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Physics And Chemistry, Nesconset, NY 11767

Hello My daughter is taking premed courses and would like to be tutored in physics and chemistry .what is your fee and at what location do you tutor?

Sent by Veena on 9/30/14

Python, Seattle, WA

Scott: Give me a ring @(phone number available after purchase). Looking for Python tutoring. Beginner level.

Sent by Jeffadaniels on 9/30/14

Statistics Spss, Brooklyn, NY

I am looking for a tutor to assist me with a Doctoral level Statistics class in business and SPSS. We have weekly assignments.

Sent by Michelle on 9/30/14

Mechanical Engineering, Dallas, TX

Please contact me Wednesday after 4pm or Thursday after 11am to discuss your availability. Thank you, N. S. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Natasha on 9/30/14

Math, Reading/phonics, Spring Branch, TX

Hello Kim, I have a 1st grader that is struggling in both math and phonics/reading. She attends private school and limited tutoring is available.

Sent by Kimberly on 9/30/14

Test Prep Tutor, Howard Beach, NY

Dear Sabrina, I will like for you to contact me Asap at (phone number available after purchase) Regarding my interest on using your service for my son...

Sent by Mercedes on 9/30/14

Physics, Oxford, OH

Hi Anthony, Im a freshman at Miami. Im studying to be an Electrical Engineer and I really need some help with physics. I understand all of the concepts but when...

Sent by Kyle on 9/30/14

Finance Tutor, North Hollywood, CA 91601

hi, i am looking for a tutor to help me with Real Estate Finance. please let me know your availability, and if you do online tutoring, (skype or webex)? thanks

Sent by Araz on 9/30/14

Economics, Charleston, SC

Hi, I need help with an Economics packet due Thursday, please let me know if you can help. Thank you.

Sent by George on 9/30/14

Math Algebra, Brentwood, NY

My daughter is 13 years old and needs help in math. Can you please email me or call me at (phone number available after purchase). Thank you!

Sent by Maritza on 9/30/14

Photoshop, New Brunswick, NJ

Hi, I am a graphic designer and I need some basic help with Photoshop. I have the programs on my Mac's in my home studio in New Brunswick.

Sent by Ron on 9/30/14

Writing, Havertown, PA

Writing graD.uate aD.mission essays.

Sent by Caitlin on 9/30/14

Algebra, League City, TX

im in college and need help with college algebra , i have a test on friday and the only time i have to meet would be wed. , can you help at all ?

Sent by Brandi on 9/30/14

Calculus, Dawsonville, GA

My daughter is a senior at dawsonville high school. I am interested in getting some help for her in ap calculas G. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Gregg on 9/30/14

Chemistry, Pueblo, CO

My daughter is taking chem 111 at PCC and is having a very hard time. Can you help?

Sent by Linda on 9/30/14

Math/reading, Whiting Nj

need tutor help my child math reading

Sent by Kim on 9/30/14

Finance Graduate Level, Birmingham, AL

I am in graduate school in business and looking for graduate school level Finance tutoring. I see that you list finance, but what is your background in it/would this...

Sent by Henry on 9/30/14

Gre, Morgantown, WV

Hi Dillon, I'm a senior at WVU and am about to apply to grad schools. I need help with studying for the GRE, especially math.

Sent by Rachel on 9/30/14

Spanish, Clifton, NJ

Hi, I would like to know if you tutor high school Spanish. My son is a freshman in a Spanish honors class. Thanks.

Sent by Jackie on 9/30/14

Java, Chicago, IL

Are you familiar with Heaps, Binary Trees and other data structures at an expert level?

Sent by Mike on 9/30/14

Math, Lemoore, CA

My 4th grader i failing math and lacking all basic math fundamentals.i need her to start tutoring before it becomes even mor confusing to her.

Sent by Mollie on 9/30/14

Photoshop, Indianapolis, IN

I am looking for an experienced Photoshop tutor. You can email or call at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Bill on 9/30/14

Linear Algebra, Kalamazoo, MI

Can u work for linear algebra

Sent by Ahmed on 9/30/14

Math, State College, PA

Hi, I am looking for a math tutor for my son. Do you have any experience with middle school kids? Please give me a call at 571-9170 to discuss. Thanks, O.

Sent by Olga on 9/30/14

Accounting, Oxford, MS

Hi Lynn! my son is in need of a tutor for accoumtomg and is a sophomore at Ole Miss. I believe it is a beginning accounting class. Would you be able to help? Thank you!

Sent by Crist on 9/30/14

Nclex Rn, Omaha, NE

Hi Kelli, I am in need of a nclex rn tutor. I was wondering if I could get my information. Thanks!

Sent by Hanna on 9/30/14

Biology, Mount Pleasant, MI

Hi Bryan! I go to CMU and I'm struggling in my Bio 110 class. We are currently learning about cells, genes, and proteins. I'm having a hard time comprehending...

Sent by Alex on 9/30/14

Excel, Toledo, OH

I would like to get a promotion at my place of employment. I am very skilled at everything except excel, that is the one thing holding me back.

Sent by Lisa on 9/30/14

Reading, Missouri City, TX

My daughter is seven in the 1st grade. She is having trouble with reading at a level. My number is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Alicia on 9/30/14

Communications, Los Angeles, CA

I need help with writing a new in emotion speech for speech class Today if your available. Thanks

Sent by Dwight on 9/30/14

Vietnamese, 95132

Hi Van, I am interested in getting a tutor for my son to help him with his Vietnamese school. Would you be able to meet with us to see if you are a good fit?

Sent by Mimi on 9/30/14

English, Stafford, VA

Hi, I have a 9th grader who is homeschooling. She is using Connections Academy for English 9 but is struggling with writing a paper.

Sent by Maria on 9/30/14

Pre Calculus, Dayton, TX

We live in Dayton, TX My daughter needs help in AP Pre-Cal. How does this work if i decided to work with you.

Sent by Roderick on 9/30/14

Nclex Rn, Richmond, VA

hi hannah i did rn from india i took the rn test two time but did't pass can u prep me for a test

Sent by Sukhpreet on 9/30/14

Economics, Miami, FL

Hello David, I need online tutoring for a microeconomics assignment as fast as you can.

Sent by Alexander on 9/30/14

Teachers, Moorestown, NJ

Hello Diana I am currently looking for a tutors for my 6th grade son. Can you give me a little bit of background about you. Thanks

Sent by Jannette on 9/30/14

English For Japanese Speaker, Elmira NY

Hello, I am emailing on behalf of a student. I work in Elmira NY and I currently have a student from Japan who is struggling in writing and her English skills.

Sent by Valerie on 9/30/14

Nclex, Fredericksburg, VA

We live in Stafford and need an NCLEX tutor for our daughter. Thanks, T.

Sent by Tom on 9/30/14

Pre Calculus, Leesburg, FL

Good Morning, We need a Pre-Calculus tutor for a college student in Leesburg, Florida. The student attends UCF at the Leesburg campus and needs to start with...

Sent by Kimberly on 9/30/14

Adobe Photoshop, Macon, GA

Can you teach basics of photo shop and illustrator?

Sent by Ali on 9/30/14

C#, Stroudsburg, PA

y is M.. I have course name is Internet Application and I get difficulty to understand C#. I would like to ask you about c# programming.

Sent by Mohammed on 9/30/14

Statistics, Lancaster, CA

Hello Anthony, my name is J. Obadeyi . I need your help in statistics immediately please. thanks

Sent by Jade on 9/30/14

Math, Moreno Valley, CA

Hello Im seeking a tutor for my girls ages 16 ,11 in pre-alegebra, pre-caculus, was wondering if can tutor both girls at same time. Please contact me asap.for avail.

Sent by Landin on 9/29/14

C++, Roseville, MI

I'm taking introduction to c++ in college having trouble grasping the concept seeking help.

Sent by Chris on 9/29/14

Business Law, Wayne, NJ

I put business law in the title and your name came up, however i don't see it in your profile. Do you tutor bus. law?? - S.

Sent by Sara on 9/29/14

Cpa, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Lilith, I am currently reviewing for the regulation test that i will take next year. I got my degree overseas 15 years ago and I am having a hard time...

Sent by Donie on 9/29/14

Algebra, Missouri City, TX

I'm looking for a tutor for my son. He is in 8th grade and is having some trouble understanding algebra. Thanks

Sent by Lisa on 9/29/14

Act, Topeka, KS

Hi, my son needs one on one tutoring for the act test. What do we need to do if you are available? We want to take the test in December

Sent by Ally on 9/29/14

Math, Murrieta, CA 92562

Hi Ryan, I need a tutor for my daughter in high school. She is having trouble in math. She is currently in trigonometry/precalculus.

Sent by Elizabeth on 9/29/14

Ged, Atlanta, GA

Hello Anne. My name is N.. I am looking for a tutor to help my son Maylin James pass the Ged exams. Maylin left high school at 17 (he'll be 19 in July).

Sent by Nicole on 9/29/14

Math, Reading And Sight Words, Beaufort, SC

I am looking for a tutor for my first grader. She needs help with math, reading and sight words far.

Sent by Shamiya on 9/29/14

Math, Hendersonville, TN

Hello! My son is 10 and struggles with math and reading. He has an IEP in place and went to a private school in Ohio for 3 years where they worked very hard with him...

Sent by Allison on 9/29/14

Accounting Tutor, San Francisco, CA

Hi I also live in 94112. I am struggling with my managerial accounting class. Please let me know if you are available this week!

Sent by Petra on 9/29/14

Statistics, Miami, FL

Hello I am in need of statistics help specifically ANOVA questions. Please reply with a phone number if your available to talk, thanks!

Sent by Richard on 9/29/14

Algebra 1, Jackson, TN

My son is having trouble in algebra1 .Some problems he does not get tonight. Is anyway possible to help tonight. I live in North jackson

Sent by Tim on 9/29/14

Gmat, Nashville, TN

Hello, I was interested in getting some help for the GMAT.

Sent by Krystal on 9/29/14

Test Prep Tutor, Thousand Oaks, CA

Good evening my son is preparing to take a ISEE test this coming January and we are looking for someone to prep him for the test please email me if you would be...

Sent by Rachel on 9/29/14

Math, Covington, GA

i'am looking for a tutor for my son .I live in Covington.can you help me please

Sent by Eartha on 9/29/14

Finance Tutor, Southaven, MS

Hello Wisley, I am a student at University of MS in Southaven and taking a finance course. I really could use some extra help as I feel like I'm falling behind.

Sent by Meagan on 9/29/14

Needed Tutor, Antioch, CA

Hi Jordan I am J., a senior in High School, I am really struggling in algebra 2 can you help me?

Sent by Janeah on 9/29/14

Chemistry, Cicero, IL

Hi Svetlana, i have been struggling with chemistry since the beginning of the year and as such i feel that if i dont get extra help i could fail.

Sent by Maria on 9/29/14

Grammar, Naples, FL 34112

I would like to learn proper grammar and speech

Sent by Indra on 9/29/14

Computer Science, Laguna Niguel, CA

My son Daniel is a high school senior in Aliso Viejo. He needs a tutor for AP Computer Science, specifically Java. Would you be able to help him with this?

Sent by Karen on 9/29/14

Series 65, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Hello Michael, I have been studying for the series 65 for a while. I failed it once, got nervous and haven't attempted to take it again.

Sent by Zach on 9/29/14

Financial & Managerial Accounting, Bordentown

completing Financial statements from RAW Data and answering question pertaining to data.

Sent by Claudette on 9/29/14

Ms Excel, Portland, OR

Hey Carolyn. I recently relocated to Portland OR for a new job that requires much more excel expertise than I am used to and want to get up to speed with the product.

Sent by Douglas on 9/29/14

Pre Algebra, Tremonton, UT

Hi my name is S. my nephew is 12 and lives in Tremonton. HIs mother is a single mother working everyday, and is doing her best to help her son with homework.

Sent by Stacey on 9/29/14

Math, Spring Valley, CA

Hello. I have an 11 yr old son who is currently in 7th grade, he is struggling in math especially with test taking. His school uses the common core standards...

Sent by Elyse on 9/29/14

Tutoring For Homestead Student, Mequon, WI

Hello Elizabeth. My daughter Natalie, a junior at Homestead is struggling. After two years with honors, she is in desperate need of help.

Sent by Tom on 9/29/14

Calculus, Mandeville, LA

My son enrolled in calculus at Lsu. He is a freshman having difficulty and is an engineering major. Please contact

Sent by Robin on 9/29/14

Accounting, Mount Sinai, NY

Looking for a tutor for my son in Accounting. He attends Farmingdale State College. We live in Mt. Sinai, NY Please email me at (email available after purchase)

Sent by Dina on 9/29/14

English Tutor, Mission, TX

Hi my name is X. I'm 18 I'm going to school online because I am a mother in trying to get out of high school I really need someone to help me with my online work can...

Sent by Xiomara on 9/29/14

Nclex Rn, Buffalo, NY 14120

Hi Margaret! My name is K. K. and I am a 23 year old from the North Tonawanda/Pendleton area. I graduated from D'Youville College this past May with...

Sent by Kourtney on 9/29/14

Chemistry, Fayetteville, AR

Looking for help with 1) Chemistry and 2) Algebra for my freshman daughter. pre-nursing

Sent by Carolyn on 9/29/14

History, Pocatello, ID

Hi. I want some help in Survey of dance ( 10833). I hope u text me a massage as soon as possible. By the way I am student in university of Idaho state.

Sent by Faisel on 9/29/14

Esl, Newark, DE

Please contact me. I need help with English. thank you.

Sent by Danilo on 9/29/14

Lsat, Royal Oak, MI 48073

Hello, do you still tutor for the LSAT and when are you available?

Sent by Raymond on 9/29/14

Spanish, Niceville, FL

Hi. My daughter is a sophomore at Niceville High School, and she is taking Spanish II honors. Last year she had all A's in honors Spanish I, but now she can't even...

Sent by Jamee on 9/29/14

Algebra 1, Lilburn, GA

Ester, I am looking for a tutor to help my son master Alegbra. Please include rate. Thinking 2 - 3 times weekly. Thank you, R.

Sent by Rose on 9/29/14

Math, Palm Bay, FL

I am in need of a tutor for my seventh grade for math we are located in Palm bay and I would like to meet evenings poss mon, tues, wed at 5:30-6:30 if this is...

Sent by Dolores on 9/29/14

Math, South Ozone Park, NY

I'm looking for a tutor for my daughter, she's in 9th grade and needs help with math

Sent by Raymond on 9/28/14

Reading, West Babylon, NY

I have 3 children. Twin boys 11ys old in 7th grade 1girl age 13 in 8th grade. Thry are struggling with reading and math.

Sent by Nicole on 9/28/14

Calculus 2, New Lenox, IL

I attend Lewis University and need a tutor for Calc. 2. Please contact me so we can arrange a session at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Sam on 9/28/14

Physics, Waco, TX

Hi Peter! I am a Baylor student, and I am looking for a Physics 2/Cal 3 tutor. I would like to meet at least once a week, and weekends actually work best for me.

Sent by Sydney on 9/28/14

Calculus, Camarillo, CA

I was looking for a tutor to help me with my Applied Calculus class. I need help ASAP as I am already falling way behind. My cell is (phone number available after...

Sent by Deanna on 9/28/14

Statistics, Boiling Springs, NC

i am trying to help my son locate a private stats tutor...he attends gardner webb...can you help us?

Sent by Cheryl on 9/28/14

French, Alexandria, VA

My son is in French 3 and struggling after missing a lot of french 2.

Sent by Michelle on 9/28/14

Sing Lessons, Dillwyn, VA

My daughter is 13 and love singing. She is good but definitely lacks the discipline from proper training. I need someone to work with her 2 times a week in our home.

Sent by Michelle on 9/28/14

Linux, Orlando, FL

Hello Russell, I'm interested in perhaps using your services. I will be teaching a course on System Administration using Linux. I have to learn about installing...

Sent by Heather on 9/28/14

English, Kaneohe, HI

Im looking for a tutor for my son. He is in 7th grade at a private school in Kaneohe. Im looking for a focus on English and Social Studies.

Sent by Jodie on 9/28/14

Advanced Accounting, Fayetteville, NC

I am a student at Fayetteville State University in the Accounting program. I have taken intermediate accounting 1 but didn't do so well.

Sent by Angel on 9/28/14

Essay Writing, Stockton, CA

Hi Bethany, I am looking for a private tutor to proofread my writing. I am in my last semester working on my master thesis and needed someone to help me out with...

Sent by Helan on 9/28/14

Algebra, Saugerties, NY

Hi, My name is P. D.. My daughter, Kaitlyn is currently a Junior at Saugerties High School and is taking Algebra/Trig. She is also currently taking the SAT Prep...

Sent by Penny on 9/28/14

Chemistry, Savannah, GA 31419

Hi I am looking for a chemistry tutor. I had sent an email to you before, but we have not set up an appointment. Let me know.

Sent by Kristina on 9/28/14

German, Gainesville, FL

I live in The villages but would be willing to travel for lessons. I want to be tutored in German so I can speak it fluently.

Sent by Leah on 9/28/14

Math, Warner Robins, GA

Good afternoon, I am looking for a math tutor for my daughter. She is in 8th Grade She is doing algebra and geometry. She has a math final this coming up on Thursday.

Sent by Angela on 9/28/14

Spanish, Westlake, OH

Dear Layla, I have a son in Westlake High School. We like him to be more fluent in Conversational Spanish and work on verb conjugation. Can you help us? Thanks. D.

Sent by Diana on 9/28/14

Chemistry, Chico, CA

Chemistry tutor needed. My son goes to butte and is looking for a tutor one or two times a week He's available M/W after 1pm Are you available?

Sent by Diane on 9/28/14

Java, Sacramento, CA

Hello, I'm student A.t A.RC A.nd i hA.ve some difficulties in CISP 300: A.lgorithm Design/Problem Solving. moreover, i hA.ve midterm this ThursdA.y A.nd i reA.

Sent by A on 9/28/14

Hindi, Port Hueneme, CA 93041

Sent by Mukund on 9/27/14

Essay Writing, Tacoma, WA

I am an adult student working on my online masters degree. I am having some difficulty writing APA style papers do you think this is something you could assist me with?

Sent by Kimico on 9/27/14

Statistics, Humble, TX

Hi, I am in need of a graduate level statistic tutor. Are you familiar with upper level statistic? C.

Sent by Connie on 9/27/14

Precalculus, Basking Ridge, NJ

I am looking for tutor for my daughter. She is in 10th grade and she is taking precalculus. A am looking for 2 hours per week. Available on weekends.

Sent by Julia on 9/27/14

Physics, Pittsburgh, PA

Please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jackie on 9/27/14

Precalculus, Walnut Creek, CA

Hi Anna Our son is a junior at Northgate High in Walnut Creek. He needs help in his precalculus and also in organizational skills for his other classes like...

Sent by William on 9/27/14

Literature, Waco, TX

Hi Donna, I am currently looking for a tutor to help me in my British Literature class at Baylor. I mainly need someone to proofread my essays and make sure I am on...

Sent by Jordana on 9/27/14

Act English, Pensacola, FL

Helloo I am foreign and I would like to prepare the TEFL. I am thinking in hire a teacher 1.5 h 3 days a week. Please send me your rate and availability?

Sent by Isabel on 9/27/14

Algebra 2, Mission, TX

Itza, my daughter Regina is 16 years old and needs help with Algebra 2. Can you please contact me @ (phone number available after purchase) to see how we can...

Sent by Roel on 9/27/14

Accounting, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Need accounting tutoring for my test i have this week

Sent by Monte on 9/27/14

Act/Math/Science/Engliash, Oklahoma City, OK

I would appreciate if you can teach our kids Mehak 9th grde-ACT/PSAT Very good Student Aleena 6th grade very good student need some guidence A.

Sent by Fazal on 9/27/14

Photoshop, Boston, MA

Hi Cynthia - I'm looking for help using photoshop to create images from scratch, rather than modifying images. I'm teaching myself but could use some help.

Sent by Lisa on 9/27/14

Chemistry, Port Saint Lucie, FL

Dr. Heather M., I am a high school student and look for an chemistry tutor. I enjoy the subject and like to do really well in chemistry.

Sent by Xinina on 9/27/14

Reading, Camillus, NY

HI Jane: My son is 13 years old almost 14 and in 8th grade at WGMS. He decodes very well but we have found due to his lack of reading he is comprehending on...

Sent by Lynelle on 9/27/14

Neuroscience, Oakland, CA 94609

Dear Yonas I hope u r well. I'm a phd student in neuroscience ( spinal cord injury) may i have your personal contact to have some lessons. Many thanks

Sent by Nawaf on 9/27/14

Adobe Photoshop, San Francisco, CA

Hi China this is J. I go to AAU and I'm having hard time with my digital tools class. I will leave my email here please contact me tH.ks

Sent by Jihye on 9/26/14

Java, Concord, CA

I need help with java. Are you available. I tried to get you last month. Thank you, M.

Sent by Mark on 9/26/14

8th Grade Maths, Westwego, LA

my 8th grade daughter is failing maths.

Sent by Ebenezer on 9/26/14

Organic Chemistry, Northridge, CA

Hi Sam, I have a colleague that is trying to get a hold of you for tutoring. Will you please email me at (email available after purchase). Thank you!

Sent by Olivia on 9/26/14

Usmle, Newark, NJ

my son failed step 2 usmle and he doesnt have much time we are living in los angeles but he has to go newark for one month rotation and the next exam will be end of...

Sent by Zohreh on 9/26/14

Finance, Upland, CA

I need help in finance, I am in the IBM program in the university of la verne.

Sent by Veronica on 9/26/14

Math, Kaysville, UT

I am looking for a math tutor for my daughter who is a junior in high school. We love in Fruit Heights. I'd love to start as soon as possible.

Sent by Charlotte on 9/26/14

Linear Algebra, New Hyde Park, NY

Hi Mohammed. My name is A. M. and I am currently a sophomore at Binghamton University. I have a linear algebra exam on Wednesday and I was wondering if we could do...

Sent by Ailish on 9/26/14

Environmental Engineering, Saint Paul, MN 55118

Hello, I am looking for a tutor who can teach me chemistry for environmental engineering and help me to do my lab report which is about environmental engineering topic.

Sent by Abdullah on 9/26/14

Environmental Engineering, Atlanta, GA 30329

i have a homework and i need it by tomorrow

Sent by Ali on 9/26/14

Accounting, Fort Walton Beach, FL

I am needing a tutor in Accounting in QuickBooks on a few assignments. I am in need of a tutor before Monday. Please email me back or give me a call at (phone number...

Sent by Jenna on 9/26/14

Accounting, San Antonio, TX

Need help with an accounting Assignment that is due this Sunday. can you help?

Sent by Monica on 9/26/14

Apple, New Braunfels, TX

Hi Mary, I am a senior living in New Braunfels, wanting some basic Apple skills. Residing in hunters creek

Sent by Cindy on 9/26/14

English, Toms River, NJ

HI Maryann, i am interested in increasing my understanding of English It is currently my second language . please let me know if you can help me learn . Thanks S.

Sent by Stacy on 9/26/14

Asvab, Stockton, CA

Hi may name is javier and I'm looking for a tutor to help prep me for my asvab test. I will need help in the math department. im looking to meet up at least two...

Sent by Javer on 9/26/14

Finance, Princeton Junction, NJ

I need help regarding Finance: time value of money, e.g. Present Values of standard Annuities compounded monthly, and all re-arrangements of these formulas.

Sent by Michael on 9/26/14

Math, Antioch, CA

Hello, I need help with my math class (stats) I live in oakley ca f you can help please email me at (email available after purchase) or call/text me...

Sent by Qasim on 9/26/14

Neuroscience, Durham, NC

Hi! My name is A.. I'm a junior in college and I am taking Neuroscience 101: Bio Bases of Behavior course this semester. My first exam grade was 38.

Sent by Ada on 9/26/14

College Algebra, Springfield, OH

Hi Arena, I am a student at Sinclair and need some tutoring in College Algebra. I already have an on campus tutor...but I need additional assistance...

Sent by Audra on 9/26/14

Chemistry, Athens, GA

I live the Athens area and i am attending UNG. Please contact me to discuss possibly working together. Thank you

Sent by Max on 9/26/14

English, Carol Stream, IL

Good morning Jason, I need help with my English. Which days and hrs are available? Thank you, D. Z

Sent by Denia on 9/26/14

Chemistry, Athens, GA

I live the Athens area and i am attending UNG. Please contact me to discuss possibly working together. Thank you

Sent by Clayton on 9/26/14

Reading, Stafford, VA

I have a 6 year old son who needs a little extra help in reading. We live in Stafford VA. Please contact me if you are available to tutor.

Sent by Gerald on 9/26/14

Microsoft Office, Dublin, Ohio

I would need excel and statistics tutoring. thanks my phone number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Preetam on 9/26/14

Math, Austin, TX

Hello I need a tutor to help my daughter pass her TAKS test from high school. Is this something you can help with?

Sent by Angelica on 9/26/14

Math, Amityville, NY

I'm looking for help for the asvab exam for math

Sent by Guillermo on 9/25/14

Math, Springfield, OH

Hi Amy my name is D. and I would like to get some help for my third grade son he is struggling in math and desperately needs some help if you could please email me...

Sent by Destiney on 9/25/14

Political Science, Northridge, CA

Political Science 150. Online timed test. 5 chapters long. 50 Questions in 90 minutes. I have slides for all the 5 chapters in case you need them.

Sent by Abdul on 9/25/14

USMLE Step 1, Iselin, NJ

I would like to know about your training. My contact number (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Shani on 9/25/14

Chemistry, Springboro, OH

We are looking for a tutor for our high school junior son, Jeremy. He could use some help in chemistry, cp algebra II, possibly physiology and just how to study.

Sent by Darlene on 9/25/14

Linguistics, Austin, TX

Hello, My name is N.. I go to UT and I need a Linguistics tutor.

Sent by Naomi on 9/25/14

Reading, Thomson, GA

my son is in 1st grade and he is having a tough time reading some words we need help before he get bad thanks.

Sent by Anthony on 9/25/14

Physics, Birmingham, AL

Hi my name is R. And I'm in desperate need of a PHY 213 Tutor . In my class we have take home test and I just recently got my first test and I'm completely lost...

Sent by Rena on 9/25/14

Algebra 2, Newark, OH

I have a niece whonis a senior and is in algebra 2 and really needs help with understand math. She needs better grade in math to graduate from school

Sent by Ciara on 9/25/14

Accounting, Visalia, CA

I need help in accounting 101. I'm having trouble to comprehend this subject

Sent by Kati on 9/25/14

Algebra 2, Rochester, MN

Hello, Susan. I am looking for a tutor for my daughter, who is a sophomore at Mayo High School in Algebra 2. She has developed a bit of a "math phobia" and I...

Sent by Dorothy on 9/25/14

Accounting, Minneapolis, MN

Hi Jennifer, I am taking an online accounting class and I have fallen behind. I'm way over my head and I need help. Would you be available this Sat 9-27-14?

Sent by Wendy on 9/25/14

Economics, Sacramento, CA

I would like to get help in economic. do you think you can help me out? (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Christian on 9/25/14

English, Lemoore, CA

My daughter needs help in High School English. She doesn't turn work in because she says she gets confused. Can you help her? We live in Lemoore.

Sent by Silvia on 9/25/14

Math/reading, Baytown, TX

Looking for some to tutor my two children fourth and fifth grade

Sent by Erika on 9/25/14

Need A Tutor, Jacksonville, NC

Need help with homework and learn a new word and learning how to read the words and spell the word I need your help contact me soon as possible

Sent by Jessica on 9/25/14

Special Needs, Winnsboro, SC

I'm looking for a tutor for my special needs son, with math and English. elementary (k-6th) Tutoring & Teaching opportunities available in Winnsboro, SC... 29180

Sent by Natasha on 9/25/14

Nclex Rn, Buffalo, NY

Hi Margeret, my daughter graduated from the RN program at Trocaire. She has just completed and failed her 3rd board exam. She has tried several different studying...

Sent by Michele on 9/25/14

Dyslexia-tutor Needed, New Orleans, LA

My name is C. K. and I live uptown by Tulane campus. I am looking for a tutor for my son, Chase, who has dyslexia and will be tested in November for ADD.

Sent by Cynthia on 9/25/14

Algebra 2, Carson, CA

I am looking for a tutor for my 11th grade daughter. She is failing Algebra 2 and will be ineligible for sports. We need help immediatly befor she falls too far behind.

Sent by Tracy on 9/25/14

Algebra, Mandeville, LA

I am looking for a tutor for my 9th grade daughter inn algebra I & my 12th grade son in Pre-calculus. any help would be greatly appreciated thank you D.

Sent by Donna on 9/25/14

Accounting, West Islip, NY

Need acctg 1 tutor today if possible. 1st yr college student from w islip (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Rob on 9/25/14

Mcat, Tampa, FL

Need help with MCAT prep For Jan exam 2015 taking for first time junior at USF please call would like to be tutored at USF campus

Sent by Sammy on 9/25/14

Math, Murrieta, CA

Hello! I need a tutor for my daughter for trig/pre calculus. My cell# is (phone number available after purchase) we live in murrieta, ca. Thank you. EL.abeth Huesca

Sent by Liz on 9/25/14

Math, Carencro, LA 70520

I am in search of a tutor for my son who is in the 7th grade. He is needing help in math and English/Lanugage Arts. My number is (phone number available after...

Sent by Amy on 9/25/14

Excel And Powerpoint, Milford, PA

Hi Matthew, I need help learning to make figures for scientific presentations in Excel. Also do you teach Powerpoint? If you have time would like to meet...

Sent by Elaine on 9/25/14

Algebra, Harpers Ferry, WV

Are you available for algebra

Sent by Brian on 9/25/14

Chemistry, Valparaiso, IN

I am wondering about the availability of tutoring my daughter. She is attending VU, in the nursing program. Needs a tutor for chemistry. Please let me know. Thanks

Sent by Ann on 9/25/14

Nclex Rn, New York, NY

I have failed the Nclex twice and need some one on one tutoring in specific types of questions on the test

Sent by Kyra on 9/25/14

Accounting, Stony Brook, NY 11790

Mr. G, I am in desperate need of an accounting tutor. Please contact me asap. Thank you in advance, as I am failing the class miserably.

Sent by Brittnie on 9/25/14

Physics, Lawrenceburg, IN

Todd, I'm looking for a tutor for my daughter that is need of help with physics and calculus. We live west of Lawrenceburg, In. we can travel to you if needed.

Sent by Lavonne on 9/25/14

English, Kennesaw, GA

Hi I'm for tutor, my son is 5th grader. Needs help in reading and science. Please provide your rate and availability. I live in Kennesaw would like to meet a library.

Sent by Mercille on 9/25/14

Reading, Sioux City, IA

Just wondering how I go about getting help reading with my daughter

Sent by Jeff on 9/25/14

Grammar, Flagstaff, AZ

hi I'm looking for teacher teach me grammar I'm student at NAU beaver school level 2

Sent by Abdullah on 9/25/14

Pharmacology, Houston, TX

Hello.. I am in my first semester of HCCS nursing program and am struggling in Pharm. I am willing to put in the work, but I need to gain some kind of understanding...

Sent by Courtney on 9/25/14

Java, Fort Collins, CO

I need help with java CS161. Please let me know if you can help m my phone number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Salman on 9/25/14

Excel, Placentia, CA

need assistance with assignment

Sent by Kirti on 9/25/14

Algebra, El Dorado Hills, CA

Hey James, I'am looking for help with math 120.

Sent by Paul on 9/24/14

Math Reading And Science, Rochester, MN

iam looking for a tutor for my kids ,and they are different grads they need homework help math reading and science.if you are available please contact me thanks F.

Sent by Faduma on 9/24/14

Geometry Tutor, Round Rock, TX

www.T u t o r (url available after purchase) My daughter, a Pflugerville high school freshman, is struggling with geometry. I am looking for a tutor...

Sent by Rick on 9/24/14

Lsat, Boise, ID

Hi Angela, I am looking for a tutor to help me with the logical reasoning section of the LSAT. I will be taking the test this December.

Sent by Jennifer on 9/24/14

Apa Format, Lexington, KY

I'm inquiring for my son he is presently at work . He is writing a paper for communications class he has written it and resourced it but is not familiar with APA format.

Sent by Sherie on 9/24/14

Physics, Sacramento, CA

Hello, My daughter is a Junior and she needs help in AP Physics. She knows the formulas, but doesn't know how to apply them to word problems.

Sent by Guissella on 9/24/14

IELTS tutoring, Miami, FL

please call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Fahed on 9/24/14

Math, Lincoln, CA

Hi Rachel, My Daughter Bianca is in 6th grade and really struggling with Math. She is starting pre-algebra and needs help. We live in Lincoln off Twelve Bridges and...

Sent by Eric on 9/24/14

Accounting, San Antonio, TX

I'm in school trying to earn a mortuary degree..I've have took management more than once and I just can't get the full concept of it now and needing help asap.

Sent by Q on 9/24/14

Pharmacology, New Orleans, LA

Hey...Im a Nursing student. Need help with Pharmacology. ..Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Courtney on 9/24/14

Genetics, Saint Augustine, FL

I am taking college level genetics online with UC Berkley and I really need help. Online science is never a good idea. I would love to meet up with you once a week.

Sent by Lizzy on 9/24/14

Asvab, Worcester, MA

I need help with my asvab test, I toke it 2x and keep coming up short. This is my number#(phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Suliman on 9/24/14

Elementary, Orchard Park, NY

I am looking for a tutor for my 10 year old son. He is in 5th grade at South Davis Elementary. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase). Thank you

Sent by Niliksha on 9/24/14

Adobe Indesign, Daly City, CA 94014

Hi I'm looking to learn adobe in design please contact with me as as possibl

Sent by Abrar on 9/24/14

Algebra, Jonesboro, AR

I need help algebra and geoM.erty help for Praxis ! M.ath test!!I have a M.ath disability. Early childhood M.ajor at asu.

Sent by Lexie on 9/24/14

Essay Writing, Tucson, AZ

i need a writing tutor please contact me

Sent by Hazaa on 9/24/14

Geometry, Dinwiddie, VA

Sherri, I am looking for someone to tutor my son in Geometry. I live in Sutherland, I want to know what days you tutor.

Sent by Dewey on 9/24/14

English, Bayonne, NJ

looking for a english and language arts teacher for my daughter

Sent by Ron on 9/24/14

Accounting, Stillwater, OK

Hi, My name is C. M.. I am enrolled in Managerial Accounting at OSU. I have a test next tuesday and am looking to get a few sessions in before then. Thanks, C.

Sent by Christian on 9/24/14

Excel, New Braunfels, TX

Good Afternoon Aaron, My name is K., I was a stay at home mom until about 1 year ago. I have found a job as a receptionist. I am in need of some Word, Excell, ect.

Sent by Kadi on 9/24/14

Ged, Decatur, IL

i am trying to get hold of you so i can talk to you for my daghter my e mail is linaY. @ aol. com

Sent by Yahia on 9/24/14

5th Grade Math, Cedar Hill, TX

I have a daughter in the 5th grade who is struggling in Math. I took her to sylvan for an evaluation, they gave her a test and she scored 3rd grade second month.

Sent by Megan on 9/24/14

Algebra, Altamonte Springs, FL

Need tutor for algebra 2.

Sent by Dana on 9/24/14

Tutoring, Jacksonville, NC

I am interested in some tutoring for my 6th grade daughter, she is enrolled at New Bridge Middle School. I can give you more details over the phone.

Sent by Tara on 9/24/14

Chemistry (general), Simi Valley, CA

I need a tutor for general chemistry, I go to Moorpark.

Sent by Alex on 9/24/14

6th Grade Math, Sun Valley, CA

Hi Cecilia, We are in need of a 6th grade SAS math (pre-algebra) tutor for our son. Three hours per week, two days. We would love to hear from you.

Sent by Elizabeth on 9/24/14

Series 7, Fairless Hills, PA 19030

I am interested in in-person tutoring for the series 7 exam. I am new to the financial industry and have a start date at Merrill Lynch of October 27th.

Sent by David on 9/24/14

Algebra 2, Murrieta, CA

hi I am looking for a really good algebra 2 tutor. I am struggling and far behind. I need to start asap. Please get back to me. Thank you.

Sent by Tristan on 9/24/14

Ap Lit, Delaware , OH 43015

Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase) need a tutor for my daughter thank you. Ap lit.

Sent by Saida on 9/24/14

Math, Bloomington, IL

Hi, My name is L. B. I have a 7 yr old daughter who is struggling with her math. I am currently looking for someone who can assist her with Math problems.

Sent by Leroica on 9/24/14

Pharmacology, Pittsburgh, PA

Hi I am a 3rd year nursing student looking for private tutoring in pharmacology. I live in uptown Pittsburgh. Do you tutor in this area? Many thanks Linds

Sent by Lindsey on 9/24/14

Chemistry, Mundelein, IL

Can you call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Seema on 9/24/14

Physics, Pigeon Forge, TN

Robert, Hi! My name is S. R. and I am currently enrolled at the Univeristy of Louisville in intro physics. Unfortunately, I am going to pigeon forge this weekend...

Sent by Shannon on 9/24/14

Act, Valdosta, GA

I am interested in my daughter receiving ACT help. She has taken the test 3 times 12/13 (17); 4/14 (9) and 9/14 (16). She is down right now because she feels like...

Sent by Cynthia on 9/24/14

Math, Lincoln, CA

Hi Kristin, my 6th grade daughter is in need of tutoring for math and language arts. I would very much like to discuss her needs with you further.

Sent by Aundria on 9/24/14

Math, Queensbury, NY

Hi Erin, I'm looking for tutoring in 5th grade math for my daughter Maddy. The Common Core is rather challenging for the whole family! We live in Queensbury.

Sent by Jessica on 9/24/14

Ielts, Indianapolis, IN

I like to take ielts class to prepaer me for the exam

Sent by Noor on 9/24/14

Tutoring A 1st Grader, Conyers, GA

Greetings! I am interested in speaking with you in detail about your tutoring experience. I am currently homeschooling my 1st grader and would like to incorporate...

Sent by Kaila on 9/24/14

Needed Tutor, Howell, NJ

Sent by Stephen on 9/24/14

Finance, Rocky River, OH

I trying to finish college and I am taking Finance and need help. Please contact me

Sent by Jennifer on 9/24/14

Algebra, Bristow, VA

I am looking for a tutor for my son, Ethan who is in A,ge bra 1 at Patriot high school. Please e mail me if you are available Thank you

Sent by Gina on 9/24/14

English, Monmouth Junction, NJ

Hi Christina, We are looking for tutoring for our 5th grader in English, reading, writing and grammar. We are located at Monmouth junction nj 08852.

Sent by Suma on 9/24/14

Education, Buckeye, AZ

Hello again, I contacted you recently about tutoring my 9 year old son who is in the 4th grade. We live in buckeye and are looking for someone to tutor our son with...

Sent by Michael on 9/23/14

Algebra, Midland, TX

Interested in visiting with you about tutoring my child in algebra 1.

Sent by Liz on 9/23/14

Chemistry, Richmond Hill, GA

Hi I am a freshmen at Armstrong U and I have a hard time understanding Chemistry. It seems that I am not made for Chemistry, but really need it for my major.

Sent by Kristina on 9/23/14

Reading, Greenville, NC

Can you please help tutor my child who is below grade level in Reading and struggling with math? I can be reached at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Kosha on 9/23/14

French, Carlton, OR

Hi Julie, I have tried contacting you through the "Wyzant" email but it seems they won't do anything more without a credit card.

Sent by Dan on 9/23/14

Algebra 2, Wilmette, IL

Hi T... my daughter tess who is a junior at new trier needs help in algebra 2 and biology.. please let me know if you available to tutor her..

Sent by Tara on 9/23/14

Creative Writing, Jensen Beach, FL

I am looking for a tutor for my 14 year old daughter. She has difficulty with creative writing and Study Skills. She will need assistance with scholarship essays and...

Sent by Amanda on 9/23/14

Special Education, Henderson, NV

My son is autistic and struggling in 1st grade. Would you be available on mon or tues, possibly both, to assist with his homework.

Sent by Donna on 9/23/14

Language Arts, Windsor Locks, CT

Hi Jessica, My son is in 8th grade. He is doing well at grade level and we want to challenge him more so he improves language arts skills to get him ready for high...

Sent by Kumar on 9/23/14

Math, Watkinsville, GA

Hi I am interested in having a tutor for my 8th grade son 1-2 days per week. He is in advanced math and is struggling and is easily frustrated with himself.

Sent by Paula on 9/23/14

Math, Brenham, TX

Looking for a math tutor for algebra for my senior son.

Sent by Amy on 9/23/14

Algebra, Marion, MA

Hi, my daughter needs support in 8 the grade algebra 1. We are in Marion. Please email or give me a call (phone number available after purchase) Thanks

Sent by Alex on 9/23/14

Physics, Rocklin, CA

Hi Vishnupriya. I am taking two calculus based physics. I am taking electricity and magnetism (which i am struggling with) and Heat/Waves/Sound/Modern Physics.

Sent by Viet on 9/23/14

Adhd, Buffalo Grove, IL

Looking for a tutor for my son who is adhd

Sent by Kim on 9/23/14

Interested In Tutoring, Monroe, GA

Interested in your services. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Dominique on 9/23/14

Chemistry, Tulsa, OK

Hello. A fellow classmate and I are seniors at NSU-BA. We are seeking a tutor for our physical chemistry class. We are both seniors who graduate in Dec if we can...

Sent by Murray on 9/23/14

German, Columbus, OH

I need help with German pls call (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Paru on 9/23/14

CalcII, Rochester, MI

We've used tutors before with outstanding results. But this online stuff is strange. User names, passwords, conditions, etc. We are at two four eight six one three...

Sent by Mark on 9/23/14

Help, Odessa, TX

Hi I need help with my son it in 1 grade contact me (email available after purchase)

Sent by Yenny on 9/23/14

Geometry, Cortland, NY

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter in 10th grade geometry, she is struggling and unfortunately I am unable to help her. I was wondering about your experience...

Sent by Kelley on 9/23/14

Nclex Rn, Stafford, VA

I am interested in a tutor for my daughter who is peeping for the NCLEX

Sent by Tom on 9/23/14

Biophysics, Bellingham, WA 98225

Hello I am looing tutor for my daugther in Biophysics. She study 1. year medical. can you help on that. teaching using skype.

Sent by Mobasher on 9/23/14

Elementary, West Monroe, LA

Hey girl! I live in West Monroe, Louisiana and attend ULM. I need help in elementary statistics ASAP. Please email me if you're available!

Sent by Victoria on 9/23/14

Dreamweaver, San Diego, CA

I am looking for help in learning Adobe CC. First one I need help with is Dreamweaver.

Sent by Barry on 9/23/14

Adobe Photoshop, Denver, CO

Hi Sean! I need help with PS...I'm trying to create composites and I stink at it! I want to learn how to make my composites look good. Do you tutor on the weekends?

Sent by Cissie on 9/23/14

Physics, Atlanta, GA

We are looking for a tutor help our son who is in 11th grade. Mainly in AP Physics. But we are also open for other subjects. He does go to SAT class.

Sent by Manoj on 9/23/14

Math And Reading, Waco, TX

i am looking for a tutor for my grandson, he in 5th grade, needs help with reading comprehension, and math, i really would appreciate it to hear from you...

Sent by Rose on 9/23/14

German, Windermere, FL

Hi, I am looking for a tutor to work with a 9th grade student from Russia who wishes to develop her German skills.

Sent by Taylor on 9/23/14

Statistics, Macon, GA

I'm searching for someone who is able to help with a college level statistical research class.

Sent by Monique on 9/23/14

Precalculus, Walnut Creek, CA

Hi David My son is a junior at northgate high in walnut creek. He needs tutoring in precalculus particularly, but he could benefit from general tutoring...

Sent by William on 9/23/14

Essay Writing, Dallas, TX

Good afternoon, I am interesed in getting an essay proof-read as well as edited for a scholarship that is due December 5th. Also, I have completed the essay.

Sent by Shenette on 9/23/14

Accounting, Long Island, NY

Looking for a college accounting tutor for my so Daniel who is the junior at Stern of NYU.

Sent by Lloyd on 9/23/14

Armenian, Las Vegas, NV 89147

I was interested to know if you would be able to come to my home for Armenian tutoring for my son who is 6 and daughter who is 8. We moved here from California and...

Sent by Talin on 9/23/14

Teas, Boston, MA

I need help in preparing for the teas. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ginnette on 9/23/14

Math, Saline, MI

My daughter is attending her first year at WCC and like in high school, needs extra support services in math. She benefited in the past from private tutors and...

Sent by Sue on 9/23/14

Algebra, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Good morning. I am looking for a tutor for my daughter, a junior in high school, for Algebra 1.

Sent by Theresa on 9/23/14

Math, Mount Laurel, NJ

Good Morning. I'm looking for assistance with preparing for the College Mathematics CLEP exam. Do you have any evening or weekend availability?

Sent by Andrew on 9/23/14

Gmat, Marion, IN

Good morning. I am studying for the GMAT and am having trouble with the math portion. It looks like you've taken the GMAT in the past and might be a good resource...

Sent by Philip on 9/23/14

Hindi, Levittown, NY 11756

Salaam, aap kaisee ho ? Pl treat this message in its right spirit. Kyaa aap Maths kay saath Hindi bhee padhaatee ho ? aap kaa anubhav kaisaa rahaa ?

Sent by Mukund on 9/23/14

Geology, Knoxville, TN

Hi I was wondering if you could tutor me in Geo. 101. I go to UT. We have a test 9/29 so if you are available anytime this week that would be great.

Sent by Tanner on 9/23/14

Reading, Campbell, CA

Hi Karen, I am looking for tutor for my son whom is in 1st grader . Please call aus anytime at (phone number available after purchase) . Thank you

Sent by Samantha on 9/23/14

Math, Copperas Cove, TX

Looking for math tutor for my 3rd grade son and possibly my 8th grade son. Monday and Wednesday for my 3rd grader.

Sent by Sheryl on 9/22/14

Programming, College Park, MD

Hello, I am a grad CS student looking for long term tutoring in Analysis of Algorithm as well as Operating System. If you able to handle this, I will be more than...

Sent by Ahmed on 9/22/14

Math English, Mesquite, TX

Hi Hina, looking for tutor for 7th grade boy math and English grammar two days a week. We are looking for someone with patience. Thank you! D.

Sent by Dionne on 9/22/14

Applied Math, Highland Indiana

Hello Cassandra I am interested in math tutoring services for my 5th grader. He currently is a A /B math student however we want to keep things strong in areas.

Sent by Ms on 9/22/14

Finite Math, Stratham, NH

Hello Kara, My sophomore daughter is a day student at Suffolk University, and is struggling with the Finite Math course. She lives in Stratham.

Sent by Phil on 9/22/14

Math, Port Neches, TX 77651

Hi Michael, I am currently looking for someone who is able to tutor my 12 yr old son in 7th grade math. Please let me know if you are available. Thank you

Sent by Ashley on 9/22/14

Math, Abilene, TX

I have an 11 year old who is having a lot of trouble with his 6th grade math.

Sent by Hollye on 9/22/14

Act, Dekalb, IL

Hello, my name is D. W. and I need help with the ACT. I am taking it in place of the TAP test for my teaching degree. It is the last test that I need. I took it Sept.

Sent by Dana on 9/22/14

Excel, Queens, NY

Hello Mr. Abrams, I would like to inquire about tutoring classes for Microsoft Excel. I attend Monroe College and one of my required courses is Excel.

Sent by Leslene on 9/22/14

Python, Miami, FL

Aaron I am interested in P.ython lessons. I live in Brickell. If you are interested P.lease contact me at (email available after purchase)

Sent by Peggy on 9/22/14

Physics, Temecula, CA

I am looking for a physics tutor for my 10th grade daughter. We live in Temecula. Looking for 2 days a week on Sunday or Monday evening and Friday's early afternoons?

Sent by Terri on 9/22/14

Pre-algebra, Washington, NC

I have a daughter in 7th grade and need a tutor for pre-algebra, 2hrs each day, 5 days a week. She lives at Portside in Chocowinity with her grandparents.

Sent by Ray on 9/22/14

Algebra, Easley, SC

I have a freshman daughter that needs help with algebra. Please call me at 722-3500

Sent by Kyle on 9/22/14

Act Math, Georgetown, KY

Hello! I need a tutor twice a month to help me prepare for the ACT/ SAT Math test.

Sent by Laney on 9/22/14

Needed Tutor, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

Hi Sandhiya, I'm R.. My 13 year old daughter wants a tutor/help with biology (maybe 2x a week). (and maybe later geometry) She is in 8th grade in middle school...

Sent by Richard on 9/22/14

Physics, Plantation, FL

My daughter is a senior at Western High School and is in need of a Physics tutor. Please let me know if you are available and times you might have available.

Sent by Michelle on 9/22/14

College Chemistry, Menomonie, WI

Our son is a sophomore at Stout and is seeking help with College Chemistry II - would this be a course you would be able to assist with?

Sent by Mary on 9/22/14

Act, Daphne, AL

Hi my name is K. R. and I am looking for a tutor for the October ACT. Let me know if you would be available. Thanks.

Sent by Kerri on 9/22/14

English, Greensboro, NC

I need tutoring for my wife to improve her english language.

Sent by Al on 9/22/14

Pre Calculus, Tarzana, CA

Live in Tarzana. My daughter needs help with High School Pre-Calc. We want a tutor that explains and teaches, not just works the problem while she watches.

Sent by Robin on 9/22/14

Reading, Grand Bay, AL

Hey! I'm a senior in high school and could use some help on the reading portion of the ACT! if you could email me back when you get a hence that would be great!

Sent by Brittany on 9/22/14

Gmat, Long Island, NY

Prof. Bruce Alan M. I am looking for a private one on one gmat tudor located on long island ny. Please email or call (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by John on 9/22/14

Cpa, Monsey, NY

I would like to someone help me prepare for the REG section of the CPA Exam. I live in Rockland County and can travel to White Plains if necessary. Thanks.

Sent by Joseph on 9/22/14

Reading, Brentwood, CA

Hello, I am interested in meeting you and see if you are a good fit for my 2nd grade son. He is struggling a GREAT deal in reading and writing.

Sent by Paige on 9/22/14

Reading, Twentynine Palms, CA

Hi Donna I am looking for a tutor for my son who is in second grade. He needs help with reading. He does well at comprehension but fluency and basic blending are...

Sent by Michele on 9/22/14

Usmle Step2 Ck, California

i'm struggling on step2 ck. i haven't scored high enough on nbme to even pass :( i've been studying for 7 months. i studied in the caribbean. i passed step1, barely.

Sent by Eric on 9/22/14

Cpa- Bec, Skokie, IL

Hi I am scheduled to take BEC for the 3rd time on Oct 1st and realized that a tutor may be what it takes to finally pass. I was wondering if this is something...

Sent by Zach on 9/22/14

Finance, Upland, CA

I need help in my class in Business Finance, I am student in university of La Verne in MBA

Sent by Veronica on 9/22/14

English, Charlotte, NC

Hi Jeanette, I am looking for an English tutor to help my daughter with English and writing. Are you available on weekday evenings and/or late Sunday afternoons?

Sent by Dalila on 9/22/14

Reading And Algebra, Pearland, TX

Hello: I'm looking for a tutor for my son who is in 8th grade. He has ADD needs help in reading and math (algebra). We live in the Pearland area.

Sent by Karen on 9/22/14

Microsoft Windows, Tucson, AZ

I need help converting a PP presentation into a student guide and instructor guide

Sent by Phil on 9/22/14

Accounting, Massapequa, NY

i need help in accounting 2 ASAP would you be able to help?

Sent by Tara on 9/22/14

Business Cal 2, Oxford, MS

Hello, My son is at Olemiiss. He is in BCal 267 class. He is struggling with first test. Don't want him to get behind. Do you tutor that class?

Sent by Stan on 9/22/14

Tutor, Livermore, CA

Hi, I am looking for a tutor for my kids 6th grade and 4th. Plz call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Sim on 9/22/14

Math Tutor, Port Neches, TX

Hi, I am looking for a tutor for my son. He is 12 years old and is having trouble with 7th grade math. I'm not sure if you are available for this but please let me know.

Sent by Ashley on 9/22/14

Pharmacology, Lake Mary, FL

Hello, I need help with pharmacology please.

Sent by Sophie on 9/22/14

Geometry, Frisco, TX

Hi Cody, I'm looking for a tutor for tutoring in our home (75035) for Chemistry and Geometry. I think we need 3 days per week for maybe 90 minutes per day at least...

Sent by Matt on 9/22/14

Physics, Lawrenceburg, IN

Hi Rachel, I have a daughter Carley, who needs a tutor for Physics, We live in Moores Hill Indiana. She has a driver license and could travel to you if needed.

Sent by Lavonne on 9/22/14

Robotics, New York, NY

Hi - my 13 year old loves robotics and would like to get more into the code as well as the building side of things. My Arduino knowledge is limited (doesn't have...

Sent by Kirsten on 9/22/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Tutoring, Charleston, IL

Hi. I have a first grader. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) at your convenience. Thanks!

Sent by Arli on 9/22/14

Excel, Rochester, NY

I'm currently taking a practical management science course that involves the use of Excel. I'm looking for assistance to learn how to do spreadsheet modeling . Thanks .

Sent by Omar on 9/22/14

Math Tutor, Hollywood, FL

I need a math tutor in Geometry

Sent by Josie on 9/22/14

Electrical Circuits, California

My son needs tutoring in circuits. He is very smart, but has been ill recently and needs someone to walk him through his assignments while he recovers.

Sent by Gloria on 9/22/14

Accounting, Buffalo, NY

I am in need of help with my accounting, please help.

Sent by Dominique on 9/21/14

Public Speaking, Columbia, SC

Hi Mrs. Totlyn: I'm seeking to become a humorist motivational speaker, but I need help with my speaking skills. If this is an area you can assist me with...

Sent by Tami on 9/21/14

Tuturing, Oxford, FL

Are you still available for tuturing....

Sent by John on 9/21/14

Excel, Miami, FL

Hello I need help with college level excel please call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Daniel on 9/21/14

Calculus, Jacksonville, IL

My daughter needs help with calculus. Where are you attending college?

Sent by Kathy on 9/21/14

Ielts, Nashville, TN

I would like to get a tutor for ielts test.please if can help me, just let me know more information such as cost and time to meet

Sent by Mohammad on 9/21/14

Chemistry, Wayland, MA

Hi Chloe, I'm a Brandeis graduate (history). I have twins that need tutoring in honors honors chemistry, and possibly honors algebra. We live in Wayland.

Sent by Anna on 9/21/14

Accounting, Camarillo, CA

Looking for a tutor for my managerial accounting class. I have a midterm on wednesday and would like to meet for several hours monday and tuesday if your experienced...

Sent by Spencer on 9/21/14

Math, Pooler, GA

I need a tutor for.my.son, he is failing eighth grade math. I.would like him.to be tutored Sunday afternoons and Wednesday afternoons but I am.flexible on Sundays..

Sent by Debbie on 9/21/14

Statistics, Torrance, CA

Hi Dan, Sorry for the late notice but I need help with my statistics homework, like yesterday. I have 2 assignments due tonight by 11pm and I am having...

Sent by Cynthia on 9/21/14

Geometry, Oakdale

Hi Matt: Looking for possible tutoring help for my son who is a high school sophomore taking geometry. Hoping to get him more comfortable with math and testing angst.

Sent by Helene on 9/21/14

Accounting, Boston, MA

I need help with accounting managerial. super urgent on my homework. please text if interested (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Luisa on 9/21/14

7th Grade Math And Writing, Georgetown, TX

Is this our coach Berry? If so our son is struggling in 7th grade math and Language Arts.please call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Liz on 9/21/14

Spanish, Las Cruces, NM

Hi Amado, I am an intermediate to advanced level Spanish speaker and would like to become fluent, especially in the field of healthcare. I live in Las Cruces.

Sent by Trish on 9/21/14

Information Systems, Manchester, NH

hi will you be able to teach IT or IS. I'm taking class at snhu which is advanced information system. Thanks

Sent by Faris on 9/21/14

Esl, Mcdonough, GA

I'd like for you to tutor my wife in ESL classes twice a week for 1 1/2 hours each class Thanks D.

Sent by Daniel on 9/21/14

Statistics, Fort Myers, FL

Would you be available to tutor high school statistics on weekends or evenings maybe once every other week?

Sent by Ericka on 9/21/14

Geometry, Bentonville, AR

We are looking for a geometry tutor for my daughter. Please let us know if you're available.

Sent by Susan on 9/21/14

Accounting, Dallas, TX

Hi Theresa, My name is A. C. and I currently work as a Financial Analyst for Wells Fargo Bank. In this role I am required to take Intermediate accounting 1...

Sent by Aldo on 9/21/14

Calculus, Saratoga Springs, NY

Hi I'm looking for a tutor for my 16 yr old junior daughter. She is currently taking accelerated calculus honors at Sshs She currently has a 90% avg.

Sent by Jennifer on 9/21/14

Math, Kailua, HI

Hello, please help...this is for my seventh grade daughter who is struggling with math--errr the math teacher. She has done well in school previously and we are...

Sent by Zech on 9/21/14

Microsoft Word, Alameda, CA

Hi, I would like to know you rate per hour for ms word tutorial. I have a skill assessment test next week but I do not have a computer, is it possible to use...

Sent by Cheryl on 9/21/14

Turkish, Boston, MA

Merhaba Duygu! I would like to have a tutor in Turkish for my 2 children - grades 4 and grade 1. They have some basic vocabulary from family.

Sent by Bridget on 9/20/14

College Algebra, Sacramento, CA

Hi, my name is J. and I am an adult student at ARC currently. I have been away from school for a few years due to military obligations.

Sent by Justin on 9/20/14

Reading, Palm Coast, FL

Need tutor for 7 year old son in reading and writing

Sent by Ryan on 9/20/14

managerial finance, Upland, CA

Sent by Veronica on 9/20/14

Tutor, Prescott, AZ

I have three children we homeschool thru the ESA . We are up on Spruce mtn. What is your schedule like, when are you available? Thanks

Sent by Lynnmcmurray on 9/20/14

Chemistry (organic), Oceanside, CA

Hello David, My name is I. and I currently live in Oceanside, CA. I would like your assistance in College Chemistry 2 and Physics 2. I'm currently taking...

Sent by Irene on 9/20/14

English, Clarksville, TN

I have a bright 11 year old daughter in 6th grade who is doing well in all subjects except English. She has difficulty interpreting and fully comprehending...

Sent by Jennifer on 9/20/14

Organic Chemistry, Smithtown, NY

do you teach organic chemistry?

Sent by Shasha on 9/20/14

Excel, Hartford, CT

Hi I am interested in a little tutoring in Excel in order to refresh my skills in reagrds to pivot tables and other basics of Excel.

Sent by Kyle on 9/20/14

Math, Houston, TX

Seeking math tutor in algebra 1 and 2 for my 17 yr old daughter pls contact (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jacqueline on 9/20/14

Biology, Portland, ME

I am looking for a biochemistry tutor 2 x week. I am a student at UNE Portland. Would like to start as soon as possible.

Sent by Christopher on 9/20/14

Physics, Raleigh, NC

Dear Olga, My son is in need of help with AP physics. Would you reach out to me with your interest and available. Thanks T.

Sent by Tim on 9/20/14

Algebra 1, Spring Hill, TN

My 14 yr old daughter needs algebra 1 honers help please let me know if you can help we are in springhill she goes to summit

Sent by Jonathan on 9/20/14

Geometry, Wilmington, DE 19804

Hello Mr Sameer I am looking a tutor for my son and his friend for geometry and algebra 2.so please email me back . R..

Sent by Rupinder on 9/20/14

Needed Tutor, Macomb, MI

Hey Jenn my phone got reset text me your number.

Sent by Jacob on 9/19/14

Math, Frisco, TX

I have a 6th grader. He is in AP math. I was wondering if you have any available time to work with him? We live in Frisco. Thanks so much!

Sent by Leann on 9/19/14

Statistics Tutor, Mcdonough, GA

Hi Staci, I would like to talk with you in regards to tutoring for basic statistics. Working on a graduate degree. I live in Mcdonough, ga

Sent by Renee on 9/19/14

Physical Chemistry, Santa Rosa, CA

Hi, I am currently a student at Sonoma State and I am looking for a tutor for physical chemistry. If you could help me, please get back to me. Thank you

Sent by Meghan on 9/19/14

Computer Programming, Tulsa, OK

Hello Mark I am a MIS major and could really use some assistance in my computer programming course.

Sent by Gary on 9/19/14

Math, Auburn, CA

Hi I have a 10 year old son who is struggling with 5th grade math and currently with fractions. When would you be available for tutoring sessions?

Sent by Josh on 9/19/14

English, Edinburg, TX

Hello Leanna, i am having trouble with rhetoric-. Textual evidence can you help me out with this?

Sent by Edinburg on 9/19/14

Statistics, Bonsall, CA

Hello Christine, My daughter is a senior at Fallbrook High and is struggling with her statistics class. Would you be available early next week to tutor?

Sent by Leila on 9/19/14

Physics, Warren, NJ 07059

My name is C. Karsos. I'm a physics student at whrhs and need a tutor. My friend Teresa recommended you to me. Would you be available for tutoring sometime...

Sent by Christina on 9/19/14

Math, Redlands, CA

I'm starting at LLU this Monday in an Allied Health program. The program is mathematically intense so I want to stay on top of it and not get behind.

Sent by Keith on 9/19/14

Math, Claremont, CA

Hi Vanessa. My son Steven is a sophomore to be at Cal Poly Pomona and is going to take Math 12. We anticipate the need for some tutoring and were hoping...

Sent by Jonathan on 9/19/14

Architecture, Boston, MA 02118

Hey this L., I would like you to tutor me in Architecture History anytime this weekend if possible. Regards, L.

Sent by Lamia on 9/19/14

Science, Napa, CA

Hello Joshua, I need a tutor for my 10th grader in AP Environmental Science. Might you be able to help. 1.5 hrs weekly.

Sent by Claudia on 9/19/14

Heat Transfer, Staten Island, Ny 10309

hey i have heat transfer project need help to solve the project!

Sent by Ali on 9/19/14

English As 2nd Language, Auburn, AL

Hello. Teacher. This is M. Y. and age is 40 years old. I come from south korea and now live in for 3 months in Auburn,AL and am working in Hyundai-Motors I...

Sent by Myungjong on 9/19/14

Algebra, Tyler, TX

Hi im a student at tjc, i needed help with algebra this weekend, please let me know.

Sent by Amruta on 9/19/14

Cpa, New York, NY 10001

Hi Sid, I am currently 2 weeks out from sitting for my BEC section of the CPA and still struggling on a few topics. I am looking for a tutor to help me understand...

Sent by Emma on 9/19/14

Reading (dyslexia), Bay Shore, NY

Hi, I'm looking for a reading tutor for students that have dyslexia.

Sent by Cheryl on 9/19/14

Bengali, Palo Alto, CA

Hi Swatilekha, I was interested in having in-person tutoring primarily in Bangla reading. I can certainly come to Fresno if that is more convenient (I live...

Sent by Parna on 9/19/14

Algebra, Katy, TX

Hi I'm in Katy. My freshmen son needs help with Algebra I. My phone number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Angelica on 9/19/14

Excel, Asheville, NC

Greetings, I need a bit of help mastering excel 2010. Live in South AVL. Interested?

Sent by Chuck on 9/19/14

Cpa, East Rockaway, NY

Hi, I am currently studying for the FAR portion of the CPA exam and was interested in receiving some extra help. Please let me know your availability. Thanks

Sent by Jennifer on 9/19/14

Real Estate Test, Sherman, TX

I'm thinking about getting my Real Estate license, and I know I will need help from the beginning. I would love to meet with you and tell you more about myself...

Sent by Kym on 9/19/14

Engineering, Clifton, VA

Have you taken engineering economy? Did you learn by excel function? If so, grade earned in class? Contact me?

Sent by Howe on 9/19/14

Math, Calabasas, CA

Hi, taking math mo7 college algebra and trig at moor park college but I live in calabasas. Will need some assistance sometimes before tests.

Sent by Michelle on 9/19/14

Music Theory, Louisville, KY

I am looking for a tutor in music theory and piano for my daughter who is a senior at Assumption High School. Our schedule is pretty flexible. Thank you for your time.

Sent by Kimberly on 9/19/14

Statistics, Mansfield, OH

HI Pam, My name is S. T.. I am attending Mt. Vernon Nazarene U. here in Mansfield, Ohio. A classmate and I are struggling with stats, and could use your help.

Sent by Shannon on 9/19/14

English, Baytown, TX 77520

My grand daughter needs help with English and geography. She is in 10th grade at HCC high school

Sent by Bonnie on 9/19/14

Excel, Hillsboro, OR

Hi Cara, I am A. and at work I need to use conditional formatting, need to use multiple workbooks and figure out formulas.RN at local hospital and using Excel more...

Sent by Alesia on 9/18/14

Statistics, Tallahassee, FL

hi Tyler, My nephew, Hunter T., needs a statistics tudor ASAP. He is in his first year at TCC and lives in campus walk. He needs tutoring 2 times a week...

Sent by Patti on 9/18/14

Excel, Lahaina, HI

I am a college student and taking a Business 151 course. I need help understanding microsoft excel. please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Iris on 9/18/14

Calculus, Weston, MA

Hi, we are interested in Junior HS pre-calculus, at our home for around 2 hours per week. we live in Weston, about a mile from rte 128.

Sent by Leslie on 9/18/14

Algebra 2, Deer Park, NY

Hi my name is S. i am a senior in highschool and am in need of a alg 2/trig tutor for the school year

Sent by Stephanie on 9/18/14

Indonesian Math, Sacramento, CA

Hello. My wife is Indonesian and is currently attending her second term of ESL reading and Writing classes. This term, she has also added a Math 25 class...

Sent by Brock on 9/18/14

Computer Science, Kansas City, Missouri

I'm taking an intro computer science class now and the language is Python, and I'm not doing so well. Are you able to reach online, as I live in KC MO?

Sent by Chris on 9/18/14

Sat, Long Island, NY

Hey Anjali, I am re-taking the SAT this October and I desperately need to increase my score by at minimum 100 points per section.

Sent by Abby on 9/18/14

Adhd, Waterville, ME

My 7 year old grandson has been diagnosed with ADHD & photogenic memory. What kind of experience have you had with children of his age and learning needs?

Sent by Cindy on 9/18/14

Photoshop, Miami

Hi please call me when you can! need to learn photoshop and i live in the gables. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Sarah on 9/18/14

Spanish, Palm Coast, FL

Looking for tutor for 17 year old son. He is in Spanish 2, a senior at MHS. He struggled last year and finally passed. He is struggling this year.

Sent by Barbara on 9/18/14

Macintosh, Santa Monica, CA

Hi, I have a new iMac and it is completely new to me. I am looking for someone to teach me how to use it. Is this something you do?

Sent by Farrah on 9/18/14

Accounting, Troy, MI

Hi Charles, I have ACC 5100 and I am having a really difficult time trying to master the concept. I would like to know if you could tutor me so I can pass this course?

Sent by Niole on 9/18/14

Statistics, Long Beach, CA

Hello Dan, Im enrolled in applied research methods program. I am struggling to understand the concepts an statistical problems. I need at least a 2hr session

Sent by Chereda on 9/18/14

USMLE Step 1, Palisades Park, NJ

Hi! I am looking for a tutor for Step 1. Are you available? Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks!

Sent by James on 9/18/14

Computer, Burbank, CA

Looking for a tutor to teach my 10year old daughter how to use a computer for school..ex, create a spread sheet, copy and paste. Know the keyboard, write a school paper.

Sent by Marcell on 9/18/14

Writing, Saint Charles, IL

Hi Brenda, We are a faM.ily with three kids ages 15, 13 and 11 living in Thornwood, South Elgin. Our 13 year old son has difficulties with writing and could...

Sent by Marci on 9/18/14

Psat, Bedford, TX

Hi Aaron! I am looking for a PSAT tutor for my daughter who is a junior student. She is taking classes at a College Prep School but she is not doing a very good...

Sent by Loretta on 9/18/14

Math Tutoring, Martinsburg, WV

Hi. We are looking for a tutor for our 15 year old trig student. He loves computer programming and is very bright. No behavior issues. Just needs a boost.

Sent by Anne on 9/18/14

Statistics, Indiana, PA

Hi I need your help to do my HW in statistics, the HW due tonight at 11:59 we may need about 2 hours to it, so can we meet today anytime? Thank you,

Sent by Emad on 9/18/14

Math, Rockford, IL

Hi Jenifer, I am inquiring with you regarding Math tutoring. I have a 8th grader in pre-algebra and is in need of help. Thanks

Sent by Darcy on 9/18/14

Algebra 7th Grade, Lexington, KY

My 7th grade son needs a tutor for algebra as soon as possible.

Sent by Shannon on 9/18/14

Elementary, Oviedo, FL

I have a 5th grade daughter who needs help in math, science and language area. We live in live oak subdivision in oviedo. I want a tutor to come to my house...

Sent by Sunhee on 9/18/14

Adobe Illustrator, Miamisburg, OH

Hi David. I've decided to go back to school after 25 years and my interest is Graphic Design. However, due to the large gap of years between school...

Sent by Heather on 9/18/14

Nclex Rn, Richmond, VA

Hello Erica. I am in desperate need of a tutor. I have failed my boards and I have put off taking them for a long time now. I am now ready to conquer my fears...

Sent by Tiffany on 9/18/14

Needed Tutor, Long Beach, NY

Hello Nicole, We have two boys 9 (4th) & 11 (6th) who require some assistance with ELA preparation. Ideally, we would like to arrange a weekly or biweekly tutoring...

Sent by Anthony on 9/18/14

Algebra 2, Winter Springs, FL

My daughter Ali is a freshman at Winter Springs taking Algebra II honors and struggling on the tests. She has another one tomorrow and she just learned she got a D...

Sent by Erin on 9/18/14

Science, Secaucus, NJ

elementart tutor for sciene

Sent by Priti on 9/18/14

Act, Hauppauge, NY

Looking for ACT English tutor for son. exam on 10/25. Hauppauge school district

Sent by Brian on 9/18/14

Ielts, Lubbock, TX

Hi James , i need help to teach me to pass the IELTS , my mobile number is (phone number available after purchase) Thanks

Sent by Abdul on 9/18/14

Math, Memphis, TN 38125

I am 19 years old and have very poor skills in math. I am interested in finding a tutor who can help me in passing the asvab test for military enlistment.

Sent by Roderick on 9/18/14

Excel, Mansfield, OH

Sarah, I am an adult seeking tutoring with Excel and P.ower P.oint. I would like to ultimately become certified. Would you be interested in tutoring me...

Sent by Roxanna on 9/18/14

Physical Chemistry, Fremont, CA 94538

Pls email me ASAP if you are interested in tutoring me. I need you help in Physical Chemistry. Thank you!

Sent by Isabell on 9/18/14

Pharmacology, Sun Valley, CA

Hi I'm taking pharmacology and need help. I'm looking for a tutor. Thank you

Sent by Vera on 9/18/14

Physics Tutor, Las Vegas, NV

I really need help in physics. I'm scared, that I might fail. I really want to understand it . Please I need your help.

Sent by Esmeralda on 9/18/14

Algebra, Yulee, FL

I am looking for an Algebra II tutor for my 16yr old son. We live in Yulee and I was looking for a couple of hours a week just to help him get caught up.

Sent by Stacyjoe on 9/17/14

Electrical Engineering, Richardson, TX

I have grad level course in Communication and information systems, and I need help as follows: 1- The course is based on signal and systems which i took vew years...

Sent by Ahmed on 9/17/14

Organic Chemistry, Orlando, FL

I am looking for someone to tutor me in Organic Chemistry 2. I am struggling with the post labs questions and as well with some reactions.

Sent by Tonjas on 9/17/14

Programming, Jacksonville, FL

I want to learn computer programming... i am very new to it.

Sent by Anthony on 9/17/14

Geoscience, Houston, TX

hello, am seeking help for a class, Groundwater from UH, am working on a homework but I need help, it about gravity anomalies if you can help let me know.

Sent by Wilfrido on 9/17/14

Nclex Rn, Buffalo, NY 14226

Hello my name is L. I am a dyouville graduate. I'm planning on taking my boards within the next 3 months. I would like to discuss some tutoring on the NCLEX RN...

Sent by Lydia on 9/17/14

Ftce, Miami, FL

I am looking to be tutored for the Business Grades 6-12 FTCE Exam. Is this something you tutor? Thank You, J.

Sent by Jessica on 9/17/14

Thermodynamics, Everett, MA 02149

Need help withThermodynamic

Sent by Manleen on 9/17/14

Elementary, Hanford, CA

I have a 3rd grade student at Frontier Elementary School that needs additional help with math and spelling. She is not behind but struggling.

Sent by Bert on 9/17/14

Physics, Dripping Springs, TX

Hi. We are looking for physics tutor for our 11th grader. He attends a Dripping SpringsPhone is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Michael on 9/17/14

Math, Portland, TX

Hello, I am looking for a math tutor for my 5th grader. These methods nowadays are way to confusing for me to help. I want to solve the problems the old fashioned...

Sent by Laura on 9/17/14

Algebra, Avon, OH

Daughter in 8 th grade algebra struggling already, looking for tutor 1or 2 afternoons per week

Sent by Sheila on 9/17/14

Research And Writing, Monson, MA

Hello sandra, I am currently enrolled at baypath university and im majoring in psychology. I am currently taking issues in science which i am completely overwhelmed...

Sent by Lisa on 9/17/14

Lsat Logic Puzzles, Phoenix, AZ

Hi, I am seeking LSAT logic puzzle tutor help. I start Kaplan in a month with a 12/6 LSAT test date and the puzzle portion is my biggest weakness.

Sent by Kenneth on 9/17/14

Physics, Dublin, OH

Hi Bernard! I'm looking for someone to help my son. He is a junior at Dublin Scioto and is struggling with physics. Currently he has cross country practice after...

Sent by Valerie on 9/17/14

Geometry, Tampa, FL

I need a tutor for my 8th grade honors geometry student/daughter this afternoon, one hour between 3 & 6. Sorry for the late notice.

Sent by Lionel on 9/17/14

Anatomy, Coventry, CT

Looking for a tutor for our daughter, a high school senior taking a college credit anatomy course. Our daughter struggles with science but did much better...

Sent by Heather on 9/17/14

English, Kansas City, KS

hi english is my second language, so I need to learn speaking and writing on it for 3 days a week until I can speak very well. can you email me, how can...

Sent by Hailu on 9/17/14

Adobe Illustrator, Long Island, NY

hi my name is S., i want to learn illustrator cc and photoshop cc . i have both on my computer.. please let me know, i am behind tangier outlets in riverhead..

Sent by Sal on 9/17/14

Economics, San Antonio, TX

Hi Matthew, I am looking for an economics tutor for my 2302 micro-economics class at North-East Lakeview college. I need to understand the supply and demand...

Sent by Jessics on 9/17/14

Spanish, Collegeville, PA

I am looking for a Spanish tutor for my daughter. She is a sophomore in high school, and is taking her 2nd level of Spanish now. Her school does block scheduling...

Sent by Trish on 9/17/14

Math, Grantsville, MD

Hi Rebecca I am in need for someone to help my son who is in the 6 grade with math just once a week on wed for an hour we live in grantsville we would meet at...

Sent by Brandy on 9/17/14

Math, Morrisville, NC 27560

Hi Patty, My name is N. and I live in Morrisville .My daughter is in 10th grade and she needs some help in math. Please let me know if you have time .

Sent by Nazish on 9/17/14

Mac And Microsoft Word, Purchase, NY

Alll I want from MSW is to write letters and envelopes and save same in documents. Have new Mac Laptop and HP 6520 printer (hardwired).

Sent by Dr on 9/17/14

Precalculus, Fargo, ND

Hi Lauren. I am looking for someone to help my son with his accelerated pre-calculus. He is a junior in high school and seems to be having a little difficulty.

Sent by Shelley on 9/17/14

Math, Greenville, SC

I am looking for a Math tutor for my fourth grade daughter. I feel the math program at her school is not well rounded and I am looking to have her study math outside...

Sent by Rosalind on 9/17/14

Education, Windermere, FL

Hello, I have a 10 year old son who had always had tutoring. We moved here 3 months ago and I really need help with my son and his education.

Sent by Treza on 9/17/14

English, Lafayette, LA

Hey...I hope you are doing well. . I have myu uncle who is coming down here for visiting and he asked if I can find anyone to be with him for 4 to 5 house a day...

Sent by Mo on 9/17/14

Asvab, Olympia, WA

Hii linda my name is D. am 19 years old and am looking for a tutor to helpe refresh on my high school skills to help me on the ASVAB test i just have a hard time...

Sent by Dalia on 9/17/14

Math English Spanish, Cypress, CA

looking for a tutor for my son, who is in 10th grade

Sent by Ann on 9/17/14

Algebra 2, Deer Park, NY

Hello I am looking for a algebra 2 tutor for the school year and need a act/sat review prep for sat date November 8 and act October 25 which is close so i need...

Sent by Stephanie on 9/16/14

Algebra, Mandeville, LA

I am looking for a tutor that is familiar with the algebra core program. My daughter is in the 8th grade, we just moved here and the program is confusing to her.

Sent by Mary on 9/16/14

Microsoft Access, Concord, NH

Hi Larry, I tried to cA.l you for MS access, but seems the number u sent me was wrong! I'm looking for MS access tutoring?

Sent by Al on 9/16/14

Precalculus, Mobile, AL

Hello, I am in college precal and need some help in that class. Are you taking on any new students to tutor?

Sent by Kristen on 9/16/14

Reading, Grand Bay, AL

Hey! Reading and English have always been my two worst subjects and could really use some tutoring for the ACT! If you could just email back asap and maybe we could...

Sent by Brittany on 9/16/14

Spanish, Grass Valley, CA

Dorene I need assistance in my Spanish class. Hoping you will be available. My phone number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Justin on 9/16/14

Thermodynamics, Norwalk, CT

I need help with thermodynamics. I am a college students taking thermodynamics for mechanical engineering

Sent by Osama on 9/16/14

Discrete Math, Murrieta, CA 92562

Im interested in discrete math (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Raul on 9/16/14

Chemistry, Oakland, NJ

My daughter needs help with Chemistry and Geometry. She is in 10th grade. My number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Robin on 9/16/14

Gre, Provo, UT

Hi Logan, I contact you on another site, but just in case you do not get my message, I am interested in a tutor for the GRE, can you give me a call?

Sent by Jennifer on 9/16/14

Algebra, Waco, TX

looking for a tutor for my grandson for Algebra 1

Sent by Nancy on 9/16/14

Chemistry, Arcadia, CA

Hello, I have an international student from China and would like some help in a couple of subjects (English and Chemistry) He is a freshman in High School...

Sent by Abraham on 9/16/14

Java, Vacaville, CA

Hi! We are looking for a computer science tutor for our son. He is a freshman taking an AP computer science class emphasizing java.

Sent by Heather on 9/16/14

Reading Writing And Grammar, Ocala, FL

My son is in 4th grade and needs assistance in reading, writing, and grammar. If I could talk to you personally on the phone that would be nice. Thank You

Sent by Nita on 9/16/14

Calculus, Engineering, Physics, Plano, TX 75024

Hello Cody, I am currently taking three classes at Collin College: Calculus II, University Physics, and Engineering Mechanics I. I am struggling in all three.

Sent by Eric on 9/16/14

Accounting, Fresno, CA

Hello I am currently a student at Fresno City college and am struggling with activity based accounting.

Sent by Lashay on 9/16/14

Algebra 2, Beacon, NY

Hello, I have a 16 yo boy in 11th grade who has always struggled with math. He has had a private tutor for the last 4 years but she is not comfortable with trig.

Sent by Liisa on 9/16/14

Math, Rutherfordton, NC

Hi I have a 7yr who struggles with math and reading I'm in need of a tutor to see if that helps. I'm located in the greenhill area.. thank you

Sent by Tisha on 9/16/14

Asvab, Richmond, VA

Good Afternoon, We need an ASVAB tutor for a student in the Richmond area. We would like to talk to you about this tutoring opportunity.

Sent by Kimberly on 9/16/14

Psychology, San Antonio, TX

Hi Cindy. Are you familiar with writing psychology research proposals? Which include independent and dependent variables.

Sent by Kane on 9/16/14

Spanish, Lafayette, IN

I am in need of a Spanish tutor for Spanish 201 @ Ivy Tech. I need help with studying and test preparation mostly. If you are willing, I will forward a copy of...

Sent by Kelci on 9/16/14

Mcat, Dallas, TX

Considering a MCAT tutor for my son (who is a sophomore at UTD). He is planning to take MCAT 2015. I appreciate response.

Sent by Ragu on 9/16/14

Physics, Chula Vista, CA

We neE. a tutor in high school AP Physics. Our daughter is a Jr. at Otay Ranch HS in east Chula Vista (91913). She will be on school break for the next 3 weeks and...

Sent by Ed on 9/16/14

Study Skills, Media, PA

Hi Elizabeth, I have a son Griffin who need help with study habits and organization skills. He is a 6th grader at the Rosemont School of the Holy Child.

Sent by Jeff on 9/16/14

Algebra 9th, Berwyn,pa 19312

I am in the newtown square, Berwyn area . need asap for son

Sent by Marrijo on 9/16/14

Sign Language, Port Saint Lucie, FL

Looking for a sign language tutor and English tutor for 11th grade. Are you a full time student or are you available during the week?

Sent by Sonita on 9/16/14

Physics, Montgomery, AL

I have a test tomorrow! I desperately need help asap!

Sent by Natasha on 9/16/14

Math And Reading, Orangeburg, SC

hey i have to children and i need someone who can help them with english and math. Can you guarantee for that price

Sent by Shanelle on 9/16/14

Reading (dyslexia), Tomball, TX

Hi Susan, I'm looking for a tutor for my son, who is in 9th grade. He struggles with reading comprehension and writing. He is under the 504 program...

Sent by Ray on 9/16/14

Fayetteville Ga, Richmond Hill GA

Asalam u alaikum my name is S. M. I live in richmond hill ga,...how much is yr negotiable price for one class..my son is in 9th grade

Sent by Syeda on 9/16/14

Math, The Colony, TX

I am looking for a math tutor for my 7th grade daughter. We have tried just about everything.

Sent by Shelia on 9/16/14

Business Heatlh Adminstration, New Hyde Park, NY 11040

call (phone number available after purchase) please contact me

Sent by Jacqueline on 9/16/14

Chemistry (general), Clinton, MS

I'm looking for someone to help me with principles of chemistry college level. Basically just help me with homework and study guides when there is a test coming up.

Sent by Mckenzie on 9/16/14

Accounting, Tampa, FL

Hi Im looking to hire a accounting tutor for my son who attends the University of Tampa Thank You

Sent by Rick on 9/16/14

Math, Buckeye, AZ

Looking for math English grammar tutoring for my 9 year old son in our home. Call M. at (phone number available after purchase). Thanks

Sent by Mike on 9/15/14

Elementary Tutor, Rescue, CA

Hello. I have an 11 year old son in the 6th grade and I think its time for a tutor...most subjects like math and English about 2hrs twice/week to start.

Sent by Brenna on 9/15/14

Programming, Auburn, AL

Hi Gary! My name is M., and I am curious as to whether or not you have any tutoring knowledge to extend in Visual Basic. I'm currently a senior enrolled in ISMN 3070...

Sent by Meghan on 9/15/14

Algebra, Hattiesburg, MS

Hello! my name is J. R. and I go to the university of southern Mississippi. I am looking for a tutor.

Sent by Jessica on 9/15/14

Chemistry Algebra, Katy, TX

Hi My son needs tutor for Chemistry and Algebra, do you tutor wkday evenings? We live in the Katy area. Thanks M.

Sent by Marilyn on 9/15/14

Math 220, Lawrence, KS 66045

Hey Chris, you tutored me in the fall of 2013 and I was wondering if you tutor for MATH 220.

Sent by Aaron on 9/15/14

Adobe Illustrator, Berkeley, CA

I need expert help to make changes to an existing document and create one new document for a prevention on Friday. Need assistance on Tuesday at my home in Montclair.

Sent by Michael on 9/15/14

Adobe Illustrator, Tampa, FL

I need help asap in illustrator let me know

Sent by Angela on 9/15/14

Physics 201, College Station, TX

I'm very behind in Physics 201 at A&M. I need to be caught up fast so please respond as soon as your can.

Sent by Erin on 9/15/14

Statistics, Bonsall, CA

Hello, I'm looking to be tutored in AP Statistics. My #1 concern is I need to be tutored by someone who has experience with and knows how to work and read...

Sent by Jzenai on 9/15/14

Statistics, Lawrence, KS

Hi Chris! My friend Talia told me that she has been using you as a tutor, and I really wanted to get in touch with you to see if you could help me out!

Sent by Campbell on 9/15/14

Life Coach, Oak Brook, IL

I have a freshman daughter who is really bright but doesn't seem to care about her academics. I am looking for an all-subject tutor and someone to kind of manage her...

Sent by Jennifer on 9/15/14

Economics, Crofton, MD

Hello Daron. My name is E. and I really need a tutor for my online college economics course. I am in week 3 and I still don't understand the concepts.

Sent by Edie on 9/15/14

Physics, Deerfield, IL

Christian, What year in college are you? How much physics have you had? Would you be capable of tutoring for college physics?

Sent by Claudia on 9/15/14

Math, Van Nuys, CA

Hi I need tutoring for Calculus. Please e-mail me at your earliest ocnvenience if you are available for tutoring. Thank you.

Sent by Ani on 9/15/14

Microsoft Office, Miami, FL

Hello, My name is M. A., and I just got a job that requires A LOT of Excel. I was exposed to it while I got my Bachelors, but I lost touch.

Sent by Mario on 9/15/14

Ielts, Dallas, TX

hello i need a tutor for ILETS,, please can you help me,,, my exam is next weekend,,

Sent by Abdull on 9/15/14

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA 90033

My daughteR. needs help w usmle step 1. AR.e you in la? When aR.e you available?

Sent by R on 9/15/14

Algebra 2, Katy, TX

Hello do you Tutor in Katy?

Sent by Marilyn on 9/15/14

Finance Tutor, North Hollywood, CA 91601

Hi Hamid, I am looking for a real estate finance tutor to review IRR, NPV, and waterfalls. I live in New Jersey. Do you accommodate people far away or do...

Sent by Prosha on 9/15/14

Calculus Tutor, Horseheads, NY

Looking for a calculus tutor for granddaughter who is a senior. She is taking the calculus AP class (they put her in this because the class she wanted world not work...

Sent by Teresa on 9/15/14

Biology 121, West Lafayette, IN

We are seeking a Biology 121 tutor for our freshman at Purdue University. He resides at Owen Hall. Please provide your availability. Thank you L. G.

Sent by Liah on 9/15/14

Dat, Atlanta, GA 30319

Hello my name is B. my plans are to be a dentist , but I would love a tutor for the dental admissions test . I am currently a sophomore so I have time to study and...

Sent by Brandon on 9/15/14

Gre, Huntington, NY

hi, I am currently looking for a GRE Tudor. I just graduated with my BA in Psychology and need to take the GRE to get into graduate school.

Sent by Katherine on 9/15/14

Managerial Accounting (202), San Diego, CA

Hello Bernard, I am currently taking managerial accounting (202) at mira costa college and live in Encinitas. I'll need 3-4 hour sessions at a time multiple times...

Sent by Nick on 9/15/14

Electrical Circuits, Cicero, NY

Currently taking an electrical circuits class and looking for tutor. Please contact me if interested. Thanks!

Sent by Jim on 9/15/14

Managerial Accounting, Deltona, FL

Hi - I am in the second week of my Managerial Accounting course at Embry Riddle(online) and really need help. I live in Deltona. Are you available?

Sent by Kristen on 9/15/14

Computer, Dayton, OH

Mr.Rahul I'm a student at UD and I want a tutor who know about programing language. If you have enough time to teach me, plz call me. Thanks

Sent by Abdullah on 9/15/14

Chem, Oak Park, CA 91377

Hi, I am looking for a tutor in O chem, please let me know if you are available. email me at : (email available after purchase) E.

Sent by Eliana on 9/15/14

Applied Math, Norfolk, VA

Hi, I am looK. for a tutor for my 7th grade son. He is very bright but a little lazy. He struggles with math but may need help occasionally with other subjects.

Sent by Chandra on 9/15/14

Genetics, Denver, CO

Hi Jennifer, My name is A. (pronounced I-yell-it)and I am an undergrad student at CU Denver. I am looking for a tutor in genetics.

Sent by Ayelet on 9/15/14

Algebra, Tampa, FL

Hello, my 12 year old 7th grade daughter is struggling in Algebra 1, can you help?!?!

Sent by Jen on 9/15/14

C#, Birmingham, AL

Hi! I am a MIS major at The University of Alabama. I need help on three programming assignments for this upcoming semester. Being that the programs require alot of...

Sent by Nicole on 9/15/14

Special Education, Pittsburgh, PA

Hi Kristin! I am hoping I have the right person. We're you the one who gave my kids hats at yesterday's Pirate game? They wanted me to try to find you...

Sent by Kathy on 9/15/14

Math, Mesquite, TX

Looking for a tutor to teach our 7th grader math. Must be kind and patient. Three days a week

Sent by Briant on 9/15/14

Speech, Wadsworth, OH

I am looking for a tutor for my 5 year old an hour a day twice a week . It would be just the basics of what preschoolers and kindergarten offers.

Sent by Amber on 9/15/14

Virology, Brooklyn, NY

Good Morning Dr. Melissa My name is M. from Saudi Arabia and now I'm studying master degree at Wagner College . I would like you to help me with virology if you can.

Sent by Maram on 9/15/14

Reading, Colorado Springs, CO

Hi, I am the assistant to Antoinette and she is looking for a tutor for her nephew in Colorado Springs. He is in first grade and is a bit behind on his reading skills.

Sent by Devon on 9/15/14

Esl, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi Julia, A dear friend of mine from Hungary will be spending 2 weeks in Fort Lauderdale and looking for a private ESL teacher.

Sent by Gabi on 9/15/14

Organic Chemistry, Bakersfield, CA

I need help with chem math

Sent by Matthew on 9/15/14

excel 2013, Alexandria Louisiana 71360

Good morning. I'm looking for an tutor for excel 2013

Sent by Nikki on 9/15/14

Math, LA Mesa, CA

Hello my name is A. and I'm looking for a tutor for my son I f your available pls contact me at (phone number available after purchase) Thx

Sent by Anthony on 9/15/14

General, Westlake Village, CA

Kate, Hi. Our son, P., is in 8th grade. We need someone that covers a multitude of subjects and is close. We are in Westlake Village.

Sent by Paul on 9/15/14

Visual Basic, Hernando, MS

Hi, I am looking for a Visual Basic tutor. Please let me know when and if you are available and how it works. Thanks!

Sent by Robin on 9/14/14

CalculusII, Flagstaff, AZ

Text me (phone number available after purchase) I need help for calc 2 as soon as possible

Sent by Aziz on 9/14/14

Civil Engineering, Bellaire, TX

Hi Shannon, I am a student at UH for civil eng. and I am having problems understanding excel and spreadsheets. I was wondering if you could help me?

Sent by Kim on 9/14/14

Calculus, Northridge, CA

hello, i am a student at Cal State Northridge. and i am looking for a calculus-1 tutor. This is my first time to use this website, so i don't know how it works!

Sent by Sulaiman on 9/14/14

Algebra 2, Granbury, TX

Hi Alexis, I am looking for a math tutor for my daughter. She is struggling with Math Models and Algebra 2. We live in Granbury.

Sent by Margaret on 9/14/14

Calculus, Van Nuys, CA

Hello Dr, Saeed, my name is K.. I am a senior in high school who is currently struggling with my AP Calculus AB class. Can you please contact my mom if...

Sent by Karpis on 9/14/14

Math, Bayonne, NJ

I'm looking for a really good Algebra / Math tutor for 7th - 9th graders, in Bayonne and Jersey City. I am a tutor myself and I need someone to assist me with some...

Sent by Aileen on 9/14/14

Algebra, Strathmere, NJ 08248

We live in Marmora & our son is a junior @ OCHS. He's taking honors algebra 2 and is struggling. Hoping you can help? S. & Kathryn A.

Sent by Scott on 9/14/14

Dyslexia, Needham, MA 02492

Hi, I have a recently diagnosed second grader in Newton with dyslexia. I can only afford $40.00 - two times a week. Do you accept this fee ever? Thank you.

Sent by Susan on 9/14/14

6 Grade, Umatilla, FL

ello, My name is T., I have a nephew in the Umatilla Area that is currently in the 6th grade, from the understanding I'm getting from him is that he's having...

Sent by Tia on 9/14/14

Vector Calculus, Petaluma, CA

I am currently taking linear algebra and differential equation and need help in both. I am looking for a tutor to help me. I can be reached at (phone number...

Sent by Ezana on 9/14/14

Hindi, Queens, NY

Hi! I have an eight year old who wants to learn how to speak in Hindi (no writing in indian script). We live in Forest Hills. Please let me know if you are available...

Sent by Devi on 9/13/14

English, Austin, TX

We are looking for English and Math tutor for 3rd grade student. Please let me know your availability.

Sent by Mallik on 9/13/14

Organic Chemistry, Idaho Falls, ID

Hi my name is M., i need your help in organic chemistry i have exam. this is my phone number (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Mutlaq on 9/13/14

Calculus, Los Angeles, CA

Hello my name is A. L. currently living in downtown LA. I would need help in Calculus 1 since am struggling with it. I would like to meet up at least 3-4 hours...

Sent by Ahmad on 9/13/14

Pre Algebra, Mechanicsburg, PA

Hi Stacey, My daughter is in 6th grade and she is in Prealgebra class for 7th grade. I live in Mechanicsburg(17050) and looking for tutor to teach her prealgebra.

Sent by Hitesh on 9/13/14

Mechanical Engineering, Colorado Springs, CO

I need help with Engineering ethics class. Can you help?

Sent by Salah on 9/13/14

Writing, Michigan Center, MI

Hi Mohamed A, Actually, I'm looking for a professional writer who can write my assignment. I've assignments in communication field that need to be written and.

Sent by Lina on 9/13/14

Information Technology, Atlanta, GA

Do you offer college level tutoring in information technology? Specifically network and internet security. Do you offer Java tutoring as well?

Sent by Victor on 9/13/14

Accounting, Beverly Hills, CA

Hi! My name is M. and I am in a Financial Accounting class at USC and I need help! Would you be able to help me tomorrow because I have a quiz on Monday.

Sent by Megan on 9/13/14

Math, New Hope, PA

Hello Denise, My daughter is in third grade. I Would like to see her more excited about math and hoping you can help. We are in New Hope near to washington crossing.

Sent by Tracy on 9/13/14

Project Management, Laurel, MD

I am PMP certified and have test team lead exerience but never get real project management experience and title. Need guidance and real time overview of the PM. Thanks.

Sent by Kalvin on 9/13/14

Chemistry, Pensacola, FL

Hello.. My son needs tutoring in IB chemistry. Please feel free to call (phone number available after purchase) or email. Thank you S.

Sent by Shalini on 9/13/14

Organic Chemistry, Sterling Heights, MI

Hi there! I am currently looking for a tutor who can help me out with organic chem as well as a little bit of physics, pre calculus and biochemistry.

Sent by Monika on 9/13/14

Math, Yuma, AZ

I need a tutor for calculus I am in college it u interested please. contact me

Sent by Peter on 9/13/14

Excel, Beaumont, TX

Hi John I am on my last excel assigment for my MISY online class. I am in the golden triangle area and looking for a tutor for my "what if analysis" assignment this...

Sent by Tanya on 9/13/14

Video Editing, Saint Louis, MO

Hello, I am looking for a video editing tutor. I use FCP 7 but i also have adobe. if you tutor either of these or both that would be great.

Sent by Andrew on 9/13/14

Physics, Bridgewater, NJ 08807

My daughter needs tutoring on high school physics. She's currrently a junior. Can you tell me how the tutoring program works? Is it 1-on-1 or is it in a group class?

Sent by Aileen on 9/13/14

Sat, Lowell, MA

Hi Virginia, I'm interested in speaking to you about SAT Prep for my 11th grade daughter. Please feel free to contact me at (phone number available after...

Sent by Trish on 9/13/14

Gre Math, Knoxville, TN

Hello, I am a senior at UT and have always been terrible at math. I am looking for a tutor that can help me with the type of math problems the GRE calls for.

Sent by Kelsey on 9/13/14

Algebra, Acworth, GA

Hello, my name is M. and I am contacting you for help for my daughter Saige. She needs help with her final algebra class at Allatoona HS. Please e-mail or call me.

Sent by Matt on 9/13/14

Genetics, Marlboro, NJ

Hi Bijal, My name is J. GJ.i and i am a undergrad at Monmouth University. I am taking genetics this semester and was looking for someone who can tutor me...

Sent by Jon on 9/13/14

English, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

Hello, My name is S. K.. I'm searching a tutor who can teach various english communication skills for it's not been a long time for me to come to America.

Sent by Sun on 9/13/14

Calculus, Murrieta, CA

Hi Marlo, I am looking for a calculus tutor for my daughter. She is currently taking AP Calculus AB. Are you available? Please let me know. Thank you.

Sent by Jun on 9/12/14

Usmle, Sugar Land, TX

private tutoring for usmle step 2 CS

Sent by Mubashera on 9/12/14

Math, Elmsford, NY

I'm looking for a tutor to get my daughter ready for the algebra common core regents in January.

Sent by Joselyne on 9/12/14

Education, Vienna, VA

Hi I'm an international student And I study master in curriculum and instruction practitioners-elementary school, so I would like to find tutor to help me my ...

Sent by Khloud on 9/12/14

English, Math, Science, Stockbridge, GA

Send me an email or call (phone number available after purchase) in your leisure... My daughter's a sophmore in High School and I'm seeking weekly assistance until...

Sent by Dj on 9/12/14

Organic Chemistry, Indianapolis, IN

Hi Anette, I am taking organic chemistry this semester and was wondering if you are available for tutoring? Thank you, C.

Sent by Cassie on 9/12/14

English, West Plains, MO

Hi im interested in english tutoring. I live in West plains, Missouri. I need help with revising, editing, and grammar and help with writing papers.

Sent by Devyn on 9/12/14

Spanish, Chico, CA

Hi Kim, I'm looking for a Spanish tutor as soon as possible for my 8th grade daughter. She is a first year Spanish student and due to missing a week of school has...

Sent by Melissa on 9/12/14

Microsoft Access, Brooklyn, NY

I will like to get tutored on the subject data concepts I will need help in Microsoft access and viso please call me at (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Gerard on 9/12/14

Molecular Biology, Buffalo, NY

Hi there, Can you help me with my molecular class please?

Sent by Ahmad on 9/12/14

Writing, Colorado Springs, CO

I need help writing an essay.

Sent by Jim on 9/12/14

Chess, Gainesville, FL

Hi I'm looking for a chess tutor for may son who is in the 500's rating. He's 10 years old. I would like to get started right away. Thanks.

Sent by Sherry on 9/12/14

Grammar, Tampa, FL 33603

Hi Kelsey, I'm from Romania and I moved last year in Tampa. I'm interested in taking grammar lessons. Can you give me more details about your availability...

Sent by Calin on 9/12/14

Real Estate, Houston, TX

Hello, I am looking for tutor for Real Estate exam. I am having difficulties to pass National portion of the please call me (phone number available after purchase) ...

Sent by Yana on 9/12/14

Algebra Tutor, Cincinnati, OH

What is your availability? We are looking for an Algebra 2 tutor for my freshman. Kindly email me or call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Victoria on 9/12/14

Calculus, Traverse City, MI

Are you available to tutor college calc 1?

Sent by Page on 9/12/14

Project Management, Chicago, IL

I am taking project managing course and i am looking for a tutor. please let me know thank you

Sent by Betty on 9/12/14

Computer Science, Oceanside, CA

David, have you tutor for AP Computer Science?

Sent by Anthony on 9/12/14

Act, Queens, NY

I would like to know if you are available to tutor my son for the Oct. 25th ACT exam? Please email me back. I live in Queens, NY.

Sent by Marilyn on 9/12/14

Geometry Help Needed, Scotts Mills, OR

My son got a concussion his first football game and is now behind in all subjects. He is struggling the most with geometry and would've struggled even without...

Sent by Susan on 9/12/14

Chinese, Washington, DC

Sent by Dan on 9/12/14

Music Theory, Cayce, SC

I am looking for a tutor in the subject of music theory. I am in the 29033 zip code. can you please call me at (phone number available after purchase) to discuss.

Sent by Nancy on 9/12/14

Esl, Hudson, OH

Hello Jennifer, I am looking for an ESL teacher in Hudson, OH. Can you please contact me with your information. Thank you B.

Sent by Brigitte on 9/12/14

English 1102, Elk Grove, CA

Hello Lisa I have been studying creative writing for entertainment and I have come across a fork in the road. I need help!!! It is within the english writing...

Sent by Debra on 9/12/14

Chemistry, Flagstaff, AZ

I am looking for a tutor to help my daughter at college. I would like to find out more information. She is a science major. Taking microbiology and chemistry.

Sent by Michelle on 9/12/14

Math, Hillsborough Nj

Hi, Looking for tutor for 8th greader attending hillsborough middle school. Needs help in math and English. Let me know if you r auailable

Sent by Roopali on 9/12/14

Call Me, Demopolis, AL

Call ma asap ... my friend crystal oneal referred me to you. ....(phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Renae on 9/12/14

Calculus, Stillwater, OK

Hey Shobhakhar, My name is P. and I am currently having a lot of trouble in Calculus. If you could help me please contact me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Pearce on 9/12/14

Physics, White House, TN 37188

Sent by Brandi on 9/12/14

Alegbra, English, Bilogy, Pass Christian, MS

I'm looking for a tutor to come to my house in Pass Christian. For my 16 yrs. 10th grade son. Well behave and great personality. Pass High.

Sent by Fran on 9/12/14

Reading, Beaufort, SC

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor for my 4th grader. He struggles real with his all because He's not able to quite read well.the school says He's on a 2nd grade level.

Sent by Tameka on 9/12/14

Mandarin Chinese, Nashville, TN

tutoring in mandarin chinese

Sent by Joan on 9/12/14

Math, Cincinnati, OH 45208

Looking for a math tutor long term. Am willing to drive between 4-9 pm. Hope you consider taking the job.

Sent by Mary on 9/12/14

Astronomy, Dundalk, MD

my granddaughter is 3 weeks in her class of astronomy on line at CCBC and is completely lost she needs this to pass in DEC. to get her AA we are in zip 21222 please...

Sent by Betty on 9/12/14

Algebra, Rocky Mount, NC

I have a 14 year old child that attends Wilson Christian Academy and is struggling in Algebra 2...

Sent by Tammy on 9/12/14

Karate, Rajkot, Gujarat

I need tutoring to learn kick-boxing.

Sent by Drashti on 9/12/14

Writing, Bowling Green, OH

I need a tutor to my husband for writing, listening, speaking and reading in English language. I prefer two hours in the weekday by $250/monthly.

Sent by Rawiyah on 9/12/14

Nclex Pn, New York, NY

need help passing my nclex

Sent by Kemi on 9/12/14

Math And Reading, Jacksonville, FL

Hi, I'm interested in tutoring for my 10-yr old twins in Reading and Math. Are you available to tutor Reading and/or Math for 5th graders?

Sent by Angelia on 9/11/14

Finance Tutor, Somerville, MA 02143

I'm looking for a tutor this Sunday to help with my financial modeling class. The class is using excel exclusively and we are currently in the time value of money...

Sent by Robert on 9/11/14

Adhd/math Tutoring, Niceville, FL

Hey Alicia I'm M. and a single mom of a 18 mth old and an a 8 year old and I need your help... My daughter is struggling already in 3rd grade and pretty much just...

Sent by Marylee on 9/11/14

Computer Programming, Atlanta, GA

Hi Mr Philip I don't know if you tutor in computer programming. I am taking a logic class. It's very easy but I am having trouble. If you do, I really need your help.

Sent by Christine on 9/11/14

Numerical Python, New York, NY 10031

Hi Charlotte, I'm taking a financial engineering course this fall that will require a good deal of coding in python to solve numerical problems.

Sent by Justin on 9/11/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Trig Tutpr, Winnetka, CA 91306

Hi, I would like to know if you tutor in trig? If S.o, how S.oon can you provide tutoring?

Sent by Jackie on 9/11/14

Nursing, Raleigh, NC 27613

Hey Mrs. Leslie, I was wondering if you tutored current nursing students? I'm working towards my ADN, and just had my first test. Unfortunately, I didn't pass.

Sent by Lauren on 9/11/14

Accounting, Santa Maria, CA

Need help, with online accounting assistance specifically with quiz material

Sent by Julian on 9/11/14

Asvab, Concord, NH

Interested in possibly obtaining a tutor for my 17 year old who is a senior at CHS. He would need help in preparing for an upcoming ASVAB. Thank you for your time R.

Sent by Rodney on 9/11/14

Information Systems, Atlanta Ga

Need H.elp on making a query ASAP please contact me tH.rougH. email or give me a call at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by David on 9/11/14

Biology, Tarpon Springs, FL

Need a biology Tudor for my daughter a sophomore at tarpon high my phone number is 777-2856

Sent by Suzanne on 9/11/14

French, Universal City, CA

Hi Marlene, I speak basically zero French but I'd like to learn for a trip to France in six months. I speak Spanish at a relatively high level.

Sent by Justin on 9/11/14

Algebra, Bogalusa, LA

I have 2 boys who are not doing well in algebra. I am very strict about their grades and they need help. I just moved to Bogalusa a couple of months ago.

Sent by Kristi on 9/11/14

Statistics, LA Verne, CA

I need tutoring in my homework assignments for my Statistics class. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Rick on 9/11/14

Civil Engineering, Boston, MA

Hi! I'm a civil engineering student and I need help on some courses like Fluid Mechanics, Soil Mechanics and Structural Analysis.

Sent by Abdul on 9/11/14

Physical Chemistry, Aurora, NY

Hello, I am currently looking for a tutor for the physical chemistry class I am taking. I see that you've tutored in physics and chemistry separately...

Sent by Jamyra on 9/11/14

Philosophy, Decatur, IL

Hi my daughter needs help with Asian Philosophy. can you please contact me at (phone number available after purchase) Thanks

Sent by Kathiryn on 9/11/14

Business Health Adminstration, Bronx, NY

looking business health administration where live at from me give me a call.

Sent by Jacqueline on 9/11/14

English Tutor, Newnan, GA

Hi~ my name is S.. I am from south korea and 32 year old. I want to learn speaking English.. I leave in Lake shore. If you read my message can...

Sent by Sola on 9/11/14

Public Speaking, Memphis, TN

My son would like to get mentoring in public speaking

Sent by Jitu on 9/11/14

"technical Writing", Naperville, IL

Hello, I'm interest in technical writing tutoring, can you help? English is also my second lenguage Thank you Juna

Sent by Juan on 9/11/14

Java, Clearwater, FL

I'm taking a java course and I'm over my head help

Sent by Steven on 9/11/14

English, Oxford, AL

I have a 8 year old daughter that is in the second grade that goes to Donoho school. She needs help with English (reading) if you are interested in tutoring her...

Sent by Michael. on 9/11/14

Project Management, Laurel, MD

I'm taking an on-line PM course and need a little assistance getting started. What are your rates and how soon could we meet?

Sent by Geoffrey on 9/11/14

Math, Englewood, FL

I am looking for a tutor for my 16 year old. He's in the 11th grade and needs help in math, english and zoology. Could you help in these areas?

Sent by Angela on 9/11/14

Biology (molecular), Powell, OH

Hello Mia, We are seeking a tutor for our daughter Angela. She's a good student, but struggles some in biology, physiology, and English.

Sent by Bill on 9/11/14

Statistics, Toledo, OH

Hi I need a tutor for intro to statistics at UT, do you feel confident teaching the material

Sent by Ree on 9/11/14

Cpa Exam, Hudson Florida

I would like to take the cpa exam bit i need help i have a masters degree

Sent by Roxanne on 9/10/14

Calculus, Georgetown, TX

We are interested in 2-3 sessions per week for our son. He is a Junior at Georgetown HS, currently in Pre-Calculus. He is an A/B-B/C student and Pre-Cal is already...

Sent by Trey on 9/10/14

English, Miami, FL

two boys 10 & 11 in miami lakes k8, i like to send them to ivy league.

Sent by Jay on 9/10/14

Calculus, Bel Air, MD

Hi Matt, I'm in need of your services for my son Jake. He is in AP Calculus in his senior year. We live right behind Harford community college and would prefer...

Sent by Melissa on 9/10/14

Organic Chemistry, Portland, OR

Hi Asia, I am looking for somebody who can go over some homework assignments that I have from an Organic Chem course that I am taking online. Thanks

Sent by Patzy on 9/10/14

Calculus 2, Valdosta, GA

Hello Heather! Do you still offer tutoring for calculus? I need tutoring in calc 2. I live in Lakeland and I'm stationed at Moody.

Sent by Bahiyyah on 9/10/14

Reading, Schertz, TX

Hello Sir, My son Blake is in 5th grade at Wilder in Schertz. He is behind in his reading. He had a tutor last year but they are no longer tutoring.

Sent by Thomas on 9/10/14

Algebra Tutor, Satellite Beach, FL

Hello! I am inquiring for my son Zyon who is 15 years old and a sophomore at satellite beach HS. He has been struggling with his algebra 2 class.

Sent by Simone on 9/10/14

Geometry, Tracy, CA

Hello Abi I need a geometry tutor for my son he is in 10th grade.I only for once a week.Thank you.

Sent by Fernanda on 9/10/14

Nursing, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I need help please... Im in an online MSN program and the first course we have it Nursing Theory. Don't know what I am doing and need some guidance to get it done.

Sent by Tony on 9/10/14

Statistics, Folcroft, PA

My am currently taking a biostatistics class at La Salle university( MPH) program. I am having a hard time grasping the concepts and I really need tutoring.

Sent by Marie on 9/10/14

Mba, Albuquerque, NM

Hello, I just started an online MBA program and have already hit overwhelm. I believe the reason is that my writing and communication skills are weak.

Sent by David on 9/10/14

Nclex Rn, Norfolk, VA

I an in need of a private tutor to help me prepare for the NCLEX. What is your availability and do you travel?

Sent by Hope on 9/10/14

Reading, Algonac, MI

I am in need of your help. My son Eugene is in second grade and the school isnt trying to help me with my sons reading and writing.

Sent by Rachel on 9/10/14

Statistics, Prescott, AZ

I'm taking an online statistics class and it's not going well. Can you help me?

Sent by Michelle on 9/10/14

English, Queen Creek, AZ

Hello Rachel I'm going to Arizona in October and will pass one month. I will arrive in Arizona on 01 / October and stay until the 29th.

Sent by Etarcisio on 9/10/14

Chinese & Math, Berkeley, CA

Hi Nina, Do you still offer tutoring? My daughter will be 9 this Dec. I would like a combination of math tutoring using the abacus (she learns best visually) as...

Sent by Audrey on 9/10/14

Nursing Pharmacology, Louisville, KY

I need tutor in pharmacology for nursing

Sent by Margareth on 9/10/14

Latin, Portland, OR

Christopher, I am looking for a tutor for my son. He is planning to take the AP Latin exam in May 2015. Are you available?

Sent by Danette on 9/10/14

Physics, Villanova, PA

Hi Ian, I'm looking for a tutor in Physics for my son Jerome, student in 12th grade in IB at Harriton High School. He would like to begin as soon as possible.

Sent by Thierry on 9/10/14

Armenian, Pasadena, CA

need totur for armenian course im taking in pasadena i need instruction for 1hr a day x2 day week 16 weeks

Sent by Shaunna on 9/10/14

Pre Calculus, Watsonville, CA

Looking for a pre-calculus tutor for my son (high school level) and possibly chemistry as well. L.

Sent by Lynn on 9/10/14

Math, Tyler, TX

Searching for a math tutor for both my son & daughter

Sent by Eunice on 9/10/14

Hydraulic Engineering, Centereach, NY 11720

I am taking hydlruics engineering and want a help ? Can u do that ? Thanks.

Sent by Judaya on 9/10/14

Math And English Etc, Sault Sainte Marie, MI

Hello Elon. I am looking for a great tutor for my two son's, grades 1 and 3. They need tutoring in spelling, math and etc. If you can email me back that would be great.

Sent by Maysee on 9/10/14

Algebra, Irving, TX

Hi Adam are you willing to travel to Macarthur and Beltline - zip code 75019 - my leasing office has a conference center and I am looking for a tutor right after...

Sent by Kenyatta on 9/10/14

Spanish, Frisco, TX

Hi Ashley. My name is M.. I live in Frisco. I am needing very beginning Spanish tutoring. I help manage my son's soccer team and over half my team do not speak...

Sent by Mandy on 9/10/14

Civil Engineering, Charleston, SC

Landon, My son (Brett) is a Junior at The Citadel and a Civil Engineering major. He needs some support with a couple classes. Would you be interested in connecting...

Sent by Dean on 9/10/14

Math, Rincon, GA

Hi my name is S. I have a son Tristan who is 13 in 8th grade and needing help with Math. He has football Monday through Thursday until 720 p.m. So he would need...

Sent by Susan on 9/10/14

Cpa, Woodland, Ca

Hi Sid, I am currently taking the FAR CPA exam and would like to possibly get some tutoring on a few topics. When did you take your FAR exam?

Sent by Jasvir on 9/10/14

Writing, Cranberry Township, PA 16066

Are you available to be my tutor in writing?

Sent by Amparo on 9/9/14

Algebra 2, Olathe, KS

Looking for Algebra 2 tutor for my daughter. Would like to meet if possible Wednesday evening before her test.

Sent by Myrna on 9/9/14

Adobe Photoshop, San Francisco, CA

need some help with adobe

Sent by James on 9/9/14

Algebra, Gilbert, AZ

Hi Melissa, My son is a freshman in high school and is struggling with online algebra. Where do you tutor? Would you be willing to tutor during the day...

Sent by Kristin on 9/9/14

Math Tutor, Hampton, GA

Hi Jasmine, I'm looking for a tutor for my 16 year old son. He's struggling with Math and we're wanting to intervene before he gets too far behind.

Sent by Michelle on 9/9/14

All, Abilene, TX

My husband and I are currently looking for someone to help us with our 6 year old son. He just started the 1st grade and is already struggling in all subjects.

Sent by Whitney on 9/9/14

Biology, Denver, CO

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor for my son who is a 9th grader at D'Evelyn Jr/Sr HS. He needs help with biology and some writing but especially needs help with studying...

Sent by April on 9/9/14

Chemical Engineering, Corning, NY 14830

Hi, I need tutor Chemical Engineering. And Need to solve homework problems. it due tomorrow

Sent by Phuong on 9/9/14

Chemistry, LA Habra, CA

Hello, my name is S. and I am currently interested in finding a Chemistry tutor for myself. I am interested in being tutored for my Honors Chemistry clasS.

Sent by Sarah on 9/9/14

Pharmacology, Elmont, NY 11003

I am currently taking pharmacology. It is not my favorite subject I need some tutoring help. My email address (email available after purchase)

Sent by Joyce on 9/9/14

Microsoft Excel, Elizabeth, CO

I need assistance creating two Excel spreadsheets sometime in the next couple of days. These are year by year comparisons of Balance Sheets and Income Statements.

Sent by Dan on 9/9/14

Pharmacology, Hamilton, OH

How much experience have you had in pharmacology?

Sent by Alexis on 9/9/14

Hindi Tutor, Austin, TX

Hi Janvi~ I am searching for a Hindi tutor for a junior student at UT Austin. What is your availability like? Thank you in advance for your time. R.

Sent by Rachel on 9/9/14

Clep, New York, NY

HI I need a tutor for a 21 year old at NYU who is going to take the CLEP algebra test in November. we have all the workbooks. please contact me asap. thanks!

Sent by Mikella on 9/9/14

Statistics, Northridge, CA

hello, looking for a stats tutor. My phone number is (phone number available after purchase) and my email (email available after purchase)

Sent by Elyssa on 9/9/14

Need A Tutor, Kissimmee, FL

Ho Adriana I have a friend who moved from puerto rico she has 2 children 1 high school 1 middle school needs tutoring for both.

Sent by Elliot on 9/9/14

Math -Alegebra 2, Los Angeles, Ca

Hi I'm looking for a great Math tutor to meet with me every week for about 1 - 2hours to discuss math challenges , and clarifying of subjects

Sent by Alexandria on 9/9/14

Asvab, San Luis Obispo, CA

please call me at (phone number available after purchase). need an asvab tutor for my son about to enter the air force. thank you.

Sent by Eileen on 9/9/14

Math Tutor, Gainesville, GA

Need help with my College Algebra Math.

Sent by Michele on 9/9/14

Pharmacology, New York, NY 10001

I'm nursing student having lot trouble with pharmacology. Do I have Tavel 2 city or can we meet somewhere else ? I'm looking 4 help ASAP good days 4 me is fri...

Sent by Keshia on 9/9/14

Biology, Phoenix, AZ

Greetings, Do you tutor high school students?

Sent by Denise on 9/9/14

Accounting, North Port, FL

I need tutoring in managerial accounting if you are interested please give me a call at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Saqib on 9/9/14

Organic Chemistry, Colorado Springs, CO

Hi Sarah, I am currently enrolled in organic chemistry at PPCC. I took general chemistry 4 years ago so I'm already struggling with ochem because I don't remember...

Sent by Brittany on 9/9/14

Math, Victorville, CA

Hi Mallie, I am interested in you tutoring my son for SAT prep in math. He is currently in Geometry and needs help there as well.

Sent by Thomas on 9/9/14

Math, Lawton, OK

looking for a tutor for math please contact me or call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Kourtlyn on 9/9/14

Us History, Horseheads, NY

hello dean, I had just recently failed my us regents in high school, I did not receive my diploma yet but I am taking the regents again in January I just need...

Sent by Shannon on 9/9/14

Spanish, Huntington Station, NY

Hi, I am 52, I live in Dix Hills. I am Puerto Rican, but was never taught spanish at home. I have always wanted to be fluent. I guess I am sort of intermediate.

Sent by Susan on 9/9/14

Nclex Rn, Wichita, KS

Hi! I tried to contact you on a different site but I am in need for a tutor for the NCLEX RN. I take my exam September 27th. If you can be of any help please let me...

Sent by Lauren on 9/9/14

Japanese, Charlottesville, VA

Hi Matt, I am a second year Japanese student at University of Virginia and am looking for tutor to help me in fluency, grammar, conversation, etc) Thank you!

Sent by Adam on 9/9/14

Tutor, Sanibel, FL

hallo,my daughter goes to Canterbury and needs help !! not because she is not smart enough -she does not know how to study!! we are on sanibel and would 3 times a week!!

Sent by Uli on 9/9/14

Electrical Engineering, Buffalo, NY

need help with electromagnetic theory I attend suny buffalo

Sent by Andrew on 9/9/14

Reading, Chester, VA

Reading and writting for boy in secend grade

Sent by Rayan on 9/8/14

Statistics, Colorado Springs, CO

I can't afford a lot but I need a tutor ASAP what are your prices and when can we start

Sent by Shar-nay on 9/8/14

Religion, Tampa, FL

I am currently studying in HCC and I need help in religion subject. Are you good in this subject. Are close to 33612.

Sent by Mohd on 9/8/14

Elementary Tutoring, Vernon Hills, IL

I'm looking for tutor for my 9-year old daughter, 4th grader. I'd like to increase her reading/writing and study skills. We are leaving in Vernon Hills...

Sent by Zhanna on 9/8/14

Java, Normal, IL

Hi, I'm responding to your post here on (url available after purchase), I'm checking to see if your still available. I could really use some help in a java class I'm...

Sent by Josh on 9/8/14

Web Site Development, Savannah, GA

I have a facebook ministry and am looking to expand to youtube and blog talk radio but I don't know a thing about creating videos or broadcasting. Need to learn.

Sent by Lisa on 9/8/14

Asvab, Oklahoma City, OK

Hello Mrs. Debra, I was wondering if you would be able to be my tutor. I not really a good test taker. I'm trying to score high on the asvab. I really need help.

Sent by Dion on 9/8/14

Chemistry, Easton, PA

I need help with General Chem II Are you still available for tutoring

Sent by Jeremy on 9/8/14

Math, Midland, TX

Looking for someone who will help my son better understand math. He is in 5th grade and doesn't seem to like math at all. Maybe u can help!!

Sent by Beth on 9/8/14

Physics, Thousand Oaks, CA

Sophomore in college at cal lu, Need help in Physics

Sent by Andria on 9/8/14

Reading, Coppell, TX

We are looking for a tutor for my daughter who is a senior in high school. She has taken the SAT once, and did well on the Math and Writing sections..

Sent by Mark on 9/8/14

Algebra, West Chester Oh

Hi! I need tutoring for algebra 1. When are you available?

Sent by Jacky on 9/8/14

English, Beaumont, TX

Hi I have a 6 yr old in first grade who has adhd and I need help with tutoring him in writing... Please contact me my name is T.

Sent by Tessa on 9/8/14

SAT, Cold Spring, Ny

Hi, My daughter Emilie took your SAT class, and now my daughter Sara is a Junior! I wanted to find out about the course. She thinks she will take the test in March...

Sent by Barbara on 9/8/14

Pre Calculus, Stockton, CA

Hi Juan I have a junior at Tokay high.. She is having trouble in pre-cal.. Let me know if you are available?

Sent by Sara on 9/8/14

Nclex, ID

Hi James, I need a tutor for NCLEX. Are you available? -D.

Sent by Dorthea on 9/8/14

Pre Algebra, Bel Air, MD

Good Evening, I am looking for a Pre-Algebra tutor for my son James. He is in the 6th grade and we would like to hit the ground running this year and get him...

Sent by Annette on 9/8/14

Gre, Nashville, TN

Hello Charleen, My name is K. B.. I have been studying for the GRE for a couple of months, but I find myself not being able to grasp the math good enough to pass.

Sent by Keturah on 9/8/14

Chemistry, North Providence, RI

Are you available for tutoring my daughter. She is at 11th Grade going to Masters regional Academy, and living in North Providence, RI.

Sent by David on 9/8/14

Handwriting, Richmond, TX

Hello Heather - My name is C. B.. My son, Alexander, is in the 4th grade and has *very* poor handwriting skills. Can you help tutor him to a higher level of...

Sent by Christopher on 9/8/14

Physics, Melbourne, FL

Hi Robert, I have a hs junior and she is struggling horribly with Honors Physics. She may or may not drop the class. Are you currently available to tutor her?

Sent by Nancy on 9/8/14

Asvab, San Antonio, TX

Hey Steven how's it goin I'm A. and I need help with math sections on asvab and I'm dying for some help!!! Please give me a call (phone number available after...

Sent by Andrew on 9/8/14

Algebra 1, Lexington Park, MD

Hi Cara, I am taking Math 1105 at CSM. Just started last week, I am so lost , hoping a tutor can help me to understand the concepts of algebra. when are you available ?

Sent by Ann on 9/8/14

Quickbooks, Fayetteville, NY

Quickbooks for online use.

Sent by Carl on 9/8/14

Math Reading, Southfield, MI

Hello, My son is starting the 7th grade and I would like him to do VERY well and math & Reading is a problem for him. Is this something you can help with?

Sent by Nicole on 9/8/14

Organic Chemistry, Orlando, FL

Hey, I just started Organic Chemistry 2 and I need a tutor. Are you proficient in that area?

Sent by Sabrena on 9/8/14

Esl, Clairton, PA

I am looking for an ESL tutor for my cousin. Mainly to help him with his speaking and listening skills better. Are you available?

Sent by Lea on 9/8/14

Reading, Newnan, GA

I am looking for a tutor for my son, Gavin. He just turned 11 years old this past month and is struggling with reading. Please feel free to contact me if...

Sent by Jon on 9/8/14

Ballroom Dance, West Hills, CA

Ballroom dance for my wife and I.

Sent by Frank on 9/8/14

Ielts, Indianapolis, IN

Hello, This H. , i live in downtown indianapolis , i would like to take Ielts exam soon , i need to practice before the exam , can you help mw with that.

Sent by Heba on 9/8/14

Java, Los Altos, CA 94024

Hello, I am looking for a Java tutor to assist me in my Advanced Data Structures & Algorithms class. Here is the course page link for more information about it...

Sent by Matt on 9/8/14

Electrical Engineering, Tulsa, OK

Can you tutor EM fields and Networks? They're not easy classes. I would excel at a better rate if I had some help filling in yhe gaps of my understanding. thanks.

Sent by Mike on 9/7/14

Algebra Tutor, Garner, NC

Sent by Henriette on 9/7/14

Teas, Memphis, TN

Seeking help in preparing for the teas test

Sent by Lisa on 9/7/14

Math Asvab, Amityville, NY

Looking for tutoring in math for asvab exam

Sent by Guillermo on 9/7/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Statistics, Ocala, FL

I am taking an online quality course and in one of my assignments I have to do an xbar and R chart through excel.

Sent by Jesse on 9/7/14

Usmle, New Jersey

Hi Dr Sattar, Are you available to do a one on one in person in a place of your choosing? I have a car, live in Carteret, NJ please contact me asap (phone number...

Sent by Carlos on 9/7/14

Math, Reading, Writing, Quakertown,PA

Hi, I would like to fiN.d a tutor for my daughter at 8th grade at QuakertowN., Pa. ThaN.ks

Sent by Lam on 9/7/14

Computer Skills, Brooklyn, NY

Hi Jamie, I need a tutor asap! I need someone who really knows BlackBoard, PowerPoint, how to create blogs, wikis, threads, etc. I live in Ditmas Park Brooklyn and...

Sent by Barbara on 9/7/14

Reading, Little Elm, TX

Hello. I have a 6 yr old who needs to learn how to read. Do u work with young kids?

Sent by Marlo on 9/7/14

Ruby On Rails, New York, NY 10009

Hi Ken, I live in East Village and needed some substantial help with Ruby tomorrow, September 8th (preferably during the evening but anytime is fine).

Sent by Sam on 9/7/14

Asvab, Mount Pleasant, SC

Good Afternoon, We need an ASVAB tutor for a student in the Charleston area. We would like to talk to you about this tutoring opportunity.

Sent by Kimberly on 9/7/14

Math, Morgantown, WV

I am doing Master in Mathematic, this is my first semester I need help in Algebra, calculus and real analysis

Sent by Ebtehal on 9/7/14

Writing, College Station, TX

Howdy, I am looking for a writing tutor for my 13 year old son, who is being home schooled this year for the first time. He has always been a strong student...

Sent by Sarah on 9/7/14

Calculus, Lawrence, KS

Hey Jeffrey, I am looking for a math 115 tutor let me know if you can help! Thanks S.

Sent by Sydney on 9/7/14

Algebra, Nederland, TX

My little brother needs help with his algebra 2 class.

Sent by Rodneisha on 9/7/14

Genetics, Stockton, CA

Hi Keilah My son attending UOP and he is taking a genetic this term. Are you available to tutor. Thanks

Sent by Fred on 9/7/14

Math, Manvel, TX

11 yr old son struggling in 5th grade math. Looking for extra help once per week- Preferably in the evening after 5pm. Thank you, T.

Sent by Tom on 9/7/14

Geology, Raleigh, NC

I am taking a geology class at Wake Tech on line. I need help preparing for my mid term and final and also help with test taking skills.

Sent by Daniel on 9/7/14

Elementary, Venice, CA

Looking for tutor for 2nd grader

Sent by Tynesha on 9/7/14

Pre-algebra, Spring Valley, Ca

Proprtions and similarities, ratios and rates, proportional and non proportional relationships, solving proportions,finding the slope of the line.

Sent by Cristina on 9/7/14

Math, Jacksonville, AR

I am looking to be taught math all over again so i can take college classes and math is all that stands in my way. on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the highest...

Sent by Shahn on 9/7/14

Microsoft Project Manager, Raleigh, NC

Hi Debora, I need someone to tutor me on how to do MS Project. I can do the basic project plan, but having some trouble with advanced things like capital expenses...

Sent by Karen on 9/7/14

Algebra, Utica, MI

hello Betsy, im A. im in 12th grade and i only need a few math credits its through e2020 but i attend school to do it in class. i need some help on algebra.

Sent by Ashley on 9/7/14

Act, Choudrant, LA 71227

Hi Ms. Hollin, We are interested in having a tutor for my son, Alexander, for SAT and ACT. He is now a junior at Ruston High with a 3.9 GPA.

Sent by Leon on 9/7/14

Calculus, Matawan, NJ

Looking for a tutor to to help my son in his calculus class who is in 2nd year of college.

Sent by Prasanna on 9/7/14

French, Wichita Falls, TX

I am interested in a tutor to help my daughter with her French course.

Sent by Jenna on 9/6/14

Stats, Louisa, VA

I need to pass the Dante's stats exam by the end of this semester. Do you think you could help? Thanks.

Sent by Mary on 9/6/14

Physics, Pembroke Pines, FL

Need help freshman college physics

Sent by Rumana on 9/6/14

Elementary Junior High School, Jamaica, NY

Hi Kimberly I looking for a tutor for all 4 of my kids. The ages are 14, 10, 9,and 7. I looking for someone three times a week for two hours for helping mostly with...

Sent by Shawnta' on 9/6/14

Asvab, Minnetonka

My son is enlisting in the Navy, and is in need of help especially in asvab math. This has always been troublesome in his studies.

Sent by Rpnert on 9/6/14

Geometry, Northridge, CA

Hi Kevin My daughter is having trouble with Geometry. She attends Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences here in Northridge. Could you help her with Geometry on...

Sent by Don on 9/6/14

Geology, Reading, PA

Hi Barbara, I am looking for a tutor for my daughter who is a senior at Albright College, PA. She is purusing a distance class on Geology from University of N....

Sent by Ashish on 9/6/14

French, Newport Beach, CA

Hello I am looking for a tutor of my two children, I sign up for CNED and they are in CE2 and CM2 they have been doing the program for a year and I find is...

Sent by Gisela on 9/6/14

Calculus, Carterville, IL

Hi Kate, my name is B. H.. I am looking for a tutor for Calculus 2 at Southern Illinois University. My phone number is (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Brandon on 9/6/14

Computer Skills, Budd Lake, NJ

Need to learn copy and paste and all computer skills

Sent by Joanne on 9/6/14

Algebra 2 Trig, Geneva, NY

Hi I'm H.. I'm a senior in high school at Geneva High School and I'm trying to pass the algebra 2 trig regents. I failed it in June and want to pass it in January.

Sent by Hope on 9/6/14

Calculus 2, Porter Ranch, CA

solving online homework's

Sent by Ahmad on 9/6/14

Excel, Chicago, IL

Hi Ben: Please Help!!! I need a tutor for excel spreadsheet applications. I failed the class once. I have NO understanding of this.

Sent by Anita on 9/5/14

Algebra, Norwalk, OH

Hi, I am also a student at BGSU Firelands. Was wondering if it is possible for you to travel to my home in Norwalk on Tues and Thursday mornings to help me with Algebra?

Sent by Holly on 9/5/14

Organic Chemistry, Bethlehem, PA

My son is taking Organic Chemistry at Moravian College and could use some extra reinforcement. He is typically an A student.

Sent by Darla on 9/5/14

Math, CA

i i need a tutor plz tutor me over facebook i really need a tutor i am horrible at math

Sent by Kaycie on 9/5/14

Math, Kansas City, MO 64113

Weak math experience in middle school!

Sent by Alicia on 9/5/14

Reading Project, West Palm Beach, FL

Hola Elizabeth. Mi hijo esta en 7th grade y necesita ayuda con su reading project. Por favor si puedes Comunicate conmigo al (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Eve on 9/5/14

French, Canton, OH

Hey, I'm looking for a tutor for French 2 for KSU. I'm looking for multiple times a week.

Sent by Thomas on 9/5/14

Calculus, Fairfax Station, VA

Hey Eddy, I'm a biology major at GMU and need serious help on calculus 1. I graduated early from high school so never got to calculus till now.

Sent by Nazanin on 9/5/14

Chemistry, Fort Knox, KY

We reside on Fort Knox and would like to find a tutor for our daughter who is an 11th grader and really struggling with the subject. Please let me know if you woyld.

Sent by Katara on 9/5/14

Act, Collierville, TN 38017

Hi I am a high school senior and I am taking the ACT September 13th and I'm looking for a tutor for math and reading. Please contact me ASAP if you could help!

Sent by Lauren on 9/5/14

Math, Salisbury, NC

Hello Jennifer, my name is D. B. and I am a 42 year old Tool & Die maker that needs help preparing for a Math test for a new job that I really want.

Sent by Dale on 9/5/14

Elementary Tutor, Manchester, NH 03104

need help with my kindergarten duaghter

Sent by Michele on 9/5/14

Math, Irving, TX

Inquiring about College Algebra tutoring sessions. Thank you!

Sent by Erick on 9/5/14

Usmle, Las Vegas , Nv

Need a tutor for all Of step 1 can you help me

Sent by Zeeshan on 9/5/14

Chemistry, Bakersfield, CA

Hello. Do you tutor 11th grade Chemistry. If so please send me a text message at (phone number available after purchase). We live in the Rosedale area. Thank You

Sent by Donna on 9/5/14

Writing, Chadds Ford, PA

I am looking for a writing tutor for my 9th grade son. Writing is his weak subject at scholl which I could not help much. I might also want writing tutor for my 5th...

Sent by Xiaojing on 9/5/14

English, Sherman, TX

Hello, Sarah! I have a friend who's wife is in need of an English as a second language tutor. She is from Saudi Arabia and speaks no English currently. Any ideas?

Sent by Roy on 9/5/14

English, Bothell, WA

Hello, We would like to hire a tutor for our 12 year & 8 year old sons for English language. We live in zip 98012 area near 35 & 156th st.

Sent by Bhupinder on 9/5/14

English. High School Math, Gainesville, VA

Hi Melanie. I am currently looking for tutor for NOVA Placement test of english and math. Please let me know if you can help. We can talk further more over the phone

Sent by Brian on 9/5/14

Trigonometry, Oswego, IL

Joe are you with trig honors ?

Sent by Carrie on 9/5/14

Public Speaking, Maple Valley, WA

Hello, I'm looking for some help with public speaking for myself. Are you able to provide coaching? Thanks

Sent by Tariq on 9/5/14

Farsi, CA

I, needing a tutor for farsi for my 11yr old daughter. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) Thank you!

Sent by Amanda on 9/5/14

Reading, Bakersfield, CA

Hi, We are looking for a reading tutor for our daughter that just began second grade, they did testing the second week of school and said she is still reading at...

Sent by Rachel on 9/5/14

Tutor, Austin, TX

Hello! We are looking for a tutor for our 2 kids, Tyler 7th grade, and Mia 5th grade. We would like it to be on Wednesday anytime between 4-7 for one hour.

Sent by Tiffany on 9/5/14

Chemistry, Chico, CA

Hi Tim, My name is M. K. and I am currently taking Chem 107 at Chico State. I never took Chemistry in high school so I feel like I could use a little extra help...

Sent by Meghan on 9/5/14

French, Laguna Beach, CA

I have a nine year old daughter who has had private French lessons for 2.5 years. She has a basic vocabulary but is reluctant to speak.

Sent by Dora on 9/5/14

North Providence, RI, North Providence, RI

Hi Rebekah, My daughter started 11th Grade at Masters regional Academy private school, and I'd like to have a tutor helping her succeed.

Sent by David on 9/5/14

Algebra, Suwanee, GA

Hi, Christine My wife needs a tutor in her college Math Class. Please let me know if you can help.

Sent by Andre on 9/5/14

Sat I, Andover, MA

Need tutoring for SAT Prep for high school junior

Sent by Tina on 9/5/14

English Tutor, Simsbury, CT

Hello Jillian, Im looking for a tutor for a five year old girl who needs a little help catching up on her reading and writing skills for kindergarten.

Sent by Sarah on 9/5/14

Math, Mesa, AZ 85212

Hi my son is a sophomore in high school would like to get him a little extra help he is behind for his grade level, he was in a horrible charter for his First grade...

Sent by Tony on 9/5/14

1st Grader, Hanover Park, IL

Where do u tutor or do you make house calls

Sent by Adealia on 9/5/14

Math, Indian Trail, NC

I am looking for a tutor for calculus..my number is (phone number available after purchase). Thanks

Sent by Patricia on 9/5/14

Java, Irvine, CA

Hello, My name is J.. A little about me, I just got out of the military after 8+ years doing logistics and osprey avionics. Recently, I have quit my job...

Sent by John on 9/5/14

Marketing, Woodland Hills, CA

Hello Jennifer, my name is W.. I'm currently taking 3 marketing classes and I need your help, if you are free please text me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Waleed on 9/5/14

Chemistry, Fremont, CA

Hello, i am looking for a tutor for my son, he is at Ohlone college and is in Chem 101A. He needs tutoring twice a week for around 1.5 hour each day!

Sent by Mehnaz on 9/5/14

Algebra, Rosenberg, TX

I need a tutor more so for my son whom is a freshmen. Math is not his best subject and I would like to get him help before it is too late.

Sent by Chastiny on 9/5/14

English Language Arts, Quakertown, PA

hello, My name is L. N. and reading your back ground. I think you're the one who can help my daughter to do better grade. My daughter needs help in English and math.

Sent by Lam on 9/4/14

Math Tutor, Houston, Tx

Hi, would you please contact me about my son. He is 13 in the 7th grade.

Sent by Yvette on 9/4/14

Elementary, Tehachapi, CA

I feel that my first grader, Caden, is behind. His teacher last year felt he was ready to move on to first grade but his homework is taking hours to do.

Sent by Sarah on 9/4/14

Math, Reisterstown, MD

Need tutor for my son in 11th grade

Sent by Dele on 9/4/14

Reading, Upper Marlboro, MD

Good evening I am in search of a tutor for my 12 y/o son. He currently attends a charter school and is in 7th grade. However, his reading comprehension...

Sent by Shana on 9/4/14

Statistics, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi there I need some help to do statistical analysis specially (factor analysis) Let me know as soon as possible.

Sent by Bandar on 9/4/14

Geometry, North Ridgeville, OH

Hi Tim, my daughter needs help in geometry. She has two worksheets and a test on monday to prepare for. Can you help? We live in north ridgeville

Sent by Cheryl on 9/4/14

Biology, Bakersfield, CA

Returing student need help with bio32,Alg2

Sent by Jennifer on 9/4/14

First Grade, Woodstown, NJ

Hello, I am interested in tutoring for my first grade daughter, Annabelle. She is currently enrolled at Alloway Elementary. Annabelle has a 504 plan...

Sent by Sara on 9/4/14

Italian, Whippany, NJ

Hi Carmen! I am a junior at Whippany park high school and I would love to be able to speak fluently in Italian I take it in school but i just don't understand it at all.

Sent by Grace on 9/4/14

1 St Grade Reading, New York, NY

I have a five year old. He will turn 6 at the end of November. He graduated from kindergarden to first grade. He started a new school and they put him back...

Sent by Angela on 9/4/14

Spanish, Highland Park, NJ

Do you come to Highland Park for Spanish tutoring?

Sent by Mary on 9/4/14

Math, New York, NY

Hi looking for someone to help my daughter with math. She probably needed a tutor for the last 3 years but now with highschool coming up she must at least catch up

Sent by Fenisha on 9/4/14

Math, Science, English, Commack, NY

My son Andrew left 8th grade during his last semester. I enrolled him in a homeschool program which he is having trouble organizing and completing his work.

Sent by Tandy on 9/4/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Algebra, Brentwood, CA

Hi Dave. I am interested in getting tutoring for My sophomore son. He needs help with algebra 2. We would like to start ASAP if you are available. C.tine.

Sent by Chris on 9/4/14

Saxophone, Lake Zurich, IL

Dear Mr. Andrew, I have an 11 year old son who plays the alto saxophone and would really like to get into jazz band, but in order to do that he needs to audition.

Sent by Elena on 9/4/14

Pre Calculus, Sunnyvale, CA

Hi Jamie, I am looking for a Pre-Calc tutor for my daughter City. She is a Senior doing online school with Laurel Springs. I look forward to hearing back from you...

Sent by Katy on 9/4/14

Writing, Fresno, CA

Hello, I am looking for a writing coach. I am a new Graduate student after 14 years since my BS in Health Science. At 53yrs. I have began a new career in Mediation.

Sent by Paula on 9/4/14

Chemistry, Milton, FL

I need about one hour a week college chemistry tutoring for my daughter.

Sent by Ken on 9/4/14

Geometry, Corona, CA

Good Afternoon, I am currently looking for a Geometry tutor for my Freshman daughter in the Corona/Riverside area.

Sent by Noreen on 9/4/14

Algebra, Canandaigua, NY

Hi Laura, My name is D. M. and I live in Canandaigua. I need an algebra tutor for my son. He is in 9th grade. Please contact me if you are interested. Thank you.

Sent by Debra on 9/4/14

Math And Reading, Texarkana, TX

Hello. I'm looking for a tutor for my 10 yr old. She has been diagnosed with ADHD and math and reading disablities. We live in Texarkana.

Sent by Brandee on 9/4/14

ACT Test Prep, San Diego, CA

need ACT prep tutoring for my son, Gavin a senior. Please call me to discuss at your convenience. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Andrea on 9/4/14

Spss, Chicago, IL

Hi, I do master of public administration in university of illinois. I have difficulties with "data analysis" course and spss. I need help understanding because my...

Sent by Khawla on 9/4/14

English As 2nd Language, Scottsville, KY

I have a foreign student from China. Her name is Qi (chee)... and she is having trouble understanding quickly spoken english and some of the wording her teachers are...

Sent by Allison on 9/4/14

Sewing, Mundelein, IL

Hi Amy! I'm trying to learn how to sow. I just got a sewing machine, but I would like further help with learning how to use/handle the machine.

Sent by Elizabeth on 9/4/14

French, New Baltimore, MI

Interested in a French tutor for my daughter she is 6

Sent by Lindsey on 9/4/14

Math, Salt Lake City, UT

Hi...saw your ad and see that one of the subjects you tutor in is in GRE math. I was looking to see if you could help me in that area? Thanks for your time. -S.

Sent by on 9/4/14

Math Mainly, Lubbock, TX

Hi, I am inquiring for my son who began 5th grade this year. He has been working with dyslexic mentor for disability. He has done great in school, but is really...

Sent by Christie on 9/4/14

Usmle, Astoria, NY 11106

I have completed basic sciences from a caribbean med school about 8 months ago, i have been very distracted and have no scope on where to begin for this exam.

Sent by Emad on 9/4/14

Accounting Tutor, Radford, VA

Looking for an accounting tutor for my son Alec at Radford Univ

Sent by Karen on 9/4/14

7th Grade, State College, PA

I am looking for tutoring of daily work and extra daily work sheet for my two kids who are in 4th grade and 7th grade.

Sent by Hiral on 9/4/14

Ap Physics, Fullerton, CA

I'm looking for a tutor to help my daughter for AP Physics. I also emailed you through WyZAnt Tutoring site. please contact me soon. Thanks

Sent by Ruben on 9/4/14

Reading, New York, NY

We are interested in engaging a tutor with your background. Drop me an email for more info when you get a moment, Linda. Thanks! D.

Sent by Dan on 9/4/14

Adobe Illustator, Pittsburgh, PA

Hi Gabriel, My name is L., I am a senior at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh studying Fashion Design. I have having some trouble with my technical drawing...

Sent by Liz on 9/4/14

Physics, Harleysville, PA

Hi Sarah, My daughter is a junior at Souderton Area High School and looking to get a jumpstart on her physics class in the spring. Are you available?

Sent by Rosie on 9/4/14

Act, Richmond, VA

Good Afternoon, We need an ACT tutor for a high school student in the Richmond area. The student needs to start with a tutor as soon as possible.

Sent by Kimberly on 9/4/14

Math, Hatfield, PA 19440

Goodday, am Sgt. H., i work with the U.S military ( U.N Peacekeeping department), i really want my daughter to be taught by you, his a beginner...

Sent by Hazlinsky on 9/4/14

Reading, Folsom, CA

Hello Peggy. I was wandering if you tutor 4th graders.. General things w/ a (url available after purchase) on reading and some math?

Sent by Holly on 9/4/14

Math, Munster, IN

Hello Michael! My name is K., and I am contacting you on behalf of my 8th grade son, Christopher. He had struggled with math for awhile, and I just dont know how...

Sent by Katie on 9/4/14

Math, Fresh Meadows, NY

I have a 10 yr old son that needs to be tutored for math. I would like for him to have 3 sessions per week. Home is located in Flushing, NY.

Sent by Disha on 9/4/14

Spanish, Longwood, FL

My son needs help completing Spanish 1 online. What are your credentials for tutoring in this subject?

Sent by Lauren on 9/3/14

Programming, Melbourne, FL

Hello I am a graduate student at FIT im taking 2 computer programming courses java and advanced java. I really need your help if you are qualified for tutoring...

Sent by Bashir on 9/3/14

English, Auburn, AL

Hello. Teacher. This is M. Y. and age is 40 years old. I come from south korea and now live in for 3 months in Auburn,AL and am working in Hyundai-Motors ...

Sent by Myungjong on 9/3/14

Math Trigonometry, Alpharetta, GA

Hi Ellen, My son Aiden (11th grade) study in Milton advance math and right now struggle with Trigonometry. I hope you can help Thanks

Sent by Boaz on 9/3/14

Algebra 2, Louisville, KY

My son is a junior at J-town High and needs a tutor for algebra 2

Sent by Kevin on 9/3/14

Elementary Middle High Homeschool, Kansas City, MO

We are thinking of hiring someone to homeschool our three children 1 girl Kindergarden 2 boys 6th and 10th. Is this something you could do and what would you charge?

Sent by Amanda on 9/3/14

Gmat, El Paso, TX 79912

Hello Anthony, we spoke 2 weeks before, but I lost your phone number. I would like to schedule a class for GMAT. Would you email it to me or text me your phone...

Sent by Sandy on 9/3/14

Algebra Tutor, Winter Springs, FL

My son is a junior at Oviedo high school, I am looking for a Algebra 2 tutor the class will have to be in the evening around 7 PM as he plays football maybe twice...

Sent by Griselda on 9/3/14

Statistics, Rye Beach, NH

Dear Maura, My daughter is a Senior at Berwick Academy and enrolled in AP English, Pre-Calc, and Stats. Even though school has just begun, she would like...

Sent by Kailie on 9/3/14

Science, Westborough, MA

Teaching Chemistry to 11th grader in Westborough

Sent by Joti on 9/3/14

School Sygologe, Manassas, VA 20109

Hi Eddy Are you free this semester for helping me?

Sent by Kholoud on 9/3/14

Geometry, Dallas, TX

hi. my name is S.. im in 10th grade and i am needing a tutor for geometry. i had a few questions; do you come to my house or do i meet you somewhere and also can i...

Sent by Sydney on 9/3/14

Math And Chemistry, Canton, GA

I need math tutor for my daughter. Please contact me

Sent by Rima on 9/3/14

Math, Houston, TX

Hello Sara I am very interested in speaking with you .I have a 6th grader and a 4th grader.Please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Lettica on 9/3/14

Real Analysis, Wichita, KS

Hi I need help in real analysis , Could you please help me? Thanks,

Sent by Emma on 9/3/14

Math, Bardstown, KY

We are struggling with how to help my step daughter in 4th grade math. It seems like she gets most of it, but shuts down when it gets hard, we have a week...

Sent by Jessica on 9/3/14

Gre, Tampa, FL

Please contact me. I need tutoring in the verbal section of GRE

Sent by Danny on 9/3/14

Math, Helendale, CA 92342

Our 9 year old is needing help with math

Sent by Jason on 9/3/14

Math, Cape Coral, FL

Hello I am looking for Math SAT help. I have done multiple tests with an SAT book but need a better understanding of the problems. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sent by Greg on 9/3/14

Pmp, Crofton, MD

I aM. interested in tutoring for the PM.P exaM. on the weekends for 4 hours. Please let M.e know if this is soM.ething you can accoM.M.odate.

Sent by M on 9/3/14

Chemistry, Deer Park, NY

Hi im looking for a tutor for my onoline chemistry course for 4-6 weeks and im looking for a tutor for the school year for algebra 2

Sent by Stephanie on 9/3/14

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Calculus, Victor, NY

Hi Jim, My daughter is taking Calculus @ Victor High School.... We are looking for a tutor for the upcoming school year....Can You let me know what your...

Sent by David on 9/3/14

Reading (dyslexia), Haddonfield, NJ

I'm looking for a reading recovery tutor 2-3 days a week for my 6 year old son.

Sent by Taylor on 9/3/14

Act Math, Havertown, PA

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor for my HS Senior daughter in ACT Math. She's planning to re-take the test in October. Please let me know your availability.

Sent by Ed on 9/3/14

Geometry, Mentor, OH

My freshman daughter is in honors geometry at Mentor High and is already struggling. I am looking for a 1x weekly tutor.

Sent by Kaleigh on 9/3/14

Geometry, Union City, NJ

Good Afternoon, My name is A. R. and I will be sophomore in high school who is looking for geometry and, if possible some help reviewing chemistry.

Sent by Anthony on 9/3/14

Calculus, Columbus, OH

I have a junior in high school who normally maintains a solid B in his advanced math classes. He is currently holding a solid D in his AP calc BC class.

Sent by Robin on 9/3/14

Math, Mount Sterling, OH

Looking for a tutor in math for my fourth grader. She has trouble connecting the dots on a basic level.

Sent by Chuck on 9/3/14

Act, Saratoga Springs, NY

Hi , I need a tutor after school for act prep. He is a high school senior and is scheduled to take them again on Sept.13. I would like him every day from now until...

Sent by Karen on 9/3/14

Math, Saratoga Springs, NY

Hi Jeremy, I'm looking for someone to tutor me on a regular basis in algebra and calculus for the next few months. I am a student at skidmore college but...

Sent by Jacob on 9/3/14

Autism, Portland, OR 97205

Paul, I would like to talk to you about my daughter Victoria. she is needing tutuoring in math. She has developmental delays, and was diagnosed with pdd nos.

Sent by Margarita on 9/3/14

Volleyball, Winston Salem, NC

Hi Jessica. I'm looking for someone to help get my daughter ready for tryouts for volleyball. She has played for 2 years at the ymca and we where going...

Sent by Rita on 9/3/14

Pharmacology, New York, NY

Hello and how are you? I wanted to know if you are good at pharmacy math. I'm taking the PTCE in a few weeks and wanted to know if you could help with hospital /...

Sent by Natalie on 9/3/14

French, Fremont, CA

In need of French tutor for 11th grade student. He is in his second year of French class

Sent by Ann on 9/2/14

Numerical Analysis, Jackson, MS

hi, are you available to help me with numerical analysis? I am working on a program to solve the harmonic oscillator with finite differences.

Sent by Lauren on 9/2/14

Thermodynamics, Austin, TX

Hi Juliet, I'm a senior petroleum engineering student at UT and was wondering if you could tutor me in Thermodynamics. The thermo class I am taking is primarily...

Sent by Kristen on 9/2/14

Math, North Attleboro, MA

Hi, My daughter is in 11th grade at the Cumberland High School in Cumberland, RI. Her SATs are coming up and I was wondering what you would charge for math prep...

Sent by Rick on 9/2/14

Organic Chemistry, OKC, Ok 73162

Hello, I am an Organic Chemistry student at Oklahoma City Community College. I am looking to be tutored 1-3 times per week if possible.

Sent by Michael on 9/2/14

Wpf, Amherst, NH 03031

Would you be interested in teaching wpf/c# to me? We would need to do sessions remotely (i am from Chicago) and i would offer $25 hr.

Sent by John on 9/2/14

Reading, Sherman, TX

I am looking for an individual to help with my 1st grader. He is a math wiz but struggles a lot with reading. You can contact me at (phone number available after...

Sent by Stacie on 9/2/14

Spanish, Cape Girardeau, MO

I need help with a SEMO college course in Spanish II.

Sent by Kellie on 9/2/14

College Algebra, Stillwater, OK

Hi: This is the third time I have taken college algebra and I cannot seem to pass. I have lost all self-confidence but I MUST pass.

Sent by Savannah on 9/2/14

Math, Pacifica, CA

Hello Yusuf I need help with algebra if you can get back to me please.

Sent by Hisham on 9/2/14

Algebra, Gadsden, AL

My daughter is 14 and struggling in algebra

Sent by Tavarus on 9/2/14

Statistics, Aurora, OH

Dear Bethany, I was taking a statistics course at the University of Phoenix online and had to withdraw. I have rescheduled for 6 weeks from now but do not believe...

Sent by James on 9/2/14

Math, Painesville, OH

I really need help with my math before I fail I live in painsville ohio I live on 311 west walnut street 44077

Sent by Melody on 9/2/14

Math, Smyrna, DE

Do you tutor 4th grade math. My little man is not strong in math. He was tutored in 2nd grade for math and continues to need help. Thank you

Sent by Karen on 9/2/14

Math Analysis, Woodland Hills, CA

Looking for tutor in math analysis for 11 grader. Woodland hills area

Sent by on 9/2/14

Ableton Live, Boston, MA

Hi iM. looking to learn ableton live M.ore.

Sent by Marc on 9/2/14

Pitching, Rockwall, TX 75087

I was wondering if you would do fastpitch pitching lessons for someone in the greenville, tx. area

Sent by Anjella on 9/2/14

Gis, Tampa, FL

Hi Christine, I am looking for an GIS tutor. Just started an online ArcGIS class and completely am lost. I live in Zephyrhills, would you be able to travel to...

Sent by Heidi on 9/2/14

Physics, West Palm Beach, FL

Hey Nicole im available those days. I need someone who can literally teach me from scratch. I would love if you could tutor me

Sent by Lindsey on 9/2/14

Sat, Long Island, NY

looking for an SAT/ACT tutor. I liove in Plainedge

Sent by Don on 9/2/14

Sat I, Elmira, NY

please contact me about tutoring my son for his SAT's. Thanks, J. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jim on 9/2/14

Accounting, Durham, NC

Hi Ricky, I'm interested in getting some help ASAP in basic accounting. I'm new to it. I'm in Durham so please give me a call to chat ((phone number available...

Sent by Tyler on 9/2/14

Accounting Tutor, Houston, TX

(phone number available after purchase) Need assistance with Sage 50 Complete Accounting Software Please contact me as soon as practical.

Sent by Arnaldo on 9/2/14

Algebra, Peachtree City, GA

Hi, I'm looking for an algebra tutor for my 15 yr old son. He attends McIntosh. He has ld's primarily in math with gaps of knowledge from prior grades.

Sent by Terry on 9/2/14

Java, Fresno, CA 93726

is it you Susu ? .....when did u started this ......... u have never told me on this ... what subjects u will take JAVA??

Sent by Sibi on 9/2/14

Spss, Indianapolis, IN

Hi Scott: I require asssitance navigating SPSS. I have completed data collection and am now inititating my data analysis (Pearson correlation) in support of my...

Sent by Robert on 9/2/14

Powerpoint, Chandler, AZ

Hi I need help asap this week I need to put together a 20 min talk and power point , its on a subject I know a lot about I am just struggling with the power point...

Sent by Meg on 9/2/14

Reading, Lorton, VA

Looking for a tutor for my 1st grader.

Sent by Anita on 9/2/14

Powerpoint, Seattle, WA 98107

Hello I am interested in upgrading my Powerpoint skills. I would like to be able to make organizational charts, flow charts, and advanced graphics.

Sent by Jeffrey on 9/2/14

College Math, Union City, CA

My sister current student at James Logan High School. She is enrolled in Honor College Math with Mr. Epper. Need help. Thanks. Will go to You.

Sent by Elaine on 9/2/14

Usmle, Wilmington, NC 28411

I am a student preparing for Step One. Are you available to tutor?

Sent by David on 9/1/14

Math, Peachtree City, GA

Hello Benji. I hope this email finds you well. I would like to ask you a few questions regarding your tutoring services. I may be reached by email...

Sent by Kimberley on 9/1/14

Civil Engineering, Philadelphia, PA

Hi Daniel, I need some help with some civil engineering courses. Thank you

Sent by Fahd on 9/1/14

French, Sherman, CT

Hi Brigette, My daughter recently moved to New Milford High School from Ireland. She is usually quite a strong student but is having difficulty with some verbs that...

Sent by Marie on 9/1/14

Chemistry, Houston, TX 77054

I need a tutor who can teach me chemical processes and analytical chemistry. I am available on weekends. I live by the medical center on old spanish trail.

Sent by Wala on 9/1/14

Needed Tutor, LA Crescenta, CA

I am looking for a math tutor for my daughter Jennifer. She is in 10th grade in Algebra 2 at Crescenta Valley High school. we would like to start right away. Thanks!

Sent by Andrea on 9/1/14

9th Grade Math, Auburn, AL

Hi, my son tyser is struggling in math/alg 1. He needs a tudor that can help him one on one and hopefully gain some understanding on the math that he struggles with...

Sent by Misty on 9/1/14

Calculus, Jacksonville, NC 28540

Hello, My son needs help with his pre calculus class. He is the 10th grade at Jacksonville high. Are you currently taking students?

Sent by Kimberly on 9/1/14

Accounting, Queens, NY

Taking a valuation MBA course and need help. I live in the Queens area, please let me know if you have availbility this week. Thank you.

Sent by Nadia on 9/1/14

Statistic, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33322

Hi I need help to do my statistical analysis. We have to set and let you read my work and give me advise to improve the analysis I did.

Sent by Bandar on 9/1/14

Advance Mathematics, Northridge, CA

Hi Lae, I am currently taking Numerical Analysis at CSUN and I am struggling. Are you available for tutoring?

Sent by Yesenia on 9/1/14

English, Katy, TX

Looking for an English/Spanish tutor. This is for a 9th/10th grade student taking Pre-AP classes.

Sent by Wole on 9/1/14

Math, Redmond, WA

Sent by Anne on 9/1/14

Economics, Tallahassee, FL 32312

I am currently attending an online school and need help with my Microeconomics exams. The textbook for the class as well the exams are 100% online.

Sent by Steve on 9/1/14

Electrical Engineering, Philadelphia, PA

Hey.. Can you contact me for tutoring (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Amesha on 9/1/14

Reading, Nederland, TX

Looking for a reading tutor for 6 yr. old 1st grade ...can read just doesn't delight in it struggles and is easily discouraged...

Sent by Kerri on 9/1/14

C#, Middleburg, FL 32068

Help with assignment. Very vague questions in book.

Sent by Chris on 9/1/14

Mechanical Engineering, Cookeville, TN

i need help with heat Transfer and ECE 1

Sent by Mohammad on 9/1/14

Algebra, Folsom, CA

My daughter attends Folsom High School. She has had an A in Algebra I and an A in Geometry. We were a military family and she took Algebra 1 in Washington...

Sent by Corrine on 9/1/14

Algebra, Fort Dix, NJ 08640

My college algebra class started today. I thought I would try to go through the lessons and use the internet to learn. Not working.

Sent by Joseph on 9/1/14

All, Oxford, MS

My son is a freshman and I would like to get him some support in his class load and to stay on top of his organizational skills (or lack of)

Sent by Allen on 9/1/14