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Computer Science, Redmond, WA

Need help on a data analysis project. It involves stats and excel working

Sent by Bhuwan on 3/31/15

Chemistry, San Marino, CA

What's your experience with AP Chemistry?

Sent by Margaret on 3/31/15

Statistics, Tuscaloosa, AL

Hopefully this website is out of pocket I would like to meet sometime next week if you are available I contacted you on wyzant but I think this website doesnt...

Sent by Tyler on 3/31/15

Quickbooks, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

I am starting a new business and would like to set up quickbooks for all the accounting. I am not a student but 62 years old. Can you help me.

Sent by Paula on 3/31/15

Programming, Gaithersburg, MD

Hello Louis, are you familiar with solving recurrences, and algorithm analysis?

Sent by Jesse on 3/31/15

Math Tutors, Conroe, TX

Hi, I need a Math tutor for my girl, can you call me thanks

Sent by Carmen on 3/31/15

Chem, Auburn, MA

Hi Ben, My daughter is taking both honors chem and honors geometry, is a sophomore, and is having difficulty with both courses. She missed a week due to travel...

Sent by Elizabeth on 3/31/15

Personal Trainer, Brooklyn, NY

Hi David! I'm very interested in becoming and ACE certified trainer. I'm 37 and been out of school for quite some time... Wanted to know if you could possibly Tudor...

Sent by Marc on 3/31/15

Chemistry 2, Wichita, KS

Im really struggling with chemistry 2 at the college level. If you would like to take me as a client, give me a call. (phone number available after purchase). Thank you!

Sent by Heather on 3/31/15

Reading, Pottsboro, TX

Yes I have a kindergarten and first grade student that need a tutor for reading. I was wondering if you were interested. I am located in pottsboro

Sent by Jason on 3/31/15

Math, Port Richey, FL

Hello I am looking for a math tutor for my 10 year old son Nick. He scored below level on testing. I live in the Hudson area. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sent by Dee on 3/31/15

Math, Fallbrook, CA

Hi Ryan, I am an adult between 50 and 60 years old. I am a long time English teacher and now have to pass the math portion of the CBEST test in order to teach...

Sent by Nora on 3/31/15

Library Science, Dallas, Tx

I really need a tutor for a library science class over cataloging. It doesn't matter where this person lives. We can do everything over the computer. Thank you.

Sent by Laura on 3/31/15

Calculus, Covington, LA

Hi Ms. Beth, I am P. S., I live in Ponchatoula, La and i'm a senior at an online school. I am struggling with Calculus in a bad way and need a lot of help in this area.

Sent by Paige on 3/31/15

Cantonese, 10019

Hey, Do you provide tutoring in New York in Cantonese? J.

Sent by Jeff on 3/31/15

Algorithms, New York, NY 10005

Prof Harry, I need Tutoring in Algorithms starting with divide & Conquer. I would like to set up a session. Thank you

Sent by Daniel on 3/31/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

French, Wilmington, DE 19803

Greetings, I am interested in receiving some corrections/instruction on my translation of a series of articles written in French.

Sent by Andrew on 3/31/15

Android, Gainesville, FL 32608

I need tuition. Plz reply me.

Sent by Harpreet on 3/31/15

Reading, Mission, TX

I need a tutor for my son he is 7 years old and is having trouble reading . He's in first grade and might get retained if he doesn't start reading.

Sent by Marina on 3/30/15

Ged, El Paso, TX

hello, i am looking for a GED Math tutor for my wife. that is the only subject she cannot pass.

Sent by Jesus on 3/30/15

Reading, Honolulu, HI

ALOHA, I HVE A daughter that needs help W/HER reading comp. we live in the kalihi AREA. mahalo!

Sent by Candace on 3/30/15

Algebra, Staten Island, NY

I need. Tutor for my daughter for math

Sent by Gloria on 3/30/15

Cognitive Psychology, Brooklyn, NY

going for my mental health masters need health with the beck bai and bdi test scoring hope you can help .you can tex me at (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Steven on 3/30/15

Math & Reading, Casa Grande, AZ

Hi how are you doing i am contacting you because my 4th grade daughter is struggling in school with math and reading and am looking for a tutor for her.

Sent by Elva on 3/30/15

Animation, San Diego, CA 92104

Sent by Tom on 3/30/15

Java Tutor, Wilmington, DE 19810

Hi! I have a Java Programming Assignment I need help with. Via email will be the best way to do this. Please let me know if you're available today. Thanks!

Sent by Ashlee on 3/30/15

Serbian/ Bosnian, Chicago, IL 60657

Aleksandra, Good afternoon, my name is B.. I am currently looking for a tutor to learn Bosnian. My boyfriend is from Bosnian and his parents speak little english...

Sent by Brittany on 3/30/15

Econ, Waterford WI

Our son is a Senior in Waterford HS and currently takes AP Macro/Micro Econ. He has a solid A now but must get a 4 on the May 14&15th natl test for acceptance...

Sent by John on 3/30/15

High School, Buckley, WA 98321

Hello, I would like to talk with you about maybe tutoring my son., if you are available?

Sent by Mikyla on 3/30/15

Algebra 2, Eden Prairie, MN

Need help algebra 2 ASAP eden prairie

Sent by Darin on 3/30/15

Pre Calculus, Mesquite, TX

Hello Adam I'm looking for a tutor for pre calculus asap Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) at your earliest convenience. Thanks

Sent by Sandra on 3/30/15

Accounting, Seattle, WA

Hi. I know this last minute but I've had a myriad of health issues in this past quarter but I've let my beginning level acctg 215 class slip completely.

Sent by Maya on 3/30/15

Cpa, Los Angeles, CA

I am taking intermediate accounting 2, and need help preparing for my exam.

Sent by Daniella on 3/30/15

German, New York, NY

Interested in learning German. Can you please help

Sent by Joshua on 3/29/15

Accounting, Waco, TX

I have a son who is a student at Baylor. Do you have time to take on a student on a regular basis? He needs help mastering Pre-Cal, Accounting and Statistics.

Sent by Katherine on 3/29/15

Basic Biology Slu, Hammond, LA

Hi Codie, my son attends SLU and is struggling in Basic Biology. He' really needs help in order to pass the class. His classes are on Monday and Wednesday but would...

Sent by Jeff on 3/29/15

English, Flint, TX

I am looking for a tutor for my son for English. He is in the 11th grade

Sent by Tenita on 3/29/15

Chemistry, Longmeadow, MA

need some help for preparing sat2 chemistry

Sent by Yi on 3/29/15

Math, Hereford

I'm taking a Calculus class at AC right now and I'm going to have to retake it next semester and I need some serious help with going over my Trig and Algebra skills.

Sent by Leah on 3/29/15

Math, Brunswick, GA

I am looking for a math tutor for my daughter who is a senior in high school. Would you be available to help? Thank you!

Sent by Debbie on 3/29/15

English, Macon, GA

Are you familiar with the English section of ACT? Test is April 18. Need assistance with English only.

Sent by Gwen on 3/29/15

Algebra, Saratoga Springs, NY

I am looking for a algebra 9 math tutor that is able to assist with the common core curriculum and is familiar with the Regents requirements.

Sent by Melanie on 3/29/15

Computer Programming, Venice, CA

My son is in Venice and he is in the process of applying to App Academy. It is a coding boot camp. You ca check it out at http://www.appacademy.io/#p-home.

Sent by Joan on 3/29/15

Asvab, Louisville, KY

Hello, I am new to Louisville and iam looking for someone to help me with some ASVAB prep in math. I have been trying to study online but I need someone...

Sent by Brittany on 3/29/15

Political Communication, Villanova, PA

Looking for help working on a rough draft of a Political Communication Paper related to the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine, North Korea, and Political Communication.

Sent by Pete on 3/29/15

Organic Chemistry, Fayetteville, AR

Hi. I need help with organic chemistry. I do fine with biology but something about chemistry is not clicking with me. I would like to get some tutoring...

Sent by Kathleen on 3/29/15

Statistics Tutor, Tarzana, CA

Hi Kathy. Do you tutor Introduction to Statistical Reasoning? Please contact me at (email available after purchase) or (phone number available after purchase) ...

Sent by Donna on 3/29/15

Pharmacology, Austin, TX

Hi Caryl, my name is H. M. and I am currently studying for the PTCE. I finished an online Pharmacy Technician program through Allied Health last year but never took...

Sent by Hillary on 3/29/15

Accounting, Detroit, MI

Need help with accounting homework

Sent by Ivan on 3/28/15

Information Systems, Fargo, ND 58104

Hello, I neE. help in doing a 15 page Information Systems assignment basE. on demonstrating your knowlE.ge the breadth of knowlE.ge in the field of information systems.

Sent by Ed on 3/28/15

Linux, Huntsville, AL 35801

I have an assignments and project with unix system can you help me with it idk who to use this website just email me or text me please alsagr10@ hotmail...

Sent by Saad on 3/28/15

Photoshop, Chickamauga, GA

Dear Lauren, I need to make a logo sketch to go on the back of a business card. The scene is of a rock climber climbing an overhang.

Sent by Dr. on 3/28/15

Math, Springfield Gardens, NY

Good afternoon, my name is Mr S. P. and i am interst in find a tutor for my daughter who is in seventh grade. Need help in preparing for a soon coming test in math

Sent by Scott on 3/28/15

Calculus, Lexington Park, MD

Hi I am in my second year of college at CSM and I'm failing Calculus 2 from my mid term grade. I would like to know if you could help me?

Sent by Terel on 3/28/15

Biology Tutor, Gaithersburg, MD

My daughter is in 11th grade and need help in AP biology and getting all the homework done on time. We are looking for a person who can come home in north potomac...

Sent by Pratima on 3/28/15

Tutor, Warner Robins, GA

My son is 8 and is a struggling reader. I am looking for help now through summer.

Sent by Amy on 3/28/15

English As 2nd Language, Radford, VA

Good Morning I have a travel of business in Dublin in June, and i would learn english, I need 15 hours week , please you have disponibility. Thanks

Sent by Jhon on 3/28/15

Assembly Language, Stony Brook, NY 11794

Hello BAM. I need help with assembly language projects

Sent by H. on 3/28/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

English, Rochester, NY 14624

I got your reference from Kasarla. We are looking for SAT english/math coaching for my son. Please send your contact so that we talk.

Sent by Deepika on 3/28/15

Computer Animation, Cleveland, OH

Stacy, Can you tutor me in learning how to animate videos and create various animated videos? I am looking to learn how to do this. Thanks, S.

Sent by Scott on 3/27/15

Chemistry, El Centro, CA

Hello, I am trying to pass chemistry as a prerequisite for nursing. I live on west main street in el centro by the post office.

Sent by Ameerah on 3/27/15

Library, Denton, TX

Hello! I am taking a cataloging class. I could use a tutor for this class. I am looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks! L.

Sent by Laura on 3/27/15

Organic Chemistry, Las Vegas, NV

Hello Jerry, I am looking for a tutor for a college level organic chemistry class, please let me know if this is something you could help me in. -K.

Sent by Kathy on 3/27/15

Math, Wadsworth, OH

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for my daughter in Math. She is in the 6th grade. I am looking for 2 days a week. K.

Sent by Kristen on 3/27/15

Statistics, Charlotte, NC

Hi Leah, I am looking for a tutor to help me with graduate statistics ASAP.

Sent by Jocelyn on 3/27/15

Math, Paso Robles, CA 93446

Can you tutor for Math 232 at Cuesta? It's apparently equivalent to Algebra 2? My daughter is available for tutoring Mon & Weds after 2 and after 11 on Friday.

Sent by Ruth on 3/27/15

Electrical Engineering, Tucson, AZ

I need help in my photoelectric class today. Can you help? (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Randall on 3/27/15

Pre Calculus, Indio, CA

I need help doing a take home test. Its on identities and other stuff like determining exact solutions to equations with intervals of [0,2Pi).

Sent by Omar on 3/27/15

Computer Programming, Loveland, CO

Hi, I'm struggling with Object Oriented programming - Java. It's just not that intuitive to me. I'm hoping you have some availability.

Sent by Michelle on 3/27/15

Public Speaking, Cedar Rapids, IA

Hi Julie, I am looking for a Public Speaking tutor. I am currently a Area Director for a Rehab Company and at time I need to speak in front of large group.

Sent by Jacqueline on 3/27/15

Reading, Fredericksburg, VA

Hello, Tamara My son is in the 2nd grade and reading below grade level 1.3 per his last review. Is this an area that you would be able to assist him in?

Sent by Christina on 3/27/15

Reading And Sight Words, Covington, GA

I'm looking for a therapist that is comfortable with young children. Jaycob is 5 years old. We need help knowing HOW he learns best (kinestetic, visual...

Sent by Rita on 3/27/15

Dirk, Port Hueneme, CA 93041

this is a test test test test test

Sent by Wagiboy on 3/24/15

Project Management, Long Beach, CA 90807

I need help with my project management class

Sent by Nicolas on 3/27/15

Tutor, Stafford, VA

Hello my names R., I was wondering if you would be able to tutor me. I'm 21 years old, I have ADD,Dyslexia and a learning disability.

Sent by Rachel on 3/26/15

Computer, Dublin, GA

Hello, Carlie I live in Dublin an would like to improve my computer skills. My name is D...

Sent by Don on 3/26/15

Physics, West Chazy, NY

Ethan my daughter is having difficulty in physics. Is physics a subject that you can teach?

Sent by Randy on 3/26/15

Tutor For 4th Grader, Shinnston, WV

My daughter is in 4th grade and is having trouble understanding fractions. I don't do too well with them either and I am not much help.

Sent by Missy on 3/26/15

Spanish, Huntsville, AL

I need help with my Spanish class!!!

Sent by Chris on 3/26/15

Art History, Tempe, AZ

hey i have an Art History exam can u help me do it?

Sent by Mohammad on 3/26/15

Nursing, Norwalk, CT

Hello. I am interested in being tutored. I am currently in the Nursing Program at NCC, second semester. I was wondering what your experience in the Nursing field are...

Sent by Sharmin on 3/26/15

Ruby On Rails, Flagstaff, Av

Can you tutor me in ruby on rails?

Sent by Mo on 3/26/15

Math, Woodhaven, NY

hi david plz call me at (phone number available after purchase) my daughter need help in maths

Sent by Shelly on 3/26/15

Regents, Bronx, NY

Hello, I am very interested in regents tutoring for my daughter. She is in the 11th grade, and has not passed any of her regents. I live in the bronx.

Sent by Kirsis on 3/26/15

English, Greer, SC

Hello Thomas, We are looking to find a teacher for our 2 clients interested in ESL. Our 2 clients are native Spanish speakers and would like to receive 100 each...

Sent by Sandy on 3/26/15

Geometry, New Orleans, LA

Hi, I'm looking for a geometry tutor for my son, who is in 10th grade. We live in Metairie and would like to meet once a week. Please let me know what your...

Sent by Reine on 3/26/15

Multiple Linear Regression, Columbus, OH 43220

Hi Ralph - I am working on an assisgnment that requires me to use multiple regression to develop a consumption forecast. I am planning on using Excel to complete.

Sent by Chandra on 3/26/15

Algebra 1, Tarboro, NC

hi,Our son needs help in algebra one,8th. Place:Tarboro library, time:Saturday,morning. Now until end of may and maybe longer... if I see results .

Sent by Gina on 3/26/15

Sat, Nyack, NY

Hi Trevor! I need a tutor. Thank you! --S.

Sent by Sarita on 3/26/15

Ged, Tuscaloosa, AL

I have a !6 yr old son. Needs his GED He has trouble with math.

Sent by Terrie on 3/26/15

Reading, Martinsburg, WV

Good morning, we are looking for someone to tutor our son over the summer. He struggles with phonics and reading. We struggle with patients!!

Sent by Lisa on 3/26/15

Economics, East Lansing, MI

Need a college level Econ tutor asap

Sent by Baker on 3/26/15

Regents 9 Math, Saratoga Springs, NY

I am looking for a regents math 9 tutor for my 9th grade son (Schuylerville school) and you are one of the closest available. Can you tell me what your experience is...

Sent by Melanie on 3/26/15

Algebra, Victorville, CA

I need a algebra tutor for my son who is a high school freshman.

Sent by Maggie on 3/25/15

Chemistry, East Haven, CT

Hello Ashley, I'm a senior in highschool and I'm currently taking AP chemistry. I'm struggling in the subject and was wondering if you would be able to help.

Sent by Dajah on 3/25/15

Ap Biology, New Milford CT

Hi Guang, My daughter is taking the AP Biology exam in May. She's a strong student, but has no idea of what she needs to study for the exam.

Sent by Marie on 3/25/15

Simulation Arena, Miami, FL 33196

hi i need help in simulation arena project, i am industrial engineering student

Sent by Anna on 3/25/15

Accounting, Chula Vista, CA

I am an adult student looking for assistance with my accounting class.I am 3/4 into the class so my needs are specific to the material.

Sent by Mr. on 3/25/15

Dulce, Cypress, TX 77433

Hi, I need an SAT tutor for a high school junior in Spring, who's likely taking the test in June, but possibly October. Lessons once or twice a week at...

Sent by Jon on 3/25/15

Writing, Midlothian, VA

Hi my name is S.. I am requesting tutoring services for my mom. She struggles with writing English. She is born in India. However, have been in the United states for...

Sent by Shany on 3/25/15

English, Long Beach, MS

We looking for a tutor in our area for a first grade student. Thank you.

Sent by Dana on 3/25/15

Elementary, Zanesville, OH

We home school our three elementary children. Our one child is finishing 2nd grade, and is struggling in reading. We are seeking a tutor to assist with getting her...

Sent by Aggie on 3/25/15

Geophysics, Laramie, WY 82072

can you help me in my homework to answer to me step by step by emile sand to me

Sent by Jojo on 3/25/15

Data Structure And Algorithm, Floral Park, NY 11002

Hi... I have a program due on saturday morning for data structure and algorithms and would like to have your help asap. Please let me know if you can help me Urgently.

Sent by Vilma on 3/25/15

Algebra 1, Little Falls, NJ

Hello Ivana, My daughter is in 9th grade and is really struggling with Algebra 1. She has a QB test coming up and I would like to get her help.

Sent by Peg on 3/25/15

Reading For Second Third Grade, El Cajon, CA

Looking for help with elementary school reading . Age 8 female. Can you help 2 to 3 days per week?

Sent by Cindy on 3/25/15

Act, Cortlandt Manor, NY

I am seeking a tutor for my daughter to prep for both the ACT and SAT. Do you tutor for SAT as well as ACT?

Sent by John on 3/25/15

Math, Lakeville, MN

Good Afternoon - My daughter is struggling with 8th grade math and we are looking for a tutor who can come to us in Lakeville a couple of nights a week.

Sent by Mary on 3/25/15

Elementary, Escondido, CA

Hi Becky! Do you tutor at the elementary school level?... Second grade? THanks

Sent by Alex on 3/25/15

Math, Fort White, FL

I have a 7 grade child that needs math tutoring. Could you please contact me to discuss. Kindly. C. Weekley

Sent by Christine on 3/25/15

Collegeville Pa, Collegeville, PA

Hi, I am interested for my 5 yr old son w a language delay.

Sent by Laura on 3/25/15

Nursing, Manchester Township, NJ

Hello Patti, I graduated from nursing school in December and recently took the NCLEX and was unsuccessful. I was wondering if I could possibly meet with you...

Sent by Ryan on 3/25/15

Math, Mentor, OH

I need a compass math test tutor for my son

Sent by Bev on 3/25/15

Political Science, Santa Ana, CA

I have to write a pepper on media bias and I am so confuses on what I need to do. need help fast please. please give me a call before an email .

Sent by Jose on 3/24/15

Accounting, Columbus, OH

Hello, I am looking for someone to help me study for my CPA. I have an understanding of the accounting concepts but I could use some help in areas.

Sent by Anas on 3/24/15

Math, El Dorado, CA

Hi I'm looking for a tutor for my 9 almost 10year old daughter a processing disorder in the area of auditory and memory. She struggles with math..BAD!

Sent by Johnna on 3/24/15

Cpa, Chicago, IL

Hi Minaz, We were in contact earlier in regard to CPA tutoring. Per your email I understand you help with the REG and FAR portion of the CPA.

Sent by Avi on 3/24/15

Finance, Longmeadow, MA

I am graduate student and I am looking for tutor to help me in my finance class. so if you see your self is good at it. please contact me at this email above.

Sent by Hussain on 3/24/15

Biology, Santa Fe, NM

Hello Casey, I am taking general biology at the community college. I have a lab in which I need to construct a dichotomous key and am having troubles.

Sent by Darlene on 3/24/15

College Algebra 1, Athens, AL

please contact me asap. My daughter is failing this class . Please call me @ (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Tina on 3/24/15

Asvab, Knoxville, TN

I'm trying to find a asvab tutor for my 17 year old. He has taken the test at HVA and failed with a 15. He has difficulty in math and word knowledge.

Sent by Olivia on 3/24/15

Esl, Chester, PA

Hello I am looking for a tutor for my Spanish speaking friend. She lives in Chester. If you could please contact me with more information, I would greatly appreciate it.

Sent by Jennifer on 3/24/15

Yamislet, Tampa, FL 33614

Sent by Yamislet on 3/24/15

Act, Aurora, CO 80016

Do you do ACT Math prep? My 17 year old son needs help with Math for the ACT. We live around Quincy and Gun Club Road. Thank you! D. Y.

Sent by Diane on 3/24/15

Python, Bronx, NY

Hi Abishek, I need assistance in my python assignment. Would you be able to assist. If yes let me know. G.

Sent by Gary on 3/24/15

German, Rochester, MI

My name is M. M. and I am writing you hoping that you may be able to help an executive of our company coming in from Germany to speak English.

Sent by Michael on 3/24/15

Reading, Fuquay Varina, NC

My son needs a tutor please help (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Geneva on 3/24/15

Math, Florence, SC

Hi Marion, I need a tutor for my 5th and 7th grade girls for Math. Friday nights are preferable but negotiable. Let me know if you are available

Sent by Leah on 3/24/15

Graduate Education, Clinton, MD

Hello, I am in graduate school and completely behind. I MUST pass these courses, and I am willing to pay a tutor to really help me do the lessons...

Sent by Nichole on 3/24/15

Reading, Jim Thorpe, PA

my wife and I are in need of a reading tutor for our 12 yr old son. He is just about failing and we know he is capable of doing the work but seems to have trouble...

Sent by Russell on 3/24/15

Biology, Bel Air, MD

Our son J.rey is in 10th grade and has ADHD and dyslexia and is having trouble in biology. He studies hard and can't able much headway, and is fighting eligibility.

Sent by Jeff on 3/24/15

Vector Calculus, Greensboro, NC

Hi, My name is A. K.. I am a freshman at Guilford College and I am taking a course in multivariable calculus this semester. Would this be your area of expertise?

Sent by Arundhati on 3/24/15

Information Systems, Fargo, ND 58104

Please email me at (email available after purchase) I neE. help in an IT report as soon as possible. Looking forward to hear from you. Running out of time.

Sent by Ed on 3/24/15

Finra Series 6, Riverside, CA

Hey Lindee, My name is R.di Furrha and i noticed it says you tutor for the series 7. Is it possible you can help with the series 6 and 63?

Sent by Rush on 3/23/15

Finance, Arlington, TX

need help in finance,please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Shawn on 3/23/15

French, Las Vegas, NV 89113

greetings, i have an unusual question. i am trying to read a very complicated french text and need help correcting my translation.

Sent by James on 3/23/15

Honors Calculus, Chino , CA

Hi Anthony My grandson is having problems in honors calculus. I was wondering if you could help him. We live in Chino. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Andrew on 3/23/15

Guitar, Maple Grove, MN

Hi Noah, I live in Maple Grove. Are you interested in being a tutor for our family? I have to children 8 and 10.

Sent by Sophia on 3/23/15

Project Management, Washington, DC

Hi Roberto, I'm looking for a tutor to help me with completing a project management class project. I've complete most of this assignment but need help with...

Sent by Razzi on 3/23/15

Algebra, Wilmington, OH

I need someone to tutor my son in algebra...He is a freshman at Wilmington. Do you attend Wilmington College?

Sent by Sharon on 3/23/15

Praxis, Denver, CO 80219

looking for a praxis tutor

Sent by Brad on 3/23/15

Statistics, Tampa, FL

my number is (phone number available after purchase) I am a student at UT Please contact me ASAP, i need help for statistics exam.

Sent by Rohit on 3/23/15

Mandarin, Humble, TX

Hi, I have a 5 years old son and we have been in Shanghai. For 4 years. He is currently in international school mandarin speaking.

Sent by Vienna on 3/23/15

Meteorology, Phil

Hello Greg, I work full time and go to school part time. I've fallen behind quite a bit in a 400 level Meteo class I take online at Penn State.

Sent by Dominique on 3/23/15

Physics, Gilbert, AZ

My daughter is a junior at Mesquite and is looking for a tutor for AP Physics and maybe for precalc/trig. Please call (phone number available after purchase) anytime.

Sent by Stephen on 3/23/15

Public Speaking, Gainesville, FL

Need help in public speaking

Sent by Melony on 3/23/15

Esl, Northampton, MA

I am in my last course for my MEd in ESL. The course is Action Research and focus is on a fifth grade student with ADHD. I just can't finish it.

Sent by Lisa on 3/23/15

Dyslexia, Bellmore, NY

I am looking for a tutor for my 2 daughters, who are 5 and 7 years old. My 7 year old was diagnosed last year with dyslexia. My 5 year old has ADHD and is on...

Sent by Mary on 3/23/15

Mcat, Baltimore, MD

Hi Rakibul, My name is D. and I am the Director of Logistics and Operations for Top Test Prep ((url available after purchase)).

Sent by Dov on 3/23/15

Photoshop, Huntington, WV

Are you currently looking for employment that involves Photoshop? I would like to speak with you... we can offer flexible hours. Please let me know...

Sent by Mindy on 3/23/15

Math, East Aurora, NY

My son needs help in math. He is in 7th grade at the East Aurora middle school. We are looking for extra tutor help after school at around 2:45.

Sent by Betsy on 3/23/15

Math, Galion, OH

hello, i am going to retake my compass test at NC State to go for a certificate in Accounting. i have been out of High School for 30 years and did not do well...

Sent by Jenny on 3/23/15

Biology, Kapolei, HI

would we be able to meet up for a consult

Sent by Dj on 3/23/15

Russian, Silver Spring, MD

Hello, My name is V. and I'm interested in taking some Russian lessons. Please contact me if you are available. Thanks.

Sent by Victor on 3/22/15

Physics, Springfield, MO

Hi, I have a survey of class and i have a test on Tuesday, so can we meet today and tomorrow if it passable.

Sent by Zack on 3/22/15

Ap Physics, Oldsmar, FL

Hello Maher, I would like to talk to you about tutoring in AP Physics I. Can you please call me at (phone number available after purchase)? Thanks, M. L.

Sent by Marcel on 3/22/15

Organic Chemistry, Salt Lake City, UT

I need help studying for organic chemistry midterm. Do you think you can help me with that? text me on my number ASAP 801860313eight

Sent by Hamed on 3/22/15

Electrical Engineering, Imperial Beach, CA

Hello my name is L. J.. I am currently enrolled in the Electrical Transmission System Technology program through Bismarck State. I think with your...

Sent by Leslie on 3/22/15

Math For College, Fairmont, MN

Hi Melissa, I live in Fairmont, MN... 24 years old, need help with college classes. Thank you D.

Sent by Dnchtt on 3/22/15

Accounting, Winston Salem, NC

Sent by Lennay on 3/22/15

Accounting, Dundalk, MD

Female, 17, junior at Patapsco HS. Needs help w Accounting class - basic or 1st level class. Will need help to graduate this year, so ideally 2-3 hours/sessions...

Sent by Brent on 3/22/15

Statistics Tutor, Harleysville, PA

Hi I am a mechanical engineer (BSME) and I am enrolled for my master's in systems engineering. I have a course that I need help with, Introduction to Probability Models.

Sent by Alex on 3/22/15

Phonics, Plano, TX

Need phonics lesson for 5yr old

Sent by Gwyn on 3/22/15

Chemistry (general), Sherman, TX

need help please on chemistry and i have exam tomorrow

Sent by Gaida on 3/22/15

Chemistry, Tulsa, OK

Hi! I really need help with my chemestry class at tulsa community college. Please help! Thank you

Sent by Kristina on 3/22/15

ESL, West Lafayette, IN

Hello Jacqueline, My wife is a beginner English learner and she has taken English classes at Lafayette Adult Resource Academy but she feels that she needs...

Sent by Saad on 3/22/15

Usmle, New York, NY

hi i want to practice cs exam ...my number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Nisarg on 3/21/15

Turkish, Boston, MA

Hi Nezih My name is H. and I am a graduate student at Harvard. I am taking Elementary Turkish as part of my program requirement and I am having some trouble with...

Sent by Hind on 3/21/15

Project Management, Atlanta, GA

I need to get a wbs done for a coffee shop like tomorrow! So i would appreciate if i could get some assistance with this ready to pay.

Sent by Blake on 3/21/15

Environmental Engineering, Hicksville, NY

Hello I need help solving some problems in environmental engineering (college junior). Please let me know whats the best time possible we could meet up today...

Sent by Jacob on 3/21/15

Sas, Cleveland, OH

Need a tutor for SAS. Got a BS in Pure Mathematics and need to master SAS to get the job I want

Sent by Sheraida on 3/21/15

Geometry, Bowling Green, OH

Geometry and Spanish tutoring needed for my Otsego sophomore. He is a right-brain type learner. If you have no spanish experience maybe you could help us find...

Sent by Julia on 3/21/15

Spanish, Murrieta, CA

Hi! Our son needs help in Spanish 2, he will have a big test next week. Can you help?

Sent by Jo on 3/21/15

Math, Lansdowne, PA

Hi. I need help with three different assignments. Maybe you would like to take a look at them first to see if you can help me? I also live in Yeadon so I...

Sent by Olivia on 3/21/15

Accounting Tutor, Houston, TX

Hello Mrs Meenal, I am a college student taking Managerial Accounting at UHD online and need some help figuring out some of the concepts. Are you available?

Sent by Isela on 3/21/15

Reading Comprehension, Califon NJ

Interested in tutoring services for hs student. How would I contact you?

Sent by Shirley on 3/21/15

Gymnastics, Irvine, CA

Hi I am interested in gymnastic tutoring. How far are you from irvine?

Sent by Julianne on 3/20/15

Calculus III, Fayetteville, AR

Dr. Brett, My name is E. B. and I'm looking for a cal III tutor. Would you be interested? I'm located in Fayetteville. Thank you, E. B.

Sent by Eric on 3/20/15

Math And Reading, Casa Grande, AZ

my son has an iep in wi we are moving to az city the end of may 2015 he was to go to summer school 3hrs a day 4days a wk all but in july that fourth july week he...

Sent by Betsy on 3/20/15

Organic Chemistry 2, Winter Park, FL

I am a Rollins college pre-med student and biochemistry major (sophomore). I have been struggling in my Organic Chemistry 2 class and would like help for...

Sent by Kelsey on 3/20/15

Spanish, Southampton, PA

Karen, I need a Spanish tutor for my HS daughter who is in Spanish 3. Sunday's look good

Sent by Donna on 3/20/15

Math, CA San Jose

Hello Vesselin. I am looking for russian speaking math tutor for my 9th grade daughter that she is very struggle with math all her years at school but this 9 grade...

Sent by Zlata on 3/20/15

C++, North Hollywood, CA

I need help with c++ material call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Roy on 3/20/15

French, Beaufort, SC

I'm looking for a French tutor to help me reconnect with the language. I took a couple years of French about 50 years ago... yes a long time to forget.

Sent by Fran on 3/20/15

Algebra, Eagle River, AK

I'm looking for an Algebra 2 tutor for my 11th grader. Thank you.

Sent by Abbie on 3/20/15

Elementary Tutoring, Prescott Valley, AZ

I have two boys who are extremely behind in school. They are in 1st and 2nd grade. They neither one read. I am interested in private tutoring for them. One is ADHD.

Sent by Michelle on 3/20/15

Differential Equations, Northridge, CA

looking for a tutor in differential equations

Sent by Robert on 3/20/15

French, Lawrence, KS

Hi Ibrahima, I am really happy finding a person who can teach me French! I tried and tried and tried on my own but it was all in vain.

Sent by Abdulqader on 3/20/15

Spanish, Watsonville, CA

Hi! I have a daughter who needs to complete Spanish 3 at Cabrillo in order to receive her Bachelor's in Sociology from Saint Mary's College.

Sent by Elizabeth on 3/20/15

Biology/Algebra 1, Hamburg, NY

looking for tutor for 9th grade science. Also Algebra 1. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Holly on 3/20/15

Sat II Math, Physics, Dorchester, MA

Hello, My name is A. K. and I am an international student from Myanmar. Currently, I am a sophomore student at UMass Boston studying engineering.

Sent by Aung on 3/20/15

Genetics, Tuscaloosa, AL

My daughter D. is currently on a cruise and has asked us to find her a tutor for genetics. If possible she would like to start tutoring on Tuesday March 24.

Sent by Desiree on 3/20/15

Praxis, Denver, CO

Looking for help with the Praxis 2

Sent by Brad on 3/20/15

Reading Tutor, Longview, TX

My son is 7 and after our second year in kindergarten he still isn't reading. He has speech delays and severe adhd. We really need some help!

Sent by Whitney on 3/20/15

Microsoft Word, Honolulu, HI

Good morning Mr. Melvin I am an italian student, i'm currently going to KCC and i'm taking ICS101 elementary class, all about elementary and basic computer...

Sent by Guglielmo on 3/19/15

Organic Chemistry, Colorado Springs, CO

Hello my son is a junior in high school and is having trouble with Chemistry and sometimes Algebra ... Would you be available to help him?

Sent by Keri on 3/19/15

Accounting, Chicago, IL 60605

Hi, I need help with an financial accounting assignment that's due this sunday.

Sent by Branddi on 3/19/15

Toefl, Wichita, KS

I really need to pass my TOEF exam.

Sent by Nazneen on 3/19/15

Ap Biology, New Milford, CT

Hi Erica, I need an AP Biology tutor for my daughter. She's a strong student but lacks confidence. Her exam is in May. We are in New Milford CT.

Sent by Marie on 3/19/15

Sign Language, Palm Desert, CA

What education level do you have? What are your credentials ?

Sent by Ariana on 3/19/15

Gre, Wilmington, DE

Hi! My name is J., and I graduated from college last spring with my BA in Psychology. I'm in the midst of applying to grad school, but I need to take the GRE.

Sent by Jess on 3/19/15

Chemistry (general), Denham Springs, LA

I have a 16 year old daughter that needs some help in Chemistry. How knowledgable are you in Chemistry?

Sent by Neva on 3/19/15

General, Strongsville, OH

Tutor in all fields for 12 yr. old high functioning autistic boy..A male mentor. Please contact me ASAP

Sent by Susan on 3/19/15

Public Speaking, San Luis Obispo, CA

Hi Zette, Would you be available to be a 5 - 7 minute Guest Speaker at our SLO Noontime Toastmaster's Club in May, on a Tuesday at noon?

Sent by Fran on 3/19/15

Java, Visalia, CA

Hi, I am going to take a java programming class and I really could use a jump on things. I have taken HTML5 and CSS3 and did very well.

Sent by Julie on 3/19/15

Math Science, Gainesville, VA

Hello Durga, I am looking for a math and elementary science tutor for a 5th grader. We live in Gainesville, VA. Hope to hear back from you. B.

Sent by Brad on 3/19/15

Accounting, Forest Hills, NY

Timothy, I am a current Queens College student and I am looking for a private tutor to help me with my intermediate accounting class. I am hoping you are available.B.

Sent by Brenda on 3/19/15

Nclex Rn, Saint Louis, MO

Hello, my name is A. and I'm at a point of deperation as far as getting help to PASS boards. I've taken them twice 1st time 262 questions and the 2nd 153 questions.

Sent by Ashley on 3/19/15

Elementary Special Needs, Las Vegas, NV

Hi Cheryl, my 9 year old son is really struggling in his 4th grade class. In all subjects. It's very hard for him to stay on tasks.

Sent by Sarah on 3/19/15

History, Laredo, TX

Hi, i need help on a history essay dont know if you can help me out?

Sent by Isela on 3/19/15

Physics, Altoona, PA

physics tutoring, penn state

Sent by Carolina on 3/19/15

Finance, Aiea, HI

Hi Debbie, I am struggling with several Finance subjects in my MBA class. Do you have exprerience tutoring with stock valuations and risk and return?

Sent by Tanya on 3/19/15

Statistics, Lombard, IL

Hello Colleen. I need help with statistics-probability chapter. Can you help me?

Sent by Iza on 3/19/15

Act, Brookline, MA

i am looking for act tutor for my daughter. Would you be available to tutor? Thank you

Sent by Marina on 3/19/15

High School Math And English, Redding, CA

Looking to find a tutor for a 9th grade student. Need assistance with Math and English.

Sent by Heather on 3/19/15

Political Science, Fullerton, CA

Are you able to help me with my political science paper. It's a 2-3 page paper. I need Express my political views with 2 quizzes I took and define terms and use them...

Sent by Patty on 3/18/15

Algebra, Gilbertsville, PA 19525

Elisa, My daughter Maya has had a big problem passing the Algebra Keystone. She has taken it twice and gotten the same score both time.

Sent by Tandy on 3/18/15

Calculus, Bryan, TX

Hi I desperately need help with calculus I would need to have you come to my house possibly a couple times this week it would be this week during spring break so...

Sent by Lauren on 3/18/15

Reading, Manahawkin, NJ

Hi Teresa, My son Brendan 8 yr. old needs help with reading and writing from a special Ed teacher who is experienced with adhd and dyslexia.

Sent by Viktoriya on 3/18/15

Chemistry (general), Carlsbad, CA

Please contact me asap! Need help in general Chem, have a test in a week thanks (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Yehuda on 3/18/15

Teas Test V, Honolulu, HI

Hello, Nicolle I just happen to stumble across this website...I'm trying to find a tutor to help my daughter pass the TEAS TEST V..

Sent by Emanuel on 3/18/15

Accounting, Winston Salem, NC

Sent by Lennay on 3/18/15

Clep, New York, NY 10023

Would like tutoring for college mathematics and college English. Have a few college credits but have been avoiding math. Have not done math since high school.

Sent by Charlotte on 3/18/15

Statistics, Pasadena, CA

Hey Marilyn, my name is O.. I am taking statistics and need help for the final which is coming up in about 2 months. I have to start from scratch basically...

Sent by Ori on 3/18/15

Bio, Oxford, MS

Hello I am in need to someone to help me for Bio 162. I am studying the materiall constantly and I am still unable to get the grades I need. I hope you can help.

Sent by Karina on 3/18/15

Accounting, Oxford, MS

Hi! I'm currently in accounting 201 and I was wondering if you were available for tutoring? I made a 35 on our first test and just can't seem to understand it.

Sent by Leisha on 3/18/15

Usmle, Brighton, MA 02135

Would like to be tutored for the usmle step 1. I'm looking for someone to be there like coursework. How much would you charge for that ?

Sent by Priya on 3/18/15

Biology, Bloomfield Hills, MI

I am lookiN.g for a biology aN.d chemistry teacher for my daughter. She is iN. 9th grade.

Sent by Luckshie on 3/18/15

Math, Peachtree Corners, GA

Hello, I'm returning to college after 20 years. I need some help with pre cal and beyond. Please contact me so we can discuss the possibility of us working together.

Sent by Nikki on 3/18/15

Accounting, Santa Fe, TX

I am in desperate need of a tutor for my accounting 202 class. I am taking an online class and I'm falling behind because I don't understand. Please help me if you can.

Sent by Vencent on 3/18/15

Online Help With MEd, Northampton, MA

I need help finishing an online course for my MEd.

Sent by Lisa on 3/18/15

Esl, Greer, SC

My name is S. G. and I am the Language Resource Coordinator for Executive Language Training. Executive Language Training is an industry leader in providing English...

Sent by Sandy on 3/18/15

Math, Silsbee, TX

I need help with high school math. I live in silsbee.

Sent by Patrick on 3/18/15

Math, Lake View, NY

Jennifer, I am looking for a math tutor for my son and eventually for my daughter. Please contact me at your earliest. I live in Lake View NY.

Sent by Bob on 3/18/15

Elementary Reading, Math, San Jose, CA

Hi Elisa, I'm looking for a tutor for my son, Chase. He is 7 yrs old and in first grade. Do you have experience with first graders?

Sent by Jackie on 3/17/15

Calculus Tutor, Reston, VA

Hi Michael, I'm taking Calculus 1 at NOVA, and I'm not doing so well in the class, we just finished derivatives and now moving onto using derivatives for...

Sent by Alex on 3/17/15

General Chemistry, Bellevue, NE

physics and general chemistry

Sent by Darrell on 3/17/15

Cpa, Chicago, IL

Hi Minaz - I'm taking the Regulation exam in late May and other CPA exams later this summer and fall. I'd love to schedule a time to talk with you about your...

Sent by Anthony on 3/17/15

Reading, Atlanta, GA 30342

I am looking for an Orton Gillingham tutor for my 5 year old son.

Sent by Linda on 3/17/15

Finance, Austin, TX

Hi I need a tutor for my Corporate Finance class at UT. I need a tutor asap during spring break. Please respond quickly.

Sent by Andreas on 3/17/15

Apple, Bonita Springs, FL

I need help with setting up an interactive spreadsheet in my Macbook Pro laptop using the Apple 'numbers' program. I will pay any reasonable sum for help and...

Sent by Allan on 3/17/15

Math, Bakersfield, CA

Hello, I need help with Stats ranging from Normal distributions to margin of Error, and sample size proportions.

Sent by Elizabeth on 3/17/15

Nclex Rn, Rockland, MA

Hi Justine, I graduated from Mass. General Institute of Health professions with my Bachelors in nursing. I have taken the NCLEX 3 times.

Sent by Erin on 3/17/15

Calculus, Oxford, MS

Hi Hailey, I'm trying to help my son find a tutor at Ole Miss to help with Calculus (Math 268). Is this a subject you are qualified for? Thanks, S.

Sent by Susan on 3/17/15

Algebra 2, Rocky River, OH

Hello I am interested in an Algebra 2 tutor for my daughter. She is a freshman in Honors Algebra and doing so well they are letting her do Algebra 2 on her own so...

Sent by Gretchen on 3/17/15

Abacus Math, Fredericksburg, VA

HELLO, I AM interested in abacus math for my 6 AND 10 YEARS OLD daughters. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Kay on 3/17/15

Chemistry, Nashville, TN

Hello! My name is M. Catherine B.. I am a high school senior, and I will be attending Belmont University this fall where I will major in biochemistry and molecular...

Sent by Mary on 3/17/15

Math, Rockwall, TX

Hi I need help with math. any free time today

Sent by Theresa on 3/17/15

English, Corpus Christi, TX

Dear John, I hope this email finds you well. My name is C. Filippini, and I am contacting you on behalf of Listen and Learn. I found your contact details...

Sent by Carla on 3/17/15

Statistics, Houston, TX

Hi Anthony my name is L. V. i was wondering if you can help me with a project I have for a class my Contact info is (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Luis on 3/17/15

Geology, Fort Worth, TX

HELP! Brooke, I am an adult student in a fast-paced weekend college program. I am trying to finish my Geology Semester but I have several lab activities that...

Sent by Ashley on 3/17/15

Math, Centerburg, OH

I am looking for a math tutor for my daughter. She is currently in 7th grade and has an IEP for math. I am seeing about getting a tutor for the summer.

Sent by Amy on 3/17/15

Math High School, Lithonia, GA

I have a HS senior sT.ruggling T.o pass maT.h wiT.h only 9wks of school remaining. He need T.o pass T.his class for graduaT.ion. I'm looking for sessions 1 day week...

Sent by Paulette on 3/17/15

Chemistry, Ventura, CA

My daughter needs a help for chemistry. she is a 10th grade in foothill tech. Thank you

Sent by Naomi on 3/17/15

Writing Tutor, Plainfield, VT

I'm looking for a tutor for my 15 year old tenth grade daughter. Primarily writing, efficiency, note taking, organizational skills, etc.

Sent by Julie on 3/17/15

Vocabulary, Hooks,TX

I am looking for a tutor for my son with his readying and vocabulary work. He is in the 4th grade at Hooks. I would like to speak with you if you are still tutoring.

Sent by Christy on 3/17/15

Photoshop, Lithonia, GA

Hi Adam I am looking for a tutor in photo shop Tuesday morning

Sent by Mia on 3/17/15

Math, San Dimas, CA

basic math for 3rd grader

Sent by Andrea on 3/16/15

Photoshop, San Francisco

Hi. Do you know lightroom as well as you know Adobe Photoshop? Am looking for someone to teach me a few items in both. For photoshop, in particular, working with layers.

Sent by Susanne on 3/16/15

Dreamweaver, Burlington, NC

Hi there i am a current student at GTCC and need some extra help with this semester. Please contact me i need help with dreamweaver, javascripting and photoshop

Sent by Silvana on 3/16/15

Biology, Ellicott City, MD

My son could use some help in GT biology and Algebra II. He is a 9th grader.

Sent by Wayne on 3/16/15

Statistics, Portland, OR

Michael, I'm an MBA student having a tough time with my Business Statistics class. The class is online and the prof basically tells us to read the book...

Sent by Kyle on 3/16/15

Toefl, Parsippany, NJ

Hello, miss das i want help to pass toefl. Please contact me

Sent by Navi on 3/16/15

Statistics, Bridgeport, WV

Hi I am looking for a tutor for statistics. Can you help me? You can email me or contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Vanessa on 3/16/15

Real Estate, Lawrenceville, GA

I really need help passing the real estate sales exam. I failed 2 years back, and I'm ready to step up my sales game. Please help!!!!!

Sent by Lakesha on 3/16/15

Nclex Rn, Atlanta, GA

Hello, I am currently preparing for the NCLEX and I need some guidance on the material and test taking strategies. You may contact me at (phone number available...

Sent by Chanel on 3/16/15

Algebra, Madera, CA

Please I need tutoring for Algebra. Starting this week. (phone number available after purchase). two-three-two, ninety-eight, sixteen

Sent by Lala on 3/16/15

Chemistry, Billings, MT

Hi i need a tutor for intro to chemistry 121

Sent by Matthew on 3/16/15

Python, Saint Paul, MN

Hi i need help with assignment in python programming. can you please help me B.efore due day wednesday.

Sent by Ismail on 3/16/15

Adobe Photoshop, Eugene, OR

Hey Dawn, M. here. Have used Photoshop 6 for years. Recent PC upgrade. Purchased 13 my folders etc getting kind of messy. I have almost a thousand folders of pics.

Sent by Michael on 3/16/15

Italian, Sewell, NJ

I am a senior at rutgers camden taking italian I on-line, but am looking for a tutor. I live in washington, twp. Thanks.

Sent by Chris on 3/16/15

Math, Plainsboro, NJ

need someone to help my daughter. She is good, but need regular in math revision which she learn in school

Sent by Monia on 3/16/15

Pre Calculus, Indiana, PA

My 17 yo son needs some help with pre-calculus. Are you near Indiana, PA?

Sent by Sherene on 3/16/15

Multiple, Derwood, MD

Hi Cara We are looking for a tutor for our daughter, who can tutor multiple subjects, help in homework, assignments, prioritizing etc. She is in 11th grade.

Sent by Ramdas on 3/16/15

Waste Treatment, Dublin, GA

Gene, I need some assistance with word problems covering liquid tank detention, liquid and dosage calculation for water treatment and flow and rate of liquids.

Sent by Dan on 3/16/15

Usmle, Chicago, IL 60645

Hi i am looking for a tutor asap to prep for usmle step 1 which i am taking april 30th i am looking for someone twice a week for all organ systems

Sent by Sundas on 3/16/15

Calculus, Baltimore, MD

Looking for calculus help starting in May. Please. Call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Laurie on 3/16/15

Nclex Rn, Cypress, CA

Hi Melinda, Do you tutor for the NCLEX RN exam? I am looking for one on one tutoring for the exam and want to start this week!

Sent by Hannah on 3/16/15

Special Education, Terre Haute, IN

I have this assignment and I need your help with it Commercial Math Programs: You are to explore math textbooks for the school setting in which you teach...

Sent by Ann on 3/15/15

Material Science, Logan, UT

I am looking for a Material Science tutor. I'm having trouble keeping up with the speed of the course and the amount of material covered.

Sent by Kiri on 3/15/15

Trigonometry, Ossining, NY

Hello Prof, Sid Hantler, My name is S. and I'm a sophomore in high school. I am struggling with Trigonometry. There are specific topics that I don't understand and...

Sent by Sandy on 3/15/15

Quicken, Los Angeles, CA

hi john... i need help with quicken. i just switched to a macbook platform after using pc's for years. i have never used quicken to it's fullest extent..

Sent by Larry on 3/15/15

Java, Columbus, OH

Sent by Jennifer on 3/15/15

Reading, Richardson, TX

Hi I am interested to help my daughter reading.

Sent by Helen on 3/15/15

Java, Oak Park, MI

Hello, How are you doing ? I am interested when I read your profile , so I am looking for teaching me Java programming. I need two hour per day ...

Sent by Marrran on 3/15/15

Math, Howell, MI

my daughter haley D. is having a hard time with 7th grade math and we need some help what were your available dates and we would like to meet at the howell library...

Sent by Dreama on 3/15/15

Finance, Wahiawa, HI

I need help with accounting for my accounting class. I am in graduate school. The class is more of a finance class though. Thank you

Sent by Chevon on 3/15/15

Elementary Reading, Deland, Florida

my 10 yr old son I in 3rd grade and is struggling in reading and grammar. I am on a limited income and limited flexibility schedule due to my work schedule.

Sent by Kimberly on 3/15/15

Reading, Clifton Park, NY

Hello. I am looking for a tutor who can teach reading for my daughter who is 3 years and 7 month old. She is very bright and talks very good.

Sent by Katherine on 3/15/15

Cissp, Chicago, IL 60661

Hi David, I am interested in your assistance for the CISSP exam. I have taken it twice and have not been able to pass. Is this something you can assist me with?

Sent by Nancy on 3/14/15

Algebra, Riverview, FL

My 8th grade daughter is currently enrolled in virtual school and needs help with Algebra 1.

Sent by Charlotte on 3/14/15

Algebra, Placerville, CA

I am looking for someone who can help my daughter with algebra. She recently switched schools and is struggling in algebra. We would like to start as soon as possible.

Sent by Bonnie on 3/14/15

Writing College Level, Wallkill, NY

Looking for tutor for college level student. You're credentials look like a match to her needs. Would like to talk with you about your availability.

Sent by Terri on 3/14/15

Hydraulic Engineering, Charlotte, NC

Timothy I am a student at U NC Charlotte and need assistance with Hydrolics. Do you tutor in this area?

Sent by Javan on 3/14/15

ACT math, Suitland, MD

Hello Mr.Frank. I need Act preparation help especially in Math. Also I will like to sharpen my skills in writing, reading, and grammar.

Sent by Funmi on 3/14/15

Anatomy, Rio Rancho, NM

My daughter is a senior in high school and is in danger of failing anatomy and not graduating with her class in May. Are you available and up for the challenge?

Sent by Annette on 3/13/15

Home Schooling, Richmond, VA

I am a young mother of a 2 year old. I am looking to set up a parent-toddler class at the Greek Orthodox Church here in Richmond and am looking for a teacher.

Sent by Loukia on 3/13/15

Db2, Dallas, TX

Are you located in Dallas? If so I would need tutoring for DB2. Please let me know if you are available

Sent by Shari on 3/13/15

Creole, Fort Lauderdale, FL

i need tutor in creole. please contact me

Sent by James on 3/13/15

Math, Oxnard, CA

Hey Byron, My name is D. and I'm a student at Oxnard College taking calculus 1 right now. I have a C in the class but want to do better.

Sent by Derek on 3/13/15

Elementary, Gainesville, VA

We are looking for tutor in Manassas & Gainsville area for our clubz students. For K-5 kids we pay $25/hr.Also I can get you multiple students and multiple hours.

Sent by Murali on 3/13/15

Usmle Ste1 CK, Sugar Land, TX 77479

Hi Dr Qamar, I have been trying to get in touch with you for the last two days. Can you please call me asap at (phone number available after purchase)?

Sent by Preetika on 3/13/15

Chemistry, Lake Elsinore, CA

Hi I have a 15 year old daughter who is struggling in her chemistry class and has asked me to find her a tutor.

Sent by Chasity on 3/13/15

Biology, Oxford, OH

I need help in Bio 116. I struggle in learning the material

Sent by Andrew on 3/13/15

Physics, Naples, FL

Need help with a invention, (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Steve on 3/13/15

Math, Dayton, TX

looking for a local tutor around Dayton, Tx please contact if interested

Sent by Michael on 3/13/15

GRE, Fresno, CA 93726

Hi there, I am seeking a math tutor who can be located anywhere for a class taught via Skype. I am going to be taking the GRE but I need to go way back for...

Sent by Michele on 3/13/15

Math Tutoring, Boynton Beach, FL

Hello! My 12 year old son is struggling in Math and study skills. I'm looking for a tutor who can help him obtain Math skills and more importantly proper study habits.

Sent by Bernadette on 3/13/15

Math, High Springs, FL

Hi, Chloe! Are you Denise Campbell's daughter, by chance? If so, she was my son's kindergarten teacher last year. I am contacting you concerning my daughter...

Sent by Rebecca on 3/13/15

Patrick, Cambridge, MA

My daughter Sara is taking ACT April 18 and needs tutoring help. Please let me know if you can do it. We leave in Nahant 01908

Sent by Ana on 3/13/15

Clep Math & English, Bronx, NY 10469

Recently went back to college. I need college credits in Math and English. Currently not enrolled, but would like to Clep both these subjects. Please Help!

Sent by Charlotte on 3/12/15

Dreamweaver, Saint Paul, MN

I'm looking for a dream weaver tutor for my son. He is taking a college course in this and is finding it difficult.

Sent by Sheryl on 3/12/15

Algebra 1, Fountain Valley, CA

My freshman son is failing algebra. Can you help? We live in F.V. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Paul on 3/12/15

All, Woodstock Ny

Hi there, My son has been attending a non traditional school and wants to prepare for public HS in the fall. We live in Woodstock.

Sent by Laurie on 3/12/15

Gre, Kalamazoo, MI

Hello. My name is K. and I am looking for a GRE verbal tutor. I read your profile and I would like to discuss opportunies to meet.

Sent by Kevin on 3/12/15

Usmle Step 3, St Louis, Missouri

Hello, I am looking for a tutor to help with usmle step 3 preparation. I am currently a general surgery intern. Thank you, A.

Sent by Alon on 3/12/15

Android, Glenview, IL

Do you tutor on Android phones?

Sent by Sharon on 3/12/15

French, Tacoma, WA

Hello Ariane - We are seeking a French tutor for our 16 year old daughter, Lauren. She attends school in North Tacoma. This is her 2nd year of French and...

Sent by Jennifer on 3/12/15

Sat Tutor, Parkville, MD

Please contact me today. I am looking for a tutor in Ellicott City.

Sent by Adam on 3/12/15

Chemistry, Elmhurst, IL

Hi Ritu, I have a HS sophomore and she is having trouble with her Honors Chemistry class. I was wondering if you are available weeknights or weekends to help her?

Sent by Emily on 3/12/15

Gre, Charleston, SC

Hi Kimberly, I recently got denied from MUSC due to my GRE score and need to get it higher in both math and verbal. Do you help with both subjects?

Sent by Kacie on 3/12/15

Computer, Decatur, AL

I have some "operator" problems with my computer/printer and I need someone to come to my home to help me resolve a few problems and to show me how to do...

Sent by Patricia on 3/12/15

Gmat, Washington, DC

Hi Kate, I'm looking for a GMAT verbal tutor. I took the GMAT in Nov and scored a 600 with a Q47 and V26. I'm in the process of getting back into the grove of...

Sent by Rick on 3/12/15

Spanish, Las Vegas, NV

Hi Anna, Would you be available to tutor a beginner-level Adult in Spanish? Looking for in-home sessions for a home in zip code 89158. Thanks, M.

Sent by Meghann on 3/12/15

Algebra, Cranberry Township, PA

Hi Megan, We have a bright 14 y/o son, Keegan who is struggling with algebra. He is planning on taking algebra 1 online this summer, as he is going into 9th grade...

Sent by Shelby on 3/12/15

Middle School, Cambridge, MA

Hi, We're looking for a tutor for an eighth grader. Super sweet kid but struggles with organization and getting homework in on time.

Sent by Meg on 3/12/15

French, Geometry, Saint Petersburg, FL

Hello my daughter Sara is taking French one and is in session 2 with Florida virtual school she's also in geometry honors and we would like to find someone...

Sent by Judi on 3/12/15

Chemistry, Houston, TX

Hello, I need help with college chemistry. What days and time are you available?

Sent by Henry on 3/12/15

Accounting, Lebanon, TN

Hi Herbert...my girlfriend is rreally struggling with accounting and I am hoping you can help us...her name is Jackie and she lives in Lebanon....

Sent by Keith on 3/12/15

English, Chesapeake, VA

I need help with English and public speaking, spelling

Sent by Teresa on 3/12/15

Latin, Cincinnati, OH

looking for Latin 2 help for my son.

Sent by Tony on 3/12/15

Finance, Norcross, GA

Hi there Do you still give a tutor in finance?

Sent by Raed on 3/12/15

Organic Chemistry, Glendale, CA

Hello, this is N. T. I am an organic chem II studenT. I have an exam next week and i am not prepared for iT. I really need help. How much do you charge per hour?

Sent by Nawaf on 3/11/15

Reading Writing, Marble, NC

I am looking for someone to help my 3rd grader with reading and writing.

Sent by Todd on 3/11/15

Reading, Deland, FL

Hello. We are inquiring for tutoring twin boys in 5th grade. We are interested in Reading and Writing.

Sent by Nilima on 3/11/15

Reading, Oklahoma City, OK

Hi Logan, I know that it does not explicitly say that you can tutor for reading, but I need a tutor for a third grader who is very far behind.

Sent by Raeven on 3/11/15

Calculus, Baytown, TX

hi my name is V. and im looking for a tutor for my daughter celeste. we live in batown

Sent by Victor on 3/11/15

Ssat, New York, NY

We are looking for SSAT tutor in Manhattan. If you are interested, please email me at (email available after purchase). Thank you!

Sent by Lenny on 3/11/15

Anatomy, Daytona Beach, FL

2nd year college student needing tutoral in human anatomy.

Sent by Maloma on 3/11/15

Meteorology, Levittown, NY

Hi Ramona, I am struG.G.linG. with my colleG.e level meteoroloG.y class and was wonderinG. if you could help.

Sent by Jeanine on 3/11/15

Chemistry (general), Weaverville, NC

My 10th grade son needs chemistry tutoring. We live in Weaverville. He has a test Friday and would love to start as soon as possible.

Sent by Mary on 3/11/15

Reading/Math, Rosedale

My 1st grade son need assistance in reading and math. Having a hard time with the comprehension.

Sent by Niesha on 3/11/15

Kindergarten, Vernon, NJ

Hi Christopher, I'm fostering a 6 years old who is in first grade but at a kindergarten level. I would like a tutor to come in one day a week to help with homework...

Sent by Richard on 3/11/15

Apple Computer, Englewood

Basic Apple. Excel. Word

Sent by George on 3/11/15

Writing, San Diego Ca

Yes I am inquiring about tutoring for my two sons one is a six-year-old In Kender The other one is 12-year-old seventh grader looking to improve their writing...

Sent by Ray on 3/11/15

Numerical Analysis, Dayton, OH

Hi I need your assistant with my project its related to biomedical engineering using matlab

Sent by Rama on 3/11/15

English, Alpharetta, GA

Hi, My son is in 3rd grade and would like you to tutor him in English, reading and ELA. We live in Alpharetta. Call or text me (phone number available after...

Sent by Sam on 3/11/15

Tutoring, Ludowici, GA

I wanted to ask about your teaching credentials, would you be willing to split the hour between two children in the home, how long have you worked with children...

Sent by Cierra on 3/11/15

Elementary Reading, Havelock, NC

i have a 5yr old daugher that has had trouble reading i work with her daliy using site words and other media sources she is still behide her peers

Sent by Ben on 3/11/15

6th Grade Math Tutor, Oroville, CA

"HI, I'M G. T.." MY 11 YEAR OLD daughter, "epiphany rain" really needs some "HELP,& catching-UP" in her "MATH," especially ! WE LIVE IN oroville,& I WOULD LIKE FOR...

Sent by Gabriella on 3/11/15

Web Design, Houston, TX

Hi there: I need some instructions in web design. I live in downtown Houston area. Thx

Sent by Hamisu on 3/11/15

Math, Yucca Valley, CA

Hello. My grandson, Tommy, is in 8th grade at La Contenta. He has ADD and is struggling with math. He needs a tutor desperately!

Sent by Peggy on 3/11/15

Gre, LA Feria, TX

Hello, My name is A. and I am planning on taking the GRE in about a month or 2, I took the UTPA prep-course and I honestly did not feel I learned anything and...

Sent by Alondra on 3/11/15

Act, Galveston, TX

Hello , I am looking for a tutor for my daughter 17 athlete. We need help! She needs to take the Act test in April and needs a good score , testing has not been...

Sent by Nanette on 3/10/15

High School Math, Hanford, CA

Hi Emily, i live in hanford, and my daughter needs a math tutor to help study and pass the ELM. Urgent need to start immediately. Please contact me as soon as possible.

Sent by Mary on 3/10/15

Reading, White Bluff, TN

My daughter is needing alot of help with her reading. She is currently in first grade.

Sent by Stacy on 3/10/15

Act English, San Angelo, TX

Would like to inquire on tutoring on act english and reading

Sent by Wilma on 3/10/15

Differential Equations, Anaheim, CA

Hi Ellada, Can you help me with my differential equations homework? Right now I need help with Frobenius and Orthogonal functions.

Sent by Kris on 3/10/15

Chemistry (organic), Leicester, United Kingdom

Hello, I am doing a Bachelors in Chemistry at the University of Leicester and could really do with some help grasping concepts of Organic Chemistry.

Sent by Linda on 3/10/15

Abacus Math, Lorton,VA 22079

Hello my son is 6 years old in elementary school I want to teach him abacus math 1 or 2 times a week . We leave in Lorton va . Is this something you can do ?

Sent by Lina on 3/10/15

Romanian, New York, NY

Hi! I am getting engaged to my Romanian love and I want to surprise her by learning as much Romanian as I can in the next year before we get married.

Sent by Robert on 3/10/15

Special Education Teacher, Simi Valley, CA

Hi I am in simivalley and looking for a tutor to work with my 11yr old son with autism . I'm in Texas Avenue

Sent by Jayashree on 3/10/15

Algebra, Naples, FL

Hello Mr.John my daughter L. Dalusma has been struggling severly in algebra is there anyway you could help her please?

Sent by Lynn on 3/10/15

Biology, San Leandro, CA

Hello Brittany. My name is S. and I go to chabot community college and I am majoring in kinesiology and have takin biology 2 times not and this will be my third time...

Sent by Sarah on 3/10/15

Photoshop, Boulder, CO

I need a photoshop tutor for my 14 year old son asap ..

Sent by Hanneh on 3/10/15

Executive Function, Philadelphia, PA

Hi Christine I found your contact info online and wonder if you're a good potential resource for our daughter. She's been recently diagnosed with ADD...

Sent by Mike on 3/10/15

Calculus, Citrus Heights, CA

Hi david, I am in town on spring break from Arizona State University. Next week when i go back i have a mastery exam on Differentiation, covering all of...

Sent by Dan on 3/10/15

Nclex Rn, Utica, NY 13502

Good afternoon! My name is Chrisitine L.. I am a recent graduate from SUNY Morrisville. I am about 3 weeks out from my boards and am a nervous wreck.

Sent by Christine on 3/10/15

Italian, Orlando, FL 32819

Donatella, a friend and I are interested in learning conversational Italian. Questions for you: 1) Would you be willing to tutor both of us at once?

Sent by Diane on 3/10/15

Essay Writing, Orlando, FL

My daughter, Kayla is and has been struggling with reading and language arts, have been trying to find a way for tutoring. Came across this on-line and hoping maybe...

Sent by Judy on 3/10/15

Kinesiology Assignment, Chicago, IL 60612

Help me with my biomechanics/kinesiology assignment please??

Sent by Amisha on 3/10/15

Geometry, Clarkston, MI

Hi Betsy, I'm seeking a tutor for geometry help for my son who us a sophomore. We live in Clarkston. When would you've available? Thanks! N.

Sent by Natalie on 3/10/15

English, Chula Vista, CA

I want to improve my English speaking.

Sent by Younghag on 3/10/15

English, Derby, KS

Hello, I am seeking a tutor for my 4th grader whom is struggling with mathematics. She could also use assistance with english as well.

Sent by Erica on 3/9/15

Toefl, Nashville, TN

I want classes for toefl plz.

Sent by Akrm on 3/9/15

Applied Mathematics, Victorville, CA

Hi Daniel do you help with applied mathematics?

Sent by Joyce on 3/9/15

Reading, Lake Stevens, WA

I have a second grade boy who is sweet and is super behind in reading his name is Chaz if I could get help getting him up to grade level that would be great

Sent by Jessica on 3/9/15

Information Technology, Roseville, MI

Hello, hope your doing fine i need some help on one of my assignment. Please email me back on (email available after purchase) as soon as you can. Thank You

Sent by Adil on 3/9/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Praxis, Lake Zurich, IL

I need to pass my praxis core test

Sent by Rebecca on 3/9/15

Pre Calculus, Ojai, CA

Hi, I would like to get some help on pre-calculus because I am having many troubles with the S.bject. I was hoping if we could have a study session before my...

Sent by Ally on 3/9/15

Algebra Tutor, Mount Pleasant, SC

Hi - We have 2 daughters ages 11 and 13 (5th and 7th) that we feel need some one on one tutoring. The 11yo struggles with critical thinking and fractions.

Sent by Jason on 3/9/15

Nclex Rn, Valley Stream, NY

i need help to pass my nclex please give me call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Kiran on 3/9/15

Math, Casa Grande, AZ

Hi Bonnie I am a 43 year old women in need of some math tutoring. I am trying to get into the PCC nursing program and I have put off taking the math classes because...

Sent by Jill on 3/9/15

Thermodynamics, Austin, TX 78734

hello dear, I want your help In Thermodynamics. helping online assignments thank you so much contact me please (email available after purchase)

Sent by Mike on 3/9/15

Statistics, Berkeley, CA

Hello! My name is J. S.. I am a student at Berkeley City College and I am currently enrolled in Math 13 which is intro to Statistics.

Sent by Joanna on 3/9/15

Phonics, Stephenville, TX

I am looking for a tutor for my third grade son. (phone number available after purchase)Thanks so much

Sent by Johanna on 3/9/15

Asvab, Frisco, TX

Hi Brandi, I need help with the ASVAB test mostly arithmetic reasoning. Ive been out of high school for 5 years.

Sent by Trevor on 3/9/15

Algebra 2, Pinellas Park, FL

We need a tutor for Grade 8 female student for her Algebra Honors subject every Tuesday and Thursday 6PM-7PM in Pinellas Park FL ti improve her grades

Sent by Cleo on 3/9/15

Autism, Spring Hill, FL

We have a 15 yr old g.daughter who hasHigh -Functioning Aspergers.She has been home schooled since horrendous incidents in 1st grade in Tn.

Sent by Bryan on 3/9/15

Math, New Bern, NC

Hi I need a tutor for my son asap

Sent by Rebecca on 3/9/15

Science, Beaumont, TX

I'm in serious need to pass the science portion of the G E D test...can you please help me

Sent by Shaunta on 3/9/15

Discrete Math, Stony Brook, NY 11794

Hi, I am problem with discrete math: elementary and beyond. I don't understand much and need help.

Sent by Sompra on 3/9/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

English, Northridge, CA

hi I am interested in your services how much would you charge to come to Augora hills ? what is you contact info ? thanks

Sent by Fallon on 3/9/15

Anatomy, San Antonio, TX

Hi, i'm currently a student at UTSA and need help with anatomy and physiology. I need help reviewing for both classes I have an exam next monday.

Sent by Tamia on 3/9/15

Algebra 2, Salinas, CA

Hi, My Name is A. P. I have special needs and learning Disabilitys I go too Hartnell college and im looking for a Tutor that can help me for free..

Sent by Aaron on 3/9/15

Special Education Sat, Washington, CT

hi Karen we are intereS.ted in S.pecial education S..a.t prep. pleaS.e let uS. know your qualificationS. and improvement reS.ultS. . Thx

Sent by S on 3/9/15

Math, Lakeland, FL

I'm looking for a math tutor for my son he is in the 5th grade. I can be reached by email or cell (phone number available after purchase). Thanks!

Sent by Vanessa on 3/9/15

Algebra 2, Newark, DE

Hi! I need tutoring for my son in Algebra 2 for an online math course. Looking for appr 9-12 hrs per week at our home in Newark. Prefer weekday mornings...

Sent by Elizabeth on 3/9/15

Hebrew, Cincinnati, OH

Hello, I am not exactly searching for a tutor at the moment, because my son is too young to begin taking Hebrew lessons. I am however searching out my options...

Sent by Jeremiah on 3/9/15

Accounting, Newport News, VA

I need some help in Accounting 201. I was hoping that I can get some tutoring for about 1 hour a week.

Sent by Carlton on 3/8/15

Time Management, Oklahoma City, OK

Hey,Stephanie how u done today? I'm a student at SNU, and I have the Principles of M.gement. I really do not understand almost everything.

Sent by Mana on 3/8/15

Calculus Ab, Selma, CA

My daughter is in search for a calculus ab tutor.

Sent by Sylvia on 3/8/15

English Tutoring, Wexford, PA

Hello Ms. Leslie, I'm looking for a tutor for my kids who are in 6th and 7th grades and just wanted to see if you are available. Please let me know.

Sent by Sreedevi on 3/8/15

Thermodynamics, Brooklyn, NY

Hello, I'm looking for a tutor for thermodynamic and basically chemical engineering. I reside in Brooklyn, let me know if you can help. Thank you.

Sent by Samuel on 3/8/15

Elementary, Waxhaw, NC

Hi Olivia, I'm interested in getting additional help for my son outside of school. He attends Waxhaw elementary. Please let me know when you're available.

Sent by Denise on 3/8/15

Java, Elk River, MN

Sent by Ijaz on 3/8/15

Spanish, Harlingen, TX

Tobar, I am a project manager and my work will have me in the south TX area for the next year. I need to develop an understanding of Spanish so I can at least...

Sent by Randy on 3/8/15

Programming, El Paso, TX

Hi John i need tutoring in computer programming for an hour. we can meet at Barnes and Nobles at the Fountains mall.

Sent by Dodji on 3/8/15

Sql, Dallas, TX

i AM facing problem to download microsoft sql management studio 2012 IN MY PC. CAN HELP ME OUT? THANK YOU S.

Sent by Sayed on 3/8/15

Statistics, Larchmont, NY

need help in statistics need help by tuesday

Sent by Theresa on 3/8/15

Algebra 2, Chantilly, VA

Hello Cindy: I am looking for a tutor for our son who is a junior at Chantilly High School and is struggling with Algebra 2. Can you let me know of your availability...

Sent by Ted on 3/8/15

Spanish, Canfield, OH 44406

Sent by Kyle on 3/8/15

Arabic, Annandale, VA

Hi Fuad, This year it's a major goal of mine to continue learning Arabic so I hope you will be able to help. Currently I'm trying to figure out if I can continue...

Sent by Eric on 3/8/15

Algebra, Stony Brook, NY

I am in high school and need urgent tutoring in the Three Village area. I will be taking a Common Core Algebra exam in June and have only learned basic algebra.

Sent by Maria on 3/8/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Calculus (Multivariable), Suwanee, GA 30024

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for my daughter in her Multivariable Calculus class. We would like to begin as soon as possible! Thank you!

Sent by Shilpa on 3/8/15

English, Spring, TX

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor for my son who is in 7th grade & having problems with 3 subjects right now. Also I need to know if you speak Spanish. Thanks!

Sent by Marcos on 3/8/15

Statistics, Mesa, AZ

Hi Melissa, Taking first statistics class in MBA program. Needing assistance today with assignment on prob.distribution, standard deviation.

Sent by Hilda on 3/8/15

Math, Fremont, CA

Hi Sophia, I am looking for a tutor for my son who is in 8th grade to guide him in Math and science. Pls contact me ASAP. Thanks.

Sent by Sangee on 3/8/15

Final Cut Pro, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Hi Jeffery...I'm interested in further developing my ability in Final Cut Pro X. I've cut some basic video footage, but want to become very good.

Sent by David on 3/8/15

Praxis, Fort Polk, LA

Need turoring for the Praxis elementary ed

Sent by Erika on 3/7/15

Ccna, Elizabeth, NJ

Hello P.., My name is P.. also. I am in search for talented network engineers with exP.erience in teaching the CCNA curriculum to join the team.

Sent by Peter on 3/7/15

Math, Manhattan, KS 66502

Hello I have a 13 yr old son who desperately needs help with his math will u be able to travel he resides in junction city please contact me back thru email (email...

Sent by Jason on 3/7/15

Accounting, Atlanta, GA

Greetings my sister. I have Managerial Accounting at Argosy University. I need some assistance in this class. Can you assist me in this class?

Sent by Clinton on 3/7/15

Nclex Rn, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Please call me at (phone number available after purchase). I need NCLEX tutoring

Sent by Alicia on 3/7/15

Speed Reading, Norcross, GA

Hello Katelyn, Just wondering if you could help my 12 year old daughter learn to speed read. She is at the top of her class, but reading is her lowest subject.

Sent by Serafim on 3/7/15

General Chemistry, Florence, SC

Hi josh, I'm currently attending FMU. I am in general chemistry (101) I am in need of help. Is this something you feel comfortable tutoring?

Sent by Laura on 3/7/15

Pre Calculus, Silver Spring, MD

Hi! My son takes Pre Calculus and has a test on Monday that he would like to review for. Are you available today? He is currently working on vectors and parametric...

Sent by Betty on 3/7/15

Math, Las Vegas, NV

Hi Ashley, I am an adult learner in need of help with my math 101 class. I am an undergrad nursing student in my third online semester at excelsior college.

Sent by Maryanne on 3/7/15

Marketing, Irvine, CA

I am undergraduate student and I need help in my marketing class . Thanks

Sent by Hanin on 3/7/15

Algebra, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Hi! Are you able to teach a 15 yr old, Algebra 1 (9th grade)? Our son has A's and B's ineverything, except for a D in Algebra. He is on the 2nd teacher this year...

Sent by Allyson on 3/7/15

Math, Pensacola, FL

Hello, I was wondering if I can get some information on tutoring my daughter Haley B. who is taking the ACT on April 18 for the first time.

Sent by Terri on 3/7/15

Ssat Math, Williamsburg, VA

Hello! we are looking for tutoring for our 13 year old son who did very well on the SSAT reading section, well on the verbal, but bombed the quantitative section-he...

Sent by Hope on 3/7/15

Statistics, Buffalo, NY

Hello Abigail, I am student at UB , I have statistics course / spss . We have four assignments in this semester and I don't have experience in the spss .

Sent by Abdulrahman on 3/6/15

Accounting, Auburn, AL

My daughter is a senior at Auburn and needs a tutor to help her with her business accounting class. Are you available to tutor her immediately?

Sent by Nancy on 3/6/15

Java, Vienna, VA

Dear Mr. Ashley W., I need to learn JAVA programming while I am attending college. I have some basic knowledge but I am strugling with java even though I am good...

Sent by Amirkhan on 3/6/15

Sql Programming, Dallas, TX

HI AM.ruta iM. looking for a Sql tutor , i havent start it the classes yet but i need soM.e inforM.ation about everything in SQL.

Sent by Hawin on 3/6/15

Kindergarten Help, Lahaina, HI

Aloha Rowena, We are in need of a tutor for our little kindergartner. I am at a lost and am afraid he is just not getting things.. We are located in Kahana.

Sent by Dana on 3/6/15

English Tutor, Benicia

Will next Wednesday work?

Sent by Cliff on 3/6/15

Dyslexia, Wellesley, MA

Hi Diana, Our son has had a difficult educational experience -- he has always struggle in reading, although only recently, at 17 (a junior at Wellesley High School)...

Sent by George on 3/6/15

Reading, Conroe, TX

Hi , my name is A. Cerda , I have aIson who is in need of help with his reading , Spelling , and pronouncing the words. If you feel that might be something that...

Sent by Angelo on 3/6/15

Philosophy, Dearborn Heights, MI

I need help in Philosophy please

Sent by Moe on 3/6/15

Video, Corona, CA

Hello Jonathen, I am a resident of Corona. I was wondering if you are familiarized with the Canon XF100 video camera. I am thinking about doing some projects in...

Sent by Edgar on 3/6/15

Reading, Granada Hills, CA

Hello! My wife and I are looking for a tutor for my son James. He is in first grade and is having trouble with Grammer and reading comprehension.

Sent by Raymond on 3/6/15

Accounting, Texarkana, TX

I'm having trouble in my accounting class and I was looking to get help with it.

Sent by Bryant on 3/6/15

Algebra, Fresno, CA

I'm an algebra student at Fresno City College. I've passed Alg 1, years ago. I need Alg 1 review tutoring and Algebra 2. I'll need you on a weekly basis for one year.

Sent by Aundria on 3/6/15

Psychology, Cleveland, OH

Hi William. I started psychology introduction and I'm doing terrible in my favorite subject. Would you please contact me? I have a third test on March 18th and...

Sent by Cris on 3/6/15

Java, San Marcos, CA

I need assistance with Java programming

Sent by Walter on 3/6/15

Heat Transfer, Leesburg, VA 20176

hi , if u know about transfer heat , help me please . thank you

Sent by Ghaith on 3/5/15

C++, Charlotte, NC

Dear Manish, I am engineering student who is taking an intermediate c++ class this semester and not doing so well. I am currently having trouble understanding...

Sent by James on 3/5/15

English, New Bern, NC

I am in desperate need to help my son in learning how to read. He is 7years old and is need in tutoring.

Sent by Selina on 3/5/15

Russian, CA

Privet Lana, I wish to study Russian language with a tutor. Please eM.il me if you are interested. Spasibo, E.

Sent by Edward on 3/5/15

Needed Tutor, Uniontown, OH

My son is in the 6th grade and is in the IEP program He desperately needs reading help. He has been tested and is at a 4th grade reading level.

Sent by John on 3/5/15

Civil Engineering, Boston, MA

I have some foundation design problems that has to be done in 6 hours. please text me ASAP if you are willing to help ( (phone number available after purchase))...

Sent by Abdul on 3/5/15

Math, Zanesville, OH

hello my name is D. Jr I'm a college student at the University of Phoenix online I am in math algebra 1 16 right now and I am doing my best to make it through...

Sent by Donald on 3/5/15

Java, San Marcos, CA

Hello. I need help taking my beginners (2nd semester) Java midterm. 25 Questions - 1 Hr

Sent by Mel on 3/5/15

USMLE Step2ck, Brighton, MA 02135

Hello, My name is E. N. and I am a medical student at UCSF looking for tutor to help me work through Qbank through online sessions.

Sent by Eitan on 3/5/15

Asvab, Lansing, MI

Hello, My name is J. I live in the lansing area and am looking for a tutor to help me prepare for the asvab test if you could get back to me please to let me know...

Sent by Jennifer on 3/5/15

English, Wexford, PA

Hi Kamy, I would like you to tutor my daughter in English. Please contact me at my phone number if you are interested. Contact me at either of these numbers...

Sent by Al on 3/5/15

Reading, Murphy, NC

Hello joe, My 9 year old son in the 3rd grade is behind in reading and writing. He is starting to studder. I am hoping to get him a personal tutor one...

Sent by Todd on 3/5/15

Praxis, North Conway, NH

Hello Morgen, I am 27 years old , i live in N conway and would like to pass praxis 2 ( french ) is that something you can help me to prepare for? Sincerely, J.

Sent by Julia on 3/5/15

Science, Indian Trail, NC

Hello Donald, Would you be able to tutor a rising 10th grader in the subject of science at the Indian Trail library weekly for an hour at $25.00 an hour?

Sent by Ann on 3/5/15

Calculus, New Baltimore, MI

Hi Linda, My daughter, Rachel, needs help with college calculus. Can you tell me what your availability is?

Sent by Peg on 3/5/15

Marketing, Nashua, NH

Hello, My daughter is currently attending SHNU (1st Year). She is taking marketing class and needs help with this class. Please let know if you are available ...

Sent by Mohammed on 3/5/15

Italian, Murfreesboro, TN

Hi Maureen, I am looking Italian lesson. I am going to travel to Italy. I have some basic knowlege but I need to improved my conversation skills. -D.

Sent by Demon on 3/5/15

Math, Lumberton, NC

I am trying to get some help for my granddaughter in Math. She is a 6th grader. I want to catch her up before she moves on to the next grade.

Sent by Jan on 3/5/15

Algebra, O Fallon, MO 63366

hey there, my son in ninth grade at fzn. he needs urgent help like yesterday in algebra. we don't live but five minutes apart we share same zip. can you help us?

Sent by Terry on 3/5/15

English, Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Hello Alicia , My name is K.. I'm looking for online ESL tutor for my child. So if you interested skype me back please. I'm looking forward to hearing back from you.

Sent by Khalid on 3/5/15

History, Irvine, CA

My son (11th grade) needs a tutor for his AP US history class. Please call me ASAP at (phone number available after purchase). Thanks, H.

Sent by Helen on 3/5/15

Java, Columbus, OH

I'm need Java Language tutoring. Parsing, exception handling etc... I have an immediate need. Thank you for your time.

Sent by Samuel on 3/5/15

Algebra Tutor, Martinez, CA

Hi Marianne: i am in Algebra 1 and i need a tutor. I am in my fifties and have never taken Algebra before. Would love to meet and talk. thank you, A.

Sent by Annette on 3/4/15

Statistics, Colorado Springs, CO

Interested in tutoring for applied statistics for health care professionals.

Sent by Kathy on 3/4/15

Accounting, Boston, MA

Hi Bernard, Do you have experience tutoring Cost Accounting? Hello, Do you tutor Cost Accounting? I do not aspire to be an Accountant however, I am taking...

Sent by Kera on 3/4/15

Geometry, Saint Augustine, Florida

My daughter is in the 11th grade and is really struggling in geometry. She failed the last test and took another one today. Her teacher is giving her a chance...

Sent by Heather on 3/4/15

Linear Equations - Algebra, Shippensburg, PA

Hello - I'm wondering if you are available to help our daughter Lauren with Linear Equations? She's in 8th grade. We live in Shippensburg.

Sent by Lisa on 3/4/15

Geometry, Orlando, FL

I need tutoring help for my son for Geometry 1 Honors as he has taken it thru OC Virtual School. Please contact me if you are available to tutor in person at home

Sent by Scholastica on 3/4/15

5 Th Grade Math, Saint Peters, MO

Hi Tiffany, My son is having trouble in math, He is in 5 th grade. Not sure if you come to the home or meet at a place, hrs? (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Matt on 3/4/15

Pre-algebra, Amherst, MA

I'm looking for help for my 6th grader with pre-algebra enrichment. He has strong math skills but poor study habits. We do not need help with his current schoolwork...

Sent by Diane on 3/4/15

Calculus, Beacon, NY

Hi Matthew. My daughter meed tutoring in AP calculus. Will be sitting for AP exam in May but needs a lot of help to catch up. She was tutored at the Mount...

Sent by Elaine on 3/4/15

Math, Raleigh, NC

Hello I'm looking for a math tutor for my daughter, a 10th grade student at Cardinal gibbons. She is taking pre calc honors. We would prefer a tutor 1...

Sent by Dave on 3/4/15

Computer Graphics, Blue Springs, MO

I have project I need help with concerning making an infographic. It's due March 8th. I live in Blue Springs.

Sent by Janet on 3/4/15

C++, Denver, CO

can you help me understanding C++ and helping me with homework?

Sent by Basim on 3/4/15

Calculus, Logan, UT

Hi Lacy, I was wondering if you had any time for tutoring after six PM today and after 11:00 AM tomorrow? I could really use some calculus 2 help asap. Thanks!

Sent by Gavin on 3/4/15

Act, Spring Hill, TN

Hi my daughter will be taking the ACT and she has been studying, but I feel like she needs extra help with math. Are you avaluable to tutor? We live in Spring Hill.

Sent by Susan on 3/4/15

Geometry, Las Vegas, NV

Hi Alex, I'm searching for the right tutor, right fit, for my son. He needs help with Freshman Geometry Please contact me via email at (email available after...

Sent by Rob on 3/4/15

Computer, Denver, CO

Good Morning, I am interested in finding a tutor for my 54 year old sister who is unskilled with using a computer and terrified of them.

Sent by Mary on 3/4/15

College Algebra, Wentzville, MO

I need help with college algebra, it's a 5 week class and I only have 3 classes left. I haven't been in math for 20 years, help!!!

Sent by Michelle on 3/4/15

Tutoring, Fredericksburg, VA

Looking for a tutor for my 8th grade son. Help with several subjects, and study habits. looking for evening tutoring. Information on capability and availability is...

Sent by John on 3/4/15

Georgia Bar Exam, Smyrna, GA 30080

Hello Professor Erika, When is the earliest that you start tutoring for the July Georgia bar?

Sent by Kimberly on 3/4/15

Computer, Santa Rosa, CA

I need help with Adobe reader editing PDF file. I sign up for this for a year. I can't seem to under stand it at all. If you think you can help me understand this...

Sent by Edna on 3/4/15

Asvab, Tucson, AZ

I need help to pass the asvab, I got 4 on my asvab I need help.

Sent by Nathan on 3/3/15

Finance, Pittsburgh, PA

Good Evening Stephanie, I am requesting a tutor for my final week assignment that is due Friday. I have been struggling a bit since Finance isn't my strong suit.

Sent by Jason on 3/3/15

Finra Series 65, San Diego, CA

I am interested in tutoring for my passing the series 65 exam.

Sent by Craig on 3/3/15

Excel, Tacoma, WA

Hey, I need help with some Microsoft excel assignments. Are you avaible to tutor in this subject?

Sent by Rumize on 3/3/15

Afm, Mooresville, NC

Hello I'm looking to get ahead in my afm class. I'm currently a jr at LKN high and can meet. Please let me know what works for you

Sent by Adam on 3/3/15

Clep, Manassas, VA

I am in dire need of a College Mathematics CLEP Exam Tutor. Are you available on Saturday at 2pm?

Sent by Davidfarmer on 3/3/15

Math, Duluth, GA

Hi, I have two kids a fifth grader and a first grader and they both need math tutoring. We live in Johns Creek, GA. Please contact me at (phone number...

Sent by Deepanker on 3/3/15

Greek, Portland, OR

I hope to return to graduate work in either classics, english or comparative literature. For a number of reasons I am not simply able to assume I can take...

Sent by Julia on 3/3/15

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Matthew, Can you please contact me to discuss further? Thank you, O.

Sent by Olga on 3/3/15

Nclex Rn, Durham, NC

I am currently enrolled in Watts School of nursing 3rd semester. I need help with the test taking process. Do you think you could help me increase my test scores?

Sent by Scott on 3/3/15

Multivariable Calculus, Suwanee, GA 30034

Hello, I think contacted you last semester about tutoring my daughter in her Multivariable Calculus class.. Are you by any chance free this semester?

Sent by Shilpa on 3/3/15

Math Tutor And Or Writing Tutor, Warminster, PA 18974

Hello my name is A. and I am looking for a tutor for my twelve year old daughter please give a call anytime after 6:00pm (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by April on 3/3/15

Personal Computer, Folsom, CA

Hi Stuart, I would to be tutured for beginning personal computer . I would like this to start this week or next week . Looking for about 4-6 hours .

Sent by Karalinda on 3/3/15

Math, Porter Ranch, 91326

Hello, Jonathan. Our son, Brian, an 11th grader needs some help with his precal class. We are looking for tutor to not just help him improve and maintain his grade...

Sent by Emmanuel on 3/3/15

Reading, Deptford, NJ

Hi I was wondering if you teach the Wilson reading program. My daughter is km Catholic school and is having trouble reading. The school is in the process of working...

Sent by Danielle on 3/3/15

Calculus, Naples, FL

I am a Canadian high school student who is taking grade 12 calculus online. I am travelling to Pelican Bay, Naples for a month this weekend and require a tutor.

Sent by John on 3/3/15

English, Houston, TX

i need classes in English for GED exams, my phone no is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Theresa on 3/3/15

Computer, Augusta, GA

I am a commercial real estate broker. I am looking for someone to help me for a couple of hours with basic comp. skills as well as excel.

Sent by Craig on 3/3/15

Chinese, Wasilla, AK

Hi Alpha - I am the mother of a 4 year old in Palmer that will likely ultimately attend Birchtree charter. I would like to start him on Chinese early and I...

Sent by Shannon on 3/3/15

Calculus, Keller, TX

Hello, Mr. Reza N. I am currently a junior in college at UNT studying economics. I live in Keller/Fort Worth. I am enrolled in a business calculus course that is...

Sent by Zak on 3/3/15

Nutrition, Tulsa, OK

Hi heather. I am looking for a tutor who can help me pass my RD exam. Are you available ? Please contact me at my e-mail address.

Sent by Semira on 3/3/15

Math, Waxahachie, TX

looking for help for my son. ( grade. Math is his main trouble but organization over all needs to be helped as well. Study habits and how to be a student is what we...

Sent by Brad on 3/3/15

Computer, Milton, FL 32571

Hi Julie, I saw your add on another site, and computer lost it. I put your name in the computer for tutoring and this site came up.

Sent by Carrie on 3/3/15

Pharmacology, Rockwall, TX

I need help with alligation, IV calculation,conversion, Are you able to tutor me on this.

Sent by Arteisha on 3/3/15

Geometry, Saint Marys City, MD

My daughter is a 9 th grader currently in geometry. We are interested in finding her a tutor to help strengthen her weakness in math. We live close to SMC.

Sent by Lynn on 3/3/15

Statistics, Middletown, NY

Hi, I am a student at SUNY RCC. I am struggling in statistics and I am looking to meet with a tutor about once a week. I live in Western Orange County but am willing...

Sent by Elizabeth on 3/3/15

Math, Hope Mills, NC

I am looking for a tutor for coversion math such a solids to liquids for my medical course. Please contact me if you are able to tutor me for this subject thank you.

Sent by James on 3/3/15

Clep Chemistry, Duluth, GA

I am trying to prepare for the Chemistry CLEP exam which I have to make a 50 on by early May. I took one year each of general chemistry and biochemistry but that was...

Sent by Jane on 3/3/15

French, Mission, TX

Hello I'm a Senior in SHS i've been having problems with french, i've looked thru many french textbooks available in the library, and i could really use help...

Sent by Jorge on 3/3/15

General Elementary Subjects, Nipomo, CA

Hello I am a mother of 4 boys and my third son is 10 years old. He has struggled with school since kindergarten. He does have ADD and also has a learning disability.

Sent by Annamarie on 3/3/15

Adobe Photoshop, Baldwin, NY

Hi Rony, My name is E. P. and I am in desperate need to do some Surrealism art work in Photoshop. My teacher goes way too fast and I am in over my head with this.

Sent by Elsa on 3/2/15

C++, Ventura, CA

Hello Dirk, My name is F. D. and I am looking for some tutoring in c++. I am currently taking a class at Moorpark College, Into to c++.

Sent by Fernando on 3/2/15

Sas, Indiana, PA 15705

Mr. Naveen, I need some help with my SAS project. Please email me to set up a time this week. Thanks, D.

Sent by Dj on 3/2/15

Language Art, Dacula, GA

Hi Barba please send me some more info about yourself. Thank u T.

Sent by Tonya on 3/2/15

Usmle, Chicago, IL

I am interested in tutoring for step 1 from you. please send me the details on my email or call at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Muhammad on 3/2/15

Real Estate, Las Vegas, NV

Hello Ben, I am contacting you from the Las Vegas area and I am in need of exam preparation for my real estate exam mainly the math. Is this something you can help with?

Sent by Bianca on 3/2/15

English Tutor, Fargo, ND

My 17 year old son does the ND on-line schooling. He plays Jr's hockey in AZ. He is able to attend a learning center there for help, but nothing is offered here like...

Sent by Pam on 3/2/15

Algebra, Tallahassee, FL

Hi Savannah, My daughter desperately wants a tutor to help her gain her confidence with HS algebra. You can reach me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Lee on 3/2/15

C#, Irving, TX 75063

Hello my dear I need your help in CS C# Please contact me ASAP Thank you

Sent by Fahad on 3/2/15

Lsat, Portland, OR

Michael, I just got my LSAT score and was extremely disappointed (pre-testing 155 - 159 and scored a 149 on test day). Needless to say I need some serious help.

Sent by Ryan on 3/2/15

Statistics, Fair Oaks, CA

Hi I need help in statistics I am struggling

Sent by Nick on 3/2/15

Math, Modesto, CA

Hi Harpreet, My daughter is a freshman at Enochs high school. She is really struggling with Math. We need some help, probably Mondays and Thursday til the end of...

Sent by Jona on 3/2/15

2nd Grade, Dallas, GA

I desperately need a tutor form my daughter who is in 2nd grade she is having a hard time in English and showing signs of dyslexia.

Sent by Lauren on 3/2/15

Dat, Porter Ranch, CA

Hi, I was looking for someone who can help me with the math portion of the DAT as I have my test in 2 weeks. I am looking for someone asap.

Sent by Sarah on 3/2/15

Physics, Auburn, CA

K.berley, can you tutor basic physics. My senior at Placer High is struggling.

Sent by Kim on 3/2/15

French, Palm Coast, FL

I need a French tutor for my 14 year-old daughter. Please contact me if you still work out of Palm Coast. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Heather on 3/2/15

Math, Ruckersville, VA

I am trying to find a math tutor for my sister in 8th grade. Thanks, K.

Sent by Kelly on 3/2/15

Reading, Panama City Beach, FL

My son is in 3rd grade and is struggling. He needs help. Please call me when you are available to assist him. He really needs help with reading comprehension.

Sent by Kristina on 3/2/15

Photoshop, Napanoch, NY 12458

Hi, I have a good grasp of photoshop, and would like to review and fill in the gaps of my knowledge. I have a lot of them! I wouldn't mind a little indesign as well.

Sent by Jessica on 3/2/15

Algebra 1 Math, Crawfordsville, IN

Hi! I have an 11 Year old Daughter she is in 6th Grade at Northridge Middle School....she has always struggled in Math......we are looking for a Tutor for her...

Sent by Kandy on 3/2/15

Statistics, Houston, TX

Hello, Mr Navid, This is R. I need help with my statistics class. Would you be able to help me.

Sent by Ray on 3/2/15

Python, Los Angeles, CA

I'm L.ooking for a tutor who's highL.y proficient in Python 3. My midterm for an undergraduate L.eveL. Intro to Programming in Python course is in a week and a haL.

Sent by Rachel on 3/2/15

Clep, New York, NY

hi im looking for a tutor for a college math clep exam. What is your availability after 5 weekday and or weekends. Thanks

Sent by Ivan on 3/2/15

Finance, Katy, TX

Hi Anthony, I wanted to find out more info on tutoring this week for finance and cost accounting in preparation for mid-terms. I am in Katy.

Sent by Anna on 3/2/15

Gre, Columbia, SC

Hello, my name is R. W. and I'm looking for a GRE tutor. I graduated from college in 2013. I'm a bad test taker and I need all the help I could get.

Sent by Ryshee on 3/2/15

Algebra, Dunnellon, FL 34434

Hi, I am in need of a 10 grade algebra 1 tutor approx. once a week and am located in inverness so you are within my driving distance.

Sent by Gina on 3/2/15

Nursing, Buffalo, NY 14226

Hi Maggie! My name is A. Koszuta and I just took my Nclex and found out I failed them. I was interested in finding a tutor to help me prepare to take them again?

Sent by Ashley on 3/2/15

Math, Lake Elsinore, CA

i need a tutor a sap for my sons exit exam on the 16 of March so soon ! As I can !! Get him ready for it !

Sent by Tracie on 3/2/15

English, Carson, CA

Please give me a call, am looking for a tutor for my kids. I got your number from my cousin. Thanks. O.

Sent by Ogadi on 3/2/15

English, Mount Prospect, IL

Looking for English tutor for my son M. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Maya on 3/2/15

Math, Kentwood, LA

My 14 yr old daughter is struggling in school. I was interested in some tutoring

Sent by Jason on 3/2/15

English and Chinese, Oceanside, CA 92056

Looking for a tutor who can teach English to my Chinese Girl friend (Vivi Lang). I live in Oceanside. We are looking for 3 times a week. Your schedule is flexible.

Sent by Donald on 3/2/15

Spanish, Flagstaff, AZ

Hi, My son is in spanish 3 at NPA and needs help. Please contact me if you are interested in tutoring him one or two days per week. Thanks. R. S.

Sent by Randy on 3/2/15

Italian, Orangeburg, NY

My son Rory needs help with Italian 3 he goes to T Z

Sent by Kieran on 3/2/15

Interior Design, Houston, TX

Hi my name is A. bell and i am taking an interior design course at HCC /technical drawing for interior designers the measurements and converting is what i...

Sent by Ahshakia on 3/2/15

English, Miami, FL

Sent by Agustin on 3/2/15

Geometry, Hurst, TX

My son is a 16 year old homeschooler who needs help with 10 grade geometry

Sent by Victoria on 3/2/15

Math, Benicia, CA

my daughter needs help in math. She's in the 6th grade and goes to Benicia middle school.

Sent by Cliff on 3/2/15

Electrical Engineering, Ca, Los Angeles

Hi, Mr Krishna I hope all is well I need your help please contact me as soon as possible

Sent by Khaled on 3/2/15

Organic Chemistry, Fresno, CA

Need Chen tutor asap 269 6455

Sent by Diego on 3/1/15

Mysql, West Hollywood, CA

Hi, Looking for a mysql tutor. Please contact me if you're available.

Sent by Charles on 3/1/15

Mechanical Engineering, Pomona, CA

Hello my son, Bryan, is attending Cal Poly Pomona and needs help in vector dynamics from an applied perspective. I'm looking for someone who can tutor him upwards of...

Sent by Kimberly on 3/1/15

Accounting, Baton Rouge, LA

do you tutor for intermediate accounting? 3001

Sent by Kevin on 3/1/15

Statistics, Seattle, WA

I have data that I need to generate a z-score for, and if possible, the probability of invalidating my null hypothesis.

Sent by Ricky on 3/1/15

Discrete Mathematics, Sunnyside, NY

Hi Yi, I would to get tutor for Discrete Mathematics. I live in sunnyside, queens and right now studying in hunter college for computer science.

Sent by Sompra on 3/1/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Accounting, Baton Rouge, LA

I am looking for an accounting tutor in Baton Rouge

Sent by Gaines on 3/1/15

Phonics, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

Hi Lisa, I have a 1st grader who is struggling with phonics and reading. He is sometimes testing at grade level and other times he is testing below.

Sent by Nikki on 3/1/15

Reading, Lawrence, KS

Hi I am looking for a tutor for my son he is having alot of trouble in kitgarden they are not sure if he will pass

Sent by April on 3/1/15

Geology, Las Vegas, NV

Need help for Geol 101 online homework. Please send me an email, so we can discuss more details. Thanks

Sent by Vincent on 3/1/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Quantum, Hilliard, OH 43026

The subject is Physical Chemistry dealing with quantum mechanics (physics). contact (email available after purchase)

Sent by Vivek on 3/1/15

Photoshop, Greensboro, NC

Hi David, hope you doing fine i use corel draw, at work for screen printing, i never used photoshop or illustrator. i will like to learn basics, tools and effects...

Sent by Georgio on 3/1/15

Economics, Grenada

Dr. Simula I am looking for online help with economics. Thank you, N. P.

Sent by Nicki on 3/1/15