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Statistics, New Orleans, LA

Hi. Need immediate help with statistics. Are you available Tues and Weds to tutor me in Lakeview? Thanks

Sent by Andrew on 6/30/14

Term Paper, San Fernando, CA

can you advise me on how to make an effective term paper?

Sent by Noel on 6/30/14

Accounting, Lutz, FL 33548

Britney please give me a call i need help badly.

Sent by Michael on 6/30/14

Math, Fairfield, CA

I need a tutor to help me with Aviation Math I&II through Embry Riddle. This is the first math class I've taken in 6 years and I'm struggling to remember everything.

Sent by Vince on 6/30/14

Javascript, Seattle, WA

Hello my name is V. and I am curious about your Web development tutoring? I am working with Visual studio 2012 and would like to expand my javascript knowledge.

Sent by Viradeth on 6/30/14

Computer, Jordanton Tx

I have very limited computer knowledge. Have never had any formal training and would like to learn looking for someone to give me a one on one training .

Sent by Rafael on 6/30/14

Chemistry, Jacksonville, FL

I am taking chemistry on-line. I have never taken an on-line class before. Live off of pulaski road. Please e-mail or call (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Christine on 6/30/14

Riverdale Md, North Richland Hills, TX

Hi Nikhil, I am doing MPH. I am looking for some help with calculations in Health Risk Assessment now. Then Bio stat in the fall.

Sent by Frank on 6/30/14

French, Fresno, CA

Dear Neal, My name is J. and I am looking for a French tutor in the Fresno area as I am leaving for France in August. Please email me back ASAP or text me...

Sent by Joseph on 6/30/14

Math, Menomonie, WI 54751

Hi Mrs. Kelly, I'm F. and I have an online math in this summer which is Trigonometry. What I need from you is to help me answering the questions.

Sent by Faisal on 6/30/14

Act, O Fallon, IL

Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase) to discuss tutoring for ACT for high school junior. Need to understand better qualifications. Thank you.

Sent by Joan on 6/29/14

Philosophy, Oxnard, CA

Hello, my name is M., i want to know if you are familiar with philosophy-introduction to logic course please let me know my cell phone number is (phone number...

Sent by Melodee on 6/29/14

Math, Martinsburg, WV

Looking for a math tutor for my eighth grade son in Inwood area.

Sent by Juliet on 6/29/14

English, Richardson, TX

Need 5th grade tutor in English comprehension and writing.

Sent by Monique on 6/29/14

Chinese, Milford, MA

Hello Ruo, Are you still available to tutor, and willing to travel to Milford, MA for 1.5 hours each week? I would like to learn Mandarin Chinese for business as...

Sent by Evan on 6/29/14

Java, Jericho, NY

My son is a student at cw post. And needs help with 2 incompletes in java and visual basis -unity.Please let us know if you can help with these subjects.thanks.

Sent by Robin on 6/29/14

C Programming, Jacksonville, FL

Hello M.r. Stephen C, I aM. a student at UNF, taking coM.puter science 2022, prograM.M.ing in C. I have taken a coM.puter science 1012 at another university that...

Sent by Landon on 6/29/14

Reading, Glens Falls, NY

Would love to have you tutor my daughter in reading. She is right around a fourth grade reading level and going into 9th grade. We are very concerned!

Sent by Tanya on 6/29/14

Real Estate, New York, NY

Abe- My name is B. Fischer and I am currently interviewing for numerous jobs in Real Estate Development and Acquisitions. With that being said, I need someone...

Sent by Benjamin on 6/29/14

Computer Engineering, Chicago, IL

My son is a mechanical engineering student at U of Iowa. Currently he is doing an extended internship in the Chicago area and to maintain his sequence for when he...

Sent by Kimberly on 6/29/14

Geometry, Stafford, VA

my 17 years old daughter needs help with geometry to pass her sol, please let me know your availability. thanks

Sent by John on 6/28/14

Spanish, Barnegat, NJ 08005

I am looking for a tutor for my son. He finished up Spanish II in high school last year and will be going into Spanish III. He could use some help getting ready.

Sent by Maureen on 6/28/14

Computer, Norwalk, CT

Need Mac and pc training As well as power point

Sent by Lori on 6/28/14

English, Rock Island, IL

Looking for an English tutor for a five year old and sixteen month old Spanish speaking child from Panama. Children are located in Rock Island, Illinois.

Sent by Gregory on 6/28/14

Japanese, Litchfield, CT

My son is 15 and wants to learn Japanese this summer. Are you available? we are on cliffside dr in torrington

Sent by Jane on 6/27/14

Italian, Las Vegas, NV

Hello, My name is E., I'm 25 years old. I am a flight attendant. I've lived in Las Vegas over 20 years. I live in Rhodes Ranch (215 & Durango).

Sent by Elizabeth on 6/27/14

Economics, Eugene, OR

I need help in macro economics

Sent by Ali on 6/27/14

Math, Delmar, NY

Hi Kelly, I am looking for a math tutor for my daughter. She will be a 7th grader in the Fall and is moving from regular math to advance math.

Sent by Christine on 6/27/14

Visual Basic, Hamel, MN 55340

I need help with Visual Basic 2012.

Sent by Kevin on 6/27/14

Physics, Sunnyvale, CA

Hello, I was wondering if you had any experience with the Physics GRE. I need some help studying for that test. Thanks for your time, D.

Sent by Dante on 6/27/14

Creole, Gainesville, VA

Hello Berry! I am interested in learning creole from you! I see though that you are only tutoring in person- I am in Virginia so I was hoping to learn via Skype.

Sent by Emily on 6/27/14

Statistics, Gilbert, AZ

multivariate statistics homework help

Sent by Ck on 6/27/14

Praxis II (Elem. Educ.), Newtonville, NJ

My daughter needs help with the Praxis II (Elem. Educ.). She has taken it twice. She will taking it again on Aug 8th. I would appreciate your help.

Sent by Andrea on 6/27/14

ESL online, York, PA

Hi, I am looking for an ESL tutor for my wife who just arrived from Vietnam, if you can help I'd greatly appreciate it.

Sent by Greg on 6/27/14

Biology, Fulshear, TX

Hi Ashlyn, I am in desperate need for a biology tutor intro biology at UT Austin. I have to take it next semester, I want to get at least a B or B-.

Sent by Daniela on 6/27/14

Accounting, Colorado Springs, CO

Hello Kimberly, I am a senior in college trying to prepare projected financial statements and need lots of help. I am 50 years old and haven't had accounting...

Sent by Melody on 6/27/14

English, Fresno, CA

Hello Anna, I need assistance with my English grammar. I need help so I can finish my business proposal.

Sent by Nick on 6/27/14

Ballet, San Diego, CA

Hello Stephanie, I was inquiring if you offer ballet lesson for adults. If so when are you available. My phone number is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Jerry on 6/27/14

Regents, Long Beach, NY

Hi Lauren, my son T.my is going to be a Junior and Long Beach High School. He recently failed the Algebra and Geometry Regents and will be taking them in August.

Sent by Tom on 6/27/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

PMP Exam, Silver Spring, MD 20904

Please contact me as soon as you possibly can.

Sent by Rebecca on 6/27/14

Political Science, Phoenix, AZ

i'm taking pos 401 at ASU and it's an online course , can you help me out!! please send me an email or text me on (phone number available after purchase) ,, thanks

Sent by Faris on 6/27/14

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Hi, I'm not a medical student but my girlfriend is. I would love to help her out as much as I can and I'd love it if you would tutor her till August 20th...

Sent by Taufiq on 6/27/14

Adobe Illustrator, Las Vegas, NV

Looking for a tutor in Illustrator

Sent by Russ on 6/26/14

Algebra, Covington, GA

Hi, I'm a college student, currently taking Math 98 and I'm not exactly sure where I am in the math, but if you're available to tutor, please let me know. ~T.

Sent by Taryn on 6/26/14

Elementary English, Navarre, FL

Good evening, my name is S. K.. We live in Navarre, Fl and I have a 2nd grader in need of summer reading/English tutoring. He has been recommended for retention...

Sent by Steve on 6/26/14

Math, Holden, LA

I have a soon to be 8th grader that pretty much failed math last year with the help of a high school student who was extremely smart in math.

Sent by Connie on 6/26/14

Spanish, Reno, NV

I need Spanish tutoring for my 9 year old son. (beginner level) Please call me at (phone number available after purchase). Thank you.

Sent by Sibel on 6/26/14

Geometry, Stafford, VA

I need help passing my geometry sol I'm taking it in August and I want to start preparing for it . Thank you for your time.

Sent by Alex on 6/26/14

Nclex Rn, Buffalo, NY 14226

Hello Margaret, I am currebtly seeking a tutor to help me study for my Nclex exam. I an having a very hard timr and have failed the test 3 times.

Sent by Yenesi on 6/26/14

Series 7, Philadelphia, PA 19109

Hello Michael, I am looking for some help in passing the Series 7 licensing exam. Could you send me some information about your program? J.

Sent by John on 6/26/14

Cjbat, Hollywood, FL

Hi Sherell I need tutoring for the cjbat exam. I have taken it twice and failed. My desire is to be a police officer, I have passed the other exams...

Sent by Alberto on 6/26/14

Writing, Fayetteville, NC

I'm a business owner looking to improve my writing skills. I can dedicate 1 hr a week to the task. Please let me know if you are available. Thanks very much

Sent by Cece on 6/26/14

Economics, Tampa, FL

I need macro tutor . for undergraduate . thanks .

Sent by Hammad on 6/26/14

Autodesk Revit, Phoenix, AZ 85029

Hi Brian, I need help with fire sprinkler system drawing(BIM) on revit. I was wondering if you can help me out?

Sent by Somi on 6/26/14

Act, Wausau, WI

My daughter got a 20, can you help her get a 23? She doesn't believe in her self, but I know she can do it. She keeps telling herself she is stupid. J. S.

Sent by Jenny on 6/26/14

Geometry Tutor, Glen Rock, NJ

My son is 14 and going into 9th grade in Fall. Looking for a Geometry tutor for him. We live in Glen Rock NJ. Best time is during day 10am - ? Please let me know.

Sent by Julie on 6/26/14

High School Math, Jacksonville, NC

Hello. My son needs tutoring in high school math. Specifically in the areas of Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. Would you be interested in helping him?

Sent by Lisa on 6/26/14

6-Year Old Tutoring, Morton Grove, IL

Are you interested in tutoring a 6-year old girl in Morton Grove, IL 1 or 2 times a week over the next 45 days (reading comprehension, writing, math, memory)?

Sent by Faruk on 6/26/14

Elementary Reading, Belmont, NC

Emily my son is getting ready to go into high school and needs help with reading comprehension and writing skills. I need someone to help him get prepared for high...

Sent by Ej on 6/26/14

Photoshop, Detroit, MI

Looking for a basic tutorial in Photoshop CS6. If you can assist in this matter, email or contact (phone number available after purchase). Thank you

Sent by Akinya on 6/26/14

Geometry, Bakersfield, CA

Hello my name is Christopher and I am struggling with Geometry (Postulates, Theorems, Special Right Triangles, and the Congruence of Triangles).

Sent by Rose on 6/25/14

C#, Portland, OR

need some advanced c# training. lemmeno when works for your sched.

Sent by John on 6/25/14

Medical Coding, Chesterfield, MO

Hi, Marie. I recently completed school earning my AOS in Health Information Specialist through Midwest Institute. I signed up and prepaid to take the AAPC CPC exam...

Sent by Robyn on 6/25/14

Nclex, East Setauket, NY

Hi Dr. Berman, Thank you for your response on Wyzant. I'm not sure if my email went through on that website. I am very sorry to hear that about your mother and...

Sent by Alex on 6/25/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Photoshop 11, Bremerton, WA 98311

I need help with my Adobe Photoshop 11 skills. Was using Photoshop 4 or something just as old. Just for personal enjoyment. In Belltown but can travel to mutually...

Sent by Norm on 6/25/14

Reading, Wayne, PA

I have an 8 year old son. He is going into 3rd grade. He has ADHD diagnosis and need help in reading. We live in Wayne, PA (phone number available after purchase). A.

Sent by Andrea on 6/25/14

Asvab, Salt Lake City, UT 84106

Need a tutor for my son trying to pass the asvab test

Sent by Dalath on 6/25/14

Math, West Palm Beach, FL

Hi, My name is G. H.. I am the grandmother of Isaiah H. 7th grader who needs help with his Florida Virtual School 7th grade math.

Sent by Glenna on 6/25/14

Math, Lithonia, GA

Looking for Tutor for son going into 7th grade

Sent by Myra on 6/25/14

Pharmacology, Fremont, CA

Hey Chidi This is M. I needed help with my Pharmacology calculations if you can help me. You can contact me by phone at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Mustapha on 6/25/14

C#, Mount Vernon, NY 10550

Hello, I am looking for C# tutoring at my home. We live in Larchmont and the classes are for my 14 year old who has been working on creating apps and games with Unity.

Sent by Armelle on 6/25/14

Algebra, Milton, FL

Hello, My son, Aaron, is in need of a tutor to improve his Algebra and above skills. He is 19 yrs old and has hopes of joining the USMC. R/ K. Go Navy!

Sent by Kelly on 6/25/14

English, Oxford, OH

Student Tutoring Please reply back to confirm for help with English. Thanks!

Sent by Kevin on 6/25/14

Math, San Diego, CA 92129

I am new at learning stock market. Just came back from a weekend with Phil Town. I want to understand the math part. Analyzing the figures of the company business.

Sent by Lori on 6/25/14

Accounting, El Paso, TX

hello i was wondering if you can tutor me for my online courses? im currently taking principles of accounting 1 and quantative method business/economy

Sent by Jose on 6/25/14

Italian, Des Moines, IA

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor to teach my 2 year old daughter and possibly some other children in a fun casual class/ play group where only Italian is spoken and taught.

Sent by Lora on 6/25/14

Act, Taylor, MI

Looking to get act tutoring for my son, want to start early August until sept12th maybe 4 hours a week, all subjects but focus on reading and English

Sent by Khari on 6/25/14

Math, Loma Linda, CA

Need help in math for my son please call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ravinder on 6/24/14

Act, Mission Viejo, CA

We are interested in having you tutor my daughter for the ACT. She has taken it three times and scored a 26. She took a class and it did not increase her score at all.

Sent by Leslie on 6/24/14

Spanish, Pensacola, FL

Hey! I was checking around to see if I could find an instructor for a kids class as well as a parent/teacher class once a month at Blessed Star Montessori school...

Sent by Nicole on 6/24/14

Civil Engineer, Boston, MA

Hi Bernard, i need help design a access road with calculations. Do you think you can help me? Please let me know. You may contact me on my cell (phone number...

Sent by Alfonso on 6/24/14

Computer Graphics, Asheville, NC

Please help! I'm finishing a semester Monday and I am behind on the projects because I don't understand. The projects involve Adobe Indesign and Photoshop.

Sent by Mary on 6/24/14

Java, Jericho, NY

My son is a student at cw post, and was forced to take 2 incompletes ( java and Visual Basic) ... Can you help him complete the work... Thank you R.

Sent by Robin on 6/24/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Math, San Diego, CA

Hi Jenny I would like to seek out your tutoring services. I have been out of school for quite some time and need to get my math basics on point before enrolling back...

Sent by George on 6/24/14

Physics, Milwaukee, WI

Joshua I am taking a summer physics class which I really need to pass. I need you ASAP! I'm in the 53215 area code. I will probably need you now through August!

Sent by Kriztian on 6/24/14

Praxis Esl, Jackson, TN

Hi! I need to take the Praxis test for ESL.I took my ESL classes through the University of South Carolina 2004-2006.I have the studybook by Sharon Wynne.

Sent by Connie on 6/24/14

Nursing, Los Angeles, CA

I'm going to graduate in September from a lvn program but I'm having a hard time passing my ati tests and hessey,please letme know if you are available for tutoring. C.

Sent by Claudia on 6/24/14

Computer, Irving, TX

I need a tutor ASAP help with COM 140. Pls call me at (phone number available after purchase). Pam

Sent by Pamela on 6/24/14

Organic Chemistry, Anaheim, CA

Need Organic Chemistry for college student (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ana on 6/24/14

More Preparation For Kindergarten, Stafford, VA

Hello Lauren, I have a 5 year old son, named Jayden. He will be starting kindergarten this fall, and I am looking for someone who is willing and able to help Jayden...

Sent by Vicki on 6/24/14

Computer, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

I am looking for a computer tutor who can help me learn new things on my Mac and fix some problems transferring from an old AOL email to a new Me acct.

Sent by Ann on 6/24/14

Nclex Rn, Orlando, FL 34761

Hey, My name is A. and I have taken the NCLEX-RN twice with no luck. I am looking for someone to help me succeed on the third try.

Sent by Avisha on 6/24/14

French, Bakersfield, CA

Hello I am a homeschooling mother of 4. We are starting 2nd grade this year and are starting French. My husband took French for a long time in school.

Sent by Sara on 6/24/14

Math, Culpeper, VA

I need help for 3th grade son, he help with lang and math, for the next comming school year.

Sent by Miriam on 6/24/14

Physics, West Paducah, Kentucky

Still trying to reach you. Haven't heard anything for a while. Please contact

Sent by Gina on 6/24/14

Nclex Rn, Buffalo, NY 14150

Hi Margaret, my name is L. and I am preparing for my nclex RN boards. I took the Kaplan review class and thought it really helped me, I did everything they told me...

Sent by Lauren on 6/24/14

Math, Harrisburg, PA

Looking for tutoring for my 6 year old daughter in math and comprehension

Sent by Heather on 6/24/14

Microsoft Access, North Chesterfield, VA 23235

Adult - Needing help setting up a relational database in Access 2007 for church bookstore. Very familiar w/ MS Office and understand concept of db's.

Sent by J.r. on 6/24/14

Cpa, Long Island, NY

indivdual tutor for preparation for all 4 parts of the new york cpa exam

Sent by John on 6/24/14

Php, Raleigh, NC

Hello. I came across your profile on Tutorz because I am in need of finding someone who is proficient in PHP and also teaching PHP.

Sent by Randy on 6/24/14

LPN A&p Endocrine System, North Tonawanda, NY

I am looking for some help on the endocrine system. I am not sure if that is something you cover. I am in a LPN program, not an RN program (yet:) You were...

Sent by Laura on 6/24/14

Adobe Photoshop, Brewster, NY

hi i live in brewster. i am working ona book that contains over 100 badly scanned images of documents. Want help with learning how to clean up and sharpen images...

Sent by Amha on 6/24/14

Asvab, Portland, OR

Hey there! My name is E.. I am looking to go into the army to be a combat paramedic. I need a 107 score on my GT ( General technical)for the ASVAB.

Sent by Evan on 6/23/14

Pictures, DelTONA, FL

Julia, I was wondering if you have students that take pictures for special occasions and do not charge to much.

Sent by Midge on 6/23/14

Java, Seattle, WA

Hello Christopher, We are looking for a tutor for our 13 year old son in computer programming. He wants to learn Java, and eventually all of the language that builds...

Sent by Rebecca on 6/23/14

Ielts, Chicago, IL

Hi, Tara. I'm planing to take the (ielts) for the third time. i took the exam twice. and i scored 5 >> i need to pick it up to 7,, I need to study for it as soon as...

Sent by Saeed on 6/23/14

Reading, Dunn Loring, VA

Hi, We are looking to help our daughter with reading she will be 5 in August she can sound out letters but is have a hard time making them into words.

Sent by Poupak on 6/23/14

Math, Santa Maria, CA

Hello Alberto I am looking for a tutor for my 7 year old daughter that will be starting 3rd grade in the fall and she is having problems with math reading and grammar.

Sent by Liset on 6/23/14

Esl Vietnamese, Corpus Christi, TX 78412

Do you offer online ESL for my wife who is Vietnamese and would like to improve her English?

Sent by Greg on 6/23/14

Math, Watertown, NY

Hi how are you? I'm looking for someone to help me get ready for a math test at the end of the month. Its over arithmetic reasoning for the asvab.

Sent by Cole on 6/23/14

Microsoft Project, San Ramon, CA

Earnest, I am looking for some help with ms project. I am currently the project manager for a electrical company. Were starting to manage all our projects with ms...

Sent by Enrique on 6/23/14

Typing, Hollywood, FL

I want to know how much do you charge for my daughter (11 years old) to take a typing course.

Sent by Yamilet on 6/23/14

Biology, English & JAVA, Pleasanton, California

Hi, We are looking for someone to tutor my son in 10th Grade Biology and English at our home during the summer 2014. This is to help him get a jumpstart for the fall.

Sent by Bala on 6/23/14

Math and Spelling, Ridgeville, SC

16 year old boy with Aspergers, needs help in spelling and math. Thank you, J.

Sent by Joy on 6/23/14

Nursing, Tallahassee, FL

Where are you located, for nursing student in Tallahassee

Sent by Don on 6/23/14

Physics, Detroit, MI

Please call me so we can set up a session. Phone number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Mohammed on 6/23/14

Ftce, Miami, FL

Hi, My niece, Julie, may be looking for a tutor for her FTCE K-6 exam in July. Please call her at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Mike on 6/23/14

Math, Jamaica, NY

Greetings Jocelyn, Are you available this summer to tutor our son in 2nd grade math? Also are you located in the Queens Village area. Kindly respond, many thanks.

Sent by Edith on 6/23/14

Computer Animation, Warren, NJ 07652

I'm interesting to learn how to make a video to animation (If Possible).

Sent by Yubin on 6/23/14

Act, Fuquay Varina, NC

I have a rising senior at Wake Christian who will be taking the ACT this fall. Due to us moving so many times, she struggles in Math.

Sent by Karen on 6/23/14

Math, Madison, OH

Is Madison too far away for you to travel? I need a math tutor for basic math up to calculus and trig.

Sent by Amanda on 6/23/14

Teas Test Prep, Nashua, NH

Hello I would like to know if you tutor for the TEAS test. My daughter would like to be a nurse, but to get into a nursing program at the community college she has...

Sent by Steven on 6/22/14

Math, Lovingston, VA

Our son needs tutoring in 6th grade math. Is this something that you could help us with? We live a little N of Lovinston.

Sent by Heather on 6/22/14

CPA Accounting, Brooklyn, NY

Sent by Gabriel on 6/22/14

Reading, Bluffton, SC

Hi Sarah- We are looking for a tutor over the summer to help our 7 year old son with reading and writing. He is an upcoming 2nd grader, reading on a K level.

Sent by Aimee on 6/22/14

Algebra Tutor, Gainesville, FL

My daughter will be entering 8th grade this fall. She has such a difficult time with math that I'm afraid this coming year will not be horrible for her.

Sent by Lisa on 6/22/14

Microsoft Office 2010, Austin, TX

I would like tutoring 1-2 times per week to learn Microsoft office excel, word and powerpoint 2010.

Sent by Susan on 6/22/14

LPN NCLEX, Hyde Park, MA

I need a 2 hours tutoring for LPN

Sent by Marie on 6/22/14

Microsoft Excel, Austin, TX

Hello Danny I would like tutoring to learn Microsoft excel, word and powerpoint 2010.

Sent by Susan on 6/21/14

English, Fresno, CA

Hi Natalie. I'm looking for a summer time tutor (at least) to help my 15 year old daughter improve on her writing skills. I can be reached at (phone number available...

Sent by Leticia on 6/21/14

Algebra, Morrisville, PA

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for my 13 year old son. He struggled with pre-algebra this year and I would like for him to have a better base before he begins...

Sent by Erin on 6/21/14

Mcat, Tampa, FL

I need an MCAT tutor this summer, im about to graduate and take the test in late september october. I need a tutor to go over every subject that will be on...

Sent by George on 6/21/14

English, Euless, TX

I am looking for English writing tutor for my 5th grade daughter, please email me (email available after purchase) if you have a time. Thanks

Sent by Garima on 6/21/14

Calculus, Pittsburgh, PA 15289

Hello, you were recommend to me by Veronika Izvekova. I'm currently taking calculus at CCAC. I only have the rest of this week of classes and I have a test Tuesday...

Sent by Maria on 6/21/14

Summer Tutorial, Kilgore, TX

My son will be entering the 8th grade next year. I'm looking for someone to help me keep him on his toes during the summer. I stay in Kilgore

Sent by Christina on 6/21/14

English, Lancaster, OH

Sent by Donna on 6/21/14

Toefl, Port Saint Lucie, FL

I need to take the TOEFL because this is a requirement for pharmacy. For the national pharmacy board. I am a foreign graduate from the Philippines.

Sent by Maria on 6/21/14

Calculus, Crofton, MD

Would be interested in tutoring my son in our home; he needs tutoring in calculus. Thanks

Sent by Nada on 6/21/14

Pharmacology, Hackensack, NJ

I need help with pharmacology. Pls contact me on my cell phone. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Kerryann on 6/21/14

Quicken, Pasadena, CA

Hi Kevin, I need help with quicken. I. Jasper (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Irina on 6/20/14

East Brunswick Nj, East Brunswick, NJ

I am an adult and I need help in reading, writing and math.

Sent by Sonia on 6/20/14

Algebra, Redlands, CA

Hi Jesse, I'm looking for a tutor to provide summer review of Algebra concepts to both my kids - a 9th and 10th grader. We live in Highland, so pretty close to Redlands.

Sent by Liliana on 6/20/14

Chem, Bellevue, WA 98007

My daughter needs a tutor for college summer school chem. not organic chem, just regular chem. we live in factoria and she needs an hour a day, 7 days a week.

Sent by Dorothy on 6/20/14

Act Homework, Aurora, CO

I'm looking tutor teacher for my daughter(senior high school) who can help her with ACT&homework start this September. I live around southland mall area.

Sent by Rui on 6/20/14

Typing, Philadelphia, PA

Hello, Adam my fiance and I, both English speakers, are considering finally learning to type (as opposed to the time-consuming hunt and peck approach).

Sent by Nick on 6/20/14

Math, Mesa, AZ 85209

Please call me @ (phone number available after purchase). I am looking for a tutot close to my house. Thank you

Sent by Mariselli on 6/20/14

Russian, Brooklyn, NY

Hello Ksenia, My friend is looking for intro-level Russian classes. She is available Mon-Fri in the mornings, and after 5pm on Tue, Thurs, and Fri.

Sent by Yuriy on 6/20/14

Piano, Rio Medina, TX

I'm looking for piano and voice lessons for my 12 yr old daughter, Alison. She has taken piano for 3 yrs and is on level 4 of the Piano Adventures book.

Sent by Mandy on 6/20/14

Usmle, Chicago, IL

Please email me or call me asap. I am trying to find a tutor for my brother who is taking the usmle step 2 ck next week and needs some encouragement and last minute...

Sent by Kara on 6/20/14

Biology, Killeen, TX

good morning i am taking anatomy and physiology i need help my number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Kine on 6/20/14

Elementary, Knightdale, NC

I have a daughter who will be going to 2nd grade. she will be in summer camp at Kids educational center Forestville Road this summer. Will you be willing to tutor there?

Sent by Lisa on 6/20/14

English, Plano, TX

Our son is going to need help with his 11th grade Regular English and his AP American histry. We are not sure if that AP class may be too difficult.

Sent by Maryann on 6/20/14

Home Schooling, Middletown,PA

Good morning, I am looking for a tutor for my 12 year old son. Who will going into the 8th this coming September.

Sent by Nekita on 6/20/14

Ableton, San Diego, CA 92107

I am new to ableton and need some instruction.

Sent by John on 6/20/14

Math, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi rhainn I'm interested in you tutoring me you can contact me with more information with this program at (phone number available after purchase) thank you.

Sent by Lorette on 6/19/14

Java, Detroit, MI

I am in need of java tutoring. I am a beginning student and i am struggling. I am looking for help. if you are interested please contact me at the email address above.

Sent by Vera on 6/19/14

Computer, Santa Fe, NM

Hello James, I need a tutor for my father-in-law. Fred is pretty savvy, but we recently upgraded him from an XP to Win7 and Word Perfect to Office 2010.

Sent by Annabella on 6/19/14

Ableton, Berkeley, CA

hi, im a student living in south berkeley. what are your available days / times?

Sent by Andy on 6/19/14

French, Papillion, NE

We are a military homeschool family in search of a French tutor for our son (and perhaps one daughter). This will serve as their foreign language requirement for...

Sent by Eric on 6/19/14

Managerial Accounting, Spring Valley, CA

I am behind in my managerial accounting class. I understand the material when I am reading it. However, when I start the homework, it is as if I never read anything...

Sent by Sharonica on 6/19/14

Algebra, Hollister, CA

I need tutoring because I love algebra and I am curious as all heck about finding out more!

Sent by Dj on 6/19/14

Asvab, Hartford, CT

Hello, My Name is M. F., I want to join the us army and need some help with the ASVAB. I have taken the test 2 times and failed!

Sent by Michael on 6/19/14

Calculus, Tucson, AZ

Hello Shane, my name is C. and I am seeking assistance for my brief calculus course that I am taking online this summer.

Sent by Christian on 6/19/14

Business Statistics, Robinson TX

HELP! Looking for a Business Stat tutor for summer course. Thank you

Sent by Kelli on 6/19/14

Computer, Redding, CA

I need to learn office word before July 2nd.

Sent by Marcia on 6/19/14

Algebra, Kirkland, WA

Hi there, I am looking for an Algebra tutor for my son who enters 9th grade in Fall. I am looking for someone who has taught Algebra to a high schooler...

Sent by Michelle on 6/19/14

PreCalculus, Bel Air, MD

Hi, I am an upcoming senior at Calvert Hall. I am in need of a tutor proficient in PreCalculus and who is able to put in 30 hrs. Thanks

Sent by Taylor on 6/19/14

Math, Covington, LA

Hi Josh- my son Jack is entering the 8th grade at Hannan. He's currently in a propel/enrichment program for another wk. He's struggling in Math and needs a tutor ASAP.

Sent by Shelley on 6/19/14

Social Studies, San Antonio, TX

Hi Molly. I'm looking for someone to tutor my 18yo daughter in social studies/history. She's working on obtaining her GED but has tested twice and failed...

Sent by Sandra on 6/19/14

English, Schertz, TX

My number is (phone number available after purchase). I am looking gor a tutor for my daughter. She finished all her credits from Allison steele learning center...

Sent by Cindy on 6/19/14

Mcat, Gainesville, FL

I'm looking for a mcat tutor

Sent by Marco on 6/19/14

Statistics, Macon, GA

I am looking for help in statistics tutoring

Sent by Josephine on 6/19/14

German, Fort Walton Beach, FL

Hello-- We are a military family that just relocated to Ft. Walton Beach from Stuttgart, Germany. We have 2 daughters (ages 4 and 6) who spent 2 years...

Sent by Kendra on 6/19/14

Statistics, Tracy, CA

Can you help in statistics? I am taking an online course and I need help ASAP.

Sent by Denise on 6/19/14

Pre Calculus, Irvine, CA

I need help in pre-calculus and understand the basic to understand the material.

Sent by Arely on 6/19/14

Praxis, Hawthorne, NJ

Hello, I am currently looking for a tutor specifically for the Business Content Knowledge Praxis. Please advise if you tutor in this particular area.

Sent by Eric on 6/19/14

Spanish, Starkville, MS

HI! My name is C. and I am taking a Spanish III online course this summer and need help understanding the material. I am two weeks into the course. Thanks!

Sent by Chelsea on 6/19/14

Computer, Newtown Square, PA

Interested in having my daughter tutored in apple desktop.

Sent by Gilda on 6/19/14

Applied Behavioral Analysis, Fort Worth, TX

Could you please call me asap. I need to hire you if you have the ability to help me, right away. Thank you. B. W. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Brigitte on 6/19/14

Math, Science, Hinesville, GA

Hello, I am interested in getting tutor in math and science for a Ged exam

Sent by Ashley on 6/19/14

Mechanical Engineering, Houston, TX

Salutations, My name is A. E.. I am a BME-Biomechanics major at Uni. of Houston main campus. I am contacting you regarding tutor sessions during this summer for...

Sent by Arian on 6/18/14

Physics, Lawrenceville, GA

My daughter Kyra needs a tutor for physics. She found your profile on line and asked me to explore further. How are the meetings with the student arranged?

Sent by Dee on 6/18/14

Math, Wexford, PA

Dear Elaine, This is for my daughter, Jenny, who just finished her 5th grade and is interested in developing her math skill to an advanced level.

Sent by Chong on 6/18/14

Reading, San Diego, CA

We are looking for a tutor for our 8 year old daughter. She just finished 2nd grade and needs some help with reading and writing.

Sent by Robyn on 6/18/14

Chemistry, San Jose, CA

I am looking for a chemistry tutor to help me understand the concepts in class

Sent by Makuria on 6/18/14

Accy 201, Oxford, MS

Hi Lynn, I am a student here at Ole Miss and I'm taking Accy 201 during summer school. I wasn't aware how fast paced and how hard this class would be in the summer...

Sent by Rachael on 6/18/14

C++, Provo, UT

Hi. Im taking a data structures class and I need some help with an AVL tree.

Sent by Manuel on 6/18/14

Cpa, Chicago, IL

Becky, Do you do CPA exam prep tutoring? Thanks, N.

Sent by Neil on 6/18/14

Astronomy, Chattanooga, TN

Need tutoring for online college astronomy

Sent by Dawn on 6/18/14

Java Tutor, Roseville, CA

I am going to need to tune up my programming knowledge quickly. I am doing online training, but I think it would be more effective if I spend a little while with...

Sent by Nathan on 6/18/14

Managerial Accounting, Libertyville, IL

Would you be able to tutor me in Managerial Accounting? I am a college student at The University of Iowa but home for the summer taking courses at the College of...

Sent by Stephen on 6/18/14

Reading, Costa Mesa, CA

Hi Amy, I am looking for a reading specialist for my son for the summer. He has learning disabilities and could use some extra help. He will require a lot of patience.

Sent by Katharine on 6/18/14

Math English, Quincy, IL

Hi Bethany, I'm looking for a summer tutor for my two daughters aged 6 and 11. They both struggle in math and reading and I've tried everything to help them.

Sent by Kera on 6/18/14

Nursing, Richmond, VA 23219

Hi I'm a Rn in student an I'm falling in school can u please help me

Sent by Nekia on 6/18/14

Chinese, Brookline, MA

Hello! My name is Y. and im looking for an Chinese tutor for my 6 year old son Greg. We live in Brookline and would like to have two lessons per week.

Sent by Yana on 6/18/14

Macroeconomics, Germany, Freiberg

Dear Mrs. Anastasia, i would like to have macroeconomics lessons with you, if it is possible, of course!

Sent by Alena on 6/18/14

Microsoft Office, Northridge, CA

Need to learn ms office please contast me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Damon on 6/18/14

Algebra, Arlington, TX

I has daughter she 14 .she needs algebra math .

Sent by Lisa on 6/18/14

Thermodynamics, Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Hi How are you Can I have your phone number ?

Sent by Rashed on 6/18/14

Toefl, Portland, OR

hello Janet I need tutoring in Toefl and Ielts?

Sent by Khalid on 6/18/14

Pre Algebra, Sacramento, CA

Hi I'm 15 I need help in pre algebra i would he really be gratefull if u would help me please contact my dad at (email available after purchase)

Sent by Brieanna on 6/17/14

C++, Palo Alto, CA

I need a c++ tutor please give me a text at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Adam on 6/17/14

Nclex-rn, Nampa, ID 83651

NCLEX -RN prep and testing strategies to better understand questions/ answer selections when all answers are correct, pick the best answer is difficult for me.

Sent by Julie on 6/17/14

Visual Basic, Los Angeles, CA

Hi I am interested in learning Microsoft Visual Basic 2012. Please email me at your earliest convenience.

Sent by Bill on 6/17/14

Physics, Woodhaven, NY

Hey mohammed how are you I would like to speak to you I would like to know if you could tutor my son who has a his physics regents this friday .

Sent by Vicente on 6/17/14

Math, Conway, SC

Hello Miss Rosemary, my name is A. B.. I have a 13 year old son that is going into the 7th grade. He struggled last year with math and history.

Sent by Ashley on 6/17/14

Accounting, Encino, CA

Hi Lesha, I just started summer school yesterday in Accounting 1 and I'm already confused. I'm hoping to get some tutoring tomorrow... I'm available from 11-3.

Sent by Lindsay on 6/17/14

Math, Lockport, IL

Hi my name is N. Jain , my daughter is entering 7 grade. I wanted her to get introduced to 7 grade math and cover as much as possible during summer.

Sent by Neeru on 6/17/14

Spanish, Meridian, ID

Hi Melissa, My wife and I are headed to Nicaragua in August for a missions trip and need to learn Spanish. Do you have structured lessons with homework and such?

Sent by Mark on 6/17/14

Math, Seattle, WA

Hi ! I live next to the airport. Can u come and teach here for two kids.

Sent by Sonia on 6/17/14

3rd Grade Tutor, Fort Rucker, Al

Hi, I am looking for a tutor to work with my soon to be third grade son on reading and math skills. We are located on Rucker, must be able to access post.

Sent by Krystal on 6/17/14

English, Pittsburgh, PA

I am interested in learning English. I want tutoring for one month 3-4 session week Please send me email if you are ineterested

Sent by Abdalalh on 6/17/14

Pcat, Tampa, FL

Hello! Are you able to tutor for the PCAT??

Sent by Harrison on 6/17/14

Algebra, Olmsted Falls, OH

Hi Donald, my son needs a algebra teacher to briefly review algebra 1 and learn algebra 2. We can start asap. Would you please let us know if you could be his tutor?

Sent by Linda on 6/17/14

Math, Benicia, CA

My son is in 6th grade and he needs lot of help in maths .Please call me @ (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Kuljeet on 6/17/14

Calculus Tutor, Pittsburgh, PA 15220

Hello, I'm currently taking calculs at CCAC. I live on the edge of Plum on the New Kensington side. My class is only going on for the rest of this week and next week.

Sent by Maria on 6/17/14

Microsoft Project, Arlington Heights, IL

Seeking assistance with MS-Project. Might this be within your realm of expertise. G

Sent by Gigi on 6/17/14

Finance Tutor, Philadelphia, PA 19109

I would have a quiz that is due this upcoming Sunday. I would like to know your pricing as to helping me.

Sent by Keandra on 6/17/14

Piano, Spring, TX

Hi Susan! We are looking for a piano teacher for 2 kids (7 and 12 and for me too) We are beginners!

Sent by Joy on 6/17/14

Statistics, Navarre, FL

Hi Dr Jay, My husband, Jeff, is looking for a tutor in the Navarre/Pensacola area with experience in statistics. Specifically, IBM- SPSS software would be a plus.

Sent by Michelle on 6/17/14

Ableton, New York, NY 10037

Hi, Martin . Am Interested in Ableton Live Tutoring and to ask you a few questions , can you Please send me your contact Information.

Sent by Chris on 6/17/14

5th Grade Math, Okemos, MI

Interested in math tutorial for. 5th grader, our number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Cherry on 6/17/14

French, Los Angeles, CA

class of 2 would like to learn French live in downtown los angeles

Sent by Roc on 6/17/14

Math, Smyrna, GA

need help in math tutoring have test july15

Sent by Destinee on 6/16/14

Calculus, Bakersfield, CA

Hello David, I am interested in tutoring services in Pre Calculus. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you, L.

Sent by Liz on 6/16/14

Math Number I, Willits, CA

Hello my name is T. Forkner. My son is in need of a tutor. He is entering 2nd grade and we really need help in some areas. I would need your help through out...

Sent by Tasha on 6/16/14

Adhd, East Setauket, NY

I am looking for someone to tutor weekly during the school year in all general areas (addressing things like organization, test preparation, strategies for good work...

Sent by Cheryl on 6/16/14

Accounting Tutor, Santa Ana, CA

Hello, I am a student of accounting and I need help with, do you speak Spanish, because my class and books are in Spanish, thank you.

Sent by Carlos on 6/16/14

Ged, Springfield, MO

Hello, I am a 35 year old working mother and have finally decided to get my GED. I am hoping to find someone who would be willing to meet at the Library Center...

Sent by Theresa on 6/16/14

Access, Glendale, CA

Hi Maria, I live in Glendale and would like to learn access. Please let me know what your general terms are (times, dates, rate, location, etc.) Thank you H.

Sent by Hayk on 6/16/14

Church Planting, Shreveport, LA

Hello I would like to commuicate with you to see if we may be able discuss the proofing of my Dissertation / i'm using Kate Turabian format Please feel free...

Sent by Malcolm on 6/16/14

Nursing, Strayford, CT 06615

Hello Dr.Irvana k I was wondering if you had an appointment this week to tutor me. I am in nursing school and I need to do well on my next exam or else I...

Sent by Dana on 6/16/14

Chemistry, Garland, TX

My son is having problems with chemistry and I noticed you tutor on that subject. So is garland too far? 1842 pueblo drive is the address.

Sent by Robert on 6/16/14

Algebra Ll, Geo, Physics, Dallas, TX 75252

My grandson needs immediate help with Algebra ll he is retaking in summer school. (Also for an online mastery course in geometry.He will then be retaking physics.

Sent by Mary on 6/16/14

Act, Encino, CA

I am looking for a tutor for my 16 year old daughter to prepare for the ACT Math and English. Please provide your contact number so we can discuss this opportunity.

Sent by Ed on 6/16/14

Accounting, Niceville, FL

Hello Tim, as a management student at the University of West Florida, I am currently enrolled in a financial accounting course. Seeking some extra help in my studies...

Sent by Clay on 6/16/14

Calculus, Great Lakes, IL

Dr. Richard, We are looking for a tutor for our son M. P. to help with his Calculus 2 studies. He is currently enrolled at the University of Missouri...

Sent by Marcus on 6/16/14

Italian, Birmingham, AL

My husband and I are interested in private Italian lessons.

Sent by Elizabeth on 6/16/14

English, Greenwell Springs, LA

Looking for a summer tutor for my 4th grader mostly in English please let me know if you are available.

Sent by Elizabeth on 6/16/14

Anatomy, Orlando, FL

I am a student at Valencia taking anatomy 2 in search of a tutor immediately.

Sent by Lindsey on 6/15/14

Pre Calculus, Newark, OH

My son just took pre-calc this school year as a sophomore in high school. He has always done well in school but had a very poor teacher this year and he barely passed.

Sent by Brenda on 6/15/14

Physics Tutor, Beach Haven, NJ

Hi David, I am taking an online Physics II undergraduate class as a prerequisite for Physical Therapy school. I am looking for some help with this course.

Sent by Deanna on 6/15/14

Geometry, Middletown, NY

Hi Jacquelyn, I'm looking for a tutor for my son this summer. He will be taking 10th grade geometry next year and I would like to get a jump start on it.

Sent by Dina on 6/15/14

English, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Hi Are you able to teach english for non english speakers?

Sent by Khaled on 6/15/14

Finance, Woodland Hills, CA

Hi, I need tutoring in corporate finance business course. Please let me know which cities you tutor in. Contact (phone number available after purchase) B.

Sent by Bita on 6/15/14

Usmle, Newark, NJ

Hi, I would like some get some tips and methods in studying for the usmle step 1. Let me know when u r available.

Sent by Arvin on 6/15/14

Probability, Columbia, SC

Need a tutor to help prepare me in statistic and probability analysis course GBA 334. I am undergraduate Business major. Please contact keishag73yahoo.

Sent by Lakeisha on 6/15/14

Asvab, Saint Marys, GA

My son has recently graduated and intends on joining the Navy however he cannot improve his ASVAB scores. Do you still provide assistance with passing the ASVAB...

Sent by Eric on 6/15/14

English, Math, Rocklin, CA

need tutor for my 4th grade son. Please email me. thank you

Sent by Joanne on 6/15/14

Math, Detroit, MI

Hi im a senior at wayne state, I need help passing the math exam.

Sent by Carlton on 6/15/14

English, Quinlan, TX

Hi Lisa. I'm a 42 year old Filipino and I live in Quinlan,Tx. I need some tutoring in English writing. I am currently in school taking up vocational nursing.

Sent by Myra on 6/14/14

Writing, China

hi,i am W.,i want to find a on line tutor for my son,Grade 4 for reading &Writing.

Sent by Winnie on 6/14/14

Reading, Princeton Junction, NJ

My daughter is 6. She is ahead of the class with math but behind in reading skills. We live in Princeton Junction and would like to hire a tutor. Can you help us?

Sent by Louise on 6/14/14

Fcat, Lake Worth, FL

Hello, my name is M. and my daughter needs FCAT tutoring immediately. She did not pass the FCAT and she is in summer school, to re-take it in one month.

Sent by Maribel on 6/14/14

Calculus, Cranberry Township, PA

I am interested in having my daughter who was a competitive gymnast and cyber schooled and is back in Seneca Valley and not ready for Calculus!!

Sent by Cathy on 6/14/14

Organic Chemistry, Patchogue, NY 11772

Can u upload your chemistry lectures on any website??? or if have uploaded your lectures on any website then plzz tell me the name of that.

Sent by Vrinda on 6/14/14

Hydraulic Engineering, Los Angeles, CA

Hi dr. Saed i am a current student who needs help in hydrulics analysis my major is civil engineering. Please i really need help.

Sent by Majed on 6/14/14

Math, Lake City, FL

10 yr old daughter who needs weekly tutoring especially in Math.

Sent by Angela on 6/14/14

Math, Plainfield, IL

HI JORIE I HAVE A ONE 9TH AND ONE 6TH grader and I AM looking for A LONG TERM relation for them. to be A ALL subject help. did read your profile I THINK YOU should...

Sent by Gopi on 6/13/14

Electrical Engineering, Madison, WI

Hello, I am taking a summer class called Electric circuit 1. There are 4 quizzes during the summer. I want you to be together while solve those quizzes.

Sent by Alaa on 6/13/14

Sat I, Bryans Road, MD

My little brother needs your help with SAT prep. I did not see how much you charge. If you could please let me know how much and at what time of day you can help him.

Sent by Bashar on 6/13/14

Math, Merced, CA

I need a tutor to study for an exam..I need tutoring in 8th grade math

Sent by Star on 6/13/14

Language Arts, Thorndale, PA

Looking for LA help for my 6yr old.

Sent by Akiai on 6/13/14

Visual Basic In Excel, Plano, TX

Hi Ashish, do you teach visual basic in excel, if yes, please reply. thanks Chadra

Sent by Chandra on 6/13/14

Writing, Enterprise, AL

I am looking for someone to help my Four year old grandson learn basic writing skills and how to read. I want him to be fully prepared for kindergarten.

Sent by Lynette on 6/13/14

Patents, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hello Robert, I'm actually looking for a "semi-retired" Patent Attorney to review a non-provisional utility patent for me. Are you interested?

Sent by Rebecca on 6/13/14

Calculus, Tuscaloosa, AL

I wanted to know if you're a good tutor in Calculus 1. If so I will be needing your help starting next month I have a slit semester of cal1 and I know I'm going...

Sent by Melvin on 6/13/14

French, Falls Church, VA

Hi Ms. Agnes, I am looking for a French tutor for my son James, 2x per week, starting 15 July 2014 if possible. 1pm Tues and Fri would work.

Sent by Jennifer on 6/13/14

Esl, Ocoee, FL

I am interested in your services. Please reach out to discuss ESL classes. Thank you, S.

Sent by Sue on 6/13/14

Aspergers, Deltona, FL

Hi Julie. I am looking for an alternative to public school (home school with part time tutor) for my 12 yr old son with aspergers.

Sent by Nancy on 6/13/14

Ged, Jefferson City, MO

Hey again ok so I would like to work with you on my ged I really need to get this going so just let me know when we can start

Sent by Susan on 6/12/14

Nclex Rn, Boise, ID

I am a nursing student and need some guidance on how to be more confident and learn strategies on how to achieve better NCLEX exam scores along the way in school.

Sent by Julie on 6/12/14

Reading, Searcy, AR

I am currently looking for a summer tutor for my granddaughter. Please give me a call at (phone number available after purchase) at your nearest convenience if...

Sent by Tanya on 6/12/14

Algebra 2, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter. She is taking algebra 2 through FLVS and is a student at Dreyfoos.

Sent by Stacey on 6/12/14

Computer, 60090

Good afternoon Marian, My name is I. B. and I am looking for a tutor that will help me improve my computer skills. Do you have experience working with Office 365?

Sent by Ioana on 6/12/14

Math, Pasco, WA

Hi Jeffery, I'm a CBC student and was wanting to get some Tutoring for my Math 97 class and wanted to see if you had any time in the next couple of days? Thank you

Sent by Edgar on 6/12/14

Needed Tutor, Quincy, MA

Hi. My son is a current 5th grader in Quincy and has been tested for problems with his reading. I have been advised to look for an Orton-Gillingham tutor.

Sent by Kathy on 6/12/14

Math, Plainview, NY

I am looking for private tutor for math for my daughter who is going to 6th grade next year. pls call me -(phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Pretty on 6/12/14

Algebra, Leavenworth, KS

My 18 yr old granddaughter needs immediate tutoring in Algebra 2. She is taking a summer class in LV in order to have enough credits for her diploma.

Sent by Patricia on 6/12/14

Psychology, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sent by Duaa on 6/12/14

Reading, Albany, GA

Hi miss Elaine I have a 9 year old daughter. who have a hard time in the subject of reading and math even though I put her in remediate class I feel she not working...

Sent by Tiffany on 6/12/14

English, Duncanville, TX

Dear Tiffany, My son need to pass the STARS TEST in English. Plus, he needs a tutor for the next school year. Please contact me at (phone number available after...

Sent by Suzette on 6/12/14

Economics, Germany, Freiberg

Hello, miss Zheni. My name is A. A. and I would like to have some lessons in macroeconomics, if it is possible, of course.

Sent by Alena on 6/12/14

Dyslexia, Bastrop, TX

What type of program do you do for Dyslexic children? do you do bls?

Sent by Tasha on 6/12/14

Nutrition, Newport Coast, CA

Hello Irene. I am taking an online Nutrition class and need help taking exams.

Sent by Ricky on 6/12/14

Geometry, North Myrtle Beach, SC

I have a 15 daughter who will have geometry 10th grade in fall. we will be staying in nmb for a month beginning next week. looking for a tutor for one - two hours...

Sent by Jeanne on 6/11/14

Asvab, Shreveport, LA

my daughter need some help with the military entrance exam

Sent by Dana on 6/11/14

Pre Calculus, Woodland Hills, CA

Hi Alexandra- I have a 16 year old son that is in need of a pre-calculus/ ancient history tutor for the summer. The job will most like;

Sent by Nina on 6/11/14

Precalculus, Alabaster, AL

I am currently at jefferstate community college and I need help with precalculus.

Sent by Cody on 6/11/14

Pharmacology, Houston, TX

Hello Lindsey, I'm looking for a tutor in pharmacy! I've been a tech for 8 months and my trainee license expires in November, I'm desperate!

Sent by Angel on 6/11/14

Violin, Lynbrook, NY

looking for in home beginner violin lessons but can only pay $17.50 per half hour lesson

Sent by Anthony on 6/11/14

Chemistry, Middletown, CT

Hi Johanna, I'm currently taking chemistry for 5 weeks at a college. I need help until July the 1st. I'm 36 years old and motivated trying to complete degree...

Sent by Allysan on 6/11/14

CPA, 60070

I'm looking for tutoring for the CPA exam. Specifically the FAR portion. What are your rates and availability?

Sent by Arti on 6/11/14

Ged, Houston, TX

Hi I need to do a ged test I need some one to come to my house teach me and help me to pass this test Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) ...

Sent by Dino on 6/11/14

Physics, Philadelphia, PA

Looking for a physics tutor for my son who needs to finish a written project.

Sent by Jonathan on 6/11/14

Esl, Feasterville Trevose, PA

Hi, My name is E., I am fluent in Russian and Hebrew. English is my 3rd language. I would like to be fluent in English also. My English is ok, but not where I need...

Sent by Elena on 6/11/14

Math, Huntsville, AL

Need tutor for 11 year old son, subject math

Sent by Lateasa on 6/11/14

Elementary, Yucca Valley, CA

please call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Richard on 6/11/14

Math-language/reading, West Bend, WI

Hi There, My daughter will be 11 this summer. She is going into 6th grade. We moved at the lsat quarter of school, where she finished out at Richfield Elementary.

Sent by Becky on 6/11/14

C#, New York, NY 10005

Hello I would like to know I f you can help me with my homework of Visul basic C#?

Sent by Jose on 6/11/14

English, Tamarac, FL

I would like to know what you charge hourly for English tutoring. My son is going to 10th grade and scored a 2 on his fcat. Also how would you assess what he needs...

Sent by Sophia on 6/11/14

Java, North Hollywood, CA 91605

Actually, you might want to download a FREE PDF copy of my book (*earning 5/5 stars) and begin programming humans. (url available after purchase) I found...

Sent by David on 6/11/14

Physics, Medfield, MA

I help reviewing for finals in pre-calculus and Physics. Final is next week - help me xxx xxxx xxx xxxx xx xxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxx xx xxx xxxx xxx xxxx xx xxx xxx...

Sent by Bob on 6/11/14

Math, Richmond Hill, GA

Hello, is math the only subject you teach? I have 3 children that need tutoring. My 13 year old Math, 9 year old reading, writing, and my 6 year old reading...

Sent by Yaritza on 6/10/14

Pre Calculus, Buffalo Grove, IL

looking for precalculus tutoring for my son who will be a sophomore at stevenson high school

Sent by Sheeba on 6/10/14

Calculus, Wylie, TX

I need a business calc tutor asap! Im available any week day after 3pm. Please get back to me if you can help!

Sent by Danielle on 6/10/14

Excel, Stockton, CA

I am looking for someone to tutor me on excel. Also, I would like to discuss other courses at a later time.

Sent by Karen on 6/10/14

Organic Chemistry, Springfield, MO

Hey Sarah, I am taking Organic Chemistry 1 at OTC this summer, and since it is only a 8 week course, I think I might need a little extra help.

Sent by Keil on 6/10/14

Math, HoustonTX

Hello I am looking for a tutor for my 14th old son for math star test asap. My phone number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Rosaelette on 6/10/14

Reading (dyslexia), Yelm, WA

Good afternoon, My name is C. T. and am in the military soon to relocate to the Ft. Lewis area. My son is dyslexic and has had trouble with school in San Antonio.

Sent by Charles on 6/10/14

Art, Grand Bay, AL

Looking for drawing lessons for my teen daughter. We live in grand bay

Sent by Tony on 6/10/14

Algebra 2, Bentonville, AR

Hi Mariana, I am sending you this email, because my son has struggled through Algebra 1 and Geometry. Next year, he starts his Junior year at High School with...

Sent by Shannon on 6/10/14

State Board Cosmetology, Carlstadt, NJ

I'm in the bergen county area and graduated beauty school about 4 years ago took the writting state board exam about 8 times last couple times I failed by half point...

Sent by Jospeh on 6/10/14

Spanish, Hudson, OH

Hola Yesenia! Soy M. M., vivo en Hudson! Yo vivia en Costa Rica (Heredia) durant tres meses el ano pesado. Estoy buscando para practicar y mejorar mi conversacion...

Sent by Megan on 6/10/14

Math, Miami Beach, FL

My daughter will go in middle in women accademic,I 'm loocking for somebody can help her with math.

Sent by Marc on 6/10/14

Toefl, North Attleboro, MA

Hi, Iam looking for a tutor to help me with the Speaking sections in TOEFL. thanks P.

Sent by Paresh on 6/10/14

Physics, Murray, KY

Hello I am H. Study at Murray State University and I am taking Physics this summer and I need help TEL:(phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Hatim on 6/10/14

Pharmacology, Boca Raton, FL

I am a Nursing student, I need a tutor for homework help and prepare me for final exams.

Sent by Julina on 6/10/14

Math, Rocky River, OH

Hi. I am looking for a math tutor for my 11 yr old son. He will be going into 7th grade. He is in private school an is a little behind in math.

Sent by Rachel on 6/10/14

Math, Guilderland, NY

Hi Ellen: I am looking for someone to tutor my 2 children (7 & 9) this summer in math. They attend Guilderland Public Schools. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sent by Frankie on 6/10/14

Reading Tutor, Lumberton, NC 28358

Hello I am in need of tutor for my 6 year old. Her weakness is reading so she will be held back unless she is on a D reading level by the start of next school year..

Sent by Takara on 6/10/14

Algebra 1, Haines City, FL

My daughter is a 9th grader, reecently failed her Algebra 1 EOC. She definitely needs a Tutor. We live in Haines City. Please contact me if interested (phone number...

Sent by Chasity on 6/10/14

Programming, Dayton, OH

Hi Tracy, I need you to tutor my kids Age 14 (10th grade) and Age 13 (8th grade) for SAT/ACT - English and Math. We are in Troy and my cell number is (phone...

Sent by Amar on 6/10/14

Tutoring, Parkton, MD

Hello Holly , I would like to start tutoring for my 7y/o daughter. We live in parkton MD.

Sent by Darina on 6/10/14

Statistics, Valdosta, GA

Hello, I am taking an online statistics class through AmE.an Military University. I am in need of a tutor. Would you be able to help me?

Sent by Eric on 6/10/14

Chemistry, Naples, FL

I'm looking for last minute tutoring. I would like to do a session today the 10th if at all possible before 4. Im at junior at FGCU looking for help in chemistry.

Sent by Spencer on 6/10/14

English, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I am in need of a summer ESL teacher. Class schedule will be Mondays to Fridays 9:00 ~ 4:10 and Sat. and Sun. for field trip.

Sent by Lynn on 6/10/14

Barton, San Leandro, CA

Hi Victoria, my name is K. P.. We are looking for a Barton Tutor for our 12 year old daughter this summer. We live in San Leandro

Sent by Kristin on 6/10/14

Usmle online, Los Angeles, CA 91335

Hi, I'm preparing for step1 and I wanna know if you can help me ace the exam?!! Thanks

Sent by Armin on 6/10/14

Reading, Fayetteville, NC

Hello, I am looking for a well qualified tutor for my 8 year old son, who is going to the third grade but struggles in reading and math.

Sent by Felicia on 6/9/14

Algebra, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I'm looking for a tutor for my daughter. She will be starting high school and she has fail there EOC exam on algebra. She has a chance to retake this in summer.

Sent by Kevin on 6/9/14

Excel, Boston, MA

Nassima, Hi! Can you come to my office near South Station & teach me & my boss MAC Excel? Maybe we will need 3-4 1/2 days. R.

Sent by Regina on 6/9/14

Cosmetology, Escondido, CA

we need a cosmetology tutor for my wife

Sent by Gabe on 6/9/14

Mcat Certified Biology, Austin, TX

Stephanie, my son is taking the MCAT exam on July 2--and I am sending this email at his request. He is taking the Kaplan review course, but he wants some one-on-one...

Sent by Mark on 6/9/14

Programming, Wichita, KS

Hi Matt, I am currently enrolled at Butler County Community College. I am enrolled in a C# 2012 course. While I understand the material in the book...

Sent by Garrett on 6/9/14

Study Skills, Englewood, OH

My son is heading into the 9th grade in August. His birthday is right on the cutoff date. My Husband and I began him in kindergarten as soon as he was available.

Sent by June on 6/9/14

Reading, Somers Point, NJ

Ms. Kara, I am in need of a tutor during 5-6 weeks of the summer when I have my seven year old son. I would like to have tutoring (at the library or in-home)...

Sent by M. on 6/9/14

Geometry, Sharpsville, PA

Hi Toby, My daughter is 19 and just finished her senior year online at connections academy. But, she failed geometry A & B. She is able to take these 2 courses over...

Sent by Sue on 6/9/14

Math , English, Hadley, MA

Hi , I need tutor help in math&english for my son ,who is going into 11 grd. My ph #is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Davinderkaur on 6/9/14

Writing Composition, Lehi, UT

Hi, I need a writing tutor for my daughter who is going into 10th grade. She has been schooled with a private teacher one on one the past couple of years and I...

Sent by Mariah on 6/9/14

Math Tutor, Ocala, FL

My daughter is going to 7 the grade and need help in math. Please email me your phone number that we can meet and go from there.

Sent by Karlene on 6/9/14

Reading, Ellwood City, PA

Saw your add on another site. Dont like paying online. Would love to meet in person at library. Let me know what is good for you.

Sent by Rhonda on 6/9/14

Skateboarding, Brooklyn, NY

I am looking for someone to give my son who is autistic skateboard lessons. He needs to taught hands on. He cannot be just told what to do.

Sent by Anthony on 6/9/14

Microsoft Windows, Tucson, AZ

Hello Dwight. Am looking for a tutor to come into Scarritt's office and analyze operation. Looking for opportunities to improve Office Suite applications...

Sent by Peter on 6/9/14

Geometry, Nicholasville, KY

Hi Alexander, My son is going into 10th grade and is taking an online geometry course. He has to crank out geometry 1 and 2 by Aug. 1st!

Sent by Jana on 6/9/14

Public Speaking, Goshen, IN

Hi Kenneth, I am currently looking for a public speaking teacher. Please contact me at (email available after purchase)

Sent by Jeff on 6/9/14

French, Falmouth, MA

HI Stephanie, we are looking for a tutor for our 13 year old son for French. We will be in Falmouth MA for 3 weeks, August 3 - Aug 23. Are you available? J.

Sent by Jane on 6/9/14

Math and Reading, Richardson, TX

Hi Carolyn, My husband and I are currently looking for a tutor for our 6 year old. He is going to 1st grade this coming school year, and he struggles with math...

Sent by Maria on 6/9/14

Biology, Larchmont, NY

My son is not failing. He was doing fine in the 90s in his Biology Regents class. The regular teacher got sick in March, and they have another teacher...

Sent by Vivian on 6/9/14

Precalculus, Hartford, CT

I am looking for a pre-calculas tutor for the summer for my fifteen year old daughter.

Sent by Linda on 6/9/14

Vocabulary, Vancouver, WA

Please contact me via email

Sent by Jane on 6/9/14

Thermodynamics, Jonesboro,AR 72401

Hello Dr. Bharthwaj A I am going to have some questions next Friday "Thermodynamics I". Can you solve them in 24 hour??

Sent by Rony on 6/9/14

Java, Seattle, WA

Hi Zachary, I'm a working professional making a serious effort to learn Java. I'm currently taking an online course to further that knowledge.

Sent by Sean on 6/8/14

Baseball, Philadelphia, PA

Hi Colin! My name is D. J. and I was wondering if you were available to tutor in baseball. My son is a good hitter. However, he struggles with his catching...

Sent by Daninia on 6/8/14

Apple, San Diego, CA

Hi Vincente, I live in mission hills/hillcrest and just bought a macbook pro laptop. I have been a windows user my entire life. Do you have experience in training...

Sent by Melissa on 6/8/14

Reading, Spearfish, SD

Our daughter has finished kindergarten and needs improvement in reading/writing. She is not behind most of her classmates but needs improvement in her confidence.

Sent by Kristy on 6/8/14

Math Tutor, Winchester, VA

Hello Amanda, I am a Christian home school mom with a high school aged daughter who is behind on her math skills due to my own deficit in that subject.

Sent by Mrs. on 6/8/14

Usmle Step 3, Jersey City, NJ 07306

Hi I am interested in step 3 tutoring. I just took step 2 and would like to finish taking step 3 by the beginning of august. Can you help me?

Sent by Mitra on 6/8/14

Nclex Rn, East Amherst, NY

Hi Maggie, My name is B., I just graduated and I am nervous about the NCLEX I feel as though the Kaplan program is not helping me.

Sent by Beth on 6/8/14

Real Estate Finance, New York, NY

hello, i am looking for a tutor to help me with some fundamental Real estate Finance courses... do you think you will be able to help me? thanks A.

Sent by Araz on 6/8/14

Chemistry, Clinton Township, MI

I am in a pinch, I have my chem final Tuesday evening and I need some help. Possibly MOn and Tuesday. I have the basic concepts I just need a refresher since...

Sent by Deanna on 6/8/14

Algebra, Hilliard, OH

Son Dan just finished Jr. Year - got a C- in Algebra2 - would like review of Algebra and prep for ACT in the fall-

Sent by Maureen on 6/8/14

Portuguese, Cranbury, NJ

Hi Peter, I am looking for a tutor to help me this Monday and Tuesday to prepare for an interview in Spanish & Portuguese that was just scheduled for Wednesday.

Sent by Jessica on 6/8/14

English, Charlotte, NC

Hello Rory, My name is K.. I'm looking for an English tutor for my son. He needs 2 individual lesson per week. for long term (more than 6 months).

Sent by Khalid on 6/8/14

Real Analysis, Stanford, CA

Hi, could you tutor real analysis? Thanks!

Sent by Albert on 6/8/14

Ged, Odenton, MD

I need a tutor for my ged math test I have 2 months to study

Sent by Dajohs on 6/7/14

Math, Texarkana, TX

good after noon ,I am looking for some one who can help my granddaughter who is 14 in her math she recently took her star test twice and failed it she lives...

Sent by Linda on 6/7/14

Act, East Hampton, NY

looking for an ACT tutor for this summer in East Hampton

Sent by Madison on 6/7/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Finance & Management At AU, Auburn, AL

I need help in Prin of Finance & Prin of Management at Auburn University right now.

Sent by Ryan on 6/7/14

Microsoft Windows, Tucson, AZ

Cindy...my daughter is home from TCU and needs to become prepared to pass a test in Microsoft Word and PPT at the core (not expert) level.

Sent by Jerry on 6/7/14

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA 90033

I am looking for a help with usmle step 1, could you please contact me, thank you

Sent by Armine on 6/7/14

Anatomy, Physiolgy,Kenisiolgy, Jacksonville, FL

Hello, I will be enrolling in an Anatomy and Physiology class soon, Kinesiology will be next. I'm trying to knock out the harder classes first as i am on my way...

Sent by Sylvester on 6/7/14

Python, Brighton, MA

We need a tutor for my son who is doing python programming. Please help us. Thanks

Sent by Mary on 6/7/14

Accounting, Cincinnati, OH

I am in desperate need of an accounting teacher!

Sent by Joanne on 6/7/14

Piano, Lodi, CA 95242

Daniel-- I am a beginning student, 54 y.o. male, resident of Lodi, writing to inquire as to your availability for new students. Thanks, R.

Sent by Ron on 6/7/14

Behavioral Economics, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

Hello Ryan, I hope all is well. I'm contacting you for help in my behavioral and quantitative economics class. I have a small graph to create by Monday.

Sent by Mark on 6/6/14

Praxis, Denver, CO

Hi Lauren, I am looking for a tutor to help me prepare and pass the Praxis II elementary test. Could you please tell me your experience with the helping teachers...

Sent by Corrie on 6/6/14

Material Science, Austin, TX 78734

I need your help in Material Science. I have some problems to be solved and explained

Sent by Hussam on 6/6/14

Testing Strategies For Milena, Seattle, WA

Hi Erin, I'm looking for an educator to help my 14 yr old daughter, Milena, and I figure out a way for her to do well on tests at school.

Sent by Valerie on 6/6/14

Calculus 2, Orlando, FL

I am in school for chemical engineering and need help in calculus 2.

Sent by Devin on 6/6/14

Reading, Aiken, Sc

specifically seeking lindamood bell trained sc ga

Sent by Regina on 6/6/14

Organic Chemistry, Colorado Springs, CO

I need help with organic chemistry. I have recently started a class that I don't understand. If you have any availability this Sunday afternoon that would be great.

Sent by Nicole on 6/6/14

Geometry, Stafford, VA

I have a son who struggles with Math in general. He is AD (not HD even though His IEP plan says ADHD). He needs to pass his SOL Tuesday of next week to pass the class.

Sent by Melissa on 6/6/14

German, Sacramento, CA

I am looking for someone to help me with conversational German. I need someone to inter-react with me on basic conversation like greetings, ordering...

Sent by Martin on 6/6/14

Nclex Rn, Pomona, CA

Hi Emily, I have taken nclex twice with no luck. I have used Kaplan and hurst and am looking for some guidance on how to answer these questions So that I may pass...

Sent by Diana on 6/6/14

Thermodynamics, Auburn, WA 98001

Could you tutor me in thermodynamics? Can you show me how to solve a problem over skype?

Sent by Brigitta on 6/6/14

Usmle online, Rochester, Mi 48309

I need help studying for the usmle. my exam date is june 25th. any way you can help me? I am willing to pay a good amount

Sent by Christina on 6/6/14

Praxis, Shreveport, LA

Hi Latarchau my name is L.. I need help in passing the praxis1 exam.Do you think you can help.I am a 59 year old woman and need help.

Sent by Leneice on 6/6/14

Biology, Tempe, AZ

I need help writing a bio100 lab report in asu

Sent by Abdulrahman on 6/6/14

Public Speaking, Atlanta, GA

Hi Nancy, I am an executive and need to improve on my quarterly marketing meeting presentations moreso on anxiety immediately experienced when speaking to...

Sent by Jeff on 6/6/14

Act, Millbrook, AL

Hi I really need help with subjects on the act

Sent by Derrell on 6/5/14

Writing, Honolulu, HI

Dear Leanne I am international student . I prepare the Gmat now. I want someone who can teach me how to write essays. Do you have experience on Gmat essay..

Sent by Joan on 6/5/14

Science, Findlay, OH

Hi I am looking for a tutor for my 7th grader so he doesn't have to repeat the grade. He failed language arts and science this year.

Sent by Angela on 6/5/14

Ielts, Miami, FL

Hi, I would like you to teach me english for IELST and academic writing. At what time we can met? Thank you, B.

Sent by Badr on 6/5/14

Usmle, El Cerrito, CA 94530

Hi I am looking for a tutor to help me with specifically Biostatistics and certain broad calculations. I am preparing for USMLE step 1 Thanks

Sent by Angella on 6/5/14

ESL, Brookfield, Wi

Need help with English, will be doing a presentation and need help for confidence.

Sent by Sokolet on 6/5/14

Act, Excelsior, MN

I am looking for a tutor to help me raise my ACT score of 25. I would want to focus mainly on reading and writing and possible the science section too. Thanks, N.

Sent by Natalie on 6/5/14

Math, Frankfort, KY

Hello. IM. actually the student, iM. an older person wanting to go back to school. I have to pass this test called the Hesi. M.y M.ath is horrible.

Sent by Tasha on 6/5/14

Calculus Ii, Florida, NY, 10921

My son will be taking a Calculus 2 class at Penn State (Scranton) over the summer. Are you able and willing to tutor him for a few hours?

Sent by Alistair on 6/5/14

Spanish, Yorktown, VA

Im interested in learning to speak spanish. No particular reason other than being interested in the language. I am a 43 yr. old female.

Sent by Tricia on 6/5/14

Writing, Newark, OH

Jo Ann, my daughter is 16 and will be a Senior. She is struggling with basic writing - needs help formulating sentences, thoughts, paragraphs not to mention spelling.

Sent by Brian on 6/5/14

Ged, Long Island, NY

i am studying for my ged and its been a few years sense i have been in school and after studying for my ged alone i am realizing now that i need some one...

Sent by Chelsey on 6/5/14

Adhd, New Orleans, LA

I'm looking for a reading specialist to assist my child. She has reading intervention for 2 years at school but the progress has been slow.

Sent by Paula on 6/5/14

French, Springfield, IL

Mr. Roosevelt P., My husband and I are interested in learning French. We have no previous French background. I took three years of Spanish in high school.

Sent by Anita on 6/5/14

Organic Chemistry, Fairfax, VA

I need tutoring for organic chemistry a summer course I'm in right now. Please contact me asap

Sent by Shaida on 6/5/14

Act, Hanover, NH

Hi Ethan, I'm a rising senior at Williston Northamton School, a prep school in Western Mass. I spend my summers in the Upper Valley and am looking for a tutor...

Sent by Emily on 6/5/14

English, Levittown, PA

Dear Amy, I would like to share my daughter PSSA result.Form 2 nd grade to 5 grade she get proficient.Our second language English.

Sent by Uma on 6/5/14

7th Grade Math, Shepherdstown, WV

We are looking for a tutor for our daughter who is entering 7th grade next year at St. John's Regional Catholic School in Frederick.

Sent by Vicki on 6/5/14

Statistics, Wilson, NC

HELP......I need last minute help due to family emergency. I have until JUne 7, 11:55pm to complete my final exam. I do not completely understand what I am doing.

Sent by Terri on 6/5/14

Cset, Northridge, CA

Hello, I was wondering if you could help me study for the CSET Multiple Subtest 1? I have am problems with both English and History and would really like your help.

Sent by Julie on 6/4/14

Esl English Lessons, Idaho Falls, ID

Hi My fiance and her two children have recently arrived here in Idaho Falls. The two adults have some English ability and the 7 year old doesnt speak any English..

Sent by John on 6/4/14

Chinese, OR

I'm interested in Chinese lessons through skype two times per week. I have a book I'd like to use that I could send to you if you are available.

Sent by Jennifer on 6/4/14

Finance Tutor, Somerville, MA 02143

Hi Hari, I need help answering 2 questions. I'm in Florida and I see you only meet in person but wanted to know if you can help me via e-mail.

Sent by Marcelo on 6/4/14

Industrial Engineering, Romulus, MI 48174

i need help in engineering mangment for engineers.. i am industrial engineering student ...

Sent by Amna on 6/4/14

Microsoft Word 2013, Oakland, CA

Have a client who writes stage plays... doesn't know how to set formats or templates in WORD 2013... is this something you can teach her to do?

Sent by Bruce on 6/4/14

Final Cut Pro, Los Angeles, CA

Hey Mikey, I need to learn Final Cut Pro. What are your rates?

Sent by Sydney on 6/4/14

Math, Plainfield, IN

Hi Pamela we are in need of a math tutor for our daughter who is really struggling in 4th grade math please give us a call (phone number available after purchase) if...

Sent by Richard on 6/4/14

English, Lithia, FL

I leave in fishhawk and looking for english teacher (during summar break) for my son who will be in 2nd grade next year.

Sent by Ravi on 6/4/14

Petroleum, Littleton, CO 80130

Jenny, Im looking a tutor for petroleum engineering. Could you help with that? I m currently taking fluids properties from the university of north Dakota online.

Sent by Marco on 6/4/14

GED, Houston, Tx 77092

Hi ... I was trying to see about a tutor for GED PREP...If you would feel free to call me anytime at (phone number available after purchase)....

Sent by Andrea on 6/4/14

Math, San Antonio, TX

Hello Olivia, my name is M. and I am seeking a math tutor for my 11 yr old son, who is going to Middle School next yr. Do you offer tutoring for the summer time too?

Sent by Mary on 6/4/14

Math Tutor, Baytown, TX

Hi Michael, My son is entering into 8th grade this next year. His math skills have improved but he is still struggling. He does have manageable ADHD but he struggles...

Sent by Jill on 6/4/14

Photoshop, Jonesboro, GA

im in need of training for photoshop cs6 could you help

Sent by Damon on 6/4/14

Psychology, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Good morning Vanessa I was asking can you please help me with psyschology class

Sent by Katiana on 6/4/14

French, Irwin, PA

Hello, I am looking for a tutor to teach my 7 year old gifted daughter. I am looking for some experiences outside of school to challenge her. Are you willing to travel?

Sent by Sue on 6/4/14

Nursing, Battle Creek, MI

Hi Brenda, I am interested in tutoring for both Pharm and Med Surg. Will you do group tutoring (no more than 2 people)? If so what are your rates for that? Thanks.

Sent by Ladonna on 6/4/14

Spanish Tutor, Houston, TX 77043

hi i am an indian female here live with my husband want to learn how to speak,read and write spanish

Sent by Garima on 6/4/14

Chinese, Dubuque, IA

Hello. My name is D. K.. I moved to Dubuque recently from northern Virgina. I am a retired physician who has been to China several times and have spent some time...

Sent by David on 6/4/14

Chemistry AP, Sunnyvale, Ca 95129

Hello, I am looking for chemistry AP tutor for my daughter. She will be taking chemistry ap in the fall. I am looking to start in June.

Sent by Winnie on 6/3/14

Finance Tutor, Suwanee, GA

I need a finance tutor ASAP to assist in completing a masters finance class from.....Auburn. What is your availability? Can you contact me via cell at (phone number...

Sent by Beth on 6/3/14

Ielts, Austin, TX

I need to learn more about writing ielts

Sent by Loay on 6/3/14

Math, Lacey, WA

I am looking for a math tutor for the summer. I am have a 12 year old son diagnosed with ADD/writing learning disability. I'm considering home schooling him next...

Sent by Lili on 6/3/14

English, Longview, TX

My son needs a tutor English 1 English 2 and US History please give me a call my number (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Rodney on 6/3/14

Math, Round Lake, IL

I'm looking for a tutor to work with my son Maximilian,12 Years old entering 7th Grade soon. My wife and I were very disappointed in his grade card and have tried...

Sent by Steven on 6/3/14

Social Science, Montgomery, AL

Hey Jenae, Im Dominique G. a current history teacher in MPS. Im trying to pass the social science part of the praxis. Ive never taken it before.

Sent by Domnique on 6/3/14

Cpa, Boston, MA 02109

Hi, Christopher, I hope to prepare the CPA exam in next couple months. I feel tax is a very difficult part for me. Hope can talk with you soon. G.

Sent by Grace on 6/3/14

C++, Everett, WA

I have a 16 year old son who needs to lean C++ this summer. Please call me if this is something you would like to explore. We live in Everett (phone number...

Sent by Cherylene on 6/3/14

Reading, Saint Paul, MN 55106

Hi Judy! I am looking for a tutor for my soon to be 8yo son in reading. The teacher says she thinks he is mid first grade level but I think he is a little farther...

Sent by John on 6/3/14

English, Shakopee, MN

I'm looking for a tutor for my 10 years old son in English and math 4-5 per week.

Sent by Noi on 6/3/14

Gre, Salt Lake City, UT

I am in desperate need of a tutor for the GRE, please contact me as soon as possible. You can email me or text me on my cell at: (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Allison on 6/3/14

Math Tutoring, Copperas Cove, TX

I am contacting you for my daughter who is looking for a tutor for her daughter who is going into 6th grade come fall. I think she would like for Carmen...

Sent by Irmgard on 6/3/14

Vocabulary, Fresno, CA

Hi, I have a son soon that has to be 11 and going to 5th grade. His doctor said that he has ADHD and he gets distracted a lot. I know he needs a lot of help with...

Sent by Nancy on 6/3/14

DAT, Los Angeles, CA

Hello Rashida, I am interested in your tutoring services. I was wondering if you provide tutoring for the DAT?

Sent by Janet on 6/3/14

Reading, Swannanoa, NC

My granddaughter who is 5 needs help in reading/math. she will starting 1st grade.

Sent by Sheila.logan on 6/3/14

Math, North Hollywood, CA

My son, Maxwell, needs help with Algebra 2. He failed it in the Spring and is now taking a summer class to make up the grade. Although he won't admit it, he needs help.

Sent by Michelle on 6/3/14

Math, Hadley, MA

i am struggling with my math class, i am looking to start next school year. i am going to be a sophomore at Hopkins Academy in Hadley, Mass next school year.

Sent by William on 6/3/14

Physics, Bossier City, LA

I need a physics tutor it a hard online class

Sent by Nanyua on 6/3/14

Italian, Merrick, NY

Hello, my name is A. and I am currently taking a beginners italian class at nassau community college. Although it is a beginners class, the teacher is moving rather...

Sent by Ashley on 6/3/14

SAT, Bogart, GA

please let me know as soon you have time for a new student

Sent by Yesenia on 6/3/14

Graphic Design, Natick, MA

Hi, A.andra. A. will be studying at a university for graphic design as of september - and he will need a tutor. Do you think you can help?

Sent by Alex on 6/3/14

Essay Writing, Phoenix, AZ

We' re finding a tutor during this summer vacation for our son(7years old in Oct). Waiting for your comments... Thanks.

Sent by Steve on 6/3/14

Algebra, Napa, CA

I desperately need someone who can help me make sense of Algebra. This and statistics are the only classes holding me back from transfering to university.

Sent by Spencer on 6/2/14

French, Lakewood, OH

Hi Alice! I am looking to improve my French speaking and writing. I took French for three years in high school and absolutely loved it.

Sent by Kaitie on 6/2/14

Reading Tutor, Kalamazoo, MI 49009

Pat: I am looking for a reading tutor for my daughter for this summer. My daughter is going into 3rd grade in the fall. She has been diagnosed with dyslexia.

Sent by Christine on 6/2/14

Statistics, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi did u taken the statistics class at FIU? I need some tutoring. This week, Wednesday 2 hours hopefully. My exam is Thursday. Thanks.

Sent by Jackie on 6/2/14

Statistics, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Please call me (phone number available after purchase). I would like to speak to arrange for a tutor on Wednesday if possible. Thank u

Sent by Jackie on 6/2/14

Volleyball, West Covina, CA 91791

i need you to coach me in volleyball about the basic steps for 2 hours, tuesday before 2 o clock

Sent by Ashley on 6/2/14

Geometry, Henderson, NV

any chance you have an hour tonight or tomorrow to tutor my son to prepare for math final on Weds?

Sent by Jim on 6/2/14

Physics, Bryn Mawr, PA

Hi! We live in Bryn Mawr. My son is in 11th grade. My son needs physics tutoring immediately. Could you do tutoring 3 times a week for the next two weeks?

Sent by Yong on 6/2/14

Nclex Pn, Boise, ID

Hi Alicia, My name is D. and I am in need of a tutor to take my NCLEX. (phone number available after purchase) Please let me know if you're interested...

Sent by Dorthea on 6/2/14

Algebra, Hanford, CA

hi my name it D. im 30, i need help to pass the algebra portion of an aptitude test i have to take

Sent by David on 6/2/14

Geometry, Allen, TX

My daughter has a final on friday and i need someone to go over with her the study guide given to her. She is having problem with it. Can you help?

Sent by Sonia on 6/2/14

Reading, Medina, OH

I have a daughter going into first grade next year. I would like to get her a little extra help with reading and math. Please let me know if you are interested,

Sent by Donna on 6/2/14

Esthetician, Los Angeles, CA

hello i graduated Newberry school of beauty and i need help studying and to pass my esthetician license for both written and practical

Sent by Elizabeth on 6/2/14

Geometry, Deerfield, IL

Hey Dr. G, I have an honors geometry final on Wednesday and was wondering if you were available to meet at any time tomorrow (tuesday) afternoon.

Sent by Colton on 6/2/14

Voice, Piano, Middletown, CT

Hello Becca, I saw your profile and wondered if you would be interested in teaching my two god-daughters, ages 9 and 8 (I am their legal guardian).

Sent by Shannon on 6/2/14

Mcat, Orlando, FL

Mcat tutor needed... Did you take the mcat?

Sent by Marco on 6/2/14

Teas, Los Angeles, CA

Hello- I am looking for a tutor for the TEAS test. Please contact me ASAP. Thank you

Sent by Samantha on 6/2/14

Sat Math, Pikesville, MD

Sat math prep over summer for incoming junior year female student.

Sent by Padma on 6/2/14

Math, Science, English, Cypress, TX

My step son needs help in a variety of subjects. Looking for help a few days a week in the summer. Probably looking for 5 to 10 hours per week.

Sent by Phil on 6/2/14

Math, Nashville, TN

I am seeking a math tutor for my 8 yr old daughter. She just finished 2nd grade, but is unable to consistently add, subtract, recognize numbers above 10.

Sent by Takisha on 6/2/14

Ged, Houston, TX

Hi, I wanna see if you have time a prep course on GED,, Let me know Thanks S. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Servando on 6/2/14

Math, Granbury, TX

I need help to pass my TExES for Generalis 4-8. I have NO apptitude for math even though I am a college graduate. Phone is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Stuart on 6/2/14

Italian, Red Bank, NJ

Hi Mrs. Helen, What are your rates? Thank You

Sent by Jess on 6/2/14

Elementary, Lexington Park, MD

Will you be availble this summer for elementary math 3rd grader going into 4th?

Sent by John on 6/2/14

Math, Fremont, CA

I am looking for a math tutor for my daughter who will be in 4th grade in the fall. We would need someone 1-2/week in the evenings during the week or on weekends.

Sent by Sara on 6/2/14

Paramedic, San Diego, CA

Hi my name is W.. I was wondering if you completed the paramedic program yet. I will hopefully be attending this fall and am looking for a tutor. thanks

Sent by Warren on 6/1/14

Russian, Greenville, SC

I have a 16 yr old son that has mentioned numerous times his wish of learning to speak Russian. Summer break would be a great time to get him started

Sent by Angela on 6/1/14

Math, Culpeper, VA

I am currently enrolled in prerequisite math at Germanna College and would like assistance with preparing and completing required math modules to prepare for Math...

Sent by Kevin on 6/1/14

Act, Georgetown, KY

Hi Emily. I am looking for a tutor to help my son improve his ACT. He has a 21 overall but reading is his weakest subject. He reads very well, but does not test well...

Sent by Sandy on 6/1/14

Math, Porterville, CA

Do you do this in dumme for math

Sent by Jonathan on 6/1/14

Powerpoint, Seattle, WA

I need some immediate help preparing power point presentations. The sooner the better. I have been asked to teach a law school class at Seattle University...

Sent by Jon on 6/1/14

Reading, Connelly Springs, NC

Hi my name is K. my son is brandon. He is going to the 6th grade. He has a learning disability. He is on a 3rd grade reading level.

Sent by Kim on 6/1/14

Spanish, Crawford,texas 76638

I am needing a Spanish tutor for my son. He is taking intermediate Spanish at Baylor this summer.

Sent by Misty on 6/1/14

Act, Amarillo, TX

Hello Erik, We are looking for ACT tutor for my son,Rishi who is a Junior at Amarillo High School. Please contact us ASAP Cell 433-2294 Thanks D.

Sent by Daksha on 6/1/14

Algebra 1 And 2, Loganville, GA 30052

Hello Alicia, I have to take a compass test to get into Georgia Piedmont Tech College in Covington, GA. The test is in 2 weeks. What do I need to do to get started...

Sent by Angela on 6/1/14

Geometry, Bolingbrook, IL

Seeking geometry tutor for PEHS incoming 9th grader.

Sent by Leslie on 6/1/14

Math, Mcdonough, GA

I need math tutoring with my 6th grader

Sent by Roseline on 6/1/14