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Praxis, Guilford, CT

Hi Stephanie, I'm looking for a tutor to help me pass the Praxis I exam. I've always struggled with math and I'm worried about passing the math section of the exam.

Sent by Morgan on 5/31/14

Java, Dunedin, FL

hello, am looking for some one to teach me java during this week, if u r able to help me, i'd like to start the session today if you don't mind. regards

Sent by Mohammed on 5/31/14

Essay Writing, Fresno, CA

Hello Karen! Please contact me regarding summer tutoring . I have two children, ages 13 and 14, thank you !

Sent by Lana on 5/31/14

Act, Aventura FL

Hi I am looking tor a private teacher for my daughter Sonia to prepare her for ACT tests. English is her second language after hebrew and she also speaks russian ...

Sent by Doron on 5/31/14

Nursing, North Charleston, SC 29418

I am in need of an rn nclex tutor took exam 4 times 265 questions and failed

Sent by Michelle on 5/31/14

Math, Northridge, CA

Hi Erin, Looking for a tutor for my 9 year old son over the summer...He's going into 4th grade and needs some help with math (and how that relates to counting...

Sent by Wenty on 5/31/14

Accounting, Fort Worth, TX

Hi Katherine, I am a college student looking for an accounting tutor for the Fall 2014 semester for accounting 1, then I will be taking accounting 2 Spring 2015.

Sent by Bethany on 5/31/14

Chemistry, Fairfax, VA

I am too bad at chemistry. I need help in order for me to pass my class. Pleeeease help!!!

Sent by Scovia on 5/31/14

Math, Northridge, CA

I am a student at California state university, Northridge. I have math 102, which is algebra and I need somebody help me to let me understand this class.

Sent by Faisal on 5/31/14

Reading, Tallahassee, FL

I would like a personal tutor in speed reading. I live in Tallahassee, FL.

Sent by Jen on 5/31/14

Accounting, Columbus, OH

Would you be able to help me to prep CPA exam?

Sent by Balwinder on 5/30/14

Economics, Spartanburg, SC

I am looking for someone who could work with my son twice a week this summer. He will be taking micro and macro economics at Wofford College.

Sent by Libby on 5/30/14

Reading, Sunnyvale, CA

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor for my son during the summer. He will be going to second grade and needs help with reading. My phone number is (phone number available...

Sent by Jasmine on 5/30/14

English Tutor, Williamstown, NJ

Hello Jacquelyn, Will you be available in Summer. I am looking help for my son who is in 9th grade Williamstown (Language Arts Literacy I Honors).

Sent by Nayan on 5/30/14

Drawing, Fort Smith, AR

do you travel to muldrow i am interested in learning art

Sent by Tyler on 5/30/14

Chemistry, Mount Sinai, NY

Hi Jon, I found you online, I live near Mt. Sinai, I'm currently taking a summer course CHEM100 at Suffolk and I need help! I have exams every Monday morning so...

Sent by Jennifer on 5/30/14

Math, Harlingen, TX

Looking for a tutor for my daughter who just finished 8th grade at St. Anthony's Catholic School. She was taking alegebra and I feel did not master it.

Sent by Tracy on 5/30/14

Math, Lompoc, CA

help I cannot do math. I need help in Alegbra from hancock. What are your rates

Sent by Chris on 5/30/14

Reading And Math Mainly Reading, Marysville, WA

Hi Marcia. I'm looking for tutor for my daughter over the summer. She is 6. Do u come here? Where are u located? Thank you - L.

Sent by Larisa on 5/30/14

Spanish, Gallatin, TN

Hi, I would like to take classes for spanish language, but i have couple of question. email me and we can talk further. Thanks!

Sent by Neel on 5/30/14

Python, Fairfax, VA

Mike, I am starting a computer programming class soon dealing with python. I really have no programming experience and need someones help to write code for...

Sent by Sean on 5/30/14

Math, Statesboro, GA

Need to get daughter advanced in math

Sent by Maryanne on 5/30/14

Statistics, Wesley Chapel, FL

I am taking an online statistics course at Marshall. Are you available to tutor

Sent by Heidi on 5/30/14

Photography, Chicago, IL

Hi Hannah, I am looking to find a tutor for an intermediate level adult for a retirement gift. She is interested in outdoor photography in downtown Chicago.

Sent by Tamara on 5/30/14

Algebra, Montgomery, TX

I take my algebra 2 final on Thursday and i struggle in math and I can't remember and I really need to pass this final to pass for the year and I'm in need of help!

Sent by Elizabeth on 5/30/14

Differential Equations, Henderson, NV

Hello Diana, I am taking a summer class to expedite my education and finish Math 431 and 432. I am 30 and have taken courses over a long duration.

Sent by Albert on 5/30/14

English, Vista, CA

Conversational English and basic writing skills. I'm Chinese. .tutoring in my home in vista 92081. my hours are flexible Mon-Fri

Sent by Nancy on 5/29/14

Statistics, Weslaco, Tx

Hi Jocelyn, I need a tutor for on-line statistics class. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ana on 5/29/14

Financial Accounting, Kernersville, NC

I am in a summer class with 3 weeks remaining and I need assistance in accounting

Sent by Marques on 5/29/14

Math Statistics, Indiana, PA

Hi, I need your help in math statistic class and its online. Let me know ASAP.

Sent by Omar on 5/29/14

Algebra, Panorama City, CA

Help on algebra and soon geometry

Sent by Alma on 5/29/14

Math, Westminster, MD

I would be interested in speaking to you about tutoring my grandson. Please contact me via email at your earliest availability. Thanks.

Sent by Cheryl on 5/29/14

Math, Lake City, FL

Have a son will be going to the 5th grade. Needs help in math.

Sent by Pinky on 5/29/14

Reading, Longview, TX

Hello, we live in the Longview area. My 13 year old son going to the 8th grade. He needs help in reading comprehension. I also want basic math help for him...

Sent by Candice on 5/29/14

Teas, Tallahassee, FL

hey cynthis my name is A. D. and i'm trying to prepare myself for the TEAS test in December, I've been really struggling and in need of some tutoring so please call...

Sent by Arctavia on 5/29/14

Algebra/PreCalculus, Naples, FL

Dear Mr. Peter G., didn't see your ad on Wyzant anymore, but found you on this website. My email is (email available after purchase).

Sent by Michael on 5/29/14

Chemistry, Colleyville, TX

Hi I am looking for a tutor for my bosses son for this weekend in Chemistry. He has finals next week and it is super important he get a tutor this weekend.

Sent by Rachelle on 5/29/14

Elementary, Westerly, RI

Looking for tutor for my 51/2 yr old grandson entering 1st grade in september. from mid june through august

Sent by Lorna on 5/29/14

Nclex Rn, Buffalo, NY 14226

Hi! I am schedules to take my exam on August 11th. I graduated with my BSN in 1997. I need a really good refresher :). Please let me know if you are free...

Sent by Chantal on 5/29/14

Spanish, Ithaca, NY

I'm looking to learn some more Spanish this summer. I know a tiny bit. Do you travel to Ithaca?

Sent by Jeff on 5/29/14

Act, Mobile, AL

Seeking a ACT tutor for my daughter, (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Felicia on 5/29/14

Usmle, New York 10029

Hello Ravindra, Can you tell me about your experience tutoring USMLE Step 1? Where in NY are you located?

Sent by Deborah on 5/29/14

Writing Tutor, Albuquerque NM

I am attending the Army War college and even though I have a masters degree I am struggling with effective writing at the strategic level and would like both...

Sent by Thomas on 5/28/14

Statistics, Pittsburgh, PA

Hi Joshua, I am a medical graduate from Turkey. I am planning to work for a clinical research, but my medical statistics knowledge is low.

Sent by Azada on 5/28/14

Algebra, Saugerties, NY

My 8th grade dtr is preparing for the integrated algebra regents and could benefit from a few tutoring sessions. Please let me know if you have any availablity...

Sent by Deborah on 5/28/14

Math, Eatonton, GA

Want to speak with u about possibly tutoring a student. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Dawn on 5/28/14

Tutor Needed, Rye, NH

My son Jack just completed his freshman year of college and is interested in working with a tutor after experiencing problems making the transition from high school...

Sent by Aileen on 5/28/14

ReadingandWriting, Boerne, TX

I have twins that need reading and writing tutoring

Sent by Rodda on 5/28/14

ACT Math Tutoring, Hendersonville TN 37075

June 18th ACT Math refresher

Sent by Greg on 5/28/14

Sat, Toms River, NJ

i need a tutor for the next week...couple of sessions to prepare for next week SAT exams and was checking your availability thank you

Sent by Dr on 5/28/14

Russian, Fremont, CA 94538

Madam, I am interested in learning Russian language, are you offering any courses presently? Thanks

Sent by Vinay on 5/28/14

Filipino, Alpharetta, GA 30022

Hi Angel! Pleased to meet you. I am interested in studying and learning to speak/communicate the Filipino language. I hope you may be able to help me out.

Sent by Trevor on 5/28/14

Asvab, Newark, NJ

i need tutorial for my son , for the Asvab test , my son is Puertorrican, he's speak english and spanish , and need help with the english test of the ASVAB.

Sent by German on 5/28/14

Finance, LA Crosse, WI

Hi Kody, I am struggling big time in my current managerial finance class. I am an adult returning student who works full-time and takes part-time classes.

Sent by Jane on 5/28/14

Hydraulic Engineering, Hollywood, FL 33029

Need help in calculation stress, sizes, flows. volumes, etc for pipelines

Sent by Jerry on 5/28/14

Praxis Math, Roseland, NJ

hello, I am in search for some help with math tutoring for the Praxis II. I am struggling to pass with only a few points and could use some refreshing on some topics!

Sent by Raquel on 5/28/14

Law, Sacramento, CA

Sent by Perry on 5/28/14

Math English, Union City, NJ

I need to take the asvad test and I need some help please

Sent by Josselin on 5/28/14

Chemistry, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I am looking for a tutor in 10th grade chemistry. Thank you R. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Rosa on 5/28/14

Cpa, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Lilith, My name is C.. I recently graduated from CSUN with a BA in Accounting. I was wondering if you are still available for CPA tutoring.

Sent by Casey on 5/28/14

Reading, Plaistow, NH

Hi Teresa, I am looking for a tutor once a week through the summer for my son who will be entering the 8th grade next year. He currently receives special ed...

Sent by Diane on 5/28/14

Writing, Woodstook 845-, NY

Help! My 16 year old son needs a tutor. His difficulty is mostly with writing, organizing his thoughts while writing, construction of the written assignment...

Sent by Stacy on 5/28/14

Trigonometry, Hawley, PA

Looking for Trig tutor for sophomore at Wallenpaupack HS.

Sent by Tara on 5/28/14

Bar Exam, Houston, TX 77098

Hello, I am looking for someone that can help me prepare for the Texas Bar Exam. I will be taking the exam for the second time in July and I need assistance with...

Sent by Lyndsey on 5/28/14

Masters In Business Administration, Fort Campbell, KY

Hello I am an African American Officer in the active Army trying to get my MBA currently I am taking a class called Accounting and Information System concepts.

Sent by Frank on 5/28/14

Math, Bowling Green, KY

I am looking for someone to tutor my daughter in College Stats. She is taking on-line class and is having alot of trouble. Can you contact me as soon as possible.

Sent by Rhonda on 5/28/14

Excel, Pittsburgh, PA

Hi Joseph, I gave you the wrong email address, correct one above, sorry! (phone number available after purchase). Thanks! S.

Sent by Stephanie on 5/28/14

Praxis, Denver, CO

Praxis exam, 5014, content knowledge. ..needed ASAP

Sent by Lawrence on 5/28/14

Excel, Pittsburgh, PA

Hi Joseph, I work for a local company in Pittsburgh and I could really use some help writing a code in Excel macros for my job. It doesn't seem to be that hard (just...

Sent by Stephanie on 5/28/14

Computer Engineering, Indianapolis, IN

Needing help with computer networking.

Sent by Vern on 5/28/14

Spanish Tutor, Incline Village, NV

Hello, I would love to keep up my Spanish this summer before I go back to university. However, I live in Incline Village so would it be too much of a hassle...

Sent by Scott on 5/28/14

English, Venice, CA

Hi Lynn, found you online. I need your help tomorrow if possible editing and citations on a paper. please help me. txt me if you want i live in venice as well.

Sent by Rebecca on 5/27/14

CSet, Fresno, CA

Hello Janet. I just recently graduated from Fresno State with a Liberal Studies degree and perform getting into the credential program I need to pass my CSET test.

Sent by Bethany on 5/27/14

Math, Fort Walton Beach, FL

Hi Suzan! Do you tutor adults?

Sent by Josephine on 5/27/14

Chemistry, Jamaica, NY 11432

Hi what times are you available this week?

Sent by Ijeoma on 5/27/14

Mcat, Miami, FL

Hi Melissa, My name is S. A. and I am interested in private MCAT tutoring. Please contact me via e-mail or at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Sophia on 5/27/14

Algebra 1, San Jose, CA

Hi, my name is A. M. and I was wondering if you'd be able to tutor me in Algebra 1 with which I am struggling in. I am a freshman in high school and attend...

Sent by Angela on 5/27/14

Act, Decatur, GA 30030

Hi Andrew... My son is going to take the ACT for the first time in June. I would love for him to have some tutor time before then - maybe about three -- four hours.

Sent by Joellen on 5/27/14

Reading, Slidell, LA

Looking for someone to tutor my grandson in reading. I can be reached at(phone number available after purchase) Thank you

Sent by Debra on 5/27/14

MathTutoring, Hampton, GA

I currently failed my math3 class as a junior! I also have to take summer school this summer of June, 9-11 am. I was looking forward to a free tutoring program...

Sent by Deonte on 5/27/14

C#, Automation, Seattle, WA

Hi Evan, I have been T.aking a sofT.ware T.esT.ing course aT. Bellevue College norT.h Campus. I have T.aken T.he classes in C#, auT.omaT.ion SQL and oT.hers. I sT.arT.

Sent by Sam on 5/27/14

Spanish, Lewisville, TX

Looking for a spanish tutor... I know very little spanish... Looking to do lessons 2-3 per week... Please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Brittany on 5/27/14

Teas, Chicago, IL

I'm looking for a Tutor to help me prepare for the TEAS exam. If possible ASAP. Please feel free to email me.

Sent by Aerial on 5/27/14

Statistics, Wexford, PA

Hello Nathan, I am in need of a tutor (inperson) for an online elem stats class I am taking currently. I need only this course to graduate.

Sent by Alex on 5/27/14

Photoshop, Dallas, TX

You're listed as teaching Photoshop? I'm a beginner at editing. Have CS6 and can do basics but don't understand layers and masks. Can you help with this?

Sent by Greg on 5/27/14

Math And Reading, Spencerport, NY

please contact me ASAP . my daughter took her first SAT and was unhappy with her scores and has signed up again for the June 7th class.

Sent by Catherine on 5/27/14

Illustrator, Woodside,CA

hi katie, i am interested in learning illustrator. i am in the apparel business and want to develop the skills for design. thanks

Sent by Randy on 5/27/14

Algebra, New York, NY 10003

Hi Aaron, I hope you enjoyed the long weekend. Would you be available this weekend (Saturday would be best) to help my son review for his upcoming final exam...

Sent by Jennifer on 5/27/14

Essay Writing, Phoenix, AZ

We are looking for an English Writing tutor for our 1st grader son. Could you tell me your availability during the summer? Thank you, -- S.

Sent by Steve on 5/27/14

Reading, Fort Walton Beach, FL

I am looking to have someone evaluate and tutor my step-daughter this summer. She struggles with reading and spelling her high frequency words.

Sent by Kelly on 5/27/14

Dat, Bothell, WA 98011

Was interested in tutoring to help prep for the DAT which I plan on taking mid August of this year. Would greatly appreciate your response!

Sent by Samrit on 5/26/14

English, Pocatello, ID

Hi, I am student at ISU. Can u help me in English 1102?during the summer Thank you

Sent by Abdullah on 5/26/14

Real Estate, San Diego, CA

Please email about real estate tutoring

Sent by Hanann on 5/26/14

Usmle, MN

Hi Mohan I see that you have experience teaching and are a MD. I am currently studying for my CK and will be taking it in June. If you have passed your CS exam.

Sent by Greeballa on 5/26/14

Elementary, Fountain Inn, SC

Hi Clare. You have already responded to my email through another site but my husband and I are wanting to bypass a site and work straight with the person.

Sent by Jessica on 5/26/14

Math, Kalamazoo, MI

Hello, we are looking for a math tutor for our 9 year old. He will be entering 4th grade in the fall of 2014. We live in the portage mi area.

Sent by Maria on 5/26/14

Psychology, San Antonio, TX

my daughter is taking a high school psychology course online and needs some assistance. please contact me if you are interested. my cell number is (phone number...

Sent by Mark on 5/26/14

Physics, Branchville, NJ

Hi Anthony. I also contacted you on Wyzant, but this is a different rate than what's on there. Please let me know what your rate and availability are.

Sent by Chris on 5/26/14

Act Prep, Chandler, AZ

Hi Kevin, I'm looking for Act tutor for my son Abe. He is a junior at ASU. He changed majors and he needs to take the ACT test. He took the Act test and got...

Sent by Tammy on 5/26/14

Powerpoint, Colorado Springs, CO

I need a first class power point for a presentation but I need done today....are you available...I have it mostly done and an hour or so should do it..

Sent by Robert on 5/26/14

Physics Tutor, Canton, GA

physics tutoring my child

Sent by Andykrantz@me.com on 5/25/14

C#, Newport Beach, CA

please contact to discuss (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Kristi on 5/25/14

Esl, Cary, NC

Hi Suzanne Do you think how many hours I need to improve my writing skill I'm working as Hydrographic surveyor and I need to improve my writing

Sent by Mohamed on 5/25/14

Real Estate Math, Grand Prairie, TX

I need a little assistance IN passing my PSI Real Estate National Exam. It seems like math is my weakest link I am scheduled to take it again on June 4th...

Sent by Matt on 5/25/14

Political Science, Northridge, CA

hey could you please e-mail me so I can discuss more info with you

Sent by Anoud on 5/25/14

Public Speaking, Rancho Mirage, CA

I am interested in learning how to achieve public speaking in front of groups of people. I am very involved with animal conservation and want to learn how...

Sent by Marisa on 5/25/14

Gre Tutor, Detroit, MI

hey Vishnupriya , i need gre tutor.

Sent by Saud on 5/24/14

Research, Ossining, NY

Hello, I look for tutor to work with me writing a research proposal about Psoriasis , probably a cohort study design. Please send me message if you can provide...

Sent by Riyadh on 5/24/14

Math, Winter Springs, FL

Hi Alexis I am a homeschool mom...I have two children ages 8 & 12. I am terrible at math and can't teach it. My kids have been going to Kumon and they hate it.

Sent by Anouska on 5/24/14

Law, Sacramento, CA

I am Third year evening student at McGeorge school of Law. I am struggling in my classes and I need help with exam writing. I work full time so my schedule only...

Sent by Abbi on 5/24/14

Philosophy, Miami, FL

Hello, I'm a 3rd year student at Florida International University and I'm currently enrolled in a summer Logics class. I'm struggling a bit with the material...

Sent by Alexandra on 5/24/14

Math, Houston, TX

hi T.. I would like tutoring in math and science

Sent by Tina on 5/23/14

Inquiry, Houston, TX

U have no clue How hard I've been trying to find you! Miss you, want an update. Email me ASAP! At: (email available after purchase)

Sent by Brandon on 5/23/14

Thermodynamics, Hagerstown, Maryland

Hello Bharthwaj, My name is M. and I'm a senior Chemical Engineer. I have really struggled in school and you have a great background in chemical engineering.

Sent by Mfundisi on 5/23/14

Algebra, Culver City, CA

Hi, My son is in the 8th grade and is really struggling with Algebra 1. We have been having him tutored but he just failed his last test.

Sent by Stephanie on 5/23/14

Praxis, Cheshire, CT

Hi my name is M. and I just graduated Roger Williams University. I need to take my praxis II this summer and I'm currently struggling and need a tutor in math.

Sent by Molly on 5/23/14

Elementary Tutor, Winston Salem, NC

Hi, How are you doing, My name is M., i am currently looking for tutor for my 5 year old son, He used to go initially for Kumon, but discontinued due...

Sent by Mahesh on 5/23/14

Math for son/ French for me, Villa Rica, GA 30180

wanting a tutor for my 15 yr old this summer

Sent by Q on 5/23/14

Actuarial Science, MS

Hi, I am using this time(the summer) to study for my actuarial exams. And was wondering if you could help me pass Exam P. I would greatly appreciate it if...

Sent by Shellonda on 5/23/14

Step 3, Jersey City, NJ 07306

I am interested in step 3 sessions are you still tutoring?

Sent by Mathew on 5/23/14

Writing, Lake Mary, FL

I need a private tutoring for my daughter completed her 4th grade but she is weak in reading and writing.

Sent by Srinivas on 5/23/14

Algebra, Panorama City, CA

Need help in algebra1 & geometry

Sent by Alma on 5/23/14

Cst English, Lynbrook, NY

I go to Molloy College and I am in the initial English Education program. I am thinking of taking the Language Arts CST (grades 7-12) in December.

Sent by Sam on 5/23/14

Proofreading, Auburn, AL

Hi, I am a PhD stident in Auburn U, major in chemical engineering. I am working on my dissertation now and I need help since english is my second language.

Sent by Suan on 5/23/14

Math, Rockaway, Nj

Hello, I am currently preparing for the GRE test and I need some Math help in general. I am looking to pay no more than $25-30 per hour, I live in the Rockaway area.

Sent by Nana on 5/22/14

Gre, Bloomington, IL

I'm trying to help my brother Jeremy find a tutor around Bloomington for the GRE math section. Any more details on your GRE math tutoring experience? Thanks! J.

Sent by Justin on 5/22/14

Mathematics, Wharton, Nj

Hello, I'm taking the GRE test soon and I need some help with math. Please let me know if you are available this Saturday morning for maybe 4 hours?

Sent by Adriana on 5/22/14

Elementary, Mountain View, CA 94040

Hi Liz, I saw your message on Neighborhood Tree. However, my message to you through that online service didn't seem to reach you. I hope this will.

Sent by Jessica on 5/22/14

Pharmacology, Exeter, NE 68351

Hi Dr. Santhosh this is F. almustafa, I'm from Saudi Arabia but I live in New Zealand, I'm studying at the University of Auckland .

Sent by Fatima on 5/22/14

Reading, Yucca Valley, CA

Hi Leslie I am looking for tutor for the summer for my son who will be entE.g the 4th grade 2014/15 school year. I am located in 29 and wondE.

Sent by Erin on 5/22/14

French, Phoenix, AZ

test help? is this going through

Sent by Soleilune on 5/22/14

Act Math, Charlotte, NC

Hi Donna, I am looking for ACT Prep assistance for my daughter. She currently attends Charlotte Catholic High School. Can you please contact me as soon as possible...

Sent by Marcel on 5/22/14

Reading, Hudson, OH

Hello - we live in Hudson on Lost Woods Lane. We are looking for a tutor this summer to work with our 6 year old daughter on her reading progression to help her...

Sent by Tom on 5/22/14

Accounting, Medfield, MA

My son needs help with college level Acct 1 and 2. We live in Medfield. Are you available this summer to prepare him for the fall?

Sent by Tom on 5/22/14

Algebra, Kendall Park, NJ

Trying to find a tutor for my son. Hes in 8th grade and needs help with Algebra. He needs help ASAP. He missed almost two weeks of school because of a knee injury.

Sent by Demetra on 5/22/14

Reading, Chelsea, AL

Linda we am interested in a reading/writing tutor this summer for my 13 year old son who is struggling in school. We live in the Chelsea area. Thanks!

Sent by Gina on 5/22/14

Accounting, Fort Lauderdale, FL

hello i am having trouble with my accounting class in college. we are in chapter 3 already and is kind of consing.

Sent by Suany on 5/22/14

Biology, Gladstone, NJ

I am looking for a college biology tutor for my son.

Sent by Neetu on 5/22/14

Algebra, Jackson, TN

Hi I need a tutor for my daughter. Please give me a call. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Lilly on 5/22/14

Spanish, Stillwater, NY

My 8th grade son is struggling in Spanish class and currently failing. I'm hoping one-on-one attention will help get him on track.

Sent by Sue on 5/22/14

Speed Reading, Atlanta, GA

hello my name is J. and i have a nephew who is 9 and he has trouble with reading and comprehension. He did not pass the reading part of the CRCT and will be...

Sent by Jocelyn on 5/22/14

Asvab, San Antonio, TX

Hello Fred I have a 19 y/o son who needs to improve his ASVAB scores. Is this one of your specialities? Time is of the essence. I would appreciate very much...

Sent by Cyndi on 5/22/14

Math, Greenville, NC

Advanced Functions in Math - 12th grade senior. Online curriculum - APEX

Sent by Kenya on 5/22/14

Home schooling, Monument, CO

Looking for a tutor for my son who is heading into 10th. He has an autism spectrum disorder that is pretty mild and is having difficult inn living up to his potential.

Sent by Kim on 5/22/14

English, Great Barrington, MA

Hi~ Nice to meet you I'm 22 years old n was born in korea man.. I will live greatbarrington until Feb next year. I have worked to do volunterring work but i'm not...

Sent by Jihyun on 5/21/14

Photoshop, Jonesboro, GA

Hi im in need of someone to teach me how to use photoshop from the basic contact me if interedted (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Damon on 5/21/14

Java, Orange, CA

Hi. My name is A. G.. I'm currently taking a java class and have an assignment due on doubly linked lists that I cannot seem to complete.

Sent by Anish on 5/21/14

Real Estate, Plano Texas 75093

Hello I need some help with my online Real estate class

Sent by Ali on 5/21/14

Math, Reading, Reynoldsburg, OH

Hello Allison, I have a soon to be 5 year old preparing to enter kindergarten in the fall that needs some personal help throughout the summer to be successful.

Sent by Tiffany on 5/21/14

Accounting, Placentia, CA

I would like to see how much well you charge me for help on an assignment

Sent by Sandra on 5/21/14

Accounting, Northridge, CA

Hello, Are you available for tutoring in Accounting 1, this evening, I'm located in Reseda very close to Northridge.

Sent by Yesenia on 5/21/14

Spanish, Pleasant Grove, UT

I have a Down syndrome brother who loves Spanish and would like to learn more. He is very intelligent and diligent, and super cheerful and positive.

Sent by Melissa on 5/21/14

Electrical Engineering, Morgantown, WV

greetings, Can you tutor for undergraduate level Electrical Engineering? or do you know anyone who can ? I appreciate the help. Thank you.

Sent by Danah on 5/21/14

Finance, Sarasota, FL

I am presently in Introduction to finance at the UF eMBA program. I feel like I am getting behind and need some additional help. It is an important class.

Sent by Ken on 5/21/14

Math, Brattleboro, VT

Hello- I recently received my MA in special education. I have taken the Praxis II math section 3 times- I have been diagnosed with a learning disability...

Sent by Kathy on 5/21/14

Autism, Houston, TX

Hi Kenzie, I am a mom struggling to find a way for my son who is on the spectrum (high functioning) to retain math skills and develop reading/language art that he...

Sent by Kim on 5/21/14

Spanish, Huffman, TX

Hi I am 45 yr old female and i am half hispanic. i have always wanted to learn the spanish language . I am ready and determimed, i live in huffman,tx.

Sent by Tammy on 5/21/14

Esl, Kingwood, TX

I'm looking for a ESL Tutor for my partner in the Kingwood area. He has a great understanding of the English language but he's looking to improve his reading...

Sent by Dale on 5/21/14

Mcat, Madison, WI 53726

Hi Adam, I'm currently studying for the MCAT and I'm doing absolutely horrible on the physics section. The last time I took a physics course was about 7 years ago.

Sent by Jennifer on 5/21/14

Sql, Atlanta, GA

Hi Ishmael, I need an mySQL tutor for my class at Strayer university. The project it due this week. I see you live in downtown.

Sent by Imron on 5/21/14

Science, Macon, GA

Hello my name is B. S., I graduated from Southwest high school 2011, with a 3.2 but I did not pass the high school graduation test science part.

Sent by Briana on 5/21/14

Ged, Mobile, AL

Help me pass the ged algebra 1&2 &calculus

Sent by Demetrius on 5/20/14

Finance, Atlanta, GA

Need help with a budget paper for my finance class. Please contact me by email.

Sent by Elizabeth on 5/20/14

Kindergarten, Indian Trail, NC

We are looking for someone to help our 6yr old son transition into 1st grade. Although he has made great progress over the past year in kindergarten...

Sent by Carolina on 5/20/14

Punjabi, Saint Louis, MO 63124

Hi, I want to learn Punjabi speaking only. I am an IT professional from Palo Alto. Please tell me the price for speaking only.

Sent by Avinash on 5/20/14

Electronics, Alexandria, VA

HI Krishna, I read your profile and need help with my son. Are you available ASAP To help him with Electronics 2? He is a student at TC W. and his in jeopardy of...

Sent by Caroline on 5/20/14

Reading, Rincon, GA

My son is going to the 4th grade next year, but is only reading on a 2nd grade reading level. He needs help with writing and sight words as well.

Sent by Tanieka on 5/20/14

C++, Fayetteville, NC

Hi, Im currently a healthcare professiaonal but looking to learn programming C++, etc. Can you help me. thanks

Sent by James on 5/20/14

Chemistry, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi, I am in need of a Chemistry and Trigonometry tutor immediately. I am taking summer classes at Broward College. Can you please call me (phone number available...

Sent by Ashley on 5/20/14

Statistics, Lexington, KY

I'm interested in tutoring ASAP please contact me @ (phone number available after purchase). I'm in the lexington area

Sent by Jennine on 5/20/14

Reading, Punta Gorda FL 33950

Hi Miss Jackie, I have a son evan who is 8 yrs. old and is dyslexic.(it runs in the family) We live in Punta Gorda off marion.( not far from downtown) Can...

Sent by Robyn on 5/20/14

Reading, Norwood , NC

Looking for a tutor for my son...He is currently in 7th grade and still have trouble with reading comprehension. Would love to chat with u to see if that would be...

Sent by Nedra on 5/20/14

Dyslexia, Hampton Bays, NY

My son Adam was recently diagnosed with Dyslexia/ADHD. We are seeking a tutor to help Adam with Reading and some Math. K.. O. Hampton Bays

Sent by Kristine on 5/20/14

Calculus, Auburn, AL

R u around auburn this summer I need help with calcus

Sent by Tommy on 5/20/14

Accounting, Tampa, FL

Hi Mrs. Anastasia, My name is Mo A. and I would like to be tutored in Financial Accounting. My number is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Moyosore on 5/20/14

Statistics, Waconia, MN

Hello Philip. I am an online student that is in need of help in a statstics class. It is my third time going through it and I can't seem to comprehend it.

Sent by Kimberly on 5/20/14

Sat, Kennewick, WA

looking for a sat/act test prep for my daughter she will a junior next year

Sent by Marlinda on 5/20/14

Photoshop, Bremerton, WA

Photoshop, Assignments are due Sundays. I will be taking a 101 equivalent math next quarter. Loans and Lotteries is the math class at Eastern Oregon University.

Sent by Scott on 5/20/14

Adobe Photoshop, Delray Beach FL

Hello I work for a company located in delray beach, FL off Atlantic Ave. The company is called GSky, and we install, design, and maintain green walls.

Sent by Janelle on 5/20/14

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Interested in preparing for Step 3

Sent by Mathew on 5/19/14

French, Hinesville, GA

Bonjour Ralph, Comment allez-vous? Moi je me porte a merveille.Je n'ai pas besoin d'un tutor, je parle Francais, peut-etre que nous pourrions correspondre. A bientot.

Sent by Malonga on 5/19/14

Math, Plainfield, IN

I live in the avon/plainfield area and I have a 7th grader who needs immediate help in math and science to finish strong the rest of school year and throughout...

Sent by S. on 5/19/14

Business Statistics, Charleston, SC

Hello, I am taking business stats at the College of Charleston and was wondering if you are available for tomorrow after noon. I have my first test on wednesday...

Sent by Scott on 5/19/14

English, Raleigh, NC

Dear Anna, My friend and I are looking for English speaking tutor, we are live in raleigh, 27606. Are you avaliable during 5/22 to 6/3?

Sent by Kevin on 5/19/14

Reading And Math, Lakeville, MN

Hi Amanda! I am interested in a tutor during the summer for my 10 year old daughter who will be entering 5th grade. Normally a teacher from her school tutors her...

Sent by Kobie on 5/19/14

Dat, Atlanta, GA 30319

Hi, I was wondering if I could use your services for DAT tutoring. The only problem is that I live in Virginia, and it won't be realistic for me to come...

Sent by Karan on 5/19/14

Math, Keene, NH 03431

Hi Leo, I'm contacting you because my son is having issues with the quadratic formula or something to that effect, basically he does very well in school but is...

Sent by Ed on 5/19/14

Computer, Arlington, TX 76010

Hello, I am interested in basic computer skills tutoring. This is for an adult. Are you available. Thanks.

Sent by Mailyn on 5/19/14

Algebra & OHMS Law, Abilene, TX

I need to learn basic algebra & ohms law for an upcomming industial coarse to be taken in December. Would you be interested?

Sent by Robert on 5/19/14

Act, West Chatham, MA

Looking for an experienced tutor for ACT. My daughter is going into her senior year and needs some help over the summer. References required. thanks

Sent by Bonnie on 5/19/14

Chinese, Ocoee, FL

Sent by Jenny on 5/19/14

Math, Valley Village, CA

Hi Xelga, Please let me know if you are interested in teaching Maths at a center located in Valley Village. Thanks, R. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ritu on 5/19/14

Biology, Dayton, OH

Hello Mr. Joshua, This is N.. I'm an international student and I'm working on my thesis in Microbiology and Immunology for get my Master's degree.

Sent by Nouf on 5/19/14

Protools, San Diego, CA 92101

Hi Margaret, Can you let me know more about your experience with training people on ProTools? I'm possibly interested in hiring you for training. Thanks, J.

Sent by Julie on 5/19/14

Algebra, Ellijay, GA

Hello Brett, We have a 15 year old son going to NGCA in Ellijay and are interested in algebra 1 tutoring for the coming year. Thank you R. T. (phone number available...

Sent by Ron on 5/19/14

Accounting, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Hi Angelica, my son is in 2nd year college accounting and needs some help. When are you available for tutoring? He needs help right away... thanks

Sent by Bill on 5/19/14

Mcat, Marietta, GA

Hi! I am taking the MCAT for a second time on the 21st of June. I took it in January and received a 27 (7, 10, 10). I would love some help strategizing.

Sent by Sarah on 5/19/14

Algebra 1, Hilliard, OH

hi, i'm looking for some extra help for my son to prepare him for his Algebra 1 exams next week. He's in the 9th grade @ Bradley High School.

Sent by Brandy on 5/19/14

Reading/Comprehension, Redding, CA

Hello Laura, My name is G., and I have a seven year old first grader who is in need of some reading/ comprehension help. I noticed that your teaching year...

Sent by Gabrieal on 5/19/14

English, Peoria

Hi I need someone to help me IN person for advanced accent reduction !

Sent by Amr on 5/19/14

Project Management, Tampa, FL

Hello Chrissy :) I need your help please. Am taking Management 330 at University of Tampa and I need your help to understand it. Thank you

Sent by Sam on 5/19/14

Experimental Psychology, Deerfield Beach, FL

Hello, I am seeking tutoring for an online experimental psychology class. I reside in Boynton Beach, would you be able to travel to my location?

Sent by Ermite on 5/18/14

Adhd, Grants Pass, OR

I am looking for someone who can tutor my 9 year old son. He has ADHD and really has a hard time with school. If you can help me contact me at the email above...

Sent by Purvis on 5/18/14

Statistics, Colliervile TN

looking for a tutor for a basic college statistics class. Please let me know if you are available. Thank you.

Sent by Rebecca on 5/18/14

Reading, Princeton, WV

I am looking for a reading tutor for my 19 year old godson. He is a high school graduate and is reading challenged. He works hard at his job at Walmart but would...

Sent by Frank on 5/18/14

Geology, Miami, FL

I'm interested in tutoring with you. Please e-mail me

Sent by Raul on 5/18/14

Algebra 2, Ardmore, PA

Hello, we are looking for a tutor for my daughter for Algebra 2, she is doing well but wants an 'A" in the course. We would like to have you once a week with...

Sent by Meghan on 5/18/14

Accounting, Crystal Lake, IL

Kurt, I am looking to see if you would be available for some tutoring this afternoon, Sunday, 5/18?

Sent by Danny on 5/18/14

Act, Miramar Beach Fl

Need tutor for act science

Sent by Reshma on 5/17/14

Lsat, Phoenix, AZ

I am interested in the LSAT tutoring. Thanks, K.

Sent by Kandi on 5/17/14

Massage, Phoenix, AZ 85020

Hi I'm studying for the mblex I need help maybe skype?

Sent by Erika on 5/17/14

Nclex Rn, DE Soto, MO 63020

(phone number available after purchase) for nclex rn exams

Sent by Agatha on 5/17/14

Korean, Minneapolis, MN

hello are you still tutoring?

Sent by Patrick on 5/17/14

Elementary, Kent, WA

Hello :) I have a couple of students who are in need of some tutoring over summer and maybe longer. Kayden, in kindergarden, who is struggling to grasp the basics.

Sent by Jinnelle on 5/17/14

Statistics, Philadelphia, PA

I need help with about 8 Stat, problems

Sent by Larry on 5/17/14

History, Austin, TX

my daughter is 16 & needs help in history, gov & ipc immediate start, 2X wk, 2 hr per, for 6 mo, sliding scale, some funding from county

Sent by Sam on 5/16/14

Proofreading, Jacksonville, NC

Hi Roger, I am looking for someone to help me with a paper.... proofreading?

Sent by Roxanne on 5/16/14

Elementary, West Hempstead, NY

Hello Ramona, I'm sending you this email to inquire if you teach home schooled children. I'm considering to home school my daughter who will be 4 yrs.

Sent by Nickeisha on 5/16/14

Mcat, Greenlawn, NY

taking the MCAT 6/21, took the Kaplan course, but am looking for some private tutoring. I see you are local, so that seems good

Sent by Tyler on 5/16/14

Math, Manteca, CA

Hi Jeremy, I'm looking for a tutor for my daughter. She is in 10th grade at Sierra High. She has a math test next week (tuesday May 20th) and need help in Algegra 2...

Sent by Marina on 5/16/14

Computer Science, Kansas City, KS

HI Mike! I'm trying to learn Ruby for a web development job but I'm having trouble figuring out the linux terminal. Saturday morning would be best for me. Thanks!

Sent by David on 5/16/14

Adhd, El Centro, CA

Hi intrested in tutoring for my son he is a 6th grader and has ADHD/dyslexia . He is not doing well in grammar need help ASAP ...(phone number available after...

Sent by Karen on 5/16/14

Tennis, Corvallis, OR

John, We are interested in tennis lessons from you. Please let us know your rate?

Sent by Sandy on 5/16/14

Final Cut Pro, NY

Hi Derek, I am looking for someone to give me an intensive on final Cut.......New at final cut....having trouble with transitions. I live in Haines Falls..

Sent by Dorothy on 5/16/14

French, Cleveland, OH

Miss Patricia C. I am looking for a french tutor for my daughter. She is six years old. About once a week. We live on the East side of Cleveland.

Sent by Mehdia on 5/16/14

Reading, Writing, Harrison, OH

hi my 7 year old daughter needs a tutor for the summer .she broke her arm in second quarter and just hasnt caught up . I also have a 9 year old that has done great...

Sent by Dana on 5/16/14

Reading, Hesston, KS

Hello steve i have a son that will be a senior this coming fall. We are looking for a tutoring for him over the summer in reading and writing as well ACT thank...

Sent by Sharon on 5/16/14

Chemistry, Conroe, TX

My son is in 11th grade and needs tutoring in Chemisty ASAP. He also needs ACT help. We live off 1097 in Montgomery. He could meet at the Charles Stewart Library...

Sent by Claudia on 5/16/14

Algebra 2, Phoenixville, PA

Carl, I need a tutor for an AP Calculus class and possibly an Algebra 2 class. In addition, we also need some tutoring for the SAT Math II subject test.

Sent by Kim on 5/16/14

Math, Sodus, NY

Looking for a summer math tutor for my 14 years old child. Starting 9th grade this august. He is barely passing the 8th grade therefore we would like to get...

Sent by Angie on 5/16/14

Home schooling, Los Angeles, CA

I would like to know how much you charge. I have A 13 year girl who is having trouble in all subjects. Please contact me as soon as you can. Thank you

Sent by Silvia on 5/16/14

Math, East Stroudsburg, PA

Hi Anna, my name is M., I need math tutoring to pass my Math G.E.D test and college placement test. please contact me via email, I will get back to you asap. Thanks

Sent by Maria on 5/16/14

Statistics, Rocklin, CA

Hi Julia I am struggling in Statistics and looking for some help on an assignment due Sunday. I'm a full time RN at Sutter Roseville Hospital and work all weekend...

Sent by John on 5/15/14

Calculus, Denton, TX

Hi, my name is Aziz and I was looking at your profile. I am interested in your services in calculus II and Physics I . I am welling to travel to your location or...

Sent by Abdualziz on 5/15/14

Algebra, Rolla, MO

I am in need of immediate tutoring help for my son. He is currently in Accelerated Algebra in Rolla Jr. High and needs help with some overdue homework and review for...

Sent by Ruth on 5/15/14

Statistics, Tucson, AZ

I need help with PSYC Stats. ANOVA and t-test is what I need help with.

Sent by Melissa on 5/15/14

English, Tylertown, MS

Hi kiffany I'm looking for a tutor my sons. I have one that is going to kindergarten and one is going to the eight grade. Please email me back asayc.

Sent by Jovanna on 5/15/14

Creative Writing, Richmond, VA

My name is M. Brockington. I am working on a developing a short story novel and/or script and am currently having problems with the whole process including...

Sent by Michael on 5/15/14

Biology, Watertown, CT

Hello, Have you helped people with Praxis?

Sent by Shawn on 5/15/14

Organic Chemistry, Cary, IL

I took Chemistry a couple of years ago for my undergrad, but organic chemistry is completely different and I am trying to teach myself with an online course.

Sent by Kate on 5/15/14

Pharmacology, Albuquerque, NM

Hi I posted something on Craigslist and they referred me to you. Please I need help with finals coming up. Give me a call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Lindsey on 5/15/14

Dyslexia, Anacortes, WA

Hi! My grandson is coming from TX for the summer. ADD and dyslexia. Age 12 barely passed math and reading. He will be here part of June, July and part of August .

Sent by Myrna on 5/15/14

Nclex Rn, Corona, CA

Hi Emily: I like to get help for nclex. would you pls let me know that do you teach female student only? thank you.

Sent by Gary on 5/15/14

Act, Brownstown, MI 48134

Tyler, I would like to speak to you regarding tutoring my son for the ACT math section in Brownstown. Please email or call me.

Sent by Phillip on 5/15/14

Math, Reisterstown, MD

My 10th grade son is having trouble with his precalc class. Generally, he is a good student.

Sent by Bruce on 5/15/14

Statistics Or Math, Oxford, MS

please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Casey on 5/15/14

Reading, Sierra Vista, AZ

Hello. My daughter is in 1st grade and they are wanting to hold her back due to her reading. I am looking for someone to help her better herself with reading.

Sent by Michelle on 5/15/14

Chemistry, Parker, CO

Hi Andrew. My son is a sophomore at Legend and needs some help preparing for his chemistry finals. We would like to start working with someone ASAP. Thanks, J.

Sent by Jim on 5/15/14

ADHD, Fort Lauderdale, FL

My son is 12 and is a high function autistic kid. We are home schooling but we would like a professional teaching and tutoring experience for his education.

Sent by Mauricio on 5/15/14

Communication, Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870

Haven't heard anything from you yet. Will you be able to help me?

Sent by Angie on 5/15/14

Math, Southern Pines, NC

Hi, Molly. I am looking for a math tutor for my homeschooled rising 8th Grader starting in August. Math is his greatest struggle and I expect his tutor will find...

Sent by Dawn on 5/15/14

Violin, Queens, NY

YES HELLO I received A violin as A GIFT AND IM trying to learn how to play it BUT I NEED A dedicated violinist to guide me thanks for your response

Sent by Eugene on 5/15/14

Trigonometry, Altoona, PA

I need help passing trig.

Sent by K on 5/15/14

Prealgebra, San Jose, CA

HI , I am looking for math and english teached for my daughter entering into 6th grade .. Sax math pre-algebra and private school english ciriculam too .

Sent by Ajitha on 5/14/14

Medical, Milton, WA

I am currently working as a medical assistant and wish to sit for CMA exam in Aug 2014.

Sent by Jasmine on 5/14/14

Algebra 2, Playa Del Rey, CA

Hi Phillip. I am helping a friend with an algebra 2 final. I have the review sheet. Just need someone to break down each problem for me so that I can show her.

Sent by Kk on 5/14/14

Sat, Queens, NY

My son is 11th grade . He wants to take SAYT in june of 1st week.

Sent by Mazeda on 5/14/14

Reading, Reynoldsburg, OH

I have a 5 yr old that they want to hold back in Kindergarden. I would like her to go to first grade (due to it being an all day program).

Sent by Shannon on 5/14/14

English, Brunswick, ME

Are you available to tutor my son for the rest of the school year? He is a junior.

Sent by Roberta on 5/14/14

Statistics, Los Angeles, CA

Hi, I need a statistic tutor for today if it possible. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.

Sent by Adryan on 5/14/14

English,math,social Studies,science, Calumet City, IL

I have a 16 year old son who is in need of one on one help with all classes.

Sent by Latrina on 5/14/14

Math, Rome, NY

Please call me 361 1090, I would like to get started hes failed this semister

Sent by Tammie on 5/14/14

Finance, Boston, MA

Hello Mr. Hari, I hope your day is going by well. I am currently taking a finance class at a school around the greater Boston area.

Sent by Etien on 5/14/14

Reading, Sioux Falls, SD

My son is 7 going in to 2 nd grd. I need help with his reading skills. He currently reads at a level 5 and needs to be at 12.

Sent by Ana on 5/14/14

Math, Rochester, MN

May I know your experience and background

Sent by Helen on 5/14/14

Chemistry (general), Brentwood, CA

Do you have any times available for tutoring? My son is struggling in chemistry. I realize it is the end of the school year but the teacher thinks it is still...

Sent by Robbin on 5/14/14

English, Sunnyvale, CA

Hello there i am looking for a tutor for my son he is a 9th grade student Give me a call @ (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Saba on 5/14/14

C++, Cape Coral, FL 33909

Hey michael. I was wondering do you tutor for data structures in c++? Thanks!

Sent by Nick on 5/14/14

Finance, American Fork, UT

I need help with my finance class. I need help with time value of money and annuities. Can you please help me. I will pay more than 10 an hour as I feel tutoring for...

Sent by Alex on 5/14/14

Algebra, Conyers, GA

Hello Mrs. Ester J, I am getting ready to start school in August,2014. I will be required to take Algebra 1 and 2 for my Associates Degree.

Sent by Angela on 5/14/14

Geometry, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Hi, I am a junior in highschool and have a geometry exam next week, I would like to set up a tutor session this Saturday around 10am.

Sent by Angela on 5/14/14

College Algebra, Cleveland, TX

I need a tutor for the summer 1 session for college algebra 1. june2nd-aug 6th for my son. He is taking online course from Blinn college while he works in Cleveland...

Sent by Wendy on 5/14/14

Swim, Scarborough, ME

Scott, I am looking for a swim instructor for my and a friend's kids this summer at her pool. Kids are two 5y/o; 2 3/0 and maybe 3 babies.

Sent by Stacey on 5/14/14

Tex Preparation, Davis, CA

Hi, Allison, Can you tutor my son on Corporate Tax Preparation as part of his project? ASAP as in on Friday, May 16 for his finals?

Sent by Nora on 5/14/14

Cpa, Los Angeles, CA

I am currently stuying for the CPA (FAR). I am struggling with Leases, Bonds and Pensions. Was wondering if you could be of help. My test is on the 28th

Sent by Joshua on 5/13/14

Reading, Lutz, FL

Hi Julia, I have a second grader who his having trouble with reading/reading comprehension. I live in Lutz, just South of Sunset, on Livingston.

Sent by Henry on 5/13/14

Chemistry (general), Lynwood, CA

Hi Fabian! I'm looking for a tutor tohelp me study for a general chem exam at lacc next week. Looking to meet at least twice for two hours before next Tuesday.

Sent by Kat on 5/13/14

Spanish, Fairfax VA

Buenas Olga, Soy uruguaya, y tengo interes en que mi hijo de 5 anios aprenda a leer y escribir en espanol. El sabe hablar y entiende todo.

Sent by Monica on 5/13/14

Home schooling, Portland, OR

Hello, I'm looking for someone to work with a 20 year old.

Sent by Molly on 5/13/14

Organic Chemistry, Tampa, FL

Hi Jan! I am interested in organic chemistry tutoring. I have had one semester of the subject, and I am studying to take an orgo final exam that I missed.

Sent by Josie on 5/13/14

Writing, Princeton Jct, NJ

interested for my son who is high schooler. plz let me know your avaliB.ity

Sent by Mrs on 5/13/14

Chemistry, Bel Air, MD

Hi Genise, I'm looking for a tutor in Chemistry and biochem for my son in 12th grade at Bel Air HS. Please let me know if you can help us. Thank you, M.

Sent by Myhanh on 5/13/14

English, Ossining, NY

Hello Vanessa , I wish this email founds you in a good circumstances , my name is S. , I'm an International Student at Pace university, I moved here recently and...

Sent by Sohaylah on 5/13/14

Multivariate Statistics, Cincinnati, OH

I am a doctoral candidate struggling to understand univariate and multivariate statistical techniques.

Sent by Harlitatomlinson on 5/13/14

Math Ucla Statistics, Los Angeles, CA

I need tutoring for my 11th grader. She is taking elementary statistics at Mission College. She could also use SAT prep. Place text me on my cell (phone number...

Sent by Tina on 5/13/14

Computer, Arlington, TX

computer basics help.

Sent by M. on 5/13/14

Algebra, Dekalb, IL

My freshman daughter has always had a hard time getting math. She got by in middle school but barely. She has failed her second semester of Algebra A and needs help.

Sent by Lisa on 5/13/14

Chemical Engineering, Everett, MA 02149

Hi Philip, Im taking an Online Chemical Engineering class at a very easy university, i was actually wondering if you offer the service of taking the online class...

Sent by Zack on 5/13/14

Web Design, Montgomery, AL

Hi, I have to do a web design project for school. The requirements are HTML5 and CSS. Please call me @(phone number available after purchase) or email me back.

Sent by Oscar on 5/13/14

Gre, Palmer, AK

Hi, I am very interested in your private GRE tutoring services as soon as possible. Thank you.

Sent by Arianna on 5/13/14

Biology, Austin, TX

Hi - I am looking for help with Biology and Spanish for my freshman daughter. We live in Lakeway...let me know your tutoring experience and availability.

Sent by Amy on 5/13/14

Mcat Test Prep, Islandia, NY

I need MCAT Test prep help

Sent by John on 5/13/14

Calculus, Windham, ME

Hi Rebecca. I just finished my freshman year at UMaine and have to retake calculus II. Before I take it again in the fall I want to be tutored for the summer.

Sent by Alex on 5/13/14

Math, Newnan, GA

My daughter needs tutoring in Math. This will be the last time she can take the ACT, and she needs to improve her scores

Sent by Teresa on 5/13/14

Portuguese, Brooklyn, New York (US)

Hi I am interested in learning portuguese. Please email me to discuss. Thanks.

Sent by Irwin on 5/13/14

Spanish, Saint Augustine, FL

Hi Janet, I am interested in learning Spanish, I'm actually hoping to get a crash course in Spanish to learn it as quickly as possible.

Sent by Mark on 5/13/14

Algebra, Henderson, TX

My daughter is in 9th grade at Henderson high school. She needs tutoring in Algebra II to help her pass this 6 weeks. We need help ASAP!

Sent by Cathy on 5/13/14

Spanish, Eden Prairie, MN

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor to help my 8 year old daughter with reading in Spanish and in English. She attends a Spanish immersion school but looking for help over...

Sent by Tammy on 5/13/14

Math, Columbus, MS

Hello IZ, I was wondering if you would be interested in helping me with Algebra for my online class? Hope to hear from you soon! J.

Sent by Jon on 5/12/14

Java, Chicago, IL

Hi, I need major help in a java testing class. Besides Java, do you know how to use JUnit and Ant? Also, do you have experience with black box and white box testing?

Sent by Richard on 5/12/14

Accounting, Tucson, AZ

Hi, I'm in search of a tutor to help me with a graduate level accounting case study. (Healthcare MBA)

Sent by Maritza on 5/12/14

English, Austin, TX

I need to empruve my writing English grammar

Sent by Marius on 5/12/14

Algebra, Saint Augustine, FL

Hi Alex I live in World Golf and am looking for a algebra tutor for my 15 yo daughter. She will be taking Algebra2 next year and had a big struggle in 8th grade...

Sent by Ann on 5/12/14

Math, North Richland Hills, TX

What does this look like to you?

Sent by Robin on 5/12/14

Elementary, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Need help with my pre k 4 And kindergarden kids!! We live in Victoria park, fort lauderdale

Sent by Jose on 5/12/14

Clep, Riverside, NJ

hi Wiliam, I am very interetsted in your tutoring services in preparation for the CLEP exams. Could you give me some more specific details regarding how...

Sent by Ron on 5/12/14

Phonics, Alpharetta, GA

We are in alpharetta and looking for a tutor for 2nd grade. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by John on 5/12/14

Physics, Newark, DE

I am taking general physics this summer (my second try) and I need a tutor for 10 weeks. Just looking to see who is available, let me know :)

Sent by Rachel on 5/12/14

Mcat, Tempe, AZ

Hi, I was wondering if you would be able to provide tutoring for the MCAT? I have the Kaplan materials, and I am looking for assistance in going through the workbooks.

Sent by Joel on 5/12/14

Cpa, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hey, I currently graduated with my MBA and MS in Accounting but am struggling to pass the CPA exams. I am taking time to study full-time before I begin my career...

Sent by Eric on 5/12/14

&c Sci 33, Irvine, CA

Hello Fereidoun, Can you call at (phone number available after purchase) ? Need tutoring for UCI undergrad student for I&C SCI 33 .

Sent by Praf on 5/12/14

Asvab, Decatur, AL

Hey ms.janice is there away i can call you cause i dont get this online stuff i really would like some help on passing the asvab

Sent by Riley on 5/12/14

French, Aspen, CO

Hello, I am trying to locate a French language tutor for my boss at her home in Aspen. You have very extensive experience and I'm wondering if French tutoring is...

Sent by Cyndy on 5/12/14

Chemistry (general), Kennebunkport, ME

Interested in finding a chemistry tutor for my daughter for her high school chemistry class.

Sent by Mark on 5/12/14

Reading, Pompano Beach, FL

do you come the the home and how much

Sent by Caronlee on 5/12/14

Math, Owings Mills, MD

Hi. I am interested in assistance for my son. He is in 10th grade and has severe holes in the area of math. If you believe you can assist, please respond.

Sent by Mary on 5/12/14

Math, Roanoke Rapids, NC

starting math this month.5/28.I have very little understanding of even basic algebra I'm 48 and desperately need math help to enter nursing program real soon.

Sent by Angie on 5/12/14

Esl, Albuquerque, NM

hello Miss Naomi this is W. A. I am looking for English second language tutor . I am speak arabic, and I am living in Albuquerque for 10 months.

Sent by Wael on 5/12/14

Combinatorial Algorithms, North Hollywood, CA

Hello, I wanted to know if you tutor for an algorithms class... dealing with johnson's, dijkstra's, bellman ford, BST, etc.

Sent by Aj on 5/12/14

Math English Writing Spanish, Merced, CA

looking for a tutor for my sophomore student son, I know its late in the year but I think any help to get his grades up would be very helpful to him and his future...

Sent by Mark on 5/11/14

Asvab, Gastonia, NC

Hello- My son, Kalik, needs additional help with the ASVAB. He took the ASVAB and did not do well.

Sent by Kimberly on 5/11/14

Asvab, Dundalk, MD

I need help on the asvab. Plan on going into the Air Force and this is really big for me. My number is (phone number available after purchase) and my name is G.

Sent by Grant on 5/11/14

Algebra 2, Wilmette, IL

My daughter is struggling a bit in math, but next year, as a sophomore in high school, is taking Algebra 2/Trig. I wanted to get her a tutor.

Sent by Zeenat on 5/11/14

Organic Chemistry, Cincinnati, OH

Are you available to tutor my daughter in Organic Chemistry this summer on UC campus?

Sent by Steve on 5/11/14

Writing, Windermere, FL

Hi, I am looking for a tutor for my son who will be a high school senior this Fall. He struggles with writing - I am looking for someone who can guide him with his...

Sent by Tory on 5/11/14

Pharmacology, Des Moines, IA

Hello, I am looking around at obtaining some tutoring help for a medical school pharmacology course. My school ends May 16th and my exam is June 6th.

Sent by David on 5/11/14

Math, Jordan, MN

Hi, Kathy. I am looking for a private math tutor for my son this summer. Do you tutor during the summer months? If so, do you have specific days/times?

Sent by Kim on 5/11/14

English As 2nd Language, Pooler, GA

I need to improve my english as a second language skills. my phone number is (phone number available after purchase) and my husband phone number is (phone number...

Sent by Flavia on 5/11/14

Spanish, Fernandina Beach, FL

Hi Diane, I'm not sure if this is within your realm of tutoring, but I am looking for a Spanish tutor. I am an adult, simply looking to improve my language skills.

Sent by Rebecca on 5/11/14

Math, Science, And Reading, Lake Charles, LA

I would like to talk with you about tutoring my son. He is 12 years old and going into the sixth grade. Thanks!

Sent by Ann on 5/11/14

Robotics, Worcester, MA 01602

Hi Mr. Gilmar, I have Robotics test this Wed. I need your help. are you available May 14 from 6pm to 8pm. Thank you! M.ell

Sent by Mitch on 5/11/14

Act Math, Hendersonville, TN

Live in Hendersonville tn,need a act math Tutor for 17 yr old for June 17 test. What is your recommendation and availability.

Sent by Greg on 5/10/14

Pre Calculus, Moriches, NY 11955

Hello john, My name is M. and I am looking for a tutor ASAP for my college pre-calc course. Currently I am working on a take home test on logarithms due on...

Sent by Matthew on 5/10/14

Hydraulic Engineering, Centereach, NY 11720

Hi, I'm student in UK.. I have a past paper exam and I need it to be solved with showing the steps of deriving each solution ,, and it needed for the 15th of May is...

Sent by Medo on 5/10/14

Asvab, Virginia Beach, VA

Hi..I emailed you via Wyzant but found you here as well. My son needs tutoring for ASVAB. Please contact me at your convenience.

Sent by Sandy on 5/10/14

Chemistry, Webster, NY

Hi Karen, My son is a Junior at Webster Schroeder and is struggling with Chemistry. We are hoping to find a tutor to come this weekend (I know it's Mother's Day...

Sent by Janet on 5/10/14

Physics, Pass Christian, MS

My daughter is in need of a tutor in physics. She will be taking a summer physic course at the community college and know it will be a challenge.

Sent by Chris on 5/10/14

Computer Animation, Los Angeles, CA

Hi, I am interested in someone that has some experience in computer animation. Please reply. Thank you. I reside in Arcadia, CA

Sent by Jeslen on 5/10/14

Algebra 1, Collegeville, PA

I am interested in an Algebra1 tutor for my 9th grade daughter. Prefer daytime hours. She is currently in Cyber school.

Sent by Lisa on 5/10/14

Interior Design, Farmington, MI

Hi, I'm doing master in interior design and im doing a Thesis course. So i need help in writing and experience in my field. Thanks

Sent by Moh on 5/10/14

C#, Seattle, WA

I would like to learn how to become a software engineer

Sent by Viradeth on 5/10/14

Armenian, Glendale, CA

Please leave me your number need English armenian tutor merci

Sent by Ara on 5/9/14

Statistics, Corpus Christi, TX

hello i am wondering if you are availible to tutor regarding my psychology of personality class , please contact me back! Thank you i will appreciate it

Sent by Este on 5/9/14

Drive, Washington, DC

Hi, I am looking for a driving coach to train my driving skill. I plan to get a DC diver's license. Please let me know your rate and availability if...

Sent by Chengyuan on 5/9/14

Final Cut Pro, Thousand Oaks, CA

Want to learn Final Cut Pro X. Want to know if you are willing to come to Thousand Oaks where I live to teach me this. I have a good knowledge of photography...

Sent by Stan on 5/9/14

Philosophy, Winchester, CA 92596

Do you tutor in philosophy?

Sent by Kendall on 5/9/14

Special Education, Raleigh, NC

I am looking for for a special education teacher to teach core curriculum in Math and reading language for 6th grader using specific reading material.

Sent by Sunita on 5/9/14

Sat Math English, Tarzana, CA

Shane- Looking for a tutor for my 17 yr. old son who's taking the SAT in June. Wants to prep in both Math and English. Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday after school...

Sent by Keith on 5/9/14

Spanish, Wappingers Falls, NY

I have a daughter entering 3rd grade and in the dual language program. During the summerr I would like to keep her with spanish. We are an english speaking family.

Sent by Alexis on 5/9/14

Chemistry, Chesterfield, NJ

My daughter needs help in pre cal, and chemisrty A Plase help

Sent by Shivani on 5/9/14

Algebra, Yuba City, CA

I need a tutor for my almost senior in high school for algebra 2.

Sent by Kim on 5/9/14

Spanish, Port Washington, NY

Hi Karla, I am looking for a Spanish tutor. I need someone who can start next week. My 8th grade daughter is taking a Spanish foreign language profiecieny exam...

Sent by Mary on 5/9/14

Logic, Seattle, WA

Hi I'm taking an intro to logic class for philosophy if your able to help

Sent by Rosa on 5/9/14

Elementary, East Setauket, NY

Hi dear Doreen!I am looking for a tutor for my daughter can you contact me please my phone nr is (phone number available after purchase) thank you!

Sent by Linda on 5/9/14

Nclex Pn, Newport News, VA

Hannah, I need help preparing for the PN NCLEX. I've taken the test twice and have to pass the next time. Nell

Sent by Aurbanell on 5/8/14

College Physics, Billings, MT

Hello, Do you offer tutoring for physics? I go to Rocky and am trying to get my Physics class done over the summer. I need a tutor for the next 4 weeks...

Sent by Cameron on 5/8/14

Accounting, San Francisco, CA 94112

Hello, I have a big account homework that need to be solved and I need help with it because I am soo busy doing work for my family. I really need help.

Sent by Hisham on 5/8/14

English, Sioux Falls, SD

Hello Diana, I am looking for an english tutor for my 4 year old son. He knows alphabets and words in english but he has difficulty in conversing.

Sent by Gov on 5/8/14

Reading,Math, Rutledge,Ga

Hi, My name is C. I am looking for someone to help my son out.He is 10 he needs help in reading and math he is being placed in the 5th grade and he will need...

Sent by Crystal on 5/8/14

Geometry, Washington, UT 84780

I am looking for a geometry tutor for my 16 yr. old home schooled daughter. Thank you! Joe

Sent by Joseph on 5/8/14

Usmle, Washington, DC 20017

Preparing for Step 1. I need help.

Sent by Al on 5/8/14

Calculus, Cincinnati, OH 45220

My son is taking calculus at Miami. He has a final Mon Morning. His regular tutor is out of town. Woul you have an hour or two this weekend to review?

Sent by Montywolf on 5/8/14

Mcat, Long Island, NY

I'd like to discuss MCAT review

Sent by John on 5/8/14

Math, Brockton, MA

looking for tutor for my high school daughter at my PLACE.i LIVE IN brockton,MA

Sent by Gail on 5/8/14

Act, Niceville Fl

My son score 30 on act he didn't score well on science can you help on this

Sent by Reshma on 5/8/14

English, Kingsport, TN

Hi Linda, I am looking for an adult English tutor who could focus on pronunciation and accent reduction? if this is something you are interested in please contact...

Sent by Michelle on 5/8/14

Math, Hudson, NY

Hi Jeanette, We are interested in finding a tutor in math for our daughter who is 13. Please contact me if you are available to discuss. --M.

Sent by Marianne on 5/8/14

Elementary, Iselin, NJ

Plz call me at7326446095 For my kids

Sent by Pratap on 5/8/14

Biology, Houston, TX

My tutor from this site backed out at the last minute due to her busy schedule. I have 3 online 1322 Biology (basic nutrition) assignments due tomorrow night.

Sent by Cook on 5/8/14

Accounting, Capistrano Beach, CA

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for my MBA accounting class. I'm two week into the semester and I am having a lot of trouble already.

Sent by Tony on 5/7/14

Video, Camarillo, CA

Hi I'm looking for a tutor this summer to show me how to use Camtasia, I have the software for a promotion video for a program.

Sent by Angie on 5/7/14

Accounting, Kailua, HI

Hello I am looking for a tutor for intermediate accounting and tax courses I am on mcbh please text me if available (phone number available after purchase) thank you

Sent by Devin on 5/7/14

Usmle Step 1, Fort Worth, TX 76120

Do not appear to have heard from Harshil S. as yet. plz give me a call at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Sabina on 5/7/14

Unix, Sacramento, CA

Hello Domanic, I am taking an introductory UNIX course at Sac State and I was interesting in your tutoring. The OS I use UNIX in is Ubuntu and I just need help...

Sent by Zuriel on 5/7/14

Math, Agoura Hills, CA

Hello Michele I'm looking for a tutor for my 13 year old daughter. She is in 6th grade and needs help with math and language. I live very close to Agoura Hills, CA.

Sent by Laura on 5/7/14

Adhd Tutoring, Essex, MA

Hi Diana, My son actually goes to MERSD high school. He has ADHD (I have the neuropsych evaluation) and needs organizational tutoring.

Sent by Heather on 5/7/14

Act, Beaumont, TX 77706

Hey Kelly My name is M. E. my son Tyler is graduating from Port Neches. I'd like to see if you have any available time for ACT tutoring.

Sent by Mark on 5/7/14

Chemistry, Reseda, CA

Hi, I am looking for a chemistry tutor. Please call me eight one eight three hundred four nine zero two. Thanks.

Sent by Sue on 5/7/14

C#, Cypress, TX

I am currently working in a textbook for C# and could use some assistance on the labs. They should be fairly basic to someone who is experienced with C#.

Sent by Wes on 5/7/14

Calculus, Lewisville, TX

Hello! I have a daughter who is a junior in high school studying Pre-Calculus. She is struggling so we are looking for someone to come to our home to help get her...

Sent by Sheila on 5/7/14

Precalculus, Oxnard, CA

I am looking for a in-home (oxnard) precalculus tutor for my high school daughter. Would like to talk to you.

Sent by Jenny on 5/7/14

Geometry, Brentwood, CA

Hi, my daughter is in 9th grade and I would like to hire a geometry tutor for her.Pls call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Vivian on 5/7/14

American History, Naples,FL

Hello Steve Do you tutor AICE International History???

Sent by Eileen on 5/7/14

Calculus, Humble, TX

My daughter needs help passing Math suB.ject in College.

Sent by B on 5/7/14

Nclex Pn, Fairfield, CA

I need help for NCLEX PN tutoring to pass the Board Exam. I have another friend also interested. Would be ale to help? (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Elaine on 5/7/14

Graphic Design, Atlanta, GA

Can you tell me if you are located in the Atlanta area or Portland?

Sent by Amelia on 5/7/14

Math, Eveleth, MN

Please give us a call we are in need of a Math tutor for our boys 6th and 4th grade. They struggle in Math. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ann on 5/7/14

Geometry, Ronkonkoma, NY

my son son is 16 and struggling in school.He needs geomerty help

Sent by Patricia on 5/7/14

English, Chico, CA

Hi. I am Korean international student in Chico State.I am having difficulties to write essay because of lack of english skills, so I am looking for a writer...

Sent by Yunjinchang on 5/7/14

Physics, Ojai, CA

Need help with High School AP-Level physics tutoring, in Ojai, CA. I am a 17 year old Junior, female. I speak Mandarin and English.

Sent by Ivy on 5/7/14

Writing Graduate School Papers In Education, Arlington, TX

Hello. I am in graduate school at NCU. I will be writing numerous papers while at NCU. I am horrible at putting my thoughts on paper. I need help. LOL

Sent by Wanda on 5/7/14

Asvab, Bakersfield, CA

Hello can you help me on my math part Of the asvab..my yahoo account is acting werid

Sent by Fidel on 5/7/14

Elementary, Blanco, TX

We are looking for a tutor for our children. can you please contact us to discuss, we live just outside of Blanco

Sent by Kurt on 5/7/14

Photography, Glencoe, IL

I just bought a Nikon D7000 with a 50mm f/1.8D lens. This summer and next fall I am doing a lot of traveling, and I feel like I have a great opportunity...

Sent by Samantha on 5/7/14

Reading, Math, Grasonville, MD

Hi Meghan, I live in Grasonville Maryland. I have a granddaughter that is 7 years old. She will be here for the summer and I am interested in her getting tutoring.

Sent by Betsy on 5/7/14

Algebra, Bellerose, NY

Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase) for physics and math tutoring.

Sent by Yasmeen on 5/7/14

Grammar, Irvine, CA

Hi I'm A. I'm from Kuwait Indeed tech me grammar and writing (: This is my phone number : (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ahmad on 5/6/14

Math, Claremont, CA

Sorry had to correct email. (email available after purchase). Hi Eden, we have 6th grade daugter who has had a tutor for 2 years.

Sent by Runisha on 5/6/14

Algebra, Roseville, CA

I am interested in hiring you for my daughter, she is having difficulty in pre algebra. Please call me at 436-6458

Sent by Jennifer on 5/6/14

Math, Panama City Beach, FL

My husband needs tutoring for the Officer School Program Test. He needs a tutor in the morning starting this week for 5 weeks. Are you available?its for Algebra.

Sent by Luisa on 5/6/14

Organic Chemistry, CT

I am currently taking an online organic chemistry course. I need a tutor to connect with me via Skype to watch me take an exam so make sure I don't make too many...

Sent by Samantha on 5/6/14

Chemistry, Gambrills, MD

Hello, I have a Sophmore at Arundel HS that is taking Honors Chemistry and needs a tutor. She got a D last semester and needs to bring that up in the next 5 weeks.

Sent by Rahel on 5/6/14

Adobe Illustrator, Rowlett, TX 75088

Need help with Adobe IllustR.atoR. foR. an upcoming family R.eunion pR.oject.

Sent by R on 5/6/14

Math Reading, Sharon Hill, PA

Hello, I'm looking for someone to tutor my 9yr old son who is in the 4th grade. He needs help in all the major subjects: math , reading, writing, grammer, etc.

Sent by Kate on 5/6/14

Accounting 100, Miami, FL 33130, BRICKELL

Hi, michael, mi name is A. R., I'm a lawyer from Venezuela, I'm taking Acounting 100 as a prerequisite for my masters degree and i'm having a lot of problems with...

Sent by Alejandro on 5/6/14

Photoshop, North Adams, MA

I would like to hire you to teach me how to use my digital camera and Adobe Photoshop. I live in North Adams. Please call 64-4689

Sent by Jjoann on 5/6/14

Biochemistry, Medford, MA

Do you teach graduate level B.iochem (tufts course)? And is there different pricing if we meet every week?

Sent by B on 5/6/14

Praxis, Baltimore, MD

I need help in Praxis 1 Math

Sent by Al on 5/6/14

Project Management, Miami, FL

Hi Lydia, I am a graduate student taking a project management course. I am having issues with constructing network diagrams and calculating, AON scheduling...

Sent by Ashley on 5/6/14

Pre Calculus, Waxhaw, NC

My 16 year old daughter needs help in her pre calc class. She is attending school online this year so is only about 1/4 finished with the class but needs someone...

Sent by Sara on 5/6/14

Biology, Panorama City, CA

Hi Nicole, I have a final next Thursday at Csun for biology 100 and I really need help. When can we begin? I need all the help I can get!

Sent by Natalie on 5/6/14

Geometry, Wilson, NC

Hi Mary. I'm looking for a geometry tutor for my homeschooled 15 year old daughter. Please let me know if you can assist.

Sent by Janelle on 5/5/14

Organic Chemistry, Bakersfield, CA

hello. I am taking inorganic and organic chemistry. I really need help with the drawing part of it on line

Sent by Caroline on 5/5/14

Algebra, Pearl, MS

My daughter needs help in algebra and reading she attends Pearl High School and is finding it difficult to keep up due to her learning disability

Sent by Tomieka on 5/5/14

Geometry, Happy Valley, OR

Hi Marilee, I have a daughter Sara who is a sophomore in high school. She attends clackamas high. She is a very good student but need help in geometry.

Sent by Kirsten on 5/5/14

Chemistry, Oswego, IL

need chemistry tutor for grandson, at least for two or more sessions, till the end of current school year. Student is sophomore at OEHS

Sent by Al on 5/5/14

Thermodynamics, Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Hello, I need help with thermodynamics if you can help please contact me as soon as you can! Thanks.

Sent by Fatmah on 5/5/14

Us History Honors, Walnut, CA

Do you have exp w/US history? My 9th grade son Austen, has struggled, is getting a "D-". He has 3 wks & 3 tests (including final) to bring up to a "C" .

Sent by Charles on 5/5/14

Psat, Bryan, TX

Where do you tutor? Are you willing to tutor twins?

Sent by Leslie on 5/5/14

Elementary, Lubbock, TX

Hi Ashley I am interested and in finding a tutor for my son he is currently in the 2nd grade and he is struggling with reading and math so I was just seeing if...

Sent by Terry on 5/5/14

Marketing, Fullerton, CA

I am looking for someone that can teach me how to a few exclusive products I have to market. How to set up a distribution network as a rep.

Sent by Tom on 5/5/14

Math, Murrieta, CA

Hi Paulette I have a question my son he's in 7th grade and he's struggling right now in math, I will like to know if you have experience in this kinda age and maybe...

Sent by Jose on 5/5/14

Organic Chemistry, Long Island, NY

Hello Erik im interested in taking tutoring in organic chemistry please give me a call if you can thanks (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Hector on 5/5/14

Thermodynamics, Hayward ,ca

I need a immediate tutoring n the next half hour. Can you help me in thermodynamic exam

Sent by Faleh on 5/5/14

Statistics, Bronx, NY

Hi I need help with my stats test is there a way you can help me?

Sent by Naomie on 5/5/14

Accounting, Glendale, CA

Hello! I need help today for my accounting class. Would that be possible? I hate to do things last minute but I've been very preoccupied. I live in Glendale, CA.

Sent by Athena on 5/5/14

Chemistry, Hickory Hills, IL

Hey I'm in need of help. I have a take home chem test due Tomarrow would u be able to help

Sent by Moe on 5/5/14

Civil Engineering, Chicago, IL

HI Mr Bernard, My name is G. im pursuing a MS in construction management although im having some difficulties on one of the courses, the course name is...

Sent by Ghaith on 5/5/14

Algebra 1, Mount Juliet, TN

I am looking for an Algebra tutor for my 18 year old son who is currently homeschooling. These are the last two classes he needs for graduation.

Sent by Katherin on 5/5/14

Gmat, Bellmore, NY

Hello Mona, I will be taking the GMAT at the end of June, and was hoping that you could assist me with the math section. I live right in bellmore so im not far.

Sent by Zoe on 5/5/14

Physics, Merced, CA

looking for tutoring in physics,

Sent by Andres on 5/5/14

Molecular Biology, Toledo, OH

Hi Benjamin, My name is J. L. and I am currently doing research at the University of Toledo Department of Orthopaedics. I was a practicing physician...

Sent by Jiayong on 5/4/14

Adobe Photoshop, Memphis, TN

Hi Meredith, My 12 year old son likes doing graphics, and would like to learn Adobe photoshop Do you teach kids photoshop? Thanks, A.

Sent by Alex on 5/4/14

Organic Chemistry, Oak Park, MI

Hello Shaina, I'm soon to start studying for the DAT and it's been awhile since I've studied the hardcore sciences. It would be nice to have some help.

Sent by Lyn on 5/4/14

Javascript, Los Angeles, CA

Hi i am looking for someone to help me with my 12 question homework on javascript please email me A.ensani1 @(url available after purchase)

Sent by Amir on 5/4/14

Autocad, Plymouth Meeting, PA

I have a little project in autocad that I need help with. It has some bearings involving N W E , degree , minutes and second. Let me know your schedule this week.

Sent by Vil on 5/4/14

Reading Comprehension, Fort Lauderdale, FL

interested in tutor for my daughter she is in 3rd grade my number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Liza on 5/4/14

Accounting, Kirkland, WA

Need tutor for my sin with accounting 202. Please call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Shah on 5/4/14

Texas Holdem Poker, MD

Hi Marc: What is your background in Texas Holdem? Please use only (email available after purchase)

Sent by Michael on 5/4/14

Math, Charlotte, NC

Hi Kendra. I'm recently retired from the Military and currently in Math 208 at the University of Phoenix. It's College Algebra. I'm behind on my homework assignments...

Sent by Sean on 5/4/14

Spanish, Gainesville, GA

I have a son at Riverside Military Academy and he needs help in Spanish for the next month then also next year. He is currently in Spanish II.

Sent by Tracie on 5/4/14

Calculus, Columbia Station, OH

Hi brian, I'm a returning college student currently finishing Advanced Algebra at Tri-C. I'm looking to get into Calculus next semester and would like to know if...

Sent by Jeff on 5/4/14

Public Speaking, Corpus Christi, TX

I am a published author and would like to be a motivational speaker. I hope you can help me hone this skill as im not very good. Please call me at (phone number...

Sent by Betty on 5/4/14

Linear Algebra, Fulton MD

Hi, could you take a linear algebra exam for me. I had a really bad semester and couldnt drop the class and I havent been able to study for it.

Sent by John on 5/4/14

Law, Houston, TX

Hello Michael, Do you do any tutoring for law school? I have Contracts II this summer at South Texas College of Law and Property II , Con Law and Evidence in the fall.

Sent by Tracy on 5/4/14

Pre Calc HONORS, Vernon Hills, IL

how much is your rate for pre calc-honors in summer? thx

Sent by Uma on 5/4/14

Spanish (native Speaker), Lawrence, KS

Hello. I have a paper completed for my spanish class and it needs to be peer reviewed before i submit it for my final assignment. Are you able to help me out?

Sent by Andy on 5/4/14

Javascript, Omaha, NE

Hi, my name is J. and I am from Omaha. I served 8 years in the army and now I am going to use my GI bill to get a job studying web design.

Sent by Jim on 5/3/14

Mechanical Engineering, Lewes, DE 19958

are you good in statics and dynamics ?

Sent by Mike on 5/3/14

Computer Programming C, Oakland, CA

Sent by Walt on 5/3/14

Reading (dyslexia), Carrollton, TX

I have a 11 yr old son going to the 6th grade and has dyslexia. I want to get him a tutor for the summer and get him use to the tutor for the next school year.

Sent by Eva on 5/3/14

Statistics, Turlock, CA

I need help in statistics as soon as possible. Thank you.

Sent by Janette on 5/3/14

C#, Columbus, OH

I need a tutor for c# classes ASAP

Sent by Fallon on 5/3/14

Statistics, Hartford, AL

Hi johnathan is there anyway you are able to assist me with psychology statistics tomorrow Multiple linear regression using SPSS

Sent by Donna on 5/3/14

Adobe Photoshop, Washington, DC

hi chijioke, my name is L. . i need help with a document that can be done with photoshop, but it is in spanish, will appreciate it if u can give me a call...

Sent by Lydia on 5/3/14

Architecture Drafting Programs, Stuart, FL

I am an Architecture student entering upper division Architecture at FAU and I lack computer drafting. Which I believe is highly needed.

Sent by Melissa on 5/3/14

Statistics, Hopatcong, NJ

Mellisa, please I need your help in statistic. Call me as soon as you receive this message. (phone number available after purchase). Thank you

Sent by Patricia on 5/3/14

Microsoft Word, Athens, GA

Please call me.I need to set up docuents and insert photo images onto word document.you can email me but I prefer you call me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Soraya on 5/3/14

Usmle, Dallas, TX

interested in USMLE Step 1 prep one on one tutoring. thanks

Sent by Sabina on 5/2/14

Accounting/Agebra, Hammond, LA

please contact me ASAP (phone number available after purchase) I am needing a tutor immediately for Quantative-Accounting/Algebra thank you very much looking forward...

Sent by Kimberlee on 5/2/14

English, Pocatello, ID 83209

Hi, My name is R. I'm an international student and I'm looking for private tutor for English can you please give me a call or send me a messageto figure how is...

Sent by Rania on 5/2/14

Microsoft Excel 2010, Fort Collins, CO

Need assistance with Microsoft Excel 2010. In specific, combo box programing/data validation, both form control and activeX. Dependent drop-down lists, etc.

Sent by Dianne on 5/2/14

Statistics, Greenville, SC

Hello Paige, I have an upcoming final this week. I am home for the weekend and could really use to help! Are you available tomorrow or Sunday?

Sent by Anne on 5/2/14

Starke Fl, Starke, FL

Hey Danielle, How do feel about teaching a 6 year? I currently stay in Georgia and my son will be with my sister. I need him to be prepared for the first that he...

Sent by Tasha on 5/2/14

Adobe Illustrator, Fair Lawn Nj

Hey mr Abbas I am in fair lawn nj. Having trouble adding color to my cad rendering. It is basically a supposed to look like a site plan map.

Sent by Joe on 5/2/14

Organic Chemistry, Buffalo, NY

Hey aysha..i have my organic chemistry final in a week and i am in desperate need of a tutor!!

Sent by Iman on 5/2/14

Usmle, Beverly Hills, CA

Interested in help for USMLE Step 1 starting now i am in the Beverly Hills area

Sent by Preeti on 5/2/14

Ielts, Alexandria, VA

Hi mr. Alen I am interest to take ielts and I saw you'r qualification and location are clouse to my home please give me a call ASAP Thanks (phone number...

Sent by Mohamed on 5/2/14

Elementary Math, East Taunton, MA

Not sure if you received my last message as I have not heard from you. Would you please contact me as soon as possible as I am looking for a tutor for my son? Thank you.

Sent by Jaileen on 5/2/14

Accounting, Fairburn, GA

My son in 12th grade needs help in accounting to finish his last two homeschooling exams in order to graduate. His tutor just had a new job and could not complete...

Sent by Irene on 5/2/14

Accounting, Mount Vernon, NY

Hi Timothy, I have a take home advance accounting final exam. I would like you to go over it with me to make sure it correct. Are you available Saturday?

Sent by Karene on 5/2/14

Science, Montgomery, AL

My 7th grade daughter have a difficult teacher in science. She needs help with study skills and how to pass the test.

Sent by Melissa on 5/2/14

C#, Boston, MA

Hey, I am in Boston, MA and need help with C# urgently. Is there a good place and time we can meet to work through the solution?

Sent by Syed on 5/2/14

Math, Steamboat Springs, CO

I need a tutor for my sophomore who is doing poorly in Advanced Math.

Sent by Barbara on 5/2/14

Essay, Merced, CA 95340

Hi, Karen. I want to know you are avaliable for tutor writting for me. I am preparing for SAT essay. Thanks

Sent by Edward on 5/2/14

Computer, Canton, MA

I have an object oriented analysis project to finish. I need help with creating a class diagram

Sent by Katie on 5/1/14

Algebra 1, Miami, FL

Hi Miss Adriana, i would like to set up an appt with you to tutor my Son Alexander who is in 7th grade in algebra 1 ,can you please contact me at (phone number...

Sent by Sandra on 5/1/14

Algebra, Placerville, CA

HI I am 21 yr old flc student in beginning algebra. I have struggled all term with a D average. I have to get 81% on my test next week to pass, do you think this is...

Sent by Brooke on 5/1/14

Nutrition, Saint Paul, MN

hello could you help me with my nutrition online quiz

Sent by Mustafa on 5/1/14

Usmle, Chicago, IL

Hi! I wanted to know your availability for the next couple weeks for Usmle Step 1 tutoring. I am trying to schedule my exam and would like a bit of guidance to do so.

Sent by Shivani on 5/1/14

Gmat, Edmond, OK

Hi. I am preparing for the GMAT and was wondering if we could arrange for few session. I am seeking help in understanding questions types and strategies for...

Sent by Abdul on 5/1/14

Real Estate, Garland, TX

Hi Richard, I need some help with an online real estate course. I need to complete stuff by next Saturday. I would appreciate all the help as I am not...

Sent by Diana on 5/1/14

Algebra, Spring Branch, TX

Please contact me to discuss tutoring my grandson for Algebra 2 at Memorial High School.

Sent by Cara on 5/1/14

Intro To Astronomy, Mission Viejo, CA

Hi Sandra, My name is M. i was wondering if you had any experience tutoring into to astronomy. I'm a student in college and ill be home for the weekend...

Sent by Miranda on 5/1/14

Special Education, Lansing, MI

Hello, I'm looking for help in math. I 'm a student at LCC with learning disabilities who need to pass math starting with the lowest . Thank You , K.berly

Sent by Kim on 5/1/14

Algebra 11, Spring Branch, TX

Hi Patricia, My nephew goes to Memorial High School and is needing a tutor for Algebra 11. Do you have any availability at this point in the school year?

Sent by Stacie on 5/1/14

Statistics, Anaheim Hills, CA

Hello Megan, My name is B. L. I am going to SCC and need a stats tutor desperately. This is my last class before transferring to CSUF and my whole life depends on it.

Sent by Brittany on 5/1/14

Math, Chappaqua, NY

Need math help for daughter first year Greeley HS student. Good student but needs math help . located in Chappaqua . please advise availability for 1-2 days a week .

Sent by Silvio on 5/1/14

College Algebra, Weatherford, TX

Need to find a tutor for my son, S., in his first year of college at Weatherford. Needs a 2 hour session before his final next Wednesday.

Sent by Sam on 5/1/14

Computer Programming, Seattle, WA

Hello! I need to learn basic XML and DITA for my job. Would that be something you would be available to do? Thanks! M.

Sent by Matt on 5/1/14

Statistics, San Antonio, TX

Hello, I am an online student at ASU and I have to take my final in MAT110 by tomorrow but I cannot pass the Compound Probability lesson.

Sent by Audrey on 5/1/14

Math, Greenville, SC

Hi, looking for tutor to help my 9th grader with math & study skills for other subjects. Afternoons in my home @5.. Her exams are coming up & hopefully we get...

Sent by Georgia on 5/1/14

Elementary, Midlothian, TX

We need a tutor to work with our son that is in kindergarten. We were takinghim to a ttutor but they closed. We would like him to move on to 1st and he needs much...

Sent by Timothy on 5/1/14

Statistics, Anaheim, CA

I am looking for a one-on-one,weekend tutor for Statistics that can start ASAP . I am currently taking my last math class at Santiago Canyon College and between...

Sent by Teresa on 5/1/14

Finance, Woodland Hills, CA

In need of a finance tutor Thank You!

Sent by Bita on 5/1/14