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USMLE Step 1 Prep, Dunwoody, GA 30338

Hey Dr. Sattar.. I'm an IMG..currently preparing for Step 1 exam..I am trying to give my exam by this October..but I feel everything is jumbled up..

Sent by Ashish on 8/31/15

Calculus, Las Cruces, NM

Kathrine, my daughter is having trouble with her calculus at nmsu as freshman looking for help, I think see needs some one on one to get her on track

Sent by Steve on 8/31/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

Algebra, Hinesville, GA 31313

Need help for my son in Algebra 9th grade

Sent by Allen on 8/31/15

English, Bowling Green, KY 42101

I'm doing this for my sister, she does not speak English. If you can teach her let me know (email available after purchase) (phone number available after...

Sent by Anas on 8/31/15

Physics, Baytown, TX

Are you located near Houston? I am interested in a physics tutor for my son who is a Junior in High School. I can be reached at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Ingrid on 8/31/15

Accounting, Baton Rouge, LA

I am an accounting major and I have just started the semester and I am confused in my intermediate accounting class and would like to start getting tutored early in...

Sent by Tynesha on 8/31/15

Applied Calculus, Menlo Park, CA

Hey Ethel! I'm R. a sophomore in college. I go to a community college called college of San Mateo, and is currently taking applied calculus.

Sent by Russell on 8/31/15

Numerical Analysis, Addison,TX

Hi Harold, I noticed that you had experience with numerical analysis and I might be in need of a tutor for some extra help. I am a graduate student at UT Dallas...

Sent by Brianna on 8/31/15

Granddaughter Reading Tutor, Bristol, TN 37620

Plz resend your information regarding tutoring granddaughter.. Fast fingers accidently deleted your info.. Lol. Thank you so much. T.

Sent by Trish on 8/31/15

Physics, Palatine, IL

Hi James: I am looking for a tutor to help my daughter in High School AP Physics. Is this something that you specialize in? Thanks, R. M.

Sent by Robert on 8/31/15

Accounting, Tyler, TX

Hello Mark, how are you? I am in need of a tutor for accounting. I tried to get one at the college but none available. I would like to meet on campus if you don't mind.

Sent by Karen on 8/31/15

Physics, Carpinteria, CA

Hi, My daughter is junior in high school this year. We would like to get a regular tutor to help her with precalculus, physics, and maybe Spanish throughout...

Sent by Ana on 8/31/15

Math, Brookhaven, MS

I'm interested in finding a dependable tutor for a 5th and 3rd grade math I saw your profile I'm very interested

Sent by Lasheena on 8/31/15

Kinder, Panama City Beach, FL

Hola puede comunicarse conmigo. Call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jennifer on 8/31/15

Asvab, Portland, ME

Im planning on retaking the ASVAB test. I would like to get an Tutor to brush up on my skills

Sent by William on 8/31/15

Photoshop, Blairsville Ga

Hello, I am in need of some one on one training in the new cc2015 photoshop please call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Bob on 8/31/15

Music, Sacramento, CA

Hi Nicole! I need a tutor, who will help me with Music. R. S.

Sent by Rodney on 8/31/15

Autism, Union City,CA

Hi! Tina, I have a son who's 10 yrs old with a mild autism, he needs a tutor.

Sent by Mildred on 8/31/15

Excel, Baton Rouge, LA

Hi Kimberly, I am currently attending LSU and majoring in accounting. I'm having a lot of trouble with an excel assignment for my Accounting Information Systems...

Sent by Bethany on 8/31/15

Algebra, Beaumont, CA 92223

Hello, I have my son and nephew who're both in 10th. grade. They need help in Algebra 2 and chemistry. I'm looking for someone who can do at least 2 hour session...

Sent by Fadwa on 8/31/15

Usmle, El Cajon, CA 92019

hello, This is San, greeting from Jamaica I would like to get assistance from you for teaching First Aid topic of Physiology, Genetic , Biochemistry and Statistic.

Sent by Thinn on 8/31/15

Teas V Exam, Los Angeles, CA

Hello Tobi, I'm ready to start tutoring for the teas v exam. When can we start. I work form 6:00am to 14:30pm mon-fri off sat and sun.

Sent by Kenya on 8/31/15

Archaeology, Conroe, TX

hey i dont need a tutor but i was wondering if you know anyone in the conroe area that would know anything about dinosaur eggs because i have one that i found when i...

Sent by Delbert on 8/31/15

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Hello, Interested in step 3 tutoring Please contact

Sent by Francisco on 8/31/15

Praxis, Mechanicsville, VA

I have taken the Praxis 1 writing five times now and I still can not seem to get the hang of it. I am only four points off but I need your help!

Sent by Marshall on 8/31/15

Heat transfer, Rolla,Mo.65401

Dear Mr. Chak, All hopes you are doing well, I'm looking for a tutor who can explain for me the topics of Heat transfer course, Modeling and analysis of dynamic...

Sent by Wael on 8/31/15

Chemistry, Lexington, KY

I have a daughter who is a Junior in high school.She is taking both AP Chemistry and Calculus this year.I think a one night a week tutor would help her.

Sent by Lisa on 8/30/15

Quicken, Sun City, AZ

My mom needs a tutor in Quicken and she lives in Sun City AZ. Please call me, Thank you, K. (phone number available after purchase) Home office

Sent by Kevin on 8/30/15

Managerial Accounting, Nazareth, PA

Hello, I am in need of help in Managerial Accounting. ACCT202. I am going to be honest. I need help with my online class this year specifically in quizzes section.

Sent by Eric on 8/30/15

facebook and the iPhone, Summerville, SC 29485

I am a real estate broker and homebuilder with office in home. I need to learn how to use facebook and my I-phone. Phone (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Thomas on 8/30/15

Algebra, Fairborn, OH

Hi my name is M. I need a teacher for algebra if u r interested please contact me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Mariam on 8/30/15

Usmle, Irvine, CA 92620

Hi Seyed, I am looking for some help in usmle step 1 tutoring. I am planning to take the test around the end of October and I desperately want to improve my score in...

Sent by Pooja on 8/30/15

Asvab, Shreveport, LA

Hi Emily, Hi Emily I'm currently having trouble finding A tutor for my asvab but Thank God I found one. However I just need help with study for the Asvab test...

Sent by Kittrell on 8/30/15

Real Estate, Miami, FL

I need help studying for my real estate exam! My zip is 33176. Too far???

Sent by Vanessa on 8/30/15

Poker, Bethpage, NY 11714

Hi Chris. I'm interested in learning Texas hold em. Looking to do 1 or 2 lessons.

Sent by Ebony on 8/30/15

Geometry, Minneapolis, MN

We just moved from Nebraska and my son is struggling with geometry. He is in 9th grade and must catch up as the curriculum was 1 year behind in Nebraska.

Sent by Bill on 8/30/15

All Subject, Macon, GA

Hi Colleen i need a Math tutor for my Son,i want him to be taught by you.larry is 14yrs old and he can easily catch up.Although,I've arranged with my caregiver...

Sent by Williamskerry on 8/30/15

Algebra, Franklin, GA

Sent by Dustin on 8/30/15

Nutrition, Tucson, AZ

Hello Risa , this is my first semester at the UA I am a transfer student from Houston Community college I am studying nutrition (dietetics) and I need some help with...

Sent by Mariflor on 8/30/15

English, Dayton, OH

Hello, I am a collage student, and I am taking now class in cognition learning and technology. I want to know if you can help me in this topic . Thank you

Sent by Latifah on 8/29/15

Chemistry, Chicago, IL

Hello, Tayrn. My name is J. and I am currently a graduate student in Nurse Anesthesia in North Chicago. I am enrolled in "Chemistry and Physics in Nursing...

Sent by Jon on 8/29/15

Usmle, El Cajon, CA 92019

Hello! I am an IMG preparing for Step 1 and I need help improving my nbme score so that I can sit for the exam.

Sent by Victory on 8/29/15

Math, Las Vegas, NV

I am looking for a math/homework tutor/help for my 7 year old daughter in 2nd grade. Can I have more info... Do u travel to homes? I'm in summerlin.

Sent by Beth on 8/29/15

Chemistry (organic), Oxford, MS

Please contact me about tutoring my son who is a sophomore at UM. Thanks you ! T. M. (phone number available after purchase) my cell

Sent by Tracy on 8/29/15

C++, Ballwin, MO

Hello Nathan, My name is R. Dev. I am currently looking for a C++ tutor please give me a call at (phone number available after purchase) or email me back. Thanks.

Sent by Rishi on 8/29/15

Usmle Step 2 CK, New York, NY

Hi Dr. Sandy, I am starting my 4th year rotating at New York Methodist Hospital and am a student at St. George's University Medical School.

Sent by Manan on 8/29/15

Biology, Cleveland, TN

Hi I need a biology tutor for my daughter,she is 13 years old,i want her to be taught by you and i also want to know the total cost of tutoring for 1 months (2...

Sent by Morgan on 8/29/15

Adobe Photoshop, Miami, FL

I am interested to learn with you photoshop CS6 and other basic knowledge computer . My phone number is 786 801 24 89. Waiting for your call. Thanks P.

Sent by Patricia on 8/29/15

C#, Sql, Asp.net, Newbury Park, CA

interested in c# tutoring, sql, and (url available after purchase) If you are avail, let me know

Sent by Aaron on 8/29/15

Math, Brunswick, OH

Katelyn...I am looking for a tutor for my 16 y/o son Max. He is a junior at Benedictine H.S. in Cleveland. We live in Brunswick. He is at Benedictine on...

Sent by Jeff on 8/28/15

Microsoft Word, Cincinnati, OH

Need help in writing my dissertation using Microsoft Word. I don't know how to professionally make the table of contents, list of figures, list of tables...

Sent by Max on 8/28/15

Statistics, Plymouth, MA

Hi I am a grad student taking online courses at northeastern university. I would need an hour or two a week of tutoring to get me through my statistics course.

Sent by Wanda on 8/28/15

Algebra, Kingsport, TN

Hello, I am looking for an algebra 2 tutor for my daughter who attends DBHS> Thanks A.

Sent by Alicia on 8/28/15

Usmle Step 2 CK, El Cajon, CA 92019

Hi, I was looking for a tutor for USMLE Step 2 CK. Are you available?

Sent by Pearly on 8/28/15

Sat I, El Paso, TX

Good Afternoon Jamie, I am interested in your tutoring services for my son. He is a senior at Franklin High school and would like some help in preparing for...

Sent by Rich on 8/28/15

Math Algebra English, Hicksville, NY

Looking tutor for my daughter, she is in 5th grade, needs help with math and ELA. Please let me know if you can help her. Thanks!

Sent by Anca on 8/28/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

College Algebra, Tucson, AZ

Hey Al, this is S. M., I need help reviewing a College Algebra placement test, let me know if you have any time available for next week, you can reach me...

Sent by Seamus on 8/28/15

Act, Honolulu, HI

Hey Casie! I live in Manoa and am a senior this year with a 30 on my ACT. I am hoping to bring it up, my lowest scores were math and science.

Sent by Elle on 8/28/15

Act Prep, Hudson, OH

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter to help her with general prep for the ACT. Particularly in Math. We live in Hudson. My cell is (phone number available after...

Sent by Dana on 8/28/15

GRE Verbal And Math, Gainesville, FL

Hello Rahmi, I am looking to get some GRE verbal and Math tutoring for 4 days a week, 2/3 hours per day starting the week of September 7. I was wondering...

Sent by Monty on 8/28/15

All, Fremont, CA

Hi, Need "immediate" tutoring help for my daughter in 6th. Please call (phone number available after purchase) when you get a moment. Thanks.

Sent by Venkat on 8/28/15

Calculus, Eatonville, WA

I wool be attending ASU online for electrical engineering. I plan on a masters sherry which requires a 3.5 in the last two years and I really want to nail the math.

Sent by Nate on 8/28/15

Act, Los Olivos, CA

We are looking for a tutor/teacher to work with our daughter who is interested in taking the ACT. Please communicate with us if you are interested;

Sent by Jose on 8/28/15

Spanish, Schaumburg, IL

Hello Olga, I would like to start learning Spanish for the beginners. Looking at your schedule Im available on Wednesdays at 7pm. I live in Schaumburg.

Sent by Aga on 8/28/15

Math, Monroe, OH

Hi, I have two sons who are studying 1st and 5th grades. Will you be able to help with Math/science? My contact number (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Subbu on 8/28/15

Act, South Salem, NY

Hi, I am an incoming senior in high school and am taking the September 12th ACT and most likely the October 24th ACT. I would love to schedule a few last minute...

Sent by Evan on 8/28/15

Writing, Beaumont, TX

Dear Lisa, My name is H.. I'm an international student at Lamar University. I'm studying Ph.D. in the field of Deaf Efucation. I need help with my writing assainments.

Sent by Hadeel on 8/28/15

English, Ann Arbor, MI

Hello Susanna, I am seeking for an English tutor for my 4.5 years old and my 6 years old. Please let me know if you are interested in tutoring my kids.

Sent by Ony on 8/28/15

Math, Peoria, IL

Hi, for some reason i can't get into Wysant so I don't know if you have my emails thru them. If this gives you my email address please use it or can call...

Sent by Carole on 8/28/15

Chemistry, Redlands, CA

Hi Taylor, I'm in dire need of a tutor in Chemistry. It's only the second week of school and I have no idea what we are learning.

Sent by Stephanie on 8/28/15

Algebra, Granite Bay, CA

Tutor for algebra 2 Honors precalculas Honors chemistry

Sent by Su on 8/27/15

Accounting, Berkeley, CA

Hi Jodessa- I am a student at UC Berkeley and am enrolled in a Managerial Accounting course. I was wondering if you would be able to tutor me.

Sent by Matt on 8/27/15

Personal Trainer, Harrison, NY

Hi David; my cousin wants to become a personal trainer and he got this book which brings all this technical words I find myself difficult to understand...

Sent by Angelo on 8/27/15

American History, Lexington, MA

Hi, David: I am looking for a US history tutor for my son who is in 11th grade and plan to take AP history course. can be in Lexington library or my homr.

Sent by Patrick on 8/27/15

Organic Chemistry, Gainesville, FL

need to not fall behind on organ chem ll

Sent by Alessandra on 8/27/15

English, Morris, IL

I am looking tutor for English reading and writing for 9 years old son. If you are interested please contact me on my email . (email available after purchase)

Sent by Wijey on 8/27/15

Dat, Cerritos, CA

Please contact me for further discussion. Thank you

Sent by Alice on 8/27/15

Chemistry, Vernon Hills, IL

Zachary, My daughter is in AP Chemistry at Vernon Hills High School. She is interested in working with someone to keep ahead in her class.

Sent by Jim on 8/27/15

Spanish, Grand Prairie, TX

Please contact me. Thank you

Sent by Tanya on 8/27/15

Physics, Missouri City, TX

Need Help for a test tomorrow . Missed school yesterday for a doctors appoint now Im lost...Please help

Sent by Kirstin on 8/27/15

Math, Marina, CA

Hi there- I am looking for a tutor for two best friends in 4th grade who are at different levels, but still needing a bit of help.

Sent by Molly on 8/27/15

Software Engineering, Jefferson City,MO

I need tutoring for a chapter in my textbook in software engineering. I have a case presentation in it. I am a masters student.

Sent by Sahitya on 8/27/15

Praxis, New Orleans, LA

I'm in need of a tutor for Praxis 2 English in secondary 6-12. I want to take it within the next two months so if you can assist please email me.

Sent by RegJon on 8/27/15

Chemistry And Calculus, Gainesville, FL 32612

Dear Dr. Frances, My name is S. F. and I am currently a sophomore at UF. I am taking Chemistry II and Calculus II and I am looking for a tutor that will be able...

Sent by Sharon on 8/27/15

Nclex Rn, Potomac MD 20854

Hello Civita, I am writing to inquire about the Nclex RN exam. Do you provide any warranty for the students you coach?

Sent by Fely on 8/27/15

Esl, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Hi Rebecca This is A., I'm really looking for a tutor to help me with my speaking and writing skills. are you still offer private sesstion for international...

Sent by Abdullah on 8/27/15

Teas, Tallahassee, FL

Dear Cynthia, My name is P. H. and I am currently a senior at FSU. I am applying to multiple nursing schools for Fall 2016 and most of them require the TEAS...

Sent by Paige on 8/27/15

Elementary, Merritt Island, FL

My son is in 6th grade. He is at Lewis Carroll Elementary. I have a tutor right now. but she is unreliable. I am looking for someone to come to my house.

Sent by Venecia on 8/27/15

Asvab, Fort Myers, FL

Hello James: My son Trevor is 19 and wanting to pursue a career in the Army. He needs some brushing up since graduating HS. Could you please help us prepare him...

Sent by Linda on 8/27/15

Reading Tutor, Eagle Pass, TX

I need someone to help my 6year old daughter to read. She is in 1st grade, but she didn't attend kindergarten so she is being on her reading.

Sent by Angelica on 8/27/15

PSAT/SAT/ACT Prep; Spanish, Greensboro, NC

My daughter is a high school junior, and I was wondering about your availability for PSAT/SAT/ACT prep. Also, she has just started Spanish 3. The class is only...

Sent by Maureen on 8/27/15

Geometry, Lithonia, GA

Good morning Alex. My 14 year old Breanna needs your help. She has some health challenges that require her to homeschool. She is a 9th grader taking 10th grade Geometry.

Sent by Belinda on 8/27/15

Public Organization, Edwardsville. Illinois

I need help with this course " public organization"

Sent by Sultan on 8/27/15

Thermodynamics, San Diego, CA 92154

Sent by Arisara on 8/27/15

Writing, Galesburg, IL

Do you come into Knox campus? Daughter needs writing help,and "study coach" to keep on track with coursework

Sent by Laura on 8/26/15

Electrical Circuits, Carnegie, PA

Hello, I am M.. I am international student. I would like to get a tutoring in circuites and electromagnetics. please let me know if you can help me. Thank you

Sent by Majid on 8/26/15

Statistics AP, Pre-Calc, SAT Math, Seattle, WA

Hi Lia- I am looking for a math tutor to meet with my 16 year old daughter once a week for the upcoming school year. She is taking AP Statistics all year...

Sent by Signe on 8/26/15

Business Math, Levelland, TX

Scott do you Tutor at SPC levelland? Didn't know if you would travel.

Sent by Melissa on 8/26/15

Test Prep Tutor, Waldorf, MD

reading, studying skills asap

Sent by Serena on 8/26/15

Find Tutor, Mundelein, IL

I need tutor for 8 grader we live in mundelein

Sent by Ewa on 8/26/15

Calculus Ap, Saint Charles, IL

Hi I was looking to see if you were available to tutor my daughter she is a junior in calculus ab ap Thank you

Sent by Cindy on 8/26/15

Sat Math, New Milford, CT

Hi Michael, My daughter needs help preparing for SAT Math. Do you travel to New Milford? When are you available? I'll like to arrange weekly lessons . M.

Sent by Marie on 8/26/15

Reading, Jacksonville, AL

I am looking for a tutor for my 5th grade daughter. She needs help with reading.

Sent by LaQuita on 8/26/15

1st Grade, Porterville, CA

Would like more info about your services. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Sonia on 8/26/15

Act English, Union Grove, WI

Hello John, My son Logan is going to be in 11th grade at Union Grove High School. We just got back the results of his ACT Aspire test from the end of last school year.

Sent by Brenda on 8/26/15

Chemistry, San Mateo, CA

Hi Nima, This is L.. I live in foster city and I am looking for a persian tutor for general chemistry 410. please let me know if you can come for this friday...

Sent by Leila on 8/26/15

Home Schooling, East Quogue,ny

Hi, I would like to know if you can help me tutor my son?

Sent by Angie on 8/26/15

Elementary, Murfreesboro, TN

I would love to discuss daily tutoring with you. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Debra on 8/26/15

Math And English, Southampton, NY

Please call (phone number available after purchase) Thank R.

Sent by Ruthie on 8/26/15

Esl, Chicago, IL 60616

Hello. I'm S. and from Korea. I'm looking for an ESL tutor. I wonder how much is your hourly rate.

Sent by Soonyoung on 8/26/15

Statistics, Apopka, FL

I have a pie chart with 97 different types of statistic problems, I have to also take a final exam in two weeks, with an assignment paper that is due in two weeks as...

Sent by Gregory on 8/26/15

Reading, Carencro, LA

Hi, My 3rd grade daughter is struggling in ELA & Reading which I'd impacting her grades. I teach special Ed at Sunset Elementary bit live in Carencro.

Sent by Tiffany on 8/26/15

Math, Gainesville, FL

Good morning Shannon, I am looking for a tutor for my daughter Afterschool. She is 6th grade. Please let me know when you are available so we can make arrangements.

Sent by Kim on 8/26/15

Algebra, Warrenton, NC

My daughter is struggling with algebra as well as calculus. We live in Warrenton, contact me via email above. thanks!

Sent by Denise on 8/26/15

Math, Estero, FL

Hi Bob, I need a tutor for math since I can't remember anything about it from school. I'm 24 and about to take the Act in September, since it is around...

Sent by Amanda on 8/26/15

Spanish, Macedonia, OH

Looking to have a discussion about tutoring our 10 grade son for spanish.

Sent by Alex on 8/26/15

FTCE Science Testing, Boca Raton, FL

My daughter, Laura is re-taking the Science section of the FTCE exam next Wednesday. All teacher prep certification classes complete, she feels a tutor's assistance...

Sent by John on 8/26/15

English, Glen Rose, TX

Hi Chloe, My name is L. H. and my daughter Kelly is a Junior at Glen Rose High School. She has struggled with English for many years and wants to improve her...

Sent by Lisa on 8/26/15

Computer, Las Vegas, NV 89128

Hi I need a computer tutor for my daughter,she is 13 years old,i want her to be taught by you and i also want to know the total cost of tutoring for 1 months (2...

Sent by Kurt on 8/26/15

Mechanical Engineering, Rolla,MO

Hello, I am looking for a tutor who can help me with Modeling and analysis of dynamics system course, and Statics course. kind regards,

Sent by Wael on 8/26/15

Biology, Pasadena, CA

Hi my name is Kevin, Im a Chinese, I need your help on my college general education level Biology, which is aniM.l biology , this is my number (phone number...

Sent by MingYang on 8/25/15

Pre Calculus, Laredo, TX

I'm currently looking for a pre calculus tutor. Would we be able to meet to talk about this?

Sent by Valerie on 8/25/15

Math And English, Woodland, CA

i need help passing the hi-set which is a high school equivilancy test.

Sent by Ryan on 8/25/15

Computer, Seaside, CA

Hi John, I'm a sophomore student in DeVry University's Computer Information Systems program. I'm just finishing up a pretty rough C# class and heading into...

Sent by Shane on 8/25/15

Geometry, Desoto, TX

Rodney, We're looking for a geometry tutor for our 9th grade son. He had a tough time with algebra last year and are looking for someone that can help address his...

Sent by Carlton on 8/25/15

Calculus, Rolla, MO

calc for s&t on line class

Sent by Jimmy on 8/25/15

Asvab, Colorado Springs, CO

Hi Steven I just took my asvab scored a ugly 16 I need some tutoring my number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Travis on 8/25/15

Microsoft Windows, Topeka, KS

I need some help with excel. I know the basics but a novice for sure. Staring a new job and would like a head start.

Sent by Jesse on 8/25/15

Asvab, Houston, TX

We are looking for a tutor to assist our son in taking his asvab test for the airforce.

Sent by Ray on 8/25/15

Ged, Lexington Park, MD

I lookin for a tutor to help me pass the Maryland ged test. Please contact me if you are willing to tutor

Sent by Natnika on 8/25/15

Piano, Austin, TX

Hi, I am interested for Piano tutor for my son (7 years old) and daughter (11 years old). Ideally, I would like to have lessons at my house in Circle C. Let me know...

Sent by Preeti on 8/25/15

Spanish, New Paltz, NY

Hi Katia, I am a social worker, looking to learn spanish. I have taken several courses in college but I want to be able to have a conversation for my line of work.

Sent by Christine on 8/25/15

Need To Speak To You, Warwick, NY 10990

Hello Debbie, i called the number you gave me a few times and left messages. I know that this is for your school but i did not get your cell number.

Sent by Lynn on 8/25/15

Calculus, Springfield, MO

I am a Pre-Med student at MSU and enrolled in MTH 287 (Calc I). Trig is not required for this course but unfortunately for me, it is recommended and most of...

Sent by Ryan on 8/25/15

Biology, Fort Washington, PA

i need help with a&p. will be taking it for the 2nd time this semester. phone (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Byron on 8/25/15

Teas, Nashua, NH

I am looking for a tutor that I can meet with maybe once a week to help me with my math skills.

Sent by Amanda on 8/25/15

Algebra 2, Beaumont, CA

I have a 10th. grade boy and my nephew who both take Algebra 2, I would like to have someone who can tutor them at least twice a week 2 hour/session (Monday...

Sent by Fadwa on 8/25/15

Anatomy, Findlay, OH

Hi, I am a sophomore at the University of Findlay and need tutoring and support with my anatomy class. Would you be able to help me?

Sent by Elise on 8/25/15

Math Statistics, Leavenworth, KS

Hello, I was looking through so many sites, and came across your profile. I am retired US Army and my husband is still 18 years active duty.

Sent by Jessica on 8/25/15

French, Lubbock, TX

hi! I am interested in learning beginning French. please return your response either on my email or phone number is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Jeannie on 8/25/15

Math, Fort Riley, KS

Hi Ciera! I am looking for a tutor to help my son Chase (3rd Grade) in Math. We've recently had him screened for ADD/ADHD and while his numbers don't warrant meds he...

Sent by Christina on 8/25/15

Usmle 3, New Orleans

MY daughter needs this information.

Sent by Susana on 8/25/15

Dyslexia, Kings Mountain, NC

I am looking for a tutor for my son who is 10, homeschooled, and dyslexic. He needs extra help in the area of reading, spelling, and reading comprehension.

Sent by Robin on 8/25/15

Esl, Gulfport, MS

I would like to learn English ,public speaking

Sent by Ibrahim on 8/25/15

Algebra 1, Spokane, WA

Urgent need for Algebra 1 tutor on a regular basis, one morning a week for two hours. But a caveat: this involves working with Christian curriculum so need to find...

Sent by Liz on 8/25/15

College Algebra, San Bernardino, CA

Hello Victor, are you available evening hours and on Wednesdays?

Sent by Lauren on 8/25/15

Usmle, New York, NY 10029

I was wondering if you can help me with USMLE step1....

Sent by Maryam on 8/24/15

Java, Medford, MA

Hi, my name is M. and I need help in Java programming. please contact my if you available . thanks

Sent by Maha on 8/24/15

Nutrition, Philadelphia, PA 19127

i have nutrition class online you can help with my exam

Sent by Mony on 8/24/15

Reading Comprehension, Waxhaw, NC

I'm looking for someone to help my GF's daughter in Reading Comprehension. She just entered 5th Reading and Comprehensive is going to be a major struggle!

Sent by Richard on 8/24/15

Microsoft Access, Berkeley, CA

Help With Access 2010 Can you help me incorporate new data from a table into an existing report form? Something is screwy with my access to Access. R.

Sent by Robin on 8/24/15

Geology, Tempe, AZ

I have a geology 101 online course at ASU, and i was wondering if you can help me with it. Thank You.

Sent by Faisal on 8/24/15

Calculus, Rochester, NY

Hi, Scott. I'm currently taking an online Calculus course and feel as though I'll need occasional instruction (1-2 times per week) to get through the course.

Sent by Matt on 8/24/15

Algebra II, Aiea, HI

Looking for a tutor for my 16 year old daughter, a Junior at Aiea HS. Struggling with Algebra 2. Are you interested possibly? Please let me know. Thank you!

Sent by Pat on 8/24/15

Nursing, Philadelphia, PA

Don't have your number anymore. The tutor I used did not help. I need help still with test stragies, the correct way to study and how to master the way...

Sent by Raushandah on 8/24/15

English, Covington, LA

Looking for a tutor to help my 13 yrs old daughter w/ English n lirature

Sent by Kim on 8/24/15

Math, Honolulu, HI

Aloha Rachel, I'm looking for a tutor for my husband and nephew who are taking a test in ratios and percentage for the fire department and I need some one...

Sent by Joanna on 8/24/15

Math, Conyers, GA

Evening, I have a 9 year old daughter who struggles in math and reading, I am seeking a tutor for weekend tutoring for my daughter to be able to come to my home...

Sent by Dominique on 8/24/15

Usmle, Bayonne, NJ 07002

Hi, I have been out of school for 20 years , I am lost , I have taken the kaplan course and it helped but I really need help , give me a call or email me when we...

Sent by Greg on 8/24/15

Quicken, Los Angeles, CA

hey John-- I work for a small, wholesale business here in Los Angeles and we've been doing all our own Quicken-based accounting.

Sent by Sara on 8/24/15

Asvab, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Paul, my Son has been studying for the ASQT/ASVAB but seems to be struggling, what are your days/times available for tutoring? Thank you!!

Sent by Sonia on 8/24/15

Math, Ashburn, VA

Pls call me at (phone number available after purchase) looking for math classes for 5th grader

Sent by Shilpa on 8/24/15

Nclex Rn, Modesto, CA

I need help to pass my RN board . Thank you

Sent by Melanie on 8/24/15

Nclex X, Raleigh, NC 27613

I need an nclex tutor who will help me pass my exam I tool the nclex2times

Sent by Sainanou on 8/23/15

Phonics, Orlando, FL

Hello, I'm looking for someone to tutor my 8 year old boy. He has an auditory processing and possible apraxia. He needs help with reading and spelling.

Sent by Adam on 8/23/15

French, Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Hello Morgan I am interested in hiring a French tutor. I live in Egg Harbor Twp NJ. I am a beginner with no background with the French language other than having...

Sent by Ashley on 8/23/15

Physics, Fort Collins, CO

Hi. I'm looking for a tutor for physics at CSU. I'd like to meet once a week, preferably at the public library. I get out of class at 1pm most days so any time in...

Sent by Sarah on 8/23/15

Armenian, Pasadena, CA 91107

Hi Maggie, we emailed a few months back regarding your availabilty for tutoring armenian language. However, your schedule was limited.

Sent by Fernando on 8/23/15

Usmle, Chicago, IL 60645

Hello, I am looking for a USMLE STEP 1 tutor to help me this upcoming Monday-Thursday. I have to take my exam by Aug 31st and was hoping for last minute guidance...

Sent by Sadaf on 8/23/15

Usmle, New Haven, CT

Hello Kate, I am seeking a tutor that can help me pass USMLE Step 2Ck. I have had a long history with this exam and took it in April but missed passing it by 1 point.

Sent by Natasha on 8/23/15

Algebra, Yuba City, CA

Hi Ellen, My grandson Brock needs help with 8th grade algebra. He struggled last year doing math, and his mom and I were unable to help him.

Sent by Rebecca on 8/23/15

Real Estate, Columbia, SC

I taken the real estate course back in 2012. N I been failing the school test everytime I retake it. I'm tire of failing. I need some help...

Sent by Kevin on 8/23/15

Pharmacology, Exeter, NE 68351

Please call or email me re pharmacology tutoring Thanks (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jamuna on 8/23/15

Calculus, Anna, IL

I am a student at Shawnee Community College and was leaning toward pursuing an Engineeering Degree. Math has always been one of my best subjects.

Sent by Chad on 8/22/15

Relational Database Information Systems, Elmira, NY

Hello Yunxin, I need tutoring with my Relational Database Concepts and Applications class. What is your availability? Thanks, J.

Sent by Joey on 8/22/15

Chinese, Albany, OR

Hi, I'm R.. I was an English teacher in China for a long time and I need to practice my Chinese with someone who will correct me.

Sent by Ricky on 8/22/15

Curriculum And Instruction/literacy, Holland, OH

I'm second year PhD in curriculum and instruction/ literacy.I'm looking to get a professor who can assist me in order to do all my study's assignments...

Sent by Saeed on 8/22/15

Clep College Mathematics, Torrance, CA

I want to take CLEP College Mathematics test to expedite through my degree program. In need of a refresher course.

Sent by Randy on 8/22/15

Clep, New York, NY

Hi Benjamin, in order to re certify my teaching license I need to take the math CLEP exam and I'm looking for some help to pass. Please let me know your availability...

Sent by Lionel on 8/22/15

Java, Dallas, GA

I need help in Java, computer programming II at the Marietta Campus of KSU. I live in Dallas but could meet somewhere convenient.

Sent by Kevin on 8/22/15

Common Core, Glendora, CA

I'm looking for a tutor for integrated 1 common core math for my 10th grader who is struggling with common core. Do you drive we have a library close ?

Sent by Daniela on 8/21/15

vocal lessons, writing, and math, Nashville

Hello. I am looking for a tutor for my 10 year old daughter for vocal lessons, writing, and math. It would be in our home which is near Stewarts Ferry Pike...

Sent by Kristina on 8/21/15

Tutoring Needed, Tarboro, NC

Hi. I have two children ages 10 and 13, whom I would like to have tutoring services a few days per week. Would you be able to tutor both?

Sent by Teshia on 8/21/15

Math, Saint Albans, NY

Im about to take the cuny math I need help to pass it. Need help with the prob. If possible can we meet at the library on hollis blvd and 204 street.

Sent by Joshua on 8/21/15

Nclex, Raleigh, NC 27613

I took the nclex 3 times I really need help call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Sainabou on 8/21/15

Geometry, Monument, CO

need help to prepare for Geometry test = hoping to test out of the class Thank you

Sent by Ashley on 8/21/15

High School, Spring Hill, FL

I need a tutor for my child. she is in high school @ spring hill Christian 34609

Sent by Manley on 8/21/15

Physics, Diamond Bar, CA

Hello, we are looking for AP Physic C tutor for a Diamond Bar High School student. Do have experience with this? Thanks.

Sent by Jane on 8/21/15

Science, Santa Barbara, CA

Hey Sultan, I am looking for a tutor in my online global warming course through ucsb. I'm in santa barbara and am looking to get help asap.

Sent by Josh on 8/21/15

Barton, Manhattan Beach, CA

Hi Kathy, We are looking for a tutor for the Barton Reading program for our ten year old son. I see that you aren't local, but maybe you have other students in...

Sent by Susanne on 8/21/15

Usmle, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

Hi Edward, I found your name on Tutorz. Do you help preparing for the USMLE examination? It would be for my husband, not for me. We are located in PV.

Sent by Anne on 8/21/15

Algebra, Plattsmouth, NE

I am 70 years old and my Algebra 1 & 2 experience is oh, soooooo many years ago. My 13 year-old grandson is taking algebra this year and I would like to learn...

Sent by Patricia on 8/21/15

Act, Kingsport, TN

Looking for an ACT tutor for a current senior at GCHS.

Sent by Ramona on 8/21/15

Usmle Step 2ck, Orlando Florida

Hello Sattar, I am retaking my step 2 ck exam just finished a review course been doing okay but I need a personal tutor just before I decide to take the exam.

Sent by Abimbola on 8/21/15

Nutrition, Pasadena, CA

Need help studying for an online nutrition 100 class at BYU

Sent by Jaylen on 8/21/15

Act, Allen Park, MI

Hi, My son (Grade 12) needs help with his ACT.

Sent by Mohsen on 8/21/15

Math, Thomasville, GA

Hello my son is 9 years old he is in the fourth grade and in need of some help with math and spelling.

Sent by Alfonso on 8/21/15

Chemistry, San Diego, CA

Hi Eric- I am taking Gen Chem 2 and I could use a little help grasping the concepts. I learn quick; it's just been over a year since Chem 1. Any chance...

Sent by John on 8/20/15

C++, Tucson, AZ

I am looking for someone who knows very well about c/c++

Sent by Nasser on 8/20/15

Tutor, Brentwood, CA

I have 2 children I am looking to have tutored. One is in the 8th grade and the other is in the 6th grade. I would like to speak with you regarding fees...

Sent by Kia on 8/20/15

Spanish, Sealy, TX

Looking for someone to help my son with Spanish 2. Alpha omega curriculum

Sent by Lynn on 8/20/15

Algebra, Victorville, CA

Looking forward to hearing from you. I have a student that needs help in algebra 1. I also have a kindergarten student that I would like to have extra help during...

Sent by Karla on 8/20/15

Journalism, Tempe, AZ

i want tutor for JMC110 i want to guide me in the class to improve my grade

Sent by Saeed on 8/20/15

Finra Series 6, San Diego, CA

Hello Bernard, I have to take the Series 6 FINRA exam in 2 weeks and I have a full time job. I need guidance and help with my studying, as I have no financial...

Sent by Nadia on 8/20/15

Spanish Tutor, Glendale, CA

Hi Angelica, I want to learn speak and write Spanish. I live in North Hollywood. I wanted to know how much you charge for an hour. Hope to hear from you. Thank you

Sent by Narine on 8/20/15

Algebra 3, Hinesville, GA

Looking for an Algebra III tutor for my son who is a senior at FPCA. We live in Hinesville near FPCA. Thank you.

Sent by Charlene on 8/20/15

English For Sat, Herndon, VA

Hi Menaka, I saw your profile. Wanted to discuss with you. could you please contact me. thanks U. (phone number available after purchase) (email available...

Sent by Uma on 8/20/15

Chess, West Palm Beach, FL

I need a Chess instructor for my Sports academy, which provides coaches and player development for a K-8th grade IB World Middle School.

Sent by Thomas on 8/20/15

Cpa, Los Angeles, CA

Hello my girlfriend is studying for cpa text in October she lives in west los angeles do ypu have time to help her pass?

Sent by Joe on 8/20/15

Usmle Step2, Danbury, CT

Hello Dr. Mayank, I am interested in in-person tutoring sessions in New York in preparation for USMLE Step 2CK over the next month.

Sent by Natasha on 8/20/15

AP Statistics, Gainesville, FL

Hi Elana, my name is E.. I just started 12th grade at Saint Francis Catholic High School and am looking for an AP Statistics tutor. Can you help?

Sent by Ella on 8/20/15

Abacus Math, Syracuse, NY 13214

Caleb, Are you familiar with and can tutor in Abacus math? Thanks K. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Koketso on 8/20/15

Geometry, Northridge, CA

Hello i need a geometry tutor for my daughter she's in 10th grade pls let me know if your available this week.. pls email me (email available after purchase)..

Sent by Dahl on 8/19/15

Biophysics biochemistry, Flushing, NY

Hello, I'm interested in learning basics in biophysics. I am reading a lot of articles about biochemistry & biophysics, and was interested to see if I can learn...

Sent by Mark on 8/19/15

Algebra 2, Wadsworth, IL

Good day. I have an 11th grader, attending Warren Township High School who needs assistance with Algebra 2 and possibly Chem. 1. He plays football, so can meet at 6...

Sent by Randy on 8/19/15

Accounting, Las Cruces, NM

hey i have accounting class and business class if you can teache me please email me back

Sent by Hamad on 8/19/15

Grammer, Marshall, TX

Hello Candace I'm looking for someone to help me with my Grammer. I am 26 and wondering if your are intrested.

Sent by James on 8/19/15

Usmle, Chicago, IL

I just failed the usmle, big time. I have until about the end of November to take it again. I need a lot of help, but I'm determined and ready to work hard...

Sent by Ines on 8/19/15

Handwriting, Daphne, AL

my 8 year old son needs tutoring for his handwriting. I am looking for a few days a week to get him up to grade level printing so he can be ready to learn cursive.

Sent by Jennifer on 8/19/15

Kindergarden, Lemoore, CA

My 5yr old just started school and he's behind the other kids. Please let me know if you have time so we can discuss possible future arrangements.

Sent by Derrick on 8/19/15

Math, Galena, OH

I am trying to find a Pre-Calc tutor for my son, who is a Senior at Olentangy Orange HS. Also want someone to help him with ACT prep, he takes next test on Sept 12th.

Sent by Mark on 8/19/15

Act, Panama City Beach, FL

I am looking for a tutor to help my son with ACT. He is signed up to take again in Sept. I have someone that can help with Math but I need someone for everything else!

Sent by Michele on 8/19/15

Tutoring 1sr Grade, Kingsport, TN

Have 6 year old granddaughter that is in first grade. She is unable to blend phonic sounds and is unable to recognize words. We are having her tested at E.T.S.U..

Sent by Trish on 8/19/15

Act, Granbury, TX

Looking for someone to tutor my daughter for ACT Math to boost her score. I think made a 26 and 24 previously

Sent by Shandy on 8/19/15

Ged, Costa Mesa, CA

Hi Steve, I am looking for a tutor for a client of mine. Please contact me at the email address above. She is interested in a tutor for the math portion of her GED.

Sent by Dominicka on 8/19/15

Toefl, San Diego, CA

Deborah, I need to take the TOEFL test. I am looking for a really good. Are you available? Thank you, N.

Sent by Nourhan on 8/19/15

Algebra, West Chester, OH

Hi Josh, I inquiring about your availability to tutor my daughter, a Lakota West sophomore, for her Chemistry I and Honors Algebra II classes. Thank you, P. K.

Sent by Paige on 8/19/15

NCLEX RN tutoring, Montgomery, PA 17752

hello I would like to get some information about your tutoring . to help my daughter with her nclex if you could please call me at (phone number available after...

Sent by Denise on 8/19/15

Cim 1, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

Hello looking for a tutor for Cim 1

Sent by Aaron on 8/19/15

Visual Studio, San Antonio, TX

phone number (phone number available after purchase) cell , leave msg

Sent by Jr on 8/19/15

Praxis, West Orange, NJ

Hi Dana, My name is G. P.. I am currently in the process of trying to pass my science and social studies subtest for the praxis 2. I am having trouble passing both...

Sent by Gina on 8/19/15

Nclex Rn, Tacoma, WA

I have taken the Nclex RN 3x for the NJBON. I have taken the test prep through Kaplan 2x and I can't grasp the content enough to stay in my memory as I work in...

Sent by Sharece on 8/19/15

Finra Series 6, Chicago, IL

hello, I am looking to be tutored in my license 6-63 exam. I am having a hard time understanding the concepts and I need them explained to me.

Sent by Catherine on 8/18/15

Math, Panama City, FL

Hi Cynthia, my daughter, Hannah, is starting 4th grade at Patronis. She has a very creative, artistic mind, but struggles academically, particularly with math.

Sent by Jerri on 8/18/15

All Subjects, East Quogue, NY

I need tutor for high school subjects

Sent by Angie on 8/18/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Internet, Lake Hopatcong, NJ

I NEED SOME HELP IN HOW TO SET UP A facebook page. how to put photos on internet ect ect can you help?

Sent by John on 8/18/15

Usmle Step 1, Strongsville, OH 44149

need help passing step 1, I failed already 2 years ago. when can we do the first session.

Sent by Sandra on 8/18/15

Algebra, Honolulu, HI

My daughter needs help I Algebra. She's a junior in Kalani

Sent by Harry on 8/18/15

Economics, Neenah, WI

I'm doing my MBA and struggling with Economics. The problems and graphs, to be specific. Example: supply and demand graph with questions such as market...

Sent by Cindy on 8/18/15

Chemistry, Mount Rainier, MD 20712

Hello MR.. Hunain, I will be taking Physics II, MicR.obiology and ChemistR.y I this fall. I was wondeR.ing if you would be inteR.ested in tutoR.ing me.

Sent by Brittini on 8/18/15

Dyslexia, Cumming, GA 30041

Do you have a year long Orton Gillingham training? Who trained you? Did you do your Practicum? I am looking for a tutor to help my 3rd grade daughter who has dyslexia.

Sent by Amye on 8/18/15

Elementary, Anchorage, AK

Hello, I am searching for a tutor for my two sons ages 9 and 7 in elementary math and english. Please let me know if you are able and willing to meet...

Sent by Kashema on 8/18/15

Adobe Illustrator, Seattle, WA

Hi LJ, My name is R., I'm a 29 Year Old Motion Picture Art Director. I work in New York, but I'm in town until Tuesday the 25th visiting my folks.

Sent by Roland on 8/18/15

Information Systems, Dana Point, CA

hello, I am taking a full schedule of upper division classes at Cal State fullerton, but I have one class at Saddleback. It's computer information management I....

Sent by Aaron on 8/18/15

Math, Milton, FL

I need a tutor for an 8th grade boy who needs help with Math.

Sent by Barb on 8/18/15

Photoshop, Minneapolis, MN

Hi Joel, I am the personal assistant to a local artist and she wants someone to teach me about photoshop. I did take it in college years ago but have forgotten...

Sent by Janice on 8/18/15

Accounting, Long Island City, NY

Hi Mr. Ahmed F, I would like to receive your tutoring services asap. Can you please let me know when can we start? I would like to do if possible during...

Sent by Lidice on 8/18/15

Gre, Lubbock, TX

Hello Keith, I was just messaging you to ask if you tutored for the Graduate Record Examination within the Lubbock area? If so I would be interested.

Sent by Chance on 8/17/15

Toefl, Lubbock, TX

Dear James, I am looking for Toefl Tutot to improve my scores. I need minimum scores in each section Reading: 23 Listening: 21 Writing: 24 Speaking...

Sent by Suman on 8/17/15

Python, Howell, MI

I am looking for a python tutor. Could you be of help?

Sent by Nate on 8/17/15

Math, Irving, TX 75063

Hello Dr.Sai, I am looking for Math tutor for my daughter (9th grade), can you please advise if you have open slot available and tutoring method?

Sent by Murthy on 8/17/15

Physics, Monterey, CA

Neal, my son is taking AP Physics at Monterey High (MAOS). He is good in math, and loves the idea of science, but is daunted by the class already.

Sent by Kim on 8/17/15

Clarinet, Anaheim, CA

I have a girl(5th grade) who want to take clarinet lessons. I live in Anaheim(brookhurst/ball). Please email or text me((phone number available after purchase))

Sent by Joy on 8/17/15

Act Math And Science, Brunswick, GA

Need help ACT MATH AND science,thank you!

Sent by Tyler on 8/17/15

Lsat, Phoenix, AZ

Dear Kevin, I hope you are well! I am currently in need of an LSAT tutor for some private tutoring in Phoenix. If you are interested and availaB.

Sent by Rachel on 8/17/15

Usmle, Washington, DC

Hello, I am an IMG student and i plan on taking the USMLE Step 1 between september and october. I need help because my nbme score is not very encouraging.

Sent by Victory on 8/17/15

English, Corpus Christi, TX

Hello, I have a 16 year son who needs help in English. He will be a junior at Ray High School. I can also be reached at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Annette on 8/17/15

Dyslexia, Shreveport, LA

Hello. I have 3 boys that are home schooled. All 3 are dyslexic & 2 are also dysgraphic. I really need help with my 8 & 10 year old.

Sent by Rachelle on 8/17/15

English As 2nd Language, Watsonville, CA

looking for someone once a week for 4 week to teach beginning English at our facility for 30 people

Sent by Bruce on 8/17/15

Science English Reading, Tallahassee, FL

Hi Mrs. Cynthia, my name is M. B.. I want to be a nurse and I am currently studying for the Teas test, I passed math, but I need help in science, english...

Sent by Meghan on 8/17/15

Ap Calculus AB, Crofton, MD

Hello, I was just wondering if you would be able to tutor for AP Calculus AB?

Sent by Urisha on 8/17/15

Act, Carrollton, TX

please email me i am interested in ACT reading only for my son who is going to be a junior.

Sent by Samina on 8/17/15

French, Bellevue, WA

Hello, I have 2 girls (ages 5 and 7) who were born in Geneva, Switzerland and attended French creches and bilingual school. We just moved to Bellevue and are looking...

Sent by Patty on 8/17/15

Study Skills, LA Jolla, CA

hi! I am looking for a tutor for my daughter entering 10th grade - she needs someone to help with study skills / motivation and assist with studying for tests.

Sent by Sandra on 8/17/15

English, Tacoma, WA

I have a son who will be going to 3rd grade this yr. We need a math and english tutor for him 3 days a wk. You can contact me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Sanjay on 8/17/15

Electronic Music, Whitehall, MI 49461

Hey jared! It's steve M.. We used to work at the seattle times. It's been a long time. I'm hoping this reaches you, you're kind of a ghost.

Sent by Steven on 8/17/15

Orton Gillingham, Manhattan Beach, CA

Hello, My son is currently being tutored with the OG program for the past 17 months - and the center he attends is now closing. So..

Sent by Susanne on 8/17/15

English, Tarzana, CA

Hi . I am looking for a tutor for my kids. Please call me at this number (phone number available after purchase) Thanks,

Sent by Nurit on 8/17/15

English, Scott, LA 70583

Hello Erin, My name is M.. I'm looking for online English tutor via Skype. 3 or 4 classes per week. so if you interested email me back please.

Sent by Moneera on 8/17/15

Public Speaking, Savannah, GA

I I'm interested in your services for my son, please email me details such as location etc..

Sent by Tamara on 8/16/15

Dyslexia, Newington, CT

Hi,I just moved to Newington with my 10yr old son who is dyslexic. He is going to5th grade and reading at a 2nd-3rd grade level. I am hoping an tutor him about 3...

Sent by Tricia on 8/16/15

Linux, Elk River, MN

Hi, interested in Linux lessons. I want to know what topics you cover and how long the course will last. I am interested in linux admin. Thanks

Sent by Corneil on 8/16/15

Usmle, Richardson, TX

hi.. do you still tutor, I need tutoring for ck

Sent by Nik on 8/16/15

German, Jacksonville, FL

Dear Mr. W.: As a child I learned to speak German fluently while living in Salzburg for five years. However, time and lack of use have buried my German.

Sent by Lane on 8/16/15

Math, Phelan, CA

i am looking foe a math tutor on a regular basis for my son. he has a very difficult time in math. He has just started his freshman year and needs to get up...

Sent by Sue on 8/16/15

Reading, Hudson, NH

Hello Rebekah, Our son 8 years old need help in reading and writing. Can you teach him once the week please? We are living in Hudson, NH. Thanks in advance. P.

Sent by Pia on 8/16/15

Elementary, Santa Barbara, CA

Hi Brian, I have an 8th grade boy who has been in honors but he struggled to stay focused and complete his homework. I work full time and feel like after school...

Sent by Brenda on 8/16/15

Accounting, Jasper, GA

My wife is having problems with accounting 2. She is doing a on line class for the second time. Just wondering if you would be available to help her.

Sent by Kenneth on 8/16/15

Esl, State College, PA

Hi Shannon, I am looking for a turor for my daughter, she will be grade 11 in September. She is from China and has spend 2 years in a boarding school in VA...

Sent by Rose on 8/15/15

Reading 5th Grade, Carmel, CA

Hi, My son is in 5th grade and he needs help with reading comprehension, writing and sometimes with math. I was wondering your experiences with 5th grades...

Sent by Umran on 8/15/15

Bio, Galveston, TX

Need help with bio chemistry

Sent by Courtni on 8/15/15

Ged, Albany, GA

I'm interested in a tutor for my daughter. She has done virtual school for the past 2 years and it's not really working out for her.

Sent by Carrie on 8/15/15

Algebra, York, SC

Hi Adam, My husband is taking an 8 wk online algebra course. He needs a lot of help since he is not even proficient in basic math and he needs to pull this...

Sent by Carole on 8/15/15

Series 7, Philadelphia, PA 19109

Hey my name is B.. I am very intrested in a tutor for the serie 7 exam. I could really need help with options. Could you help ?

Sent by Brian on 8/14/15

Spanish, Saint Augustine, FL

Whitney, My 13 year old daughter is starting her 2nd year of Spanish. She struggled with it last year and I want to start the school year off right by getting her...

Sent by Kathy on 8/14/15

Essay Writing, Montgomery, AL

Hi I am in need of a tutor for my son to help him improve his comprehension and writing capabilities. He is a sophomore at BTW magnet. Available weekdays after school.

Sent by Natasha on 8/14/15

Adobe Indesign, Athens, GA

I go to Oconee High School, would you be able to teach photoshop cs6?

Sent by Yamin on 8/14/15

Asvab, Layton, UT 84041

Please contact me regarding tutoring for my daughter in prep for the ASVAB. Thank you

Sent by Tom on 8/14/15

English, Katy, TX

Hi Lisa, I am looking for my 7th grader. He takes English preAP, but he needs help with writing and reading. Please contact me if you have opening. Thanks, A.

Sent by Antoinette on 8/14/15

Math, Mamaroneck, NY

I am the owner of Mind Matters Learning Center in Mamaroneck and I am looking for a math tutor to join my team. I have space available as well as clients.

Sent by Martha on 8/14/15

Programming Tutor, Gilbert, AZ

Hi Sonia, What level of programming knowledge would you say you have? I am looking to begin programming in a more serious manner, and am searching for...

Sent by Chase on 8/14/15

Ielts, Springfield, MO

Hello TIffany!! I am H. I want to teach me IELTS (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Hazar on 8/14/15

Ruby On Rails, Lafayette, LA 70503

Hi looking for a tutor for Ruby on Rails. Please contact me

Sent by Sourab on 8/13/15

Calculus, Hanover, NH

Hello, I am looking for a tutor that would be willing to help me with single and multivariable calculus in the fall (mostly as enrichment, I would like...

Sent by Lita on 8/13/15

Italian, Mobile, AL

I'm unsure how recent your posting is; do you still offer tutoring in Italian? I'm vacationing in Italy for two weeks this April and would like to have...

Sent by Christoffer on 8/13/15

Middle School Math, Atlanta, GA

Hi Andrea, My name is A. and I am looking for a math tutor for my son Shyne. He is in the 7th grade at King Middle and new to APS.

Sent by Anna on 8/13/15

Teas, San Jose, CA

I need tutoring for the TEAs test, asap please. i would like to take this test asap.

Sent by Jasdeep on 8/13/15

Trigonometry, Tyler, TX

Interested in your engineering tutoring. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Sean on 8/13/15

Word Processing, Houston, TX

Do you teach or do you know anyone who can teach someone WordPerfect. Thank you

Sent by Peggy on 8/13/15

Calculus, East Orange, NJ 07018

Hi can I have your phone? I am looking for calculus lessons.

Sent by Sundar on 8/13/15

Spanish, Haslet, TX

Yolanda, necesitan una maestra de espanol en la escuela nueva Eaton High School por 12 semanas. Haz contacto con Ms. Lasher (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Alice on 8/13/15

Algebra, Auburn, CA

Hi Shawn, I am looking for a Math tutor for my 16y/o son, who's a Jr. at Placer. Do you offer only general tutoring in this area, or are you able to help teach based...

Sent by Jaime on 8/13/15

Statistics, Haslet, TX

Hey Adrita! I am 23 and cannot graduate college because of Math. I was in the Sylvan learning center through middle school, was constantly in tutoring to make...

Sent by Katie on 8/13/15

Computer, Byron, GA

I live in Byron and I am interested in someone coming to my home to learn basic computer skills. This is going to be paid by worker's comp and the lady wishes...

Sent by Normaroland on 8/13/15

Clep, Honolulu, HI

Hello Ma'am, I am in need of help for preparing for 2 CLEP exams in Mathematics and sociology.

Sent by Fred on 8/13/15

Nursing, Buffalo, NY 14226

Hi margret my name is A. Lynett i am currently a student at bocess for the lpn program and we are doing foundations to nursing and I am struggling and was wondering...

Sent by Anne on 8/13/15

Computer Basics, Shreveport, LA

62 year old woman with new lap top and windows 10. Need help setting it up and learning how to use it. Also need to learn how to move photos from email to computer...

Sent by Kathleen on 8/13/15

Act, Marshfield, WI

Hello, My daughter Rebecca plans to attend Brigham Young University in the fall of 2016. However, she needs to improve her ACT score increase her chances for admission.

Sent by Kristina on 8/13/15

Math, Columbia, TN

I have a 12 yr old daughter that needs help in 7th grade math. would you be willing to meet with her on weekends? We live in Columbia. Off of Bear Creek Pike.

Sent by Heather on 8/13/15

Massage MBLEX, MD

Hello, I am looking for a tutor to help in knowlegdge of human anatomy pathology. I transfered out of state from CA, and the mblex is required in MD

Sent by Wumi on 8/12/15

Nclex Rn, Fairfax, VA

Hello Dr. Reetika I am graduate nursing student had taking rn nclex exam 3 times and not succeeded so far I will like to know if you able to tutor me looking forward...

Sent by Zahra on 8/12/15

Usmle, Chicago, IL

Hello, I have failed my first attempt at the usmle step 1. I used Kaplan videos and the question bank and the usmle world question bank along with first aid...

Sent by Corinne on 8/12/15

Adobe Illustrator, Springfield, MO

Hi Douglas, I'm interested in getting a few hours of tutoring in AI and Photoshop. With ,y work I primarily need to know how to edit (resize and personalize)...

Sent by Lilly on 8/12/15

Common Core Math, East Amherst, NY

I am searching for someone that will be able to tutor an 8 yr old child in common core math in the Amherst area. The student is a hard worker and likes to excel...

Sent by Jessica on 8/12/15

English As 2nd Language, Scranton, PA

I'm international student in university of Scranton for master of health administration i had a statistic research course which make my life difficult

Sent by Amal on 8/12/15

Turkish, Boston, MA

Hi, I live in Boston and am learning Turkish and would like a native speaker to help me along. I already have some basic knowledge of the language but am looking...

Sent by Andrew on 8/12/15

Algebra, Carpinteria, CA

Hi, My daughter will be a junior in high school this year at CHS. She took algebra 2 over the summer and we are looking to get her a tutor to help her study for...

Sent by Ana on 8/12/15

Microsoft Access, New York, NY

I need a help with my access project

Sent by Elena on 8/12/15

CPA Exam, New York, NY

Looking for CPA Exam Tutor for my son. how familiar are you with the current CPA exams' material? how many students have you tutored for these exams and what is...

Sent by Robin on 8/12/15

Writing Tutor, Seattle, WA

Many subjects. For high school credit

Sent by Leah on 8/12/15

Elementary Math, Weston, MO

My 10yr old son will start 5th grade this year and has been struggling with math since 3rd grade. The new way of teaching math is difficult for even me to understand!

Sent by Jennifer on 8/12/15

Algebra, Oregon, OH

Looking for a tutor for my 2 children. 7th Grade daughter in Pre Algebra and 10th Grade son in Algebra 2 and Physics

Sent by Hassen on 8/12/15

Gre, Columbus, IN

Hi Najia, I am taking the GRE on Nov. 11th and am applying for some competitive psychology programs this fall. I am in need of a tutor for the GRE starting in...

Sent by Megan on 8/12/15

Thai, Holladay, Utah, 84117

Hi Patti, My Thai family has immigrated to the US (Utah) and I am looking for help with English Education for them. (2 Adults 4 Kids) for some months.

Sent by Greg on 8/12/15

Algebra, Cincinnati, OH

Hello I work with Talbert House and have a client we are looking to provide therapy for. The program I work for intends to pay for the service and so that should...

Sent by Josselyn on 8/12/15

Gre Quantitative, Washington, DC

Good Morning, I am interested in your tutoring services for the quantitative portion of the GRE. How often would you suggest meeting?

Sent by Natasha on 8/12/15

Clep, Mahwah, NJ 07430

Hi, Questions: 1. I need tutoring for the CLEP Natural Sciences exam. Would you be able to do that? 2. How much do you charge per hour?

Sent by Nida on 8/12/15

Elementary Math. Counting Money, Lincoln, CA

Hi Diane, the tutoring is for my son hes 22 yrs old pls give me a call my # is 764-5484

Sent by Eva on 8/12/15

Gre, Folsom, CA

Hello, I found this site on Craigslist and am seriously looking for a GRE tutor!! My biggest weakness is in the Verbal section.

Sent by Margaret on 8/12/15

Act, New Castle, PA

My son needs to increase two points on his act to accept a full scholarship he has been offered

Sent by Joe on 8/11/15

Autism Tutoring, Beverly Hills, FL

Hello Jessica, I am interesting in finding someone that may be able to tutor my son who will be 8 years old this month. He has autism but is considered high...

Sent by Dawn on 8/11/15

Organic Chemistry, Louisville, KY

My son has failed Organic Chemistry twice at U of L, Is there any hope you could help him

Sent by Nicks on 8/11/15

Sat, Bloomington, IN

Hi Najia I am interested in getting an Sat tutor for this late summer/fall, would you be interested?

Sent by Ella on 8/11/15

Lsat, Chicago, IL

Hello, I'm interested in LSAT tutoring and wanted to know your immediate availability, as well as confirm that your hourly price listed is correct.

Sent by Eliana on 8/11/15

Math, Elizabethtown, KY

Hi! I am looking for a math tutor for my 10 year old daughter. She struggles with even the basics, and gets mad and down on herself.

Sent by Mary on 8/11/15

Chemistry, Los Angeles, CA

Sent by Paula on 8/11/15

Algebra, Grain Valley, MO

Hi my name is J. and I do online school and was wondering if you could help me in algebra I can see you live close by

Sent by Joanna on 8/11/15

High School Grade 11, Hyde Park, MA

Hi I have a really great foster child with me for over 7 years who needs a tutor. He has an IEP and is a hard worker yet has trouble organizing.

Sent by David on 8/11/15

Finra Series 6, San Diego, CA

Looking to get more info on tutoring for the series 6.

Sent by Tracey on 8/11/15

Statistics, Martinsburg, WV

"HELP" class starts Monday the 17th of august,2015. I have done well in colledge up to this point with a 3.82 gpa, and heard Horror stories about stats...

Sent by Anthony on 8/11/15

Computer Software, Portland, OR

Hello Aron, Would you be interested in meeting with me for one or two sessions to relieve my frustration with such simple computer tasks as uploading a photo for...

Sent by Barb on 8/11/15

Math, Birmingham, AL

Hi Mrs. Katie - I'm interested in finding a tutor for my daughter who is a senior in the Shelby Co. school system. However, she struggles with Math and hasn't done...

Sent by Cordelia on 8/11/15

Science, Santa Monica, CA

Sent by Paula on 8/11/15

Tutor, Girard, PA

My son is going into 9th grade and last year was.....BAD. He is well behaved but doesn't apply himself. My methods have not been working so I need help.

Sent by Paul on 8/11/15

Math, Medford, NY

Hello Mrs. Nichole do you teach Math.

Sent by Liz on 8/11/15

French, Belleville, MI

I would love for my children ages 8 & 10 to learn french. Would this be something that you could assist with? meeting once weekly at the Canton public library?

Sent by Alexis on 8/11/15

Reading And Writing, Ny, Ny 10013

David, I see that you specialize in math. Are you also interested in reading and writing help? My son goes to PS 234, so very convenient.

Sent by Shira on 8/11/15

Chemistry And Pharmacology, Victoria

Hi my name is E. and I greatly need help in analytical chemistry and in pharmaceutics , dosage form and design. I have a lot of trouble in calculations and...

Sent by Elly on 8/11/15

Ielts, Los Angeles, CA

I am Y. , from Saudi Arabia I would like to take lesson in Writing and reading in order to preparation for IELTS test I could not scored the required score ...

Sent by Yousef on 8/10/15

Math, Morrisville, NC

Looking for a 9th grade math tutor in Morrisville

Sent by John on 8/10/15

Clep College Algebra, Gulf Breeze, FL

Hi! Currently finishing up my BS-Multidisciplinary Studies with 3.94 GPA. I am taking my last 2 classes this fall semester. I have a goal to CLEP College algebra...

Sent by Debb on 8/10/15

English, Columbus, GA

need help in College English

Sent by Reginald on 8/10/15

Nclex, Springfield, VA

Hello, I was wondering if you are a certified tutor and/or an RN? I was also wondering how much you charge per hour? Thank you, Alex

Sent by Alexandria on 8/10/15

Italian, Orefield, PA

Do you teach adults? I am starting to learn Italian and my wife and I are traveling to Italy in the fall of 2016. I just retired from teaching and my wife has one...

Sent by Steve on 8/10/15

Math, Williamsport, PA

My son Tyler is a student at Penn College and may need some tutoring this fall. Are you available? Thanks you

Sent by Paul on 8/10/15

Math Tutor, Dupont, WA

Hello Cheyenne, I'm and adult learner looking for a math tutor for an online course I'm taking. I currently live in Dupont but can travel.

Sent by Richard on 8/10/15

Asvab, Saint Louis, MO

Interested in asvab tutoring for my wife. Got 13 needs 16 or more in 1 month she has a computer science degree but has been out of college 10 years.

Sent by Steve on 8/10/15

Sat Test, Deland, FL

Good morning I am interested in finding a tutor for my son for prep for the SATs he is currently a senior at Deland High School? We live in Deland so I wanted to try...

Sent by Amy on 8/10/15

Pharmacology, Denton, TX 76201

I need tution in Pharmacutics and dosage form design. Please let me know if you can teach this subject thoroughly. Also let me know what currency is $20.

Sent by Ellie on 8/10/15

English Math Science, Detroit, MI

math English reading science

Sent by Keonte on 8/10/15

Robotics, Stony Brook, NY 11794

Need assistance as soon as possible on my college capstone for electrical engineering. Trying to use a robotic arm with a joy stick.

Sent by Jenna on 8/9/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

History Of Psychology, San Diego, CA

Hi Nicholas, I'm working on a final paper for a History & System of Psychology course and Having trouble understanding the concept of Idealism and how to apply it...

Sent by Dianna on 8/9/15

Reading, Deland, FL

Hi. We have twin boys entering 6th grade. We are interested in tutoring for reading and writing.

Sent by Janak on 8/9/15

Nclex Rn, Naples, FL

Hi Ann - I sent you an email through the Wyzant site to which you responded. I am interested in tutoring but have questions. I am not comfortable giving my credit...

Sent by Pamela on 8/9/15

Statistics, Potomac, MD

Hi I need help with a timed online assignment. I live in potomac maryland. not far from you. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Nader on 8/9/15

Java, Chicago, IL

Hello Im interested in learning JAVA for the purpose of enrolling in a Selenium Testing course in a few months.

Sent by Modesto on 8/9/15

Praxis, Seneca, SC

Hello Abigail, My name is A.. I am in need of tutor for the Praxis exam. I hope to attend Clemson in the spring but before I join the education program I need...

Sent by Amber on 8/8/15

Spanish, Palm Coast, FL

Would love Wednesday at 3. Thanks

Sent by Peg on 8/8/15

Spanish, Anthony, NM

my daughter is a high school student and is having trouble with her Spanish class.

Sent by Connie on 8/8/15

Gujarati, Chicago, IL

Hello. I would like to know if youre still teaching Gujarati? If so. Call me at (phone number available after purchase). Thank you.

Sent by Guadalupe on 8/8/15

Math, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

My son is at peninsula and will be taking SAT2 in math and physics

Sent by Lucille on 8/8/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

Math And English, Detroit, MI

Basic math and english for middle schooler who feels behind

Sent by MaryLisa on 8/8/15

Tutoring, Lexington Park, MD

Hi, Our HOA is in the process of exploring after school activities for teens in our neighborhood. Being as though I am the Manager, I have been asked to get info...

Sent by Rita on 8/7/15

Add Adhd, Fremont, CA

I'm looking for a math tutor for my 7th grade granddaughter. She is very bright, but her ADHDmakes it difficult to focus on subjects that she has limited interest.

Sent by Kathryn on 8/7/15

Usmle, Brighton, MA 02135

Hi Matthew I need help with usmle step 2 ck . Hope to hear from u soon

Sent by Madiha on 8/7/15

English, Leavenworth, KS

I am looking for someone who can go over English ACT results with my son Devin. We paid for the booklet of questions last time he took it.

Sent by Lynn on 8/7/15

Finance Tutor, Madison, AL 35758

I have a doctoral level cast study course in finance. I will be needing assistance as the course progresses, beginning now. Are you able to assist with this type...

Sent by Matta on 8/7/15

Romanian, 90025

Hi Laura, I would like to take Romanian lessons. I had three semesters of Romanian in college but I forgot a lot of it. I was thinking once or twice a week...

Sent by Chloe on 8/6/15

Driving Permit, Hillsborough, Nj 08844

Hi I want to take my written test for a driving permit but have trouble studying by just reading the book. i have a comprehension problem and you are the only one i...

Sent by Shelby on 8/6/15

Marketing, Lexington Park, MD

Sent by Sisi on 8/6/15

Elementary School Reading, New York, NY

David I see you go to stuy. We live in Tribeca and I am looking for a reading and writitng tutor for my son entering 4th grade. Let me know if interested.

Sent by Shira on 8/6/15

IOS Help, Denver 80111

Need help on IOS assignment due sunday...

Sent by Vikas on 8/6/15

Gre, Chicago, IL

I need some help for writing on GRE a.my phone is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Canan on 8/6/15

Asvab, San Antonio, TX

Hello Laura, I am looking for a tutor to help my 19yr old son pass the ASVAB test. We live in the medical ctr. area.

Sent by Jennifer on 8/6/15

Tutor, North Wales, PA

Hi Alexis I am the local Area Director for Club Z! In-Home Tutoring. I match students with tutors based on academic needs, personalities and distance.

Sent by Marian on 8/6/15

English, West Chester, OH

Trying to find a tutor to review the English section of the ACT with my son. He is a senior at Lakota East and will take the test for the 4th (and last) time...

Sent by Patti on 8/6/15

Math English, Waxhaw, NC

Donna - I am currently searching for a female, math/english tutor for my 14 year old daughter. She will be a freshman at Marvin Ridge High this fall.

Sent by Sheri on 8/6/15

Teas, San Diego, CA

I am trying to apply to a nursing program and to get in I need to pass the TEASE exam. I would like to try a tutor and see how this will work.

Sent by Aracely on 8/6/15

Gre, Shreveport, LA

I am applying to MHA programs and the only weak aspect of that application are my GRE scores (2 tests). Have you tutored post-grads for GRE and seen any progress?

Sent by Edgar on 8/6/15

Math, Ponte Vedra, FL

Looking for a private tutor to provide reinforcement of core curriculum that will prepare 3rd & 6th graders for advancement in STEM subjects. Chinese a plus.

Sent by Lanice on 8/6/15

Usmle, New York, NY 10001

Can you please contact me through e-mail regarding how many students you have tutored and what scores they have received and pricing for in person tutoring my email...

Sent by Zara on 8/6/15

Chemistry, San Jose, CA

Hi - I'm looking for a high school chemistry tutor - probably once a week for one or two highschoolers... J.

Sent by Jill on 8/6/15

Excel, Burbank, CA

Hi , I am looking for excel tutor this week . Vlookup and pivot tables etc

Sent by Adelina on 8/6/15

Economics, Portland, OR

Hi , i am looking for someone to help me with my online economics exams which is due next weeks ( Thursday). I am reading to pay . i am from Portland State University.

Sent by Koyan on 8/5/15

Algebra, Newnan, GA

Hi my name is H., im a college student. I'm having trouble passing the college algebra tabe test. I have a study guide. Im located in Newnan, Georgia. Please Help! -H.

Sent by Hollee on 8/5/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

French, East Hampton, NY

We are looking for French lessons for our five year old daughter. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Letcher on 8/5/15

C#, Loudon County, Va

I am in a C# class 101, i was out sick and the course is about to end. i need 2 programs troubleshot, Very easy programs but i just got caught behind since the illness.

Sent by Joseph on 8/5/15

USMLE Step 1, New Orleans, LA

Hi Dr. Vie, I am a 3rd year student, and I recently found out that I failed my first attempt for Step 1 by 2 points. I was dealing with a personal illness during...

Sent by Renata on 8/5/15

Act, West Chester, OH

Hi Jessica, My son is taking the ACT on Sept 12 and we are looking for a tutor. He has taken it 3 times already but needs to get his scores higher.

Sent by Jane on 8/5/15

Japanese, Diamond Bar, CA

Can you read Japanese? I need help.

Sent by Jim on 8/5/15

Cpa Exam, Bellmore, NY

Sent by Peechee on 8/5/15

Biochemistry, Oakland, CA

Contact ASAP need tutor for bio chem (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Melanie on 8/5/15

Elementary Age, Indianapolis, IN

Do you work with elementary ages as well?

Sent by Michelle on 8/5/15

Usmle, Detroit, MI

Hi Kavipriya - I am preparing for usmle step 1. Can you contact me at (phone number available after purchase). I am giving exams but want to score better.

Sent by Vaishnavi on 8/5/15

Act Prep, Wallington, NJ

I am a senior in high school in NJ. I am looking for a act prep tutor. What do you charge an hour? my email is (email available after purchase)

Sent by Tyler on 8/4/15

Usmle, Atlanta, GA

Where are you located and can you do small group learnings?

Sent by NIc on 8/4/15

Gre Test Prep, Chagrin Falls, OH

I need a GRE Tutor for one week for a couple hours each day for my daughter. We are in chagrin falls. We need an emphasis on math.

Sent by Anne on 8/4/15

Tutor, Folsom, CA

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor to teach in Folsom 12hrs a week to homeschooling students please let me know your charges. Grades: 3rd, 4th, 7th and 9th Thanx

Sent by Mohammad on 8/4/15

Math, Lumberton, NC

Hello Jonathan Im trying to pass my math test for the Ged can u help

Sent by Gary on 8/4/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

Algebra, Boynton Beach, FL

It is rather short notice but I have a college math final on Thursday at 6 for intermediate algebra. Is there anyway I can get tutored tomorrow?

Sent by Nyisha on 8/4/15

Cpa, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Hey Justin, Really struggling to get through the CPA exam. Wondering if you can meet on a regular basis to help me get through it. Thank you!

Sent by Seth on 8/4/15

Reading, Waynesboro, VA

Hi Emily I have to home school children age 7 and 8 that need help with reading I live in Waynesboro would you be interested in meeting to see if helping them...

Sent by Amy on 8/4/15

Usmle Step1, Atlanta, GA 30338

Sir..are all Uworld questions important to complete? I just have 2mths times and Just completed FA 1st read...Uworld 1st read still more than half remaining..

Sent by Ashish on 8/4/15

Algebra Tutor, Camden, SC

Hi Brian, I am a licensed psychotherapist seeking an Algebra I tutor for one of my male clients with attention deficit disorder who is home schooled (10th-11th grade).

Sent by Jarene on 8/4/15

Step 2 Ck, Delaware

Dr. Ravi, Are you available for step 2 CK tutoring. Please let me know. Thanks P.

Sent by Pratap on 8/4/15

Calculus, Atlanta, GA 30296

Hello Lynette! I'm R. S.. I'm struggling in Calculus and would like to prepare for the CLEP exam. Please help! Can we meet sometimes this week (Wednesday)?

Sent by Raschelle on 8/3/15

Public Speaking, Estero, FL

Hi, do you still teach public speaking? I am looking for a tutor. R. D.

Sent by Robin on 8/3/15

23 Miles To Westminster SC, Westminster, SC

My 13yr old son is at therapeutic boarding school in Westminster, SC. He needs significant remedial Orton-Gillingham help. Would you consider traveling that far? Thanks.

Sent by Miriam on 8/3/15

Asvab, Lubbock, TX

hi im A. and i need a ASVAB tutor.

Sent by Anjelina on 8/3/15

Tutoring, Leesville, LA

Hi! If you could, would you please email me or call me regarding your ad? My number is (phone number available after purchase). Thank you, L.

Sent by Lacey on 8/3/15

Need Help, Dubuque, IA

Hi I will be in Dubuque till after Labor Day and my sons school has already started and he needs to be tutored he is 6 years old and his teacher sent some work for...

Sent by Mary on 8/3/15

Needed Tutor, Haltom City, TX

hello. I am in immediate need for a tutor to get me ready for a GED test as early as tomorrow. the test is Friday. please feel free to contact me at (phone number...

Sent by Cody on 8/3/15

Special Education, Covington, GA

I am looking for a tutor for my son. He has a IEP, and needs someone with expeince handling his unique learning style. Please contact me.

Sent by Sarah on 8/3/15

Organic Chemistry, San Antonio, TX

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor for organic chemistry 2 to help my girlfriend pass her class. She has one week left in the class and a final exam Saturday...

Sent by Marcus on 8/3/15

Math, Amagansett, NY

Our daughter is returning to Australia and we need to catch her up on some Maths. She is 13 going into year 9. We are in amagansett

Sent by Anthony on 8/3/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Reading, Hauppauge, NY

Hi Nicole, I need a tutor for my 6 yr old daughter that starts 1st grade in Sept; she needs help with school homework, and additional help with reading...

Sent by Corina on 8/3/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Elementary, Valparaiso, IN

Tera, I have two granddaughters that will probably need some help this coming school year. Madison is entering 6th grade and Breanna is going to be a 4th grader.

Sent by Larry on 8/3/15

English, Raritan, NJ 08869

Hi, I am looking for a tutor for my 8 year old son. He will be going to 3rd grade this sept. He needs tutoring in writing, language arts, reading comprehension.

Sent by Rupal on 8/3/15

Praxis, Manchester, NH

Hello! I know this is short notice but my other tutor fell through. I'm looking for a tutor for the praxis 2 exams. I've taken them twice and have only been able...

Sent by Alysha on 8/3/15

Writing, Stafford, VA

Hello Gemma My son is struggling with writing. He is going into 6th grade and his writing is still very elementary. I am looking for a tutor that can help expand...

Sent by Sonia on 8/3/15

Math, Indianapolis, IN

Hello Phyllis, My daughter is an AAF that is 17 years old and needs help in geometry. She just started her senior year and has not passed the ECA math section yet.

Sent by Angela on 8/3/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

Computer Science, Fairfax, VA

Hello, I am looking for someone to assist my son (High School) taking computer science coming school year, in programming/java. Kindly let me know if...

Sent by VJ on 8/3/15

Math, Las Vegas, NV

Hey, Anna, I am very interested in your classes, I have trouble with math, and I really need your help!

Sent by Tatiana on 8/2/15

Sat I, Orchard Park, NY

Hi Jennifer- I am interested in selecting a Tutor for the SAT for my daughter Fallon who will be a senior at OPHS in September. We live in Orchard Park (Independence...

Sent by Jayne on 8/2/15

Nursing Exam, Clayton, NC

Good evening Leslie, My name is E. J. and I am trying to help my brother find a tutor for the Exit HESI. He is finishing his degree at Duquesne University...

Sent by Erica on 8/2/15

Math, Brooksville, FL

Hello, I have an 18 yr old Son who is in the adult GED/High School diploma class. He has a form of dyslexia which causes a lot of difficulty in math. I can't afford $35.

Sent by Tracy on 8/2/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

Toefl, Brooklyn, NY

Hi! My name is R. and I'm very interested in study with you. I am eager to pass the toefl exam as soon as I can and therefore I would like to start studying as soon...

Sent by Rimma on 8/2/15

Math, Elizabethtown, KY

Valerie: Hi. I am looking for a math tutor for our son. Korrey is a junior at North Hardin High School. He needs help in algebra and geometry.

Sent by Michelle on 8/2/15

Reding, Mercedes, TX

Do you have experience with EC age children? I'm looking for a tutor to provide instruction to my 4 year old for 1-2 hours a day Monday thru Friday.

Sent by John on 8/2/15

C#, Chicago, IL 60659

I am in an beginner C# class and teacher is crap, i cant get help to understand my assignments and make things work, i willing to pay you to Please look at my code...

Sent by Joseph on 8/2/15

English, Grass Valley, CA

looking for tutor for junior year English at NU

Sent by Zack on 8/2/15

Reading, Writing, Comprehension, Sacramento, CA

Hello, I am looking for a tutor to come and meet/work with my 11 year old son who struggles with reading, spelling, and comprehension.

Sent by Brady on 8/1/15

Algebra, Redding, CA

Hi there:) My son will be starting at Shasta 8/17, he has very good success in Algebra with one to one personal instruction with homework and test prep.

Sent by Margaret on 8/1/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

Adobe Illustrator, Charleston, SC

I need help today to leaR.n some (url available after purchase) of AI and also to have you fix some labels that need modifying by Monday. Can you help?

Sent by Tim on 8/1/15

C++, Portland, OR

Hello Jeremy My name is J. I'm struggling with my C++ program and you love to have some help from you could we meet up tomorrow or later today?

Sent by John on 8/1/15

Accounting, San Jose, CA

Hi Mr. John, I was wondering if you could help me do 3 quizzes for an accounting class. Its for a college class basic journal entries..

Sent by Trung on 8/1/15