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Request reviews from students. | TutorZ.com

How to Request Reviews and Ratings from Students

So, you tutored students who are satisfied with your services. Use this opportunity to request reviews and ratings from your happy students. These ratings and reviews boost the credibility of your tutoring profile and influences prospective students to select you over competing tutors.

How then can I request a review from my happy students?

The Short Answer

The short answer is simply by clicking on the red "Request a Review" button found at the tutoring job page of your happy student. This red button is circled below.

Click the red button to request reviews and ratings

The Long Answer

A more elaborate answer of how to request reviews and ratings from students is given next step by step. This tutorial is based on the following scenario: Our example tutor called Dirk Wagner. He has been tutoring the PHP programming language to his student Leah who lives in Carmarillo, CA. Asking Leah to provide a review about his tutoring services Dirk executes the following steps:

1. Log into your TutorZ account.

To log into his TutorZ account Dirk enters the following URL into his browser or clicks on the link below.


If Dirk is successful his browser navigates to the page containing the login box as shown below.

2. Click on the "inbox" link

After Dirk has logged into his account the dashboard appears to him. On the left side of the dashboard there is a set of links. One of them is labeled "inbox". Click on that link. It will show all tutoring jobs of Dirk's account.

3. Find the Tutoring Job

Seeing all tutoring jobs in his inbox, Dirk now looks for Leah's tutoring job. Having it found, Dirk click on its title line. This click opens the detail section of Leah's tutoring job. The picture below clircles Leah's tutoring job title line.

4. Click on the "Request a Review" button

To ask Leah to provide a review and rating, Dirk clicks on the red "Request a Review" button.

5. Personalize and Send the Email

The following snippet appears on Dirk's detailed job page.

At this point Dirk has the chance to personalize his email to Leah.  Dirk might need to change the name of the student when parents are involved.   Or perhaps the subject different when - for example - Dirk ended up tutoring HTML5 instead of PHP.  In any case, to edit the email Dirk simply moves his mouse into the subject, message or thank you fields, updates the text according to his preferences and finishes his work by clicking "Send Request".

This completes Dirk's work. The ball is now in Leah's court to provide the requested review. What happens on her end is as follows:

2.1. Leah Receives Request-Review Email

Leah has received an email message from TutorZ asking to give Dirk a review. The next picture displays this email message.

2.2. Leah Provides a Review

If Leah is willing to follow up on Dirk's request she clicks on the "Review Dirk" button found in the body of the email. This click would re-direct Leah to TutorZ' review page and is shown in this picture below.

This review page contains a text area where Leah enters the review about Dirk. In addition, Leah can also rate Dirk using the standard 5-star rating system. Let's say Leah thinks Dirk deserves 4 stars for his tutoring work.   Se accomplishes a 4 star rating by hovering her mouse over the 4th star and presses the left mouse button. As her final step Leah clicks the "Submit Review" button on the bottom of the page. Now Leah's review appears on tutor Dirk's profile page.

Because Dirk will be delighted to know he has received a new review, the TutorZ system sends a notification email to Dirk's email account.

This completes the process of initiating and providing ratings and reviews on a tutor's request.

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