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Physics, Brentwood, CA

Dave, Our daughter is a 16 year old junior struggling in physics. We need her grade to be raised ASAP. Please give me a call at (phone number available after...

Sent by Ron on 10/31/15

Engineering, Lisbon LA

Need help with engineering 220 at Louisiana tech

Sent by Trent on 10/31/15

Excel, New York, NY

Hi Mohammed, I am in a need of a crash excel training. I started a new job which requires me to work on large data excel workbooks.

Sent by David on 10/31/15

Math, Science, English, St. Augustine, FL

My son attends Brevard College in NC. we would like someone to tutor him 3 to 5 days a week at the college. He is Dyslexic and needs assistance with organization...

Sent by Schuyler on 10/31/15

Algebra, Hampton, GA

Hi my son is seems to have problems in his algebra math biology and language arts class his name is Daevon please help my phone number is (phone number available...

Sent by Joann on 10/31/15

Adhd, Brevard, NC

Hello, my son attends Brevard College and is in need of a tutor several days a week. He is dyslexic and ADHD. Do you feel you can assist him?

Sent by Schuyler on 10/31/15

Calculus, Somerville, MA 02144

Hi Christopher, I never received confirmation that my last note was sent so I'm resending. Sorry if you get duplicate messages. My son is attending Wentworth...

Sent by John on 10/31/15

English Tutor, Scotts Mills, OR

Hi - My son Mason is a junior at Silverton High and, in a nutshell, he is failing English. He has an IEP as well. Need your help ASAP please.

Sent by Susan on 10/30/15

Math, Somerville, MA

Christopher, My son is attending Wentworth and he needs assistance with Calculus I. Is this something you would be interested in? Thanks, J.

Sent by John on 10/30/15

English, Casa Grande, AZ

hi Bonnie, I'm looking for a tutor because I need help with my english, please contact me to make the schedule arregments and see if we can work it out together ...

Sent by Elena on 10/30/15

Algebra 2 Tutor Needed , Fairfield, IA

I have a daughter that is a straight A student. This year as a 10th grader her grades have fallen to B's and a C in Algebra 2. She says she is having a hard time...

Sent by Chad on 10/30/15

Mechanical Engineering, Columbia, MO

Hello, I'm looking for someone to help me with my machine element design class. I'm welling to pay more 35$. Please contact me as soon as you can.

Sent by Abdul on 10/30/15

Photoshop, Imperial Beach, CA

Hi Bruce I need to learn Photoshop for my job. I live in Imperial Beach and work in Coronado. my phone is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Konnie on 10/30/15

Math/Reading/political Science, Marysville, WA

My son, who is a senior, needs help with passing his OPSI tests for Math and Reading. He will also need additional help with his political science class.

Sent by Charlene on 10/30/15

Geometry, Lawton, OK

Hello Mike! My son is in dire need of tutoring for Geometry. He is an A-B student, however has been failing Geometry. He is going to extra help at school but...

Sent by Carrie on 10/30/15

Physics, Sacramento, CA

Looking for a tutor for a 10th grader in high school physics. Hard-working kid who cares about her grades--she's just struggling with this particular course.

Sent by Jennie on 10/30/15

French, Rochester, NY

My 15yr old son is trying to pass French for the 2nd time & is very unsuccessful - yet again. He's also struggling w/ Geometry this year (10th grade).

Sent by Tessa on 10/30/15

Ftce, Tampa, FL

Looking for a tutor for my son who needs to pass the K-6 SAE by December 15. Will gladly pay the $40 rate...this is very important!!

Sent by Debbie on 10/30/15

Autism, Eugene, OR

Hello, My 7 yr old Grandson is in the 2nd grade and he is struggling with reading and writing. He loves math and science and does very well with those subjects.

Sent by Diana on 10/30/15

Algebra, Lehigh Acres, FL

Hello, I am interested in hiring a tutor for my children. I have a 14 yr that need light tutoring on math. I have a 10yr that also needs help with math and...

Sent by Katiana on 10/30/15

Chemistry, Middletown, NY

My daughter was pretty much threatened by her teacher that if she didn't withdraw from his class she would fail. She's on a mission to prove a point.

Sent by Lorraine on 10/30/15

Calculus, Colorado Springs, CO

Hello, I need a Calc III tutor for my son. He attends Air Academy, and his class is only 1 semester so we need assistance fairly quickly.

Sent by Michael on 10/30/15

Drawing, Salt Lake City, UT

Hi Ali, I am interested in drawing, but I am a brand new beginner. If you would like to teach me, please feel free to email me. Thank you!

Sent by Elvis on 10/30/15

Photoshop, Chicago, IL

Hello Emily, I was wondering if you are available to teach photoshop. Please contact me via email (email available after purchase) Thank you. Bebo

Sent by Baraa on 10/29/15

Microsoft Access, St Paul Mn

Microsoft Access need help asap

Sent by Yang on 10/29/15

Math, Montgomery, NY

Hello I was wondering if you tutor 3 graders I have a daughter who is in the 3 grade and need help in math would you be able to help ? Please let me know thank you

Sent by Nettie on 10/29/15

Writing, Chicago, IL

Sent by Maribel on 10/29/15

Algebra, Eagle River, AK

I have a 9th grader struggling in Algebra 1 and looking for help fast!

Sent by Melody on 10/29/15

Clep Eco2023, Miami Beach,fl

hey I wanted to know if u can tutor me for my clep exam eco 2023 - principles of macroeconomics if I never learned it before and how long do you think I will need

Sent by Judith on 10/29/15

English, Oak Park, MI

is this a teaching facility? like a private school?

Sent by LaTonya on 10/29/15

Reading Math, O Fallon, IL

Hey this Mr.L. my son C. needs help n reading n math he's n the 7 grade go to carreil my number is (phone number available after purchase) can u give a call

Sent by Charles on 10/29/15

Chemistry, Elk Grove, CA

I am looking for a tutor that could help my daughter in chemistry subject that is taught to high school students. She is in 12th grade and lives in Elk Grove.

Sent by Faten on 10/29/15

Russian, Glassboro, NJ

Good Afternoon, I am interested in learning Russian as I have used Rosetta Stone briefly, but after a little bit I was unable to understand what it was trying teach me.

Sent by Drew on 10/29/15

Math, Suisun City, CA

Hi, I'm an adult, and I would like to get my GED. Done this year , would you be able to help me ?

Sent by Martha on 10/29/15

Act, Shreveport, LA

Hey, I am looking for someone to tutor a student for the ACT (mostly math) He gets out of football practice around 5:30 each day and will be taking the test on Dec. 12.

Sent by Scott on 10/29/15

Ftce SAE, Palm Harbor, FL 34683

Hey Jennifer, I need a tutor for the SAE on the FTCE exams. I have taken it once before and didn't pass any of the sections. All of the scores were above 185 so...

Sent by Nick on 10/29/15

Algebra, Montgomery, TX

I am seeking a tutor for my 16 year old son for Algebra 1.

Sent by Suzanne on 10/29/15

Tutoring, Southlake, TX 76092

Hi Manvi, I reached out a few weeks ago but not sure if you received my inquiry? Are you taking any students at this time? Please contact me at (phone number...

Sent by Tonia on 10/29/15

Reading (dyslexia), Helena, AL

looking for tutor for my son who is in 4th grade and is behind on reading. i'm located in helena. please text (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jessica on 10/29/15

Python, Buffalo, NY

Hi Sean, I am looking for an inexpensive tutor helping me with Python. Thank you N. R.

Sent by Nancy on 10/29/15

Math (and English), Gorham, ME

Hi Aubrey, Might be looking for a tutor for my son. Struggling to do his high school work - gets overwhelmed by it and then shuts down.

Sent by Steve on 10/29/15

Dyscalculia, Des Plaines, IL 60016

My son has dyscalculia and is in 6th grade. He also has ADHD inattentive disorder. We live in Mount Prospect and I would love to speak to you in person if possible.

Sent by Laura on 10/29/15

Ftce K-6 SAE, Tampa, FL

Sent by Nick on 10/29/15

Mathematics, Colorado Springs, CO

Hello, I need a Calc III tutor for my son. He is a senior at Air Academy. His Calc III course is only for the first semester, so we need assistance fairly quickly.

Sent by Dawn on 10/29/15

Homework, Folsom, CA

Hi. I am trying to find a tutor for my son, who is is 10th grade and needs help organizing himself and doing his homework. Would you be able to come twice a week...

Sent by Georgina on 10/29/15

Thermodynamics, Leesburg, VA 20176

i have assignment for thermodynamics. if you can help me contact me by email or what's app((email available after purchase))

Sent by Fahd on 10/28/15

Physics, Burbank, CA

My son is in 11th grade at Harvard-Westlake. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Jenai on 10/28/15

English, Daytona Beach, FL

Dear Mr. Frank I would like to take 4-5 lessons a week,my free time range is 7:30 to 10:30 , I would like to take one hour during this time and I want to focus...

Sent by Ahmad on 10/28/15

Math, Chicago, IL

Hi Steven, I am interested in getting a tutor for my 8th grade son to help him with his algebra homework and to help him better prepare for his upcoming high school...

Sent by Jill on 10/28/15

Real Estate, Boston, MA

Hello Christian, I am seeking a real estate tutor for my upcoming exam Friday. It would be helpful to meet with you because I need the extra help.

Sent by Leah on 10/28/15

Math, Sioux City, IA

Hello, Heidi. My 11 year old son, Toby, needs math tutoring. He is in 6th grade. He is autistic, and learning is very difficult. He has an IEP, but needs help at home.

Sent by Joe on 10/28/15

Python, Portland, OR

I am looking for some help with Python. Currently taking a python fast paced course

Sent by Clint on 10/28/15

Physic, Park Ridge, NJ

I am struggling with Fundamental Physic I class, Serway and Vuille book. I need to improve my grade. My problems is with the application of the content...

Sent by Sara on 10/28/15

Massage, Tinley Park, IL 60477

Hi Jamie I'm a graduate of 2years of Connecticut center for Massage threapy. I have had so many life situations that has held me back from taking my mblex exam.

Sent by Alexandria on 10/28/15

Microeconomics, Bismarck, ND

Kenneth, are you able to provide tutoring for Microeconomics?

Sent by Gabrielle on 10/28/15

Cpa, Lincolnwood, IL

Hello, Do you tutor for the CPA exam? Any of the sections. Thanks in advance. L.

Sent by Les on 10/28/15

Philosophy, Carbondale, IL

Hi Steven: My name is A. and I have a son at SIU. He is a freshman and is taken philosophy, but he is struggling with that. I would like to know if you can tutor...

Sent by Al on 10/28/15

Reading Writing, West Sacramento, CA

Hello Vishnupriya! I need a Reading and Writing tutor for my 3d grader son. We would like to meet 3 times a week . Can you help? C.

Sent by Christin on 10/28/15

Math, Pueblo, CO

Elementary school math for my son

Sent by Francesca on 10/28/15

Act, Anchorage, AK

Hello Professor Chong. My daughter is a junior at West Anchorage High School. I would like her to have some preparation before taking the ACT this spring.

Sent by Audrey on 10/28/15

Accounting, Chicago Il

Hello, i need help with accounting 201 i have exam on nov 9th so i need to start as soon as possible thanks

Sent by Saba on 10/28/15

Nclex Rn, Buffalo, NY 14226

Hello Margaret, I looking reaching out to you to see if you think there is a possibility of you tutoring me for my NCLEX. I graduated in May and I am embarrassed...

Sent by Emily on 10/28/15

Statistics, Gainesville, FL

I need help with graduate level statistics and particularly the JMP 12 computer program. Can you help with that? The class is 7 weeks and I am starting week 3.

Sent by Linda on 10/28/15

Special Needs, Mount Prospect, IL

Hello, I am looking for a special needs tutor for my son who has discalculia. He addtends the Friendship junior high school in Des Plains, 5 minutes from here.

Sent by Laura on 10/28/15

Series 7, Philadelphia, PA 19109

Hi, Michael. I need to acquire the 7 for work and I'd like some guidance right out of the gate and through the exam. If you can touch base via email...

Sent by Elliot on 10/28/15

Physics, Hackettstown, NJ

In a program for PTA and having a hard time in Physics .

Sent by Nicole on 10/28/15

Usmle, Miami

Hi, I'm currently looking for a tutor for step 2 ck. I plan to retake my exam on 14th Decemeber as I had failed my first attempt. Do you tutor people for step 2?

Sent by Crystal on 10/28/15

Math, Anderson, IN

Hi this is D. T., Im located in Anderson, Indiana and Im looking for a math tutor for college math. I take mathematical modeling which is like a combination of...

Sent by Daizha on 10/28/15

AP Chemistry, Seal Beach, CA

I need assistance to teach high school AP Chemistry at week day after 3PM or weekend. There are two boys, both of them are at 11th grade.

Sent by Yuh-Rong on 10/28/15

Study Skills, West Milford, NJ

Hello, I live in West Milford. We are looking for a tutor her my 10 th grade son. He had mild ADD. He has made a poor adjustment to high school.

Sent by Debra on 10/28/15

English Tutor, Basking Ridge, NJ

Hi, Katie I have a son in second grade an I like to get for him some help at home and looking if you are interested to help him with an English and math.

Sent by Nick on 10/28/15

Algebra, Wrentham, MA 02093

Interested in tutoring for my son. Please advise. Thankyou

Sent by Gia on 10/28/15

"ap World History", Atlanta, GA

Hi Katherine, Do you have any experience tutoring students in AP World History? If so, what were your results with that student (s).

Sent by Dawn on 10/28/15

Reading, Wendell, NC

Hello, I have a stepson who is in the 6th grade, he has been struggling with reading and we are wanting to find a tutor for him!

Sent by Brandy on 10/28/15

Calculus, Kingsport, TN

Hi Elizabeth. I'm looking for a calculus tutor for my daughter who is a high school senior.

Sent by Robin on 10/28/15

Calculus, Melbourne, FL

Hi Ahmed - this is Kyle R.' mom. My other son, K. needs help with Calculus 1. I know Kyle said you have opened a restaurant (congrats on that) so I didn't know if...

Sent by Kevin on 10/28/15

Trumpet, West Sacramento, CA

my son needs some help w trumpet playing technique. Please let us know if you have time for private lessons

Sent by Judi on 10/28/15

Asvab, Salt Lake City, UT

Hi Mrs. Heng. This is K.. I used your service for cell biology on wyzant. Unfortunately, they closed my account due to wrong reasons.

Sent by Karim on 10/28/15

Biochemistry, Tallahassee, FL

Hi, sorry to bother you but I'm in need of assistance with biochemistry. if you can contact me as soon as possible it would be greatly appreciated!

Sent by Manuel on 10/27/15

Spanish, Tuscaloosa, AL

Interested in learning Spanish for job purposes going to get cds just need help getting off ground floor I need basics and pronouncing205 534 4395 after 2pm

Sent by Yes on 10/27/15

Computer Science - Python, New York, NY

Hi, Abhilash, I need some help of my python assignment. Please respond ASAP so that we can discuss further thank you.

Sent by David on 10/27/15

math and reading comprehension, Dawsonville, GA

My son is 8. He needs additional assistance with math and reading comprehension. I would need someone to come to the house one day a week to start.

Sent by Robert on 10/27/15

Research and Statistics in Human Services, Duluth, GA

I need help with statistical research. I am in a BS program Human Services

Sent by Donna on 10/27/15

Automata, Glen Oaks, NY 11004

Hello, How are you doing? I would like to know if you are good in Automata .. please let me know ... thanks

Sent by Rasseel on 10/27/15

reading and writing, Erie, CO

GO.O.d evening- I have a 7th grader whO. struggles with reading and writing. I am lO.O.king sO.meO.ne tO. wO.rk with him. Tuesday's wO.uld wO.rk the best fO.r us.

Sent by Natasha on 10/27/15

Java, Tucson, AZ

Java tutoring, are you able to help ?

Sent by Nofal on 10/27/15

Sat I, Lancaster, PA

Hello Emily, My name is H. T., an academic advisor from New Oasis International Education. We currently have an international senior who is in need of SAT prep in...

Sent by Hanyi on 10/27/15

Latin, Hinsdale, IL

Hi Marta, I'm looking for a Latin tutor for my high school daughter. She's a freshman at Hinsdale Central. You can email me or cal..

Sent by Paul on 10/27/15

Ged, High Springs, FL

Hi Kathryn! I need to prepare for GED test. Can you help? Thank you, (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Nekida on 10/27/15

Python, Buffalo, NY

I need help in Python. I am taking many classes.

Sent by Nancy on 10/27/15

Spanish, Elk Grove, CA

Hi Joan, I am looking for a Spanish tutor for my son (Freshman) in high school, for one hour on the weekends. We live in Elk Grove.

Sent by Leyla on 10/27/15

Nursing, Youngstown, OH

i have taken the nclex rn twice and failed i need help

Sent by Jackie on 10/27/15

Cardiac, Buffalo, NY 14226

Hi I need some help to get ready for my final. I need help with cardiac aND respiratory

Sent by Leleya on 10/26/15

Cisco Networking, Harrison, NJ 07029

I need help with my class CMIT 350

Sent by Elpidio on 10/26/15

Armenian, Tujunga, CA 91042

Hello Ms Jacklyn I need a tutor for my 7year old daughter. She attended Armenian school for 4 years and is skilled in reading and writing up to 1st grade.

Sent by Jamie on 10/26/15

English, Bridgewater, NJ

Hi dear Kristen I am applying for my grad school and need your help with my statement of purpose. Could you please let me know how much you charge for proofreading...

Sent by Yina on 10/26/15

Statistics, Cambridge, MA

Are you free tomorrow, 10/27 to help w/ Statistics hw problems?

Sent by Katie on 10/26/15

Reading, Rincon, GA

I am interested in a tutor for my 9year old son. In reading and science.

Sent by Melanie on 10/26/15

Material Science, Boise, ID

Need help in structure of materials practice exam, can you help , please ?

Sent by Mej on 10/26/15

Farsi Persian, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

I am taking English 85 at pierce college. Need help with grammar and essay writing you can call me at (phone number available after purchase) thanks

Sent by Monica on 10/26/15

Econometrics, Portland, OR

Hi, I am in the MSF program. I need help in Econometerics. Is that something you can do? Thanks, J.

Sent by Jhoan on 10/26/15

Math, El Paso, TX

I am looking for a tutor for my 7th grade son. He is struggling in Math and needs some help. We live by Chapin High School.

Sent by Christina on 10/26/15

Cpa, Studio City, CA

I really need your help for an online accounting exam that is due today. Can you please email me or call me ((phone number available after purchase))?

Sent by Max on 10/26/15

Geometry, Lindenhurst, NY

Please let me know if you're available to tutor geometry for my 14 yr old date in the Lindenhurst area

Sent by Tina on 10/26/15

Lsat, Columbia, SC

Helo Raia. My son took the LSAT for the first time and litle prep and is going to take it again Dec. 5th. He scored a 144 and needs at least a 155 to get into SC...

Sent by Chris on 10/26/15

Science, Sulphur, LA

my son is ADD and needs some help in Science English and Math and he is in 9th grade Thank you, L.

Sent by Lorie on 10/26/15

Algebra, Antioch, CA

My wife need your help for algebra graphing and basic algebra.

Sent by George on 10/26/15

Statistics, Canandaigua, NY

Hi, Laura! My daughter is a student at FLCC and would benefit from the support of a tutor in Stats. She currently has a C but really needs a B for a Merit...

Sent by Debra on 10/26/15

Electrical Circuits, Grayling, MI 49738

I need help in Fundamentals of Electric Circuits exam.

Sent by Sa on 10/26/15

Physics, Center Moriches, NY 11934

Hi R. - my son is in eleventh grade and struggling with AP Physics II. We have never inquired about tutors and are not sure of how the process works.

Sent by Rose on 10/26/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Heat Transfer, Miami, FL

Hey, I have four problems in heat and mass transfer. If you can help me solving them please let me know

Sent by Ali on 10/26/15

Writing, Santa Clara, CA

Hi Rei, I have two middle school student who needs help with writing. They are both homeschooled this year. My younger, who is 7th grade, has really hard time...

Sent by Elvira on 10/26/15

Finance Tutor, Palo Alto, CA 94301

Hi John, I have a capital budgeting project (Excel) that i have already started it but i am not sure if it is correct. Could you please let me know if...

Sent by Andrea on 10/26/15

Math, Lockport, NY 14094

my name is M. I need help with basic math and English hope to here from you soon

Sent by Mark on 10/26/15

Real Estate, Boston, MA

Have real estate exam coming up can you help me study productively and pass the exam. Thank you - A. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Alison on 10/26/15

Sarah Geology English, South Burlington, VT

Testing why I have two profiles

Sent by Sy on 10/26/15

Reading and Math, Batavia, NY

dear katheryn my name is M. I need hep with my reading and math

Sent by Mark on 10/26/15

Calculus for Electrical Engineering, Boulder, CO

Dear Ben, I am the parent of a freshman majoring in electrical engineering at CU Boulder who is seeking a tutor/teacher for APPM Calculus.

Sent by Hunter on 10/26/15

Thermodynamics, Storrs, CT

I need help with thermo question

Sent by Zeen on 10/25/15

Tutoring, Montgomery, AL

Good afternoon, My name is J. Chavez and i am also from the Montgomery area. I am in desperate need of tutoring. If you could please give me a call or text...

Sent by Justin on 10/25/15

Spanish, Scottsboro, AL

Hey A., My name is A. M.. I am eagerly seeking a spanish tutor in my area, I noticed on here you say you tutor Spanish. I am near an intermediate level...

Sent by Andrew on 10/25/15

Physics, New Philadelphia, OH

Hello, im in need of a tutor for my daughter in physics and calculus. Probably one to two hours a week. My number us (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Anne on 10/25/15

Physics, Coeur D Alene, ID

Brittany, I am looking for some help on physics, continuity and Bennoulli's Therem. I live in Cda. Are you by chance free sometime today, Sunday?

Sent by Shelly on 10/25/15

Algebra, Harlingen, TX

Hi I'm looking for a College Algebra tutor.

Sent by Sarah on 10/25/15

Biology, Boxford, MA

I am looking for a biology tutor for my 9th grader please let me know what your availability is. Thanks, I.

Sent by Iman on 10/25/15

Biology, Bethesda, MD 20814

Hi Reetika, Please let me know by 2 PM today whether or not you can help me with the quiz I sent you last week. If it was too laborious or hard...

Sent by Kevin on 10/25/15

Usmle Step 3, Bayonne, NJ 07002

Looking for help online tutor for USMLE step 3, new format

Sent by Dhashaini on 10/25/15

Statistics, Saint Paul, MN

Hi! My daughter is a senior in high school and taking AP stats. She is drowning! We need to get help on board probably once a week as soon as possible.

Sent by Lisa on 10/24/15

Gre, Advance, NC

Hello Richard, my name is C. Peck, and I am a 33 year old who is looking to gain entrance into grad school. I am scheduled to take the GRE on Nov 9th...

Sent by Chrissy on 10/24/15

Math,English, Hershey, PA

Hi, I'm looking for tutor that can my kids who are in 9th and 7th grades. They need help in math and English. Please let me know if you. Thanks

Sent by Padma on 10/24/15

Adobe Photoshop, Spokane, WA

I am looking for an in home photoshop tutor. I would like to start as soon as possible. Please let me know if you are up for it. Thanks

Sent by Marsetta on 10/24/15

Act Reading, Chapel Hill, NC

Hi Leslie, My 16 yo old son is a junior at Cardinal Gibbons and just took the ACT today. He has taken Kaplan but could use a few tutoring sessions for the ACT reading.

Sent by Arlene on 10/24/15

Algebra, Midland, TX

Hi Sarah! I am looking for a tutor to help my daughter in Algebra 2 and in Physics. She is a Junior at Lee High School and will work around your schedule.

Sent by Lori on 10/24/15

Math, Paintsville, KY

In desperate need of a math tutor for my 14 year old!

Sent by Fran on 10/24/15

Math, Lenoir City, TN

Hi. We are in search of a tutor for 8th Grade Algebra for our son. We are located in Lenoir City and would need to find someone: Weeknight Evening hours Loves...

Sent by Robin on 10/24/15

Photoshop, Chicago, IL

Hi I was wondering what are your availability for photoshop tutoring . Also would travel to downtown Chicago. Thank you very much. B.

Sent by Bebo on 10/24/15

English, Kansas City, MO

Hi there How are you doing I need some English classes (torturing classes) for my wife and her friend in writing like how can you write an academic essay

Sent by Rakan on 10/24/15

Physics, Fairfax, VA

Looking for Physics tutor for Saturday.

Sent by Anna on 10/23/15

Geometry, Ruston, LA

Hello Jade...My daughter is in 9th grade Advanced Honors Geometry. She ended her 8th grade year with a high A in Algebra I. However, there seems to be a mental block...

Sent by Julie on 10/23/15

Usmle, San Francisco, CA

I want to start USMLE step 1 review on skype , do you still tutor Step 1 ? thanks

Sent by Aziz on 10/23/15

Algebra 2, San Antonio, TX

I am looking for a tutor for my sophomore son in Algebra 2 class. He will be available Sundays or some evenings after football season.

Sent by Celina on 10/23/15

Nursing, Wyandanch, NY

hi I'm a nursing student. i wanted to know would you be able to help me with my medical surgical exam?

Sent by Lutesia on 10/23/15

Programming, Denton, TX 76201

Are you able to tutor ev3 programming

Sent by Rohit on 10/23/15

Esl, Burlington, NC

I am looking for a tutor for a Chinese student studying at a Burlington school. She needs ESL help, and English assistance. Her English skills are pretty good.

Sent by Linda on 10/23/15

Sat, Levittown, NY

Dear Yana, My name is L. and I am looking for tutor for my daughter Jessica. Jessica is 11th Grade student, who needs to get ready for her ACT and SAT.

Sent by Laura on 10/23/15

Nclex Rn, Cupertino, CA 95014

I recently was unsuccessful in the nclex rn exam. I plan be back studying next week, and retake the exam first week in december. Can you help me please?

Sent by Kenny on 10/23/15

Chemistry (general), Batesville, AR

Looking for immediate personal tutoring for general chemistry class at Lyon College. Do you have knowledge & expertise in this subject??

Sent by Leslie on 10/23/15

Calculus, Columbus, IN

My Daughter is a JR at Columbus East. she really needs help with Calculus AB. I saw on linked in you work for Cummins, any possibility to chat about your availability

Sent by Jon on 10/23/15

Algebra, Columbus, OH

Hello, I am looking for a college algebra tutor to meet a couple times a week for 2-3 hour sessions. Are you available? Contact me at (email available after...

Sent by Adam on 10/23/15

Calculus, Northridge, CA

Hi! I am a student at valley college in a business calculus class. I am struggling a lot with this class. Please contact me and let me know your availability and rates.

Sent by Amanda on 10/23/15

Spss, Sherman Oaks, CA

Hi I need someone to coach me through the process of running basic statistical analyses on spss 23. Thanks

Sent by Grettell on 10/22/15

Business Management, Bothell, WA

Hi, I am student at City University last year undergraduate I am taking class call People and Communication in Projects under Project Management 408.

Sent by Salah on 10/22/15

Math, Walnut, CA

I need a tutor asap at walnut please give me a call at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ice on 10/22/15

Micro Economics, Aliso Viejo, CA

Hi, I am currently taking an economics class at CSUF and am having difficulty. The book for the course is Managerial Economics and Business Strategy by Michael Baye.

Sent by Dillon on 10/22/15

English, Tucson, AZ

Hi Sandy! I'm looking for English tutor for my wife.She is from Russia.Pls. contact us asap. Thank you! L..

Sent by Leon on 10/22/15

Reading, Evansville, IN

Sent by Vivian on 10/22/15

Clep, Mansfield, OH

Hello Matt, I would like to get more information on how you can help me prepare for a CLEP exam. I'm currently in Mansfield, Ohio.

Sent by Alexandria on 10/22/15

Excel, Dallas, TX

Hello, I'm in immediate need of excel 2013 tutoring. I need this training this weekend Saturday or Sunday at my home in Midlothian Texas.

Sent by Bernestine on 10/22/15

Accounting Intermediate, Staten Island, NY

I need help with intermediate accounting I am in 3rd. year college (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Cristoforo on 10/22/15

Statistics, Basking Ridge, NJ

Hi I need help with graduate stats class for my psycho. program...calculating Z scores, converting T- scores to raw scores, normal distribution stuff..

Sent by Rosa on 10/22/15

Toefl, Tucson, AZ

Ineed toefl course next week

Sent by Suliman on 10/22/15

Real Estate, Boston, MA

Hi Christian, Would you be able to help me to pass the real estate exam ? I have to take the test in a few weeks. Thanks, A.

Sent by Alison on 10/22/15

Sat Verbal, Plainsboro, NJ

Hi Amy, I am looking for a English tutor for 9th grade Reading & Writing. Pls contact if you are available. Thanks L.

Sent by Lakshmi on 10/22/15

Vector Calculus, Columbus, OH 43220

Hi Ralph, I have an assignment due tomorrow and need help with it. It's for calculus with vector anaylsis. Just want to make sure my answers are right so...

Sent by Tiffany on 10/22/15

Gmat, Provo, UT

I am interested in hiring you as a GMAT Tutor. I specifically need help on the Quantitative section of the exam. Do you have time available in your schedule?

Sent by Jacob on 10/22/15

Needed Tutor, Edison, NJ

please call me at 732-20-2401

Sent by Sudhakar on 10/22/15

Mathematics, Porter Ranch, CA

Hola Roberto: Its me C. at the Porter Ranch Starbucks, I hope you are well. Will you please call me at (phone number available after purchase)?

Sent by Cindy on 10/22/15

Math, Big Spring, TX

do you tutor for math also?

Sent by Lita on 10/22/15

Python, Jersey City, NJ 07307

Hi Vinod, i am looking for a tutor in python and was wondering what your availability was. Thank you, S. Kumar

Sent by Sourab on 10/22/15

English, Wichita Falls, TX

I have a grand daughter in the 10th grade that needs some help in English.

Sent by Paul on 10/22/15

Personal Trainer, New Hyde Park, NY

Hi David, Don't know if you received my first email....would like to talk to you about tutoring my son on the ACE exam. My cell is (phone number available after...

Sent by Janet on 10/22/15

Information Retrieval, Montreal, Canada

Hello. I am taking an Information Retrieval and Web Search course. I have an assignment that I would need help with, are you familiar with the SPIMI algorithm?

Sent by Andrea on 10/21/15

Algebra, Petoskey, MI

Hello Shannon, I'm looking for a Algebra tutor for my son who is attending at North Central Michigan College. Are you still taking on new students?

Sent by Amy on 10/21/15

Biology, Oxford, MS

My daughter goes to Ole Miss and in need of Biology 160 help. Please call me to discuss. (phone number available after purchase). Thank you

Sent by Melissa on 10/21/15

Heat Transfer, Leesburg, VA 20176

I was wondering if you had time to tutor a few chapter of heat transfer. I have an exam Friday morning

Sent by Walker on 10/21/15

Writing, Germantown, MD

Hello Ernette My 9yr old (4th Grader) requires help in writing and proofreading. Let me know if you are interested. She will be ready for classes...

Sent by Biju on 10/21/15

Spanish, Springfield, IL

Hi Robert, I am trying to find a tutor for my children. Please give me a call my numbers (phone number available after purchase) thank you! S.

Sent by Sarah on 10/21/15

Ielts, Lubbock, TX

hi i would like to help me to get score for IELTS test .

Sent by Ahmed on 10/21/15

Nclex Rn, Buffalo, NY 14226

Hi Margaret I am looking for a tutor to help my son pass his Nclex RN exam. He has taken it three times and has not passed. I would like face to face tutoring.

Sent by Catherine on 10/21/15

Spelling, Lubbock, TX

I'm looking for a tutor to help me with my spelling, Long story short I was in a car accident had a bad head injury took me two and half years to learn how...

Sent by Sarah on 10/21/15

Python, New York, NY 10027

Hey Ryan! I a, a student at columbia university adn was wondering whetehr you could tutor me for like 2-3 hours a week for python. Would that be possible?

Sent by Stefanos on 10/21/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Sign Language, Dover, NH

Hey Danielle, I am a (college) student with learning disabilities (ADD and NVLD) and was hoping for an american sign language tutor to improve my skill in...

Sent by Ben on 10/21/15

Java Tutor, Brea, CA

Hi I am looking for a tutor for tomorrow evening Oct. 22 for Java. My son is having trouble with strings and not sure if it is rays or arrays. We live in Brea.

Sent by Catalina on 10/21/15

Math, Harleysville, PA

I am Looking for a tutor for my 13 y/o daughter who is in 8th grade at Indian valley. We live in harleysville. She has made the honor roll every year and...

Sent by Brettney on 10/21/15

Speaking, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

I am a new preacher and want to get my messages down just right. I want to be coached via Skype.

Sent by Charlie on 10/21/15

Public Speaking, Archer, FL 32618

I am a preacher that wants to get my messages just right for maximum impact. I was wondering if you could coach me and help me with my messages on Skype.

Sent by Charlie on 10/21/15

Computer Science, Tempe, AZ

I am taking an assembly language class this semester and really struggling with it. If you think you can help me contact me ASAP

Sent by Abdulla on 10/20/15

Spanish, Rosenberg, TX

I live in Richmond. My son needs help in Spanish II. Flexible as to time. Please contact me. I see that you tutor many subjects. He may need additional help.

Sent by Shonda on 10/20/15

Writing, Encino, CA

Hello! I am lookinG. for a chemistry or writinG. tutor in Encino. Feel free to email me. Thanks!

Sent by Gabi on 10/20/15

Mysql, New York, NY 10005

Can I ask you a couple of questions about MySQL

Sent by Katherine on 10/20/15

C++, Charlotte, NC

Hello Kristy My name is K. and am looking for your help in C++. Hope to hear from you soon Sincerely K.

Sent by Kevin on 10/20/15

Construction, Williamsburg, VA

Hi, My boyfriend is preparing to take the Construction and Skilled Trades Test (CAST) October 29. I was wondering if you would be interested in helping him with...

Sent by Jessica on 10/20/15

Chemistry, Encino, CA

Hello! I am lookinG. for a chemistry or writinG. tutor in Encino. Feel free to email me. Thanks!

Sent by Gabi on 10/20/15

Algebra 2, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi I am looking for some assistance for my son we live in sunrise. Can you tell me about your teaching skills.

Sent by Denise on 10/20/15

Algebra, Humble, TX

Good evening Ma'am. My name is J. T. and I'm looking for a tutor for my son. He is in desperate need of help in Algebra. We live in the New Caney area.

Sent by John on 10/20/15

Physics, Urbana, IL

g from the University of Illinois A.s well A.s BS degrees in Physics A.nd ElectricA.l Engineering from the University of DelA.wA.re. I hA.ve been teA.

Sent by A on 10/20/15

Nuclear Engineering, College Station, TX

Hello Mr. Thomas, I'm currently an undergraduate at texas a&m university, I'm looking for tutoring regarding one of my nuclear engineering class Nuen 301.

Sent by Saad on 10/20/15

Trigonometry, Mount Olive, NC

My son is getting ready to graduate from WCC in December. He is need of help in Trigonometry. He is failing and needs this course to graduate.

Sent by Dekilah on 10/20/15

Math, 01921

looking for a math teacher for my 9th grader who can also help with study skills

Sent by Iman on 10/20/15

Biology Tutor, Bethesda, MD 20814

I am taking cell biology this semester at Clemson University in a masters program. Is there any way I can send you a copy of the quiz I just recently took?

Sent by Kevin on 10/20/15

Imac, Rockwall, TX

I need help learning to use my new iMAC & MacBook as well as how they integrate with my home network backup WDCloud. I live in Rockwall and am available evenings &...

Sent by Cindy on 10/20/15

Nuclear Engineering, Columbia, MD 21044

Hi, I was looking for tutors in nuclear engineering and came across ur name. I need a help with Lamarsh and Baratta Intro Nuclear Engineering book h/ws.

Sent by Nazrin on 10/20/15

Statistics, Gurnee, IL

Hi I was wondering if you are available this evening and Tomm evening for statistics? Please advise.

Sent by Kay on 10/20/15

Math Sience, Madison, OH

My sixteen year old daughter needs help badly she was begging to to get her a tutor please contact me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Judy on 10/20/15

All, Norman, OK

I have an 15 year old daughter, with an IEP plan, whom needs help in ALL areas; especially math. Last year, her & I had an motorcycle accident, which left me paralyzed.

Sent by Tammi on 10/20/15

Praxis, Hartford, CT

Hello! I am looking for a Praxis Science tutor to meet with a couple of teachers. We are located in Hartford and have a space available with a projector, a doc cam...

Sent by Nicole on 10/20/15

Electrical Engineering, Charleston, SC

Hey Corey, I am a current student at the Citadel. I was wondering if you are a expert tutor at Electric Circuit Analysis? If you are please contact me through my...

Sent by Marcello on 10/20/15

Chem, Lenoir City, TN

Hey Billy - I have a 16yr old daughter needing assistance in Chem (possibly algebra II as well). Could you contact me at your earliest convenience.

Sent by Jack on 10/20/15

Asvab, Hartford, CT

Hey John my names D. Williams I am 19 year old and I am looking for a tutor but not just someone to come and take my money I need someone who is really going to be...

Sent by DaJour on 10/20/15

Math, Portland, OR

I am in math095 and I need some help. Give me a call at (phone number available after purchase) and my name is L.

Sent by Lataria on 10/20/15

Reading, Rosamond, CA

i'm looking for reading tutoring for a first grader, my granddaughter. Please contact me De'Ann Power. In Rosamond

Sent by De'Ann on 10/20/15

English, Brookings, SD

I want privet tutor to help me

Sent by Fatimah on 10/20/15

Philosophy, Atlanta, GA

I need help with Philosophy (Critical Thinking).

Sent by Mimose on 10/20/15

Trigonometry, Gloversville, NY

Hello Nick, I have a daughter that is a senior at Gloversville. She is failing Economics, English, Intro to trig, and earth science... i need help!

Sent by Paul on 10/20/15

Algebra, Plainwell, MI

Please Contact Me About Your Availability Tutoring My Son Jaxon K. In Algebra. He Attends Plainwell High School And Is In The 9Th Grade.

Sent by John on 10/20/15

Teas, Orlando, FL

I would like to have help with the teas test. I'm a 20 year LpN. I'm trying to get in the R.N program. Or call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ava on 10/20/15

Hydraulic Engineering, Melbourne, Australia

hi hi can you help me for Hydraulic subject plz i have past exam i need some one to solve it thank you

Sent by Ahmed on 10/20/15

Nclex, MN

Hi Jessica. I need an nclex tutor. I graduate from nursing program in 2012. You may Pls contact me. Thnx

Sent by Esther on 10/20/15

Python, Scottsdale, AZ

Hello Matthew... Are you available for Python tutoring 2-3 x/week?

Sent by Anthony on 10/19/15

Economics, Tuscaloosa, AL

Looking for macro Econ tutor for son at university of Alabama. Yes got to get grades up ASAP.

Sent by Frances on 10/19/15

Accounting Tutor, Mount Vernon, NY

I am desperately in need of your help with managerial accounting. I am completly lost.

Sent by Tamara on 10/19/15

Bengali, Salt Lake City, UT

I work at the U and I am a utah native but I married into an amazing Bengali family who love and except me no matter what But I am not able to talk to my mother...

Sent by Shelby on 10/19/15

Lightroom, Encino, CA

I would like to go father than the basics in Lightroom. I need help organizing my work now that I have thousands of images. I would also like to be more proficient...

Sent by Karen on 10/19/15

Algebra, Hesperia, CA

Hi, I need help with my intermediate Algebra take home test. I live in Hesperia and my number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Garrett on 10/19/15

Accounting, Hartford, CT

Hello Rob, I recently started my MBA and am taking managerial accounting and a little lost. Could u help

Sent by Brian on 10/19/15

Asvab, Columbia, SC

I need help with asvab to get an higher score

Sent by Ieisha on 10/19/15

Math, Bay City, MI

hi i was wondering if u could tutor me in math..

Sent by Tonya on 10/19/15

Math, Burleson, TX

I am looking for a math tutor for my daughter in 7th grade. We live in Burleson. Are you available?

Sent by Stacy on 10/19/15

Neuroscience, Inglewood, CA

Yes im interestes in some tutor lessons don't email me please text me instead at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by DeAndre on 10/19/15

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA

Hello! My name is A.. Can you help me please I need information. How many months is to prepare for the exam? How much is? Thank you.

Sent by Anna on 10/19/15

Algebra, Oakland, CA

Hello, I am trying to prepare for my Praxis I Core math test and need help with geometry and Algebra which I have not done in over 20 years.

Sent by Brad on 10/19/15

English Language Arts, Saint Cloud, MN

you can help me writer eassy

Sent by Qali on 10/19/15

Asvab, Fair Oaks, CA

Interested in your ASVAB tutoring services for my daughter who is enlisting into the Marine Corps. She primarily requires assistance with the GT section of the ASVAB.

Sent by Juanita on 10/19/15

Computer Programming, Milford, CT

Dear Colby I am looking for a tutor to help my 12 year old son Benjamin learn about his new apple mac computer. You can call or email at (phone number available...

Sent by Don on 10/19/15

Calculus, Norwell, MA

Hi. I am looking for a Tutor for my Son, Stephen a freshman at Stonehill College. He needs a tutor for Calculus 125. Are you available on Sundays at 4:00?

Sent by Virginia on 10/19/15

Accounting, Bakersfield, CA

Hello, I am looking for an accounting tutor that is able to assist me maybe a few hours a week. I work full time so my schedule is limited to afternoons.

Sent by Brandon on 10/19/15

Math, Bowling Green, OH

I am looking for a math tutor for my son. He is a freshmen at BGSU. Please contact me if you able to tutor college algebra.

Sent by Larry on 10/19/15

Reading Tutor, Avon, MA 02322

I am interested in speaking with you about tutoring my granddaughter.

Sent by Miriam on 10/19/15

Reading Comprehension, Oviedo, FL

Hello Veronica, My son is in 3rd grade and a smart kid; he knows his spelling words excellently every week and loves math and science.

Sent by Susan on 10/19/15

Dyslexia, Central Islip, NY

Hi Eileen My daughter has an iep and I was just told she is at a reading level of a 5th grader she is in 8th grade. I was very upset when I heard this...

Sent by Jenniffer on 10/19/15

English, Newport News, VA

Hey, I'm looking for a tutor to help me get back on track in english an math. I want to score good on the placement test that I will be taking.

Sent by Luis on 10/19/15

Chemistry, Frederick, MD

Sent by Michael on 10/19/15

Statistics, Frankfort, IL

By any chance do you tutor Statistics for high school?

Sent by Dee on 10/19/15

Calculus, Marksville, LA

I have a 16 year old daughter that is having difficulty with calculus. She needs a tutor to assist her with this course. We live in Marksville, but will transport...

Sent by Brett on 10/19/15

French, Alpharetta, GA

Hello there, I am a student looking for a different kind of French tutoring than you may be used to giving. A senior only in name (off-campus dual enrollment...

Sent by Sydney on 10/19/15

SAS Analytics Software, Berkeley, CA

Hi , I need a tutor for my intro to SAS Analytics Software class. Can you help ? Immediate

Sent by Alex on 10/19/15

Praxis, New Orleans, LA

Hello I am looking for a tutor for the praxis writing, can you help thanks

Sent by Jocelyn on 10/18/15

Real Estate, Las Vegas, NV

Hello, I am need of help with my real estate exam prep. I need help with finance and real estate calculations.

Sent by Monteka on 10/18/15

English, Opelika, AL

hi~! my name is C. W. and i'm from south korea i'm interested in your toutorring class and i arrived here tow month ago. so, i want to learn english speaking...

Sent by Chihyun on 10/18/15

Robotics, Northville, MI

Hello I was wondering if you are available to tutor Robotics ? Can you provide a contact number or call me at (phone number available after purchase) Thanks!

Sent by Rohit on 10/18/15

Finance Tutor, Colorado Springs, CO

Looking for a tutor for corporate finance graduate level. I will need sat or Sun must meet in person. Thank you

Sent by Nick on 10/18/15

Esl, Plainsboro, NJ

wants English writing lessons. We live in Plainsboro nj in an apartment.

Sent by Sunita on 10/18/15

Math, Redmond, OR

My name is J.. I am a sophomore/junior in community college and I am taking math 111. I need more than mild tutoring within that subject on Mondays and/orWednesdays.

Sent by Jessica on 10/18/15

Personal Trainer, Santa Monica, CA

Hi! I am in a personal training institute and am wondering if you are great at teaching about understanding the body because it is very confusing to me.

Sent by Chandler on 10/18/15

Asp.net, Converse, TX

i need help with (url available after purchase) using c#. My number is (phone number available after purchase). My email is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Jr on 10/18/15

Reading, Brockton, MA

I am looking for a reading comprehension tutor for my granddaughter (9 yrs) in 4th grade. She reads fluently and has no problem with spelling or writing thus far.

Sent by Miriam on 10/18/15

College Math, Williamsburg, VA

Our son is a freshman at W&M. He needs a tutor for his Math Powered Flight-104 class. Are you familiar with this class?

Sent by Greg on 10/18/15

Excel, Tampa, FL

Hi Peggy, I saw your ad under Excel tutors in Tampa. I would like to improve my Excel skills, mainly using formulas and shortcuts.

Sent by John on 10/18/15

Mathematics, Covington, GA

Hi my name is M. L.. I live in Covington, Ga. I decide to contact you because I need to get ready to take the Compass test in a few days.

Sent by Maria on 10/18/15

Information Systems, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

Hi are you able to do a full assignment. I am obviously willing to pay but have a computer information systems coding assignment due tonight which requires coding...

Sent by Sara on 10/18/15

Physics, Miami, FL

Hello, my name is C.. I'm in 11th grade and I need tutoring to help me understand AP Physics 1. I'd like to meet with you at my house for tutoring sometime after...

Sent by Chloe on 10/18/15

French, Stone Mountain, GA

Peter, I am looking for a tutor for myself for French. I am currently taking classes but having a hard time. I really need to learn the basis and then move forward.

Sent by Tonya on 10/18/15

Accounting, Van Nuys, CA

I am currently enrolled at Cal State Fullerton, but live in Van Nuys. I am an Accounting major and plan to graduate next spring. I find I am struggling with tax...

Sent by Tony on 10/17/15

Numerical Analysis, Rolla, MO 65401

Hello! I was wondering if you were available in the next two days for online numerical analysis homework help. Thank you! O.

Sent by Olivia on 10/17/15

Adobe Photoshop, San Diego, CA

Hi Emily, I need some help to get some art done in photoshop; blending and adding elements from one photo to another. Should be easy for you, but I am pulling my...

Sent by Manuela on 10/17/15

Organic Chemistry, Tallahassee, FL

Need he'd with organic chemistry II at FSU

Sent by Sydney on 10/17/15

Algebra 2, Waukegan, IL

Hi I am interested in your tutoring. I am a sophomore at Washington, would you contact me at (phone number available after purchase) thanks

Sent by Jennifer on 10/17/15

Trigonometry, Malverne, NY

HI Brian, I am looking for a trigonometry tutor for my daughter, she is in 10th grade. we live in Malvern, which is next to Lynbrook.

Sent by Innesa on 10/17/15

Usmle, Chicago, IL 60290

I would like to join USMLE step 1 prep course , thanks

Sent by Aziz on 10/17/15

AP Calculus, Myrtle Beach,SC

Seeking a tutor for my daughter for AP Calculus and ACT. Please respond as soon as possible .

Sent by Sonja on 10/17/15

Accounting, East Hampton, NY

I am helping out my daughter Sarah to find an accounting tutor. she is taking an online course in accounting 101. she is doing okay but doesn't feel she really...

Sent by Mark on 10/17/15

C#, College Station, TX

I need help on my C# assignment. I hope we can schedule a meeting ASAP.

Sent by Chen on 10/17/15

Java Tutor, New York, NY 10019

Hi, I'm interested in speaking regarding Java 1 class which I'm enrolled in currently, please contact me by text at (phone number available after purchase), or email.

Sent by Michael on 10/17/15

Chemistry (general), Lake Forest, IL

Hi Anthony, I'm looking for a tutor for Chemistry Honors and Plane and Solid Geometry Honors, available to tutor twice a week for at least an hour each of the days.

Sent by Andrea on 10/17/15

Physics, Plymouth, MA

Needing a physics tutor once a week. Please contact me and let me know if you are available. I am located in south Plymouth

Sent by Jon on 10/17/15

Ap Biology, Rowland Heights, CA

My son needs help in AP biology class in high schooL. My contact number is (phone number available after purchase). Thank you very much!

Sent by Cindy on 10/17/15

Calculus, Plymouth, MA

I am looking for someone to teach 11th grade pre-calc in Plymouth

Sent by Gail on 10/16/15

Jquery, Austin, TX

Hello - I am a seasoned Graphic Designer, learning code for the first time. I am having a hard time with jQuery and need help completing homework for the Front-End...

Sent by Patti on 10/16/15

Ap Us History, Memphis, Tn 38118

i am interested in having tutoring in frq and dbq i am averaging at 85% on frq and dbq but i need to do much better bacause our grade depand on frq and dbq only

Sent by Jitu on 10/16/15

Reading, Davis, CA 95616

Hi Anna, we are looking for a tutor for our 6 year old 1st grader, she is currently struggling on numbers, blending letters (i.e. Ch, er), and reading.

Sent by Fey on 10/16/15

Math, Hastings On Hudson, NY

My daughter struggles with math and is a very visual learner. How well do you do with learners like this? Also would you come to Hastings on Hudson?

Sent by Romina on 10/16/15

C#, Irving, TX 75063

I am in need of a tutor for C# basic programming homework using method declaration.

Sent by Lianna on 10/16/15

Nclex-rn, VA

Hi Megan! I previously graduated from nursing school in May 2013. I have taken the NCLEX-RN three times unsuccessfully and I could really use some help...

Sent by Ariel on 10/16/15

English, Davis, CA

Sent by Marisa on 10/16/15

Cpa, New York, NY

I am looking for a CPA tutor for my husband. he is scheduled to take the REG exm in November please email me

Sent by Shira on 10/16/15

Geometry, Commerce Township, MI

In geometry and chemistry

Sent by Lisa on 10/16/15

Math, Indian Trail, NC

Hi Kathryn, I'm in search of a tutor to assist my 9 year old, 4th grade daughter in elementary math. She is doing well in math; however, I do see some...

Sent by Angelia on 10/16/15

Ielts, Minneapolis, MN

I would like tutoring for the IELTS test. Let me know your available times. Thank you in advance.

Sent by Nelly on 10/16/15

Thermodynamics, Port Jefferson, NY 11777

Dr. David, IM student in university and I NEED HELP IN thermodynamics and materials science class if U CAN HELP PLZ respond to ME? Thank you, M.

Sent by Mohamed on 10/16/15

Personal Trainer ACE exam, New Hyde Park, NY

Hi David! My son is going to take the ACE exam in a month or so and looking for a tutor prior to help! Please let em know if you are interested??

Sent by Janet on 10/15/15

Math 3rd-4th Grade, Rhome, TX

Need to see if your available from 6-7 pm 2 Times a week?

Sent by Deanna on 10/15/15

Physics, Elmira, NY

I'm looking for a tutor for college physics. My daughter is taking it at Alfred state and is struggling . She needs it for her forensics science major .

Sent by Elaine on 10/15/15

Algebra, Steamboat Springs, CO

we are looking for a tutor for our son. He is going to need some help starting this weekend Oct. 16 to 18. If you are interested and available please contact us...

Sent by Chris on 10/15/15

Study Skills, Boerne, TX

I am looking for someone for my 12 year old son. He is struggling in his first year of middle school with all of his subjects and developing good study skills.

Sent by Amanda on 10/15/15

Algebra Tutor, Palm Coast, FL

My daughter is a senior @ FPC with dual enrollment in Daytona Sate. She is having some problems with her Algebra at DSC. She is also preparing for her ACT and Sats...

Sent by Jessica on 10/15/15

Reading/English Math, Science, Lexington Park, MD

Hi Misty, I have a 13 year old homeschool with online course I think your skills are a good match for my daughter 3-4 days a week and evenings are great.

Sent by Yvette on 10/15/15

Personal Trainer Tutor, Watertown, MA

Hi Alex, I am taking a personal trainer test in a month and was hoping for some help with the material. Is this something you have tutored in before? Thanks, L.

Sent by Lera on 10/15/15

Excel, San Antonio, TX

Hi, how r u? I will have an exam on Friday 10/23 at 9 am so, I hope u will be available in that time. I will send to u a pic of the book the exam will cover chapter...

Sent by Hadi on 10/15/15

Algebra 2, Elizabethtown, KY

Hello, I saw your profile and am interested in your services. My daughter is 17 and a senior at John Hardin High. She needs help in algebra 2 We live on Towns Dr.

Sent by Deborah on 10/15/15

Computer, Naperville, IL 60563

Hello dear Eric I have a home work in computer information system can you help me? and I need help with exam

Sent by Abdulaziz on 10/15/15

Biology, Peachtree City, GA

Hi, We are interested in your biology tutoring. We are in Peachtree City. My daughter is a freshman at a private school in Atlanta. Thank you, S.

Sent by Stephannie on 10/15/15

Numerical Analysis, Chicago, IL

Can you tutor me in Numerical analysis? Currently going over convergence of Taylor and Maclaurin Series and Numerical Differentiation.

Sent by Isabel on 10/15/15

Chemistry, Chicago, IL 60070

Hello Aleksandra, My name is A. and I am with the College Planning Company located in Arlington Heights, IL. We are looking for a tutor to come to our office...

Sent by Andrei on 10/15/15

Quickbooks, Norwalk, CT 06853

I am interested in becoming a better user of Quickbooks and being able to help a small company go from manual to Quickbooks. Please email me back if you are...

Sent by David on 10/15/15

Reading, Kuna, ID

Interested in a reading tutor. 3rd grade girl. Reading

Sent by Patty on 10/15/15

Reading, Williamsport, PA

Hello, Im interested in finding a tutor that specializes in phonics for my sons. Could you contact me via email so we could discuss some possibilities.

Sent by Danyetta on 10/15/15

First Grader Tutor, Fairfield, CA

Hi I am looking for a expereinced one on one tutor for my 1st grader who is currently struggling with reading, identify high numbers, and blended words.

Sent by Fey on 10/15/15

Chemistry, Lansdale, PA

Hi Scott, I'm struggling with college chemistry and could really use some help. If you're available today or tomorrow please let me know!

Sent by Veronica on 10/15/15

Abacus Math, Richardson, TX

Can we talk and can you do Abacus math

Sent by Seny on 10/15/15

Math, Beaumont, TX

Looking for a geometry tutor and possibly to help my daughtet W.ith U S history mainly geometry. Days W.ould be Tuesday ,W.ed or Thurs for sure 2 days out the W.eek.

Sent by Stacy on 10/15/15

Math, Berkley, MA 02779

Hello, I was looking for a math tutor for my son who is in 7th grade . We live in Taunton. Are you still available??

Sent by Michelle on 10/15/15

Accounting, Highland Mills, NY

I am looking for an accounting tutor for Accounting 101, that I am taking at RCC. Please call at (phone number available after purchase) or email at (email available...

Sent by MIchele on 10/15/15

Spanish, Winter Garden, FL

HeL.L.o L.igia, I'm currentL.y attending ucf and I need heL.p with my Spanish cL.ass. WouL.d you be abL.e to heL.p me? I L.ive in winter garden 34787. Thank you.

Sent by Gavaskar. on 10/15/15

Information Systems, Chicago, IL 60290

Hello this is A. I need help in computer information systems I have class in computer liunx and windows I need help in HW and exams please this is my phone no...

Sent by Abdulaziz on 10/15/15

Physics, Skokie, IL

Hi , Jimmy , my son need to help , his physics doesn't do it good , you can call me (phone number available after purchase) my name is Alex or email

Sent by Thuloan on 10/15/15

Pre Calculus, Sacramento, CA

Hi, Nicole, My daughter is a senior in high school. Needs a pre calculus tutor. Please contact D. @(phone number available after purchase). Thank you!

Sent by Delia on 10/14/15

Speech, Portland, OR

Hello Benjamin, I am currently taking a speech class in order to fulfill my school graduation requirements, however I am Terrified of public speaking.

Sent by Karla on 10/14/15

Algebra 2, Wadsworth, IL

Good evening. My son's name is Jalin and he is having a challenging time in Algebra 2. He also plays high school football, meaning he gets out of practice a bit late.

Sent by Randy on 10/14/15

C++, Bakersfield, CA 93309

Hello Alfredo, im looking for a tutor that able to help me step forward with the c++ language. Im not that type of person who likes to read, i prefer to learn...

Sent by Abdulelah on 10/14/15

Reading, Waco, TX

Hello, I'm looking for a friendly and patient tutor to work with my 1st grade daughter. She is struggling in reading and spelling.

Sent by Benjamin on 10/14/15

Physics, Miami, FL

Hello, my name is C.. I'm in 11th grade and I need tutoring to help me understand AP Physics 1. I'd like you to come to my house after school sometime within...

Sent by Chloe on 10/14/15

Calculus, Salisbury, NC

I have looked for two weeks to find a Calculus tutor for my daughter in the Salisbury area with no luck. She needs help tomorrow to get ready for test on Friday.

Sent by Shane on 10/14/15

Reading, Sanford, FL

Hi Clare, I am seeking help for my 5 yr old who is in kindergarten. Reading!! Blending sounds, understanding concepts and comprehension.

Sent by Katrina on 10/14/15

Biostatistics, Jupiter, FL

Hi I was wondering if you were available to tutor for biostatistics.Please let me know I wish to start as soon as possible. Thank you

Sent by Lilian on 10/14/15

Physics, Visalia, CA

Look for a tutor in high school physics for my son. We live in Exeter he attends school in reedly. Are you avalible.

Sent by Michael on 10/14/15

ESL, Palo Alto, CA 94306

Dear Barbara V Hi, my name is D.. I would like to meet you, so we can talk about our schedule and what you expect me to do. my phone number is (phone number...

Sent by Daniel on 10/14/15

Science, Gainesville, FL

Just moved to Gainesville this summer. My son attends Oak Hall School. He struggles with Social Studies and Science, he has low threshold for reading comprehension...

Sent by Melissa on 10/14/15

Act, Covington, LA

Hi Sara, I'm interested in your feedback regarding ACT math tutoring. My wife and I would like to help our niece improver her ACT score of 21.

Sent by Brian on 10/14/15

Geometry, Greenwood, SC

Looking for geometry help for my 15 yr old son in tenth grade . Please call me if you are interested in helping at (phone number available after purchase) my name is...

Sent by Barbra on 10/14/15

Accounting, Honolulu, HI

Aloha Angelica, I am an MBA student and I have an exam on Saturday. I will love some help with basic accounting. Would you be able to assist me?

Sent by Anim on 10/14/15

Statistics, Denton, TX

I am in applied statistics and have fallen behind more than I care to admit. I'm open to pretty much any time. Thanks and I hope to hear back(:

Sent by Alexa on 10/14/15

Math, Hurricane, WV

Hey I'm looking for a tutor for the asvab test, if your interested here's my number (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Michael on 10/14/15

Nursing, Brockton, MA

Hi Lesley, my name is A. A. and I am currently enrolled in a nursing program at MGH IHP. I am in need of a tutor for med surge and was wondering if you could help.

Sent by Angela on 10/14/15

English, San Jose, CA

Hello Zeina: My son is a freshman at Santa Clara U and is needing assistance with editing papers for English and History. I noticed on another tutoring site that...

Sent by Mary on 10/14/15

Computer Science, Fresno, CA

Hi, My son is taking Computer Science at Clovis Com. College. He is not getting much direction from the teachers. I decided to find tutors online.

Sent by Mae on 10/14/15

Math and English, Laurel, MD 20708

Hi I need a tutor for my son in math and English. He is in 3rd grade. I am looking for 2 to 3 hours a week

Sent by Lisa on 10/14/15

Math Tutoring, Burleson, TX

Hello, WhaT. hours are you available? I'm looking for a maT.h T.uT.or for my 7T.h grade daughT.er.

Sent by Stacy on 10/14/15

Chemistry, Los Angeles, CA

Is Monrovia too far ? Chemistry maybe also pre calculus

Sent by Andrew on 10/14/15

3rd Grade, Laurel, MD

Hi I'd like to get tutoring for my son 2 to 3 hours a week in math and English. He is in 3rd grade

Sent by Lisa on 10/14/15

Marine Science, Stafford, VA

Hello Ashley, I am looking for a Marine Science tutor to help me finish my GED. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, J. C.

Sent by Juliana on 10/14/15

Sas, Rochester, NY

I've been struggling a lot with my SAS assignments, and was hoping you could assist me with my homework

Sent by Mary on 10/14/15

Algebra Science American History English, Hammond, LA

My child needs help with his homework.

Sent by Sandra on 10/14/15

Homework Help Tutoring, Prairieville, LA 70769

Mr. Ash. My daughter Randi Marie is in 6th grade and needs homework tutor help and some preparing for test. We live in Prairieville, 3 minutes from Blue Bayou Water...

Sent by Randall on 10/14/15

Math, Senoia, GA

I'm enrolling in school for engineering, I need to pass my placement test and I failed algebra and need your help.

Sent by Nikki on 10/14/15

Nursing, Locust Valley, NY 11560

Please help, I'm having trouble with med surg. C.

Sent by Chrismanie on 10/14/15

Phonetics and Elementary Maths, Pasadena, CA 91107

Dear Anasheh. I do need advice abt a certified tutor for a 4 year old in phonetics and simple maths. I am planning to homeschool her in a year's time.

Sent by Geraldine on 10/14/15

Statistics, Hemet, CA

Hi, I am looking for a tutor to help my daughter in her high school AP Statistics class

Sent by LaBrenda on 10/14/15

Act, Gainesville, FL

My son has a good ACT score but hoping to give him one more boost before his next (and last) ACT test. Please let me know if you can help.

Sent by Eric on 10/13/15

Math, Mansfield, TX

Hello! My daughter needs help in math and English please contact me at (email available after purchase)

Sent by Tammy on 10/13/15

Reading, Red Wing, MN

Hey I wanted to inquire about a reading/comprehension tutor for my daughter Ari, she is 8 years old and in second grade. Shes in title 1 for the second time this...

Sent by Jasmin on 10/13/15

Japanese, Simi Valley, CA

I have a Japanese test next Monday. I want to make sure I am ready for it. I am free on Friday and Sunday of this week. The session can start anytime from 1-7 pm.

Sent by Stefan on 10/13/15

Algebra, Winnetka, IL

I need a tutor after school for a junior who is in algebra. I would also like it if you could help with his other classes, as necessary.

Sent by Lori on 10/13/15

Asvab, Worcester, MA

Looking for a tutor for my son who will taking the ASVAB test this school year. What is your background with the ASVAB test?

Sent by Gina on 10/13/15

Math, Jenkintown, PA

Hi! Need math tutoring for a fourth grade boy.

Sent by Oona on 10/13/15

Algebra 2, Hyattsville, MD

10th grader who needs tutoring in Algebra 2, that he is failing

Sent by Egypt on 10/13/15

Project Management, Orlando, FL

Have you used POM for Windows - I am taking a course that requires me to solve an assembly line balancing problem for a manufacturing plant. Can you assist?

Sent by Carmelo on 10/13/15

Biology, LA Grange, IL

Hi! I am looking for a tutor to help me with my biology class (College). My recent tutor just quit due to personal issues and has left me at a point where if...

Sent by Ashley on 10/13/15

Chemistry, Lee's Summit. MO

Hi Michael I'm interested in finding a tutor that is compatible with my son who is a senior in high school he is in IB chemistry and he is needing some help.

Sent by Michelle on 10/13/15

Organic Chemistry, Tallahassee, FL

HI my name is S. and I am a junior at Florida State university where I am taking organic chemistry 2. I am not doing well in the class at all and it seems as though...

Sent by Sydney on 10/13/15

Sql, Anaheim, CA

Dear Vazi, I would like help preparing for MS SQL 70-461 and 70-463 certification exams. I need help from the beginning as I have no prior education/training...

Sent by Selam on 10/13/15

Final Cut Pro, Woodland Hills, CA

Hi do you know how to fully use Final Cut Pro? I know the basics on how to use it, but I want to make for professional looking videos.

Sent by Melissa on 10/13/15

Algebra, New York, NY 10001

i'm arjorie an adult who needs algebra skills strengthened.

Sent by Marjorie on 10/13/15

Biology, Avon, CT

Hi Anja, We are looking for a Biology tutor for my 10th grade son. He goes to Avon High school and has D on that class. I am wondering what's your schedule?

Sent by Belinda on 10/13/15

Accounting, Merritt Island, FL

My accounting class is called Accounting for decision makers. We are working on return on investments, return on assets, return on equity, calculating operating...

Sent by Joe on 10/13/15

Mac, Sebastopol, CA

Hello. I just bought a mini mac and need help getting started. I want to learn which art apps I should purchase in order to do simple illustrations for...

Sent by Patricia on 10/13/15

Math, Culver City, CA

I'm an adult. I need to strengthen my math skills in algebra.

Sent by Marjorie on 10/13/15

Computer Science, Eugene, OR

Sent by Ty on 10/13/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Real Estate, Seattle, WA

Hi James, I am actually looking for a real estate tutor. I passed all of my classes with no problem but have failed the exam twice.

Sent by Corina on 10/13/15

Pre Cal, Bulverde, TX

Needing help with pre cal. Daughter is homeschooled and taking a beka precal online

Sent by Jessica on 10/13/15

Pre Calculus, Slidell, LA

looking for a tutor for my high school senior in pre - calculus..you can contact me at (phone number available after purchase)..Thanks

Sent by Karen on 10/13/15

Algebra and Biology, Port Chester, NY

Hi Sneha, I am looking for a tutor for my 13 year old daughter in honors Algebra and my 15 year old son in honors Biology. They just started a new school...

Sent by Lisa on 10/13/15

Math, Beaumont, TX

Looking for a tutor for high school student in geometry. ASAP

Sent by Stacy on 10/13/15

Statistics, Columbia, SC

Hello Anastasiya, I am in urgent need of a tutor to help me complete my research project that is due tomorrow. Please advise if you are available to assist me after...

Sent by Deborah on 10/13/15

Algebra 2, Clarkston, MI

Hi Heidi, We are looking for a weekly tutor for my 11th grade daughter, who is currently taking Algebra 2. Please contact us if you are interested. Thanks! C.

Sent by Cindy on 10/13/15

Chemistry, Pasadena, CA

We are in Pasadena and need a tutor helping high school students with chemistry. Please contact us at (phone number available after purchase).thx!

Sent by Renee on 10/13/15

Asvab, Alexandria, VA

Hello Daron, I am trying to take the asvab again in the near future. I am trying to go the officer route and need a 110 for GT.

Sent by Connor on 10/13/15

Math, Lithia, FL

Hi, I live in Fishhawk and I am looking for a tutor for my 9 year old daughter in math and reading. She is struggling a little and needs one on one attention due...

Sent by Crystal on 10/13/15

Accounting, Merritt Island, FL

My accounting class is called Accounting for decision makers. We are working on return on investments, return on assets, return on equity, calculating operating...

Sent by Joe on 10/13/15

Government, Beaverton, OR

Hi my son, Junior @ Southridge HS needs help with his school. In particular, Criminal Law, Government 1 & Intro to Business Management. He has ADHD.

Sent by Duke on 10/12/15

Numerical Analysis, Chicago, IL

Are you currently available for tutoring?

Sent by Isabel on 10/12/15

Pharmacology, Jacksonville, FL

Need help with PathoPharm. I'm a nursing student at UNF.

Sent by August on 10/12/15

Algebra 2/Trig, Gurnee, IL 60031

Ms. Uma, I just realized you accepted my request to tutor my son. I wanted to know if you were still available. My son is in the 11th grade at Warren Township High...

Sent by Randy on 10/12/15

Dr. Richard G., Vernon Hills, IL

Abby is a sophomore. She is interested in beginning ACT prep work. Saturday and Sunday work best for her.

Sent by Laurie on 10/12/15

Chem, Neshanic Station, NJ 08853

Hi Dr. Shankar, I am interested in your AP Chem tutoring for my daughter. Please let me know your contact information, or give me a call, so I can signup as soon...

Sent by Winnie on 10/12/15

Physics, Miami, FL 33186

Hello, my name is C.. I'm in 11th grade and I need tutoring to help me understand AP Physics 1. I'd like to schedule a session sometime this week after school...

Sent by Chloe on 10/12/15

Mount Vernon Tx, Bryan, TX 77801

Hello, I'd like to discuss your services more and see if you're a good fit for an opportunity. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you, R.

Sent by Robb on 10/12/15

Physics, Somerset, KY

Hello: I am currently a student at Somerset Community College. I will be taking physics (PHY 152) during the spring semester. I was hoping to meet on a weekly basis...

Sent by Teresa on 10/12/15

Calculus 2, Logan, UT

Hello, I was wondering if you could help me work through my study guide for Calculus 2. I want to run through the problems and concepts to confirm I will be prepared...

Sent by Gavin on 10/12/15

Algebra 2, Schertz, TX

Need a tutor for algebra 2.

Sent by Amanda on 10/12/15

Writing, Jackson, TN

Hello Ms. Heather. I was writing to see if you would get back with me about tutoring my daughter. She is 6 and in the 1st grade and needs tutoring two days out the week.

Sent by Tiffany on 10/12/15

Finance, Santa Clara, CA

Hi Stephen I am a student at SCU and I need help with Corporate Finance as well as New Venture Finance calculations and using excel Please give me a call (phone...

Sent by Leena on 10/12/15

Statistics, Herndon, VA 20170

Hi Marcia. I am going to school at Univ of Phoenix online. My course starting tomorrow is Quantitative Analysis for business. I will need some help or should I say...

Sent by Janet on 10/12/15

Chemistry (general), Wichita, KS

Seeking Chemistry tutor for a junior in high school. one time per week east wichita

Sent by Dorothy on 10/12/15

Math, Schertz, TX

need a tutor for Pre Ap Algebra.

Sent by Amanda on 10/12/15

Math, Cary, NC 27511

Mr. Kemal , my son is in seventh grade and is struggling with the math he has some assignments that are due before the end of the semester on the 21st if you're...

Sent by Colleen on 10/12/15

C#, College Station, TX

I am in ISYS250 and am in need of a tutor for C# programming homework.

Sent by Lianna on 10/12/15

C++, Buda, TX

I need help with understanding C++ for a class at Austin Community College. Prog Fundamentals II

Sent by Roger on 10/12/15

Math and English, Magalia, CA

Sent by Melony on 10/12/15

Geometry Tutor, Morganville, NJ

Looking for honors geometry tutor for student in 9th grade Please let me know if you can tutor in marlboro

Sent by Shah on 10/12/15

Physics Tutor, Toledo, OH

hi i would like to take privet class in physics 2020 because my grades are ver bad this will not be one time it will be three times a week.

Sent by Ali on 10/12/15

Math, Sanford, NC

Shaina, I need a math tutor for my son. He is in the 7th grade. He is struggling. He has to turn in several worksheets this grading period, just for a passing grade.

Sent by Colleen on 10/12/15

Algebra 2, Lansdale, PA

My daughter requires a tutor for algebra 2. Are you possibly available to take her on beginning today? She also goes to North Penn.

Sent by Tracy on 10/12/15

French, Bradenton, FL

We are looking for a tutor to work with our son. He is taking French 1 in High School. Thanks, A.

Sent by Anette on 10/12/15

Thermodynamics, Leesburg, VA 20176

Good Day Can you please assist me in deriving the SRK equation of state for enthalpy and entropy? Thanks N. H. PH# (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Nigel on 10/12/15

Algebra 2, Mandeville, LA

Hello Mary, I reaching out for my son 17 a senior at CHS in ALG. 2 I received your email but can nit reply to it for some reason.

Sent by Andrew on 10/12/15

Elementary, Chapin, SC

Sent by Iwona on 10/12/15

Pre Calculus, Austin

Hello, I am seeking tutoring in Pre Calculus possibly for the rest of the semester. I would like 1-2 hours, AM, on Fridays. I am currently a student at Austin...

Sent by Michael on 10/12/15

Physics, North Ridgeville, OH

Do you do tutoring for General Physics?

Sent by Lisa on 10/12/15

Chemistry, Reisterstown, MD

Hello, My name is B. W.. My daughter Lauren is struggling with 10th grade Chemistry. I live in reisterstown, and am looking for a tutor on a weekly basis for assistance.

Sent by Bonnie on 10/12/15

Nclex-rn, Milford, CT 06461

hi! I'm looking for an Nclex-rn tutor. I have taken it once and did not pass and am extremely determined not to fail twice but I have lost a lot of focus...

Sent by Gabriella on 10/12/15

Geometry, Philadelphia, PA

I'm looking for Wednesday's at 7 pm at the Abington library for my granddaughter in geometry

Sent by Cathie on 10/12/15

Sat I, Denver, PA

Hello Justine, I'm H. T. from New Oasis International Education. We have an international high school student studying in Lancaster.

Sent by Hanyi on 10/12/15

Usmle Step 3, Fontana, Ca

Hi Dr Sandy, My name is M. M., I am currently seeking a tutor for USMLE step 3. English second language. I live in southern California the majority of my life...

Sent by Marlon on 10/12/15

Statistics, East Amherst, NY

Hi Abigail, I need your help in Analysis of Quantitative Data class but $60 per hours is too much that I can not pay $60 but I will try to pay $25.

Sent by Aziz on 10/12/15

Needed Tutor, Salt Lake City, UT

i am a first year experience student, English is my second language. I need help with essay writing for english 1010 at SLCC. i think i need at least 2 hrs twice...

Sent by Alejandro on 10/11/15

8th Grade Math, Greenwood, SC

My daughter needs a math tutor. She is struggling and needs some help. Please call me if you are interested. Thanks, T. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Tanya on 10/11/15

Clep, Brooklyn, NY

Hi, I am looking for someone to help my son (18 yrs) pass CLEP tests on macroeconomics, microeconomics and other business related CLEPS.

Sent by Charnee on 10/11/15

Accounting, Warner Robins, GA

I am currently taking an Accounting class for my MBA and need some help completing my course work. I have a fear of numbers and struggle in understanding concepts.

Sent by Marcia on 10/11/15

Matlab Numerical Analysis, New York, NY 10001

hello, i have math class numerical analysis by using matlab. I need to clear some qustions and i have old exam i want to solve it in the prepare of the exam.

Sent by Adnan on 10/11/15

Statistics, Kent, OH

I am looking for a Biostatistics tutor that is can meet up with me in-person at Kent public library to help me with homework and explain to me

Sent by Nora on 10/11/15

Pre-calculus, Blue Bell, PA

I am a junior t Wissahickon High and need help with pre-calculus. I am available by phone before 7:30 and after 2:30 (phone number available after purchase) Thank...

Sent by Jonathan on 10/11/15

Cpa, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Lillith! This is V.. I graduated from CSUN too! but with a degree in Finance. Right now I am taking my accounting courses in order to be qualified for taking...

Sent by Vahevan on 10/11/15

Matlab, Grayling, MI 49738

Hello Robet, I have some questions in Numerical Analysis and Computing old exams and want it be solved to study it for the exam Thank you

Sent by Adnan on 10/11/15

Chemistry (general), Staten Island, NY

My daughter needs help in chemistry. I looking for a tutor for tomorrow and Tuesday morning. I was wondering if you are available. I am located in Staten Island NY

Sent by Susan on 10/11/15

Algebra, Steamboat Springs, CO

Hello Mathew, We are looking for a tutor to work with our son who is going to The college in town. What is your schedule for working with students...

Sent by Chris on 10/11/15

Common Core, 34787

I need someone for my 4th grader in common core/ Problem with word problems but I believe needs to review a basic foundation

Sent by Lisa on 10/11/15

Act, Great Barrington, MA

Hi, I am looking for a serious ACT tutor for me and my friend Braedyn. I go to a prep school in Great Barrington, MA. I would like to do the tutoring at my school...

Sent by Tal on 10/11/15

Excel, Seattle, WA

Hi Paul, I'm a working professional needing to learn complex lookups for data analysis and pivot tables. I need a few hours of tutoring and would like...

Sent by Jocelyn on 10/11/15

Microbiology, Hillsborough, NC

Dear Tuesday, My name is M. M. and I am a sophomore at UNC. I am currently enrolled in Medical Microbiology 252 with Dr. Cramer.

Sent by Maura on 10/11/15

Computer, Indiana, PA

I really need your help on my computer class. I got some project need to be done on Tuesday and i hope can get some help from you tomorrow.

Sent by Jason on 10/11/15

Pre Calculus, Folsom, CA

Looking for help for my 12th grade son for pre calculus...needs to pass!!!

Sent by Antoinette on 10/11/15

C#, New York, NY

Hi, I'd like to talk to you to understand your C# knowledge and possibly teaching me. I've been a C# programmer in the past actually but rusty so need someone...

Sent by Harry on 10/11/15

Algebra, Victorville, CA

Need help with college algebra and more basic math concepts.

Sent by Lindy on 10/11/15

Precalculus, Sewell, NJ

Need help with functions. About 10 problems for homework. Can you help today by any chance? Thanks!

Sent by Alexa on 10/11/15

Applied Behavioral Analysis, Orlando, FL 32807

Hello I am taking Applied behavior analysis in my master programe and it is a difficult class. so, I need a tour to help me on the quizes and final exam.

Sent by Mark on 10/11/15

Chemistry, Pensacola, FL

Hi, My daughter, Robin, is a freshman at UWF and is having a very difficult time with chemistry. We are interested in tutoring. Thank you!

Sent by Julie on 10/10/15

Visual Basic, Phoenix, AZ

Working towards BSIT in online college. Having trouble with Visual Basic. Mental block or something. How does this work? I really could use help from someone...

Sent by Steve on 10/10/15

Statistics, Purcellville, VA

Online University of Phoenix

Sent by Janet on 10/10/15

Cpa, Glendale, CA 91205

Hi Kathleen. This is V.. A little about me: I earned my BA in Finance few months ago, and now I am taking 6 of my 14 remained units of accounting in order...

Sent by Vahevan on 10/10/15

Algebra 1, Yorba Linda, CA

Hi Nisha - I have a daughter in 7th grade in the GATE program that needs a little reinforcement with Algebra 1 and wanted to see your availability after school -...

Sent by Lisa on 10/10/15

Elementary, Sterling, IL

I am wondering if you are available to tutor a few days a week?

Sent by Misty on 10/10/15

Algebra, Eveleth, MN

I need help with my college algebra. I would like as many hours as needed to succeed in my class.

Sent by Vincent on 10/10/15

English, Dayton, OH 45459

My daughter is a student at UD and in need of tutor to help with organization, scheduling, staying on task, proof reading, etc UD library would be a good meeting place.

Sent by Kathy on 10/10/15

Math, Charlotte, NC 28215

Hi Pam!!! This is J. and you helped me passed the math assessment test for my job earlier this year. Everything is going great so far.

Sent by John on 10/10/15

Pathophysiology, Exeter, NE 68351

Hi Santhosh, I have some case study in pathophysiology class and I need to answer them but I couldn't answer any one of them.

Sent by Fahd on 10/10/15

Accounting, Jupiter, FL

Hi Angela, I am currently enrolled in financial accounting and struggling BIG TIME. I would really appreciate any help asap. I am very lost and need to pass this...

Sent by Robbie on 10/10/15

Accounting, Pittsburg, KS

I moved from OKC to Pittsburg in June. I am in an online MBA program thru SNU in Bethany Ok. With the move and current divorce I have fallen behind in Managerial...

Sent by Matt on 10/10/15

ESL, GED (Spanish and English), Atlanta, GA

Please contact me, I am seeking a tutor for the TEAS nurse entrance test.

Sent by Abigail on 10/10/15

Praxis, Bridgeport, CT

Looking for a tutor for the math portion of the Praxis 1. I have already passed the reading and writing parts. What is your hourly rate?

Sent by Priscilla on 10/10/15

Asvab, New Orleans, LA

I am having trouble in math vocabulary and comprehension

Sent by Donald on 10/10/15

Hebrew, Brooklyn, NY

Hi, I',m interested in Hebrew lessons once a week. My goal is to become fluent. I have some basic knowledge now on alphabet and some vocabulary.

Sent by Peter on 10/10/15

Neuroscience, White Plains, NY

Hi David, I am currently a psychoglogy student looking for tutoring in my neuroscience class, would you be available. A.

Sent by Ana on 10/10/15

English, Dayton, OH

Hi My daughter is a student at UD and is in need of an academic coach to help keep with organization, scheduling issues, proof reading, study skills, etc.

Sent by Kathy on 10/10/15

Math, Asbury Park, NJ

I am looking for help on a CLM test. please contact as soon as you can. Thank you A.

Sent by Alec on 10/10/15

Physics, Wood Dale, IL

Hi I believe I emailed you one with the wrong zip I'm in WooddA. please email if you have time to tutor

Sent by Ale on 10/9/15

We'll Need A Tutor, Fresh Meadows, NY

Hi,i have a girl in grade 6.

Sent by Glitter on 10/9/15

Adobe Indesign, Redmond, WA

Hello, I need to learn the basics of InDesign.

Sent by Lynn on 10/9/15

Algebra 2, Saint Johns, FL

Hi Michelle. I need an Algebra 2 tutor for this weekend. Are you available? S. (email available after purchase)

Sent by Stacy on 10/9/15

Physics, Wood Dale, IL

Hello I need a tutor for physics please call me to start (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Alessandra on 10/9/15

Chemistry, Pueblo, CO

Hi please call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Echoe on 10/9/15

C#, Kirkland, WA

Hello, I needed help with C# programming. I'm a college student living on his own out of home. I don't want to sound cheap but I do not live with my parents so money...

Sent by Sergio on 10/9/15

Reading, Port Monmouth, NJ

Hello, I have a 7 year old son who needs help in reading. He is in second grade and is behind. Thank you

Sent by Joseph on 10/9/15

Adhd Tutor For 4th Grader, Miami, FL

Hello, we are looking for a tutor to help our son James. He is in 4th grade at Sunset Elementary. He needs help with Spanish and Pangea primarily.

Sent by John on 10/9/15

Accounting, Cleveland, OH 44124

Need first level college accounting today.

Sent by Tereaa on 10/9/15

Public Speaking, Kalamazoo, MI

Sent by Robert on 10/9/15

Nuclear Engineering, Phoenix, AZ

Sent by Chelsea on 10/9/15

Computer Use, New Orleans, LA

I am 60 and have had a computer in the past and managed to use it for games a little surfing and emails. I've really never had to use it,but, now I am starting...

Sent by Janet on 10/9/15

Math, Roseville, CA

Trying to find a tutor for my 3rd grade little girl that stuggles in common core math. Please contact me if it is something you would be willing to help me with.

Sent by Angela on 10/9/15

Series 6, New York, NY 10280

Need to pass series 6 exam

Sent by Mary on 10/9/15

Finra Series 6, Wayne, NJ 07470

Need help passing the series 6 exam. Took the test 2 weeks ago with no success. I need one on one guidance.

Sent by Mary on 10/9/15

Algebra, Wesson, MS 39191

Hey it's been awhile hope you remember me. I was a Garcia.. My son is having trouble with 9th algebra 1 and trying find tutor and wanted see if you were available.

Sent by Carla on 10/9/15

Finra Series 6, Palo Alto, CA 94301

I need to pass this exam or I am out of a job. Took the test 2 weeks ago and failed. Can you help?

Sent by Mary on 10/9/15

French, Peoria, IL

Hi abbey! I'm I'm IB French, which is a step above French 4. In this class, we speak, read, and listen to passages strictly in French.

Sent by Zara on 10/9/15

C#, Seattle, WA

Hey Meg, Great to meet you. I've a PhD in Operations Research from Boston University. I was looking for someone to walk me though the data structures of C#...

Sent by Mehdi on 10/9/15

Writing Tutor, Queens Village, NY

Hi, good morning ! Do you only accept boy tutoring? Let' me know! Very sorry I have a girl in grade six, she needs a of reading and writing tutor.

Sent by Glitter on 10/9/15

Asvab, New Orleans, LA

I have been struggling to pass the asbav with a passing score. I've seem to always have had a test taking anxiety. Being in the military is my life dream.

Sent by Donald on 10/9/15

Physics, Wilmette, IL 60091

Hello I am in physics 2 and have some questions on tutoring Can you call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Alessandra on 10/9/15

Physics, Tulsa, OK

HI, my son is getting degree in Geolosciences at TU. He has good grades on everything but Physics II. He took is last fall and made a D. (Had a 3.4 in Pet...

Sent by Ann on 10/9/15

Elementary Tutoring, Sterling, IL

I have a 11 year old son who needs an outside person to help him with reading and language arts. Punctuation, grammer and to become a better reader.

Sent by Misty on 10/9/15

Algebra 1, Mcdonough, GA

Sent by Pete on 10/9/15

Chemistry, Glastonbury, CT

I had sent you a message through another tutoring site but have since read some poor reviews about that company. I would prefer to contact you here.

Sent by Monica on 10/8/15

Nclex Rn, Auburn, NY

Hello my name is Brittany M. and I am in need of a tutor. I am in my 3rd semester of nursing school and need help preparing myself not only for exams but...

Sent by Britany on 10/8/15

Statistics, Ithaca, NY

I have been struggling through an online statistics course and need some assistance on my last assignment, but really with some fundamentals that have been hard for...

Sent by Jennie on 10/8/15

Finance, Oxon Hill, MD

I need help with preparing an assignment where I need to write a paper on the finding regarding one of the 3: accounting analysis, financial ratio analysis...

Sent by Razzi on 10/8/15

Organic Chemistry, Starkville, MS

I am looking for a tutor in Organic Chemistry, and your credentials are awesome! Could you help me out?

Sent by Cassie on 10/8/15

Common Core, Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977

Hello, my name is D. M. and my wife's name is Karline. We have a soon to be 10 Year old daughter named Victoria. We are seeking a private tutor to help her...

Sent by Don on 10/8/15

Ap Physics, Buffalo Grove, IL

Hi I am looking tutoring services for High School daughter in AP Physics. i would like to know your available timings. Thanks D.

Sent by Divya on 10/8/15

Algebra 2 and Chemistry, Jefferson City, MO

Hi Kari, My wife and I are trying to do anything we can to help our daughter, Katelyn who is a sophomore at Jefferson City High School.

Sent by Joe on 10/8/15

Math, Rutherfordton, NC

I would like to talk to you about tutoring my son, he is in 7th grade. He is struggling in math and we are seeing that he needs t go back to some basic learning.

Sent by Kelly on 10/8/15

English Language Arts, Mandeville, LA

Your profile sounds perfect for my son in 3rd grade. He is struggling with language and writing skills. I would like to get a jump on it before he gets behind.

Sent by Connie on 10/8/15

Usmle, Sugar Land, TX 77479

Do you tutor for USMLE Step 3- Especially biostats? Please let me know asap. Thank you.

Sent by Xenia on 10/8/15

Economics, Albany, NY

Good afternoon, I am a student at Empire State College and having a hard time on Labor Economics. Its all online so I was hoping to get help with my quizzes...

Sent by Brian on 10/8/15

Math, Savannah, GA 31401

My name is M. J. and I am struggling with math. I want to elevate my math score on the sat.

Sent by Marquell on 10/8/15

Math, Harmony, PA

Hi Julia, Are you still looking for a math tutor? I can tutor for $30/hour. Thanks, F.

Sent by Farhod on 10/8/15

Pre-Calculus/ Trigonometry, Champion, OH

I'm currently a senior in H.igH. scH.ool taking pre-calculus/ trigonometry. Is it possible you could meet to tutor at tH.e Warren library once a week?

Sent by Melissa on 10/8/15

Common Core Math, Chicago, IL

Hi Nicole, I am looking for a math tutor for my son. He is currently in 6th grade. I am looking to have him meet with a tutor 1-2 times per week starting in...

Sent by Angela on 10/8/15

Calculus Tutor, Tampa FL

Hello my name is B. J. and I need tutoring in a brief calculus

Sent by Brent on 10/8/15

Calculus Tutor, Tampa Fl

Hello my name is B. J. and I need tutoring in a brief calculus

Sent by Brent on 10/8/15

Reading, Roberta Ga

My daughter is in the 2nd grade and need attention in Reading,English,and Math.

Sent by Latanya on 10/8/15

Calculus, Slidell, LA

I am looking for in person tutoring for my niece. She is a senior at Slidell High school and needs tutoring for calculus. Mew would want to do sessions on...

Sent by Lisa on 10/8/15

Adhd, Port Jervis, NY

Hello Kathleen My name is D. G. I am contacting you about your services for my son Ethan G.. He is 7 yrs old and in the past year has been diagnosed with Adhd...

Sent by Deidra on 10/8/15

Math, Lithonia, GA

I would like for my 8 year old daughter to have extra help on math that she struggles a little in.if you can please email me back or call (phone number available...

Sent by Quaneshia on 10/8/15

Algebra, Hinesville, GA

Hi, Samantha My name is N., I will need some tutoring in algebra. Could you please explain to me how everything works? Hope to hear from you soon Thank you N.

Sent by Nadia on 10/8/15

Spanish, New Orleans, LA

Spanish homework 9th grade

Sent by Tyrone on 10/8/15

Usmle, Karachi

I need help in USMLE . I am old IMG . Please send me contact details and outline of your programme

Sent by Rashid on 10/8/15

Biochemistry, Lubbock, TX

Hello there jo I am a student at TTU taking biochemistry 3310 I am looking for help with enzyme kinetics and I need help with specific practice problems in the book...

Sent by Thomas on 10/8/15

Pathophysiology, Brandon, MS 39047

I need you to answer my questions about pathophysilogy cases.

Sent by Fahd on 10/8/15

Usmle, Brighton, MA 02135

Do you tutor for USMLE Step 3- especially for biostats section? Thank you

Sent by Xenia on 10/7/15

Physics, Wood Dale, IL

Hi PL.ease give me a caL.L. to discuss tutoring (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Dominic on 10/7/15

Usmle, Great Neck, NY 11021

i'm looking for a USMLE step2 ck tutor. Please text me (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Eric on 10/7/15

Math, Splendora, TX 77372

Good evening Sara, I'm looking for a part-time math tutor for my daughter Paige. She attends Splendora JR. Please email me if your interested.

Sent by Gary on 10/7/15

Chemistry, Amarillo, TX

looking for chemistry tutor for high school student.

Sent by Gerri on 10/7/15

Cell Biology, Methuen, MA 01844

I am looking for a tutor for cell biology and I was wondering if I could do a trial with you.

Sent by Tunmike on 10/7/15

Ftce K 6, Fort Lauderdale, FL

(phone number available after purchase) ftce k-6 please give me a calll

Sent by Lenny on 10/7/15

Public Adminstration, Silver Spring, MD 20910

i am studying MPA and i have exam in next Monday i need your help

Sent by Sullll on 10/7/15

7th Grade Math, Bethesda, MD

Hi! I've got a 12 year old daughter struggling with 7th Grade Math. Are you available for tutoring after school?

Sent by Sabrae on 10/7/15

English Language Arts, Chapin, SC

Hi. I am looking for help in 7th grade ELA, especially grammar and reading. We are living close to Lake Murray Elementary. Please let me know if/when you are...

Sent by Iwona on 10/7/15

Calculus, Tampa, FL

I need help with Brief Calculus on Wednesday and thursday a hour an a half each day

Sent by Brent on 10/7/15

Quicken, Miami, FL 33179

Buenas noches, lo contacto por cuanto necesito un tutorial de Quicken, y me gustaria saber cual es su disponibilidad lo mas pronto posible.

Sent by on 10/7/15

7th Grade Math, Bethesda, MD

Hi! I have a 12 year old daughter struggling with 7th Grade Math. Are you available to tutor after school?

Sent by Sabrae on 10/7/15

Chemistry, Auburn, CA

My son is a junior at Del Oro HS and needs help with his Chemistry class

Sent by Collette on 10/7/15

Math, Rutherfordton, NC

Hi, I'm interested in talking to you about tutoring my son, he is in 7th grade at Thomas Jefferson. We just moved here from S. Florida and I'm seeing he is really...

Sent by Kelly on 10/7/15

Elementary Adhd, Easton, MA

Hello, I have 10 years old (5 grader) son Leon, who is struggling with writing. He has ADHD and really need help to improve his writing/spelling/reading skills.

Sent by Tatiana on 10/7/15

Algebra, Otterbein Indiana

I am needing help with BASIC algebra and BASIC geometry on Tue and Thu for 1 1/2 hours each for a female would this fit your schedule, if so please contact me...

Sent by Diana on 10/7/15

Physics, Palatine, IL

Hi I was wondering if you would be able to tutor my daughter in Physics this evening. I live in the Palatine area and can Meet on or later than 7:30 pm tonight.

Sent by Kim on 10/7/15

Dat, Dallas, TX

I need help with the math portion of the DAT

Sent by Monica on 10/7/15

C#, Austin, TX

Hi Andrew, I'm interested in C# tutoring and wanted to get in touch with you. Reply to this email or text/call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Thomas on 10/7/15

Latin, Austin, TX

Look for Latin tutor for my son in high school, PL.ase contact me for details.

Sent by Quang on 10/7/15

Ged, Hurricane, WV

My grandson is 18 and needs to take his GED, but struggles with the math and science part of test. I would like to have a tutor for him at least a couple of times...

Sent by Shirley on 10/7/15

Math, New Bern, NC

I am sending you a message using two separate tutor sites. I'm in search of a tutor as mentioned in your profile that can help with refreshing my math skills for...

Sent by Larry on 10/7/15

Help with Homework, Campbell, CA

Need help for my middle school son. Mostly disorganized and flies through "required" homework just to finish. Careless, doesn't think about what he needs to do. Smart.

Sent by Debra on 10/7/15

Linux, New York, NY 10027

When are you available for online tutoring. I need tutoring for linux

Sent by Abe on 10/7/15

Japanese, Canyon Country, CA

I am interested in learning Japanese from a native speaker.

Sent by Randy on 10/7/15

Common Core, Fort Worth, TX

I am interested in a tutor that can help my 2nd grade daughter in common core math. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you.

Sent by Dustin on 10/7/15

Math, Moody, AL

My son is in the 4th grade at Moody Middle School. He has been struggling with math. They are working on some pre-algebra, they just started order of operations.

Sent by Kellie on 10/7/15

Accounting, Auburn, AL

Hi I am.interested in talking to you about some possible tutoring in accounting.

Sent by Sarah on 10/7/15

Algebra 2, Ocoee, FL

Good Morning, I work at EduMatics- academics facility. We currently have Algebra 2 student that comes on Wednesday. I know it is last minute are you available...

Sent by Soraya on 10/7/15

Statistics, Franklin, TN

Hi Danielle, I'm in dire need of a tutor in statistics. Let me know if you're availble to help 1-2 days a week. Thank you!

Sent by Layne on 10/7/15

Tutor Needed, Parkton, MD

We are looking for a general tutor for a 15 year old in Parkton. Would you be willing to speak about the potential for engaging your services.

Sent by John on 10/7/15

Nursing, Columbus, OH

Hi my name is A. and I'm in my last level of nursing. I recently failed a med-surge test and am in dyer need of help. my next test is in 3 weeks over neuro.

Sent by Ashley on 10/7/15

Finance Tutor, Cheney, WA

hi im in finance major and I need help

Sent by Thamer on 10/7/15

Calculus, Mililani, HI

I have a 10th grader that will need a tutor in calculus bc. Is this a class you tutor. When are you available. We live in Mililani. Thank You R.

Sent by Richard on 10/6/15

Act, Quincy, IL

Looking for ACT tutor for 17 year old. He is a senior at QHS. He has taken the ACT twice with a score of 24 both times. We are located in Quincy.

Sent by Kim on 10/6/15

Korean, Los Angeles, CA

Hello Jeeyoung, My name is N. and I am looking for a Korean language tutor to help with my writing and conversation skills. Please contact me if you are interested...

Sent by Natalie on 10/6/15

Unix, Denton, TX 76201

can you tutor online once a week for unix ?

Sent by Abe on 10/6/15

Physics, Pembroke Pines, FL

Hello. My daughter needs help with AP Physics. Are you available to tutor in Pembroke Pines, 33028?

Sent by Maria on 10/6/15

Calculus, Logan, UT

Hi Brian, my name is G.. I need some help in Calculus 2. I mostly need help a week or two before tests because that is when we get our study guides and cumulative...

Sent by Gavin on 10/6/15

Ftce, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314

Hello Tracy, My name is H.. I attend Broward College and need to pass the GKE Math test to continue in the Teacher Education Program.

Sent by Hailee on 10/6/15

Computer, Garner, NC

Help with computer questions

Sent by Priscilla on 10/6/15

Chess, Union, MO

I have an year old grandson Brady that is showing an interest in chess. Have you taught chess to children of his age? After the game basics, what would...

Sent by Daniel on 10/6/15

Elementary Math, Kennewick, WA

Hello Carol, I am looking for a private tutor for my 9 year old daughter. She is struggling a little with math and i don't want to see her fall behind.

Sent by Shelby on 10/6/15

Reading, Reddick, FL

Trouble with reading and math

Sent by Wilma on 10/6/15

Varies, Holly Springs, NC 27540

Would you meet my daughter halfway to Campbell or do you stay on holly springs?

Sent by Beryl on 10/6/15

Spanish, Redondo Beach, CA

Hi I was wondering what you would charge for 2 children both needing a Spanish tutor? One is in 7th and the other 8th grade. They are in the same level.

Sent by Rachel on 10/6/15

Statistics, Front Royal, VA 22630

Hi Daniel, I am looking for a tutor for both my daughter and my son. My daughter is in Transition to College Mathematics and Statistics and my son is in Algebra 2....

Sent by Christine on 10/6/15

Ged, Merced, CA

Hi Joseph, I am an adult school student going for my GED and I'm looking for a great tutor.

Sent by Wanda on 10/6/15

Usmle, Westbury, NY

Have you taken step 1 already?

Sent by Fawzia on 10/6/15

Algebra 2, Manville, RI

Hi Jeff. I'm looking for a tutor in Algebra 2 for my 11th grade son, Miles. We live in Manville, RI. Can you please shoot me over an email with some information?

Sent by Janet on 10/6/15

Chemistry (general), Ann Arbor, MI

I would like a general chemistry tutor as soon as possible. This class is at Washtenaw CC. Thanks!

Sent by Aly on 10/6/15

Pre Calculus, Dallas, OR

Hi Wenmin, My daughter Audrey is a junior in high school and she will be in Dallas next week visiting her dad. She needs help in chemistry and pre-calc.

Sent by Terry on 10/6/15

Math, Victorville, CA

Hello Erica. I was hoping to receive your services, ASAP for my son Honest who is having a little trouble with Math, and reading comp. he is in the third grade.

Sent by Christina on 10/6/15

Information Systems, Fort Collins, CO

Hello, I was searching for a tutor in the Fort Collins area for my CIS350 class: operating systems and also my CIS410 class: Web Application Development class.

Sent by Kelsea on 10/6/15

Accounting, Huntsville, TX

I need help in accounting for my son who attends Sam Houston State

Sent by Tish on 10/6/15

Information Systems, Fort Collins, CO

Hello, I was searching for a tutor in the Fort Collins area for my CIS350 class: operating systems and also my CIS410 class: Web Application Development class.

Sent by Kelsea on 10/6/15

Act Math, Mobile, AL

I am looking for a tutor for my son to help him bring up his ACT score. Hayden is 18 and a senior at Faith Academy. Please call me at 725-3963 or email me.

Sent by Tammy on 10/6/15

Piano, Houston, TX

Hello. My name is J. and i am looking for a piano teavher for my daughter. If you interest, please contact me at J.28lee@gmail. com

Sent by Jamie on 10/6/15

Chinese, North Canton, OH

Good afternoon, I am looking for a tutor to teach me to speak and learn Chinese cultures .. I am wanting to change my career and found that my dream career is...

Sent by Michelle on 10/6/15

Math, Belsano, PA

Hello, I am looking for a tutor 2 days a week depending on money.I'm really needing help with my stepson, but don't want a far distance.

Sent by Lori on 10/6/15

French, Buffalo, NY

I am home schooling my 16 yr old daughter and need a tutor for french 2 and 3. Basically we need the curriculum, recommendation for text book, assignments...

Sent by Karolyn on 10/6/15

Esl, Northville, MI

Hello Ms. Katherine, My name is L. A. and I am looking for an ESL tutor for a new employee at my company. He is Japanese and was taught English through...

Sent by Laura on 10/6/15

Project Management, New York, NY 10008

Use the earned value approach to calculate BCWP, BCWS, ACWP, SV, CV, SI, and CI for each task and the whole project. b. Calculate the total variance and time...

Sent by Ashok on 10/6/15

Biochemistry, Springfield, MO

Hello Maria, I'm a 1st yr pharmacy school student here in Springfield Mo and I'm looking for a tutor for biochemistry.

Sent by Whitney on 10/6/15

Physics, Foxboro, MA

Hi Bob I am located in Foxboro Massachusetts. My son is a junior at Foxboro high school and is struggling with physics. I am wondering if you travel to Foxboro...

Sent by Jennifer on 10/6/15

Math, Girard, PA

My son is having problems in 9th grade math. This is a continuation from last year. He seems to get it when working with us at home but not so much at school.

Sent by Paul on 10/6/15

Nclex, Flushing Ny

i need help to pass my nclex rn [lease call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Kiran on 10/5/15

Chemistry, Jacksonville, IL

Looking for a tutor for AP Chemistry for 12th grade student. He is struggling and is very frustrated

Sent by Catherine on 10/5/15

Math, Grand Junction, CO

My son is attending CMU studying Mechanical Engineering and Technology. Scott is struggling in calculus 2. The teaching style and learning style are not meshing.

Sent by Kim on 10/5/15

Biology and Chemistry, Carbondale, IL

I'm looking for a tutor for my son, a sophomore at SIUC. Biology 200b Introductory Biology and CHEM 330 Quanatative Analysis

Sent by Ruth on 10/5/15

Physics, San Francisco, CA

I am currently enrolled in a physics course at ohlone college and could use some help in this subject. i work full time in fidi and would be interested...

Sent by Nicole on 10/5/15

English, Carbondale, CO

Hi, Tony! My name is E. A. and I am a highschool student however I'm doing college classes at CMC, Currently I am looking for someone who can help me out with...

Sent by Emily on 10/5/15

Calculus, Wahiawa, HI 96786

Need tutor for 10th grader in calculus BC

Sent by Richard on 10/5/15

Physics, Logan, UT

Hello, i am looking for extra help I'm my physics class "evolution of the universe" and was wondering if that is something you could help me with.

Sent by Dustin on 10/5/15

Accounting, Queens Village, NY

Need tutoring for the next 3 months accting 2

Sent by Tinisha on 10/5/15

Asvab, Atlanta, GA

My son is a senior in high school.. And need help with the math ortion of the asvab.... I can be contacted at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ceasar on 10/5/15

Economics, San Diego, CA

Hello, are you available 10/6?

Sent by John on 10/5/15

Middle School, North Reading, MA

we are looking for a tutor for our son who is a sixth grader at the middle school in north reading. We are looking for someone who can help him with Math and ELA.

Sent by Laura on 10/5/15

Chemistry, Queens Village, NY

Hello, I am seeking a college level chemistry tutor for my wife, A.. She is currently enrolled in ba at york college, aspiring to be a physician assit.

Sent by Alisha on 10/5/15

Calculus, Victorville, CA

I am a freshman online student in ASU's engineering program. I am finishing up my first term of Calculus-differential equations and will have to repeat...

Sent by James on 10/5/15

Algebra 2, Macomb, MI

I am a Junior attending Romeo Highschool. I need tutoring in Algebra 2. I have had tutoring in the past for math as I have always struggled with it...

Sent by Michael on 10/5/15

Math, Casa Grande, AZ

my daughter needs help with math cell # (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Charlie on 10/5/15

Math, Gulf Shores, AL

I need help in Math,Science, and English .Is there any way you can me a call about helping of your available.

Sent by Katelyn on 10/5/15

Education, Meadow Vista, CA

I have a 12 year old boy with A.D.H.D ,having problems in all area's at school , last year his grades where fine , this year with a schedule change has messed him up.

Sent by Robert on 10/5/15

Math, Beaumont, TX

Interested in tutoring for my daughter. She is taking high school geometry. Please contact me ASAP.

Sent by Stacy on 10/5/15

Math, Roanoke Rapids, NC

I have a very smart 7th grade daughter. Up until the 6th grade, she excelled in math but suddenly give in to defeat that she had yet faced after hearing her peers...

Sent by Sonja on 10/5/15

Finra Series 6, UT

Hi Christine, my name is R. and I would like to know if you also do some tutoring for series 6 or if you know anybody who can help me, I need to pass my exam.

Sent by Romina on 10/5/15

Learning Disabilities, Lillington, NC

I am looking for a tutor that can help my daughter with her learning disabilities. She has difficulty with reading assignments and taking tests. She has a recall issue.

Sent by Beryl on 10/5/15

Algebra 2, Rockwall, TX

Hello Radouane, I have a high school senior taking online Algebra 2 second semester. She has a ADHD. Would you be able to help her? Thank you.

Sent by Julia on 10/5/15

Esl, Elon, NC

Hi Amy, I am a counselor for a Chinese student living in Elon, she's a 10th grader at The Burlington School. She needs help with ESL.

Sent by Ye on 10/5/15

Ap Physics, Medford, NJ

Need AP Physics tutoring on a weekly/Biweekly basis through the school year starting asap. Happy to do the tutoring via Skype or FaceTime as well.

Sent by Rebecca on 10/5/15

Computer Programming, Miami, FL

Dear Karina, I will be in Miami for holidays from 18th to 30th of October. My 3 boys (ages 11,13 and 15) ask me to find them a tutor in computed programming for...

Sent by George on 10/5/15

Nursing, Country Club Hills, IL

Hi I was just wondering if you help with the pbs entrance exam for nursing

Sent by Adesola on 10/5/15

Mongolian, New York 10001

Hi, I saw you don't tutor online, but I'm in NY :) Would you be happy to do a few hours a week Mongolian tutoring over skype, please do let me know! Thanks, Sal

Sent by Sally on 10/4/15

Math, Anchorage, AK

2nd grade math for daughter. FSU grad here...HA. What brings you to AK?

Sent by Scooterak22@gmail.com on 10/4/15

TOEFL Nclex Rn, Fresno, CA 93704

Hello I wanna know about rn .i submit my application for rn after this they send me letter for toefl test u know toefl is required for every applicant...

Sent by Ramanjot on 10/4/15

Statistics, Murray, KY

Hi, Ms, Ali, I'm looking for a tutor in statistics math 135, to prepare for an exam this Thursday. if you can help, just let me know or contact me at too seven zeroo...

Sent by Hamdan on 10/4/15

Pharmacology, Queens , NY

can you help me in my Pharmacology course ?

Sent by Sally on 10/4/15

Algebra, Bemidji, MN

Hello - We have a 11th grade daughter at BHS in Algebra 1 having difficulty in graphing with the graphing calculator. Please call me if you are available...

Sent by Sandra on 10/4/15

Nclex Rn, Brook Park, OH

Greetings, I am struggling to pass the NCLEX RN. I have taken it a few times and have been above or near passing in all areas. Management of care has been my weak...

Sent by Kailey on 10/4/15

Elementary, Walden, NY

Hello- I am looking for help for my 1st Grader Walden Elementary,he is receiving services i n school but definitely needs more help,

Sent by Theresea on 10/4/15

Sat I, East Greenbush, NY

Hi, I am looking for SAT prep for my daughter. Please contact me. Thank you

Sent by Bhudevi on 10/4/15

Computer Science, Culpeper, VA

Hello, I am a NOVA Community College student and looking for a tutor to help me with my computer science course. If you are available can you tell me a bit about...

Sent by Peggy on 10/4/15

Act, Brookeville, MD

Would like to learn more about your SAT/ACT tutoring services. Do you travel to Olney/Brookeville area?

Sent by Deborsh on 10/4/15

Physics, Plainsboro, NJ

I am looking for a tutor in AP physics for my dsughter please contact (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Maritza on 10/4/15

Chemistry, Oshkosh, WI

I am wondering if you have any availability today.

Sent by Kealie on 10/4/15

Computer, Naples, FL

My daughter is trying to learn C#. Do you have experience with it? Thanks A. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Adrienne on 10/4/15

Pharmacology, Jersey City, NJ 07310

I need help asap if you can please contact me . Regards, M.

Sent by Marco on 10/4/15

Math, West Sacramento, CA

Hello, we are lookiN.g for a math aN.d EN.glish tutor for my freshmaN. soN.. He N.eeds persoN.al atteN.tioN. to get writ off the blockage for his success.

Sent by Elena on 10/3/15

Algebra Tutor, Naples Florida 34110

Hi Jennifer, I need a tutor for algebra.I am a college student taking intro to Algebra.

Sent by Breana on 10/3/15

Chemistry, Auburn, ME

I really need help with chem 121 online at Oregon state university. I work in auburn and have a flexible schedule.

Sent by Joey on 10/3/15

German, Diberville, MS 39540

Hey Christina, This is D., the guy going to Wurzburg that messaged you on wyzant. I couldn't reply to your message on there for some reason and your number didn't...

Sent by David on 10/3/15

Public Speaking, Bloomington, IL

I like to speak confidently with clear accent. I could not articulate clearly, like to learn the techniques

Sent by Krishna on 10/3/15

Usmle, Indianapolis, IN

Good afternoon, I wanted to know how much is your fee for USMLE Step 1 tutoring?

Sent by Adey on 10/3/15

Spanish, Del Rio, TX

Hello Mrs Sheree. I am looking for a Spanish tutor in Del Rio, Texas. I tried using Rosetta Stone, and it isn't working for me. I need help with conversational Spanish.

Sent by Eric on 10/3/15

Reading and Writting, Galloway, OH

Good afternoon Victoria, I have an 8 year old son who needs help in writing and English. I was wondering if you would be able to tutor him 2-3 times a week?

Sent by Yasser on 10/3/15

Finance, Yonkers, NY

Hello Seukyung, I needed help in Finance. I am a Graduate student.

Sent by Gennaro on 10/3/15

Russian, Brooklyn, NY

I have studied some Russian. right now I need intensive study of grammar and sentence structure--declensions, lexicon, verbs.

Sent by Dominick on 10/3/15

Algebra 1, Latrobe, PA

I have a daughter in 9th grade that I am looking for a tutor to help with algebra 1. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) We live in Latrobe

Sent by Karen on 10/3/15

Math, 77494

Hello Mr. Akwasi, I have 3 preAP math children in need of on going tutoring. Grades 6,7&9. Are you available Thursdays 4-6pm Thank you!

Sent by Juliet on 10/3/15

Spanish, Rockaway Park, NY

Hello Susa! I'm looking for a Spanish tutor for my 13 year old twins. We live in Rockaway Beach.

Sent by Anna on 10/3/15

Act Reading, Waco, TX

My son has taken the ACT a couple of times now with a composite of 25. He is scheduled for the October 24th ACT and we are hoping to get some one on one help...

Sent by Misty on 10/3/15

Geography, Youngstown, OH

Need tutor for class at YSU. Geography class called Geospatial Technologies

Sent by Ryan on 10/3/15

Speed Reading, Chicago, IL 60625

I have a 16 yrs daughter and a 13 yrs son that needs a lesson in speed reading with comprehension. Please help! We can come to you to any public place.

Sent by Claudia on 10/2/15

Writing, Brunswick, ME

Hi My son needs help writing a college paper on a Greek God. He is in Bruswick this weekend. Do you think this is somethink you can help him with? A.

Sent by Anne on 10/2/15

Elementary Reading and Math, Aurora, CO

Hi Gigi, My 3rd grade son needs help with Math and reading, I would like to know your availability and how I can reach you.

Sent by Sharon on 10/2/15

Math, Claremont, CA

Hi, Anasheh. I'm looking for a tutor in or around Claremont in a variety of different subjects. Let me know if you're interested and available. Best, Joe

Sent by Joseph on 10/2/15

Pre Calculus and Physics, Seabrook, TX

i need help in AP Physics 1 and Pre Calculus

Sent by Najwa on 10/2/15

Test Prep Tutor, Erie, CO

Hi Daniel, I am looking for an ACT prep tutor for my daughter Marah. She is a junior. My number is (phone number available after purchase). Thank you, J. M.

Sent by Jill on 10/2/15

Math, Carson, CA

Hi Jenny, I have a 7th grader and 11th grader both having trouble with math

Sent by Jenniffer on 10/2/15

Science, Harleysville, PA

My daughter is in 8th grade and needs some additional help. We live in Harleysville. Probably need someone once a week to just review concepts and support/create...

Sent by Shelley on 10/2/15

Calculus, Oxford, MS

Do you tutor for pre calculus and trig?

Sent by Stephanie on 10/2/15

Hindi, Morrisville, NC

I am interested in learning Hindi. What are your hours of availability?

Sent by Katherine on 10/2/15

Spanish, Hackettstown, NJ

I tried to email you off another site, but I wasn't sure it went through. My daughter is a junior in honors spanish and I am looking to get her some additional help...

Sent by Isle on 10/2/15

Math, New Bern, NC

My son is in the 4th grade and while he is performing at grade level he struggles with math and scoring 1's on his EOG's. We live in James City area.

Sent by Tanya on 10/2/15

Calculus, Desoto, TX

please call me at (phone number available after purchase) my daughte is in need of tutorting for calculus thanks

Sent by Diana on 10/2/15

Algorithms, Irving, TX 75063

Hello i am K. i lookling for tutor Algorithms my majoer is computer . this is my E-mail (email available after purchase)

Sent by Khalid on 10/2/15

Math, Pleasant Grove, AL

Hi Alan. I am looking for a tutor for my 5th grader in the subject of math.

Sent by Natalie on 10/2/15

Cell Biology, Houston, Texas

I would like to start tutoring with you online. I am taking cell biology at the college level and i was wondering if you can you tutor over skpe and help explain...

Sent by Tunmike on 10/1/15

Physical Science, Bay Village, OH

Hi Julia, I am looking for a tutor for my daughter, Autumn, who is a Freshman at Bay High. Help needed in... Physical Science English Spanish

Sent by Shane on 10/1/15

Lessons, Delray Beach, FL

How do i directly contact you about lessons? Thanks

Sent by Robert on 10/1/15

Chemistry, Supply, NC

my daughter is taking Honors Chemistry at WBHS and is need of a tutor. my cell is (phone number available after purchase) We are in Shallotte

Sent by Kim on 10/1/15

Nclex Rn Nursing, CA

Looking for Rn Nclex touting

Sent by Hansra on 10/1/15

Act, Irvine, CA

Hi Gilmore, I recently sent you an email through Wyzant regarding private tutoring for my son, Gregory Park. I'm currently looking for an ACT tutor.

Sent by Candyce on 10/1/15

Usmle, Sugar Land, TX 77479

Hi , My name is S. .. I am based in ohio right now .. I have to write step1 by end of jan and would like to speak to u .. My number is (phone number available...

Sent by Saima on 10/1/15

Finance Tutor, Lancaster, TX

Looking for an affordable tutor in finance at Master Degree level

Sent by Venice on 10/1/15

Speech, Oldwick, NJ

Actually , I have speech class and I have some difficulties to understand our instructor, so could you please help me?

Sent by Abdullah on 10/1/15

Photoshop, Baton Rouge, LA

Hello, I'm a second year student BLA at lsu. I need help with my school assignments in Photoshop and illustrator. We could meet at my studio or wherever else u feel...

Sent by Shannon on 10/1/15

Numerical Analysis, Chicago, IL

Need help with numerical analysis intro course

Sent by Isabel on 10/1/15

Java Tutor, New York, NY 10027

I need help in my Java programming 2 class. I would like to start this weekend if your free.

Sent by Leo on 10/1/15

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Math, Morgantown, WV

Hi i just wounder if you have time to teach me math at home i have to more chapters to finish at math workshop if you are familiar with the workshop

Sent by Suliman on 10/1/15

Organic Chemistry, Lexington, KY

I'm currently taking an organic chemistry class at UK and am struggling to understand it. I thought I'd try and find a tutor near the beginning of the semester...

Sent by Brian on 10/1/15

Algebra, Culpeper, VA

good morning Candice I contact you because my son is in high school and he needs help in algebra 1 if we you can call me and see if you can work with .

Sent by Martha on 10/1/15

Chemistry, Madison, WI

Hi Kristen, Iam taking a college General chemestry class and struggling. Are you available?

Sent by Pam on 10/1/15

Physics, Denton, TX

My daughter is a junior and needs a tutor in physics.

Sent by Mistie on 10/1/15

Organic Chemistry, Houston, TX

i need help with Organic Chemistry for collage , you can reach me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Khulood on 10/1/15