Getting Jobs

At TutorZ, there are three ways of getting new tutoring jobs: Tutors may purchase jobs from our (1) Job Board, (2) Inbox or (3) Job Discovery.

first way - purchase from job board

Job Board

New tutors enjoy the privilege to purchase any tutoring job from our job board. They can do so for their initial seven days of TutorZ membership. After this promotional period ends, any tutor may purchase tutoring jobs from her Inbox and/or the Job Discovery.

second way - purchase from inbox


At TutorZ students and parents search for a tutor that match their needs, such as qualification, location, hourly rate and rating. If it is you who is the best fit, parents post a message onto your profile which will appear as a tutoring job in your inbox. These types of jobs are of the highest value. So be sure to respond quickly to your student's request.

The inbox is located directly on your dashboard, that is you will see it after logging in to your TutorZ account. Alternatively, click on My Jobs from within your TutorZ account.

third way - purchase from job discovery

Job Discovery

These discovered tutoring jobs were originally posted by parents and/or students to different tutors. However, these jobs match your tutoring background, location and lesson delivery method, thus are available for your purchase. Here is how tutors can access the job discover feature.

In-person tutoring jobs are those jobs for which the student requires an in-person tutor, that is they want to meet the tutor personally, for example in a library, coffee shop or at home.

Online tutoring jobs are posted by students nationwide. But only those online tutoring jobs appear in your account which match with your tutoring subjects offered. We recommend to use Zoom, Facebook, Google Docs & Hangout, TeamViewer, or WhatsApp to conduct your online tutoring.


Only Green, Red and Gold Apple awarded tutors are allowed to purchase tutoring jobs through the job discovery feature. The number of jobs allowed purchasing depends on the level of award:

Green apple member are allowed to purchase one job within a 24-hour time frame.

Red apple member are allowed to purchase three jobs within a 24-hour time frame.

Gold apple member are allowed to purchase five jobs within a 24-hour time frame.

The purchase amount reflects the trust and reputation of our tutors. Should you not yet been awarded the Green Apple status or wish to purchase more jobs within a 24-hour time frame, try to improve the ranking of your profile.

Be a Tutor

Be a tutor to receive tutoring jobs from parents and students. Tutoring jobs must be purchased and differ in price and quality. Becoming a tutor is free.

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Matt Horwich's testimonial

Matt Horwich

  • I like TutorZ because as soon as I get a notification, I purchase the lead for as little as two dollars. Within minutes I have made a call or sent a direct email. I usually set up a first session for that week....sometimes that very same day! Now let's start studying....

by Matt Horwich, Cleveland, OH

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