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Geology, Berkeley, CA

not understanding the terms

Sent by Theri on 2/29/16

Math & English, Roseville, CA

Hello, Are you available to talk more about your services and availability?

Sent by Nina on 2/29/16

Algebra, Memphis, TN

My daughter is in the 11th grade and she is in need of a tutor for algebra 2. Thanks M.

Sent by Melissa on 2/29/16

Calculus, Piqua, OH

Do you know calculus 2? My daughters goes to Edison and is in need of some tutoring in Calculus 2

Sent by Kimberly on 2/29/16

Biology, Santa Ana, CA 92703

Hello I am a freshman from Rancho Mirage High School in California, I am needing in some assistance in biology and I would like to get ahead and to learn...

Sent by Sergei on 2/29/16

Nclex Rn, Haledon, NJ

Hi , I'm seeking an tutor to help me with my nclex . I have currently taken my Lpn exam twice and failed .

Sent by Quintina on 2/29/16

Statistics, Whitehall, PA

Hi Lauren I have a 17yr old son who is currently taK.ing Honors Trig and AP Statistics. He's always done extremely well, however he recently bombed a Statistics...

Sent by Yvonne on 2/29/16

Ielts, San Jose, CA

Hi Jacqueline, I'm currently student at ELS. I need some help about ielts. How is your availability? Thanks.

Sent by Erdi on 2/29/16

Math, Grand Haven, MI

Hello we have an 11 year old daughter and in 5th grade who was is failing math. Division, multiplication and decimals are her downfall.

Sent by Kathy on 2/29/16

Physics, Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Jessica- my son is in 10th grade. he wants to learn physics on his own (school wont permit) so he's taking an online course and needs some support - 1x per week.

Sent by Mike on 2/29/16

English Tutor, Albuquerque, NM

Hi Maya, I found your information in this website. I come from china and want to learn more English.

Sent by Zhimei on 2/29/16

Math, Clearfield, UT

Looking for a math tutor for my daughter. She is a junior in high school. Would like to start asap. Thanks

Sent by Tina on 2/29/16

Chemistry (general), Excelsior, MN

Hello! Im a college student living in Shorewood looking for help with my Introductory Chemisrty course, was hoping you could possibly meet up and help me with...

Sent by Matthew on 2/29/16

Computer, Fort Collins, CO

need help printing pictures from my android phone to Canon printer. via wifi...in order to build local history (books?) in Word and Power point.

Sent by Linda on 2/29/16

Mechanical Engineering, Raleigh, NC

Need help with Intro to Solids Mechanics and Calc III for my son, Blake, a sophomore mechanical engineering student at UNCC. Home on break 3/6 - 3/11.

Sent by Pam on 2/29/16

Pharmacology, Exeter, NE 68351

Hello! Myname is C. and I am a student at the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine. I have a pharmacology/toxicology assignment to complete, after a weekend of...

Sent by Christine on 2/29/16

Trigonometry, Redlands, CA

Jesse - I am the Area Director for Club Z! tutoring in Redlands. I need qualified, experienced tutors who can teach trigonometry.

Sent by Chris on 2/29/16

French, Indiana, PA

Hi Colleen. I typed in search for French tutoring and your name came up. My son is looking for a French tutor for college level French one. Does this fit your profile?

Sent by Christi on 2/29/16

Photoshop, Chicago, IL

I am interested in learning how to create images using Photoshop, make digit wallpaper, and if possible how to create a custom background for a blog.

Sent by Dawn on 2/29/16

Math, Sacramento, CA

Hi Zabrina, I'm looking for someone to help my eight grade daughter with math. What is your availability? Thanks, K. C.

Sent by Ken on 2/29/16

Usmle, NY

Hello, I have been studying for the past 6 months, took my first NBME and did horrible. I have been doing nothing but first aid and Uworld since.

Sent by John on 2/29/16

Public Speaking, Tacoma, WA

Hi Katherine , I send you a msg before . I didn't get response , please let me know if you have any time available, thank you

Sent by Ivan on 2/28/16

Pharmacology, Atlanta, GA

Hi, I am D.. I am a Pharmacy school graduate the year 2000 from Egypt. I moved to Midtown Atlanta 6 month ago, I am Intending to equalize my degree and pass...

Sent by Dalia on 2/28/16

Ap Calc, Mercer Island, WA

My son is a sophomore and needs help in AP calc. We also live near Factoria. If you are interested, please email me ASAP. Thanks.

Sent by Sonia on 2/28/16

Usmle Step 1, Washington, DC

Sent by Sarah on 2/28/16

Act, Farmington, NM

I'm looking for a tutor for my niece. She is preparing for the ACT exam and would like brush up her math skills. Are you still available and located in Farmington NM?

Sent by Pamela on 2/28/16

Industrial Engineering, Maple Shade, NJ

I am a graduate student. my major is industrial engineering, so I need a tutor for course " Quality Management and Statistics processes control" Do...

Sent by Abdullah on 2/28/16

Act English, Ocala, FL

Please contact me about possibly tutoring my son the ACT. He is a Junior and has taken it already and is trying to increase his scores to obtain an ROTC Scholarship.

Sent by Pam on 2/27/16

Algebra 2, Mililani, HI

Looking for a tutor for algebra 2.

Sent by Gail on 2/27/16

Inventor, Atlanta, GA

Hi, I am having trouble with a homework assignment on Inventor. Have not used it in years, and it is becoming frustrating. I am not sure if I can complete my...

Sent by Dina on 2/27/16

English, Fort Leonard Wood, MO

I need tutoring for myself in English

Sent by Ileana on 2/27/16

Math, Cary, NC 27519

I am looking for a Tutor in Math. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ken on 2/27/16

Usmle, New York, NY 10029

Hello Dr. Shah hope all is well. I'm interested in a USMLE step 3 tutor. Please email at (email available after purchase) or call me at (phone number available after...

Sent by Ameenah on 2/27/16

Algebra, Cape Girardeau, MO

My son is a student at SEMO. He needs tutoring in Intermediate Algebra. Are you able to assist twice a week, perhaps 1.5 hours each time?

Sent by Michelle on 2/27/16

Nursing, Buffalo, NY

Hi I am currently in the excelsior college program

Sent by Katie on 2/27/16

Cst Math, New York, NY

Hi Andrew, I am currently looking for a tutor who can help me prepare for the CST Multi-subject math test which I need to pass to become a certified teacher.

Sent by Samantha on 2/27/16

Systems Analysis, New York, NY 10001

Hi Saran I am in my final year of university in London. I am studying Business Information Systems The unit in question is called 'Advanced Systems...

Sent by Susan on 2/27/16

Massage, Tinley Park, IL 60477

Interested . I took massage therapy a few years ago but never got my license and I'd like to change that

Sent by Brittney on 2/27/16

Algebra, San Leandro, CA

Please contact us if you are able to tutor our 10th grade son in Algebra 2. We live in San Leandro Thank you, S. W. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Shana on 2/26/16

Asvab, Trenton, NJ

Hi Karla, I am looking for a tutor to help my son prepare for the ASVAB. He is a recent graduate of CB East. He struggles with test taking and needs help...

Sent by Catherine on 2/26/16

Geography Bee, Las Vegas, NV

Hi, do you tutor for and are you familiar with the geography bee?

Sent by Linda on 2/26/16

English, Hillsborough, NJ

Hi, I'm looking for english tutor for my daughter. She is in 10th grade English honors. She is very bright student but now she is finding tough to attain A grade.

Sent by Ritu on 2/26/16

Algebra, Folsom, CA 95630

Hi Nicole, I was referred to you by Dirk Wagner. I am looking for a tutor for my daughter for Algebra 2. She is a junior in high school. Can you please contact me?

Sent by Michelle on 2/26/16

Calculus, Katy, TX

i'm looking for help in calculus and refreshing my algebra skills. i live in katy but work close to the 610 loop (galleria). i'm not sure if you are able to meet...

Sent by Punam on 2/26/16

Praxis, Lexington, KY

Hello, My name is H. and I am having issues passing the math and English portion of the praxis.

Sent by Hannah on 2/26/16

Inverse Kinematics, Brunswick, ME 04011

Hello Im looking for help in Robotics and would like assistance. Thanks Tom.

Sent by Tompsy on 2/26/16

Praxis, Lexington, KY

Hey Rachel, My name is C. S., I also just graduated from EKU in December. I just got into an alternate teaching program called TNTP teaching fellows in New Orleans.

Sent by Clayton on 2/26/16

English, El Paso, TX

Hi! I am a foreign student and want to learn English. Are you available? (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Stefanny on 2/26/16

Spanish, Long Beach, CA

I have a 8yr old grandson in 3rdn grade that need help in spanish reading.

Sent by Joe on 2/26/16

Math, Marietta, GA 30066

Im failing 8th grade and i need help

Sent by Mario on 2/26/16

Illustrator, Temecula, CA

My daughter is taking a design class at MSJC and is having a hard time with the class. I am contemplating hiring a tutor for her and her friend to get extra help.

Sent by Betty on 2/25/16

Act Math, Conyers, GA

Seeking a tutor for my son preparing to take the ACT April 2016

Sent by Monica on 2/25/16

Calculus, Simpsonville, SC

Please contact me as soon as possible. We have a junior at Hillcrest who typically gets straight A's, but has failed his past 3 calculus exams.

Sent by Jenny on 2/25/16

Organic Chemistry, Bozeman, MT

Hi. I am trying to help my daughter find an organic chemistry tutor in Bozeman. Please let me know if you are available. Thanks!

Sent by Patricia on 2/25/16

Needed Tutor, Grand Junction, CO

My son is a sophomore at FMHS and is in Math 3. He is needing some additional support.

Sent by Linette on 2/25/16

Electrical Circuits, Rocklin, CA 95765

Need help going over study questions for final in Circuits 1 course.

Sent by Quinton on 2/25/16

Physics, Ottawa, IL

Hi - My son is currently taking Physics at Illinois Valley Community College and he is in need of a tutor - I am wondering your availablity. Thank you, S.

Sent by Sheryl on 2/25/16

Math, Writing, Reading and Reading Comprehension, Phoenix, AZ

My son is 11 and is a 5th grader, he has a hard time with reading comprehension and is reading at a 4th grade level. He still needs more practice and has room...

Sent by Nancy on 2/25/16

Math, Sacramento, CA

Hi Lixia, I am looking for someone to tutor my 8th grade daughter in math. We live in carmichael. If you are interested can you please call me so I can talk to...

Sent by Roshani on 2/25/16

Geometry, Belmar, NJ

I am looking for a geometry tutor for my daughter. She is 9th grader. Here is my cell phone number (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Khatuna on 2/25/16

Algebra, Madison, MS

Hey, Gabi I am looking for a tutor for my son in the Madison county area. He needs help in 9th grade Algebra. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Sent by Dorothy on 2/25/16

Fundamentals of Power, Grayling, MI 49738

Hi Robert. I'm looking for a tutor in the Fundamentals of Power. (email available after purchase), (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by MD on 2/25/16

Information Management Systems, Riverside, NJ

hi Carl !! Seeking tutor in management information systems..

Sent by Staci on 2/25/16

Accounting, Harrisburg, PA

Hi Pam, I am taking a Tax class at PSU HBG. I have a small tax project due tomorrow and could really use you help. In my tax class we go over a lot of concepts...

Sent by Terry on 2/25/16

Algebra, Kennesaw, GA

Need a tutor in algebra and geometry for my 10th grade daughter at Kell High School.

Sent by Becky on 2/25/16

Math, Bensalem, PA

Hi Laurie. I am looking for a math/reading tutor for my 7 year old granddaughter. She is in second grade and is struggling,frustrated and her most recent report card...

Sent by Rosanna on 2/25/16

Massage Therapy, Tinley Park, IL 60477

I really need help passing my MBLEX. I can do online .

Sent by Jenni on 2/25/16

Computer Science, Athens, GA

Hello Dylan, My 10th Gr. son is struggling in an AP Computer Sci. course that is focused on learning Java Script. Is this an area you have experience with...

Sent by Richard on 2/25/16

Excel, Redmond, WA

Hi David, I need an Excel tutor on 3/2/16 in Bellingham, Wa. can you please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks, D.

Sent by Dan on 2/25/16

C++, New York, NY 10005

Hi, I am retaking intro to programming for the second time this semester as a sophomore in college who recently changed majors to computer science.

Sent by Chiara on 2/25/16

Calculus, LA Plata, MD

Hello, my name is T. and i am currently taking Calculus at CSM in La Plata. Im struggling with it big time. So i was wondering if there was anyway you could tutor me...

Sent by Tannar on 2/25/16

Chemistry, Nashville, TN

I am looking for a high school level chemistry tutor for my daughter who is in the 10th grade at Father Ryan HS. Her current tutor is sick, and I'm not sure when...

Sent by Stephanie on 2/25/16

Anatomy, Bethlehem, PA

Please reply to (email available after purchase) if you are interested in Anatomy tutoring for international students.

Sent by Hanyi on 2/25/16

Usmle, El Cajon, CA 92019

Hello Zain, My name is A. and I am looking for a USMLE step 3 tutor. Please email or call me at (phone number available after purchase) so we can have...

Sent by Ameenah on 2/24/16

English, Shrewsbury, MA

My daughter is 9th grader. A good writer by school standard, but we are expecting more - consistent A in English writing and get ahead as a good composer.

Sent by Jun. on 2/24/16

Math, Springfield, OH

Hi Natalie, My name is L. J. . I am wondering if you could help me out and tutor me in math. I was never good at math and I was wondering if You could be of some...

Sent by Latese on 2/24/16

Thermodynamics, Tempe, AZ

hello haley, I am currently a student at ASU majoring in biomedical engineering. I am in a thermodynamics class and need help to understand different topics...

Sent by Kayla on 2/24/16

Programming, Jamaica, NY

Hi! I want to learn fundamentals in Programming. Can you help? K., (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Kendal on 2/24/16

Reading, New Lenox, IL

Hi Amy I am looking to get my daughter help with her reading skills and comprehension. She is a freshman in high school and has always scored low on test.

Sent by Kristen on 2/24/16

Reading, Elizabethtown, KY

please call me (phone number available after purchase) 0r (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Mike on 2/24/16

Physics, Haverhill, MA

My son Matt is at Maine Maritime and is having a horrible time with Physics. He'll be dropping the class this spring but we're looking for tutoring this summer...

Sent by Susan on 2/24/16

Industrial Engineering, OH

I have an operation research project. I am doing an optimazation for vehicle recycling network and I need help. Please let me know if you can help me...

Sent by Baraka on 2/24/16

French, Oracle, AZ 85623

Hi my name is S. D. I am a freshman from Rancho Mirage High school, I live in California and I need ongoing tutoring to excel in French.

Sent by Sergei on 2/23/16

Math, Phoenix, AZ

Hello John, I am looking for a tutor for my son his struggles are math and English. We are hopeful that whomever we hire is able to apply lesson plans into...

Sent by Angie on 2/23/16

Chemistry (organic), Greenville, NC

Hello Rhonda, I am contacting you for my daughter. She is a Sr. at ECU, currently taking Organic Chemistry II. She is in need of a tutor.

Sent by Deitra on 2/23/16

Algebra 1, Dayton, OH

Good Evening Colleen, my name is B. S. and I am interested in finding a tutor for my daughter, who is taking Algebra 1, as a freshman at Carroll High School.

Sent by Brandi on 2/23/16

English, Flushing, NY

Hey if u free i need tutor for my daughter

Sent by Rahim on 2/23/16

Ukrainian, New York, NY

Hi Yana! I am interested in tutoring but I am specifically looking for Ukrainian Language. Would you be able to do that? Thanks!

Sent by Emily on 2/23/16

Algebra 2, El Dorado Hills, CA

Hello! You sound like you have an excellent background. Are you available to work with a special needs home-schooled Sophomore in El Dorado Hills?

Sent by Deborah on 2/23/16

Statistics, Cincinnati, OH

I have a sophomore at UC who is rally struggling in her stats class. She has to take it for her major so she can't drop the course.

Sent by Lori on 2/23/16

Accounting, Suwanee, GA

Mr. Michael P, I attend U of Alabama and taking an online accounting class that I'm struggling in. I'm home for the semester after having surgery over break so...

Sent by Alex on 2/23/16

Algebra 2, Kansas City, MO

I have a tutor right now and I am trying to see if would be a good fit. We haven't had much luck with tutors keeping to a schedule.

Sent by Lisa on 2/23/16

Quicken, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

I have Quicken 2015 and need help with entering my investments, stocks and bonds. My previous Quicken program from 1998 was totally different.

Sent by Caren on 2/23/16

Reading, Savannah, GA

Hello My name is C. M. and Im looking for someone whom can tutor my son. He is currently in 2nd grade but he is reading on a 1 grade level.

Sent by Cierra on 2/23/16

Project Management, South Park, PA

Hi Kelly, I am working on a project management assignment that I am struggling on. I am not sure how to plan the schedule they are asking for, as I am confused by...

Sent by Gabby on 2/23/16

Physics, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Hello- I would like to meet with you this coming Sunday for physic help. Currently a UofM Student - sophomore. And again during next week.

Sent by Garrett on 2/23/16

Praxis, Columbia, SC

Hello, my name is K. and i was wondering if you can be my tuitor so that i can pass the praxis 1

Sent by Kayla on 2/23/16

Heat Transfer, Eugene, OR

I would to get your phone number, so I talk with you about tutoring in heat transfer (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Yousef on 2/23/16

English As 2nd Language, Flushing, NY

Hey i need tutor for my daughter if u want call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Rahim on 2/23/16

Civil Engineering, Denver, CO

Hi Araya, Could you please contact me as I have some civil engineering courses that I need help in. I am on a time bind if you could help that would be great.

Sent by Rafael on 2/23/16

Java, Jacksonville, FL

Hello Steven, I am a new beginner in java, and I need extra help. How could you help me? I would like to get you back. Thank you

Sent by Gina on 2/23/16

Physics, Chico, CA

hey! I'm J.., i need tutoring for PHYS 204A , do you have experiment of that subJ.ect? i need tomorrow at least 2 hours or maybe more

Sent by Jasem on 2/23/16

Praxis, Lafayette, LA

I am interested in a tutor for the praxis exam in secondary education mathematics. Is this an area you can help with?

Sent by Nikki on 2/22/16

English Maths, Flushing, NY

Hey i need tutor for my daughter

Sent by Rahim on 2/22/16

Reading and Writing, Englewood, NJ

Hello Marcie E., We are looking for a tutor for our soon to be 9 year old son. we live in Ridgefield, NJ. Please contact me via email or phone (phone number...

Sent by Angela on 2/22/16

Math, Satellite Beach, FL

Looking primarily for a Math Tudor - junior HS student, in Cocoa IB. Also, younger brother help - 12 year old last year of elementary school.

Sent by Thor on 2/22/16

Excel, Des Moines, IA

Need crash course in updating excel skills

Sent by Maggie on 2/22/16

Math, Chesapeake, VA 23320

Please contact me to discuss tutoring services with my 6th grader, 553-8446

Sent by Karen on 2/22/16

Pre Calculus, Plano, TX

Hi, I'm in need of a tutor for my daughter. Could you please give me a call at (phone number available after purchase) so that we could talk about when you're...

Sent by Gary on 2/22/16

Study Skills, Sandwich, MA

Sent by Todd on 2/22/16

Esl, Henderson, KY

Hello, My name is A. P., and I need help with my English (ESL), please let me know if you are interested....

Sent by Angie on 2/22/16

Hesi A2, Columbia, MD 21046

Hi, do you offer services for FINRA Series 6 exam? Thanks.

Sent by Dominic on 2/22/16

Add Adhd, Woodbridge, VA

I have a 17 year old just diagnosed with ADHD and Senioritis that needs help getting back on track in Lake Ridge VA.

Sent by Jeff on 2/22/16

Cobol, Wilmington, DE

Hi Leon, Do you teach COBOL and CICS Programming on z/OS platform ( Mainframe)?

Sent by Ravi on 2/22/16

Writing, Tivoli, NY 12583

Hi Jane, I am interested in a tutor for my daughter for the months of July and August, this summer. She will be going into the 3rd grade in Sept and she has...

Sent by Jennifer on 2/22/16

American History, Bethlehem, PA

Please reply to this email if you are interested in tutoring high school international students in the Lehigh Valley. Thanks.

Sent by Hanyi on 2/22/16

Adhd, Gulfport, MS

Hi Olivia, I am looking for a tutor for my nieces and nephew a total of four children. My oldest niece in particular is failing four classes and has ADHD.

Sent by Kim on 2/22/16

Algebra, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi, I am interested in tutoring for my daugther in Algebra I Honors.

Sent by Kelly on 2/22/16

Trigonometry, Eden Prairie, MN

Sent by Ted on 2/22/16

Gre, Baton Rouge, LA

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor to help me prepare for the Verbal section of the GRE.

Sent by Brionne on 2/21/16

Praxis 5161, Baltimore, MD

Hi Bit, I am taking the Praxis II 5161 math content knowledge for secondary mathematics and I need a lot of help! I was hoping you could help me get out the cobwebs...

Sent by Madison on 2/21/16

Asvab, Spokane, WA

Hi. Need tutor for Asvab for my grandson. Test in 2 weeks; 2nd try. He's available evenings and weekends. Lives near I-90 and Broadway. R u available?

Sent by Pat on 2/21/16

Math, Bakersfield, CA

Hello, I am currently seeking a math tutor for my daughter. She is in 9th grade, taking foundations math. I am looking for a tutor to help her with her math homework...

Sent by Joelle on 2/21/16

Algebra, Marshfield, MA 02050

Hi Orlene, I am looking for a tutor for Algebra 2 and math SAT prep. I was wondering where you live and if you are available. We live in Scituate. Thank you.

Sent by Kim on 2/21/16

English, Paso Robles, CA

Hi Jared. I have a 16 year old son who is in need of help with English 10 Honors course. He's quite bright however can't seem to get an "A" paper from this teacher...

Sent by Leah on 2/21/16

Praxis, Sea Girt, NJ

Hello Jennifer! I am writing with excitement and interest after reading your in depth experience with mathematic instruction. While I am working full time my goal...

Sent by Jackie on 2/21/16

C#, Irving, TX 75063

Interested in c# tutoring and having someone to turn to with questions about c# as they arise.

Sent by Mike on 2/21/16

Act, Bedford, NY

Hi Mary - I am looking for a tutor for my son - a junior - for the ACT standardized test. We live in Bedford NY 10506 - please let me know if you are available. Thanks

Sent by Gail on 2/21/16

Spanish, Miamisburg, OH

Looking for a Spanish tutor in Miamisburg, OH. Number is (phone number available after purchase). Thank you M.

Sent by Marcia on 2/21/16

Vietnamese, Denver, CO

Sent by Sophie on 2/21/16

Algebra, Chardon, OH

Help! I am loosing my mind! I am in 0950 Math (intermediate) algebra and I just am not understanding... desperate

Sent by Julli on 2/21/16

Handwriting, Lynnwood, WA

Hi Karina, my name is R. A.. I am looking for a tutor for my son who is diagnosed with Autism. He has difficulty with his fine motor skills, specifically (handwriting).

Sent by Ruby on 2/21/16

Usmle, Richmond Hill, NY 11418

hi good day! i am a caribbean medical student seeking help on my step 1 studying. it will be great if i can find someone that can help me please. thanks

Sent by Sandra on 2/21/16

Needed Tutor for 8 year old, Harrison, NJ

i need tutoring for reading for my son who is 8yrs old in 3rd G..

Sent by Grace on 2/21/16

Math, Blacksburg, VA

hi I need a tutor for math

Sent by S on 2/21/16

Algebra and SAT, Cohasset, MA 02025

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter for Algebra 2 and SAT exam prep. We live in Scituate. Thank you

Sent by Kim on 2/21/16

Act, Mount Prospect, IL

Hi Carolyn, my daughter needs act tutoring. Are you available?

Sent by Margaret on 2/21/16

Spanish, Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Hello Sarah.....I am interested in Spanish Tutoring for myself and my 6 and 4 year old. Please contact me if you are still available for tutoring. Thank you very much.

Sent by Queen on 2/21/16

Usmle Step 3, NY

already graduated IM residency and STEP 3 killinb me. need help

Sent by Hudi on 2/21/16

Information Systems, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I need help with my assignment.

Sent by Ghad on 2/21/16

Reading, Salisbury, NC

Good evening. I am in need of a tutor for my son who is in 5th grade. He needs help with his reading comprehension, math and science.

Sent by Rubetta on 2/20/16

Science, Miami, FL

Looking for science tutor for my 16 year old son

Sent by Roberto on 2/20/16

Math, Redding, CA

My son has missed a lot of school this month being ill. He has a lot of math and English to make up. Short time to get it done now that he is better as...

Sent by Brandi on 2/20/16

Cosmetology, Boynton Beach, FL

My daughter has failed the state cosmetology boards twice. She needs help with the material and may have a learning disability and test anxiety. Can you help?

Sent by Dennis on 2/20/16

Public Management Information Systems, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I have exam and I need help

Sent by Ghada on 2/20/16

Organic Chemistry, Shreveport, LA

Hello Melissa do you tutor in organic? If so I would like to start within the week!

Sent by Madeline on 2/20/16

Mandarin, New York, NY

Hi. I recently moved here from Shanghai where I worked there for 2 years. I would like to try and retain the mandarin I have learned during that time and so i...

Sent by Ricky on 2/20/16

Web Site Development, Land O Lakes, FL

Can you tutor me today ? I have a web project for school due tomorrow and i am stuck

Sent by Ron on 2/20/16

C#, New York, NY 10027

Hi Prof. Harry, I would like to learn C# Visual Studio. Can you please provide your availability. Would be also happy to jump on a call. Thank you, M.

Sent by Melissa on 2/20/16

USMLE, New York, NY 10022

Sent by Javier on 2/20/16

Cbest, Sacramento, CA 95823

Hi Christina, I'm looking for a patient, understanding and energetic tutor like you. I have over 20 years teaching experience. I just recently relocated...

Sent by Stefon on 2/20/16

Java, NYC

Abhilash, Looking for a Java tutor here in New York. My number is (phone number available after purchase). Thanks M.

Sent by Megan on 2/20/16

Spanish, Jacksonville, NC

Hello, I am looking for a tutor in the spanish language. I need someone to speak spanish with me, so I am able to improve. I also need help with conjugating verbs.

Sent by Shanay on 2/20/16

Reading, Winston Salem, NC

I have an 8 yrs old son. Would you be able to tutor him for $25?

Sent by Craig on 2/20/16

Physics, East Moriches, NY

Hi, Are you available for a lesson today to prep for a midterm at Stony Brook in Physics I?

Sent by Conor on 2/20/16

Algebra, Osprey, FL

my daughter is in 8th grade and needs help with algebra please call K. 587 1966 cell home 918 8189 she goes to imagine we live in osprey

Sent by Kevin on 2/20/16

Usmle, Bayonne, NJ 07002

Hello, are you still providing online tutoring for usmle step 1. If so what are your hourly rates? -I would like to get started as soon as possible. Thank you.

Sent by Mehfeen on 2/20/16

Java, New York, NY

Hi in need of a java tutor asap

Sent by Katherine on 2/20/16

Finance, Harlingen, TX

Hello Amado, my name is J. D., I live in Harlingen. Im taking Principles of Finance with Ashford University Online. It looks like applied algebra and Greek notation..

Sent by Jair on 2/20/16

Chemistry, Los Angeles, CA

hello, I am a student at Santa Monica College. I am looking for a chemistry/intermediate algebra tutor. This is my first semester taking chemistry and I would really...

Sent by Krista on 2/19/16

Algebra, Carthage, TX

My daughter is in 8th grade and struggling with algebra. She has adhd and confidence issues and does not enjoy school. We are looking for help for her so...

Sent by Michele on 2/19/16

Math, Southern Pines, NC

Hi, I am C. S., a 12th grade homeschool student in Hoffman, NC. I am taking AP Statistics online and am really finding it difficult to learn through a computer screen.

Sent by Caroline on 2/19/16

Praxis, Olive Branch, MS

Need help with praxis math core

Sent by Amber on 2/19/16

Algebra 1, Southaven, MS

Hello, I am looking for an Algebra tutor for my daughter. She is currently failing Algebra. She attends an online high school, and she needs help. Thank you, P.

Sent by Paula on 2/19/16

Excel, Nashville, TN

I am looking for a new job and need to learn excel, since all jobs I'm looking for require the ability to use the program.

Sent by Ann on 2/19/16

Calculus, Geneva, NY

need tutor for son at Hobart College in Geneva for Calculus

Sent by Lisa on 2/19/16

Electrical Circuits, Houston, TX

My lab partner and myself are struggling in our circuit theory class and lab. We are working with a breadboard and we are building circuits from a drawing...

Sent by Kimberley on 2/19/16

Trigonometry, Eden Prairie, MN

Sent by Ted on 2/19/16

Math, Conyers, GA

Looking for tutor for a high school student and middle school

Sent by Liah on 2/19/16

Math, Yucca Valley, CA

Hi Melissa, I am looking for a tutor for my son. He is an A student just not in Math. He is in the 3rd grade.

Sent by Lindi on 2/19/16

Accounting, Dallas, TX

B. Torres I am needing some intermediate accounting tutoring. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Brenda on 2/19/16

Math Language Arts, Tallahassee, FL

Hi Carlin. I looking for tutoring in math and language arts for my 1st grader. He needs someone to work with him afterschool while his dad and I are still at work.

Sent by Turquoise on 2/19/16

Religion, Philadelphia, PA

Hi my daughter is in a Catholic high school she's freshman and she is having a difficult time for her first semester I am looking for someone to tutor her one on one.

Sent by Tanya on 2/19/16

Adhd, Woodbridge, VA

Hello Cynthia, My 17 year old son has just been diagnosed with ADHD. He is not doing well in school because he "doesn't see the point.

Sent by Jeff on 2/19/16

Finra Series 6, Chicago, IL

Hi Peter, My name is J. and I am studying for my series 6 exam which is set for march 6th. I feel I know the information fairly well.

Sent by Julia on 2/19/16

Philosophy, Berkeley, CA

Sent by Brad on 2/19/16

Math and Science, Rochester, NY

Hi my two sons need help in math and science the are in the ninth grade. I can be reached at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Joyce on 2/19/16

Cbest, Stockton, CA

I have taken the math portion of the CBEST several times and haven't passed it. I would like to Get tutored to help with the math section of the cbest

Sent by Stacey on 2/19/16

Algebra, Cleveland, OH

Hi Cassie, my daughter just started on line schooling this year and is having trouble with algebra due to the lack of one on one teaching. Hoping you can help.

Sent by Robert on 2/19/16

Android, Dallas, TX

Hi .. I'm looking for private tutor to for android app programming .. Do you still give offer tutoring services ?

Sent by Manar on 2/19/16

Chemistry, San Ramon, CA

Hi, I am a student at UC Berkeley taking Biophysical chemistry(Chem C130A) and was wondering if you would be interested in tutoring me. Thank you.

Sent by Kaitlyn on 2/19/16

Math, Grass Valley, CA

hello there,my twelve year old son,Rain needs help with math .Hes just not grasping it,and his teachers need help with him. we could sure use the help.

Sent by Yanti on 2/19/16

C#, New York, NY

Hi, I am interested in learning C# Visual Studio. Please contact me . Thanks

Sent by Melissa on 2/18/16

Ruby On Rails, Austin, TX 78704

Hello Im currently taking a rails course on Udacity but I need help..the course is great but having somebody walk me through an hour or so each week is what I need.

Sent by Jeff on 2/18/16

Cpa, Brooklyn, NY

Hello Sid. We are looking for tutor for CPA exam. Need help in problem solving. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Svetlana on 2/18/16

Accounting, Harrisonburg, VA

Do you tutor COB 242 Managerial Accounting? Do you travel to JMU?

Sent by Brian on 2/18/16

Algebra, Oxon Hill, MD

Im looking for help in Algebra 2 Common Core. Can you help me.

Sent by Delonte on 2/18/16

Usmle, New York, NY 10001

Hi Dr. Mendez, please let me know if you would be available for USMLE Step 1 tutoring

Sent by Henna on 2/18/16

Math, Alpharetta, GA 30022

3rd grade twin daughter w/ math LD in private with no IEP or remediation for her. Need tutor to teach concepts using a mulitisensory approach

Sent by Jacquelyn on 2/18/16

Act, Stillwater, MN

I have a daughter that's 17 who wants a better act score so we are looking for a tutor. we live in Houlton area would you be able to drive Stillwater to meet with...

Sent by Crystal on 2/18/16

Finance Tutor, New Port Richey, FL

Hi Farah I'm looking for someone to help me with a finance exam, it is open book and I need to do well on it in order to pass the class, it is three hours long. I;

Sent by Kim on 2/18/16

Information Technology, Jupiter, FL 33478

I need a tutor on linux having issues understanding it.

Sent by Adaeze on 2/18/16

Algebra Tutor, Gaffney, SC

We are looking for help for Algebra 1 student. Monday's after school would be best.

Sent by Rebecca on 2/18/16

Nursing, Jamestown, NY 14701

Hi Johanna I need tutoring for pre nursing. I have the RN pre- entrance exam book. The nursing school that I'm applying for told me to use this book to study.

Sent by Lisa on 2/18/16

Meteorology, Baton Rouge, LA 70820

My daughter is a senior in a college and taking an online meteorology class and needs a tutor.

Sent by Ladell on 2/18/16

Adhd, Watsonville, CA

Hi my name is H. and I need a tutor for my daughter she's in the six grade at Rio de morning Lemontree I live in Manassas Virginia right now but my daughter lives...

Sent by Heather on 2/18/16

Programming, New York, NY

I want to learn programming to develop App. Mysql, DBMS My problem is the understanding the concept in programming or how to start something and make...

Sent by Kendal on 2/18/16

Ged, Kansas City, KS

Hi, I'm interested in a classroom GED tutor. I have aprox. 13 adult students. My number is (phone number available after purchase). Thanks

Sent by Raquel on 2/18/16

Accounting, Auburn, AL 36830

Hello, i'm looking for some help with financial accounting. Basic principles such as debit/ credit and adjusting journal entries. Let me know if you could help out!

Sent by Robert on 2/18/16

Usmle, Detroit, MI 48226

i need a tutor, are you available now?

Sent by Clarisse on 2/18/16

Algebra 1, River Grove, IL

Hi I'm a student Triton College, I'm currently taking elementary and intermediate algebra. I'm in a desperate need of a tutor. Please let me know your availability

Sent by Kamila on 2/18/16

Sat, Centerville, GA

Hey amber .. i want to take classes with you .. can we contact pleased

Sent by Rasha on 2/18/16

Math, Sealy, TX

My two grandsons (4th and 6th grades) are failing. They live in Bellville. The 6th grader is having issues with math, and the 4th grader is having issues mainly with...

Sent by Valeria on 2/18/16

English, York, PA

My niece is 11 and in fifth grade. She is only at a third grade level. Would like a tutor to get her caught up to grade level.

Sent by Melanie on 2/18/16

Algebra, Bradenton, FL

My daughter needs help with her algebra,she's in 9the grade.Is taking two algebras and having difficulty in one of them.

Sent by Martha on 2/18/16

Nuclear Engineering, Columbia, MD 21044

hi Thomas I'm looking for a tutor for my son who is a freshman at Berkeley - Nuclear engg; He is taking an intro course in nuclear engg covering topics like chain...

Sent by Sujatha on 2/17/16

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Electrical Circuits, College Station, TX

I need help with ECEN 445. And ECEN 303. I attend Texas A&M college station.

Sent by William on 2/17/16

Organic Chemistry, Roseville, CA

Looking for help in organic chemistry ASAP! taking it at Sierra College and test is coming up.

Sent by Emily on 2/17/16

Biology, Ellensburg, WA

Hi Jessica- I'm trying to find a biology tutor for my son who attends CWU. He is halfway through a Gen Ed required Bio class and barely hanging onto a D-.

Sent by Anna on 2/17/16

Economics, Tempe, AZ

Hello Jorie, My name is T. S., and I am a sophomore at Arizona State University. I am currently majoring in Business Entrepreneurship.

Sent by Travis on 2/17/16

Algebra 2, Rancho Cordova, CA

My daughter is a junior in high school and needs tutoring in algebra 2 and chemistry

Sent by Michelle on 2/17/16

Usmle Step 1, Jersey City, NJ

I am looking for step 1 tutoring and could u please call me at (phone number available after purchase) please..!!

Sent by Harini on 2/17/16

Quicken, Miami, FL

Sent by Paul on 2/17/16

Robotics Online, Denton, TX 76201

Hi Mr. Dinesh. I need an online tutor for college level 'Introduction to Robotics'. Have done online tutoring in Electromagnetics and Circuitry.

Sent by MD on 2/17/16

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Pre Nursing. NLN Pax, New York, NY

Hello, I aiming to get into nursing school and I will be taking the NLN pre nursing exam. I have the RN pre- entrance exam book and it looks like foreign language...

Sent by Lisa on 2/17/16

Apraxia Speach, Lexington Park, MD

Hi Dawn, my name is D. and I have a son name Joey he is 18 now back in July 2015 Joey was involved in a serious head on collision accident with another vehicle he...

Sent by David on 2/17/16

Elementary, Petersburg, VA

Sent by Angela on 2/17/16

Electrical Engineering, San Francisco, CA

Hello, I'm a member of the SF Elevator Union and am looking for a tutor to help me pass a class as part of my elevator apprenticeship traininG.

Sent by Chris on 2/17/16

Reading, Albuquerque, NM 87121

Hi Monica, I'm looking around for a tutor for my son who is 8 years old and in second grade. I have a few questions if you can please call me (phone number...

Sent by Margaret on 2/17/16

Math, Visalia, CA

hello im looking for a math tutor for my son his a freshman at redwood

Sent by Angie on 2/17/16

Accounting, Clovis, CA

Hi Mario I am a student in accounting 4A at Fresno City. you can call me at (phone number available after purchase). or my email (email available after purchase)

Sent by Keyton on 2/17/16

Java Tutor, New York, NY

Hi I'm looking for a tutor to help me understand and pass my java class totally lost

Sent by Kathy on 2/17/16

Math and English, Glendale, CA

Sent by Crystal on 2/17/16

Physics, Houma, LA

Hello Joshua, I am currently a senior at Vandebilt Catholic High School. I am taking Physics and Advanced Math. While in class, i find the classes and the material...

Sent by Isabel on 2/17/16

Robotics, Pasadena, CA 91106

Need a tutor for college level Introduction to Robotics

Sent by MD on 2/17/16

Turkish, Alexandria, VA

Hello Efe, I'm interested in studying Turkish. I've tried it off and on, but had several interruptions along the way. I speak French and Italian, but Turkish is...

Sent by Felicia on 2/17/16

Mac, Denver, CO

Sent by Gail on 2/17/16

Architecture, Brighton, MI

Rob, I'm interested in learning autocad, I'm a beginner and need a tutor to work with me one on one to get me going. I live in Brighton.

Sent by Steven on 2/17/16

Usmle, Chicago, IL

Dear Vikrant, this is Mr. A., preparing usmle step 2 CS and my exam soon and i want to improve my english language it the english language is your mother tongue .

Sent by Alamri on 2/17/16

Pharmacology, New Orleans, LA

Hi, I'm a physician assistant student at lsuhsc, New Orleans. I'm in my last semester of my program's didactic portion and having trouble grasping the material...

Sent by Saadatu on 2/17/16

Act, Mobile, AL

My daughter has already taken the ACT twice and received a 15&16 score. She will take it again in April. Because I am on a tight budget I will only be able to afford...

Sent by Lisa on 2/17/16

Medicine Chemistry, Chicago, IL

Hello, I need help in Medinice Chemistry. Are you available? B. Alnujaydi, (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Bashar on 2/17/16

MS Project, Denver, CO 80212

Hi, Please I have never used the MS project software and I need help to complete an MS project assignment. I am available evenings and would like to start today if...

Sent by Obie on 2/17/16

Heat Transfer, Eugene, OR 97402

I have a heat transfer problem that I want some help to understand

Sent by Rashid on 2/17/16

Algebra 2, North Ridgeville, OH

Hello - I am interested in getting a tutor for my daughter. She is in 10th grade in Honors Algebra 2. We live in North Ridgeville.

Sent by Joanne on 2/17/16

Revit, Suwanee, GA 30024

Where do students go, for training with you ? How long is each session ? My number is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Tamar on 2/17/16

Reading, Holiday, FL

hi, my son is in the 3rd grade and struggling in reading. I really needed a tutor to come to the house and give him some one on one reading skills atleast twice a week.

Sent by Tiffany on 2/17/16

Finance Tutor, Norfolk, VA

My son is a student at ODU and is need of tutor ASAP for finance and calculus. Please call (phone number available after purchase) if you are available. thank you

Sent by Theresa on 2/17/16

Reading, Benson, NC

My daughter needs help with reading

Sent by Jamealyah on 2/17/16

Spelling, Sacramento, CA

we have an immediate need for a tutor for our son in an advanced placed Kindergarten, spelling/homework/math. Ideally Mon and Weds, 5:00-6:00pm, and some Saturday...

Sent by Teresa on 2/17/16

Romanian, Houston, TX

Hi Laura. Are you in Houston? Thanks I.

Sent by Ionel on 2/16/16

Electrical Circuits, San Francisco, CA

Hi Jose, I'm a member of the SF Elevator Union and am looking for a tutor to help me pass a class as part of my elevator apprenticeship traininG.

Sent by Chris on 2/16/16

Algebra, Rockton, IL

Hi, I am looking for an Algebra 1 tutor for my some who is a freshman please contact me. Thanks.

Sent by Trisha on 2/16/16

Act, Castro Valley, CA

Hello Rebecca, i need your help for my daughter for preparation of ACT test. Please let me know when is the earL.st day you're available. Thank you.

Sent by Diana on 2/16/16

Language Arts/writing, Locust Grove, GA

Are you available to tutor my son.

Sent by Celena on 2/16/16

Reading, Mount Holly, NC

My son has a learning disability in reading. He is currently in 5th grade; however, his reading is on a 3rd grade reading level and math is a 4th grade level.

Sent by Tanya on 2/16/16

Chemistry, Hackensack, NJ 07601

My son is a sophomore at Ramapo HS in Franklin Lakes and he is interested in getting a tutor for chemistry. Are you able to call me so we can discuss your services?

Sent by Leann on 2/16/16

Information Systems, NY

Hello Arefa, I have an assignment in management information system could you help me with it?

Sent by Du on 2/16/16

Finra Series 6, Baltimore, MD

Hello, I am looking for a tutor to help me pass my series 6 exam. I have been in the financial services industry for 3 years now and have had trouble passing...

Sent by Dominic on 2/16/16

Alg 2, Panama City Beach, FL

My 17 year old son needs help with his Alg. 2 class, this week (Feb. 16 -Feb. 20. Would you be available any time this week? You can call me at (phone number...

Sent by Dr. on 2/16/16

Honors Pre Calculus, Antelope, CA

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor for my son, who is in Honors Pre-Calculus as a Sophomore. He had a C last semester and now he has a D. He's never struggled with math...

Sent by Becky on 2/16/16

Cpa, Atlanta, GA

looking for a tutor for a staff person in our office post tax season. please contact me.

Sent by Kelly on 2/16/16

Ged, Austin, TX

Hi Tina, my name is D.. I am interested in hiring a private tutor for my daughter, Aubrey. She is 19 yrs. old and interested in getting her GED.

Sent by Deanna on 2/16/16

Math, District Heights, MD

Hi I'm looking for tutoring for my son that attends pg county schools and is struggling in math and a few other areas. I can be reached at (phone number available...

Sent by Jessica on 2/16/16

Statistics, New Orleans, LA

Need help with chapter 4 of my dissertation. Data collection is complete but need some help with the data analysis. I am using SPSS version 22.

Sent by Mark on 2/16/16

Algebra, Camden, SC

Hi Quinton, I'm interested in you helping my 9th grader in Algebra. He is struggling really bad. We live in Camden.

Sent by Shawana on 2/16/16

Usmle, NY

Hi, I am interested in being tutored by you. Please get back to me as soon as you are free so we can start!

Sent by Sanya on 2/16/16

Biology Tutor, Gainesville, FL

Looking for a Biology tutor for my daughter who is a student at the University of Florida. She is an excellent student who is looking to prepare for Exam 2...

Sent by Christine on 2/16/16

Writing, Surprise, AZ

I need help with organizing my thoughts and completing my papers APA style. Please contact me by email if you feel that you are available to help.

Sent by Connie on 2/15/16

Chemistry, Chandler, AZ 85226

Hellow, I need help in Medinice chemistry

Sent by Bashar on 2/15/16

Ged, Egg Harbor Township, NJ

I am looking for someone to tutor my son. This would be tutoring for the GED test. I live in Egg Harbor Township.

Sent by Laurie on 2/15/16

Math, Bristow, VA

I am looking for Math help for my son. He is an 8th grader. Please contact me. Kind regards, A.

Sent by Abid on 2/15/16

Usmle, Saint Louis, MO

Hi George, I'm taking my step 1 on April 14th, 2016. I was looking for someone to meet with to be quizzed/challenged on my knowledge for step 1 concepts.

Sent by Scott on 2/15/16

Computer, El Centro, CA

Hello Eduardo, I am 58 yrs of age, semi retired, and I am currently interested in applying for part-time work. I would like to meet up with someone...

Sent by Heber on 2/15/16

Organic Chemistry, Wellesley Hills, MA

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor for my daughter. Primary subject is o-chem and she is a student at Wellesley. Best to do the tutoring on campus.

Sent by Mark on 2/15/16

Math, Valparaiso, IN

Hello, I am looking for a SAT/ACT tutor for my daughter, who is a junior at VHS. She is need of a tutor who can take questions and practice questions she is missing...

Sent by Amy on 2/15/16

Writing, North Hills, CA 91343

Hi Dori, I am looking for a tutor for my 7 year old son who can help with his homework and also improve his writing skills.

Sent by Clarita on 2/15/16

Sas, NY

Hi Hank! I am looking for a tutor for SAS program and helping me to do my homework. Are you available tomorrow( Tuesday February 16th)?

Sent by Kate on 2/15/16

Praxis, Bowie, MD

My name is A.. I am looking for Praxis Math tutor. I have taken the test several times missing the mark each time, I am seeking someone who can help me pass the test.

Sent by Ariana on 2/15/16

Ged, Great Barrington, MA

Hi Zach, I currently have a client who is looking for GED tutor in Canaan CT. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase). Thanks, Dan

Sent by Daniel on 2/15/16

Usmle, Bayonne, NJ 07002

Hi Nicholas, I'd like to get some tutoring for Step 1 studying. I'd really appreciate it if you could help me out. Thank you so much!

Sent by Reena on 2/15/16

Geology, Albany, GA

Hello, I need help with my ecore geology class. Are you able to assist?

Sent by Lashundra on 2/15/16

Nursing, Fostoria

Sent by Wesley on 2/15/16

Teas, Fort Myers, FL 33905

I was just wondering if you have any experience tutoring for the Teas exam for nursing? Thank you so much for your time. H. D.

Sent by Heather on 2/15/16

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Looking for a in home local tutor for my 7th grade son. Lives in zip code 33309 to start asap for the last quarter of school.

Sent by Lisa on 2/15/16

Real Estate, Columbia, SC

How are you doing Mr.Jon. I think I already tried to contact you once about me needing a tutor in real estate so I can get my license.

Sent by Kevin on 2/15/16

Algebra Tutor, Mount Vernon, IL

Hi Ellen, I am H., a concerned parent in the MTV area with a daughter who attends MTV high. She is in need of math tutoring in Algebra.

Sent by Hope on 2/14/16

Arabic, Tampa, FL

can you teach my son writing and math in Arabic. we live at new Tampa 33647 my phone#(phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Qasem on 2/14/16

Bio, Danville, CA

Need a tutor for UC Berkeley student taking Bio Chem.

Sent by Tracy on 2/14/16

Mandarin, Windermere, FL

Sheng, Do you also have knowledge of biology?

Sent by Bo on 2/14/16

French, Longwood, FL

Hello. My bother in high school needs your help! He graduates in May and needs to finish his online French 2 course. Please help!

Sent by Sara on 2/14/16

Physics, Evans, GA 30809

My daughter needs help with college level physics urgently. Like today, Sunday. Please respond at your earliest convenience.

Sent by Haider on 2/14/16

Algebra, Lexington Park, MD

Hello deb, i am having some trouble in algebra 2 and biology as well. You help would be much appreciated.

Sent by Torey on 2/13/16

Business Administration, Saddle River, NJ 07458

I am pursuing my Master's Degree in Business Administration and need help with an assignment!

Sent by Colton on 2/13/16

Accounting, Rockville, MD

Hello, I was wondering if I can get a tutor for accounting 1 asap.

Sent by Ali on 2/13/16

Math, Sedona, AZ

Which subjects do you tutor in ? I am looking for a tutor for my 16 year old daughter . She has been struggling with online , so I plan to go back to homeschool .

Sent by Lydia on 2/13/16

Act, Cartersville, GA

Hello, My name is G. and I am a senior in high school. I have ACT test in April, and I'd like to start preparing for my test as soon as possible.

Sent by Garam on 2/13/16

Ged, Cincinnati, OH

Hello I am interested in a patient math tutor to prepare me for the math G.E.D math section.

Sent by Carnesha on 2/13/16

Math, Greensburg, PA

have 13 year old female Wendover middle school algebra trig etc help needed

Sent by Brian on 2/13/16

Pre Calculus, Fairless Hills, PA

Hello! My daughter is a junior at Pennsbury High School. She just started Pre-Calculus about 2 weeks ago at the start of a new semester. She got a D on her first quiz.

Sent by Katie on 2/13/16

Sas, New York, NY

need a sas tutor but will pay 20 dollars an hour. please let me know

Sent by Ama on 2/13/16

Ap Physics, Bethel, CT

Hello Mr Daniel, Hope you are available to coach my daughter who is a junior in BHS. Subject AP Physics

Sent by Priya on 2/12/16

Education, Toledo, OH

My Name is G.. I am in the Education Program at Lourdes University and I am having trouble passing the writing portion of the praxis Core test.

Sent by Gracen on 2/12/16

Writing, Naples, FL

My son is struggling with writing. He is 9 yrs old. I would like to try to help him now before he falls so far behind he is unable to catch up.

Sent by Erin on 2/12/16

Accounting 1, Antioch, CA

I need help with Accounting 1 Just started taking classes in Adult school and need help to understand

Sent by Vida on 2/12/16

Autism, Granada Hills, CA

Hi Jaya, I am looking for tutor for my 7 yr old son who attends Haskell Elem. to do his homework and writing skills.

Sent by Clarita on 2/12/16

Computer, Saint Louis, MO

Hi, my name is J.. I'm a senior in high school and am really struggling in computer science (java). I have an assignment due next week and am unable to write it.

Sent by Jason on 2/12/16

Math Tutor, Egg Harbor City, NJ

I am drsperatly looking for a tutor for my 12yr old son. He is currently in 6th grade in egg harbor city. He is way below grade level.

Sent by Christina on 2/12/16

Computer Programming, Kansas City, KS

I am working on a project in which I have to convert a bunch of matlab code into C. Is this something you would be able to help me with?

Sent by John on 2/12/16

Accounting, Valdosta, GA

I am in accounting 1 at vsu and I need some help. I'm just not getting it.

Sent by Marshall on 2/12/16

Statistics, Wilmette, IL 60091

Hi Subash, I am in an online MBA program, and statistics is giving me a headache...lol We are using the book by McClave , Statistics For Economics and Business.

Sent by Steve on 2/12/16

Calculus, Manhasset, NY

I was wondering if you are taking students for calculus one? I need a tutor to just supplement my homework assignments n class work.

Sent by Raisa on 2/11/16

Cpa, Atlanta, GA

I am a Becker student, and very behind in my homework because after attending the live lectures, then viewing the lectures again online, and reading the chapters over..

Sent by Bobby on 2/11/16

Algebra, Houston, TX

Hi, I am looking for an algebra tutor for my daughter who is available next Monday. Thanks

Sent by Dianela on 2/11/16

Reading, Dallas, OR

Hi Kathy, I am looking for a reading tutor for my 10 year old daughter. We live in Dallas. can you tell me about your program? thank you! A.

Sent by Alysha on 2/11/16

Math, Sumter, SC

I'm looking for a math tutor for my fifth grader.

Sent by Tamara on 2/11/16

Statistics, Berlin, CT

Hi, I am a student at Central Connecticut State University. Looking for help in my elementary statistics course. Thank you.

Sent by Marisa on 2/11/16

Quicken, Cleveland, OH 44114

Looking for referral to in person Quicken tutor in Columbus, Ohio. Would you know of anyone or Joe might identify. Many Thanks. P.

Sent by Paul on 2/11/16

Biology, Mission Hills, CA

hi Shari. I just started a class in biology at Mission college. I like your credentials and you're close. I just wanted to touch bases because i am 100% sure i will...

Sent by Joyce on 2/11/16

Computer, Bangor, ME 04401

Hello Tim, I'm currently attending UniverS.ity of Maine (Orono) aS. a computer S.cience major. I'll be taking a java (Programming and Data S.tructureS.) courS.

Sent by Stephan on 2/11/16

Act, Alexandria, LA

I need an ACT Math tutor for my granddaughter who is a senior at Pineville High School. She has taken the ACT three times and her highest score is 18 composite with...

Sent by Sue on 2/11/16

Algebra 1, Alexandria, VA

Hello Megan, My HS son is struggling in Algebra 1. I'm in Alexandria and would like to see if you have 4:00 open on Tuesdays still.

Sent by Sue on 2/11/16

Spanish, Enumclaw, WA

Hi, I'm looking for a Spanish instructor for my son. He will be 7 in March. Thanks!

Sent by Emily on 2/11/16

Usmle, Boston, MA

Hi Matthew, I am an IMG and looking for a USMLE Step 2 CK tutor. I have already reviewed Kaplan books and uworld Qbank once. I am currently living in Boston area.

Sent by Ellie on 2/10/16

Math, Lindale, TX

14 year old eighth grade just moved to Lindale from Tatum and have found is way behind and now failing within six weeks and also worried about star testing. Please help.

Sent by Jay on 2/10/16

Electrical Engineering, Lake IN The Hills, IL

Hi I'm looking for a tutor for my second year level circuit analysis class. Could you be of assistance? Thanks Sam

Sent by Samuel on 2/10/16

Physics Tutor, Santa Ana, CA 92703

I need a proffesinal tutor.send me a message.

Sent by Ria on 2/10/16

Geophysics, Houston, TX

Hello, I am currently enrolled in geophysics at the University of Houston. I need help with some of my assignments. Can you help me?

Sent by Chad on 2/10/16

Nursing Health Assessment, Phoenix, AZ

I am a nursing student at Grand Canyon Univ., I need assistance with Health Assessment and Pharmacology Lecture. Please let me know if you are able to help me...

Sent by Kayla on 2/10/16

Praxis, Wernersville, PA

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor for the math praxis II 5161. I need a 160 to pass and the last two times I got a 151 and 150.

Sent by Amanda on 2/10/16

Powerpoint, Cincinnati, OH

Melissa, Can you spend hr or so with me at the place I'm presenting a PP presentation? I need help in embedding some music and YouTube clips in the pp...

Sent by Bonnie on 2/10/16

Surfing, Monroe Township, NJ 08831

Hello, How are you doing today? My name is E.. I came across your mail while surfing online for private tutor for my daughter, Nancy is a 15 years old girl.

Sent by Edward on 2/10/16

Heat Transfer, Houston, TX

I have a question that I'm not being able to solve in Heat Transfer. I'll upload the question for you to see if you can do it once you responded to me. thank you

Sent by Aziz on 2/10/16

Cpa, New Glarus, WI 53574

Can you please call me at your earliest convenience to help me with CPA exams.

Sent by Ambreen on 2/10/16

Molecular Biology, Boston, MA

Good Day i am a phd student in dentistry and my research involves some cell/molec biology im working on the effect of aging on cells.

Sent by Nada on 2/10/16

Algebra 2, Corona, CA

Hi Joyee, My Sophomore daughter could do with some assistance in Algebra II. I can be contacted by email or on (phone number available after purchase); ThaNKS

Sent by Noreen on 2/10/16

Algorithms, Phoenix, AZ

I am looking for a tutor for my Algorithms class. Right now I am having some trouble with divide and conquer algorithms and finding recurrence relationships.

Sent by Greg on 2/10/16

Finance, Richmond, VA

Need help with my financial management class and its project as well

Sent by Amal on 2/10/16

Economics, Thousand Oaks, CA

Hello, I'm looking for someone to help me in my Public Economics class. I'm an undergraduate student at CSUN. Please, let me know if you have an available time...

Sent by Sultan on 2/10/16

Statics, Beltsville, MD

Hello Ali! I am taking statics this semester at UMBC. Please I would need your help the whole semester because I need a good grade.

Sent by Alex on 2/9/16

7th grade homework, Alhambra, CA 91803

Need a tutor for my son 7th grade can you call me (phone number available after purchase) S.

Sent by Sandra on 2/9/16

Writing, Owensboro, KY

Hi I am looking for tutor for my 4 year old girl. I want help in writing abcd, handwriting, reading, spelling. My phone no is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Kalpana on 2/9/16

Act, Vernon Hills, IL 60061

Hi Dr. Richard! Hopefully you remember me, you met my friend Stacie and I at Barnes and Noble and you helped us with ACT math problems.

Sent by Diana on 2/9/16

Nclex Rn, Gadsden, AL 35904

I am in RN school I need help with IV pumps, infusion and mg to lbs

Sent by Belinda on 2/9/16

Differential Equations, Dallas, TX

Hi Yefim, My name is D. U.. You tutored me once before regarding the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. That was very helpful. I have a specific need and happy...

Sent by Dan on 2/9/16

Praxis, Hartford, CT

Hello Inna, I have taken the math portion of the praxis several times but I have been unable to achieve a passing score. Though I'm receiving higher scores each time...

Sent by James on 2/9/16

English Writing, Fremont, CA

Hi Rick, I am looking for English writing tutor for my 9th grade son. Can you give me an email to know each other more. thanks J.

Sent by Jeanne on 2/9/16

Math, Lillington, NC

Do you tutor in math , I need to prepare for taking the asvab? You can contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Tyler on 2/9/16

Math, Roxboro, NC

I have a first grader who needs help in math. I don't know if I'm too hard on him or if he just don't get it help me please!

Sent by Yanick on 2/9/16

English, Suncook, NH 03275

Hi, Jillian! I am looking for an English teacher to help me with pronunciation and speaking. I am from South Korea and currently living in Manchester, NH.

Sent by Miji on 2/9/16

Math, Cedar Springs, MI

Hi Nicole. I have been thinking about hiring a tutor for my son who is in 8th grade. He struggles with Math and Science the most.

Sent by Lauren on 2/9/16

Needed Tutor, Williamstown, NJ

For my daughter Brittney who is a Biology/science major at Rowan and is having trouble with Physics

Sent by Pat on 2/9/16

Algebra, Casa Grande, AZ

Looking for someone that can help my 2 high school boys. They go to Mission Heights and need help with algebra.

Sent by Dale on 2/9/16

Pharmacology, Nashville, TN

Hello, I need help in my pharmacology class. I have to turn it in by tomorrow at 11:59 pm est. Will you be able to help me?

Sent by Chyrica on 2/9/16

Organic Chemistry, Shreveport, LA

Hello Ty do you also tutor in organic chemistry?

Sent by Madeline on 2/9/16

Mass Communication, Lubbock, TX

I need help with my assignments for master degree, i am studying mass communication.

Sent by Ibrahim on 2/9/16

Reading, Fuquay Varina, NC

Hello Renee, I am looking in to the possibility of getting a tutor for my son who is in 2nd grade. He struggles with reading and writing and math.

Sent by Tammy on 2/9/16

Danville, PA

Are you available for tutoring in Danville Pa

Sent by Subadani on 2/9/16

Chemistry, Fresno, CA

Hey there, I'm currently in my first year of college in my second semester. I taking chemistry 1A which is the higher general chemistry and I'm having trouble with...

Sent by Yelizar on 2/9/16

Accounting, San Jose, CA

I need to learn and strengthen the knowledge with Income Statement, Owner's Equity, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow in short amount of time Please contact me...

Sent by Daniel on 2/9/16

Algebra, Chicago Heights, IL

Hi Michael, My name is N. W. and I can really use your help with passing the compass test for Algebra. I've passed two classes already but I'm just not confident.

Sent by Niya on 2/9/16

Education, Shreveport, LA

Hello Ms. Sabrina I have a 16yr old son whom need assistance in his education. I hope that you'll be able to guide him so he may better his education. Please contact me.

Sent by Chanan on 2/9/16

Writing, Chambersburg, PA

I need tutoring to finish my last class relating to Thesis writing.

Sent by Chris on 2/9/16

Heat Transfer, Hackensack, NJ 07601

Hello I have heat transfer project which is about any heat transfer process. you can choose any exercise from the book or any life example.

Sent by Saad on 2/9/16

Microsoft Excel, Asbury Park, NJ

Hi Ashley, I currently work in Asbury Park and take night classes at Monmouth University, I am having trouble with finance (hp-12c calculator) and Microsoft Excel...

Sent by Pat on 2/9/16

Asvab, Knoxville, TN

I am looking for an ASVAB tutor for my daughter. She is a senior at Heritage High School, and needs to take the test soon. Need a tutor for a couple hours a day 4...

Sent by Julie on 2/9/16

Esl, Lagrange, GA

Hi Andrew. We are interested in hiring an ESL tutor. Please email me if you are interested. Thank you.

Sent by Anna on 2/9/16

Nclex Rn, Dallas, TX

Hello I was looking for a tutor to help me with studying and passing my nclex rn. I was wondering of this was a service you provided if so I'd like to get more info.

Sent by Anastasia on 2/9/16

Math, Saint Albans, NY

Hi Chelsea! My son Justin is currently in the third grade and experiencing trouble in math. He is seeking a tutor. If possible could you please email at...

Sent by Tatcherlee on 2/8/16

Writing, Canton, NY

I am writing to you on behalf of my son, Reilly P., who is a freshman at SLU. I tried reaching out to you via WyZant but was unsuccessful.

Sent by Wendy on 2/8/16

Math, Hope Mills, NC

Good evening, We recently relocated from NY and I am desperate to get my daughters the help they need. The school systems are completely different and they are...

Sent by Sonia on 2/8/16

Computer Programming, Buffalo, NY

Hi Linda, My son has high functioning aspergers and is currently a research assistant. He is taking a programming class in Java at ECC.

Sent by Judy on 2/8/16

Chemistry, Atlantic Beach, NY

Hey Vivian. My name is T. B.. I have recently gone back to school and am taking inorganic chemistry. I am so busy with work that I would like to have some extra help.

Sent by Thomas on 2/8/16

Algebra, Troy, IL

My 17 year old is struggling in his advanced algebra/trigonometry class. He just needs a little extra help to pull his grade up

Sent by Tammy on 2/8/16

Biology, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Looking for Biology tutor for freshman nephew at his home in Rancho Sante Fe to supplement one week of Biology (with lab) summer school he will miss.

Sent by Sheila on 2/8/16

Reading, Louisville, GA

Hello, I have a daughter who is in 3rd grade and she is having a hard time reading. I would like to know if you could help her.

Sent by Tynessa on 2/8/16

Math For ACT Test, Grand Junction

Math help for ACT Test

Sent by Lori on 2/8/16

Usmle Step 2 Ck, Plainsboro, NJ 08536

I sent several messages to different tutors on Friday. Havent heard back from anybody so far. Is there any other way I can contact them?

Sent by Dilip on 2/8/16

Seth, Tallahassee, FL

Hey man, I need help studying for my econometrics midterm this week. Email me as soon as you can. I'm willing to pay you a little extra for the short notice...

Sent by Robert on 2/8/16

Photoshop, Daytona Beach, FL 32119

Interested in AI and photoshop lessons.

Sent by Amanda on 2/8/16

Tutor, Burlington, VT

Hey Bernard, my names T., I'm a student at Champlain College. I'm looking for a tutor to help me with Java programming. I looked at your profile and saw...

Sent by Taylor on 2/8/16

Adobe Photoshop, Daytona Beach, FL

Hi. I came across your name while searching for an Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator tutor. I enjoy being creative and am excited to learn how these programs can help.

Sent by Amanda on 2/8/16

Middle School Math, Bath, PA

Hi Chanda, My name is D. T. and i work for Agora Cyber charter school and we have student in Bath who needs 5 hrs weekly of tutoring for Math.

Sent by Dana on 2/8/16

Outlook 2007, Dallas, TX

Hi Valery, My wife and I need some help setting up our Outlook contacts and establishing distribution lists. We're interested in having you come to our house...

Sent by Joe on 2/8/16

Economics, Orlando, FL

Hello, I'm a student at Valencia college. Currently enrolled in Marcoeconomocs and having some trouble with the ppf graphs. Sorry about the last minute...

Sent by Agustine on 2/8/16

Math, Saint Albans, NY

saint albans 11412, 4th grade

Sent by Ms. on 2/8/16

Ruby On Rails, Austin, TX 78704

Hey, I'm looking for a private teacher for learning Ruby on Rails Are you available ?

Sent by Maor on 2/8/16

Computer Programming, Lancaster, TX

Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase), I need a tutor for my intro computer programming class. I want to get stared asap.

Sent by Kamila on 2/7/16

Usmle, Elk Grove, CA 95624

Hi Dr. Mendez, I'm planning on taking my step 1 in April, please contact me about your availability for tutoring. I was referred to you by a classmate. Thanks. H.

Sent by Henna on 2/7/16

Spring Hill, FL

Hello Suzanne. I a need a tutor to help me with my paper work for my NP classes. My number is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Fatima on 2/7/16

Differential Equations, Dallas, TX

Llewelyn, You seem to be registered with tutors as well as Wyzant. D.

Sent by Dan on 2/7/16

German, Miami Beach, FL

Hi Octavian: Do you feel comfortable tutoring German to an intermediate student?

Sent by John on 2/7/16

Finance Tutor, Greenville, NC 27858

Hi Mr. Cliff, I need to solve MBA strategic finance relating to LBO setup. I'm half way through the case and need help with 4 questions out of 10 that require...

Sent by Alex on 2/7/16

Nursing, Dallas, TX

Hello my name is B. A., I go to school at CTC, but right now i'm not in school this semester but i'm am going back in the fall, i just need helping passing my tests...

Sent by Bria on 2/7/16

Canton, OH

PL.ease contact us if you are avaiL.abL.e. Thanks!

Sent by Angela on 2/7/16

C++, Philadelphia, PA

Hi, I am looking for tutoring with dynamic arrays. Is this something you can help me with?

Sent by Deanna on 2/7/16

Elementary tutoring, Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Hi Melissa! I am interested in getting my home-schooled 11-year-old (I he is behind his grade level) some instruction other than myself.

Sent by Jerri on 2/6/16

Stata, San Antonio, TX

Hello, I am taking a statistics course at TAMSU. We are using stata 13, learning this program to input data from chapter exercises.

Sent by Mike on 2/6/16

Nursing, Indiana, PA

We are international students who are looking for a tutor to help us in our assignments. We need a help to understand what we are supposed to do because...

Sent by Roro on 2/6/16

Sas, Orlando, FL

Hello. I am currently taking an on-line SAS class at USF for a MPH program. I've never taken a programming class before and it's not going well.

Sent by Michelle on 2/6/16

Usmle, New York, NY 10001

Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase) at the earliest. Or, contact me on whatsapp (phone number available after purchase) (US cell number)

Sent by Dilip on 2/6/16

Usmle, Forest Park, IL 60130

Sent by Marsi on 2/6/16

Chemistry, Kalispell, MT

Hello! I am taking Chemistry 121 at FVCC and need some tutoring. I live in Whitefish and could meet here or in Kalispell. Look forward to hearing from you!

Sent by Kip on 2/6/16

Geometry, Narberth, PA

Hi Onkita, my name is S., I have a daughter in 8th grade learning geometry and she needs some extra help. I was wondering if you are available any day and time over...

Sent by Samia on 2/6/16

Public Speaking, Macon, GA

Hi, I'm an information technology director for a Macon health system. I am looking to polish my speaking /communication skills. I have to often present and speak...

Sent by Nick on 2/6/16

Usmle, Cleveland, OH

I need help preparing for USMLE step 2

Sent by Diana on 2/6/16

French, Belmont, CA

Hi, My son is a freshman at St. Francis High School and is struggling in French. I am looking for a tutor two afternoons a week. Thanks, K.

Sent by Krystell on 2/6/16

Chinese, Pico Rivera, CA

Hi I am an adult and I work with China peers. i am really interested in learning the language. I have started using Cd's and books but I need tutoring in tones...

Sent by Rajiv on 2/6/16

Latin, Atlanta, GA

Hello Peter, My son is taking Latin 1 online with Georgia Virtual and is in need of help. Mostly the 'parts speech' type issues are making it difficult for him.

Sent by Ginger on 2/6/16

Accounting, Dallas, TX

Need help with basic accounting concepts.

Sent by Alassandria on 2/6/16

French, Daytona Beach, FL

Chere Jacqueline: Je cherche les personnes don't la langue maternelle est le francais pour parler francais une fois par semaine. Je rencontre Francoise Fofntenay une...

Sent by June on 2/6/16

Lightroom, Alpharetta, GA

How does this tutoring service work?

Sent by A.m. on 2/5/16

Sas, Eden Prairie, MN

I'd liK.e to speaK. with you about learning SAS. What is a good number to reach you?

Sent by K on 2/5/16

Neuroscience, Boston, MA

Hi Laura, I am currently in need of tutoring for Neuroscience. I am a psychology major at UMass Boston and retaking the neuroscience core class.

Sent by Valentina on 2/5/16

Basketball, West Covina, CA

Hi, James: I am looking for a basketball tutor for my 13 years old daughter Rebecca. In addition, I am looking for a English writing tutor for her as...

Sent by Kang on 2/5/16

Nursing, Chandler, AZ

I need help with studying for the HESI nursing exam. I already have taken the test once before but didn't pass by 11%. I have my degree but haven't taken math...

Sent by Kara on 2/5/16

Ged, Sacramento, CA

Hello, My name is K. P. and i am currently on my last test for the GED. Ive taken the test 3 times and didn't pass by less than 5 points.

Sent by Khalid on 2/5/16

Algebra, Fairhaven, MA

Hi Jennifer. I am looking for a tutor for my son, Giovanni (Gio). He is a ninth grader at NB Voc and is struggling with Algebra and Biology.

Sent by Sarah on 2/5/16

Las Vegas, NV

Hi Eric! Are you versed in Microeconomics?

Sent by Jessica on 2/5/16

Math, Laurel, MD

Good Morning, Please contact me, I am very interested in having my 6th grade son get track with Math!! He's a great kid and I think you would be perfect.

Sent by Tracy on 2/5/16

Math, Montgomery, TX

Stella / Sun, my son is in 7th grade, and while is is averaging 89 / 90% in math, he struggles. He spends three hours a night on math with my assistance.

Sent by Tim on 2/5/16

Spanish, Elon, NC

Hi, I am interested in having my daughter tutored in Spanish. Could you please contact me.

Sent by Tonya on 2/5/16

Chemistry (general), Hutto, TX

Need a tutor to help my daughter - looking for help in two subjects: Chemistry Math She is in the 10th grade. Is Hutto too far?

Sent by James on 2/4/16

Science, Niceville, FL

I would like tutoring for my 11 year old in science, math, and history. Are you available?

Sent by Lee on 2/4/16

Adhd, Albany, GA

Hi Angelica , I'm looking for a tutor for my 5 year old son. He's in kindergarten and has been diagnosed with ADHD. I really need help.

Sent by Jacquelyn on 2/4/16

Calculus, Salina, KS

Hi sharon, my son is a student at KSU-Salina and is taking Calculus this semester. He's just finishing his second week, and is at least keeping his head above water.

Sent by David on 2/4/16

Physics, Fairview, PA

Need help with calculus-based physics (freshman at college). Can you help - maybe this weekend? Thank you.

Sent by Jim on 2/4/16

Roswell, GA 30076

Please contact me. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Michael on 2/4/16

Bio, Shirley, NY

I'm looking for a bio and Chem tutor for my college courses

Sent by Justina on 2/4/16

Physics, Springfield, MO

My daughter is a freshman in high school and is wanting to be tutorE. in physics to help bring her grade up. She is wanting about 2 -3 times weekly.

Sent by Ed on 2/4/16

Python, Charleston, SC

Hello I am currently taking a grad level python programing course for ArcGIS. This course is for students with no previous experience.

Sent by Cristian on 2/4/16

Haitian Creole, Tallahassee

Sent by Shelley on 2/4/16

Algebra, Saltillo, MS

My son is a student at Saltillo HS and we are looking for a tutor for him with Algebra 2. If you are interested please contact us.

Sent by Michael on 2/4/16

Calculus, Jefferson, GA

Hi, I am a 42 yr old college student who is going for a degree in Mechanical Engineering. The last time I had any for of Calculus was over 15 years ago.

Sent by Matt on 2/4/16

Poughkeepsie, NY

Hello. I'm interested in your tutoring services for my 7 year old son. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

Sent by Yameil on 2/4/16

Project Management, Tallahassee, FL

I need help asap on my project mgmt. Course. I currently working on my Masters at barry

Sent by Ruby on 2/4/16

Financial Accounting, Storrs Mansfield, CT

Hello, I am a student at Uconn, (Storrs) looking for a financial accounting tutor. Are you very experienced in this subject?

Sent by E. on 2/4/16

Act, Blytheville, AR

Hi my name is D. and im a senior at Blytheville High School and plan to take my ACT in about two months and was looking for a tutor

Sent by Derajay on 2/4/16

Microsoft Access, Oklahoma City, OK

I need someone to help me with microsoft excel and microsoft access. If you are still tutoring and you know these software programs please contact me as soon as you can.

Sent by Chris on 2/4/16

Child Development, San Diego, CA

Hi my name is C. i am taking child development and i have intellectual disabilities and reading and writing i go to san Diego miramar community college i...

Sent by Cathy on 2/4/16

Math, West Plains, MO

I am looking for a tutor for my learning disabled ten year old...he is in fifth grade with a first grade reading level and needs help in remedial math as well..

Sent by Sherry on 2/3/16

Physics, Baton Rouge, LA

Hi, I am looking for a physics tutor for my son. He is in 12th grade at catholic High and struggle with physics and how to apply the formulas and the overall...

Sent by Jennifer on 2/3/16

Act Math, Owensboro, KY

Hi Crystal! My name is A., and I'm a junior at Apollo High School in Owensboro, KY. I'm currently studying for the statewide ACT I'll be taking in March.

Sent by Ambria on 2/3/16

Statistics, Atlanta, GA

Can you please call me concerning SPSS. I am taking an online class but stuggling. Thank You (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Charlesette on 2/3/16

Molecular Biology, College Station, TX

Hey Shannon, I was wondering if your available this week for Molecular Cell Bio? please let me know. Thanks!

Sent by Hiram on 2/3/16

Dyscalculia, Atlanta, GA

I am 44 and have decided to go back to school. I did a WJ III test today and I am pretty confident I have dyscalculia. I am looking for a tutor who knows how...

Sent by Michael on 2/3/16

Pre Calculus, El Paso, TX

Sent by Ralph on 2/3/16

Spanish, Estero, FL

Dear Ms. Courtney, My high school sophomore son needs a tutor immediately (like tomorrow) for doing a review sheet for a midterm makeup test this Tuesday, Feb.

Sent by Roanne on 2/3/16

Math, Taunton, MA

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor for my son. He is 12 and in 6th grade. He has ADHD and has fallen way behind on all of his subjects.

Sent by Nicole on 2/3/16

Aba Therapy, Middletown, NY

Looking for someone to work with my son using ABA

Sent by Susana on 2/3/16

Pharmacology, NY

HI am a NSG student and seeking help to master pharmacology

Sent by Marjorie on 2/3/16

High School, York, PA

Hi I am looking for a certified Special Ed Teacher that has experience with HS Students, experience re-meditating and re-teaching content (Science, social studies...

Sent by Lauren on 2/3/16

NCLEX, Raleigh, NC 27613

I need a tutor help me pass my nclex

Sent by Sainabou on 2/3/16

Usmle, New York, NY 10022

I am interested in being tutored for the USMLE STep 1. I have failed it twice back in 2008 and 2010. I need help and if you can guarantee me to pass that would be huge.

Sent by Sirhan on 2/3/16

Massillon, OH 44646

PL.ease contact us if you are avaiL.abL.e. Thanks!

Sent by Angela on 2/3/16

Time Management, Clarkesville, GA

My daughter is a 9th grader at Tallulah falls school. She is taking honors classes and made a 4.0 last session. I think she could use some help with time...

Sent by John on 2/3/16

Math, Williamsburg, VA

We are looking for a math tutor for our daughter who is attending Warhill high this year. She is struggling a bit with geometry as a Freshman

Sent by Teresa on 2/3/16

Accounting, Auburn, AL

Hi I am in need of an accounting tutor for excel. Please contact me back as soon as possible. My cell phone number is (phone number available after purchase) if...

Sent by Wesley on 2/3/16

Gre, Tampa, FL

I go to USF and am taking the GRE February 26th, I need help studying and better preparing.

Sent by Tayler on 2/3/16

Nclex Rn, Dunedin, FL

Due to distance would you have 90 min sessions.

Sent by Tracey on 2/3/16

Math, Abingdon, MD

Interested in help in math for my son he n the 4th grade and study skills

Sent by Laurie on 2/3/16

Chemistry, Alameda, CA 94501

Hello and respect Hi Mrs Rose K My name is A. G. l am chemistry teacher student I don't know how is your educational system in your country .

Sent by Ahmad on 2/3/16

Pharmacology For Nurse, NY

HI am a nsg student, you help me to understand pharmacology

Sent by Marjorie on 2/3/16

Nclex Rn, Denver, CO

Hi Amy, My name is M. I am looking for someone to help me prepare for the NCLEX. I have a few questions, what is the pass rate of the student you have helped...

Sent by Mitrianne on 2/3/16

Autism, Somerdale, NJ

Hi Chrissy, I have an 18 yr old Senior in HS who has high functioning autism as well as auditory processing disorder. He is in need of an immediate tutor for...

Sent by Danene on 2/3/16

Add Adhd, Miami, FL

I am looking for a tutor for my 10 year old son. We live on Miami Beach and need regular hours. Are you available to chat?

Sent by Anetta on 2/3/16

Math, Reynoldsburg, OH

I have three kids that need some help with school work. 11th grade,10th grade and 8th grade. Mostly math and science. And later ACT prep.

Sent by Joseph on 2/3/16

Algebra, Kansas City, MO

Good morning, My son is in 8th grade and has been in advanced classes during all of his school years. For some reason he is having issues with pre algebra clicking...

Sent by Jennifer on 2/3/16

Reading, Lagrange, GA

Hi my name is K. my 10 year old daughter needs one on one tutoring 4 days a week. she has a hard time with reading, but needs tutoring in all subjects.

Sent by Kristi on 2/3/16

Accounting, Portland, OR

Hi, Haitham I hope you are doing great. My name is K. student at psu and I am looking for a tutor in business classes in general and accounting in particular.

Sent by Khaled on 2/3/16

Business Administration, Bayonne, NJ 07002

Hi, Mr. Abdullah I hope you are doing great. My name is K. and i speak Arabic too. I from Kuwait. Can you please text or call me at (phone number available after...

Sent by Khaled on 2/3/16

Trigonometry, Tehachapi, CA

I am looking for a tutor for my son for trig. He is a junior at Tehachapi High School. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time.

Sent by Kathy on 2/3/16

Education, Quincy, MA

Hello Im A. grade student. I need help with how to do the ubd template and how to create lesson plans. I am international student and i have never teach.

Sent by Ahmed on 2/3/16

Writing Skills, LA Puente, CA

Hello Victoria I'm looking for a tutor for my son, he's in sixth grade and I would like for him to improve in his writing skills, please let me know if...

Sent by Evelyn on 2/2/16

Education, Rome, GA

Hi. I am a 31 year old mother of two who has recently returned to college to further my education in nursing. I'm currently struggling with remedial algebra.

Sent by Emily on 2/2/16

Chemistry, New Windsor, NY

In desperate need of an excellent Chemistry tutor for my daughter. She is in Honors Chemistry. Really needs help. We can meet at a local library.

Sent by Denise on 2/2/16

Algebra Tutor, Canton, OH

We are L.ooking for tutor for high schooL. math L.eveL..

Sent by Angela on 2/2/16

Pharmacology, Davis, CA 95616

Please advise if you can help me in pharmacology and pharmaceuT.ic (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jenny on 2/2/16

Elementary Math, Salt Lake City, UT

I need inf about tutoring, i have a granddaughter in 6th grade ahd she needs help on math and reading, my phone # (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Betty on 2/2/16

Chemistry, Channahon, IL

I am looking for a short term tutor for my daughter. She is a junior in HS taking Adv. Chemistry.

Sent by Rina on 2/2/16

Reading, Yuma, AZ

Hi Kayla can you please give me a little more information on how your tutoring works. I have a second grader who is struggling in her reading especially...

Sent by Kellie on 2/2/16

French, Broadview Heights, OH

Jennifer, My husband and I are in our 60s and would like to learn 'talking French' so that we can communicate with people in French-speaking areas.

Sent by Bernie on 2/2/16

Math, Tolland, CT

Hi Steve, I am looking for a tutor for my step son. He is in 5th grade and just came to Tolland from Bolton and is having a hard time catching up

Sent by Lindsey on 2/2/16

Usmle, Bayonne, NJ 07002

I'm looking for a tutor for step 2 ck. I only have a month left. My number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Sufia on 2/2/16

Accounting, Bryn Mawr, PA

Hi Greg, I am looking to find a tutor for accounting for my daughter who is a freshman at SJU. Do you do Saturdays? Do you meet at the school library?

Sent by Gabriela on 2/2/16

Project Management, Denver, CO

Do you tutor in project management? I need help creating in project management homework

Sent by Obiageli on 2/2/16

Accounting, West Palm Beach, FL

I am looking for a private tutor for the ACG 2022 class my son will be taking this summer at PBSC. Would prefer 5 days/wk/1hr session. He currently is at FSU.

Sent by Carolyn on 2/2/16

Math, Lithonia, GA

I have 2 daughters needing to be tutored in Math. Please contact me at your earliest convenience (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Camille on 2/2/16

Harrogate, TN

I need a tutor for my son.

Sent by LaWana on 2/2/16

Excel, Central Islip, NY

Looking for instructor to teach microsoft office.

Sent by Akesh on 2/2/16

Chess, Brooklyn, NY

I need tutoring in chess for my son (3rd grade) H., (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by on 2/2/16

Math, Los Angeles, CA

Hello,My name is C.,I would like to see if u could tutor me yo complete my hiset test, (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Cora on 2/2/16

Math, Auburn, AL 36830

I have a twin boys need some encourgement on the math.

Sent by Young on 2/2/16

Dyslexia, Washington, DC

Right now we are in Ethiopia but coming back in March. We need a tutor, who specializes in Dyslexia. T., (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Taisha on 2/2/16

Math, Brooklyn, NY 11218

Sent by Helene on 2/2/16

Reading, Fort Worth, TX

Need a tutor for 3rd grade reading

Sent by James on 2/1/16

Physics, Bay Shore, NY

My son is having a hard time with AP Physics and we were wondering if you can help him with it. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sent by Judy on 2/1/16

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Chemistry, Massillon, OH

Hi My name is A. L. and I'm a senior at Perry High School and need help in chemistry. The best time for me is Thursday's from 3:30-4:30 but may be able...

Sent by Alexis on 2/1/16

Reading, Yuma, AZ

Hi Patricia my daughter is 8 years old and needs help in reading and math please contact me via email or my cell (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Melissa on 2/1/16

Material Science, Albany, NY 12203

Hi I neE. help in materials science I have a test on Friday , can you help ?

Sent by Ed on 2/1/16

Armenian, NY

Hi Jacklin. My son is in 4th grade and needs tutoring in a some subjects especially math. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ayda on 2/1/16

Calculus, Asbury, NJ

Hi Roy, I was wondering if we could meet tomorrow 2/2/2016 to go over some of my applications of integration problems for a Calculus II course..

Sent by Zack on 2/1/16

Study Skills, Vancouver, WA

I have a sophomore son who is a good capable student 3-As, 3-Bs, but we realize he doesn't have the best organizational skills, time management skills and test prep...

Sent by Allison on 2/1/16

Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Atlanta, GA

Hello, I am a sophomore in college. I am taking Design and Analysis of Algorithms and I need help with that.

Sent by Tejasvi on 2/1/16

Algorithms, New York, NY 10005

Hello, I am taking Design and Analysis of Algorithms and I need help with that. Can you teach that and are you available?

Sent by Tejasvi on 2/1/16

Math, Canton, MI

Need tutoring help in math for grade 10 student

Sent by Asid on 2/1/16

Chemistry, Sioux Falls, SD

Hi Jane I have a son struggling in high school Chemistry and can't seem to find anyone at school to help him. I would like to do one to two times a week...

Sent by Theresa on 2/1/16

Miami, FL 33133

Hi Cory! How well you understand mobile hydraulics? I started training as hydraulic service engineer and I have to learn mobile hydraulic course.

Sent by Sergi on 2/1/16

English, Rochester, MN

Hi, Nicole, I'm looking for a high school English tutor. This will be weekly during the school year. Please let me know if you are interested.

Sent by Hannah on 2/1/16

Statistics, Colorado Springs, CO

I am in Colorado Springs for business and at the same time, I am taking Statistics for Ph.D program. I am totally stock with my homework, I cannot go forward.

Sent by Nick on 2/1/16

Algebra, Prescott Valley, AZ

Hello my son needs help with his Algebra 2

Sent by Jeff on 2/1/16

Programming, West Monroe, LA

im currently taking intro to programming and programming 1 and im lost. can you help me

Sent by Chris on 2/1/16

Writing High School, Fort Myers, FL

Hi Shannon, I am interested in finding a tutor for my son who is in 10th grade. His area of weakness is writing but I believe he would benefit from English help...

Sent by Judy on 2/1/16

Math Tutoring, Saco, ME

Sent by Vera on 2/1/16