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Civil Engineering, Flagstaff, AZ

Hello, I need help for M.y Statics class. Can you give tutoring?

Sent by M on 11/30/15

Usmle, Elmhurst, NY 11373

Dear Doctor Iam an Indian medical graduate completed my graduation on 2014. i have not given usmle step 1,and plan to take step 2. Ck first.

Sent by Devaraj on 11/30/15

Hydraulic Engineering, Leesburg, VA 20176

Hello, How are you? I have a hydraulic project with pumps. Please let me know if you could help me out. Thank you.

Sent by Chris on 11/30/15

Chemistry, Warren, NJ

Need tutor for my 9th grader son

Sent by Saroj on 11/30/15

Statistics, El Paso, TX

Hello, I have a big test due tonite for statistics and everyone is failing in class. I do not want to take chances. I am lost in statistics can you help today.

Sent by Ruth on 11/30/15

French, Redding, CA

I would like to have you help my child learn the basics of French. She is 8.

Sent by Stefanie on 11/30/15

English Language Arts, Marietta, GA

Need help with a English multiple-choice test designed to measure competency in the basic academic skills of writing, critical reading, and reading comprehension.

Sent by Tea on 11/30/15

Math, Denham Springs, LA

My 11th grade daughter needs help with advanced math and possibly geometry. Would you be interested? What does your schedule look like? Thanks!

Sent by Neva on 11/30/15

Sculpture, Los Angeles, CA

Hi cindy i have a school project due tuesday is it posable to meet tommorow ?

Sent by Bader on 11/30/15

Javascript, Omaha, NE

Hi: Are you available to help me on a project in javascript and webservices today? Anytime after 5 is fine and it should take 2-3 hours. Thank you.

Sent by Brian on 11/30/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Mac, Hobe Sound, FL

Are you available today, this evening or tomorrow afternoon? I need a lesson in moving my MAC contact book into excel format, asap.

Sent by Cindy on 11/30/15

Anatomy, Boise, ID 83706

Hi Danielle, I am a sophomore at Boise State and am looking for a tutor to help me with my anatomy class. I understand the material for the most part...

Sent by Amanda on 11/30/15

Robotics, Ambler, PA

I'm working on a plant watering robot. I need help soldering the header pins into the motor shield and getting the robot to move. Are you available today?

Sent by Alex on 11/30/15

Mechanical Engineering, New Brunswick, NJ

Saurabh, my finals in my mechanical engineering class at Rutger's is coming up. Are you available this week to go over some of the topics with me? Thx, J.

Sent by Jinny on 11/30/15

Immunology, Los Angeles, CA

i need help in some paper in immunology please response to me this is my number #(phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Rana on 11/30/15

Portuguese, Kennesaw, GA

Hello Aira, I am very interested in discussing taking Portuguese classes with you. Do you offer trial classes and if so, is there a chance that you are available...

Sent by Eric on 11/29/15

Organic Chemistry, Auburn, AL

I need help with an online ochem course. it is getting close to the final and y other tutor has become busy. Would you be able to meet this week?

Sent by Tyler on 11/29/15

Chemistry, Hillsborough, NC

My son goes to Orange High School and needs help with chemistry. Can you meet one day a week to help him work on his homework and make sure he understands...

Sent by Cindy on 11/29/15

Accounting, Seattle, WA

Hey Katrice, I would really appreciate if you could help me with my online quizzes in financial and managerial accounting.

Sent by Timur on 11/29/15

Computer, Sarasota, FL

can you teach me facebook basics and applied to promoting a business?

Sent by Alvan on 11/29/15

Usmle, Fort Lee, NJ

Hello, my name is E. O. and i am a foreign graduate medical student that is currently residing in Fort Lee NJ. I wondering days of the week are you available.

Sent by Evgeny on 11/29/15

Physics, Park Ridge, IL

Hi Michael! I am a Junior in AP Physics and I am in need of help!Please let me know if you are able to assist me with my studies.

Sent by Tara on 11/29/15

Portuguese, Carson, CA

Hello Summer my name is M. and I am very interested in learning Portuguese. I was wondering what is your availability because I work during the day. thank you.

Sent by Mike on 11/29/15

Usmle, Staten Island, NY 10309

Dear Doctor Iam an Indian medical graduate completed my graduation on 2014. i have not given usmle step 1,and plan to take step 2. Ck first.

Sent by Devaraj on 11/29/15

Computer Science, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Hi James -- I'm involved in a web platform development and, as a non-technical contributor, am looking for help understanding some of the dev environment. InteresT.

Sent by Ted on 11/29/15

Genetics, Universal City, TX

I need help with my genetics homework, especially my punnet square.

Sent by Amy on 11/29/15

Turkish, Vienna, VA

I Am looking for Turkish tutor for my 6 year old son. Can you help me?

Sent by Tolga on 11/29/15

Cpa, VA

Hi Chris, My name is S. and I am seeking some assistance with CPA prep for the FAR exam. I have taken the exam a few times, but find that I fall short by 8 points...

Sent by Shayna on 11/29/15

English, Middletown, NY 10940

I am interested in finding a tutor on the English writing/grammar, SAT/ACT English.

Sent by YeunSoo on 11/28/15

Math, Ruston, LA

My son is in at tech, having difficult time with the second math and engineering class. Are you tutoring this level and will you be available this quarter

Sent by James on 11/28/15

Pre Algebra, Auburn, CA

Hi Lauren. I've no idea if this might interest you, so here goes. I've an 8th grade boy who needs all subjects including pre-alg at his school in S. Auburn.

Sent by Deborah on 11/28/15

French, Big Bear City, CA

Gail, I have to take an oral french exam in January, but it has been over a year since I lived in a French speaking country. I would like to work on some tutoring...

Sent by Sarah on 11/28/15

Accounting, Central Islip, NY

Hi, I wanted to know if you teach Accountant 101? I need help with Bank reconciliation and entries. Your rate is 25 ph

Sent by Stephanie on 11/28/15

Real Estate, Tampa, FL

Hey I'm looking for a tutor . I'm preparing to take the Florida real estate exam.

Sent by Danielle on 11/28/15

Chemistry, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Sharis. We are lookinG. for a chemistry tutor for my dauG.hter. Thanks

Sent by Gabi on 11/28/15

Algebra, Somerset, NJ

Hi Megha, I am looking for an Algebra tutor for my daughter, who is a freshman in high school. I am looking for 4 to 5 hours per week. I live in Somerset.

Sent by Khowaja on 11/28/15

Adobe Illustrator, Savannah, GA

Hi Gregory, I'm an artist and textile designer, also a teacher. I'm trying to learn Adobe Illustrator. I'm reasonably good with PhotoShop, but Illustrator seems...

Sent by Jill on 11/28/15

Math, Hattiesburg, MS

Needs a math tutor for ACT

Sent by Cynthia on 11/28/15

Spanish, Champaign, IL

Hello. I'm currently taking Spanish 4 and I'm struggling with the material that is being taught in the class. Can you please help me with this subject?

Sent by Devanshi on 11/27/15

Maya, Ann Arbor, MI

Please contact me (phone number available after purchase).This is related to Maya tutoring

Sent by Dee on 11/27/15

Project Management, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Need help with final project for class. This is the Blue Zuma project if you want to goole it.

Sent by David on 11/27/15

Mechanical Engineering, Chicago, IL

hi MuhamM.d, I need your help on my engineering courses

Sent by Ma on 11/27/15

Thermodynamics, Long Island

Greeting, i have some problems in thermodynamics, i need some help to solve them? could you help me to solve these problems please ?

Sent by Talal on 11/26/15

Autism, Branson, MO

Hi Kristi, I live in Cape Fair,Mo. which is 20 min. from Reeds Spring, Mo.. My son has been home schooled in the 4th,& 5th grade. He's presently in the 6th grade.

Sent by Mary on 11/26/15

Information Systems, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

Hey, I have a Information Systems Engr project that I need help with ,it involves creating Access database

Sent by Zee on 11/26/15

Algebra, West Milford, NJ

Me gustaria saber que disponibilidad de horas tiene y cuanto cobra la hora de tutoria. Estoy interesada en un tutor por Algebra 1.Vivo cerca de HS en West Milford.

Sent by Irma on 11/26/15

Math, Woodland, CA

I am intervieW.ing for an electrician apprenticeship job and in order to get in to the school I need to pass a general math test, I have a sample test and W.ould...

Sent by Marty on 11/26/15

Usmle Step 1, Bayonne, NJ 07002

I've read some good reviews on you and was hoping if you can help me out. I didn't pass my step 1 the first time and I really need the push to do well on this exam.

Sent by Suneet on 11/25/15

Reading, Frankfort, KY

English is my second language and I would like to improve my reading and writing skills.

Sent by Sofia on 11/25/15

8th Grade Math, Sumter SC

my daugter C. needs a math totor because she is strugling bad

Sent by Chelsea on 11/25/15

Assembly Language, Medford, MA

Hi..Could you please help me with my assignment. It is small ELF file I need to reverse engineering it to understand how suid binary works, and to successfully...

Sent by Asha on 11/25/15

Pre-Algebra +, Auburn, CA

All subjects for 8th grade boy including pre-algebra. Tutoring at his school in South Auburn. He is a challenging student, so experienced/qualified tutor needed.

Sent by Deborah on 11/25/15

Zen Medicine, Arlington, VA

hi there

Sent by Zen on 11/25/15

Sat Math, North Bergen, NJ

My daughter Maryam needs a tutor for the math section of the SAT. We live in North Bergen NJ 07047. She will take Dec. 5th and Jan. 23 only. She is a junior.

Sent by Sarah on 11/25/15

Gre, Pullman, WA 99163

Hello, My name is S., and I have been studying for the GRE. I am struggling with the Math! It is fairly easy for someone like you I am sure, I just have not taken...

Sent by Shae on 11/25/15

Accounting, San Antonio, TX

Good afternoon, I have my final exam in 2 weeks for my managerial accounting class and need help with some areas. It is an MBA class. Would you be able to help me?

Sent by Thalia on 11/25/15

Geometry, Slidell, LA

My daughter is a sophomore at Dominican High School in New Orleans. She is having difficulty in Geometry. We live in the Bayou Liberty Area of Slidell.

Sent by Jeffrey on 11/25/15

Praxis, Lexington, KY

Hi Lisa, My name is A. and I am currently looking for a tutor to help me prepare for the praxis exam. I only have to complete the math portion now and would greatly...

Sent by Annabelle on 11/25/15

English, Fayetteville, AR

would you be able to assist for an online English II course. Are you familiar with Blackboard

Sent by Ken on 11/24/15

Heat Transfer, Bolingbrook, IL

Hi Mrs. Rupa, My son is taking Heat transfer class for Mechanical Engineering. He needs help to understand the material better. We are in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

Sent by Punam on 11/24/15

Nursing, East Amherst, NY

Good evening Margaret, I am looking for a tutor for my wife. She is currently a Level III student at ECC North and is struggling.

Sent by Rob on 11/24/15

Chemistry, Reynoldsburg, OH

HELLO NEED someone to help my grandson in chemistry,english and spanish looking to get him A TUTOR thatcan help my nu is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Arlene on 11/24/15

Geology, Danville, CA

Hello, I was wondering if you could help me with my geology homework. Right now are lab is on geological maps.

Sent by Ryan on 11/24/15

Asvab, El Paso, TX

Hi I'm looking for help to study for the asvab. I'm free Monday and Wednesday from 2-3. Looking to see if you would be able to help me for $45/week?

Sent by Diego on 11/24/15

InDesign, Kahului, HI

Sent by Susan on 11/24/15

Nclex Rn, IA

Hey Lisa, I have been looking for a tutor to help me with taking nclex, but am having a hard time finding one in Iowa. I graduated from nursing school in 2006...

Sent by Rachelle on 11/24/15

Oracle Database, New York, NY 10005

Hello I need help with a final project...Distributed Database Design using Oracle Dev & Datamodeler.

Sent by Rob on 11/24/15

Cpa, Arcadia, CA

My wife would like to appear for CPA examination at California next year. She needs mentoring and tutoring. Can we schedule some sessions.

Sent by Sougata on 11/24/15

Finra Series 6, Englewood, CO

Anita, have you done sessions for the Series6? I am the Field Sales manager for a Farmers Insurance District in Greenwood village and we are trying to find someone...

Sent by Patrick on 11/24/15

Final Cut Pro, New York, NY

Hi Mona, I am looking for a Final Cut Pro X trainer to teach usually 1 on 1 at our office in Chelsea. We have 3 hour classes and the rate we pay is $200 per class.

Sent by John on 11/24/15

Econ, Sandusky, OH

Looking for someone to help my son keep on track of getting homework completed. He is a junior in high school. Particularly American govt./econ.

Sent by Joel on 11/24/15

Spanish, Fort Wayne, IN

Need immediate Spanish II tutor in our home! Son is doing online school and needs help finishing his Spanish II class!!

Sent by Kari on 11/24/15

Speech, Queens Village, NY

My name is J.I am seeking a phonics/writing tutor for son in first grade live in Queens. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Julie on 11/24/15

Finra Series 6, Westlake, OH

Hello, I'm currently studying for my series 6 exam. I'm about 1/3 the way through. I was wondering if you do tutoring for this test when I'm done studying...

Sent by Omar on 11/24/15

Pharmacology, Hampton, GA

I would like to inquire more about pharmacology. Can you contact me at the above e-mail address or give me a call please.

Sent by Venice on 11/23/15

Nclex Rn, Blacksburg Virginia

Hi,this is L. ,man I want little guidance for how to prepare for nclex ,this is my third time I am preparing for exam,I am in Virginia it's not possible for me...

Sent by Laxmi on 11/23/15

Reading, Hanover, PA

Hi I have a 6 year old that could really use some help in reading I would really appreciate it if you would help us..

Sent by Alisa on 11/23/15

High School Math, North Port, FL

My daughter has always struggled in math and this year is no exception. Looking for a once a week tutor to work with her throughout the school year.

Sent by Meg on 11/23/15

Quicken Mac, California

I need help in configuring quicken 15 for MAC on my new IMAC. Can you help and tutor me as well on its proper use? Thank you. (phone number available after...

Sent by Peter on 11/23/15

Bulgarian, Chicago, IL

Hi Aleksandra, My name is D. and I am looking for someone to teach me beginners Bulgarian. My fiance is Bulgarian so I'd like to learn the basics of the language.

Sent by Danielle on 11/23/15

All, Newark, OH

We have two 7th graders in need of tutoring. They are homeschooled and their program is all online. They need help in most of their subjects.

Sent by Terri on 11/23/15

Physics, Lancaster, CA

To Anthony, My name is S. I.. I need help with my high school physics course. I am available on Saturdays, and I am willing to meet at Barnes and Noble in Palmdale, CA.

Sent by Samara on 11/23/15

General, Allen Park, MI

I have a very smart 9 year old who I'd love to pair with a passionate tutor, so that we can maximize her potential. Thanks. We live in allen park.

Sent by Larry on 11/23/15

English, Jamison, PA

Dear Melissa, I am looking for an English writing tutor for my daughter. She is 8th grade student in central bucks school district.

Sent by Chery on 11/23/15

Organic Chemistry, Milton, FL 32571

I need an organic chemistry tutor a sap. Would like to meet today if possible. Thank you

Sent by Carrington on 11/23/15

Finance Tutor, Charleston, SC

Joseph, I am interested in finding a finance tutor for my MBA program here at the College of Charleston. I recently made my decision to get my concentration...

Sent by Stephen on 11/23/15

Chemistry, Pensacola, FL

I am in dire need of an organic chemistry tutor. Would like to meet asap. Thank you

Sent by Carrington on 11/23/15

Statistics, Suwanee, GA

My son goes to UGA and needs tutoring in statistics 2000. Would you be available to tutor over the break? Thank you C.

Sent by Cynthia on 11/23/15

Math, Anderson, SC

i am looking for someone to help my daughter prealgebra.She is in the 7th grade here in Anderson, sc. thank you. please call me at (phone number available after...

Sent by Shonia on 11/23/15

Nclex Rn, Los Angeles, CA

I'm looking for a tutor to help me with my nclex test. I live in hollywood area please get back to me so we can set up a meeting and get started.

Sent by Ani on 11/23/15

English Tutor, Alexandria, VA

I have been here for 17 years but because of my work I didn't expose myself with Americans and now I need to improve my skills on reading, writing and pronunciation.

Sent by Juan on 11/22/15

Heat Transfer, Leesburg, VA 20176

Hi, I have a heat transfer homework and its very difficult. Its about 6 question but long and i need a perfect grade for this one. How much would you do it for me.

Sent by Ghaith on 11/22/15

Algebra 2, Painesville, OH

My son, Mateo, has ADHD and is really struggling with Algebra 2. We really need to get him some help. Please let me know what you have available. Thanks so much! Jenn

Sent by Jennifer on 11/22/15

Project Management, KY

Hi Patrick, I maybe needing some help the week of Dec 14th with an open book exam. I saw you are knowledgeable in Microsoft Project.

Sent by Erica on 11/22/15

Nclex Rn, Issaquah, WA

Gloria, My daughter Rachel is scheduled to retake the NCLEX in late Dec. She failed her last exam, struggles with test anxiety and it seems to me that...

Sent by Pam on 11/22/15

Physics, Oxford, MS

Hannah, looking for help in calc 2 and Physics and computer science. I am sophomore at ole miss. R. P.

Sent by Ryan on 11/22/15

Organic Chemistry, Spring, TX

Hello Helen. Please let me know if you are able to tutor my daughter in organic chemistry, a course that she is taking in college, on Saturday 11/28. Thanks, Mrs. S.

Sent by Nikhat on 11/22/15

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

Algorithms, New York, NY 10005

Hi there! I was wondering if you are available either tonight or tomorrow to assist me with some algorithms/data structure homework via Skype. Please let me know.

Sent by James on 11/22/15

Ruby On Rails, New York, NY 10005

Hi, I am looking for ruby on rail tutor to help me learn ruby on rails. Would you be able to help me?? I would like to start ASAP.. Thanks

Sent by Sushil on 11/22/15

Accounting, Gastonia, NC

I am taking accounting on a masters degree level and need some serious help.

Sent by Samantha on 11/22/15

Chemistry (general), Westminster, MD

I'm looking for a tutor to assist my daughter in an entry level chemistry class for the next 2 weeks. Can you help? My phone number is (phone number available after...

Sent by Dan on 11/22/15

Spanish, Dallas 30132

My son is a junior and currently has a 62 in Spanish 1. We only have a few weeks to get his grade up before this semester comes to a close.

Sent by Laura on 11/22/15

Education, Warrensburg, Mo 64093

Are you currently teaching full-time in a school setting? If so where, and if not what is your current employment besides tutoring?

Sent by Dr. on 11/22/15

Elementary Math and Reading, Rathdrum, ID

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter who is in 5th grade she is struggling in math and is currently at a 3rd grade level in it and is struggling in reading...

Sent by Angela on 11/22/15

Life Coach, Torrance, CA

Your bio would pull up, just want to confirm YOU have your bachelor's degree in Math, Sciences and Engineering. And that you do tutoring and mentoring life skills?

Sent by Michelle on 11/21/15

Teas, CT

Hi Caroline, I just wanted to know if you had tutored students for teas exam? Thanks!

Sent by Sahira on 11/21/15

Math, Salinas, CA

Hi. My son Michael needs help with math. He is a sophomore at SHS. Do you come to your house or do you have a facility? Please call L. (phone number available after...

Sent by Leisa on 11/21/15

Spanish 1, Dallas, GA

My son is a junior and in need of a Spanish 1 tutor

Sent by Laura on 11/21/15

Math, Pasadena, CA

We live in Pasadena and need a math tutor to help my boys with Algebra2 and Calculus. Please contact me if you are interested:(phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Renee on 11/21/15

Excel, Houston, TX

Hi Luis, I'm an MBA student at UT and would like additional practice for my Analysis of Markets class over the Thanksgiving break.

Sent by Michaela on 11/21/15

Finance, Boston, MA

Hi, My name is M. and I am a student at Boston University. I am looking for a tutor for my Corporate Valuation class. Please contact me at (phone number available...

Sent by Mohaira on 11/21/15

Pharmacology, Rochester, NY

need help with pharmacology

Sent by Marjorie on 11/21/15

Praxis, Omaha, NE

Hi Sineah, I am planning to take the Math Praxis the first week of December and am looking for two or three sessions of tutoring, (2 hours each preferably)...

Sent by Allie on 11/21/15

English Language Arts, Front Royal, VA

Hi Keaghan, I have daughter that is 8th grader. She loves to write and she could use some advises to improve her skills. We live in Front Royal and we are ready...

Sent by Inna on 11/21/15

Math, Litchfield, CT

Interested in math tutor for my seventh grade daughter at Wamogo.

Sent by Jeannine on 11/21/15

Marketing, Marietta, GA

Jacob, I'm in Roswell, GA. I'd like to speak with you about a marketing project I'm working on. You have some great energy, let's talk. Email or text if fine. F.

Sent by Frank on 11/21/15

Math, Ridgecrest, CA

I have a son in second grade and needs help with math and english/ grammer. If you could contact me that would be great!

Sent by Ryan on 11/20/15

Accounting, Winston Salem, NC

Looking for help working through practice problems for my financial accounting class.

Sent by John on 11/20/15

Business Management, MD

Hello, I have a Strategic Business Management Assignment/ Paper due on Sunday Nov. 22nd and I needed help completing, as I am very confused about the guidelines.

Sent by Melanie on 11/20/15

Ap Calculus, Saint Johns, FL

Hello. I am taking AP Calculus BC and I'm looking for a tutor to help me catch up on some material that I'm struggling with. I'd like to get started this week;

Sent by Melissa on 11/20/15

Information Technology, Brooklyn, NY

Hi again I got the answer so never mind

Sent by Francin on 11/20/15

Act, Laguna Hills, CA

Hi, Looking to prepare for December ACT exam. Thanks!

Sent by Jonathan on 11/20/15

Computer Tutor, Spring Hill, FL

hello, I'm interested in learning my imoive app for macbook, and want to learn how to use and edit video and photos with it

Sent by Derek on 11/20/15

Imac, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Hi. You have been recommended to me. I live in pasadena and I'm a first time iMac owner and I need help. Can you call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Frankie on 11/20/15

Adhd, Dennisport

hi. we may have spoken before. Now that I have seen my son's abilities (rather, lack thereof) during homework hours, I am ready to step away and proceed with...

Sent by Elaine on 11/20/15

Algebra, Sumter, SC

Can you start today? My 10th grader in Algebra 2 will need your help 5 days a week. She attends school on-line (Whitmore School).

Sent by Pearl on 11/20/15

Math and English, Middletown, NY

If you interested in tutoring 5th grader please text me back!!!

Sent by Dorota on 11/20/15

Supply Chain Tutor, Miami, FL 33155

i have an short exam this Saturday November 21 at 9 a.m for Supply chain management can you help me with it.

Sent by Badr on 11/20/15

Macintosh, Pasadena, CA

I just bought my first iMac and I need help. Please.

Sent by Frankie on 11/19/15

Calculus, Sparta, NJ

Hi Anthony, I am a senior at Sparta HS and I need help with calculus. Could you please let me know if you are available and what your schedule is. Thank you, S.

Sent by Seraphim on 11/19/15

Algebra 1, Orlando, FL

seeking tutor for algebra 1 Starting the weekend 11/21/2015. Resides in Winter Springs area, for possible twice weekly

Sent by Gil on 11/19/15

Python, Little Elm, TX

Hello Ed, I am looking for person that can teach me to parse through router files to read outputs of nodes that have certain configurations.

Sent by Adrian on 11/19/15

Algebra, Auburn, CA

Hi Ryan, I'm looking for an all subjects tutor for a challenging 8th gr young man. M-Th 2:50pm-3:50pm (firm on time). Location is South Auburn.

Sent by Tula on 11/19/15

Writing, North Grafton, MA

Hi Brianna, I emailed you through wyzant as well. My daughter needs help with essay writing. She is in 10th grade at WA. Please let me know if you are available...

Sent by Maureen on 11/19/15

Accounting, Vancouver, WA

Hi I'm gonna take a class called Act 201, which is the first principles of accounting class. Can you help me with that ? Thanks

Sent by Mohammed on 11/19/15

Math, Jefferson, GA

Hey Mary. My son is in 7 grade advanced math class in West Jackson Middle School. He need some help to improve his grades. We can meet in library or at home.

Sent by Sabina on 11/19/15

Algebra, Albuquerque, NM 87109

We would like to sign up with you for algebra tutoring as soon as possible. We can meet anytime. We prefer a library in the NE heights since we live in Edgewood.

Sent by Kim on 11/19/15

Sat, Hacienda Heights, CA

Hello James, my daughter E. attends Los Altos HS and we would like to get SAT/ ACT tutoring. We live in Hacienda Heights near Azusa. Thanks You

Sent by Elise on 11/19/15

Algebra, Fishkill NY 12524

Hi, I am interested in a tutor for my 9th grade daughter for Algebra 1. We live in Fishkill and are interested in your services.

Sent by Jennifer on 11/19/15

Accounting, Jacksonville, NC

Hi Cheryl, I am seeking a tutor who is knowledgable in accounting and financial management courses. Please contact me ASAP. Thanks.

Sent by Nou on 11/19/15

Hesi A2, Morrisville, NC 27560

Hi Don I need help on passing an entrance test to chamberlain college of nursing...Can you help me please?

Sent by Ashley on 11/19/15

Finance, Lake Mary, FL

My husband has to take a state exam in business finance to get his solar license and he is needing some tutoring in the accounting portion

Sent by Denise on 11/19/15

Nclex Rn, Maspeth, NY

My daughter is looking for a tutor to help her pass the NCLEX. She is a nursing graduate and took the exam but did not pass. She is looking for help to pass...

Sent by Veronica on 11/19/15

Statistics Tutor, Jersey City, NJ

My son needs statistics tutoring for a test tomorrow.please call me @(phone number available after purchase) asap. Thanks.

Sent by Sarah on 11/19/15

Physics, Rochester, MI

My daughter needs help in AP physics and prep for ACT test.., she is really struggling in physics and does not understand it. thank you

Sent by Gina on 11/19/15

Calculus, Slidell, LA

Hi Sara! My name is L. and I live in Slidell and I am in calculus at Pope John Paul II. I would really appreciate help getting ready for my exam.

Sent by Lindsay on 11/19/15

Math, Fishkill, NY

We are looking for a math tutor for our daughter Alexandra who is a freshman at John Jay HS in east Fishkill. Thanks T.

Sent by Thomas on 11/19/15

3rd Grade Math, Greenville, TX

Hi Michael, I have a 3rd grader Emma who goes to Caddo and she is struggling in Math. Would you be interested in coming to tutor her? I didn't see what age you taught.

Sent by Samantha on 11/19/15

English Language Arts, Tallahassee, FL

Hi! My name is M. B.. I want to become a nurse and I need some help passing the TEAS test in the english and language arts and reading section.

Sent by Meghan on 11/19/15

Add Adhd Math, New Orleans, LA

Brenda, I am looking for a math (algebra) tutor for my 8th grand daughter who has ADHD. Are you available. My number is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Arturo on 11/19/15

Geometry, Central Islip, NY

Hello im in 11 grade i really need help with geometry the soon as possible? Please email me

Sent by Imelda on 11/19/15

Algebra 1, Westland, MI

Hello Brittani, I am looking for a math tutor for my daughter Selia who is in the 7th grade and in Algebra 1. what days and times are you available ?

Sent by Monique on 11/19/15

Math, Ashburn, VA 20147

I need math tutoring for a 9th grader in Ashburn.

Sent by Marie on 11/19/15

Algebra, Topeka, KS

In need of a college algebra tutor whos willing to help me increase my grade

Sent by Sarah on 11/19/15

Algebra, Eau Claire, WI

My daughter is a freshman at UWEC. She's struggling to get through her algebra class and needs help to get through the rest of the semester.

Sent by Buddy on 11/18/15

Help, Lake Charles, LA

Hello, your bio describes my situation ! My daughter is in the first grade and I can see her getting frustrated very easily over math.

Sent by Alyssa on 11/18/15

Reading, Turlock, CA

Hi Molly, We need your help for my two kids R. Jr and Andy, for reading, mat, grammar. Please contact me or my wife (phone number available after purchase) ...

Sent by Raul on 11/18/15

Nursing, Bronx, NY

Hi, I would like to purchase tutoring lessons for my girlfriend who is set to take the NLN PAX RN exam. Thanks!

Sent by Robert on 11/18/15

Statistics, Bay City, MI

Taking a biostatistics course online @ Ferris and need major studying help before the final. Let me know if you have experience with this as I live nearby you.

Sent by Dave on 11/18/15

Chemistry, Danville, CA

My daughter is a 10th grader in honors chemistry and is not keeping up well with the pace. She will be switching to regular chemistry class at the semesters...

Sent by Melissa on 11/18/15

Chemistry, Auburn, CA

My son is struggling in high school Chemistry and needs at least once/twice a week. We live in Newcastle

Sent by Collette on 11/18/15

Chemistry, Warren, NJ

My son ineed help in chemistry and computer science pls contact # (phone number available after purchase) thanks

Sent by Saroj on 11/18/15

Math, Johnston, RI

hi i need a tutor for my niece in hs for math and literature and im interested in your literature tutoring for 3 times a week. please contact me as soon as possible...

Sent by Ana on 11/18/15

Algebra, Watertown, NY

Hello. My friend and I were wondering about tutoring for algebra 2/trig. My parents email is the one I've attached and they'd love to set this up for once a week.

Sent by Katelyn on 11/18/15

Algebra 2 Physics, Aptos, CA

I am looking for someone to help my son who is in 10th grade at Aptos High with Algebra 2 and Physics. He likes to works 2 to 3 times a week, usually Monday...

Sent by Sherri on 11/18/15

Reading, Nicholasville, KY

Hello, I am looking for someone to help my 6 year old daughter with her reading. She is in the 1st grade at Red Oak Elementary in Nicholasville.

Sent by Amber on 11/18/15

Chemistry, Worcester, MA

Hi Ben how are you?I contacted you on Wyzant but I received an email from them saying you were unavailable and wanted to make sure it wasnt from Wyzant but from...

Sent by Elizabeth on 11/18/15

Act, Ellijay, GA

I am interested in getting a little extra studying time in for my daughter Mckenzie before attempting ACT again, she scored a 26 her 1st attempt with extra time.

Sent by Melinda on 11/18/15

Pharmacology, Bethpage, NY

Hi Courtney, I am a nursing student at Touro taking pharmacology and I am looking for a tutor to get my grades up. I need help in test taking skills.

Sent by Karen on 11/18/15

Math, Webster, MA

Looking for in home tutoring for 4th grade girl, needs help in math skills, and reading comprehension, (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Dave on 11/18/15

Clep Accounting, Killeen, TX

Hello Rehana. My name is L. S. and I am looking for an Accounting tutor because I am re-testing in Financial Accounting on a CLEP.

Sent by Latoya on 11/18/15

Nclex, Indianapolis, IN

Hello Mary, I am graduating nursing school in just a short 4 weeks! I want to take the NCLEX before the Dec. 31st if possible.

Sent by Cierra on 11/18/15

Act, Waldorf, MD

My daughter needs help prepping for the ACT test in 3 weeks..

Sent by Sheneda on 11/18/15

Spanish, Waco, TX

I would like some of yo' services for some tutorin'

Sent by Mai on 11/18/15

Physics, Bakersfield, CA

Need tutor in physics for my high school senior on Wednesdays

Sent by Chad on 11/18/15

Chemistry, Saint Charles, IL

Hi!! I need help with chemistry. I'm a student at niu. Pre-nursing

Sent by Erik on 11/17/15

Spanish, Riverton, UT

I am looking for a Spanish tutor for my 9th grader in Spanish 3. He needs help conjugating verbs and getting caught up from scrapping by in S1 & S2.

Sent by Lynn on 11/17/15

English Language Arts, Lake Mary, FL

I need help with my english paper this class is english 1101 composition

Sent by Scott on 11/17/15

French, Miami, FL

Hello please can you teach me French? I'm a begginer in French thank you

Sent by Carlos on 11/17/15

Accounting, Northridge, CA

Hi I'm taking Principles of Accounting in UCLA extension. I have an assignment to do (Campus Cycle Shop, a business papers practice set), are you familiar with...

Sent by Rashad on 11/17/15

Organic Chemistry, Burneyville, OK

Hello, I live near Marrietta, Oklahoma. I do college classes online with Kansas State. I am looking for someone to help me next semester in Organic Chemistry.

Sent by Tanya on 11/17/15

Math, Jefferson City, TN

Cynthia, I am contacting you regarding your services for my 10 year old son Andrew. He is reall struggling in Math and we spend hours doing math homework every day.

Sent by Chris on 11/17/15

Math, New Hope, PA

Looking for a math tutor for a 12 yr old boy .we live in New hope Pa . Cell # (phone number available after purchase) Ready to start when your available

Sent by Alex on 11/17/15

Basketball, Woodbury, NJ

Hi my name is J. T. . and my son loves basketball . and I was wondering if you can tutor him to get better and achieve his goals

Sent by John on 11/17/15

Writing, Wichita, KS

Hello, my name is P. B., and I am looking for a writing tutor for my daughter who is a freshman at The Independent School. She has a comparison/contrast paper due...

Sent by Penny on 11/17/15

Elementary, North Port, FL

Hi my name is B.. I have two very lovely little girls both elementary students one in the second the other in the fifth both are having great difficulty with reading...

Sent by Bernadette on 11/17/15

Quicken, Houston, TX

Looking for quicken tutor.

Sent by Sandy on 11/17/15

Usmle Step 1, Cliffside Park, NJ

Greetings, I'm looking for a tutor to help me prepare for a re-take for the USML SE step 1 which I failed on my 1st and only attempt (Jan 2015) and unfortunately...

Sent by Sessy on 11/17/15

Information Systems, Huntsville, AL

Hello caroline I am writing you to let you know I am serious about my school work. I started my master program in information technology and right now I...

Sent by Charles on 11/17/15

Usmle, Cliffside Park, NJ

Greetings, I'm looking for a tutor to help me prepare for a re-take for step 1 which I failed on my 1st and only attempt (Jan 2015) and unfortunately I've been...

Sent by Sessy on 11/17/15

Accounting, College Station, TX

Hello I am in ACCT 209 at Texas A&M and could really use the help!

Sent by Victoria on 11/17/15

Civil Engineering, Rolla, MO 65401

Hi Rima, i am N. student at S&T in Rolla i am enroll in statics civil engineering course for spring 2016 so the course will start at Lan-19 are you able...

Sent by Najem on 11/17/15

Tsi, Dallas, TX 75234

Hi, I was interested in hiring you for some tsi math tutoring, please let me know

Sent by Ryan on 11/17/15

Math, Middletown, NY

Sent by Dorota on 11/17/15

Math, Elizabethtown, KY

I have a 10h grader and a 8th grader. They are in their advance math. They are in good shape. We just want them learn more please contact me. Thank you. J. C.

Sent by Jade on 11/17/15

Adobe Photoshop, Miami, FL

Hi I need some help with photoshop if you could please email me back to (email available after purchase). Thanks.

Sent by Carolina on 11/17/15

Calculus Tutor, Chantilly, VA

I live in Chantilly near LOTte market . I have a daughter need help in math. She is in 8 grade now. If you can come to my house to tutor . Let me know . Thanks

Sent by Cindy on 11/17/15

Math, Mandeville, LA

How you dong Beth? I have two kids that are currently homeschooled through k-12 My daughter is 15 and my son is 14. they would both need help in math.

Sent by Steve on 11/17/15

Reading, Waco, TX

I have a 7 year old son that needs tutoring in reading and math

Sent by Kory on 11/17/15

Math, Lorain, OH

Hi, I'm retaking my GED math test in a week and need a tutor for a short period to provide help with certain subjects. My last score was 148 I needed a 150 to pass.

Sent by Fredo on 11/17/15

Massage, Tinley Park, IL 60477

Hi Jamie my name is R.. I was a former student at Everest college where I got my certification. I have been out now for about 4 yrs and am ready to get back into...

Sent by Reggie on 11/17/15

Algorithms, Issaquah, WA 98029

Can you help with computer algorithm assignment. I am a CS major and need help desperately with my algorithm course.

Sent by Sanjay on 11/16/15

Algebra 2, Naples, FL

Hi Cindy My daughter needs some help in algebra 2. Please let me know if you are available by any chance on Wed Nov 17 after 4.30-5 pm Thanks

Sent by Natalia on 11/16/15

Physics, Friendswood, TX

Hi Im M. Just really confused on forces and newtons laws and i have a test coming up on Wednesday over it if you're free tomorrow you can just text me...

Sent by Maria on 11/16/15

Biology, Raleigh, NC

Looking for a Biology tutor for my daughter in 9th grade.

Sent by Wen on 11/16/15

Algorithms, New York, NY 10005

I'm interested in the services you're offering and want to know a bit more about how this would work. I'm having trouble in my Algorithms class in terms of...

Sent by Kevin on 11/16/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Math Calculus, Wichita, KS

Hi Mr.Zafar I need some help in calc II, and I have an exam on Thursday and another one on Friday. I need 2 hours on Tuesday and 2 hours on Wednesday. Thank you..

Sent by Shehab on 11/16/15

Study Skills, Kennesaw, GA

Hi Christine! My name is C.. I am an 18 year old college student struggling with the executive function aspects of school. I was hoping to find a study skills coach...

Sent by Camille on 11/16/15

Science, Macon, GA

I'm looking for someone to tutor my daughter to help her pass the science portion of the GED exam. She has taken it twice and failed both times by only a few points...

Sent by Alexa on 11/16/15

Dyslexia, Burbank, CA

my son is 11, in 6th grade has ADHD but on Meds. He has Just been diagnosed with dyslexia, which explains a lot but is frustrating with him having been...

Sent by Kristina on 11/16/15

Algebra, Edgewood, NM

Hi, my 16 year old needs help with Algebra. We are available any time to tutor. Thank you

Sent by Kim on 11/16/15

Spss/Multilevel Analysis, Philadelphia, PA

Dear Lorraine I am a master student in psychology and need help with analysing my data for my thesis. I am planning to perform a multilevel analysis with 2 levels.

Sent by Carolin on 11/16/15

Statistics, Bridgewater, NJ

Hi Joe. My son Matthew is a student at RVCC. He is failing Statistics. We live at 1198 Fairfield Rd in Bridgewater. Home # is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Guy on 11/16/15

Long Island

Sent by Sam on 11/16/15

Math, Canon City, CO

HiKammie I am excited to meet you I have two homescholed daughters and we live in Canon City!

Sent by Jen on 11/16/15

Algorithms, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Hi there! I am interested in doing a couple *online sessions focusing on algorithms and dynamic programming. Are you available sometime this week?

Sent by James on 11/16/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Math, Warwick, NY 10990

Good Afternoon Deborah, Last year my son Chase, was finally diagnosed with dyslexia and dyscalculia. Chase is currently in the 4th grade.

Sent by Tara on 11/16/15

High School English, Watertown, MA

Hi Patrick, We are looking for a long-term tutor for our son. He is a Freshman in Watertown High. He need s guidance in Level One English and Math

Sent by Michael on 11/16/15

Act, Alamosa, CO

I have next exam on Dec.12th at Adam State and i would like to improve my score last time i got 20. Are able to tutor me.

Sent by Vaibhav on 11/16/15

Handwriting, Roswell, GA

I would like to find out if you work with the Handwriting without Tears program. My Kindergartner is struggling with writing smooth letters.

Sent by Elizabeth on 11/16/15

Reading, Woodbridge, VA

Hi, my name is L. R.. I have a 6 year old grand daughter who is having trouble reading. She needs someone who is patient and really good in assisting her...

Sent by LaVerne on 11/16/15

Mechanical Engineering, MO

Hi, I'm looking for help with machine design course. Let me know if you can help me with this course, please? Kindly, W.

Sent by Wesley on 11/16/15

Sat Math, Deer Park, NY

Really good SAT math. ELA for a yooungeter student.

Sent by Amir on 11/16/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

C#, Silverado, CA

Hi, I need tutoring in C# for a homework assignment that I need to work on this week. Could you meet me this week or this weekend to work on it.

Sent by Aaron on 11/16/15

French, Temecula, CA

Wondering if you could contact me with your availability, My daughter is a 9th grader and taking French in her first year of High School with hopes of taking...

Sent by Gina on 11/16/15

Geometry, Marrero, LA

Hi Ms Brenda I'm looking for a geometry tutor for my son. He has. Five weeks remarrying in the course but needs assistance asap. Can you assist us?

Sent by Zondra on 11/15/15

Usmle, New Orleans, LA

Hi, I am in the Physician Assistant program at lsuhsc and I was wondering if you felt comfortable in tutoring the topics of Clinical Medicine, EKGs and Laboratory...

Sent by Inez on 11/15/15

Computer Basics, Newmarket, NH

Hi, I hold a variety of Special Education degrees with a history of teaching. I am finding that I do not have the skills that I need for my job any longer.

Sent by Suzanne on 11/15/15

Math, Morrisville, NC

I really need a math tutor for my daughter in tenth grade. Pls send me an email at (email available after purchase) or call me at (phone number available after...

Sent by Olive on 11/15/15

Math, Cazenovia, NY

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for my 12 year old(7th grade) son. We are in Cazenovia NY and prefer the lessons to take place here.

Sent by Leanne on 11/15/15

Biology, Mclean, VA

My 9th grade son is in definite need of a biology tutor. I was hoping you can help? We live in Mclean.

Sent by Deena on 11/15/15

Math, Joshua, TX 76058

Hello. I am looking for a math tutor for my daughter who is in the 8th grade. She is having trouble grasping concepts and is in danger of failing the class.

Sent by Teri on 11/15/15

Reading, Kernersville, NC

Hello Therisa!! I am looking for a tutor for my daughter, she is in the 4th grade.. She needs help with reading comp, writing, and math.

Sent by Sacha on 11/14/15

Chemistry (general), South Pasadena, CA

Hi I am looking for a tutor for my child in 10th grade chemistry twice a week for an hour. Are you available? Where do you usually do the tutoring? What is your fee?

Sent by Griselda on 11/14/15

Economics, Tampa, FL

Can you help me with college level economics

Sent by Karen on 11/14/15

Guitar, Fresno, CA

Hello Steve, I just bought my first yamaha guitar and I want to learn to play guitar. I do it for myself no gigs or shows at all just personal use.

Sent by Eddie on 11/14/15

Lsat, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Colin, I contacted you through Wyzant regarding tutoring for the June LSAT. I am sending you this message via tutorz because I haven't been getting any...

Sent by Brent on 11/14/15

English, Tucson, AZ

Hi Julia, My daughter 9 years old in 4 grade needs help with reading and writing. We are looking for Saturday tutoring, if you interest please contact me.

Sent by Tri on 11/14/15

Geometry, Springfield, IL

My daughter is a sophomore student at Pleasant Plains HS. She is struggling in her Geometry class and is also needing assistance to prepare for college testing - we...

Sent by Mary on 11/14/15

Real Estate, Charlotte, NC

Math-word problems Allow me to send you examples

Sent by Pete on 11/14/15

Reading, Niceville, FL

Hi Alison.... I am looking for a tutor to help my daughter, 5th grade, Rocky Bayou Christian School..... I have three other younger children.

Sent by Dina on 11/14/15

Algebra, Warren, MI

would like to hire you to help with math algebra so my step daughter can graduate in januraury

Sent by Darrin on 11/14/15

Chemistry, Redding, CA

Hi there, We are looking for someone to help our daughter w/ 10th grade Chemistry; we live in Cottonwood, is that too far from you? Let me know, thanks.

Sent by Matt on 11/14/15

Algebra 2, Exeter, NH

My 16 year old dgt is having difficulty with Algebra 2. Are you available for tutoring?

Sent by Miriam on 11/14/15

Math, Yaphank, NY

I would like to discuss my tutoring needs.. I am adult with elementary school needs.. thank you.

Sent by Paula on 11/13/15

Biology, Ruston, LA

I'm registered for Biology 101 in the Winter Quarter at La Tech. I'm currently a junior but struggle with science and would like extra help on a regular basis.

Sent by Kathleen on 11/13/15

Mandarin Pittorino Boys, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Hi Lisa, My boys are available for an assessment for levels on Tuesday, Thursday 4:30pm but not after 6:30pm; Wednesdays, 4:30pm - 7pm Hope you can fit us in for...

Sent by Amanda on 11/13/15

Act, Alexandria, LA

Hi, my son is having an issue with the ACT. he does well in school, (has a 4.2), but he is not scoring well on the ACT. Please help

Sent by Charlotte on 11/13/15

German, Waterford, MI

I'd liek to confirm your availibilty for a stunt that would lke to learn both German and French in January duri either the evening or weekends.

Sent by Laurat on 11/13/15

Praxis 5161, Newport News, VA

I need a Tudor for the Praxis 5161 exam. I failed it twice

Sent by Jessica on 11/13/15

Android Programing, Floral Park, NY 11002

Hello, my son Jeff takes Mobile app programming, and he has difficulties. Please let me if you are able to help he is working Android Studio Java

Sent by Eva on 11/13/15

Jmp, Lamar, MO 64759

I have a business analytics project using JMP that i need help with asap.

Sent by Keith on 11/13/15

Calculus, Auburn, AL

Hello, I need help in Calculus 1. I have a test next Friday and would like to meet 2 or 3 times next week and then before the final as well.

Sent by Ross on 11/13/15

Chemistry, Cameron, MO

Hi I have been trying to contact you on several pages and I hope to hear from you. I need help with chemistry as soon as possible. Thank you so much

Sent by Tamara on 11/13/15

Tutoring INquiry, Beaumont, TX 77705

Hi! I found you online and am looking for a tutor in the Beaumont area to help me and my organization out with one of the children we will be adopting for...

Sent by Genesis on 11/13/15

Microsoft Access, Waco, TX

Hi Keith, I am currently enrolled in an Management Information Systems class at Baylor University. I have been struggling all semester and my final exam is next week...

Sent by Rex on 11/13/15

Reading, Valparaiso, IN

My son Jason is having a hard time in all subjects really since me moved from Elkhart Schools this year to Porter County Schools he is really behind because...

Sent by Katherine on 11/13/15

Math, Eagle, ID

Brian: My son John (7th grade) has gotten behind in Powerpoint and Microsoft excell...also math and language arts. He's not very motivated but seems you may have...

Sent by Jim on 11/13/15

Public Speaking, Athens, GA

Hi! I'am looking for a public speaking coach for my 7th grade daughter. She has a Model UN competition in Feb to get ready for and has serious anxiety when it comes...

Sent by Sharon on 11/13/15

Valuation, Chicago, IL

Hi Michael, I am a commercial banker in Chicago. I am looking to get into Private Equity. I was wondering if you could help tutor me on the necessary fundamentals...

Sent by Nathan on 11/13/15

Geometry, Sandusky, OH

Hi Tyler, I have a 16 yr. old in 10th grade at Sandusky High. He needs help with geometry. Would you be able to help 1 or 2 nights per week? for as long as needed?

Sent by Tom on 11/12/15

Act, Alexandria, LA

need tutoring in all subjects on the act to raise my scores. Do you also tutor act math and all the other act subjects ?

Sent by Christine on 11/12/15

Phonics, reading and writing, some math, Lincoln, CA

I am interested in tutoring for my 11 year old son. Mainly for reading and writing, some math.

Sent by Teresa on 11/12/15

Trigonometry, Richardson TX

Hi, im taking a trig class and wanted to see if you can help w the last chapter...text me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jazmin on 11/12/15

Chemistry, Mount Berry, GA

Hi Elizabeth, I am actually K.'s mom. She is a freshman at Berry struggling with a first semester chemistry class. She's a smart girl but when she doesn't...

Sent by Kensey on 11/12/15

Statistics, Taos, NM

Hello, I am looking for a statistics tutor in the Taos area. Is this something you do? And if so when is the soonest you are available?

Sent by Michelle on 11/12/15

Act, Pensacola, FL

Trying to prepare a group of 6 - 8 student for the Dec 12 ACT. Please call if interested (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Andrew on 11/12/15

Usmle, Brighton, MA 02135

My son, a 4th year med student from AUC needs help the next 2-4 weeks prepping for Step 2 CK. His NBME practice test scores are too low to feel good about taking...

Sent by Mickey on 11/12/15

Chinese (advanced), Wexford, PA

Ni hao laoshi, I am A.. I have 2 boys, Diego 12 and Dante 10yrs old. We have lived in Beijing the last 6 years and I would like the boys to continue studying...

Sent by Amanda on 11/12/15

Literature, Langhorne, PA

my son is a junior now. he came from China.he has lots of problem during literature and history studying.

Sent by Yinwang on 11/12/15

Finra Series 6, Michigan Center, MI

Do you do series 6 & 63? Or series7?

Sent by Ryan on 11/12/15

Java, Palatine, IL

Need tutoring for ap computers (Java programming college level) for my daughter which is in 10th grade. Thanks Sandhya (phone number available after...

Sent by Sanndhya on 11/12/15

Chemistry, Port Arthur, TX

I need some help in Chemistry 2. I am having trouble grasping alot the concepts. Can you help?

Sent by Ronnie on 11/12/15

Usmle, Woodland Hills, Ca

Do you tutor for step 2 Ck Call or text me (phone number available after purchase) E.

Sent by Erick on 11/11/15

Dyslexia, Midland, TX

Hello, I am looking for a dyslexia certified tutor that follows the Orton Gillingham method. Our daughter is in 7th grade, she needs help with all subjects, esp.

Sent by Allison on 11/11/15

Reading, Hershey, PA

Hello, we are interested in having a tutor for my son (4th grade) for improving reading & writing. Please give me a call to discuss, H. ((phone number available...

Sent by Harish on 11/11/15

Civil Engineering, Rolla, MO

Hi Mohammad, i will be taking a statics civil engineering course in January and i am interested in privet tutoring so can you help in this course . Regards, N.

Sent by Najem on 11/11/15

Act, Mobile, AL

My son is a senior and took act twice..... Wasted 350.00 on tutoring and all lady did wasvgive him act test for 4 hours... He needs a 21 to get his football...

Sent by Diana on 11/11/15

Science, Porterville, CA

Looking for tutor for 12yr old boy in 7th grade in areas of ELA and some help in Life Science. We reside in porterville as well.

Sent by Taha on 11/11/15

Us History , Americaan Literature, Philadelphia

Junior in high school

Sent by Yin on 11/11/15

Sat Math, Deer Park, NY

I am looking for a tutor for my kids. Please let us know if you are interested. Thanks

Sent by Amir on 11/11/15

Finance, Tampa, FL

Hello, I am taking a graduate level Financial Management class. I am currently working on present value, future value, bond valuation and interest rates...

Sent by Sean on 11/11/15

Reading, Slidell, La

Checking to see in you tutor in the Slidell area.

Sent by Joan on 11/11/15

Accounting, Salisbury, MD

Hi Charlotte, my daughter needs help with tutoring in Accounting. She attends Salisbury University. How close are you to the University? Thanks

Sent by Yatta on 11/11/15

Java Tutor, New York, NY 10027

Hi, I am looking for a Java Tutor, I was wondering if you would be interested!

Sent by Mariam on 11/11/15

Thermal, Minneapolis MN

Hello Alisha, I am helping my son look for a tutor. He is a sophomore at the the University of MN in engineering and needs some help in his thermal class.

Sent by Tamara on 11/11/15

Accounting, Miami, FL

Please contact me, I would like to schedule a tutoring session for my daughter, as soon as possible. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Romy on 11/11/15

Neuroscience, Baltimore, Md

Hi, Will you be able to tutor my son in computational neuroscience in a mentor resesrch project? Thanis, P.

Sent by Peina on 11/11/15

Nanny, Durham, NC

Hi Aradhna, I am looking for a live in nanny for my 3 year old and twin boys (9 month) in Durham. If you are interested please contact me. Thanks

Sent by Harjot on 11/11/15

Dyslexia, Herndon, VA

My 14 year old was recently diagnosed with Dyslexia. We'd like to get him some help and would like to discuss with people who have successfully tutored children with...

Sent by Jeffrey on 11/11/15

Statistics, College Station, TX

Looking for a Quantitative Methods tutor. Do you or do you know someone who tutors for this course?

Sent by Jan on 11/11/15

Electrical Engineering, Boise, ID

Hello there, I am an international and english is my second langauge and i need help in some of my electrical classes so if you are willing to help please let me know

Sent by Mohammed on 11/11/15

English Lesson, Rochester, MN

Hi Jonathan, I am H., currently working at Mayo Clinic. Are you available Nov 12 - 20? I need to attend an interview. I wrote a draft to interview questions.

Sent by Kyaw on 11/10/15

Organic Chemistry, Elmira, NY

Looking for a tutor for my daughter who is majoring in Forensic science tech at alfred state and is currently struggling with organic chemistry and College physics.

Sent by Elaine on 11/10/15

Biology, Tucson, AZ

Hey Shana, would you like to be my Bio tutor?

Sent by Drake on 11/10/15

Geology, Reno, NV

Hi I have a geology report that due Monday and I need help with mapping if you could help me out.

Sent by Emmali on 11/10/15

Material Science, Philalephia, PA

Hi Sir, I was just wondering if you can help me out with some basic Material Science related questions? It is an introductory class.

Sent by Smarth on 11/10/15

Essay Writing, West Palm Beach, FL

Hi this is S., I'm currently teaching math at Santaluces high. I need to pass the FTCE reading and writing portions. Please let me know if you can help me .

Sent by Sara on 11/10/15

Chemistry, Pennington, NJ

Hi, my daughter is having difficulty with Chemistry at a private school. She has a test next Wednesday, and was looking for some tutoring time this weekend if...

Sent by Liz on 11/10/15

Thermodynamics, Leesburg, VA 20176

Looking for a thermodynamics tutor for my son a sophomore at University of Minnesota.

Sent by Tamara on 11/10/15

Spanish, Moline, IL

Hello Norma, I recently started a job which often takes me into homes where Mom and Dad speak Spanish and a child translates. I took four years of Spanish quite...

Sent by Tom on 11/10/15

Organic Chemistry, Baltimore, MD

Hi! I'm having trouble understanding most of what's going on in class right now and I'd like to catch up as soon as possible. How does this work? Thank you! P.

Sent by Paola on 11/10/15

Science, Auburn, AL

I'm in need of a tutor for my 13 y/o son. He's having trouble in science and math.

Sent by Umekia on 11/10/15

Language Arts, Math, AP History, Glendale Heights, IL 60139

Hi, I am looking for language arts, algebra, and AP History tutoring for my son who is a freshman in high school. Please let me know if you have availability.

Sent by Patricia on 11/10/15

Nursing, Buffalo, NY

HiMargaret- I am a level 3 nursing student at ECC. I am currently half way though my semester and not in good shape. I'm looking to get a little help because...

Sent by Sydne on 11/10/15

Elementary tutoring, Palos Park, IL 60464

Please contact me to schedule lessons for my daughter who's in third grade elementary school in palos park.1708 717 7443.thank you.

Sent by Halina on 11/10/15

English, Los Osos, CA

My 14 yo son, a freshman at Morro Bay and living in Los Osos, has central auditory processing disorder and Aspergers. He has worked through the program...

Sent by David on 11/10/15

English, Los Angeles, CA

Hi ms Das. I was wondering if you had any time to meet today for a tutoring session for about 2-3 hours. I'm writing a critical analysis essay of Samuel Johnsons...

Sent by Shanay on 11/10/15

Act, Prince Frederick, MD

Hello, I am taking the ACT on December 12 and I need help studying. I recently took the October 24th ACT and scored a 24 and would like to improve in all subjects of...

Sent by Laura on 11/10/15

Writing, Renton, WA

Hi Janine, I am being my dissertation (Doctoral Program)

Sent by Dorothy on 11/10/15

Economics, Ruston, LA

Hi Eryn, My son is a freshman at LaTech. He is looking for a tutor for his economics 215 class. Do you have experience in this? (phone number available after...

Sent by Sue on 11/10/15

Ap Physics, Land O Lakes, FL

Hello Mayank, I am looking for a tutor for my son, Alex, who is a senior at Land O Lakes High School and is currently taking AP Physics;

Sent by Nigel on 11/10/15

Accounting, Philadelphia, Pa

Hello! I'm looking for a tutor to help me prep for my financial accounting (101) final exam! I live on city avenue near saint J.'s university.

Sent by Joseph on 11/10/15

Physics, LA Crescenta, CA

Hi, my name is M.. I'm attending CSUN and I have been looking for a local tutor in the Glendale area to help me in my general physics class.

Sent by Meline on 11/9/15

English, Auburn, AL

hi, i want to learn english. please reply. thank you.

Sent by Jewoo on 11/9/15

German, Clarksville, TN 37042

Hi, I'm looking to take lessons in German in my home 2-3 times a week in the afternoons at home. I live in Woodlawn TN currently but I'm moving to Germany in July...

Sent by Terra on 11/9/15

Reading, Belleville, IL

Hello how are u I have a 1st grader that's need help with his reading u can contact me please

Sent by Brandi on 11/9/15

Reading, Palos Park, IL

I have a daughter who's 8 years old and struggling in reading and comprehension.She is a student in palos school district 118.please contact me at (phone number...

Sent by Halina on 11/9/15

French, Murrells Inlet, SC

Hi, Leigh. We're looking for a French tutor for a female HS freshman. Carolina Forest. Please respond soonest to email or to (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Chuck on 11/9/15

Math, Key West, FL

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter, Riley. She is 9 years old and is in 4th grade at Sigsbee Charter School. I have beef happy with the school up until this...

Sent by Nicole on 11/9/15

Math, Brockton, MA

Looking for a math and physics for a high school student. Lives in Brockton, MA.

Sent by Pat on 11/9/15

Physics, Lafayette, LA

Need a physics tutor for my high school daughter. If possible to meet after school at Academy of Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau (exit 11, off I-49).

Sent by Stacie on 11/9/15

Ruby On Rails, Richmond, TX 77407

Hi Raghavendra, I'm trying to create a dog pedigree application and got stuck in the functionality that allows a user to add his dog as another's dog relative...

Sent by Diego on 11/9/15

Chinese and English, Gloucester City NJ

Hello, I was emailed about your tutoring services and that you could possibly help us. I'm in need of someone that speaks Chinese and English for a high school boy...

Sent by Michael on 11/9/15

"information Systems", Washington, DC

Hi Kumar!! I really need help with my Management information systems class. Especially struggling with VBA. Please email me about when you're available.

Sent by Kylie on 11/9/15

Math, Windsor Mill, MD

Hello Jamie, Hello, my name is E. and I found your information on line and wanted to reach out to you to see if you are still available for tutoring.

Sent by Ebony on 11/9/15

Sas, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Salil I am taking a graduate level SAS class and having a lot of trouble. I need help with my upcoming homework. Will you be available early December...

Sent by Ana on 11/9/15

Math, Sacramento, CA

Sent by Tanya on 11/9/15

Dyslexia, Marina, CA

Thank you for your time to hear my concerns. I have a great niece in first grade and a great nephew in 3rd grade where they have struggles in the classroom.

Sent by Vickie on 11/9/15

Chemistry, El Paso, TX

Hi Lance! I would like to schedule a tutoring session for chemistry with you before Monday November 16, 2015. Please e-mail me so we can set up a time and place.

Sent by Roxana on 11/9/15

Bar Exam, Potomac, MD

Hi David! I need to prepare for BAR exam. Can you help? Thank you, N. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Nathan on 11/9/15

Algebra Tutor, Northridge, CA

hey man need to hire a tutor for my math class looking for someone who can help me pass my midterms i have a big problem with math

Sent by Azar on 11/9/15

Nursing, Trenton, NJ 08620

I am particularly interested in NCLEX Preparation and Passing the first time

Sent by Catherine on 11/9/15

Java Tutor, Los Angeles

Hi, I urgently need a tutor, within an hour to help me with writing Junit tests and general java interview. Got interview in the afternoon.

Sent by Mohan on 11/9/15

Esl, Augusta, GA 30906

Hi Rachel, This is H. B.. I am an academic adviser working with international students from China. Currently I have one student in the Augusta area...

Sent by Hui on 11/9/15

Usmle Step 1, Ny 11357

Hello, I am C.urrently studying for step 1 and really hoping to pass on first try but having trouble studying the C.orreC.t way- if you C.ould please help!!

Sent by Victoria on 11/9/15

Physics and Math, New York, NY

Hi Ali, I'm thinking about going back to graduate school and will need to take the GRE's. So I'm looking for a tutor who can assist, particularly in math prep.

Sent by Dan on 11/9/15

Biology, North Royalton, OH

My daughter is a ninth grader and needs tutoring in Biology; how to study and retain. Would like her to be tutored at our own home.

Sent by Cindy on 11/9/15

Math, East Hampton, NY

Hi my son name s Michael Vanegad ,16 years old he is Junior and he need extra help in math please call me (phone number available after purchase) I live...

Sent by Angela on 11/9/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Economics, Tucson, AZ

NEED A TUTOR WHO COULD HELP ME review the econ 361 IN university of arizona.

Sent by Shida on 11/8/15

Information Technology, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi I am currently taking an A+ course in guide to hardware an I find myself falling behind. I am hoping you are able to guide me, while teaching me hands on all that...

Sent by Andre on 11/8/15

Gmat Test Prep Tutor, Bellerose, NY

Hello Professor, I am trying to get into Baruch Masters of Accounting Programme and my requirement is to have a GMAT score of atleast a 600.

Sent by Ata on 11/8/15

Math, Camarillo, CA 93010

Hi Jan, I am temporarily moving to Camarillo next week from Orange County. I do not currently know how long I will be living there but probably a couple month;

Sent by Claire on 11/8/15

ESL, Gloucester City, NJ

hello, my name is M. Berry and I am hosting a Chinese high school student and he needs help learning English. thanks

Sent by Michael on 11/8/15

Math, Murrieta, CA

Hello Elizabeth, I am in need of a tutor for my son Zachary. He is in the 8th grade at Thompson Middle school and is ADD. He needs help with Math...

Sent by Angel on 11/8/15

Chemistry, Little River, SC

My daughter has Chemistry Honors this year and really struggling. I want to get her the extra help she needs. Saturday afternoons would be the best.

Sent by Tina on 11/8/15

Special Education, Rockbridge Baths, VA 24473

Hello I am a graduate student and working right now on my paper on single subject research design. I need you help fixing my paper if you have experience...

Sent by Khalid on 11/8/15

English, Youngstown, OH

i have an assignment in English the subject is "Behavior Change" there are some questions and i need you to help me to work on this assignment.

Sent by Moe on 11/8/15

Material Science, Port Jefferson, NY 11777

I have an extra credit assignment starts after 13 hours from now and last for only 1 hour. It's in class and it's open source and help so if you are interested...

Sent by Faisal on 11/8/15

Ap Biology, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Dear jacqueline Do you feel comfortable tutoring for AP biology? I study all the time and I am not passing. My parents and I are interested in tutoring during...

Sent by Amanda on 11/8/15

Geology, Flowery Branch, GA

Hi Michael. I live in Flowery Branch and I am taking an online class in Geology at KSU. I am really struggling with the Crustal Deformation lab.

Sent by Jamie on 11/8/15

Physics, Morrisville, PA

My son, 9th Grade (Pennsbury High Scool) is in immediate help in Physics. Was wondering if you are interested in tutoring him in Yardley?

Sent by Joseph on 11/8/15

Nutrition, Holland, MI 49423

hi this is S. i have research about which vitamin or other supplements are most benefice for osteoporosis disease ? can you help me with it ,, contact me with my...

Sent by Sarah on 11/8/15

Math Advanced Calculus, Gainesville, FL

Hi Andres, My son needs a MAA 4211 Advanced Calculus tutor. Would you be able to help him? Thanks, S.

Sent by Serene on 11/8/15

Reading, Plymouth, MA

Colette, I have a a 5 year old who i would like to have tutored to help with his reading once or twice a week. We live in Plymouth. thank you!

Sent by Ryan on 11/8/15

Algebra 2, Gresham, OR

My daughter is a junior in HS. She is struggling with Algebra 2. Domains etc. we need a tutor in the Gresham area that can meet at our home as she is fairly shy.

Sent by Michaela on 11/8/15

Turkish, Arlington, VA

Sent by Catherine on 11/8/15

Algebra, Camarillo, CA

Hi Mr.Richard, Do you have any references? I live in Orange County, Ca but I am temporarily moving to Camarillo next week. What types of students have you tutored?

Sent by Claire on 11/7/15

Lsat, Woodmere, NY

Hi James, So I've been looking for a tutor for the LSAT, and I was wondering what your experience tutoring for this particular test is?

Sent by Brian on 11/7/15

Algebra 1, Oak Creek, WI

Hello , I am looking for someone to help my son with checking / correcting his algebra 1 homework and exams preparation .

Sent by Ismael on 11/7/15

Chemistry (general), Bordentown, NJ

I am looking for chemistry teacher for my son. Thanks

Sent by Jyoti on 11/7/15

Chemistry, Ashburn, VA

Hi! I'm a student at GMU who needs help in general Chemistry. I was wondering if you were available before the semester ended so I could get in extra help?

Sent by Sameen on 11/7/15

Geometry, Victorville, CA

Hi, I am looking for someone to tutor my sister, age 14, grade 9th. She struggles with geometry. We live in oak hills. If available please provide me with days...

Sent by Lisa on 11/7/15

Chemistry, Pasadena, CA

if you accept $20/hr for 3 hr/trip?

Sent by Renee on 11/7/15

Sas, Raywick, KY 40060

Hi, I have a SAS project to do and could really use some help. I am not good at all with programming.

Sent by Rahimah on 11/7/15

Math, Jasper, FL

Can u tutor a 5th grader once a week for a hour?

Sent by Ken on 11/7/15

Physics, Redwood City, CA

My daughter is in 11th grade AP physics. Are you available to tutor and discuss? We live at 3931 Jefferson Avenue, Redwood City, CA 94062 Please call (phone number...

Sent by Jennifer on 11/7/15

Algebra, Blue Bell, PA

Hello Andrea, I'm looking into a tutor for my 13 year old son Ryan. I would like to get him extra help for his Algebra. He's in 8th grade at Wissahickon Middle School.

Sent by Joseph on 11/6/15

Elementary, Bridgewater, NJ

My son is in the 3rdgrade and needs to improve in math & reading. I can be reached at (phone number available after purchase). Thank you

Sent by Ty on 11/6/15

Accounting, Philadelphia, PA 19109

Hi I need help with financial accounting. Bond valuations, stock options, debt and equity. Black scholes computation. Please contact me at (email available after...

Sent by Frank on 11/6/15

Reading Tutor, Oxford, AL

Hi, Trish, I am interested in talking to you about tutoring for my first grade daughter. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

Sent by Cindy on 11/6/15

Computer, Haltom City, TX

I need a "Surface Pro" tutor anytime tomorrow, 11/7/15 and anytime Sunday, 11/8/15.

Sent by Rhoda on 11/6/15

Organic Chemistry, Ann Arbor, MI

I am looking for a tutor for organic chem 210

Sent by Chris on 11/6/15

Usmle, Newark, NJ

i have short memory , and you know how is it in Step1 , i've been studying almost 18 month , i have to take this exam and score high otherwise my Scholarship in gone

Sent by Abdurrahman on 11/6/15

All, Aberdeen, WA

I am looking for Tutors for an after school program. Please contact me

Sent by Kim on 11/6/15

Adobe Photoshop, Thousand Oaks, CA

Hi: I might be doing an internship that heavily uses motion graphics. I know photoshop, Illustrator and will taking InDesign all from Otis..

Sent by Hunter on 11/6/15

C#, Portland, OR

I am a vocational counselor seeking a C# tutor for a student at Portland Community College. This is an immediate need. If you can help please call me directly...

Sent by Judy on 11/6/15

Surgical Tech, Spring Hill, FL

GOOD afternoon!! WHERE can I FIND A surgical tech tutor I WANT TO DO THE TEST.

Sent by Daya on 11/6/15

Elementary Tutor, Enterprise, AL

I have 1st grader.needs lots help.

Sent by Melissa on 11/6/15

Tudor, Geneva, OH

Hello I am looking for a Tudor for my 6th and 7th grade children in Geneva and would be interested in discussion options with you

Sent by Debbie on 11/6/15

Elenentary, Enterprise, AL

I'm looking for someone for my 1st graders.we just moved here from Florida and she is behind .we need lots of help.will you be interested and can you do it...

Sent by Melissa on 11/6/15

Adhd Tutor, South Mills, NC

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for my nephew in Camden County. He is in 10th grade, should be in 11th, but is struggling. He has ADHD or similar (he has a 504).

Sent by Julie on 11/6/15

C++, Fort Worth, TX

Hello, I am looking for some C++ tutoring this Saturday. I am somewhat experienced in C#, but the transition to C++ is more difficult than I had anticipated.

Sent by Keith on 11/6/15

Algebra, Marion, MA

I need to prepare for algebra/precal. also interested in other subjects you offer. G.

Sent by Grant on 11/6/15

Anatomy, Midland, TX

Hi erica, im a senior at midland christian taking anatomy and physiology. my class is a bit too advanced for me and im struggling in this class

Sent by Maggie on 11/6/15

Geometry and Chemistry, Queens Village, NY

I am interested in tutoring and homework help for my 9th grader. Is that something you would do. Subjects being geometry, chemistry and spanish

Sent by Nalini on 11/6/15

Physics, O Fallon, IL

My daughter is having trouble comprehending physics. She has recently transferred to another school and their curriculum is much more advanced than what...

Sent by Latonsha on 11/5/15

Biology, LA Grange, IL

Hi! I am looking for a biology tutor. I am in college and its a basic over view of everything. I need to find someone quickly my last tutor stopped to focus...

Sent by Ashley on 11/5/15

Chemistry Tutor, Saint Clair Shores, MI

are you away at school ? my granddaughter needs chemistry tutoring. she is a sophomore at lanse creuse. thanks

Sent by Steve on 11/5/15

Biology, Baltimore, MD

Hi Matthew, I am interested in Biology Tutor for my son. He is taking GT Biology at THS. He was a high B until he took the County Unit Biochemistry test last week...

Sent by Hans on 11/5/15

Math, Medina, OH

Hello- I am interested in talking to you about tutoring for my daughter. I have an 8th grader that is struggling and I need to find her someone to tutor with.

Sent by Christine on 11/5/15

Usmle, Bayonne, NJ 07002

I need help studying for step2 ck i have been studying over 12 months and i took an NBME today and scored 175 :( my method of studying hasn't worked.

Sent by Erick on 11/5/15

Various/organization/ADD, Harvard, MA

My daughter is in Harvard doing online classes as a senior in high school while I am in Alaska. She needs someone to help her get organized and caught up and...

Sent by Deirdre on 11/5/15

Writing, Mount Airy, NC

Hello, I was writing to inquire about possible tutoring for myself. I am currently enrolled at Surry Community College and am needing to complete DMA40 and 50...

Sent by Leslie on 11/5/15

Precalculus, Waco, TX

Hi! I'm in need of a Business Pre-cal tutor. I am a freshman at Baylor and am hoping for a tutor to meet with three times or so a week.

Sent by Carris on 11/5/15

Algebra, Sag Harbor, NY

Hi, I have a 9th grader that needs tutoring in algebra 1. He is currently failing. We would be interested in starting asap, hopefully 2 times per week. Thanks M.

Sent by Marlene on 11/5/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Physics, Mission Viejo, CA

Hi Ariel, can you tutor for both pre- cal and physics?

Sent by Grace on 11/5/15

Chemistry, San Mateo, CA

Hi, This is L.. Are u free for saturday, sunday, monday?

Sent by Leila on 11/5/15

Pre Calculus, Waco, TX

I need a tutor for business pre calculus at Baylor. I need to start immediately

Sent by Carris on 11/5/15

Geology, Reidsville, NC

Need help with geology. Working on a lab report for geology

Sent by Rita on 11/5/15

Spanish, Utica, NY

I am looking to learn S.paniS.h for myS.elf and career. I would like to meet once a week in the evening.

Sent by Deb on 11/5/15

Mba, Newport News, VA

look and feedback on my paper research

Sent by Danzuko on 11/5/15

Financial Management, Jacksonville, FL

I am needing help in being able to use Excel to do financial management calculations.

Sent by Eunice on 11/5/15

English, Hampton, VA

Send me your phone number

Sent by Danzuko on 11/5/15

Pre Calculus, Albany, NY

Doing bad in College pre calc. I need to bring my grade up!

Sent by Brooke on 11/5/15

Project Management Pert Cpm Calculations, Bronx, NY

I am wondering of your familiar with PERT and CPM calculations, I'm doing the topic in management decision making

Sent by Trudy on 11/5/15

Algebra 3 4, Omaha, NE

My son is a freshman at Central High School. He is needing help with Algebra 3/4. I don't see you have 3/4 listed, just wondering if you can tutor him in this level...

Sent by Denise on 11/5/15

Algebra 2, Hilliard, OH

I am looking for an algebra 2 tutor for my daughter. I live in Hilliard and would like to do the tutoring at the Hilliard Library or Panera at Mill Run.

Sent by Kelly on 11/5/15

Algebra, Culpeper, VA

Hello Laura, my daughter is a senior at EVHS, and didn't do well at all In her Algebra 2/3 class this semester and she want to retake her SAT test for a higher score.

Sent by Sarah on 11/5/15

Algebra, Palm City, FL

I need an algebra tutor for my 13 year old son. HE Is in 8th grade and take algebra 1 honors on flvs. He has an A in the class but he he needs help once a week...

Sent by Terri on 11/5/15

Act, Ardmore, AL

Are you still available for ACT tutoring? I have sent you a request in the Wyzant website also. I'm looking for a ACT math tutor for my son. Please let me know.

Sent by Kathleen on 11/5/15

Spanish, Hopewell Junction, NY

Hi Diane, I'm looking for a spainsh tutor for my son he's a freshmen in john jay. If you are interested please let me know how much you charge and when...

Sent by Renee on 11/5/15

Electrical Circuits, Loveland, CO 80538

I need help with: Solving circuits with Dependent and Independent sources using KVL and KCL. Write and balance power balance equation.

Sent by Henry on 11/5/15

Chemistry, Auburn, AL

Need tutor immediately for my auburn student taking fFund Chemistry class at auburn university

Sent by Eve on 11/5/15

Lead Guitar, 49437

Is this the same Jared P. from (url available after purchase) If so, I've been trying to get ahold of you.

Sent by Matt on 11/5/15

Excel, Baton Rouge, LA

Hi. I need some tutoring in MS Access and Excel. I can make myself available whenever. Thanks.

Sent by Brad on 11/5/15

History (world), East Amherst, NY

Hello Elisabeth, My son Andrew is a sophomore at east high school. While he is very good at science and math, it seems that he can use some help with AP World...

Sent by Lili on 11/4/15

Act, Great Barrington, MA

Hi, I am looking for a tutor for me and my friend for the ACT test. I go to school in Great Barrington, MA, and I would like a tutor who is willing to come...

Sent by Tal on 11/4/15

Microsoft Access, Baton Rouge, LA

Asa, I'm looking for a MS Access tutor. Please email me if interested. Thank you.

Sent by Brad on 11/4/15

Reading, Northfield, OH

I have a 13 year old daughter with a diagnosis of ADD. She has a very difficult time understanding what she reads which make almost all subjects difficult for her...

Sent by Michael on 11/4/15

Accounting, Tampa, FL

I need some help calculating interest expen

Sent by Jennifer on 11/4/15

Middle School Math, Justin, TX

Need tutor for middle school math. Evening time or Saturday.

Sent by Rachel on 11/4/15

Finance Tutor, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Hi, I need help with finace for saturday but need to talk about the assignment first. Please contact ne at p a c o 1 1 @ m s n . c o m Call me at 9 4 9. 8 3 6 1 3

Sent by Frank on 11/4/15

Spelling, Eaton, OH

Hi my dauther she's 13 years old needs help with spelling, thanks you.. My number (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Mauricio on 11/4/15

Physical Science, Ann Arbor, MI

Hello Kristy! I have a 15 year old daughter who is really struggling in PhySci. We live really close to you. I'm not sure if I can afford $65 per hour...

Sent by Suzy on 11/4/15

Reading, Richardson, TX 75081

I am looking reading tutor for 4th grader

Sent by Fatima on 11/4/15

Autism, Dallas, TX 75205

Hi iam looking some one who can help in tutoring my 3 rd grader who has diagnosis of autism.

Sent by Padmaja on 11/4/15

Algebra, Teaneck, NJ

Hi, My 7th grade daughter is in Algebra 1 and needs a tutor. We live in Teaneck NJ (07666). It is hard finding a tutor, one that is good and affordable.

Sent by Jennifer on 11/4/15

Algebra 2, Hillsborough, NJ

hello Harika, I was wondering if you could tutor my daughter Dominique for the next 3 days and possibly in then future. Thank You - A.

Sent by Alvaro on 11/4/15

Language Art, Maple Grove, MN

My 7th grader is great at maths but he struggles with english writing especially translating his thoughts in words. i want someone to visit my home a couple of...

Sent by Meeta on 11/4/15

Physics and Calculus, Folsom, CA

Hi Sushanta I need tutoring for my IB school son in Physics and Calculus If u could call me @ (phone number available after purchase) That would be great

Sent by Balaguru on 11/4/15

Usmle, Chicago, IL

Hi can u call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Yas on 11/4/15

Autism, Irving, TX

Hi Sandeep, I am looking for a tutor who could help my 3rd grader who has autism . I live in Irving ,TX.

Sent by Padmaja on 11/4/15

College Essay Writing, Burke, VA

My senior high school needs help with his college essays. Please contact me. Thanks in advance,

Sent by Maliha on 11/4/15

Writing, Belle Glade, FL

Good Morning ! My name is C. .I have 3rd daughter who very intelligent. All I want is the best for my daughter her weakness is writing structures.

Sent by Cressida on 11/6/15

Computer Science, Greensburg, PA

I really need a tutor with many experiences in teaching like you. Please email me so we can start as soon as possible

Sent by Jason on 11/3/15

Geometry, Riverside, RI

Hello Ann, I need a tutor for my son. He is in 9th grade at EP High school. He was doing very well at Middle school in MD but the transition is not going well.

Sent by Yaw on 11/3/15

IB Math SL, Gresham, OR

Do you tutor in IB Math SL? Our daughter is a junior in HS and needs some help. Looking for 1x a week for 1-2 hrs.

Sent by Maureen on 11/3/15

Math and Reading, Gaffney, SC

Hi Mrs Conner , I am looking for a tutor for my son Chandler. He is a 7th grader at Granard Middle school. I would like to contact you to get some details.

Sent by Tammy on 11/3/15

Math, Waycross, GA

Please contact me about Tutoring my Home School daughter. She is in 11th Grade and needs some help in math. Please call me @ (phone number available after...

Sent by Richard on 11/3/15

Calculus, Glenshaw, PA

Hi, I am in search of Calculus tutor for my daughter, H S Junior taking Honors Calculus. The place should be the North Hills Library. Thanks

Sent by Cecilia on 11/3/15

Spanish, North Royalton, OH

Hello, I am currently looking for help in Spanish 2. I am taking it online, and would like to meet once to have a few questions answered.

Sent by Hannah on 11/3/15

Chemistry, Narberth, PA

Hello, I am looking for a chemistry tutor for my daughter. She is in grade 10th.

Sent by Kathy on 11/3/15

Algebra, Mount Vernon, WA

my son is a jr at mvhs, he needs a tutor for algebra 2 - I think 2 times a week would be a good thing for him. you can text or call me at (phone number available...

Sent by Sabrina on 11/3/15

Physics, Horseheads, NY

Hello Vanessa, I am looking for a tutor to help me get through a college level physics class that I will be taking online. I am looking for 1-2 hours on Saturday...

Sent by Gregory on 11/3/15

Math, Bensalem, PA

Need tutoring for AP Stat & Geometry

Sent by Maybel on 11/3/15

Quicken, Miami, FL 33179

need help with some of the finer points of my quicken property manager.

Sent by Bruce on 11/3/15

Adobe Photoshop, Las Vegas, NV

I am looking to learn how to create banner ads for my email blasts.

Sent by Dan on 11/3/15

Geometry, Pickerington, OH

I have a 16 year old son struggling with geometry. He has a learning disability and requires a bit of patience and a great sense of humor.

Sent by Trish on 11/3/15

Algebra 2, Easley, SC

My daughter needs help she takes all AP classes but is really struggling in this class.

Sent by Amy on 11/3/15

Math, Lacey, WA

My daughter is 13 in 7th grade. She is in 6th grade math and struggling to keep up... fractions, etc... All teachers say she cant focus and I have never had her...

Sent by Mandy on 11/3/15

Finra Series 6, Chicago, IL

Hi my name is N., i am studying for the Series 6 and have the test on 12/18. I am looking for a tutor to help me through some of the material, are you available...

Sent by Nicole on 11/3/15

homework for ADHD, Gurnee, IL

I inquiring about tutoring for my son. He is a freshman at Warren and he is extremely intelligent. He has ADHD and is struggling at school due to study skill issues...

Sent by Andrea on 11/3/15

Chemistry, Martinsburg, WV 25401

I have a 16 yr old daughter at Hedgesville high school who would like some help with chemistry and math as needed, D.

Sent by Dan on 11/3/15

Statistics, Colorado Springs, CO

Looking for basic statistics for the behavioral sciences tutoring. Never had statistics and have not had a math class in more than 30 years.

Sent by Elizabeth on 11/3/15

Elementary Reading, Webster, TX

Hi! I would like to have my two children (2nd & 3rd grade) tutored on reading and comprehension. They aren't that bad, but I really want them to be ahead and at...

Sent by Philip on 11/3/15

Reading, Shakopee, MN

Please contact me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Celina on 11/3/15

English, Tallahassee, FL

Hello. My name is Sveta. I want to improve my English writing and reading. Are you available ?

Sent by Sviatlana on 11/3/15

Writing, Anderson, SC

Need help with the complete writing process of a research paper for my son.

Sent by Carrie on 11/5/15

Math, Columbus, OH 43201

Are u still tutoring? Looking for math tutor for 9th grade son

Sent by William on 11/3/15

Java, Tucson, AZ

Sent by Paula on 11/3/15

Nursing, Buffalo, NY

Hi Margaret, I'm a third semester nursing study. I have about a month left in the semester and could really use the extra help ASAP. My next test is next Monday.

Sent by Kara on 11/5/15

Chemistry, Owensboro, KY

I am looking for chemical equation help for junior high school daughter . Are you available today at 5:00 to 6:00

Sent by Nancy on 11/3/15

Common Core, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Where are you located? Looking for Common Core Algebra 2 help for son grade 10, located in Centereach NY 11720

Sent by Sharon on 11/3/15

Heat Transfer, Denton, TX 76201

Hi there, I'm looking for help with Heat Transfer course. Let me know if you can help me with it, plz. Best,

Sent by Wesley on 11/3/15

Vector Calculus, Corvallis, OR

Hi, am looking for a vector calculus tutor for my son (Hesham) who is currently at OSU. am wondering if you tutor and if you are avaliable. regards W.

Sent by Walid on 11/3/15

Biology and Algebra, Chantilly, VA

Hello, my daughter is a freshman at chantilly high school. She is doing poorly in Algebra and Biology. I am looking for a tutor to meet with her for one hour...

Sent by Melissa on 11/3/15

Math, Irvine, CA

Hello, I Need your help in my math class, I am a freshmen at Saddleback college . Kindly advice your fees for at least 20hrs and if you can start ASAP

Sent by Mohammed on 11/2/15

English , Math, Labelle, FL

Dear rose hi my name is S. I have little boy inseventh grade he need help in english and math C.an you please C.all me at (phone number available after purchase) beC.

Sent by Sandy on 11/2/15

Dat, Frisco, TX

Dinesh, I was looking for someone who could potentially tutor me for the DAT (dental admissions test) for entry into dentistry school.

Sent by Tanner on 11/2/15

Physics, Laguna Hills, CA

Hi Sandra, My name is J. S. and I am an 11th grader. I am looking for a physics tutor who can also do computer programming. At school we work with Python...

Sent by Jessica on 11/2/15

Algebra, Goodyear, AZ

My son is a freshman at Millennium high school. This is the first year he is ever struggled with math. He is an honors classes so they take algebra 1 & 2 and match...

Sent by Amanda on 11/2/15

Civil Engineering, Washington, DC

I am looking for a tutor to work with me on my homework and prepare for my final exam for an undergraduate Steel Design course. If this is something you may be able...

Sent by Ethan on 11/2/15

Public Speaking, Ann Arbor, MI

Hi, my 11-year-old son (6th grader) is interested in public speaking and debate. We are wondering if you have the opening. What is the rate for this?

Sent by Wendy on 11/2/15

Public Speaking, Springfield, MO

I'm looking for help in public speaking. I'm a professional that has to give long presentations but have really bad anxiety.

Sent by David on 11/2/15

Reading, Murphy, NC

Good evening, Cher - We are a homeschool family moving to Murphy, NC. I am seeking out someone who can assist my son (8 years old) with reading.

Sent by Rachelle on 11/2/15

Physics, Montgomery, TX

I am looking for a tutor that can help my daughter who is a senior this year at Montgomery high school with physics

Sent by Charlene on 11/2/15

C#, Howell, NJ

Hello, Nicholas I am currently in a visual C# computer programming class and need a lot of help in order to pass. Hopefully you can help me.

Sent by Joe on 11/2/15

Clep Biology, Houston, TX

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for the Biology CLEP exam. I would like to see if or when you are available. Please contact me via email or phone number which is...

Sent by Jenny on 11/6/15

Usmle, San Diego, CA

Interested in tutoring for USMLE. Have been close to passing step 1 before. Plan on end of March test date.

Sent by Scott on 11/2/15

Physics, Baytown, TX

Daughter in 11 th grade. Struggling with physics. She gets tutoring in algebra on Tuesday evenings @5:30. I have arranged my work schedule to be off on Tuesday so if...

Sent by on 11/2/15

Geometry, Winnetka, CA

My daughter needs tutoring in Geometry. Thanks!

Sent by Terry on 11/2/15

Mars Colonization, Mebane, NC

Retired, but I have a large project of interest to SpacesX. Need help with modeling.

Sent by Roy on 11/2/15

Statistics, Saint George, UT

Hi Cory, I'm taking an online course in statistics from UMass and am floundering. I'd appreciate getting setting up a tutoring session with you this week if possible.

Sent by Maggie on 11/2/15

Chemistry, Hickory, NC

Hello Melissa. My son Cole is a junior at SSHS and is struggling with chemistry. What are your available times? He is available any time after 3:30.

Sent by Dave on 11/2/15

Physics, Des Moines, IA

Hi Ullas, I'm currently taking a general physics college course. I am located in central Des Moines but I can also travel. I saw your profile on wyzant but read...

Sent by Emma on 11/2/15

Pre-calculus, Fremont 94536

grade 11 student needs help in Pre-Calculus thanks.

Sent by Archana on 11/2/15

Reading, Slidell, LA

Looking for a Reading Tutor. Son, 13 is behind in Reading.

Sent by Joan on 11/2/15

Nclex Rn, AZ

Dr. Rhodora, My name is M. R. and I am looking for a coach that I can meet with a couple times to learn better ways to take the NCLEX.

Sent by Morgan on 11/2/15

Literature, Texarkana, Ar

I want to hire you to help me write.

Sent by John on 11/2/15

English, Miami, FL

Hi KT, My friend Alina needs English. She already speaks very nicely English but I loved if you'd reduce her accent. Can you help? M.

Sent by Mary on 11/2/15

Math, Palm Desert, CA

I am looking for a math tutor for my seventh-grade boy. Looking for possibly two days a week. We live in Palm Desert.

Sent by Ken on 11/2/15

Algebra, Powell, OH

We are looking for a tutor for my son, a Freshman at Bishop Watterson, for algebra. Mainly with homework and test prep. Probably 1 to 2 times per week (3 hrs per week).

Sent by William on 11/2/15

Calculus, Washington, DC

Hi, I am looking for a private tutor for our son Amir who is a high school senior at the St. Albans (in Washington, DC)and lives in the dorm there.

Sent by Azim on 11/2/15

Spanish, Vacaville, CA

Hi Nicole, I am not sure if you are willing to travel to Vacaville. The good thing is my son can work with you for a few hours, if that is ok with you.

Sent by Kate on 11/1/15

Accounting, Miami, FL

I am having a hard time with my taxes of individuals class. I need to get a 80 or more in mi final exam. (if you also speak spanish is even better for me) Thank you

Sent by Angela on 11/1/15

Math, Kennesaw, GA

My granddaughter in 7th grade having trouble with pre-algebra. Would like to get tutor for 2 times per week unless out of school on breaks or holidays.

Sent by Linda on 11/1/15

College Algebra, Lake City, FL

I attend FGC and I need serious help with College Algebra

Sent by Joseph on 11/1/15

Chemistry, Castro Valley, CA

Hi. Im looking for a Chemistry tutor. Mostly stuck on the SI units and conversion between the Si units. Are you an expert on this stuff by any chance?

Sent by Raymond on 11/1/15

Reading, Beaumont, TX

Hello Jessica, Are able to travel to Beaumont? If so do you charge for mileage? Do you tutor adults in reading?

Sent by Sarah on 11/1/15

Managerial Accounting, Taylor, TX

Hello. I am looking for a tutor in Managerial Accounting. What days and time are you available?

Sent by Susan on 11/1/15

Pharmacology, West New York, NJ

Hello I am in need of tutoring for a dosage test and I am not getting the basics. I need a tutor that can break down the problems step by step.

Sent by Brenda on 11/1/15

Physics, Green Bay, WI

Hi, Nicole, I'm a high school junior struggling in IB/Honors Physics (B-) and wondering if you could help me get back to my usual A standard.

Sent by Ariana on 11/1/15

Usmle, New York, NY 10001

Dear Dr. Mayank G, I am currently a third year medical student and I am interested in tutoring for USMLE step 2. Please contact me at your convenience. Thank you, C.

Sent by Christine on 11/1/15

Ged, Olympia, WA

I need help with math for my ged so I can get into college and take courses. I am 25 and need to get some schooling. Thank you for your time.

Sent by Steven on 11/1/15

Sas, Chicago, IL

Hi! I need help with SAS for my epidemiology thesis. I am using proc genmod for log binomial regression. I am in the model building phase. Can you help me?

Sent by Sara on 11/1/15

Sat, Longmeadow, MA

Looking for a tutor for my son. He needs to improve his reading SAT score. He is retaking the test on December 5th.

Sent by Denise on 11/1/15