of Real Estate, however I freez everytime I take the Test can you help?

Sent by Esteban on 1/9/14

Special Education, Albany, GA

we are looking for a teacher for our 4 yr old special needs dev disability son for early intervention services tutor.

Sent by Sreeni on 1/9/14

Quicken, San Diego, CA 92110

Are you familiar with Quicken 2014 for Home & Business? I did a non-profit bookkeeping mostly through Excel and would like to move it to Quicken.

Sent by Stefanie on 1/9/14

Tutor, Central, SC

I am interested in meeting with you to discuss tutoring my 9 year old son with ADHD. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase) or email...

Sent by Cheree on 1/9/14

Spanish, Leonardtown, MD

Hi Mary, my son is taking Spanish at LMS, 8th grade. We may be interested in getting a tutor. Are you available and if so what kind of schedule?

Sent by Linda on 1/9/14

English, Gadsden, AL

Hi Zia, I just started taking English 102 and it's killing me. :) Well it's just starting and my first assignment is due... I am really bad with writing things...

Sent by Frank on 1/9/14

Gre, Leander, TX

I need help preparing for the gre. I am very rusty I am an older student and would like ro go to grad school I live in leander what hrs r u available and...

Sent by Rebecca on 1/9/14

ACT English, Cocoa

My son is 16 years old at Cocoa High school he is a A B Honor roll student and plays on the varsity Basketball team ....he has took the ACT twice and has missed...

Sent by Susan on 1/9/14

Chinese, Addison, IL

I am very impressed with your drive to succeed... having said that , I want to learn Chinese bc I have to travel there for business .

Sent by John on 1/9/14

Cjbat, Hialeah, FL 33015

hi i would like to know if you could provide me with tutoring for the cjbat my phone is (phone number available after purchase). please thank you have a wondefuull...

Sent by Jossie on 1/9/14

Chemical Engineering, Salt Lake City, UT

Needed immediately for our daughter - junior, chem engineering, U of U. Once or twice per week. If available, pls contact J. or Karen (phone number available after...

Sent by Jim on 1/9/14

Math, Albany, GA

John, My grandson is failing high school math, and he needs help. He can come to Smithvillive on weekend to stay with his other grandmother Lillian Adams if...

Sent by Maryjosey on 1/9/14

Science Ogt, Mentor, OH

I am interested in getting a tutor to help my 18 year old son pass his science ogt that he is having problems with.

Sent by Norma on 1/9/14

Home Schooling, Cambridge, MA

Hi Debbie. I'm looking for a tutor to home school my 14 year old son at my home near Harvard Square for the balance of this academic year. Arrangements can be flexible.

Sent by Tony on 1/8/14

Adobe Indesign, Photoshop And Illustrator, Las Vegas, NV

Hi Gricelda, I am requiring tutoring on teaching me specifically how to layout a book I am writing into InDesign. Also, incorporating Photoshop and Illustrator...

Sent by Martin on 1/8/14

Chemistry Biology Ib Hl, Windermere, FL

Please call to discuss Biology & ?Chemistry IB HL for my daughter who is a Junior at WPS. S. (phone number available after purchase) cell Windermere FL 34786

Sent by Suman on 1/8/14

History, Longmeadow, MA

Hi! I am a freshmen. I am looking for help to prepare for mid year exam. Please contact me if you are available. Thanks! Have a good day

Sent by Yi on 1/8/14

Special Education, Northridge, CA

I did to help our son with learning study skills and test taking

Sent by Robin on 1/8/14

Esl, Saint Louis, MO 63124

(url available after purchase) Hello Miss Sarah, My name is K.. I'm looking for Skype ESL tutor for my kid. So if you interested Skype me back please.

Sent by Khalid on 1/8/14

Romanian, Miami, FL

hi, i'm looking for someone in miami to introduce me to the language..and i may end up wanting to learn it fluently..my father was from romania, as u may tell...

Sent by Nick on 1/8/14

Algebra, Springfield, OH

Hi Shaydon. I need a tutor to help me excel in the math portion of the ASVAB for the Military. The best way for us to contact each other would be to send me your...

Sent by David on 1/8/14

Math, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter in Algrebra grade 10th. Can you tell me where you do the tutoring and your hours

Sent by Sandra on 1/8/14

English, Jackson, MS

Hello Karen! My name is J. D.. I am currently a student at Mississippi College. I am taking Pre-Admission Exam to enter into Nursing school and I am having...

Sent by Jelecia on 1/8/14

Science, Cumming, GA

HI-- My son attends Pinecrest Academy ( 5th grade). While he did fairly well 1st semester, we are looking for assistance in science, history and reading.

Sent by Bernadette on 1/8/14

Spss, Livermore, CA

Hi Disha, I am starting a graduate level stats class and will be using SPSS. I think I will need some assistance throughout the course.

Sent by Kristi on 1/8/14

Asvab, San Antonio, TX

Im having trouble on the reading and vocabulary section as well as the math section of the asvab test i took the test 3 times i want to pass and maybe score high

Sent by Angela on 1/8/14

Geometry, Butler, PA

I am taking an exam to get in to the Carpenters Union in March. I'm good on everything on the test, except geometry. I'm really rusty there and I need help...

Sent by Michael on 1/8/14

Pharmacology, Miami, FL

Hi Yems, I am a student of acupuncture/ oriental medicine. I am now taking a 5-week long pharmacology course. I would like to know if you can tutor me...

Sent by Julia on 1/8/14

Math, Winter Springs, FL

Good morning Brian, My daughter Livi is having issues with math, she's in 1st grade at Red Bug Elem. She absolutely hates math, I mean loathes it.

Sent by Frances on 1/8/14

Psychology, Jackson, MS

My daughter is looking for a tutor for a research psychology class that she is taking on line from the University of MS. A senior graduating in May.

Sent by Thelma on 1/8/14

Math & English, Barstow, CA

We are in need of a tutor for our children, it will be a pleasure for you to honor us by upgrading their intelect as they advance into higher learning...

Sent by Doris on 1/8/14

Chemistry, Petaluma, CA

Hi Austin, We are looking for a chemistry tutor for our daughter. She is a jr. @ pet. high. She is getting a c+/b- & we like her to get a little help to get her...

Sent by Tom on 1/7/14

English Tutor, Palm Harbor, FL 34683

(url available after purchase)# Hi Mrs. Jennifer Y. I'm looking for ESL tutor for my kid. online ESL tutor Via skype. 3 or 4 times a week.

Sent by Khalid on 1/7/14

Physics, Dayton, NJ

I am looking for a tutor for my son in Grade 10, I would like to see his grade improve in Algebra2, AP Physics and Honors Chemistry.

Sent by Ahmed on 1/7/14

Writing, Texarkana, TX 75503

Ms Laronda, I email you previous about grammer and writing tutoring. I starting back to collage soon. I also have it on my tto improve my writing skills..

Sent by Charles on 1/7/14

Physics, Monmouth, OR

I didn't realize how difficult physics was going to be. I need a tutor ASAP for general physics this term

Sent by Stefany on 1/7/14

Math, Jacksonville, NC

Need a tutor for 4th grade math, 1 child.

Sent by Nicole on 1/7/14

Biomedical Engineering, Dayton, OH

Hello, I am going to take signal and waves physics. I need help with this subject. Let me know please. Thanks

Sent by Yousuf on 1/7/14

Spanish, Oxford, MS 38655

what do i need to do to set up an interview for a spanish Tutor?

Sent by Mike on 1/7/14

Finance, Lewisville, TX

Finance 504 Contemporary financial management. We will study business finance within the economic environment, including financial reporting, analysis...

Sent by Miyah on 1/7/14

Chemistry, New Hyde Park, NY 11040

I need a tutor for my 10 grade daughter please call me 19175605390. Thanks

Sent by Izabel on 1/7/14

Math, Kingsburg, CA

Hi Hollie my name is S., Im looking for a math tutor here in kingsburg who can teach me just one on one about math. I would like to pass the California math test...

Sent by Sarah on 1/7/14

Adobe Illustrator, Springfield, MO

Hello Douglas, I am looking for a tutor to show me some design basic for fashion design (ie plaids, patterns, manipulation of CADs etc).

Sent by Shawna on 1/7/14

Spanish, Tujunga, CA

I have Credit recovery for spanish 2-2 and i have 17% left to do and it needs to be turned in tomorrow. It all has to be done online

Sent by Diana on 1/7/14

Speed Reading, Akron, OH 44313

Hello Tom, My name is S. and I am currently seeking a tutor to help me with "speed reading." For timed tests. I need to be able to read fast also being able...

Sent by Samantha on 1/7/14

English, Alpharetta, GA

Diana, I would like to improve my English Conversation and grammar. I live in Alpharetta. Tel (phone number available after purchase), would you please let me know...

Sent by Andres on 1/7/14

Chemistry (general), Swansboro, NC

Hello , we are looking for a tutor to help oour son study for his NC HS Chemistry Exam. We are looking to get in a few sessions before next wed. Thanks!

Sent by Barbara on 1/7/14

Biology Tutor, Lancaster, PA

Hello Nathan, I am looking for a biology tutor on short notice for my son. Can you help?? If so, please call me asap at (phone number available after purchase) (my...

Sent by Tad on 1/7/14

Algebra, Salisbury, NC

I am about to take a College Pre Algebra class. I am not good at this subject and need some help. Thanks S.

Sent by Scott on 1/7/14

Excel, Fort Lauderdale, FL

can you tutor in spanish

Sent by Luis on 1/7/14

Reading, Fayetteville, NC 28311

Hello, I am looking for a tutor that can help my child with 4th grade reading comprehension and study skills.

Sent by Madelin on 1/7/14

Latin, Norwalk, CT

Hi Brandom Looking for A latin tutor for my son at FFLD Prep fresh. Please contact me if available during week 1-2x (phone number available after purchase) Cell...

Sent by Steve on 1/6/14

Asvab, Pascagoula, MS

how are you doing i need help right away! i have an asvab test date for the 16 of this month and need help now!

Sent by Ryan on 1/6/14

Math, Easley, SC

I'm looking for someone to tutor my granddaughter in Math. What do you have available? Thank you

Sent by Cindy on 1/6/14

Tutor, Calabash , NC

looking for tutor for my son, I live Calabash nc, call if interested (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Craig on 1/6/14

Guitar, Los Angeles, CA 90035

Hey Chad, like your profile, recommendations, etc. I am interested in lessons for my partner and me together. We're 2 laid back, middle aged, professional guys...

Sent by Glenn on 1/6/14

Reading, Newark, CA

Monir, it looks like you have a strong tutoring background. Are you available to work with a homeschooled 4th grade girl in Newark? 1 hour every Fri is preferred.

Sent by Deborah on 1/6/14

Nclex Rn, Westland, MI

I graduated with my BSN and I need assistance preparing for my NCLEX exam. I live in Westland, MI.

Sent by Angelene on 1/6/14

Chemistry (general), Sugar Land, TX

please call me at (phone number available after purchase) we need a chemist thankx

Sent by J on 1/6/14

Finance Tutor, Shreveport, LA

Hi Elizabeth. I am starting week three of a five week class titled "Finance for Business". I need help to complete the remainder of the class.

Sent by Jerry on 1/6/14

Russian, Orlando, FL

Hello, I am interested in learning Russian. I do not have a background in Russian so I would need a basic beginner level. How much do you charge for your tutoring?

Sent by Kenny on 1/6/14

Microsoft Office, Cleveland, OH 44115

Shengzhe I am having massive trouble w/ MS Word. I wrote a 50 chapter book, each chapter a separate Word file; now I want to make one file out of the 50 smaller files.

Sent by Laura on 1/6/14

Chemistry, Osprey, FL

Hi Jarrett, we are looking for tutor for 10 th grade Chemistry Honor, with teaching experiance to start ASAP Hope you have availability My phone # (phone number...

Sent by Doaa on 1/6/14

Math, English, Farmington, CT

Do you travel to Farmington, Ct?

Sent by Lorraine on 1/6/14

Ged, Ocala, FL

I'm looking for a tutor to help my sister pass the GED. She is 30 years old and dropped out in 9th grade. It's imperative that she passes.

Sent by Melissa on 1/6/14

Math, Idaho Falls, ID

Hi Joseph I am looking for a tutor for my daughter who is a 17 year old senior at Hillcrest. She struggles greatly at math and is brilliant in many other areas.

Sent by Alison on 1/6/14

Dyslexia, New Orleans, LA

my daughter is a 3rd grader who has dyslexia. she still is struggling and i am looking for a tutor once a week for 1 hour let me know when you are available i can be...

Sent by Kimberly on 1/6/14

Geometry, Modesto, CA

looking for geometry tutor at home

Sent by Anita on 1/6/14

Calligraphy, West Columbia, SC

Hi , Please let me know how many days we need to learn calligraphy.

Sent by Sam on 1/6/14

Math, Statesville, NC

my son is in 9th grade he needs help in math I live in statesville

Sent by Shirley on 1/6/14

Calculus Tutor, Wexford, PA

I am in need of an AP Calc tutor asap for my daughter who has midterms next week, as well as someone for pre calc for my son who takes his midterm this Thursday.

Sent by Wendy on 1/6/14

English, Seoul, SouthKorea

Dear Shannon Nice to meet you. My name is S. L. who lives in South Korea. I would like to ask you an English class via Skype. If you can do it...

Sent by Sungki on 1/6/14

Adhd, Hickory, NC

I am looking for a tutor for my 9 year old child who has ADHD and a seizure disorder. She has also been diagnosed with auditory processing disorder.

Sent by Beth on 1/5/14

1st Grade, Tarpon Springs, FL

Hello Kyna, Id like to learn a bit more about your background. I am looking for a tutir for my 1st grader. I want this to be an ongoing tutor.

Sent by Danielle on 1/5/14

Apple Programming, Lansing, MI

I have an iMac and need it to be reconfigured to my printer, my phone, and car. Dealership can do car. Somewhere things got messed up and I need to do some learning...

Sent by Sue on 1/5/14

Linear Algebra, Fort Collins, CO

Hello Robert, I need some help with a homework in linear algebra. Please give me a call at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Faisal on 1/5/14

Essay Writing, Kissimmee, FL

HI I am currently taking online classes for BS in health management. The papers are really stressful. APA format and researches, i need someone that is familiar with...

Sent by Magda on 1/5/14

Powerpoint, Thousand Oaks, CA

Interested in learning powerpoint and excel. Please contact me Thanks R.

Sent by Rich on 1/5/14

Calculus Tutor, Auburn, AL

Our # 3 son is a sophomore @ Auburn. He needs tutoring in calculus and physics. My wife and I went to AU in the late 70"s. War Eagle!

Sent by Cindy on 1/5/14

Ged, Baton Rouge, LA

Hello Miss Alexandra I am looking to take the GED test this spring and i would like to know if you tutor for pretest preparation ?

Sent by Alvin on 1/5/14

Math, Jackson, TN

im plan to enter the LPN classes @Jackson Tech.school.I have to pass the compass test.

Sent by Julie on 1/5/14

Nclex Rn, Richmond, VA

Hi i will be taking nclex RN state board this yr, and i am looking for some refresher course. Do you offer what i am looking for?

Sent by Paula on 1/5/14

Algebra 2, Everett, WA

Hello, I'm M.. I'm looking for a tutor in Alg 2 w/ Trig, and I'm also taking my second year in Chinese (Mandarin) and it would be helpful to have someone...

Sent by Mika on 1/4/14

Nclex Rn, Lawrenceville, GA

Can you do conference with me or something of that sort.i need help waiting to take test again. I'm in Ga though

Sent by Denise on 1/4/14

Greek, Philadelphia, PA 19128

Hello, We are interested in modern Greek tutoring for our 6-year old. Please let us know if you can assist.

Sent by Nick on 1/4/14

Algebra, Port Richey, FL

Feliksa is in all honor classes but is having difficulty with algebra 2. we are in port richey. what is your availability please? thanks

Sent by Jim on 1/4/14

Algebra 1, South San Francisco, CA

Hello Theodore. I am starting a Alger bra 1 class on Jan 13. Over on skyline college. I definitely need to be proactive on it. Its been awhile taking a math class.

Sent by Chris on 1/4/14

Esl, Bellevue, WA

Hi, I'm looking for ESL tutoring in Bellevue WA. Do you still live here?

Sent by Nonglek on 1/4/14

C#, Denver, CO

Am familiar with VB6 and object oriented programming and need a tutor for C# to speed learning process. Also, may be interested in having tutor assist with financial...

Sent by Jim on 1/4/14

Geometry, Asheville, NC 28803

I am interested in your services for my son, please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Peter on 1/4/14

Real Estate, Phoenix, AZ

Hi Shannon, I'm interested in a tutor for real estate. If you can please contact me at (phone number available after purchase) so i can get more information...

Sent by Jason on 1/4/14

Real Estate, Richardson, TX

Hi Vivian! Do you provide tutoring for real estate? I have all the courses completed but need more totoring before taking the state exam.

Sent by Latarsha on 1/4/14

Nclex Pn, Richmond, VA

Hi I already taken the pn nclex once and fail. I need help one on one

Sent by Dominique on 1/4/14

Math, Florence, NJ

Looking for help with my up coming math class please. Let me know if this is OK to you. Course description as follow FYI... Discrete (as opposed...

Sent by Avea on 1/4/14

Toefl, Oklahoma City, OK

I would like to get some english courses to prepare for TOFEL. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you,

Sent by Amal on 1/4/14

College Essay, Simsbury, CT

I am looking for tutoring in writing my college essay. I live in Simsbury right near Henry James. I am looking for tutoring within the next week or two.

Sent by Stefan on 1/3/14

Statistics, Fairmont, WV

Hello Michael, I need assistance with data tables and analysis for a thesis that I am writing for completion of my Masters. I have all the data already...

Sent by Michelle on 1/3/14

SAT, Far Hills, NJ

Hi, I send you email before regarding my daughter -Huda, She is 11th grade student and I am looking for SAT tutor to intensive background that can teach her...

Sent by Alaa on 1/3/14

Nclex Rn, Sun City, AZ

Hello Kay, I am interested in tutoring and need some major help. To start my story, I graduated from a nursing school with my BSN in WV in May.

Sent by Morgan on 1/3/14

Adobe Photoshop, Winston Salem, NC

I am specifically interested in photoshop and people, but need a basic overview.

Sent by Nathanael on 1/3/14

Act, Vicksburg, MS

Hello I need serious tutoring for the ACT. Please Help!

Sent by April on 1/3/14

Home Schooling, Brookville, OH

I am considering pulling my son out of school and home schooling- I will need support several times a week. Is that something you could tackle?

Sent by Jen on 1/3/14

Special Needs, O Fallon, MO

Hello, We would like to talk and meet with you. My daughter (Alyssa) is having trouble in school she has adhd please call (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Shawn/sandy on 1/3/14

English, Murrieta, CA

I have a 9 years old son who needs to get help for his English reading and writing. My cell# is (phone number available after purchase) Please give me...

Sent by Frank on 1/2/14

Adobe Photoshop, Buffalo, NY

Do you teach Adobe Photoshop? If so, please contact me for Tutoring.

Sent by Djuana on 1/2/14

Needed Tutor In Macroeconomics, Morrisville, PA

Hi Daphne, My name is O. H.. I'm a student at Temple University. I see here that a subject you have tutored is accounting, I was also seeing if you tutor...

Sent by Olivia on 1/2/14

Nclex Rn, Maple Shade, NJ

Hello Kate!!!! Im T., i need u help for NCLEX. i live in Maple Shade .

Sent by Tanya on 1/2/14

English, Palm Coast, FL 32137

hi Joan my son is in 11th grade and needs help with English(writing, grammar) thanks

Sent by Yari on 1/2/14

General, Spartanburg, SC

Hi, Sadia, I contacted you last week asking for information about your tutoring. I don't know if you get the email. Let me know if you are available twice a week.

Sent by Silvia on 1/2/14

programming, Kernersville, NC 27284

Hello, I was needing some help with C# at an intermediate level. I hope you are available. Thank you, S.

Sent by Suzanne on 1/2/14

Grammar, Stamford, CT

My current employeer would like me to improve on my grammar and letter writing skills. I would like to know if you would be able to help me.

Sent by Christina on 1/2/14

Abacus Math, Lafayette, LA

Hi, I have a 5 yr old son, currently in prek4. I am looking for maths tutor. Pls call me at (phone number available after purchase). thank you.

Sent by Kiranmai on 1/2/14

Asvab, Thomson, GA

Hello, I am inquiring about tutoring for the ASVAB exam.

Sent by Brittanie on 1/2/14

SAT Math Tutoring For My Son, Drums, PA

Hello Mikhail, I wanted to speak with you regarding SAT math tutoring for my son who is in the 11th grade. Please call me. (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Josephine on 1/2/14

Accounting, Washington, DC

My son is taking Accounting 241 at American University, Washington DC this Spring and needs tutoring. He has a learning disability and is dyslexic.

Sent by Hyder on 1/2/14

Tutoring, Hartford, WI

I am interested in a tutor for my 3rd grader who is struggling in school. Wondering if you would be interested? We live in Hartford, but I bring my older daughter...

Sent by Carmen on 1/1/14

Usmle, MI

Old graduate...who needs guidance.

Sent by Marina on 1/1/14

Statistics, Moses Lake, WA

Amy I am enrolled in a Statistics 300 course and wanted to enquire about the possibility of hiring you as a tutor this term(January-April).

Sent by Chad on 1/1/14

Usmle, Miami, Fl

Ravinda, I am looking for USMLE tutoring. I live in Miami, FL. Can you tutor me online too? A. P.

Sent by Anjana on 1/1/14

Finance, Oceanside, CA

Hi Tanya, I need help to get through finance 301, SCM 301, and BA for Spring semester @ Penn State's online program, Please let me know if you're available. K.

Sent by Kent on 1/1/14

Math Ucla, Los Angeles, CA

hi, can you tutor for an intro to statistics class that i am taking at ucla? thanks, M.

Sent by Matthew on 1/1/14

Esl English 2nd Language, Bloomfield, NJ 07003

Hi Miss Ella T., I'm looking for ESLtutor for my kid. online ESL tutor Viaskype. 3 or 4 times a week. So if you interested email me back please. Sincerely, K.

Sent by Khalid on 1/1/14

Chemistry, Naples, FL

Hi John, I'm currently a junior at Barron Collier and I really need some help with chemistry. Fortunately, I'm taking the class online but it is still pretty...

Sent by Adriana on 1/1/14

Math, Gardendale, AL

I'm attending Jefferson state in birmingham.,and I'm having problems with math. You can reach me at (phone number available after purchase) or (phone number...

Sent by Brittany on 1/1/14