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Physics, Houghton, MI

Robert do you tutor at a college level for physics?

Sent by Sherri on 11/30/16

Math Language, Lithonia, GA

Hello Daniel, My name is S. and I am interested in finding a tutor for my son, Elijah, who is 17 years old. He struggles deeply in math, language, and science.

Sent by Sharr on 11/30/16

Cbest, Clayton, CA

Hi Barbara, I'm a recent colleg graduate looking for help passing th CBEST. I've poke a date for the end of January and I really need some assistance with maths.

Sent by Kelly on 11/30/16

Organic Chemistry, Roseville, CA

Hello-I am starting to look for an AP Chemistry teacher/tutor for my daughter's next year schedule. We homeschool through a charter school and I am hoping...

Sent by Lysa on 11/30/16

Chemistry, Colorado Springs, CO

Hi Danielle, my daughter Maddie is finding herself struggling in 10th grade chemistry. She would like extra help, and we were wondering if you have any openings...

Sent by Milissa on 11/30/16

Gre, Norfolk, VA

Seeking instructor who may be interested in teaching a semester-long GRE and/or GMAT class at Hampton University as part of a course offering.

Sent by Desiree on 11/30/16

Elementary, Williamsburg, VA

Hi! We are looking for someone to help my son with kindergarten readiness skills. He attends preschool full-time, but tells me it's boring.

Sent by Rachel on 11/30/16

Nclex Rn, Cleveland, OH

Hi Tamar, I have taken the NCLEX twice now and have not been successful. I have used every study aide/test prep. I don't know if I am reading the questions wrong...

Sent by MacKenzie on 11/30/16

Ftce, Palm Harbor, FL 34683

Hello Jennifer I am an adult learner currently enrolled in education at St. Leo. One word can't pass the GK test frustrated!!! Do you think you can help?

Sent by Lorrie on 11/30/16

English As 2nd Language, South El Monte, CA

hi, my name is E.. my girlfriend is from china and needs english lessons. please call me at (phone number available after purchase) thank you

Sent by Eric on 11/30/16

C++, Tampa, FL

Good morning sir I am a college student in Tampa, FL and I have a huge programming assignment. I have been working on it with little progress and help is limited.

Sent by Chaz on 11/30/16

Math, Brentwood, CA

I need math tutor for my daughter. Please email me back at (email available after purchase)

Sent by Jas on 11/30/16

Information Technology, Alexandria, VA

I need help with my assignment. I am bit lost and I need help.

Sent by Ashmiru on 11/29/16

Biology, Geometry, Pleasanton, CA

I have a sophomore daughter with dyslexia in need of biology and geometry tutoring. Do you cover the Pleasanton area?

Sent by Richard on 11/29/16

Latin, English, Phoenix, AZ 85014

Hello Mr. Samuel, We are looking for a Latin and English tutor for my daughter who goes to Basis Peoria. She is currently in 6th grade and having a bit of...

Sent by Vineetha on 11/29/16

Esl, Cleveland, OH

I am chinese student in john carroll university. I need a tutor to practice my spoken english. My language is ok for my class and work, but have problem for slang.

Sent by Joyce on 11/29/16

Pharmacology, Tampa, FL 33626

Looking for a pharmacology tutor in east Lansing mi or Lansing mi for my son. He is a med student at Msu. I was told you live in one of these cities.

Sent by Kim on 11/29/16

Reading, Math, Owings Mills, MD

Hello Sharon, I am interested if getting a tutor for my son. He is a third grader in the Baltimore County School system. I would be interested in some assistance...

Sent by Lauren on 11/29/16

Math Reading, Phoenix, AZ

Hi Linda! My 9 year old son is in the 4th grade and is failing. I wanted to see if you could help and if this could work for us. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sent by Stephanie on 11/29/16

Math, Riverside, CA

I live in downtown Riverside area. I have 3 girls, 7the grade, 5 grade and 1St grade. Are you able to come home to Tutor once or twice a week for couple of hours.

Sent by Willuna on 11/29/16

Mount Vernon, IL

Interested in tutor for my nephew age 13.

Sent by Julee on 11/29/16

Oceanography, Katy, TX 77449

Please contact me i need help as soon as possible for preparing for exam

Sent by Abdul on 11/29/16

Chemistry, Jacksonville, FL

Hi Sieda, I am looking for a chemistry tutor for my daughter who is currently a 10th grader. Would that be something of your interest and area of expertise?

Sent by Claudia on 11/29/16

Study Skills, Oswego, IL

Sent by Hoisug on 11/29/16

Pre-algebra, LA Jolla, CA

Hello, I am requesting pricing info for pre-algebra and beginning algebra tutoring. My husband is taking a class and has a test on wed that he needs help preparing...

Sent by Trish on 11/29/16

Video Editing, Woodland Hills, CA

Hi Danny. I need to have someone edit some short phone videos down to 12 min into one for a project. I need to turn this in by Dec 1. As you can tell I...

Sent by Sherri on 11/29/16

Ableton, Whitehall, MI 49461

Hi. I need help getting sound in ableton. I loaded a midi instrument and no sound. Also no sound on an audio track. Thanks M.

Sent by Manny on 11/29/16

Pre Algebra and Beginning Algebra, Baltimore, MD

Hello, I am requesting pricing info for pre-algebra and beginning algebra tutoring. My husband is taking a class and has a test on wed that he needs help preparing...

Sent by Patricia on 11/29/16

Math, San Ramon, CA

Hi Alyssa I have my own tutoring business in San Ramon and am sometimes looking for help to provide tutoring for kids on my waiting list.

Sent by Annette on 11/29/16

Information Systems, Rockville Centre, NY 11570

hello, r we able to do the tutoring online >>??

Sent by Weihung on 11/29/16

Math, Biology, San Ramon, CA

Hi You have some tutoring experience. I need a tutor for both subjects Algebra and Biology 2-3 days week. Do you have references? What is your rate per hour?

Sent by Shari on 11/29/16

Pre-algebra, Colton, CA

Please call me (phone number available after purchase) I need to help my daughter with her pre-algebra math. She went to work with me and now she is behind.

Sent by Irma on 11/28/16

Ap Calculus, San Mateo, CA

Hi Yu, I messaged you last week about needing tutoring services for AP Calculus for our daughter through Wyzant. Can you email me to get further information (phone...

Sent by Mary on 11/28/16

Real Estate, Chicago, IL

I really need your help, I want to pass my IL Real Estate Exam. I can be reached at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Shandrel on 11/28/16

Pharmacology, East Lansing, MI

Do you tutor with skype and do you tutor pharmacology?

Sent by Kim on 11/28/16

English, Whiteville, NC

I need help with a online English classes I am taking

Sent by Miya on 11/28/16

Algebra 1, Columbia, TN

Sent by Amanda on 11/28/16

Math, Fort Walton Beach, FL

I am needing a math tutor for my son in the 6th grade. Two days a week, one hour each day

Sent by Rachael on 11/28/16

Spanish, Roseville, CA

Hi Debra, I'm looking for a Spanish tutor for high school student. What are your available hours?

Sent by Olena on 11/28/16

Elementary Reading, Bowie, MD

Hello. I am looking for a tutor for my granddaughter who Lives in Bowie. She is 6 and in first grade. Need to improve her reading skills. Will you come to her house?

Sent by Anita on 11/28/16

Algebra, Ashland, OH

I'm looking for an algebra tutor for my daughter. Are you still tutoring? If so, can you please contact me via email so we can discuss the possibility of working...

Sent by Kari on 11/28/16

Biostatistics, Bowling Green, KY

Hi Patrick, I was wondering if you knew anything pertaining to undergraduate biostatistics. I'm taking my final next week and really need some help

Sent by Rosa on 11/28/16

Usmle 2, El Cajon, CA 92019

Zain please call me at twwwo zerrro oneeeee sixxxx niiiine thrrrree oooone sevenn seveeeeen six

Sent by Ali on 11/28/16

Calculus Chemistry, Bothell, WA

Hi Steven, My son Josh is a Junior in High School and is struggling in Chemistry and Pre-calculus. We are looking for a tutor that can help with both subjects...

Sent by Jenny on 11/28/16

Math Reading, Indian Trail, NC

Hi! I have a 4th grader who is struggling in multiplication and division. Can you call me please (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Larrishea on 11/28/16

Java, New York, NY 10009

Beginner to the programming field just need a little insight on how I should look at problems

Sent by Haneef on 11/28/16

Javascript, New York, NY

Hello,I'm looking for a tutor for a JavaScript, who can meet from this Wednesday. Im taking coding class for requirment, and I'm struggling..

Sent by Cynthia on 11/28/16

English, Iselin, NJ

Hi Lakshmi, I am looking for a tutor for my daughter. She is in 8th grade and needs help primarily with English. I am looking for online solution as it will be...

Sent by Sumit on 11/28/16

Information Management, Inglewood, CA 90302

i need tutor for information management

Sent by Ebrahim on 11/28/16

Usmle, New York, NY

Mayank- Can you please reach out to me via e-mail or phone (phone number available after purchase). Need some help with USMLE step 1. If you busy yourself but can...

Sent by Hamad on 11/28/16

GRE, Berlin, MD

Sent by Claire on 11/28/16

Android, New York, NY 10001

Dear Mr. Ranjan, Hello! My name is J. H.. I'm currently a student at Full Sail University for Mobile Development. Over the last few months, I've been having...

Sent by John on 11/28/16

Statistics, Yucca Valley, CA

Need help with statistics very fast passed 8 week cours and I am down to my last 2 weeks

Sent by Shelley on 11/28/16

Computer Programming, North Canton, OH

Would like to get help for my children. Please email us.

Sent by G, on 11/28/16

Reading, Stafford, VA

Looking for reading teacher for 10 year old boy. Has dyslexia so struggles to read. He is currently in 4th grade, reading on a 3rd grade level. about a year behind.

Sent by Karen on 11/28/16

Reading, Vicksburg, MS

My child needs help with reading. She is in kindergarten and she has to pass a certain reading level before moving to the 1st grade.

Sent by Chakira on 11/28/16

Farsi Persian, Anaheim, CA

Hi Sheena, I hope things are going well. I am interested in taking Farsi lessons to the point where I would like to master it.

Sent by David on 11/28/16

Javascript Tutor, New York, NY

Hello, my name is C., and I am looking for javascript tutor. I'm taking coding class because it's requirement, but the teacher's explanation is pretty bad...

Sent by Cynthia on 11/28/16

Usmle, Chicago, IL

hello can you please call me at (phone number available after purchase) regarding tutoring for USMLE thank you

Sent by Yasmin on 11/27/16

Math, Pleasant Grove, AL

Hi Megan: I really need some help in my math class. I have a final scheduled for Dec 9th and I am really struggling to get the material. I am taking math 090.

Sent by Leigh on 11/27/16

Quicken, Los Angeles, CA

Caroline, I'm requesting assistance for using Quicken (yes, not Quickbooks). I am most interested in becoming proficient in the 'Planning' module.

Sent by Jeff on 11/27/16

Math, Waldorf, MD

My son needs a tutor to assist with math and organizational skills. To discuss, please call me at (phone number available after purchase). We live in Waldorf. A.

Sent by Anna on 11/27/16

Algorithms, Boston, MA

I need your help in algorithm in graph algorithm and Intractable Problems and Parallel Algorithms

Sent by Abdulrahman on 11/27/16

Excel tutoring, Charlotte, NC

I am working on a Nursing Capstone and having trouble analyzing the data of pre and post test scores using Excel and need help asap. Are you available?

Sent by Shelli on 11/27/16

Reading Kindergarten, Greer, SC

My daughter is 5years old and seems to be struggling thru kindergarten. She was home until she started school and never went to preschool or daycare.

Sent by Amanda on 11/27/16

Essay Writing, Anaheim, CA

Hello, Good Morning!! I am a student English as a Second Language. I need to revise the redaction and grammar for en essay. Is there any tutor avaulable for toda?

Sent by Rosa on 11/27/16

Information Systems, Los Angeles, CA

Hi i need help in a CSIS course

Sent by Yareb on 11/26/16

Language Art, Red Hook, NY

Hello. I am looking for someone to come to our home here in Tivoli. My son goes to Hudson Valley Pathways Academy in Kingston. It is a full day BOCES type program...

Sent by Debra on 11/26/16

History, Dobbs Ferry, NY

Could you send me a message, and talk about all the options

Sent by Jeff on 11/26/16

Reading, Columbus, GA

Brittney, Hi, my name is Ms. M.. I live in Columbus, Georgia. My granddaughter is having problem with reading, and I feel she needs some addition help.

Sent by Geraldine on 11/26/16

Praxis, Math, Writing, Wheeling, WV

Hi, I'm looking for someone to tutor my daughter for her Praxis test,She also is majoring in elementary ed at WL Needs help with math and writing.

Sent by Mary on 11/26/16

English, New Haven, CT

Hi Susan, my daughter Chelsea needs an English teacher. She is 9, and Grade 4. She has been in the US for about 3 months. She is a Chinese girl, and her English is...

Sent by Bill on 11/26/16

Act, Marble Falls, TX

Hi, I am interested in speaking with you about ACT prep. You can reach me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Kelly on 11/26/16

Material Science, Port Jefferson, NY 11777

I have around 28 questions with answers of materials of science and engineering subject. Can you solve it for me ?

Sent by Abdulaziz on 11/26/16

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Algebra 2, Leonardtown, MD

Hello, my husband and I are looking for a tutor for our daughter to help her occasionally if she misses school or if topics are confusing her, we are in...

Sent by Sherry on 11/26/16

Reading, Fairfield, VA

I have a child who is in the 11th grade her reading, writing, and comprehensive test scores were low. she needs help in those areas and too prepare her for s.a.t....

Sent by Elizabeth on 11/26/16

History (world), Dobbs Ferry, NY

a boy study in the master school, 9th grade, want a tutor in history(world) and writing. request about tutor: experienced, high school teacher is better.

Sent by Wade on 11/26/16

Math, Oxford, OH 45056

Hi, My son Donovan needs help in maths.. Am in search of a tutor to teach him 3 times a week, 1 hour per day in a month. Are you available??

Sent by Richard on 11/26/16

Usmle, Brooklyn, NY

I need help with certain areas... step 1

Sent by Vanessa on 11/25/16

Special Education, Susquehanna, PA

Checking to see if you are available to help an elementary student in the Windsor area to help them reach grade level for math and reading? Our schedule is flexible.

Sent by Lisa on 11/25/16

Algebra, Syracuse, NY

Hi Ashley, My name is K. O'Brien. My son, Colin is a freshman at Westhill High School. He is struggling with Algebra 1 and needs a tutor.

Sent by Kristin on 11/25/16

Autodesk Revit, Tampa, FL

Hello. I am currently astudent at Hillsborough Community College. I am inArchDesign 2. My final project is making a electrical system i am stuck and need help asap.

Sent by Duran on 11/25/16

Python, New York, NY 10001

Hi Nikhil, My daughter is creating a pygame project in her Python class. She needs help modifying some starter code and changing some of the sprites.

Sent by Elyse on 11/25/16

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Hello Ravi! My name is R. and I am looking for a tutor, specifically for the CCS portion of USMLE Step 3. My exam is December 29-30.

Sent by Rashida on 11/25/16

Usmle, Newark, NJ

hey, I'm looking for a tutor for m step 1 exam, i have done some review course, but i have a hard time applying what i learned to answering questions.

Sent by Christiana on 11/25/16

Portuguese, Miami, FL 33131

I am interested in learning Portueguese via Skype/Zoom or online video. Do you accept online payment and what program do you recommend I buy, Rosetta...

Sent by Aaron on 11/25/16

Romanian, Portland, ME 04101

need a romanian tutor ASAP

Sent by Shay on 11/24/16

Financial Engineering, Brooklyn, NY 11229

Hi Yuriy I'm currently taking a financial engineering course in college. Are you good with Matlab? I need help with an assignment. Thanks.

Sent by Errol on 11/24/16

English, Hayward, CA

Hello Camille I am studying for TOEFL and I need to practice talking for speaking section. we can meet online if you have time. thank you

Sent by Lina on 11/24/16

Maths, Spring Lake, NC

Hello,I need a Maths tutor for my daughter,i want her to be taught by you.Emily is 14yrs old and she can easily catch up.Although,I've arranged with my caregiver...

Sent by Mike on 11/23/16

Calculus, Cypress, CA 90630

I was wondering if you were available at all today, tomorrow or Friday. I am a student at Santa Clara studying Mathematics and I am struggling in my Advanced...

Sent by Mike on 11/23/16

Calculus, Arlington, VA

Hello, My son is a senior at Wakefield High School in Arlington, VA, and needs help with his AP Calculus course. What can you tell me about your Calculus tutoring?

Sent by Sarah on 11/23/16

Usmle, Washington, DC

I need a tutor for Step 1 if you could please contact me I would really appreciate it.

Sent by Raissa on 11/23/16

Vector Calculus, Seattle, WA

Sent by Rich on 11/23/16

Accounting, Morgantown, WV

Sent by Lisa on 11/22/16

Teas, Minneapolis, MN

Sent by Michaela on 11/22/16

Automata, DFA, NFA, Hayward, CA

Hey Saran, How are you? I need your help Theory like Automata, DFA, NFA and Turning machine These things

Sent by Mohammed on 11/22/16

Thermodynamics, Houston, TX

Sent by Jacob on 11/22/16

Stata, New York, NY

Sent by Hadeil on 11/22/16

Math, Winterville, NC

Sent by Walter on 11/22/16

Computer, Colorado Springs, CO

Sent by Shelly on 11/22/16

Math Algebra Spanish, Lewisville, NC

Hi Pamela, My son is 8th grade. He needs help with 8th grade math. I see you're have a strong math background. Please let us know if you're interested...

Sent by Kara on 11/22/16

Algebra 1, Woodbridge, VA

I need some assistance with an online Algebra 1 course that I am having issues with. I need to know do you travel to the Woodbridge area?

Sent by Larry on 11/22/16

Asvab, Brunswick, GA

Good Morning, I wanted to speak with you in regards to tutoring my daughter on the ASVAB test. You can contact me at the above email address if available

Sent by Robin on 11/22/16

Reading, Conway, NC 27820

Sent by Cassandra on 11/22/16

Java, Waxhaw, NC

Sent by Helen on 11/21/16

Computer, Irvine, CA 92603

Sent by Richard on 11/21/16

Reading and Math, Whiteville, NC

Sent by Cassandra on 11/21/16

Statistics, New Orleans, LA

Sent by Diane on 11/21/16

Electrical Circuits, Richardson, TX

Sent by Mohamed on 11/21/16

Math, English language arts and reading comprehension, Sacramento, CA

Hi Nicole, I am looking for a math and English language arts for my daughter who is in middle school. She also might need reading comprehension.

Sent by Kenisha on 11/21/16

Algebra, Chapin, SC

Sent by Ashley on 11/21/16

Geometry, Leonia, NJ

Sent by Amit on 11/21/16

Math, Elk Grove, CA

Sent by Melinda on 11/21/16

Math, Saint Simons Island, GA

Sent by Amanda on 11/21/16

Java, Spring Hill, FL

Sent by David on 11/21/16

Hesi A2, Chandler, AZ 85224

Sent by Ashley on 11/20/16

Usmle, Washington, DC

Sent by Heloisa on 11/20/16

Robotics, Stony Brook, NY 11794

Sent by Max on 11/20/16

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Gymnastics, Carrollton, GA 30117

Sent by Kylee on 11/19/16

English, Spring Branch, TX

Sent by Matilda on 11/19/16

Writing, Spanish Fork, UT

Sent by Ron on 11/18/16

Ftce Math, Boca Raton, FL

Sent by Mark on 11/18/16

Public Speaking, Athens, GA

Sent by Christian on 11/18/16

Cpa, Johns Island, SC 29455

Sent by Starr on 11/18/16

Spanish (native Speaker), Sun Prairie, WI

Sent by Aparna on 11/18/16

Accounting, Sumter, SC

Sent by Twanna on 11/18/16

Writing, Perrysburg, OH

Sent by Sara on 11/18/16

Algebra 2, Fond Du Lac, WI

My daughter is looking for a tutor in Fond du Lac for Algebra 2. Are you currently available?

Sent by Kare on 11/17/16

Math, Indianapolis, IN

I need tutoring because i git f in one of my classes and i need to brang that f up to a A+

Sent by Treywon on 11/17/16

Computer Engineering, Berkeley, CA

Hello Panthesh, I need guidance through a coding test. Could you help me?

Sent by Simily on 11/17/16

Math, Saint Petersburg, FL

I need to take the FTCE K-6 math section. I have passed all the sections except the math. I need help in this area. Please contact me with a good time for you...

Sent by Judy on 11/17/16

Material Science, Port Jefferson, NY 11777

Hi, could you help me with my mse final exam?

Sent by Zeen on 11/17/16

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Tutor For Grade 5th-6th, South Burlington, VT 05403

Hi Sarah, I am looking tutor for grade 5th- 6th. Please call M. @ (phone number available after purchase) or email: (email available after purchase) Regards M.

Sent by Maria on 11/17/16

Math, Kennett Square, PA

HI Im looking for a tutor for my 7th gr daughter . we live in Kennett. I look forward to your reply. sincerely , A.

Sent by Adrianne on 11/17/16

Common Core Math Gr 6, Attleboro, MA

11 y.o. boy with ADD needs help with common core math gr. 6

Sent by Nancy on 11/17/16

Usmle, Glen Oaks, NY

my daughter has to pass comlex level 1, lives in New hyde park phone # (phone number available after purchase) for immediate tutoring. thanks

Sent by Madhu on 11/17/16

Spanish, New Orleans, LA

8th grade daughter needs Spanish I Tutor. Looking to start immediately.

Sent by Mary on 11/17/16

Real Estate, Fresno, CA

Getting ready to take my State real estate exam and would need some tutoring could you please call me at (phone number available after purchase) thank you

Sent by Ellis on 11/17/16

Math, Essex Junction, VT

Hi Sandra,., Need Math Tutor for grade 5th-6th Please contact M. (phone number available after purchase) and (email available after purchase). Regards M.

Sent by Maria on 11/17/16

Biology, Naples, FL

I sent email to other address in regards to my gifted son NHS in Naples. He takes Biology Hinors and AP Enviornmental Science.

Sent by Liza on 11/17/16

Math, Belle Chasse, LA

Would you be able to tutor my daughter in math? She's in 8th grade. She is learning algebra 1 and geometry. We are located in Belle Chasse.

Sent by Amanda on 11/16/16

Algebra 1, Caseyville, IL

I am looking for an Algebra1 tutor for my daughter who is a freshman at OTHS. Please feel free to contact me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Mary on 11/16/16

Pre Calculus, Physics, SAT, ACT, Acworth, GA

Hi Ross, I am looking for someone to help my daughter with pre-calculus, physics, sat and act prep. She feels like an hour and a half would be better for each...

Sent by Alan on 11/16/16

Math/Calculus, Brentwood, CA

Grandson failing in caculas. Needs help ASAP.

Sent by Robert on 11/16/16

Physics, Baton Rouge, LA

I am looking for a tutor for my son. He lives in Baton Rouge and attends LSU. He has a Physics 2 class that he is struggling in and needs help in. Thanks

Sent by Michelle on 11/16/16

Word Processing, Charlotte, NC

Hi there my name is Ben I am disabled taking a spring course called Advanced Word Processing as in the second level. The class starts in January.

Sent by Benjamin on 11/16/16

Adobe Lightroom, San Diego, CA

I need help upgrading from Adobe Lightroom 5.7.1 to Lightroom 6 (or more recent). I have been a photographer for many years, but somewhat new to Lightroom.

Sent by Bill on 11/16/16

Pre Calculus and AP Physics, Acworth, GA

Looking for pre-calculus and AP Physics tutoring for my 11th grade daughter at our house in Acworth.

Sent by Alan on 11/16/16

Reading tutoring, Splendora, TX 77372

Hello I don't know if you remember me but I told you I would be moving to Kingwood in November and will need your help tutoring my son are you still available

Sent by Kimberly on 11/16/16

Biology, Science, Naples, FL

My son is gifted, but doesn't want to do the homework and doesn't care. I think if someone is helping him, like a life coach, who can check his biology...

Sent by Liza on 11/16/16

Bar Exam, Augusta, GA

Hi Stephanie. Do you tutor for the BAR exam?

Sent by Grady on 11/16/16

Calculus, Waco, TX

looking for an AP Calculus tutor for my son. Also some help with SAT math. We are in Waco

Sent by Gerald on 11/16/16

Ballet, Fort Walton Beach, FL

My daughter is currently attending Northwest Florida Ballet Academy in the third grade and it's failing all subjects except for ballet.

Sent by Jeremy on 11/16/16

Biology, Pickerington, OH

I have s 16-yrs old who is struggling with Biology and geometry. We are interested in tutoring at least once weekly for each subject.

Sent by Jackie on 11/16/16

Public Health, Jersey City, NJ

help with public health. poor score

Sent by Rihcur on 11/16/16

Physics, Sebastopol, CA

I need help with AP Physics at Analy

Sent by Becky on 11/15/16

Usmle, New Orleans, LA

PA student needs help preparing for End of Rotation Exam in Emergency Medicine.

Sent by Saadatu on 11/15/16

Math, Lansdale, PA

Good morning. I am in need of 6th grade math tutoring help for my daughter Bella ASAP. Ideally tutoring would be after 6:00 PM 2-3 times weeknights.

Sent by Rich on 11/15/16

Writing, Monsey, NY

Hi Donna, I would like to inquire about your tutoring services. I have always aspired to be a writer one day, however I need someone to guide me on how to strengthen...

Sent by Sam on 11/15/16

Elementary Math, Oakland, CA

Need help with 4th grade math! Please.Thanks (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jennifer on 11/15/16

Usmle, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Asa Dr. Sattar. I am planning on giving step 2 cs early in the next year. I would very much like to have your guidance regarding how to go about this exam. Thanks.

Sent by Bisma on 11/15/16

Reading and Writing, Sacramento, CA

I am looking for help with reading and writing for my 6 & 7 year old grandsons. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ana on 11/15/16

C++, Citrus Heights, CA

I need help learning C++. I dont get the object/class function part. I too am a struggling college student. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Matt on 11/15/16

Math, Decatur, TX

Would like info on setting up tutoring for my 5th grade daughter for Math. Thanks

Sent by Cody on 11/15/16

Computer, East Hampton, NY

Hi Dawn, Although i have been using computers for years I realize that I only know a fraction of what they can do for me. I want to learn how to better organize...

Sent by Michael on 11/15/16

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Act English/Reading, Iowa City, IA

Hi nick, I am looking for ACT tutor for my daughter, Ria. She is in 11th grade. She wants to increase her ACT score in English/Reading.

Sent by Sushma on 11/15/16

Nursing Lpn, Buffalo, NY

Hi Margaret I'm an Lpn student and looking for assistance with studing the material to remember for better test grades hope you can help

Sent by Barbara on 11/15/16

Dat, Atlanta, GA

Looking for a tutor that is willing to help me with the DAT I have a tutor now but traveling isn't working out for us. I'm willing to meet downtown.

Sent by Alyse on 11/15/16

Math, Sacramento, CA

my son is in the 4th grade and is in need of a math tutor he is drowning in fear of not understanding can you help we live in elk grove

Sent by Tamica on 11/15/16

Study Skills, Yorktown Heights, NY

Needs help with eight grader mainly with study skills and writing.

Sent by Andrew on 11/15/16

Nursing, Macedonia, OH

I am a nursing student, a Junior, at Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio. I would like your help during this term and the upcoming terms.

Sent by Nina on 11/15/16

Praxis Ii, Racine, WI

Hello Rachael. I'm looking for a tutor to help me prepare for the Praxis II. I've taken it 7 times and still have not been able to pass it.

Sent by Latasha on 11/14/16

Russian, Wexford, PA

Hello! I would like to learn some basic Russian. I am a junior in high school and was maybe looking at meeting 1-2 times a week depending on the homework flow.

Sent by Adelle on 11/14/16

Information Systems, Rockville Centre, NY

because i don't understand access

Sent by Brian on 11/14/16

Statistics, Waxhaw, NC

Hey there, I am looking for a math tutor for myself for college level statistics. My semester is coming to an end and I am struggling to connect concepts together.

Sent by Kimberly on 11/14/16

Adobe, Photoshop, Cambridge, MA 02139

Hello. I am helping with Exhibition Design for my Masters Practicum and need to know the basics for Adobe Illustrator as well as Photoshop. Can you help? Thank you.

Sent by Claire on 11/14/16

Math, Palm Bay, FL

I am looking for a tutor in geometry and Alg 2 also for my act prep give me a call at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Kaylee on 11/14/16

Real Estate, Charlotte, NC

Hey man! Reason for me contacting you is i need a little help studying for my real estate test! Look forward to hearing from you !

Sent by Brandon on 11/14/16

9th Grade Algebra, Palm Harbor, FL

My daughter needs help immmediately with 9th grade algebra. She has always had a hard time understanding math. Almost all of her classes are advanced with...

Sent by Bobbie on 11/14/16

Math, Luray, VA

Hi Sheila. I think I may have massaged you on another site as well. Looking for someone to please help me pass the praxis math. Have taken it now 6 times with...

Sent by Gwynn on 11/14/16

tutoring job sent to tutor Tim

Ged, Meridian, MS

Im trying to get into the air force I have to score atleast a 65 because I have a GED and i want to score atleast an 80

Sent by Destiny on 11/14/16

Math, Annapolis, MD 21409

Hello, We are looking for someone to work with our 9yr old daughter with her math. She had been struggling and we don't really understand the common core structure...

Sent by Melanie on 11/14/16

Geology, Bakersfield, CA 93311

Hi John, I am senior studying biology at UCLA. I am taking an upperdiv bio/geology class (CM173) with Professor David Jacobs. I have a project due next week...

Sent by Danielle on 11/14/16

Elementary Math, Madison, WI

Hi, I am looking for a tutor for my fifth grade son. His primary area of need is math. He is available during his math class at school at 8:30 am and also after school.

Sent by Julia on 11/14/16

Special Education, Potomac, MD

Hi Michelle, I'm interested in talking to you. I have a daughter who is on 4th grade who struggles with reading/writing/math. Thanks,

Sent by Misa on 11/14/16

Usmle, New York, NY 10001

Hi I need tutoring in medical physiology. Can we have skype trial session

Sent by Kez on 11/14/16

Essay, Canon City, CO

I need help Just check my essay

Sent by Rana on 11/13/16

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Interested in USMLE tutoring. Please contact me

Sent by Anis on 11/13/16

Math, Lawrenceburg, IN

Hi Melissa! My friend in Rising Sun is looking for a tutor for her son who is struggling in math. Would you be interested in talking with her? Thank you! S.

Sent by Stacy on 11/13/16

Java, Pittsburgh, PA

I am a graduate student online at Boston University and I am in dire need of a tutor for Java. Please help me. Please email or call me asap.

Sent by Daniel on 11/13/16

Reading, Slaughter, LA

Ms.lakisha I can bring him to Zachary la he need help with homework

Sent by Natasha on 11/13/16

Math, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

Hey Bud! I need tutoring because I've always struggled with math forever.

Sent by Izzy on 11/13/16

Reading (dyslexia), Math, Clinton, LA

Ms.Hamilton I'm looking for a tutor for a 4th grader with reading and math....

Sent by Natasha on 11/13/16

Elementary Math, Kaneohe, HI

Hi Marsha I tried to contact you through wyzant regarding my son Kieran but it will not let me respond to your message. i'm hoping this site works.

Sent by Shay on 11/13/16

Chemistry (general), Folsom, CA

Hi Joe My son Eoin Is doing AP Chemistry, but seems to be struggling with certain aspects of the course, his grade are all over the place, some A's then C's D's and...

Sent by Louise on 11/13/16

Finra Series 6, New York, NY 10280

Hi I would like to have more information about Series 6 tutoring

Sent by Mujde on 11/13/16

Algebra 2, Redwood City, CA

Hi Manta, My daughter is a HS Sophomore who needs "reinforcement" in Algebra 2. I would love to have a phone call with you at your convenience.

Sent by Sharon on 11/13/16

Elementary, Madison, MS

Hi, we our looking for an experienced teacher to come to our home in Madison for approximately 4 to 5 hours per day Monday through Thursday or Friday to teach our...

Sent by Greg on 11/13/16

Math, Gurnee, IL

I am looking for a math tutor for my 14 yr old son for high school geometry. Is geometry one of your suites for tutoring?

Sent by Ralph on 11/12/16

Usmle, Brighton, MA 02135

Hi, I'm interested in usmle tutoring

Sent by Radhika on 11/12/16

Handwriting, North Salt Lake, UT

Hi Liz, I'm looking into hiring a handwriting tutor for my 6-year-old son. Do you have in-depth experience with teaching children to write?

Sent by Krista on 11/12/16

Prealgebra Geometry, Detroit, MI

What days and time do you tutor? Where do you work from. ? Is there a stipulation on the number of sessions?

Sent by Sharon on 11/12/16

Piano, Palo Alto, CA

Hello! Looking for a piano instructor for our kids, we are new to the area. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase). Thanks!

Sent by Linsey on 11/12/16

Geometry, Spanish, El Dorado Hills, CA

Hi Joe, I am looking for a tutor for my son in geometry and possibly Spanish. We live in El Dorado Hills.

Sent by Amy on 11/12/16

Piano, Aliso Viejo, CA

Looking for a piano instructor... please call at (phone number available after purchase). Thanks!

Sent by Lindsay on 11/12/16

Mba, Santa Clara, CA

I am currently in an MBA course and need assistance in learning data mining techniques. Can you help on this topic?

Sent by John on 11/12/16

Electrical Circuits, Phoenix, AZ

Hi Tom, Need a tutor in circuits 3x a week till finals. Willing to be flexible on schedule and location. Received a D on first test but have a 3.4 overall GPA...

Sent by Chase on 11/12/16

Biology, Fredericksburg, VA

I have a 10th grade student taking AP Biology that could you a little extra help. Are you currently available for tutoring that subject?

Sent by Melanie on 11/12/16

Data Analysis, Santa Clara, CA

Hi Herbert. I am currently enrolled in an online MBA course for data analysis. I am having trouble with descriptive data mining section of my course.

Sent by John on 11/12/16

English & Math (3rd Grade), Sherman, TX

Hi Debbie, I hope you're well! I wanted to see if you had time to discuss some learning issues my nephew is having. Based off your profile - I think...

Sent by Jake on 11/12/16

Act Science Math English, Victorville, CA 92395

Hi I have 2 girls that need help I live in svl

Sent by Eric on 11/12/16

Math, Bedford, VA

Hello would like to see if you have any available tutoring

Sent by LaDonna on 11/12/16

Topology, Kemmerer, WY

I want to help in topology plz

Sent by Amal on 11/12/16

Geology, Lafayette, LA 70508

Sent by Ben on 11/11/16

Writing, Kingwood, TX

Hello I wanted to know if your available to help with his reading math and homework? He is in the 2nd grade and we just moved to Kingwood.

Sent by Kimberly on 11/11/16

Biology, Mason, OH

Need help with A.P. Biology course

Sent by Sreenu on 11/11/16

Usmle, Brooklyn, NY 11201

I am looking for tution in step 3

Sent by Muhammad on 11/11/16

Ap Statistics, Newbury Park, CA

I found your on (url available after purchase) Upon doing more research, it seemed like the company is very unfair to the tutors it hires in terms of the commission...

Sent by Shail on 11/11/16

English As 2nd Language, Fairfax, VA 22033

I had an interview in HSBC the first stage was that all the applicants set in a room and the interviewer told us topic and everyone of us start talking about it...

Sent by Mohamed on 11/11/16

Biology, LA Quinta, CA

Good Morning John - You're resume is impressive. Are you interested in helping my daughter with AP Biology? We live in Palm Desert. My daughter can drive to meet you.

Sent by Elisa on 11/11/16

College Math, Sierra Vista, AZ

I have ADD and need to have better study skills and understand math. I am 20 y/o.

Sent by Ian on 11/11/16

English Gmat, Los Gatos, CA

Hi Prithvi I am interested in GMAT tutoring, Can we connect? My #(phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Neena on 11/11/16

Stock Market, Norwalk, CT

Hi Brian, Do you think you can help me set up my own brokerage account, help reading the stock market, and just teaching me the basics of trading?

Sent by Alex on 11/10/16

Reading and Spelling, Simi Valley, CA

I have a question do you teach Adult how to read and Spell too I could spell and read a Lil bit but I want to start from the Beginning

Sent by Diego on 11/10/16

Electrical Engineering, San Diego, CA

I am in a class in RF Electronics, and not doing well. Please contact me. Thank you. Sincerely, J.

Sent by Jim on 11/10/16

Anatomy and Physiology 1, Jacksonville, FL

Stephanie, I have two students that a struggling in this last month of Anatomy & Physiology1 and they are I need of some assistance for the next three weeks.

Sent by Cheryl on 11/10/16

Excel, Miami, FL

Hi , I need help in pivot tables in excel for my daily work. Do you have experience in pivot tables?

Sent by Nancy on 11/10/16

Sat I, Nokomis, FL

Help with improving SAT results. Preferably at my house

Sent by Arina on 11/10/16

Statistics, Madison, WI

Hi Ye, I need help in Statistics, are you familiar with the following topics. My topics are: - Plots - Numerical Summaries - Box plot & Normal distribution -...

Sent by Emran on 11/10/16

Organic Chemistry, Pittsburgh, PA

My daughter, a freshman in U Pitt, needs help in Honors Chemistry I for this semester. My contact info: R. P. (phone number available after purchase) (email...

Sent by Revathi on 11/10/16

Thermodynamics, Hilliard, OH 43026

looking for online help in thermodynamics, i am studying chemical engineering

Sent by Mark on 11/10/16

Piano, Schertz, TX

grandson Carter 6 yrs old interested in Piano lessons

Sent by Garry on 11/10/16

Sat English, Canonsburg, PA

I need a tutor asap for my son for act/Sat prep

Sent by Kelly on 11/10/16

Sat/act Prep, Canonsburg, PA

Is canonsburg pa too far to tutor

Sent by Kelly on 11/10/16

Biology, Billerica, MA

Hi- I am looking for a tutor in biology for my daughter. She is in 9th grade.

Sent by Kathy on 11/10/16

Algebra, Casa Grande, AZ

Looking for an Algebra 2. Tutor 4 days a week from 4-5 pm Monday to Thursday for a hard working student in Casa Grande AZ

Sent by Kavitha on 11/10/16

Act, Cecil, PA 15321

In search of a tutor to help my son with sat/act prep asap

Sent by Kelly on 11/10/16

10th Grade Math and English, Naples, FL

My 16 yr old son, Isaac, needs tutoring in both Math and English. He failed both classes in 9th grade and is currently in math co-enrollment (doing both 9th...

Sent by Danny on 11/10/16

Physiology, Little Neck, NY 11362

Hi Can you teach Medical physiology. I would like to have an trial session. My skype id is:Khezran110

Sent by Laila on 11/10/16

Step 3, Little Neck, NY 11362

Looking for step3 tutor in Forest Hills, Queens

Sent by NiNi on 11/10/16

Algebra 2, Casa Grande, AZ

This is for my child in high school in Algebra 2 I need a tutor 4 days M-F

Sent by Kavitha on 11/10/16

Math, Afton, NY

The position is a 4 days per week job with 2 hours each day for 5 weeks with my daughter Ana 12, do get back to me and let me know the total cost you are charging my...

Sent by Emily on 11/10/16

Organic Chemistry Thermodynamics, Newark, NJ

Hi, I need a tutor in organic chemistry. Not sure if the Skype will work. Do you need my book? Can we do a free trial sometime tomorrow after 3:30?

Sent by Mark on 11/9/16

Reading, Jacksonville, AR

My son is a first grader and is very behind in reading, spelling, and vocabulary. He has a speech delay.

Sent by Nacole on 11/9/16

Math, Pleasant Grove, UT

Hi Lacy, I am looking for an in-home tutor for my 4th grade boy in math. We live in PG just off State and 1300 West. Are you interested in helping us? J.

Sent by Jim on 11/9/16

Sat/ACT, Canonsburg, PA

Iso an sat/act prep tutor for my senior son

Sent by Kelly on 11/9/16

Reading, Math, Texarkana, TX

Need a reading tutor for 2nd grader with dyslexia and reading and math delays.

Sent by Treina on 11/9/16

English Mandarin, Bridgewater, MA

Sent by Jane on 11/9/16

Accounting, Fort Wayne, IN

I am in need of a tutor for my Intro to Financial Accounting class. This is a 100 level college accounting course in which we use the double entry method.

Sent by Tyler on 11/9/16

Javascript, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Sina, I hope you are doing well. I am currently pursuing a career change, and looking for a tutor that can teach me javascript.

Sent by Helen on 11/9/16

Math, Middletown, CA

Would like some tutoring for my son, he's in 3rd grade.

Sent by Belinda on 11/9/16

Biology, Post Falls, ID

Hi Alexandra, I am looking for a tutor to work with my 15 y/o granddaughter who is struggling in sophomore Biology. Can you travel to her home in Post Falls for...

Sent by Roxanne on 11/9/16

Biotechnology, Fresh Meadows, NY

Hey Are you doing homework in biotechnology too or just toturing .

Sent by Vade on 11/9/16

Algebra, Geometry, Parker, CO

Hi Anna, I saw you on Wyzant. I have a 16yr old who needs help with Algebra II and possibly Geometry. Is your price negotiable and how would you know what...

Sent by Kathy on 11/9/16

Toxicology, Houston, TX

Hello Tomorrow i have home test Can you help me to answer the questions for me My class start 5 after class we decide when and where Text me message ...

Sent by Maithah on 11/9/16

tutoring job sent to tutor MST

Spss Statistics, Atlanta, GA

You can text or call after 5:00pm. I live in Marietta. I am behind on my class so I need to start asap. Pls help and thank you. (phone number available after...

Sent by Asia on 11/9/16

English, Science, Math, Naples, FL

Hi Kim, I have a son who is in 9th grade at Gulf Coast High and he is struggling in English, Math and Earth Science. He is barely on the spectrum, and is very bright...

Sent by Jennifer on 11/9/16

Math and Social Science, San Bernardino, CA

We have a 8th grade female that needs 3-4 hours of tutoring in math per week for 8 weeks. We would also like someone that can help in other subjects as well We...

Sent by Amber on 11/9/16

Reading, Fort Bragg, NC

Hi I'm looking for a tutor for my six year old daughter ,1 time a week for 2 months she needs help with reading and math.

Sent by Elena on 11/9/16

Math, Charlotte, NC 28262

Hello my name is H. s Watson and my number is (phone number available after purchase) and I really need help in math

Sent by Hannah on 11/9/16

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA

I just got my CK score and did not pass. I have until end of december to retake it and i am desperate. DO you think you can help me in this short time?

Sent by Arzoo on 11/9/16

Thermodynamics, Leesburg, VA

Hello Hans, I am struggling with one of my assignments for my advanced energy engineering economics module. I have seen that you have a PhD in Engineering...

Sent by Josune on 11/9/16

Usmle, New York, NY 10001

I am looking for a USMLE step 3 tutor. Please give me a call if you offer Step 3 tutoring. Thank you. Phone: (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by K. on 11/8/16

Math, Howard Beach, NY

My daughter is in the 2nd grade. Just started having problems with math. Can u give me a rate. For at least twice a week?

Sent by Olga on 11/8/16

Act, Ottawa, IL

Hi, My daughteR. is stR.uggling with the ACT. She just does not do well on standaR.dized tests. I am looking foR. a tutoR. foR. heR. so she can R.aise heR.

Sent by Stephanie on 11/8/16

English, Auburn, AL

Hi, I'm an exchange student at Auburn university. I'm looking for English tutor to practice conversation.

Sent by Leo on 11/8/16

Romanian, Portland, ME

I am looking to learn an Eastern European language and thoughthe Romanian would be an interesting learn. Please contact me if interested.

Sent by Seth on 11/8/16

Cyber Security, Jersey City, NJ 07307

Hi Vinod I am currently in a cybersecurity class looking for assistance. Would you be able to help me?

Sent by Jennifer on 11/8/16

Geometry, Dekalb, IL

Hello Dan, My son is a Senior at DeKalb HS and he is in need of a Geometry tutor. If he doesn't pass his class, unfortunately he will not be graduating this year.

Sent by Stephanie on 11/8/16

Stats, Prep For Placement Test At Massasoit in January, Canton, MA 02021

Hi William, Can you give me a time when you are available to meet Brian? I think you said you were able to tutor him. I would like to start on a schedule...

Sent by Kara on 11/8/16

Screenwriting, Boston, MA 02115

Hey John, I am a sophomore at SMU and would really appreciate some help on my final exam screenplay. I would love to meet ASAP so please let me know when works for you.

Sent by Harrison on 11/8/16

SAT tutoring, Sarasota, FL 34234

I am interested in SAT practice all parts, including math reading and writing. If you are also able to drive down to my house twice a week that would be amazing.

Sent by Arina on 11/8/16

ACT, SAT, Sudbury, MA

HI Joan: I am looking for a tutor for my Junior daughter for help her prepare for SAT/ACT. We are in Sudbury. Please let me know if you are available. Best, P..

Sent by Praveen on 11/8/16

Asvab, Dubuque, IA

Looking for a tutor to help with asvab testing. Mostly need help with the math and reasoning portions.

Sent by Tanner on 11/8/16

Bar Exam, Dallas, TX

Hi Stacy, My Name is M., I am a third time Texas bar exam taker and I am looking for a tutor. I recently took barbri prep twice and Themis prep once.

Sent by Megain on 11/8/16

Autodesk Autocad, Corpus Christi, TX

Hi Chad, I've made 2 or 3 attempts to reach you, however I'm not sure you have receivd my messages. I;m needing help with AutoDesk AutoCad Architect.

Sent by Norma on 11/8/16

Math, Redford, MI

Looking for Math tutoring for a 5th grader.

Sent by Steven on 11/8/16

Math, Greenville, NC

Hi. I have 2 daughters that needs tutoring in math. One is in 5th grade and the other one is in 8th grade. If you will be able to help please get back with me.

Sent by Jessica on 11/8/16

Reading, Bristow, VA

Hi Kimberly, My daughter goes to Cedar Point and is having difficulties. She gets distracted easily and having problems with reading, writing and handwriting.

Sent by Giovanna on 11/8/16

First Grade, Long Beach, MS

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter who is in the 1st grade, she needs help with reading and math. Thanks K.

Sent by Kacee on 11/8/16

Geometry, Gainesville, FL

My daughter Rosalyn needs help with geometric proofs. We live close to the Tower Road Branch Library. Can you help and what availability do you have?

Sent by J on 11/8/16

Environmental Economics, Daytona Beach, FL 32124

Hello, I urgently need some one who can check my essay (1000 words) on environmental economics. I need it today and can pay only for 2 hrs max. Can you help me?

Sent by Madina on 11/8/16

7th Grade Assistance, Hollister, CA

I have a young boy in Rancho middle school that is falling far behind from lack of assistance and motivation. Im his father and am 3 hrs away and not understanding...

Sent by Shane on 11/7/16

Computer Programming, Cleveland, OH

Hello, Andre. My name is E.. I am seeking help. I interested in creating web site templates from scratch to help put my portfolio together.

Sent by Ebony on 11/7/16

Algebra, Anchorage, AK

My daughter need pre-algebra homework help. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Carmen on 11/7/16

Algebra, Sewickley, PA

My 8th grader is homeschooled and I need a math tutor to go over the topics. Are you available during the day on weekdays? Also, we are just outside Sewickley.

Sent by Susan on 11/7/16

Algebra 2, Anchorage, AK

Pls call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ramon on 11/7/16

Esl, Royal Oak, MI

Hello, My sister, Doruk is from Turkey and just moved to the states. She is interested in taking a ESL class from you online or in-person.

Sent by Sule on 11/7/16

Reading, Cumming, GA

Melissa, My name is S., and I am looking for a reading tutor for my daughter, Bella. Bella is 10 and in 4th grade. She has been diagnosed with Specific Learning...

Sent by Samantha on 11/7/16

Armenian, Glendale, CA 91201

Hello Would you offer Armenian lessons via skype? western dialect I am 32 Thanks.

Sent by Amanda on 11/7/16

SAT, Venice, FL 34284

I have recently signed up for SAT testing and I really need practice with al, topics mentioned in it.

Sent by Arina on 11/7/16

Mblex, Tinley Park, IL 60477

Hi Jamie, my name is M. I'm looking for someone I can meet with 3 or 4 days out of the week to help me study for the mblex. I've never been a good test taker or good...

Sent by Maria on 11/7/16

Chemical Engineering, Boston, MA

Hello.. I am looking for a tutor who could help me with kinetics exam.. My professor is mostly focuses on applying mathematically approach..

Sent by Mohammad on 11/7/16

Nursing, Las Vegas, NV

Hello Stuart, My name is S. and I am currently in nursing school and I am having trouble with Fundamentals 1 and how to answer the NCLEX style questions.

Sent by Shawnesha on 11/7/16

Elementary Math, Chicago, IL

My grand nephew is in 6th grade and neds help with beginning algebra

Sent by Gayle on 11/7/16

Math, Stony Brook, NY

Hi, I messaged you on a different tutoring site but I found I didn't like that vendor. So to repeat, I need a tutor for tomorrow here in Stony Brook...

Sent by Catherine on 11/7/16

Computer Engineering, Arlington Heights, IL

looking for tutoring Thanksgiving week for my college daughter needing help with HDL Languages specifically Verlog and MIPS

Sent by Mary on 11/7/16

English, TOEFL, Wasilla, AK

Hello, I am looking for a English Tutor. I Need to study and prepare for the TOEFL test. My Native language is German. Are You able to help me? Thank you B.

Sent by Bianca on 11/7/16

Algebra, Gloucester, VA

My granddaughter is taking algebra 1 in 9th grade at GHS this year and is struggling with it. Her math skills have been excellent throughout school. Can you help?

Sent by Cynthia on 11/7/16

Asvab, Mcdonough, GA

Hello Katrina I'm L. Sloan and I just graduated from Eagles Landing high school I'm interested into going in to the military that's always been my goals...

Sent by Lexus on 11/7/16

Act, Mobile, AL

Hello Mrs. Wycondia, my name is T. S., and I have a son who's name is Scipio S., that could use some ACT prepping for a test in Dec.

Sent by Timothy on 11/7/16

Writing, Murrieta, CA

Hello, I have recently started online school to complete my bachelors. I am a little rusty with APA format writing and would like assistance in the writing process...

Sent by Don on 11/7/16

Usmle, Floral Park, NY

Hey I am taking the comlex step 2 exam (similar to USMLE) and have about 5 weeks, please contact me via email or phone (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Pooja on 11/7/16

Ged, Philadelphia, PA

I need help passing the math section of the g.e.d. test could u help me with that.

Sent by Sean on 11/7/16

Business Accounting, Arlington, VA 22201

Hello, I study master in supply chain management and logistics, I have 3 case studies related to accounting, I hope you can help me with. Thank you

Sent by Abdullah on 11/7/16

Spanish, Chemistry, Keller, TX

Hi Chris Looking for a Spanish and Chemistry teacher for my som, a sophomore at Keller High School.

Sent by Jeannie on 11/6/16

Records Management, Charlotte, NC 28277

Hi there My name is Ben. Have you ever tutored or taken a class called Records Management

Sent by Benjamin on 11/6/16

Armenian, Sunland, CA

Hi I'm looking for a private Armenian tutor to come in home for private lessons. I live in Sunland. Please let me know if you are available. Thanks

Sent by Sulangi on 11/6/16

Sociology, Chenoa, IL

Hello I am needing some major help with my sociology class. Could you give me some info about your services please

Sent by Brenna on 11/6/16

Accounting, Houston, TX

Hello sir I need some help with my accounting assignments. Its a introductory course from hcc. Would you be available anytime soon please contact me either by...

Sent by Yaz on 11/6/16

Basic Math and Basic Reading, New Haven, CT

hi cassandra c can you help me with basic math and basic reading my cell is (phone number available after purchase) i hope to here from you very shortly

Sent by Richard on 11/6/16

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

Math Tutoring, Roseville, CA

Hello, My 13 year old son is struggling in school and I am in desperate need of find help for him before he slips further behind.

Sent by Sonya on 11/5/16

Reading, Mohegan Lake, NY 10547

Hello we have 6 yrold in 1st grade and we are having concerns regarding our daughter reading and math . Can you please contact us

Sent by Ray on 11/5/16

Programming, Center Line, MI

Need help with ctt programming class

Sent by Bianca on 11/5/16

Geometry, El Dorado Hills, CA

Hi Nicole, I am looking for a geometry tutor for my daughter, who is a sophomore at Oak Ridge HS in El Dorado Hills. Ideally, she needs help on Monday and Wednesday...

Sent by Shannan on 11/5/16

Chemistry, Hamden, CT 06518

I need a chemistry tutor

Sent by Monsurat on 11/5/16

Certified Personal Trainer, Chicago, IL

Jamie-- do you tutor for the NASM personal trainer exam? If not do you know anyone who does?

Sent by TC on 11/5/16

Usmle, Atlanta, GA

I am a struggling student in standardized test, I need tutoring for step 2ck. I am currently in my second core rotation. I was wondering how do you join your free ck...

Sent by Rita on 11/5/16

Math, Spring Hill, TN

Good morning Amy, my son is in 8th grade at Heritage Middle. He's in 8th grade Math and is struggling. He studies for 2 hours and makes a 50 on the test.

Sent by Trina on 11/5/16

Usmle, Brooklyn, NY 11201

I am interested in USMLE step 3 tutoring online. My phone number is (phone number available after purchase). Or if you prefer let me know your phone number...

Sent by K. on 11/4/16

Praxis, Parsippany, NJ

Hello Joanna, I have been trying to pass the English Language Arts Praxis 2 (5038) The last tutor I had was not very helpful. She just had me read a textbook...

Sent by Nicola on 11/4/16

Geometry, Barberton, OH

Hi Steven, My name is E. and I have a 16 year old stepson named Keith who goes to University of Akron's Early College program. Since he is my stepson...

Sent by Emily on 11/4/16

Usmle, TX

Hi My Wife has completed Step 1 and she has started studying for Step 2. She needs expert guidance to make sure she has the right approach for the exam.

Sent by Pankaj on 11/4/16

Chemistry, Cupertino, CA

F. is a 10th grader and needs help on her Chem honor subject. Thanks.

Sent by Fiona on 11/4/16

Usmle, Wylie, TX 75098

I am looking for a step 1 tutor to complete it fast some of the systems

Sent by Harini on 11/4/16

Asvab, Columbia, SC

Hi, My son needs help with the asvab. He's scheduled to take the test in December. Do you think you can help with asvab tutuoring and can you take anything less...

Sent by Angela on 11/4/16

Nursing, Tampa, FL

Female students studying medical assistant 20yr old need help with AMP

Sent by Donnie on 11/4/16

Law, Philadelphia, PA 19137

Hi Christine - I'm a recent graduate from law school. I took the PA July bar and unfortunately did not pass. I'm looking for a tutor to primarily help me prepare for...

Sent by Sonam on 11/4/16

History, Deer Park, WA

Need help with U.S. History. Got any time this weekend? North Spokane area, thank you!

Sent by Melanie on 11/4/16

Math, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

hi kate this is R. can you help me with basic math and basic reading my cell is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Richard on 11/4/16

Quicken, New York, NY 10020

Hi Caroline, I have used an old version of Quicken well enough, sort of, to do my taxes. I want to set up a totally new file with none of the old categories.

Sent by Mara on 11/4/16

Maths, Chicago, IL

I need a Maths tutor for my daughter,i want her to be taught by you.Emily is 14yrs old and she can easily catch up.Although,I've arranged with my caregiver that...

Sent by Anthony on 11/4/16

Usmle Step 3, Pleasanton, CA

I am interested in getting USMLE step 3 tutoring remotely using SK.ype or something similar. You may call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by K on 11/4/16

Math, Deer Park, WA

Any chance you are available for Math tutoring at the north Spokane Public Library? Algebra II. Thanks.

Sent by Melanie on 11/3/16

Usmle, Chicago, IL

Hi Joseph. I'm a caribbean medical student looking for tutoring for step 1. I am currently at a 195 and take the exam in 6 weeks. My goal is a 230 at least.

Sent by Sarah on 11/3/16

Elementary School, Annandale, VA

Please give us a call. We need help tutoring our child. Our number is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Fiseha on 11/3/16

Essay, Canon City, CO

I need help for my essay

Sent by Ran on 11/3/16

Kinesiology, Orlando, FL

My daughter is in Orlando she is in a kinesiology class and needs help with the concept she can travel to you or close by.

Sent by Eric on 11/3/16

Autism, Stafford, VA

We had a 16 yr old with ID and recently diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. Currently at about 3rd grade reading/1st grade Math. Seeking individual to work on...

Sent by Lisa on 11/3/16

Reading and Math, Titusville, FL

i need help on schoolwork and get ready for the ACT test and SAT test

Sent by Vick on 11/3/16

Maths, New York, NY

Hello I need a maths Tutor my daughter, kindly get back to me if you will be available.

Sent by Roland on 11/3/16

Math, Aurora, IL

Hi Jessica I have been searching for a tutor for a couple of weeks now. I am currently in precalc at COD and am looking for a tutor 1-2 sessions per week.

Sent by Joseph on 11/3/16

Accounting, Newark, NJ

Hello there, I'm searching for a tutor that can help my in my current course and help me review things from my last accounting course.

Sent by Giovanna on 11/3/16

Ruby On Rails, Missouri City, TX

Need project help for ruby on the rail college project

Sent by Janak on 11/3/16

Usmle Step 1, Oak Brook, IL

Hi. Studying for step 1. Would you be willing to tutor me over Skype?

Sent by Preeti on 11/3/16

Math, Maspeth, NY

Hi, I need a math tutor for my 9 year old son maybe twice a week. We live in Maspeth. thanks.

Sent by Sabina on 11/3/16

Algebra, North Hollywood, CA

11th grade daughter needs tutoring in Algebra 2. Needs repetition/motivation. Currently failing class. Freezes during weekly testing.

Sent by Diane on 11/3/16

Physics, Whittier, CA

Hi Brandon, I'm looking for a tutor to meet with my son (a junior in high school) and maybe his friend, if you are willing to work with two students together.

Sent by Trish on 11/3/16

Material Science, Clemson, SC 29631

Hi Misha, I live in Wilmington, NC, attending UNCW. Do you do any distance tutoring? Some kind of video conferencing we could do? Thanks

Sent by Dylan on 11/3/16

Stats, San Jose, CA 95134

Hello Prithvi, I am looking for an experienced ap stats tutor. I want to check with you. Please let me know, Thanks, A.. San Jose

Sent by Aarti on 11/3/16

Usmle, Staten Island, NY

Please contact me asap for step 1 tutoring my test is in a few weeks and I need help. Skype: P._S.

Sent by Peter on 11/3/16

Computer, Mobile, AL

Matt, I am interested in computer training for myself, daughter and a friend here in my home office. We all need help in some basics, Microsoft programs...

Sent by Taffy on 11/2/16

Geography, Cypress, CA

I DON'T understand anything about geography!!!

Sent by Nicole on 11/2/16

Dat, Huntingdon Valley, PA

Hi Anna, my name is S., i'm a junior at Holy Family University on the pre-med track. I plan on taking my DATs around June/July. Unfortunately, due to a terrible chem...

Sent by Sasha on 11/2/16

Math, Reading, Titusville, FL

i need help in math & reading

Sent by Vick on 11/2/16

Ap Statistics, San Jose, CA

Hello Anna, I am in need of an experienced tutor to teach AP statistics for my high school daughter. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Aarti on 11/2/16

Ruby On Rails, Skokie, IL

Hi, Would you be interested in teaching ruby and ruby on rails in a highschool club?

Sent by Taliah on 11/2/16

Journalism, Bryan, TX

i need help with photo journalism

Sent by Carlos on 11/2/16

Geometry, New York, NY 10110

Help! My daughter is failing high school geometry. She needs a great tutor! We live in Staten Island . Are you available?

Sent by Roseann on 11/2/16

Mysql, Columbus, OH

Hi, I am currently enrolled in a website database development course and was wondering if there was any way that you could help me pass this class.

Sent by Madison on 11/2/16

Nursing, New York, NY

please contact me regarding interpretation of EKG strips. I am an RN for 6 years but am having trouble with some difficult ones. Thank you!

Sent by Vic on 11/2/16

Biology, Alpharetta, GA

Hi! My daughter is a junior at Alpharetta High school and needs some help in AP Bio. Her grades are in B, but wants to improve to A. Can you help her? Thanks. A.

Sent by Alan on 11/2/16

Mac, Silver Spring, MD 20904

Interested in lessons to help use my mac. What is your rate? Do you have references. Is there a number I can reachl you at? Thanks, S.

Sent by Sharon on 11/2/16

Math and Science, North Port, FL

Interested for my 9th grader... maybe 11th. We are in same area code.

Sent by Robert on 11/2/16

Chemistry, San Jose, CA

Looking for a tutor for our son who is at UC Merced. He's struggling with Environmental Chemistry Course (ESS-100). Please advise on availability.

Sent by Cheryl on 11/2/16

Reading, Winchester, TN

Hey Marilyn. My name is Alllison, I have a little boy who is in kindergarten. I was looking for someone who could tutor him in reading and spelling.

Sent by Allison on 11/2/16

Algebra, Keller, TX

Hello Rebecca, I was looking for a turtor in Algebra to tutor my kids. Please let me know if you are available. Cell # (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Yatini on 11/2/16

English, Arlington, VA

My 9th Grade daughter is looking for help with her high school English classes. We are located in Arlington. Please advise if interested.

Sent by Richard on 11/2/16

High School Geometry, Naples, FL

Looking a tutor for my high school granddaughter.

Sent by Sylvia on 11/2/16

Math, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

Hi Stephenie my name is A. I'm looking for math tutor if u r avaliable please email me at my email address (email available after purchase) thank u

Sent by Assem on 11/2/16

Cpa, Johns Island, SC 29455

Hi there I am studying to take the FAR section of the CPA exam in January 2017, I have taken the test three times and have not passed yet. I think I need some help!!!

Sent by Starr on 11/2/16

Math, Bellingham, MA

Hi Megan, I am looking for a high school Math tutor for my daughter. She is a junior but is struggling in Math. My Nu8mber is (phone number available after...

Sent by Kim on 11/2/16

Elementary Children, Spring Hill, FL

Hello Donald, My son Vincent is5 in first grade and only got satisfactory on report card. He's so smart. I'm a single mother and I need help bidding confidence with...

Sent by Megan on 11/2/16

Statistics, Largo, FL

Hi James, my youngest daughter is in her sophomore year at SPC and has always struggled with math. She is currently in Statistics and failed her first exam...

Sent by Rochelle on 11/2/16

Ged, Cincinnati, OH

Hello my name is C. J. and I am struggling with my Math GED. I am failing it by two points. I am not able to move forward with my education and taking care of my...

Sent by Carnesha on 11/2/16

Math history and English, Zanesville, OH

Hi Shawn My name is Abby H. and I am looking for a tutor for my son who is struggling in Math, English, and History... He goes to Tri- Valley Middle School..

Sent by Abigail on 11/2/16

Java, Fresno, CA

having an issue with a java assignment

Sent by Michael on 11/1/16

Algebra, Argyle, TX

I need of a tutor for my nephew Anthony who is in 9th grade. What availability do you have?

Sent by Cathy on 11/1/16

Algorithms, Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Hi, I'm taking an intro to algorithm courses that I find it difficult. I was wondering if it's possible for you to provide some help with homework and preparing...

Sent by Rongrong on 11/1/16

Math, Homestead, FL

Hi Jacqueline, my name is J. and I'm in desperate need of a math tutor. Please contact me

Sent by Julissa on 11/1/16

Math Tutoring, Poughkeepsie, NY

Hello I'm looking for math tutor , contact me at my email (email available after purchase) if u r available for tutoring, I live in poughkeepsie but can meet u in...

Sent by Assem on 11/1/16

Algebra, Hibbing, MN

Hi there, I'm trying to study for my college algebra clep exam but I'm really struggling. I get the concepts but i need to help to know when and how to apply...

Sent by Steve on 11/1/16

Finance, Rome, NY

Sent by Shamaine on 11/1/16

Common Core, Salem, NY

My son is 16 in 9th grade and he is struggling. I'm looking for someone to guide him and help

Sent by Candy on 11/1/16

Algorithms, New York, NY 10005

i need your help for algorithms assignment

Sent by Abdulrahman on 11/1/16

Ged, Palm Bay, FL

Hello! I am currently looking to start classes at Eastern Florida State Collage soon. But due to personal matters I was never able to finish high school.

Sent by Hannah on 11/1/16

Usmle, Woodside, NY

Hi Rohit Im 4th year med student and needed help with medical physiology. Can you teach online

Sent by Laila on 11/1/16

math - algebra 1, Iselin, NJ

I'm looK.ing for a math tutor for my child algebra1

Sent by Priya on 11/1/16

Econ AP, Philadelphia, PA 19109

My daughter is a 12th grader. She needs help with APecon

Sent by Deepa on 11/1/16

Pharmacology, Brooklyn, NY

I'm an lpn student having difficulties with pharmacology and drug classes, and I need to learn them fast

Sent by Khadijah on 11/1/16