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Gifted, Peachtree Corners, GA

Hi Stephanie: Our 6 year old son has been identified as extremely gifted, but also having developmental delays in some social/emotional areas.

Sent by Jackie on 1/31/16

Computer Programming, Parker, CO

Hi Scott, I am taking a college computer programming class and I need a tutor to help understand the class work. Thanks, C.

Sent by Colt on 1/31/16

Math, Pittsburg, CA

Hi. I'm looking for a math tutor that can help me with algebra. I live in Pittsburg.

Sent by Arpad on 1/31/16

Microsoft Word, Sebastian, FL 32958

Hi S., I saw your ad online. I'm looking for someone who can teach me Microsoft Word formatting, including multi-level bullet lists, alignment, indents, etc.

Sent by Susan on 1/31/16

Hydraulic Engineering, Miami Beach

I have started hydraulic training and I need to learn starting from basic and move to advance eventually. I am looking for teacher who is interesting...

Sent by Sergii on 1/31/16

Physics, Columbia, MO

Hello William, My name is M., and I am currently in a basic college Physics course at Columbia College. I am in desparate need of assistance, and would love...

Sent by Mary on 1/31/16

Piano, Northville, MI

Hi, I am interested in learning about your piano lessons. Can you tell me more about your experience? Thanks K. N.

Sent by Kave on 1/31/16

Math, Annapolis, MD

Hello. I have an 11 years old son who is in 5th grade that needs help with math 2times a week. I live here in Annapolis. Please let me know if you are interested.

Sent by Ning on 1/31/16

Numerical Analysis, Providence, RI 02906

I need a tutor for my numerical analysis

Sent by Sunny on 1/31/16

Kindergarten, Martinez, CA

I'm looking for someone to tutor my daughter who is struggling in kindergarten.

Sent by Amber on 1/31/16

freshman subjects, Sandpoint, ID

I am looking for tutoring for my freshman daughter. Please reply to this message for further discussion. (email available after purchase)

Sent by Jeremy on 1/31/16

Nclex Rn, El Paso, TX

Hello Claudia, I am interested in tutoring for the nclex exam. Scheduled to take the exam in 4 weeks.

Sent by Karina on 1/31/16

Finra Series 6, Bronx, NY

I am looking into a tutor to help me understand the series 6 class... I have taken it online with testeachers and kaplan and still failed with a 61 Do you think...

Sent by Julie on 1/31/16

English As 2nd Language, Barberton, OH

Hello there, would you please help me? I need to edit my assignment.

Sent by Babi on 1/31/16

Electrical Circuits, Miami, FL

Hi,I need help with circuits I , ASAP !!. Thanks

Sent by MoHAMMAD on 1/31/16

Praxis, Manchester, CT

Hello Caroline! My name is S. M. and I am currently a senior at University of Hartford. My major is Elementary/Special Education.

Sent by Shawna on 1/31/16

Greek, Brooklyn, NY

Hi, I am looking for a Greek tutor for my son who is 7 years old. We live in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. Would you be interested? Thanks, A.

Sent by Andy on 1/30/16

Calculus, Chagrin Falls, OH

My son is in ap calc AB and could use some help. He is a jr at orange hight school. Do you tutor ap calc?

Sent by Linda on 1/30/16

Math, Overland Park, KS

Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase) Cell or (phone number available after purchase) asap. I need help in math and I need help for a long haul.

Sent by Tam on 1/30/16

Math, Plainsboro, NJ

we are looking for math tutoring for my 2nd grade son

Sent by Srikanth on 1/30/16

Asvab, Columbia, SC

I would to meet with you to help my son study g For his Asvab. We live in the West Columbia area. Please let me know if you interested in tutoring my son..

Sent by Von on 1/29/16

Environmental Engineering, Bronx, NY 10469

i need your help with water and water waste quietly homeworks

Sent by Mohammad on 1/29/16

Accounting, Ozone Park, NY

Are you available on 01/30/16, to provide in-person tutoring in accounting?

Sent by Yvette on 1/29/16

Economics, Cambria Heights, NY

Hi Peter, I need tutor in economics. What is your schedule and how much do you charge?

Sent by Samantha on 1/29/16

Yuma, AZ

I looking for a tutor that can help me with a school assignment, for excel 20013, this assignment requires to use micro, relationship tool, create tables...

Sent by Maribel on 1/29/16

Statistics, Newton, KS

I have a high school senior who is struggling in statistics is this something you could help with noticed or want listed but live in newton and don't want to travel...

Sent by Patrick on 1/29/16

Language Art, Raleigh, NC

my son is in 6th grade and he struggles with math (fractions especially) and language arts.

Sent by Lakita on 1/29/16

Pharmacology, Detroit, MI

Hi Mr H., my name is L.a L. and I am in dire need of a tutor four an online course that I am taking this semester. The dreaded course is Pharmacology do you think...

Sent by LaToni on 1/29/16

Cpa, Cleveland, OH 44124

I have been struggling with my cpa tests for about 2 years now and interested in a tutor online. And I found you on this website. Do you still turor?

Sent by Robbyn on 1/29/16

Thermodynamics, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Hello A.rmin, I'm A. mechA.nicA.l engineering students. I hA.ve some problems in my HW A.nd I need help in it. The clA.ss tA.king A.bout thermodynA.mics.

Sent by A on 1/29/16

Accounting, Taylor, MI

Hello Charles, I currently am enrolled in an accounting class and 3 weeks into it I feel like I am completely lost. We are in chapter 3 right now that is...

Sent by Blake on 1/29/16

Algebra 1, Hudson, OH

My son Matthew is an 8th grader at Hudson Middle School. He is taking Algebra 1 and has asked for some additional help. His average is about 90%, so he is doing okay.

Sent by Bill on 1/29/16

Calculus, Northridge, CA

I have a 11th grade daughter that needs help in AP Calculus, please call me (phone number available after purchase). I live in Northridge.

Sent by Maiyarat on 1/28/16

Algebra, Haymarket, VA

Hello, My daughter is a sophomore in high school and she is taking Pre AP Chemistry as well as Pre AP Algebra II/Trig and she would to get some help in these subjects.

Sent by Val on 1/28/16

Act Math, Fayetteville, AR

Hey Barton! I was interested in raising my math scores for the ACT and I'm a junior at FHS. I'm available Tuesdays and Thursdays after 4;30 pm.

Sent by Mysha on 1/28/16

Florida Teacher Certification Examinations, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Good Evening, I am looking for a tutor for my upcoming General Knowledge Math teacher certification test. I have taken the test several times and missed it by...

Sent by Chelsea on 1/28/16

Lsat, Johnson City, NY 13790

I am seeking someone to help prepare me for the LSAT exam in June. Please contact me via email to further discuss. Thank you.

Sent by Jennifer on 1/28/16

Pharmacology, Exeter, NE 68351

I need help with pharmacology

Sent by Marjorie on 1/28/16

Elementary Math, Fairfield, IA

Hello- I have a 5th grader and 3rd grade who both struggle in math. I am looking for someone to work with them one time per week so they can enjoy math rather than...

Sent by Jen on 1/28/16

Electrical Circuits, Miami, FL

Please contact me ref tutoring my son

Sent by Consuelo on 1/28/16

Economics, Richmond, TX

Hello, I'm in need of a tutor for college level. Would you be able to assist on a college level? Thanks

Sent by Tovia on 1/28/16

Electrical Engineering, Gainesville, FL

I need tutoring in Digital Logic. Please contact me if you can help.

Sent by John on 1/28/16

Math, Colorado Springs, CO

Hi Kimberly! Do you have a program to help with Praxis Math certification 0061? If you don't, would you be able to recommend me to someone who might? Thanks! T.

Sent by Tracy on 1/28/16

Office Administration, Charlotte, NC

Hi my name is Ben. I am a disabled adult college student. Needing assistance with my office software class. home work and assignments. I have mental slowness.

Sent by Benjamin on 1/28/16

Reading Grade 11 Sol, Chesapeake, VA

I have currently graduated high school and I have not received my diploma due to an English reading sol I haven't passed I would like to no if you could help me pass.

Sent by Tatiyana on 1/28/16

Montgomery, TX

Hi! Do you travel to the Montgomery area?

Sent by Mary on 1/28/16

Reading (dyslexia), Marysville, OH

This is unusual but I am looking for an Orton Gillingham instructor to work with a student at our school. We would prefer during the school day if possible.

Sent by Kelly on 1/28/16

Elementary Math Reading, Port Jefferson, NY

Hi Mary-Kate, my daughter is in first grade and is a little behind in reading and math. I suspect she may have ADHD. Would you be able to help? Thanks, D.

Sent by Dina on 1/28/16

Calculus Ii, Rocky River, OH

Do you provide tutoring for Calculus II as well?

Sent by Amber on 1/28/16

English, Littlestown, PA

My nephew is coming to visit from Japan for 3 weeks in February. He English is very good but he would like to meet with tutor several times while he is here to work...

Sent by Michele on 1/28/16

English As 2nd Language, Hoosick Falls, NY

I am international ,Turkisch and living in Hoosic Falls.My son is at Hoosac School and I want to learn English when my son is studying at Hoosac.

Sent by Tulay on 1/28/16

Praxis, Shreveport, LA

Looking for a tutor for the praxis. Please email me. Thanks.

Sent by Amanda on 1/28/16

Math, Seattle, WA

Hi i need help with math Pre-calculus 141 how much your fee and wht is the best location for you i have a car i can drive? (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Khaled on 1/27/16

Business Computer Information Systems, Houston, TX

Hi, My name is Ahmed and I need help for BCIS ( Business Computer Information System) Can you call me on (phone number available after purchase) please as soon as...

Sent by Nabeel on 1/27/16

Cbest, Glendale, CA

Hello William, I was hoping you can help! I am struggling with passing the reading section of the CBEST! I was wondering do you provide tutoring for that...

Sent by Flora on 1/27/16

Computer, Naples, FL

Hi,my father just got his first computer and wants to learn the basics. He would love to speak with you, he isn't even ready for his own email acct.

Sent by Maryella on 1/27/16

Excel, Reno, NV

Hi Jaspreet, I am in the EMBA program at UNR. At the moment I am taking statistics using Excel. As a physical therapist this is unfamiliar territory for me.

Sent by Jill on 1/27/16

Reading, Indio, CA

Hi I'm really interested in getting a tutor for my daughter who is struggling in reading and writing in 1st grade. I live in Indio d would like to see if...

Sent by Nicole on 1/27/16

Praxis 5161, Brooklyn, NY

I am a middle school math teacher. I need to take math praxis 5161 and achieve a minimum grade of 160. I need to practice for the test and refresh my memoriy about...

Sent by Alise on 1/27/16

Finance, Winter Haven, FL

Sent by Greg on 1/27/16

Math, New Bedford, MA

I am looking for a tutor to work with my 9 and 11 year old children. They are both having a hard time with math from pearson realize math.

Sent by Melodie on 1/27/16

Algebra and Trigonometry, Canton, MA

Good day, I have recently gone back to school after about a 10 year hiatus. I am normally very adequate with math coursework but at this time just need...

Sent by Ryan on 1/27/16

Reading, Belle Glade, FL

My 1st grade son is below his grade level for reading.

Sent by Leukevia on 1/27/16

Spanish, Ponte Vedra, FL

Hi Whitney- I have a Junior at PV High School who is doing horrible in Spanish (D last semester) in Spanish 2 and who also needs to take Spanish 1 online for grade...

Sent by Kristi on 1/27/16

French, North Wales, PA

Hello Nadine, I have a client who is moving from France to Montgomerville Pa in June. She has two children, girls age 7 & 11. They will need to learn english over...

Sent by Michael on 1/27/16

Math- Algebra, Brockton, MA

My child is failing 7th grade math and needs to bring her grade up. We would prefer in-home lessons from a female tutor. Thanks.

Sent by April on 1/27/16

Autodesk Revit, Atlanta, GA

Hi jim, My name is F. and I'm a mechanical engineer. I used Revit before to design hvac but it s been 4 years ago. I just need couple hours to refresh my memory...

Sent by Fatima on 1/27/16

Toefl, Valley Stream, NY

Hi! I need a tutor for toefl preparation, who can stream line the preparation for all 4 sections and can advise on which resources can be used effectively...

Sent by Ammar on 1/27/16

Finance, Statesboro, GA

Hey Robert, I'm N. and am currently enrolled in GSU's Mba program. I'm seeking tutoring in finance. I'm very interested in your help but your hourly rate is...

Sent by Nicholas on 1/27/16

Arabic, WI

Hello Amanda, My name is L. P. and I am a Language Recruiter with Global -Lt, a language training company. We are currently in need of a Arabic tutor for...

Sent by Liliana on 1/27/16

Math, Boone, NC

Hi Emily We are looking for a math tutor for our son Porter.He is in the 7th grade at cove creek school.We were hoping to get him some help two to three times a week.

Sent by Scott on 1/27/16

Math, Victorville, CA

Please call me. My 10 year old is struggling with math. (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Tamara on 1/27/16

Dyslexia, Henderson, NV

I'm interested in learning more about your experience in helping students with dyslexia as I'm trying to help my daughter. She is in 7th grade. Thank you

Sent by Amy on 1/26/16

English As 2nd Language, Norman, OK

hi i am a grad student. i would like to improve my english. i can communicate but not in a way that i am satistfied...

Sent by Burak on 1/26/16

Asvab, Augusta, GA

Need help with studying for the asvab test for the Air Force. I live in Waynesboro. My number is (phone number available after purchase). Please contact me anytime.

Sent by Tori on 1/26/16

Teas, Sacramento, CA

I'm looking for help with teas test

Sent by Jake on 1/26/16

Reading, Perth Amboy, NJ

Hello Megan, I am 28 years old and English is my 2nd language. I am interested in a tutor to help with basic reading and writing.

Sent by Jose on 1/26/16

Cyber Security, Jersey City, NJ 07307

Hi, I need tutoring. I'm going for my Masters in Cyber Security.

Sent by Melissa on 1/26/16

Pre-algebra, Sealy, TX

Would like to discuss with you about Pre-Algebra and Science.. Cell: (phone number available after purchase) Thanks S.

Sent by Steve on 1/26/16

Computer, Beaumont, TX

Sent by Joe on 1/26/16

Math, Weatherford, TX

Hello, I am looking for a math tutor that can help my daughter. Are you the same Maci D that's on (url available after purchase)

Sent by John on 1/26/16

Czech, Lima, OH 45805

Hi there! My friend and I are very interested in learning how to speak Czech. We have a fairly free schedule to accomodate your needs and are willing to commute to you.

Sent by Jaide on 1/26/16

Geometry, Corrigan, TX

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter she having trouble in geometry.I was wondering how much it cost. Thank you!

Sent by Elizabeth on 1/26/16

Geometry, Morgan Hill, CA

My son is struggling with Geometry. He is in 8th Grade and going to Valley Christian. Monday and Wednesday afternoons about 4:30 would be our best time. Thanks, D.

Sent by Dan on 1/26/16

Usmle, Smyrna, GA

Tutor for USMLE Step 1 if available.

Sent by Nene on 1/26/16

Geometry, O Fallon, MO

Hi Roberta, My son Britton is a sophomore who is currently struggling with Geometry. I would like to reach out to see if you are available to tutor for Geometry.

Sent by Corey on 1/26/16

Nclex, Sunnyvale, CA

Hi Deepak my number is (phone number available after purchase), Can you please help me to pass my exam

Sent by Meenu on 1/26/16

Thermodynamics, Las Vegas, NV 89102

I am a graduate student and doing my masters in mech engg from university of central florida. I need assistance in thermodynamics

Sent by Harsimran on 1/26/16

Elementary, Succasunna, NJ

Good morning. I am looking for a tutor for my son for 1st grade Math as well as language arts. Is this an area you could assist? If so, could we schedule a time...

Sent by Joanne on 1/26/16

Pre Calculus, Kent, WA

Im a senior in high school and I need help with my pre calculus final. It is mostly multiple choice but there may be some (5-10) I have to write an answer to.

Sent by Gurpinder on 1/25/16

Python, Santa Ana, CA

your are the must reasonable tutorial coach in this site but I really went to learn the starters of power director 14 and python 3.5, can you help?

Sent by Ron on 1/25/16

Math, Playa Del Rey, CA

I have a daughter who is a Jr. @ St. Monica HS. Algebra 2 is stressing her out. I live in Playa del Rey. Interested in 1-2x/week Thanks

Sent by Suzanne on 1/25/16

Database, NY

Looking for a Tutor to help build an Access Database. I need a tutor that is experienced with VBA and Macros in Access. can you help?

Sent by Tarik on 1/25/16

Microsoft Access, Fort Collins, CO

Hello Dr. Jose V. I am trying to improve my knowledge of Access and would like to learn more about Marco design in Access. Do you have experience using Access with...

Sent by Tarik on 1/25/16

Esl, Tampa, FL 33625

Fon, I have recently moved to the US from Thailand and enrolled my step-daughter (12 years old) into middle school. She could use some help in ESL/ESOL, Math...

Sent by William on 1/25/16

Math, San Jose, CA

Good afternoon! My 16 year old daughter has asked to be tutored in math. We currently looking into this for her as her as she is not understanding what might be...

Sent by Mary on 1/25/16

Adhd, Granite Bay, CA

Hello Sharynne, I saw your posting on Wyzant and am trying to get a hold of you. I need tutoring help for my kids ages 10 and 11 grades 4 and 5. My daughter has...

Sent by Nadine on 1/25/16

Reading, Leesburg, GA

Need a tutor for a first grader Subjects: math, reading, writing. Help with homework

Sent by Betty on 1/25/16

Math 5th Grade, Lithonia, GA

Good afternoon. I am seeking a tutor for my 5th grader. She is struggling with math and is currently below grade level. We are seeking a tutor specifically...

Sent by Alexis on 1/25/16

Drawing Sketching, Hightstown, NJ

Hi Jessica. I am interested in learning more about your art tottering services for an elementary school age child. Can we get a lower rate than what you posted? ($50)

Sent by Mara on 1/25/16

Statistics, Fayetteville, NC

Ma'am, I'm pursuing my MBA through Webster University, Ft Bragg. I'm three weeks in to an online Statistics Course. I've done well on the homework...

Sent by Albert on 1/25/16

Study Skills, Stevensville, MI

My daughter is a 9th grader at Lakeshore High School and struggling tremendously in several subjects. I believe study skills and test taking techniques would benefit...

Sent by Tamesha on 1/25/16

Spss, Long Beach, CA

Hello On, I am looking for someone to help me access the HCUP data set I purchased. I have also purchased SPSS to access it. I have never worked with SPSS.

Sent by Eric on 1/25/16

Pre Calculus Spanish 3, Roseville, CA

I'm looking for a tutor for my son who is a High School Junior. He needs help with precalculus and Spanish 3.

Sent by Tammy on 1/25/16

Second Grade, Grosse Pointe, MI

My niece is falling behind in DPS. She is in the 2nd grade. Very bright child. We need your help so she does not become a statistic. Thank you.

Sent by Marilyn on 1/25/16

Math, Brooklyn, NY 11232

I need tutoring in math for my son (3rd grade)

Sent by on 1/25/16

Math, Salt Lake City, UT

I have two daughters ages 12 and 16 who are struggling in math this year.

Sent by Alison on 1/25/16

Usmle Step 3, Bronx, NY

need a tutor for step 3 daily

Sent by Daniela on 1/25/16

Richmond Hill, GA

Hi, My name is J. E.. I have a ten year old child who may benefit from your services. He is not dyslexic but does have some Orthographic Processing issues.

Sent by Josh on 1/25/16

Nclex, Indianapolis, IN

I graduated from Med Tech 4 years ago and took the nclex 3 times. I gave up on it but decided to give it another try. I just don't know where to start!

Sent by Tammy on 1/25/16

Statistics, DE

Hello I am taking a Stats class this summer and taking the GRE in the winter. I severely need help and guidance preparing for my course and my exam in the math...

Sent by Chardiney on 1/25/16

Usmle, Atlanta, GA

hello, I am looking for a tutor for usmle step 1, 2, 3. please call me when you get a chance. (phone number available after purchase) N.

Sent by Nick on 1/25/16

Computer Science, Cedar Rapids, IA

Hello Henry, I have a 9th grader that needs tutoring in computer engineering please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks!

Sent by Candice on 1/24/16

Reading, Chicago, IL 60660

Hi Sarah: I have 6 year old and we are looking to hire a reading/writing tutor 1-2 nights per week. We live in Mt. Prospect, I see you live in Chicago.

Sent by Evelyn on 1/24/16

Usmle Step 2 Ck, Staten Island, NY 10309

Hello! I am looking to take my USMLE Step 2 CK exam within by March 15 and would like assistance in scoring well on the exam. Thanks and look forward to hearing...

Sent by Ndi on 1/24/16

Usmle, New York, NY 10022

Where do you reside for Usmle?

Sent by Vishal on 1/24/16

Calculus, Dekalb, IL

I need help with pre calc class this semester. My course starts this weak, I will need help with my homework assignments.

Sent by Hashim on 1/24/16

Physical Chemistry, New Iberia, LA

I am looking for a tutor in calculus II and physics I am currently going to ULL my major is engineering

Sent by Thomas on 1/24/16

Bowling Green, OH

Hello Katie, I have a 9 year old that needs tutoring. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Fernando on 1/24/16

Algebra, Orchard Park, NY

Are you available to tutor my son Sean who si struggling in Algebra 2. We live in Orchard Park. Thanks.

Sent by Jim on 1/24/16

Programming, Kingsland, GA

I am need a tutor for my Stochastic Programming class I am currently taking. I was wondering if you have any experience in the field? Thank you.

Sent by James on 1/24/16

Math, Porterville, CA

Hi David, I'm looking for math tutor for my 5th grader daughter. I'm interested since your method is in-person. E-mail me or you can contact me at (phone number...

Sent by Kenneth on 1/24/16

Accounting, Beaufort, SC

Hello, I am looking for an Accounting tutor. I can be reached at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Kimmy on 1/24/16

Physical Chemistry, Arlington, TX

I am a senior Chemistry major at UTA. I am in need of a Physical Chemistry II tutor. I was hoping you could help me or point me in the direction of someone who could.

Sent by Aaron on 1/24/16

Java, Sayreville, NJ

Hello Harry i am a college student at njit and i am taking an advanced intro to java and its online so i am very confused about some things basically its me...

Sent by Erol on 1/24/16

Elementary Math, Beaumont, TX

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for my son. He is in the 4th grade a struggles in math. We are looking for a tutor on Mondays to start around 4:00 and Thursdays.

Sent by Krystal on 1/24/16

Cumming, GA 30041

Hi Melissa, your phone # disappeared at our house. Could you house/dog sit from 7 May to 19 May? (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Mark on 1/24/16

Calculus, Jupiter, FL

Looking for IB Calculus help for my son, a South fork senior. Evenings of course, in Hobe Sound preferably, where we live. Do you have experience with this?

Sent by Kathy on 1/24/16

English, Corydon, IN

my son is in 6th grade at st joe in corydon... he test at 8th grade 1st month in his star assessment but he is receiving a f in language arts..

Sent by Pat on 1/24/16

Chess, West Palm Beach, FL

Hi I live in west palm beach, I'm looking for a chess tutor for my daughter who is 5

Sent by Jigna on 1/24/16

Creative Writing, Erie, PA

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor For creative writing and socialinguistics. I'm international student

Sent by Hamodi on 1/24/16

Computer, San Antonio, TX

Freshman in college. Need tutoring on C++ specifically on arrays, object orient, and functions. My weekends are free, Friday after 2pm, and most late evenings.

Sent by April on 1/23/16

Finance, Los Angeles, CA

Hello, My name is A. and I am an MBA student at Pepperdine University. I have never been very good at economics although I went from a C+ to a B- last semester...

Sent by Adams on 1/23/16

Physics, Fairfax, CA

Hi Lillian: I hope all is going good for you? I live with my wife in Fairfax, a small town located in Marin County. First off I'm not an engineer or a physicist.

Sent by Jeff on 1/23/16

Math, Lampasas, TX

I have a fifth grade granddaughter that needs tutoring in math. She wants the extra help. I hope you can help us out!

Sent by Carol on 1/23/16

Math, Sterling, IL

I am looking for a Math Tutor for my son at Challand. He is failing. He needs a good grade.

Sent by Chuck on 1/23/16

Applied Math, Ocala, FL

I need a tutor ASAP, if you can help please reply.

Sent by Roseberge on 1/23/16

Bass Clarinet, High Springs, FL

James, I am looking for a bass clarinet tutor for my son, Jake. He is prepping for an audition at JU and could use help in preparing his piece. Can you help?

Sent by Gerald on 1/23/16

Asvab, San Bernardino, CA

Hello Melissa, I'm S. I have been struggling to pass the Asvab. I took it several times and still can not get the right score. I seen you have "asvab" as one of your...

Sent by Sabrina on 1/23/16

Geometry, Narberth, PA

Hi Mana, My name is S., I'm looking for a teacher to teach geometry to my 14 year old daughter, in middle school. We are located in Narberth PA, zip code 19072.

Sent by Samia on 1/23/16

Spanish, Eugene, OR

Hi Audrey, we are looking for someone to teach spanish to our almost 12 year daughter. She has a little bit of exposure to spanish but basically needs to start at...

Sent by Lori on 1/23/16

Math Tutor, Anacoco, LA 71403

I am searching for a math tutor for my granddaughter @ grandson in Leesville, LA. Thanks L.

Sent by Lula on 1/23/16

Geometry, Spring Valley, MN

Hi, I am interested in tutoring in geometry for my 9th grader. We are in Preston. Thank you, H.

Sent by Heather on 1/23/16

Lufkin, TX

Could you call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Kierstan on 1/23/16

Adhd, Sherman, TX

I have a 4th grade granddaughter that has ADHD and needs help with math and reading

Sent by Susan on 1/23/16

Computer Science, Birmingham, AL

My son needs a tutor for C++ he attends Jeff State

Sent by Bonnie on 1/23/16

C++, Portland, OR

struggling in CS163 at PSU. Saturdays are good for me? Tuesdays also.

Sent by Matt on 1/22/16

Math, Las Vegas, NV

My 5th grader is failing math he is not grasping word problems and fractions core math he needs a tutor that is patient. My son is a good kind kid and respectful but...

Sent by Felicia on 1/22/16

Math Tutor, Newberry, FL

Hi: My son is in 8th grade. I am looking a math tutor for him that is able to come to Newberry to tutor him.

Sent by Johanna on 1/22/16

Rosamond, CA

Dear Ms. Patty was wondering how does this work or your services. I have a child that needs extra help with homework and learning a bit more..

Sent by Adriana on 1/22/16

Math, Joplin, MO

Good Afternoon, I have a 7th grader at North Middle School who is in desperate need of a Math tutor. Is this something you are available to do? Thank you for your time!

Sent by Christina on 1/22/16

Reading, Reseda, CA

HI ERIN I HAVE A 8 YEAR OLD THAT IS IN 2ND GRADE. I WOULD LIKE TO GET IN contact with you and see if you would be able to help us out with her reading.

Sent by May on 1/22/16

Statistics, Fort Leonard Wood, MO

I am looking for help with my college statistics class. Please contact as soon as possible. (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Eric on 1/22/16

Algorithms, Austin, TX 78704

Hello I am a CS major in UT at Austin and currently taking CS331 Algorithm and Complexity class. So was wondering if you can teach me this course during this...

Sent by Raheel on 1/22/16

Algebra 1, Camden, SC

My son is an an 8th grader who is struggling with algebra 1. He has a history of asthma and has missed quite a few days of instruction.

Sent by Mrs. on 1/22/16

Usmle, Bronx, NY

I need a tutor daily for next 2 weeks, step 3

Sent by Daniela on 1/22/16

Teas, San Diego, CA

Hello Jack, I'm scheduled to take the TEAS exam on Febuary 23rd and I really need help preparing for this test. I'm 37 , divorced , mother of 2 and haven't been...

Sent by Renata on 1/21/16

Gmat, New York, NY 10110

Good afternoon Manny, I tried to reach out on WyzAnt a few minutes ago but I am not sure if it worked. Long story short, I am 28 years old and signed...

Sent by Colin on 1/21/16

Adobe Creative Suite, Thousand Oaks, CA

I need a tutor to come to my house in newbury park 2x week to review my projects- I am doing An internship and have some knowledge of Adobe suite-- I'm...

Sent by Hunter on 1/21/16

Toefl, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Sent by Ivan on 1/21/16

Reading, Mount Prospect, IL

Hi Rexann I am looking for a reading/english tutor for my 6 yr old son. He is currently in K. We are located in Mount Prospect. Please let me know if you can set...

Sent by Evelyn on 1/21/16

Chemistry, Gilbert, AZ 85233

hello sir, could text me by whatsapp? my number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Mohammed on 1/21/16

Reading, Genoa, IL

Hi, I am looking for a tutor for my husband. He is 34 and has a really hard time reading. I am looking for someone who can work on improving his reading, writing...

Sent by Tami on 1/21/16

Math, Huntsville, TX

Hi! I am in desperate need of a math tutor for my 5th grade son. Please let me know if you are available. Thank you!

Sent by Lisa on 1/21/16

English As 2nd Language, Tampa, FL

Hi i'm C., i'd like you to teach me english,i live in New Tampa 33647,my phone number i (phone number available after purchase),i'd like to get engligh lesson for...

Sent by Cesar on 1/21/16

Math, Los Lunas, NM

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor for my daughter. She's in 2nd grade at Kathering Gallegos elementary. She's struggling with math. I want to get her help now so...

Sent by Larissa on 1/21/16

Managerial Accounting, Seattle, WA

Hello, I need help in my Managerial Accounting class for my MBA at UW and would like to meet once a week to get help with homework.

Sent by Lauren on 1/21/16

Real Estate Tutor, Miami, FL

Hi Marsha, I need a tutor to help me pass the real estate exam. I took the class in April 2015 and have taken the state test 3 times.

Sent by DeeDee on 1/21/16

Algebra Tutor, Los Angeles, CA

Jenny, my daughter is looking for a tutor to help her with Algebra 125. We live in the 90019 zip code. Please give me a call at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Margo on 1/21/16

Teas, Daytona Beach, FL

Pre nursing student needing preparation for teas test

Sent by Camry on 1/21/16

Usmle, Coppell, TX

What experience do you have with USMLE step 1 tutoring?

Sent by Sid on 1/21/16

Finra Series 6, NY

I looking for tutoring for the series 6/63 & 26. Can you help. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Chris on 1/21/16

Math, Riverview, MI 48193

Hello alexis my brother steven is in need of help with basic math and english just so you know he does have a touch of dyslexia and a learning disablility but he is...

Sent by Keirra on 1/21/16

Vietnamese, New Orleans, LA 70118

Sent by Jennifer on 1/21/16

Bartending, McAllen, TX 78501

Hi I need a tutor ......can you help..call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Trista on 1/21/16

Accounting, Moriches, NY

Looking for help in an accounting MBA coarse ASAP

Sent by Michael on 1/21/16

C#, NH

Sent by Alyssa on 1/21/16

Esl, Barberton, OH

Hi, We have an English as a Second Language tutoring opportunity available in Norton, Ohio. This is an opportunity to teach ESL to an adult female student...

Sent by Michele on 1/21/16

Calculus, Killeen, TX

Hi James! I see that you have experience with tutoring Pre-Calculus, but do you do have experience with Business Calculus? Also, I am seeking a tutor in Business...

Sent by Maggie on 1/21/16

Math, Goodyear, AZ

Give me a call interested in a math tutor for my 13yr old daughter. Thanks

Sent by Daniel on 1/21/16

Chemistry, Pensacola, FL

Hi John I am looking for a tutor for chemistry. I have my undergraduate degree in clinical and frantic psychology I am not really great at the sciences but...

Sent by Karla on 1/21/16

Algebra 2, Bel Air, MD

Need math tutoring for 10th grade daughter for Algebra 2 this evening and going forward.

Sent by Willow on 1/21/16

Accounting, TX

I'm really interested in this tutor. W.illing to drive to meet in Liberty once or tW.ice a W.eek.You offer all classes my son is taking.

Sent by Stacy on 1/20/16

Math, Sherman, TX

Hi Katherine. My husband and I have been talking about getting tutor to help our son with math. He is in first grade and he does ok in math but I find it hard...

Sent by Danielle on 1/20/16

Cpa, New York, NY 10001

Hello M. Sid, I hope this message finds you well. I am currently in the middle of studying for the AUD portion of the CPA exam and I just found out recently this...

Sent by Mr. on 1/20/16

Reading, Irving, TX

My Daughter needs some help in Reading and Writing. We need weekly 2 days one hour sessions. Please contact us

Sent by Padma on 1/20/16

Toefl, Valley Stream, NY

Hello, I need help with Toefl speaking and strategies to get higher score in Toefl. Would you be able to help me with that

Sent by Ammar on 1/20/16

Math Ph.d, Chesterfield, MO

Hi Raghavan, This is V. V., my son looking for some help in pre-algebra. Please let me know your availability and details. thank you, V. V.

Sent by Vinay on 1/20/16

English, Oldsmar, FL

Hi my name is G. C. and I am in need of a 9th grade certified English 1 teacher my number (phone number available after purchase) thank you

Sent by Genesis on 1/20/16

Statistics, Huntington Beach, CA

Hi Barbra. I contact you on Wyzant but after readin their reviews I'd rather not go through that company. Will you please contact me?

Sent by Desi on 1/20/16

Usmle Step 1, Port Orange, FL 32129

Hello. I find myself in a real predicament. I have yet to attempt the usmle step 1, as I cannot afford, both mentally or financially, to fail.

Sent by Dora on 1/20/16

Math, Davis, CA 95616

Hello, I have a 10th grade son who really struggles in math. He has flunked algebra and we are starting a new class and I hope he can find someone to help him.

Sent by Annette on 1/20/16

Calculus, Milledgeville, GA

Ellen, hopefully I have the right person, I work at Georgia Military College, I think you helped some of my Coast Guard Cadets last year with Calculus...

Sent by Simon on 1/20/16

Accounting, Elmont, NY

Looking for an accounting tutor, Masters level, reside in Elmont but will travel, library preferable.

Sent by Nicole on 1/20/16

New York, NY

Hi nathan, I am looking for a tutor for my fifth grade son. I would like someone to come to our house M, T, W and Thursdays. I think that should be for 3 hours daily.

Sent by Ally on 1/20/16

Algebra, Phoenix, AZ

Hi! I'm a beginner at the College Algebra. I would like to have our sessions 2-3 times a week. P.S. Do you provide a military discount? T.

Sent by Tifanny on 1/20/16

Finance, Alexandria, LA

Sent by Nikki on 1/20/16

Math, Fruithurst, AL

Sent by Amy on 1/20/16

English Math, Detroit, MI

Hi! My brother needs help with Math and English. He has a dyslexia. Can you help? K., (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Keirra on 1/20/16

Pharmacology, Northridge, CA

Hello, I am preparing to take the Pharmacy Technician licensing exam. I am in need of help in reviewing the material. Thank you.

Sent by Precious on 1/20/16

Eureka, CA

looking for a tutor for my 13 year old son.

Sent by Mike on 1/20/16

French, Detroit, MI

Hello, I am looking for a french tutor. I took french throughout elementary/secondary school but have not practiced in many years.

Sent by Naeema on 1/20/16

Math, Bossier City, LA 71112

Good morning Emily, I have a kindergartner whom is struggling in math and reading. Her father and I are seeking help and are interested in your services.

Sent by Locrecia on 1/20/16

Usmle, Bronx, NY

Have 3 weeks to step 3 can you help still? I finished mtb kaplan k bank and UW kbank last year 187 on step 3

Sent by Daniela on 1/20/16

Chemistry, Santa Cruz, CA

Hi Ethel, I'm looking for a chemistry tutor for my daughter. She goes to PCS, and currently needs help woth stoichiometry and mole notation.

Sent by Lesley on 1/19/16

English, Shreveport, LA

My son is in the 10th grade at Caddo Magnet High School. What days can you tutor in Spanish?

Sent by Tammie on 1/19/16

Excel, NJ

Im looking for a tutor in the next 30 days.

Sent by Brencis on 1/19/16

Finance, San Diego, CA

Hello! I am a student at the University of San Diego and will be taking a finance class titled "Financial Management" (FINA 300), and was wondering if you could...

Sent by Rayyan on 1/19/16

Act, Canton, OH

PL.ease L.et us know if you are avaiL.abL.e to tutor in Jackson Township ASAP. Thanks!

Sent by Angela on 1/19/16

Algebra, Sacramento, CA

Hi Barbara, I'm looking for a tutor for my son. He is in the 10th grade at The Met. He just failed Algebra. He will be taking the class again in a couple of weeks.

Sent by Annette on 1/19/16

English Tutor, Athens, GA

Hi Rubi, nice to meet you. I'm Italian and I'm in Madison for holiday. I need a tutor for improving my English. Are you free? Thank you and have a nice day

Sent by Silvia on 1/19/16

Math, New York, NY

Hi,Brenna I am looking a tutor for my son.he is in 7th grade.he needs help with math and science.please give me a call at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Sukhi on 1/19/16

Elementary, Absecon, NJ

Hello, my name is S. and I am looking for a math,science and writing tutor for my younger brother who is in 6th grade. Please let me know ASAP if you would be...

Sent by Sheylla on 1/19/16

Spanish, Saint George, UT

Hey Brandon i would love to hire you as a Spanish teacher. Please let me know if this is something you would interested in and your availability.

Sent by Matthew on 1/19/16

Asvab, Tulsa, OK

hello i am looking for a tutor in asvab to travel to muskogee wednesday and thursday of this week

Sent by June on 1/19/16

Computer, Lewisburg, PA

Hi Brian - My son is 7 and is dying to get more into computers. While loving Apple products he's asking me about coding and things that I would love to have him...

Sent by Jeanne on 1/19/16

Bakersfield, CA 93309

I am looking for a tutor. Could you please contact me at the e-mail listed. Thank you

Sent by Rudy on 1/19/16

Nclex, Tampa, FL

I am interested in tutoring for the NCLEX.

Sent by Markita on 1/19/16

Math, El Paso, TX

Hi! I need a Math tutor for my son. He needs to pass a test, he didn't do it well before. J., (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jennifer on 1/19/16

Stata, Hollywood, FL 33021

Hi Cesar, my name is F., I live in Miami and studying my last semester at FIU. I'm recently taking a class called econometrics and it's requires that the homework...

Sent by Fernando on 1/19/16

Tucson, AZ 85712

Need assistance in setting up an e-mail system to replace Outlook Express. Also need tutoring re MS word 2013, re pasting word documents into body of an e-mail...

Sent by Ernesto on 1/19/16

Chemistry, Charleston, IL

Hello Melissa, My daughter, Hannah, is a 16 year old at Charleston High. She is severely struggling with Chemistry I. Are you available for tutoring and if so...

Sent by Lisa on 1/19/16

Quickbooks, Phoenix, AZ

Hello, I'm looking for a QuickBooks tutor for myself. I have begun a new job and need a refresher course. My employer will be paying for the tutoring and I'm...

Sent by Deanna on 1/19/16

Writing, Mohegan Lake, NY

Hi Marsha, I am looking for a tutor to help my son with his writing skills. Logan is currently in the 8th grade and is currently failing English.

Sent by Delia on 1/19/16

Geometry, North Wales, PA 19454

My daughter needs tutoring in Geometry, I would like to know your availability.

Sent by Tee on 1/19/16

Accounting 2, TX

I have been researching tutors to assist my college student W.ith a accounting 2 class online. I also see you have taught 2 other classes he W.ill be taking this...

Sent by Stacy on 1/18/16

Math, Martins Ferry, OH

Hi Tawnya, I'm interested in gaining the knowledge required to excel in the math portion of the GRE. Your profile appealed to me because I've historically had...

Sent by Bob on 1/18/16

Praxis, Lexington, KY

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for the math part of the praxis exam. I'm a junior elementary education major at University of Kentucky.

Sent by Shelby on 1/18/16

Physics, San Antonio, TX

Hi! I am currently enrolled in a undergrad, self paced, online introductory physics course and I'm confused!! Looking for some help navigating the course.. Thanks!

Sent by Julie on 1/18/16

Physics, Orem, UT

I need a tutor for physics... today. I'm already graduated... I just have to retake physics for my phd program... Call asap... please...

Sent by Emily on 1/18/16

Excel, Portland, OR

Hello there! I'm not sure if you are still tutoring but I was hoping to get some help L.rning Microsoft Office products (mainly excel) I'm in the Sellwood area...

Sent by Lea on 1/18/16

Physics, Macon, GA

looking for tutoring for my son. Freshman mercer university. urgent. please call t (phone number available after purchase) thank you

Sent by Inna on 1/18/16

Algebra 2, Altavista, VA

How much do you charge an hour? My daughter having trouble in algebra 2 her second semester and worried about passing exam

Sent by Triner on 1/18/16

Praxis, South Windsor, CT

Hello, I am applying to grad school at CCSU for the Fall. I am looking for a tutor to help me with my praxis 1 exam ASAP. Hopefully you can help!

Sent by Chelsea on 1/18/16

Chemistry, Columbus, OH

Hi Erin, I am a first year microbiology student and I was wondering if we could try to set up a tutoring session in the next week or two.

Sent by Nicole on 1/18/16

Winter Springs, FL

Hello I have a 5 year old son and a 7 year old daughter. I need some help with speeding up their addition. Thanks (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jamie on 1/18/16

English, Terre Haute, IN

I need help with my English class. I'm not good with English.

Sent by Yanira on 1/18/16

Biochemistry, Union City, CA

Hi Akpevweoghene, My name is J. and I am currently taking biochem online class. I am struggling in understanding the concept of this course and I'm hoping that...

Sent by Joel on 1/18/16

Nclex Rn, Saint Louis, MO

Sent by Keela on 1/17/16

Information Systems, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

i have an IST class and i have assignments. would you able to help me. thank you

Sent by Fayez on 1/17/16

Usmle Step 3, NY

Are you teaching Step 3? I need to take the exam.

Sent by Anya on 1/17/16

Biology, Grand Rapids, MI

I'm currently looking for a rotor for my 17 year old daughter. She needs help with Biology. If possible I'll like to hire you for about 6 hrs a week.

Sent by Alphonso on 1/17/16

Math, Harleysville, PA

Looking for Math tutor for 9th grade student and Please let me know if you are available. Thank you

Sent by Lakshmi on 1/17/16

Accounting, East Meadow, NY

Need accounting tutor preferably tonight for 20 year old son who attends Hunter Business School

Sent by Donna on 1/17/16

Accounting, Staunton, VA

Good afternoon Angela, I am a junior at MBC and dual enrolled at BRCC, this is my second semester in accounting, I am taking the class online and seeking additional...

Sent by Stephenie on 1/17/16

Spanish, Canton, OH

L.ooking for ACT heL.p as weL.L. as Spanish

Sent by Angela on 1/17/16

German, Lincoln, NE

Hi Laura. My name is M. and I'm a student at Concordia University in Seward. I took 4 years of German in high school and I went to school in Berlin this past summer.

Sent by Mckenzie on 1/17/16

Chemistry, Georgetown, MA

Hey Jared! My name is M. L. and I'm interested in having a chemistry tutor. I am a 10th grader at Georgetown Middle High School.

Sent by Maria on 1/16/16

Math, Akron, OH

Looking for some help for my son currently in 7th grade to improve his grades and prep for hi school entrance test

Sent by Joe on 1/16/16

French, Schwenksville, PA

I would like to speak with you about tutoring my children in French. They have spent two years in Canada and took required French classes.

Sent by Susan on 1/16/16

Gre, New York, NY 10110

Hi Manny We talked before on Wayzant and I'd like to have some in person sessions for my GRE exam soon, mid feb. I'm ready to start ASAP Thanks M

Sent by Moham on 1/16/16

Physics, Killeen, TX

My son Vincent needs help with physics.

Sent by Michelle on 1/16/16

Math, Visalia, CA

Hi I was wondering if your available to tutor for the CBEST test? I really need help with the math portion

Sent by Regina on 1/16/16

Chemistry, Phillipsburg, NJ

Hi Laura, my name is K. I'm starting chemistry at ncc and i'm looking for a tutor ahead of time because I know it will be tough! Look forward to hearing back from you.

Sent by Kerry on 1/16/16

Gre, Lexington, KY

Hello. My name is J. and I graduated from Cumberland College back in 2006. I had decided a few months before I graduated that I would not be following through with...

Sent by John on 1/16/16

Reading Tutor, Midway, GA

I'm looking for a tutor for reading for my two granddaughters, grades third and fourth. I live in Midway, if you can get in touch with me I would appreciate it .

Sent by Cheri on 1/16/16

Reading, Lake City, FL

Hi Chelsea, I'm activity seeking a reading and comprehension tutor for my 9 year old son; to improve his grades and performance in the subjects.

Sent by Mike on 1/16/16

Accounting, Bellmore, NY

My Son, Special needs, is in Accounting at NCC. We need a tutor for him (N. Bellmore). He has a GPA 3.18 (but accting higher course work is issue) ACC101 he got a B;

Sent by Jerry on 1/16/16

Computer, Jamaica, NY 11432

I bought a new computer, I don't know how to use it well! _________________________________ S. S.

Sent by Stephen on 1/16/16

English, Wake Forest, NC

Hello Linda, I'm interested in learning English as second language. I came from Korea for a Korean company in Raleigh as engineer.

Sent by Jonghoon on 1/15/16

Asvab, Amarillo, TX

I have a young man at my church that needs to pass the ASVAB test to enter the Air Force. He took the test twice and need to make 8 more points. He needs your help.

Sent by Linberg on 1/15/16

Finra Series 6, Boston, MA

Hello, i am reaching out looking for help passing FINRA Series 6 exam coming up in two weeks. I Work for METLife and in order to keep the position we have to score...

Sent by Dina on 1/15/16

Statistics, Ellensburg, WA

Hi Jessica, I am a student at Central Washington University and I have an upcoming business statistics test and I was wondering if you could help go through...

Sent by Makenna on 1/15/16

Learning, Hoquiam, WA

need help with reading writing

Sent by Duane on 1/15/16

Tim M, Pleasantville, NY

Hello Tim, My name is J. and I am a student at SUNY New Paltz. I am taking a college algebra with trigonometry class this winter and I am looking for...

Sent by Jake on 1/15/16

Teas, Levittown, NY

Hi professor, My name is D. S.. I live in Levittown in Nassau County. I'm looking for a teas test tutor for every Friday starting January 29th until February 26th...

Sent by Demi on 1/15/16

Chemistry and Statistics, Waltham, MA

It's M. again I have contacted from another website. But why I have contacted because you seem to leave nearer to my place which makes it easer to get to you.

Sent by Mary on 1/15/16

French, Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Hello Christiane, I am interested in hiriring a French teacher. I would love it if we could arrange a meeting.

Sent by Ashley on 1/15/16

Algebra, Woodbridge, VA

Need a tutor Sunday for daughter 9th grade algebra math skills behind needs a different way to grasp and retain concepts test date Friday cram session just looking...

Sent by Wendie on 1/14/16

Economics, Atlanta, GA

Hi, I am at Emory in EMBA program and am seeking an Econ tutor for a microeconomics class.. Please contact if interested. Thanks!

Sent by Grant on 1/14/16

Adobe Photoshop, Las Vegas, NV

Enhance my photoshop skills

Sent by William on 1/14/16

Math, Norfolk, VA

Tutoring in math for a 6th grader

Sent by Karen on 1/14/16

piano, Belle Chasse, LA

Hi Randall, I would like to discuss a tutoring schedule. I am seeking tutoring with Praxis Math 5161. I would like to meet for about an hour on a Saturday.

Sent by Tremaine on 1/14/16

Reading, Waynesboro, PA

Hello, I have an 8 year old son who not currently where he needs to be reading wise with 1st grade reading standards. He wants to learn but seems to not be able...

Sent by Christy on 1/14/16

Music, Belle Chasse, LA

Hello, Hi Mr. Hymel, I am reaching out to you because I am seeking music lessons for a small group of children. About two days for an hour per week.

Sent by Tremaine on 1/14/16

Statistics, Sumter, SC

I am currently in graduate school and I need some assistance in Inferential Statistics. Can you assist me?

Sent by Kaneisha on 1/14/16

Math, Pittsburgh, PA

HELLO fatima I am looking for A MATH TUTOR FOR MY CHILD WHO IS A 6TH GRADE middle school student. we can meet at A LOCAL library.

Sent by Felisa on 1/14/16

Statistics, Hanover, NH

Hi, My son, J. Michael L. is a student at Dartmouth and he would like to find a tutor for Statistics(the basic level). Is this something you could help him with?

Sent by Michelle on 1/14/16

Computer, Naples, FL

Sent by Meg on 1/14/16

New Hyde Park, NY

Hi shifali I am looking a tutor for my son.he is in 7th grade. Please give me a call at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Sukhi on 1/14/16

Math, Fairlee, VT

My girlfriends son is 13 and in the 8th grade. He has trouble understanding math. The school is setting up an iep but says it will take 60 days or more.

Sent by Wendell on 1/14/16

Microsoft Office Suite, Miami, FL

Looking for a tutor for Microsoft office suite...Excel, power point, power point

Sent by Val on 1/14/16

Accounting, Central Islip, NY

-Working On an MBA -Currently in Accounting For Executives at Ohio University solely Online. -Not good with this class and perhaps the next.

Sent by Michael on 1/14/16

Usmle, Beachwood, OH

Hi Seth I just enrolled in Master of health administration . I need a help in economic, accounting please let me know if you are interested Thanks

Sent by Mohammed on 1/14/16

Algebra, Jamaica, NY 11432

G.ood day, I was enrolled in a remedial mathematics course MA 110 and I failed it horribly. Are you knowledG.eable on the MA 110 curriculum?

Sent by Michael on 1/13/16

Math, Marshfield, MA 02050

Would like to meet with you and see if you are a good fit for our son a sophomore in HS. The subject is math. Thankyou

Sent by Sandra on 1/13/16

Math, El Paso, TX

I am looking for someone to tutor my 6th grade son in math in division and fractions as well.

Sent by Melissa on 1/13/16

Math, Phoenix, AZ

hey ms. mary i would like to know if you can tutor me i'm really having a hard time learning algebra

Sent by Kylon on 1/13/16

English, Corpus Christi, TX

Hi Alys W. I am looking for a tutor for my son. He is struggling very much in his AP English literature class. If you could send me an email on when we could...

Sent by Martha on 1/13/16

Microsoft Office, Miami, FL 33130

Hello Jaime, i am lookig for someone to tutor me in Microsoft office ...excel ,word,outlook,and powerpoint.

Sent by Val on 1/13/16

Math, Fremont, MI

Hello. We are trying to find a tutor to help our daughter in 7th grade common core math. She did well in 6th grade (A/B+), however, she is floundering this year (C/D).

Sent by Terri on 1/13/16

Computer Science, Bakersfield, CA

Sent by Rudy on 1/13/16

History, Bluffton, SC

I have two homeschool students Middle and High school level. 14&16. I am looking for a teacher to work with them in History and English weekly.

Sent by Laura on 1/13/16

Statistics Spss, Little Silver, NJ

Hello, I am an online nursing grad student looking for weekly help getting thru a stats/epidemiology class with assignments. Let me know your thoughts

Sent by Anthony on 1/13/16

Physics, Lawton, OK

Hi Peter, my name is C. L., I am a junior at Cameron University and am looking for some help in my Physics II (calculus based) class.

Sent by Caley on 1/13/16

Algebra, Bakersfield, CA

I need help in algebra 1, when are you available

Sent by Sally on 1/13/16

Reading, Matteson, IL

I live in Matteson IL, need someone to help my son comprehensive reading etc. Can you help?

Sent by Sandra on 1/13/16

Java, New York, NY

Hello - Im interested in learning how to web program for my website that is in development ((url available after purchase)). I hired a programmer to make...

Sent by Tyla on 1/13/16

Ftce, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi, I need help on the FTCE math portion. Thank you, J. M.

Sent by Jessica on 1/13/16

Albany, GA

My son is 14 in 8th grade, he has missed most of his younger schooling and needs help with most subjects' and study habits,

Sent by Roland on 1/13/16

Finance, Suwanee, GA

I would like to explore you expertise. I am getting my MBA and need help with Finance. I will need help with my homework every week and may need help with...

Sent by Carter on 1/13/16

Usmle, Brighton, MA 02135

am committed to this future, and need help to pass soon. Let me know if I can have a 15- 30 min over Skype , to talk with you to know what my conforms are as...

Sent by Marsha on 1/12/16

Numerical Analysis, Moriches, NY 11955

Hey Christopher, I have a homework problem about Numerical Analysis. May I ask if you could help me solve it please and how much that costs? Thanks

Sent by Maggie on 1/12/16

Math, Panama City, FL

Hi Theresa, I'm really interested in the lpn program. So I would love to have your help with scoring good on the tabe test. I've been out of school for 15yrs so...

Sent by Allison on 1/12/16

Reading, Bristow, VA 20136

Hi Kimberly, I have a first grader who is struggling in reading and she needs a tutor who knows what they are doing. She's not reading at the level where...

Sent by Priscila on 1/12/16

Orlando, FL

Hi, I'm interested in hearing more about your tutoring experience. Thanks for contacting me.

Sent by Sally on 1/12/16

French, Harrisburg, PA

I will be taking a college level French 4 exam at the beginning of May for credit by examination. I have the textbook for the class, and will be getting additional...

Sent by Allison on 1/12/16

Writing, Chattanooga, TN

I need help in writing APA style paper (proofreading, grammar etc)

Sent by Sandy on 1/12/16

Language Arts & Math, Sacramento, CA

Our 5th grader needs some additional help with reading comprehension, spelling, sentence structure, writing and math. We are looking for someone who could help with...

Sent by Margo on 1/12/16

Math, Santa Ysabel, CA 92070

I have a 12 year old having troubles in 7th grade math. I don't see that subject in your profile. Do you adjust that subject?

Sent by Annette on 1/12/16

English, Charlotte, NC

Hi my name is Ben I am looking for a tutor that can help me with my business English Homework and assignments. I am disabled have mental slowness.

Sent by Benjamin on 1/12/16

Praxis, Marrero, LA

Hello Brenda. I am in need of a tutor for Praxis 1 core math. I really feel like my problem is time. I'm looking for a tutor to hep me to speed up my testing time.

Sent by Chrystal on 1/12/16

Statistics, Colorado Springs, CO

Hired a tutor, but this tutor is not skilled in SPSS, descriptive / inferential statistics for psychology (doctoral level course).

Sent by Elizabeth on 1/12/16

Columbia, MD

7th Grade GT Student needs help with homework. Slipping GPA.

Sent by Cynthia on 1/12/16

Dyslexia, College Park, MD 20740

Sent by Lakisha on 1/12/16

Algebra 2, Houma, LA

inquiry about algebra 2 HELP SR struggling...JUST checking avail. and process..INFO

Sent by Erin on 1/12/16

English Tutor, Saint Augustine, FL

My daughter is going to be taking the ACT test beginning of February.. we just received results of a medical evaluation for concussive disorder.

Sent by Shelley on 1/12/16

Detroit, MI 48228

Hi Brittani, I am sorry I didnt get back to you sooner. With the holidays we had a lot going on and then 2 deaths in our family. I also misplaced your information .

Sent by Monique on 1/12/16

Accounting, Knightdale, NC

I will be taking an accounting class online and I have taken this class a few times. I haven't did well at all. Can you help. My number is (phone number available...

Sent by Carolyn on 1/12/16

Greek, New York, NY 10002

Hi Eleni! I am a fashion design student at Parsons The New School for Design in NYC. I am interning in Corfu, Greece over the Summer and would like to continue...

Sent by Ariana on 1/12/16

Czech, Chicago, IL 60659

I am trying to get a hold of Emily to tutor my partner. He speaks Czech native and is studying some course with (url available after purchase) to become...

Sent by Dan on 1/11/16

"series 7", Mesa, AZ

Hello Frances, My name is B. and I have been looking for someone who could help me hone in on some concepts pertaining to the Series 7 exam.

Sent by Bethany on 1/11/16

Chess, Vernon Hills, IL

I would like to know your availability and per hr rate for Chess lessons for my 8 yr old daughter. I live in Vernon Hills. Thank you

Sent by Jigna on 1/11/16

Home Schooling, Lubbock, TX

I want tutoring for my daughter a 5th grader. Please call me (phone number available after purchase). Thx

Sent by Ashraf on 1/11/16

Algebra, Richmond Hill, GA

Hello Larry, I just moved to the area and seeking tutoring for my son in Algebra 2.

Sent by Denise on 1/11/16

Starkville, MS

Hi, I have a 11th grader interested in improving his score. He is currently in a boarding school at MSMS in Columbus, MS. Do you have availabilities in...

Sent by Ethan on 1/11/16

Physics Tutor, Ann Arbor, MI

Hi Nichole. I am interested in hiring a tutor for my daughter for AP Physics C (Mechanic). She is a Senior in High school. She is having difficulty understanding her...

Sent by Denise on 1/11/16

Dat, Lemont, IL

Hello Abdul, I am looking for tutoring for the DAT. I plan on taking the DAT in June/July. If you can get back to me that would be great. Thank you

Sent by Michael on 1/11/16

Step 3, Staten Island, NY

Hey! Have you taken Step 3? I am looking for a Step tutor.

Sent by Ansher on 1/11/16

Elementary, Sublimity, OR

Good Afternoon Melissa, My name is S. and i am the mother of an amazing 3rd girl named Korbyn. Korbyn is struggling in 3rd grade in perticularly in reading...

Sent by Shannon on 1/11/16

Chemistry, Tracy, CA

Good Afternoon, We are looking for a chemistry tutor for my Sophmore daughter, she is not failing the class she's taking, but she needs reinforcement of...

Sent by Christine on 1/11/16

Economics, Fayetteville, GA

Im struggling in Economics.

Sent by Kellie on 1/11/16

Usmle, San Diego, CA

Hi Sejal, Looking for tutor for step 1. If you could email me your contact info to further discuss this. Thanks

Sent by Rupali on 1/11/16

Computer Science, Lexington, KY

Hello Ed, I am looking for a tutor in CS 115 (intro to computer programming) for my son who is at Univ. of KY. I would probably need to start within 10 days or so.

Sent by Victor on 1/11/16

Microsoft Outlook, Hartford, CT

Sent by Jennifer on 1/11/16

Sas, Trenton, NJ

Hi , I am very much interested in learning SAS . I am not a computer person . Can you please help . Thanks

Sent by Kirti on 1/11/16

Math, Penns Grove, NJ

Hello. I am looking for a tutor for my daughter. She's in 2nd grade and mostly needs help in math. I hope to hear from you

Sent by Jillian on 1/11/16

Spanish Tutor, Woodbridge, VA

Hi, Need spanish tutor. Can you help? (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Nicole on 1/11/16

Algebra 1, Saint Augustine, FL

Hello. My daughter is struggling in Algebra 1. She has been attendening tutoring at her school but isn't helping her. I would like to speak to you to see if you are...

Sent by Marlana on 1/11/16

Chemistry, Yorktown, VA

My daughter Maria is a junior at York High. She missed a month of school due to illness before the holidays,therefore needs help understanding the work that...

Sent by Andrea on 1/11/16

Accounting, Savannah, GA

Hi Carlton, My name is A. and I'm a graduate student at Savannah College of Art and Design seeking an accounting tutor. I'm interested in your services if you're...

Sent by Angela on 1/10/16

Organic Chemistry, Neshanic Station, NJ 08853

Looking for a tutor for Organic Chemistry for a Rutgers course.

Sent by AR on 1/10/16

Cumberland Md, Woodstock, MD 21163

Please call me, (phone number available after purchase), I am interested in your tutoring online. I have 6 weeks there about. Thank you

Sent by Marsha on 1/10/16

English, Warrington, PA

Hello Mr.Michael My name is A. , my son Sabin needs some help in writing. He is a CB west (11)student. Please let me know your fee and the details. Thanks A.

Sent by Abraham on 1/10/16

Geometry, North Hollywood, CA

My daughter needs an algebra tutor. She is in 10th grade.

Sent by Tony on 1/10/16

Lsat, Woodmere, NY

Hi Nathan, I've been preparing for the LSAT, and was wondering how confidant your methods for Logic games are able to be taught? Thank you so much A.

Sent by Adam on 1/10/16

Las Vegas, NV 89128

seeking a small job to be done, thank you, a trifold in cmyk print. i have all the pieces, just dont know how to create

Sent by Teresa on 1/10/16

Computer Workshop, Friendswood, TX

Im not a child but I see that you tutor for Microsoft excel,word. Are you also familiar with Mac iWork versions? Im so lost with both and need to learn.

Sent by Charli on 1/10/16

Organic Chemistry, Las Vegas, NV

please contact me for your services 3 1 4 2 8 4 9 8

Sent by Jerri on 1/10/16

Physics, Mobile, AL

Hello, My name is A. and I am a student at University of South Alabama. I need help in Physics.

Sent by Abdullah on 1/10/16

Pre Calculus, Clarkston, MI

Hello, My daughter iS. a Jr in HS. and iS. looking for S.ome help with Pre Calc. WaS. wondering if you are tutoring today and have any open time? B.

Sent by Brian on 1/10/16

Law, Sacramento, CA 95835

Hello, How are you? I would like to know if you tutor law students?

Sent by Jedian on 1/10/16

Mongolian, Orlando, FL 32832

Hi Solo! My name is J. M. & I'm emailing because I've recently been looking for a Mongolian Language tutor, as I'll be living in Mongolia for 2 years starting in May.

Sent by Jordan on 1/9/16

Act Reading, Yuma, AZ

Hello, i am a student who is struggling with comprehending ACT reading passage and raising grade. I need tutor who can explain the question that i can't get.

Sent by Sam on 1/9/16

many subjects, El Dorado Hills, CA

looking for tutor for daughter in Folsom

Sent by Rameshwari on 1/9/16

Cpa, Frisco, TX 75035

Hi, I am inquiring for my daughter. She is studying for the FAR section of the CPA. She has FAR and REG remaining. She has taken FAR 3 times with scores from 69 - 72.

Sent by Linda on 1/9/16

Speech, Denver, CO

My son Stephen is a senior in HS. Is accepted to college. He gets "stuck" when talking to adults. He seems to overthink his answer, looking for the perfect answer...

Sent by James on 1/9/16

Reading, Jacksonville Beach, FL

4th grade student with fetal alcohol syndrome having great difficulty reading. Will be left back without one on one reading instruction.

Sent by Linda on 1/9/16

Drawing, Cedar Rapids, IA

Hi Tuong, My daughter is 5 years old and she is interested in drawing/painting/arts work. Would you be able to teach my daughter, we are in cedar rapids, ia.

Sent by Vishnu on 1/9/16

middle-school subjects, Mashpee, MA

I am looking for a tutor for my employer's niece-a 14 year old girl in East Falmouth. She is a very intelligent girl just needs assistance staying focused...

Sent by Farrah on 1/9/16

Finance, Burlington, VT

Hi Bernard, I am inquiring about a tutor for my son who will be taking a managerial finance course at UVM this semester. Are you available

Sent by Anne on 1/9/16

Environmental Engineering, North Port, FL

I need help with the class of environmental engineering and engineering mechanics. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase) as soon as possible.

Sent by Dennis on 1/9/16

Math, Highland Mills, NY

Hi Jackie, I'm currently looking for a math tutor for my son Myles. Myles is 11years old, in the 6th grade and struggling with math.

Sent by Joyce on 1/9/16

German, Fresno, CA

HI I am looking for a German language tutor. Thank you, M.

Sent by Mike on 1/9/16

Chinese, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hello Li, My girlfriend is a 50 yr old Chinese native struggling to learn English. She has been in the US for 10 years, so we can communicate on an elementary level.

Sent by Richard on 1/9/16

Ap Calculus, Chanhassen, MN

I am preparing for ap call semester exam. I would like some help reviewing.

Sent by Matt on 1/8/16

Reading, Stone Mountain, GA 30083

hi plz contact me asap. my son is in the 5th grade and needs assistance with reading comprehension.

Sent by Audra on 1/8/16

Managerial Finance, Burlington, VT

I am writing for my son who will be starting Managerial Finance at UVM spring semester. He is not confident in his math skills and would like to start of with help...

Sent by Brian on 1/8/16

Elementary Education, Lutz, FL

Hello how are you? I am looking to get some tutoring services for my son he is currently in the 5th grade and is having problems in math, writing, and reading.

Sent by Marcia on 1/8/16

Lsat, Mustang, OK

How much experience do you have with the LSAT?

Sent by David on 1/8/16

Math, Silver Spring, MD

Lauren - my 10th grade son Evan has 2 needs: 1) to get his unfinished homework in this semester over the next few days 2) someone to work with him on math...

Sent by George on 1/8/16

Esl, Charlotte, NC

Hi, Please let me know if you're interested in an ESL tutoring opportunity in Charlotte, North Carolina. Thanks, M. R.

Sent by Michele on 1/8/16

Math and Reading, Port Saint Lucie, FL

I have a second grader with adhd that is struggling in school with all subjects I would like to meet and see if your a good fit for my son.to help him

Sent by Krissi on 1/8/16

Reading, Holland, OH

Need help with reading, writing ( English).

Sent by Marim on 1/8/16

Geometry, Crestview, FL

Looking for tutor for Geometry student on weekends or via FaceTime during the week. Daughter heavily involved in sports.

Sent by Byron on 1/8/16

English, Sewell, NJ

Please von tact me looking for a tutor in biology.

Sent by Rose on 1/8/16

Algebra Tutor, NY

Hello , I need a Algebra tutor for my Son,i want him to be taught by you. Stephen is 13 years old, he can easily catch up.Although,I've arranged with my caregiver...

Sent by Brenda on 1/8/16

Sat Reading, Wexford, PA

I am looking for a math tutor for my 8th grader son, Geometry. Thank you.

Sent by Cathy on 1/8/16

8th Grade Adhd Math, Creedmoor, NC

My son, Jonathan, is in the 8th grade. He is diagnosed with ADHD and on the mild spectrum of Autism. He struggles with math in his 8th grade class.

Sent by Angela on 1/7/16

English, Westland, MI

looking for English tutor for grade 10, lmk if you are available

Sent by Syed on 1/7/16

Calculus, Houston, TX

Hi Carrel, I am looking for a college level Calculus 3 tutor for recurring 2 hour sessions in the mornings in the Galleria area for $50./session M-Th.

Sent by Brian on 1/7/16

Usmle, Staten Island, NY 10309

Hi Zafar, I am looking for a tutor who can help me score high as I am an IMG and graduated 9 years ago. I am preparing for usmle step 1

Sent by Saleh on 1/7/16

Act, Minneapolis, MN

Hello Thore, I'm looking for an ACT tutor. Can you forward me info?

Sent by Ted on 1/7/16

Chickasha, OK

I am searching for a tutor for my fifth grade child. He struggles currently with some division and all fractions. Please let me know if you can help with that.

Sent by Jessica on 1/7/16

Dat, Center Moriches, NY 11934

I am taking the DAT in march of this year. would like tutoring help. I am in UCLA area

Sent by Madelyne on 1/7/16

Writing, Lake Stevens, WA

We are looking for someone who can help our son (4th grade) with writing and reading. Specifically, his teacher says that he is only writing at a 2nd grade level...

Sent by Stewart on 1/7/16

Math, Eustis, FL

How long have you been tutoring

Sent by Bob on 1/7/16

French, Linden, NJ

My daughter loves the French language. She want to learn very bad and I have been having trouble finding a tutor who lives close to us.

Sent by Lena on 1/7/16

Reading (dyslexia), Suitland, MD

Hi. I am trying to obtain a tutor for my 5 year old son. I noticed that he is forgetting his letters and also flipping letters as though it is a mirror image when he...

Sent by Lakisha on 1/7/16

Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

Hi, I am looking for someone to review a Multiple choice assignment for my son. He is in APUSH and has an 81% and needs to do well on this assignment (it's EC).

Sent by Lisa on 1/7/16

Physics, Columbia, MO

Hello, my daughter, Le'Bria is seeking a tutor for physics (especially), math and English. She has good grades but is a bit harsh on herself as she strives to do better.

Sent by Tracey on 1/7/16

Math, New Orleans, LA 70119

Looking for tutoring for my son. Areas of need are math (geometry), word knowledge, and reading comprehension.

Sent by Christine on 1/7/16

Math Reading, Mandeville, LA

Hello. I am looking for a tutor for my 18 year old son who is scheduled to take the ASVAB. He needs help with math, particularly in Geometry.

Sent by Christine on 1/7/16

Jersey City, NJ 07306

Hi Akash, i want to contact you to take tutions of my child. (email available after purchase) is my email id. I want to enquire more information.

Sent by Suzain on 1/7/16

Writing, Sanford, NC

Hello Mary, My 15 year old daughter Nina is a HFA student, she struggles with writing, English and comprehension. She has an IEP and Im thinking maybe 2 to 3 days...

Sent by Sharon on 1/7/16

Statistics, Charlotte, NC

Hi Roxanne... I am looking for a Tutor to assist me with College level Statistics.. My other tutor has moved to China/Winston Salem.. LOL..

Sent by Stephen on 1/6/16

American History, Thousand Oaks, CA

Hi Mark, I am looking for someone to review a 90 questions multiple choice assignment for APUSH. If I sent the document and questions to you is that something...

Sent by Lisa on 1/6/16

Finance, Philadelphia, PA 19147

I need a tutor, preferably one that will meet local or come to the house. I need to cover corporate finance MBA level with initial focus on nominal rate of return...

Sent by Heather on 1/6/16

Reading (dyslexia), Elmhurst, NY

Good afternoon I have a 8 yr old son who's been struggling with reading since kindergarten I have tried almost anything to help but I feel as if I'm causing him more...

Sent by Katherine on 1/6/16

autism ADHD, Lapeer, MI

Hi Laura, I have a 9 year old autistic child needs extra help for school!

Sent by Jamie on 1/6/16

Web Design, Dallas, TX

Hi, I am a senior in an online degree program. I have 8 weeks to finish a course on web design culminating in a project creating my own web page.

Sent by Patrick on 1/6/16

Baby Sitting, Horn Lake, MS 38637

Contact me. I saw your ad about you needing a sitter. (phone number available after purchase) (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Nikki on 1/6/16

Math, Mount Vernon, WA

Hi there, my son is in 6th grade and has an aptitude of 4th grade. he is struggling in math, other subjects he is doing much better. Can you help?

Sent by Anthony on 1/6/16

Math, Penns Grove, NJ

Hi. I'm looking for an in home tutor for my daughter. She's in 2nd grade and mostly needs help in math. Hope to hear from you.

Sent by Jillian on 1/6/16

Lsat, San Diego, CA

Iam looking for lsat tutor who can help with teaching how to read long passage and answer on time for LSAT text please if u are available call me at (phone number...

Sent by Angelapanah on 1/6/16

Quicken Quickbooks, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Juan, I am seeking one-on-one guidance to getting set up on Quicken. Would you be able to help? Thank you, W.

Sent by Wende on 1/6/16

7th grade homework, Plainview, NY 11803

HI My son in 7th grade he need help in his home work please call me if you could help me out Thanks

Sent by Sukhi on 1/6/16

Algebra, The Dalles, OR

Hello, my son is 16 and is currently in algebra 2 , he needs help outside of his classroom to understand and succeed in this class

Sent by Marleise on 1/6/16

Usmle, Chicago, IL

Hello, my step 1 board exam as an N.D. is February 2nd. It is the same as USMLE step 1 but minus the pharmacology. That is on our Step 2. Looking for help over...

Sent by Shaon on 1/6/16

Special Education, Jeannette, PA

Hi Melissa, My kindergarten son needs a tutor for reading and math. I d like to hire as soon as possible on a weekly basis. I'd like to hear from you.

Sent by Maria on 1/6/16

Algebra, Villa Rica, GA

Hi Symantha my name is K. R. and i have a daughter name Ciauntie Williams and she needs help with Algebra 1 Honors class. For some reason she has failed her class...

Sent by Kelli on 1/6/16

German, Colorado Springs, CO

Hello! My family are looking for a German tutor because we are attempting to move there in a couple years. It is my husband, our two-year-old daughter and myself.

Sent by Kaitlyn on 1/6/16

Elementary Math, Albuquerque, NM

Hi Linda, we are looking for a tutor for our son to help him in math. He is currently in 3rd grade and will be starting multiplications soon and we have always found...

Sent by Connie on 1/6/16

Mcat, Denver, CO

I am searching for a tutor for the FE exam. I have taken it twice and have not passed. I wanted to start studying in late may or early june.

Sent by Jesse on 1/6/16

Microsoft Word, Thousand Oaks, CA

I currently use Microsoft Word in my business, but want to improve some aspects of that use, including templates and graphics.

Sent by Mr. on 1/6/16

Korean, Salt Lake City, UT

Hi Daniel, My goal is to be conversationally fluent (speak, understand, read, and write) in Korean, by August, 2017. Seems like it's far off for this but I'm not so...

Sent by Thomas on 1/6/16

Chemistry Ap, Naples, FL

Hi, I need help for my son's AP Chemistry class works and exam Thanks V.

Sent by Ven on 1/6/16

Math, Locust Grove, GA

I'm looking for a math tutor my son is in the 7th grade.

Sent by Celena on 1/6/16

English, Wallingford, PA

Elizabeth, I have seen your profile on a variety of sites. I homeschool my 10 year old daughter who is very gifted and has a passion for reading and creative writing.

Sent by Yvonne on 1/6/16

Usmle, Houston, TX 77025

Hello Matthew, I was wondering if you are available for tutoring Step 2CK & possibly CS too? Please kindly let me know. Thanks! S.

Sent by Sydnee on 1/6/16

English, Merced, CA

Adult male need help in English grammar, sentences and college writing. (phone number available after purchase). Thanks

Sent by Danny on 1/6/16

Geometry, Brea, CA

Hi Mark, I wanted to know if you're available to tutor my high school sophmore in Geometry twice a week. A response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, C.

Sent by Claudia on 1/5/16

C, Palo Alto, CA 94301

Interestedin being tutoted for c#.

Sent by Martin on 1/5/16

Math, Pasadena, CA

Math for a 6 grader. Pasadena 91104

Sent by Elizabeth on 1/5/16

Reading Tutors, Lancaster, CA

Hi I am intersting for reading tutoring please call me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Gerardo on 1/5/16

Algebra, Hot Springs National Park, AR

Hi Katelyn, I'm looking for a tutor for my fifteen year old freshman daughter who is struggling with algebra. Hopefully you can help us quickly.

Sent by Brigitte on 1/5/16

Chemistry, Morrisville, PA

Hi Aashita, My daughter, Jenni, is a senior in high school and needs some help in AP Chemistry. Are you available to tutor? We live in Yardley.

Sent by Sharon on 1/5/16

Act, Bryant, AR

looking for ACT prep tutor for 11th grade son in Bryant. Available evenings Mon - Thurs.

Sent by Nicola on 1/5/16

Act, Mount Airy, MD

Todd, My name is K. K. and I live in Dove's Landing behind Challedon golf course. I have twin daughters who are juniors at South Carroll High School.

Sent by Karl on 1/5/16

Reading, Saint Robert, MO

Are you able to tutor a 5 year to read?

Sent by Kimberly on 1/5/16

Computer, North Wales, PA

Hello, I wanted to ask you if you know any computer programming thank you. Like C++, JAVA

Sent by Jae on 1/5/16

7th homework, Huntington Station, NY

Hi My son in 7th grade and he need help for homework my ph#(phone number available after purchase) thanks

Sent by Sukhi on 1/5/16

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Android, Stamford, CT

I have several questions on Android programing (from the UDEMY videos I have seen)? I use Android Studio and Gennymotion and know core Java.

Sent by Brian on 1/5/16

SAT, Saddle River, NJ

Hi, I am looking for a private English SAT tutor for my son. He is scheduled to take SATs on Jan 22 and needs to improve his scores. this will be his 2nd SAT test.

Sent by Inna on 1/5/16

Algebra 2, Rocklin, CA

Hi, I am looking for a tutor for my daughter, Gabrielle. She is a junior at Whitney High School in Rocklin. She needs help in Algebra 2. Thank you, J.

Sent by Julie on 1/5/16

Spanish (basics), Sacramento, CA

Hi Suzette, my son Gilbert is struggling in math he is an eighth grade at Holy Spirit School I believe he is doing pre algebra right now he is also struggling...

Sent by Gina on 1/5/16

AP Stats, Trenton, NJ 08628

Can you tutor AP Stat for $20 couple of times a week

Sent by Maybel on 1/5/16

C#, Naples, FL

Looking for tutoring in C#. I can be reached at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Martin on 1/4/16

Adhd, Redding, CA

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for both my 2nd and 7th grade boys Both have ADHD diagnoses and are struggling with most subjects, including motivation.

Sent by Nezzera on 1/4/16

Ged, Panama City, FL

hey john im a 26 female who is determined to passing the ged. I really could use some one on one when it comes to math. I do go to school as well.

Sent by Haylen on 1/4/16

SSAT, Union, NJ

Hi! My name is N. and my daughter Alexxa needs help studying for her SSAT test for high school. She is an eighth grader and already has the handbook and everything.

Sent by Nallide on 1/4/16

Hesi A2, Columbia, MD

Hello Mariann, I am searching for a tutor who is familiar or has knowledge pertaining to the hesi lpn to rn mobility exam. I have been unsuccessful twice and wish...

Sent by RosAnna on 1/4/16

Asvab, Columbia, MO

I need a tutor for the ASVAB ASAP, i am scheduled to take it on January 19th

Sent by Wilson on 1/4/16

Statistics, Fort Washington, PA

Do you travel to Bensalem, PA 19020 ? Do you teach AP Statistics, if so what's your hourly rate?

Sent by Maybel on 1/4/16

Python, Mountain View, CA

I am beginner, interested in learning Python and Matlab. I presently live in Palo Alto.Tele (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Mark on 1/4/16

Ftce, Naples, FL 34114

Hello. I'm in the process of trying to pass the FTCE general knowledge math exam. I've taken it twice to no avail and am getting really discouraged.

Sent by Lauren on 1/4/16

Dat, Germantown, MD

Hey Christopher, I'm taking my DAT in the next 4 months, and I really need help in chemistry, organic chemistry, and Math. I am full- time student at Maryland.

Sent by Pegah on 1/4/16

Usmle, Strongsville, OH 44149

Hello-- I am looking to take Step 3 by the end of February. I feel that I need someone to just help organize me and keep me motivated for this exam.

Sent by Mousa on 1/4/16

Reading, Manchester, NH

Hi Jennifer My name is C. and i was looking for someone to tutor my son he's 8yrs and in 3rd grade and has issues with his reading.

Sent by Caroline on 1/4/16

English Linguistics Literary Criticism and Appreciation, Long Beach, CA

I could afford one lesson every two weeks, though I would like challenging assignments in which I would maximize my learning through research and study.

Sent by Sally on 1/4/16

Brooklyn, NY 11216

Hey Mona, I am interested in learning illustrator. Do you teach in Manhattan? Thanks, A.

Sent by Adam on 1/4/16

Usmle, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660

Please contact me for step 1 tutoring dr.George and I like your tutoring and please email me at (email available after purchase) please

Sent by Harini on 1/4/16

Math, Tampa, FL

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for my son in Math and Science. He is in the 7th grade. He will need assistance with homework and studying for tests.

Sent by Jeff on 1/3/16

College Physics, Richmond Hill, NY

Hi i am going to start physics during my spring semester. I want to get a head start. The teacher is rated very poorly so I really want a good grade in this class.

Sent by Stacy on 1/3/16

Esl Tutor, Olathe, KS 66062

Hello. I want to learn English spelling pronunciation Contact me. Thank you

Sent by Peter on 1/3/16

Sat, Norwood, NJ

Hi Benjamin! I am currently a junior in high school and I live in Bergen County. I took the Nov/Dec SAT using a private tutor but saw a decrease in my math portion...

Sent by Kinnari on 1/3/16

Computer, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33324

On pine island ridge. We are linking photo shop dedicated computer to epson wide width printer. We have used corel 6 but are not happy.

Sent by Len on 1/3/16

Study Skills, Warren, OH 44481

Looking for a comprehensive tutor for my 8th grade son struggling w core classes & study skills

Sent by April on 1/3/16

Math, Cary, NC 27519

Hi raghavendra I am looking a tutor for my 4 th grader twice a week for math and English. He is good in grades but I want him to be advanced.

Sent by Kalpana on 1/3/16

Adobe Illustrator, New York, NY

hey youyung, i am looking to learn illustrator. are you still available to tutor? thanks, A.

Sent by Adam on 1/3/16

Reading, Plano, TX

I looking for a tutor with strengths in reading and writing to assist my ten year old son. He currently attends Plano isd and needs support in these areas

Sent by Tara on 1/3/16

Test Prep Tutor, East Greenwich, RI

Looking for a tutor for AP US History course and exam, available immediately for motivated sophomore.

Sent by Christy on 1/2/16

Mac, Miami, FL 33155

Hello Yoyo, I need a crash course on MS outlook, word and excel for a job that I am applying for. I don't have a pc I use a Mac and I don't work with Microsoft so...

Sent by Eva on 1/2/16

Reading, Farmington, CT

Hi Jamie , We have an 11 year old on a first grade reading level . We live on the Porters campus and are both teachers. Interested in finding a lead teacher here...

Sent by Jeannie on 1/2/16

tutoring help, Rockford, IL 61108

Tricia, I need help as soon as possible. Would you call me-(phone number available after purchase)-Thanks!

Sent by Evelyn on 1/2/16

Science, Machesney Park, IL

Hi Corinne, I need your help as soon as possible (I'm leaving tomorrow and will be out of the country for two weeks). Please call me at (phone number available after...

Sent by Evelyn.m.deitering on 1/2/16

Biology, Wilton, CA

I am looking a good tutor

Sent by N, on 1/2/16

Mac Computer Tutor, Sarasota, FL

Hey Sara, do you do Mac tutoring? Thanks.

Sent by Ron on 1/2/16

Android, Alden, MN 56009

Hi Garry, I'm looking for help with Android programming. I know basic/intermediate Java, Android Studio,Genny Motion. Can you work with me online? Thanks

Sent by Brian on 1/2/16

English Tutor, Natick, MA 01760

Hello I am looking for a tutor.

Sent by Vladimer on 1/2/16

C++ Programming, Dearborn Heights, MI

I need a tutor in advanced c++ programming language.

Sent by Fadi on 1/2/16

USMLE, Manhasset, NY 11030

Need to speak with you regarding my son. He needs to take Ck. My number is (phone number available after purchase). Thanks.

Sent by Dilip on 1/1/16

Ftce, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314

Hi! I was wondering if you tutor for the ftce general knowledge test?

Sent by Leyla on 1/1/16

English Language Arts, Anchorage, AK

I am looking for a Chemistry tutor for my 2 sons (Seniors at West HIgh). This is a very specific request as they are applying to the Southern Alberta Institute of...

Sent by Terry on 1/1/16

Algebra, Grants Pass, OR

Hi Louise, I am in need for a Pre Algebra tutor for a young lady that my mom is taking care of, she is 15 and is doing on-line with connexs she has not done her...

Sent by Sonya on 1/1/16

Spanish, Harrells, NC

Hi Mary, I am local in Harrells, NC, and I am looking for a Spanish Tutor. I see that your price includes up to 40 miles travel distance.

Sent by Deona on 1/1/16

Spanish, Folsom, CA

Hi Suzy, My son is in middle school (7th grade) and need some tutoring help in spanish since Spanish isn't our native language. Please call me at (phone number...

Sent by Nikhil on 1/1/16

spanish, Provo, UT

Just want to learn spanish

Sent by William on 1/1/16

Computer, Fresno, CA 93726

Hi shreya ...zm frm mech engg background , i want to do masters in computer science... i would like to contact you regarding program..

Sent by Shahid on 1/1/16