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Justice, Anchorage, AK

I am a senior at UAA in search of a tutor for my justice class. Are you interested in tutoring/assisting me with my classwork, meeting on campus?

Sent by Dominique on 8/31/16

English, Safford, AZ

Do you tutor high school English

Sent by Danny on 8/31/16

Autodesk Revit, Gaithersburg, MD

My daughter would like tutoring for Autodesk Revit. What is your availability?

Sent by Halina on 8/31/16

Javascript Tutor, New York, NY

Hi, I am in desperate need of a last-minute personal tutor to help me get my first project completed. I am a beginner and feeling overwhelmed on how to even start.

Sent by Annie on 8/31/16

Reading, Math, Beaumont, TX


Sent by Judy on 8/31/16

Numerical Analysis, Valley Center, KS 67147

I am looking for an online Numerical Analysis tutor. Are you able to help?

Sent by Alex on 8/31/16

Mariah, North Hills, CA

Hi Mariah, I contacted you last year about tutoring my daughter Nina in writing. She was being stubborn about meeting with someone, but now feels like she's ready...

Sent by Bonnie on 8/31/16

Web Design, Tucson, AZ

Sarah: Would you be able to help with learning how to do web design and infographics. My son, goes to UofA and needs help with both classes.

Sent by Pam on 8/31/16

Writing, Dekalb, IL 60115

Hi Haley, I'm looking for a Writing tutor for a 1st year college student in Sugar Grove. Would you possibly be interested? Thank you, L. K.

Sent by Laura on 8/31/16

Algebra, Greeneville, TN

I am needing someone to teach my son at our home. He is struggling with the algebra class.

Sent by Tammy on 8/31/16

Geometry, Russellville, AR

Hi there, We need a tutor for geometry can you help?

Sent by Angie on 8/31/16

Education, Kapolei, HI

I would like my two kids to get there certification from kinder garden up to high school education diploma. Call me if you want more information regarding my two kids.

Sent by Ronnie on 8/31/16

Physics, Palatine, IL

Would you have time to help my daughter in 11th grade with advanced Trignometery and Physics?

Sent by Nancy on 8/30/16

ELA, Prairieville, LA

Hi, I am looking for tutor for my son . He is 7 grades he need help with ELA. Do you still have spot open?? What grade do you teaching??

Sent by Irene on 8/30/16

Usmle, NY

Hi there, I read your profile on (url available after purchase) I need help in studying for USMLE step 1. Please contact me via (email available after purchase)...

Sent by Joli on 8/30/16

Accounting, Pasadena, CA 91106

Sent by Lisa on 8/30/16

Algebra Common Core, Massapequa, NY

please conatact me at (phone number available after purchase)F. for tutoring in massapequa

Sent by Frances on 8/30/16

Excel, Addison, TX

Laura, I'm interested in having a solid understanding of Excel functions, primarily Pivot Tables and V-lookup. Recently took an accelerated course in Excel...

Sent by Victoria on 8/30/16

Usmle, Brighton, MA 02135

Hi I am a 4th yr med student looking for Step 2 CK help. My time off from rotations is Sep24-Oct7, and Oct22-Nov18. Targeting mid-Nov exam date. Do you teach by Skype?

Sent by Rena on 8/30/16

Math, Colleyville, TX

I am looking for a math and science teacher for my 10 grade daughter. Please contact me if you are interested. Thank you

Sent by Henry on 8/30/16

Organic Chemistry, Fresno, CA

Hi Michael. Do you tutor Ochem?

Sent by Noyeme on 8/30/16

Usmle, New York, NY

Im interested in tutoring for usmle step 2ck please contact me.

Sent by Anum on 8/30/16

Java, Dahlonega, GA

hello - my son attends UNG and taking a CS class this term. I am wondering if you tutor on the weekends as he could come home to get some help in Java.

Sent by Shelly on 8/30/16

Biochemistry, Charlotte, NC

Hi Sindhu, My name is A.. I'm a student at UNCC. I just started a biochemistry class and I'm searching for a tutor. I know it's Somewhat far from Fort Mill but...

Sent by Angie on 8/30/16

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA

Hello Matthew, Do you tutor only in Boston? I am currently in Los Angeles however I am open to relocating for the purposes on 1-on-1 tutoring for Step 2 CK towards...

Sent by Chai on 8/30/16

Accounting, Little Rock, AR

Hello Ferdinand, My name is A. and I am a controller and HR admin at my firm in Little Rock. My job is phasing out due to credit card industry so I am having...

Sent by Andrae on 8/30/16

Ap Calculus Ab, Alexandria, VA

Hi Nicholas, I am a senior in high school about to begin AP Calculus AB. I was wondering if you are able to do weekly tutoring lessons on Sundays.

Sent by Elizabeth on 8/30/16

Elementary, Lancaster, CA 93534

Hello Keziah, I am hoping, to be able to schedule an appointment with you, to discuss the possibility of helping me with my learning needs.

Sent by Autumn on 8/30/16

Geometry, Gurnee, IL

Hi, my daughter needs help/tutoring on her Geometry subject. She is tenth grade at Warren High school in Gurnee.

Sent by Marilou on 8/30/16

Math, Jacksonville, NC

Anita, are son homeschools and is entering into 9 th grade. We need a tutor for his math thru high school, we live in Jacksonville and our schedule is very flexible.

Sent by Julie on 8/30/16

Thai, Seattle, WA 98121

Hey, Are you still teaching Thai? I am very interested in learning Thai, in fact, I actually plan to live and study in Thailand.

Sent by Shawn on 8/30/16

Usmle, San Jose, CA

Hello, I am a medical student and have recently moved to California. I wish to undergo preparation for USMLE steps but i am totally cluelss about it.

Sent by Farah on 8/29/16

Needed Tutor, Reseda, CA

Hi David, my son, Wyatt is a great student in 11th grade at Calabasas High. Wyatt needs tutoring in Math Analysis (pre-calculus) at our home in tarzana.

Sent by Linda on 8/29/16

Ged, Corpus Christi, TX 78404

Need help passing the matg section of ged. Im horrible at math!

Sent by Erika on 8/29/16

Usmle Step 1, Richmond Hill, NY

I am looking for tutoring for the step 1 and if interested please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Harini on 8/29/16

Charlotte, NC

U need a tutor for Physical therapy assistant school

Sent by Jason on 8/29/16

Reading, Lumber Bridge, NC

I would like to know if you can be at tutor for my son he is in 3rd grade he needs Help in reading end writing homeworks please let me know how I can contact you

Sent by Irma on 8/29/16

Esl, Buford, GA

Hello, Ms. Amelia, Good afternoon, I am looking for a private teacher for esl conversation and pronunciation. I live near Walmart of Buford Drive.

Sent by Mari on 8/29/16

Calculus, Burlingame, CA

I am a CSM sophomore needing help with Calculus (math 241) I would like to meet on Tues and Thursday's after 12 noon for 60-90 minutes.

Sent by Eric on 8/29/16

Esl, Santa Ana, CA

Hi Rebecca, We saw you on Wyzant and then again here at Tutorz. We are in Santa Ana and would like to arrange for you to help my wife.

Sent by Jason on 8/29/16

Science, Rockford, MI

I am looking for a tutor to help my 9th grader learn the metric system, conversions, etc. She is just entering into Rickford Public from Rockford Christian...

Sent by Kelly on 8/29/16

Pharmacology, Exeter, NE 68351

Hello, I need your help for pharmacology test i'm having in around 9 days from today. I hope that you could have some free time to discuss it with me.

Sent by Eyad on 8/29/16

Nclex-rn, Buffalo, NY 14226

Hi Margaret, I am from Canada, just across the border near Niagara Falls. I was unsuccessful on my NCLEX-RN exam three times and have expired all of my tries for...

Sent by Caroline on 8/29/16

Math, Newnan, GA

Hi! I am in need of a tutor for my daughter she needs assistance in math for the ACT. The test date is Sept 16, and Oct. Please contact me to see if you can help.

Sent by Charmitra on 8/29/16

Usmle, Cleveland, OH

Hi, I'm planning to take Step 2 in exactly 6 weeks from today. I've found that when I take practice qbanks I seem to pick trick answers.

Sent by Michelle on 8/29/16

Excel, Dallas, TX

Hi Laura. I am a licensed attorney who spent the last 12 years with an energy hedge fund and PE fund and recently became a Managing Director of a real estate PE fund.

Sent by Sandy on 8/29/16

Computer, Fresno, CA

Hi Shreya, I am a middle aged person and I need computer help. I have a Mac and I only know the basic and I need help with powerpoint etc.

Sent by Maia on 8/29/16

Interior Design, San Antonio, TX

Hello Francesco, I am seeking tutoring in interior design/architecture classes I'm currently taking for college. If you are available please let me know of...

Sent by Leandra on 8/29/16

Accounting, Murray, KY

Hi. My name is A. A.. I need a tutor in managerial accounting. I go to Murray State University and I am a junior. I just need help with my homework and prepare...

Sent by Aydan on 8/29/16

Nclex, Birmingham, AL

Hello, My sister is looking for a nursing tutor and also an NCLEX tutor. She is in the accelerated master's program at University of Alabama Birmingham...

Sent by Emma on 8/29/16

Ged, Greenwood, SC

Hey would you tutor an adult? I am currently trying to seek my GED. I was looking for a tutor, before I just jump right in and take the test.

Sent by Tiffany on 8/29/16

3rd Grade, East Hampton, NY

Hi Isabella, I'm looking for a tutor for my three boys (triplets) for hopefully everyday after school for an hour. We live in East Hampton. Please let us know :)

Sent by Marlen on 8/28/16

Ukrainian, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Hello, I live in Ohio. I am looking for a tutor who lives in the same time zone as me. Do you currently live in the U.S.?

Sent by Nicholas on 8/28/16

Business Management, Tampa, FL

Hello Dr. Carolanne, Hope your doing well. I am a student at university of Tampa. This semester I'm taking principles of marketing and human resource management.

Sent by Amjad on 8/28/16

Italian, Lompoc, CA

Hello, I signed up for an Online Italian 001 class and I am struggling. Can you help? I am located in Lompoc and can travel. Thanks D.

Sent by Daniel on 8/28/16

Algorithms, Union City, NJ

Hello, I'm a new graduate computer science student at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken,NJ. I need some help in implementing data structures...

Sent by Abdulaziz on 8/28/16

Teas, Atlanta, GA

Hello , Mr. Williams I'm interested in your service that you offer for the Teas .

Sent by Ashley on 8/28/16

Excel, Denver, CO

I need advance tutoring in Excel to complete my project

Sent by Elvera on 8/28/16

Sketching, Highwood, IL

I need help in sketching, so please contact me ASAP. Thank u

Sent by Abdul on 8/28/16

Spanish Math, Mcdonough, GA

Hi. My daughter is in 6th grade and is going to a new school this year. She goes to Ola middle school. She is having a hard time adjusting. We really need a tutor!

Sent by Blanda on 8/28/16

Act, Gulfport, MS 39503

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter to help her go through practice test and prepare for the upcoming ACT. If you have any availability in the next 2 weeks...

Sent by April on 8/28/16

Sat, Williston, VT

My son is taking the SAT on Oct. 1st. He needs some help in raising his score. I was hoping to start tutoring right away. Are you available from 6:30 - 8...

Sent by Amanda on 8/28/16

South Burlington, VT 05403

My son is taking the SAT on Oct 1st. We would like to begin tutoring right away. Would you have availability in the evening during the week?

Sent by Amanda on 8/28/16

Armenian, TX

Hi ma'am , Regarding your Add on (url available after purchase) I wanted to know if you have some free time on your schedule. I need a Short course of Simple...

Sent by Doris on 8/28/16

Software Engineering, Santa Cruz, CA

I'm looking for a tutor for my introduction to software engineering class that I'm taking. Here description of what what the class covers:project planning...

Sent by Dane on 8/28/16

Drawing Sketching, Miami, FL

I need help in sketching please send me an email ASAP. Thank u

Sent by Abdul on 8/27/16

Heat Transfer, Sugar Land, TX

I need you to help me in my mass transfer course please !

Sent by Mohamed on 8/27/16

Calculus, Carlsbad, CA

Looking for math tutor for 1 or 2 daughters. Geometry and precalculus/trig/calculus. La Costa area. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Margaret on 8/27/16

English, Mobile, AL

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter to help her with the English portion and general prep for the ACT. If you have anything available the next 2 weeks please...

Sent by April on 8/27/16

Physics, Johnstown, PA

I A.m A.n internA.tionA.l student A.t UPJ, A.nd I A.m tA.king introduction to physics this fA.ll semester. I need A. tutor to help me improve my grA.des in physics.

Sent by Mohammed on 8/27/16

Reading Writing Math, Arlington, VA

We are interested in receiving second grader instruction and assessments.

Sent by Brenda on 8/27/16

Pharmacology, New York, NY 10022

Hello Dr. Sandy, I was wondering if you would be able to help me understand drug-to-drug interactions. The specific question that I have is what classes of drugs can...

Sent by Monica on 8/27/16

English, Belle Glade, FL

My son is behind and needs to improve grades.

Sent by Leukevia on 8/27/16

Math, Dekalb, IL

Hi there! My daughter in 4grade .She need 1 tutor for math,reading , written.

Sent by Thi on 8/27/16

Real Estate, Atlanta, GA

Hi, do you help tutor for real estate?

Sent by Jerome on 8/27/16

Pre Cal; SAT, Corona, CA

Hi Lauren, I am looking for a tutor for my junior high school student in Pre Cal. I see you are at Pomona College. We are in Corona, County of Riverside .

Sent by Noreen on 8/26/16

Chemistry, Tallahassee, FL

Hello, We are looking for a high school Chemistry tutor.

Sent by Larissa on 8/26/16

Path, Physio, Chicago, IL 60616

Hi Ndi, I need help with Step 1, especially in Path. I can't keep the cancers apart. I also need help with renal physio. Can you help?

Sent by John on 8/26/16

Reading, Belle Glade, FL

My son is a 2nd grader who needs improvement in reading.

Sent by Leukevia on 8/26/16

All, Sugar Land, TX

I am looking to hire a tutor for my kids who are in 4th grade and 8th grade. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) to discuss more details.

Sent by Subhash on 8/26/16

Numerical Analysis Python, Houston, TX

I'm looking for a tutor to help with numerical methods in python for a few intense sessions. Please let me know if this is possible!

Sent by Hazuki on 8/26/16

Neuroscience, Los Angeles, CA

Sent by Diana on 8/26/16

Letters, Richmond Hill, GA

We have a new K who is struggling with letters. She doesn't recognize letters outside of a word (she can spell, say, and write her name, but can't identify...

Sent by Angela on 8/26/16

Microsoft Word, Kalamazoo, MI

Hi Seth, I need help asap with some Microsoft word formatting revisions for my thesis before it gets submitted to pro quest. Can you help? Thank you, L.

Sent by Lindsay on 8/26/16

Pre Calculus, Knoxville, TN

I am currently attending The Kings Academy and I need help in Pre-Calculus. I'm a senior and need this class.

Sent by Michael on 8/26/16

Cell Biology., Irvine, CA

Hi Dr, I would like to study cell biology with you and help me in some assignments and projects. Could you please let me know if you could do that. Thanks H.

Sent by Hamad on 8/26/16

Farsi Persian, NY

Hi. My wife is a native Persian who needs to improve her english. Please contact me to discuss lessons.

Sent by Bobby on 8/25/16

Murrieta, CA

Do you tutor children in the first grade?

Sent by Angie on 8/25/16

Math and Reading, Rancho Cordova, CA

I am looking for tutor for my 8years old daughter she is in third grade I was looking for 4 days a week Monday - Thursday 1hr/ day I live in Rancho Cordova let me...

Sent by Salie on 8/25/16

Usmle, Chicago, IL

Hello Ndi, I'm interested in finding a USMLE step 1 tutor for my daughter. I've looked at other tutors and the prices just aren't reasonable.

Sent by Chastity on 8/25/16

Usmle, Chicago, IL

Hi Ndi, My name is J. and I am interested in step 1 tutoring. Hope to hear from you soon. Best, J.

Sent by Jasmine on 8/25/16

Reading, Scranton, PA

I have a daughter who is 11 and going into 5th grade. She is very behind on all subjects - especially reading. I am wondering what you charge and your availability.

Sent by Debbie on 8/25/16

Pharmacology, Exeter, NE 68351

Hey I was wondering if you could help me out in pharmacy. Thanks

Sent by Mariam on 8/25/16

Geometry, El Dorado Hills, CA

I have a sophomore son at Oak Ridge HS who needs tutoring in geometry, Wednesday evening would likely be the best time. We are anxious to get started asap.

Sent by Scott on 8/25/16

Esl, Lima, OH

Hi Katie, My name is H. L. and I am a Language Network Specialist with Cartus, an international relocation company. I am looking for a freelance English trainer...

Sent by Holly on 8/25/16

Pre Calculus, Sacramento, CA

looking for a Spanish tutor for High school boys 10th grader and brother 12th grade , Spanish 1 and 2 also help with Math pre Cal for 12th grader and...

Sent by Essex on 8/24/16

Spanish, Elk Grove, CA

looking for a Spanish tutor for High school boys 10th grader and brother 12th grade , Spanish 1 and 2 also help with Math pre Cal for 12th grader and...

Sent by Essex on 8/24/16

Reading, Tallahassee, FL

Hi Tyler, I am looking for a Reading tutor for my daughter who is in the 11th grade. Please let me know your availability. Thank you, D.

Sent by Deneka on 8/24/16

Algebra 1, Alachua, FL

I have a 9th grade high school boy who struggles with Math. He is ADHD and doing Algebra 1 this year. We live in Alachua FL, not sure if this is too far. Thank you

Sent by Carolyn on 8/24/16

Math, Folsom, CA

Hello, I have 2 teenagers in the same math class at Vista del Lago HS. Boy is 15 - sophomore Girl is 14 - freshman. Please let me know if you can help.

Sent by Hazel on 8/24/16

tutoring, Providence, RI

Sent by Yifan on 8/24/16

Biology, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33322

Hello Dr. Kerry, my name is T., I am a NSU biology major student, and I need help in Organic chemistry II. Thank you

Sent by Tara on 8/24/16

Spanish Tutor, Los Angeles, CA

We are looking for a Spanish teacher for our 8 year old daughter. Her and her dad have been taking lessons for approximately a year, so not totally beginners.

Sent by Kristina on 8/24/16

Robotics, Fair Oaks, CA

My son 12 yr old starts interested in Robotics.

Sent by Tam on 8/24/16

Usmle, Chicago, IL

Please contact me about US MLE Step 1 tutoring asap. Thank you. (phone number available after purchase) via text/call

Sent by Virginia on 8/24/16

All Subjects, Rancho Cordova, CA

I am looking for a tutor for my 8yrs old daughter she is in 3rd grade and looking for tutoring in math and reading please let me know if you are available I live...

Sent by Salie on 8/24/16

Public Speaking, Baltimore, MD

Would you be able to come in for 1-2 hours and teach a class on public speaking to 10 6th-7th graders? This would be at Beth Am Synagogue in Baltimore.

Sent by Joshua on 8/24/16

Algebra, Crested Butte, CO

My son is a freshman at Western State Colorado University to desperately needs help in college algebra. Are you in the Gunnison, Colorado area because he needs...

Sent by Charles on 8/24/16

Usmle, Brighton, MA 02135

Hi I am preparing for my step 2 and looking for an online tutor the next 2 months Plan to take it late October Are you available

Sent by Fatima on 8/24/16

Organic Chemistry, Louisville, KY

I'm currently taking General College Chemistry I at JCTC and I need a tutor to help me understand what i go through in the class

Sent by Jennifer on 8/24/16

Algebra 1, Lakeland, FL

Hi Alissa, we are looking for an Algebra tutor for our 15 yr old son. He gets very frustrated with this class. He is an A-B student in all other classes but we just...

Sent by Christine on 8/24/16

Elementary, Dallas, GA 30132

Are you experienced with elementary school? My son is having a very hard time with math it's easier to explain on the phone though, if you would like to call me...

Sent by Stephanie on 8/24/16

Math, Morrisville, NC

I am looking for an affordable tutor for my daughter who is in Apex High doing Math 2 H. Algebra 2.

Sent by Malini on 8/24/16

Heat Transfer, Sugar Land, TX 77479

I have some questions in heat and mass trasfer that I couldn't solve it..

Sent by Naser on 8/24/16

Writing, Tallahassee, FL

I need a writing tutor to help my child to improve his writing skills.

Sent by Rick on 8/23/16

Praxis, Newport News, VA

Hello, my name is C. and I'm currently a student at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, VA. I am preparing to take my Praxis I- Core Subjects...

Sent by Cailey on 8/23/16

Cpa, Pittsburgh, PA

Hello, My name is G. P.. I have an undergraduate degree in Accounting and a Master's degree in Business Administration. I am looking for a CPA tutor in...

Sent by Gretchen on 8/23/16

Algebra 2, Slidell, LA

I'm looking for a tutor for my son. He is in the 11th grade algebra two. If you're available I would greatly appreciated Your help. Thanks Chris

Sent by Christopher on 8/23/16

Finra Series 6, Dallas, TX

Hello, First off, if we lose touch please feel free to call me. My number is (phone number available after purchase). I am located in Dallas and am 22 years old...

Sent by Cameron on 8/23/16

Chemistry, San Antonio, TX 78255

Alina referred me to you for chemistry tutoring. I am located in Houston, Texas and have acknowledged that you are able to Skype.

Sent by Nour on 8/23/16

Nclex Rn, Alexandria, VA

Hi I need a tutor for preparing my NCLEX RN Exam next month I would like to know your availability! Thanks

Sent by Insaf on 8/23/16

Geometry, Palm City, FL

Hi. My 16 yr old daughter is in need of help with Geometry. would like to start with a tutor asap. would you be interested? we live in Palm City and she attends MCHS.

Sent by Melissa on 8/23/16

Turkish, Washington, DC

Hello, I am looking for a Turkish tutor to help improve my ability to read Turkish--especially government documents and op-eds in the newspapers.

Sent by Sara on 8/23/16

Reading, Northridge, CA

I have a daughter in 4th grade but at a second grade reading level. I am reading with her every night but she needs a little more help.

Sent by LaReina on 8/23/16

Ap Calculus, San Francisco, CA

Hi Kristin, I am seeking a tutor for my high school daughter in her AP Calculus course. Please contact me to discuss your availabilty and location.

Sent by George on 8/23/16

Usmle, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Please contact me ASAP. I need some assistance and tutoring for my USMLE. I am a FMG from Ecuador and a citizen of the US now. (phone number available after...

Sent by Stephany on 8/23/16

Earth Science, Antioch, IL

Hi Katrina Iam taking Earth Science lab at CLC and I need help so bad! Can you help me?

Sent by Jannyell on 8/23/16

Algebra, Northridge, CA

Hello, please contact me regarding Algebra ll tutoring for my daughter. Thank you, P.

Sent by Paula on 8/23/16

Autism, Northridge, CA

Hi Ana, I am looking for a tutor for my 14 yr old autistic son. He needs help in every subject.

Sent by Marina on 8/23/16

Usmle, NY

Looking for A STEP 1 TUTOR and if interested please call my mobile at (phone number available after purchase) or email me please

Sent by Harini on 8/22/16

Molecular Biology, Clovis, CA 93611

Hi Dr. Atef, I'm a gradute student and would like to learn and study with you some topics in molecular Biology. Now, I'm outside USA.

Sent by Hamad on 8/22/16

Information Systems, Cibolo, TX

Prof Manu: Am I reading correctly that you tutor online only and thus it doesn't matter what location student is in? We are located in Texas but it appears you are...

Sent by Joy on 8/22/16

Math, Melbourne, FL

I have a 5 grader who needs help.Please help me.

Sent by Jay on 8/22/16

Algebra, Prescott Valley, AZ

nick is a senior at bradshaw mnt high. he is in serious need of your help. nick drives so he could come to your home or you are welcome to come to ours.

Sent by Connie on 8/22/16

Physics, Daytona Beach, FL

Hi, My name is T. and I'm currently a sophomore at Embry Riddle majoring in Aerospace Engineering. I'm seeking a tutor in physics that can be available between 3-5...

Sent by Tayluer on 8/22/16

Numerical Analysis, New York, NY 10027

hi ryan i have an exam tmrw for numerical method and i need a help for some question

Sent by Moh on 8/22/16

Japanese, Bakersfield, CA

Hi, Am interested in having my daughter learn Japanese. Willing to pay your fee, can you please contact me so that we can discuss details. Thank you.

Sent by Shalini on 8/22/16

Material Science, Port Jefferson, NY 11777

needs help in material science class

Sent by Omar on 8/22/16

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Personal Trainer, Houston, TX

I am a struggling student whom cannot get through the last 5 essay questions for my collage course of personal training/ bio-mechanics..

Sent by Tanja on 8/22/16

Information Systems, Iowa City, IA 52240

I need help for Mgt Information Systems if you can replay by your phone number.

Sent by Hamodi on 8/22/16

Act, Auburn, CA

Hello. Am looking for a Tutor for my 17 yr old son. Will be taking the ACT on September 9. Needs help with ACT English/reading and writing.

Sent by Grace on 8/22/16

Autodesk Revit, Suwanee, GA 30024

Hi, I am looking for tutor to help learn Revit. I am flexible for the next month for time and location. I hope to begin soon. Thanks so much! J.

Sent by Julie on 8/22/16

Algebra 2, Fishersville, VA

Hi! I am looking for a math tutor for my daughter in 11th grade. Her availability is Wednesdays after school or later, some Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.

Sent by Dee on 8/22/16

Writing, Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Carly, my S.on iS. heading into 10th grade honorS. EngliS.h and we are looking for a regular tutor to help with eS.S.ay writing. We'd like to S.tart aS.ap.

Sent by Mike on 8/21/16

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Japanese, Bakersfield, CA 93312

Hi Kiyomi, I am looking for a Japanese tutor for my 6yrs old daughter. Kindly let me know if you would be interested. We can meet up in a library for classes.

Sent by Smitha on 8/21/16

Biostatistic, NY

I am looking for tutor to help me with biostat and basic epidemiology. Thank you.

Sent by Kiran on 8/21/16

Usmle, Richmond Hill, NY 11418

Good evening, My name is A., and I was referred to you by a friend. I am currently looking for a USMLE Step 2 CK tutor. I live in northern VA and was hoping...

Sent by Angela on 8/21/16

Algebra2, Destrehan, LA

Need tutor for algebra2 for my son.

Sent by Jeremy on 8/21/16

Adobe Photoshop, Eugene, OR

Hello Dawn, I am looking for an hour of some basic Indesign maneuvering so I can build a brand/logo, business cards etc.. I have watched some tutorials...

Sent by Kirsten on 8/21/16

Conversational Spanish, Roseville, CA

Hi there, I am looking for a Spanish 2 tutor for my son who is a senior. He prefers in person tutoring. Please let me know if your are interested.

Sent by Darla on 8/21/16

Accounting, Friendswood, TX

I would like to find a good tutor locally who will help me pass accounting 2 at UHCL.

Sent by Victoria on 8/21/16

Hesi A2, Gadsden, AL 35904

Hello, I am sending this email to hopefully get your help with preparing for the HESI A2 Test within the next 2 months. Please get back to me at your earliest...

Sent by Desher on 8/21/16

Math, New York, NY

Hi Nathalie. I'm interested in finding a tutor for my daughter who is entering 8th grade. I would like to speak with you when you have a moment. Best B.

Sent by Barbara on 8/21/16

Speed Reading, Jasper, AL

Hello Mr. Noah, My name is R., and I am a native of Jasper,Al. I need help in writing, research papers, and speed reading. You may reach me at (phone number...

Sent by Ramona on 8/21/16

Organic Chemistry, Gainesville, FL

Hello Dr. Fran. My daughter is a rising junior at UF. She has previously taken Organic Chemistry 2, but had to drop it. She is registered to take it again Fall 2016.

Sent by Wayne on 8/20/16

Math, Saint Paul, MN

I need a Math tutor for my daughter,i want her to be taught by you.Emily is 14yrs old and she can easily catch up.Although,I've arranged with my caregiver that...

Sent by Brian on 8/20/16

Computer, Tucson, AZ 85719

are you looking for a computer instructor..i can assist you for computers.

Sent by Meenakshi on 8/19/16

Electrical Circuits, Chandler, AZ

I'm taking Basic Electricity Class for SRP I beep help with the math part of it you called also call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Hector on 8/19/16

Final Cut Pro, Huntington Beach, CA

Do you teach basic final cut pro x?

Sent by Andy on 8/19/16

Math, Chino, CA

Hi Anasheh, my name is J.. I am 28 years old, I am from around this area. My goal is to get hired as a FF and one of the subjects I struggle with is Math!!

Sent by Justin on 8/19/16

Tsi, Dallas, TX

hello im looking for someone can help me pass the tsi for college reading and writing

Sent by Angelic on 8/19/16

Spanish Tutor, Roseville, CA

Hi there, my son is a senior in high school. He took spanish one as a freshman and is currently enrolled in spanish 2. Is this something you would be interested...

Sent by Darla on 8/19/16

Nclex, Buffalo, NY

Hello, I just took the NCLEX for the 2nd time. I don't know if I P.assed but I walked out of there feeling like I failed. I will know in a few days. But I'm just P.reP.

Sent by Leana on 8/19/16

Praxis Core Academic Skills For Educators (case), AK

Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (CASE)

Sent by Hari on 8/19/16

Math Asvab, Rocky Mount, NC

Greetings Rachelle, I'm seeking assistance in the area of math for my 18 year old son. He is preparing to take his ASVAB (Military entrance exam).

Sent by John on 8/19/16

R, Southaven, MS 38671

Hey, r you interested in tutoring? email me at (url available after purchase)

Sent by Hugh on 8/19/16

Civil Engineering, Monroe, NY

My son is in a civil engineering program in CT. He is often home weekends in Monroe ny. He and I are looking for a person who can augment his classroom lessons...

Sent by Mary on 8/19/16

Special Education, Tucson, AZ

Hello Deborah, are you still looking for a computer instructor. If so please let me know, plenty of reviews, Regards, L. W. (phone number available after...

Sent by Larry on 8/18/16

Electrical Circuits, Grayling, MI 49738

I need help in electrical circuits and power assignment.

Sent by Hussain on 8/18/16

History, Yuma, AZ

Hi, my daughter is a high school junior and needs help with US History AP, and Government AP. Is that something you would feel comfortable taking on as a tutor?

Sent by Carol on 8/18/16

Gre, Charleston, SC

Hello! I am currently looking for a tutor to help me in GRE math. I just took the GRE and need to do much better in the math portion the next time I take it.

Sent by Amy on 8/18/16

Public Admin, Columbia, MO 65203

Hello! I am international student and I need help in my assignment (MPA)

Sent by Asma on 8/18/16

Sat Reading, Dallas, TX

Ms. Penny R: My son will be a Junior this academic year, and he currently plans on taking his SAT in Oct. He goes to KD now. He is not happy with SAT reading scores...

Sent by Kiran on 8/18/16

General Chemistry, Austin, TX 73301

Hi! I am a college student and I will be starting general chemistry II this fall (within a few days)! I attempted this class during the summer but from...

Sent by Nour on 8/18/16

Sat Math, Ellicott City, MD

Hello Kevin! I'm from Centennial High School and am trying to get into Calculus math at Howard Community College. In order to do that, I need to go get...

Sent by Rachel on 8/18/16

Foundation Public Adminstration, Cincinnati, OH 45240

Hello! I am international student and I study public administration , and I need a help in my assignment

Sent by Asma on 8/18/16

Writing, Saint Inigoes, MD 20684

Hi Charlotte, I was wondering if you have any experience working with individuals who have learning disabilities. If so, what availabilities do you have...

Sent by Angela on 8/18/16

Prescott Valley, AZ

High school student needs your help. Please contact grandmother C. at (phone number available after purchase). If noanswer please leave your number. Urgent

Sent by Connie on 8/18/16

Tsi, Dallas, TX

I really could use your help. I have to take the TSI for UTA on September 22,2016. I have found that I remember some things just fine, but others I am clueless.

Sent by Bee on 8/18/16

Algebra, Spring Hill, FL

Hello, I'm looking for someone to help my kid with her algebra school work. She has been in private school most of her schooling but now she is in high school...

Sent by Tricia on 8/18/16

Math, Atlanta, GA

Hello. I need to take an abstract algebra course to complete my content competencies for my MAT -Secondary Education-Math degree.

Sent by Carol on 8/18/16

Algebra, Elizabethtown, KY

Can you please call me regarding algebra 2 tutoring. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jessica on 8/18/16

Typing, Dallas, TX

Hello Ka, My name is Marcus N and I'm looking for a typing tutor to start soon. Contact me if you are interested

Sent by MarcusN on 8/18/16

Law, Frisco, TX 75034

Hello! I am international student and I have a course in adminstration law , and I need help in assignments every week and the papers

Sent by Asma on 8/18/16

Chemistry, Houston, TX

Hi! I am a college student and I will be starting general chemistry II this fall (within a few days)! I attempted this class during the summer but from...

Sent by Nour on 8/18/16

Usmle, NY

I want to study for step 3

Sent by Muhammad on 8/17/16

English, New York, NY

Hello! I am international student and I need help in my classes , I study now MPA and I want to check with me all assignment online , and because I am not...

Sent by Asma on 8/17/16

Usmle, Chicago, IL 60626

Interested in tutoring for step 1. I live in south loop

Sent by Sarah on 8/17/16

Act, High Springs, FL

Mable, I am looking for a tutor for my daughter who is senior in high school. She will be sitting for the December 10th ACT test.

Sent by Godfrey on 8/17/16

Elementary, Milledgeville, GA

I need your help urgent I can (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Tayunda on 8/17/16

Act Sat, Mcdonough, GA

Looking for a tutor on Wednesdays at 10 am that will meet at McDonough library headquarters. Are you available? I can try to find another time, but this is my best...

Sent by Sutton on 8/17/16

Stata, New York, NY

Hi, I am a physician-researcher in nyc. I am looking to learn STATA. I think to do so I would need a few in person tutoring sessions.

Sent by Madeline on 8/17/16

Excel, Pensacola, FL

Hi Linda. My name is J. W.. I manage a company (Energy Hardware) located off of Scenic highway north of I10. I've been here only 6 weeks and realized quickly...

Sent by Jim on 8/17/16

Math, Elizabethtown, KY

Hello Leah, My name is M. R. and I am looking for a tutor for my daughter, who is a 4th grader. She is struggling in math, and I am at a loss to help her.

Sent by Michelle on 8/17/16

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA

Hello, I found your profile as I was searching for a tutor in Los Angeles. Are you tutoring Step 2 CK in Los Angeles? Thanks

Sent by Chai on 8/17/16

Middle School Math, Olive Branch, MS

I am looking for someone to tutor my daughter in Middle School Math and possibly English. However the first focus is math. She is in the 7th grade.

Sent by Tiffany on 8/17/16

Mcat, Atlanta, GA

My daughter is looking at MCAT help for organic chemistry . Would you consider a rate of 45-50 $/hour . She needs this starting as early as this or next week...

Sent by Seema on 8/16/16

Mathematics (algebra, Geometry), Macon, GA

Hi, William. I'm taking the GACE program admission for mathematics in a couple of weeks and am in need of some help. Email me if you think that we could start tutoring!

Sent by Sophia on 8/16/16

Algebra, Bean Station, TN

My daughter is a senior. She is very smart but seems to have a math and algebra block. We are interested in getting help for her. We live in Mooresburg.

Sent by Melinda on 8/16/16

Nclex Rn, Raleigh, NC 27613

I need a tutor for nclex my number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Awa on 8/16/16

Math, Madison, FL

I'm in desperate need of a tutor for my daughter. Her name is Katerria Johnson and she is a 6th grader at MCCS. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience.

Sent by Lakisha on 8/16/16

C#, Irving, TX 75063

hello can you help me with C#

Sent by Tabish on 8/16/16

CK 2 Taking in November 2016, Cedar Grove, NJ

Please let me know if you are available for help and also neG.otiable $ tutor on Skype. Do you charG.e for initial consultation ?My dauG.hter is takinG.

Sent by G on 8/16/16

Information Technology, Washington, DC

Hello. I am interested in getting Security+ certified. How much are your sessions? Thanks T.

Sent by Tom on 8/16/16

Math, Savannah, GA

Larry I have a 2nd grader who need help in Math. I need someone to tutor him two days a week. I live in Port Wentworth, Ga. Tutoring time is 7:15-8...

Sent by Shan on 8/16/16

Violin, El Paso, TX

How much do you charge for violin lessons?

Sent by Callie on 8/16/16

Algebra 1, Summerville, SC

Looking for a long term Algebra 1 tutor for my 9th grade grandson. He lives in Summerville.

Sent by Pat on 8/16/16

English As 2nd Language, West Bloomfield, MI

Hello My name is M.lena P. and I work as a recruiter for an international business language school that works internationally but is headquartered in the UK.

Sent by Magda on 8/16/16

Armenian, Glendale, CA 91201

Hi Elena, Wanted to know if u can tutor Armenian, English, & math for my 7 yrs old daughter. Also, how much do u charge per hr? Thanx

Sent by Shushanik on 8/15/16

Chemistry, Alameda, CA 94501

Good afternoon! My name is Matt B. and I am enrolled in CHEM 1011 and need tutoring badly. I just took the mid term and did horribly.

Sent by Matthew on 8/15/16

Kindrgarten Basics., Albany, GA

I liked your profile, are you still tutoring in the Albany, GA area. I have two 5 years old twin girls. I would like to get help with them after school.

Sent by Myeishia on 8/15/16

Turkish, Washington, DC

Hey Efe! I just moved to the DC area and am looking for Turkish language instruction. Having spent a few months in Ankara, I'd like to build on my very basic...

Sent by Beni on 8/15/16

Teacher, New York, NY

Hi Alison, I am looking for a tutor to help me pass the nystce exams. Is this possible? Sincerely T. P.

Sent by Thomas on 8/15/16

Math, Reading, Writing Etc..., Bristow, VA

Hello my daughter will be starting 9 grade in the fall and I'm look to find someone to tutor her on the weekends starting in September

Sent by Everly on 8/15/16

Journalism, Tempe, AZ

Im journalism student i want tutor for my JMC 473 class at ASU dont worry about the money i will pay more if you good I want help in my assignment thanks

Sent by Saeed on 8/15/16

Step 3, NY

looking for in person tutor for Step 3.. am taking the exam in February but would like to prepare as early as possible since this will be my 5th attempt at this exam..

Sent by Jeffrey on 8/15/16

Organic Chemistry, Fargo, ND

I have a comprehensive organic chemistry final on Friday and can meet Wed and Thursday. I will make whatever time works.

Sent by Nicole on 8/15/16

Algebra 1, Visalia, CA

My daughter is an 8th grader, and she is in Math 1 pre-ap class. I would like her to fully grasp the subject matter as it is a fast paced class.

Sent by Anna on 8/15/16

Elementary, Ocala, FL

Hello, i wanted to know if you would be interested in homeschooling a couple of 2 y.o. twins

Sent by Lizeth on 8/15/16

C++, Carlsbad, CA

Hi Mark, my son is a raising 9th grader and he's interested in programming with Robotics, so he is learning C++ by himself named Jumping into C++ by Alex Allain...

Sent by Rosie on 8/14/16

Algorithms, Bethesda, MD 20817

Hello! I sent you a message a couple of days ago, and I thought I'd reach out to you one more time. I need to find a tutor for my algorithms class this coming...

Sent by Rachel on 8/14/16

Elementary, Gainesville, FL

Hi Gabriella, My daughter, Khloe, will be entering the 3rd grade this year and we are in need of some academic assistance. Last year Khloe was diagnosed with...

Sent by Kat on 8/14/16

Game Design, Vancouver, WA

I am a student struggling with C# programming. It is a beginners coarse for my university. The problem is i am doing it online and need to be able to ask more...

Sent by Xavier on 8/13/16

Algebra Tutor, San Mateo, CA

Hi Victoria,I am loking for a tutor for my daughet who is entering 7th gade for algebra and geometry.We live in foster city, Thanks. S.

Sent by Shika on 8/13/16

Tutor, Fargo, ND

Hello Elizabeth, Have you ever taught Toefl?

Sent by Lama on 8/13/16

Chemistry, Atlanta, GA 30319

Hey can we meet so I can get some help

Sent by Daniel on 8/13/16

Writing, West Bloomfield, MI

Hi Calvin. I'm looking for a tutor for my son, who needs help with writing, in particular (high school level). If it would be possible to speak to you to see if...

Sent by Kathlyn on 8/13/16

Usmle, New York, NY

I live in manhattan and want tutor for step1 please advise

Sent by Sunita on 8/13/16

Physics, Plano, TX

Hello! My name is P. P. and I am gonna be in Pre-AP physics my junior year at Plano West Senior High! Once the school year starts (August 22nd) I would really like...

Sent by Peria on 8/13/16

Act, New Ulm, MN

Hi Sarah , my daughter is going to be a junior in high school this year and I was looking into tutoring for ACT prep. She is an A honor student and wants to achieve...

Sent by Jess on 8/13/16

Act English, Stony Brook, NY

Hi Kristen: I'm looking for an ACT tutor for my daughter, we live close to Stony Brook. Please let me know if you still take new student. Thank you! Q.

Sent by Qun on 8/12/16

Usmle, Atlanta, GA

HI Dr. Sattar, Do you tutor for comlex as well?

Sent by Ra on 8/12/16

Dyslexia, Pensacola, FL

Hi Linda, I have a 16 year old I' interested in having tutored. He is dyslexic and has lots of strengths but I struggle teaching the way he learns.

Sent by Susan on 8/12/16

Physics, Chandler, AZ

Hello, I am looking for a teacher to help my daughter in Physics. She is currently a Junior at Perry High school.

Sent by Scott on 8/12/16

Esl, Stanfield, AZ

Sent by Gimena on 8/12/16

Geometry, Cedar Park, TX

Hector, I am looking for a geometry tutor for my son. If you are available, please contact me. Suji

Sent by Suii on 8/11/16

Computer, San Diego, CA 92107

Hi, I am taking an intro to computer networking class and am looking for some assistance on some coursework. Mainly, I have three open book quizzes timed...

Sent by Alex on 8/11/16

Civil Engineering, Fullerton, CA

Hello me. Arman, I'm looking for a civil engineering claas tutor for (CAD and Analysis in Civil Eng), I need lessons in September. I live in Fullerton CA.

Sent by Hasan on 8/11/16

Act Tutor, Medford, NJ

Hi Brian, looking for someone to tutor act math for sept test. Thank you, M.

Sent by Mark on 8/11/16

Chinese, Guilford, CT

Hi Justine, We have a bright 2 yr old son whose nanny has speaking to him in mandarin since he was an infant and now understands and speaks (as much as...

Sent by Lemi on 8/11/16

Act Tutor, Medford, NJ

Julia looking for home one on one tutor for ACT Sept. south jersey area. Thank you.

Sent by Mark on 8/11/16

Pharmacology, Cincinnati, OH

Looking for a pharmacology tutor. In nursing school at Galen really need to pass (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Lesslee on 8/11/16

C#, Dexter, IA 50070

I am looking for someone to help me complete my college level C# classes, I need very exact advice and working with since I am on a severe time crunch to do 3...

Sent by Jeanette on 8/11/16

English As 2nd Language, Cleveland, OH

HI Juliana I would like to improve my english language , grammar and pronunciation

Sent by Mohd on 8/11/16

Final Cut Pro, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Need help turning project onto a dvd in high quality

Sent by Armando on 8/10/16

Armenian, Lima, OH 45805

hi lilia, i am interested for my 11 year old son. i need daily tutoring mon-thursday 6-8pm

Sent by Ro on 8/10/16

Aspergers, Peachtree City, GA

Hello, My son is a new 7th grader who has been home schooled the last 2 years. He has high functioning Asperger's and is now starting with GA Cyber Academy...

Sent by Mary on 8/10/16

German, Milwaukee, WI

Hi! I'm looking for a tutor to help my 8th grade son with German. I would like to get started before September, to help him review, then continue through...

Sent by Paula on 8/10/16

Nclex Rn, Fort Worth, TX

Looking for NCLEX RN tutor (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Georgette on 8/10/16

Pcat, Plano, TX

Hi. I need PCAT tutoring once a week in Plano, Texas. Are you available?

Sent by Neda on 8/10/16

Photoshop, Santa Fe, NM

Switched recently from pc to mac and am overwhelmed by unfamil;iarity with mac a d the new photoshop and light room. Live here in SFe

Sent by Barry on 8/10/16

Usmle Step 3, New York, NY 10030

Do you have any experience with Step 3 tutoring?

Sent by Kenneth on 8/9/16

Usmle, Fairfax, VA

Hi Megan, Do you tutor for the Step 2 exam for medical schools? Topics include microbiology, pediatrics, and surgery. I am in the chantilly, VA area. Please let me know!

Sent by Tonya on 8/9/16

Algebra, Oak Ridge, NJ

Hi Rebecca I was looking for someone to help my son who is a sophomore in High school with his summer math packet. We live in Oak Ridge NJ please let me know if...

Sent by Tara on 8/9/16

Applied Math, Lafayette, LA

I am trying to find a local tutor that can help me study for GMAT exam, the math section. I understand your profile doesn't specify that however it does cover...

Sent by Jeffrey on 8/9/16

Usmle, Chicago, IL 60613

Hi, I am interested in USMLE Step 1 tutoring - how much do you charge per hour? Where did you go to medical school and what were your scores on USMLE step 1 and 2?

Sent by Seher on 8/9/16

Creole, Atlanta, GA

Hello, I'm interested in learning haitian creole, not French. Is this something you could help me with?

Sent by Tyler on 8/9/16

Math, Westlake Village, CA 91361

Hi Dale are you still tutoring? I need some help passing the Math Section of the CBEST Test is this your area of expertise?

Sent by Dave on 8/9/16

Python, Herndon, VA

My daughter Natalie, a GMU Student would like to have more tutoring sessions with you. She has some upcoming assessments in Python she would like help with. Thank you.

Sent by Bonnie on 8/9/16

Math, Schererville, IN

Good morning Michael, I need some assistance on my applied math for work keys test that I'm taking on August 20.

Sent by Sandy on 8/9/16

College Writing, Saint Augustine, FL

I am looking for a tutor to help me with College English writing papers.

Sent by Alex on 8/9/16

Usmle Ck 2, Cedar Grove, NJ

Just verifying ** *Do you charge $13,750.00 for USMLE CK 2 ?

Sent by Mrs. on 8/8/16

Math, Anna, OH

Michael, I have twin 16 year Olds who have some difficulty in math. They are C students but I am looking to help them better understand the concept in algebra 2....

Sent by John on 8/8/16

Calculus, Oneonta, NY

I am returning to the classroom for the first time in 40 years. I will be taking Calculus II and Physics I at SUNY Oneonta in Fall 2016. I need a tutor asap.

Sent by David on 8/8/16

Psychology, Egg Harbor City, NJ

Are you available this week?

Sent by Nina on 8/8/16

Cpa, New York, NY 10016

My girlfriend will be taking the BEC part of the CPA tomorrow morning. I was wondering if you would be willing to have a last-minute review session...

Sent by Oswald on 8/8/16

Mechanical Engineering, Porter, TX

Hi Siddharth! I need tutoring in mechanical engineering class. I wanted to ask if you do in person tutoring and also do you reside in Houston area?

Sent by Mariam on 8/8/16

Spanish, Hickory, NC

I am a preschool teacher and often work with Spanish speaking families. I am interested in learning conversational Spanish. I am only interested in learning...

Sent by Emily on 8/8/16

Web Design, Ambler, PA

Samuel, I am interested in learning how to design a basic website. I am a former attorney turned want to be entrepreneur and I am struggling with coding...

Sent by Jane on 8/8/16

Cbest, Thousand Oaks, CA

Hi Kate I need help passing the Math section on the CBEST Test I took it once before and didn't pass, I live in Westlake Village, I hope you don't mind tutoring...

Sent by Dave on 8/8/16

Philosophy, Miami, FL

Good afternoon Mayra, May you please contact me with respect to tutoring today on Philosophy. I have an assignment that I need to turn in and needed help. Thank you.

Sent by Juani on 8/8/16

Lsat, Baltimore, MD

My 22 year old son who just graduated from AU with a BA in Law and Society and is a professional triathlete wants to take the LSATs please call my cell (phone number...

Sent by Craig on 8/8/16

Math, Carlisle, PA

Hi Mary, I hope to hear from you soon, I would like to be tutored for the Math portion of the Praxis. I would like to start sometime this week.

Sent by Kim on 8/8/16

Speed Reading, NY

Hi, our son is planning to take ACT and need help improving reading speed. If you can help then please call (phone number available after purchase). Thanks.

Sent by Paras on 8/8/16

Real Estate Math, Phoenix, AZ

Hi Mary, I am needing help in math calculations specific to real estate math. Can you help. I can email you examples so you know what Im talking about.

Sent by Chris on 8/8/16

Math, San Francisco, CA

hi I was wondering how much it costs for an online session?

Sent by Frances on 8/7/16

Special Education, Buffalo, NY

I have class in the summer, so I need some help. If you think you can help me send me message or call by (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Abdullah on 8/7/16

Algorithms, Bethesda, MD 20817

Hello! I'm retaking Algorithms this coming semester, and I need to find a tutor that can help me understand the material. It says in your description that you were...

Sent by Rachel on 8/7/16

Usmle Step 1, Staten Island, NY

Hello, I am currently in my second year, and I have to talk my comp exam this december, in hopes of passing and step shortly after.

Sent by Jacqueline on 8/7/16

Excel, Houston, TX

Good morning, I am seeking assistance with a graduate level intro to business analytics course. I have a Power Pivot assignment that includes creating measures...

Sent by Beth on 8/7/16

Political Science, Chicago, IL

Hi James, I'm a sophomore at DePaul University. I'm a political science major and am mostly taking poli sci classes this autumn semester.

Sent by Andrew on 8/6/16

Usmle, Woodside, NY 11377

Hi, I am a serious student looking for a great tutor. I already have my date set for the 31st of the month but I am still 30points away from my desired score for...

Sent by Temitope on 8/6/16

Economics, White Plains, NY

I need a microeconomics tutor for my son who taking a college summer class as soon as possible. Thank you

Sent by Cindy on 8/6/16

Writing, East Hampton, NY

Hi, I am looking for a tutor to help me finish some writing assignments

Sent by Samara on 8/6/16

Astb OAR (math, Mechanics), Santee, CA 92071

Hi Andrew, it's me again. Are you able to email me? (email available after purchase) I am not sure what you are bound by the sites as far as policy goes...

Sent by Sharon on 8/6/16

Ftce, West Palm Beach, FL 33412

Need a short term tutor for upcoming FTCE exam k-6.

Sent by Connie on 8/6/16

Algorithms, Port Hueneme, CA 93041

plz tell me about fee help me in algorithm

Sent by Areesha on 8/6/16

Usmle, Chicago, IL 60615

do you have time to help me with questions in Uworld?

Sent by Da on 8/6/16

Usmle, Chicago, IL 60290

Dr Mendez, do you tutor for USMLE Step 3? Thank you

Sent by Kenneth on 8/5/16

English, Scranton, PA

I want to improve my self in English language as ESL

Sent by Faris on 8/5/16

Math, Carlisle, PA 17013

Hi Mary, I'm interested in getting started on studying for the Math portion of the Praxis sometime next week. I have taken it before and failed.

Sent by Kim on 8/5/16

Spanish, Rosemount, MN

Hi!!! I love the passion you have for learning. I'm a 35 year old mom who has always wanted to learn conversational spanish - not just the textbook version.

Sent by Angela on 8/5/16

Esl, Chestnut Hill, MA

Sent by Holly on 8/5/16

Hebrew, New York, NY 10025

Sent by Cole on 8/5/16

Astb, Severna Park, MD 21146

Hi Mr.Joe I am interested in getting tutored for the OAR portion of the ASTB. I took the ASTB about a week ago and got a terrible 37.

Sent by Miguel on 8/4/16

Math, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I need assistance passing math portion of ftce K-6. I am retaking 9-1-16 and am interested in a few review sessions for the specific content on the math subtest.

Sent by Connie on 8/4/16

Teas, Bronx, NY

I'm looking for a tutoring to help me achieve a passing grade on my teas exam in order to get into nursing program. If you are able to tutore?

Sent by Karen on 8/4/16

Information Technology, New York, NY 10005

Hi Garry, i read your profile and i would love to have your help, so send me your number so we i can text you. thanks

Sent by Bandar on 8/4/16

Calculus, Johnson City, TN

Sent by Miranda on 8/4/16

Math, Franklin, TN

Hi Kathleen, my name is E. W. and I'm very interested in you tutoring my daughter who is getting ready to start 8th grade. We used to attend Achieve Learning center...

Sent by Erika on 8/4/16

Math, Harrisonburg, VA

Hello! Jennifer.for placement test

Sent by Yalew on 8/4/16

Cpa, NY

Need a private tutor for CPA exam. Online sessions. Have taken Becker online and classroom course. Failed BEC and REG. Have not taken AUD or FAR.

Sent by Frank on 8/4/16

Math, Shirley, NY

Hello Sir, We are Turkish Community in Shirley,Long Island we provide after-school program so we are looking for teachers that can help us.

Sent by Huseyin on 8/4/16

Praxis, Gettysburg, PA

I am looking for a tutor to help pass the math portion of the Praxis. I am aware of the areas I will need help with.

Sent by Kim on 8/4/16

Structural Geology, Minneapolis, MN

Hi david. I have a draft for my class and can u chech generally it as an online before 3 pm. ( i ll send it before noon)If that works for you could u please inform me

Sent by Aysegul on 8/4/16

Sas, Silver Spring, MD

I need to learn how to run basic operation and statistical analysis skills in SAS. I have years of experience using SPSS at my university in Korea.

Sent by Joe on 8/3/16

Usmle, Staten Island, NY

I'm a medical schools student preparing for USMLE Step 1. I was hoping you could tutor me on just questions. I know the material but need help with refining my test...

Sent by Maryam on 8/3/16

Hesi A2, Chandler, AZ 85224

Sent by Danny on 8/3/16

Math, Upland, CA

Hi, my 8th grader son needs help for homework, specially in Math n Science, Monday to Thursday evening. We can make schedule which can work for all of us.

Sent by Rehana on 8/3/16

Audio Recording, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I am a novice wanting to set up a home recording studio and need tutoring on how to use the software, etc..

Sent by Steve on 8/3/16

Robotics, Closter, NJ

Timothy - please let me know if you have experience in Robotics Process Automation. Thank you, S.

Sent by Steve on 8/3/16

English Act, Pittsburgh, PA

Hi, My daughter needs help with the English/writing portion of the ACT. Can you help me, please?

Sent by Nora on 8/3/16

Math, Durango, CO

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor for my two boys (twins, 14), who are entering their freshman year of HS. They need help reviewing some middle school math and then...

Sent by Tanya on 8/3/16

Usmle, Staten Island, NY

Hello Nicholas, Im looking for a tutor for USMLE step 1. I live in Staten Island as well and was wondering if it would be possible to set up a meeting to discuss.

Sent by Geet on 8/3/16

Accounting, Myrtle Beach, SC

My son C. needs a tutor to review for accounting exam this Friday. If you could meet today and tomorrow to review that would be great.

Sent by Chase on 8/3/16

Ged, Red Oak, TX

I need a GED test P.reP. math tutor on Saturdays, P.referably morning. If this is something that interest you, P.lease email me back.

Sent by Chris on 8/3/16

Math, Greenville, MS

Hi, I found you on a search for math tutoring and was wondering if you were still available and tutoring in Cleveland MS? I am looking for a math tutor for Praxis...

Sent by Mrs. on 8/2/16

Reading, Owings Mills, MD 21117

I am interested in finding a tutor for my soon to be 4th grader. She needs help in reading/comprehension. Please text me at the number below if you can help.

Sent by Nadine on 8/2/16

Hesi Exam, Chandler, AZ

Hi,Dhara, I am looking for a tutor that can help me with passing my Hesi A2 exam. Is this something you can help with, if so please contact me at (phone number...

Sent by Danny on 8/2/16

English As 2nd Language Math, Perth Amboy, NJ

Hi, How are you doing? I am attending classes for my GED I need tutor for basic English and math my scores was to low and I need some help.

Sent by Denise on 8/2/16

Cpa, Atlanta, GA

interested in help with cpa exam

Sent by Mark on 8/2/16

Biochemistry, Berkeley, CA

I am looking for a tutor for the fall semester (2016). I need help in Biochemistry (mcellbi 102) at UC Berkeley.

Sent by Sami on 8/2/16

Math Sat, Pine Plains, NY

looking for a math tutor/sat/act tutor for my17 year old son. we live in Pine Plains ny. Thank you M.

Sent by Margaret on 8/2/16

Math, Detroit, MI

I'm trying yo pass my GED ...I pass all but math...I keep scoring a 3 numbers beside the passing mark ..I took it over twice and still failed..

Sent by Faye on 8/2/16

Act, Davis, CA 95616

Can you tutor in Woodland? I need to improve in SAT and ACT.

Sent by Anum on 8/2/16

Essay Writing, Rochester, MI

Carol, My son is entering his senior year at Adams HS and needs some assistance/guidance with writing several college application essays.

Sent by David on 8/2/16

Sat Math, Davis, CA 95616

Hi, I'm going to be a senior in high school and was wondering if you would be able to tutor me in SAT math to improve my score. (I live in Woodland). Thanks, A.

Sent by Anum on 8/2/16

Statistics, Houston, TX

good evening ,i need help with m y statistics exam

Sent by Aida on 8/1/16

Learning Disability Tutor in Spanish, Bronx, NY

hi, looking for a tutor for my cousin to actually learn english.

Sent by Nicole on 8/1/16

Usmle Step 1, Chicago, IL

Hi! I'm trying to find a tutor for the usmle step 1... I've been studying forever and I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere... Would you mind telling me what score...

Sent by Camille on 8/1/16

4th Grade Reading and Comprehension, Baltimore, MD

Need a tutor for my 4th grader in reading/comprehension. Thanks (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Nadine on 8/1/16

Act, Pittsburgh, PA

My daughter is a senior and interested in tutoring for the English portion of ACT in October. We live in Upper St Clair. Do you have references?

Sent by Nora on 8/1/16

Software Engineering, Sterling, VA

I am looking for someone to tutor me in software development using already completed project. I an in VA and if you are available,we can do it online.

Sent by Brima on 8/1/16

Asvab, Phoenix, AZ

My son is going to take the ASVAB and I want him to be able to achieve the highest score possible.

Sent by Raji on 8/1/16

Automata, New York, NY 10005

Hi, i need help for my assignment in automata. I'm in canada, i can do skype sessions with you. it's kinda urgent. please contact as soon as possible

Sent by Tiffany on 8/1/16

Thermodynamics, College Park, MD

please contact with me sooner on this number (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Zyad on 8/1/16

Reading, Jay, FL

How many hours would it take? Test is Oct. 22

Sent by Brittanee on 8/1/16

Math, Avondale, PA 19311

Hello Theresa, I was referred to you by Anna Krueger, who used to work for you and your service. I have tried countless times to study for, and pass the math...

Sent by Jason on 8/1/16

Mandarin Chinese, Zionsville, IN

hi my son (12 yrs) and i would like to learn mandarine. we started last year but realized we need an in home tutor.

Sent by Elizabeth on 8/1/16

Jquery, Stony Brook, NY

Hi my name is R.. I've been a .Net C# developer for quite some time now. I recently was asked to cover for my coworker who is on maternity leave.

Sent by Rich on 8/1/16

Act, North Port, FL

Hello Judith, I am a soon to be senior looking for someone who can help me increase my ACT scores in all areas especially math. I have had issues in the past that...

Sent by Liliana on 8/1/16