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Mr. Mike Adams

Bachelor in Computer Science & Math · specializes in Algebra, Pre-Calculus · 41-50 years old male

gold Apple award gold apple - highest honor bestowed to best

"A Perfect Match for How You Learn Best


You Be the Judge with a Free First Session:

Experience an award-winning professional tutor who resonates with you, with no risk. I'm confident that after our first session, you'll see the difference in how I adapt to your learning style, ensuring a perfect match for your educational more...

"A Perfect Match for How You Learn Best


You Be the Judge with a Free First Session:

Experience an award-winning professional tutor who resonates with you, with no risk. I'm confident that after our first session, you'll see the difference in how I adapt to your learning style, ensuring a perfect match for your educational needs.


Tailored Learning for Every Style:

Whether you're a visual, auditory, or hands-on learner, I am expert at quickly identifying and adapting to your unique learning method. This means that I explain how you learn best, making complex concepts easy to grasp.


Friendly, Patient, and Relaxed Environment:

My approachable and patient teaching style creates a comfortable and encouraging learning space. Here, you're free to explore concepts at your pace, ask questions freely without embarrassment, and engage with the material in a way that feels natural to you.


My Personal Journey From Struggle to Success:

I understand the challenges of tough subjects. Thanks to an exceptional teacher, my own journey from struggling in math to mastering it has equipped me with the techniques and understanding to guide you from confusion to clarity.


Prepare to Accelerate Your Learning:

To get the most out of our sessions, bring your study materials – textbooks, notebooks, laptops, and any other relevant tools. This helps me customize the tutoring directly to your academic needs, leading to quicker and more effective improvement.


Start Today for a Brighter Tomorrow:

The sooner we begin, the greater your progress and the better your results will be. Let's work together to overcome your academic challenges and make your learning journey rewarding and successful.


Enjoy Learning:

Together, we can turn your academic goals into reality. Let's start your journey to academic excellence and make learning something to look forward to!" less...


fee: $60 (for 60 min)
years of tutoring: 10 and more
students tutored: 100 and more
travel distance: 10 miles
meeting type: either in-person or online
member for: 5 years and 9 months
award: Gold apple
references: Mike is an amazingly caring and trustworthy person. He goes out of his way to do things for others and is always willing to help. He is easy going and laid back which makes for an excellent tutor. Mike puts students at ease and makes them comfortable to ask any question. He is incredibly brilliant. I have always thought it takes true superior intelligence to be able to break down complicated subjects in an easy way and make them understandable for others. He brings this skill to life. He is a great communicator and all around quality person. I have no hesitation recommending him as a teacher. --Lisa Andruscavage, MD   Great tutor, makes learning easy, takes time to explain, and is willing to go the extra mile so that you can excel on your educational journey. I was an older returning student who had literally been out of school for almost 20 years. I needed math to graduate and was totally lost. Michael made learning fun and helped me understand in a way that I thought was impossible.


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Education and Qualifications

school: Fitchburg State University, Fitchburg, MA
certified: Michael D. Adams is a certified tutor

For the last 26 years, it has been so fulfilling working for three colleges and tutoring independently nearly 5,000 students of all ages in all areas of Math, Computer Science, Chemistry, Writing, Reading, and English as a Second Language (ESL). I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and am internationally certified by the College Reading and Learning Association. I truly enjoy helping people understand difficult concepts and feel a sense of relief and accomplishment.

Roanoke, VA 24015
full address is on file

Subjects Tutored

Elementary & Junior High School
Computer BasicsElementary Math
Elementary ReadingGrammar
Home SchoolingReading
Study Skills
Special Needs
General Ed
AlgebraAlgebra 1
Algebra 2Calculus
Discrete MathGeometry
SpanishSpanish (advanced)
Spanish (basics)
Computer & Internet
AlgorithmsAssembly Language
Computer ScienceJAVA
Microsoft ExcelMicrosoft Office
Microsoft OutlookMicrosoft Windows
Microsoft WordPascal
Song Writing
Chemistry (General)Creative Writing
EssayEssay Writing
General ChemistryLife Coach
Term PaperWriting Composition
Test Prep
SAT MathSAT Reading
SAT Writing

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Rating and Reviews

"Great Pleasure Receiving Tutoring From Mike"

Mike is a great tutor but he also takes pride in seeing his students do well. While it is never expected, there are times Mike goes beyond the hour just to make sure our son understands the material. We have seen our student's grades increase dramatically since Mike has been providing his tutoring. It has been a great pleasure getting to know Mike. Highly recommend.

"Guaranteed To Pass Your Course"

I've been through plenty of tutors over the years and I've never had the feeling that I'd for sure pass the course I was in. There always was a level of uncertainty with all of the others. With Michael it's almost a guarantee that you will pass your course, granted you have to put in the time, but Michael is who you need to succeed!