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Accounting, Fort Walton Beach, FL

Hello. I'm in dying need of help with my accounting class. Can you please call me as soon as you have a chance. I am located in Fort Walton and I'm willing to meet...

Sent by Barry on 11/30/14

Accounting, Bellevue, WA

Are you available this week for tutoring ?

Sent by Damsy on 11/30/14

Math And English Writing, Fremont, CA

need home tutoring and homework help for 5th grader boy @ gomes. Call me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Shishir on 11/30/14

Esl, San Diego, CA

Hi, Elaine! We are a couple of tourists from Russia and looking for experienced english tutor for 2 month. We will stay Mission/pacific beach from 12/01...

Sent by Olga on 11/30/14

Math, Fairmont, WV

Would you be interested in tutoring 11th grader. He needs help in math, chemistry & Spanish. He really needs help in applying himself and study skills.

Sent by Kimberly on 11/30/14

Math, Forney, TX

Hi, my name is E. and I'm really in desperate need of a math tutor. I am needing to retake my math GED, I'm embarrassed to say I have put this section off for many...

Sent by Erica on 11/30/14

Gre, Wooster, OH

I want to increase my GRE score for 142 verbal to 148 math to at least 150 for both , I have test in Jan 30

Sent by Amr on 11/30/14

Architecture, Denver, CO

I have done a model in Rivet and I need help completing my renderings can you help me with that ?

Sent by Mohammed on 11/30/14

Thermodynamics, Ashburn, VA

Hello, I am a Senior attending Old Dominion University as a Mechanical Engineering Technology Major and I would like some tutoring in Thermodynamics before...

Sent by Jimmie on 11/30/14

Algebra 2, Fresno, CA

Hi Natalie, I'm a junior in high school and I desperately need your help in Algebra 2. Is it possible that we can meet at the Fresno County Library for sessions.

Sent by Helaina on 11/29/14

Microsoft Access, Torrance, CA

can you do Microsoft access

Sent by Michael on 11/29/14

Spanish, Isabela, Pr

Hello My wife and I will be living near Playa Jobos from 31 Dec-31 January. We would like to study Spanish. We would be willing to meet several times each week with...

Sent by Marty on 11/29/14

Cheerleading, Morgantown, WV

Hello, I need a help in my ACE 356 Tech of Coaching:Cheerleading quiz. It is 60 Q all of it is true & false. and the due date is 5 Dec. Regards,

Sent by Abdulaziz on 11/29/14

Thermodynamics, Leesburg, VA 20176

Hello, I need to model the thermodynamic process of a launcher over time with Matlab. I have the equations I need, but I don't know how to use Matlab.

Sent by Andy on 11/29/14

Spanish, Visalia, CA

Can you help me with my conversational Spanish? I live in Visalia. I was thinking we could meet at a Starbucks for the tutoring sessions in Visalia.

Sent by Jason on 11/29/14

Math And Reading, Lithonia, GA

my daughter is in the 5th grade and need help in math and reading

Sent by Pashion on 11/28/14

Social Sciences, Baton Rouge, LA 70817

I'm a social sciences PhD student at LSU. I have recently collected some original data and my stats experience is not strong. I am having trouble not only...

Sent by Richie on 11/28/14

Algebra, Milton, NH

Paula, I live in Milton NH and my son is at laconia community college and he is in trouble. I wish I had seen you earlier. he is 5 weeks into a 8 week course...

Sent by Gary on 11/28/14

Act, Rowlett, TX

Hello, I'm looking for an ACT tutor for my son Jared. He is a junior and is a high profile athlete. It is important he scores well for life and scholarship offers.

Sent by Katrina on 11/28/14

Usmle, Boston, MA

Dear Sravan, I am interested in taking tutoring sessions from you. I am from Boston MA. Preparing for step 1. Exam date is March 30th.. Please contact me asap

Sent by Harki on 11/28/14

Ocala Fl, Ocala, FL 34474

My son is in the 8th grade and needs some help asap in Algebra I. Thanks!

Sent by Rob on 11/28/14

Adobe Indesign, Raleigh, NC

Hello Tanisha, I hope you had a joyous Thanksgiving. I need some help with InDesign. I'm formatting a book I've written and illustrated. Have you formatted books?

Sent by Tad on 11/28/14

Ged, Redmond, OR

Hello this may be outside your usual tutoring. My husband is preparing to take his GED, but he has been out if school for 15 years and is in need of a lot of...

Sent by Beth on 11/28/14

Statistics, Shreveport , LA

I am needing a tutor for my statistics final, in order to graduate.

Sent by Mona on 11/28/14

Algebra, Schertz, TX

Ms Ashley we hope all is well. My daughter Ali is headn home from a stint in the hospital probably going to be at the house recouping for two weeks maybe more need...

Sent by Walter on 11/28/14

Statistics, New Orleans, LA

Hi Jessica, My name is R. A., and I am currently enrolled in an online statistics class. Are you available to tutor me for a few hours either today or tomorrow?

Sent by Robert on 11/28/14

Math Reading Study Skill, Dallas, TX

Hi Julia, Our 13 year old sun needs help with his study organization as well as math, English language arts and science. I also like you to prep him for...

Sent by Naylee on 11/28/14

French, Springfield, MO

Hi Lorraine, I am 44, born and raised in Germany , live with my family in the country close to sgf and want to freshen up my french skills i learned in school.

Sent by Martin on 11/28/14

Gymnastics, Folsom, CA 95630

I live in Kansas is their a way you could still tutor me with gymnastics

Sent by Monique on 11/28/14

C#, Philadelphia, PA

Hi Jason, I'm in need of some help with C# I currently have a project due date coming up and wanted to make it really good. I live in the Philadelphia area...

Sent by Anthony on 11/28/14

Reading, Miami, FL

hello, My daughter is struggling in reading and needs a tutor asap.

Sent by Guerchly on 11/28/14

Java, Alexandria, VA

Hi! I'm new to Java and putting lots of effort into it, but I need some help. I currently a VCU student and my TA and professor are of no help.

Sent by Kat on 11/27/14

Usmle, New Orleans, LA

Hello. I am looking for a tutor to assist me with USMLE preparation. Please contact me at (email available after purchase)

Sent by Fran on 11/27/14

Computer Science, Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Hello- are you available this weekend I nee 2-3 hours total. I am in College Intro Computer Science and am having a hard time writing some programs and looking for...

Sent by William on 11/27/14

Windows 8, Camano Island, WA

Just bought a new computer and having major challenges using Windows 8, outlook and gmail. I live on Camano Island with my wife and dog.

Sent by Steve on 11/27/14

Math Tutor, Loveland, CO

I have a high School Freshman Struggling with algebra 1. live in NW Loveland

Sent by Will on 11/27/14

Computational Physics C++, Louisville, KY

Hi, I have project due date Dec 8 and i need help with it. my project is A golf ball trajectory with spin. so i need to write the code for C++ and use Root...

Sent by Adel on 11/27/14

Ielts, Seattle, WA

i'm looking for a good teacher who can improve me in writing for the ielts exam i would like to contact you as soon as you can respond me ! thank you,

Sent by Amoudi on 11/27/14

Algebra 2, Jacksonville, FL

I am in need for algebra 2. my daughter is a senior at Ed White. I am needing it to be at my home I live off Cahoon Rd which is not far from your location

Sent by Kim on 11/26/14

Environmental Engineering, Arlington, VA

Hi I have a wastewater treatment project and i need someone to assist me with it (Urgently)

Sent by Nr on 11/26/14

Photography, Katy, TX

Hi Kyle, I am a Graphic Designer and I also love taking pictures. I finally decided to learn to give up Auto shooting mode! I really enjoy taking pictures...

Sent by Carey on 11/26/14

Math, Pittsburgh, PA

I have a 8th grade son who is taking the ISEE test and needs work in quantitative reasoning, mathematic achievement and test taking strategies

Sent by Amir on 11/26/14

Nclex Rn, Wallingford, CT

Hi Dr. Ivana, I am preparing to take the NCLEX-RN for the second time. I feel prepared, but I did the first time as well. I work 7-1530 M-F, and would be willing...

Sent by Steven on 11/26/14

Geometry, Fair Oaks, CA

Hello Julia - I'm looking for some in home evening Geometry tutoring for my high school sophomore. My daughter is a student at St.

Sent by Lisamarie on 11/26/14

Xml, New York, NY 10005

Hi, I am a graduate student and I have class (Database Theory and Design) if you can help me to do the last homework and the final exam please let me know. Best,

Sent by Abdullah on 11/26/14

Edit My Research, Tucson, AZ 85719

Hi Elizabeth, I am a graduate student at UofA, and I need to edit my research.

Sent by Sahar on 11/26/14

Reading & Writing, Mount Sinai, NY

Hello Meagan, My son Christopher is 16 and in the 11th grade at the Mount Sinai High School. He recently took an SAT prep class, but his scores were not good...

Sent by Janet on 11/26/14

Reading, Blue Springs, MO

My son Hunter is in 4th grade and in need of tutoring in reading. We live in Blue Springs. 1 hour a week. I was thinking Wednesday's time frame 5 pm to 8pm.

Sent by Phillip on 11/26/14

Math, Evergreen Park, IL

Hello, we are looking to strengthen our 6th grader's math skills.

Sent by Corie on 11/26/14

Molecular Biology, San Diego, CA

Hi Chantal can you please contact me I am a college student who in need of passing a final for biology class and If I dont pass I unfortunetly dont graduate can...

Sent by Adam on 11/26/14

Spanish, Los Alamitos, CA

Hi, my name is C., I'm looking for a consistent, long-term spanish tutor. I'm available Saturday and Sunday. I live in Los Alamitos, and am willing to drive out...

Sent by Charlie on 11/26/14

Business Statistics, Merritt Island, FL

My son is in need of a Business Statistics tutor this weekend to study for an exam next week. Are you knowledgeable in Bus Stats and are you available after 5pm...

Sent by Cynthia on 11/26/14

Numerical Analysis, Newark, NJ

Hello Mr. Mohammed, I am senior student in civil engineering at NJIT and currently taking Applied Finite Elements. This class consists of writing matlab codes of...

Sent by Damaris on 11/26/14

Computer Science, Tulsa, OK

Need senior level college help in prep for final, week after next (after Thanksgiving). Subject is Data Structure/Algorithm Analysis I. Can you help?

Sent by Lynn on 11/26/14

Excel, Miami, FL

I need help with my computer excel final test give me a call at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Frantzdy on 11/26/14

English Tutor, Clinton, MS

Hi. Ms. Jameela ! I am trying to find someone to tutor my son in Math and Language Arts that understand the common core method of teaching.

Sent by Andrea on 11/26/14

Act, Concord, NC

Hello, I am looking for an ACT Test Prep Tutor. Special attention needed in math. Tutor needed for the first two weeks in Dec. Prep for Dec 13th Test Date.

Sent by Angela on 11/26/14

Combinatorics, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

can you tutor graduate level combinatorics?

Sent by Andy on 11/25/14

Physics, Oklahoma City, OK

Hi Chris, My son is a senior in high school and a straight A student. He needs help with his AP calculus course. Please call me as soon as possible...

Sent by Pete on 11/25/14

English, Hackettstown, NJ

Hello, I looking for English teacher I life in hackettstown.

Sent by Sofia on 11/25/14

Stata, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Sabreena, I need help creating codes with STATA to complete a research project. would you be able to help, and if so, how soon.

Sent by Maha on 11/25/14

Algebra 1, El Dorado Hills, CA

Hi! I have a 14 year old son who needs help w/ Algebra 1. We have 4-6 weeks left in the trimester , so we need 3 chapters left to finish. Live in El Dorado Hills.

Sent by Julie on 11/25/14

Spanish, Saratoga Springs, NY

Hello, My name is Alex Amzallag and i have a 5 year old son. We live in saratoga springs and we were wondering if you would be interested in turoring my son (...

Sent by Alexandra on 11/25/14

English, West Chester, OH

HI, I live in westchecter ohio and looking for some one to teach Grammar to my 3rd grader. Can we talk? my cell number is (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Riz on 11/25/14

Reading, Vail, AZ

Hi, I'm looking for a reading tutor for my 2nd grade daughter. She has some issues with reading and reading comprehension. Is this something that you can help with?

Sent by Monica on 11/25/14

Mainly Math But Varies, Cincinnati, OH

Hello I am looking for tutoring for my 14 yr old freshman daughter. Thank you B.

Sent by Brandye on 11/25/14

Spanish, Roxboro, NC

My daughter need help in spanish class she is in the11 grade

Sent by Charlene on 11/25/14

Finance, Houston, TX

Hello, I have a case study due tonight involving a real estate loan refinance for a local business. I have most of the loan summary and proforma down I think but...

Sent by William on 11/25/14

Adobe Photoshop, Reading, PA

My daughter needs some help with a web project for college. She needs to make collages using photoshop. Is this something you could help with?

Sent by Sherry on 11/25/14

French, East Lansing, MI

I'm looking for a Parisian French tutor for one of my clients moving to Belgium next March. She seeks lesson in East Lansing, either during the lunch hour or from 4...

Sent by Sue on 11/25/14

Romanian, Dallas, TX

I'm interested in Romanian-English tutoring for my mother...

Sent by Adelina on 11/25/14

Ssat, Sag Harbor, NY

Dear Mitch, Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) to discuss immediate SSAT tutoring for my daughter. Thank you, Rob M.

Sent by Robert on 11/25/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Sat Test Prep, Fallbrook, CA

Hi I am desperate for help to bump up my score 100 pts before I re take the test on dec 6 th. Call me (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Kassidy on 11/25/14

Math, Miami, FL

I'm looking for a tutor to come in from 3:30pm to 5pm, Mon to Thursday to tutor my 6 year old son in math and help him with his homework.

Sent by Sara on 11/25/14

All Subjects, Yuba City, CA

Hi there I was looking into getting my son a tutor cause I try to show him but it's a fite he's 6 he needs help in all areas of learning reading and etc...

Sent by Amanda on 11/24/14

Math, Escalon, CA

Hello, I need a math tutor for my 7 & 8th grade girls once or twice a week. live in del rio area in modesto. My 8th grade daughter in will be in advance math class...

Sent by Kirsten on 11/24/14

Ielts, San Diego, CA

I want to teach me IELTS because I have test soon

Sent by Ahmed on 11/24/14

Physics, Ambler, PA

Hi Miss Sarah W., I'm J., a senior in high school, and I'm looking for weekly help in honors physics. I have a rough understanding of concepts but am mostly helpless...

Sent by Jenny on 11/24/14

Sas, Kennesaw, GA

Hello Jennifer! I am currently in a computer applications of statistics class. I was wondering if you could help me out with my SAS homework.

Sent by Melissa on 11/24/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Computer, Ogden, UT

need help connecting a wireless printer to my lap top and instructions. thank you G.

Sent by Greg on 11/24/14

Hydraulic Engineering, Leesburg, VA 20176

i have to do design project in hydraulic, can you help me with that?

Sent by May on 11/24/14

C#, Birmingham, AL

Hi, I know I emailed you before. I thought I could do the class on my own, now I definitely need some help. I have a MVC project due and I need some help.

Sent by Nicole on 11/24/14

Math, Lansdowne, PA

My 13 y/o son is in the 8th grade and he is having trouble with math.

Sent by Noori on 11/24/14

Social Studies, Science, Northridge, CA

I am looking for a tutor for my 8 year old daughter who attends private school. She is in 3rd grade and needs a tutor for Social Studies, Science and Language Arts...

Sent by Polonia on 11/24/14

Excel, Hartford, CT

Hi Bob, I have intermediate excel skills and I am looking for become advanced. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Natasha on 11/24/14

Nursing, San Bernardino, CA

Hello Ashnita my name is G. I am in need of help to prepare for a TEASE exam. I am going to enroll in nursing school in April 2015 and need to prepare myself for it...

Sent by Gina on 11/24/14

Portuguese, Royersford, PA

Hi Robert - I'm currently taking Portuguese classes at Villanova and falling behind. I live in Royersford which is pretty close to you.

Sent by Jason on 11/24/14

Math, Augusta, GA

Erin, I am looking for one on one math tutoring for my only child. My daughter is in 5th grade. I would like to have her stored one hour a week.

Sent by Pat on 11/24/14

Asvab, Norfolk, VA

I need help with the ASVAB

Sent by Tiffany on 11/24/14

English, Sacramento, CA

I am looking for someone to tutor my 6 year old son after school 2-3 days a week.

Sent by Josh on 11/23/14

Excel, Roseville, CA

Hello Brittany, I am currently searching for tutor. My main objective is to learn Microsoft excel. I have very little knowledge and find myself in great need...

Sent by Del on 11/23/14

Math, Seatac, WA

Hello Alina, I am looking for a tutor for my 14 year old daughter - she is preparing to take tests for private school placement and has all of the study materials...

Sent by Lekeha on 11/23/14

Algebra, Long Beach, CA 90801

Please let me know if you are avail to teach algebra 2 to my child?

Sent by M. on 11/23/14

Ged, Fishers, IN 46037

Hi Nicole im looking for a tutor to help ged test prep

Sent by Jim on 11/23/14

Css, Somerville, NJ

Hi Happi, I'm looking to start a web design business in the Somerville area and need some additional tutoring on CSS before I do so.

Sent by Mitchell on 11/23/14

English, Mount Prospect, IL

hello my name is C. K.. i have a 3rd Grade daughter . she need a help in Reading Books and writing .i live in Mt. prospect. i would like to meet you somewhere...

Sent by Chong on 11/23/14

Math, Norwich, VT

Hi we are looking for a math tutor for our daughter who is a junior at Hanover High. She is doing Advanced Maths but struggling somewhat having just transferred...

Sent by Mary on 11/23/14

English, Alexandria, VA 22304

Mr. Greenbaum, I am looking for a qualified English tutor to improve mainly my writing and pronunciation. Please contact me via email. Thanks in advance, F.

Sent by Frinet on 11/22/14

Math, Durango, CO

Hi John, I am a single parent of a high school sophomore, almost 16 years old. I am capable of teaching him math but he always has an excuse not to sit with me...

Sent by Maryam on 11/22/14

Chemistry, Houston, TX

Hi Ricardo I'm in college, are you available for analytical chemistry (which is basically just like chemistry) tutoring for tomorrow (sunday, 11/23) ?

Sent by Reyam on 11/22/14

Asvab, Saint Louis, MO

Hello, I am looking for a good ASVAB tutor, so I can be able to take the ASVAB, and be able to make a high score.

Sent by Sabrina on 11/22/14

Mechanical Engineering, Ashburn, VA Or Springdale, MD

Hello, I am a Senior attending Old Dominion University as a Mechanical Engineering Technology Major and I would like some tutoring in Thermodynamics before...

Sent by Jimmie on 11/22/14

Thermodynamics, Stony Brook, NY

Hi, Would you be able to help with Graduate level Thermodynamics tomorrow? A. (phone number available after purchase) (email available after purchase)

Sent by Andy on 11/22/14

Philosophy, Woodland Hills, CA

Hello, I had a PHIL200 class, and I needed help in the homework regarding transitionals etc, can you help me?

Sent by Abdullah on 11/22/14

Geology, Houston, TX

Need a geology tutor ASAP this week downtown Houston right opposite the galleria (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Caleb on 11/22/14

Visio, Marina, CA

I need help with Access and Visio. Are you rates negotiable?

Sent by Danielle on 11/22/14

Chemistry And Math, Milpitas, CA 95035

Hi Jeremy, My son Andrew Tran in 10th grade now. He needs help on chemistry and math. Can you contact me so we can arrange time for tutoring my son? Thanks.

Sent by Yvonne on 11/22/14

Physics, Macon, GA

are you pretty good with physics because i have 57 in my class and i need to graduate i have trouble understanding my teacher most of the time im desperate right now .

Sent by Zaria on 11/22/14

Quicken, Dallas, Texas 75225

I need to transfer my old quicken 2002 to the new one 2015. Can you help? Thanks, P. I live in Dallas off of Preston and Desco.

Sent by Paul on 11/22/14

Calculus, Alpharetta, GA

I am interested for a tutor for my daughter who is a senior in highschool. She is taking calculus and we need some help. We would want a twice a week tutoring after 4pm.

Sent by Maria on 11/22/14

Biology, Columbia, SC

Good Morning, We need a PCAT tutor for a college student in the Columbia area. The student is preparing to take the PCAT exam in Januray.

Sent by Kimberly on 11/22/14

Calculus, Southern Pines, NC

My daughter needs tutoring in ap calculus. Are you available to tutor her? We live outside of pinehurst.

Sent by Amy on 11/22/14

Organic Chemistry, Saint Paul, MN

Hey Sam! I'm currently taking organic chemistry I and I could use some help piecing a few things together with all of the alkene and alkyne reactions.

Sent by Kelsy on 11/22/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Math, Edwards, CO

Please call me when you have a chance to discuss. If possible would like to schedule an appt. next week need a little help with math. V.

Sent by Vik on 11/21/14

Chemistry, Mundelein, IL

My daughter needs some help in chemistry. Are you available this weekend. If yes, call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Seema on 11/21/14

Math, Westmorland, CA

My daughter is taking the SAT Subject test for math again early December and needs some help. Are you available to tutor this weekend for 1 maybe 2 hrs?

Sent by Mr. on 11/21/14

Math, Trenton, NJ

I'm really dumb when it comes to math, preparing for the post exams to become a correction officer, I really need help, can you help me.

Sent by Channing on 11/21/14

English, Orlando, FL

Hi Loretta, My name is S., I work for Executive Language Training ((url available after purchase)). I am currently looking for an English trainer for my client.

Sent by Sandy on 11/21/14

5th Grade Math, Ambler, PA

Hi Marian, I have a 5th grade child. His name is Liam. Liam has been struggling with math for quite some time now. My husband and I have tried to teach him but he...

Sent by Salina on 11/21/14

Math, Aurora, IL

Hi Sara..my daughter Lorin is having some difficulties in math. I would like to find her a math tutor that will help her with her math skills.

Sent by Mrs on 11/21/14

Accounting, Honolulu, HI

Good Morning Angelica, I am in need of assistance for my Managerial Accounting class so I could finish my Masters in Finance. Its been 14 years since my last...

Sent by Guillermo on 11/21/14

Gmat Prep, Aberdeen, NC

Hi, My name is L. A. and I need help preparing for the GMAT. I am hoping to take the test in mid-January. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, L.

Sent by Lex on 11/21/14

Real Estate, Phoenix, AZ

I need help passing my real estate state and national exam please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Mike on 11/21/14

Spanish, Bonita Springs, FL 34135

Hello Esteban, I am glad that you have a degree in psychology. I am dyslexic and I want to learn spanish. I really want to be able to converse and sound intelligent...

Sent by Jolin on 11/21/14

Aspergers, Mount Pleasant, MI

Hi Tracey, Our 9 year old son has recently been diagnosed with Aspergers. We are currently looking into our education options for a new school or home schooling...

Sent by Amanda on 11/21/14

Writing, Wilmington, DE

I need a tutor for teaching SAT Reading and Writing to a group of students. Please let me know if you are available.

Sent by Chitra on 11/21/14

Organic Chemistry, Glendale, CA

VERY urgent. I have an ochem test on Monday and really need someone to go over with me the practice test before Monday!!! Please contact me back or text/call (phone...

Sent by Deena on 11/20/14

Writing, Gainesville, FL

Hi Betsy, I'm looking for a tutor to help my 13 year old home schooled son with writing. He has done very little writing since he takes all his classes online.

Sent by Diane on 11/20/14

Praxis, Glocester, Ri

Hi Kellie, I'm looking for a praxis tutor. Please contact me if you can help. Thank you, L.

Sent by Lori on 11/20/14

English, Paris, TX

Hello my name is C. Pedalino, I'll be in Paris between December 22, 2014 until January 8, 2015 and would like to do some lessons with a native English teacher.

Sent by Claudio on 11/20/14

Microsoft Windows, San Marcos, Ca

hi, i need help in an access project for school. i was wondering if you can help me out. my cell# (phone number available after purchase) give me a txt or call

Sent by Jose on 11/20/14

Philosophy, Elk Grove Village, IL

I need to get a philosophy project done phl 101 mostly basic logics. I am always available. Located in Elk Grove Village il

Sent by John on 11/20/14

Religious Studies, Manchester Township, NJ

my child is with religious studies

Sent by Kim on 11/20/14

German, Davis, CA

Hello tessa Iam from Egypt my little kid 4.5 years was in german play school in egypt I want to complete her study to follow her friends in egypt .

Sent by Rania on 11/20/14

Biology, Geometry, Merritt Island, FL

I have a 9th grade daughter who needs a little more help in biology and geometry

Sent by Yon on 11/20/14

Act, Birmingham, AL

We are looking for an ACT reading and English Tutor for our son Jaimes and possibly for our nephew John. He also needs a Spanish 3 tutor.

Sent by Kassaundra on 11/20/14

Microbiology Biochemistry, El Cerrito, CA 94530

Hello, I was looking for a tutor for microbiology and biochemistry. Could you please give me some details on your set up.

Sent by Nancy on 11/20/14

Elementary, Lombard, IL

Hi Lauren I am looking for a teacher who can guide my 6 year old in english and math. would you be available starting next week .

Sent by Mathew on 11/20/14

Math, Blakeslee, PA

I am looking for a 4th grade math tutor for my daughter 1-3 hours a week Thursday and friday. We live in Blakeslee Pa . The hours will be from 4:30pm - 6pm .

Sent by Emmy on 11/20/14

Python, Los Angeles, CA

Hey Max, I haven't heard back from you and stumbled across this tutor site and saw your name while looking for other people. Are you still available to tutor?

Sent by Rusty on 11/20/14

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA 90033

hi i need step 1 help. my phone is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by David on 11/20/14

Math Add, New Orleans, LA

Hello Carol, My daughter Lily has been struggling with math, since the third grade. I am wondering if your particular brand of enthusiasm and my ability to afford...

Sent by Wendi on 11/20/14

Math, Dunn Loring, VA

Hi Ashley, I go to nova right now and I am in Liberal Arts Math, Math 151, I have been really struggling and I need to pass the final exam, I need to move on to mason.

Sent by Shivani on 11/20/14

Asvab, Honolulu, HI

Catherine, I need help with the math part of the ASVAB test. I have my military test in 4 math. I want to meet my tutor once a week. I prefer to pay in cash.

Sent by Javan on 11/20/14

Mcat, New Brunswick, NJ

Hi, I am currently looking for tutor for the MCAT 2015 exam and reside in New Brunswick. I was wondering if you could give me more information about how...

Sent by Beejal on 11/20/14

Usmle, NY

Hello, do you step tutor for Step 3 USMLE? please tell me how you go about teaching for the exam. How many students have u taught step 3 to??

Sent by Anuj on 11/20/14

Engineering, Issaquah, WA

Trying to study Engineering. Would like help learning some of the processes. I am having a very hard time remembering how to take intergrals.

Sent by Kevin on 11/20/14

Adobe Indesign, Northridge, CA

Hi, I need tutor about Adobe InDesign and Dreamweaver ASAP.

Sent by Tzuan on 11/20/14

AP Biology, Shreveport, LA 71106

Hi I am currently a Junior at Caddo Magnet High School. I have never had to really study in the past but I am struggling in AP Biology, I need some help...

Sent by Laura on 11/20/14

Web Design, Gainesville, FL

Hello, I am currently in a web authoring class, and I have a final coming up that I really want to do well on. If you are familiar with Html5 and css...

Sent by Alexandra on 11/20/14

Adobe Photoshop, Pasadena, CA

Hi, I am an 85 year old seismic contractor. I have been using Corel products for some time. Would liken to explore Adobe photoshop. Can you help?

Sent by Ed on 11/20/14

Add Adhd, Boulder, CO

Hi David, I love your photo. You would get along with My David (14) 9th grader at Boulder High has ADD and is bilingual/German. He needs someone to sit by him...

Sent by Phoebe, on 11/20/14

Math, Reading And Writing, Margate City, NJ

Hello My name is A. and my son Aidan is in 2nd Grade (in Margate school). I need a math, reading and writing tutor. Can you please call me at (phone number...

Sent by Adriana on 11/20/14

Algebra 2, Fernandina Beach, FL

Looking for an in home tudor for my child.

Sent by Maureen on 11/20/14

Chemistry, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33322

My daughter is a junior at sta and needs help with chemistry and algebra11. Let me know if you can help with both subjects. Thanks

Sent by Denise on 11/20/14

English Tutor, Los Angeles, CA

Hello, How are you doing? Do you provide English lessons for standard English tests. I would like you to prepare two international students for IELTS...

Sent by Larry on 11/20/14

Reading Common Core, New Middletown, OH

My son is in 6th grade. He has dramatically failed every open-book test in reading that he has been given so far this year. He is learning "Simple Solutions" reading...

Sent by Denise on 11/20/14

Mechanical Engineering, Columbus, OH 43210

Hello, I need help with few problem maybe 3 in aerodynamics/ thermodynamics. Sample problem: Consider a flow with a pressure and temperature of 2332 lb/ft2 and 498 deg.

Sent by Jordan on 11/20/14

Reading, Brookhaven, MS

I am looking for a tutor in 5th grade reading/comprehension and math. We are in the enterprise school district.

Sent by Jessica on 11/20/14

Pre Calculus, Hercules, CA

Good night Yusuf, I have a 16 year old daughter that attends Alhambra High and is struggling in Pre-calculus. She's generally available in the eves and we can travel.

Sent by Tricia on 11/20/14

Sas, Arlington, VA

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor to help with my stat project. I wonder if you are familiar with multivariate analysis and using sas? Thanks.

Sent by Gene on 11/19/14

Chemistry, Savannah, GA 31419

I need help for chemistry numerical problems.

Sent by Binita on 11/19/14

Geometry, Wildomar, CA

Hello: my daughter need help on her geometry class. We lived in Clinton Keith . Thank you :

Sent by Lanie on 11/19/14

Math, Avon Lake, OH

My son is a senior and is struggling with math. Please contact me if you are interested in taking on a student. Thank you!

Sent by Kathleen on 11/19/14

Physics C, Friendswood, TX

Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase) to start tutoring for my son, who needs help in physics C. Thank you. A.

Sent by Aye on 11/19/14

Statistics, Fairfield, CA

hello, Are you able to tutor AP statistics in Fairfield?

Sent by Sofya on 11/19/14

Chemistry (general), Stevenson Ranch, CA

Hello looking for a chemistry tutor for my daughter in 10th grade.

Sent by Amy on 11/19/14

Spanish, St. Petersburg, FL 33716

Hi Ann! My name is J.. I am interested in improving my spanish and becoming fluent. Half of my family is from Colombia but unfortunately, I did not grow...

Sent by Jessica on 11/19/14

Geometry, Gulf Breeze, FL

Hi TC, my daughter is a sophomore at Gulf Breeze and is struggling with her geometry class. She has had some health issues and is trying to catch up.

Sent by Kim on 11/19/14

Statistics, Orlando, FL

Jenny, i need help in my statistic assignment,

Sent by Danny on 11/19/14

Calculus Tutor, Somonauk, IL

Aaron- My HS son asked me if he could find a tutor (really). He struggles with his pre-calc teacher at small school. Great student but cannot communicate.

Sent by Teresa on 11/19/14

Algebra, Saint Louis, MO

Need immediate tutoring in Beginning Algebra (college level). I live in Kirkwood, MO. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Kourtney on 11/19/14

Math, Galesburg, IL

Hi Lilly We are seeking a tutor for our 9 year old daughter Ela. She is struggling in Math and Science. We live in Oneida IL. and it is a small town 12 miles east...

Sent by Kara on 11/19/14

Math, Kailua, HI

Aloha Tirzah, We are looking for a tutor to help our 16 year old son during his Thanksgiving break (Nov 22 to Nov 30th) catch up on his understanding of linear...

Sent by Joni on 11/19/14

Calculus, Orlando, FL

I am struggling in Calculus and currently have a failing grade. I need help asap so I can pass my class

Sent by Vernesha on 11/19/14

Math Tutor, Lakeville, MN

Hello - I am researching tutor options for my 3rd grade girl in the lakeville school district. She struggles with math and reading fluency. Thanks.

Sent by Kristie on 11/19/14

Chemistry, Redmond, WA 98052

Hi Aruna, Myson/daughter need some help in chemistry-high school level but AP chemistry. Are you available to talk? Thank you

Sent by Pramod on 11/19/14

History, Monroe Township, NJ

My Daughter is having trouble in honors American history. She is in 10th grade and has never had a problem before. Her problem is more with the teacher then the work.

Sent by Donna on 11/19/14

3rd Grade Tutoring Math/English, Woodland Hills, CA

Hi Joy: Please call my husband (Louis) at his cell (phone number available after purchase). We live n Woodland Hills and our is daughter is a 3rd grader...

Sent by Ana on 11/19/14

English, South Zanesville, OH

I need a tutor for my daughter, she is in preschool. She isn't grasping on to letters or numbers.

Sent by Rachel on 11/19/14

Spanish, Wyckoff, NJ

Hi Kevin, My daughter is a HS junior and needing help in Spanish!! and also Algebra 2...are you exp in these subjects? let me know or call me (phone number available...

Sent by Catherine on 11/19/14

Material Science, Napa California

Hi My son is a Mechanical engineering student at USC. He just failed his Materials Science Test and needs to ACE his Final. DO you think Your Materials Science...

Sent by Kathleen on 11/19/14

Asvab, Wahiawa, HI

I need help with asvab Like ASAP

Sent by Javin on 11/19/14

Social Science, 93117

Hi Dirk, I need lessons in social science.

Sent by Wagigirl on 11/14/14

English, Canton, TX

I'm very interested in you tutoring my son.

Sent by Marcie on 11/19/14

Chemistry (general), Fort Lauderdale, FL

My daughter is a junior at saint thomas aquinas needs help in chemistry and algebra2 Please contact me to help Thanks

Sent by Denise on 11/19/14

Chemistry, Bolivia, NC

Hi Donald, I have a daughter who is a soph at West Brunswick High in honors chemistry and she needs some help. She is an A student but struggling with chemistry.

Sent by Ben on 11/19/14

Statistics, Cape Coral, FL

Hello, I am currently taking statistics and I am struggling very much. I was wondering if you can help me out.

Sent by Chanel on 11/19/14

Adobe Flash, Orlando, FL

Simple Flahs Portfolio layout for school. Any chance you can help?

Sent by Kevin on 11/19/14

Civil Engineering, Sacramento, CA

I want help in civil engineering. I need help in wind loads, dead loads, live loads, overturning moments, resistance moments, uplift, Coefficient factors, seismic...

Sent by Eric on 11/19/14

Finance Tutor, Natick, MA 01760

i need ur help to answer and understand some question

Sent by Moon on 11/19/14

Math, Visalia, CA

hi i am looking for a tutor for my daughter

Sent by Shana on 11/18/14

Math, Roanoke, TX

Hello! Our son is in the 6th grade and is having some difficulties with math. He hasn't grasped some of the concepts taught thus far this year and continues...

Sent by Dana on 11/18/14

Math, Gainesville, TX

Looking for tutoring in Math and English for 6th grader.

Sent by Allison on 11/18/14

Italian, Watertown, NY

I would love to learn Italian!

Sent by Kelsey on 11/18/14

Toefl, Buffalo, NY

Hi , I am student from Saudi Arabia . I get sick with TOEFL . I have to do the exams (IBT,ITP)at the end of November . it is important to get High score in exams .

Sent by Sahar on 11/18/14

Ged, Tampa, FL

NEED GED teacher science/ (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Harold on 11/18/14

Chemistry (general), Tallahassee, FL

Hello Mark, Would you be able to tutor me in Gen Chem II? Let me know if you are available! Thanks, A.

Sent by Ashley on 11/18/14

World History, Santa Cruz, CA

Looking for advanced tutoring for AP World History at PCS. Need assistance editing term paper and studying for midterm. Flexible on times.

Sent by Andrew on 11/18/14

Multivariable Calculus, Suwanee, GA

Hi, I would love if you could tutor my 12th grade daughter in her multivariable calculus class.They just finished the linear algebra portion of this course (which...

Sent by Shilpa on 11/18/14

European History, Santa Clarita, CA

I am looking for a tutor to help my son, 15 with AP Euro History. Academics/Studying/Testing. He needs help with learning, notes, essay outlines and test prep.

Sent by Michelle on 11/18/14

Material Science, Huntsville, AL

i have a lab final test tomorrow on eutectic Pb/Sn phase diagram, xray diffraction, creep test, tensile test, and microstructures in a metal experiments.

Sent by Bander on 11/18/14

Physics, Nashville, TN

looking for a tutor for my 11th grade son in physica and geometry

Sent by Joan on 11/18/14

Algebra Spanish, Fresno, CA

Hello - I am looking for a tutor for my 8th grader for pre-algebra and spanish. I would need about 9 hours/week for the next 2-weeks and then about 4 hours /week...

Sent by Tonya on 11/18/14

Organic Chemistry, Long Island, NY

I am taking organic chem as a prerequisite for PA school. I have 4 weeks remaining. Due to personal issues i missed a few weeks of class and have a lot of catching...

Sent by Melissa on 11/18/14

Reading, Seneca Falls, NY

Hi Charles, Please contact me regarding your services for tutoring a 7 yr old boy in reading and writing. We live in Seneca Falls. Thank you.

Sent by Maria on 11/18/14

5th-8th Grade Math, Oxon Hill, MD

I am looking for a tutor for my son 13yrs old

Sent by Sheila on 11/18/14

World History, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Looking for advanced tutoring for AP World History at PCS. Need assistance editing term paper and studying for midterm. Flexible on times.

Sent by Andrew on 11/18/14

Algebra, Lake Mary, FL

We have a 17 y/o son that is on virtual school and had fallen behind in his Algebra class and need help. We live in Heathrow. You can contact me at (phone number...

Sent by Arnold on 11/18/14

Math, Westport, CT

Sent by Deborah on 11/18/14

Computer Science, Newport Coast, CA

Hello! My son is a Junior in High School and he is taking AP Computer Science. We are in Newport Coast/Newport Beach so close to UCI. Are you familiar with AP ComSci?

Sent by Robert on 11/18/14

Oracle Database, Greenville, SC 29615

Hey Rohit my name is K. and I have a big problem. I have fallen behind in my database warehouse class due to the birth of my first child and other personal things.

Sent by Kris on 11/18/14

Robotics, Miami, FL 33183

Need help on a robotics project. I'm a first year freshman in college. willing to pay up to $100 if you can help me finish the programming.

Sent by Greg on 11/18/14

Physics, Port Neches, TX

My son is taking Physics pre-AP and would like a tutor. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase). Thanks.

Sent by Aaryn on 11/18/14

Algebra 2, Keller, TX

I'm looking for a pre-ap algebra 2 tutor for my son. He attends Central high in Keller . Please call me at your earliest convenience. Thanks, M.

Sent by Michael on 11/18/14

Accounting, Lexington, KY

Hi Joe, I need tutoring for ACC202 asap taking that class online and is hard for me.Can you please contact me soon is possible,so I can setup tutoring sessions...

Sent by Danijela on 11/17/14

Elementary Math, Skiatook, OK

Hi Cindy! I'm looking for a math tutor for my 9 year old son who is in 4th grade. He attends Barnsdall elementary school. Fridays are days that will work best for us...

Sent by Quichesha on 11/17/14

Sql, Richardson, TX

I am trying to install Microsoft SQL management studio in my laptop so that I run server based SQL. Can u help me to install SQL in my PC so that I can start working...

Sent by Sayed on 11/17/14

Chinese, Rockville, MD

Hi, I would like to learn chinese, can you please send me ur info?

Sent by Sammy on 11/17/14

Piano, Salisbury, MA

Hi, please contact me about piano lessons. ;) Thanks you

Sent by Giovana on 11/17/14

Algebra 2/Trig, SAT, Deer Park

I need a tutor ASAP with reasonable pricing my parents cant afford a lot and i need a tutor immediately i plan on taking my SAT in January and also need help with my...

Sent by Stephanie on 11/17/14

Calculus III, Odessa, TX

Bryan, Do you have experience tutoring for calculus 3? thanks, A.

Sent by Arash on 11/17/14

Javascript, New York, NY

Sent by Valentina on 11/17/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Geometry, Bedford, OH

Need help with my 9th grade son who is failing math.

Sent by Ina on 11/17/14

Asvap Prep, Spring, TX

I will be taking the ASVAP in a few months and need tutorering in math. I live in the Spring, Woodlands area. I am willing to come to or youto me or even meet somewhere.

Sent by James on 11/17/14

Geometry, Chicago, IL

Hi! I need a tutor for my 10th grade child in the subject of Geometry. Is it possible that you can start asap?

Sent by Dunnia on 11/17/14

Reading/Writing/Math, Cheshire, CT

I'm a senior at Cheshire High School and I am looking for an SAT tutor for my upcoming test on December 6th. If you could get back to me as soon as possible...

Sent by Josh on 11/17/14

Tutoring, Springfield, OH

Need tutoring for my 7 year old son ..Please call 450-1999

Sent by Amy on 11/17/14

Sas, Moriches, NY 11955

Dear John Please write any one assignment for my Analytic lesson: (url available after purchase)+Commerce+reviews+set (url available after...

Sent by Soham on 11/17/14

Drawing, Nashua, NH

Hello i am interested in learning how to draw but specifically people and fashion/ models if u could email me back as soon as u can that would be great.

Sent by Jennifer on 11/17/14

Algebra, Grass Valley, CA

Hi, I have a 15 year old who is a freshman at nu. He needs help in algebra. He hovers around a c minus and a d. Please let us know if you can help. Thank you

Sent by Adam on 11/17/14

Math, Yuba City, CA

Hello Catherine. My name is S. K.. I have an 12-year old daughter, Maddie, who is currently in the 7th grade. She is struggling in math and her father and...

Sent by Shirley on 11/17/14

Engineering, Elkridge, MD

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for my 9th grade son. He is taking Intro to Engineering & Design and is struggling with his projects.

Sent by Kelda on 11/17/14

Algebra, Powell, OH

Need math tutor for daughter, specifically for ACT prep.

Sent by Denise on 11/17/14

History SAT Writen Part, San Diego, CA

Hello Katie, We are looking for a history and SAT tutor - verbal and written part. My son is somewhat hesitant to receiving tutoring help but he is struggling...

Sent by Mica on 11/17/14

Chemistry Tutor, Berkley, MI

I have a senior in high school who is struggling with Advanced Placement Chemistry and AP Physics. He wants to go to Michigan State next year, and State wants...

Sent by Diana on 11/17/14

Engineering Mason, Alexandria, VA

Hi, I need help in ece 445 in mason so please let me know if you can help. Thanks

Sent by Saeed on 11/17/14

Algebra Physics, Tampa, FL

Jennifer, I have a 11th grade son and a 12th grade daughter in high school who need help with algebra 2 and physics. My son takes algebra from an online course...

Sent by Sheelia on 11/17/14

Accounting, Fresno, CA

Hello. I need help on managerial accounting.

Sent by Allison on 11/17/14

Computer Programming, Sarasota, FL

In addition to a tutor I need someone to actually program a custom PO and Sales Invoice that I created in quickbooks 2013 wholesale and retail edition.

Sent by Phil on 11/17/14

Tutoring, Edinburg, TX

My son is having trouble in school and needs a tutor.

Sent by Oscar on 11/17/14

Usmle, Bayonne, NJ 07002

hey, i need some help in step 1 studying would u plz tell me what method of teaching u use and how it can help me . plz do msg me for further discussion. thank you. S.

Sent by Sadeeqa on 11/17/14

Computer Tutor, Marietta, GA

I would prefer in home training on my macbook as opposed to the in-store one on one training that doesn't seem to work for me. I need help organizing files and photos.

Sent by Sue on 11/17/14

Psychology, Des Moines, IA

need help pychology asp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Barb on 11/17/14

Python, Portland, OR

Hi Diana, I'm currently a student in a developer bootcamp in Portland and I'm looking for extra help with Django. Do you do Django tutoring? Thank you! M.

Sent by Monique on 11/16/14

Accounting, Fresno, CA

Hello my name is J. S. i am a student at fresno city college i needed help doing my accounting homework it is called accounting 4a in fresno city college i can...

Sent by Jitender on 11/16/14

Farsi, Irvine, CA

Salam , man in semester Calculus 1 daram,Wednesday test daram, donbale kasi migashtam ke betoone vaam ta 1 saat 20ta soal hal kone, ba ghematesham moshkeli nadaram.

Sent by Ali on 11/16/14

Reading, Manchester Township, NJ

I need help with reading

Sent by Lisa on 11/16/14

Excel, Fort Worth, TX

Denise, We have several projects within our company I'd like to discuss with you. We're located approximately 2 miles from downtown; training will need to be onsite.

Sent by George on 11/16/14

Softball, Irvine, CA

Hi Melinda, My name is H. and I am looking for a softball tutor for my sister who wants to prepare for her high school tryout.

Sent by Hamed on 11/16/14

Finance Tutor, Palo Alto, CA 94301

i need help with finance project

Sent by Adde on 11/16/14

Science, San Antonio, TX

hi . i would like to know if you can tutor my daughter in Chemistry. She is second year and has difficulty in her chemistry subject. Please respond. Thanks C.

Sent by Clint on 11/16/14

Chemistry (general), New Castle, DE

I'm in need of tutoring for my college chemistry class I can meet at the bear library of Barnes & nobles at the mall. I would like to meet tomorrow after 2...

Sent by Clanege on 11/16/14

Statistics, Havertown, PA

Hi, my name is J.B. and I am interested in an AP Statistics tutor 2x's a week for my son, who is a senior in high school. You can call or email me (phone number...

Sent by John on 11/16/14

Javascript, Buffalo Grove, IL

Hi Richard, I'm getting started learning web development and I'm looking for a tutor who can help me get rolling. My main focus now is javascript...

Sent by Felix on 11/16/14

Biology, Clifton, VA

I L.ve in CL.fton VA and would L.ke to find a biology tutor for my daughter Lucy. She is a 9th Grader at tjhsst. The 1st quarter she gets all A's except Biology B+...

Sent by Gary on 11/16/14

Cognition, Cleveland, OH

I have a 13 year old daughter in 8th grade with an IEP based on a 4th grade instructional level.

Sent by Melissa on 11/16/14

Tutor For CPA Exam?, Irvine, CA

Hi Patrick, I was wondering if you have had any experience tutoring specifically for the CPA test. I am currently studying for the FAR section of the test and...

Sent by Claire on 11/16/14

Armenian, Los Angeles, CA 90096

Hi, I want to learn A.ian through Skype, I speak Russian and English. Can you help?

Sent by Armen on 11/15/14

Clarinet, Anaheim, CA

Hello, I have a 4th grade student who need clarinet tutor. I live in Anaheim.

Sent by Hyung on 11/15/14

Algebra, Escondido, CA

Hi Theresa, My 13 year old, 8th grade son is falling behind in Algebra. He is normally a straight A student but this year he is struggling in math.

Sent by Thor on 11/15/14

Physics, Honolulu, HI

Looking for a physics tutor for a high school junior. Call or email to discuss potential arrangement. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Rob on 11/15/14

Honors Chemistry, San Jose, CA 95118

I need a tutor for honors Chemistry for my daughter. She is a sophemore this year. Presently, she has a B only because she has retaken test she has had C's on.

Sent by Sabina on 11/15/14

Computer Science, Henderson, NV

I need help in computer science are you available today?

Sent by Colleen on 11/15/14

All, Brunswick, OH

I am looking for a tutor for my 10 th grade son.

Sent by Danielle on 11/15/14

Asvab, Bogota, NJ

Hello mr.vinai, how much do you charge?

Sent by Selena on 11/15/14

Physics, Bernardsville, NJ

We are looking for a physics tutor for our 16 year old son, who is a junior at Bernards High School. He is in Honor Physics and is doing well on quizzes but not tests.

Sent by Jessica on 11/15/14

World Geography, Miami, FL

Hi Maria, how are you? My daughter needs a World Geography tutor. If you are interested please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.

Sent by Maysoon on 11/15/14

Act, Navarre, FL

Need major help with my son to get prepared for the act on Dec, 13. This will be his 2nd time testing and we need his scores to improve greatly.

Sent by Sonya on 11/15/14

Macintosh, Atlanta, GA

I need general computer help to do my job. Computer and Mac challenged. Here in Alpharetta.

Sent by Rob on 11/15/14

Statistics, Charlotte, NC

I need help with some statistics labs asap

Sent by Antonio on 11/15/14

Study Skills, Silver Spring, MD

Interested in tutoring in silver spring to start in the next week for my 13 year old son. Study skills and organization are lacking

Sent by Kim on 11/15/14

Algebra 2, Cedar Park, TX

Anish, Are you available for tutoring Algebra 2 in Cedar Park for high school student? Thanks, Ketih

Sent by Keith on 11/15/14

Biology, Columbia, SC

Good Morning, We need a PCAT tutor for a student in the Columbia area. We would like to talk to you about this tutoring opportunity.

Sent by Kimberly on 11/15/14

Math, Bowie, MD

I'm looking for tutor proficient in math and English. I can be reached @ (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jules on 11/15/14

Discrete Math, Los Angeles, CA

can you tutor abstract algebra? USC (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Joe on 11/15/14

Adhd, Richmond, TX

Hi Mrs Shuron, I am looking for someone with your experience in all of the above subjects to help tutor my 7 yr. old son. My contact info: A.

Sent by Angela on 11/15/14

Asvab, Folsom, CA

Hi, my name is M.. I need help studying for the ASVAB.

Sent by Mazin on 11/14/14

Accounting, Chicago, IL 60605

I am a DePaul accounting undergrad. Sure could use some help on my tax final.

Sent by Marin on 11/14/14

Usmle - Pathology, Queens, NY

Dear Dr. Lhara: My son is a third Semester Caribbean med. school student. He needs some help in pathology. He will be in NY by end of December for a five weeks break.

Sent by Elizabeth on 11/14/14

Biology, Merced, CA

Hi Andres I tried reaching out to you via wyzant but not sure if you ever got my message. Well my son is a first year student at ucmerced and is in need of tutoring...

Sent by Elsa on 11/14/14

Math, Manchester Township, NJ

I like to tutor me need computer in word

Sent by Donna on 11/14/14

Gre, San Antonio, TX

Hello Daniel. I am looking for tutoring in GRE and I see you have experience. Would we be able to set anything up? Thank you

Sent by Natalie on 11/14/14

Reading And Social Studies, Nashville, TN

My daughter is in the 5th grade and needing help in reading and social studies! Could u please help us! We are located near dwn twn Nash!!

Sent by Eric on 11/14/14

Praxis II All Of Them, Nashville, TN

Help with how and what to study for the praxis exam.

Sent by Angela on 11/14/14

Algebra 2, Clifton Park, NY

Hi Michelle i am in need of a tutor for algebra 2....if that email does not work contact me at 867-6986 or at (email available after purchase)

Sent by Bob on 11/14/14

Home School Tutor, San Jose Ca

I am looking for an in-home teacher to guide a clever 4th grader through his general home school studies. Area is Saratoga, days and times flexible.

Sent by Debby on 11/14/14

Physics, Spring, TX

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter. She is failing Physics and is really struggling to pass this class. I am looking for someone that lives in Spring Texas so...

Sent by Rose on 11/14/14

Asvab, Mcdonough, GA

I would like my son Khalil P. to receive tutoring for the ASVAB. I would like to know if you are available to provide this training and your schedule.

Sent by Roman on 11/14/14

Special Education, North Palm Beach, FL

Hi Cheryl, We are a local tutoring company in need of part-time Special Education instructors. All of our teaching is done on a one-to-one capacity.

Sent by Johanna on 11/14/14

Calculus, Mattawan, MI

My son is a junior at Mattawan high school and needs some help with calculus. What times do you have open and where would you meet him? Thanks

Sent by Kathleen on 11/14/14

Sql Mysql, Lansing, Mi

i am I.. i need help asap. i have project in SQL server 2014. CAN U HELP ME?

Sent by Ibrahim on 11/14/14

Spanish, Springdale, AR

My daughter is homeschooling through Missouri University High School Online. She is enrolled in Spanish III (Flexible schedule) and is finding it tough going.

Sent by Shirin on 11/14/14

Home Schooling, Saratoga, CA

I am looking for an in-home teacher to guide a clever 4th grader through his general home school studies. Area is Saratoga, days and times flexible.

Sent by Debby on 11/13/14

Usmle, Attleboro, MA 02703

Hello I am interested to get a tutor for USMLE.I am a old Medical Graduate have family work.So please let me know about your tutoring.

Sent by Ocean on 11/13/14

Usmle, Bayonne, NJ 07002

Do you teach Step 3? please let me know. thank you

Sent by Anuj on 11/13/14

Ms Project, Portland, OR

I'm interested in learning more about your depth of MS Project knowledge.

Sent by Kaya on 11/13/14

Teas V, Edwardsville, KS

I am in serious need of tutor services. I have taken the teas v test twice. I did much worse the second time. I need to pass. Are you available to help from December...

Sent by Ashley on 11/13/14

Algebra, Murrieta, CA

Hi Ryan, We are looking for a tutor once a week for our 8th grade daughter for Algebra I. What do you charge?

Sent by Suzy on 11/13/14

Math, Elmont, NY 11003

Hey David I been having problems wit my phone for the past few day and I should be good tomorrow. Can you please contact me tomorrow (phone number available after...

Sent by Devin on 11/13/14

Asvab, Orange Park, FL

My son intends to join the military. We are looking for an ASVAB tutor. Meeting at my home or public area is ok, perhaps the library in Orange Park.

Sent by Adam on 11/13/14

C#, Waxahachie, TX 75165

I have a very large application that needs to be converted to C#. I need someone to walk me through it. It could be 100s of hours.

Sent by Will on 11/13/14

Autism, Sherwood, OR

I was interested in a possible tutor for my nonverbal grandson with autism. He is in 3rd grade. We live in Sherwood near north Wilsonville exit off of I 5. Please...

Sent by Nora on 11/13/14

Statistics, Binghamton, NY

I would like to know if you can help my son Jake with his Statistics he is a sophmore at Binghamton University. If so please email me back and we can discuss this...

Sent by Ann on 11/13/14

Spanish (basics), Ashtabula, OH

I am interested in learning Spanish. I would start as a beginner.

Sent by Debbie on 11/13/14

Math, Medina, OH

I live in Medina (close tot he AI Root middle school). I am looking for a tutor for my daughter. She is in 10th grade at MHS. She suffers from Migraines so...

Sent by Julie on 11/13/14

Reading, Maumee, OH

Carol I hope you are still tutoring. I have a 6 year old grandson, who lives in Maumee, struggling with reading and math. His teacher is concerned he is not keeping...

Sent by Connie on 11/13/14

Python, Gresham, OR

Hi Jeremy, I need tutoring in Python. I have a project due that I need assistance with. Are you available to assist? I live in Gresham but can travel anywhere if...

Sent by John on 11/13/14

Act Test Help, Marion, OH

Look for a Tudor to help my son with a better ACT Score. Need help very soon.

Sent by Joey on 11/13/14

Sat English, Wilmington, DE

I am looking for a tutor for SAT/AC.T C.ritiC.al Reading, Writing, and Esay seC.tions.

Sent by C on 11/13/14

Accounting, Overland Park, KS

Hi, my college-aged daughter is failing intro to accounting. she will be home on break Nov 24 & 25th. I'm looking for someone who might be able to tutor her 4 hrs...

Sent by Dee on 11/13/14

Math, Pocatello, ID

my phone (phone number available after purchase) i need help with homework

Sent by Mohammad on 11/13/14

English, Manchester Township, NJ 08759

I am interested in a tutor for my daughter. She is a freshman at Jackson Memorial. She had an I.E.P. since she is 8. My cell phone # is (phone number available after...

Sent by Dani on 11/12/14

French, North Fort Myers, FL

Hello Chelsea B. I'm J. (48) I'll love to speak French. I don't know anything. Can You teach me?

Sent by Joel on 11/12/14

Mcat Dat Oat, NY

I need a tutor for OAT.Please get in touch.if you are available Thanks

Sent by Peter on 11/12/14

Elementary Tutoring Adhd, Liberty, SC

Hey Lisa please call us at (phone number available after purchase) or (phone number available after purchase). Jenn and J. we are looking for help with our daughter...

Sent by Jeff on 11/12/14

Geometry, New Hampton,NY

would you be able to travel to minisink ny 10958 We are looking for a good geometry teacher and for future SAT prep next year as well.

Sent by Punita on 11/12/14

Legal Writing, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I need help wit my project (legal research/writing)

Sent by Anna on 11/12/14

Accounting, Oxford, MS

Hi Chaille, This is H. F., a junior at Ole Miss and I am in search of an accounting 202 tutor. Our third test of the semester is next Wednesday so I...

Sent by Henry on 11/12/14

Reading, Cookeville, TN

I have a 1st grader who needs help with reading fluency. He is meeting all his AR goals and is successful in the classroom thus far.

Sent by Korinne on 11/12/14

Accounting, San Bernardino, CA

hi i need help me with my hw can you call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Naif on 11/12/14

Physics, Lindenhurst, IL

Hi, Richard, I am seeking a tutor for AP Physics for my son who is a high school junior. Weekends work best for us. I look forward to hearing from you. C. K.

Sent by Colleen on 11/12/14

Math, Benicia, CA

Need math tutor in Benicia. If you are available pls email me. Thanks.

Sent by Tasnim on 11/12/14

Algebra 1, Woodway, TX

Our daughter is struggling in Algebra 1 that she currently takes online at Wilson Hill Academy. We are looking for a tutor twice a week.

Sent by Kristi on 11/12/14

Physics B, Snellville, GA

My daughter is in 11 grade.she need help for physics.could you help her?

Sent by Santhosh on 11/12/14

Human Anatomy, Utica, NY

Hi Robert, I'm currently in the Human Anatomy and Physiology program at MVCC. I'm in need of a tutor that can help me get through these last few weeks of class.

Sent by Jenna on 11/12/14

Math, Ponchatoula, LA

Hi, I'm a single parent who needs a math tutor for my daughter Gabriel. She attends champ Cooper school in Robert la. Can you please contact me ASAP via cell...

Sent by Lecour on 11/12/14

Visual Basic, Moriches, NY 11955

Hello sir. Maybe you can help or steer me in the right direction. We are a small company in center moriches. The program that runs our business is written...

Sent by John on 11/12/14

German, Canoga Park, CA

Sent by Nina on 11/12/14

Accounting, Auburn Hills, MI

I am very interested in being tutored by you .

Sent by Danielle on 11/12/14

Chemistry, Secaucus, NJ

I tried to contact you a few days for help in regard to science projects please email me

Sent by Priti on 11/12/14

Math, Lexington Park, MD

Hi, I am looking for a math tutor for my son in fourth grade. Do you tutor elementary school students? We are looking for a few days a week. Thanks

Sent by Amber on 11/12/14

Earth Science, Great Neck, NY

Mary, My son is in 8th grade at Great Neck South Middle school. He needs help with Earth Science subject which goes on high school transcipt this year.

Sent by Lenny on 11/12/14

Algebra 1, Oklahoma City, OK

Hi, I need an Algebra 1 tutor for my daughter in the evening after 4.

Sent by Vee on 11/12/14

Spanish, Elmira, NY

Hi I have a 8 th grade student who has entered in algebra and is having a lot of difficulty understanding it. I am looking for someone who can help her with...

Sent by Kimberly on 11/12/14

Add Adhd, Dekalb, IL

please call (phone number available after purchase) we live in DeKalb and I would like to setup tutoring for my daughter

Sent by Sonice on 11/12/14

Algebra 2, Phillipsburg, NJ

My son is a senior at Phillipsburg HS. He has CP Algebra 2. He failed the 1st marking period, and 5 days into MP 2, he has more failing grades. He has ADD.

Sent by Linda on 11/12/14

Ap Physics, Ponte Vedra, FL

my son needs help in AP physics.

Sent by Anjani on 11/12/14

Statistics, Eaton, OH

Vince, I am a nurse practitioner student currently in a statistics and epidemiology course. I am 3 weeks in to the 6 week course.

Sent by Vanessa on 11/11/14

Act, New Haven, CT

Hi. I'm looking for a tutor for my daughter, who's a high school junior. I think her testing style is more in line with the ACTs, but am not entirely sure.

Sent by Bonnie on 11/11/14

Math, Union Bridge, MD

Hi Lizzie, I am currently looking for a tutor to assist my daughter in my home once a week after school. She is needing assistance with 6th grade advanced math.

Sent by Dani on 11/11/14

English Language Arts, Mc Lemoresville, TN

Hello Patricia, I would like to know more about your services as a tutor. Please give me a call at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Lori on 11/11/14

Needed Tutor, Park Ridge, IL

My Daughter Maura needs help in AP Physics Maybe you can help

Sent by Patrick on 11/11/14

All Subjects, Makawao, HI

Desperate needs a tuter for all subjects an someone to check over a English recovery. That's due in 3weeks this would be for Sadie she's. In 11th.grade

Sent by Jacqueline on 11/11/14

Psychology, Corpus Christi, TX

Need help writing a 10 page paper in the psychology of dream analysis.. its due on 24 of November

Sent by Frank on 11/11/14

Mcat, Philadelphia, PA

Hi Danielle! I'm interested in hiring a person tutor for the MCAT. I would love to have a tutor in the biological sciences/physical sciences.

Sent by Nikita on 11/11/14

Writing, Jacksonville Beach, FL

i like Tutor to help me work with me i just started writing a book my first time at sac was my dream job of writing a book and i thank you very much and my name is...

Sent by Peter on 11/11/14

Reading, Alpharetta, GA

Hello, I am interested in a tutor for my 6 year old son (1st grade). I am looking for him to have supplemental reading assistance to keep him challenged...

Sent by Sheetal on 11/11/14

Math, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

HI IM looking for A TUTOR FOR MY 7TH GRADE SON.HE IS having trouble in intro algebra.

Sent by Martin on 11/11/14

Aspergers, Hopkinsville, KY

hello, I have a 19 yr old daughter that has aspergers/autism and she is in need of math tutoring she is currently working around 3rd grade level basic math?

Sent by Jessica on 11/11/14

Nutrition, Southfield, MI

Hello, Nirali I am currently taking a online nutrition exam that I need help with. Please let me know if you can ASAP. Thank you, Linda

Sent by Shalinda on 11/11/14

Gre, Seattle, WA

Hi. I'm looking for private tutoring for GRE starting immediately. Thank you.

Sent by Ian on 11/11/14

Nclex, Waltham, MA

Hi Sara My name is S. and I'm searching for an nclex tutor to get me ready for the exam, I've been doing practice questions but I think I need more help.

Sent by Sandy on 11/11/14

Bar Exam, Dallas, TX

I am a recent grad, needing a study partner for the Feb bar? I struggle on the MPT and a few essay areas and I really could use the support on accountability.

Sent by Rw on 11/11/14

Tutoring, Slidell, LA

Looking for a tutor for my son in 9th grade.

Sent by Melanie on 11/11/14

Math, Troy, MI

Hi kristin, My son Vatsal needed help in algebra. He is in 6th grade. Thanks, Regards, J.

Sent by Jaya on 11/11/14

High School Biology, Staatsburg, NY

Hi I am looking for a tutor for my 9 th grade grandson

Sent by Cheri on 11/11/14

Computer Programming, Los Angeles, CA

I am applying to attend App Academy for a computer programming bootcamp. But first I have to pass a coding challenge. I have no programming experience.

Sent by Tim on 11/11/14

Statistics, Poplar Grove, IL

Hello Corinne, I have a daughter that is a senior in high school that is in the Running Start program at Rock Valley College. She is struggling with her...

Sent by Makia on 11/11/14

Reading And Writing, Powder Springs, GA

Hello My son is struggling with reading and writing. He is in first grade. Will love to talk and see what we can do for him.

Sent by Jesmarie on 11/11/14

Mandarin Tutoring, Lafayette, CA

My interest is learning Mandarin both reading/writing and speaking. The reason is for purely personal reasons as to learn a foreign language properly besides English.

Sent by Jesal on 11/11/14

Applied Math, Bay City, MI 48706

Hey Dr. Michael, I'm a grad student in math. i need help on this class" Finite Difference Solutions of Partial Differential Equations". could you help please?

Sent by Dhafer on 11/11/14

Essay Writing, Baton Rouge, LA

Looking for help with writing a paper for a graduate class. I have done some of the research but need a little more and someone to put the paper together for me.

Sent by Toni on 11/10/14

Algebra 1 And Biology, Valley Stream, NY

I am looking for an Algebra 1 and Biology tutor for my 14 year old daughter (1 hour each-2 hours total a session) two times a week.

Sent by Noor on 11/10/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Psychology, Omaha, NE

My name is T. A. and I am studying Psychology at College of Saint Mary. I am having trouble writing my research methods paper. I have had to do a class study...

Sent by Tiffany on 11/10/14

Organic Chemistry, Buffalo, NY

Hi i was wondering if you would be available to tutor me in organic chem? We would have to meet on the UB campus, preferably north

Sent by Ajith on 11/10/14

Algebra 2, Rockwall, TX

Hi Samuel, I need a tutor for algebra 2 for my daughter who is a junior in H.S. if you can help let me know, we would like to start this wk when r you available.

Sent by Joni on 11/10/14

Portuguese, Denver, CO

Sent by Clovis on 11/10/14

Act, Red Bank, NJ

HI, My daughter is taking the ACT on 12/13. She took it once before in April & scored 17 composite. She needs a 22 to get into the school of her choice (ECU).

Sent by Marianne on 11/10/14

Java, Irvine CA 92618

Hey Greg. My name is D. I am a student at OCC and I'm taking Java programming right now. I would like to take some sessions with you just to be stronger and revise...

Sent by Daniel on 11/10/14

Act, Cerritos, CA

My son needs help ACT Science mostly and then math, English least. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase) or email. Thanks.

Sent by Chong on 11/10/14

Calculus, Murrieta, CA

Hi Ryan, I am a community college student. I currently am taking calculus and am struggling. I need some extra help to really improve my grade.

Sent by Nicole on 11/10/14

Ap Physics I, Kennesaw, GA

Need a AP Physics I tutor for my sophomore. We live in Kennesaw. Please let me know. Thanks J. S.

Sent by Jags on 11/10/14

Geometry, Houston, TX

Need tutor in geometry for 9 grade students .Two of them same class. Call me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Kirpal on 11/10/14

Spss, Ogden, UT

Hey Clay, I am wondering if you could assist me in performing statistical analysis on my data for my masters degree? Everything is ready but my university is...

Sent by Jason on 11/10/14

Statistics, East Lansing, MI

Hi Ethan, I am currently taking STT 421 at MSU and would like help studying for my upcoming exam on Wednesday November 19th. I would like your help going through...

Sent by Ali on 11/10/14

AMC Math, Saratoga, CA

Hello Dr. Po, We are looking for a tutor to teach for AMC 10/12. Can you teach every Saturday? Please let me know as soon as possible. TH.nks, K.

Sent by Kay on 11/10/14

Math, Waxahachie, TX 75165

I have a 4th grader that is struggling in math right now. He has dyslexia. I am looking for a tutoring for him to get caught up with his math concepts. He loves math.

Sent by Nina on 11/10/14

Math, Leesburg, FL

Myself and my 2 daughters are in need of math tutoring ages 22 and 24 they are both in prereqs for the PTA and I need to pass the pert test at lake sumter...

Sent by Cheryl on 11/10/14

Bio, Hamden, CT

Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) for bio 101 tutor My sisters final is 12/10/14

Sent by Tom on 11/10/14

Chemistry and math, Houston, TX

Hi Leah, Can you tutor intro to chemistry, BCIS, and Pharmacology math.

Sent by Diane on 11/10/14

Sas, Philadelphia, PA

Hello, I am a senior at la Salle university and am looking for some help with a SAS project (running regressions, creating dummy variables, and interpreting results.)

Sent by Elisa on 11/10/14

Pre Calculus, Herndon, VA

Dear Dr. Didier: We live in Herndon. My son is in TJ and taking Pre-Calculus class this year. 1. Where do you provide the tutoring? 2. What is your hourly rate?

Sent by Sean on 11/10/14

Chemistry, Montgomery, TX

Can u tutor someone in College Chemistry II?

Sent by Angie on 11/10/14

Spanish, Newtown, CT

Looking for tutor to assist my son with Spansih II in high school

Sent by Brent on 11/10/14

Web Design, Lubbock, TX

Hi I need some help with a design presentation power point.

Sent by Lilian on 11/10/14

Finance, Mobile, AL

I need help to understand finance

Sent by Christina on 11/10/14

Speech, Mt Juliet, TN

Greg, English is my second language, my end in mind is to be able to specak powerfully at work and public. I can be reach (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Peggy on 11/10/14

Reading, Saint Augustine, FL

My daughter is a second grader, reading below grade level and she has just started RTI program at school. I just need to get her on grade level in reading.

Sent by Dominique on 11/10/14

Geometry, Highland Mills, NY

I am looking for a Geometry tutor for my daughter who is in 10th grade. We live in Highland Milis, NY Please call at (phone number available after purchase) or email

Sent by Michele on 11/9/14

Finance Tutor, Boise, ID

I have a project for my portfolio management class (MF analysis) that I need help with. If I can have your email to send all the instructions ??.

Sent by Faris on 11/9/14

Chemistry, Chico, CA

Hey, I am currently tutoring a student in CHEM 111 at Chico State. We are getting to a point where I am getting fuzzy with the subject.

Sent by Megan on 11/9/14

Pre-algebra, Bentonville, AR

Have a son who needs help in Pre-Algebra.

Sent by Sean on 11/9/14

C++, Lafayette, LA

can u tutor me in c++, i go to ull university this is my contact number (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ahmed on 11/9/14

Qreading (dyslexia), Casa Grande, AZ

My daughter has recently been diagnosed with Dysphonetic Dyslexia. We live in Casa Grande and are exploring what options may be available for tutoring for her.

Sent by Jennilyn on 11/9/14

Spelling, Macon, GA

Hey. I have a 8 year old son and he's in the first grade. He's not do to well in reading and spelling. He has bad asthma so he has missed school and it has put him...

Sent by Heather on 11/9/14

Algebra, Buchanan, NY

My son David is 17 and very awful in math, still on Algebra 1! He is attending online HS and is 15 lessons behind in Algebra Algebra 1/Coordinate Algebra) so he must...

Sent by Marie on 11/9/14

Reading, Corning, NY

Hi I am looking for a tutor for my 12 yr old great nephew. He has significant reading issues.

Sent by Sandy on 11/9/14

English, Mount Prospect, Il 60056

Hi Amin, Nice to meet you here. I just moved here two years ago from China. Since English is not my first language, I need a tutor give me some classes...

Sent by Ling on 11/9/14

Math, Escondido, CA

Interested in tutoring for my two kids in Escondido ages 11 and 13 math and english

Sent by Linda on 11/9/14

Usmle, Springfield, VA

I need help, and tutoring for the USMLE. I can be reached at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Asad on 11/9/14

Algebra, Lake Mary, FL

Hi. We have a junior HS, who's enrolled in virtual classes. He fell behind in Algebra and would need help. We live in Heathrow. My # is (phone number available after...

Sent by Arnold on 11/9/14

Physics, Lubbock, TX

need physics tutor 11th grade

Sent by Rashmi on 11/9/14

Mac, Port Saint Lucie, FL

Need Help with many things,I feel lost the handle on Mac

Sent by Brian on 11/9/14

Reading, Texarkana, TX

Need help with 10 grade reading comprehension !!!

Sent by Joann on 11/9/14

C++, Irvine, CA

I need help with my c++ programming at ucI

Sent by Ashwin on 11/9/14

Algebra, Greeley, CO

Need help with algebra! (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Valen on 11/8/14

"english Composition" Compare Contrast Research Paper, Claremont, CA

I'm a student at Mt Sac, an older student. I'm taking English Comp 1A. This is the most difficult class I have ever taken, as writing essays that focus...

Sent by Dan on 11/8/14

Nclex Rn, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Looking for an nclex rn tutor to help me pass. Please help my number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Bethany on 11/8/14

Thermodynamics, Leesburg, VA 20176

HEy, I need therM.dynamics tutoring asap. please let me know i have an exam after toM.rrow.

Sent by Mo on 11/8/14

Physics, Southampton, NY 11976

Hi Bruce, My name is L. and I'm a current student at Cornell. I'm taking Mechanics and Heat for Engineers (physics I) and was wondering if you would be available...

Sent by Louis on 11/8/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Meteorology, Phoenix Az

hello my name is J. D. i am looking for a tutor . I am taking a meteorology class online and i am having some difficulties with the material .

Sent by Jessica on 11/8/14

Java, Gainesville, FL

I am looking for a Java tutor for my son taking AP java in high school. my cell is (phone number available after purchase) feel free to text or email (email...

Sent by Scott on 11/8/14

Anthropology, Northridge, CA

I am in desperate need of an anthropolgy tutor. I have a midterm Monday night and was wondering if you could tutor me Monday morning 8 am till whenever we finish...

Sent by Vanessa on 11/8/14

Java, Granite Bay, CA

Hello, I'm interested in basic Java tutoring and helping to understand OO programming concepts. I am in the Granite Bay area. Thank you

Sent by Cyrus on 11/8/14

Reading, Lafayette, LA

2nd grader needs tutoring in reading.

Sent by Danielle on 11/8/14

Statistics, Augusta, GA

I really need help on my statistics paper today

Sent by Terrance on 11/8/14

Ged, Bronx, NY

Hello Ms. Alexandra My name is D. S. and I'm looking for a GED TASC math tutor. I pass all the subjects but the math. I'm off fridays and Saturdays and I'm willing...

Sent by Devin on 11/8/14

Calculus, Mcdonough, GA

Hi Anneka! I'm trying to contact you because I really need help in calculus/precalculus. I'm homeschooled through K12. I've tried reaching everyone and everything...

Sent by Toni on 11/8/14

Reading, Addison, TX 75001

I have decent reading skills, but much trouble understanding spoken spanish.

Sent by George on 11/7/14

English Tutor, North Port, FL

Hello.I am mother of the 8 years daughter .And we have problem with reding and comprehension.Can you help her?

Sent by Tatyana on 11/7/14

Calculus, Huntsville, AL

Hi Abraham, I have a foster son that needs tutoring in AP Calculus. He is a new student at Buckhorn High School. He is having trouble after transferring from...

Sent by Melody on 11/7/14

Gre, New Albany, IN

Hello Rebeca, I was wondering if you would be open to tutor me in the writing portion of the GRE. I have a score of 3 and can not seem to break above that score...

Sent by Katharine on 11/7/14

Earth Science, Holbrook, NY 11741

hello kimberly, I'm pretty sure i contacted you earlier on in the wee, I'm not sure if you received my email. I was wondering if you were open to tutor for earth...

Sent by Gabriella on 11/7/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Probability, Anderson, SC

I need help with a Prob and Stat online class

Sent by Mike on 11/7/14

Powerpoint, Portland, OR

Katie, I'm interested in getting your help in developing a PowerPoint presentation. I work in Hazel Dell. Can we set up a time next week? Sincerely, A.

Sent by Asad on 11/7/14

Biology, Baltimore, MD

Need help in writing lab report

Sent by Joy on 11/7/14

Math And Reading, Sacramento, CA

Hi Zabrina, I am looking for a tutor to help my 7th grade daughter fill in some challenging learning gaps in Math. I am specifically NOT looking for homework help...

Sent by Scott on 11/7/14

Nursing, Reisterstown, MD

Do u tutor nursing students? I need some help in my classes.

Sent by Genesis on 11/7/14

Calculus, Pearland, TX

Hello I'm currently a student talking Cal. II. I live in Pearland. i was wondering if you would consider 20/hr. i would like a 2 hour session If so i would like...

Sent by Andrew on 11/7/14

Seeking Math Tutoring In Algebra2, Clinton Township, MI

Seeking a tutor for my 15yr old daughter, currently in algeB.ra2 at UAIS and just not understanding the teacher's method of teaching the material. AvailaB.

Sent by Julie on 11/7/14

Clep, Mckinney, TX

Hello, My husband is looking for tutoring to pass the CLEP in College Algebra and Trig. Is that something you can help with? R.

Sent by Rebeka on 11/7/14

English, Vernon Hills, IL

Olga, do you tutor 4th graders in English, reading, writting? Can you tutor at Vernon Hills? J.

Sent by Julia on 11/7/14

Math, Dallas, TX

My son is 10 years old and needs help in math. Would like to know how this works.

Sent by Lupe on 11/7/14

Economics, Lake Bluff, IL

Please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Mallory on 11/7/14

Reading, San Diego, CA

(phone number available after purchase) - 5 1/2 daugther. hard time to remember the words. falling behind. onc . willing to meet if she can't come.

Sent by Christine on 11/7/14

Math, Willis, TX

NEED AMATH TUTOR FOR MY 11 YEAR OLD GRAND CHILD SHE US A straight A student but is now coming across thing she does not understand

Sent by Jimmi on 11/7/14

Statistics, Atlanta, GA

Hello! I am a grad student and need help in statistics assignment. Do yo use SPSS? If yes, I 'll send you the assignment: the instructions and SPSS file.

Sent by Roman on 11/7/14

Cobol, Fortson, GA 31808

Hi, I am at student at Columbus State needing some help with a COBOL class I am taking? Are you available to help me?

Sent by Robert on 11/7/14

Algebra, Warner Robins, GA

Hi Kevin, I'm interviewing tutors to help my daughter in math. She is a freshman in high school and taking algebra. We live in Bonaire. Would you be interested?

Sent by Misty on 11/7/14

Business, Portland, OR

Hello Rick, I want to check with you if have an experience with working on business research classes. i'm an international student at PSU and I'm taking Business...

Sent by Faraj on 11/7/14

Physics, Leominster, MA

I went to Umass also I am. I am taking Physics I

Sent by Eve on 11/6/14

Calculus, Mandeville, LA

I am looking for a pre calculus tutor for my son who is a junor at Archbishop Hannan High School. We live in Mandeville

Sent by Catherine on 11/6/14

Marth, Moreno Valley Ca

Hi I would like to have a tutor for my daughter who is in middle school she is in 7th grade please contact me for more information my name is A.

Sent by Antoinette on 11/6/14

Calculus, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hello, I'm interested in a tutoring session for calculus 1 as soon as tomorrow Friday Nov. 7th.

Sent by Nathan on 11/6/14

Reading, Saint Augustine, FL

I need my daughter tutored, she is below grade level in reading. She is eight years old in second grade.

Sent by Dominique on 11/6/14

Math, Port Orange, FL

Hi Catie, I need to find a math for my 8th grade daughter. She is in advanced algebra 1 Honors. It looks like we have the same zip code. We live in Ponce.

Sent by Maureen on 11/6/14

Microsoft Access And Excel, Plano, TX

Please call so can arrange session periods. I am a 60 female pharmacist in Plano..Need skills in Excel and Access for job with CVS. Your credentials look excellent.

Sent by Cynthia on 11/6/14

Spanish, Cheltenham, PA

Hello, I am looking for a tutor to help my son with Spanish III. He is in the 11th grade and we live in Elkins Park. Do you work with high school students? Thank you.

Sent by Ellen on 11/6/14

Javascript, Hamilton, OH

Hi David... I have a 7th grade son who is going to S.T.EM. camp in June, to begin programming in Java. Was wondering if you had the time to at least start him...

Sent by Norm on 11/6/14

Digital Animation Adobe Flash, Poughkeepsie, NY

My daughter needs a tutor for her digital animation class. She needs to make a 2 minute animation with adobe flash and she is having great difficulty .

Sent by Roxanne on 11/6/14

Biology, Orlando, FL

Need tutoring for college Biology 2.

Sent by Kerstin on 11/6/14

Usmle, New York, NY 10022

Hello, I'm an IMG studying for usmle STEP 1. Please contact me if you're able to tutor. Thank you!

Sent by Emma on 11/6/14

3rd Grade, Warrior, AL

I have tried to homeschool my daughter the last 2 years and it seems to really have gotten me no where. I want to get her back into school since she doesn't listen...

Sent by Wendi on 11/6/14

Math Tutor, Arverne, NY

Looking for a tutor in math & reading for my 2nd grader- Someone who is aware of the new ELA teachings and Math concepts.. who can advance help advance learning ...

Sent by Kenya on 11/6/14

Reading, Menifee, CA

Hello, my third grade daughter is in need of help with her reading and writing. She has been diagnosed with learning disabilities by the school although...

Sent by Daniel on 11/6/14

Statistics, Union City, CA

We need help for our son with his AP Statistics. Thank you very much.

Sent by Dave on 11/6/14

Toefl, Northridge, CA

Hello, my name is J. and I was wondering if you could help me out with some tutor classes before my exam. Im also in Northridge Give me a call or text me;

Sent by Jessica on 11/6/14

Hebrew, Los Angeles, CA

Hi, Rachel: We are looking for a tutor offering private lessons for an adult (native language is Hebrew) who has a pretty good command of English but wants...

Sent by Sharon on 11/6/14

American History, Nashville, TN

I need a tutor for my teenager who is in the 11th grade and never does well in history.

Sent by Joan on 11/6/14

Physics, Baton Rouge, LA

Hi Joseph, My name is D. and my daughter is in her third year at LSU, majoring in Athletic Training. She is currently taking a Physics Introductory course...

Sent by Dan on 11/6/14

Math, Porterville, CA

My son needs tutoring in 5th grade math

Sent by Silvia on 11/6/14

6th Grade Waldorf, Silverado, CA

Hi Jamie, Do you have experience with 6th grade Waldorf? We are looking to hire someone ASAP. I look forward to hearing from you. Warmly, D.

Sent by Dawn on 11/6/14

Flute, Geometry, Idaho Falls, ID

we. need flute lessons and geometry tutoring for a 13 yr old and 15 yr old. are you still in Rexburg?

Sent by Trina on 11/6/14

Chemistry (organic), Fort Mill, SC

I am going into Chemistry 105 next semester (I took Chem 101 and failed by .35 points) so I want to do very well next semester. I would like to meet with you when...

Sent by Heather on 11/6/14

Dmv Exam, San Jose, CA

Looking for a tutor for my elderly father to help him pass the written DMV test. Prefer someone who is bilingual in Spanish. Can you help or refer me to someone?

Sent by Xavier on 11/6/14

Chemical Engineering, Houston, TX 77063

Need tutoring assistance in Chemical engineering Thermodynamics I. Please let me know if you can help.

Sent by Mohammed on 11/6/14

Math 92, Northridge, CA

Hey i need a tutor for math 92 (csun)

Sent by Ahmad on 11/6/14

Esl, College Station, TX

Hello I'm looking to improve my English to get IELTS and enter college

Sent by Sarah on 11/5/14

Reading, Escondido, CA

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor for my 6th grader. My boy needs help in Reading and Math. We live in Escondido. Thanks, T.

Sent by Theresa on 11/5/14

Nutrition, Oroville, CA 95966

My daughter need help in Nutrition and food. Please give me a call at (phone number available after purchase). Skyping is fine for tutoring. Thank you, P.

Sent by Pat on 11/5/14

Calculus, Moses Lake, WA

looking for an AP Calculus BC tutor for my daughter. Is this a level that you are experienced in?

Sent by Debbie on 11/5/14

Algebra, Canal Winchester, OH

I have a 6 grader in Canal Winchester, that needs help in understanding Algebra.

Sent by Leveland on 11/5/14

Algebra, Granite Bay, CA

Julia, I am a recently retired Human Resources professional returning to college for an undergraduate degree and currently enrolled in Math D (Algebra)...

Sent by Debra on 11/5/14

Math, Carlsbad, CA

Please let me know if you are available to tutor math to a 6ht grader.

Sent by Bern on 11/5/14

Ruby On Rials, Boston, MA 02101

Hi, Are you available tomorrow? I have a Rails Coding problem I need help with. Thanks!

Sent by Wadson on 11/5/14

Reading, Fishkill, NY

I am looking for a tutor for my 3 years old son. (Reading)

Sent by Myounghwan on 11/5/14

Math, Marquette, MI

My daughter needs a math tutor .i can"t afford more than ten an hour?Are you with in that range? Thanks

Sent by Sheryn on 11/5/14

Web Design, San Jose, CA

Hi Leslie, I am a woman. I hope you could help me to learn Web design skills such as javascript, HTML and so on from you. I live in San Jose.

Sent by Ming on 11/5/14

Political Science, San Jose, CA

Hi Heather, my name is C. I'm a student at Foothill college and am really interested in political science. Due to my ADHD I have hard time grasping concepts...

Sent by Carlos on 11/5/14

Physics, Sterling, VA

where does this go?!? i need help in understanding where this email goes since I did not set up this account.

Sent by Bwr on 11/5/14

Reading, Bolingbrook, IL

I'm looking for a tutor in reading and writing for my 1st grade son and 3rd grade son.

Sent by Shawnta on 11/5/14

Ssat, Duluth, GA

Bill I am looking for a tutor to help my 6th grade son with SSAT test prep. He lives with his mom at Sugarloaf CC. Do you go that far?

Sent by Jackie on 11/5/14

Korean, Bellerose, NY, 11426

Hi, I'm D. M.. I live in Queens. I recently attempted to take an elementary korean course at school and unfortunately had to drop out due to a hectic work schedule.

Sent by Danae on 11/5/14

Physics, Sunnyvale, CA

Hi Angel, my daughter City needs help with her physics labs. She attends Laurel Springs online. We live in Sunnyvale and because she is home schooled her schedule is...

Sent by Kathryn on 11/5/14

Photoshop, Evergreen CO

Nick, I am looking for help in creating a couple of fantasy maps in either PhotoShop or Illustrator. Basically, I am taking a number of "real world" map...

Sent by Doug on 11/5/14

English American History Act, Poway, CA

Hi Anita, I'm looking for some help in various subjects for my Poway High jr. son, Blake. We also need assistance in ACT prep, most specifically in English.

Sent by Annie on 11/5/14

Language Development, Miami, FL

Hello I'm contacting you in regards to English classes my little brother is 7 years old and was born in America but has lived and gone to school in haiti...

Sent by Bryana on 11/5/14

Geometry Sat Math, Orlando, FL

looking for a tutor to work long term with our 13 yrs. daughter. please let me know if you're available to tutor on Sundays. Thanks, R.

Sent by Ramina on 11/5/14

Esl Adoult, Germantown, TN

Hi,I'm looking for ESL tutor for adult. I'd like to learn speaking and listening. I think my English level is beginner level.

Sent by Tazuko on 11/5/14

Elementary Math, Avondale, AZ

Hello, We are looking for a math tutor for our 11 year old daughter. She is in the 5th grade. Thank you M.

Sent by Melissa on 11/5/14

Algebra 2 (high School), Pensacola, FL

I am looking for a tutor for my son. High School Junior with high functioning Autism (Asperger's). Needs to be a non-smoker due to sensory issues due to the Autism.

Sent by Debbie on 11/5/14

Reading (dyslexia), Mesquite, TX

Need to see if you are available for tutoring my son who hasdyslexia

Sent by Shalonda on 11/5/14

Spanish, Upper Marlboro, MD

Hi. I am seeking a tutor experienced in Spanish language for my 6 year old first grader . I would love to hear avk form you . Thank you.

Sent by Dena on 11/5/14

Cpa, Stamford, CT 06905

Hi Sid, My name is L. K. and I am a new hire at PWC. Currently I am working full time and trying to study for my REG exam. I scheduled my exam date on November 30...

Sent by Lilia on 11/5/14

Accounting, Hewlett, NY

Hi, my name is J. R. and I am currently a Junior at George W. Hewlett High School. I am taking a college accounting course for college credits and I am really...

Sent by Jon on 11/5/14

Help For A Freind, Marshfield, MA 02050

Justine, Could I talk to you on phone about a friend that needs help. D.. My # is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Darren on 11/5/14

Physics, Franklin, MA

My son needs help in Physics. We live in Franklin, do you visit clients homes for the sessions?

Sent by Rick on 11/5/14

French, Elmsford, NY

Hi Clotilde, We are looking for someone to read and speak French toour daughter. If you are available, please let us know. Thank you.

Sent by Young on 11/5/14

Spanish, Colorado Springs, CO 80923

Hi there. I am a freshman in college and I am taking a Spanish level one online and I am cometary struggling. I need assistance cus I feel like I'm just doing...

Sent by Jordan on 11/5/14

African Studies, Los Angeles, CA

Hello Professor Keli my name is K. A. a student at CSU Northridge and I am taking an African American studies class and I was wondering if we can meet for help ?

Sent by Khaled on 11/4/14

Java, Glendale, CA

Hi, I need help on my Java Assignments and was wondering if you would be able to help me? Some of the topics include GUI, Polymorphism, Graphics, Multi-Threading...

Sent by Mel on 11/4/14

Usmle, Bayonne, NJ 07002

Hi I am a old Medical Graduate and have family. Interested for USMLE part 1 Interested for a online tutor. I need more help for Physiology and Math ...

Sent by Ocean on 11/4/14

Calculo, Calexico, CA

estoy buscando tutor para mi hija, en calculo y quimica

Sent by Maria on 11/4/14

Reading, Fishkill, NY

I need a tutor for my son.

Sent by Jenny on 11/4/14

Python, San Francisco, CA

Hello Michael: Hope all is well. I would like to learn Python. I have been reading several books on Python but could use some help.

Sent by Raj on 11/4/14

C++, Columbia, SC

Good Afternoon, We need a C++ tutor for a college student in the Columbia area. The student needs to start with a tutor this week if possible.

Sent by Kimberly on 11/4/14

Microsoft Excel, Vista, CA

Hello Jenelle - I am looking for a local tutor who proficient in Microsoft Excel. I have a degree in business admin from Humboldt State University and an MBA...

Sent by Daniel on 11/4/14

Math, Imperial Beach, CA

Hello my name is C. currently I am an active duty service member in the united states navy. I am trying to attain my associates degree, long story short I need...

Sent by Citrine on 11/4/14

Real Estate, Boston, MA

Hello... I have a real estate test coming up and needed help with math. I am wondering if your familiar with real estate math and the formulas.

Sent by Sonia on 11/4/14

Us History, Mesquite, TX

I live en mesquite tx and son needs us history tutoring.Can you help me please?

Sent by Pedro on 11/4/14

Math,, Lagrange, GA

I have a 6th grader who goes to lcms he is struggling in math, language arts, and social studies. If you could please call me at (phone number available after...

Sent by Brandy on 11/4/14

MAth, NewYork


Sent by Aashish on 11/4/14

Biology, Newtown, PA 18940

I'm a college student, I need tutoring in biology. It's an online course. I have a couple of questions. Thanks, K.

Sent by Kim on 11/4/14

Cpa, Plano, TX 75024

I do leave in Minnesota. I would like tutoring for FAR

Sent by Singer on 11/4/14

Clep, Houston, TX

I am interested in chemistry clep tutoring. Please let me know if you are avaliable for this service. Best, C. T.

Sent by Carly on 11/4/14

Math And English, Culpeper, VA

Please, phone me at (phone number available after purchase). I am looking for a tutor for Math, including Algebra and also English.

Sent by Jennifer on 11/4/14

Looking For A Tutor, Rockford, MN

Hello Drid, Please email me. I am interested.

Sent by Bernice on 11/4/14

Lsat, Rocky Point, Ny

Please email me asap. I need a tutor to help increase my December LSAT score.

Sent by Elizabeth on 11/4/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Law, Sacramento, CA

Hi There, I am a 1L student at Pacific McGeorge and would like help in exam prep, exam taking, and memo writing. Please let me know if you can assist. Thanks

Sent by Nia on 11/4/14

Clep, Houston, TX

Hi Matt, I'm in search of a tutor for the College Algebra portion of the Clep Exam. I would like to take it in the next couple of weeks.

Sent by Brittany on 11/4/14

Cpa, South Weymouth, MA

Hi Allison I was wondering if you tutor for the CPA exam? Im a 43 year old accountant with 12 years of CPA experience and Masters in Tax.

Sent by Joe on 11/4/14

Geology, Sahuarita, AZ 85629

Hello, i would just like some exercises done, the topic is on "Tectonics and Lithosphere Dynamics", Is there a way i can upload the document and then get a quote...

Sent by Tobi on 11/4/14

Finance, Storrs Mansfield, CT

Hi, I am a student at the University of Connecticut and I am looking for help in finance specifically fixed income security analysis.

Sent by Harris on 11/3/14

Excel, Burbank, CA

Hi Alex - we are looking for a tutor that can teach Microsoft Excel on a MAC with the Step-by-Step Microsoft Office Professional 2010 book (chapters 8-12) which was...

Sent by Laura on 11/3/14

Accounting, Vancouver, WA

FirsT. of all how much do you charge? Second, I am T.aking on line accounT.ing T.hrough WGU. Some of T.he maT.erial I am okay on my own buT. righT. now I am sT.

Sent by Arnie on 11/3/14

Fairbanks Ak, Fairbanks, AK 99712

Hi Danielle My daughter is in 7th grade at Tanana Middle School and she seems to really be struggling in math. I work full time and need help so that...

Sent by Jewel on 11/3/14

Need Help For Son, Geneva, NY

My son is a student hobart college. Needs help. His phone number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jeffrey. on 11/3/14

Math, Indianapolis, IN

We're looking for a math tutor for students ages 11 & 15, grade 6 and 10. Preferred time and place of tutoring sessions would be between 3pm and 5pm M-F...

Sent by Suzie on 11/3/14

Calculus, Frankfort, IL

Hi Sam, I need help in Calculus II, I am a senior in college and am struggling with this class. I need to graduate so will need an effective way of acing this material.

Sent by Danielle on 11/3/14

College English, Gallatin, TN

Hi Alan. My son is Middle College at Vol State and needs help with english lit. When are you available?

Sent by Kitty on 11/3/14

Algebra, Hattiesburg, MS

My daughter is a sophomore at Petal High School she is having trouble in algebra and biology can you help

Sent by Bryan on 11/3/14

Math, Carlsbad, CA

we need Math tutoring for our 6th grade daughter. we are located in Carlsbad. Please let me know if you are interested and can provide some references.

Sent by Uma on 11/3/14

Algebra, Dubuque, IA

i need help with my Algebra. I am student at university of Dubuque.

Sent by Aziz on 11/3/14

Algebra, Valdosta, GA

I am having a very difficult time with algebra 109 at GMC. I am hoping that you can assist me with this. My # is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Audrey on 11/3/14

Excel, Tampa, FL

Deborah, I looking for some tutoring on microsoft excel. I can be reached at (phone number available after purchase). Thank you for your time. E.

Sent by Eric on 11/3/14

Math, Bradenton, FL

I need a math tutor for my 2 daughters age 13 and 16.

Sent by Karla on 11/3/14

Statistics, San Jacinto, CA

Hi Im interested in a statistic tutor.

Sent by Reina on 11/3/14

Spanish (basics), Cathedral City, CA

Hello, my name is C. and I am in an elementary Spanish 2 class at college of the desert. I'm about half way through my semester and am in need of a tutor.

Sent by Cassidy on 11/3/14

Spanish, Valley Village, CA

Looking to get a Spanish tutor for my son. He is taking Spanish 2

Sent by Marcia on 11/3/14

Special Education, Lexington, KY

I am in need of a tutor for my son (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Deana on 11/3/14

Usmle Ck, Bayonne, NJ 07002

hello I am an IMG, I have read kaplan books and watched some videos, read MTBs 2 and 3 (selected topics from each book). done 11 blocks on UWorld.

Sent by Abeer on 11/3/14

Elementary School, Pickerington, OH

Hi Carrie, I am looking for tutor for my 4th grader, to come in and sit with him twice a week. He is having problems with math problems, punctuation, main idea...

Sent by Ana on 11/3/14

Math, Cheshire, CT

Need a tutor for my middle school aged daughter. Subjects are Math, Writing and Spanish.

Sent by Jolima on 11/3/14

English, Tracy, CA 95376

Hello Mark, I am in desperate need of a private tutor for my son who is in 7th grade and failing math, English, and science. Please let me know if you are able...

Sent by Doniece on 11/3/14

Math, Rochester, MN

I need to brush up on my math starting at the basic levels. Its been a long time since I've been active in it.

Sent by Sam on 11/3/14

Ap Calculus, Egg Harbor Township, NJ

We need an ap calculus tutor. Please call 926-5045. Thank you.

Sent by Lee on 11/3/14

Algebra 1, Vista, CA

Algebra 1 honors

Sent by Victoria on 11/3/14

Sat Reading, Henderson, NV

I'm looking for English tutor for my son who is a high school student. We live in Green Valley Ranch, Henderson. Thanks.

Sent by Lily on 11/3/14

Literature, Waco, TX 76705

Hi Jeremy I am a college level student and is needing help on a literature review paper. I'm not good in english and needing help piecing it together to making...

Sent by Yuri on 11/3/14

Physiology, Gaithersburg, MD

My son attends Montgomery College/ Takoma Park PTA program. He is taking PHTH 204 and has a final exam tomorrow. He is in Germantown today.

Sent by Joannie on 11/3/14

History, Corpus Christi, TX

looking for a primarily history teacher but could use some additional help in a few subjects also-its for my 11th grader

Sent by Ru on 11/3/14

Physics, Saint Johns, FL 32259

I am looking for a tutor in physics for my daughter ASAP. My daughter is falling behind and needs help. We would need a tutor to come to the house.

Sent by Diane on 11/3/14

Mechanical Engineering, New York, NY

Hey Tiffani, I aM. a 2nd year M.echanical Engineering student at ColuM.bia. I live on caM.pus and aM. having a terrible tiM.e with M.y physics and really need help.

Sent by Trevonna on 11/3/14

Series 7, Kirkland, WA

I'm looking for a S.erieS. 7 tutor. Can you provide thiS. S.ervice? If S.o what doeS. the proceS.S. conS.iS.t of, how much iS. it, and where would tutoring occur?

Sent by Ryan on 11/3/14

English, Saint Marys City, MD

Seeking tutor in English, first year college, please contact me by cell phone (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Charlene on 11/3/14

Math, Paso Robles, CA

Hello, I have a 12 year old son in the 7th grade who is falling behind in math. I would like to have him tutored once a week for an hour. contact me thanks.

Sent by Jason on 11/3/14

Excel, Peachtree City, GA

Hello. Are you still doing the excel tutoring?

Sent by Jeannine on 11/3/14

Needed Tutor In Marina Del Sol, Kemah, TX

I'm looking for a tutor to help my 16yr old 10th grade daughter with geometry, chemistry and English. Looking for 1.5 hrs 3x a week. Preferably after 6pm.

Sent by Kemah on 11/3/14

Chemical Engineering, Houston, TX 77063

i want a help in a chemical engineering project

Sent by Bob on 11/2/14

Information Systems, Upper Darby, PA 19082

I need your help on Management Information Systems class to make Systems Project. Please note this Systems Project does not need NO coding Required.

Sent by Sonya on 11/2/14

Spanish, Portland, OR

Hi, I was wondering about your spanish tutoring!!

Sent by Trevor on 11/2/14

Math, Plainsboro, NJ

Hi Kumar, I need a teacher for my 6th grade son to teach math, english and science. Do you teach 6th grade children? If not, let me know, if you know anyone...

Sent by Velan on 11/2/14

Usmle, Attleboro, MA 02703

Hi I am looking for tutoring for a family member who is taking the Step USMLE

Sent by Milton on 11/2/14

Human Behavior, San Diego, CA

David, I am overwhelmed with my performance management class. My major human behavor. I have 3 more classes to take. Can you help? E. M.

Sent by Edna on 11/2/14

German, Newbury Park, CA 91320

My son may be interested in tutoring to learn. We live in Camarillo. r/ D. S. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by David on 11/2/14

Reading, Corning, NY

Hi My nephew is 12 and lives in corning. He is in sixth grade. I amnot sure but would estimate his reading level to be second third grade.

Sent by Sandy on 11/2/14

Lsat, Boston, MA

Hi Eleanora, I am in search of an in home LSAT tutor. I live at Kenmore Sq in Boston. I enrolled in a course last year, but that did not work out well for me.

Sent by Uta on 11/2/14

Algebra, Spring Hill, TN

Do you still Tutor in Spring Hill, TN? I know you state being at ETSU, so I was not sure if you were in town to help tutor. I have a 14 yo girl having trouble...

Sent by Jody on 11/2/14

Earth Science, Yaphank, NY

Hi Allison, i attend school at st.anthonys high school. I am struggling in earth science, i was wondering if you were available to tutor me?

Sent by Gabriella on 11/2/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Essay Writing, Reno, NV

Need help with writing. I'm having trouble with my paper please help.

Sent by Kyobi on 11/2/14

English, Bryn Mawr, PA

I really need to improve my English Pronunciation and listening/speaking skills. Thank you.

Sent by Wendy on 11/1/14

Computer, Everett, WA

Greetings, I am taking an advanced C# programming course online and need a little private instruction. Are you familiar with C# programming?

Sent by Matt on 11/1/14

Reading, Villanova, PA

Hi, Alyssa. I'm looking for a tutor for my 4yr old and 6yr old mostly for reading. Timing would ideally be after school two days a week.

Sent by Marcy on 11/1/14

Math, Centerville, GA

Sir I live in Warner Robins I am very interested in a math tutor. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase). My phone is presently broke...

Sent by Melvin on 11/1/14

Research Statistics, Fresno, CA

I am doing a research project for my quantitative class at Fresno State.

Sent by Esmseralda on 11/1/14

Python, Washington, DC

Hello, My name is M. C.. I go to George mason university. I have I"m currently taking python course. this is my first time taking the course so I'm having...

Sent by Michele on 11/1/14

Algebra, Newberg, OR

Granddaughter needs Algebra 1 tutoring.

Sent by Vicki on 11/1/14

Math, Bartlett, IL 60103

Arvind My daughter has been a straight A student but as a senior is struggling with math physics and some calculus. We need to get her physics understanding...

Sent by Joe on 11/1/14

Algebra, Merritt Island, FL

Hello Ronald, I'm looking for a local tutor for my 14 year old having troubles in Algebra. Please let me know your interest and availability.

Sent by James on 11/1/14

Stats, Valdosta, GA

When can we get together and study stats

Sent by Janpaul on 11/1/14

Accounting, Brentwood, NY

Hello, I can across you profile and I was wondering if you are able to tutor from sunday- thurs. Also are you able to travel at brentwood public library?

Sent by Nasib on 11/1/14

Java Tutor, Springfield, VA

I'm trying to find a Java tutor for my niece. Would you confirm whether you are in Arlington VA or Ohio?

Sent by Joe on 11/1/14

Hydraulic Engineering, Denver, CO

I need help to design a spillway and stilling basin - Hydraulic engineering. Let me know. I have 48 hrs to get this done.

Sent by Mike on 11/1/14

Reading, Westerly, RI

Mr. Pendola.. I am looking for a reading tutor outside of the school setting for my 8th grade son. He has recently been diagnosed with a Learning Disability...

Sent by Chandra on 11/1/14

Several, Edinburg,TX

Can you call me? I have an 8th grader. I would like to speak to you.

Sent by Magda on 11/1/14