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information systems in C online or in-person

Meenakshi, I need help with writing code assignment using the PIC microcontroller in C. H.

Sent by Hussain at 3:15 am

quicken online

Rita, I was wondering if you could help my wife and I set up auto bill pay and proper budgeting through Quicken for Mac. Quite frankly, there's a real dearth of...

Sent by Rob yesterday

organic chemistry in Tallahassee, FL

My daughter goes to Florida State University and has an exam this Wednesday. Needs tutoring for Organic Chemistry II, tomorrow Monday & Tuesday - and then on...

Sent by Jaquelin yesterday

Russian Math in North Andover, MA

Hi, I’m seeking a tutor for my seven-year-old son. He’s in second grade and we’d like support for him to learn Russian math and second grade standard math...

Sent by Anna yesterday

history in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Hi Sarah, My name is M. and I am taking a Senior Seminar in History for college and I have to write a 25 page paper. The paper has to be in MLA with endnotes.

Sent by Michael yesterday

math and English in Pontotoc, MS

I have a first grader who need help in math and language arts desperatel, if you could help me that would be great.

Sent by Kayla yesterday

USMLE step 1 & 2 CK in Chicago, IL

Hey. I. am for a tutor to help me Step 1. I. have taken once before and faI.led so now I. am just to go back to the basI.cs and learn.

Sent by Hannah on Saturday

math in East Peoria, IL

I am looking for a tutor for my twin 5th grade girls for math. They are testing super low on standardized tests and I am not sure where to begin to get them on track.

Sent by Donna on Saturday

Algebra in Oxnard, CA

i live in Oxnard and am having difficulty with College Algebra. I am available every morning except Tuesday. I live near Victoria and Channel Islands.

Sent by Lester on Saturday

geometry in Mount Pleasant, MI

Hello! I am currently in need of a tutor for geometry and algebra 2

Sent by Sheree on Friday

algebra and chemistry in Elk River, MN

11th grader needs help algebra 2 and chemistry

Sent by Mark on Friday

USMLE in New York, NY

Plz email best time to contact

Sent by Tina on Friday

science and math in Warminster, PA

Hello Polina, I am interested in learning your availability, cost and logistics to have you tutor our 12 yo 7th grade daughter. She was an A student (she had...

Sent by Cathy on Friday

Finance and Statistics in Rochester, MI

Looking for Finance and Stats tutoring for my son at OU....

Sent by Andy on Friday

algebra online

I am writing my exam in May so can you please help me to pass😢

Sent by Mirriam on Friday

immunology online

hi, i need you to explain the check inhibitor point such as PD1 also i need to explain a an artical about Siglec-15

Sent by Ibrahim on Friday

general chemistry in Roswell, GA

Hi I have recently been struggling in general chemistry and was interested in your help.

Sent by Kaylea on Thursday

math in Killeen, TX

Good morning, I am looking for a tutor for my 3rd grader. Struggles are math, and reading. She struggles with reading comprehension.

Sent by Latrece on Thursday

USMLE step 1 for $20 hr online

I am looking for USMLE Step 1 preparation help for 4-5hrs/day till March 7th. Please let me know the best hourly rate you can do as I am going with longer duration.

Sent by Jatin on Wednesday

French in Hollister, CA

Hello Eduardo, We are looking for a tutor to help our daughter with French. We live in Hollister. Can you contact me so we can get more details. Thank you.

Sent by Ramiro on Wednesday

chemistry in Canyon Lake, TX

looking for high school chemistry tutor in new braunsfel

Sent by Shamsah on Wednesday

Finance in Oxford, MS

Our son is a SR. in the BSchool at Ole Miss. He would benefit from a tutor 2-3 times per week through the end of the term. The class is essentials of Finance...

Sent by Tom on Wednesday

math in Orange Park, FL

Hello Nathan, 5th grader needs about 3 sessions with fractions C. L.

Sent by Cash on Wednesday

QuickBooks in Midland Park, NJ

Hi Need QuickBooks help with the online version (phone number available after purchase) C (phone number available after purchase) in Midland Park

Sent by John on Wednesday

investment analysis online

I need help with Investment Analysis 2

Sent by Sar on Wednesday

USMLE online

Hi Dr. Tanveer, My name is Zora S. and I am a third year medical student in upstate new york. I was hoping to get some tutoring sessions for step 2 CK.

Sent by Zorawar on Wednesday

SAT in Lebanon, NJ

Good afternoon- I am looking for an SAT English tutor for my son who is a Junior. We live in Lebanon, NJ. Is this something you can help with? C.

Sent by Casey on Wednesday

USMLE online

Dear Cortney, I am a last year medical student from Germany. I completed Step 1 successfully at 1st attempt but below average (score: 200).

Sent by Philipp on Wednesday

accounting in Salisbury, NC

Please call me, i have a son at Catawba College having problems in accounting. (phone number available after purchase). C. S.

Sent by Craig on Wednesday

vuejs online

Hi, I am in need for a good VUEjs tutor to help me understand this difficult subject better. J.

Sent by James on Feb 7

Accounting and general in Streetsboro, OH

My daughter is a sophomore at Streetsboro High School and needs additional help with her studies.

Sent by Roberta on Tuesday

ACT in Austin, TX

i am interested in talking to you about tutoring my daughter who is 17 for the ACT coming up in April, she will take a practice test Saturday.

Sent by Deborah on Tuesday

USMLE step 1 online

Hello. Hope you are great. I am looking for a USMLE step 1 tutor and was wondering whether you are still available for tutoring?

Sent by Barbara on Tuesday

USMLE Step 2 CK in Brooklyn, NY

Hello, I live in Downtown Brooklyn and am looking to get tutored for Step 2 CK. Looking to take it end of June/beginning of July but get started on tutoring now...

Sent by Alexandra on Tuesday

Emergency medicine online

Hello Samantha, my name is T.. I'm currently an EM resident PGY 1. I was hoping to get your help with clinical questions during my study if possible. Thanks.

Sent by Terry on Tuesday

math in Woodbridge, VA

I would like to get some help in math and science for my 7th grader.

Sent by Erica on Tuesday

biology in Madison, TN

Need a tutor in Biology 2 nights per week or on Saturday

Sent by Karen on Tuesday

Spanish basics in Bastrop, TX

Hello Michael, I work for an EMS station, and we are looking for someone who is willing to teach our employees basic Spanish to help us communicate better with our...

Sent by Hannah on Tuesday

USMLE online

Hello. Hope you are well. Are you still providing tutoring for the USMLE? I am working on the step 1 but I really need guidance as staying motivated is really...

Sent by Barbara on Tuesday

USMLE step 1 online

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for Step 1.

Sent by Nikhil on Tuesday

Pharmacy PTCB exam online or in-person

Hi i'am interested in starting tutoring lessons

Sent by Tantrial on Tuesday

USMLE online

Need a help for my daughter to complete USMLE, She is in india. Can you take on-line class at few session?

Sent by Sebastian on Tuesday

reading in Loveland, OH

Nancy, I am searching for a tutor for my 5 year old daughter who is in kindergarten. She seems to have difficulty knowing letter names, letter sounds...

Sent by Diane on Tuesday

USMLE in Houston, TX

I am looking for one on one step 2 ck tutoring. I am in the Houston area.

Sent by Rachael on Tuesday

geometry in Toccoa, GA

Do you tuter 10 grade geometry

Sent by Jennifer on Monday

Python online

I need help with an assignment

Sent by Elijah on Monday

math in Grand Junction, CO

My stepdaughter goes to Palisade and is with us half the time in Molina and half the time with her dad in gj. She is in algebra II and could use help.

Sent by Matt on Monday

reading, writing, math in Kent, WA

Hi I live in Kent wa and am looking for a tutor in reading and math for my girls. I have 2 girls one who is in first grade and the other in 3rd grade.

Sent by Lauren on Monday

algebra online

Because I'm really bad at math, and I really, really, want to get better at this subject.

Sent by Dayonna on Monday

excel in Knoxville, TN

Hi James, I am needing to brush up on my Excel skills and learn more. Are you an advanced excel user? I need to take a skills assessment for a job and need some...

Sent by Scarlett on Monday

math in Midland, TX

Hi i have a third grader that is struggling a lot with math. anything related to math. We need help despretly.

Sent by Nayeli on Monday

dyslexia in Henrico, VA

Hi, Leslie. I need help! My daughter, Sophia (grade 1, age 6) needs reading assistance. We had 1 tutor over the summer that was not able to continue in the fall.

Sent by Stacy on Monday

ruby on rails online or in-person

Hey Jim, I am going to a computer bootcamp and have a web scrapping project with ruby that I need some help on. Also i have some questions about ruby.

Sent by Anthony on Monday

in-home in Budd Lake, NJ

Interested in 1:1 in-home tutoring for Junior in Mount Olive. Please let us know if you're available weekday evenings and/or weekends.

Sent by Minal on Monday

English, Math in Braintree, MA

Hi Marion, My name is V. and I contacted you through Wyzant. For some reason it did not allow me to contact you. Could you please share your number or call me...

Sent by Vaibhav on Monday

Math in Conyers, GA

I live in Conyers Ga, l’m looking for someone to tutor my 14 yr old son in Math.

Sent by Tina on Monday

USMLE step 2 CK online

Dear Farah, I am a last year medical student from Germany. I completed step 1 successfully at 1st attempt but below average (score: 200).

Sent by Philipp on Feb 10

stock trading online

I need stock tutoring please

Sent by Charles on Feb 9

reading in Sumter, SC

My daughter is 8 years old and in the second grade. She needs help mainly with reading. I want her to get some one on one to help build that even more for 3rd grade.

Sent by Sara on Feb 9

math in Houston, TX

Good afternoon! I am looking into some help for my son Colin who is in 3rd grade in Klein ISD. He is struggling with math and reading.

Sent by Stacey on Feb 9

nasm online

Jake, Is this tutoring something that can be done online/phone or only in person? Thanks

Sent by Kyle on Feb 9

inorganic chemistry in New Orleans, LA

Mengying, This is my last semester and I really need help with College Inorganic Chemistry. Thank you M. J.

Sent by Monice on Feb 8

survey participation online

Greetings. My name is Y. Z. and I am a student in Parsons learning communication design. We are conducting a research study about the experience of local lessons...

Sent by Yifu on Feb 8

vector calculus in San Francisco, CA

Hi. Having problem won’t allow me to respond for some reason. Go ahead call me this afternoon as long as before 4p.m. Thank you.

Sent by Christina on Feb 8

math in Conyers, GA

Hi I was reaching out I met a lady several years back in conyers who was an retired teacher and math tutor as well as a travel agent.

Sent by Courtney on Feb 8

java in Miami, FL

Hi karina I need hemp debbuging a java programing for an assignment. Do you think you ciuld help?

Sent by Augusto on Feb 8

math in Eastchester, NY

5 th grade math and word problem

Sent by Mukesh on Feb 7

accounting online

Hi, I was wondering if I can book you for 2 hours for help with answering 36 Intermediate Theory Accounting questions within that time frame?

Sent by Niqi on Feb 7

NBME USMLE step 1 online

Hi Dr. Yasar, My Step 1 test is quickly approaching and my scores are very low. I have studied a lot and don't know why things are not coming together for me.

Sent by Rani on Feb 7

BioChemistry online or in-person

Hello Jonathan! I am in an on-line accelerated college program and I am looking for someone to - help get me through BioChemistry. Thank you J. P.

Sent by Jill on Feb 7

grammar in Lagrange, GA

Need help with my grammar

Sent by Bennie on Feb 7

dyslexia in Erie, CO

Hi, I have a fourth grader who struggles in math. She shows some signs of dyslexia and we are currently working on a 504 plan for her.

Sent by Amber on Feb 6

organic chemistry online or in-person

I would like to know your structure for online tutoring. I have a freshman in college and would like to arrange tutoring for Chemistry.

Sent by Tiffany on Feb 6

quicken online

Need some assistance with questions I have about Quicken. I am a retired litigations paralegal that took over a real estate secretary position from five (yes...

Sent by Rosanne on Feb 5

real estate in Jacksonville, NC

Hello Valerie, My name is H. Clark. I’m calling on the behalf of my wife Maria. She is taking a real estate course and is unsure about the math portion.

Sent by Hugh on Feb 5

ceramics in Northbrook, IL

Hello, I am looking for a tutor for my ceramics course I am currently taking. Is this something you could help me with? Thank you, D. L.

Sent by David on Feb 5

pharmacology in Henrico, VA

HeL.L.o Andrew I need heL.p with a PharmacoL.ogy cL.ass, more specificaL.L.y with 3 exams that I have coming up that are scheduL.ed on Tuesdays. Are you avaiL.abL.e?

Sent by Sabazz on Feb 5

Major subjects middle in Ravenswood, WV

My daughter is really struggling with her grades and can possibly have to repeat the 7th grade. I dont think her grades are above a 20 in her main subjects...

Sent by Kristi on Feb 5

real estate in Los Angeles, CA

Hi Jan, I was wondering if you were familiar with DCF's and pro formas? I have an assignment due Thursday and I was wondering if you can help me with it. Thank you

Sent by Austin on Feb 5

Math and reading in Fairfield, CA

I am looking for once a week to help my 6yr old son in Math and reading.

Sent by Tina on Feb 4

Math in Richland, WA

Dear Peggy, Would you be willing to tutor my daughter in her Math141 course studies? Thank you, R.

Sent by Rachael on Feb 4

English in Dekalb, IL

Hey Megan I look for some help from n the subject general!!! C.

Sent by Collin on Feb 4

Excel in Monmouth Junction, NJ

Hello Meghana, I am an adult masters student at Rutgers HRM, do you know anyone who can help me with excel in my Analytics class?

Sent by Michael on Feb 4

Algebra in Clarkston, MI

Hello Carolyn, I am reaching out to inquire about your tutoring my 15 year old son in Algebra I. He failed semester one and we are looking to get him caught...

Sent by Joe on Feb 4

calculus in Patterson, NY

Hello, I need some tutoring in Calculus 1. Please let me know when you're available. Thank you!

Sent by Stephany on Feb 4

math in Hood River, OR

Hello, I am interested in a math tutor for my son. A 4th grader. My email is (email available after purchase). I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you

Sent by Marisa on Feb 3

DMV exam

Hi Jennifer...We are trying to get in touch with you. Victor, our 77 year old friend, lives in Palm Harbor and is in need of assistance with his DMV driving exam.

Sent by Jill on Feb 3

Chinese (advanced) in San Diego, CA

Hi Tiffany! Hope you're doing well! Was trying to get in contact with you and hoping this works. Hopefully talk to you soon, J.

Sent by Jackson on Feb 3

Chemistry in Kittanning, PA

Could you contact my friend D. about tutoring? Please call or text D. (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Dave on Feb 3

Arabic; Foreign Language in Logan, UT

Yasmine, I am interested in tutoring. If you can help my email is (email available after purchase). My phone number is (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Justin on Feb 3

ESL in Madison, NJ

Dear Siggi, I am contacting you because I am looking for an English Teacher in Madison, New Jersey and was hoping you would be available, or can point me in...

Sent by Brianna on Feb 3

adobe illustrator in Seattle, WA

Needing immediate, basics teaching in Adobe Illustrator, layers, clipping masks, I'm super flexible today & tomorrow, Your rate is no problem, must be in person due...

Sent by Hugh on Feb 3

elementary in Bardstown, KY

Hi Ashley. My son Alex is a 2nd grader at Shepherdsville elementary. He is a great kid but is struggling in a few areas. Mainly reading.

Sent by Chris on Feb 3

math in Clearwater, FL

Hello Ms. Linda, I am looking for a SAT tutor for my daughter Isabel. She is in 12 grade and will be taking the test in March. She needs to improve her math score...

Sent by Monica on Feb 3

computer in East Burke, VT

As you work on computers, do you happen to know if there are computer techs that make house calls in East Burke? I live in Virginia and have elderly parents...

Sent by Michael on Feb 2

reading dyslexia in Natick, MA

Hi Andrea,,writing about my 2nd grader Brooke.are you are OG trained reading specialist? best :) P.!

Sent by Peter on Feb 2

DMV in Palm Harbor, FL

Hello Jennifer, This is Dirk at TutorZ. I am contacting you on behalf of J. Guzman who has a 77-year-old friend in Palm Harbor in need of help with his DMV exam.

Sent by Jill on Feb 2

Verbal GRE SC TC online

Hey, Reach me out at (email available after purchase)

Sent by Sanat on Feb 2

GRE online

Hey, I have my exam on 27th. Want to increase my score points in verbal.

Sent by Sanat on Feb 1

IT online

Can you help me out tonight

Sent by Julia on Feb 1


We wanted to check on the possibility of offering a 2 day TSI Prep class for around 25 students at Community High School in June 2020.

Sent by Renda on Feb 1

reading in West Palm Beach, FL

Hi, I am looking for someone to tutor my first grader in reading and writing. He comes to my office after school during the week. My office is off exit 14 in Charlotte.

Sent by Megan on Feb 1

writing in Woodbridge, NJ

Hi Phillip, This is S., I'm looking writing tutor for my 5th grader . If you are available pls contact me

Sent by Sucharitha on Feb 1