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Miss Afshan

MD in Medicine · specializes in Usmle · 31-35 years old female

"I have passed all USMLE exams including Step 3 ,with brilliant success in first attempt and scored 99% marks in step 1 and 2 ck with Step 2 CS (high performance). I have experience in tutoring a wide range of students in various subjects like biology, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology,pathology since my high school. I have tutored and mentored many students from elementary to graduate level." 


fee: $45 (for 60 min, negotiable)
years of tutoring: 10 and more
students tutored: 50-100
travel distance: 5 miles
meeting type: online (only)
member for: 7 years and 6 months
award: apple


email: on file
im: on file

Education and Qualifications

school: Dow Medical College
certified: Afshan is a certified tutor

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (M.B.B.S), ECFMG certified.

I can help you in prepartion of your USMLE Exams including Step 3, with good strategy.

20+ years of tutoring experience in tutoring students from Elementry to Graduate level.

Little Neck, NY 11362
full address is on file

Subjects Tutored

Elementary & Junior High School
ElementaryElementary Reading
Elementary ScienceEnglish Language Arts
Home SchoolingPre-school
ReadingStudy Skills
General Ed
BiologyCommon Core
BiochemistryBiology (Cell)
Biology (Molecular)Botany
Cell BiologyEarth Science
EducationEnvironmental Health Science
EssayEssay Writing
Molecular BiologyNeurology
Test Prep

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Rating and Reviews

"An Incredible Teacher!"

I am a foreign trained MD, aspiring to do USMLE steps 2 and 3. Dr. Afghan is helping me to prepare for the tests. She is an incredible teacher! Very kind, very prompt, very bright, has deep knowledge and understanding of concepts. She is very effective in her ways of teaching. Most invaluable is the way she uses simple drawings to explain difficult concepts. I would highly recommend Dr. Afghan to anyone who wants to prepare for the USMLE, and especially to people who were in med school a while ago like me.

"Adjusts Her Teaching Session According To Your Needs"

Dr. Afshan is great at explaining concepts that are hard to comprehend. She uses images, charts, drawings to make sure you understand a base concept and to make sure you wont have difficulty in answering questions that stem from the concept. She is also willing to adjust her teaching session according to your needs and work with your time schedule so you can get the most from your time with her.

"Very Polite and Patient "

Dr. Afshan Is a very good tutor. She is skilled at teaching you underlying concepts in a simple matter, which further improves your understanding of the topic she's teaching. She very polite and patient and will work with you based on your needs. Currently tutoring for step 1 and I recommend her!

"Highly recommend this tutor"

Dr. Afshan is a professional, always on time and very accommodating. Helps to build a strategy while focusing on weaknesses in your testing ability. Currently studying Step 2CK with her and it is going extremely well. I highly recommend her!

"Professional and Knowledgeable Tutor"

Dr. Afshan is professional, systematic in teaching & knowledgeable

"Excellent skills in teaching"

I would definitely recommend Dr.Afshan as she has excellent skills in teaching and public speaking. Her knowledge in all the subjects are creditable. Currently doing Step 1 and Ck prep with her. Dr.Afshan guidance in all the subjects are exemplery.

"A disciplined tutor "

Dr. Afshan is currently tutoring my wife for the step 1 exams. She is a disciplined tutor with a strategy for her students and always well prepared for class. She has a genuine interest in helping her students pass the exams. My wife enjoys her teaching style. I will highly recommend her.

"Absolutely amazing"

Dr. Afshan is helping me prepare for step 2 CK. She is clearing all of my concepts as we go along and making my studying easier for me. She has minimized my efforts and maximized my efficiency. I enjoy studying with her quite a lot. Our sessions are very engaging and mind stimulating. She is absolutely amazing!

"Very proficient"

Dr. Afshan is helping me to prepare for usmle step one. She is very proficient in the material covered on the exam. She discusses the material in a very clear manner and patiently answers any questions. She teaches the lessons in a very engaging way, referencing her real life experiences, youtube videos, and various test prep books. It has been a pleasure learning from her!

"Professional tutor"

Knowledgeable, professional, flexible, pleasant, and experienced. 5 stars.

"5 Stars"

Knowledgeable, professional, flexible, pleasant, and experienced. 5 stars.

"Professional, Very Approachable and Well-Informed"

Dr. Afshan is my tutor for my USMLE step 3. She communicates in professional manners yet very approachable. She is punctual and well-informed in both clinical science and clinical medicine topics. You won’t miss a thing for your USMLE exams preparations.

"Sweet and Knowledgeable"

She is such a sweet and knowledgeable person.

"Proactive, Motivated, Professional and Pleasant"

Afshan is a very motivated, professional and pleasant tutor. She is also quite proactive in responding to students. Although Afshan is only a few weeks at TutorZ, I can strongly recommend her.