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High School, Lakeville MN

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for my 17 year old grandson. I live in Fl and of course my grandson is in MN. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, P.

Sent by Pam on Jul 31

Math, 95746

Dear Nicole, We are looking for a math tutor for our 10 year old daughter, who will be entering 5th grade at the Ridgeview Elementary in Granite Bay.

Sent by Edita on Jul 31

Accounting, Dallas, TX

Hi Theresa My cell number is (phone number available after purchase). I would like to get my daughter tutored in accounting 2x/week. She is in honors accounting at UTD.

Sent by Marie on Jul 31

Nclex Rn, Buffalo, NY

I am looking for a one on one tudor to help my daughter pass her exam. Sam graduated from NU in 2016 and just took her exam last month and unfortunately failed.

Sent by Nancy on Jul 31

Usmle Step 1, Garden City, NY

I am based in USA need online training for step 1 for my brother in India. My cell is (phone number available after purchase) if u can call me or give me u r number...

Sent by Rashmi on Jul 31

GRE, Saint Louis, MO

Dear Charles, We are in need of a GRE tutor for an immediate assignment in St. Louis. Please let us know if this would be something Y.ou would be interested in.

Sent by Tracy on Jul 31

Asvab, 10463

Hi! I am looking for someone to tutoring me on the asvab. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Darle on Jul 31

Chinese Basics, New Orleans, LA

Hi Shuang, I'd like to learn conversational Mandarin to talk to my family. What are your recommendations for lesson plans and schedule for a beginner with...

Sent by Elizabeth on Jul 31

Electrical Engineering, Sun Valley, NV

Hello Soo! You actually contacted me on Wyzant yesterday. I tried to contact you but didn't have an account registered. Thank you for your offer...

Sent by Brad on Jul 30

Elementary Math, Bridgehampton NY

Good afternoon Caroline, I am looking for a tutor to help my son prepare for his next school year. He will. E starting 4th grade but in an advanced program so want...

Sent by Irina on Jul 30

Information Systems, 60155

I'm struggling in my online CIDM class and need a good grade on my project that's due tonight, willing to pay double the fee rate in order to complete.

Sent by Carl on Jul 30

Information Systems, Cos Cob, CT

Hi Casey have never used this site so I'm not sure what I'm doing, I need some help with a project. It is for my Systems Analysis & Design class.

Sent by Evan on Jul 30

Reading, Villa Rica, GA

My name is L.. I need a tutor for my 3rd grade daughter. We need help with Reading and Math.

Sent by Lashaunda on Jul 30

Romanian, Camp Lejeune, NC

Salut Raluca, Eu sunt A. si locuiesc in Wilmington. Am vazut ca esti aici aproape in Jacksonville si de-asta iti scriu. Eu lucrez in invatamant aici si sunt...

Sent by Adriana on Jul 30

German, Charlotte, NC

Hey Lisa please respond if you are available yo start German tutoring!

Sent by Vesna on Jul 29

Usmle Step 1, Staten Island, NY 10309

Hello Nicholas. I am looking for a step 1 tutor. I am currently in chicago studying for the required nbme to take step 1. I will be taking an nmbe in late September...

Sent by Tare on Jul 29

Precalculus, Escondido, CA

Hi, Are you available to teach Linear Algebra to a high school student? Thanks

Sent by Siva on Jul 29

Algebra, 73301

Hi, I am L. seeking an algebra tutor for my son Tom I will like you to tutor him if you're available. You can reach me directly on my email address. Thanks.

Sent by Lixan on Jul 28

Usmle, Brooklyn NY

Hi Nicholas, My name is A. and I am looking for someone to tutor me for the USMLE exam step 1. My phone number is (phone number available after purchase) Please...

Sent by Amir on Jul 28

Step 2 CK, Houston, TX

Hi Dr. Divesh, Can you do a modified one-on-one tutoring for two weeks? Zip code is 77046.

Sent by Samantha on Jul 28

Ielts, Panama City Beach, FL

Hello! My name is J.. I have been in USA for 1 year. And I'm planning to graduate in University. I should to pass IELTS to graduate.

Sent by Julia on Jul 28

Circuits, Rocklin, CA

Hello Vishnupriya, I'm seeking tutoring in reading and understanding circuits and schematics.. While I have some knowledge in this area, Ivm somewhat stuck. I'

Sent by Brad on Jul 28

Reading, 34786

Hello Kathie, We live behind Magic Kingdom and are looking for a tutor for our 5th grader. He has a phonological disability and we are hoping we don'

Sent by Sarah on Jul 28

English, Panama City Beach, FL

Hello! My name is J.. I have been in USA for 1 year. And I want improve English to graduate in University, for to graduate I should to pass IELTS.

Sent by Julia on Jul 28

Usmle, Houston, TX 77054

Looking for USMLE STEP 2 CK for my husband.

Sent by Traci on Jul 28

Usmle, Houston, TX

Needed tutoring for step 1 for my brother in India. My cell (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Rashmi on Jul 28

Math and English, 03110

Would like to make an appointment to meet you today if possible. I have a child going to 6th grade. Looking for Math and English tutoring.

Sent by Bob on Jul 28

English, Oxford, MS

Hi. Nice to meet you.I'm looking for college right now at the same time I want to improve at my English.

Sent by Hero on Jul 28

Math and Reading For 6th Grade, 03110

Could we make an appointment today to meet and evaluate our grandson and granddaughter. We can meet you at any place near Bedford My phone no (phone number...

Sent by Bob on Jul 28

Biology and Anatomy, Fayetteville NC 28314

Dear Nicole, I am looking for a tutor who H.s experienced to teach biology and anatomy. Please contact me so tH.t we can discuss more details?

Sent by Ha on Jul 28

Accounting, Macedonia OH

I need help in managerial accounting

Sent by Lily on Jul 28

C#, Irving, TX

Hello, Do you still tutor for C#? I am looking for a tutor.

Sent by Jeffrey on Jul 27

Tsi, Dallas, TX

I need a tutor for the math portion of the TSI. Is this something that you have experience in? I

Sent by Jamie on Jul 27

Esl, East Boston MA

Hello Miss Brett, I am contacting you because I am looking for an ESL tutor in East Boston, MA; I was hoping you would be available, or that you can point me in...

Sent by Mary on Jul 27

Reading, Pennington, NJ

Hi Valerie, How are you? I was wondering, can we have trial class to see if you are a good fit for my brother? We are looking to have him get 2 sessions/week.

Sent by Laraeb on Jul 27

USMLE Step 1, New York, NY

Trying to contact you for Step 1

Sent by Rashmi on Jul 27

Nclex, Brooklyn, NY

hi elizabeth this is S. i need help to pass my nclex rn give me a call (phone number available after purchase) thanks

Sent by Sarah on Jul 27

English, Longwood, FL

Hi my name is Y.. I am from Japan and currently live in FL. I would like to find the way to brush up my English language skills.

Sent by Yasuko on Jul 27

Adhd, Tucson, AZ

11th grader with adhd. needs help with staying on top of class/home work assigments. 5 days a week after school in afternoon

Sent by Karey on Jul 27

English, Benton, AR

Hi, I'm J.. I'm living in Little rock. I'm looking for English tutor to improve my English communication skills.

Sent by Jungwhan on Jul 26

English, Wesley Chapel, FL

Hello VictoriaI hope all is well. My name is Y., I am looking for a tutor to help me to improve my english skills. I recently moved to Tampa about one year ago.

Sent by Yokasta on Jul 26

Micro Economics, Seattle, WA

Hello Tim, I wanted to check if you can help find someone who can help me with Business MicroEconomcis ASAP. You should be an expert in following subjects...

Sent by Karan on Jul 26

Tsi, Midland TX

My daughter needs tsi prep asap!

Sent by Denise on Jul 26

Python, San Francisco CA

Hello Bernard, I am currently trying to teach myself Python and am trying to invest in as many educational paths as possible. I went over your profile...

Sent by Adam on Jul 26

ACT, Lebanon, TN

Interested in your services for ACT tutoring for the September test date for my daughter. We live in Hermitage. Weekends are better as she has sports practices...

Sent by Greg on Jul 26

5th Grade Math Reading, Berkley, MI

I am looking for a math and reading tutor for my grandson who is going into 5th grade. I am interested in 3 hours a week, tues, thurs, and sat if possible.

Sent by Michelle on Jul 26

Math, 11720

Hello Shourik I had messaged you before in wyzant but I wasn't able to send you back a message I wanted to send you my phone number so that maybe we can set...

Sent by Leela on Jul 25

Asvab, 27006

Hey there I'm in search of a tutor for the asvab. I'm enlisting in the Air Force and really need to do well and really need some brushing up on my skills.

Sent by Ayanna on Jul 25

Math, 11741

Hello! I need help sharpening my math abilities for college after a 4 year break. Please help!

Sent by Eric on Jul 25

Adhd, Chandler, AZ

Good afternoon. My son has ADHD and will be a Freshman this year. We are looking for a tutor to help him with homework.

Sent by Caitlin on Jul 25

English, 94306

Hi, my nephew, a 8 yrs old boy, is visiting me from S.Korea. While he stays in the USA, I'd like to let him be exposed to English. He is available 4pm-7pm.

Sent by SeonYoung on Jul 25

Reading, Houston, TX

Hi. I have a 6th grader who needs help with reading. She is not on grade level at the moment. Could you do this? And what would be your plan to get her to grade level?

Sent by Jenelle on Jul 25

Czech, Chicago, IL

Good afternoon, I am reaching out to you from Bridges for language, an interpreting and translating company in the Chicagoland area.

Sent by Betty on Jul 25

Usmle Step 2ck, Astoria, NY

Hi Dr. Sattar, My name is S. V. and I'm an IMG from the Dominican Republic. I'm interested in receiving tutorial guidance for the USMLE Step 2CK. I'

Sent by Sadiasept on Jul 25

Reading, Math, Speech, Oxford AL

Very interested in tutoring for my 6 and 7 yr old. I am extremely impressed with your experience. I would love to communicate with you because I am considering tutor...

Sent by Shaun on Jul 25

ACT, Rochester NY

Hi Dan, my daughter is rising junior and needs help with the ACT. Please contact me as soon as you can.

Sent by Min on Jul 25

Algebra, Elmont, NY

Hi, I am S. seeking an algebra tutor for my son Tom, I will you to tutor him if you're available. You can reach me directly via my email address.

Sent by Sean on Jul 25

Nursing, Marcus Hook, PA

Hello Tammy I am a nursing student I am currently having trouble with my testing in fundamentals, I was wondering if you can help me with that also how much do...

Sent by Sandra on Jul 25

Astb, Melbourne, FL

Hey Ed, I'm planning to take the ASTB within the next couple of months and am looking for a tutor! Thanks, K.

Sent by Kiana on Jul 25

Usmle Step, Smyrna, GA

currently studying for step 1 help me!!

Sent by Nene on Jul 24

Math, Statesville, NC

Hi, I'm looking for a math tutor for my daughter Anna, she is going to 9th grade. Thanks.

Sent by Maria on Jul 24

Math, Grand Junction, CO

Hi Kayley, I am looking for someone to tutor my 17 yo son who is in prep school back east and needs to review the first Algebra 2 chapters in his precalc text book.

Sent by Annie on Jul 24

Reading and Math, Fredericksburg, VA

Hi Nina, I have a fifth grade daughter that I am interested in getting tutoring for reading and math either in my home or at the fredericksburg library...

Sent by Jennifer on Jul 24

Excel, 62234

I live in Collinsville IL and need to learn Excel for a new job soon.

Sent by Nick on Jul 24

Algebra 02101, New York, NY 10001

Hi, I am S. seeking an algebra tutor for my son Tom I will like you to tutor him if you are available. Awaiting your response. Thanks

Sent by Sean on Jul 23

Pharmacology, Waldorf, MD

Hello Akeeka! My name is N.! :) I am a nursing student who is taking a semester off due to failing a class. I need someone to help me solidify my knowledge of...

Sent by Naomi on Jul 23

Math, Narberth, PA

Hi Indu, Just want to know if you would give in person lessons.If yes, what would the charges be?My son will start grade 11 in September. Thanks, S.

Sent by Shobhana on Jul 23

Math, West Chester, OH

Hello my name is S. and i need a math tutor i am a nursing student at hondros. My number is (phone number available after purchase) please call thank you.

Sent by Sylvester on Jul 23

French, 08831

Bonjour Maria, je suis un homme d'affaires et professeur d'université. J'ai besoin d'améliorer ma capacité de parler en français au niveau...

Sent by Brian on Jul 22

Adhd High School General, 85119

Our son will be attending AJHS as a Freshman in a few weeks. He was diagnosed with ADHD in 2015 and is C.urrently following a plan of mediC.ine, physiC.al C.heC.

Sent by Caitlin on Jul 22

Math, Collinsville OK

We need a Tutor for our Son he is 10 years old going into the 5th grade we live in Collinsville and need someone who can come to my Mom and stepdad'

Sent by Lori on Jul 21

Statistics, Bridgewater, NJ

Hi! Looking for help with Statistics II. Can you help with that? Thanks

Sent by Jacquie on Jul 21

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA

Please I would be interested for a USMLE step 1 online tutoring.

Sent by Chinwe on Jul 21

Excel, Boise, ID

Looking to get familiar with Excel... (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Larry on Jul 21

Algebra, Ruston, LA

I'm looking for a college algebra tutor for my son. He needs someone ASAP. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Renee on Jul 21

Econometrics, Sandy, UT

Hi , Good morning, Please I need you help with my Econ class (( principle of econometrics)) I have a final paper n 10 days I need to start work with...

Sent by Mansour on Jul 21

TSI, Dallas, TX

I need tutoring for TSI

Sent by Lenore on Jul 21

Reading, Harlingen, TX

I have a 5 yr old who needs help learning to read.

Sent by Ellen on Jul 21

Cst, Port Hueneme, CA

Hi Steven. This is S.ra. I need help With Part 1 of the CST exam (which is literacy and English language arts). I have about 35+ questions that I need help answering.

Sent by Sid on Jul 21

Molecular Biology, Saint Louis, MO

Hello, Hope my email finds you well. I am a graduate student and I have a midterm exam due next Thursday! I was wondering if you could help with this?

Sent by Suhaib on Jul 21

Ged, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hello shelisha my name is A. and I really need a tutor for my ged test I haven't took the actual test I'm afraid of it can you please help I want to into...

Sent by Alexus on Jul 21

Step 2 CS, Little Neck, NY

I need a tutor for step 2 Cs. Please assist me. My number is (phone number available after purchase). Thank you.

Sent by Alex on Jul 20

Math, Willis, MI

Granddaughter needs help with her math struggling to understand concepts.

Sent by James on Jul 20

Comptia, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

I've recently been selected for Cyber Warfare in the Air Force and I'm not familiar with computers. I have been told this job "requires"

Sent by Bion on Jul 20

Algebra, Reynoldsburg, OH

Hi Garrison, I need help with algebra. Can you tutor me that? Thanks, J.

Sent by Jason on Jul 20

History Praxis 2, New Brunswick, NJ

need help in subject matter. I miss the grade by 5 and need to make the difference on test.

Sent by Braun on Jul 20

Romanian, Portland, ME 04101

Hi Laura, I am looking for a romanian tutor for my fiance. We live in Chicago and wanted to get some information on your prices and schedule.

Sent by Denise on Jul 20

Usmle, Staten Island, NY 10309

Live in NY and coming to the last month or so of my studying for CK. looking for an extra boost. Would love to hear more about your tutoring services.

Sent by Ravee on Jul 20

Chemistry, Cornelius NC

I need help passing chemistry 101 at uncw online. can you help? please let me know. thank you!

Sent by Melanie on Jul 19

Algorithms, Berkeley, CA 94720

I have a problem set in an algorithms and Data structures class that I need help with

Sent by Dan on Jul 19

Computer, 29585

Need in-home help with uploading pdf. manuscript to Amazon CreateSpace, especially with cover stitching. Have a manual from Amazon.

Sent by Kathleen on Jul 19

Usmle, Forest Park, IL 60130

Hello I need usmle step 2 ck tutoring

Sent by Megan on Jul 19

Elementary Tutor, Manchester, NH 03104

Hi Jennifer, I am currently looking for a tutor for my daughter who is entering the 2nd grade. This past year she has struggled with reading comprehension...

Sent by Jessica on Jul 19

Usmle, Dallas TX

pl call me at (phone number available after purchase) USMLE step 1

Sent by Reddy on Jul 18

Adhd, Cambridge MN

i am looking for someone that is specialized in working with kids with ADHD . twince 7yrd old one with ADHD and the other is just fine, she need some help

Sent by Beatrice on Jul 18

Cpa, 75082

Hi Theresa, I am currently a CPA candidate and I am currently studying for FAR. I have purchased my study material and have been studying on my own since June 21.

Sent by Silas on Jul 18

Algebra, New York, NY 10001

Hi, my name is L..I am looking for math tutor with my daughter.she is going to 8th grade.Algebra 1

Sent by Lakshmi on Jul 18

Asvab, Hinesville GA

I'm in the army need help with retaking my asvab math and English give a call maybe we can work something out (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Oscar on Jul 18

Usmle, New Hyde Park, NY 11040

Hi Gd evening........I would like to revision classes leading up to my USMLE exam next year. Like for 4 weeks before my exam in August. Please advise me

Sent by Denica on Jul 18

Usmle Step 2, Houston, TX 77054

Hi I am looking for a tutor for internal medicine clerkship shelf exam currently and in the future step 2 tutor. Please let me know, if your price is any bit...

Sent by Bhanu on Jul 17

Real Estate, St. Augustine, FL

I just started the Watson School of Real Estate in St Augustine Florida let's just say I'm going to need help the first day of class literally made me cry...

Sent by Guadalupe on Jul 17

Algebra, Washington DC

Hi Stephanie, My son, Erik, is taking Algebra 1 in summer school online. He needs someone who is patient and good at explaining. Please let me know your availability.

Sent by Monika on Jul 17

Usmle, Brooklyn, NY

Looking to inquire about step 3 tutor in brooklyn/nyc, any experience with this? Any availability for august/september 2017? what rates? thank you!!

Sent by Galina on Jul 17

Portuguese, El Paso, TX 79925

Bom Dia, I am a UTEP student looking for some help in Portuguese. I missed 5 days of a 1 month class due to family emergency and when I came back I was completely...

Sent by Charles on Jul 17

Math, Goldsboro NC

i am looking a math tutor for my daughter ,if you are available

Sent by Elena on Jul 17

Mechanical Engineering, Tucson, AZ

Hi Marty , I don't know if you teach Machine design , But if you do you can contact me on (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Saad on Jul 17

Organic Chemistry, Little Rock AR

Hello. I am registered to take Organic Chemistry, at UALR for the Fall 2017 semester. The semester begins on Wednesday, (08/16/2017).

Sent by Brad on Jul 17

Nursing, Clinton, MD 20735

Hi! I am a nursing student who is taking a semester off of school due to failing a class. I am in need of someone to help me solidify my basic head-to-toe...

Sent by Naomi on Jul 16

Usmle Step, 60130

Hello Dr. Afshan, I hope this message finds you well. My name is D. R., I am a rising second year medical student in Chicago, and I am looking for a USMLE Step...

Sent by Deborah on Jul 16

Ableton, Eugene, OR 97404

So, you don't teach Ableton over the phone or online? Okay. Is there anyone you could recommend who does? Thanks

Sent by Nelson on Jul 16

Gmat, Somerville, MA 02144

Hi David, I'm preparing to take the GMAT at the end of August and am looking for more formal instruction/tutoring for the quant and integrated reasoning...

Sent by Alyssa on Jul 16

Statistics, Reynoldsburg, OH

I have 3-4 weeks left of a college statistics class that I am getting a low c. need help now

Sent by Steven on Jul 16

Dat, Bethesda MD 20814

Hello! My name is G. and I am looking for a tutor that can help me with the science portion (biology, chemistry & organic chemistry) of the DAT.

Sent by Gabriela on Jul 15

Applied Math, Conway, AR 72034

Hey Aaron, how is it going. I do have an assignment on applied math. Can you help me on that

Sent by Wes on Jul 15

Math, 06026

Hi Laura: My son is about to enter his senior year, and plan on taking the SAT one more time in Aug. He is struggling with some concepts in math...

Sent by Janice on Jul 15

Step 2 CS, Houston TX 77054

Hello Dr. Divesh. My name is A.. I need to pass step 2 CS as it is one final thing I need to get my degree. I need help for that.

Sent by Alex on Jul 15

Act, Phoenix, AZ

Good afternoon. My son is 17 and has taken the ACT 4 times. He needs focused help on speeding reading and comprehension. Are you able help?

Sent by Rachel on Jul 14

Calculus, 14534

I am going into my junior year of high school and would like help with ACT preparation.

Sent by Mackenzie on Jul 14

Dat, Bothell, WA 98011

Need dat tutor for PATpart of the dat

Sent by Cathy on Jul 14

Math, 07002

Hi J My granddaughter miss Math GED by 3 points . I think 2 hour 2 times a week would be fine ,what do you suggest

Sent by Miriam on Jul 14

Biochemistry, 11733

Hi Dr.Richi, I am a student enrolled in a Biochem summer session at Stony Brook University. The class is very fast pace and I already am lost.

Sent by Elizabeth on Jul 14

C++, Oceanside CA

I'm taking a C++ Object-Oriented Programming class. I am needing a tutor a couple hours a week to help me through this class till September .

Sent by Edwin on Jul 14

Usmle, Columbus, Ohio

Hello sejal. I passed both step 1 and step 2 ck. I need help prepping for step 2 cs. I live in Columbus Ohio. Let me know via email if interested. Thank you

Sent by Alex on Jul 13

Algebra, 48195

Want to get tutoring for my daughter who is entering 11th grade and taking algebra 2. Also want to perform better on the ACT. Cant start until first week...

Sent by Lynette on Jul 13

Nursing Exam, 30122

Hello, my name is Z. and I'm studying for my entrance exam for pratical nursing. I'm I need for a tutor to help me prepare for my test.

Sent by Zanna on Jul 13

Nursing, 08096

I'm A. 2nd yeA.r nursing student in PhilA.delphiA. A.nd need some help with my homework A.nd test review. A.re you A.vA.ilA.ble weekly?

Sent by Rachel on Jul 13

Chemistry Organic, Austin TX

Hello Derica, I messaged you on another platform earlier. I need a tutor for my 8yr old Gracie. Please let me know when you'd be available to discuss.

Sent by Rock on Jul 13

Reading and Math, Lake Worth FL

Dear Steven, I have a 9year old grandson that needs help bringing his reading comprehension and possibly math level up before school starts back again. I'

Sent by Debra on Jul 13

Math, San Jose, CA

Hi Cheryl, I'm looking for a tutor that can help my daughter who is going to be a sophomore next year and this summer is taking Algebra2/trig course.

Sent by Ilana on Jul 13

Cpa, Fremont, CA 94536

hi, will you teach CPA subjects, all 4 parts, i have material with me, and let me know any discount.

Sent by Kumar on Jul 13

Topology, Austin, TX 78705

Hi, I need tutoring sessions on topology. Basically, I need to get an intuitive understanding of some basic definitions such as homomorphism homotopy...

Sent by High.Performance.Star on Jul 13

Usmle, Alexandria, VA 22304

Hi are you available for Step1 tutoring?

Sent by Manuela on Jul 13

Cissp, 90731

Hi Jim, I live in san pedro, ca and am interested in tutoring for the CISSP cert. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Sent by Christopher on Jul 13

Ged, Columbus OH

Hi, my son, Xavion, is interested in finding a tutor to help with GED prep. Please call or email me if interested. Thank you, A.

Sent by Angela on Jul 13

Algebra, 30303

Hi, I am B. seeking a Math tutor for my son Tom I will like you to tutor him if you're available. Awaiting your response. Thanks

Sent by Ben on Jul 13

SAT Prep, Atlanta, GA 30331

Hello, My son is looking for a personal SAT tutor for the upcoming SAT. It seems like you've been doing this for a long time and we are interested.

Sent by I. on Jul 13

Geometry, Hillsborough NC

Hi My son is a senior and needs tutoring in geometry and algebra 2.

Sent by Sonya on Jul 13

English and Algebra, Stow OH

My son is doing online courses for high school. Having trouble passing semester one in English and having trouble with algebra 2. Just started looking for a tutor...

Sent by Vicki on Jul 13

Stata, New York, NY

Hello, I have assignment using stata, the due date is midnight. Can you please help. Thank you

Sent by Huda on Jul 12

Usmle, Elmhurst, NY 11373

I am looking for one on one tutoring for USMLE step 2

Sent by Natali on Jul 12

Reading, 32311

My child needs tutoring in Reading and preparing for the SAT. Thanks!

Sent by Deneka on Jul 12

Writing/Art, Lapeer MI

Hi Patricia, I'm hoping you have time to tutor my niece. She lives in Lapeer. Your background sounds perfect for her. We are in a rush "-).

Sent by Denise on Jul 12

Hebrew, Bronx, NY 10463

Hi Pini, I hope you are well. I will be teaching Hebrew to young students and would like to brush on my conversational skills and basic grammar.

Sent by Rina on Jul 12

Home Schooling, Brunswick GA

I have a daughter who will be a sophomore at Glynn Academy this year. However, Her dad and I are considering Home Schooling for her this year due to challenges with...

Sent by Trina on Jul 12

Dyscalculia, 78701

HiMichele, My son ( 13) has been diagnosed with Dyscalculia. AT this time I am exploring the different options available in Austin.

Sent by Elvia on Jul 12

Information Technology, New York, NY 10001

Hi Akanshu, I have an assignment for an Information Technology for Business course that I need help with. Please let me know if you are available to help me.

Sent by Cristina on Jul 12

Music, Spring Lake NC

I need help with song writing (Christian rap). Need help finding a tutor in the Spring Lake, NC area. Thank you. D.

Sent by Day on Jul 12

Adobe Photoshop, 93722

I'm looking for someone who knows how to do Photoshop and premiere as I'm looking to make videos for YouTube so if you can do that or know someone...

Sent by Julian on Jul 12

Python, Fort COllins CO

Hi Ryan I need some help with my homework in python, and was wondering if you were available this Thursday?

Sent by Kevin on Jul 12

Usmle, Plainfield, IL 60585

hi I was wondering if you tutor for step 3? Regards, A. T.

Sent by Asna on Jul 12

Psychology, 16802

Hello Shivani, I messaged you a couple of days ago on Wyzant. I am interested in starting weekly lessons with you, but I do not want to enter my credit card...

Sent by Kayla on Jul 11

Trigonometry, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

I am looking for a tutor for my two children in Trigonometry and Algebra. Physics a plus

Sent by Scott on Jul 11

English, Barnstable MA

Hi Katherine, I am looking for someone to help my son polish his writing skills before he leaves for college the end of August (he will be a freshman).

Sent by Michelle on Jul 11

Math and English, 90024

My daughter is going to 7th grade and we want her to be prepared for honors classes.

Sent by Ruth on Jul 11

Speed Reading and ACT, Phoenix AZ

Hello, My son, 17yrs, needs help in speed reading and comprehension for the ACT. Do you have experience in this area? I would like to start him in August.

Sent by Rachel on Jul 11

Usmle, Forest Park, IL 60130

Hello, I want to talk to you regarding usmle step 1 tutoring. Thank you

Sent by Farhana on Jul 11

Algebra, 21742

Dire need of tutor for my son in algebra 1 and in his summer school online course!!!!!!

Sent by Paula on Jul 11

Python, Alden, MN 56009

Hi Praneet, I am currently working with a large and complex data in Python involving multiple nested dictionaries and lists combined.

Sent by Pedro on Jul 11

Real Estate, Boston MA

Hi - We are looking for a tutor for the MA real estate exam. Do you provide this type of service?

Sent by Lynn on Jul 11

Quicken, Mechanicsville, MD 20659

Hello Amanda, I need help on how to use quicken. I live in Rockville MD, I could also do online. Can you please let me know if this is something you could help me...

Sent by Anna on Jul 11

Usmle Step 1, New York, NY 10022

I am in the process of studying for usmle step 1. right now i am doing kaplan videos plus lecture 9 - 10 hours a day with uworld question and FA.

Sent by Kheilynn on Jul 11

Database, Albion, IA 50005

Hello Mr. Ravi, I have to make a database which is due next July 20th.

Sent by Eladio on Jul 11

English, Cranberry Township PA

Hi, I am interested in having tutorship for English. Are you available on Fridays, what method do you use for improving English as a second language...

Sent by Ghisselle on Jul 10

Special Needs, 98033

My 9 year old son needs help in reading comprehension. He is a special needs kid

Sent by Hima on Jul 10

Usmle, New York, NY

help with steps exam approching

Sent by Vanessa on Jul 10

Usmle /4, Plainfield, IL 60585

Hi. i am looking for a tutor to help me with step 1 prep

Sent by Zainab on Jul 10

Spanish, Nashville TN

I am taking Intermediate Spanish 2 at vol state this Fall. I barely passed Intermediate I and its been a bit since I took it. So I need to get up to speed for...

Sent by Matt on Jul 10

Usmle, Annapolis MD

Good Afternoon, I am looking for a USMLE step 1 tutor, self studying is not going as well as I would have hope. Please let me know if you have time available.

Sent by Deni on Jul 10

Usmle, Brooklyn NY 11205

help with steps! asap if possible to take exam by october

Sent by Vanessa on Jul 10

Protools, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33325

HI Gary, Looking for targeted how-to training in Protools (specifically creating a mashup - an acapella track with a different instrumental).

Sent by Chris on Jul 10

Usmle, Forest Park, IL 60130

Hi Im looking for a step 1 tutor.

Sent by Zainab on Jul 10

Usmle 2ck Md, Staten Island, NY 10309

Hello Nicholas, I aM. looking for a tutor or USM.LE 2CK exaM.. I aM. a Caribbean IM.G and have coM.pleted M.y prograM. of study. I aM. running out of the perM.

Sent by Marisa on Jul 10

Physics, Sugar Land, TX 77479

Hi, I was wondering if you could teach AP physics this summer? Please let me hear back thank you. My daughter is taking it next year and we would like to be prepared.

Sent by Parisa on Jul 10

English, 90503

My son is taking SAT test. I am looking for help in SAT english section. I have another son who going to 4th grade. He also need help in english.

Sent by Ravi on Jul 10

College Math, 85338

Hello would you have time tomorrow afternoon? I need help with my last math class in quantative reasoning for my associates degree in Criminal Justice

Sent by Liz on Jul 9

Usmle, Baltimore, MD 21201

Hi, I'm a DO student that will be taking the Comlex level 2 CE (like the USMLE step 2) on 7/24. I'm doing ok but still struggling and need to get...

Sent by Jim on Jul 9

Android and Java, New York, NY 10011

Hey you work in android development? I could use some help. Java/android is what id need help with. Interested?

Sent by Jeremie on Jul 9

Usmle, Forest Park, IL 60130

Hi, I will be taking step at the end of August. I am currently spending 2 days on each organ system (content review+Uworld questions).

Sent by Lacey on Jul 9

Database, Houston TX

Diego, Can customers from my database be transferred over to another database like contactually? I would pay you 40$ an hour if you had to drive to my residence or...

Sent by Chad on Jul 9

Elementary Tutoring, 26508

Hi Ashley, My name is J. and our family has recently relocated to Morgantown Cheat Lake area and I have 2 kids entering 4th and 6th grade.

Sent by Jennifer on Jul 9

Usmle, Kansas City, MO 64109

I need USMLE step 2 tutoring.

Sent by Najah on Jul 8

Math, Hillsborough NJ

Hello Ms. Cecelia, My name is M. and I'm 22 years old. I am currently studying Nursing at RVCC. I have always struggled with Math throughout high school...

Sent by Mirian on Jul 8

Real Estate, 68137

I am looking for a reasonably priced tutor for Real Estate. I am studying for the exam and can't seem to find my focus as I have taken it twice and am getting...

Sent by Megan on Jul 8

Spanish, Aquebogue NY 11931

Need help with a search paper. To go over.

Sent by Celia on Jul 8

ACT, Rossville GA

I have a boy preparing for ACT I'LL need you to help.

Sent by Victor on Jul 8

Reading/math, Boise, ID 83702

Hi Karyn, I would like to chat you more about your approach to tutoring a dyslexic child. I am looking for some support and direction. Thank you!

Sent by Amy on Jul 7

Cpa, Washington DC

Hi Will! My name is K. and I am currently studying for the CPA exam. I'm studying for FAR right now and I am really struggling with it.

Sent by Katie on Jul 7

Usmle, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Hey, I'm really interested in signing up for step 2 ck tutoring starting as soon as possible.

Sent by Prashant on Jul 7

USMLE Step 2CK, 32746

Looking for tutoring for step2ck. Please email (email available after purchase) or text (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Ali on Jul 7

Spanish Paper, Aquebogue, NY 11931

Need help with a search paper. To go over.

Sent by Celia on Jul 7

Nclex, Raleigh, NC 27613

Hi Ms. Leslie, I am scheduled to take my NCLEX on August 3rd and I am looking for tutoring help! I have already taken the test once this past June and was unsuccessful.

Sent by Alex on Jul 7

Ftce, Miami, FL 33129

i need help. I'm Spanish teachers and I have to pass the essay. thank you

Sent by Susana on Jul 7

Physics, Redmond, WA 98052

My daughter needs help in Physics. She is a senior.

Sent by Hima on Jul 7

Math, English and Science, Woodland CA

HI, I have a daughter going to the 8th grade. The subjects are Math, English, Science, History. I am looking for someone to come to our house and tutor her.

Sent by Annette on Jul 7

Statistics, Savannah GA

I need help with statistics iam currently taking elementary statistics at Armstrong university and would like to have you as my tutor please thank you

Sent by Miranda on Jul 7

Usmle, Grosse Pointe, MI 48236

Hi I was wondering if you could tutor me for shelf clerkship exams. I will be taking Family Medicine clerkship very soon here. Please let me know how...

Sent by Bhanu on Jul 6

Usmle Step 2, Orlando, FL 32816

Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase), would like to discuss CK 2 tutoring with you.

Sent by Ali on Jul 6

Comptia, 20613

Hi David, Would you be able to tutor me for the A+ exam? or just the Network+? Thank you, R.

Sent by Randi on Jul 6

Praxis Math, Weston, CT 06883

I need to pA.ss the PrA.xis mA.th content knowledge. I hA.ve A.ttempted 3 times, highest score wA.s 148. How much do you chA.rge? ThA.nks!

Sent by Sarah on Jul 6

Math, Cambridge, MA 02139

Hi, I need AIME by online lesson. Are you available for lessinging? Thank you

Sent by Andy on Jul 6

Ftce, Palm Harbor, FL 34683

Need tutoring for GKT, please!

Sent by Brittany on Jul 6

Math and English, Casa Grande AZ

My son needs help in math and English they are holding him back in 3rd grade and i need to get him advanced enough to move ahead

Sent by Brandee on Jul 6

Accounting, 11767

Hello, I am looking for a Tutor for Financial Statement Analysis, as well as ratios for Income Statements and Balance sheets. If you can please contact me...

Sent by Rich on Jul 6

Hesi A2, Gadsden, AL 35904

I need to score high on the hesi A2 exam. I would like to touch all subjects. I need 2-3 hours per week not all in session. I need to do this online, can you help?

Sent by Monique on Jul 6

Automata, Port Hueneme, CA 93041

Hello, I need help saturday morning from 8:00am-10:30am Central time. The class is Theory of Automata. Would you be willing to help? Ready to pay

Sent by Daniel on Jul 5

Oracle Database /4, New York, NY

Yes I'm looking for a tutor that will help with a few functions in SQL i'm having a hard time and need to pass my last class.

Sent by Robert on Jul 5

Usmle, Philadelphia, PA

Hi, I am taking USMLE Step 1 in 2 weeks and need some rigorous tutoring solidifying the high yield concepts prior to the exam as well as going over how...

Sent by Shravanti on Jul 5

Organic Chemistry, Southampton NY

I am looking for an organic chemistry tutor to review concepts and material with me. Phone number is (phone number available after purchase). Looking to start ASAP.

Sent by Elizabeth on Jul 5

Reading, Lavonia GA

Hi, I have an emerging third grader who is struggling to become a strong reader. I am curious about tutoring for him. Do you have availability the remainder of this...

Sent by Daneille on Jul 5

Usmle, New York, NY

Hey Muhammad, I was looking for a personal tutor. I was wondering if you this type of tutoring as well or just online tutoring.

Sent by Richard on Jul 4

Armenian, Glendale CA 91201

I Need to you to teach my daughter how to speak Armenian. She is 16. Understands but does not speak. Please let me know if you can do this. Thank you

Sent by Armine on Jul 4

Speech, Los Angeles, CA 90006

Hi - I would like an hour for my son as he is competing for a debate. He just wants to review his speech and wanted to get some best practices around better...

Sent by Jyoti on Jul 4

Ftce, Palm Harbor, FL 34683

I need help passing the Tabe Entrance exam

Sent by Emanuel on Jul 4

Table Tennis, Escondido CA

I want to improve my table tennis so I can be a challenge for my son.

Sent by Joann on Jul 4

Molecular Biology, 30030

Hello Paran, I am taking a molecular cell biology course this summer so it is at a very fast pace and I am looking for someone to help me understand a couple of...

Sent by Kayla on Jul 3

Algebra, MArion, MA 02738

I have a 16 year old grandson - taking Algebra 2 this fall. Do you have any time this summer to evaluate and tutor him to prep him for Algebra 2

Sent by Julie on Jul 3

Usmle, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Hello sir, i am in 1st year med school in india. i just want to know when to start studying and what for usmle

Sent by Deepika on Jul 3

Usmle, New Hyde Park, NY 11040

I'm Interested in getting tutoring done for Step1. I'm in the process of taking my step 1 exam however, am seeking help to improve my score.

Sent by Abdulla on Jul 3

Step Ck, Atlanta, GA

hello Doc, I am currently a 4th yr medical student at IAU college of medicine. i have been having alot of difficulty with passing the CCSE / COMP exam that...

Sent by Suraiya on Jul 3

Ftce, Orlando, FL 32839

Hello. I need to pass the GKT Reading section. i have taken it 4 times

Sent by Gina on Jul 3

Step 1, New York NY 10022

Hello, Dr. Sandy, My name is Z. Z.. I live in Dallas, Pennsylvania. I will be at this location until I take my step 1 exam. I am willing to devote as many hours as...

Sent by Zara on Jul 3

Math Praxis, 08701

Hi Kim, I'm looking for tutoring for the math praxis part of the praxis core. I have taken it four times already and failed each time.

Sent by Faith on Jul 2

Usmle, Chicago IL 60637

Hey Kishan, we had spoken a while back...are you still available to tutor?

Sent by Zara on Jul 2

Usmle, Staten Island, NY 10309

Hi, I'm studying for the Comlex level 2 CE which I take 7/24. I'm still scoring low to mid 400's with a target of 550. I'

Sent by Jim on Jul 1

Finance Tutor, Somerville MA 02143

I need help today with finance math. I can be contacted at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Renell on Jul 1

Accounting, 85017

Hello I have argent home work in Case study in Financial Analysis Working capital management

Sent by Amanu on Jul 1

Math, 11720

hello Isabella. I am looking for a math tutor for my daughter specifically in pre-calculus. I did not see that listed on your subjects tutored but I was wondering if...

Sent by Leela on Jul 1