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Automata, Glen Oaks, NY 11004

hello do you teach automata theory online?

Sent by Rawan on 12/31/16

Usmle, Rockville, MD

Hello Dr Aadil, I will like to lear more about your tutor program for USMLE. I am trying to get help help for my sister who is foreign graduate and failed...

Sent by David on 12/31/16

Armenian, Boston, MA

I am a 50 yr old male who travels to Armenia extensively and would like to become much more fluent in speaking the language.

Sent by Stephen on 12/31/16

English Editoring, Berkeley, CA

Hi Amy, I am interviewing English teachers or tutors who also have a professional editing skill as well. Amy with your editing skills ,are you able to do...

Sent by AlysTelmic on 12/31/16

Pharmacology, Hollis, NY

Desperately looking a tutor for Pharmacology.I'm hoping that you can help me.

Sent by Camesha on 12/30/16

Geometry, Metuchen, NJ

Hi, I hope all is well. My name is L.. Brief History: My daughter is a smart kid, always in honors from a Private grade school. We moved her to JFK Iselin for HS.

Sent by Lindsay on 12/30/16

Calculus, Lancaster, CA

Hi Raphael, I currently live in Lancaster, CA and would like to find help for calculus tutoring. Are you willing to come to Lancaster? Thank you, K.

Sent by Kasthuri on 12/30/16

Dyslexia, reading, study skills, Bedford, TX 76021

Hi my name is J. C.. I'm 21 years old and I have dyslexia and need to work on study skills and reading. I live in bedford in a apartment right by highway 121.

Sent by Jason on 12/30/16

Algorithms Java, New York, NY

Looking for java tutor with focus on algorithm, data structures and problem solving to help my son in competitive programming

Sent by Beena on 12/30/16

Ged, Flower Mound, TX

Hi, Steve... My son needs to get his GED and I was hoping that you were available. Can you come to our home or do we need to come to yours? Please advise..

Sent by Betsy on 12/29/16

Math, Reading, San Dimas, CA

Hi Emma, I am looking for a tutor to help my 3rd grader with math and reading/vocab. - she is having a hard time retaining the math after she learns it -...

Sent by Lori on 12/29/16

Combinatorial Algorithms, Stony Brook, NY 11794

Hi Professor BAM, I just wondering if its possible to solve 6 questions of algorithms and complexity for undergraduate in one day and this will be in january 2...

Sent by Abdulrahman on 12/29/16

Toefl, Monterey, CA

Dear Andrea, Greetings. My name is L. F., I live in Carmel Valley, I am forty six years old and been employed with Monterey County Health Department as...

Sent by Luisa on 12/29/16

Graphic Design, Saluda, NC

Would you send samples of your work? Feel free to contact me to discuss next week. Thanks, J. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jaine on 12/29/16

Being A Professional Tutor, Leola, PA

Mrs Marian.. This is H. Daneshvar sending you this message regarding being a Professional tutor based on face to face if possible at your location I did receive e...

Sent by Habib on 12/29/16

Excel, Salt Lake City, UT

Hi Just opened a restaurant in SLC and would like to learn to be adept at excel so as to apply and create spread sheets for work etc. My hours are flexible.

Sent by Neil on 12/29/16

Praxis, Matawan, NJ

Hi. I'm interested in finding a tutor to help me pass the Praxis core. I have a particularly hard time with Math. I'm 27 years old.

Sent by Austin on 12/29/16

Math, Pottstown, PA

I am a Professional Tutor seeking tutoring position in field of Mathfrom High school Junior through Senior College level and have been teaching and tutoring face...

Sent by Dan on 12/29/16

Microsoft Visio, Indianapolis, IN

Hello. I am seeking help with an org chart in Visio. Do you have experience in this. In need of help as soon as possible. Thanks.

Sent by Maria on 12/28/16

Mechanical Engineering, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi Eric, I am looking for help in calculating rotational forces for a mechanical device for which I have filed a provisional patent.

Sent by Jim on 12/28/16

Cpa, Ozone Park, NY 11416

I am interested in tutoring for my Audit retake I scored a 72 the first time and I am retaking in another 3 weeks

Sent by Walt on 12/28/16

Usmle, Forest Park, IL 60130

Hi Dr. Muhammad, I need help with USMLE Step 2 CK preparation. Please contact me to discuss the details.

Sent by Kamran on 12/28/16

Usmle, Houston, TX

Hi Syed, I just graduated as a doctor in Venezuela. I came here to do the USMLE exams and do my postgraduate studies here. In my country a lot of people go...

Sent by Andreina on 12/28/16

Speed Reading, Wethersfield, CT

Hi Jason. I'm a third year medical student and could do a lot better on board exams if I was a faster reader. Do you think you could help with that?

Sent by Scott on 12/28/16

Reading, Jacksonville, FL

Hi Shirley. My name is A.. My son is the one who needs tutoring. His name is JaMonee and he is having trouble in reading. And also word problems in math.

Sent by Antoinette on 12/27/16

Sat I, Needham, MA

Looking for help on SAT English, especially reading part for March SAT test.

Sent by Jie on 12/27/16

Finance, Somerville, MA 02143

Hi Hari, Wanted to see if you would be interested to teach Finance to my son Sehtaj who is a junior in High School? Would request online lessons please. Thanks, H.

Sent by Harry on 12/27/16

Nursing, Rocky Mount, NC

Hi in need of tutoring ASAP

Sent by Brenda on 12/27/16

Statistics, San Antonio, TX

Need help with statistics course for DBA at Grand Canyon University. Have Masters Degree in jurisprudence and am a CPA. Office in Petroleum Club Bldg.

Sent by Jack on 12/27/16

Act, Milton, FL

Looking for a tutor for my son for the ACT which he is taking on February 11. Possible two times a week from here to February 11. Thank you!

Sent by Jessica on 12/27/16

Elementary, Morrison, IL 61270

Hello again, Will you please call me so we can chat about Leah? For some reason the web site is not letting me respond to the email you sent earlier. Thank you, D.

Sent by Dianah on 12/27/16

Usmle, Chicago, IL

I dont know what i am doing wrong and how do you help your students?

Sent by Sara on 12/27/16

Nursing Study Techniques, Rocky Mount, NC

Nurse. Study techniques. ..

Sent by Brenda on 12/27/16

Math, Morrison, IL 61270

Hello, You were recommended to me by my daughter's teacher, Mrs. Robertson. Leah is in 2nd grade at Northside in Morrison. I'm interested in having someone help her...

Sent by Dianah on 12/27/16

Act, Quincy, IL

I need a tutor to help improve my score on the ACT exam. I was wondering if you can come to my house and tutor me?

Sent by Teresa on 12/27/16

Sewing, Vernon, NJ

hi, I would like to learn how to sew a coat. I live close by to Warwick, please let me know whether you are available One time a week.

Sent by Aysylu on 12/27/16

Usmle, Richmond Hill, NY 11418

Hi Maria, do you also do ck?

Sent by V on 12/26/16

Math and English, Gardena, CA

Hello, Looking to get a tutor for my 13 year old daughter. She has aspergers but is very high functioning. We have recently changed her schools because...

Sent by Silvia on 12/26/16

Chemical Engineering, Arlington, TX 76010

Hi Sayed I need help on heat transfer course

Sent by Baddah on 12/26/16

Usmle, Houston, TX 77025

Are you available for tutoring step 2ck

Sent by Oluwasola on 12/26/16

Accounting, Southampton, NY

John, I am currently in the Navy in Everett, WA and I will be leaving the service in the next couple of weeks to go back home to Southampton.

Sent by Dylan on 12/26/16

Elementary Statistics, Cameron, NC

I start STAT200 (elementary statistics) At Penn State in about two weeks. I need to get ahead of the game because I know I am going to be in over my head...

Sent by Steven on 12/26/16

Spanish (basics), LA Canada Flintridge, CA

I am the one with a 6 year old you agreed to tutor for 150 dollars. Please text me (phone number available after purchase)....

Sent by Dr on 12/26/16

Statistics, Columbus, OH 43204

Hello , I need to take a lessens online in SPSS and statistics . I have some quotations in stats and i need to be sure what type of analyses that i need to use .

Sent by Sarah on 12/26/16

Statistics, Southern Pines, NC

I start STAT200 (elementary statistics) At Penn State in about two weeks. I need to get ahead of the game because I know I am going to be in over my head...

Sent by Steven on 12/26/16

Calculus, Flushing, NY

Hi Harrison, I am looking for a pre-calculus tutor for my daughter who is currently in high school. Let me know if you are available this week...

Sent by Carolyn on 12/26/16

Calculus, Grand Haven, MI

Need a tutor to help me with an online calculus course I am taking through UCLA. Am in Muskegon MI this week and need help to get started.

Sent by Matthew on 12/26/16

Writing, Sarasota, FL 34234

We have two Pine View students who need some help in writing-composition skills. It is unrelated to classwork. We just want them to be more confident in their writing.

Sent by David on 12/26/16

Python, New York, NY 10009

Please let me know when we could set up a time to chat.

Sent by Min on 12/26/16

Greek, Vero Beach, FL

Please email me as I'm looking for help in Greek Thanks

Sent by Ed on 12/25/16

Usmle, New York, NY

Looking for a step 1 tutor and if interested please email me or call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Chinnu on 12/25/16

Act/SAT, Slidell, LA

Hello Sarah, Merry Christmas to you! I am recently wanting to restart my life at 45! I live in the area and I was hoping to find a tutor to help me with taking...

Sent by Jules on 12/25/16

Usmle, New York, NY

Hi we are looking for a tutor for USMLE Step 2 for my cousin who is an international student.

Sent by Milton on 12/25/16

Chemistry, Santa Clara, CA

Hi, I'm looking for a chemistry tutoring for my daughter. Are you available to help for the next couple months? Could you let me know please? TN.

Sent by Thao on 12/23/16

Nclex Rn, Vallejo, CA

Hi Syed, My name is C. & I've been in search for a tutor to help me prepare for the NCLEX-RN. I have numerous review books and even the Kaplan online review - but...

Sent by Cyndy on 12/23/16

Writing and Reading, Fullerton, CA

Hi Winnie, I am looking for a writing/reading tutor for my daughter in 5th grade. I live in Fullerton. Will you be interested in helping her? Thank you for considering.

Sent by Alison on 12/23/16

Spss, Houston, TX

Are you available to help me with Advanced Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis

Sent by Allison on 12/23/16

Usmle, Arlington, VA 22209

Hello Dr. Zen, I'm a medical student in DC area who's looking for in person help with USMLE step 1. I'm really looking less for someone to reach me the material...

Sent by Heba on 12/23/16

Usmle, New York, NY

Hi Sir, I am interested in getting your help. Please help me, how much you would charge me, how would you teach me. I need help for USMLE STEP 1.

Sent by Julie on 12/23/16

Algebra, Menifee, CA

I looking to interview and hire before the 7th of January. It will be for 4 days a week, Mon-Thurs 1 hour a day between 3-7pm for algebra help.

Sent by Sarah on 12/23/16

Hebrew, Ponte Vedra, FL

I am interested in reading Torah service lessons

Sent by Hortense on 12/23/16

Biology, LA Grange, IL

Hi i am looking for bio teacher to meet roughly 3 times a week. I'm in la grange and work in downers grove so i need someone to meet me out this way.

Sent by Ash on 12/23/16

Math, Chino, CA

Hello, Would you like to partner with an independent study non classroom program to tutor children in math, english, and sciene?

Sent by Alkenia on 12/23/16

Algebra, Chino, CA

Hello, Can you please send your resume.

Sent by Cristal on 12/23/16

Math, Townsend, DE

Hi Lulia, I was wondering if you would be willing to teach math to a 23 year old? I am trying to get into the Airforce and the sections I am having trouble...

Sent by Kaitlyn on 12/23/16

English and Reading, Jacksonville, NC

I need tuoring in English, reading , need help

Sent by Dorothy on 12/23/16

SAT Math, English, Union, NJ

Price range $40-$50 middle school subjects, SAT math, SAT English online, Skype for you son who attends phone (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ola on 12/23/16

Math, Conyers, GA

Need a chaperone. Just to make sure my son is completing his homework...

Sent by Linda on 12/23/16

Asvab, Albany, GA

I'm interested in having a tutor that can help me with the asvab I'm trying to get into the air force

Sent by Phylisia on 12/22/16

Praxis, Union, NJ

hi i am looking for a tutor to help me in the science section of the praxis 2 elementary education exam

Sent by Jessica on 12/22/16

Algebra, Lusby, MD

I am looking for a college math tutor for my wife when classes at CSM begin again in January. She needs help with basic college algebra and the math program used by...

Sent by DeJuan on 12/22/16

Math, Bellwood, IL

Hi, I need help with the ASVAB.

Sent by Iesha on 12/22/16

English, Bentonville, AR

hi, looking for english tutor for sat&act for my daughter. call me my no is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Raj on 12/22/16

Computer, Monticello, GA 31064

I want you to tutor in Computer studies.

Sent by Aloye on 12/22/16

Flute, Alexandria, IN

Hello Ashley, I am looking for a flute teacher. I am an adult re-beginner. Have been playing again for several months and would like to improve tone.

Sent by Doe on 12/22/16

English, Gastonia, NC

I am looking for english tutor for students from south korea. If you are interested in that. Call me (phone number available after purchase) (email available...

Sent by Hae on 12/21/16

Mandarin, Honolulu, HI

Hi Hui, I am looking for Mandarin instructor to provide language training for 24 days starting 1/9/17. Each day the class will be for 7 hours.

Sent by Fareed on 12/21/16

Usmle, Chicago, IL 60630

Hi Vikrant, I am looking to go over entire uworld. 50 questions everyday for a reasonable price. Let me know what works

Sent by Ramya on 12/21/16

Nursing, Jackson, NJ

Hello I'm scheduled to take the PAX in a few weeks. I live in Jackson. Are you familiar with the material for this test?

Sent by Gianna on 12/21/16

Statistics, Columbus, OH

Hi, I have 5 college-level econometrics problems and need them fully completed. I'll provide the sheet with the problems and the excel files with the data.

Sent by Hilary on 12/21/16

Finance, Allendale, NJ 07401

Hey, I would be glad to help. Lets set up a session for this evening! Patrick > Hey, > > I need help with gmat and my finance courses and think...

Sent by Mike on 12/20/16

Usmle, Tucson, AZ 85719

Hi. When is the soonest you can start? I have a STEP 2CK retake in 1 month.

Sent by Andrew on 12/20/16

Microsoft Office, Miami, FL

Good evening Lea. Please let me know your schedule availability as soon as possible. You may reach me at (phone number available after purchase) or (email available...

Sent by Erwin on 12/20/16

Dyscalculia, Indianapolis, IN

Hello, I want to finish my college undergraduate education, but suffer from what I believe to be dyscalculia. I need tutoring in math in order to meet...

Sent by Sandra on 12/20/16

Quicken, New York, NY 10020

Updated to Quicken 2016 in Sept from Quicken Essentials, cannot now access any data prior to that. Have backups but don't know how to use.

Sent by James on 12/20/16

Praxis, Asbury, NJ

Hi Kaitlin. In May 2017 I will have my associates degree in teaching. Im actually pursuing my degree in Special Education Elementary.

Sent by Melissa on 12/20/16

Reading, Florence, SC

hello my name is steve and i needed help in reading and spelling

Sent by Steven on 12/20/16

Graphic Arts, Saluda, NC

I am interested in getting lessons for my teenage daughter who has talents in this area. Her work is featured on (url available after purchase) and she won third...

Sent by Jaine on 12/20/16

Algebra 1, Mentor, OH

Hi Ashley- I'm looking for an Algebra 1 tutor for my 14 year old daughter. She currently has a 30% in math because she has given up

Sent by Chrystal on 12/20/16

Essay Writing, Santa Rosa, CA

I need to write a business law term paper in the next two days and I do not know how to get start. So, I need someone who does it with me

Sent by Domingo on 12/20/16

Neuroscience, Dallas, TX 75204

Are you able to take online exam of neuroscience exploring the brain?

Sent by Mznah on 12/19/16

Geometry, Alexandria, LA

Hi Jennifer, We are looking for a geometry tutor for our 10 grade daughter. Do you tutor high school geometry?

Sent by Amy on 12/19/16

Reading, Rockland, MA

Hi Lisa, My daughter Caroline is in the 8th grade at St Agatha's School in Milton. We just got the scores from her recent HSPT and she scored below average...

Sent by Mary on 12/19/16

Math Elementary, Tulsa, OK

My daughter needs help with 3rd grade math -- time lapse, measurement, general math. She goes to Tulsa Public Schools and I am looking for a tutor who is familiar...

Sent by Joy on 12/19/16

Sas, New York, NY

Hi Caroline, Do you have extensive experience in SAS withing big projects? Thanks H.

Sent by Hicham on 12/19/16

Reading Comprehension, Mebane, NC

Hi Bethany, My son is in 7th grade and has had struggles with EOGs since 3rd grade. My husband and I would like a tutor to help him with his reading comprehension...

Sent by Sandy on 12/19/16

Cpa, New York, NY 10016

I need help with studying for audit section of CPA. i only have one more shot at it before losing credit for my first part and I'd like to be done already. Any advice?

Sent by Hilary on 12/18/16

Theology, Charleston, SC 29414

Hi, I have an Old testament final prep consist of 25 essay questions. I was wondering how much would you charge to help me do them online. Thank you.

Sent by Aziz on 12/18/16

Physic Olympiad, New York, NY

I am looking physic tutor for my daughter in nyc - subject - physic mechanic/classical mechanics ? do you know the exam f=ma physic exam ?

Sent by Cassey on 12/18/16

C#, LA Mesa, CA

Tutoring in C# please contact me via e-mail.

Sent by Don on 12/18/16

Nuclear Engineering, Columbia, MD

Hey I need help with some review questions for my nuclear reactor physics final. Do you think this is material you are comfortable with?

Sent by Rubin on 12/18/16

Math, Clewiston, FL

Sir, My name is R., I am in need of assistence to learn 4 different competencies to pass my Florida Teaching Certification Exam(s).

Sent by Ryan on 12/17/16

Spanish, Carmichael, CA

Hello! I speak Spanish already but am not a native speaker. I'm looking for a conversation partner/tutor to improve my fluency and listening ability...

Sent by Molly on 12/17/16

English, Layton, UT 84041

Please get in touch Camille...

Sent by Chris on 12/16/16

Math, Lebanon, OH

I am looking for an Algebra 1 tutor as soon as possible for an 8th grade Lebanon student. Needs help with linear equations, slope intercept, point slope, graphing...etc.

Sent by Cinda on 12/16/16

Algebra, Dublin, CA

looking Algebra 2 with Trig tutoring in Dublin for my son. If interested,please call (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Usha on 12/16/16

Microsoft Word, Cincinnati, OH

I am an attorney who has always had an administrative assistant. I am for the first time without one and I need to learn Microsoft word. 58 yrs female.

Sent by Hermie on 12/16/16

Robotics, Loveland, CO 80538

hello, i need help with my robotic project which is due next week, it must be written in mathlab

Sent by Nina on 12/16/16

Pharmacology, Hartford, CT

Hill my name is S. I would like you to get in contact for pharmacy tutor (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Stephanie on 12/16/16

Photoshop, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

hi Caroline my name is C., I am interested in learning several things photoshop one of them... English punctuation and grammar should be another LOL..

Sent by Chris on 12/16/16

English, Bedford, MA

Hi Jonatham, My son is in 8th grade and would like to take help in writing assignments. Please let me know your availability and the rates. Thanks, K.

Sent by Kalpana on 12/16/16

Quicken, New York, NY

I got your name from Quicken. I am interested in learning how to use it the 2016 R10 program for my house accounts and bill paying.

Sent by Melissa on 12/16/16

Chemistry, Irvine, CA 92612

I need a tutor for my son. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Vinita on 12/16/16

Mechanical Engineering, Boca Raton, FL

I need help with solidoworks for engineering graphics are you proficient in this class? If so I need your help asap today

Sent by Derek on 12/16/16

Thermodynamics, Lagrange, GA 30240

Hi, I am taking an intro thermodynamics final and would like your help in answering the questions. I would be able to pay generously for your help.

Sent by David on 12/15/16

Usmle, New York, NY

Hi Maria , I been looking for some one for a one on one tutoring for step 2 Ck and came across your profile . Just wanted to know whether you are available .

Sent by Naziya on 12/15/16

Social Studies, Stone Mountain, GA

Hello, my name is P. K.. I am a 4th grade student at Wynbrooke Elementary. I really hope you can help me in social study's.

Sent by Paris on 12/15/16

Bulgarian, Naperville, IL

I am looking for a Bulgarian tutor to help me become proficient in the language. My husband is Bulgarian and it is my goal to speak with his family who does not...

Sent by Jessie on 12/15/16

Anatomy, Biochemistry, Spartanburg, SC

Hello. I am a student at Sherman College, preparing for a career in Chiropractic. I am looking for a professional tutor that can help me in graduate level health...

Sent by Juan on 12/15/16

Cpa, Ozone Park, NY 11416

Hello, My name is S., I am trying to study for CPA exam-BEC sectioin. I have becker, but i need a tutor. Is your rate 20$? if so i would like to move forward.

Sent by Shibin on 12/15/16

Molecular Biology, Saint Louis, MO 63108

Please give me a call (phone number available after purchase), I am taking an online graduate molecular biology course, and I needed assistance.

Sent by Kofi on 12/15/16

Reading, Sacramento, CA

My son is failing most of his 8th grade classes. We've had him assessed at Huntington Learning Center and it was determined that he is lacking a good foundation...

Sent by Omar on 12/14/16

Chemistry, San Antonio, TX

When available? Daughter needs chemistry help

Sent by Monica on 12/14/16

Algebra, Dubuque, IA

Please contact me as we are looking for an algebra 2 tutor for our daughter. Thank yoj

Sent by Mary on 12/14/16

Geometry, O Fallon, MO

My daughter is struggling with Sophomore geometry. I was wondering if you can tutor her twice a week. My number is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Kelly on 12/14/16

Math, Chantilly, VA

I'm looking for Math help for middle school kid. Could you please send me your contact phone number to discuss. Thank you.

Sent by Aneel on 12/14/16

Bengali, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Hello! I've been looking for a Bengali tutor who is willing to teach Bengali through the mail (not online or in person). Would you be able to help?

Sent by Alice on 12/14/16

Statistics, Richboro, PA 18954

Hi Karla , I need a tutor who can help me with Statistics course in gradua level . If you can help me today , I would appreciate that . Best , A.

Sent by Anas on 12/14/16

Math, Overland Park, KS

Hello Kurt! I am looking for competitive Math for my 6th grader son who is in the Gifted program. I wanted to know if your fee is flexible.

Sent by Sujatha on 12/14/16

Middle School Math Competitive, Olathe, KS

Hello Darren, I am looking for a Math teacher for my son who is 6th grade (Middle School). He is pretty good at Math and placed as a Gifted student.

Sent by Sujatha on 12/14/16

Math, Blairsville, GA

I have a daughter in 7th at Union in Blairsville who is starting to have challenges in her advanced math class . Can you help? Please call (phone number available...

Sent by Linda on 12/13/16

Math Praxis, Cincinnati, OH

Hello, You look familiar to me. I am desperate to pass the Math Praxis on January 4th. It will be my 4th attemp. I'm hoping you can help me.

Sent by Robin on 12/13/16

tutoring job sent to tutor Tim

Microsoft Excel, Mechanicsburg, PA

Alex I live in Mechanicsburg, and I would like to take a course in Microsoft Excel. I am 63 years old and I cannot take a class in a classroom because I have...

Sent by Belinda on 12/13/16

Orton Gillingham, Mauldin, SC

Sent by Laura on 12/13/16

Chemistry tutoring, Redding, CA

I'm looking for a college chem tutor for my daughter. She has failed chem 2x so far. Hopefully her 3rd time will be a charm. Located in Redding, CA.

Sent by Corinne on 12/13/16

Math, Virginia Beach, VA

Hi Arthur I need a tutor for basic ASVAB math I am available mon -tue - wen please contact me if you are available

Sent by Charles on 12/13/16

Algebra, Southfield, MI

Hello, my neighbors grandson received a D in Algebra and she asked me about a tutor. You can contact her directly at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Mrs on 12/13/16

Quicken, Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Hello, I am looking for some help with Quicken. I've recently taken over this household's Quicken file and I need to clean up an old file and import all of those...

Sent by Traci on 12/12/16

Nutrition, Muskegon, MI 49441

i need help on my nutrition homework

Sent by Faisal on 12/12/16

Math, Quincy, IL

I'm preparing for a hesi admission assessment exam. I need help to brush up my math skills. Can you help me?

Sent by Nicole on 12/12/16

Physics, Bridgewater, NJ

Hi Raymond, Looking for Physics Honors tutoring help for my son who is in 11th grade. We live in Bridgewater, NJ. Let me know your availability and rates please.

Sent by Ganesh on 12/12/16

Math, English, New Britain, CT

I need a tutor for my 6 years old son, he needs Math and English help.

Sent by Steph on 12/12/16

Algebra, Norwood, MA

Good Morning, I am looking for a tutor for my daughter who is a Senior in high school. She is currently in Financial Algebra. We live in Norwood, MA.

Sent by Diana on 12/12/16

French, Monroe Township, NJ

My daughter is a student at Monroe Township H.s. She is failing her french class. I need help. She is a ninth grade student. Can be reached at my email or call me...

Sent by Lydia on 12/11/16

Language Art, Lake Mary, FL

Hi Clare, I need to get a tutor for my daughter, 7 th grade, language arts. I was hoping to meet at Books a million for an hour maybe after work 5:30pm?

Sent by Fredd on 12/11/16

Sat I, ACT, Arlington, TX

I have a 10 grader at Lake Ridge HS in Mansfield Texas who will prepare for her first SAT exam during the Summer and also ACT test as well.

Sent by Chau on 12/11/16

Clep Biology, Flushing, NY

Hey, looking for tutoring to help me prepare for the CLEP Biology exam

Sent by Ahmed on 12/11/16

Microsoft Office, Santa Cruz, CA

i need help using solver I have no idea about excel

Sent by Alex on 12/11/16

Gre, Franklin, TN

Hey Misty, I think you are the same tutor on wyzant? Anyway, you sound like a good fit, and you live in my neck of the woods. I need to score good on GRE and want...

Sent by Christian on 12/11/16

English and Writing coaching, Cupertino, CA

Hi Mr.Kumar I am V.,My son is studying in 3rd grade.I saw your profile.I could see that you're mathematician.I nedd someone who can give coaching on english...

Sent by Viji on 12/11/16

Usmle, New York, NY 10022

Hi I have to take step 3 in beginning of May. I am a resident in ob gyn ar NY. Passed step 1/2 from first attempt. This is my second attempt for step 3. Would...

Sent by Haya on 12/11/16

Schooling, Mount Prospect, IL

Hi Tri - I am in need of a tutor for about an hour or two a week for my daughter. she is currently in 1st grade. We reside in Mt. Prospect

Sent by Felicia on 12/10/16

Microsoft Office, Portland, OR

Hello, I hope you are having a good evening. I was wondering how much experience you've had with Excel and if you could tutor me in it for my Excel class. thanks

Sent by Will on 12/10/16

Statistics, Birmingham, AL

My son Cameron is needing a tutor possibly Sunday afternoon and Monday to study for a final in Business Staisrics. He needs someone to breakdown the formulas...

Sent by Kim on 12/10/16

Ftce, Palm Harbor, FL 34683

Hi Jennifer- I just moved to hudson Fl and I am preparing to take the FTCE elementary education k-6 test and honestly dont even know where to begin as far as...

Sent by Mackenzie on 12/10/16

Business and Excel, Portland, OR

Hey there, I was hoping you could help me with some Microsoft Excel and B.usiness work. Feel free to contact me at ((phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Will on 12/10/16

Chemistry (general), San Diego, CA

I need a chemistry tutor for my daughter. I live in Carmel valley.

Sent by Renuka on 12/10/16

Ftce, Miami, FL 33129

Hello, My wife is a special ed teacher who is having a very hard time passing the math portion of the FTCE. Are you familiar with the test?

Sent by Grayson on 12/10/16

7th Grade Math, Montgomery, TX

Hello, My daughter, who is in the 6th grade, is struggling with 6th and 7th grade math. I am looking for a tutor who can assist her by walking through...

Sent by Evelyn on 12/10/16

Spanish, Grand Terrace, CA

Would you be able to help me learN. SpaN.ish. I oN.lyour kN.ow a few words but would like to learN. the laN.guage.

Sent by N on 12/10/16

Math, Greensburg, PA

My daughter is in 5th grade and having a hard time in math. I am looking for someone to assess her and tutor her.

Sent by Chad on 12/9/16

Nursing, Eatontown, NJ

Hi! My names R., looking for a tutor for the enterence exam the NLN PAX RN and was wondering if you would be available to tutor for that test?

Sent by Rebecca on 12/9/16

Information Technology, Iowa City, IA 52240

Hello, I need help with my assignment, but I am not sure if it is under business or information technology. If I can send you the file and you can take a look on it

Sent by Najlaa on 12/9/16

Math, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Hello just wondering if you could help with math so I can pass the asvab so I can go into the military. It's math word problems

Sent by Jayla on 12/9/16

Public Administration, Dubuque, IA 52003

I have a project that I have not started. Do you assist by completing them.

Sent by Tivon on 12/9/16

Asvab, Elizabethtown, KY

Hello I really need help with arithmetic reasoning so I can pass the asvab so I can go into the military.

Sent by Jayla on 12/9/16

Ftce, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hello do you still Tutor for the FTCE? I have taken the Math GK three times and Failed

Sent by Carmen on 12/9/16

Calculus, Poughkeepsie, NY

Hi Josh, I need serious Calc 1 help for my calc final on Tuesday. If you would be available for multiple hours over the next few days you could save me from failing.

Sent by Terence on 12/9/16

Information Systems, New York, NY 10001

Hi Saran, I wanted to see if you could help me with my msis homework. It is due December 13th.

Sent by Zemam on 12/9/16

Probability, New York, NY 10001

could you please help me in probability ?

Sent by Soso on 12/9/16

Chemical Engineering, Salt Lake City, UT

Hi, I need a help in one of my chemical engineering courses please. email me if u willing to help: (email available after purchase) Thanks

Sent by Saad on 12/8/16

Ftce, Hollywood, FL

Hello Lliana, I'm planning on taking the FTCE K-6 in January. Would you be able to tutor me prior to the exam? What days work best for you?

Sent by Rossana on 12/8/16

Reading, Longview, TX

I have a 6th grade son failing reading, which has always been a struggle for him. I am in need of tutoring for him after school.

Sent by Donna on 12/8/16

Reading, Tallahassee, FL

Hello, My daughter 8 and she is struggling in 2nd grade. She has issues processing assignments with reading. What would be your approach in helping this issue?

Sent by Tykia on 12/8/16

Cognitive Psychology, New York, NY

Hello, I was wondering if you'd be able to tutor me? I am taking my cognition exam soon

Sent by Daniel on 12/8/16

Accounting, New Paltz, NY

Hi i need help in accounting. Can you meet?

Sent by Lawrence on 12/8/16

Calculus, Rockledge, FL

In need of a calculus tutor for Monday, 12/12/16 from 7:00 - 8:00pm Please call (phone number available after purchase) if you can help. Thanks!

Sent by Bonnie on 12/8/16

Cell Biology, Denver, CO

Did you help with Cell Biology specifically?

Sent by William on 12/8/16

Time Management, Saint Paul, MN 55116

Hi Krista, I have a 16 y/o daughter(Sarah) who has a 504 but is still struggling with getting her work done, time management and poor study skills.

Sent by Lyle on 12/8/16

Finra Series 6, Waukesha, WI

Hi, Im looking for help with my series 6 and 63 exam. Are you able to help with that?

Sent by Steve on 12/8/16

Math Tutoring, Brentwood, CA 94513

What age to teach please

Sent by Patricia on 12/8/16

Praxis, Winston Salem, NC

Hi Terri, Hope this email finds you in good spirits. Terri my name is K.. I am interested in becoming a licensed teacher for the state of North Carolina.

Sent by Katina on 12/8/16

Adobe Photoshop, Charleston, SC

I need some basic brushup skills to move my raw files and send them online. Is this in your world?

Sent by Jay on 12/8/16

Calculus, Spartanburg, SC

Need help with calculus. Getting ready for finals.

Sent by Sharon on 12/8/16

Information Technology, Houston, TX 77077

Need some assistance with my Information Technology Security class. If you can help please contact me.

Sent by Kenneth on 12/8/16

Material Science, Port Jefferson, NY 11777

can you help me with my material science problem?

Sent by Zeen on 12/7/16

Cpa, Dallas, TX

Hi Michael, My name is T. and I'm currently studying for the CPA exam. Unfortunately, I need help on the FAR section. Would you please let me know what is...

Sent by Tiffany on 12/7/16

Asvab, Centreville, VA 20121

Hey Tim, My name is Y. F. and i am looking for a tutor to help me with the the math portion of the OAR Test. It is similar to the ASVAB the only difference is...

Sent by Yuriel on 12/7/16

tutoring job sent to tutor Tim

Quicken, Hawthorne, CA

Hello, i recently purchased Quicken for Property Management. Id like to hire someone to train me on how to set it up and how to use it.

Sent by Michael on 12/7/16

C++ and Python, Salinas, CA

Hi! I need help with c++ and Python programming.

Sent by Francisco on 12/7/16

Revit, Suwanee, GA 30024

Aida How familiar are you with building families in Revit. I am the principal of the interiors division and our department needs help creating a library...

Sent by Chandra on 12/7/16

Teas, Stockbridge, GA

Greeting Thomas: I'm in needs of assistance in test prep--6. Critical help in math and reading. Somewhat help in the science and english, Thanks

Sent by Valeria on 12/7/16

Praxis, Toledo, OH

searching for a tutor for my adult daughter. she is a college graduate in special education, but has not passed her last praxis license exam.

Sent by Joseph on 12/7/16

Computer, Newport News, VA 23606

Do you know anything about the course breaking intuition? It involves computer coding and the letter R studio

Sent by Fran on 12/7/16

Math, Spring Lake, NC

My son is having a tough time in math. He's a sophomore in high school. Please contact us at (phone number available after purchase) text is Ok.

Sent by Ebone on 12/7/16

Math, South Jordan, UT

Hello Thomas, My daughter is 15 years old. She is in 10th grade and totally failing math. I need help! Please let me know if you have openings, and what times...

Sent by Lisa on 12/7/16

Middle School Math, Portland, OR

Hi Larry, our 6th grader is in need of help with developing key math skills. Her teacher is not great this year so she's unfortunately falling behind.

Sent by Karen on 12/7/16

Microsoft Word, Atlanta, GA

Hi Gray I need some help with the steps to complete MS word 2013 in G Metrix which I need to certify for and pass the course.

Sent by Norma on 12/7/16

Spanish, Mission, TX

Hello, My name is H. L. and I am a Language Network Specialist with Cartus, an international relocation company. I am looking for a freelance Spanish trainer in...

Sent by Holly on 12/7/16

Spss, Blackwood, NJ

I'm in real need of assistance with my spss class.

Sent by Constantino on 12/7/16

Breaking Intuition, programming, coding, Williamsburg, VA

Need help with computer coding and the letter R studio.

Sent by Fran on 12/7/16

Statistics, Philadelphia, PA

Hey Karla, Iam wondering if you could helpme with statistics subject .. email me please if you can ~

Sent by Anas on 12/6/16

Thermodynamics, New York, NY 10003

Hi, i have a test on final test on Dec 9th 12-3:00pm. the test opened everything. can you help me?

Sent by Junghoon on 12/6/16

Finra Series 6, Troy, MI

I need series 6 finra tutor for my agents in Auburn Hills area.

Sent by Minesh on 12/6/16

Science, Language, Reidsville, NC

I need to know if you have any experience with A Beka books! I have two kids that need help with language, science, penmanship and of course test taking skills etc.

Sent by Michele on 12/6/16

Finance Tutor, Philadelphia, PA 19147

I need help comparing two companies and summarizing Dupont Analysis Comparison Liquidity Analysis Comparison Valuation Metrics Comparison Capital Structure...

Sent by Frank on 12/6/16

Math, Mcdonough, GA

good evening I'm interested in getting my two children a math tutor. my son is in 7th grade and my daughter is in 5th grade. what days and time are you available

Sent by Andrea on 12/6/16

Math, Hartville, OH

Hi I'm looking for a short term tutor to help my son who is getting ready to take the Electrician Apprentice Exam. Mostly just refresher tutoring.

Sent by Karol on 12/6/16

Usmle, Seattle, WA

Hi, would you be able to tutor for USMLE step 2 CK? Thanks! (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ridhima on 12/6/16

Ftce, Tampa, FL

Hi, I'm very interested in tutoring for my mom. She is currently studying for the FTCE and is having a real hard time passing the Math test.

Sent by Vanessa on 12/6/16

Algebra 2, Beaumont, TX

Looking for algebra 2 tutor

Sent by Stacy on 12/6/16

Epidemiology, Sarasota, FL

Hi Laura, I am currently doing my MSc at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in Control of Infectious Disease. I will be home for the holidays and...

Sent by Megan on 12/6/16

English, Fresno, CA

Interesado en clases de ingles porfavor contactar.

Sent by Jose on 12/6/16

C, Pomona, CA 91767

Hello Alexander, I would like to learn how use c# for the program unity. Im very new to programming and I am need to learn the fundamentals.

Sent by Arahat on 12/6/16

Statistics tutoring, Brooklyn, NY 11229

I have to do this Friday an online exam, and I will like to have your services to answer it. Can you help me? Here are the topics covered and a Practice exam so that...

Sent by Hugo on 12/5/16

Electrical Circuits, Boston, MA

Hello Athith, I have a circuit theory exam coming up, and I need some help with it. The exam will be in the 14th of Dec.

Sent by Khalid on 12/5/16

C#, Portland, OR

Need help right away with C#. Currently a student at Epicodus code academy in downtown Portland and am struggling with this subject.

Sent by Dave on 12/5/16

Chinese, Cocoa, FL

Hi Yanqing - my son Deklan is in 1st grade and started learning Chinese in preschool when he was 3, once a week, until last year. Our Chinese teacher Mrs.

Sent by Duana on 12/5/16

English, O Fallon, MO

Please advise if you have room for a English 9th Grader.

Sent by Shelly on 12/5/16

Inferential statistics, Carbondale, IL

Hi, my name is J. K. and I am a first year phd student in counselor education at Siuc. I am looking for a tutor to assist with my understanding of inferential...

Sent by Jonathan on 12/5/16

Electrical Circuits, Ruston, LA

Hi Matthew, my name is R. M.. I am an Electrial Engineering student at LA Tech. I currently need help with ENGR 221-Circuits 1. I would like to do a few hour...

Sent by Rachel on 12/5/16

Material Science, Port Jefferson, NY 11777

Hi, I'm BS/MS student and I had to take a graduate course that a bit hard for me. The subject is about experimental techniques in Materials Engineering.

Sent by Fadi on 12/5/16

Spelling, Memphis, TN

Good afternoon Ms. Elizabeth. My daughter is 13 and competing in the city wide Spelling Bee. Do you have the background knowledge to assist her in excelling Please...

Sent by Komaca on 12/5/16

Algorithms, Seattle, WA

I need helping you for the Algorithms And Complexity: this is the topic will cover for my assighmnet , Divide and Conquer, Graph Algorithms, Parallel and Intractable...

Sent by Abdulrahman on 12/5/16

Psychological Statistics, Brentwood, CA 94513

I need help with psych statistical methods. Unfortunately I need help today! Probably a two hour session if possible.

Sent by Meghan on 12/5/16

Economics, Miami, FL

I am willing to pay 100 dollars an hour because I need help with my homework that's do tommorow

Sent by Yousef on 12/5/16

English, Southampton, NY

Hi, I need help in tutoring high school subjects.

Sent by Eva on 12/5/16

Farsi Persian, San Antonio, TX

Amin, my company is looking for an instructor to teach Farsi for a class we have upcoming at our office (beginning as soon as we find an instructor) I don't know if...

Sent by Alex on 12/5/16

Ableton, New York, NY

i need help making full r and b and hip hop beats would we be able to work online

Sent by Sunny on 12/5/16

Heat Transfer, New York, NY

I have some questions in the heat transfer, are you able to help me ?

Sent by Medo on 12/5/16

Algebra 1, Humble, TX

Hello I need a tutor for my daughter. I see you are available Monday and Wednesday at 6. These days are good but my schedule is flexible.

Sent by Pamela on 12/5/16

Math, Fort Worth, TX

I have a 13 year old daughter who is having some difficulty in mathematics. An online tutor would be most convenient.

Sent by Paul on 12/4/16

Logistic Management, San Francisco, CA 94102

Can you help me with a logistics problem

Sent by Natalie on 12/4/16

Quicken, New York, NY

Hi there, I would like to get a better grip on my personal finances by using Quicken, and to do this I think I need a proper tutorial in how to set all my accounts up.

Sent by Mark on 12/4/16

Cell Biology, Denver, CO

Hi Cody, I am currently taking an online cell bio course, and I have been reviewing and working on weekly quizzes and monthly tests with my tutor (because I...

Sent by Fahad on 12/4/16

Oceanography, Katy, TX 77449

i need help in oceanography as soon as possible

Sent by Abdul on 12/4/16

Chemistry, Tallahassee, FL

I'm having a lot of struggles in chemistry

Sent by Maggie on 12/4/16

Material Science, San Jose, CA 95131

H.I Ari, I am getting my masters in MSE at Auburn University. I H.ave a course in tH.ermodynamics of materials and I am look for H.elp on an assignment to construct...

Sent by James on 12/3/16

Pharmacology, Exeter, NE 68351

Hello, I am doing my masters in clinical pharmacology in Montreal. I need help with an assignment that is worth 50% of my grade.

Sent by Zanab on 12/3/16

Latin, Clarks Summit, PA

Homeschooling my 2nd and 6th grade children. Looking for a Latin tutor for my 6th grader who has some Latin foundation already.

Sent by Kacey on 12/3/16

Thermodynamics, Hilliard, OH 43026

I have an assignment on my thermodynamics class! It's just one problem! Can we have a video call and solve it? Thanks

Sent by Ali on 12/3/16

8th Grade Math, Hanover, PA

Hey Dave I sent you a message in a different website. I'm interested in tutoring for my 8thgrade daughter. Warning she has ADD and anxiety so she can be stressed...

Sent by Kathy on 12/3/16

Algebra 1, Manchester, NH 03104

Hi, I am interesting Math Algebra classes for my kid, I don't have time to do thats why looking someone to manage. Please confirm

Sent by Haq on 12/3/16

Biomaterial Science, Denton, TX 76201

Hi , I need a help to answer a question related to Biomaterial . I am requested to List 15 concept or Principle of Biomaterial and give a small explanation for...

Sent by Saif on 12/3/16

Westlake Oh, New York, NY 10023

Hi Lauren! I have a daughter at marlborough and is needing help on AP Literature! Do you do FaceTime/skype?

Sent by Gabi on 12/3/16

C#, Irving, TX 75063

I need help with my c# homework. I'm working in Microsoft Visual Studio and I'm struggling really bad.

Sent by Ashley on 12/3/16

Robotics, Brooklyn, NY

Hi- please call me re: robotics/mech engineering mentoring. Thanks-

Sent by Ilana on 12/3/16

Nursing, Bellerose, NY

Hi Karen, I wanted to know if you would be able to tutor me in Med-Surg (Fundamentals of Nursing). It is my first semester in nursing school.

Sent by Jazz on 12/3/16

Algebra tutoring, Coeur D Alene, ID

Hello Elizabeth I'm contacting you to see your Interest in tutoring my 16 year old son who is living away from us in Couer D Alene WA and attending the CDA Hockey...

Sent by Vaughan on 12/3/16

Math, Ellicott City, MD

I have a 6th grader at Patapaco Middle School who is taking above grade ( 7th grade common core math). She requires tutoring . We live in Ellicott City.

Sent by April on 12/2/16

Algebra, Danville, VA

I need to take college algebra to complete my degree at Liberty University. I am 50 years old and have been away from this subject for many years.

Sent by Elizabeth on 12/2/16

Computer Science, Gainesville, FL

I will need some help with Basic Computer Skills - I think. It is an on-line class through S. Leo I could not get into an on-ground class.

Sent by Belinda on 12/2/16

Nursing tutoring, Fillmore, CA

HI Jennifer, I'm currently searching for a tutor that can help me pass my HESI test.

Sent by Jeanette on 12/2/16

Common Core Math, Streator, IL

yes im interested in getting my daughter who will be 11 in a few weeks shes a 5 grade student at Northlawn and currently struggling to understand the common core...

Sent by Latonya on 12/2/16

Algebra 2, Omaha, NE

I am looking for a tutor for my son who is a sophomore in Algebra 2 ...

Sent by Becci on 12/2/16

Calculus, Fremont, CA

HI, My son needs help preparing for AP Calculus AB for his midterm on Wednesday, looking for immediate help either today or tomorrow if possible.

Sent by Sonali on 12/2/16

math, Hermitage, TN 37076

Sent by Sebastian on 12/2/16

Math, Grass Valley, CA 95945

Shelby, I need help with IV calculations and med math

Sent by Alicia on 12/2/16

Algebra, Cocoa Beach, FL

Hi - my 7th grader is really behind on algebra. He goes to school in Orange County but we live in Cocoa Beach. I was wondering if you had any weekend time to help us.

Sent by Bill on 12/2/16

Act, Franklin, TN

Hi Kathleen, I'm looking for an ACT tutor for my 16 year old daughter. She will take the spring ACT. We live in Franklin. She could benefit from Math tutoring...

Sent by Therese on 12/2/16

nursing, Grass Valley, CA 95945

Sent by Anthonynorp on 12/2/16

Topology, Kemmerer, WY 83101

I need help in topology.

Sent by Hanan on 12/1/16

Accounting, South Lyon, MI

Hello, Is it possible you could sit down with me and help me through my accounting homework so I can learn accounting much better before my final by helping me...

Sent by Trent on 12/1/16

Math, Brookline, MA

Hi Mitasvil, I'm looking for a great 8th grade math tutor for my son. I would want the tutor to come to our house. Are you available on Tuesday late afternoon...

Sent by Kristina on 12/1/16

AP Chemistry, West Boylston, MA

Hi Lesley, My daughter, Emily, is a senior at Oakmont Regional High School in Ashburnham, MA. She is currently taking AP Chemistry and is struggling.

Sent by Mary on 12/1/16

Nursing, Sacramento, CA

Shelby, I need help with IV calculations and RN math overall. I'm looking for someone to tutor me this weekend.

Sent by Alicia on 12/1/16

Chicago, IL 60630

Hi Lukasz, looking for the TT coach. We head about you.

Sent by Alex on 12/1/16

Owings Mills, MD 21117

Hello Sharon, 8 am looking forward a tutor in the Owings Mills area for my 3rd grader. Here is my number 410-62-1501. L.

Sent by Lauren on 12/1/16