What is TutorZ?

Tutorz is a smart and easy way to find qualified tutors. Tutorz is also a free tutor referral. Tutorz is a smart and easy way to find, rate and review tutors. Tutorz facilitates a communication network between student/parents and tried and trusted tutors nation wide.

How does Tutorz find the perfect tutor for you?

  • Tutorz searches the web, maintianing the largest search of tutors on the Internet, currently we boast a database of over 37,000+ tutors across the nation.
  • Tutorz ranks the most relavant tutors first according to your search query. This ranking system allows students/parents to simply pick your tutor from the top of the listing.
  • Tutorz recommends tried and trusted tutors based on user ratings, tags, and reviews.

About Us

Founded in July of 2006 and launched at the start of 2007 by Dirk Wagner, Sameer Saproo, and Erik Olsson — TutorZ.com was a vertical search engine helping parents and students find educational tutors for homework, test-prep, and overall studies. Until then TutorZ.com has morphed into an online tutor referral service with a listing of 37,000+ tutors nationwide.

TutorZ' three founders — back then students at the University of California at Irvine (UCI) — developed the company during a HiTech OCTANe computing project and the June 8, 2007 UCI business plan competition. Dirk, Sameer and Erik won the first place at the HiTech OCTANe competition.

TutorZ.com doesn't employ its own tutors instead it provides an information hub for those looking to hire one. "The goal is to provide an innovative tutoring network that is simple, precise, and effective", says Bryan McNutt, Director of Marketing at TutorZ.


Vertical Search Engine

Tutor information stored in TutorZ' database are made available to the user through our vertical search engine (or domain specific engine). Focusing on single domain empowers our vertical search engine to increase the relevancy of results.

Users often wish to qualify their query, e.g. female tutors only, accountant, certification, or price range ($30-$40 per hour). While even advanced data retrieving techniques almost never deliver the desired relevance, our filters do a superb job in helping the user specify this complex request. As filters need to be customized for each vertical domain this task is easy to accomplish on TutorZ.


The TutorZ site allows tutors to easily and effectively establish a nationwide network. This is accomplished by posting a tutor profile on the site. The tutor profile feature allows the tutor to publish their professional qualifications (BS, MA, Ph. D, Science, Math, English) and contact information. TutorZ then provides a communication hub supplying the information to a targeted audience. Creating a detailed user profile at TutorZ allows the student or parent to select the tutor that fits their specific needs.

Rating System

A five star rating system and tags next to each tutor profile allows the user to choose a tutor with a high rating and then follow-up, rating their personal experience with tutors as well. Once the student or parent has employed a tutor at TutorZ they can evaluate the tutor's performance directly on the website. Publishing the evaluation through our rating system will help future users select an effective tutor. The TutorZ.com rating system also uses advanced algorithms to allow user only one click to rate the tutor. This system results in more effective and accurate ratings for each tutor.

Tutor on Google Map

TutorZ.com also provides a map with each tutor profile this can help the student or parent better locate tutors in their area. The map at TutorZ displays an icon in the general vicinity of the tutor's location. This user friendly mapping system integrates Goggle Maps and other web innovations at TutorZ to enhance the overall effectiveness of our service.

TutorZ Youtube Channel

Kim Tutors Grammar in Los Angeles is one of our many videos on our Youtube channel.

Team TutorZ

Dirk Wagner, Owner & Founder

Dirk Wagner - Owner & Founder

Dirk established TutorZ in 2006 after a business plan competition the University of California at Irvine.

Professionally, Dirk has 8 years of experience as a software engineer at NetZero, Eternal-Systems and PulsePoint Communications. Dirk Wagner holds a M.S. degree in computer science from the University of Erlangen, Germany and continued education is paramount for him. He has expanded his education by taking courses in computer science, math and business at UCSB, CSUN and UCI while tutoring these subjects to students ranging from elementary to graduate levels. Dirk also has been a volunteer instructor teaching astronomy at the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum and teaching professionally computer science at the Computer Education Center, Chemnitz, Germany.

"I sympathize with students and parents in their struggle to find a fitting tutor...my greatest joy would be if TutorZ met your needs." - Dirk

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Success Stories

California State University Northridge Professor Recommends TutorZ.com

"I am connecting up all the good private tutors I know with TutorZ.com, and I look forward to making the one-step referral for any student who seeks outside, individual help." more...

TutorZ' 1st Year Anniversary group picture beach umbrella

TutorZ' 1st Year Anniversary

Beach Party & BBQ
Port Hueneme, CA

Office Life

First Year Anniversary Beach Party

The first year anniversary was a momentous occasion for all TutorZ stakeholders. The Saturday event not only marked a milestone in the companies development it also gave employees an opportunity to socialize in a casual setting outside of the office. more...

TutorZ Commercial on YouTube

TutorZ Commercial

Erik & Sameer

Port Hueneme, CA


What is the goal of TutorZ.com?

To provide a nationwide network for tutors, making it easier for those in need of professional tutor assistance to find me a tutor that fits their specific needs. more...