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Accounting, Oxford, MS

Really could use some help tomorrow (friday) or this weekend for my accounting 202 final tuesday. I have an A in the class now and want to do everything i can...

Sent by Ben on 4/30/15

History, East Lansing, MI

i am taking Development of American Experience this semester. i need help in my assignment . can u help me ?

Sent by Ibrahim on 4/30/15

Algebra 1, Ridgecrest, CA 93555

My daughter is having trouble with Algebra 1 at BHS. The MathXL system seems concocted to stymie her. Have you had experience helping students who are wrestling with...

Sent by Curt on 4/30/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

Final Cut Pro, Phoenix AZ

Hello I'm looking for help getting up and running with Final Cut Pro X. I have a little bit of editing exp on other programs, but need help figuring out workflow etc.

Sent by Steve on 4/30/15

Need Help With FAR-CPA Course, Chicago, IL

Hello Sally, This is R. and I need some help with Finance Accounting (FAR) CPA course. If you can please share your number to call or if you can please give me...

Sent by Rashi on 4/30/15

Accounting, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Hello. I am currently enrolled in accounting and need I have been having trouble. I need a tutor ASAP. I am free on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays any time.

Sent by Alyssa on 4/30/15

Biology, Wichita, KS

Hi Paul! I am a student at Wichita State. This next semester i will be taking Chemistry and Biology and would like to be in contact with a tutor.

Sent by Wyatt on 4/30/15

Esl, Lexington, KY

Hello I am interested in ESL tutoring classes for my little brother, who is 13 years old. Can you contact me? Email: (email available after purchase) PH...

Sent by Tirth on 4/30/15

Algebra, Dallas, PA

Hello, My son R. is 15 years old and needs help with Algebra 2. We live at Pole 237. You can reach me by email or my cell phone at (phone number available after...

Sent by Robert on 4/30/15

Reading, Hayfield, MN

Hi Mary, I have twin boys who will be entering 3rd grade next year in the Hayfield school district. One is in need of extra help in reading to get him up...

Sent by Amber on 4/30/15

Applied Behavioral Analysis, Brooklyn, NY

Hi Leah. I need help with my ABA project from one of my classes. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks

Sent by Olga on 4/30/15

Usmle, Great Neck, NY 11021

Hi I'm interested in your tutoring services. My girlfriend Dimple is in medical school currently and she needs a mentor and tutor to help her through the basic...

Sent by Alykhan on 4/30/15

Isee, Waltham, MA

Hi Andrea, A 10 year old girl would like to have ISEE tutoring. Could you call (phone number available after purchase) to provide resume? Thanks,

Sent by Katy on 4/30/15

Finance, El Paso, TX

Hello i need help with my finance class and i was wondering if you tutor for that since you have a degree in finance. i live by utep would that be okay?

Sent by Cindy on 4/30/15

Accounting, Baton Rouge, LA

I'm in need in help with homework for managerial accounting for Lsu (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Marco on 4/30/15

Algebra C++, Thousand Oaks, CA

Hi, Dirk! I am looking for C++ and an algebra tutor. Is it possible to arrange the meeting today? However, any other day will be fine as well. Thank you, A.

Sent by Abraham on 4/30/15

Pre Algebra & Intermediate Language Skills, Spring, TX

Hello, I've been searching for a tutor for my 7th grade daughter. She is a virtual student at K12. She is failing miserably. She is an A student and she is having...

Sent by Walkell on 4/29/15

French, Jericho, NY

I'd like to learn french.

Sent by Bob on 4/29/15

Information Systems, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

i have final test on friday could you pleas help me

Sent by Betto on 4/29/15

Usmle Step 1, Dallas, TX

Hello! Harshil, I would like to know if you still available for USMLE Step 1 tutoring. Thanks

Sent by Virginia on 4/29/15

Algebra 1, Chesterton, IN

Hi Alicia, i have a 15 year old daughter that is struggling in several subjects in her freshman year at Chesterton High School but her biggest. Issue is algebra 1!

Sent by Suzi on 4/29/15

Geometry, Patchogue, NY

Hi My name is E. I'm a sophomore at william floyd high school. I need tutoring for my Geometry and Algebra regents. I just moved from Massachusetts and everything is...

Sent by Emily on 4/29/15

Statistics, Moriches, NY 11955

I need help with social network analysis using R, let me know if you are familiar.

Sent by Zahra on 4/29/15

Math, Harrisburg, PA

Hello, my daughter is finishing her freshman year in college. She is taking an online summer finite math class. Do you tutor college students?

Sent by Tonya on 4/29/15

Finance, Philadelphia, PA 19109

Hi there, I'm a student from New Zealand. Needing tutoring for the rest of this year in finance. In Corporate finance and investments.

Sent by Jordan on 4/29/15

Numerical Analysis, New York, NY 10003

I would like for you to soleve the problems for me. please

Sent by Markelito on 4/29/15

College Algebra, Pearl River,la

I have been out of math for a few years and have forgotten some of the basic concepts. Currently enrolled in college algebra and am having a hard time in...

Sent by Robert on 4/29/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

Organic Chemistry, Louisville, KY

Hello, I am looking for a chemistry tutor for my 16yo soph. Would like to have a regular schedule of 2-3 sessions per week - ideally from 3-4pm and meet...

Sent by Tony on 4/29/15

Linear Algebra, Tempe, AZ

My friends and I have linear algebra final next week. We feel kind of lost and we are trying a tutor for this course. If you are welling to give us a tutoring...

Sent by Abdulla on 4/29/15

Computer, Chesterfield, SC

Please contact me to discuss retaining your services for instruction in Microsoft Suite. Thank you.

Sent by Christine on 4/29/15

Math, New Paltz, NY

Hello, my daughter is going into second grade, entering a gifted program, and needs to get up to speed with math. Are you available July 6-July 17?

Sent by Jesse on 4/29/15

Statistics, Pompano Beach, FL

hello I need help in statistics would we be able to meet today? If so please call me for a faster response (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Alex on 4/29/15

Reading, Jeffersonville, IN

I have a 6 yr old son who's struggling in school. If you have any free time please contact me.

Sent by Tiffany on 4/29/15

Math, Petoskey, MI

Hello I'm looking for a tutor for my son's.

Sent by Theresa on 4/29/15

Geometry, Cream Ridge, NJ

Call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Sonia on 4/29/15

Arabic, Pittsburgh, PA

Hi, I'm interested in improving my Arabic skills. In regards to where I'm at right now with my Arabic, my mom speaks to me daily in Arabic but I normally reply back...

Sent by Amy on 4/29/15

Romanian, Miami, FL

Hi Olga, I'm interested in getting a Romanian tutor for me and my two sons this summer. We live in the South Miami area. Is this something you'd be interested in doing?

Sent by Lynley on 4/28/15

Algebra, Crossville, TN

Hi Alicia. My granddaughter, Nicole, is a Jr at Stone Memorial H.S. She is struggling in Algebra II following transfers between TX/NY/TN schools this year.

Sent by Judy on 4/28/15

Math, Jacksonville, NC

I have a senior that's taking the advance modeling an functions class that needs this class to graduate in great need of someone to help him master this class.

Sent by Tamika on 4/28/15

Geometry, Killeen, TX

Hello, I am checking to see if you may be available tomorrow @ 6:30 to tutor my daughter? She has a quiz on Thursday and will cover Volume of Solids..

Sent by James on 4/28/15

Philosophy, Los Angeles, CA

i need help today with Weber (a political vocation), de Beauvoir (the second sex) and Sartre.

Sent by Mar on 4/28/15

Italian, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Enrico! My husband and I are traveling to Italy in a month, and we'd love to get a handle on the basics of the language. We're complete beginners but would love...

Sent by Georgina on 4/28/15

Math/ Reading, Scottsboro, AL

Hello, my name is C.. I write regarding my 12 yr old son Dane. He is currently in 5th @ Collins in Scottsboro. My son struggles in math and reading & has been since...

Sent by Christina on 4/28/15

Cpa, Cleveland, OH 44124

Hello, I am seeking a tutor for the CPA exams as academic support to supplement my review course. I am in New York but I am comfortable learning online.

Sent by Leslie on 4/28/15

Marine Biologist, Houston, TX

Hi. I am interested in paying you to work one on one on a career project with my son in regards to Biology. His subject is Marine Biology.

Sent by Michelle on 4/28/15

Math, Minneapolis, MN

looking for tutor for my daughter 7th grade and my son 2nd grade.please contact me. thanks

Sent by Amber on 4/28/15

Algerbra, Muskogee, OK 74403

Hey Ashley I am eric I need tutor for agerbra

Sent by Ericoxley on 4/28/15

Accounting, Oxford, MS

I need a tutor for finals in accounting at University of Mississippi. Accounting 202 Are you available Thursday afternoon and Sunday afternoon/evening?

Sent by Trevor on 4/27/15

Accounting, Phoenix, AZ

Hi Dhara , I need help doing my Basic Accountancy Assignment , Can you please help me . Please call me or email me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Satheesh on 4/27/15

Economics, Bozeman, MT

Hello - I am a Freshman at MSU looking for help with econ finals over the next couple of weeks. I have transportation and can meet when convenient.

Sent by Mckayla on 4/27/15

Act, Wichita, KS

ACT Tutor with referals.

Sent by Michaela on 4/27/15

Algebra 1, Cape Elizabeth, ME

I am looking for a math tutor for my 13 year old son. We recently moved to Cape Elizabeth and realized that he is a couple of chapters behind in algebra My son was...

Sent by Ann-marie on 4/27/15

Physics, Fairfax, VA

Hello, my name is A.. I'm writing you because my daughter Gabriela a jr at Woodson is having some trouble with physics. I was wondering if you would be able...

Sent by Agnes on 4/27/15

Gre Tutor, Fort Worth, TX

Hello, I am currently a TCU student and I need to take the GRE this summer. I have already taken it to gage where I stand, and I need someone who can help me raise...

Sent by Jordan on 4/27/15

Statistics, Houston, TX

I need help in statistics I have a research class and has datasets and don't know how to do it .

Sent by Khlood on 4/27/15

Gmat Prep, Greenville, SC

Hi Will, I am scheduled to take the GMAT on May 9th. I am severly struggling with the math section and wanted to see if I could get a few tutoring sessions before...

Sent by Eric on 4/27/15

Statistics, Jacksonville Beach, FL

I am in need of help with some statistics homework and quizzes as soon as possible. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Justin on 4/27/15

Audit CPA Exam, Voorhees, NJ

Hi Marian, I am studying for the Audit section of the CPA exam. I have taken it before and only within 10 points of passing. I just need a little help with...

Sent by Brian on 4/27/15

Biology, Hampton, VA

Hello (url available after purchase) contA.ct me A.sA.p I need tutoring in biology Tom A.t 1. My number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Diana on 4/27/15

Computer Science, Tampa, FL

I need to hone some computer skills,such as Microsoft word,how to create files,,etc.

Sent by David on 4/27/15

Cst, Smithtown, NY 11787

Looking for a tutor to help me pass Cst english language arts certification exam. I need someone who is familiar with the latest version of the exam which includes...

Sent by Laura on 4/27/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Esl, Dover, NH

I need help with my writing and speaking skills.

Sent by Suhail on 4/27/15

Statistics, Lafayette, LA

Are you available this afternoon to tutor in Statistics?

Sent by Lisa on 4/27/15

Lsat, Columbia, SC

Hello, my name is N. J.. I am interested in law school. I took the lsat cold turkey and got a 131. So I want to give it one more try.

Sent by Norman on 4/27/15

Math, English, Reading, Science, Orchard Park, NY

looking for someone who is willing to teach my son. help with homework. my son is bright but just needs a little push.

Sent by Shilpa on 4/27/15

Math Help, Saratoga Springs, NY

Looking for a tutor for my son who is in sixth grade.

Sent by Sandra on 4/27/15

Math Algebra and Science, Sayreville, NJ

my daughter needs help asap

Sent by Nikki on 4/27/15

Sat Prep, Horsham, PA

Hello, I am looking for an SAT prep tutor for my son. I am hoping you can come to my home for the lessons. He is currently a sophomore, and he has EPD and...

Sent by Jeanne on 4/27/15

Algebra 2, Northville, MI

To tutor my son for Algebra 2 to help him improve his grade in coming finals in six weeks.

Sent by Kiran on 4/27/15

Meteorology, Tarzana CA 91356

I need help in meteorology classes that I am taking, Can you help me? Where are you located?

Sent by Estefania on 4/27/15

Information Technology, Warner Robins, GA

hi, Do you teach java computer programming/coding?

Sent by Farrah on 4/27/15

Algebra, North Miami Beach, FL

Hello William, I'm looking for a person to help my daughter study for Algebra 2 EOC understand better and do it by herself. And some homework.

Sent by Patricia on 4/27/15

Creole, Pompano Beach, FL 33069

Hello. My name is G. and I just moved to Pompano and I am looking for someone to help me learn Creole.

Sent by Gabrielle on 4/26/15

CPA Exam Tutoring, Reseda, CA 91335

Hi Lilith, I want to get tutoring on Far, Aud, and Reg. I failed Far and will need help preparing for it again around May 10. I'm currently using Becker Live classes.

Sent by Elyse on 4/26/15

Math, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

I am interested in receiving math tutoring. I am located in Lake Havasu City. I am currently going to Mohave community college and I am taking the second half of...

Sent by Oliver on 4/26/15

Swedish, Liberty Hill, TX 78642

Hi Ari, I'm the Academic Coordinator for Language Door School in Encino, and I'm looking for a part time Swedish teacher. Please let me know if you might be...

Sent by Maya on 4/26/15

Immunology, Berkeley, CA 94704

Hi Madeline, I need help to do my immunology lab problem set that is due for tomorrow (04/27/2015). I would like to know if it will be possible that you help me...

Sent by Clarisse on 4/26/15

Esl, Clarendon Hills, IL

Hi~I am E., and I am Chinese who came to U.S. for almost a year. I am so struggling with English so can you help me out?

Sent by Eunice on 4/26/15

Math, Woodleaf, NC

My son is struggling with math, he is in the 8th grade. is this something that you could help him with?

Sent by Dwayne on 4/26/15

CalculusIII, Missouri City, TX

Hi, I'm seeking a calculus III tutor for fundamental theorem of line integrals, mass of surface lamina, green's theorem etc...

Sent by Marcus on 4/26/15

Speed Reading, Irvington, NY

I am interested in a tutor to help my 10th grade daughter improve her reading speed. She is a high performing student at the Masters School but want to be better...

Sent by Jeff on 4/26/15

Word Processing, West Hartford, CT

need someone to transfer documents to e-mail. example: transfer poetry pages to e-mail. also as attachments. I'm in W.Htfd; bishops cornr.

Sent by Fay on 4/26/15

English As 2nd Language, Middlesex, NJ

hi, i need help with argumentative essay

Sent by Angela on 4/26/15

College Math, Albany, OR

Hi Tom, I am looking for a tudor for my son . He is currently enrolled at LBCC and having a difficult time with math. Can you give me a call so that we can talk...

Sent by Michelle on 4/26/15

Finance Tutor, Palo Alto, CA 94301

I have three weeks left of a graduate level finance course and it is kicking my butt. It takes me HOURS to get through the homework every day because I...

Sent by Rhendy on 4/26/15

Java Programming, Sierra Vista, AZ

I need a Java/computer programming tutor. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase) or (email available after purchase) Thanks, D.

Sent by David on 4/26/15

Finra Series 6, Warwick, RI

Hi Kathy, I have been looking for a private tudor to help me prepare for my 6 and 63 series. I would like to speak with you regarding this.

Sent by Beth on 4/25/15

Usmle, Union City, CA

Hi, I need a tutor for the Usmle step 1. I graduated from medical school in December 2014. I would like to take my exam in September this year but i am willing...

Sent by Gurprit on 4/25/15

Reading, Warren, MI 48089

Are you available in the weekends

Sent by Michelle on 4/25/15

Lpn Tutor, Erie, PA

My daughter shawnie needs help passing her license part of the test

Sent by Shawn,tracey. on 4/25/15

Reading(special Education, Hanover Park, IL

If you can email a time and a place where we can meet to discuss my interest in having a tutor for my son...

Sent by Thelma on 4/25/15

C#, Brighton, MA 02135

I have to finish a .NET with C# project and I need help with saving a .wav file, printing a .wav file on multiple pages, etc.

Sent by Jessica on 4/25/15

Chemistry (general), Edinburg, TX

good morning my son is in need of general chemistry tutor for 10th grade. Are you available this Sunday to help him with his stoichiometry homework assignment J.

Sent by Jaime on 4/25/15

Reading, Bealeton, VA

My 9yr old son needs reading tutoring this summer. Evenings, day of week is flexible. I would prefer tutoring in home. He is 1 grade level behind...

Sent by Jennifer on 4/25/15

Accounting, Aiea, HI

I need a tutor for my Accounting 201 college course. I am 4 weeks in and I am lost. Please email or call me at (phone number available after purchase) Thanks

Sent by Shelly on 4/25/15

Accounting, Chicago, Illinois

Managerial accounting 202 final exam on Tuesday. Need help to do well on final. Would like to meet Sunday and Monday if possible

Sent by Ivan on 4/24/15

Precalculus, Fremont, CA

Hi, I would like to be tutored in pre cal. Are you available this weekend?

Sent by Mary on 4/24/15

Calculus, Ramona, CA

Need tutoring for a High School student in Pre Calculus

Sent by Wei on 4/24/15

Elementary, Galloway, OH

Hey good afternoon, I have a 2nd grader and he needs help with English and math and I was wondering if you were able to tutor him.

Sent by Yasser on 4/24/15

Elementary, Plymouth, NC

Hi I'm looking for tutoring for my 7 years old daughter who is in the 2nd at pines elementary in Plymouth,NC.She is having trouble with reading comprehension and math.

Sent by Nikita on 4/24/15

Math, Searcy, AR

I have a 7th grade son who is having a very hard time with math. I'm looking for someone to help him through the end of the school year and possibly into summer...

Sent by Pat on 4/24/15

Photoshop, Chicago, IL

Hi Keelin, I am looking for a photoshop tutor. I am a photographer and want to learn how to retouch photos? thanks

Sent by Maurice on 4/24/15

Chemistry, New York, NY

Hello Mr. Raj, I am a college student seeking help in organic chemistry. I will be taking the course and I want to let you know in advance that I would like some...

Sent by Anne on 4/24/15

Kindergarten, Paragould, AR

Kindergarten son struggling needing Hilo with letters and numbers

Sent by Tina on 4/24/15

Civil Engineering, Marietta, GA

Hi Lynn, I recently began working for a civil engineering firm and we have a project which we need to use AutoCAD for. We are looking for someone to come in...

Sent by Katie on 4/24/15

Algebra, Rosenberg, TX

Our son is 17 and hasn't moved passed Algebra. He home schools at an online high school called Alpha Omega. We have struggled for years in Math and even took him...

Sent by Ria on 4/24/15

Hydraulic, Leesburg, VA 20176

Hi, I have a hydraulics homework and I need your help

Sent by Abdulrahman on 4/24/15

Calculus 3, New York, NY 10016

Hello Mr. Raj how are you ? i hope everything has been well so far I am Wondring if you could help me in calculus 3 ?

Sent by Khaled on 4/24/15

Ftce, Sanford, FL

I am going to take the GK reading portion of the FTCE. Do you handle tutoring for the reading comprehension section?

Sent by Larry on 4/23/15

Armenian, Pasadena, CA 91107

Hello Maggie, i am ineterested in learning Armenian language to enhance communication with patients and cowerkers.

Sent by Fernando on 4/23/15

Praxis 2, Middlebury, CT

My daughter will be back from college in Vermont 0n May 18th. She is an elementary Ed major and needs to pass the praxis 2 before she returns for her senior year.

Sent by Lew on 4/23/15

Financial Accounting, Northridge, CA

hi, are you free for tutoring today Thursday 23rd. If so please let me know when and if you can't today does tomorrow work and what time? Thanks.

Sent by Eisa on 4/23/15

Adobe Illustrator, Covina, CA

I would like to learn some basics on Illustrator, possibly this weekend, please text me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Irwin on 4/23/15

Finance Tutor, Logan, UT 84341

Hi, I'm in a financial mathematics course and I have a few homework problems that I'm struggling with. Could you help me with them?

Sent by Kelsey on 4/23/15

Bussiness, Terrell, TX

hi I have a paper that has to be turned in online by sunday in business I was wondering if you could help me please

Sent by Angelia on 4/23/15

Math, Pompton Plains, NJ

Hi Jorge, My son gabe needs math help, he is a freshman at PTHS, we live in pompton plains close to you. my number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Bob on 4/23/15

Math, Charlotte, NC

Looking for a tutor in July and August for a rising 5th grader with math issues, particularly fractions and getting ready for 5th grade. Must know common core standards.

Sent by Marilou on 4/23/15

Pharmacology, Trenton, NJ

Hello, I am searching for a refreshner pharmacology program. I don't know if your tutoring sessions will help but I'm willing to give it a try.

Sent by Marcia on 4/23/15

Finra Series 65, Washington, DC

I NEED tutorng for finra series 65 AM located near american unversity

Sent by Ray on 4/23/15

Spanish, Rockland, MA

Hi I work for the gas co, nation grid. Many of my customers are spanish only speakers. My co.won't help with learning spanish,I work in Dorchester.

Sent by Kevin on 4/23/15

Algebra, Whitestone, NY

Hi, are you available tonight at 8:00 for Algebra assistance in Whitestone Queens?

Sent by Dorian on 4/23/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Chemistry, Burlington, WA

I am looking for a chem tutor to help me prepare for an exam. The exam is short notice (May 1st) so I would need to start the tutoring ASAP.

Sent by Lidia on 4/23/15

Spanish, North Babylon, NY

Hi Simone, My 14 yr old is struggling with his 9th grade Spanish. His grades are all over the place.

Sent by Marcelle on 4/23/15

Usmle, Fairfax, VA

hi there, I would like to know more about your program and speak with you about USMLE prep. please contact me- I am looking to start asap, thank you so much!

Sent by Ghazaleh on 4/23/15

Math, Birmingham, AL

we are looking for math tutor for our 6th grader 2-3/wk, email (email available after purchase)

Sent by Shalin on 4/22/15

Education, Hughes Springs, TX

Hello! I am trying to find help for my 6 year old son. He transferred to a new school about a month ago and the school wants to hold him back in kintergarden.

Sent by Krystal on 4/22/15

Project Management, Miami, FL 33155

Hello i have a homework problem that i need help with. but i need help right now online help please let me know. thanks

Sent by Jorge on 4/22/15

Vector Calc And Chem 1A, Santa Cruz, CA

Hey Ethel, My name is G. O. and I am a second year student at UCSC. I have a couple mid terms coming up for my Vector Calculus and Chemistry 1A classes...

Sent by Grant on 4/22/15

Math, Albany, OR

I have two kids a senior and a junior in Algebra 2 that are struggling. They need to pull out a C. They can meet you or in our home.

Sent by Joel on 4/22/15

Math, Spartanburg, SC

Hello Mr. Jamie I have a 9yr old daughter that has been struggling in Math and Im currently looking for a tutor for her I can be reached via email or cell (phone...

Sent by Tyshekia on 4/22/15

Sign Language, Mobile, AL

my husband is deaf in one ear. He is quickly loosing his hearing in the other. I would like to talk with you about some lessons. He was an engineer and...

Sent by Mary on 4/22/15

Construction, Jacksonville, FL

do you have experience using Autodesk Revit 2015?

Sent by David on 4/22/15

Logic, Lubbock, TX

Hello, My friend and I are really struggling with Logic 2310 at TTU...Is that something you're good at? Thanks! (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Sterling on 4/22/15

English, Macon, GA

HI mark i need your help.

Sent by James on 4/22/15

Javascript, San Diego, CA

I am looking for some help debugging some Javascript/HTML/Google API code.

Sent by Eric on 4/22/15

Math, Wilmington, DE

Hi there. I am interested in finding a math tutor for my daughter who is 12 years old and in the 6th grade. She had the same math teacher for 4th and 5th grade...

Sent by Susan on 4/22/15

Reading And Writing, Blacklick, OH

Hi Michael, I am trying to locate a tutor for my 8 yr old, 9 5/17 - 3rd grader. He is having some difficulties with Reading and Writing.

Sent by Tamara on 4/22/15

Act, Shoreham, NY

Hi would like my daughter to be tutored for the ACT she is taking In June. G.

Sent by Gina on 4/22/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Math, Augusta, GA

Im getting ready to retire from military and would like some tutoring help for my upcoming health statistics class, was wondering were you proficient in statistics...

Sent by John on 4/22/15

English, Owensboro, KY

Hi Jane ! My name is G. L. . My daughter Ivey is enrolled at Tripplet H.S. in Owensboro. She is having some difficultly with her English studies .

Sent by Greg on 4/22/15

Spanish, Clarksville, TN

Hi, Brenda. I am interested in learning Spanish. I wondered whether you were available for tutoring this summer. I've taken basic lessons in the past...

Sent by Lyn on 4/22/15

Nursing Research, The Colony, TX

My name is E. and would like guidance in writing a research paper. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ednah on 4/22/15

Nclex Rn, Burnsville, MN

Hi! I'm looking for a NCLES tutor - Can you tell me about your experience the NCLEX-RN

Sent by Kelli on 4/22/15

Science, Bessemer, AL

hi, I don't have much money to pay right now, but I really need help. since second grade I have been in gifted/advanced classes and now that I have gotten...

Sent by Deanna on 4/22/15

Java, Shelbyville, KY

java programming through University of Phoenix need assistance. Struggling in this class need help asap.

Sent by Sam on 4/21/15

Teas, Fresno, CA

I am taking the TEAS 5 next month and am seeking a tutor.

Sent by Aimee on 4/21/15

Math Algebra 1, West Grove, PA

can you still help me for this semester or is it too late, because i need help passing this grade

Sent by Luis on 4/21/15

Chemistry, Gainesville, FL

I need help with my chemistry class, can we meet today

Sent by Mohamed on 4/21/15

Math, Mabank, TX

I have a 11 year old an you contact me need someone who can help in math and reading. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Brandon on 4/21/15

Computer Tutor, Dover, DE

I'm in need of instruction using MS Word and Excel for preparing engineering reports. Days and times are flexible. I'm located near S. State St. and Rt. 10.

Sent by Frank on 4/21/15

Kindergarten, Lagrange, GA

Interested in your services my my kindergartner. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase) or via email at (email available after purchase)

Sent by Marcus on 4/21/15

Writing, Holderness, NH 03245

Hi Karen - I am looking for a tutor for my son Noah who is in 6th grade. I am looking for just the things you described - writing, reading, organization...

Sent by Loren on 4/21/15

Algebra 2, Clarksville, TN

I need a tutor for my daughter. She is struggling with Algebra 2. Please contact me at (email available after purchase) or at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Elisa on 4/21/15

Cpa, Phoenix, AZ

I'm taking the CPA exam and started with Auditing 1st and could like to take this in about 4/5 weeks so the middle of May. Are you able to help?

Sent by Prab on 4/21/15

Algebra, Butler, PA

My daughter needs help in Algebra 1. she is in the 9th grade and doesn't understand it at all. We live in Butler, near the clearvew mall.

Sent by Donna on 4/21/15

Statistics, Austin, TX

I have a H. S. Senior who is struggling with Statistics, she has always struggled in Math, this is the last 6 weeks of school, currently she is at a 69 and this is...

Sent by Denese on 4/21/15

Math, Pompton Lakes, NJ

Good afternoon, I am looking for a tutor for my 13 year old son. He is struggling in Math and reading and has recently been diagnosed ADHD.

Sent by Ilissa on 4/21/15

Microsoft Access, Tuscaloosa, AL

Hi I have two graded Microsoft access assignments that I could use some help on, it would take around two hours. The due date is this Friday night 4/24/15 so if...

Sent by Alex on 4/21/15

Advanced Accounting, Killeen, TX

Hello, I completed a homework assignment in Graduate International Accounting and would like someone to go over it with me and check it.

Sent by Drake on 4/21/15

French, Camby, IN

Hello, I just want to know if you can teach French classes to my daughter. Please contact me ASAP.

Sent by Claudia on 4/21/15

Math, Simpsonville, SC

Need help for a nineth grade and seventh grade

Sent by Betty on 4/21/15

Clep, Killeen, Tx 76542

Hello Miss Ramona, My name is Ms. D.. I'm looking for tutoring to help me pass CLEP test. I need to take several to get the credits I need have a degree.

Sent by Denicey on 4/21/15

Pharmacology, Miami, FL

Hello my name is A. and I would like to recieve tutoring due to the fact that I didnt pass my pharmagology in nursing. I feel very frustrated and I would like...

Sent by Andreina on 4/21/15

Stata, Anaheim, CA

My name is M. Odeh and I am a PhD student in economics My interest is in the International Trade, I am writing about the extensive and intensive margins of trade...

Sent by Mohamad on 4/21/15

Geometry, El Centro, CA

You tutor high school Geometry?

Sent by Frank on 4/21/15

Chemistry, Northville, MI

Hi Lisa...Please contact me for tutoring Chemistry grade 10 student in Northville, MI. - K. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ken on 4/21/15

Elementary, Sellersville, PA

My daughter is in fifth grade at Sellersville elementary and she's having problems in Math and Reading.

Sent by Kidijah on 4/21/15

Math, Howell, NJ

hi Barbara i have a 7th grade girl who is really not do well in school. all her subjects math and science are her. would like her do feel better about school...

Sent by Christine on 4/21/15

Chemistry (general), Winter Garden, FL

Help!!! 6 week left and I'm slipping. Please help!!!! WOHS Sophomore.

Sent by Paulina on 4/21/15

Reading/Math, Perkasie, PA

I am in need of a Wilson tutor for my daughter, who is currently in 4th grade. we have a Wilson tutor who we love, but she is in Jamison, and our schedules only...

Sent by Anne on 4/20/15

Algebra, Saint Amant, LA

Looking for help for my niece She is home schooled She can't seem to pass algebra She needs this half credit to graduate this year Can you help her?

Sent by Linda on 4/20/15

Reading, Elk Grove, CA

My 5th-grade-daughter needs help on reading, language arts, math, and science. Please contact with me at your convenience. Thanks.

Sent by Daphne on 4/20/15

Common Core Math, Fairfield, OH

My 9th grader has been diagnosed with ADHD and is struggling in common core math and science. Is this something you could help with?

Sent by Rob on 4/20/15

French, New Orleans, LA

Sent by Janet on 4/20/15

Information Technology, New York, NY 10005

i have some issues with my networking class

Sent by Mohamad on 4/20/15

Economics, Miami, FL

text me. 305812757. economics

Sent by Chris on 4/20/15

Asvab, Waltham, MA

I need help with my upcoming ASVAB test in 4 weeks. Please contact me on (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Hardik on 4/20/15

Asvab, Powder Springs, GA

need help i am taking the asvab for the Army

Sent by Peter on 4/20/15

Algebra, Elmira, NY

Hello I have a 9th grader daughter struggling with algebra 1!! We are sinking fast and there is a regents exam this yr. It is all switched over to common core so I...

Sent by Sara on 4/20/15

Heat Transfer, Tuscaloosa, AL

I have two problems that I need solved in heat transfer. Can you help me with providing solutions?

Sent by Joe on 4/20/15

Chemical Engineering, Port Chester, NY

Hi im searching for tutoring in chemical engineering , junior level courses: transport 2, kinetics and reactir design and separations. Im in port chester.

Sent by Yuliana on 4/20/15

Finra Series 6, New City, NY 10956

Hi Kenneth, Would like to talk with you about tutoring for the 6 & 63 exam.

Sent by Dean on 4/20/15

Hebrew, Ridge, NY 11961

do you do skype lessons? I am trying to learn hebrew.

Sent by Gerald on 4/20/15

Accounting, Laurel, MD

I need help with intermediate 1

Sent by Ayo on 4/20/15

Math, Marshall, IL 62441

I live in M.sville IL and have a 7 year old who is really struggling with Math basics. I would like to hire a tutor for a couple of times per week to help her catch...

Sent by Jami on 4/20/15

Tutor Needed!, Kutztown, PA

Hi, I am looking for someone to tutor my 15 year old son who is struggling in numerous subjects. Please contact me ((phone number available after purchase)) if...

Sent by Lori on 4/20/15

Robotics, NJ

Hi Carlo, I have a son is in eight grade (soon going to ninth). He would like to compete in robotics program. My son is a v good student and is part of...

Sent by Atul on 4/20/15

Math, West Chester, OH

Hi Brittany, My daughter is in grade 8 and my son is in grade 6. Both need help in Math. Please email if you are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays...

Sent by Mr. on 4/20/15

Pre-algebra, Oxford, MS

Hi, Iam looking for a tutor to work with my college son on pre-algebra for late May -June. He is a college student and has Learning Disabilities.

Sent by Pamela on 4/20/15

Common Core Math 6th Grade, Oakland, TN

Hi Scott - My name is C. P. and I live in Oakland, TN. I am looking for someone to tutor my son in math in the 2015-2016 school year.

Sent by Colleen on 4/20/15

Math, Fairhope, AL

i need a math tutor asap please email me back

Sent by Chelsea on 4/20/15

Math, Miami, FL

Hi aaron, my name is R.. We had tutoring before, please shoot me a text message to see if we can arrange another tutoring. Thans

Sent by Raul on 4/20/15

Usmle "step 3", Atlanta, GA

Hi are you available for Step 3 tutoring?

Sent by Natasha on 4/20/15

Chemistry, O Fallon, IL

We need someone asap for my 8th grader, She needs prep on Chemistry, it's over balancing equations. Is this something you can tutor her on?

Sent by Holly on 4/20/15

Matlab, Towson, MD

Hello, I have a project in numerical analysis using matlab. The project is to choose an article and investigate a computational technique that is based on...

Sent by Ateq on 4/19/15

Chinese, West New York, NJ

Dear Jing, I would like to hire a tutor to assist me in learning the Chinese language. I do travel a lot to china and find myself having a hard time communicating.

Sent by Orlando on 4/19/15

Organic Chemistry Tutoring, Baltimore, MD 21218

Hello, My son is currently a sophomore at Johns Hopkins majoring Neuroscience. Being a varsity athlete he has little time to study after classes and therefore need...

Sent by Al on 4/19/15

Stats, Vestal, NY 13850

Hi Sam- Need help with a Stats project that is due 4/27 and having trouble identifying a workable data set for this project. I live here in Vestal- can you assist asap.

Sent by Sean on 4/19/15

Common Core Algebra, Southaven, MS

My son is 15 and has failed common core algebra this year. He is in the nineth grade in Hornlake. I am looking for some one to help him!!!!!!

Sent by Tracie on 4/19/15

Dyslexia, Santa Monica, CA

Hi Sandy. I have a soon to be 3rd grader with adhd and dyslexia. We live in Texas but will be at our apartment in Santa Monica this summer.

Sent by Melody on 4/19/15

Math, Reading, Spelling, Orland Park, IL

Hi Ellen, My name is M. and I saw your tutoring profile on the TuTorz site. I am looking for a tutor for my 3 daughters for this summer.

Sent by Marielle on 4/19/15

Economics, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

I am in my MBA program and my first Economics class. I just need help understanding the basics

Sent by Michael on 4/19/15

Reading Tutor, Swanton, OH

Looking for a tutor for my second grader to improve his reading. Please contact me to see if this will be a good fit for you and I both.

Sent by Lyn on 4/19/15

Principles Of Electrical Engineering, East Brunswick, NJ

Hi! my son is a Sophomore ECE at Rutgers in New Brunswick. He needs help in Principles of EE and Programming C++. I would like to get your service the soonest...

Sent by Arlene on 4/19/15

Usmle, Riverside, IL

Cardiovascular, Renal organ systems. Does that include embryological, physiological and pathological components--and clinical correlates?

Sent by Kathy on 4/19/15

Math, Greenville, PA

My daughter will be in Greenville early June and is interested in finding a tutor to help her prepare for a math placement test which she is taking at Keuka College...

Sent by Stephen on 4/19/15

Materials Science, Columbia, MD 21044

Hey i have a materials engineering class on wedneaday. I need to cover about 6 chapters by then can you help? Im a quick study. I just need help with running though...

Sent by Nasser on 4/19/15

Science, Saint George, UT

I am an adult student at a school for esthetics. These courses have a lot of science terminology. I need a tutor to help me study and prepare for testing as I have...

Sent by Rebecca on 4/19/15

English, Centreville, VA

I am looking for a tutor for my son. he is a 8th grader student. We live in Centreville. He needs help in writing, grammer and vocabulary. He wants to prepare for PSAT.

Sent by Niketa on 4/19/15

Methodology, Columbus, OH

I need help to develop Chapter 3 "methodology" of my research project. Would you be able to help?

Sent by Carlos on 4/19/15

Needed Tutor, Lewisville, TX

Please email a contact number. I have boys ages 7 and 13 that need tutoring.

Sent by Jason on 4/19/15

Statistics, Orlando, FL

I need help with statistics. Please call me (phone number available after purchase) Thanks M.

Sent by Mary on 4/19/15

Material, San Dimas, CA

I have an exam on wednesday but im only free on monday and some tuesday and some on wednesday before the exam. i need to cover 6 chapters.

Sent by Nasser on 4/19/15

Spanish Teacher, Gilbert, AZ

I would like to discuss you potentially providing instruction for Spanish 1 class for my 9th grader in order to receive credit. I look forward to speaking with you...

Sent by Janel on 4/19/15

Esl Tutor, Springfield, MO

Interested in private tutor for ESL

Sent by Maria on 4/18/15

Computer, Missoula, MT

are you available to help me complete a capstone course in information technology

Sent by Cj on 4/18/15

Accounting, Cleveland, OH

need help with financial statements, P&L, Balance sheet, etc. thanks R.

Sent by Ray on 4/18/15

Algebra Tutor, Los Angeles, CA 90014

When we met at coffee bean today you did your name in my iPhone contacts list but not your phone number.

Sent by Alan on 4/18/15

High School Math, Potomac, MD

I saw your profile and think you may be a good fit for my daughter Della. My wife, Della, and I live in Potomac MD and would like to discuss at your convenience.

Sent by David on 4/18/15

Photoshop, Smyrna, GA

HI Jennifer, I'm an interior designer and need to hone my skills to create mock-ups of rooms (renderings) that do not yet exist in perspective as a concept...

Sent by Ashley on 4/18/15

Sql, Roanoke, TX 76262

I am taking a bootcamp style course in sql, seeking help with variables and UDF's.

Sent by Andrew on 4/18/15

Finance, Port Orange, FL

Hi Dennis. I have a daughter attending UCF that needs help with a finance course. Are you able to help? Thanks.

Sent by Althea on 4/18/15

Programming, Las Vegas, NV

Hello Adlan - Do you have any Python Programming language experience? I need help!!

Sent by Trent on 4/18/15

Chemistry, Rockford, IL

I have a 11th grader at boylan who is struggling in chemistry and needs some help. Please email me back and let me know if available. Thanks!!

Sent by Joe on 4/18/15

Algebra, Fort Polk, LA

Needing tutoring in college algebra. Would like to meet at Fort Polk library weekdays. Trying to CLEP my college class.

Sent by Michelle on 4/17/15

Math Writing An Essay And Reading., Bakersfield, CA

Hi, I would like to start tutoring as soon as possible. Thank you in advance, Best regards,

Sent by Abdullah on 4/17/15

French, Ojai, CA

Jane, we are looking for a tutor for our daughter. She is halfway thru her second year of high school French from an online high school program and she wants...

Sent by Laura on 4/17/15

Geophysics, Saint Petersburg, FL 33702

I have a geophysics problem...Can you help me

Sent by Moon on 4/17/15

ELA, Darlington, SC

Ireviewed your profile and my 8 yr old,really needs assistance in ELA. I just wanted to know if maybe we can set up a meeting to see if you can help my Son Thank you.

Sent by Asia on 4/17/15

Usmle, St Claire, Missouri

I am trying to study for USMLE Step 1 . I am an American IMG and am baffled by which materiel to use and how to retain content. Thank you. God bless, M.

Sent by Marcia on 4/17/15

Algebra 11 Tutor, Lilburn, GA

Calling for grandson,W.. Needs a tutor for Algebra 11 to be able to pass the class this semester- a jr. at Parkview H/S Can call at (phone number available after...

Sent by Will on 4/17/15

Calculus, Flanders, NJ

Hi Kyle, My son needs help in Pre-calc ASAP. He has had a tutor who is not available any longer and he is struggling. Please let me know if you are available ASAP...

Sent by Lisa on 4/17/15

Writing, Bowling Green, OH

I need help with writing my research paper about the impact of the globalization

Sent by Mohammed on 4/17/15

Chemistry, Torrance, CA 90504

I am looking for a 1 on 1 tutor for my son who is struggling in his 10th grade H Chemistry class. He has had a student tutor since that start of 2nd semester...

Sent by Linda on 4/17/15

Writing, Acton, MA

Hi Judith I'm looking for a tutor who can come to my home to teach my 6th grade son English writing/grammar/reading. We live in Acton.

Sent by Asha on 4/17/15

Math, Navarre, FL

Kristine, My name is Matt R. and my wifes name is Holly. Our son Kaden is in 6th grade and has been struggling with math. My wife is a Kindergarten teacher anf I am...

Sent by Matthew on 4/17/15

English Reading And Writing, Hackettstown, NJ

I need a tutor in Hackettstown

Sent by Desmond on 4/17/15

Philosophy, Atlanta, GA

I wanted to inquire your availability ? I just found out that I need to take a philosophy class in order to graduate this May with my nursing degree.

Sent by Sakina on 4/17/15

Geometry, Atlanta, GA 30309

Mr. YP, I am looking for a geometry tutor for a 9th grade student. He lives in Buckhead. What is your availability for starting date and for day and time?

Sent by Brad on 4/17/15

Ap Probability And Statistics, Franklin, TN

I am in need of a prob and stats tutor for my son who is a senior at CPA who is having a hard time in this class. I know it is short notice, but I am interested...

Sent by Krista on 4/17/15

Computer, Dayton, TX

Hi Colleen! My name is S. and I was interested in tutoring for myself. I am an adult needing to brush up on my computer skills such as power point, Excell, ect.

Sent by Sylvia on 4/17/15

Reading And Language Arts, Prosper Texas

My son is in the 4th grade and has ADHD and needs help with Reading comprehension, writing, revising and editing, and general Language Arts.

Sent by Starling on 4/17/15

Gmat, Baltimore, MD

Hello, I was wondering if you can tutor me for the GMAT

Sent by Dacia on 4/17/15

Algebra, Evansville, IN

Or son is 13 and in 7 th grade at Perry Heights. He is learning Algebra 1 and will do Geometry at Reitz next year. Needed help to get his basics in Algebra improved.

Sent by Lata on 4/16/15

English, El Paso, TX

Hello I need a tutor for my little brother he's 18 and is struggling with essays. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) or email me please.

Sent by Manuel on 4/16/15

Statistics, Boulder, CO

Emergency!! Stats project due tomorrow and need help! Regular tutor has been a no show for last few days. Help??

Sent by Andrew on 4/16/15

Theology, Irvine, CA

My son L.J is in 9th grade and goes to Ornge Lutheran. He needs help in Theology. We would like to hire a tutor twice a week Tuesday and Thursday from 4-5 In Anaheim...

Sent by Lyndee on 4/16/15

Spanish, Ironton, OH

I need a Spanish Tutor for my son do you have any time for him?

Sent by Penny on 4/16/15

Computer Science, Pasadena, CA

I need help with my Data Structures c++ test.

Sent by Maxim on 4/16/15

Fine Arts, Sarasota, FL

Hi Lucy, I just friended you on FB. I was looking for a tutor to help me develop my artistic skills, specifically in drawing. Is this something you can help me with?

Sent by Anand on 4/16/15

Tsi, San Angelo, TX

Hi Laura, my name is N. and I wanted to see if you could help me raise my score for a tsi assessment I recently take the test on the 15 of April so I know i need...

Sent by Noel on 4/16/15

High School Math, Crestview, FL

My daughter is in geometry and is struggling with math . She is homeschooled and has finals coming up. If you can help it would be appreciated. Thank you

Sent by Mary on 4/16/15

Chemistry, Hilton Head Island, SC

I need tutoring for Dr. Sproul's Chemistry 109, Chemistry of Life, at USCB, as soon as possible. Please contact me. Thank you!

Sent by Kirsten on 4/16/15

Accounting, Albemarle, NC

Hey Anastasia Im currently getting my masters at strayer university and im taking accounting 557. Im looking for a math tutor to help with quizes and homework is...

Sent by Latoya on 4/16/15

Math, San Bernardino, CA

I am looking for a math tutor for my daughter, she attends Cajon High School and she is struggling in trig.

Sent by Leandre on 4/16/15

Praxis, Cincinnati, OH

I need to be tutored for the Praxis Core Exam. I live in Anderson, just east of downtown.

Sent by Brittany on 4/16/15

Kindergarten, Goodyear, AZ

Hi Suzan, My son is currently in kindergarten at a private school, an there is a chance he might be held back. He needs help with writing all his numbers...

Sent by Brianna on 4/16/15

English Tutor, Hagerstown, MD

we are famaly, asian we need reading and writing

Sent by Anusha on 4/16/15

Cheerleading, Olive Branch Mississippi 38654

I need help practice on stuff because I fit to be a cheer leader

Sent by Tylia on 4/16/15

Math Science, Atlanta, GA

Hi Melissa, I am looking for an honor's math and science tutor. The tutor must be familiar with the subjects and also be able to teach how to apply the knowledge...

Sent by Doris on 4/16/15

Honors Chem, Arlington Heights, IL

Hi Wendy, I am looking for a tutor for my sophomore daughter. She is in Honors Chemistry and currently has a 68%. She is struggling with understanding some of...

Sent by Deval on 4/16/15

World History, Springfield, IL

My son is struggling with an AP US History research paper. We would prefer help in our home. Are you available anytime this Thu-Sun (4/16-19)?

Sent by Mary on 4/16/15

German, Henrico, VA

Hi Gabriele, I graduated from the University of Virginia in 2011 with a BA in German. Since then, I have had almost no practice, and have essentially dropped...

Sent by Michelle on 4/16/15

Math, Greenwood, SC

Need help in Algebra and above.. I am located in Greenwood SC, and going to start PTech this summer. I have to take a placement test and need some refreshing real soon..

Sent by Charles on 4/16/15

Accounting, Tampa, FL

Can you please contact me immediately. I need an tax tutor for this weekend.

Sent by Shaundelle on 4/16/15

Adobe Photoshop, Las Vegas, NV

Hi Rick, what is your schedule like for adding a student around three time a week.

Sent by Michelle on 4/16/15

C++, Bakersfield, CA

Hello sir, im a student at CSUB and im struggling with coding, and most of my classes depend on c++. I tried to learn how to code from reading, but it was little...

Sent by Abdul on 4/16/15

Adobe Photoshop, Pensacola, FL

i want to be able to edit photos and make flyers

Sent by Troy on 4/15/15

Calculus Tutor, Tempe, AZ

Hello, im an engineering student in ASU. I'm having troubles with my calc 1 class and i need help to pass my third midterm. i know this is a short notice but if...

Sent by Rawan on 4/15/15

Math, Daphne, AL

Hello, I'm looking for someone to tutor my daughter in Math and Spelling (4th grade)

Sent by Dalila on 4/15/15

Geometry, Front Royal, VA

Hi Mary! Our daughter is in need of some Geometry tutoring. We've had no luck finding anyone... She is a freshman at Skyline High School in Front Royal.

Sent by Casey on 4/15/15

Reading, Warwick, NY 10990

Hello I am reaching out in search of help for my friend Justin who needs help with reading, writing and speaking. He's not really bad at it, but he does need...

Sent by Antonietta on 4/15/15

Statistics, Naples, FL

I am looking for a tutor for my son who is a sophomore at Florida Southwestern

Sent by Susan on 4/15/15

Accounting, Dublin, CA

Hello Chanel. Please contact me (phone number available after purchase). I am looking for an accounting tutor. I live in Dublin and am attending SFSU.

Sent by Juliano on 4/15/15

Accounting, Chicago, IL 60605

Looking for an highly experienced tutor or professional to help tutor me in Financial and Managerial Accounting

Sent by Marc on 4/15/15

Essay Writing, Oklahoma City, OK 73122

ope you are well. I'm currently in need of a writing consultant to help me organize a long essay. It is for doctoral work in philosophy/political theory...

Sent by James on 4/15/15

Armenian, Arlington, VA 22203

Hello, I am looking for a tutor in Western Armenian. Do you do this specific dialect?

Sent by Christina on 4/15/15

Statistics, Memphis, TN

I need assistance ASAP. Im taking stats for a grad program.

Sent by Regina on 4/15/15

Math, Beaumont, TX

need my son to door in 6 grade math ASAP

Sent by Robin on 4/15/15

Calculus, East Lansing, MI

I am looking for tutoring for the remainder of the semester. I am needing help with calculus I in order to improve my grades.

Sent by Alexis on 4/15/15

Calculus, Fayetteville, AR 72703

I am needing to find a tutor for my daughter who is taking Survey of Calculus. She is needing immediate assistance. Please contact me at (phone number available...

Sent by James on 4/15/15

Math, Rockaway Park, NY

Hello I am currently looking for a math tutor for my 5th grade son. We live in 11694. Please contact me if available. Thank you

Sent by Andrea on 4/15/15

Logic, Glen Burnie, MD 21060

Hello David, This is a follow-up email about tutoring. I am an employee of the United States Secret Service as a Uniformed Division Officer.

Sent by Antoine on 4/15/15

All, Pigeon Forge, TN

Hi, Nitza I am 17 years old and I work at a new theater down here in pigeon forge it's a horse show, I've always been home schooled my whole life, it's been hard...

Sent by Mercedes on 4/15/15

Tutor For Learning Issues Rising 1st, Smyrna, GA

I have a child with some learning disabilities. I need an experienced tutor who thinks outside the box.

Sent by Courtney on 4/15/15

Math/Science, Decatur, GA

Hi I would love for you to tutor my 2nd grader in Math/Science. She will be going to 3rd grade next year and I want her to be prepared. Thanks

Sent by Sharkiran on 4/15/15

Economics, Reynoldsburg, OH

Hello Adam , I am in my Masters program and just started a Economics class. Need some help getting started

Sent by Michael on 4/15/15

Finance, Mckinney, TX

I am currently enrolled in an online Budget and Development Execution course. This in my last course for my Criminal Justice degree and the only finance that I have...

Sent by Mark on 4/14/15

Math, Springfield, OH

My daughter is a junior in high school and is struggling in math we are looking for a couple hours a week.

Sent by Eric on 4/14/15

Chemistry, Flint, MI

Hello, I need some help with my general chemistry class at the UM-Flint. I want to have my first session Wednesday, Feb/15 if that is possible

Sent by Omar on 4/14/15

Business Statistics, Glendale, CA

Hello! I need tutoring ASAP. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase). Thank you.

Sent by Ripsime on 4/14/15

Algebra, Everett, MA

Hello my name is J. J.. I am currently a student at Bunker Hill Community College. All my life, I have been struggling severely in my math courses.

Sent by Joseph on 4/14/15

Medical Assistant, Edgefield, SC

Hello! I was looking for a tutor for 60 hours in medical assistant. I need twenty hours in each field. General, Administration, and clinical.

Sent by Retrell on 4/14/15

Statistics, Buffalo Grove, IL

have a need for AP Statistics tutor for high school student taking that upcoming exam

Sent by Ken on 4/14/15

Algebra 1, Wesley Chapel, FL

I am looking for a Algebra 1 tutor for my daughter. She has her EOC on may 1st and she needs help in some areas. I was thinking about 2 days a week around 5...

Sent by Delfina on 4/14/15

Social Network Analysis In R, Chicago, IL

I need help with social network analysis using R - the course is statistics. Let me know if you are familiar with it.

Sent by Zahra on 4/14/15

Statistics, Missouri City, TX

I am searching for a tutor for my niece. She is in HCC and struggling with statistics. Please let me know potential times of availability.

Sent by Joseph on 4/14/15

Writing, Indian Trail, NC

Hello my daughter is 8 years old, she is in 2nd grade and has problems sounding out words, her spelling isn't very good and she needs to improve it to meet...

Sent by Irma on 4/14/15

Statistics, Orlando, FL

Hi. Need an Intro Statistics tutor as soon as possible. Have fallen off the path and am worried. I hope you can help! Thank you. R.

Sent by Robin on 4/14/15

Python, Marietta, GA

Hello, I am interested in your tutoring of python and was wondering how long will first be need if I am somewhat familiar with the Python program (url available...

Sent by Carl on 4/14/15

Math Language Arts Science Social Studies, Atlanta, GA

My daughter name is Taylor she needs 1 on 1 tutoring in Math, Science and Social Studies maybe Language Arts. Feel free to call me (phone number available after...

Sent by Barbara on 4/14/15

Algebra Ii Trig, Durham, NC

My daughter is here in Durham for medical reasons and needs help in the second semester of Albegra II trig. Any ideas of how we could work out some sessions? Thanks

Sent by Fraser on 4/14/15

Gmat, Nashville, TN

I am looking for help with GMAT quant.

Sent by Nelson on 4/14/15

Economics, Charlestown, MA

Hello, I'm taking a graduate level Micro Econ class and was doing fine until the last few weeks. I would like to go over what I'm missing as the T/A's don't have...

Sent by Alex on 4/14/15

Accounting, Matthews, NC

Hello. My name is I. and I am in need of accounting help. I'm trying to complete my homework assignment but I'm not understanding the problems.

Sent by Ina on 4/14/15

Reading, Hampton, VA

Hi Elizabeth, I would like to talk about tutoring for my 8 year old son (3rd grade) who has ADD. Reading comprehension seems to be a main difficulty.

Sent by Shannon on 4/14/15

Geology, Charlotte, NC

Hi Candra, I am trying to find a tutor for my wife, who is enrolled in Introduction to Geology at CPCC. She needs to pass this class to graduate this semester...

Sent by Dirk on 4/14/15

Teas, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Looking for an affordable TEAS tutor.

Sent by Laomise on 4/14/15

Heat Transfer, Hartford,CT

I have Heat Transfer Test. I need you to do it for me during the test time

Sent by Wahab on 4/14/15

Math GED, Lincoln Park, MI

Looking for math tutor for my 22 year old granddaughter. Need someone to come to her house in Lincoln Park. She said she is passing other subjects.

Sent by Jean on 4/14/15

Math, Pembroke Ga

Hello, my name is K. Clemons, I'm trying to join the air force I took the pretest and scored a 20 I want to at least score a 70 or above I need help with arithmetic...

Sent by Kayla on 4/13/15

Gre Tutor, Davenport, IA

Can you tutor for GRE prep? Need assistance in verbal and writing skills.

Sent by Tom on 4/13/15

Swedish, Irvine, CA

Hej, Jag undrar om du kan lara mina barn svenska, den ar 1.5ar, 3ar och 4.5ar. Jag bor i Irvine, CA MVH /A.

Sent by Anders on 4/13/15

Software Engineering, Carbondale, IL

Hi, I have 10 questions and problems in software engineering . I'm just wondering if you can solve them

Sent by Hassan on 4/13/15

Microeconomics, Washington, DC

Hello, My name is I.. I am an undergraduate student at UMUC, and I am currently taking microeconomics class online. I feel like I am understanding the concepts...

Sent by Irina on 4/13/15

Writing, Wappingers Falls (Lagrange)

Hi, I am looking for a tutor for writing and reading for my 5th grade son.

Sent by Lasharn on 4/13/15

History (world), Chardon, OH

My daughter is 15 and is homeschooled using an online school. She is struggling with history and needs help. Available for in home tutoring late afternoons...

Sent by Richard on 4/13/15

Math, Fort Mill, SC

My daughters grades have been falling this year. She is in 6th grade at FM Middle and is having a real tough time with all her core classes especially math.

Sent by Ken on 4/13/15

Bar Exam, Portland, OR

Hi Julia, I will be taking the Oregon bar exam in July. I'm considering working with a tutor for the essay portion of the test. How often have you worked with bar...

Sent by Ashley on 4/13/15

College Algebra, Granby, CT

Hello Elanna. I am looking for some assistance with my algebra skills (or lack thereof) to complete my on-line A.S. Business degree with Indiana Wesleyan University.

Sent by Carl on 4/13/15

Trig, Newnan, GA

I need help with my trig class

Sent by Eric on 4/13/15

Physics, Chicago, IL

Hello, I am a student at Loyola University Chicago and need a lot of help studying for my physics final on April 29. I am seeking for all the help I can get.

Sent by Alejandra on 4/13/15

Nclex Rn, Minneapolis, MN

Would like prep for toed and nclex.

Sent by Belema on 4/13/15

Business, Saint Louis, MO

Hello is see you offer tutoring in business and accounting i was wondering if you could help.

Sent by Makia on 4/13/15

Math, Yuma, AZ

Hello wanted more info in tutoring service Iam in need of a math and reading tutor thanks

Sent by Yessy on 4/12/15

Cpa, Cookeville, TN

Hello, My name is R. A., I live in Old Hickory, TN (Nashville area) and I am trying to study for the CPA exam. I have my Bachelor degree in Accounting from Egypt...

Sent by Rimon on 4/12/15

Access, Fairborn, OH

hi I'm working in a project for school using Access 2013 and i need some help with some programing. Please text me or email me when you have time (phone number...

Sent by Salman on 4/12/15

Math, Campbell Hall, NY

Hello Sid, My name is S. and I am looking for a tutor for my daughter who is currently in 8th grade and is taking high school Algebra 1. She has been struggling...

Sent by Sue on 4/12/15

Chemistry, Missouri City, TX

Are you available to teach 10th grade Chemistry on weekdays? Will you be able to teach at my home in Riverstone, Sugar Land in the evening?

Sent by Nirdesh on 4/12/15

Spss, VA

Need Immediate Help in SPSS. Will pay $90.00 per hour to meet in Roanoke, VA on Monday, April 13, 2015. If able to accommodate, please call (phone number...

Sent by Jenese on 4/12/15

Algebra, Merced, CA

Hello,I'm interested in some tutoring in intermediate algebra if you could give me a call asap to discuss what I need help with I'd appreciate it.

Sent by Amanda on 4/12/15

Algebra 1, Hercules, CA

I would like to start regular Algebra tutoring sessions for my son, who is going into the 8th Grade and will be taking Algebra 1.

Sent by Jason on 4/12/15

Usmle, Alpharetta, Ga

Hi Rohit, I am looking for a tutor for STEP 2 CS. I know the exam style and grading has changed recently and I would like to know if you are familiar with...

Sent by Anjana on 4/12/15

French, Great Falls, VA

Interested in lessons for teen and friend who will be spending next summer in France. Thx

Sent by Maureen on 4/12/15

Macintosh Os, North Kingstown, RI

I am interested in integrating my Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Cloud. Also basic organization of photos on computer. Photoshop or Lightroom basic skills.

Sent by Everett on 4/12/15

Act, Laguna Hills, CA

Hi there, I'm looking for ACT Tutoring. Can you help?

Sent by Johnny on 4/12/15

Python, Wapwallopen, PA 18660

Hi, I need to learn python, ubuntu vm war + some other applications api for handling data. Contact me on the given email id. Thanks

Sent by Jawwad on 4/12/15

Algebra, Albuquerque, NM

hi Susan B . i would like you tutor my son and daughter . my son need help on algebra 1 my daughter need help with reading - study skills .

Sent by Diem on 4/11/15

C#, Irving, TX 75063

Hi Amruta. I would like some help on basic C# programming. I am completely new to the subject and would prefer 1-3 hours this Sunday if you are okay for it. Thanks!

Sent by Mudit on 4/11/15

Statistics, Seattle, WA

Hi my son who is a senior at Bellevue high is in need of statistics tutoring twice a week asap! He needs to make up 8 assignments and two tests by next week.

Sent by Lisa on 4/11/15

Usmle, Orlando FL

I'm preparing for Step 1 and would like some tutoring. I plan to sit for the exam in 7 weeks. My last NBME was 240 (March 29) and the one before was 120 (Jan).

Sent by Jeffeory on 4/11/15

Reading, Windsor, CA

Hello I'm interested in the tutoring services for my son. He needs help with reading and writing . Please let me know. My E- mail (email available after purchase)...

Sent by Manuel on 4/11/15

Adobe Photoshop, Virginia Beach, VA

I have one photoshop project that I need to have done, and wonder if you would be willing to do it. It is simply merging two pictures together so that all the people...

Sent by Andy on 4/11/15

Chemistry, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

My 16 year old daughter is a junior at Ontario Christian HS and I'm desperate to keep her from failing chemistry and algebra 2. We are in Rancho. Can you help her?

Sent by Diane on 4/11/15

Statistics, Springfield, VA

Hello, I have two statistics assignments this week required to be done in Mini-Tab. I would like to know if you can help me with these assignment please. Thanks

Sent by Adam on 4/10/15

Arithmetic Reasoning, Crofton, MD

My husband has an exam coming up for the Alcohol Firearms and tobacco department and he needs assistance with preparing for the exam.

Sent by Eleanor on 4/10/15

C#, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Ben, I'm wondering if I can hire you to help tutor me to work through some code on C#. I'm tasked with building a simple messenger using sockets in C#.

Sent by Kevin on 4/10/15

Learing English, Renton, WA

Hi Katherine, Please contact me by replying this message. I would like to ask you some question about learning English with you. Thank you

Sent by Nha on 4/10/15

Abacus Math, Dunedin, FL

Please email me if you are available to tutor my 4th grader.My phone is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Sonya on 4/10/15

Material Science, Atlanta, GA

Struggling with some stiffness problems of 2D, 2D composites, including ply at different angles. Let me know if you can help with these types of problems -...

Sent by Mary on 4/10/15

Algebra, Longmont, CO

Hi I'm A. I'm 18 and I really need some help in algebra 2. I go to silvercreek highschool and I've tried to get help from my teacher but he's helping so many other...

Sent by Azya on 4/10/15

Calculus, Lincoln, NE

How well do you know calculus 2 topics.

Sent by Jon on 4/10/15

English Language Arts, Slidell, LA

Hey I am looking for someone to go over the writing part of the praxis. I have two books that go along with the test. I have taken the test a couple times but can't...

Sent by Lauren on 4/10/15

Physics, Davis, CA

Hi, I need a tutor for my son who is an 11th grader at the Davis High. If possible I would like to start it ASAP. Thanks. N.

Sent by Nina on 4/10/15

Project Management, Hummelstown , PA

Looking for project scheduler tutor. 635-5272

Sent by Ben on 4/10/15

Math, Norfolk, VA

Hi looking for a tutor to help my daughter with Math and Reading. She is in 1st grade and while she does okay she becomes very upset when something doesnt make sense...

Sent by Athena on 4/10/15

Reading/writing, Searcy, AR

Hi Mira. My name is V.. My daughters name is Valentina she is 6 going to be 7 on may 15. Shes in first grade. We we're planning to go to Europe this summer but her...

Sent by Vlore on 4/10/15

DAT, Clifton Park, NY

Hi Zareh, I am currently studying to re-take the DAT for the third time. I am struggling with the Math section, (Algebra, applied math, trig, etc.

Sent by Kailee on 4/10/15

K-6, Handwriting, Adhd, Aiea, HI

Hi Jennifer, We are interested in tutoring for our 7 year old son. Please contact S. at (phone number available after purchase) to discuss. Thanks!

Sent by Shawn on 4/10/15

Physics, Madera, CA

I need help studying for my physics test on Sound. I available on Monday and friday evenings, and on sundays.

Sent by Rebekah on 4/10/15

Public Speaking, Baton Rouge, LA

Questions concerning public speaking tutoring

Sent by Kee on 4/9/15

Math, Enfield, CT

Recently enrolled in online college courses. Am flunking algebra. Need help. If available please contact me email or phone (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Art on 4/9/15

Statistics, Lowell, MA

Good Evening, I am looking for help with statistics (advanced regression) any location and asap. I am an international, graduate student at UMass.

Sent by John on 4/9/15

Python, Columbus, OH

Hello, I am looking for a tutor to help me get caught up in class so I do not fail. I learn quickly, I'll pay, I live on the north side in Lewis Center.

Sent by Grayson on 4/9/15

Essay, El Centro, CA

Hi Michelle I need your help urgently I need to fix one essay where can I reach you thanks

Sent by Mariana on 4/9/15

Pharmacology, Honolulu, HI 96825

Hello! I am looking for a tutor for my psychopharmacology class. We are going over nicotine, cocaine, amphetamines, cannabinoids, and opiates.

Sent by Francesca on 4/9/15

English Reading And Writing, Middletown, NY

I'm looking for help for Justin who is not at the reading and writing level that he should be at. He can read somewhat, but avoids writing at all costs.

Sent by Antonietta on 4/9/15

Reading, Enterprise, AL

Hi Rebekah- I'm looking for someone to help my daughter with reading.

Sent by Chrissy on 4/9/15

Math, Plano, TX

need precalcus turtoring. please call (phone number available after purchase). tH.s.

Sent by Hank on 4/9/15

Nclex Rn, Greenville, PA

Hi Annie, I received my Adn in 2012. I have many unsuccessful attempts at passing the Nclex rn. I have been an Lpn for 23 years. I have bought every book known to man.

Sent by Rachel on 4/9/15

Project Management, Hayward, CA

Taking online projeC.t management C.ourse and I just don't get it!!!!

Sent by Toney on 4/9/15

Asl, Harrisburg, NC

HI, i am a beginner asl student. I'm currently taking a online asl class.I'm looking for someone to practice with and help me with studies.

Sent by Martha on 4/8/15

Special Education, Toledo, OH

My wife and I are looking for a tutor for our 10 yr old daughter. Specifically in math and reading. She has a visual spatial learning disability.

Sent by Kevin on 4/8/15

Esl English 2nd Language, Seattle, WA

Hello I'm Malik and I want to ask you if you have time next week to teach me for the IELTS test for may be 10 Hours? 2 Hour per day. Thank you

Sent by Abdulamlik on 4/8/15

Act Math, Latham, NY

I need to prep for SAT english and ACT math

Sent by Noor on 4/8/15

Statistics, Naples, FL

Hi Philip! I need help with quantitative statistics. Are you available soon? My class ends May 13th and I really need help understanding everything before exam.

Sent by Natali on 4/8/15

Reading, Mission, TX

Hello my son is 7 years old and needs a reading tutor, he's in 1st grade and needs a lot of help

Sent by Marina on 4/8/15

Algebra,Science,Eng, Pittston, PA

Hi Megan My daughter Cassidy is in 9th grade and needs help in algebra, English and Science. This is the first time I am doing this so I am not sure how to proceed.

Sent by Brian on 4/8/15

Healthcare, Atlanta, GA

Looking for help online classes in Health Education

Sent by Patricia on 4/8/15

Heat Transfer, Denver, CO

Hi, I need your support ASAP in heat transfer in mechanical engineer. Let me know ASAP. Thanks

Sent by Mohammed on 4/8/15

Chemistry, Portland, OR

T.ing for chemistry soon.

Sent by Test on 4/8/15

Spanish, Salem, NH

Hey John, I aM. looking for soM.eone local (since I live close to M.anchester, NH) who can take M.y language proficiency exaM. in Spanish for M.e (e.g. I aM.

Sent by Michael on 4/7/15

Java, Marietta, GA

hey, Saw your ad on craigslist. My son is a GA State CS freshmanand and needs help with Java rogramming/concept. Would you able to assist? We live in Mariettal.

Sent by Esmay on 4/7/15

Clep, Saint Albans, NY

Hello I need to pass the clep exam for college mathematics and wanted to know if you could help with that. Thank you.

Sent by Kerri on 4/7/15

Computer, Ernakulam, Kerala,683511

I want to learn Computer.

Sent by Priti on 4/7/15

Accounting, Granger, IN

My son Michael is a student at SMC and needs some tutoring for accounting. There are three more weeks of school and needs some help to pass his final.

Sent by Joan on 4/7/15

Statistics, Big Bear Lake, CA

Hello, I have been away from math since 1968 and did very poorly. I am returning to grad school and statistics is a pre-req. I live in Crestline, CA in...

Sent by Charlotte on 4/7/15

Biology (cell), Chalfont, PA

Polina, I am looking for a tutor for my 15 year old son who is in 10th grade honors Biology. He is a very good student but is struggling in this subject.

Sent by Jina on 4/7/15

Excel/Stats, Scranton, PA

Hello Frank- I am currently working on my Masters in Health Administration at the University of Scranton. I am having a really hard time with my stats class.

Sent by Rebecca on 4/7/15

Accounting, College Station, TX

Hi Aaron, my name is A. and I am a grad student at A&M. I am taking and grad entry level accounting course. I was wondering if you would be able to tutor Me?

Sent by April on 4/7/15

Math, Prescott, AZ

Hi i am currently at yavapai college in math 122 i need a tutor probably twice a week until finals, which are may 5th. I would like ine to tutor me in my home where...

Sent by Sarah on 4/7/15

Finance, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Julian this is M., my co-worker & I need a tutor for finance tomorrow here in LA, are you available? Anytime tomorrow?

Sent by Maria on 4/7/15

Math, Westmont, IL

My son 15, is a freshman in HS. He is having problems in Geometry. He attends Benet Academy in Lisle. He is available for tutoring after 5. Please...

Sent by Joseph on 4/7/15

Math, Daytona Beach, FL

Greetings, I require assistance in college Algebra and I am particularly interested in your ad, tutoring sessions will be undertaken at local cafes.

Sent by Matthew on 4/7/15

Algebra Chem, Libertyville, IL

Looking for a tutor for son whom is a junior at Lhs

Sent by John on 4/7/15

Reading, Wadsworth, OH

Hello, I live in Wadsworth and would like to discuss possible tutoring for reading this summer for my daughter. She is in 4th grade currently.

Sent by Julie on 4/7/15

Accounting, New York, NY 10001

Hi I need help for advanced accounting. Thanks

Sent by Simi on 4/7/15

SAT Math And Reading, Longwood, FL

Good Afternoon Anthony, I'm looking for a tutor to ready my high school (9th) daughter for the SAT math and readinG. I would like her tutored this upcoming summer.

Sent by Sonja on 4/7/15

English Tutor, Brenham, TX

Hello, I am home schooling my 12 yr old daughter this year in 6th grade. We are using Seton Catholic home schooling and English is giving us a tough time.

Sent by Elizabeth on 4/7/15

Asvab, Portland, ME

Hey I need practice on my asvab... Contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Abdul on 4/7/15

Gre, Hudson, OH

Hello! I am looking for a GRE tutor. My current scores are 161 verbal, 156 quant, and 5.0 writing. I am applying to philosophy PhD programs this fall...

Sent by Rachel on 4/7/15

English As 2nd Language, East Hampton, NY

Dear Dawn. Please can you call me because I need you help. Thank you

Sent by Paola on 4/7/15

Computer Graphics, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi Josh, I am interested in finding out more about your services. I am based in Coral Springs/Parkland and wonder if you would travel that far.

Sent by Carol on 4/7/15

Project Management, Gaithersburg, MD

Hello Eric, I am taking mgt 402 or project management. I would greatly appreciate some assistance. Kindly get in touch with me as soon as possible. Thanks F.

Sent by Frank on 4/6/15

Reading, Saint Paul, MN

Hi. Looking for help tutoring second grader in math and reading. We live in woodbury. Looking forward to hear from you! Thanks.

Sent by Mo on 4/6/15

Algebra 2, Temecula, CA

Good evening Di, this is B.. I am in the 10th grade and I am 16 years old. I have worked very hard the last couple of years and was able to excel to algebra 2 as...

Sent by Bri on 4/6/15

Economics, Portland, OR

HELLO IF YOU CAN CALL ME TO arrange A TIME AT (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Abdulla on 4/6/15

Algebra, New Bedford, MA

Hi! My son is a junior at orrhs. He is in desperate help of a tutor. He currently has a f and is not understanding some of the fundamentals in algebra 1 & 2

Sent by Jeanne on 4/6/15

Math, Mathews, LA

hello, I have a 4th grade boy that is having trouble in math. He gets upset when we try and work with him and are looking for someone to help him with his math.

Sent by Dave on 4/6/15

Act, Manistee, MI

We are interested in ACT prep with emphasis in reading / english. We live in Manistee. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you ....

Sent by Melissa on 4/6/15

Math, Mansfield, OH

I am a college transfer student to the ohio state university mansfield campus. I need to take a math placement test and as I looked over the sample test I realize...

Sent by Mara on 4/6/15

Powerpoint, Naples, FL

Cindy Did I contact u earlier for power point work seem to have lost my file T. T.

Sent by Tom on 4/6/15

Chinese, Bronxville, NY

(phone number available after purchase) pls call me :)

Sent by Metok on 4/6/15

Homeschool 2nd Grade Help, Jupiter, FL

Hi Lisa, I will be homeschooling my twin girls on June 2015 for the second grade year and I need your help. Please contact me at: (phone number available after...

Sent by Flavia on 4/6/15

Accounting Tutor, Chicago, Il

hello, I would like to know if you can tutor accounting for GRAD students. Please let me know. thank you

Sent by Chowdary on 4/6/15

Physical Science, Jonesboro, GA

please give me a call concerning tutoring help for my son in physical science..He has a project that he need to complete during the spring break April 6-12...

Sent by Ellis on 4/6/15

Calculus, Sterling, VA

Sent by Nancy on 4/6/15

Stat, Bowling Green, OH

Hello, I want you to help me for the final ( Stat ) please

Sent by Khadijah on 4/6/15

Statistics, Middletown, NY

Steve, it's not on your list of subjects. I was wondering if you any tutoring in statistics? It seems not many people do, so I'm asking everyone for my wife needs help.

Sent by Tim on 4/6/15

Algebra, Swampscott, MA

Hi my daughter is a junior in hs taking algebra 2. She is struggling and needs help. Thanks, R. L.

Sent by Ruby on 4/6/15

Geometry, Orchard Park, NY

My daughter is a sophomore at OPHS and she needs help with algebra. Please let me know if you can tutor her. She is available any day after 3:00 pm and evenings.

Sent by Sonia on 4/6/15

Literature, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

My son is a ten year old boy who needs help for literature and science, sometimes social study. He has a teacher before but the teacher has just changed job so...

Sent by Yang on 4/6/15

Add Adhd, Norwood, MA

Hi Andrea, I have a daughter who is a sophomore in HS and does very well in school. The problem is that she is having trouble focusing and organizing herself.

Sent by Mary on 4/6/15

Chemistry, Niceville, FL

I am a college student taking chemistry one at NWFSC and I am struggling as it goes on. I would like improve my grades and pass the class this semester.

Sent by Hope on 4/6/15

Information Technology, Lithonia, GA

Please call me today if you can help me.

Sent by Jackie on 4/6/15

Math, Stratford, CT

Good morning! I am looking for a tutor for my son who is currently a Freshman. He's always struggled in Math and it's become increasingly obvious this year.

Sent by Debra on 4/6/15

Dyslexia, Hudson, MA

I would like to talk to someone about tutoring my son who has dyslexia. He is in the 7th grade and currently on an IEP. Please contact me at (phone number...

Sent by David on 4/6/15

Adhd, Middletown, OH

Hi my name is odi and I am looking for a tutor for my 5 years old son, he may have adhd and need help with reading and writing, he is a little behind.

Sent by Odilec on 4/5/15

Grammar, Saint Louis, MO

Hi! I love my boyfriend Mike. He is wonderful but I give him a really hard time about his grammar when he talks. He is so sweet that he is willing to work...

Sent by Ashley on 4/5/15

Computer, Irvine, CA

David, My son (a senior at univ high school) would need help for his AP computer science. Would you please contact me to discuss? Thanks.

Sent by Lizhi on 4/5/15

Project Management, Miami, FL

Hello How are you ? I have a project in project management class ( about a project ) I don't if you will be able to help me

Sent by Latif on 4/5/15

Trig, Middletown, NY

My son Aaron is failing Trig. We live in the Middletown area

Sent by Arthur on 4/5/15

Finance, Miami, FL

Hi Tracy, I'm taking a class in finance and I need a help for it. Please call me as soon as you get this (phone number available after purchase). thanks

Sent by Mohammad on 4/5/15

Heat Transfer, Leesburg, VA 20176

I want to study for the exam that is on this Wednesday. chemical engineering major and the class is heat and mass transfer

Sent by Abdulelah on 4/5/15

Guitar, Homestead, FL

Do your tutor as far as Homestead? My son is in 7th grade at Ammons Middle and in his second year of guitar. Thank you

Sent by Ana on 4/5/15

Math, Waco Tx

We just moved out here from El paso and my 7 year old daughter is struggling with the transition. She is attending woodway elementary and I think some tutoring can...

Sent by Stephen on 4/5/15

Proofreading, Redford, MI

hi my name is M. Nelson and im a college undergrad at U o M Dearborn and i could use some help with editing my papers for my final protfilo

Sent by Martin on 4/5/15

Website Dev, Sugar Land, TX

I need some tutoring with website design

Sent by Michael on 4/5/15

C#, Canberra, Australia

Hello Syed!!!! I am an IT student in canberra university and i need a tutor to help me with programming (my assignment). please if you can help me send me...

Sent by Ala on 4/5/15

Reading, Camden, SC

I'm looking for someone to tutor my 7 year old daughter during the summer. She struggles with reading so this is the main focus for tutoring.

Sent by Elizabeth on 4/5/15

Pre-cal And High School Eng, Hammond, LA

Please call me if possible. My numer is (phone number available after purchase). I would like to explain my situation to you. Many thanks, K. F.

Sent by Katherine on 4/4/15

Statistics, El Paso, TX

Hello, I am in desperate need of a statistics tutor. I am curious if you would have time today to help me complete my homework. The subjects focus on probability.

Sent by Greg on 4/4/15

Java, Saint Louis, MO

Hi Kevin, I'm currently taking an on-line Java course at SLU and need some extra help. I don't have much programming experience. would you be available as a tutor...

Sent by Rich on 4/4/15

Physics, College Station, TX

Howdy Dean, I am in need of help preparing for my University Physics exam this Monday, would you be able to help me?

Sent by Wilson on 4/4/15

Calculus, Glassboro, NJ

I'm looking for a calculus 1 tutor for my son Isaiah. He's always been very good at math - he took alg 1 as a 7th grader, alg II and geom as an 8th grader...

Sent by Tina on 4/4/15

Environmental Engineering, Philadelphia, PA

Hi dear , I have project in assessment of environmental impacts due Monday and I need help for that, please let me know if you have time .

Sent by Ali on 4/3/15

Cbest, Lompoc, CA

Hi, I recently took the CBEST and din't pass the reading or math portion. I would like to hire a tutor to help me prepare for the next opportunity.

Sent by Randy on 4/3/15

Math/reading Test Prep(in Spring Hill), Spring Hill, TN

Hello, I'm seeking a Tutor for my 10 year old daughter. She is currently in 5th grade and is home schooled. She needs tutoring in Math an Reading.

Sent by Marc on 4/3/15

Spanish, Manito, IL

I'm inquiring for my daughter. She's 39. She is graduating from ISU in May. She needs to finish her 1st year 2nd level Spanish class this summer to fulfil her degree.

Sent by Glenda on 4/3/15

Biophysics, New York, NY

Hi Chaitanya, Can you help me with Statistics part of the biophysics course at columbia?

Sent by Olga on 4/3/15

Korean, Boston, MA 02215

Dear Hansol, I am a BU employee and completed Korean 1-5 at BU. I was not able to take a course this semester so I would like to meet with a Korean tutor so that...

Sent by Danielle on 4/3/15

Editing, Southfield, MI

Hi Elizabeth I am looking for assistance with my writing. I am havin difficulty with my job because my writting/grammer skills are lacking.

Sent by Shandora on 4/3/15

Speech, Tucson, AZ

Hi! I have a 11 year old 6th grader who struggles with reading comprehension due to attention issues from childhood epilepsy. I would love to speak with...

Sent by Meg on 4/3/15

Biomechanics, Chicago, IL 60612

I need your help for Biomechanics. If you can, I will pay you more than $20. Text me at (phone number available after purchase). Thank you.

Sent by Paul on 4/3/15

Reading, Studio City, CA

Hi Erin. My son is only 2 years old but he loves to learn. He knows his alphabet and can count to 20. He learned this just from watching sesame street.

Sent by Melissa on 4/3/15

Speed Reading, Arlington, TX

Hi Paris, My son, a junior at Lamar HS in Arlington, is generally an excellent student but he is struggling with History (AP).

Sent by Alex on 4/3/15

Geometry, Wailuku, HI

My daughter Joanna is in 9th grade at St Anthony and she is challenge with her Geometry. She does Kumon Math daily.

Sent by Mabel on 4/2/15

Korean, Saint Louis, MO 63130

Hi Moira! My name is E.. I was looking for a Korean tutor because I am interested in the language and culture and came across you.

Sent by Elena on 4/2/15

Chemistry, Glendale, CA

hi i am looking for a chemistry tutor, i go to glendale community college and taking general chemistry, i have a chemistry exam on midterm and need 3 hours of...

Sent by Arpine on 4/2/15

Interior Design, Huntington Station, NY

Hi I'm enrolled on line with The Interior Design Institute. I need help! 1) to learn how to use SKetchup in order to draw a floor plan.

Sent by Andreea on 4/2/15

Algebra, Fairfield, CA

My daughter has a project due Tuesday on factoring quadratic functions. She is struggling. Are you by any chance available in the next couple of days?

Sent by Deanna on 4/2/15

Organic Chemistry, Raleigh, NC

Hi Megan, My name is L. H. and I am a junior at NC State University. I am in the biochemistry program and am currently taking organic chemistry I. This is my second...

Sent by Lauren on 4/2/15

Calculus, Sterling, VA

Hi Zara, Not sure if my email went through this morning. I am looking for both Calculus AB help and SAT test prep help for my Junior, Jack.

Sent by Nancy on 4/2/15

Trigonometry, Suffern, NY

Daniel, My son needs extra help in Trigonometry. He's in 10th grade and takes the Regents in June. We live in Airmont - do you have availability ? Thanks, R.

Sent by Randy on 4/2/15

Electrical Engineering, Saint Louis, MO

Hello Im doing an AM radio project. Im responsible for the coding part. Ive done the demodulation code correctly, however, i still need to work on how...

Sent by Mohammed on 4/2/15

Reading (dyslexia), Visalia, CA 93277

Hello I am interested in finding a tutor to work with my daughter on the reading. please email call or text (phone number available after purchase) so that...

Sent by Anitra on 4/2/15

Genetics, Brooklyn, NY

Taking Genetics Lab at Stony Brook Uni and I need help writing my lab report.

Sent by Zakiyya on 4/2/15

Economics, San Antonio, TX

Olivia, I am getting killed in this class. I need help getting a few of the principles down. Give me a call immediately. We can meet at my home or in a public place.

Sent by Joseph on 4/2/15

First Great Teacher, New York, NY

hi just want know if can teach my son he is in first grade thanks

Sent by Murshed on 4/1/15

Ap World History, Mission Viejo, CA

Hello my son, D., wants to get some help for AP world history, especially essay on data based questions. He is available every Saturday.

Sent by Daniel on 4/1/15

Math, Amherst, MA

I am in need of a math tutor for my 7th grade daughter. We live right next to Amherst College. If you are interested in meeting us, I would be happy to chat with you.

Sent by Susan on 4/1/15

Algebra, Warrenton, VA

Hi my name is F. and I am going back to school after 32 years. I'm taking College Math online through ITT Tech. I'm lost and need help wrapping my mind around this...

Sent by Fred on 4/1/15

Algebra, Prescott, AZ

My son Aide. needs help asap with algebra 1 he's in 8th grad please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Gaea on 4/1/15

Math, Lacey, WA

Hello, Interested in math tutoring for a 8th grader. Wondering if you also have experience in teaching students that are falling behind, and difficulty grasping...

Sent by Lily on 4/1/15

Nclex Rn, Utica, NY 13502

my son needs help.he is struggling with pharm and osych areas in NCLEX prep and has an att that expires june 9 (ie he will fail automatically if he doesn't write by...

Sent by Ruth on 4/1/15

Spelling, Grammer, Coeur D Alene, ID

I'm a 69 year old college graduate engineer and am currently on the Board of Directors of an electric distribution company. I am required to write reports...

Sent by Jim on 4/1/15

English, Renton, WA

Hi Elise I am a busy mom and would like to improve my English. I am intermediate level but less confident in communication. I need a teacher could help...

Sent by Nha on 4/1/15

Algebra 2, Wichita, KS

Please contact me at (email available after purchase) if you are still a tutor, and if you can be available to tutor my son (age 16) in high school Algebra 2...

Sent by Tonya on 4/1/15

Public Speaking, Houston, TX

Dear Sir, I am looking for a public speaking/Improv type of instructor. I have been a displaced executive for over a year and have recently landed in...

Sent by Jason on 4/1/15

Tutor Wanted, Coarsegold, CA

we have a nearly 7 year old home-schooled son. we are in the coarsegold, YLP area. may you please contact me regarding your tutoring services? thank you. S.

Sent by Shirley on 4/1/15

photoshop, Chickamauga, TN 37405

hi Lauren, I sent you a request four days ago.I would have appreciated a response even if it were negative because I am in a hurry.

Sent by Brian on 4/1/15

Accounting, Bellport, NY

I need extensive help in my introduction level of accounting course. I have a very busy schedule and would like to meet on Tuesdays any time or Saturday mornings.

Sent by Alexa on 4/1/15

Physics, Shallotte, NC

My husband and I have just sold our home in Shallotte and are moving back to our home back in the Smoky Mountains. I would like to know if our move will find us...

Sent by Alecia on 4/1/15

Project Management, Long Beach, CA 90807

How you doing Denise? I was wonder if you can tutor me for my project management class. Please feel free to contact me anytime at (phone number available after...

Sent by Nicolas on 4/1/15

Ged Math, Tampa, FL

Looking for private GED math tutor for my nephew.

Sent by Ronke on 4/1/15

Finance Tutor, NY

My son is at NYU Schack Real Estate Masters program and seeking a tutor in real estate finance and real estate excel modeling. Are you able to tutor in these subjects?

Sent by Susan on 4/1/15

French, Berkeley Heights, NJ

Hi. I am going to Paris this fall and would really like to become somewhat conversational in French. I studied French for four years in high scool but have forgotten...

Sent by William on 4/1/15

Comptia Sec+, Indian Head, MD

My request is a bit outside your standard so feel free to say no. I have a group of between 5 and 10 individuals who will be going to formal Sec+ classes and testing...

Sent by Michael on 4/1/15

Act, Hodgenville, KY

Good morning, I need to pass the ACT math test for a quality job and I am an idiot when it comes to fractions, is this something you can help me with?

Sent by Shelley on 4/1/15

Business Administration, Los Angeles Ca 90056

I am working on my PhD in Business Admn, and I need to get my article puplished in a peer reviewed journal in order to take comps.

Sent by Steve on 4/1/15

Dat, Brooklyn, NY

Hi Ramona, I reside in Brooklyn and I was looking for a DAT tutor. Could you help me? It would be for twice a week for about 2 hours.

Sent by Linda on 4/1/15

Math, Saint Michael, MN

I am looking for a tutor for my 11th grade son who is struggling with math.

Sent by Serveh on 4/1/15

Computer Science, Honolulu, HI

Can you tutor Python programing?

Sent by Trenton on 4/1/15

Accounting, College Station, TX

Hi, I go to Blinn and have an accounting test on monday that I know absolutely nothing about. I was wondering if you were free on wednesday or thursday this week for...

Sent by Wright on 4/1/15