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Accounting, Long Island City

I would like to know if you are available for tutoting me in Accounting.

Sent by Lidice on 7/31/15

Economics, Eugene, OR

Hey Benjamin, Im looking for a tutor possibly tomorrow august 1 or sunday august 2nd to help me prepare for my test on august 3rd.

Sent by Nathan on 7/31/15

Research Project, Melbourne, FL 32901

Hello, Do you have experience assisting with doctoral level research projects? If yea, I am currently working on a research project in Operations/Supply Chain...

Sent by Mikhail on 7/31/15

Spanish, Spring Lake, NC

Hello Andrea. I am looking for a tutor for my husband who is currently learning Spanish Ata very fast pace and he needs some help outside of his classroom.

Sent by Tiffany on 7/31/15

Lsat, Lubbock, TX

I wanted to contact you about meeting for lsat tutoring.

Sent by Cash on 7/31/15

Calculus 2, Columbia, MD

Good morning, I'm in need of tutoring for my college-level Calculus 2 course. I'd like to meet ASAP at either a local library or at the HCC campus, but I'm flexible.

Sent by Omar on 7/31/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

Nursing, Richmond, VA

Hello, Do you tutor Medical Surgical Nursing II

Sent by Shauntae on 7/31/15

Final Cut Pro, Central Islip, NY

I live in bay shore and I'm looking to learn FCP in a one-on-one environment, somewhere close to home.

Sent by Cosmo on 7/31/15

Writting Tutor, Hudson, NC

I need help. I have redone my paper 5 times. I am paying for someone to help me with my paper. I can not afford more time on my part and keep paying out.

Sent by Tammy on 7/30/15

Algebra, Duluth, MN

I'm looking for a Algebra-1 tutor for my Daughter who is starting High School at the Marshall School. I was hoping for 2-3 days a week at her school around 3...

Sent by Larry on 7/30/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

Organic Chemistry, Islip, NY

Hello! This upcoming fall semester I will be taking Organic Chemistry I. I would like to start tutoring sometime toward the end of August up until December.

Sent by Erica on 7/30/15

Ftce, Tampa, FL 33603

I Seanna I could use a tutor for the FTCE exam! I have failed it 4 times now and still need to pass Science & Math! I could use some help!

Sent by Kelly on 7/30/15

Math, Seattle

Could u offer in person and online tutor both?

Sent by Linda on 7/30/15

Calculus 1, Riverdale, GA

I need a tutor to help me pass the CLEP exam for calculus I. Can you help?

Sent by Shelley on 7/30/15

English, Sacramento, CA

Hello Camille - I am searching for a tutor to work with my 4 year old. He is super smart, and his current daycare does not offer any real educational curriculum.

Sent by Tashika on 7/30/15

Composition, Morgan Hill, CA

Hi Benjamin, we are interested in music composition lessons for our family - 2 adults and one 5yo. We can come to your place if it is more convenient.

Sent by Lily on 7/30/15

Math, Bakersfield, CA

Hello, My daughter is struggling in math. She will be in the 7th grade this fall. I have never hired a tutor. I would like to know your process.

Sent by Christina on 7/29/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

English, Syracuse, NY

r u available now? i need improve my English

Sent by Joshua on 7/29/15

Math, Tucson, AZ

Hi Daniel- My name is A. and I am reaching out to you on behalf of my client Devan Dhillon. I've been working with Devan for three years now and he is going...

Sent by Amanda on 7/29/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

Mcat, San Antonio, TX

I am looking to take the Dental admission test and I need refreshing on chemistry and organic chemistry. Was also hoping you could work with me on what...

Sent by Stephanie on 7/29/15

English, Oakdale, CA

Please email me with a phone number and good time to call.

Sent by Joshua on 7/29/15

Math, Inkster, MI

Hello. I am looking for a middle school math tutor for my daughter. We live in Inkster. (phone number available after purchase). Looking to start after Labor Day.

Sent by Norma on 7/29/15

Physics, Oak Ridge, NJ

Are you available for ap physics help this summer . Need help immediately. Thank you.

Sent by Lauren on 7/29/15

Python, New York, NY 10027

Hey - Ryan really need help, final project is due on 8/9!

Sent by Katherine on 7/29/15

Organic Chemistry, Brooklyn, NY

I need help in tutoring .please contact me

Sent by Abida on 7/29/15

English, Hagerstown, MD

Hello Pamela, I am looking for a English tutor for my girlfriend who is in the USA for the next 4 weeks. I would like two or three sessions per week during...

Sent by Daniel on 7/29/15

Physics, San Diego, CA

Hi Greg, I am an attorney in downtown San Diego and I would be interested in meeting or talking with you. My clients, a family of four, were in a vehicle rear...

Sent by Steve on 7/29/15

Asvab, Tucson, AZ

Hello I don't know if you remember me from the other site

Sent by Brooke on 7/29/15

Thermodynamics, Leesburg, VA 20176

hey, i have Thermodynamics 1 exam tomorrow, could you solve the questions when i send the photos?

Sent by Ahmad on 7/29/15

Quicken, Arlington, VA

Have Quicken 2000 - love it. Now 2015 version doesn 't make any sense to me. Need ir for small non-profit and personal use. Put results onto Excell.

Sent by Frank on 7/29/15

Geometry, Westhampton Beach, NY

Hi Tim! My 15 year old son is studying "Proof Based Geometry" over the summer to place out of the course before school starts in Sept.

Sent by Goetz on 7/29/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Massage, Arlington Heights, IL

Hi my name is E. I need help to pass my Exam for MBLX please cal me (phone number available after purchase) my exam is on September 3 and I need to get ready thank you

Sent by Ela on 7/29/15

Java, Greensboro, NC 27406

hey bob, I was wondering if you have ever taught Java programming at a college level.

Sent by Colin on 7/29/15

Statistics, Chandler,Tx

Hi Dennis, Do you tutor statistics? Im attending Stephen F Austin University and am needing help on some questions.

Sent by Blake on 7/29/15

Accounting, Tucson, AZ

need help asap with managerial accounting

Sent by Chris on 7/28/15

Javascript, Oakland, CA

Hello, I am looking for a javascript tutor. I'm an adult who is thinking about changing careers. I'm located in the east bay, and my times are flexible.

Sent by Fu on 7/28/15

Usmle, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660

Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) and I am looking for a step 1 tutor please and please call me as per your earliest convenient...

Sent by Harini on 7/28/15

Mcat, North Wales, PA

how can you help someone with 8/21/15 MCAT test date?

Sent by Christine on 7/28/15

English Tutor, San Bernardino, CA

Id like to learn english with you as a second language to be able to conversate my age is 62 and my only condition would be for you to be bilingual to be able...

Sent by Jamie on 7/28/15

English, Ann Arbor, MI

looking a tutor for my kid.

Sent by Gigi on 7/28/15

Statistics, Rochester, NY 14624

I need help with my statistic homework I hope you can help me this is statistics for management and economics it is possible for today.?

Sent by Daisy on 7/28/15

English, Katy, TX

I am need tutoring for grades 11 and 12. My phone number is (phone number available after purchase). I live in Cinco Ranch. My children will be attending Tompkins HS.

Sent by LaDonna on 7/28/15

Pre Calculus, Scranton, PA

I am looking for a pre-calc tutor for my son who attends Univ of Scranton. He is computer science major.

Sent by Marie on 7/28/15

Statistics, Torrance, CA

I only have today and tomorrow to get my homework done in statistics and I am so confused.

Sent by Judy on 7/28/15

Math Tutor, Catskill, NY

Hi James. My son is going in to 10th grade at tech valley but is having trouble with algebra. He's currently doing summer school at Catskill high.

Sent by Melanie on 7/28/15

Gre, Sicklerville, NJ

NEED A TUTOR FOR GRE general test and psychology test.

Sent by Tiana on 7/28/15

Toefl, Lubbock, TX

Hi Lynda, I have been preparing for toefl since 3years. I have been preparing TOEFL to get FPGEE certification. To get certification, I need speacific marks...

Sent by Suman on 7/28/15

Math, Tucson, AZ

Hi there! My son is entering 6th grade and needs help in math. I think he is probably working at about a 4th or 5th grade level. We live near hartman and Overton...

Sent by Dennis on 7/28/15

Algebra, Madisonville, LA

I have a son who will be a sophomore at Hannan this year and he is taking honors Algebra 2. He would like to get ahead in the course.

Sent by Anne on 7/28/15

Final Cut Pro, New York, NY

Hi I am looking for help creating a project in Final Cut Pro X. I am based in Manhattan. Please let me know if your proficient and could help. Thank you

Sent by Elizabeth on 7/28/15

Computer Skills, Baton Rouge, LA

Looking for a computer skills tutor for a 77-yer-old retired friend in Baron Rouge area. I live in Florida and can't help him over the phone.

Sent by Kent on 7/28/15

Tutor In Math, Ponte Vedra, FL

I have to take a test which closely resembles National Police Selection Test. This test involves word problems that involve long division, fractions percentages...

Sent by John on 7/28/15

7th Grade Math, Taylor, MI

My 12 year old needs help in math needs to understand fundamentals and help with memory. In taylor mi

Sent by Lameka on 7/28/15

Usmle, Brighton, MA 02135

Hello sir, I am looking for help in preparing for step 2ck. Will you be able to give me a demo of your tutorial. Thanks

Sent by Pratap on 7/27/15

Arabic, Sykesville, MD

Hello! I know I am writing this very late but I want to become familiar with the Arabic language. I live in Carroll County and I am interested to having you as my tutor!

Sent by Taylor on 7/27/15

Regents Alg 2/Trig, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776

I will be retaking the Alg 2/Trig regents in August and am looking for a tutor. I am taking the review class at Comsewogue High School but need additional help.

Sent by Mallory on 7/27/15

English, Washington, DC

Hi, I would like to improve my communication, english skills, and pronunciation. Thanks R.

Sent by Ruth on 7/27/15

Act, New York, NY 10011

Can you tutor act for $25

Sent by Dan on 7/27/15

Gmat, Provo, UT

I am emailing in regards to getting tutored for the GMAT. I have studied for a few months and taken the the GMAT once before. I didn't do as well as I wanted...

Sent by Kyle on 7/27/15

Math, Kingston, NY

Hie I'm interested in math tutoring for my 2 daughters,1 is going to 9th grade and the other one is going to 7th grade.Would like to start as soon as possible.Thank you!

Sent by Melody on 7/27/15

Usmle, Dallas Texas

test is in 5 days, just need some last minute u world.fa reviewing

Sent by Maha on 7/27/15

Java, Seattle, WA

Hi Mitwa. I need help asap with Java. Are you available today?

Sent by Zuriel on 7/27/15

Usmle, Brighton, MA 02135

Hi matthew, Please contact me

Sent by Farhan on 7/27/15

Computer, Jacksonville, FL

Limited skills in Excel. Need to put together some graphs that includes qty, $ amount and etc. I have no idea on how to do that.

Sent by Keisha on 7/27/15

Sas, Houston, TX

Need help with SAS. Can you tutor me?

Sent by Raul on 7/27/15

Rubiks Cube, Akron, OH

Interested in learning Rubik's cube in 1 minute and can start immediately. Thank you for your time!

Sent by Donn on 7/27/15

Computer Programming, Tampa, FL

Hi, I was wondering if you can teach computer / software fundamentals to kids (at a level they can understand)? My daughter is in the 4th grade and is 10 years old.

Sent by Ajay on 7/27/15

Nursing, San Antonio, TX

Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase) for information concerning your tutoring services. Thank you

Sent by Antoinette on 7/26/15

Ruby On Rails, Rutherford, NJ

Hi Mike, I am looking for help in ruby on rails. I was wondering if we could talk a bit more and if your available. Thanks

Sent by Sourab on 7/26/15

Cobol, Arlington, MA 02474

Do you have any experience with Microfocus Cobol? I'm currently trying to learn it on my own and need some help with advanced programming techniques like pop-up...

Sent by Peter on 7/26/15

Russian, Marlboro, NJ

Hi Becky I would like for you to tutor my daughter in Russian sometime after August 14 if you are avaliable please contact me at (email available after purchase)

Sent by Diana on 7/26/15

Physical Therapy, Denver, CO

Hello Kara, I am current DPT student and I would like to hire you to personally tutor me. Can you please call me at (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Kristin on 7/26/15

Act, Fairmont, WV

I'm looking for someone tutor my son for the ACT.

Sent by Kandy on 7/26/15

Adobe Illustator, Chicago, IL

I want to learn to use adobe photoshop. I live in west loop. 5-10 hrs. Or whatever it takes to do simple photo editing.

Sent by Francis on 7/26/15

Act, Lexington, SC

I need a tutor for my daughter for the ACT. She made a 24 on the spring administration, but will be taking it, again, in September.

Sent by Lynn on 7/26/15

Math, Tampa, FL

Hello, I'm looking for a tutor for my middle school aged children. I would like to have someone 1 to 2 times/wk for them both. If there is a good fit...

Sent by Kevin on 7/26/15

Kindergarten, Hershey, PA

Hi Kymberly. I also live in Elizabethtown and have a 5 year old son, who will be 6 in November, who does not seem to be learning his alphabet and I seem...

Sent by Amanda on 7/26/15

Usmle, New York, NY 10001

Hi, I would like to meet for step 2 CK help. I need help with answering nbme style questions. I reside in NY and it would be beneficial to meet with you rather than...

Sent by Zangeetha on 7/26/15

Farsi Persian, Hong Kong

Dear Soheila - I am very interested in learning Farsi. I am keen to explore tuition, are you available to discuss? Best, J.

Sent by Julian on 7/26/15

Reading, Cocoa Beach, FL

Interested in tutoring for my 6 year old going into 1st grade... especially with reading and math... feel free to call me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Shannon on 7/25/15

Usmle Step 1, Atlanta, GA

Hello, I am interested in tutoring for Step 1. I am at a level where my current score is about 140. I have been struggling for over 2 years to improve but I have...

Sent by Syed on 7/25/15

Nclex, Norfolk, MA

Hi Nancy! My name is R., and I take my NCLEX this upcoming Friday. I was hoping to take practice tests and review some material with a tutor, as I am still...

Sent by Rachel on 7/25/15

Math, Cape Coral, FL

Hi Barbara, I live in Cape Coral and am honeschooling my 8 year old. He's starting 3rd grade in mid-August. I am needing a tutor/teacher to teach him math...

Sent by Lissa on 7/25/15

Math, Tampa, FL

I'm looking for a math tutor for my 6th and 7th grade daughters.

Sent by Kaaron on 7/25/15

Psychology, Bloomington, IL

I need a psychology tutor. I am a student at Kaplan University. I need help now!!

Sent by Paul on 7/25/15

Usmle, Austin TX

I need a future for step 2 ck

Sent by Sabin on 7/25/15

English, Grand Forks, ND

I want to improve English

Sent by Gui on 7/25/15

Calculus, Grandville, MI

I believe your good wife is employed at Kozes. I do not need your services. I have a Saudi Arabian friend at GVSU who may be interested in your tutoring services for...

Sent by Richard on 7/25/15

Real Estate, Steger, Il

I really need tutoring asap any day before Tuesday please contact me.

Sent by Lawanda on 7/25/15

French, Sharon, MA

Hi I am taking an intermediate French class and need help with my quizzes and exams any chance you would be interested?

Sent by Baylee on 7/24/15

Accounting, Frisco, TX

My daughter is taking a summer accounting college class and is needing tutoring.

Sent by Robyn on 7/24/15

Calculus, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Need help in calculus for high school

Sent by Hong on 7/24/15

ACT Science, Santa Monica, CA

My son needs H.elp witH. ACT Science, H.e going to an eleven grader at samoH.i.

Sent by Anthony on 7/24/15

Business,Management,Economics, Everett, WA

Hello, I am in the Navy at Naval Station Everett. I need help submitting prior learning assessments for college so that I can obtain credits for learning...

Sent by Dylan on 7/24/15

Math, Phelan, CA

looking for math tutoring for 15 y/o just about to start freshman year. needs assessment of skills math is very difficult for him and did not pass math at all...

Sent by Sue on 7/24/15

Math, Lockport, NY

Hello! I am retaking the Algebra II/ Trigonometry Regents Exam in August and I was looking for extra help before August 12th. Hope you can help!

Sent by Nick on 7/24/15

Esol, Sumter, SC

Hi! My wife is a native Filipina and would like to improve her English speaking skills. Would you be able to come to our home to tutor her around once a week?

Sent by Noah on 7/24/15

Dancing Salsa, Austin, TX

We are interested in lessons. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Attila on 7/24/15

Real Estate, Chicago, IL

Please I need a tutor for my real estate math section. Are u familiar with real estate math?

Sent by Lawanda on 7/24/15

Geometry, Lampasas, TX

Hello! I have a homeschool student that I have been working with for high school geometry and algebra 2. I'm not sure I am the best tutor for her.

Sent by Marilinda on 7/24/15

Reading, Santa Barbara, CA

Hi Nancy, I am looking for a reading tutor for my daughter who is about to enter 2nd grade. She is currently below grade-level in reading and has lost her confidence.

Sent by Genevieve on 7/24/15

Algebra, Bradley, OK

Hello, ,My name is T. Alvarez, I will like you to tutor my son Algebra 1 Lesson, 2 hours lesson each Wednesdays and Fridays for 4weeks/1month.

Sent by Thomas on 7/24/15

Reading, Doylestown, PA

I have a 5yo daughter starting 1st grade who could benefit from a Wilson tutor. She took the summer course at the Cambridge school in Pennington and did really well!

Sent by Caroline on 7/24/15

Chemistry, Stamford, CT 06901

I need help with chemistry quickly

Sent by Ken on 7/24/15

Math, Tempe, AZ 85282

Hello Mary, My name is L. and I am looking for a Math tutor. Your qualifications are impressive. My goal is to be able to test into a higher math at ASU.

Sent by Linda on 7/23/15

Applied Math, Santa Fe, NM

Hi Emily! My name is A. and I'm looking for some tutoring in the math department. I'm a college graduate looking to shift into a Naval career here shortly.

Sent by Avi on 7/23/15

Mechanical Engineering, Milwaukee, WI

Hi, My name is A., and I'm mechanical engineering student. I'm looking for help in mechanical machine design. I'm student at UWM.

Sent by Abdullah on 7/23/15

Mechanical Engineering, Atlanta, GA

I am a student majoring in Mechanical Engineering I need help in Machine Design can you assist me with that subject?

Sent by Avery on 7/23/15

Accounting, Paramus, NJ

cell-(phone number available after purchase) for my son

Sent by Shahil on 7/23/15

Usmle, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

please help me. my exam is in 1 week and I'm only in the low two hundred a few weeks ago.

Sent by Maha on 7/23/15

Macintosh, Reading, PA

i would be interestE. in your service. i probably neE. a few hours to figure out my new iMac i live in wyomissing 19610

Sent by Ed on 7/23/15

Usmle, North Bergen,nj

i wanted to inquire about step 1 usmle, can please get your contact number if possible?

Sent by Prayag.tapiavala on 7/23/15

Math, Columbia SC

For my math and homework

Sent by Kevin on 7/23/15

Ged, Burbank, CA

Hi, Lauren. I'm really interested into scheduling an appointment with you. I'm currently trying to pass my GED. You seem like a perfect fit for me.

Sent by Shayna on 7/23/15

Russian Language, New York, NY

Hello Ivan, My supervisor is traveling to Russia in a couple of months for business and is hoping you would be able to come in to our office three days...

Sent by Peter on 7/23/15

Gre, Sicklerville, NJ

I AM looking to take the gre in the fall and looking for someone that can tutor me once per week for an hour. as that is all I CAN afford.

Sent by Tiana on 7/23/15

Act, Red Wing, MN

Good morning. I'm M. H. and I live in Chicagoland. My niece, Alexa, lives in Lake City and is in need of an ACT tutor. She scored an 18 last year as a junior and...

Sent by Matt on 7/23/15

SAT, Cleveland, OH 44114

My son, who will be a senior next year, needs help with his SAT score. He took the test twice and is unhappy with his score and would like it to be higher.

Sent by Rose on 7/23/15

Java, Alden, MN 56009

I have J. assignments, Are you able to help me?

Sent by Java on 7/22/15

Algebra, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sent by Layla on 7/22/15

Computer, Tulsa, OK 74134

Hello this is R., I recently graduated high school but iv Ben struggling to find a decent job because I'm very bad with computers; microst, Exel,ect..

Sent by Ruby on 7/22/15

Gmat, New York, NY 10110

Hi Manny, I need help to prep for the GMAT. Please let me know what is the best way to contact you. Thanks, S.

Sent by Sheyla on 7/22/15

Usmle, Brighton, MA 02135

Hi. I am looking for some help in step 2 CK. Looking for some help with Qbanks and subject area.

Sent by Nayana on 7/22/15

Reading, Saint Augustine, FL

Hi Kelly, I'd like to talk to you about tutoring my 7 year old, esp in reading. Pls let me know if you can chat. thanks!

Sent by Eva on 7/22/15

Software Engineering, New York, NY 10007

Hello, I am in need of immediate assistance with my software engineering class. Are you able to provide assistance tonight? Thank You

Sent by Stephen on 7/22/15

Business, Suwanee, GA

Request assistance in creating an IFE, CPM, and EFE, and financial ratios analysis for a business

Sent by Annadene on 7/22/15

Nursing, NY

Hello I am a nursing student and I am looking for a peds tutor. I need help to strengthen my weak areas and I need someone to help me to focus on the important topicS.

Sent by Aleena on 7/22/15

Reading, Picayune, MS

Hello Sonya, I am inquiring about my 7 year old son Landon. We live in Carriere, MS. He went to pre-k 4 and progressed to kindergarten and repeated kindergarten upon...

Sent by Wendy on 7/22/15

Sewing, Evanston, IL

Hi! I am interested in finding a sewing tutor. I am an intermediate sewer (garments for myself), but I haven't sewn for a while. I need some help with skill building...

Sent by Patty on 7/22/15

Business Calculus, Jonesboro, AR

Hi, I am a business major at ASU, I am searching for a tutor in Business Calculus. Have you tutor in this course study before.

Sent by Mrs. on 7/22/15

Math, Gretna, LA

(phone number available after purchase) math for my son

Sent by Debbie on 7/22/15

Language And Math, Lisle, IL

I am a homeschooling mother of 9 yo and 7 yo. I am expecting my third, i need help'with teaching my children some subjects. Im looking for 2 -4 hours a week.

Sent by Tasmia on 7/22/15

Language Arts, Fort Walton Beach, FL

I am looking foe someone to help my son with completing his 6th grade online Language Arts and Social Studies classes before the new school year starts.

Sent by Sandra on 7/22/15

Cognitive Psychology, 33077

Hi. I am struggling in my cognitive psychology class it's a summer session lots to learn. I only have two quizzes left before I take my final exam .

Sent by Sam on 7/21/15

Math, San Antonio, TX

please let me know your availabilty

Sent by Lusanta on 7/21/15

Cst, Canada

Hi Mike, I am having trouble passing the CST exam for grades 1-6. I passed part one of the new CST exam but failed part two by 11 marks.

Sent by Sarina on 7/21/15

Algebra 1, South Dartmouth, MA

Hi my daughter needs help in algebra she is going into the 10th grade at Dartmouth high school

Sent by Michelle on 7/21/15

Sas, Arlington, TX

Hi, I am considering looking for a tutor for the program SAS. I am 2 weeks away from having to present a project based on calculations using SAS.

Sent by James on 7/21/15

Cpa, Los Angeles, Ca

Hi Anjali, I am about to take the Auditing part of the CPA exam, and I need someone to help me to see the whole picture. I took the Becker preparation course.

Sent by Natalia on 7/21/15

Act, Hickory, NC

Blair, I am interested in speaking with you about tutoring my son for the ACT test. His last test is scored a 26, his weaknesses is writing and reading.

Sent by Lara on 7/21/15

Korean, Pharr, TX

Sent by Monika on 7/21/15

Reading (dyslexia), San Bernardino, CA

I would like to get tutoring twice a week for my 5 yr old son. Reading and writing I have a feeling he might be dyslexic. For example When reading a digital clock...

Sent by Elizabeth on 7/21/15

Math, Edison, NJ

Hi I am looking for a tutor for my kid who is in 2nd grade. He is a bright student. call me at (phone number available after purchase) to discuss. Thanks -R. S.

Sent by Rinki on 7/21/15

Physiology, CA

Hello! I am taking the USMLE Step 1 in a few weeks and cardio/resp physiology is still my biggest weakness. I was hoping to have a few online sessions with you if...

Sent by Sakshi on 7/21/15

Act, Omaha, NE

Need a tutor for act prep for my daughter. Please give me a call on my cell (phone number available after purchase). Thanks E.

Sent by Emma on 7/20/15

English, MO

Hi Kaily, my name is R..i am 28 years old.i'm coming from Africa.i can read or write.i need you help!

Sent by Remina on 7/20/15

Praxis, Florence, KY

Hi, I need immediate crash course help for the Praxis. Please call or text me @ (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Kevin on 7/20/15

French & Piano, Castle Hills

Looking for French tutor online for $10-$15/hour.

Sent by Bunni on 7/20/15

Armenian and Russian, Los Angeles

I am looking for Armenian and Russian Lessons by skype C. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Chris on 7/20/15

Algebra, Ramona, CA

Please call me (phone number available after purchase) Need only 4 hours of algebra to brush up for test.

Sent by Michael on 7/20/15

Algebra, Enterprise, AL

Hello, could you contact me about tutoring intermediate Algebra

Sent by Lucy on 7/20/15

Math, Mount Pleasant, SC

Hi! My son is going in 7th grade this year. He is on a 6th grade math level, though. He has learning disabilities and ADHD. I would like to give him more confidence.

Sent by Marisa on 7/20/15

Dyslexia, Denver, CO

I would like to talk with you about my 7 year old son.

Sent by Drea on 7/20/15

Java, Va-22033

Hello, I am looking for a tutor to assist my son with Java. Kindly, let me know if you are still available and how will online session works. Thanks, V.

Sent by Vijay on 7/20/15

Geometry, Guilderland, NY

Need help preparing for a regents test in August. My phone number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Victoria on 7/20/15

Actuarial Statistics Finance, Chicago, IL

Hi - I am currently taking the actuarial test and seem to be stuck on the MF/e test. Would like to be able to work through some of the problems that are involved.

Sent by Carolyn on 7/20/15

Esl, Santa Clara, CA

Sent by Rocio on 7/20/15

Math And English, Troy, MI

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor for two of my kids for the summer and hopefully during school time as well. My son is 12 (going into 7th grade) and my daughter is...

Sent by Stacy on 7/19/15

Discrete Math, Nashville, TN

hello, I need immediate help with college senior discrete math. I am taking a accelerated 8 week semesters and I am already coming up on 3rd week tomorrow.

Sent by Beth on 7/19/15

Finance, Las Vegas, Nv

I have 2 weeks left of a university of phoenix finance class. Need someone to help me with homework and the final exam

Sent by Kevin on 7/19/15

Usmle, Brighton, MA 02135

I am starting my step 2 ck prep, I would like to have some honest guidance on how to approach this exam. My step 1 score was low 209 and I would like to know what is...

Sent by Nils on 7/19/15

Robotics, Los Angeles, CA

hi D. I'm really interested in getting some tutoring help from you in robotics. I'm looking for repeat lessons every week in how to build and program a small...

Sent by Daniel on 7/19/15

Accounting, Land O Lakes, FL

Sent by Michael on 7/19/15

Praxis, Cincinnati, OH

I am a student at Univ. of Cincinnati in the Education Department. I am struggling to pass the Praxis test and wondering if you are available for 1:1 tutoring?

Sent by Shelby on 7/19/15

Spanish, Brentwood, CA

Hi, I was accepted to college this year but unfortunately never finished my spanish 2 course because I was not very proficient in the subject.

Sent by Jacob on 7/19/15

Korean Languge, San Diego, CA

Hi Elizabeth I am interested in learning korean .I'm going there soon. Can you help me?

Sent by Mike on 7/19/15

Math, Kingsport, TN

I need help with math that is part of the naplex. Pharmacy exam. If you think you can help let me know.

Sent by Anna on 7/19/15

Stata, Seattle, WA

HI Brandon, I'm looking for an in-person stata tutoring session of approximately 1-2 hours. My main questions are about coding variables and the correct...

Sent by Natalia on 7/18/15

Spanish, East Hampton, NY

Hi Ashley, Im a 35 year old male, I live in East Hampton, NY for the summer. I am looking to learn spanish for work I am doing in finance in Latam.

Sent by Roy on 7/18/15

Nursing, Bronx, NY

Hello. I need a tutor to help pass the NLN and when I get in to tutor with nursing math. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

Sent by Tomequa on 7/18/15

Learning Spanish, Stafford, VA

Dear Riska, please let me know how far you travel and also if can try 2 hours and may be more later. I am moving to Stafford. thanks

Sent by Reza on 7/18/15

Statistics, Carbondale, IL

looking for help with a statistics online class....would meet in library at SIU fo help

Sent by Jean on 7/18/15

Chemistry, Annapolis, MD

My 11th grade son needs an hour of help on chemistry makeup work...in particular stoichiometry... Would you be able to help with this sometime in the next few days.

Sent by Lisa on 7/18/15

Ged English Prep, Wayne, MI

Hi, I need test prep for the english section of the ged. 1 on 1 would work better for me then in class setting. How many hours would this require if possible?

Sent by Jason on 7/18/15

Inquiry, Nottingham, MD

inquiring for my 2 kids in 4th grade and 7th grade once a week every tues in perry hall starting this aug 3rd week

Sent by Elma on 7/18/15

Reading, Trumbull, CT

Hi Robert, I was looking for someone who could work with my daughter on reading comprehension. also she starts middle school in the fall and think she could use some...

Sent by Karen on 7/17/15

Ged Math, Las Vegas, NV

Hi, I am interested in tutoring for G.E.D. please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Meghan on 7/17/15

C, Bellevue, WA

I need tutor c#,c++ and javascript

Sent by Getachew on 7/17/15

Accounting, Deland, FL

My daughter is taking an accounting summer b course and struggling , in need of immediate help...

Sent by Michael on 7/17/15

English, Rapid River, MI

My tween daughter is having some hard times in the subjects English science and social studies. I am looking for someone to help her throught the schoo year.

Sent by Sheila on 7/17/15

English Tutor, Somerville, AL

Dustin, I have a 15 year old step son from China. He is struggling some with English. His ability to speak English is OK but not fluent.

Sent by Tim on 7/17/15

Calculus, Lake Worth, FL

Hi I'm going into my calculus 1 final at FAU and I could use some help studying. I need to review derivatives, their applications, and some integrals.

Sent by Austen on 7/17/15

German, Colorado Springs, CO

Hello! I was interested to know if you are fluent in German? We are looking for a German tutor. Thanks!

Sent by Kaitlyn on 7/17/15

Praxis, New Orleans, LA

Hi there, We are interested in having you tutor a family friend. She is having trouble passing the Math portion of the Praxis. She needs 5 in person sessions over...

Sent by Nash on 7/17/15

Microsoft Office Access, Ann Arbor, MI

I'd like to talk with you about the help I need--I'm at work in the daytime, week days, but perhaps we could chat in the evening or on the weekend?

Sent by Alisande on 7/17/15

English, Seattle, WA

Sent by Linda on 7/17/15

Act, Saint Albans, WV

Hi Daniel, my name is C. D. and I go to Saint Albans High School. I have been looking for a tutor to improve my ACT scores so that I can get the scores high enough...

Sent by Cameron on 7/16/15

C#, Irving, TX 75063

i would like some help with C#

Sent by Edgar on 7/16/15

Science And Math, Bethesda, MD

Hello, I am interested for a math and science tutor for my child startinG. hiG.h school. We are flexible with hours and startinG. date.

Sent by Rina on 7/16/15

Middle School Math, Foster, RI

Hello, I am looking for a tutor to work with a 7th grader on math in Foster, RI. Would you be interested in this position? Please write back and let me know.

Sent by Jeff on 7/16/15

Finra Series 6, Cranston, RI

Hello, I am looking for a tutor on super short notice. I have the series 6 test approaching soon and self study isn't helping me, I am struggling retaining information.

Sent by Jenissa on 7/16/15

Esl, Carmichael, CA

Hello Kathleen. My name is A.. I study English (adult, ESL). I want your help for $30. If you are interesting, please send me mail: aleksey.

Sent by Alex on 7/16/15

Geometry, Miami, FL

Hi, I'm looking a math tutor for my daughter she is in 10th grade pls call me thank you

Sent by Milagros on 7/16/15

Statistics, Fresno, CA

Hello Alexis, I am needing some help in my class biostat. I am in week two of 4 and need some help if you can? Please call me at (phone number available after...

Sent by Melissa on 7/16/15

Math, Chelmsford, MA

we are looking for some one to help or son with calculus he will be going to umass lowell but need help to get a better grip on calculus

Sent by Don on 7/16/15

Spanish, Patterson, CA

Hi Helen, I'm looking for a Spanish tutor for my daughters(5yr and 3yr). They are English speakers and I'd like them to learn some Spanish.

Sent by Spring on 7/16/15

Accounting, Indianapolis, IN

I am retaking Financial Management for Mangers 5125. It is only offered on line. I start my classes the last week of this month. I have no accounting background...

Sent by Lisa on 7/16/15

Algebra, Brooklyn, NY

I am a student of Hunter college and want to pursue nursing. Usually i have a good understanding of math, but when it comes to word problems i am totally lost.

Sent by Nigora on 7/16/15

Math and English, Sterling, VA

Hi Madhu, I am looking for a help with math. I am trying to pass the ASVAB military test. When are you available? My number is (phone number available after...

Sent by Christian on 7/16/15

Biology, Easthampton, MA

hi I sent a message on other web site but don't think it worked . my daughter is entering 12 grade she failed biology she has a packet to complete and needs help.

Sent by Peter on 7/16/15

Gre, Bloomfield, NJ

Sent by Albert on 7/16/15

Astronomy, Franklin Square, NY

I am taking a college level astronomy class with a physics lab.having difficulty with the physics lab

Sent by Cristiana on 7/16/15

Algebra, San Antonio, TX

Hello Joshua. Looking for a algebra tutor. I need to pass a college algebra clep. Been out of school for a long time and am having a hard time.

Sent by Eric on 7/15/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

Computer, Oregon

I have a 19 year old son going off to college in the fall. He has very limited computer skills. We are planning on buying him a laptop for school (Mac)...

Sent by Elsbeth on 7/15/15

Ged, Anderson, SC

Hey I am trying to seek my GED. I was wondering, if you can help me prepare for it. I been out of school for a while now, so I know I need some help before I just go...

Sent by Tiffany on 7/15/15

Gre, Athens, AL

Struggling with the quantitative (math) section of the GRE. Can you help or might you know of anyone you can recommend?

Sent by Arthur on 7/15/15

Algebra 1, Hopewell Junction, NY

I have a 15yr old boy who failed his regents. I need someone 3x a week in the next 2 weeks can you do $20 an hour?

Sent by Annie on 7/15/15

Elementary Reading, Franklin, TN

I am looking for a tutor for my son. He is 6 yrs old. He need help in reading and writing.

Sent by Sirisha on 7/15/15

Usmle, Metairie, LA

Hi Dr Vie I'm looking for usmle step 3 tutor

Sent by Mohammed on 7/15/15

Math, Sedona, AZ

We have a 7 year old who is working at a 4th+ Grade Math level and is exhibiting a high degree of math concepts and desires that we would like to encourage.

Sent by Pete on 7/15/15

Political Science, Stockton, CA

Hey, I am looking for political science tutor for my final , could you help me for that?

Sent by Zoe on 7/15/15

Sat Prep, Annapolis, MD

I'm looking for a tutor to help my daughter prepare for the SAT and to also strenthen her math and writing skills. I'm looking to start ASAP

Sent by Natasha on 7/15/15

Geometry, Bloomfield, NJ

Hi I am looking for 20 hours of geometry tutoring for my daughter who will be a junior in HS. It needs to been done in the month of August.

Sent by Diana on 7/15/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

Final Cut Pro, Central Islip, NY

Hey Alex My name is D. P.. I'm looking for a tutor to give me a greater understanding of final cut pro. If you can contact me at (phone number available after...

Sent by Darrell on 7/15/15

Phonics, Fort Myers, FL

I have a rising 6th grader, who reads STAR 4.8 grade level. Adopted, ESE, (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Allison on 7/15/15

Maths, Valdosta, GA

Hi I need a maths tutor for college algebra

Sent by Sat on 7/15/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

Asvab, Phoenix, AZ

Hello, I am looking for a tutor in the asvab testing if possible, I can be reached at (phone number available after purchase). thanks

Sent by Jeri on 7/14/15

Chemistry, Spring Hill, TN

We are the grandparents of an 18 year old that has lived with us for the past 15 years. He has recently been diagnosed with ADD and is struggling with finishing high...

Sent by Dwight on 7/14/15

Chemistry, Arnold, MD

I just emailed you off a different site but then I heard better things off this one .. I am possibly looking for someone to help my 11th grade son with some makeup...

Sent by Lisa on 7/14/15

Algebra, Porterville, CA

I am in Miguel Ruela's elementry algebra and i am struggling with the class. i have a final test that's on july 23rd and need to catch up on many subject if i am...

Sent by Sean on 7/14/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

Nclex Rn, Miami Florida

Good evening, I graduated nursing 1 year ago took the nclex last year and failed. I am currently signed up to take it again in about a month and need some...

Sent by Ariadna on 7/14/15

Reading And Spelling, Kingston, NY

Hi Susan, I am looking for help with reading and spelling for my 7 year old daughter. She will be attending 2nd grade in the fall and she needs a little help...

Sent by Adrienne on 7/14/15

Math, Lillington, NC

Hi I am interested in a tutor for a 17 year old male in Fundamentals of Math. Thanks L.

Sent by Linda on 7/14/15

Algebra, Aberdeen, MD

My 15 year old daughter needs help with Algebra. We live in Aberdeen.

Sent by Mike on 7/14/15

Reading, Warner Robins, GA

i am looking for someone for my son he is going to be in 4th grade and my daughter in 1st grade. both need help with reading/ writing and math.

Sent by Tejal on 7/14/15

Math, Cortland, NY 13045

If you can tutor lazetta at the wmca we would be interested in starting please contact me donns

Sent by Donna on 7/14/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

English, Carrollton, TX

Need tutoring for basic education. I am an adult recently moved to us from Jamaica

Sent by Shawn on 7/14/15

Mandarin, Frankfort, IL

I am looking for a tutor for my 5 year old.

Sent by Mike on 7/14/15

Applied Decision Methods, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Seeking tutor for GBA 334 Applied Decision Methods

Sent by Jimmy on 7/14/15

Financial Management, Moosic, PA 18507

Hi Daniel, I need help with a financial management class. I live in Scranton.

Sent by John on 7/14/15

Act, Montgomery, TX

Interested in getting ACT English, ACT Math, and ACT Reading summer tutoring for my 10th grade son. Please contact ASASP.

Sent by Venu on 7/14/15

College Application, Toledo, OH

Hi AshL.ey, I was wondering if you offer assistance with composing a personaL. statement for a coL.L.ege appL.ication. I L.ook forward to hearing...

Sent by Tony on 7/14/15

Geometry, Newark, OH

Hi Rebecca, I am actually the guidance counselor at Newark Catholic High School and I am trying to find one of my sophomores a Geometry tutor.

Sent by Meredith on 7/14/15

Ielts, San Diego, CA

heey, my name is B. and im going to take the ielts test on 25july .. i need some help with the writing.

Sent by Bader on 7/14/15

Sat I, Houston, TX

Hi Andrew, I am 17 years old and currently entering my senior year. I want to achieve the best score I can get on the SAT's. I'm interested in taking your tutoring...

Sent by Ivan on 7/14/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

Geology, Laguna Niguel, CA

Hi Erin, I am taking a summer school class online at Saddleback college, Geology Weather & Climate. Made it through the first couple of chapters okay...

Sent by Carlee on 7/13/15

Chemistry Tutor, Ashland, KY

Currently taking an online class through ACTC Chem 101....doing alright but need help. Are you available?

Sent by Hannah on 7/13/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

C++, Sanford, NC

Hi Bryan, My name is A. and I am in need of a tutor for my Comp 220 class with c++ programming dealing with multi-dimensional arrays.

Sent by Angela on 7/13/15

German, Commerce Township, MI

Hello, I am in need of a tutor for German. I travel to Switzerland during the summer & would like to become more fluent. Thank you

Sent by Susan on 7/13/15

Accounting 202, Abingdon, MD

Hello Jamie My name is A. I am currently a student a Towson University and I am struggling with accounting 202. Is a summer class.

Sent by Antanette on 7/13/15

Sat Math, Travelers Rest, SC

Hi, I am looking for a tutor for my son, he needs to increase his SAT math score. He will be taking the SATs again Oct 3. We live in travelers rest...

Sent by Angela on 7/13/15

Math, Tyler, TX

My son needs help in Math, he is trying to prepare for the ASVAB test and he really struggles with math.

Sent by Chandra on 7/13/15

Adobe Illustrator, New York, NY

I am looking to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator. I work in the Art Department of a cooking television show and I need to learn how to make excellent fake labels...

Sent by Sonya on 7/13/15

Editing, Warminster, PA

Hey Matt i film sketch comedy and im tired of hiring editors. i need to be independent. i have final cut pro x can you help teach this to me asap.

Sent by Sirtaj on 7/13/15

Organic Chemistry, Tallahassee, FL

hi ! I would like help with organic chemistry 2 if you are available this week. I have an exam this Friday that I need an A on

Sent by Brynne on 7/13/15

Usmle, Houston, TX

Please I was wondering if you tutored for USMLE STEP 2 CK. My email is (email available after purchase). Please I would be grateful if you could help. thank you

Sent by MIreille on 7/13/15

Math, Covington, GA

Hi Laura, I am planning on returning to college and would like to score well when taking the required placement test. My main area of concern is the math portion.

Sent by Chad on 7/13/15

Hindi, Phoenix, AZ

Hi Dhara! I am looking for a tutor in the Hindi language. I live in Tempe, but I am willing to drive to where you are for the lessons.

Sent by Steven on 7/13/15

Statistics, Queens Village, NY

hi, I am a nursing doctorate student that needs helps with biostatistics. I'm starting the class and need basic help. Are you able to help? I'd appreciate it.

Sent by SSoralda on 7/13/15

Computer Programming, Tulsa, OK

Hello!! I'm taking a c programming class at Tcc. It's mixed c and c++. Pretty basic class. I have a test tomorrow and need help with it today .

Sent by Imran on 7/13/15

Calculus II, Denton, TX

Hi Helen, My name is J. and I am attending Arizona State Online and am currently taking Calculus II over the summer term. I am in need of some help and...

Sent by Jason on 7/12/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

Basketball Reading Math, Rocky Mount, NC

Hey. I saw your profile on (url available after purchase), but anyway i am 13 i have been homeschooled for 3 years off and on. I tried to go back to school...

Sent by Elizabeth on 7/12/15

Organic Chemistry, Loxahatchee, FL

Need help preparing for my FAU college organic chemistry 1 final. Need to start immediately because the final is in 2 weeks

Sent by Dan on 7/12/15

Mathematics, Aldie, VA 20105

we are residing in Alide and looking for Matematics tutoring during this summer, twice a week. Please provide your contact details for further discussion

Sent by Ghnana on 7/12/15

Writing, Brownwood, TX

We're looking for a writing tutor for our son. He will be a 12th grader this fall and is taking the ACT in September. He makes all A's, but his writing score was low...

Sent by Laci on 7/12/15

Statistics, El Paso, TX

Hi My name is J.. I am currently working on my BSN online at Grand Canyon University. I know it's short notice but would you be able to help me with...

Sent by Jessica on 7/11/15

German Tutor, Sandston, VA

I am looking for a german tutor for a few lessons before I go there in a few months but im finding it so hard to find one in Richmond.

Sent by Floyd on 7/11/15

Ftce Math, Delray Beach, FL

Are you familiar with the FTCE General Knowledge Test, Math ? If you are familiar with the test is there anyway that we can speak?

Sent by Scott on 7/11/15

Hebrew, Queens Village, NY

I am interested in having a private Hebrew tutor for my daughter. Please cal (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Calvin on 7/11/15

Usmle, Chicago, IL 60630

Hi Do you offer in person tutoring for USMLE 3

Sent by Mohammed on 7/11/15

English, Carmel, NY

Hi Nicole, I am looking to hire an english tutor. I need help with spelling, writing, and vocabulary. Please let me know what your fee is and when we'll be able...

Sent by Saber on 7/11/15

Information Systems, San Antonio, TX

Hello my dear, I need help in a project relating to Operating System class. And since it's one of the Information System required courses, I think you might help.

Sent by Aziz on 7/11/15

Biostatistics, Lockport, IL

Hi, looking for tutor for biostatistics. .need help July 11 and if needed July 12 please call (phone number available after purchase) D.

Sent by Dawn on 7/11/15

Research, Cleveland, OH

Hi Tara, I am working on my thesis in criminal law area. I need some help how to use references management tools like Zotero or Endnote.

Sent by Mohammad on 7/11/15

Spanish, Mcallen, TX

Hello. In a couple of weeks I will be needing a tutor for my 12 year old. I live in North McAllen. Thank you.

Sent by Carla on 7/10/15

Algrebra I, Marysville, OH

I need a tutor for my daughter-Algrebra I

Sent by John on 7/10/15

AP Chemistry, Kendall Park, NJ

Dear Bob: I am reaching out to see if you help my daughter who is going to be in Sophmore in south brunswick high. My number is (phone number available after...

Sent by Aruna on 7/10/15

Writing, Reading, PA

Hello, I have an essay due soon. I am taking online classes and my teacher is of no help. I really need to pass this class with a good grade to get in...

Sent by Javilliam on 7/10/15

Algebra, Chicago, IL

Looking for an algebra tutor

Sent by Dan on 7/10/15

Corporate Finance, Toledo, OH

I need tutoring in corporate finance mba level

Sent by Genn on 7/10/15

Elementary, Westhampton, NY

I am looking for an elementary math tutor in westhampton my for a client of mine.

Sent by Geri on 7/10/15

Isee, Beverly Hills, CA

Need ISEE middle level tutor for my 12 year daughter who scored really low in the first testing january 2015. Please advise, she is a great student at school with...

Sent by Minoo on 7/10/15

Chemistry Geometry, Derry NH

I NEED A TUTOR FOR MY SON GOING TO BE A junior we live in derrybut does not go to pinkerton phone 437-2487

Sent by Tom on 7/10/15

Spanish Lessons, Homestead, FL

Hello I want to teach my 8 year old spanish. Any questions let me know my number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Yuri on 7/10/15

Chemistry (general), Lynnwood, WA

Hello. My name is M. V. and I am an instructor at EdCC. I am looking for a tutor for my 15-year old son who wants to get a head start in Geometry and Chemistry...

Sent by Marcos on 7/10/15

Usmle 2, New York, NY 10022

Dr. Sean, I am having problems passing Step 2 CK. This is no surprise as I also struggled a great deal with STEP 1. I have been studying for 5 weeks...

Sent by Georgina on 7/10/15

Accounting, Kingwood, TX

hi i am A. M. , i was wondering if you are able to tutor in accounting 2 , my number is (phone number available after purchase). i want to excell in my class

Sent by Ali on 7/10/15

Financial Mangement, Moosic, PA 18507

Hi Daniel, I am taking a Financial Management class I can use some help with. 1-2 hours per week.

Sent by John on 7/9/15

Math, Bronx, NY

Hi, I'm looking for someone teach my son 8th and 9th grade math for two hours a day, three days a week. Please let me know if you are available.

Sent by Janet on 7/9/15

Finra Series 6, Olney, MD

Hi Mariann, I am scheduled to take the series two classes this month but would also like a tutor. If you can contact me at your earliest convenience I would...

Sent by Angelica on 7/9/15

Math, Gastonia, NC

Hi Kacie, I am looking for a tutor for my son in math. He struggled with math last year. He needs help with basic math skills and pre-Algebra.

Sent by Myra on 7/9/15

Cst Math, Massapequa, NY

Looking for CST math tutor would you Abe able to assist?

Sent by Jennifer on 7/9/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Elementary, Bronx, NY

Hi Fatima, I need tutoring for my sons 8 and 6 years

Sent by Madjoula on 7/9/15

German, Gerald, MO

I am interested in having my 3 children tutored in German.

Sent by Tera on 7/9/15

Public Speaking, Albuquerque, NM

information about public speaking for a high school student

Sent by Paul on 7/9/15

Spanish, Wilmington, DE

Looking for a Spanish tutor for my two kids ages 9 and 11. Call me at (phone number available after purchase). Thanks. P.

Sent by Perry on 7/9/15

Second Grade Reading And Writing, Krum, TX

my granddaughter, Morghyn, will start second grade this year,and needs help with reading and writing .

Sent by June on 7/9/15

Esl, Tracy, CA

Hello,Joseph, I need a esl classes ,so you can help me ,plz tell me thankyou,

Sent by Taran on 7/9/15

English As 2nd Language, Allentown, PA

I am looking for ESL classes for my wife.

Sent by Venkat on 7/9/15

Writing, Chicago, IL 60657

Hello Tutor, I need a writing tutor for my Son,i want him to be taught by you.M. is 13yrs old and he can easily catch up. I want you to email me back with following...

Sent by Marcus on 7/9/15

Thai, Salt Lake City, UT 84118

Hello Michael, I tried to contact you pre previously, I would like to speak with you about the possibility of tutoring Thai kids (11 - 14 years) in English...

Sent by Greg on 7/9/15

Physics, Corvallis, OR

SOS I am really struggling in physics and can use some help. Thank you

Sent by Minda on 7/8/15

Reading, Gaithersburg, MD

Hi Danielle my son is 9 years old and he struggle reading and spelling. thanks, M.

Sent by Maggie on 7/8/15

Business Statistics, San Antonio, TX

I need help in statistics. Can you help?

Sent by Michael on 7/8/15

Microbiology, Worcester, MA

Jake, I am looking for someone to tutor my daugher in Microbiology. (she is taking it at Quinsigamond). She is looking for this Sunday and then Thursday afternoons..

Sent by Laura on 7/8/15

Computer Java, San Gabriel, CA

Looking for tutor for ap computer science (Java)

Sent by Meiling on 7/8/15

Violin, Troy, MI 48098

Hello Karen, I am looking for a violin tutor for my Daughter and interested to get details regarding Voilin classes in troy location.

Sent by Arathi on 7/8/15

Reading, Jackson, MI

Good Afternoon! I am looking for a phonics and reading tutor for two children, ages 7 and 9. Do you have any references. Can you tell me how much it would cost...

Sent by Jess on 7/8/15

Usmle, Danbury,CT

Hello Dr. Hriday, I came across your info online and am seeking a tutor to help me master material for USMLE Step 2CK. -N.

Sent by Natasha on 7/8/15

Math, New Hartford, NY

I am interested in a math tutor for my daughter who is entering 7th grade and is interested in accelerating which would include a combined 7th and 8th grade...

Sent by Leona on 7/8/15

Accounting, Seattle, WA

Susan, I am looking for accounting tutoring. I live in the Seattle area. -A. D.

Sent by Ali on 7/8/15

Microsoft Excel, Miami, FL

I work for Lynx Construction in Coral Gables, FL. We would like to provide a 1-day seminar on Microsoft Excel for our employees, about 15 people.

Sent by Maria on 7/8/15

Accounting, Fort Washington, MD

ello- I am taking a graduate level accounting & economics course. I have very little knowledge of the subjects and math is not my strong suite.

Sent by Ms. on 7/8/15

Accounting, Fort Washington, MD

Hello- I am taking a graduate level accounting & economics course. I have very little knowledge of the subjects and math is not my strong suite.

Sent by Ms. on 7/8/15

Middle School Math, Saint Augustine, FL

Rose have 12 yr old needs help refresher in 6 grade math and preparing for 7 grade math R.

Sent by Richard on 7/8/15

Math, Washington, PA 15301

My son needs some help with math for his CalU entrance exams on Monday. Just a few hours if possible. Feel free to call me. (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Sarah on 7/8/15

English, Stowe, VT

Hello, we are a family from Switzerland visiting our home in Morristown, Sterling Valley (I am originally from Stowe). I have 2 girls (11 & 10) with learning...

Sent by Jennifer on 7/8/15

Math And English, Mattapoisett, MA

Colette Could you contact m regarding tutoring. Tha

Sent by Diane on 7/8/15

Reading, Rose Hill, KS

My grand daughter needs reading lessons. She has trouble sounding out the words. I am not a teacher to teach her how to remember the sounds.

Sent by Kathy on 7/8/15

Algebra Tutor, Zimmerman, MN

Hello- Crystal I have a 20 yr old son who is trying to take a collage algebra online class and needs some help . He works until 7pm .

Sent by Anne on 7/7/15

Elementary, Tustin, CA

Hi Tami I am researching tutors for my niece, who is 9 yo and bilingual. She is lagging in English and math and may be held back.

Sent by Chris on 7/7/15

Nclex Rn, Columbus, OH

Good Evening Sibyl. My name is J. M.. I am scheduled to take my Nclex-RN Exam in September 2015. I am needing a tutor to prepare for the upcoming exam. J.

Sent by Jolonda on 7/7/15

Math, Camas, WA

My son will be in the 7th G.rade this year in the Camas School District. He struG.G.les with math and in particular math homework. He thinks math sucks.

Sent by Jaime on 7/7/15

Math;science, Westerville, OH

I would like to do tutoring for my children if you could contact at (phone number available after purchase) Math and science

Sent by Najib on 7/7/15

Nclex Rn, Lancaster, NY

I am international student.I am looking to pass nclex-rn .My exam will be in September . i graduated from nursing school in 2003 from my country.

Sent by Ali on 7/7/15

Social Studies, Clifton Park, NY

I have a 15 year old who could use some tutoring in global history as she did not do well on the regents. I believe the global regents re-take again is August 12th.

Sent by Donna on 7/7/15

Chemistry, New York, NY 10001

Sent by Kevin on 7/7/15

Gre, Charleston, SC

Hi, Kimberly: I am planning to take the GRE in November or early in the new year. Can you please share with me your experiences tutoring students for the GRE?

Sent by Anne on 7/7/15

Electrical Circuits, Houston, TX

I need you to complete electric circuit work for me. Will be payed . My contact # is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Destini on 7/7/15

Precalculus, Killeen, TX

Hello. I requested help from a few tutors on wyzant and you were the first to respond. After reading the reviews of that site, I decided to use this site instead.

Sent by Brian on 7/7/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

Calculus, Saint Louis, MO

My daughter is a junior in high school and needs help with calculus. I'm at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Titus on 7/7/15

Statistics Tutor, Wilson, NC

Hi Latoria P. I am an on-line student in college and I really, really need help with Business Statistics. We can meet at the public library downtown or my home.

Sent by Patricia on 7/7/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

Ielts, Irving, TX

Hi I want to get prepares for the Ielts test and its on 25th of July and I don't have time . if you interested to help me up I will be glad for it . Thank you

Sent by Thamer on 7/7/15

Electrical Engineering, Tempe, AZ

Hi I am taking random signal class, and I feel kind of lost. Currently, we are covering covariance and correlation coefficient.

Sent by Abdulla on 7/7/15

Algebra 1, Sebring, FL

Hi Monica, I am looking for a tutor for my son. Algebra 1. My name is Abby and my son's name is Monrandel. My contact number is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Abella on 7/7/15

Swedish, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Hej vi ar en svensk amerikansk familj i Minnetonka som soker en svensk larare/tutor till var son 10ar, hoppas att vi kan prata och see . Vanlig halsning M.

Sent by Monica on 7/7/15

Turkish, Lafayette, NJ 07848

Hi Sener, I am interested in learning Turkish. I am in Clifton and would be interested in lessons of 2 hours duration...If you are able to do this please contact me...

Sent by Richard on 7/6/15

Ubuntu, New York, NY 10027

Hi. I have an ubuntu phone. My husband bought it for me, but I am not tech-y at all, and I just want you to teach me how to use it. Are you interested, and available?

Sent by Mary on 7/6/15

Chem, Bellevue, WA 98007

I'm looking for a weekly tutor for Chem 121 and Statistics 130 so 2 hours per week for the summer quater starting immediately

Sent by Dylan on 7/6/15

Gujarati, Boston, Ma

Hello Miss Dhara S. I am 21 years old and I am interested in learning gujarati. I would like to take lessons twice or three times a week.

Sent by Willamy on 7/6/15

Sat, Cambridge, MA

Hi Brett, I am looking for an SAT tutor to start right away in July. The tutoring will be in Cambridge. If you can accommodate this , please call me. Thank you -C.

Sent by Celine on 7/6/15

Math, Closter, NJ

Hi Ayca, I'm looking for a math tutor for my 2 girls - 13 and 15 y.o, they are entering 8th and 10th grade respectively. Let me know your availability and fees...

Sent by Taya on 7/6/15

Act, Tuscaloosa, AL

My son Mitchell graduated from ACA in 2014. His ACT score is 28. He wants to retake the test, and would like to bring his score to a 30 or better.

Sent by Teresa on 7/6/15

Living Environment, Newburgh, NY

Hello..i am interesting in tutor my son for regents of living environment. I live in newburgh.

Sent by Maria on 7/6/15

English, Auburn, AL

Hi my name is soo . I found your profile at online. My friend is looking for private english tutor. She is a korean and stay at home mom.

Sent by Sooyoun on 7/6/15

Algebra 2, Duncansville, PA

Hi Kelsey, I failed algebra 2 this year and am trying to find a tutor that can help me get through this packet and help me understand a little more.

Sent by Hayley on 7/6/15

Philosophy, Culver City, CA

Hi, My son needs a tutoring for college Philosophy "Logic" assignment maybe tomorrow... Are you available? We are in Culver City, and I can meet you in your area.

Sent by Takako on 7/6/15

Final Cut Pro, Farmingdale, NY 11735

Hi Alex, I'd like to speak with you about getting tutored in Final Cut Pro. Thank you!

Sent by Raphael on 7/6/15

Sociology, West Palm Beach, FL

Looking for someone to review my son's work for two summer courses he is taking at PBState. He needs two A s to receive three years paid Lynn scholarship...

Sent by Phil on 7/6/15

Math And Spanish, Vancouver, WA 98682

Hello Amber W, Thanks for the quick email response to me about the tuoring plans and arrangement. It was actually a typo error when saying my daughter was coming...

Sent by Dani on 7/6/15

Microsoft Project 2013, Baltimore, MD

Hi Emily, Do you teach lessons on MS Project 2013? Zach

Sent by Zachary on 7/6/15

Cubase, Orange, CA

I would like to schedule a couple of lessons to negotiate a few questions that I have about Cubase. I used Adobe Audition for years and recently switched over...

Sent by Dennis on 7/6/15

Ged, Madison, WI

Hi' Jane I'm looking for a tutor 2 days out of a week. Please contact me if are you available

Sent by Karen on 7/6/15

Tutor, Canoga Park, CA 91304

Sent by Josh on 7/5/15

Usmle Step 3, Washington, DC

I would like to start USMLE step 3 tutoring ASAP, please let know about availabilities, thank you!

Sent by Agalya on 7/5/15

Real Estate, Denver, CO

Im trying to pass my real estate exam & having a "bear"of a time with simple math & proations?there is only about15-25 questions on the exam but i need...

Sent by Tj on 7/5/15

Organic Chemistry, Lincoln, NE 68503

Hi Katie, This is M. , we contacted each other regarding Organic chemistry tutoring. I need help in the course and as you know I'm toward the end of the semester.

Sent by Mona on 7/5/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Math, Riverdale, GA

Hi Brethaney, I'm seeking a tutor for my son. Services will be high school math and possibly writing. I would like to know more overall information and your...

Sent by Tiwana on 7/5/15

Clep, Huntington Beach, CA

Hello! I am looking for a tutor to help me pass Chemistry CLEP exam.

Sent by Brent on 7/5/15

Math, Huntington, IN

Dear Joyce, We would very much like to sit up a time for you to meet my granddaughter Lia K.. She needs help in Algebra.Lia goes to Bishop Lures and will be in...

Sent by Angelia on 7/5/15

Dyslexia, East Weymouth, MA 02189

Hi Lisa. My name is K. and I have a son going into seventh grade. At the end of fifth grade he was diagnosed with dyslexia. He starts BC high in September...

Sent by Kathy on 7/5/15

English, Petoskey, MI

My rising junior needs help with English grammar for the ACT. I am looking at a couple times a week for the summer with "assignments" between sessions.

Sent by Jacque on 7/5/15

Act, Wadsworth, OH

Hi Matthew- I am looking to improve my ACT score and would like to hire you as a tutor. Please contact me and let me know your availability. Thank you

Sent by Makenzi on 7/5/15

Organic Chemistry, Santa Rosa, CA

Need a tutor in organic chemistry..

Sent by George on 7/4/15

Math, Hesperia, CA

my son needs help with mathmy my cell (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Nando on 7/4/15

Ielts, Tucson, AZ

Hi there ms. Sandy i need help in taking ielts exam. My number is (phone number available after purchase). If you can give me a call. Thanks.

Sent by Krystele on 7/4/15

Math And Chinese, Port Hueneme, CA 93041

Hello Nicole H, My child needs help with her upcoming Math and Mandarin Chinese Language curriculum midterm in Reading conversational/writing in 2 weeks.

Sent by Gary on 7/4/15

Neuroscience, Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Hi, I have a clinical cognitive neuroscience exam coming up on Tuesday! I am currently taking MSc cognitive rehab.. need help understanding certain mechanisms...

Sent by Latifah on 7/4/15

Math, Wethersfield, CT 06109

Hello Mr. Jason Alster M, My child needs help with her upcoming Math curiculum midterm in Algebra, pre-calculus,.. etc in 2 weeks.

Sent by Carl on 7/4/15

Java, Fairfax, VA

I am looking for a tutor who can assist my son in computer science. Let me know if you are still available. We live in Fairfax near Chantilly library. Thanks, VJ

Sent by Vijay on 7/4/15

Cpa, Brooklyn, NY

Hello Sid, How much do you charge for private tutoring for the CPA exam?

Sent by Judith on 7/3/15

All Subjects - Middle School, Bladensburg, OH

We homeschool our children and are looking for a new teacher to perform some tutoring and administer year end evaluations (current teacher is retiring in AZ in 2016).

Sent by Colleen on 7/3/15

Electrical Circuits, San Diego, California

Hello, I am currently taking Electrical Circuits as a summer course at USD and i need help in completing and solving one important assignment that will be related...

Sent by Sulaiman on 7/3/15

Ged, Pompano Beach, FL 33062

I need help in tutoring for my GED. I have never taken the test. Can you help me study for it. I dropped out of school in the seventh grade.

Sent by Veronica on 7/3/15

MATHEMATICS, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Hello Tutor, I need a Mathematics tutor for my Son,i want him to be taught by you.M. is 13yrs old and he can easily catch up. I want you to email me back with...

Sent by Marcus on 7/3/15

Mblex Exam, Colorado Springs, CO

Miltary spouse with learning disability that is trying to pass massage mblex exam. If interested email me back or if you know of another referal/resorce please pass...

Sent by Kris on 7/3/15

Writing, New York, NY

Interested in writing tutoring

Sent by Irene on 7/3/15

Math, Toledo, OH

Hello, I need a tutor for my ASVAB test coming up in a few weeks. Areas of focus would be math, and it would include working with decimals, percentages, fractions...

Sent by Danny on 7/2/15

Dyslexia, San Diego, CA 92122

Hi Hannah, My 13 yr daughter Simone is dyslexic with 5 years in non-public learning centers for dyslexia/ADHD and entering 9th grade.

Sent by Allan on 7/2/15

Robotics, Stamford, CT

Hi , looking for java and statistics tutor

Sent by Tina on 7/2/15

French, Larchmont, NY

Justine: My son, who is a student at a boarding school in Switzerland, has been given extra summer holiday homework for his French classes.

Sent by Steven on 7/2/15

Reading, Twentynine Palms, CA

Hi Eric, I have a 5 year old that need help with her reading and math skills. I'm seeking extra help because I'm a single mom and active duty military and...

Sent by Javonnie on 7/2/15

Neuroscience, Westbury NY 11590

Hi my cuz is having problems understanding some aspects of neurobiology. can you assist. she has exam on monday

Sent by Marvin on 7/2/15

Nclex Rn, Omaha, NE

I am looking for tutoring help with the NCLEX.

Sent by Hannah on 7/2/15

Math And Spanish, Vancouver, WA 98682

Hello Ms. Amber W, My child needs help with her upcoming Math and Spanish curriculum midterm in vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, etc in 2 weeks.

Sent by Dani on 7/2/15

Statistics, San Antonio, TX

I need heap in Business Stats can you help?

Sent by Michael on 7/1/15

Usmle, West Orange, NJ

Hello My name is Y.. I just finished my basic sciences and I'm looking to take the Step 1 around December. Is there a number I can reach you at to discuss further?

Sent by Yemi on 7/1/15

Algebra, Grand Haven, MI

Hello my name is S. and i am looking for a algebra tutor. Will you be avaiable in the evenings? Hope to hear from you soon, thanks

Sent by Sara on 7/1/15

C#, Irving, TX 75063

Hello, I am interested in getting tutor on C#, jquery, ajax, javascirpt, sql, etc. I am looking for a career in programming. Please let me know if you are...

Sent by Sandeep on 7/1/15

Excel, Fresno, CA

Hi Mark: I'm needing some help in writing an excel macro. The macro needs to create a new worksheet and move some of data from current worksheet to the new worksheet.

Sent by Anita on 7/1/15

Finance, Oxford, MS

Lynn, Good evening, my name is A. and I would like to know if you would be available to help me with Finance. I just started the class on Monday and...

Sent by Abbey on 7/1/15

Usmle, Mequon, WI

Hi, my name is L. and I am inquiring about tutoring for the NBME/USMLE Step 1 Exam. I was wondering what your rates were and if possible, how you did on...

Sent by Lauren on 7/1/15

Math, Cortland, NY

Sujata; Hello its me again. My daughter would like to know if you could tutor Lazett a the YMCA inCortlan? If we can work that out we would like to proceed...

Sent by Donna on 7/1/15

Nursing, Richboro, PA

Hi , I am currently trying to find a tutor who can help me study for the Registered Medical Assistant test. What would the price be per session?

Sent by Meghan on 7/1/15

Spanish, West Monroe, LA

Trying to get beginner sessions in Spanish with my ten year old son. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Sent by Jonee on 7/1/15

Java Programming, Union City, CA

Hi Mr. Panthesh - would like a Java programming tutor for my daughter, who is a rising Junior in high school. Please contact me at (phone number available after...

Sent by Su on 7/1/15

Gre Math, Davis, CA

Hi, I am interested in being tutored in person for GRE's in Math. Have taken once and want to raise my score, can we speak on the phone?

Sent by Jana on 7/1/15

Geometry, Little Elm, TX

Need a tutor for geometry for my son, 12th grade asap

Sent by Elizabeth on 7/1/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

Romanian, Atlanta, GA

Hello - I am interested in taking lessons in the Romanian language, is this something you offer?

Sent by Claire on 7/1/15

Russian, Eau Claire, WI

I am looking for Russian language for my daugter and I. My wife is Russian and we want to be able to talk to her family, Thank You

Sent by Chad on 7/1/15

Math, English, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Hi I will like to know more about your tutoring service for my daughter to enable proceed. Mrs J. T.

Sent by Janine on 7/1/15

Computer Programming, Pittsburgh, PA

I'm taking an introductory C course at CMU this summer. I'm having a little trouble with it since it's been a while since I've done any programming.

Sent by Colin on 7/1/15

Adhd And Dyslexia, Quincy, MA

hi. I'm looking for a tutor for my son. We live in Quincy. He has ADHD and dyslexia. In 6th grade he was on the honor role in the AP section.

Sent by Kathy on 7/1/15