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Writing in Fountain Valley, CA

Please contact me regarding my 3rd grade son. Thanks.

Sent by Huong on Feb 28

Math for Obsessive Compulsive in Natrona Heights, PA

Hi Linda, We are seeking someone to assist and tutor my 14-year old eighth grade daughter in Math. She does have OCD and it is a struggle to keep her attention...

Sent by Craig on Feb 28

HESI A2 in Austin, TX

Hey Aubrey, I am contacting you for my girlfriend Mayra. She is preparing for TEAS entrance exam for ACC associate RN program. She will taking the exam for...

Sent by Juan on Feb 28

Our Chemistry online

tutor meeeee u bad

Sent by Sarah on Feb 27

USMLE online

Hi, I am looking for tutor who can help me with usmle step 1 and 2 prep. Best,

Sent by Nabeela on Feb 27

USMLE online

Hi I am looking for tutor who can help with usmle step 1 and 3 prep. Best,

Sent by Nabeela on Feb 27

USMLE online

Hi, I am looking for tutor who can help for USMLE step 1 and 2 prep. Thanks

Sent by Nabeela on Feb 27

differential equations online

I’m a college student and I need help with differential equations. I’m in a class and I feel like I don’t even know what I don’t know.

Sent by Garrett on Feb 27

Economics online

Hello, It looks like there's a problem with the other website, would you be able to send me your zoom link or any other information so we can do our meeting...

Sent by Arya on Feb 27

Statistics in Galveston, TX

I need help with a graduate statistics course I am taking online at Texas Tech. Need in person. I live in Galveston

Sent by Ann on Feb 27

Automata online

Hi, my son needs help with automata college level as soon as posible.

Sent by Paola on Feb 26

Math in Willits, CA

hello, i was wondering if you tutored elementary school kids, for math

Sent by Suzi on Feb 26

Drawing in Sunland, CA

Hi i am looking for someone to help my dad with some art classes. we can discuss more details

Sent by Brent on Feb 26

Computer in Orange, NJ

Hi Kyle. I would like in-home (West Orange) tutoring on a MAC. I am barely computer literate although I use an iPhone and iPad. Is this something that you would be...

Sent by Shelley on Feb 26

statistics online

I need to complete 2 online applied statistics assignments by Thursday. I need step by step guidance in person. How much do you charge?

Sent by Moses on Feb 26

Precalculus, Economics online

Do you tutor college freshmen? Pre-calculus? I’m looking for my son

Sent by Rebecca on Feb 26

AP French Help in East Northport, NY

Hi, My daughter, Emily in the 12th grade, is looking for the help of AP France. May she make an appointment with you to see if you can work out?

Sent by Betty on Feb 26

USMLE online

Hi, My name is N., I am looking for tutor for usmle 1 and 2 prep.

Sent by Nabeela on Feb 25

Pre Calculus in Sarasota, FL

Hello John, My son goes to Pine View Highschool he is in the tenth grade, we live Sarasota. He is taking AP pre-calc and next year he wants to take AP CalcBC...

Sent by Robert on Feb 23

math, English, reading in MD

Hello Kristen, I am interested seeking tutoring for my son.

Sent by Zelietta on Feb 23

Algebra 1 in Westerville, OH

Do you have experience tutoring a student who has ADD? If so, are you available Saturday, 2/23?

Sent by Mindy on Feb 23

Math in Weston, MA

Hello, My name is C., and I'm a personal assistant. I am currently in search of an in-home math tutor for the children of Boss.

Sent by Cristian on Feb 23

Math in Lithonia, GA

I am looking for a math tutor for my granddaughter who is in the 7th grade. I would prefer in person tutoring sessions.

Sent by Doris on Feb 22

Economics online

Greetings Bret I am seeking someone to help/guide me as I take Economics quizzes. I will pay you for each hour we spend. I don’t need the answers...

Sent by Lex on Feb 22

writing in Clinton, MD

Hello We need writing tutor fo our middle schooler. Please email me to discuss details. Thank you

Sent by Tsion on Feb 22

AP European History online

Hi Andre- we are looking for an AP Euro teacher to tutor our son who is a sophomore in high school. Please let me know your availability for a test next week.

Sent by Susan on Feb 22

Biology Molecular online

Want to get tutoring for my daughter for mcat and have few questions

Sent by Shabina on Feb 21

Writing online

Hello. My name is R. T. and I am very interested in being tutored by you. I have seen your profile on Wyzant but I am contacting you here because Wyzant always gives...

Sent by Rich on Feb 21

SAP online

Dear Musallam Qasem, I am interested in receiving tutoring from you. Thank you A. F.

Sent by Abdullah on Feb 21

Mandarin Chinese in Avon Lake, OH

Hi Wenjing, I have a daughter currently taking Mandarin 1 (high school level 1). She is changing schools next year and her new school does not offer Mandarin.

Sent by Alexandra on Feb 20

Law in Bala Cynwyd, PA

Hello Ms. Madison, I'm searching for an in-person tutor for this semester. I'm an LLM student at Temple Law School, and I have three classes. 1- Legal writing.

Sent by Abdulaziz on Feb 20

Quicken online

I have been using Quicken for years. It's tax time and I'm trying to categorize my expenditures. I need help producing the report I need.

Sent by Maya on Feb 20

Algebra in Derry, PA

Need a tutor for my daughter desperately for 6th grade Math. Please contact me as soon as you can (phone number available upon purchase).

Sent by Sara on Feb 20

3rd grade subjects in Owings Mills, MD

I need a tutor for my son in reading, ela, and writing. He has an IEP and needs 1-on-1 instruction. I would prefer in home tutoring.

Sent by Randhir on Feb 20

writing in Marshfield, MA

Hi! May I ask for your contact number and references?

Sent by Krista on Feb 20

Microsoft Word in San Jose, CA

Hi Gina, Do you tutor Microsoft Word on Mac? J.

Sent by Julie on Feb 20

Science, USMLE online

Hi, do you have any experience with tutoring for the Comprehensive Basic Science Exam which is like the USMLE but Caribbean students have to sit and pass before...

Sent by Danielle on Feb 19

Down Load Pictures from Phone online or in-person

i need to download pictures from android phone to laptop

Sent by John on Feb 19

Reading online or in-person

I have a 7y/o grandson who is having difficulty in reading. His teacher told his mother that he is failing in reading. He needs 1 on 1 in person tutoring.

Sent by Delois on Feb 19

painting online

Hi Kate my name is joe from Mypal construction i would like to set up a time to come give you a fre estimate on your kith bath painting project my cell (phone number...

Sent by Joseph on Feb 19

Python C++ Angular Java online

Hi Pedro, I'm J., from Brazil. I teach physics too and I'm looking for a partner that teaches C++ (I have some students here to indicate). Thank you

Sent by Jose on Feb 19

Pre Algebra, Graphic, math in Pennsauken, NJ

I need my 13 year old son increases his comprehension of several subjects to increase his grade in the school.

Sent by Graciela on Feb 18

Elementary Math in Charlotte, NC

Hello Mason, I am looking for elementary math tutoring, in-person on a weekly basis. Do you offer elementary math tutoring?

Sent by LaNita on Feb 18

Finance Major in Rochester, MI

Looking for a tutor specializing in Finance to assist in keeping my son a Finance Major on a schedule structured for success along with tutoring, practice tests, etc.

Sent by Robin on Feb 18

reading, writing online

Hola Daniela busco una particular que ayude a mi hija a aprender a leer y escribir. Tiene 7 años. Ella habla inglés y español.

Sent by William on Feb 18

computer basics online

I need to be able to download pictures from my phone to my laptop

Sent by John on Feb 17

Cardiologist online

Hello, I am a cardiology registrar in England, I recently started cardiology program and I would love to know from your experience by circulating the cases that...

Sent by Faisal on Feb 17

PTCB/pharmacology online

Hi , I’m a student and trying to study for the PTCB that I have to take by the end of may and really need help !

Sent by Kala on Feb 16

math in Denver, NC

Hello Ms. Peggy, I am looking for elementary math tutoring for my daughter who is in the 2nd grade. She attends a private school, but due to the large class size...

Sent by LaNita on Feb 16

NASM massage online

Hi Doug. I will be taking my NASM CPT test in April. I'm still not confident of my knowledge. Was wondering if you could help me. T.

Sent by Thomas on Feb 16

Science, Reading, Math in Lake Elsinore, CA

Hello, I need more information on your services. please contact me at my email. (email available upon purchase)

Sent by Irma on Feb 15

Math, Physics in Northbrook, IL

Dear Arnold V.: I am requesting tutoring from you.

Sent by Deepak on Feb 15

Algebra 2 in Sycamore, IL

Looking for Algebra 2 tutor for my son, in Dekalb or Sycamore. In person tutor only. Feel free to email, txt, or call. (phone number available upon purchase) ...

Sent by Jon on Feb 14

reading in Mansfield, MA

will you travel to our home in Mansfield?

Sent by Dominique on Feb 14

Elementary Math and Reading in Manteno, IL

Hello. I am looking for a reading and math tutor for a 1st grader in Kankakee.

Sent by Diane on Feb 14

Organic Chemistry in Gainesville, FL

Hi! Would you be willing to tutor in organic chemistry 2? Thank you!

Sent by Megan on Feb 14

Reading Comprehension in Torrance, CA

Hello! Looking for in person reading comprehension specialist/visualizing for 8yr old boy (2nd grade)

Sent by Jessica on Feb 13

pre-algebra in Florence, SC

Hello, my son needs help with pre-algebra. He’s an 8th grader at Sneed and needs assistance with math. Are you available?

Sent by Krystle on Feb 12

Series 6 online

Hi , I am interested in getting Tutoring sessions for my series 6

Sent by Shaniya on Feb 12

Series 6 online

hi I am looking to have a series 6 tutor to work with my exam is on march 22nd. I need a tutor. asap

Sent by Shaniya on Feb 12

Piano in Madison, GA

I have a 5 year old that needs Piano Lessons, I was wondering if you can do that?

Sent by Alvin on Feb 12

USMLE online

Dear Afshan, I am interested in receiving tutoring from you. Thank you S. J.

Sent by Samuel on Feb 12

Family Medicine online

Hi, I hope you are doing well. I need help with FM board prep and guidance for job search and fellowship paths. Please let me know if you can help me with this

Sent by Navneet on Feb 11

Chemistry in Wellesley, MA

My son needs help in chemistry, he is in grade 10

Sent by Ola on Feb 11

USMLE online

hallo doctor , MY name Is A.'a i did start studying on steps 2020 i don;t know how to finish i need your help iam free 24/7 i don't care if i need to take 3-5 hour...

Sent by Ala on Feb 10

Cardiology Board online

Dear Waqas T. Qureshi, I am interested in receiving Cardiology Board tutoring from you. Thank you S. S.

Sent by Shyla on Feb 10

Marketing online

Hi Subhash, I need help my Markstrat simulation. It has 8 rounds. I am pursuing my MBA and dont have any experience into Marketing.

Sent by Sasha on Feb 9

USMLE Step 1 online

Step 1 tutoring

Sent by Scott on Feb 9

Algebra (8th Grade) online

Dear Fiona B., I am interested in receiving Algebra (8th Grade) tutoring from you. Thank you J.

Sent by Jeanette on Feb 9

5th grader with ADHD in Hurlock, MD

Hi there. My son is in 5th grade and is struggling in math. This new common core math puzzles both my husband and me. We live between Maryland.

Sent by Kathleen on Feb 9

Math in Corning, NY

Looking for tutoring for my 3rd grader. She is having difficulty with Math.

Sent by Simone on Feb 9

ptcb online

Sent by Donnell on Feb 8

Math in Granite Falls, NC

Hello my son needs help in Math. He is in 3rd grade and is starting to fall behind in Math. I would love for someone to help him in person 1or 2 days a week.

Sent by Brandi on Feb 8

AP chemistry online

Hello, My name is Seleena Busi, and I'm a junior at Hunterdon Central High School. I'm looking for AP Chemistry tutoring, especially with practical applications...

Sent by Anand on Feb 8

math, English, science online

Greetings, I am looking into help for my 16 year old daughter. Are you still seeing clients in the Bloomington area? Thank you!

Sent by Desiree on Feb 8

reading online

HI. I am a special education advocacy and looking for someone to tutor a 12th grader in reading. Would love a Wilson program.

Sent by Sharon on Feb 8

Java in West Bloomfield, MI

I NEED tutoring for my son. he need help with java class and computer class. I DON'T MIND meeting at westbloomfiled library as I LIVE OUT THERE OR AT MY PLACE...

Sent by Chinwe on Feb 7

Heat Transfer online

Hello, I am taking a graduate level Heat Transfer class and need help with understanding material and assignments. Prefer virtual.

Sent by Tony on Feb 7

Math in Mahopac, NY

Hi, I am looking for a tutor for my son (8 years old) 2nd grade in reading and math. He is diagnosed ADHD and has been making good progress, but I want...

Sent by Kelly on Feb 7

reading and math online

Hi Brishti my daughter have problem with reading and math she is kindergarten can you please help some how and can you travel . Address 5911 Queens Boulevard

Sent by Adis on Feb 7

Algebra in Centereach, NY

Hey Millie! My second grade daughter goes to arrowhead elementary and she’s having a really hard time in math. Could you help? We live by arrowhead lane and fawn lane.

Sent by Kristin on Feb 6

German in La Crescenta, CA

I am looking for a German tutor for my son. He is a freshman at lchs. Please contact me to let me know if you are interested and availability. Thank you.

Sent by Randall on Feb 6

Reading Writing and Math in Stanwood, MI

Hello Marcia Looking for a tutor for my son Royce. He is in 3rd grade and he has been struggling with reading and writing. Also Math.

Sent by Jennifer on Feb 6

Reading in Jacksonville, FL

Hello what is your hourly rate ? I have an 8 year old son in 2nd grade with adhd he has good grades but struggles with his homework in reading and math.

Sent by Antoinette on Feb 6

Intermediate Accounting I in Davenport, IA

Accounting Major; currently in Intermediate Accounting I; Grade is starting to slide in my class; need help grasping different concepts by working problems step-by-step;

Sent by Abe on Feb 5

Autodesk Revit online

Hello Scott, I previously reached out to you about in person tutoring on Wyzant. For some reason it will not let me log into the website, I got your email...

Sent by David on Feb 5

Math and English in Ocean Springs, MS

My daughter Brian is home school in penn foster. She needs help in math and English. I need a tutor for 2day a week 1hour a day. Can't wait to meet you.

Sent by Tracy on Feb 4

pre-calculus in Gridley, CA

Hello we are looking for a pre calc tutor for my daughter. Is that a subject you can tutor.? Thanks

Sent by Devinder on Feb 4

ESL in Burlington, WI

Justina, I am in the process of adopting a girl between the ages of 5-8 from Columbia. She will need an ESL tutor and I was wondering if your ESL services are available?

Sent by David on Feb 3

statistics online or in-person

Please answer me ASAP

Sent by Emilie on Feb 3

Math in Muscatine, IA

Good morning! I am searching for a math tutor for a 4th grader (was held back in kg). She struggled significantly with multiplication and is currently working...

Sent by Dale on Feb 2

Math online

Hi - my name is JP, I am looking for someone who can help my 5th grade son with math outside of school. We've never had an outside tutor so not sure how it all works.

Sent by John on Feb 2

Physics online

Hello Raphael, My daughter needs help with Physics honors. She is in high school- Freshman. Could you please help? I look forward to talking to you Best, S.

Sent by Sangita on Feb 1

Autodesk Revit online

Hello Scott, I am looking to learn how to use revit for some basic drafting and design work, to help my father who is a freelance architect, with his workload.

Sent by David on Feb 1

HISET online

Hi Mariah, I am looking someone to help my 18 yr old. son prep for the Hiset test. Not sure if you help with this test or not. I saw your purple hair and could not...

Sent by Rebecca on Feb 1

Biology in Spring Hill, TN

College Biology in Franklin TN

Sent by Marne on Feb 1

Math,English,Science and in Carlisle, PA

I have 2 boys that are in 8th grade. They attend online school and just think a tutor may be needed at this time.

Sent by Frances on Feb 1

Meteorology online

Hi I'm needing assistance with weather forecasting assignments. Thank you.

Sent by Shawn on Feb 1

Bar Exam in San Antonio, TX

Hello, Are you still offering bar exam tutoring?

Sent by Rene on Feb 1